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"bessie denman" Discussed on The Art of Manliness

"And you got this character bail who is a prospector on some place like the ranch down there prospecting for gold and he finds this may go pocket and desecrates the a hillside get the go and the process almost gets killed by a stranger. That's been watched him and Delhi a uncovers the goal and gums up and shoots him fortunately he manages to survive. But you've got if something of the northland time coming down. They're not loving the land just say but desecrating that beautiful place. So there's a message there that Jag is trying to convey that he's getting the same attitude in terms of treatment of nature. It doesn't work in they. Pastoral Garden Our wilderness. The way did up and they frozen northland the but in terms of the spirit camaraderie days and say honesty. I love of Man. And what have you It's it's essentially the same. Incidentally we might mention that London's attitude toward women changed significantly after meeting Charman Sharman from what it was in the early stuff won't talk Mel. Let's let's talk about that right now. So yeah his. He was married twice his first wife they separated and then he met charming. Like tell us about their relationship and how it influenced his writing hand. He married carried bessie matter and for the wrong reasons and has a terrible mistake for everybody and I mean we're still paying the price in terms of the damage to did folks the offspring all that did so San at first neither of them really loved each other. There was a marriage of convenience. She just lost disturb the end. Say Fred Jacobs too. I think some kind of ailment. When he was on approved she have gone? The Philippines have gotten now what buddy was suffering from but They'd been friends for years and he felt well. I need to get married ready to settle down and have a good mother for seven nine. Go Saxon sons or whatever turned out that Bessie Denman love him but he never really loved her. They had two daughters meanwhile meanwhile he is having a kind of fair With Anna Stransky never consummated but in terms of Somebody who could relate to intellectually and personally more closely good with Bessie. He was a party guy he loved it finding love crowds and mud and loved entertain. People and Betsy didn't like that at all so they were just not compatible and finally I guess it was summer of nineteen three or so a felon hallway Jarmin and madly literally madly in love. You read my biography of see some those early love letters just absolutely beside him. Savvy never met a woman quite like that I wish I had it handy. I could describe her. She was the new woman in many ways and she was very feminine but at the same same time she was tough she added twelve or own but she was smart enough. Know How to get along along with them and she was very attractive which does come out. And your picture's Milo shepherd tacked on and there was a great nephew newer very well for many years and had tremendous admiration for. He said he when she was in her sixties she. She could turn men's ad when she walked tender room. So charming was something special and then ask from her that he evolved the idea. Adia the mate woman not just any guy van demolished accents or whatever but a true made in terms of unequal quoted on many In many respects and loved her Ndola Day died and she loved him of course as expanding abandoned tractive. Houdini had an affair with her after his death wanted to marry her the bed. She didn't WanNA marry Houdini. Dany in fact she didn't she didn't WanNA marry anybody. Jack I guess yeah this idea of mate woman they call each other mate. And how how do you see this idea of the mate woman. Does it come up in London's literature and yeah it comes up. It's a a I think. In burning daylight certain in one sense it comes up in they Say Wove with with Bobby Brewster as his made so mom I think maybe the first character in his novels based on on Charman so it certainly there and at some point by the way you mentioned in London's concept of masculinity yeah. I think that's very important. There's there's a section I like to read about that pretty soon but let me mention characters that exemplify amplify masculinity John Thornton of course in the caller while waiting Scott and white Fang And I think even Humphrey van waiting in the sea it's fascinating particularly in the say woebegone humphreys a work in progress. He comes on board the mall. If she's move Wolf Larsen she up ghost as again a neuter assessing and Larsson makes a man out of him Larson's too much for man he's A. There's a section in this say well. For Humphrey Humphry is talking about these guys. They need a little influence. Women narrates their world has is warped in essence so here is Wolf Larsen making a man in a sense given humphry that masculinity but he needs something nells he needs that feminine Tach. And that's where Maud brewster comes in to make him the complete Mahan and then there's a section even in two man on frail. I won't read to you when we get a chance to do that now. Let's do that was talking about that do that all right. I'm back to very early story. The first story published in the overland monthly to the man on trail by the way Malamud mood kid. WHO's the kind of high priest? The Northland Code is another example of true man. Or what have you and in this story. And he's sort of our He's a character. We see the events through whose eyes we see the events on phone areas. The dog soon became person hearken back to the trails of childhood. Has the younger a young stranger stranger eight of the rude fair by a man named Jack Weston Dale. WHO's just come down as a man on trail will join the group incident this Christmas party? That's going on in this story Anderson Christmas party Reid. Malibu kid attended the Studded is phase hour was a long and deciding that it was fair honest and open that he liked it still youthful. The lions had been firmly praised by toil and hardship. She APP though genial in conversation and mild when at rest the blue eyes gave promise. The hard steel glitter take comes when car into action. Especially against odds the Hemi John's Square cut Chan demonstrated rugged pertinacity today and in dominant beltway. Nar though the attributes of the line and were there was there wanting a certain softness us the hint of luminous woman lateness which bespoke the emotional nature so there you got the qualities of both sexes in a sense both accepted qualities. Masculinity feminising in one carrier workgroup without having the kind of proud that you got when Wolf Larsen who dies I think symbolically as well rallies literally in this also. There's a section that Arnold talks about. This is a comment by famous famous portrait artist on again thing describing London. Has I say most accurate name quote Jack. London Um had a poignantly sensitive face. His were the eyes of a dreamer. There's an almost feminine wistfulness wistfulness about him and yet at the same time he gave the feeling of a terrible and unconquerable unconquerable physical force. So I think that bree wells describes London and his idea of masculinity solemnity as well will this idea of needing masculine and feminine energies combined. The sounds like ume the psychologist. Carl Jung and you talk about this this in your biography that at the end of his career at the end of his life. That's when London discovered union his writings and it started to give more of an esoteric to Jack's ax thinking whereas formerly he was romantic. But he's also a materialist. And you make the case that we were on the cusp of some of London's greatest work with this discovery. Three of union but also make the case that even before even in the Klondike stories. You See Union ideas pop up. Can you talk a little bit about US influence on London's work and thought it's fascinating to me Brad. Because as God what young calls the primordial vision and and stuff I just read for example from the call awhile indicates his sense of being tuned into myth. And what have you method archetypes. Without being conscious out in fact early reviewers saw some stuff in the call awhile and was more than just a dog store and said well. I wasn't aware of it. I didn't intend it but obviously it was there and that's the nature of the Primordial Vision When when it's at work the writer feels it and writes it? It creates it without being fully aware. Much is richest word as inform by what we would call archetypes and Meth. And what have you. But what happened just a few months before he died he got a copy of Batra saying goes ran. New Revision are. Excuse me not revision translation of Young's theories and he started reading that and came is why charms as I'm standing on the edge world so new in one of terrible. I'm almost afraid. Look over into it. But that's what he meant all those years and of course it did look around and the last few stories erode. Hey were deliberately implying. Employees Union theory and of course the final story the Water Bay me which I could go from in a moment here is obviously union but one visit richest stories the red one and I thought originally since he had written that in I think may nineteen sixteen. That was the first story he wrote after discovering young. Because there's so much therre that is archetypal mythical and is a story I recommend to everybody is the same motifs that Kubrick used used in two thousand and one based on Earth Seek Clark story the Sentinel Court of Course Clark Cole Road Two Thousand and one I think thank with Kubrick and one of my students have to read in the Santo Sentinel and signs facial glass. wrote to car and you got an answer. Mister Car Edgy Red Jack. London's the Redman car actually answers that nobody wished I had you know 'cause the similarities anyhow. I recommend the story for a number of reasons but I found out that London had not ran young at that time. So there's the primordial vision again but it turns out that Those half does not think thank five or six stories they read based on finding with water may are clearly based on union theory. And as far as I know London's I wanted to do. Then let's talk. You said you want to read something from the water baby to give some idea of this. WanNa go ahead and do that. This a totally in there. Have you read it. I have not right now. It's a totally different story. We're talking now about the water baby. Which is the last story jank throat? Before he died in his written just a few months I think maybe a little more than a month before his death and it's totally different from their other other earlier stuff in. There's almost no action mostly dialogue between two men a young fella the name John Connor and that's Jacqueline's Hawaiian game and I know man unnamed Kohoku and that's the Hawaiian for Voice of Wisdom. Were all Mana Wisdom. Or what have you and the young man is. They're sitting out in a boat off of shore. The talking and the young man has got to add a and not feeling too well. Leo Native is in great shape. He's seventy something years old Ben Evidently drinking at a big part of the night before raised Nalen And having a good time he's feeling great in fact the one born dives down about forty more Fatan and brings up an octopus octopus. That these men fishing for there but they're having a dialogue and the young man represents the rational national western approach civilized. Approach what have you logic than one. The Oh man is talking and in terms of Meth. And what have you. And here's a key passage couple of key passages so let me explain to you. That secret of my birth see is my mother was born in Dublin. Canoe during Kona on a gay on channel. Go home why. From her seem a mother. I received my strength whenever I return in her arms a breast class. Has I return day. I grow strong in me. Komo strong again She to me is the male. Give her the life swords. And here's here's the young guy says Queer religion you got there and the old man says when I was younger. Model my poor head over quarter religions. Listen though young wise one avidly wisdom.

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