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"bertok van der zant" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"bertok van der zant" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"As we recorded this podcast last week, Matt in person sat on this sofa that I'm sat on right now. I promise I have moved in the last 7 days. We were watching sub sebi Sebastian corda battle through against bertok van der zant hope, who was injured and called it looked quite good, but you know, he was in a battle against a slightly injured opponent. He didn't look like he was he looked like he was playing well, but not necessarily shaping up to do anything major at the tournament. Then he goes and beats Carlos alcaraz mat in a match that I missed because I hadn't earmarked it as one that would be notable. Quite frankly, I'm a big fan of Sebastian cord is that I did not see that happening on clay, given alcaraz's form, obviously this is the case for any subscribers to the newsletter you'll see that I'm doing I'm doing a bit of with alcaraz. I'm just continuing to double down. Why did that happen? Unfortunately, I was at the U.S. embassy when that happened. We should have discussed this before I throw you under the bus so much. At least you were doing podcast work at the embassy. That sounds pretty, doesn't it? Obviously, you're trying to get a Visa to travel to New York for the U.S. open later in the year. To make sure I don't miss any quarter and our creative actions from the U.S. open. Yes. But what I mean, I did some obviously lots of people were talking about it because it was a notable result, wasn't it? I think everyone us included was getting very excited about the Novak Djokovic Carlos alcaraz quarter and neither of them won their opening match and I can't remember what the quarter final was in that section. I think it might have been davidovich for kina Goff at. Or Fritz, no Fritz, the vivid for kina, wasn't it? Anyway, it wasn't Djokovic. I think alka has looked really just like oddly rusty by the sound of things making a lot of areas. I think it was a really windy day. But again, that surprised me that he didn't deal with those conditions because he dealt with them so well. At Indian Wells in the wind and I would have thought with the spin he would he would favor the wind more than quarter. But actually I was reminded cord has played quite well at the French Open in the past already. He is tall, I think he likes the bounce going into his forehand and backhand up high and I think maybe we didn't just because of both vendors and Schultz, injury. We didn't quite see corda having to play very good tennis, but I think he is I think he is capable on this surface. And that would be a fun rivalry actually, wouldn't it? If those two can can develop one, alker has called that that is not called essential. Two more, two more bits away from Monte Carlo. One is that Joe Salisbury having reached world number one has, well, confirmed his place there quite frankly by alongside partner Rajeev ram beating one Sebastian cabal Robert Farah to win the doubles title in Monte Carlo great final, wasn't it? And yeah, he's just a great story for J solsbury to be to be doing that and rising to the challenge of being the world's best doubles player. Yeah, and watching that final, it really struck me just how fine the margins are in doubles because Salisbury and ram were in the ascendancy and it flipped on one on one point really. It was a sudden death use and Kabul and Farah got a net cord in their favor. That gave them the break of serve. And it just made me realize that getting to getting to number one in doubles when the margins are so fine when little moments can make a big difference in a match, basically. I think it's harder to be dominant really in that format. So I think anyone who gets to number one or really ranked really high in doubles. That's really impressive and I thought Salisbury really stepped up in that max tie break an incredible bit of defense to pinch a point. And yeah, he's really playing like the number one. Great to see. It really is. And hello to both of J Salisbury's parents. Who we now know are listeners to the podcast hello. Last very important burning bit of business from Monte Carlo. Adidas t-shirts. The very prominent new anti dust t-shirts because of course stefanos sits above lifted the trophy wearing one of them worst kit in the history of tennis. I think. Oh, wow. Okay. I can't tell you how much I hate it. It actually grow on me a bit through the week. I was with you when we were watching it on I think it's ridiculous and distracting. It's like, for anyone that hasn't seen it, it's sort of colors, I think, are pretty horrible. They're like sort of sludgy, greeny colors. And then they sort of covered in nonsensical hieroglyphics. Which apparently is something Parisian? It's something it's something sustainable, is it? Just put a picture of a polar bear on there or something. I mean, that sounds great actually. A T-shirt with polar bears all over it. Kind of like the more now I know that you really, really hate them. It's so distracting. And I know that's what they want. I know I'm playing into their hands, we're talking about it on the podcast, people are going to go and Google it, but no one's going out to buy it. I promise you that I do like it enough to buy. No. Okay, okay, here's the test then, if I bought you one as a generous gift, would you wear it? Pajamas. Right. Case closed folks, worst kit in the history of tennis. What else happened last week in tennis? Besides that dreadful kit, let's change the subject. I was just going to say one more thing on sits a pass. This week, because I found it interesting that a lot of the chatter last year round sits a pass, was that he was struggling to close out matches. Do you remember when it all sort of stemmed from that match at the U.S. open against borne turret, a couple of years ago. And then obviously the Frank open final last year, he led two sets to love and that felt like one of the last remaining hurdles for him in terms of trying to really win a big tournament because he'd proven he could beat the best players. And I just thought this tournament was interesting from that perspective because he had that crazy match with Schwartzman, where he led, I think 6 two 5 three served for it and then suddenly found himself for love down in the final set, but managed to come back and there was just this moment at the end where he just sat and in his chair and just sort of for about 30 seconds, looked like he was just really taking that in. That felt like a really big win for him that overcoming that hurdle of letting a lead slip, but managing to find a way to win. And I think he fall to the little bit in the final, didn't he, didn't he? He had one attempt at serving it out and got broken back and managed to win and I think it shows the frailties are still there maybe, but also that he's getting better at overcoming them. So I just felt sort of not only his tennis being so good, but the way he won, given his sort of backstory, I thought was quite significant. Very, very good point. Is he playing Barcelona? I know Alejandro davidovich for kina has withdrawn from Barcelona because Barcelona was sits a past played one of the matches of last year against Nadal in that final. And that was after winning Monte Carlo. Yeah, he's in the draw and we can get excited about a quarter that may or may not happen again because it's the Carlos alcaraz quarter. So since alcaraz would be a quarterback. We need to enjoy this brief time, don't we wear Carlos alcaraz is ranked low enough that he scheduled to meet these players in the quarters rather than in the finals, which is surely only a matter of time.

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