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"bertha mae brownies" Discussed on OC Talk Radio

"Impact your business's growth with your host angelo ponzi. Thank you for joining me at the business growth caffeinate today. I am angela ponzi. Your host is going to be a sweet tasting today. I'm very excited mostly because i get to eat. I get to eat some great brownies and cookies today. That's some people like salty snacks. Not me give me some chocolate. Give me cookies brownies. Ice cream brownies on ice cream. It doesn't really matter. i love it. I like my sweet so much. I even took up making a few years ago. Pumpkin spice cake macaroni. And a lot of calories macaroni. I didn't realize that. When i baked sixteen cookies and nobody wanted to eat him had a diet after that. I love chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. Brownies with walnuts. I love it so here ago was headed to a meeting and i wanted to bring him desserts. I pre-ordered bertha mae brownies cushions for the meeting. Now i'd never had them but a friend recommended and then wow. I stopped eating my lunch. They were so freaking. Good that i had to try. Everyone the came into fox. Now i have a family member. My sister who loves to eat. Zor i and then work on her meal that day. I was just like my sister. It was crazy but to my surprise actually a new associate and friend turned out to be connected to the company. And that's how. I got bertha mae brownies and cookies. Come on the show to with that introduction. So we're to going to be so much fun now. I got some cookies and brownies here. She was kind enough to send me some so we could taste tasks throughout the show. But i have to admit that came yesterday. And i've already eaten a milk at peanut butter white macadamia nuts. Chocolate dark chocolate and sea. Salt plus a variety of brownies. I have had the peanut butter macadamia nut the pumpkin spice lemon cake and sweet and spice now. I had that this morning with my coffee. And i have to tell you. It's a little more spicy than sweet but man was it good. I loved it. So i got a head start before my guess comes on and so today. I'm excited had wendy pomeranz. She is great granddaughter and the founder of birthdates brownies cookies. And we'll talk about that. She turned a hundred year old recipe into a thriving business. And this is what this show is about is about business. How do you take that first step and grow a successful business. So we're gonna eat our way through this podcast today. I hope you'll join me. I hope you'll jeffrey jealous. I'm getting tastes all these sweet treats and at the end. Maybe you'll come for your holiday. I would highly encourage. It could be great gift. I don't normally plug stuff like this but man. This is fantastic and i do encourage you. So don't go away. I'm going to play a brief message. And i'm gonna eat another cookie and between a chief. Marketing officer has both the power and the responsibility to drive long term strategic growth that can ultimately lead organizational prosperity and that growth starts with vision. What is your firm's definition of success growth how he used to work towards expansion for them equally important. What is your customer's perception of your firm. And how do you meet a need for delivered value when you begin to align your vision without of your customer you build a stronger lasting relationship with them. You see the whole picture realizing the lifetime value of that customer as well as the lifetime value you provide a cmo must look at success with a strategic mindset looking beyond the transactional the cmo must understand the customer journey utilizing the competitive intelligence embracing and leveraging your unique markets if your business is ready for growth and you need a cmo which are not quite ready for full-time person yet. I welcome the opportunity to explore the benefits of using a fracture. Cmo miss the positive group dot com to learn more. When you welcome to the show. Thank you so much negativity here. Yeah i'm excited. This is as i said in my intro. this is going to be one tasty show no pun intended. But i guess. I really did have upon intended as i mentioned i'd already been sampling this morning. And we'll talk about some of your sweet and tasty treats as we go along in the show that i'm pretty amped up already in an rarin ready. So let's let's take a few minutes. And i'd like to eat it kind of talk about you in the in the in the bertha may and i'm fascinated that you know what i looked at the history that it's a hundred year old recipe and it's your great great grandmother right and one great not too great great. Okay so why. Don't we talk person but a single great-grandmother and you did get to meet her and had that opportunity to actually meet with meet her in life. No unfortunately i didn't she Passed away when my mom was the college freshman. They actually shared a room and when my mom left for college She had she passed away shortly thereafter. That's disappointing but obviously you're carrying a great legacy so i i'm stepping on your story so go ahead and tell the audience a little bit about bertha million yourself okay. Bertha may as you said was it was my great grandmother I since founding this company. I've had the Luck of getting to hear lots of wonderful stories about her. Because my mom Not only taught me the recipe. When i was very young but you know has been assisting me since founding this In a host of ways not the least of which is sharing birthday with me really more than i had ever asked before. So i'm really grateful for that I came by this accident. Only to be honest I was in commercial real estate lending for seventeen years I underwrote commercial loans. Various march finance financial institutions and You know made brownies as a dessert. When we would go to friends houses or you know the kids would need something for a sale or you know something of that. Nature very kind of simple and A couple of years before founding the company we. My mom and i both started adding peanut butter chips or eminem fun to just you know bruce it up a little bit and people started asking. Why wasn't selling them. And then my kids got on the bandwagon. Momma started company. And i was like no. That's not that's not in my dna and be i i work fulltime. mom fulltime. I you know this is not a side gig that i was really planning on Come to think about it looking back. It really is in my dna both my parents on their businesses.

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