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"bernstein monsanto" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"bernstein monsanto" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Flash he's now six forty seven on wall street good morning i'm john tucker abbas go over to the first word breaking news desk this morning for today's morning call with felice morass good morning police kidding morning john us futures are higher after china's president xi east concerns about a trade war during a major address last night dow futures are up about two hundred seventy points less than p futures up twenty nine and nasdaq futures are up about one hundred points the ten year yield is up about two basis points at two point seven nine five percent asian stocks closed higher overnight while european stocks are gaining across the board led by germany back in the us on the economic front at six am nf i be small business optimism at eight thirty ppi and at ten am wholesale trade in some of today's top news all eyes are on facebook's mark zuckerberg who's doing congress later today and russia cancelled a planned ruble bond auction for tomorrow and after the bell last night verifone is being taken private by francisco partners in a deal worth about three point four billion dollars regarding analyst actions td ameritrade cme etrade an ice all rated new outperform at bernstein monsanto was downgraded to market performance piano morgan stanley says to invidia despite crypto related weakness and mortgage insurers 'em gic radian were cut to sector perform at our bc live from the first word breaking news desk i'm felice marantz john felice again the risk on cross the markets today with the futures up twenty eight points a rise of about one percents and german dax of one percent the footsie london panther percent the cac in paris is up seven tenths of a percent and to hear live breaking news over your bloomberg type squawk on your terminal it is now six forty nine wall street we check the markets every fifteen eighteen minutes throughout the trading day right here bloomberg and now with more on what's going on around the world we get to bloomberg's michael barr thank you john aids and outside allies described president trump has increasingly frustrated after learning that federal authorities had raided the offices of.

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