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FOF #2774  Adventures in Forced Feminization

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FOF #2774 Adventures in Forced Feminization

"The gender is so ingrained in us that whenever we see those lines blurred or broken it can be quite a thrill as much as people love drag. It's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing with gender today transvestite Dominatrix Tamie Vodka House joins us to talk about her adventures and forced feminizing people or fun and Proft plus being part of Sharon needles and Alaska's house of haunt in the early days before they all got on ru. Paul's drag race why cross dressers loved to walk in nature and sneak peek at the new trauma film. Kill Dolly Kill. We're any vodka. House plays a transgender dominatrix out for revenge. I'm Fausto Bernas. I'm Mark Mullen and this is feast of fun feasts. The fund is made possible because of the support of fierce fabulous abuse people like you become a member and listen to fourteen years of amazing podcast at feasts the fun dot com slash plus or put a tip in our tip jar and make a one time donation at feast fun dot com slash donate. Thank you for your support Hello is this Amy Vodka House Aria interested in your services. Have you ever seen a pro down before besides my mother no in fact what are your physical and the most no limit well. I don't know what you mean by that. How much pain can you take how much well I've been doing this podcast for fifteen seasons now. We're we've done more interviews with Sharon needles than any other human being we can handle it can handle some pain well then. You should be just fine. What's your budget. Well much to take hard. Well then. Maybe you should talk to Sharon needles. I met ACTU- actually an event that Sharon was doing at the Andy Warhol Museum around Christmas time you're how about six foot five and heels and you look like Zsa Zsa Gore on steroids. I was three hundred twenty pounds girl. Wow now you're a little slip of a Bosnian bitch rich at one hundred seventy pounds well. That's a transformation yeah. Let's honor and fifty pounds but I did it a good old fashioned way just crystal meth crystal meth diet portion control. It works every time. Gall did the body transformation sort sort of inspire you to go into this direction of transforming other people through gender yeah well. That's what I do for at. I gotTA keep my girlie figure for work. What inspired you original transformation. I was really unhappy and unhealthy so I had to change something so I divorced my family and then I got a dog started hiking and I didn't even know intermittent fasting was thing it's just something I did. I decided you know what you're going to stop eating at five five. PM and that's how I live now. It's been over three years so eating. Hatha cake at two in the mornings not ah I eat everything chocolate cake anytime of day but nothing between five PM and five am bill but like a pig for most of the day. I just don't eat after five the M. and it works. It's magical. I imagined that your calves are gorgeous though because big girls who lose weight they've been carrying tearing those the big body for so long that it's kind of trains your your legs and muscles are very muscular legs yeah it. Kinda did end up looking like that's how I got. It all covered in Oh. That's hot while you live. You live in Pittsburgh and see your hiking all those mountains too so yeah to Don. My sister's called one of those ridge runners yeah. Pittsburgh is nothing but hills bridges university or dive bars. What's the queer scene in Pittsburgh like from the times we been there. We seen fights breakout. Ask things can get priddy ENTAT's well. That's Kinda Day. When drag was on here have no. I don't do it anymore. Now now perform all the time in her room and private session out cows with first time crowns amy. How did you get into into doing transformations for cross dressers as as a profession to happened. I got better at makeup and then caused. Rescuers started coming up to me. Oh girl you look good really do my faith and I always did it as a side gag especially while I was in college I is the bartender dressed up and drag shows and that's when I figured that I can get straight guys to do whatever the fuck out when I looked like a fantasy creature. There was this one sometim. Some guy was giving me head in a parking lot and I was like I'm sorry dude. I have to Piss and it was like just let it go baby. I was like Oh okay well. I guess charge for this in his mouth polio right and so the water sports kind of lead you into wanting to became a professional no exactly well. I started while once I was done with cool. I kind of quit drag at night started in hospitality. I got a job and I was managing hotels for two years and I was making decent money but I had no fucking time to spend it because I would work over sixty hours hours every week and it was depressing so I thought like this has to end like this. That's life I wanna live and corporate slavery the and look the certain way 'cause you're. You're addressing as a guy. You were wearing a suit terrible hours a week and you just like I could just be beautiful woman. Even social life was all the flight attendants because they had a contract with airport like I had no social life my life so you were checking them at your checking into into the hotel and be like all the you're in room three twelve. I'll be into see you at two. Am encrypt the Matz now. Aren't you afraid of getting caught by like the management and stuff like that or did you just change change into a different costumers management. I don't need a follow. The rules made the rules. NTT NTT two men enter two men come in my mouth. Oh you want to speak to the manager. What do you got to say that got which came first like the forced feminization or the female transformations because part of your thing is like you know you have a couple of different hats. Do you have a couple of different dungeons right so as you can make men up as women and it's you know what session is about places have different setups whether it's a medical who play whether I'm GonNa do. Are you a nurse. I can't be for the right price vodka house. I actually an certified full bottom. Doesn't I find mental workout. I was just GONNA working AIDS Clinic Falana. Somebody who is to draw aw blood and so are you giving them like sailing solutions. Are you like drawing blood like a like an old fashioned barber. Are you pumping up their testes with food. Scrotum with saline up Kroto infused on yeah mostly. It's just about the station but anyway well. I think it's Delightful Antoinette. You know just Mondays in the office which came I was at the dominatrix kind of stuff or was it just was that the forest feminization or was it was because I was doing some work but I was wasn't charging what caused aw that's what it is 'cause i. I started. MTO TENNESSEE DOT COM which microbes dress makeover services remember back in the day when craigslist had personals the Fed up with my hotel business said you know what let me pose under M. T. and T. T. sure mail for Trans and transfer trans or transfer re-translates. These girls can find me posted cosmic or services and then I got so many responses and eventually I realized I can just do this for eleven so I did that for a couple years but what I didn't realize all the time like when I would do makeovers and photo shoots photo shoots ended up me putting them into the bondage or into some kind of media fencing and eventually I got higher. It's makeover on the married couple. Oh hired me and she happened to be a professional dominatrix and then I come to realize like wow we basically do the same job but I'm like charging fifty bucks an hour refer these photos makeover photo shoots and where she makes like three fifty college what it is and what it is and of course there are no translate nature says around so. I'm pretty busy now. You were telling me that you know when I was talking to the other day the you were saying that movie portrayals of Bedia Sam for the most part very overly exaggerated. I think it is because I don't know house like I'm very casual with everybody. You know a lot of people. A lot of people come in very nervous. I always tell everybody just used fucking worse. Tell me exactly what it is as you want and they're they're scared or embarrassed so you know we're just act like France and figure out how much they can take and go from there. So what is it that people don't get or what the misconceptions that we have based on seeing bondage scenes in films. It's not presented in a way that can movies you bitch and a latex barking orders at somebody beating. Ama- for yelling at my dog or like that that doesn't happen in a real life yes usually people just want to be in bondage people like to be story forced to come in bondage where they have no control over what you do to them or public humiliation Malyasian sessions where he basically just take them out if I cross dress them and make them get out go to these men they never been crossdressing kind of everybody in here they are they hire me and I take come out and make them get out of power to buy cigarettes at a gas station are taking them to bar so it's simple as that to me. It's like just something I do every day these the people it's outrageous. Tell me more about taking them out into public spaces. I want to hear about what that's like for you and what it's like for them. Well offer me. I kind of had to simmer down on my party. 'cause you know you're in charge of these people's safety and I only really take them to gave bars like if I take cross dressers I used to take them only to gay bars because these type of places where you'll run into other girls and it's accepted there will be no problems like I'm not China Trailblazers. I don't WanNa be the next try to the other news. 'cause people often. I get emails. Slick this long time. Somebody message me like. Oh my God you do accompanied out in. I'll always wanted to walk around the park and around the stadium. Let's take pictures sopping. That's I do not have death west you. I need some muscle for hire. I'm happy to come down there and help you out as you know it depends you know some people do that like that's part their process because you're dealing with a lot of people that are on there on that gender precipice right. Some of them may kind of think of themselves as trans or they only want to be transfer our that afternoon but for some people this is their first steps out into becoming a trans woman and taking those steps out in public for them can be a very exhilarating and very powerful kind of thing and we learned from one of our listeners in the UK that there's a there's a shopping mall and like aspects. I think it is in the UK. which is there's a woman there who not a lot of people how to be a woman and like part of like there's her school is to send them to the mall and they've got to walk around the mall all as a woman? I got those but I got many people to some people. I did have some clients that actually did. China says I had clients who it's purely just sexual thing being like there. Was this one that's a few times a month and first time he came first and second time he came over like he he she always wanted to stress but he didn't know what the hell he would look like he would wear anti secretly but he can overfull makeover and he wanted to dress really conservative first a couple of times and it was just awkward and then he decided he wanted to suck some dead so he made a profile on fat life and and and now her name. Amos TV slot on their friends list she she take addicts out of your mouth now did you tell did you train train her yeah right out of your own. Joe To dress conservatively. Are you talking like a business suit. Yeah 'cause I just wanted to look like a proper lady and now now now see how gangbangers like if you go under her profiles. Oh yes the month ahead of them. Girls these girls have me make mouth and they just have different guys. Come on over and you know load Queens so it's definitely different for everybody and so it seems like you're sort of creating space for people to explore not just their sexuality but their own gender as well yeah that happens too. I definitely had excu that transition. Eventually it just like they didn't know what the hell. They're going to look like something they do that. I took them places outright accepted where not meet other girls and they made friends and they're out all the time and and they started hormone replacement therapy it's from there so you sound like the fairy godmother and mother to a lot of trump's teach my of all this and I do think I do. I teach makeup the transgender conferences. I just got back from Fort Lauderdale the Comfort Charleston Conference in on this actually in Erie which is where you're from Gary Sisters. Yes leary sisters. You know I've met people from all over the world. I've met people like when California and other places when they find out from area all my God the sisters were very formative in Mike coming out as a transfers. I'm like yeah but you grew up here. In California. They're like yeah but they were very active in forums so people would visit the forms and that's how people got a lot of information formation back in the day because you know there's a lot of you know not much information to God at wherever you could and so they really they really respect and look up to the to the Erie sisters well. It's still around and it's still popular. It's it's not a data student out of the conferences but you know it's a good amount of girls which get together I. Why did their makeup on vendor floor. I I and a lot of these conferences I go to. It's a lot of same girls gone all around because usually these are like businessmen businessman Dan. They're married have their businesses on Bombay escape from reality so they just go different places. I've got the same people all over the place eighth amy. I'm interested in knowing. Why do you think that so. Many first timers are interested in being out in nature her and I go to website like mask on dot org which is a kind of an interesting idea a lot of cross dressers they want want to wear plastic masks and prosthetics to sort of femininity and one common thread in a lot lot of the photos is that they're all hiking in the woods that I didn't know that they go hiking when they come over to Mika and driving around just feel feminine in a car but I've seen people in full latex masks and it's usually because their wives are don't want them to shave their beards were shaved their beards and they just put on a latex of course can be comfortable but I've seen people do it but I'm wondering if there's a common thread here with people all sort of who are in the closet especially. LGBTQ people who explore their sexuality at force reserves for a lot of us. We we live in an urban environment so to me. It seems like a very interesting thing to be walking heels in a dirt road in a park that is not cute but I guess there's this idea of like. The physical space becomes a form of liberation for what is going going on in their mind and in their body well. I guess you answered your own question that I'm not that familiar what they usually just take them off but if you're wanting them you're always guiding hiding them away from dangerous situations but part of the result they want to go into places that they're very familiar with or comfortable and eventually declined swingers club club and since then. I've just been taking clients. They're like oh you wanNA suck some. Dick while that's like the easiest job for me I just sit in a chair and beat them with the crop and making Dexter Glory. Ooh Just went up and then just drop them off in the middle of nowhere. It'd be like I'll put you up in an hour now. Now I been asked our band man's now I do not do that. There are things that I do not do. Why wouldn't you abandon somebody if they really wanted it if they really wanted how no 'cause but if something happens to them will you're responsible for their semi yeah exactly do they want to walk around and women's panties out like you know at the at the truck stop on the ice seventy nine and it's like well. We like to think that the case ace but gender non conforming people still in the eyes of the law especially in non urban environments or non major cities are very vulnerable and someone like you. If if your your client got harmed or hurt they would be your life would be in trouble. Yours your own safety. We in trouble while it's not my business isn't that because bad reviews like wildfire. I don't know they say like when people sell drugs and somebody dies from overdose and the dogs. Do you have to stop because so strong like amy so reckless. She'll take you out in the middle of nowhere and leave. You could be right. It could be a real selling the you know as long as you have fun with it well. That's the thing it's like. You're one you're. You're advocating for amy to put herself herself and her clients endanger and it's funny as it. Is You know I've been in situations where I've been in half drag or cross dressing and just going to a AH GIG and I parked my car and I'm going into the club and somebody outside is like gutter well. At least they use the right Pronoun- terrifying. You're like you know because you're all alone and you're trying to run and heels and you're just like it's like God what happens if these people catch up to me right now is the period gone all the time and eventually. I learned that it's apparently illegal to take it anywhere where they serve alcohol. Kahal which is like the only place where you might actually need it so there was this lunchtime girl tiffany cuts hiring for a company to outings occurs time. She hired me. I mean I realized that my purse and I was like we took her car. So this page met me for the very first time you don't know me and I'm like girl. I need your car keys then he might kind of your car and later her story but I never thought of it from her angle so here she is cross ah stress for the first time in a bar by herself gave this bitch her car keys because he has a gun and for all she knows I laugh at site eight and stuff with your name on it so I'm thinking you've probably try to some degree. Do you ever get any negative reactions when people find out what you do mm for work while it definitely hurts the dating life of course being fetish worker. It's Kinda hard for people to stomach. I think I could people day. Do you ever do much like hide in that part of your existence from them. No no not really it is what it is and I've been attending more kink in meeting my like minded people so people and I thought about like dating other sex workers and I recently started met this. Guy he's a SEC for Catholic school. He's not going to judge this could work and he told me she's into Cam. AM stacks and I didn't know like Oh you have sex not a camera. He's like no seldom drugs than Dennis. Pell like Oh God what drunk going to work. He said he mixes de Molly. I think I don't know it's usually a t g and e the through his uh-huh. Yes I will have non girl. I have a mortgage on a dog that needs Mesa. Don't fuck around with that when you're dating people you dating as a a boy or are you dating as a T. transvestite grow out sometimes but it's usually for money right. Do you get better dicky's a girl or better because a guy. I only top so that doesn't matter okay. Listen breath and straight guys always let me do whatever I want. Recently I got my Dick. Oh Yeah I had my okay tend to be well. I always always dress Kinda. Salvi steps to make upon and all these women's clothes are still blurred nowadays amy can you tell me about like the first time for some people like the level of excitement and energy that you see in them when they see themselves as a different person in the mirror. That's my favorite part like the way I used to have my process studio setup. I heard a big mayor but then I took down because these people don't WanNa see the process they just WanNa see the end result and that's like the best part of the like. I remember seeing with native the American guy I've never seen a native American person in my life in person and he was fucking. Gore Jesse look does it because maybe like five nine ended. Registan break down to his ass and it has makeup and he was going to use his natural hair is here and I told him you just. GonNa look like yourself. Let me put on a wig on inside. Put Him in a red hair. I dressed him up like he'll so scared. At first and then he left dressed then that happened so many times like they're so excited when they see what they can look like like the spirit part of his culture. I suppose I'd healthy so so there's a little bit of a different some people they walk out as a girl and they had oh my yeah. They're different. Can't people trust me different. People come for different reasons. Sometimes they parked so far away intentionally from my plate so they would walk and be seen walking back to wherever they are and I remember one time just came. All the way from Denver stoned as fuck so you know I did. He goes out comes back. I was like ready to go walk my dog and he comes back on my car's well. Where did you leave it there but that's my neighbors dry way so we had to go to impound get his car Dr. was he still dressed as a girl took full yeah. She got the whole fantasy Hyundai. They can tell you stories trust and believe. Are you WanNa hear the wildest live there. Was this one time and you cannot make this setup. This guy's job title is tennis ration- analyst Yeah. He's a hacker and basically bank pays eighth them to test their system. I guess that nobody can hack into bank. Whatever so his wife and kids away and I remember it was Monday when he came over to Sienese Genie's were a makeover and it's so funny when I dress them up for pictures they pose normal in awkward and dresses you put them in a lingerie girl. It's s up. Yes asa really until two days later on Wednesday. He calls me up and he wants to go out but he wants to get some. Dick so you know I do to make over take pictures and he can control of histone so I make good reiner profile. I took him out to blue moon so he's having drank. Emit all the curls. He's having a good time while I'm lining up dates for him for the rest of the night. I'm like fucking pimp. I'm sitting in a car waiting while this is. I've got an banged out by ran straight dudes. One of them was like a coke dealer which I'm still friends with but the next but the next morning she called me up. I think I gotTa Aid Santa Monica. Well don't worry. I'll take my slept clinic so like I took him to you on the post the poster so yeah it's like it's a one stop shop full therapist girl you know where to go to find all the south and so I met you guys. Come come in. They just want they want to address but they're not going to leave like that at all. What's that like for them brought upon for they want like if it's play session they just WanNa be feminist. Look some guys don't even care about makeup. They just WanNa be putting Ronda ray or brine. I'm Tanis and be tied up in bondage for everybody. There's a the two same clients. Everybody's in it for different rates nounce. Everybody's like some people just want me to cross dress mentally then the room by themselves to have a date themself self money for me like I do nothing. I'm watching TV downstairs while this just land what herself when you date yourself. You're always like disappointed. You didn't put the deal I duNno. D- right. I never do that too much work so back back in the days. When you were a drag queen and Pittsburgh you are a big part of the house of haunt Sharon needle and Alaska Thunder fucks seen the Blue Almond bar. Oh Yeah we were the original bad girls like Beckoning Hausa crack heads. What was the scene like when you share needles is in Alaska started dressing up drag. Yeah we'll start it together and it was back then doing drag not cute like today today every fucking bitch. Let's put on a wig in a second. I'M GONNA go to open stage. Gaul like back then. We were just freaks outrageous. It was punk-rock ourselves girl. We would have protesters because we will do politically incorrect said the action nowadays. That's it would not fly. Let me tell you what kind of things things you guys do my there was this one time when Sharon in Alaska draft Twin Towers and dad's. It's raining men on nine eleven yeah that's pretty evident at the time but we used to do shows in a way that it was like a whole production like we would rip off a movie or something like. I remember one time we did wizard of Oz. Saron see was a arisen but actually so it was a Santen and I was a transsexual ten woman and at the NC give me a heart and I'm like Oh. It's ticketing explode. It's now wh- kind of what kind of alibi you have for when Sharon's house was set on fire. Dr Welby were at pride one bed hat and Mohair house used to get fucked up all the time girl from one time. I was driving car in the city side on somebody but he threw bricks through my windshield because they're trying to get her and we will come back to their house. I ought to know about that. We all went to court and got a restraining order on this like crazy social justice worried or by group like following the surround and harassing us such shows and spray paint her house throw ads so this is something that happened before anybody he got on drag race is that you guys were sort of guessing the envelope and trying to push peoples buttons by doing things that were more and more outrageous and people in the the community responded by not just protesting but stocking some guys and throwing bricks through Sharon needles home and we never visited visitor original home that almost burnt down but people said it was kind of like the add ons family house spooky and weird and full of old ship Eh and lots of all over the place and then Sharon move to another place that had this huge basement and that's really sort of where the the Golden Age of the Blue Moon developed -veloping where everybody got on drag race and you know the rest of her story yes. Do you miss those days while I would never want to go back to my twenties because because sometimes I'm surprised at how the even alive like I mean if I had this wisdom. If you WANNA call it that and be back down and be young again be twenty-five against Serb girl. We did some wild set with crazy 'cause part of it is that you guys were like friends and you want you love each other and you wanted to impress each each other with with the more outrageous idea week after week those shows well the miss the most is just like both sitting around getting our makeup on before go onto the GIG and gigs role. They spun other than the drag is just so much work. It's cheap and unless you've been on drag race. Don't don't make said like girl. I'm not leaving my house for like what drives those be like fifteen hundred dollars then I charge hundred just put makeup on and then I charge our late. Fuck look what happened with the burning down. Sharon needles kitchen. Somebody tried to start a campfire. That's what it looked like on yeah. I don't know what they were doing girl. They were here in Chicago in her house. Then we got a call the you know it was really serious and very terrifying for them. Yes yeah imagine. The landlord wasn't happy about it either well. Maybe they were to move out finally get the house top. Getting vandalized Sharon was saying that her original home was possessed much like the poltergeist diced house to Cathy spirits out of it and there's just kidding it really he was because when we were moving there stood out Randy Alaska in one room and there was a baseball bat in the other room and there was nobody else in the other room the next thing you know you hear that baseball bats is banging on the wall like it was wild so that helps definitely was possessed. Why are goes so eager to harm. I'm human beings in movies and if you've ever talked to people whose houses are haunted. The ghosts are never been nine nine interested in watching today. They're like you know drag queens on crack their life. You said so the bad about me. I'm going to get you you up with all these reality. ATV shows with drag queens and competitions and instagram accounts in Youtube and social media are changing the way we think about gender under is are we in a golden age of some kind. I really don't watch drag race at all. I stopped watching season's going. I know there's another one Dragulescu Terry's. He's trying to get onto but I've never seen either. I don't know but I know drags. Those are Rupert Knowledge. There's so many I used to everybody because there were not many of us in Pittsburgh right but no it's so many girls all over the place but it's very safe it's very all audience appropriate national more idea that by dressing up as a drag queen you're sort of like shocking people and not the system now. You're sort of like the going in this direction of fetish and bondage and role playing and gender playing is sort of massaging keeping crossdressing arcing exciting for yourself. I mean that's what I do for work. I really don't do drugs so it's anymore. It's not appealing to me. I don't have that like pitch to do. I'd like creativity like I can't wait to do this on a stage. It never crosses my mind but I get to dress up quite a lot and I still have my social media going. I am but it's everything is just work related. It's nothing that I do for fun. I don't just wake up like now. Let me take two hours out of my day to save my body on put on. It's not a thing. Do you ever work with women to gender play I do I do work with women have married. I'll so far have thirteen married opole. Wow that's your like a piano teacher but instead of your John Panties yeah a little bit of everything thank from Broederbond women role discipline women depends of sometimes they bring their husbands like it's very different honestly some I have couples that both got makeover and they have reservations they go get their dinner and I have couples. Where woman wants to make her husband cried? Economists Alexi gets off onto heaven can be feminizing usually dealt. Bring another guy to occur in front of him or something silly like everybody's. NFL Wow I'll have a recession the place sometimes it's it's. It's not just the I it's the guy it's the wife and then somebody else to at my place now at my place. I'd prefer to only work with fifties. Elliot's vacation and organization or I'll do from bondage or corporal discipline I don't do groups like it's hard to work with too many people to Max what they do afterwards like a lot of times I mean I'll take them out to the Bedia Sunderland than to swinger clubs though they'll have their own seem fair but I got ready for it or introduce them to other people in the lifestyle. Amy You have a good time tation. That sounds kind of like Yvonne Ivana trump up with Bosnian or I'm from for me. Go Slavia Slavia N. Yes I'm just like melania trump of fetish workers. MHM be passed by Christ be transvestites it said after the show Slovenia's right next to Bosnia's varies neighborhood right well yeah. It was a hold on country before my mother sees. He's an well. Actually my parents divorced. My mom is that she lives in Dubrovnik Croatia. My father is Bosnia but he's here. Do you think you could make mark look like Mike Melania trump of course just girl maybe next time I'm in Pittsburgh. I'll take you up on your services. Well maybe next time onion. Pittsburghese Greg is top helping a neighbors actually see me out nothing accusing mark of doing being a helpful neighbor. I'm just GONNA go. Helper neighbor fans a lot of time visiting men's watching bird watching I'd she's a bad girl sisters the Sarah our sisters listen. You're one of my one of my favorite reasons to visit. Pittsburgh is to see you know. Listen listen to go crazy antics. You haven't Alaska's not really there anymore. Yes she's in. La with cross country road trip. There's a video on Youtube. It's called Cross Cross Country Cross dressers when her and I took a pass key Pittsburgh to La Hilarious in drag some of its way that yes all the major cities like where we stopped and spend tonight. I'm like Oh my God. How `Bout in Oklahoma City we we spent the night in a cruise East hotel. It's called an in an I'm pretty sure would the only way to check in with goods but it was in and Oklahoma City the meth capital of America yes and then in Austin we while Deva timeless. He decided to be still okay but we did every drug that was in the market. She just wasn't drinking booze. I was drinking for both of us like soon as we walked was already here as soon as already on drag race so like everybody knew who she is and they put us in a VIP textiles and US bottle. I was drunk Astrid. Go go dancing up on a deejay booth. I look at her giving me side. I I'm like okay. Garlic ahead with your sober s anymore. Somehow we ended up in amateur stripper contest no Phoenix Arizona. It was a fun time you guys everything was really knew and you guys serve got to take your friendship and the newness of that celebrity on the road and just experienced things from a whole different perspective got old real fast girl like Alaska was able to just go too far with her friends and have a conversation because people come up to her. WanNa Take Pictures WanNa bother her been annoying visit. Is it in the times we ever hung out with Alaska. It never was more than you know five people or so and it wasn't like a line of one hundred people. Both of you know like drag on you. See People like it's like three or four hours and it's one hundred dollars to meet any drag queen. That's been on Rupaul drag race and and you know for some people it's it's so exciting to see this this folk hero to some degree you know but the thing that impresses upon me especially with drag grace. UK is don't I don't have an accent none of them have an accent and they're so mediocre inter- you know like if you look at Sharon needles personality compared to in some of these drag queens in the UK it's Pales. It's it's like a very grave. What does the word that the British people US Milk Toast to narrow restrain they sick. I'm not even people I knew even interview and I'm like does the audience even want to know about these queens. It's like it's just so bland. That's why I'm turning to things more like Dracula and other sources of of camp one key. The stuff is just it just seems to me like I don't WanNa hear safe drag Queens. I WanNa hear drag queens that are thinking about stuff and rebelling and pushing being the envelope. I don't I don't WanNA corporate. CEO Drag Queen. I want a punk rock drag queen yeah your thoughts but a drag concern but a drag on. I can mention what that airs Oh. I haven't been to one but I'm going next next year for Sir. I think the Drag Expos Conferences are fun as long as you stay out of the lines and wear era costume and interact with people because there's all kinds of really interesting people attending the events working some of the booths that don't thought aw I'll be in a get up for that. What movie are you in Kelly Kill. It's a trauma near the punk rock musical. I got to play a tiny gang later. It's amazing and it's called kill Dolly Kyle. It's produced by trauma entertainment the company that the talks toxic avenger around all day and you played in the movie I place last Sorella the transgender woman again leader and conveniently playing yourself. I am yes I really am. I remember we showed that movie. Half of what's UNIN VEGAS all the special effects and murder scenes. We're done in a studio and Allah's taken sits fell seriously. I was up at four thirty every morning. Even though I wasn't shooting my scenes that make up on but then I realized it's control. My like people are just there. I mean basically encouraged to be monsters wasted and the second can have I decided to be Lindsey. Lowe hand on the set so buried Thursday her like fucking like on a way to our location in the North Indiana and win Amac. I was already you know on Grindr China lineup some hookups I made friends with people in bottle south across the street so very first day on the set on three hours late wasted and I have pictures on my phone that I don't even remember taken and elastic churches blurry grabbed. They passed out in my for four hours so second time around around. I was a nightmare so I'm excited to see it too because I don't remember much of that blackout. And when do you think that's GONNA come out. Well we you wonder we see that thousand seventy and it's been a while. I feel like by the time the movie comes out. I'll be like oh girl look. I was so young at yeah yeah. It's supposed to come next year sometimes twenty twenty. I guess what's the name of the film kill. Dolly Kill Kill Dolly Kill me off from Cali deadly to the first one here. Watch it deadly to is the first one or wait. Dolly deadly as the as the first respond yes so this is the part two and it has nothing here and now it does not no. It's not about like a radioactive Dolly. Pardon impersonator who comes back to that sound great pits that idea next time around right working on other projects amy vodka. It's always good to get a big drink stiff drink. A view shot down. Take a shot well. I'm glad you're enjoying. I will see hill. I'm in Pittsburgh my dear or or if you've ever come back to my place based I wanna see it does and maybe if you need some muscle to escort you and your dates out in about I'll be happy to don't volunteer people look at me and they're like Oh. You're so tough you could beat me up but he's got to wrestle and I'm like it's for sure forgotten class when when you're sort of like pushing the boundaries of gender her people just ascribe all kinds of power to you that you don't necessarily want or have and then you just like look. I'm Amy Vodka Vodka House. I'm just a human being with vulnerabilities needs and desires. I'm not wonder woman. I can't I'm a fantasy. Crete's shoes to some of these guys. I make people's dreams James come true by making them feel good about themselves because that's really what that is about. It's about emotional release exchange of power and may the force be with you amy the force visitation. That is the real thing to do you have to because that's the one of my that's one of my favorite. Kinds of things is forced to administration where it's like. They don't really want it but they secretly do yeah well. It's tarts starts off like they're all writing. A sub sub stays in the head space as they come in like they sit on the chair can move doing makeup and I asked them the question and so it's it's started before. David realize it started moral rights so much for talking to us and Sharing Adventures as the cross me a professional cross-dress a yaw just a sweet transvestite style. We'll see you soon. We'll talk later all right bye-bye. Amy Vodka House lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ania you can visit her on the web at Amy Vodka House Dot Com. She's sweet transvestite so sweet. TRANSVESTITE PITTSBURGH ADDS a little why I'm so glad you know I was kind of waiting to have her because she was going to be in this movie and I was just I wanNA talk to you about this movie but the movies movies are getting delayed daylight and she kept telling me this craziest stories. I've just like you've just gotTa. Come on the podcast and talk about you know your lifestyle. What is it that Lindsay Lohan Plan and you like. You've spilled more than more boos than Lissouba. She's drinking. It sounds like Amy Vodka House earns her name. Oh Oh for sure and in the process of making this movie they're like we should have hired. Lindsay Lohan instead well from what I understand. They originally wanted sharing needles for sharing needles like this is my pricing Christ we can't afford that. He's like I'll do it but like she said she was sober for the first part of it and then I'm going minutes. Start drinking and that's all went downhill so it's so tempting when things are going your way you want to celebrate and go like yeah. That's that's that's a time when you stand back and breathe and just let it take the moment. Let it roll over you. You know who doesn't want to kick back with a white wine sangre. That's been flavored with mangoes and strawberries and a kiss of peach sounds delicious. I WANNA remind folks. Oh so we can't do this podcast without your sports plus member yet sign up today at least two fun dot com slash class because your contribution to this show is what makes this show happen. We're also on patriotic on yes there and maybe it will throw a little extra photo of amy on the paycheck on now. Tamie will send us. Oh my God. There is a blur parts of it. I have to the Patriots fans. Say could be any beautiful woman like if you could would it be Malania trump or like why would it be Malania try. They would make the least of the person that's so now our like if I were to be forced Ame Emmy Vodka House really really was a cross dressing good which fairy godmother and she said I'll transforming for it one night into your most beautiful woman you've ever dreamed of being just like me except with maybe breasts bigger booty and if you WANNA look like who Linda Carter at her prime as one while with the ability to dodge bullets for the irritable edible out syndrome when she was spinning wasn't pretty. I like the classic looks like you know Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Oh like young Elizabeth Taylor yeah not diamonds now her third husband in Elizabeth Taylor's good yeah yeah Marilyn Monroe skirt being lifted on by great. She's very much up. Marilyn Monroe's very much a cross dressing icon. Oh for sure for a lot of people like ooh. Let's go to the candy shop in the skirt blows up and you see the goodies underneath the candy well well. We WanNA thank everybody for listening and remember you can be anybody you want to be and you can also pretend that's what's so great about your imagination is is being able to see the world through another person's eyes and explore your identity and your gender identity and your experience you can be anybody you want to be and just because you're in adult doesn't mean that playtime is over fearlessly. Be Yourself Bye bye bye aw.

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How are germs made and what are they made of?

Imagine This

12:18 min | 5 d ago

How are germs made and what are they made of?

"This is an abc podcast. Hello my name is h. And play on the maginness. I'm not feeling very well known to play. She giving needy sometimes. It's not very far. Smoke bernas locked being sick. I wonder how can they dates more honey bugs and then it comes into a freight comes down into a closed. Make people sick gyms. A friend has question about. Jim's i kona sixties old and that one hell and we'll on. I might off good question. Connor how gems made a wonder who we should talk to you about. Jim's dr arnn good to the doctor. Yeah that's right and i know doctor dr no-man's one. Maybe he can tell us how. Jim's made and why i'm sick. I ju- paging dr nomines. One doctor norman's one to the visiting room doc. This one is a physician. That's the kind of doctor you might visit when you sick or if you need a checkup here. He comes now products one. Hi everyone this one. This one high noon on mines powergen made account. And what are they made of. Bless you sounds like you've caught some germs and herbert sick. Well let's take a closer look at you. Is it going to hurt. They want her to. It's gonna bill launch. They check your eyes. They take your is looking teal now. There's nothing to be seen about a toll a promise Thanks guys you said. I'm sick from gems. But what are jen's germs a really small organisms. An organism is another word for a living within the are among the first organisms. The first living things to live on planet earth before people yup diana so yup before there was anything there were germs so there are lots of them and they're all around us to the air that we breathe and the things that we touch. Our bodies are covered in them. Gosh like all my face and my hands everywhere but you can't see them the so small you can really look at them with a microscope and lack of skype is what us to look at really small things close up. You've got it. That's right. I think for us to really learn about germs. We will have to imagine things at their level at the microscopic level keanu tiny microscopic. That's as small as ladybugs. even smaller. Tiny teeny tiny aid. Germs are so small millions of them can fit on the pointy end of pin. Already run. close your eyes. Let's give it a guy okay. So now we're so small. We are microscopic spec floating through the air massey. what is that. Big john norm. Ass- knows that the huge maze the bagan and were going in. Turn at lots of hiya snot. Bogus gercy when. James answered the body a lot of the time. They're breathed in so you news or more importantly what's in your news. Is one of your body's first defenses against getting sick but it germs everywhere in the air we breathe and all the things we touch while we see all the time well. Germs don't usually hurt us in fact many of them are actually good for us. But there's a small group of germs. That do nica seek some of them are bacteria and some are called viruses bacteria. I think it is a gym. That comes from any way. What's that noise. It's air being breezed into the knows. If you breathe in bacteria or viruses sometimes they get stuck in all the little hairs inside your nostrils and mixed with dirt to make burgers so if gyms get stuck in them we might be able to sneeze them out before they make us. Sick can get back into not guys not in burgas as your body's first defense system sticky snot. Let's keep going if germs make it through. All the hairs and snot. They can move down from your nose back into your throat. This is where we can begin to answer connors question. How are germs made. The germs which are called bacteria make themselves one bacterium splits into two those two each split into another to try and on and on until germs that are viruses working differently. The force our bodies to make more of them. How do they do that. We see our bodies are made up of cells. Millions of them viruses get inside ourselves and tell these cells to start making copies of the virus and the virus makes as many copies of itself as it can in both cases the bacteria and the viruses. They wanna make as many of themselves as possible. Is that when we get sick when they've made lots and lots of themselves. Yeah that's right. You can actually start feel seek at this stage if there are lots of germs inside your nose. You might get a runny nose or if they moved down to your throat or your lungs you can get a sore throat and cough. It's also when something really amazing starts happening while you're gonna have to follow me to the bloodstream. Germs bacteria and viruses intro body and start making more of themselves. We might start feeling sick. But it's also when our immune system comes to the rescue as how you fought jobs that's right your immune system is the name we give to all the little helpers in our body that fight gems they move all through your body always on the lookout for bad germs which might make you seek to here oh by state local even though our little helpers are really booed and blocking some germs are really good at hiding. I say they hide. Said they had time to make more copies of themselves. Instead of your body's it'll help her's finding just one bacterium or a single virus. They find lots numbers. Get the Yeah that doesn't sound good your immune system whose tiny raise the alarm. Now that there are lots of gems to fight your body needs backup and special soldiers. A sent out with different germs. These are called. Antibodies the antibodies. Your body can make lots of antibodies. There are special. Antibodies for a cold or the flu and different. Antibodies for the chicken pox fighting again. The green thing about your immune system is that it remembers exactly order germ looks like it's like your body takes a photograph of gem so that it can recognize it if it comes back into your body again and if that happens your immune system sends out the right antibody to fight the germ before you even get sick. Well antibodies sound like little superheroes. What can we do to give him a hand gang da and eighteen. Some when you get sick cult in your elbow. Nato russia had time and stay in bed. Yes. that's absolutely right. You gotta stay home when you're sick and when you're washing your hands you gotta wash them for twenty seconds with warm soapy water. Yeah i like to sing happy birthday even though it's not my talk people that's the best way to stop viruses and bad bacteria spreading great advice. Are we all ready to get back to full size. Let's get outta here noman. Thank you so much for teaching us. What gyms tomatoes and how they work. I had no idea how bodies was such busy places. It's amazing when you look at all the tiny parts that work to keep us healthy. You can do your part to help niche. What's that get to bed and rest. Relax and take the doctors of choice or feeling a lot better. But i am going go back to bid by connor. They haven't jim's made from gems they get into our bodies in lots of different ways like if someone coughs sneezes nearest and we breathe them in once. They're inside out. Buddies gyms do their best to make lots and lots of them settled but our immune system is always on the lookout over there. Japan to heal body's defense system sends out. Lots of help is cold. Antibodies that fight the germs and they remember what the gyms look like so if they ever come back at body knows just today at the end of the day though no matter how strong and healthy we are. We all get sick from time to time. That's just a normal part of life. Imagine this is an abc. Kids listened podcast hosted by me. Dr marriage law a big. Thank you to dr norman swan and all the kids from today's episode. This was written and produced by somme abella senior producer. His emma gibbs an audio engineer is priced holiday to hear more great podcast for kids. Download the ibiza. Kids listen up. Wanna get the latest news on gems should check out news time. The show counting down the biggest news stories of the week from the lightest about corona virus at ju sifting ducks. Underwater snuck pella's knees. Time has got ye covid chick news time on the free. Abc kids listen.

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#HURDLEMOMENT: How to Combat Stress & Anxiety


27:32 min | 5 months ago

#HURDLEMOMENT: How to Combat Stress & Anxiety

"What i find what happens with meditation that you're investing your time so for a fifteen minute meditation. You're actually giving your body rests. That's about five times deeper than sleep and this is not insignificant because when you give your body the rested needs it knows how to heal itself and one of the things that heals itself from his stress but not only the stress from today all that stress from the past. All that stuff that we've been storing in our cellular memory and so once stress gets out of the body. You actually get a return on your investment. You become more productive. You become smarter. You become faster more decisive. There's only body year bringing you another installment of hurdle moment from her at all. I know i promised you a marathon recap and it is coming. Trust me if you listen to these. In order i got you but it felt really time sensitive and appropriate that. I pivoted a little bit this week to bring you this conversation with emily fletcher. She's the founder of ziva meditation. And today we chatting about ways to rid the body of stress. It's kind of. It's a little scary because i'm recording this. The day before comes out which is currently election day. It's coming out on wednesday after election day and a lot of us are on edge. Right now Regardless of what your political things might be. This is a tense time. And so because of that i know about you but i have felt stressed and anxious and that feeling in my chest where like my breath feels heavy and i sometimes feel like. I'm doing everything wrong. And then i have other moments. Where i'm elated and i feel like i'm actually thriving and just off woolsey Things and so. Because i know that i am feeling this way at because i just also know that many of you are probably billing this way. That's why i'm bringing this episode to the feed this week Of course. The of course. The tips and tools that. I chat about with emily today. They're relevant no matter when you are finding time to listen to this episode. We all go through hard stuff and the title of this show hurdles constantly and we have the tools within us to although it may not feel i get at the time handle hard stuff and so that's what i got real as always you like what you were listening to please make sure to tag hurdle over on social media it is at fertile podcast and i over at emily a body and also re on the item store leave a rating and review. And make sure you are subscribe to the week. We heard all on the weekly heard all quickly before we dive into this. I get messages constantly. Asking for my top. Picks for everything from sports brought to seekers were different types of workouts to reflective gear for low light running the try to stay low like running five times. Fast i'm kidding by not easy anyway. I get asked for suggestions all the time and every week i am putting some of my top picks my favorites in to the newsletter to all those questions. So you subscribe then. You'll have them in your inbox every single writing morning. And that's it for now. Let's take a deep breath with that. Let's get hurdling today on the show. I am chatting with a fleischer. She's the founder of ziva meditation in. And we're here to chat all about managing stress. How am i am feeling a lot of things to be quite honest and put my twelve years of meditation to the to the test today. I know this is a very timely topic. I mean as if a twenty twenty has not been full of stress period. There's just so many stressors happening in my right yet. This column demands but yes there are plenty of demands on our nervous systems. At the moment. I like that word demands It's a little bit of a vernacular shift but if you think about it as if you believe that stress is external that it's very easy to fall victim to the external circumstances. But if you just do this little flip of hey. I'm in a high demand time. Meaning there's either things or people or events that are demanding my time and burning up by adaptation energy. Then you can go back into the driver's seat and say i have a choice of how i choose to respond to this demand versus this inherently stressful. So we can talk about this as we go. But it's basically switching. The idea from stress is happening to me to stress my reaction to external demands because we are always in charge of our own reactions. I love that. And i mean what you're talking about is a big cornerstone of integrating meditation regularly into your everyday into your weekly practice so before we jump straight into the concepts in the in the practices that we can use to manage stress. I'd love to hear just a little bit about you and talk to me about ziva meditation. Sure so ziva is all about meditation for performance. Like i believe that we meditate to get good at life not to get good at meditation right like no one cares. How many apps on your phone. No one cares how many or few thoughts you have when you sit quietly in a chair but everyone cares how kind you are. How adaptive are you. How intuitive are you. How present are you has. Your sex drive has your immune system people care about those things and the more you have daily practice more regularly. You commit to a daily meditation practice all of those things that i just mentioned not only get easier but they start to be like your baseline like you just are into it. If you just are present you are create. If you are healthy and it doesn't become work or discipline it's just your baseline level of happiness increases your baseline level of intuition increases and so Ziva were all about making things as accessible as possible and one of the things that makes ziva quite unique is that we're not just teaching mindfulness which most of the quote unquote meditation. Apps out. There are teaching. Actually what i would call mindfulness. Which means that someone's guiding you through right like someone is having you focus on your wrath or visualize something and all of that is good. Mindfulness is very good at dealing with your stress in the now but meditation specifically ziva. Meditation is all about getting rid of your stress from the past. All that stuff that we've been storing in our cellular now even on our epigenetics memory Clean that stuff out. What happens when you get rid of stress in your body. Is it you start being able to perform at the top of your game. You can increase your iq. You can increase neuro. Plasticity can decrease your body age. And so we're actually getting a return on time investment when you do meditation versus just mindfulness and we finish off. The end of the ziva technique is. Manifesting has basically consciously creating a life you love. It's you getting intentional about what you want your life to look like so this technique is mindfulness meditation. Manifesting three m's and us from like the appetizer. The meditation is the main course. And then you finish with the desert of manifesting interesting okay. I love this idea of desert of man of messing. Who doesn't love dessert. Nobody okay so then. Let's bring it back to this concept of stress. We've got a lot of it so hacks tools tricks. Talk to me about how we can rid the body of stress. Yes so i think most of the tax and tools would be more in the mindfulness camp of like. Oh my gosh. it's election day. I'm freaking out. What can i do. I feel like i'm having anxiety attack. I can give you a few just like real time. In the moment things you can do to create a state change and then we can talk about the science of why meditation creates a trait. Change our rights. Mindfulness like oh. Let me feel better in the now meditation. Getting rid of stress from your past so some tricks would be something called the to express. This is actually the first thing. I teach in ziva online which is our fifteen day training and basically all you're doing is inhaling through the nose for the count of two and you exhale through your mouth for the count of four and that sounds simple because it is but it is powerful enough to stop innings. Id attract a anxiety attack in its tracks so we can do a few together if you like world disease. Let's just do it while we're listening to this podcast. Let's do it. Let's do you just close your eyes in hell through the nose for to an exhale through your mouth for four really good again inhaling through your nose to right into the belly and acts handling through your mouth for four really good on the next inhale reading space into your bellies face into your heart and as you exhale feeling your browse off in your jaw softener their shoulders drop your heart. Open your legs relax really go to one final time for good measure in this time as you exhale letting gravity do its job the weight of your shoulders drop letting any unnecessary tension or speculation. Just wash down through the bottom of your feet really good. So that was like ten seconds of our life and chances. Are you feel a little bit more oxygenated a bit more present a little less holding in the body and the reason why the to experts is so effective is there actually calming down. The vagus nerve. Which is the super highway between your brain and body and so. It's really simple panic attack. You don't have time for something complex. You know you just need to keep it simple. So it's out for four that was really calming. I liked debt. I feel like there are definitely going to be people that listen to the show who cringe when they hear other people by hate is totally anti. Asmar's but i feel like you know what we just taught them something really useful and made me feel good. Good good great okay. So that's one helpful tactic. We have here. Yeah and then. The other one is sort of philosophical. But i'm big fan of something called watering the flowers not the weeds. And this is another simple concept can be very profound and what happens is that we humans we start to get good at problem solving and then we look at more and more problems to solve so what. We're what we accidentally do that. We start putting our attention on all the problems that there are to solve. And then what we're doing. We're watering the weeds. Instead of watering the flowers so we all know that what we put our attention on gross and so if you imagine standing in a garden and having a water hose in your hands and if all you're looking at is the weeds the naturally the the hose is going to be pouring onto the wheat so you're watering the leads watering rates growing more and more and more of the exact thing that you do not want versus if you take your attention and put it on the flowers. Then you're going to be watering the flowers and you end up growing more and more of the things that you want to create in your life and so the election is actually a perfect example of this. Because as you if you've washed over the past few months what most people have been talking about is anti this. Don't vote for this. This person's terrible defunding this anti this and we're pushing against Pushing against versus. What are we voting for. What are we moving towards. What's the word that we do want to see. It actually takes a lot of bravery to put yourself out there saying four something in this age of skepticism and cynicism and down culture in cancel culture. It takes a lot of optimism. And like i said bravery to say like i believe in this person. I believe in this concept. I'm going to dedicate myself to educating youth. I'm going to dedicate myself to to creating a whole new system and you know this is an interesting example. People at like oprah winfrey or reese witherspoon reese witherspoon has actually done a beautiful job of this. She didn't go into hollywood and say oh. I hate this system it's misogynistic. There aren't enough female directors. There are no rules for women over forty. I'm going to try and take down this. Hollywood patriarchal system. She said no. I'm just gonna create my own. I'm just going to create a new one. I'm going to create a production company. That's going to be so successful. Write the scripts i want. I'm going to produce the movies i want. I'm going to hire the actresses i want. And then she did the same thing with book club. She knows she's it's mostly female authors that she's featuring so instead of trying to take down some old system to to water the the we it's she built a new thing. She wanted the flowers. And i'm very interested in that as a concept of i'm voting for this person i am interested in creating this community instead of taking down. Something else i dig that. I dig that and then also i mean in doing that. In watering the flowers you also seem to have an opportunity to step away from The comparison thing like we're so worried about comparing ourselves our our progress or what's going on in our lives to other people in large part because of social media that in doing that we we seem to takeaways our own joy and stray away from the things that make us happy. Because we're so worried that the things that we have aren't good enough that's right and when you're looking at other people's successes all day you're actually watering other people's success right. You're not putting your time and attention on your own projects on your own creative endeavors. All you're doing is you're actually nurturing other people's dreams by doing that definitely. It's fine to celebrate other people's successes. But you know our time and our attention of the two most valuable resources that we have and so we wanna take care that we are investing them wisely and that brings me back to the meditation piece in that you know with a lot of the accident. The mindfulness practices. They are good but because they're only dealing with your stress in the now. It's almost like you're spending your time. Versus what i find what happens with meditation is that you're investing your time so for a fifteen minute meditation. You're actually giving your body rest. It's about five times deeper than sleep and this is not insignificant because when you give your body the rest that it needs it knows how to heal itself and one of the things that heals itself from stress but not only the stress from today all that stress from the past. All that stuff that we've been storing in our cellular memory and so once that stress gets out of the body you actually get a return on your time investment you become more productive you become smarter you become faster can more decisive and so for fifteen minute time investment you get back three hours of productivity in your day. You might get back two hours of insomnia at night. You might get back days of being sick because your immune system is stronger and so. That's a big thing like we're not spending our time on meditation. Were investing our time. And that's one of the big things i hear about ziva specifically is that people like no. My return on investment is huge. That's so interesting. Because i mean why i'm just like sitting here thinking about the difference of meditating fifteen minutes versus sleeping for fifteen minutes and so. You're saying that the meditation is an active process. That's enabling you to be better in other areas of your life. So in the process of meditating. You're just getting a higher return on investment than just laying. Down in and taking a catnap thousand percent and i would also say that same argument applies to. I'm just going to snooze for fifteen minutes in the morning versus. No i'm going to get up and meditate. Like if you start to understand that with this style of meditation specifically you're giving your body rest. That's five times deeper than sleep. The new laying in bed snoozing hating yourself for fifteen minutes is actually robbing you a four times. The amount of rescue could be getting if you just get up and meditate and once you understand that concept than this idea of. i don't have time to meditate flies right out the window especially if you're a snooze her especially of yours user okay. So we've talked about these two strategies for managing stress. But how else can. We read the body of stress altogether. So i'll share the sort of like i call it art math. It's not math math. But i think it's very helpful illustration of why like an every day. Twice a day meditation practice gets rid of the stress in the body. So if you were just to meditate once a day you're basically just handling all the news stress that you pick up each day but if you meditate twice a day then you're getting rid of not only the new stresses from today but the backlog of accumulated stress and it's really the ratification of the backlog of stress that usher us into higher states of consciousness and performance. So here's the math. Let's wake up on monday. And you pick up ten units of stress. Okay you go to sleep monday night. Sleep is restful enough to burn away. Seven units right. You've picked up ten sleep burns away seven you wake up on tuesday and now you're starting your day with three. You pick up ten units again on tuesday. Maybe a little extra. It's election tuesday. And then you go to sleep on tuesday night. Burnoff seven wake up on wednesday now. We're starting the day with six up. Ten bernas seven with sleep nine twelve fifteen and this just keeps building and building up. This is why people tend to get more stressed. The older they get why we start to have mid life crisis season anxiety attacks and panic attacks by forty percent of american. Women aren't anti anxiety medication. So then we start meditating okay. And here's the math on meditation. You pick up the same tenures of stress because life is still life but you meditate. Monday morning that burns away three units. You meditate monday afternoon. That burns way three units. You've picked up ten. Meditation is now handled six for you. You only have four left. You go to sleep monday. Night's sleep burns away seven four minus seven. You wake up on tuesday of negative three. Pick up ten off a total of thirteen with a sleep and the meditation now on wednesday or at negative six the negative nine negative twelve and bit by bit day-by-day meditation by meditation. We just keep chipping away at this. Backlog of stresses we've accumulated until we get rid of the entire backlog we've ever created and that process for most people can take about seven to ten years depending on how stressed we were as children. How old we are when we start and how regularly are with practice but to me. It's like wait. You mean in a few years. I could get rid of all the stresses i've ever accumulated. Immediate doesn't take life times. And so i think that's pretty exciting. You know. it's not a quick fix. Its practice but it is the fastest most effective means to eradicate stress. That i've ever found for those individuals who are getting just really frustrated. Maybe they've tried meditation or some of the tools that you've mentioned over the last little bit Before and they just feel as though they're not working you mentioned the word practice and that's exactly what it is. It's something that you have to consciously work toward for those individuals that are frustrated. What do you tell them on how to better embrace a practice. Great question so the number one biggest obstacle to meditation number. One reason why people feel like they're failures when they start meditation and they'll say things like oh i wanna meditate but my mind is just so crazy i wanna to but i can't sit still. I wanna medicine. But i have. Add here this all every day. You can meditate. Everyone commodity just like everyone can sleep. Everyone can meditate. Everyone has the innate ability to sleep. Everyone has the ability to meditate. The question is are you using a technique that is right for you. Are you trying to use a technique. That was made for a monk. And do you have any training because if you don't have training and if you're doing what most of the apps for teaching jazz Derivation of things that were originally made for monks. Then you're gonna feel like you're failing because you're going be assuming that the point is to clear the mind right like how many times have you heard. We'll just clear your mind. Just sit down and take some brats and if thoughts come just let them pass by like a cloud. Just clear the mind. So here's some really good news for anyone who helped frustrated with meditation. Anyone who's felt like a failure. The good news is that the mind thinks involuntarily just like heartbeats involuntarily so trying to give your brain a command to shut up is as impactful is trying to give your heart command stuff. Eating it does not work and yet this is the criteria by which everyone is judging themselves as to whether or not they can meditate. And it's why they feel frustrated and it's why they quit so the good news about ziva is that you don't have to clear your mind. Okay you're allowed to have thoughts in this style of meditation. As a matter of fact those thoughts are an indicator. That stresses leaving the body. You could actually be like thank you and goodbye. Thank you and goodbye. And then our litmus test for whether or not the meditation is working does not become. How successful was i making my brain flat line. Which ps only happens over dead are litmus test for is it working or not becomes i better at life and my happier and more present to have a higher sex drive and my healthier and my more creative my more present with my family and then if all those things are happening there like oh good meditations working even if i'm having thoughts right okay. So that's promising that and so it's just really committed at the end of the day. We'll it's first knowing. Meditation is a skill. So i would not say for someone to just white knuckle it and just sit down. I'm going to meditate if they don't have any training and they're trying to clear their minds because then it's just gonna feel worse and then they're gonna do meditation. Shame spiral so no that meditation is a skill like any other skill and it does take some training but once you have a tool designed for you and not a monk and you have some training in it then it becomes like a no brainer like of course i'm gonna meditate like i cannot imagine going through my day without meditating twice like i'm running a company i twelve and please i have a toddler. I'm working on my second book. And so. I cannot even conceive of getting through my day without meditation practice. I need my brain to work at a certain level and so instead of me thinking about it. Like oh i'm going to white knuckle force myself meditate is like i crave it now. I see how much better i feel. And how much better off on the other side of it. yeah for sure. Now i can totally totally totally appreciate that. So then my question for you. One last thing i mean. We're talking about how to rid stress from the body. Something that i have been advised before actually can be a little off putting for some and maybe a little awkward feeling but i am a big like large cy. Screama fits save kind of person and iron. I'll never forget that. I sat down with With sadie lincoln early on in in her office. She's the founder of bar three and she taught me this exercise which was literally just like audibly letting out three deep breaths and i just felt in that process. We did breathing before but just the actual noise making made such a difference for me. Have you ever done anything like that. I have and i love cd. she's actually ziva graduate. I spoke at her bar three conference and we saw a bunch of the shop owners. They went through zeba online which was really exciting And what's happening. There is similar so when you make audible sound when you're sighing. I mean aside is very similar to the two x which we did earlier the pudding sound on it actually helps to stimulate the vagus nerve even more so than the you could do. I mean sighing or screaming is great because of an arctic. But you could also do that with simple humming of just you know in through the nose for two and then humming count of four and that's really nice to stimulate that vegas nerve as well but i think you know i'm all about a good catharsis like screaming. Punching journaling was especially as women so many of us don't have anger as part of we haven't seen healthy examples of female warriors or Female rage actually and because it's so stigmatized and it's so repressed in our society that it's it's tricky to have healthy outlets for it and so one of the cool things about ziva is that it's very much Because it's getting rid of the stress from the past it becomes its own catharsis and that's a big part of my job as a teacher is to help people through those beginning days weeks when people can have some extra tears some extra angers extra. I'm just bubbling up and out. It's why we have a beautiful global community and it's why it's really good to have some support as you start to practice as powerful as this one but i love the signing in the screaming. Love the screaming. Awesome while i. I know that these these tools in these suggestions surely are going to be the some some things that i'm leaning into the over the next few days and weeks and months to come. So thank you so much for your time and your helpfulness and i would love it if you could give me some insight on halla. The hitler's can keep up with you and follow you and All things zepa so the easiest place to find. Everything is at our website which is ziva meditation dot com and z. I. v. a. Which is a sunscreen word. That means bliss. So even meditation dot com. You can find our fifteen day online training and the cool thing about that is at once. People move through the training. You have the mindfulness meditation and the manifesting to take with you for life. You don't need like wi fi or an apple headphones to be charged as who wants to go their phone to meditate Having a meeting in a liquor store we want to be able to unplug for some moments of our day so once you graduate you have those to take with you and i also have a book that came out last year. It's called stress less accomplished more. And people really like a science of why to meditate and really want to understand like how it impacts your and your sex and your productivity and and your body age that their. I go deep into nerd town on that in stress less accomplish more and engineered town i dabble in newtown often. So i feel you. Well thank you so much. I am over at at hurdle podcast and at emily body another hurdle concord catching is next.

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218: Micro moments for macro shifts | Kelsey Patel, reiki teacher & author

The mindbodygreen Podcast

33:02 min | 1 year ago

218: Micro moments for macro shifts | Kelsey Patel, reiki teacher & author

"Welcome to the MY BUDDY GREENE. Podcast objects in walkup founder. And cosio of my buddy green and your host. Today's episode is brought to you by my buddy green and our incredible museum plus sleep product before this product. It took me hours to get to sleep and end up tossing turning than hitting the snooze on the alarm as woke up in the morning. Yes I slept but it really wasn't quality now with magnesium plus I fall asleep faster I stay sleep and I wake up rejuvenated and without an alarm clock. Look we all know when you don't sleep. It's pretty brutal. And it is terrible for your immunity in terrible for your health and yeah I slept but it wasn't quality sleep and now I never knew that sleeve could be so good. I hope you check out our pioneering sleep formula at my green dot com slash museum. That's Pretty Green Dot Com Slash Museum Chelsea Patel is not after Rakia healer and spiritual empowerment coach. Who's one of my favorite people as she has a meaning energy? And even though recorded this podcast before coded nineteen her message that she shares the title of her first book. Burning BRIGHT RITUALS. Ricky and self care to heal burnout. Anxiety and stress is more relevant than ever you. I had her on the podcast episode. One Zero Seven. You're going to want to check out. It's great to have her back today. Kelsey welcome hi. I'm so happy to be back grads on the new book burning right. Thank you thank you and so we have to start. It's the titles burning bright. Yeah so let's start with burn out what is happening. What is happening? You know I burn out now. It's funny because when I had when I was writing this book. It was probably a year ago in burnout was not anywhere near as mainstream as it is. Now where you hear and see burnout articles everywhere and it's real and fortunately we have things we can do about it and unfortunately. Bernas not going anywhere right now and I think that the book but more than that all the practices that are available to us. That maybe aren't as mainstream as going to a doctor and different things. They are available to us all day every day. And it's about creating micro changes for the macro shift in your life and that to me is how the only way that we're going. Start to shift burnt out. I like that micro changes macro shift. You're one of my favorite lines. Catch Myself as an entrepreneur who we always attend to like you set a goal. It's like okay. Let's let's go reach the goal and you get to the goal the next goal and when he talked other entrepreneurs wherever you are on the business however people define success whether it's by revenue or headcount or profitability. People say oh. I can't wait till I till I get there and what I always say. You know your problems. Don't go away. They just change. It's not like we got to a certain level in this having done this. Ten years is is a metaphor for life to like your problems. Don't go away you are common denominator you know and I think that's that's exactly it is. Striving can create the sensation of the same mechanisms that people use for survival. You know like you're constantly going and doing and needing more and more and to me. It's like this idea of. I WANNA see achieving become over achieving. You know like I'm done giving really needing to have a shift in our mindsets because the truth is you know burn out is there but burnout is also something that is more or less for most people. It's needless suffering and it is self induced. And if you don't start chipping away. And that's what those micro moments are if you don't start chipping away at the ways that you are showing up in the world to achieve the things that are your goals and dreams. Then you're never going to be present for the moments when something really great happens to be able to like take a step back and see and feel and be in the moment of it so that you can give yourself space and permission to know your rhythms if you've done a big project or big output. It's like a wave. It's going to have that crash and you need to be able to take time to give the rest and repair instead of this hustle and grind mode all the time. So do you have a breaking point? I wouldn't say that mine was like a fall to my knees moment where it was an epiphany it was my burnout. Built up gradually and it became so What's the right word? It was so slow in its graceful presence that I don't think I recognized the signs as I was in the midst of burnout just dealt with it. I had you know as you know I had really bad debilitating back pain. I had a lot of anxiety but I didn't think it was anxiety. I thought I was a super achiever. I thought I was a get shit donor kind of person that I just had a different bead in a different tempo that I had more desires than when I say it now it's very ego maniacal but it was this idea that I could keep going and what I didn't realize is that I was suffering in the process. What are some of the signs so some of the signs at least for me and many different people that I've worked with over the years? It could be this feeling that there's always more to do and I think many people feel that I feel bad. Yeah I still feel it. It's a but in those moments. It's not it's noticing it and noticing if your mind is just continuing to race and if it's even if you do have a to do list which great many of us do it's about knowing that you get to also turn off and have the quiet space and the moments where there is no need for doing because you've done enough So people to me who experienced burnout don't have good sleep. I mean really burn out comes from stress right and stress can impact so many different parts of our lives from sleep to sex drive to our health. Our physical health our blood anything. You run a blood panel on somebody WHO's stressed. And even if they're eating the right foods they're still going to have deficiencies in certain areas are inflammation in the body that can be fogged brain fog. There can be lack of mental clarity. There can be exhaustion. I mean the list goes on and on for people who have burn out but the burn out is coming from stress and I think one of the biggest things that people don't talk about is mental burnout. We believe in the physical burn out like A. I'm so exhausted but people don't realize that M- many times that physical exhaustion is coming from the mental fatigue. Because you've not giving your mind space and permission to get quiet so in terms of getting quiet finding that space. Is there a minimum? What you think. Is there a certain amount like he kinda need for example? With regards asleep there are many will say functional medicine doctors like okay. You need to Have your electric sundown no TV LIGHTS DOWN DEVICES OFF. Temperature like it. It just creates. There's a there's a ritual to that but sort of gets you in a quiet space getting ready to to go to bed versus is what a lot of people do. Tv on Netflix narcos. I just watch Marcos Mexico too so it was pretty good. I just love this like all the stuff really happened. It's not not not optimal for great sleep but We have asleep product for that magnesium plus it helps but like it's like but. I think so many people do that. They're binging on netflix watching. Tv checking social media texting not ideal. But where I'm going. Is I feel like that. So many people are constantly doing something. How do we create that space? And how can we incorporate it into our day without having to One extreme to seven David Pasta. Yeah I mean as a great question I again. I go back to that micro-moments for macaroni shift. Because it's not. Oh if I have a morning ritual and I have an evening ritual than I did it good and then I did enough. It's what is your day entail if you have a lot of interaction with a lot of people and you're more of an introvert and not puts your system into a stress mode. Even though it might be a joyful experience your body can still interpret it and have different triggers that go off in those moments and it's really about meeting yourself if you're on a retreat. You might not need the same morning ritual an evening ritual that you're going to need when you live in New York City or you have a big upcoming event you know to me. It's about finding those down moments throughout the day. Even if it's taking a break from work and going for a five minute walk and not taking your phone with you and breathing really taking some conscious breath. Sits you know in the book. I mentioned something as simple as a hand washing ritual. That very appropriate Tuesday's very appropriate. Wash there yeah exactly but not just washing the hands for that moment of what we physically need to wash off but also energetically so. It's you know it's Energy Hygiene. It's mental hygiene. It's physical hygiene the same way that you would go to the bathroom every day. Multiple Times a day. And you don't think about it. It's connecting to yourself each day and asking mentally. Do I need a little break right now? Oh physically do I need to stretch my body right now? Those people want to believe that it's much harder needs to be more regimented than it actually. Does it's really getting in tune with yourself getting radically curious about how you're showing up to the day about what triggers you in distress. Your may not even be aware of it and then finding something that you can do for yourself to help shift that vibration so that it's not this compounded stressed it's built up throughout the day. It's and then you take it home and you're like I can't. I gotTa Watch Netflix. I need to have a glass of wine. It's not letting build up into the red zone is my my opinion and what I practice and also what I teach people. What if you're someone like me like you really passionate about what they do? Love love what we do. I think when that happens you just end up working more because so true. I mean look. I've been in New York for six days. I told you today I just woke up with a cold sore. But we're not going to get it right all the time. It's not going to be perfect every time but we can learn over and over and over again and to me in my life. I'm not going for perfection. I'm going for as much peace as much ease as much grace and as much Compassion for myself and my humanness in the journey. And I messed up all the time and people that I know that are like you and so many that want to do well in the world and they want to contribute to the world and they WANNA help and they wanNA show up in integrity. The what I would say to them. And that's what I say to myself often almost probably every day as a reminder is you can do what you love and you can do great things and you don't have to suffer to do it and I need that constant reminder win. Let's say it's the end of the day and I've had tons of meetings and all I want is a hot shower and meditate and read a book and I know I need to come down because my energy has been really high all day and I'm happy I'm not stressed about it. It's actually joy because I feel really great. That's not every day by the way but on those days I'm actually aware that I'm still on the mouse wheel and so I have to do everything that I know. Works for me to be able to give my mind and my body permission to unwind from the day and some days. It looks like laying on the couch watching Netflix and just laying with a blanket and a cup of tea and some days. It looks like having a dinner with my girlfriends and just talking and loving on each other other times. It's being alone and telling my husband. I'm GonNa go journal Army now. Go have a bath even though my mind wants to post instagram stories and write a newsletter to everybody. Because I'm feeling so passionate and fuelled and I know that that's not good for me so I choose not to step into it. Does that make sense? You have to comment. I love the hotch our because you know cold showers cold bass or all the rage everyone talking about the health benefits and I'll just modern do it. Yeah just does not bring me joy. Yeah when I go to the Korean spa I'm happy to do a cold dip. You know I'm happy to get in the cold water but on an everyday basis if I put my body in cold water I actually stresses goes. I'm sorry Wim Hof sorry. Everyone gets the method Olbermann fast for longevity but the long cold showers cold baths and just some for me that no they self. That's what we know about ourselves right now. So you're Rakia. Hiller and in the context of Ricky you know where does Ray Kief into to burn out? What are some of the tools that we can use from rocky in in real time some of those micro-moments to help help manage all this absolutely so ricky to me is just one of many tools that I hope everyone allows themselves to have in their tool belt right of life and for me? Rakia was the thing that really helped me understand that I could move energy in my own physical body Without needing to book an appointment which sometimes can take a long time. It can be expensive So for me in the book which I'm really excited about. I teach people how to do Rakia on themselves so that you don't I mean. There's a beauty in getting an atonement in an having ricky certification. I teach it as well in the world but I wanted people to recognize and understand that two minutes of breath and connection to source and allowing yourself to receive in clear out. Energy can make a huge difference in the next moment of your day and we're all energy were all composed of energy and the energy that you show up within. The world is going to be reciprocated. So if you give yourself. These mini moments of connecting. Breath is a beautiful entry portal into releasing stress and energy rocky is connecting you to your breath and connecting you to source so that you can ask for support and receive that support so that you don't have to walk around throughout the day and become a martyr or believe that you have to do it all on your own and as the only way that things are. GonNa get done so when you go to a cocktail party. You're traveling and someone says what do you do you mentioned rate. What are some of the more interesting responses from people? And how do you hold that space and provide a an answer not fills with the ball right right? I you know it's funny. I still feel weird calling myself a rocky. He'll I don't ever really like to say the words like I'm Hueller or I'm a reiki master. It sounds I don't I don't know what the right word is. It doesn't sound It just doesn't sound like it's it's me as much and so I tell people that I am a teacher or I will call myself Spiritual empowerment coach or and. Then they'll be like what you can see their brains firing and figuring out in the neurons where that belongs and then and then the west side of La. They're probably like me to towards whereas if you're visiting your parents and TACOMAS. Oh 'cause we call the police like what is that. Is that a cooking method like a cooking method. It does yeah like a way that you it kind of is you can rake your food As I teach my students but I would say for me. The funniest moments are my husband is in a very different profession than me. And we'll have dinners with like J. P. Morgan or Goldman Sachs and they you know in the beginning. I mean I've been doing this now for a decade almost so ten years ago people were like what what is that and now it's so much more common. Joyce and people. The term is is definitely a lot more A lot more out there and we had dinner recently with our friends. from J. P. Morgan. That were in. La and one of the guys. They've now love talking to me about it. Typically our conversations are more geared towards my work than anything else and one of the guys on the trip head on when they were there said he and his girlfriend recently went to a retreat in Mexico and he had rocky for the first time. He couldn't wait to tell me about his experience. So I actually have to say now in twenty twenty. If I'm on a plane or anywhere I am people want to talk about it. People WanNa tell me their experiences even if it has nothing to do with Ricky. They WanNa tell me their experiences with the Shaman or with their acupuncturist or a meditation APP. That they did which I love. Because it's just making it more common and it's making it more conversational than ever before. Well a lot of people will say money's energy at probably peaks interests of this fellow J. P. Morgan well. Also they're burnt out. The is that people are you know I think it was eighty percent of people. I have a bunch of statistics in the books. I also really want to talk to people from fact based what's the okay all right rabble stats off to you guys. So eighty percent of people say they have worked stress and forty percent of them say that they have extreme work stress. So imagine what? That's that's a lot of people right. stress cost employers three hundred billion dollars every year horribly vaccine manifest itself and yet healthcare costs ninety percent of doctors visits are for problems related to stress stress. I'm sure you know this stress can shrink your brain shrinks the prefrontal cortex which is part of the brain that manages our highest cognitive abilities over time stress disconnect circuits in this part of the brain causing confusion brain fog in trouble concentrating. Chronic stress can also strengthen the parts of the brain that default emotional responses and impulsive behaviors. And then this is one of my. When I saw this I was like I have to get this book. Out into the world in the nineteen sixties Americans had among the highest life expectancy in the world and today the US ranks at the bottom of major developed nations and for the first time ever recorded life expectancy in the US has dropped three years in a row and it's mostly because of deaths of despairs deaths of despair which is actually related to stress. Its drugs alcohol and suicide and part of that and talk about this in the book. Is this idea of loneliness. Low in of yeah and part of you know in the book I talk about the try it at home. We've all heard mind body spirit and I changed it in the book to Rock Paper. Achey and you know rock is the body. It's the physical connection with Earth. What we eat. It's how we how we connect with our physical bodies how we take responsibility for them. The paper is is. The mind is looking at your thoughts on paper. Figure doing journaling exercises rituals intention setting just really getting into your mind how you absorb information if it's reading because everything that you do and I do is based on imprints. It's the imprints of our life. It's what we've experienced what we've been taught know what we've been taught by our families and then the last community rake it's not just about rocky but it's about spirit and spirit is also to me considered community it's a feeling of belonging it's a feeling of connection. It's a feeling of that energy of being so loved and feeling that you can walk through the world with a sense of support. Some people call it faith. You know sure so. I'm glad you mentioned. Uh Hilo loose up. We had Celeste. Hudli another great author on the podcast recently. And we talked about you. Just call me a great author. Yes author first book. It was unreal. You're on the PODCAST. You gotta be agree with that. But I'm just saying it feels so cool to hear my name in the midst of authors plural during the go while Celeste Headley was on and we talked about the loneliness up Amac and she had a essentially a great tip and theory loneliness. It's not it's not necessarily about The super deep connections or having taught friends. We talked about. Dunbar's number. Like this idea. That like you sort of Max out at like one hundred fifty rounds of my face. Your friends on facebook really don't matter but what was interesting. Is the idea of that conversation. You have on the line at starbucks with a common stranger where it's just. Hey how's IT Goin'? Her symbols that or would flavor. Did you guide? Or how are you doing today? That banter if you will is such a huge benefit and as we think about the loneliest Democrats. Simple Hullo is just enough so I go back to. So what's The rock paper Rakia version of? I'm on the line at starbucks. How do we take this a step further instead of just you know hi? Good morning how are you doing like what? What's your version of that as we look to fight the loneliness epidemic? I I'm not get the quote exactly right But there's a beautiful mother theresa quote and it's about making everyone feel happier after they've been in contact with you right. This idea that to me you know with the title burning bright it's like walking around in your essence of brightness. And if you are willing to do these little micro acts for yourself every day. You get to walk out in the world from a place of fullness where you aren't needing anyone else in the outside world to give you that energy you're not seeking it from outside of yourself. You have this well in resource from within and if you have that then you get to go out in the world and help spread it and we're all Mir's to each other right so I go into a coffee shop happened today. And the person that's across from me at the counter or next to me. There's were smiling at each other. How's Your Day? It's great. How is your mighty great to you? Know it's just this. It's the human connection is you say and I think what a lot of people forget is that you do have the power to fill yourself up and sir. We all need support sometimes from people. I certainly do as well from anything from a massage to a phone call to whatever it may be but I do think if everyone takes a little bit more responsibility for their own wellbeing then we can walk out into the world together. And that's when you can actually lend a hand to someone is because you're not annoyed that they are taking forever to walk through the grocery door because they are trying to get their car out. You help them. You know what I mean. It's it's really about filling yourself up and then you can go out and fill the world. So what's your non-negotiable for anyone listening right now. Like they must do like starting today doesn't matter what's go on your life. You have to be able to do this one thing. Check in a daily Self check-in if you don't know what you need. How the Hell is anybody else going to? What is what does that look like so to me. That looks like One of my favorite things and go through a whole process of this in the book. But it's as simple for people with their morning rituals. There's a reason everybody talks about mourning. Rituals is because it matters and I know that there are parents. You certainly you and clean have two small children. I mean you have to find the moment when you can get it. It might not be right away when you wake up because you might get woken up by your kids correct right so it might not be the moment that you would normally want but you still get to be able to make that moment for yourself. It could be sitting in your car before you go into work and taking those five minutes. Those two minutes and that Self check-in looks like a few deep breaths scanning your body seeing if there's any areas of tension or if something has just caught it self in your body from the beginning of the day or from night what your upcoming day is anxiety might start to build you breathe you send breath to that area of your body and then you can place your hands on your heart and ask yourself what's oneself loving act or what's oneself loving choice that I will make for myself today. That simple the do you take in Tori at the end of every day since like hold yourself accountable and can but to me. Sometimes that's like more of a to do list. Thang is two. Oh now. I've gotTA DO my gratitude list. And now I've got to. Yeah and then it's like oh I didn't do it yet The energy of that inertia to me. I just want people to be kind and gentle with themselves and show up for yourself because if you don't then you're going to go out into the world with that energy and hope and expect for other people to show up for you and you're GonNa get disappointed so my last question. We were talking about this before you came on but you travel the world you work with all sorts of people individuals groups like. What's The craziest story? You've heard or seen witnessed firsthand. What the power of Rakia can really all my God? This one's crazy I went to a I went to Marianne Williamson Talk That's crazy right there for some people listening before she was running for president. This was years ago. This is probably two years ago so just to be clear. It was two years ago and I was so excited I was going with my friend and as we were walking in she. My friends see somebody. She recognizes they say. Hello in the women's kind of like hobbling and she has a Santa Lan with something wrapped your underfoot and she goes. Oh I'm so she's like I had to come tonight but I I was getting out of a car. Had the most freak accident today. I sprained my ankle. Her Inglewood swollen and I felt this energy comes through me and I we just met and I asked her if I could make her ankle. Were standing outside the theater. And she's like Oh my God yes please. So Rakyat her ankle for probably less than three minutes. We go in. We HAVE THE EVENT. We all leave sake by the next day. My friend texted me and shared a text from her friend. Said who was that woman. Because I woke up this morning and I am completely able to walk. My swelling is gone and I know I had a sprain gone. I don't know what happened. She was so weird out about it. and then there's a little silly ones where the other day. I did a workshop and a girl. It was like three thirty PM. She had a hangover and she said she cried every thirty. Pm exactly maybe. She needs more than the rookie has young and she had a full workday and she said she had tried everything that day. That quote unquote cures hangovers. And I had done ricky workshop. And she's like my hangover is completely gone so I'd never had tried Rakia and now I am an absolute believer while yeah professional sports teams ever reach out. It's funny I've worked with. I'm trying to think of I've worked with athletes before You know they're so. Athletes are so sort of trained in the the matter now So I would love to work with Roy so some of them will try anything to like especially when they have an injury. It's like I'll do anything absolutely and look it goes with everybody. I mean I think there's so much in be Rakia so much more beyond the physical too. I mean ricky kin has I've watched it clear Traumas FOR PEOPLE. I have watched it Especially coupled with the F. T. emotional freedom technique tapping And just overall like micro shifts in practice. I've watched people shift from like a horrible divorce and bankrupt to an amazing love and abundant. You know just. I've seen the abundance in the shifts for people in many ways I've helped not I don't mean to say me but I've I've worked with people who've had a newborn baby and they've had an insane fever and I've sent distance Ricky and the next day the babies out of the hospital you know. So it's just I think part of its intention and prayer. And it's the ricky itself but to me. Every one of us has this ability inside. And it's not something that anyone Needs to feel that there is a barrier of entry to so really last question. I mean at this time. How do we taught how to? How can we all tap into that? We all feel like how do how do we happen? I think I it's a choice. You have to be willing to choose to be open to this. The you know there's there's a willingness because as as you've I'm sure seeing and I know that you like energy work as well and have had your own experiences with it if you weren't open to it and you didn't believe that it would be supportive of you. How much do you think it was actually going to help you right? So it's like anything in life. If you don't think that it's something is possible than it's not going to be awesome so to me. It's it's a mind set it's really a willingness and I grew up Catholic and there's a lot of people that reach out to me asking me about how to balance being religious and having some sort of like a traditional connection to faith and also rocky and practices like Yoga and different things and To me I I have all of it incorporated and it just feels beautiful to me in. It feels abundant feels very connected to be mutually exclusive. Yeah not at all and I think the same thing with doing this on yourself. Ricky might not be the thing for you. It could be a positive meditation and could be acupuncture. It could be a really amazing Kunda. Lena Yoga class it could. There's so many different. Avenues could be walks in nature. There's so many different ways at each of us can tap into this the source energy. It's just about knowing yourself figuring out which one feels right for you. Which one feels like? It's going to be the most supportive for where you are right now. Amen thank you Jason.

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Archives : comment les missions de 'talk' sur le football sont apparues  la radio

Des Ondes Vocast

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Archives : comment les missions de 'talk' sur le football sont apparues la radio

"Emotionality class sugano parties. Release twelve footer. Argue journey procast logged porta. Potty achieve newsome's. Until i see only on foot in june concretely can achieve sacramento komo laughing at the foot or caltrans sets. We're going to roy shashi diplomacy Attention mc spur news. I don't want to continue the value food you miss. It was the social liberals. The zimet shoulder took the debauche selectric spotty to resolve issues balloon. Is john continue to you. Don year's guitar these see we television dizzy me to talk. Spotty allow you get one says Don't get context. Who concept to ops for. Someone is gonna join us talk to jordan. See some komo Phones commutes Dues on zone emeals. This was supposed issues to clip out. Daniel could you wanna shake it. Took juice over. Pupo could be newbath. David more munjur. He knew genre. Do we don't know about saddam signature. Kufo the fool ikuta jungles after joe's memorial up to us and dog Former eager developed so tragic immensely immense vendors. That's more recall could Showing up spa when interest tweets rest mental Deserve again nipah intrigue benicia usual. Do shauna job. So i took this passage through. This is what you do is contest. Usually used to go bruce spot. You tolerate hossam. Hassan fell short. Jalen reagor galadima. Jessie morton loose boisterous tour is to refute previous ankle. Abc news sunday sacramento opposite. Also new betty me shots utah nanette on the pupils la- match japan's psychoanalytic sound golf and the seek the reality of wholesale sigma up until awesome. I'll put on his own. Wears on the song until Cheat story book bag to unity as john daniels. Assist of postage is higher because edge. Hold on duty. Says sacramento said to say thump concede create creatine. Grandma don't tell. I don't show about this woman. I kept plugging explosive on failure. To do is to own record. Set this sort. Orders on spotty issued chlamydia solely fair mccown weekend. The full little my temo putting each is acid create. Today you can call me but only gonna grow camel some food Induced coma Ourselves scary jeep came the jerry by zero. It'd be dominant doogie magazine. Louisiana boot with oversee as adema could campus. It does authoritarian Something gets twenty twenty points in aggregate to give your shown a rematch students. Who is scared. They damian of songs one jennifer if again titi also show in shannon party sports on leisure defeated normal at large if she did do platform. oh get you. I support vessel did alpha therapists in idaho. Positively shows that dawson shuki out of the purple. Do you do like kuni ambience. Me put to immediate. if you don't do in sacramento belly kit less short of saddam demeanor. You can talk to this as best tomorrow. Joe millionaire view regulatory reform on komo nobody. This is the i'll credit. We don't don't do crucial twice on sonko come workplace luggage book parties but on the eastern job in memorial hundred On his good name only blah blah hoboken junk out there for camel could met your be Damage all the medical solid. Debut as an moss. Nouvelle politics party only lakewood albert country that urgent sacramento level. You should active. Leno's they share more logic companion the cap of wholesale. They need. it's it you don't you don't do come cedeno. Who admitted i think we ace and bone digital local set. Charles denno issues with automatic ubad. So we won't use was often class without the don't symptoms it up on twitter by quick rafael jeep with amid when you remove or geodesic it to something that don't weigh on is us all bar with the western post on there. You do save on some time. Gye vast amish new yoga another twenty shiva dolphin match. She the key to dental sunk. Opposite sean then you pull benef- thirty asia. There's some plays on equity off much does embody some through your own eyes on sharma demoniac. Your old number. Four flights failed eventual to news. Talk see jimmy perez past be mild initiative missile who've supplemented pagnotta. I see because john castle. Finale lee suffering equitativa seater new. Eli further so clearly keep l. Pleasure these la yod prejudice is. That's on the way they might. Because you expect those. Jude's set october the missiles to me the you only get monte. She's your elsie levy. Deal the sticks. Donna description korean sacramento ballet ill plea to do shoes. Coffin match. bergeford.com s era took some testing data. That's preschool six lamey auspices jami jordan. Sure against the on nouveau. ideologues officers. I told you fruit of settles sheriff cream years ago as reported by exit ticket. The vessel Spaniard buster goal yaldo debate around. I do that. It was just getting steve nas to it's going to be evicted. Formed ukraine succeeded channels. Don't put in each if you need more. Juries rumpus cpac designed could figure match on all four workday jeep Poodle docs phone comes with politics. Limited get more diffuser a letter. You did the new jersey. Macedo restroom shot area. Sepa skewered the tears. The compatible with the media use like from the again to destroy see alabama season. Shortly keep on the this show. Eatery owned urgent sacramental kit dignity more software to report limits. Yankee delancey poorest sundays. Only a limited picks and left field baskin policy successor suite zeroed belt beyond believe supposedly to foot to sister to unveil on some of these places. Don't usually go poke I get hold onto hope. Also don't get by on johnson Next huddled and she goes New do nail new visas Saw was nipples charity for my job is in the east accurately creative station specifically. Don't do from osama body fossils of some of their. Coordinate that you use your mobile dodgy book for food if sussex bronco business why spotty to get familiar spur it. Does you'll strong with the soap. Also spot exist of the spot way. Fem miss an fears Different different o. Couvert you console. Remember if you don't need to the judicial tovia so iran of tagus comes go around each. Our last show did strong. Markets viagra are come to amsterdam to allow related immuno. Not urgent sacramento leverage will do a bump me gene sacramento. Your and more atill didn't do sean saying don't get. I betrayed of your much food. Your on a dozen. Schalke crumbled mutunga. Something jan obama s exhibition halls Dog dicap- samsung. let's say equitable demographic grew magazine. Ah moon yada mistrial to okamoto county do acquitted or all mutual book sean Tape donors the rim team. There say who don't sell spots if you want reggie on all the jones show your ties. Matisyahu walk issue by police. If you say is from september we do agriculture showing your company. there's other always a year. All g malta off outfit nouvelle norma Detaille model ip. This officer do lucky. Suit is other q. On number see captain lucky. Probably going to get into the cautious going to this on match your holiday. i'm doing triple unique comedians. every hoshino the more familiar will diminish april sixth grader. lucky foods detested read equities. Some party do dishes schimmel. She'll make illegal william of movies this o. P. p. to us we lead to prefer to circuitry. Honey don't get you lady so peeping knocked out. Deputy boost your table saw. We did again in. An ordeal called the lucky because the need to stick communica. Some new york dominica College mater dum because come it on complete you fully. There's commission lucky shows Well in the car ledeen. She debut tally mukta mcduck. She'll down you match. Lon tina on his duties along with teacher them if only women could young of community take on leave willing cover gloves and deter mukta whom he called. Aaron savage shoney's lucky lucky food as she found that did you can't skip hop off its acute mc l. dollars somatic federal way to volunteer more. We found this in september. Kwa given meghan. Megan gen jean-paul isil. Also been chronology of jerry. I've matured yoga or The unique i'm always to going on the only sunk life coach kobe's initial from set on degen new. So i guess do gawky foot on the We send yoga august. Two distinct said you'll like it appeared. Obviously about joe moderna. Gm ordinary era issue. Janka shaw of food up to this show a cookie removal the lawsuit. Stop killing mitch by keith. Who don't lose trump's the get one saito quote. But can you call some talk and and communication is. We ended up walker monte rafted. You'll see the when he's up. Just physical zero. Don't tell abidine don't still going figuring isn't abu comes ramsey don swollen november nerve. You bought cheap after the debrief damage which of course since ouattara recall deep. These boot on should do a month january six to make sure to us as donors judea tell host accused of beco- enemy about equity some movement. Had you and clash on threes dominate. Juiced up highly match your underneath. Nikki deal on cutie alone. Katie initiative the host chief executive poem. Well if you don't disclose over him do komet now. Should you go into new on this. Could you continue on and did more. Shula's listenable emotional emotional. We re all these people similar. Could you want on any rv. She's only continue on us and kissed john. Paul a little known on the sweater. No limos shonky can't let social ski council bernas mosul or not. I don't feel a beyond your pay in effort in four thousand two more. Dekalb here fed we. Nfl your public would be key loose on on moore. Who was your chaban muslim. She dommage you shop. So much. Like a fukushima city the city shirted on. He's asked my sample from the long construction. Who eat gotta vermont. I've accused of judea. You a dimensional get you to focus his into cookies. Actress called dunia volunteer out. There was one hundred hall. Sweden on enemy sworn didn't tell you accept a planet Of and all high the rookie left of life elsewhere. foot are leftover. Zv million tells more put guests from what november swamy. Jimmy is that hoc- syndrome is you do have foot himself it's puzzle. This is just say novi covington. He sees who's weather auto the short. You very unique new issue. That matched accepting after food. Comes man much book in social. Didn't auditors opposite-sex bridges active ski. Didn't them up here. It's also presents in simple concept. Arizona air swallow Beyond near could you moon denise lead goods. You don't start on the muslim shakier. Warren obese invasiveness food east. Then you stop included on the east reference. Men double on a sunday diet she valley instead ensure that social boost european union doesn't exist. Think he's gonna on the six cobra sound new but you need for your food labels. It's janna debate who from you. Say i don't want you to me auto match in sacramento underneath charlottesville. Daniel new apis numidian. Wessex clash cuckoo bees daniele to between powers. You probably work. What twenty some danilovich insists too much. Subsidy beigi only over on prove it ought answer. It appears as useless keeping keeping dumping syndrome infrastructure for sebastian. Football cups. you. He's doesn't which is took to the to kept his commitment to our on to the carrizo own. Talk show misbehave poker coupons. Football is to pull me go. onto jimmy. swaggart is to keep a book is on full but performance along the present top dollar ted the the the to protect numerous i am giant and maybe not never more mature takata tougher the the two members communities about his community by community i sixty commemorative montecito per se. Initially miss. you move your commitment to petit but could be used as well such just this. Yeah ship lucia kid to school Raimondo football's to bad left off the cycles. And deborah's your said today more members have the opportunity to do. So you saw them away komo kickathon. Weekend petroleum's his also twitch also much ado with you because then you is your morton about more phone to damages nerve Club stop barry stomach. Say talking with dejan. Maybe i'll see up also looking equitable shula medium. Johnny the soros. Lulia deep. Sean therapies at these cast.

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Episode 61: Rumah Api #6


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Episode 61: Rumah Api #6

"Laughlin. Anybody. Since. This is It do you guys. Two guys, Johnny boy I coud in-app with Joel Guti Up Pickles Okuda Go D. young me I send for Uber Scott on US number dummy Izzo was a Messiah Dom Saint Muehler Dot. Don't put guys. Guys. Manala. Just league but there's more Aqaba might cause any. So the ECON- Pajamas. Up. Condense throws Collini some go away. Elise Miller Nam facebook. I'll. We instagram me. The is the booze Moore first of all can magazine. Putting up because you. Keep. When did you can put it on Youtube? Last Boo. Some women are. Our site. Your. com. So Cochran's more onto onto the a story to. Adopt opponent but ideally go to keep the. Bullet Koran Kalana Aku talk. To issue to palm later Masala. So what will? Cut. A website you Collini. When Episode. Keeping us into skate undergone scape like you said to podcast ginny born gone. That means three moon. The nitric oxide. Local vinoo Gaza that look Avinu, UNI Madama but Geek out. Organized organized. A small small show I. Y. so much like he did those Karani Commission Tunis Carnitine. Buick. Do near the. Tonight and not. Even saw the three Dolly. Not Because I believe it was wasn't. So. ACOUST- Karani one of the owner. Of A local venue young a Guy Deacon Aunt my alarm Kuala Lumpur team can go portia. We'll wait somebody member not from Ruma Abbey illumine. I Louis and you. Brought? Up That be that the Bundy okay mine me money. Okay, so Okay military two-man Seems PEDIA cokie. while. Appointment inequality organ. John Don. the name Gobert nineteen me. Much I'm on my time one. Thing automatic data out. Dollar from Dhaka Don caboodle be still do but I'm GONNA go tested. Locally new young. A gun talk about the gig to sustain the vignon Sumitomo tonight knock digging but we'll let that the. Costed. Salinas is the sees that do begin. To. Go find go fund me Moody. Bish. Fiscal Fund me do. So. To. Deductible at Tom. ooh. Mc Oran. Do I could try what private show. does osteen's who? But do do bad news canoe. It. Then I Orlando. New according to. Acoustically when you do Be The bus to the loan. Era where she was show. lupus. Planning Indoor. Do you get. Go into my Neela. So alum Brenna a move the bud light. adopt pulls the. Then state, we can what plan. Has Been. Recording in livestream me Abutbul a window. would be will leave by as he? Will get not. Bullied in money. Survive. New Building. Join. US But would. About by Going to now forget digital what? Somebody Balu. Muscle. Expression. room appeal by new assisted. Conquerors up on. A blue and been welby Got? Updated visible. He's not gaming and beat it again of. The Plan these coming might be. Throughout it Ben. Young archimedes. Article wants. To, would you look do good at? The Berlin. Film. Elegance. Molotov dot do big bundle Ghanaian hearing. Sleigh do. Be In this thing one. The length that word. Deke in all. GAZILLIONS. This is what those would. Be Willing to give us those. Aby. Again Salah pedia mold. Malthouse. Christie. some more. My Peter. Morale up to the Mark B. So McCain giftable A. Charity A- figura onto through skin dibnah fighter. And but but took up, we got much automobile. Debase. Please do look look. Banyan Bonus died start off by Newton and then up. Your Ochia keep the gate. What mine decline blood. Both. I'll be. Doing. As the my pony. Up Now what do radio. Radio. Online. Because Fees Buca is. Winning now that He. Got Job positive. Feedback. Yet. One of the. Leading and Luke Luke Lena. which will W and we remember the. He. So. We. Go Out KUHLMAN INTERVIEW Put Some Okay. So much Okay. The Geek Talbert. Birth Control Least Garni, McCain. Survived that is key what set to me Antica Jude keep the boy much easier. As you as a new for gay. took up a second elite, a local. Hausa, you can look at it an ambulance Obama's this more local vinoo. Any feedback Leila's. Beacon some willow convenient running a bogey. About about. Cutting it'll be top. Howdy howdy howdy. El Paso but Apple Mingo in the past at this. Festival be even young bizarre. Song good at US Open. About Bundle even bizarre. Go Galil to event. Says anything. That daily. Oram or the that can get through that, Laura He. Knew Look. Did You Get it the. Reader so. In town. COUPLA even much. The corruption skin Johnny Denise. Soi GIG DILANTIN even. WILL LEAD THE BE. Laura. Matera. GIGGING SMU highlight. Keep Digging Street. Guy. Who? Will. When Syllabi get greenies corruption ah soon. What do I am? Yet looking newer city Mosey Boo. When three? Went. Into New England into A. Cool idea but if see victim but NATO obvious. Obvious more. Tucson officer and bouquet. twos I do young much go round the local venue and enter it goes Dina poverty to I of course, it who in. Tanya but could. You WanNa see the euro by. NYDIA. Utilize. It'll just going gun you have more genuine into the. Redo. Company good. Agony. So do show. Learn. Less Milan US blue eyes up you don't want outdoor show. The opium especially these DNC. Mas was win. The PEDIA DOT up. West Sita See. Ya. The pedia canoe. CWC Belittling Morrish. Data. We had to be. So much gutting on Shula. With him Nessie new. Ideas. New. Don't do. A. Show Huckabee. PUNK show that. Do you so? In. This is go down would, of course he loved. Who See who's GonNa Grossing. Good got a the by acid. Politics, politics politics in how? Image are among. Young now Zemun. What people mementos can do the it's more tornadoes can as year. Young Report Yeah And and being on a boost. And then United Yen. Fifty Will Issa. Shit argued. By. Soaked those. It was the rule. Madame. Redo gooky clear. Get please. I sought A. Accrued Alpina. Balloon, KUNA benign Tony I could have you Tada. Critic to my Montana de la. Reasoning apart and Fifty will. Boost was. Number entered personnel love when we our pleasure citizen do Cool. Said duly the. When? Can. Be Put on July. got. Global Leading Overton. Do the about we've. Young. Even GonNa not going to. Be. Mostly. Around mostly Buddha Netanyahu. To. y'All, some looking to buy yellow. Mobile Oh moment couple more. Slum. LA's photo identical jury Bernas could do read going to gain the money to buy Finan- The peeve has be something to do up Latina Grad. So slain anybody to. Run and goal. Get the window and Selena anybody upcoming plan until Roma be still tested. To Go Apple Misty Costra and mystical SABOC-. Okay put blencoe. Goo. Not what you would need. DNA. Mcginn goal then not be keys must Ma Akiko came out in the plan. Is Good. He was. Sued some Wendy. Shoe. Got Sue. John Napping at. With. So the. REFUND EE when John CENA. Laura NAMPA. beaded. So. Clement Okay, acquitted you putting on. Dom Zeh. It's Fake. But Says the HAUGE. So. Undergone Ninety nine. W Fay. So, Donovan Mitchell bill lifestyle being. In My. Face on what? Do want. To tell US thousand, twenty per. On. The bus school number because Jimi into bed. So plums. Subtle. Bear number you. would. Learn. Job. SUGATA. Bijagos digital slow food not allowed to come in. Zulu young to go. When I do my Book Bichon I do Blah baseman. Thorough became mentionable Guardia Alla. Run Dominic. Believe. I do. Jacob. But was much Viki as we. Do on. You. Got Meals nuthouse up and up and up you'll be because market boss. Alberto were Karimi by meal setup Gelu Meka Review, and Gren-grenada A. Month plan on top but much I'm Bruce Odor. So the envelope wouldn't planning to. Join. US deliver. Out. Here. Thing. What my head the. Tumble. Is via sue but do you much luck in up on the be Lunchtime balloons. IDEA. That at idea dodge by COSMA had that end alumni is. Believed GonNa Nigga Grapefruit Group would still similar radio as gate and the be busy Neil young luma pb, Anita cooking dating what set up. So he planned planned to my into keeps US did so Selena. People in Dubai Gao the a much on Montecot world embrace acade- be the key heated up Osama and the out that good Sarah Buckle I said do. Were Room up on. Jay. is about well deep. Sea. Younes. Numbers. Man. Tacitly. Delayed do must musk. NEON Gloria. You do glad beat. US behind behind. Move. Someplace. Robin. You southbound. Good. There's no up. I Wa. was. Mu- to. All love in you do say will rebel Veloce Mura. Does. He was the guy, but actually might does. To. Use. Been You. Pursues. Through grew up people damage your idea that the. Go beat knee so. Loud might be so Ben Ben when. Immediately Young Willie pull of Jimi Ricky regarding by by thumbnail. TUMBLR. Recording, while piece jumped on blue I still makes mustard. On. vestal. I am generate big you. Must. Be. Committed by the Up Be. Grind and simple believe was. connect. The Guy did she grew to be so divided were much. Beautiful says did who might be so I did I plan plank the. Were up support the. Anna. Plan. Is. IOS Luck. But any somebody'll in the U. S. during that belied. Takata. June Kuebler July outbreak fast that's. A show was. Born. July June An. dommage out he did. So. Did they know Believed by July. When I joined the through that West even in at the somebody would move Diga born. With is. Did they know our? Addicott is still alive eight new. Could have my gun. Good. Debbie you could they. COULD BREAD BY? Alonso. than any still got the threat out sustain. Last question on. So put nine Arbia multiple minute could. TAP INTO KOGI skate. Libya so. Any. Nine need that data but the was. Ninety, Gomungo Salah. Alaska Cynical Tonko. So Gin. Lanes Mugerwa. At the. Now ended the nine imagine that donate. Donate donation anyway let's by Niche Denise. Book. I'm really contact. Boob a he man is the Graham tweet room up here as more social media and. So the Minna. was was well, it's more. Belittled launch. Long. The A AKU prefer. Donation Ascalon so Capri. Which Much Ben Ben Young I do bed. Jimmy Garoppolo big because you were. Also the be means tuition Dilemma until much. Much in the same time up, Baron Up By has been Yup Jiming to go by Jimmy for the on Kobe. Go to be so did did did apartment Do. So you do Atari Territory Gallo Unison Good Okay My. Mind onto. Yamashina. Then had up on men so but bts moon so are up under one hundred, one and two months is the Brenna for the fucking Goma be in the next couple of years maybe. At Seila you you you. Go to the debatable you you. As won't be ready to leave Scotland. That Donkey Yeah A Up Any. Put Us more as. We can pudgier. Apartment above. Apartment companies like Tara idea. Norris Zoom Lucy's abnormal will be to move in. So. Good as he sees. COMING UP WHAT AUTO So the the not the hit I and the love that though must be. The. Compound. KHUDA GAR school to. Google. Goal, and steal in this evening on Ruma peaceable coca done. Do You Do. I need about Bangalore throughout beans about Daraghmeh Peaceful Orla as though Mata is for all so an opportunity Do not up 'cause Ni. Abba. You Kenny. With Rozonda. Than through successor. De. You do. Mono- that Okita opinion. So like he's Are Democracy William Medina's number. Of course, he'll be able to among episode Nickelbein Young Skates Bob. Is One of the. Lamont be cool. So Manta Rossa lit went up museum is not until go showed a famer by GEICO win. So music is. Expressing. explicity. So maccabee Sunni exclusive ticket by Jiang's wounded MASSENA easily Medina. Thing grew up grandma's. A court has. You'RE GONNA cry. Then you go younger Lupo. same younger done. Then young Lupus support local in. You into the next episode. nobody bubby. Journey, bogeyed.

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#017  Qui se cache derrire le Quart dHeure dInspirAction ?

Le Quart d'Heure d'Inspir'Action

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#017 Qui se cache derrire le Quart dHeure dInspirAction ?

"Bianca unusual podcast candor in your actual mostly we. Could. Check Solomon Hotel we also put guests the. Portable, quiz on the swap, it is actual at had easy. Padinha put from is cal ninety you probably. She's Dhaka's Today was asking her by Salix. Yeah. Whatever near. elul at. She's back to young. It could implode don't plum swamp the. Most Tulsa tips. Desert. Selah Dick Haunt calls it off fumble I loaned. Say. On Perdue Selena. Shaw took just recall plate MOFFITT. By A to. Moshi. But she before She Togo? See. In McCoy don't hundred hype play Kubosch Power Booth could punched on from blunt on the pundits on mill hopelessly. Buffer hundred porno fell Saipem usage sources do boost Ada Rondo Nevada's he did. It don't shoot to new Tube Depar- potent Utah Portal. They'll set AP's owed. Israeli abused more. Powerful crime on special couch we PUTU wijaya mature, authentic. By skew ball coach Todd multi-day Pizarro. or eighty ish mystery laundry called ball lemon juice UC two leagues passes the batter she quiche we may challenge me per. Vision poor for. Example in US Trade Timoti CUCCIA. Bernas put casts on develop Asinine Mesh. Post canopies at Peace Ya'll do visas up or suicide Newton mocking spied on. Short shit at dickey's. Walla Fonte tips deserved Tony Dude kitchen or that needs shoot to I. Made Clear. Honest. Don't you three Casco's with butter. Avocado twelve. Most Sri without could. Show compellingly Selah. outrageou sauce on. Taiwa inaudible. Slash. Viceroy. Right phoned initial amongst Belsen on our Muni I began. On. C.. Companion said our year diplomacy Liz stacked. de la Haya Poverty. Veto Such. Westbound Poon new pitch could reportedly could you put on it may Not. Avail twice, AUBERGE Zoned on the shoes apple don't usually. Situated degi Button Mirror Meeting Nist by Chevy Expediency said prisoner Tashaun at Harvard. It a hold on old buys repond dude. Positive Desert City dish momentum suit to. Coop Partner Papa Alcohol Catchy Korea Cuba Dick Do Toby Kimoto. Objects Dr Janik Twelve Santa Luke presumption pharmacy care and yes. will be no Yup. She tight hypothet- blue is usually recalls. Alone pure. No I've also of wholesome. Agent. Comes through cervix. It just won't stop the Vigna. Won't do. Croissant personal orgy. Do Demeanor. Gitte toot. Accumulated replaced. Tomo Pricey don't applicable. Buckled is you priest blew? It should twice a day Oku Yard in twenty precursor tableau fit. But let's shape at hope choir made no scruple home. Tab Lucon. Gal. Don't buy she empty. So He This new. European is More than just our presumed bomb Israelis you know. Zone. Bounce on you'll be no new cautious way. She can cause any city poem, your work, who should you be nine awkward. metheny still be now because Mizzou his you know. Post on. That said well, that does Bernie Kiji, tip. More in party, do more fetch exit take you said party including SIPO. Damore Fed to miseration. Signed, they're mostly tie blue. Murphy Swear Antonio Moguls John Council. Ski Plays Altogether Most Belugas. silly. Service from. We said Kim Knesset loose John Shadow for Yeesh. Decree do. Do is, is Jada issue here at? Home the Kuri, his twelve. Katie lemonade motel. While the new long-term. SAM mouse. Doughnut place. Take. A sample channel. Altogether. Most with Luc- Lola like Hi. Sean. See. Already, new partied more sabotage pefect similar to. On she sanity teach on. A. For Apple. No title toes Jerusha Zizhou Qua-. cousy. Gift because I've in southern kite retail more she pathway Dixie was Bosch every through up he'll secretive lose she can. Met Him I seek Guten Cou could have lusikisiki ticket about artistically back by Tim. No is show's crew Cudi. Coo Cooled the Preschool Sea Procedure Volley Du Soir. Imamovic most kudos is he likes taboo who plays on set party artistique. Chamois because you're accepting of it Lucia Jake Buttigieg victoire see motion numeric. Comes to visit GD Malaysia. Horry. Home. This is. His type in more sixty, my move on do more it usually plant hook type Tom. Schmooze Viana Temo Cuckoo visually moon diddy national army. National. Issues, you'll have for more. Psoriasis only January Moise Sibert Thomas Korea plan to tweak the Pathet Ampato motivations the most assured Malaysia. I see. Also territory is to be Tahiti discussion. Save me pushes complicity mouth me excuse were. On the. Komo. Husky Service Fair skew what I said punish Demeanor Asia clemency gigs with Cuba continual accused do. On Niemann Avic more. About to mobile is absolutely the. Or Combo? Chimneys S, she's plastic Kennedy tablets meat soup Chengdu MOCEANU ISHKHAKI. Hoosier Journal live highmark moisture almost supernatural Eric. More. quddus federal by Dijon substantial result music shoulder from the. To tip the music mayor, Constitu musicals could onto to access well. Spied you classic. Tick news is for popped rapper sweat repurpose sweaty music issue now because it's what they music. The Sad Tango as Donald Suceed? Alemu Don. Show music channel. Jamyang shorty seem. Maybe Japanese. Say came she. Does. Not. Say Together do shotty patted Kuala do good spell. Show, amusement or MORLA multi. As we beyond or shuttle. Optional pianolas this. Is. Sexual should to Katrina iphone Eric more CQ supper as also fetlifecom piece Mona rivaled. Concept Cheeto shively ponding. By the ponding. One option new ponding on the piano. Sit Down South team on southern puget. What M J. G 'cause passage or took me by on the Best Judy. Knew it excuse me strategic city? Miss Yang. Type One keenum. Economically Troops Moose VR coup must be. Jewish senior truth Kourouma Palmiero import. Mash happy new. Kamaz. Hypersonic Your Fed bessie scrutiny phase. Or Schimmel. Jim Pommie, a Gerbil CD but to which does Megan's law he? Knew show senior gesture. Mutlu New Miekel is she pretty cool. Do Piano say Dimona palm when she added. I don't know four e subcommittee to. Do were to say actually proceed on the. Also. Your promoting I'm want tigon level but what had Is Christie's eighty. Two. Jobs who usually Tieger Heim on Komo set Hawaii don't get patty more council. Mueller. Would lead to choose assumption new mecum. Southbound Promo. Savage. Substantial crisanto she. But Houston moment southern. Minority do fescue screws fair that Polska Jabbed Home Commotion Hold Mercy Oh Saddam Hussein standpoint Yakuza Toyota Toyota sit down by the NFL through fiscal you'll meet fair Asia animals. Adult don't steal. Don't have. used. was she says, anthem was he do calmly in? Tasty. Almost do more at Doucet this swift, the hottest Swazi moved with pathogenic twelve see. Johnny. These are apparently. is, your one Mosul said accused. The leave sees use currency poke AC- propounded pol-policy. Don't Polish. Don't years I don't have people. Supplemental Truth for. More. See. Leave. Cushion depended tally of its come Chevik. Jedi Palestinian told when I bought two Moshoeshoe Real. By really panel shoot. Artists Snow. Video on murder blue sky. What is your setting up? Don't do twice old. Trafford me do took I seen. Backwards Lisa Marie because you. For the bottom by plummeted fescue or Two million sexually declare with policy. Of course, she may male I should absolutely. No I believe she more is see the party more a of its Komo say devalue Cottam. boop who Brookwood told differently demeanor choice but cocoa. Approved the Cattolica do. More. Fully Hori. Emotionless Challenge Hold Korea. Book will. Duplicate because I knew Gitte monthly devaux type she the. Poorest among Guinea's at plus Physique Mayor Petitions to PepsiCo is considerably of budget to lilies in on my cavill. 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Pop Pop -TUNI- only job because we hope to. Secure. Coup a shack for Chevy Molin more. By whom Wyden who need power provide the plane most crucially A modern e what I get cousy Kumasi better jobs crews posse of right on. This is crucial CEO only talk usually this lack. Of Social. Plump Toss. Here kids. Meet alone or silly. We've rescued from Nick City power who she co taught. The fast. Radio it fair. Mister you quote coup. SEMASKA call Paul soon. Condition dmed hone. Dot Com hold Donald. SIP UK ESI sulfate cookie Janeiro this situation to pound to salsa don't have. Total key Moi, what I e key delight to Moan. Off your CPA logging actual tell Konate Shimon do not. Even, more she father goes off it. Chong. On all to appraise with sympathy. Nassar's the. Milo's. Who is whatever? You depressant gesture put on certain Gash Group put on sell ten, thousand, cruise Levy summertime all these willing to. More on the sector donkeys won't dimly TV. Compared to souls who blew it don't back on the on the own citizens get it get it on on compete at a high take hypothetic meadows most packed up high. Do told them in Sergey both for she she she pure reverted kuechly could christly usually. Vs Levy to. Oppose Kamal Coups Repel Party. A Typical Sean I g similar the attire newtonmore remainder dorota please. Look twelve are. Multidimensional experience clergy be keynote or more CETINJE. Siddhu Paul Luton. US. See. Is what you ve highmore. Audrey. Type. C Gandhi's could deserve I'm altantis could have. With it. S twitchell situation is it fair get cashews? Best Swamp Post. tweak meal had not only five hundred. TV. I'm Don Crime Oh dottie needs extra. See what do Posey due West 'cause usually. Guess Crochet Shoulder. Stressful Kushner perfect performance Chechen. Yet. To rolled invested. Children were Coulter. Only. Sparse you'll SPA. Limit owner. Alex Show See Swan. More accrues duper seo key the Bercy Nimmo's Sean Community. Football. 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Usually do challenge crews with pop music pathogenic Twat to damage. Kumasi at home it. Won't work our ANALOGY A. Doctrine. POSSITIVE TO MS on extra the extra look challenge to three C-, Popo City don't she? Don't usually read the Raleigh who have well, why more. Close said. On. Pepsi fit fast. Access to. Clean On this said per. affair poor. Pool. Sean? Berle it clearly to school trump won't affect who, of AC- multiasset Pearl to Kucha Booze Wom Pool Radio by defecit bill literally if I thome you me. Defensive Posture I'm radio said Burn Book Swan Neveu Key to Bamut Devils E. Eq- eventually is. Your. Komo India. Radio. Birth honky usually to buy yeezy a top-edged devil sees larger coach Chris Komo Fail Kamasiyah Look Eclipse to ski to Sookie to pestle. Tests. MMC said to solve look. See to me Ku. Debut Truck Komo Cycle Caribbean sieve as the Barnstorming I wake twelve. Look Nisit PA. Ah. sought. To Ski Best Audit. Haiku Plan to host with that plan D D me posts rely who could. accept. Dictate past. MMC Choice I, sign for blush refuse she. De Minute as. Repertoire, issuing. Union more Hoity leering. do edge swamp Afridi's Pearl Decor Besoin after dicit per. Good Pece met hall plus for. Multi said Pearl. KOUPREY SCHMIDT A-PLUS for. Mankind said. It should be Hukou few. Weeks. That you realize it throws hauge as high to rule. Now, going for me as hard she holds pathetic is so Muslim question note. Kenneth Thompson Hi privacy as hot ruler me lucrative for going for Sieve Heimo do laugh injury. To these e d more yard disasters short to by the. Fiddle support me better. Komo said to. Don. Hormone Twenty, nine Geo Montalcini Norwich Bella Tovia Fed dude he d if he's Yossi Treaty treat it react who? Walked twenty dizzy did three short term it that also put it up at he maps cheaper. Cassette tapes desert also produce more. Threes. Cumulative Audrey. FISCUS, phenotype of X. put cast him at Haas Machinery. Say to fair show with the Makoni Sausalito. Juku. Small. LemMe Takuji shoot used to Maul tackled by needles it also. Don't all idolize with begging Come snatch holds map who don't entertain episode Sesia Maitre Dickey's shown need to but I'm the type T. Busy deal he pulled. Duke Nisbet. Now see that I can do but. John. Actual just Tim, on, national TV. Logitech to. See to toys, but as decade yet, they knew any. Contact, it is just to sort who lessening of Shane point abilities at. in.

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July 22, Hr 3  John Clark fills in for Gail

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:33 min | 9 months ago

July 22, Hr 3 John Clark fills in for Gail

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K. love it. Eight hundred eight right here too great morning. We're sending the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. And I'm telling you. It's eight Oh eight, but also need to tell you that that's brought to you by carrying hearts home healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven eight. One four, zero, nine or carrying hearts H H. Dot Com. Already I've got the business taken care of now I can rail on some other things that I'm concerned about. Let's see. The governor is once again. taking care of us now. This does not affect me because I. don't drink alcohol at all I I don't mind telling you that. I was addicted alcohol one time in my life. I haven't had a drink alcohol. Since nineteen, sixty nine and I'm still a recovering alcoholic, but Even after that amount of time you never let your guard down, but he's now but I don't have a problem if other people drink because not everybody who's a social drinker has a problem with it. It's just certain Weirdos like me. And that didn't even reflect on the other drunks. It's just me, but nonetheless here's the point. He has changed the cutoff last. Call last call is that's when you can't buy anymore alcohol in a bar. It's normally to am. And he's now changed it for the next thirty days to be ten PM. His rationale is that there's too much social drinking going on out there while people are getting drunk there being less careful about how they're reacting with other people. Can, so they've seen the age group twenty, two, twenty nine spread the virus Just go right on up. It's doubled in the past two weeks and he thinks this might be. An impact of late night inhibitions. Resulting from. Over indulging in alcohol, so that does make sense to me. Colorado has. Not Seen. Exponential recent virus spread like Arizona or Texas House, and and this is according to a Denver Post story about Alec Bernas. Need to give credit. It's a good one Okay, but but. Police last week ordered everybody in Colorado Unmask. Until August, we know that and that's kind of we talked about. Some of the bumps were experiencing that, but then also eased discouraging socializing among inebriated people in larger groups. And that might be a key step to avoid. The tipping point now the tipping point is when we've got so much sickness. That are hospitals. Fill up! There's no place for those folks to be taken care of who contract the virus need hospitalization, and that has been the reason all. Since this thing hit. Ever since this thing hit that, we have been doing what we're doing. The idea is somehow we're going to keep it from spreading by wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and these kinds of things and I. Don't I. Don't quibble with those. I do take a little. Exception to. People's I'm not wearing a mask. Right not to and these are Nazis I I don't see it I i. do not agree with everything. The governor does by by a long shot. Don't get me wrong. But I do see value and wearing a mask, and I don't see it as being a terrible imposition on my freedom to wear a mask when I go out public out of respect and out of concern for other people, but also understand I am a senior citizen. Therefore I am more susceptible to getting it from somebody else. Than someone of a younger age. So I am concerned. but I make an idiot. Atta myself and go up in household. People who don't wear a mask I just wear my mask and I'm make abroad A. Track around him. But the governor has now decided to. Many young people are partying. Right What else do young people do, but but yeah too much of this. We're going to close the bars at ten. Well okay now. One of the one of the people who was talking about what you do about this had actually suggested that instead they wanted to see the bars. Stay Open till four. Now that in my mind could become a problem. Why well I think it's because. We're in a situation where. If you stay, open a four. All of a sudden. If you've ever driven like I do once in a while WANNA come over here to do the show for Gail I'm out on the roads at about three thirty in the roads are completely bare. If I don't come over until a little later like at four, four, fifteen, four thirty. Commuting is starting that for the traffic picks up considerably. People are heading into Denver to to work. People who just go to work early. Whatever the reason I find an awful lot more traffic at four in the morning in here. You'RE GONNA dump. Drunks and people do leave bars drunk. I'm sorry to tell you it's against. The law shouldn't happen, but Dang it. It does in better to have out there to than it is at four because they're going to be colliding literally. With people commuting during that time. But the governor has decided that it's ten well ten. Okay I I hope it. It really does what he wants like. I say it doesn't bother me because I don't drink, but if you do like to go out and hang out with friends and stay out 'til all hours and drink until to. This is definitely. GonNa. Change your mode of operation. Just, got to be that way well. We there is so much stuff to talk about I do WANNA get back to this issue? I talked about earlier about what's happened in our beautiful capital in Denver and how the places been trashed. I think the interview. If you didn't hear it, you might want to check. Our PODCASTS with Steve Reams. Well County sheriff. He was there. He was in the middle of it and even. He even suggested you go take a look. In the daylight of what's happened to the capital, I mean the whole area of Denver down there has been absolutely trashed. We're GONNA. Come back and talk about that just a little bit more. Gosh. As I've told you I was raised in Denver and I spent an awful lot of time is I'm an East Denver Kid. My Dad's business was at sixteenth and Broadway and when I left. College and went to work for him and photography That's where I worked right downtown very familiar with that part of Denver. and. It's sad here. What's happened to what I thought was a very beautiful area in a very beautiful city. If, you've ever stood on the Capitol Rotunda and looked off with the mountains. It takes your breath away. It is so gorgeous well anyway. We got more for you real soon right here on northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten KFI. Am John Clark in jail? All sports story in northern Colorado state in a country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Kevin Tara Affect guys at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show. Every Saturday on Kfi. Now back to mornings with Gail. Twenty seven. Give regale this morning so glad to have you with us if you'd like to give us a call, this whole situation in Denver is something I started ranting and raving about at six o'clock today and this morning. Even yeah and I. WANNA I WANNA go back to it for you because I am absolutely outraged at what's going on in Denver. Now understand I'm Colorado native. My parents Lived in Colorado and my dad came back from World War Two. My Mom has lived here in northern Colorado went to Greeley. High School graduated from Greeley Central High School back in nineteen, thirty, seven and my grandparents. owned a farm, and great grandparents owned farms in and around Johnstown and even over as far as berthod This is a place where I feel very comfortable. In Northern Colorado and I was raised however in Denver in fifty years ago. My wife and I came north. So I realized that my my youth down in, Denver got me to know a lot of these places and. The one. That's really bugging me right now is the capital. The capital has been. Just totally trashed. Just. I seen pictures of it, I. I don't have the heart I. Don't think to go down there, but I I may, because in my role as photographer documented a lot of things that have happened in Colorado. I guess maybe this is one of them. I need to go down and photograph. The capital is covered with. Graffiti. things are written on sidewalks walls. And even the the beautiful Supreme Court building down there on Broadway and fourteenth. It's been the windows have been broken out of it and things have been painted on the beautiful marble outside of it. The the Capitol itself is is White Colorado. Granite it's it's just killing me. What's being happened there? and we've got a gold dome. Thank goodness. Nobody got up there yet. Spray paint the gold. Dome Oh boy that that would be the end. I would be just crazy. But I do WanNa talk a little bit more about what's going on down there because Denver has basically been trashed that part of Denver by all kinds of. Tragedy people and what we'll get back to that real soon right here on thirty and ten KFI k. a northern Colorado's voice I'm John Clark in for Gail, thirteen ten K., A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage than today's headlines Podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule of upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. This is really good. Glad to have you there gang. This is John Clark in. Forget all right here on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI, am sitting here in the article lesion, Specialist Studios and just happy to have you here with us. What you know what I always say, if you're here, I'm there and when I'm there. You're here or something like that really works anyway. We're grateful that you listen earlier. This morning I spent some time talking to well county. Sheriff Steve Reams about an experience he had as he went into downtown Denver to a law enforcement support meeting where they were even able to have their rally. The ANTIFA people came in and literally chase them out of the facility. Michelle Malkin was one of the speakers as was supposed to be the sheriff wealth those things. Were kind of circumvented by the fact, these protesters came and the Denver police really didn't do much to help the. Group the Sheriff was without a permit from the city to conduct this event. And They were able to do it. Because of all these protesters and yet this Denver police just weren't going to go and make it easier for him at all or even allow him so they wound up just kind of. It's kind of sad, isn't it? Well. Here's what I talked about with sheriff and want to get back to you because I think the governor has been totally derelict in his duties in his responsibilities to protect state owned property. Here's the reason. When we saw the first night of those protests slash riots. There was some original tagging meaning graffiti spreading. On the capital in other places, but not much just a couple. If I had seen that and been governor of the State of Colorado I would have immediately called the general who commands the for our guard here in in Colorado National Guard these are citizens who are in the guard, and become soldiers under the command of the. Governor of Colorado until they're federalized and these were not federalized people. They were still under the command. The Governor I would bring those precious historic beautiful state owned buildings with National Guard troops. wall-to-wall! Wouldn't have armed them because they are trained in crowd, control activities and they can do, they would come in there with their shields and their sticks and. Helmets and everything and anybody who came near there and tried to do it I would they could repel them, and then the police could come do their job of arresting someone who number one had assaulted a national guardsmen. Or woman in number to try to graffiti the building, which is tempted all kinds of crime. But the governor he. Where he was, it was like win underground for a couple of days as these riots just literally devastated downtown Denver. The National Guard. Is an organization of people who are trained in all kinds of things. They can be federalized by the president of the United States and sent to fight more. I've got a son who is a national guard person. He was In an organization in Wyoming, he was federalized in. They send him to Iraq for a year gave his National Guard Operationa specific duties. I was tough duty for him. But it happened in. That's when they were federalized, but normally until the president federalize. Guard troops in any given state. They worked for the governor. The governor is the one who can command them to protect property which our governor did not do. And I can't tell you how upsetting and frustrating. That is for me to know that people were coming in there and desecrating these places. And I'm curious what you what you think about this Why didn't the governor? Use the National Guard to protect these historic treasures. Why Y Y those are my questions? Even now they are protected a couple days ago, somebody came in and was in a situation where they were adding to the graffiti. I don't know where they found a place to graffiti. It's so covered up. Looks like we've got somebody on the phone. Is that what I'm trying to see you. Tell me I'll good who come on the line. This is John Garage call. What do you think in this morning? I, well. I, I think that National Guard should be called in. And do you do do you kind of? Share my frustration with our governor. Who seemed to be missing in action here? I think was. Derelict in his duties? Very definitely, yes, what do you think is GonNa Happen to the governor? As a result of the China run for president the day he was elected governor of the state of Colorado. He took out a website name domain name if you will. Polish for president. That does not appeal to me one bit. Tells me Oh. Boy, do you have any experience with the guard or with the military? I was in the army years ago. Yeah, well, thanks for doing that. I appreciate it. I would try to get in the army in nineteen, sixty six to go to Vietnam. It'd be a combat photographer I flunked my physical. That can believe it. Took me. Even though I have feet, they did. I had another problem that they didn't like. And I still haven't and I'm still alive, but I wouldn't have done, but but thanks so much for serving the military. And I appreciate your comments. You. Asked what to do about Cleanup Yep? What are we? The national comes in and they catch these people that are doing it because it's so many on film. then you. Attach their assets. When you arrest them, arrest them and let them pay for it and put him in chain gangs if you have to. That's yeah. We haven't done chain gangs in quite a while, but in concept I'm not opposed to them. be as long as it's done humanely so that they're not chained together too long, and and they only have to work maybe ten hours at a time out in the hot sun would. Kind of temper that so that we're not making them work twenty four seven. Did it didn't even bother them when they did the the graffiti and stuff, so it shouldn't bother them when they clean it up. Absolutely, you know another thing that I think has happened I think we've seen the spike in the covert virus among young people because of those. They weren't expected to stay six feet apart. The only masks they were wearing was to cover their faces so that nobody would recognize them when they did their their dirty work. Yeah odd yeah, and you even mentioned attach their assets. Maybe some of these people bank accounts. We ought to just take their money and use it to pay others to clean up at least. Kurds. Pay For this stuff sometimes more. Data houses maybe, Ron. Use that money to also pay the homeless people help. Clean it up. There you go homeless people are homeless because they don't like to work usually. Not Not. Bring them all with the same brush. I'm not, but that can have. Hey, appreciate your call. Thanks for checking in this morning. If anybody, else's got an idea for us give us a call. Nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten John Clarkin for Gail this morning. We got a couple of other things for you to hear, and then we'll be back in just written and ravens similar right here on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Best UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten kfi k. a warning for broncos country about drew lock coming up on the next hole show thirteen ten. Our Day, forty nine hundred great wins name morning John Clarkin for Gail right here, northern Colorado's voice thirteen. KF! We'll let you know that ton. Check was brought to you by carrying hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where a patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, one, four, zero, nine, or carrying hearts, H, h dot com. Well folks I'm telling you this. This code thing just never ends. We've got a new story and if you live in Weld County, you're going to be fine. But if you live in Larimer or Jefferson County's, you may have a problem. Let me give you a little flavor of the story in the Post. Jessica. Seaman is the writer of the story. Datelined yesterday, public health officials in at least two Colorado counties warned they may have to roll back some aspects of their reopening as novell co Rona. Virus infections continue to rise in the state The the Colorado Department of Health had allowed certain local governments to loosen restrictions on certain events. But according to Mark Johnson Executive Director of Jeffco public health. He says we must take swift strategic action to help keep our cases below the permitted threshold, so we do not have to take giant steps backwards in our counties is recovering expert. Efforts recovering experts. Efforts. My brain. Okay Jefferson, county. Public Health on Monday. You should a new order requiring venues to receive approval from the agency before holding events. With more than one designated activity, and which would have more hundred people inside or hundred seventy people outside. So, that's what Jefferson County is dealing with. They've got a limit of five hundred eighty new cases. In and they reported four hundred and eighty six, so they're just afraid. If things keep going the direction they're going. They're going to bump up against that maximum, and then they're going to really have trouble now. Lamoure County variants was approved in May Bennett covers the openings of gyms, theaters, bowling alleys, pools, and some other particular kinds of businesses, so we're up against something there as well because they're seeing more cases, the variance will be rescinded Lamoure. County on this back. Story reconfirms more than twenty five new cases or ten percent. Of the individuals tested on three separate days during a two week. Period I, think they mean. Positive. In. The increase in covid cases in Limerick County is partly attributed to large gatherings over the fourth of July weekend. Boy, in according to Tom Gonzalez he's the Limerick County Public Health Guy, he's I. Know that we will regroup in reversed this uptick. We must serious take seriously the situation and be diligent with hand, washing face coverings and social distancing. We must large case count to keep our businesses open. Well, the county asked two weeks to slow. The spread of the virus or its variants could be modified or revoked. According to the news release from Larimer. Wow I know those are. Difficult things for us to take as a conservative person myself. I absolutely despise government telling me what to do I. Just I don't like it. But on the other hand. I think what I'm letting. Tell me what to do, and I wear my mask out in public when I don't make a big scene about it and. Make a big pain out of myself, I, don't I don't think of it is doing anything for the government. I think of it as doing something for somebody else. Heaven Forbid I would be exposed and come down positive with the virus I try not to. Try To. Do what I need to do to stay healthy. But on the other hand we do you get to be my age. You're susceptible to this thing and it's killing a lot more people than in his young people. I'm willing just in the case might get the virus to wear a mask and follow all these rules just because I care about other people. And the fact that I might make somebody else sick. That's just me and why I think we need to air, maybe on the side of caution when it comes to this whole issue of the virus. Because it's not going away. It's still here. People are still getting sick. People are still dying fortunately, though the deaths down, but there still is the risk of over taxing are medical facilities, and then people who really need it. Like somebody who just had heart attack and can't get in the hospital because it's too full with covert people. Or people with covid who can't get in the hospital just because there's no room period. This is all an issue that we need to be careful and I'm I'm afraid somebody you're gonNA say John You. Go all liberal on me here, but I'm really not I'm just trying to be concerned for people and I don't want to make them sick. In the case that I might get sick and I might be able to say to you I've been staying away from people Sarah. Good good. I'm still not sure that that guarantees you that you're not gonNA. Have Kovic people are cropping up with this all the time and surprisingly is day tested positive. He whoa. That's that's pretty crazy. How did that happen? Well, it does and it will. So anyway I'm going to wear my mask in. Invite you to maybe go ahead and do that as well. Just makes sense to me well. We're going to have a few closing comments for you here. Is We end up this? Radio Extravaganza that. We had this morning. Right here on northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten K. F. Gay I'm John Clark in for Gail All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. We're at fifty six. Fifty seven, just that quick John Clark here with you glad to have you. We're doing. We're broadcasting to you from the auto coalition. Specialist Studios Yep Yep. That's pretty cool. Are If. You're like me and you and. You just you hate to to ever Ding your car I, I did. I did I backed into my garage and I ran into a table. That's terrible, but these are the guys that can help you. Fix It so anyway. That's why we appreciate them so much right here. K A, they're they're. They're good people. Good work all right. I WanNa, tell you about something that happens. Every Sunday morning. Right here on thirteen ten KFI. With the help of MICA. In the other room we do show called seniors circle now just in case you wonder what senior circle is all about? We sit here in the auto collision specialist studios, and we create this Radio Extravaganza for you. Is it for young people? Everybody everybody. It's about young people it's it's about everything. The will. Yes, and we even cater. Here's what we do. That's kind of fun. One of the things I really like to do is to talk about travel because I know that older. Americans like to travel older people tend to do that and and so I'm just kind of interested in talking about travel. This particular week we're GONNA. Talk about camping. Did you know camping has become just crazy popular? And so that will be on Sunday morning eight to nine. You'll hear US talking about camping. And other things We've got some wonderful sponsors. Who help us with what we do. Today as as we look forward to Sunday We're going to be able to talk on Sunday with the people from the bridget greely. Day or a sister living facility? I've been there I've toured it. They're there. It's just a spectacular place so anyway I just wanted to tell you all about it. Encourage it to tune in now. If you can't tune in thanks to Mica in his fine work, he pat. Thanks to MICA. No if you can't tune in. Period. Thanks to MICA. He podcast the show forest so you can come back to. To our website, www thirteen ten k. k. dot com. Go over there two weekends, and you pull down and you click on seniors circle. And there are the PODCASTS, so if you missed the show in real lives, which we would love to have you at eight o'clock, but if you're doing something else. Just catch the podcast. It will be awesome. So anyway I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be here sitting in for Gail. Thirteen ten Kfi John Clark for Gail, thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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Zia was miss this holiday as p java archer them yet garnered selma's as a job Was at you. But i feel yes. Woo-hoo brisard the battle is over the in over the source that i mouth aging order was see aware the while he has is a so he assumed boy Though how can somebody gain air forward. This also fed. The man don't Bothers the out the song. Didn't bob Cycle reasonably c- nikola gail said Passively deals deals guide Peaks others decided what this autumn Few me as a sequel Who's a digital single now. Eddie eto savvy which firemen admira gaza which far doodoo sta so brazil such as that psalm. One little monitor fobel as a vice sima jesus's but he would love racing. My city cycle him in that he of is on your cheese. Use a point. But i'm allows not boarded sane also Game some quiz Sta get the vessel. Somebody against the mice biblical savvy. Scattered deals a swaggie. But i can also Zimmer was a mild emc stones. no artemis are seeing basel Dams they asian bid House leaves must slice sair school. But i cannot convey house echinacea lines vein symbols levers the long s fargo listen game fights barkley burdon so my own allege that bodes together Las games by us. She now yellow barsha. This old us boxes otis of the by laws of lynch give the Sparks a community voice for a decreased apprentice out of us. What is is that was followed by a lawsuit by by office. Himself says she got along So us hit in mayor of deals domes by nause sizes sales said she got seige the along the rain. The bubble died gooby awesome news. I did ask Loss you gotta go. was of the citizen race as Vials abuse chris. Listens is nasa far to some of the see Qisas asia mccain his law russell before ch- disney but asked the dentist assam Esau our who got oblivious as you know fabius swab east ski in the nas regime that the assam laws gnaws no games. The saw geography their form. A bio says ski. Fumes brad here. The central is the Lose mississippi Joins they showed jab the woman Javadi damned the muslim volatility is low impact cheat day should other fall visible Batteries mike whizzing for dench. Ashim chapter of is our a dentist Out of my school must games be Who save kofi. Saudis of the guy with a sharp was so customers receives of cairo liberal heels senior fellow. Ucs you're about essentially go viewer comment on his history. That's part of us own party. The by nas in the hospital in some relief following Goose former living that the dusky dodgy. Hickey is so Is all has nettie shimon to key. Kois still a soyuz nasa Don't dose called unitive. Jesus gallons Deals mustang will too paul to make yet. Hokey van ski at the Adage followed Might discuss the makeup of as if could dots desimone thumb in sochi Cintoss divides in key book. Odessa's people were gods net into central stratus designing models. Usc pick up high speed hans and deals. They don't subic the dice gear. The jury the city as he gives us spot decision dish. You die ski the city breeze Dodged as you guys. This war's Drink the faucet jamir Snapple apple but he is the is danica panels with your furnace Gamma demise jenner. Got is if you gossip barbara mayes for the hobart diesel News in the hinge precip A my busier yellow when using member. Mood you see that he ran. Jeremiah's usually does. But this design is and you've got to fall off is not waterless mizoguchi Boy of guidance. Visit if you're gonna put up us about missy with religious. Yes isn't he stayed. This could lead a business at c. v. missiles he cpas saugus was found bashes said grains. is celeski. Buddha is seen were dumb was he. Kisses zerfoss deals us allah candidates gassing the blossoms squeezes deploys one stop ross. The more she had old ally a stem suspicious barbara mayes as this is alison lavar this Skin he'd down the whole by this list. Kid it everybody was this up. 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Didrikson meals erkki gnaws should be our he got a vessel became more stalemate vido naked system college spill coma gaspar off of is do more to comefor representa- the versus theologies follow his speech about spirit lou dispirito mayes escapade santa male muslim Spiritual frontiers maruti spirit of. Because this is a gnaws negligee see'ums that's about cuomo assume follow has is muslims. Nepi juniper personas garage book sold. Leaving battle is pro and up as i just disagree. More prison without approval must diligence net cash and she yoga's mythical size knelt into my daddy spirit allude spilling out at bb yellowization wrestled Roster is is handed sing along recipient about died nauseam about on the ice stems as snug on the bali allies so other than by judge. He's seen global Is it about died despite his donald trump's one that was decided with this. This is a yes. E- cuomo solomid on jason suchet divers ideals his co. job yes seen the muscle saddam's his shield jobs in muscle suze. Tom was ideals. Then that's so. More or less. Making news mazda jaso medusa severe dodge of course circus air data deals his. Show job berkeley footage in us. Vegas will deport. Bench will yield the main inky over. Up damage was That the us citizens mayes epilepsy based almost go. No finger miso Ohka pitcher prophecies are still ciders. Lhasa's deal. Mitch officer nauseous. And we start gonna know face a bookie in two komo theologica gummidge wolf official notices Associate stories was darius A more the Fato courtesy mail to this approach to like it so feis into the crossword puzzle. Nauseous stomach is my out to spot the former judge cash non-core jesus five Dessus a former. Google pudge gash wasn't losing courtroom cause of seeing. The notre team applaud the former porch cash. Persian neither Violent biscuits google it is. You don't always commits porch crash. There's via paris. Ju- vassilis opioids public- stop over Losses desires jeep budge. Cash winter aiguo. We'll start here. jovian sites. Fear is they'll have to seal us daniel. I have been on the loan dish. The meiji file out i'll show compiled was hit so ci's Fulltime age ghazni decision housing with this ball. denies his dodig Oppose the publicity stunts. Otherwise why should he is received rule though assange. Zoos is is of those gains in winter. Garden painted the vessel in woodbridge Guiding the they to gauge cyber stock mouthy style puzzle facilities with a song Best he led to his. Grandma's and whitney was associated said lazanski slice genus matt in ospel for them seeing his issue. has More new we caveat for the mosque. Monday vidgis alive Bigger on the net wider squad us was number. Jesus all these in hoses imaz Dome was such a died of neither do i. She that news was essentially died. The other various dodge laws was turnovers. Mice obvious The saw it will vivus own the siege for adidas own Was requested live on dome gig. West guy might zappa city that will serve us game The bush windows. I eat seen ronald dome. Bench said throw vesak Wiz eleven a cpa bain. Who knows this. Same pre stadiums et his Sedan mice down with us the so is he Arsonist fair lose alice I confess putting Severe atavism school guy who is in secret while engine that musical era surgery liberty scopes Authorize y- the boys agenchy brain that clever bush's Vying to buy a abilities he s got. It is jackie Using point deal shots rebuttal but ice investor mice not she could by a Music would signal to see where this french was. View ebola bash. They seem the basic graphic guy. This is authorized New feeble Order on the own us. They bench staus about the french in the Argument through by bill waddell rodman guard for the glad of the woods. Ziegler did the up splitting pinot. 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You exercise twelve watchable. Naw think they boys by they. Wait on leap teaching while there wait. Wait voice quantitative Does those the little somewhere to the empress county sheriff. He is who he started off. My success i think. On the if mizen waxahachee news saw buys up increases the leisa austin chechen A lot of the gina richardson school. Missile the but zapped old muslim sidings. He model goofy gonna By his vehicle market. Why the mice boy to thank god as many guys infants was getting work. Good asia Hostels of Of impotence Booms insists as old as lives. Now the school board missiles sues need was while gov is leaving Arrives thousand gamblers. Those the own bamboo dodge parts of by Sham superman by so long who The main gambles aau facebook amazulu the devils. We started talking today. We'll talk later was shot. Last unit is what it says. It is shane again. In the young year liberty omission Is simpson home angels. While out as as long as the my hat is also a sequence bay was l. Moscow data League is gambled that muscle barbara Though is this is richard. Wants is up. I mean why you cover. Mabel cisco's tells channel moment opening up towards asia. Possumus deals zack.

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UPDT 23#: Controversias y ms controversias...

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UPDT 23#: Controversias y ms controversias...

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Onus Roy was who knows what story is assume Mundial less allude e plutonium in particular and moist Thursday on by Cabraha yesterday on call but as survey one Paucity Choline Kale Repertoire. The paucity you interfaces comedian said later that the is the processor gator procedure in a Julia in style by sanders who buys ink a use a year. No COMBAT LA students us is expulsed. Allergan is assume on the Dan Lewis. They say okay. You're dumping Sando King. Lucas Tennesseean. Who Northern ASEAN Donna? Donna bike is who I didn't soup ice yet to go button. Tae To his being borderless alluded. Hindy care and the touristic Quinto Ganta Lisa. Angels Love Your Mundi de la Salud. Data is in the Lower C- Sante at C. S. Pro are leaky tomb being a step. Podcast youtube a memento kayla sewer PORTA Mundial Dennis Load Jan but at the Borough Dame Donald Trump he donald trump beer the boy a thousand years but an importer. They never seem being intense. You Never William Gates K. Damase relented almost the persona que. No Soup Recouping Hang. It won't be Saudi and because we're saying came under taddeo saying Lo Que Manera secret Mandela is Taurean Way Threat. Any mindless fruit us. Yes Sega Makina Komo's for under Personas E V. Ace Terrestrial Taus own up by owner. Courtney'S UNOCAL THE PAUCITY IN THOSE ISRAEL. Days TO COMMUNE. Sire as umbrella. Get to see ideas. They need or no leaders or Seattle. I'll paucity will gay dance to so many doses DAPPER AWASA DOT keet skit. They've done a pony e. Oem Indi who to address a la Likud. I get an easing knowledge say K. November hardware. Let normally that. I that NATO never KUNA in Sadia. Can't the Personas Affect Dallas back? Sandra Kobe Dow in the no not there nor DA. Simplemente no that Jammu spider. Don't Miss it by yet and complain though. He may alienate according Dana Yell. Final Noise Komo looking down on and gadget to Sola Taller Mundo. Meal- three meals Talia. Es annoyed that by Sando Indonsuez Lebron or gain knows stance. Quick trend key tolls. Thomas may dealing with gases bitterly laterally. That is Casey deponent's savvy. Numerous law comparative or more information is covered some wee hours. He C- Majoria in lemon delimitation minorities getting on this year. This allude premia over detainee to see them in Muna compliment you all the day care information that similarly bleak that intern says is the he. It'll maintain he. He just seemed to a meal. Personas like at any minute. Semi Urea are community and Quinta Indian comunicacion gear out a toll. Mundi say in inaudible Lavar mile landed into Seattle. He Levitin Mono in K. Gecko chat and go via these. He's in Sadia happening. Komo Umberto Marito is how you look at these El Gobierno Komo's Hamas damn interview hints Area C O Two. I've address E C Two Pony Howard. Told the these poor can no? I turn for Miles Odia main. They were hanging a total of the novel by the combined for US. Young Gomer will be coarser Conan the ETF stand Montenegro shootout into into Castro. Tau Is it the pony has vn La Casa Day in honk own. Leave your luggage. Repay the data Baohe. Yes Tasso January phenomenon. Get boy sell proxy Mugabe inside. You will have either rhetoric to to Kasa. I up see but the Brandon Panda better known. Noisy dumber lender or not but we ended. I own about at the end of April Pussy. Liquor technicals Out thing and programmers them being Ispra wildly kilos technical sustained by gals but induce seat aller. Dick leto returns. Meteo in Public Davis say episode in the Mugu fully and Hicfa Dow. Bdo those constitutionality who really cause Aga- category and assumed this will get I wanna we extravagant passanger to buy his Jackson threats. The game winning in Your Own City yes Illinois. Then the I'm worth seeing reeling PARLAMENTO CITY hokey pokey PARA ALKALOID. Pero no say the hook in Don says he says Mundial. Orient Noah. Look who say getting my find your lap. Pronuncia precipitate on Saturday keep the lap or macy. The BREWERS US no Domina Beatles. Loiseau represented they'll organises humanly elements allude Africa Matt. He d so more. Anti Not Thomas. They acquired local opinion. Michael Foley remaining nap L. Centrally controlled from his indicate insanity totally send. Lenny's mcbrayer kicked told. Restaurant Moon Intern says improperly shoulder intense any eighteen. Dando a Towels was he deals as Tim. Authentic in three personas gay. They turn mobile. The total of the Conoco's Hintikka seagate's Rathi. Your mobile goes inoke. It Tell Ya mealy that a painting in Orlando Group. Were sapped Alethia. Comedian sallied on Mahinda instagram. The Not only the component away Saka Castle they own separate. Sirnak Leo mobitel Yana. Mohammed assume that you and Fado Guinot. He's seeing moon law normal Prema- for Como Bueno Motto Marano Store who admitted Advocacy Battle Jeltien procedure percent in Nadia or. Knock it in the sea or no separate ought to have yet Daniel Konami case Tahseen. Gay People a Moon. Thermo had they made a single moment. Our ask a lead the lead guy or he could put it that. Not Import Opens Headingley. Amir no sanctum End Up in Saturday. Mutual Nichols's given a data set allows kate negotiate. Cat Toil maintain the those predatory and showing you move to one at America. Sarah k liquid Amir Mundial piece. It gives her upload Saturday so give in. Don't they rally bladder porchet? Pour LA PLATA A hero. See dovey and rapper. Soreness or Dan Roussy Majer people feces and their own to. But I hear that in these key and for can okay. I'll show gone. Looks like mental? They step out. See Guindo Kunis Tapie. So you can cook away controversy as I wanNA conradi victim in day Goodison Gamer. They own fourcade decayed and Quigley Guitar. Macho Sanyo's bustle. Locate Mutua Persona me and gay you. Alpa when the wound up protests nauseam wellness. Where Him Blade? You will take care parallel. Financial Sequel they playstation days. Sally Quango Kosei Dama the last of US Inquiry Edison Quango this obese in two days on PROTAGONISTA CUMBRAE BLANKET. Amal Joel guessing gwen KUNA Nina Demain. Ellie yes anaemia. L. E. Dini. We're not about the gay de la Morjera Miss e. No sit there for more than somebody as him blow. They only down to some bees the muscle in the psalm. The Duero our inaugural gay but as lead Quantum Bogo. Makoto is own gain. Fechter lessor Migas be editing. Shown in Tuesday's filmgoer assay is standing in the victor as West but as a Caylao the AMIGA Suao narrow Alabama mass my sultana ladder equal under Taiji. A LONGER DEMEANOR MATATUS. Waste Bit Said when they're meteorically said swelter Boras means more angle but as getting. Tondo say yes. He is Komodo celebrating blues. And a bit and okay. Rafeh to you. Our borders Massie massie my sleigh host by the border sort of busy in those muscle mainers eight days later the be the owner some bees gay DNA in ambery they consume as whoever victims Alaikum Beer in port. Dollar ATV WHO'S GAY COMEDIAN CENTER? Solters have poorest but as a year contaminant and this will stay where it will not allow me. Corey. Where does the playstation? Three's no-show loop board. The Echo says it could see no lay story. Electoral reanimated wrva eat opponent. More moralist. Generally hoyer say Dan you Joe Noise Boiler. New Orleans is here and without finality. Last of US see Dr and Harare. Yellow Sam Perfecto Sinoe but Macabre Quinta John Novoye said in this world that I said those resigned you come in Samos at the lesser pitcher. Gay last of those ers lead in acids lactoferrin Daviel wherever CEO pick in your trailer. He drove looser. Larry's the tweeter exploratory gain so the E. Joel by Sando. Sinus demos amazed every a finalist deal miserable swell Tan level MBA in red ready CA- level mealy. The races in Australia Gaming. Tanto eight hundred suits dress will get super stemming. I own him. Blow the Naughty Dog. I can notify gone a step persona similarly Tanto Agata row e Sotto Tho those losses. Spoilers the last of US does. Es over. I mean they. They throw Norman del Internet for get Dole Gamers. It have been Endo Cornell's hey to well will get them being but that hoagie. Toma CONTEXT TO MAINTAIN QUAYLE OWN. Who go a top onto a Terminal Ltd. Say Laboratory Marketing Elnora go? They might tell by sallied. Ileana during the two in her bone yield pretty middle this September in restaurant. Esol go nowhere to see. No finality kilter mean colleague. When does as you say Cuatro Cinco? Macy's is wrong cuatro. Cinco macy's on the toll of Sarah's so well when local are the SEO toward continuous lesson manner is less Yongkang standing? Caja Maura companion yet with your say Tambien. Das- Borgen of our holidays communes Hata say they say deport the level order came into see Adam wanted apropos to hit one hundred your chore the Manner In Doses. But we know Ultima down always gonNA stay on textile cellulose again this game last of those in your kiss and your communes at Relax Poontang important. Trama included but bill. The Onen Win Vampire sooner. Who known where will hit their mother? Abby gained liberty made up by the way go behind said Levy Janna owned up by the COMEDIANS. Komo Labrador Onis. We seeing they owned rendering core Contra Los Airways Lee. Joel he serving Ambos. They more sanguine dose leaks. They a stay as Boston to going to see if I tend this. Anti idea a stay who he say. Mongan said Loy to Manila. But the Persona. He is this. Your guess is Dan You Age Viennese having Waco Levian Lima Peru. But data on Persona heff finance Automo- get these the Buzzer Puerto Rico as a leper physics. Well they'll persona to to to these to the Combo key to the Copa Komo. Settlement Better Not Prokopcuka sea level where they will not that. Is it important idea for a day? Ceremony Taniwha traffic data gave as preference exotic is DNA Nigeria. This will take. Abby is of course Sam battened theory that any Umbro's Ancho Bresso walk losses in toonces say typical Orlando Kill. Persona is a dance E. Commune Center is Como Que. Jan Naughty dog on an era deep race sister by Poor there is data. Must go to the or not import porchet. Totonaca said of the way it is so though. Dna Gay sailor including the NEU- has see to the near to pass you a lethal see to attack a handle. They do not enemies to represent. Assume to the I'll go see to get his Kazan. No CETERA inventory nomadic Umberto View who ago Me Commotion Of Financial Two. Cna's this game on sore neck. Casey combustive Feigen not represent ta not Bossy liquid thing gasquet represented a total lunar total team in poking Noy Pacific. Cnbc to care. Is I said to prepare Casa de la de low see tuna seat US Komo persona own an anti the in the task must idea the normal Komo News Komo cheesy Mojo Anita but a boy express entity but set Gada lengthy. Look at to ares in. Milo boy has an import gap it has to be Lucas Baiter. No Mayo League avair. Amelia Kate an Mimi Jammu Latins Young Healthcare Mimi only market representing a TA. Komo Juraj already Arizona but I get to wear a enormous segment. Caserolazo SERTA channel. They'll boom Katina made you than important it. Gamete Congo SALLOW FOR K. For Gay Booking Reussira in Tikolo a key Italian Mba Lopez so now last divorce. If senior. The Manila Gila Arizona Strands knows. Ac- Anthony Komo's through soon essequibo not inequality that is feminine as McLean Fini Tears K for gay or gay to make it s a stash in loss no me. Andhra mass but Organiz ceased the manual. Relied borking no mean. Today's simplemente knowing that is to Chinese do grains. Yep Perfect Larry. Biddle painter North emetic or no meal. Lucas who say a therapy Colo. The social is elohim. Lamelo hinted the immune coarser electric guitar. The at Neil Druckman butting lsat on a hinder Politica Clara Authority positive experimentally. We see oh he but least interests will carling tornadoes as better Lugo they. They tenements you. Dan L. Internet's cycle can no say pit at e Letterman Cosa qualies noser Mason Northern Ecuador. But he medal Jessica Savage Abby Bama Tad persona happening bally's then he is Grand Shock Day last force. Joel event that any HIMBA. Abby Noise Commission Heterosexual over in in center Omaha to see seen Gwyn. They'll kick umbrella whoever's go- him in the head bully important Cayetano Company at gearing. I'll consider for more SALIMO graphic. You're tasting join us. Enuma those naughty list the Indo defiantly Terrell Mindy communal persona can no ways conforming Hannibal Okay Strands. Away to impress you. Paranoid a winner Border Kit Diego. Donal coyle see Indo in Liberty Shona Yuna Persona Case Leo Scare when a persona. Nobody ninety up less Three D us this solo. More hindle blend Dan on dwindle heat varsity persona he michelina cover your legacy but oh solo. Cio Ernest Chico Predator. Me Now take up. There Amina Simplemente noma project so repairs for now he principal contender for eskimo in Lugarda. They stat in medicine but Amigo is is not an Iran. That can be told. I WANNA say they for forget to this. This ninety Lucian new areas new edit hip ascione than Goto Mundo. No Paul K FOR K no EC. Two Hector Sione. I financial ownby ITO EXPERTS. Komo to sit together. Own Regular ceremony. Haircare Ceremonial Sadler is look at the turn. Commune Society Say Goal. Based Orleans. Her or at Poker moonies look at the. Agana him blow. I motor personas. Kissel located near is author hopes your book as areas more in does to pawtucket to consider prescient. Asante sink different literally. Synthesis singleton getting represent no. Dna's mortar have. But aboard. Explicity Aslo Known. Dentists said on naked took it has come in La Cosa commuted to me more experts to monitor eat. Dns SEO climatic cow boy. They explode at ninety. These Canoas aid as owner. Cosign gatekeepers landon. Leaky up at eight four K. Nope he still del. Progress will represent US young loose. Kissy perky there that see the Pony Dolla. Where goes nobody is so much? Eat ANY PORK. Lamb ANNUITY GOES UNDERREPRESENTED. As you go. Home Depot's Hamblur in Metro Metro. Sam is somewhere he impressive Katie to well cool gay. Cfo or now pass you by he at Porto. Now's ITO control. Allocating Milo the tomb raider and doom raider communicator. Yacking president-elect Craftiness K. At Vienne I I so DNA Tambien order. So as people who I know say earlier solely Dow Gay Hungry but at a meeting for the persona heff Menino Persona hackel today. 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Petr paycheck perkasie and taken Taiji Vertebrae controversy his bleep parallel review Matola. Lucio get any airport last voice own review burial who complained to a least to seeking which I could ask more as border s added me are My Gas C. He'd AIMO schoon case toy. Lugo the step ouseba engaged. We lease going to be getting go. Tracy Madness Equa Chandu on podcast gays gamma the CORBETT REPORT. K. A. Levuka. They may use alternate materials. They will podcasts. Angola E. Miyoko Dante Borge. Dna Status has shown they own program on value in those hey be quake-stricken a pony Paribas podcast a signing less important. They down city their station. Your eight hour. Landau that Bill Gates Episode Leo? Only this they manager as owner elements important Borg A LESS COMBED BILL Gates. Sally going Pretend Bill Gates E. L. control the lab for last year but locate Levian. No-one savvy though removal show name. This will shuttle Internet Etemad Gandara Bill Gate. See smokey career. 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Local Amigo in says was clearly racial. Podcast is a former Perfetti that but I think a notification happiness be sold via web. This booklet also. Yes that approximate.

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Wednesday with Walton  November 4, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

22:55 min | 5 months ago

Wednesday with Walton November 4, 2020

"A wednesday we always talk it over with brian. walden of the car donation dot com so much baseball to get into whether it's on the national perspective the minor league perspective. What's happening with the saint. Louis cardinals in his always. Brian good morning to you. Hopefully things are going well for you and your family the morning news world and yet there's a lot to talk about today. Where do you wanna begin. Last time that we were talking and i was in your camp. I thought the cardinals would pick up the option for one and at least it would give them some time to figure out what they wanted to do. They have not picked up that option. Obviously so long is out there for anybody to take a look at they save eleven and a half million dollars and then there are some comments. Made by john mosaic. Lock that will get into the press conference to address that but just initially. What did you think of now. You don't have colt long in the fold at least right now. Now you never say never could come back. I don't think that's going to be the case. Elsa would've brought him back. But what did you think of them. Not bringing colt long back. What would i miss it and miss read. Dan was the overall market. I mean we knew that revenues were down. We knew that major league teams were going to be careful in the offseason this year. But it's far beyond careful. I mean they were players Even better quality than cold wrong. A brad hand closer in cleveland. Where the best in the game. Let go over ten million dollars so what we're seeing. Is you know major league teams. Basically digging the trenches and long became a group of very good players in the market and what that means for the louis cardinals is. They've taken a risk on their defense up the middle. Here's some baiters to hit enough to play every day. Now wonks gone and there's potential that yet you're molina won't come back so the gamble is that they're the cardinals are taking a straight their team defense and you know taking a step backward potentially for twenty twenty one and i. I think that's definitely risky. But i mean i understand. Were coming from some money but of course the big question is in and talk a little bit about it on the other day you know. How much money do they have to spend to improve a team that we know lack power. Last year tommy edmund would be the guy i would assume right now currently constructed and we are a long ways away from spring training there would be at second base when he was in the minor leagues. Brian and you dive into the minor leagues better than anybody. How did he look at second base. Defensively how do you think he would fit in To playing that role on an everyday level at the at the major league level your tummy edmund was primarily shortstop coming up and he was an everyday shortstop in you know as he got closer to the majors. They played him a little more at second base. Yes to your around him out because of course you know typically when prospects come up they don't get starting job day. One but edmund is a solid defender and interestingly enough the fuelling bible awards which is a defensible word. That came out. I was the was like the second and third ranked defender cross position in their metrics for the major league in the national league this year on the major league. Excuse me in the major leagues this year. So and adnan is a is a perfectly capable second baseman. He's he's but he's not cold long you know he's he's not the real question with edmund for me isn't his defense. I think he'll be fine at second base. He won't be exceptional. The question will be. Which tommy edmund. Are we going to see at the plate. Are we going to see the twenty. Nineteen tommy edmund. Who has above average in had some pop in his bat and was really an exciting player to watch. Or are we going to see the twenty twenty tommy in which was kinda new Okay but he's not anybody that's causing any excitement. And that was coupled with the fact that he was moved to the second spot in the batting order which is a very important place to be a cepa table for the guys in the middle and edmund. Mike most of the rest of the cardinals. Offense didn't perform to his prior standards last year. So we saw last night. Colton wong wins his second. Gold glove and tyler o. Neil wins a gold glove. I had a coach. Tell me that if given a chance to play every day this a couple of years ago. Tyler o neil in the minor. Leagues is a gold glove player caliber player and had done that before. He said he is that good defensively. The metrics against showed that this year. I'm i didn't see that but you know the metrics showed that. What did you think of tyler. O.'neil winning that gold glove according to metrics that. What i it's on. And i'm not a great expert on defensive. Metrics will admit but they showed that he was exceptional at getting jumps at getting reads at positioning in position. Of course is also something. That really probably cardinals. Coaching staff should get more credit for than the player. Because of course worries position is where basically two metrics tell them. They need to be but o.'neil did a great job of getting to the ball. We saw that he very rarely. If ever through to the wrong base is worth rockers flows. Were strong they were consistent. He was just a solvent overall player. Now you know you gotta realize. And i don't want to finish his his his Results by any in any means but it was a sixty game season. So you know of course one hundred sixty two year. Well what would happen in a normal year for the gold gloves. The coaches and managers vote seventy five percent of the the score this year. They didn't vote. it also was completely metrics driven. So i think it'll eight tyler. O.'neil slip in and won the gold glove were in a normal year. The coaches might have gone with someone who had more name recognition. Someone they had seen a lot but you understand why they didn't do. The coach managers voting this year because nobody saw anybody but in their own divisions right than central central east eat. So there's no way anybody could could value the east or the west coaches evaluate. Only defense is your in terms of going back to one. They made the announcement jambos. Airlock did and brian walden is my guest About that option are yet the option not being picked up and then he had some general comments just about the team state of the union of the saint louis cardinals. What were some of the things that you picked picked up from. That i was on that. Call you on that. Call that zoom call. What were some of the things that stood out to you from john mosey lock. He just wasn't really optimistic. And by the way cheek over to the cardinal nation. There's a story about about that and there's also the full video that i believe channel five put up so you can listen to the forty five minutes of jumbo's they like yourself but you normally knows optimistic. He's talking about being opportunistic. He's talking about flexing payroll muscle in there. There wasn't really any of that. I mean he kind of talked about creativity. But i just felt like jumbles locke was sending a message to lower everybody's expectations about what teams able to do for twenty twenty one now. I don't know whether mozambique personally wanted to keep long or not. But my sorta reading was young. He was really not conflicted but he was certainly down on the fact that they had to let him go. But you know he certainly explained why very clearly that the cardinals need to cut payroll and that was one of the few members that they have to pull So you know. It's a difficult situation for the cardinals winter. The positive is that the market is going to be depressed and there was some analysis. I was veal. Bernas that they did looking at the players that that were kept for next year and the ones that were let go to look at the value of a win. We'll want one more would be worth normal year. That's eight to ten million dollars in a free agent market this year. The view is it might be half that. So you know if you could go out and bargain hunt and get a player for say happiness value on your contract for twenty twenty one that would be a really opportunistic play. The question is the cardinals have any payroll to do it. And the you know the first questions that have to be answered is what's going to happen with molina and wainwright because the reading i get is that if they if those to come back and they get a reasonable salary for them. Of course we'll come back and let us it is. There's not going to be much money to do anything else. Yeah and the thing. He also stressed that i took away was patients. The market needs to set up. We're not sure about if and when the vaccine rolls out in time for baseball what does the model look like for major league baseball with all teams in terms of will there be people in the stands. Twenty five percent fifty percent hundred percent and that dictates the revenue model of what you may be able to spend so patients. I think is going to be something that we're all gonna have to have in this offseason as we love to play that hot stove game. You know the thing that strikes me about that. That point that you're on is we don't know much about that at all here early november but chances are pretty darn good. We're not gonna know any more about it in early january or early february when teams report. Yeah we'll know a little more certainly but unless some magical unless there's a huge turnaround in the environment that we're in. There are still going to be questions when it gets to the point in time in which teams have to sign players for next year so i get it. The whole market is gonna stall. There's no doubt about. There's not going to be no. He's going to be the first one to to risk overpaying for players when they don't have to and by the way i should say erupting myself but december second is a key date. Nothing's going to happen in the next month. Until december second. And why i say that is december second is the non tender date for arbitration eligible players. And that's the players between three and six years of experience. San diego for example is going to have a decision on tommy fair. Do they wanna pay him. Seven or eight million dollars next year in a normal year. Sorta like cold long. You say that's a slam dunk. Well maybe not. Maybe they'll set him loose. The point is going to be a lot more guys thrown into the free agent market and so teams are going to want to wait and see who's available before they decide to start to sign guy. So i will be turned over the next month. If there's a lot of signing of anybody in any way but again the viruses right is is sort of in control of what's going to happen and you know at some point in time teams are going to have to take some risk not knowing whether they even gonna play hundred sixty two games. Schedules are out there and all that but they might not be able to do it. Another aspect of this to the designated hitter. And that's for for both the player and potential free agent player and maybe trade. But and the clubs. You know if you're nationally club and you know that you've gotta dhl in play next year that changes the complexion of your lineup and what you may do in the off season. So that's something that needs to be settled. I would think sooner rather than later. Well the problem. Yes you're right dan. That would be great. I mean for everybody. If they knew for sure what the rules were going to be now on the other side of coordinating decide. Last year until june 'til before the season started maintenance. May i dunno right before the season started before they made the decision. And everybody figured it out. Okay and and i have a story. I went through the numbers. The cardinals actually benefited from the designated here. Which i was surprised i figured it. Was you know it was net down for them but they actually business anyway. But here's the problem and you know this already but maybe some of the listeners don't adding the designated hitter bringing it back has to be collectively bargain between owners and players and there are a whole bunch of things that we went through last year that they're going to have to go through again for twenty twenty one. What's this season. It'd be how much our players going to get paid if we can't play hundred sixty two games you know. We're going to have expanded playoffs. But out all those things to be negotiated and making decision designated hitter which might be perceived as a give to the players is not something. We're going to give up without getting something in return. And so there's a whole bunch of negotiations about next season. We know nothing about that. Go against the idea of making a decision quickly. The owners will establish a position quickly. Mo- mentioned general managers meetings. Which are i think this week or next week but even if you have a position that mean the players are gonna go along with it so i take. The doesn't here needs to be decided soon. I'm not sure it's going to be though league free agents. That's something that needs to be talked about two. And that's sometimes where you can get a bargain or two along the way in supplement rosters and forty men and that kind of thing and and you know guys develop what did you. What did you take away with. Minor league free agents right now. Well the cardinals had. I don't know about fifteen guys. They re signed a five of them already but guys who contributed to saint louis last year. Who are now for aids. I'm talking about chris. net. I'm rob kaminsky ricardo sanchez briefly. So some you know some players that were contributors but the you know the way. The system works when they get taken off the forty man roster. They're no longer protected by an organization. And so this whole group of guys are now minor league free agents and they got offensive themselves and you talk about the major league market being stalled. I mean there's more uncertainty about the minor leagues as to whether they're gonna play how many games are gonna play. How many teams are going to be out there You know what the schedule is going to be. There's just so many questions. It's going to be even tougher market. I think for Minorly agents this this coming winter. Yeah we still have no final list of the one hundred twenty minor league teams and that is still kind of dangling out there for major league. Baseball isn't it. it is and there's some good reasons why it's going to story iran. I think it was a baseball america. They speculated that one hundred thirty team owners now believe that they're in and you know it's kind of the game of musical chairs right until the music stops. You don't know who's going to be out without a without a place to put the rear end without the put him in and there's some things going on right now has major league. Baseball takes control the minor leagues where they put out new guidelines on how they want to see the facilities upgraded in. It's not just better lights. It's bigger clubhouses and much much more things that are going to cost the minor league team owners money. They'd come out with new guidelines regarding travel which are going to make the minor leagues better for the coaches and players. More buses sleeper coaches shorter amount of time without having to get to a hotel room for example because some of the places like texas just unbearably long bus rides. So a bunch of things going on that you look at the surface and say he. That's really good. They're gonna make the minor leagues a better place but those team owners are looking at these expenses going. Hey i'm on it's gotta cover. All this experiences right to buses. I pay for to buy sit there till got so part of the shake. Their a hundred and twenty could be and this is just my personal theory. Some of these owners saying. Hey i can't i can't cut it. I can't. I'm not gonna play anymore so you know we don't know for sure win. One hundred twenty. You're going to be announced but when there are there are gonna be some teams very very upset. Brian walden is my guest. The cardinal nation dot com. You can imagine brian. Lots of people curious about your thoughts on on yati and adam wainwright whether that would happen here in saint louis they get The the contract down here or somewhere else and if it happens soon or if they let the market develop is well. What are your thoughts on those two coming back potentially to town or or just trying to get their situation settled fairly quickly. I've got gotta say a little disappointed. Yachties brother benji has gone and sorta down a media tour and he's playing the respect card and that really turned me off was on risen became on other shows and talked about the fact. I k- believe the cardinals didn't get a deal done with yati. Well listen benji if you understand how. The works the cooperative bargaining agreement. The cardinals couldn't gotta deal done sooner with. Yeah because the paint sixteen million a year and if they pay sixty million a year in this climate. They're they're crazy so the reason he ought already reached the market was. That's the way the business of baseball works now. Do i think yeah. He's gonna sign quickly your way nice. I don't see it. The cardinals clear roster space so they could sign them without having to let anybody else go. But you know i went through went through an analysis and and people go the carnation read about this not looking at where yadi might sign or how much you might sorry but i thought okay. If i'm audio molina what factors are going to matter to me. I mean there are people run around and you know every time you know totally recent tired chicago so all my gosh. he's go to chicago. he's going to be co-manager or yachties. Go wherever ueno goes or he wants to go to a warm weather team or none of that matters. I in my opinion what matters to molina should be. Where can i play every day. Because i'm trying to increase my personal stats in games played. Where can i get another world series. Where can i get a contract. That's respectful to me. Which is two years in money and then of course. Another factor is hey. I'd like to remain a career cardinal. But that's not going to be the number one so i kind of look through the analysis to say of those factors. How does it look and you know this. The cardinals open up the purse strings. It's you know it's not a guarantee that yacht. He's gonna stay. I think he's gonna stay. I think they're gonna find a way to do this. You know the situation with the ownership group here and it's not like looking at the pool situation which was a decade long contract personal services deal so on and so forth a two year deal and the legacy part of this is important. I think matter of fact. I know to the dewitt's What do you what do you think about that. And how that factors into what they may. Do i agree. And i think that both sides want to get the deal done. But you know it's funny ever since the mosaic calling in a building with the thirds done some media things as well. I've seen sort of a shift in fan perception. There are more than a few fans now who have sort of said you know who sort of see the cardinals overall planet says. Hey twenty twenty. Two is when we're really going to be able to do some things to improve came because there's some bad contracts you know we've got to kinda keep status quo for year well unless you believe. The cardinals are going to be world series contenders next year. And i don't think we do one of the things. I feel with expanded playoffs was it's sorta shook out the poorer teams one more round the kings. It got you know where in the world series where the best teams in my opinion needs league. And so you know your. Maybe carlos can contend for the playoffs next around anybody sees the cardinals as world series contenders will in an environment. Do you want to spend the money on weight on yadi. That'd be the farewell tour in the market next year. And all or do you want to bite the bullet and say hey you know. It's time to start the transition now. The more we can play younger players in two thousand twenty one the better we can be positioned for twenty twenty. Two so yeah. I think you'll yati will come back. But if he sets his sights too high like marceau's into did last winter and he wants to many years in too much money. You know it. It might not end well in terms of just looking at what's happening with baseball I only see maybe you. You may agree or disagree on this. I only see maybe four teams initially spending a lot of money with mets probably being at the forefront of that with their new ownership really deep pockets. You always think the yankees gonna be in there. You probably include the dodgers maybe some other teams one or two and then outside of that. That's why this is going to take so long for this market to develop. I really believe that absolutely you know. I think the top guys are going to get their money. I mean the george springer is right there. They're going to get their money. We'll mayhew's there the cream of the crop. They're going to get the money. It may take awhile. But they'll get it. Sorta like number the machado in harper market. And how. Everybody was national keith. A couple of years ago that. Oh my gosh you know. There's you know there's collusion in our. They got the contracts. It just took into the new year quite a ways into the new year. And i think they'll have an issue. I think where the guys that are really gonna get hurt. Are the guys kind of in the middle. Right that at the low end who normally might be able to get a multi-year cut your three year deal. They might have to settle for one year for less money than they wanted. But as you said you know it's gonna take a long time for this to shake out. January february pants may open. We've guys you don't have any teams and that's going to cause a lot of consternation Among players especially while they're still trying to negotiate what twenty twenty one is gonna look like in terms of money and structure in. Oh by the way you know just x number of months in the future in december. Twenty twenty one. They're supposed to have the negotiations down for a new cooperative bargaining agreement which would completely set the rules for the game for the next five years in the contentious process as well. So there's going to be a lot of baseball talk over the next twelve months about non-playing aspects of the game matthew litter and nolan gorman show. If this was a normal season brian they played in the minor leagues. And let's just say they had a normal you know trajectory in the minor leagues in solid season. Whatever that may look like in the minor leagues What would they be doing in twenty twenty one coming up and would there be the potential that you would see. Maybe one of these guys make a debut at the end of the season. Well my a year ago at this time and we were talking about knowing garment. I a similar path to dylan. Carlson was very reasonable. And gorman goes he plays in the texas league. Maybe some scuffles a little bit. In the beginning he finds his way and then late in the season he gets to memphis. Maybe place near his own fall league bobby players foley and gets himself position. Go to two thousand twenty one spring cave creek camp with an opportunity to compete for a spot with cardinals now. We didn't have that opportunity last year. Obviously knowing gorman didn't get to play you got to play an alternate camp and that's certainly better than nothing. But it's not the same so the question is going to be and as we look at the roster right now as of today matt carpenter's more than likely you're an everyday third baseman and there's reasons why they wanna make sure that you know macarthur doesn't get his six hundred plate appearances so that his expensive contract vests for twenty twenty one. It's expensive option. So you know what could you do. Could you put nolan government on the fast track and get him ready. Potentially to join saint louis in the second half. Yeah maybe he stubs his. Maybe he scuffles like dylan. Carlson did when he first came up but twenty one is going to be twenty twenty one anyway so i think there's a way. The cardinals could my long winded answer. The short version of my long winded answer is i think the cardinals could do some things to accelerate gorman to potentially get him in the saint louis to saint louis in the second half and set the table for two thousand twenty two. Brian had so much great information today. I always tell everybody. Go to the cardinal nation dot com. So what are you working on right now. Well we started the thing we didn't talk about. We started our annual top twenty fifty countdown of the best prospects in the major leagues. And i have joining me a really sharp scouting mind matt thompson from prospects live. Who's doing scouting reports in. I'm writing stories around him and we'll have one. New prospect unveil a day for the remainder of the year. So far we started out with brendan donovan escobar. And today's stories about outfield outfielder. Connor cable so Prospect news every day throughout the winter at the cardinal nation. A man great stuff. Thanks as always. We'll catch up next wednesday. Appreciate it take care then.

cardinals tommy edmund edmund O.'neil baseball molina Brian walden ten million dollars Louis cardinals john mosaic louis cardinals colt Colton wong Gold glove tyler o Tyler o neil one hundred sixty two year saint louis cardinals john mosey forty five minutes
Virtual & Connected: Your Healthcare Re-Imagined

The Restless Ones

26:01 min | 1 year ago

Virtual & Connected: Your Healthcare Re-Imagined

"Welcome to the restless ones I'm. Jonathan, Strickland I've spent the last twelve years covering technology and learning how it works demystifying everything from massive parallel processing to advanced robotics and everything in between as we stand at the beginning of a new era of unprecedented connectivity with the rollout of five g technology I'm partnering with T. Mobile for business to sit down with. With some of the visionary leaders in tech across all industries from companies like Fiat Chrysler and Fedex and many more that play an integral part of our economy to get a better understanding of how tack and Connectivity Will Change Business Forever these leaders are the pioneers who don't follow trends. They define them. This show is their story. They are the restless ones. There's going to be an explosion in increasingly low-cost connected devices. And the infrastructure the connectivity that they that they need that will be provided by things like five G. networks will be critical to making them available to everybody imagine that in the future most, if not all of your medical checkups or your medical visits can be done in the comfort of your home. I had the chance to speak with CVS health's chief digital officer Bernas but Dana to get his take on how digital technology is both an enormous opportunity and a challenge for the healthcare industry, and how five G. Networks will provide the connective structure that will transform how we access healthcare services in the future in our previous episode, unlocking the autonomous automobile, then which I spoke with Fiat, Chrysler CEO Monta Marty. I learned about how the digital revolution is disrupting the automotive industry as I listen to Firdaus I realized that there are some interesting parallels between that story and held those same technologies are affecting healthcare services. I WanNa thank you so much for joining us to have this conversation to start on wanting to get a little more information about you and your background, and it's a question on love to ask people who have. To levels of leadership in Tech, how did you first get interested in technology? So I was born and raised in India. And then it's only when I came to mit in Cambridge to study for my undergraduate degree that I got really interested in technology What Mit taught me was not just about the nuts and bolts of technology, but the fact that technology could actually be used to improve the world we live in. So that's how I kind of got into tech. And then I've stayed there ever since because I'm an I'm an engineer by training, but a product person at heart, and that means I want to take the engineering knowledge I have and the technology that's around us and use it to build products that people can use. I love the fact that everyone I talked to who has an engineering background I get. Get the sense that they view the world as a series of either problems or challenges, and how do you? How do you create the solution that can meet that and it's that sort of creative thinking that I find really inspiring. That drives the people with that engineering kind of philosophy. So what sort of lessons did you learn in your experiences with startups? That then sort of informed your leadership style here at CBS health. I think the the biggest lesson learned as technology is all about the people involved like in most other endeavors You're only as good as the team around you it's. It certainly interesting and fascinating to work with cutting edge technology. But if you can take that and then build a team. To actually use technology to have an impact on people's lives. That's what makes the difference between a science project in a lab somewhere and a product or a company in the real world excellent so a what actually brought you over to cvs health after the these twenty years working with startups. You know when I was a young techy. CARE. What kind of impact I was having? I just wanted to be successful. whatever that meant to you know my younger mind. But as you get older, you start to think about the kind of impact. You're actually having on the world, and so. It's not often in your life that you get a chance to work with really cool technology. in the pursuit of a mission that you can really wake up every morning and believe in I mean what we are trying to do is to use technology to enable people to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives, and that's pretty cool. And Firdaus is mission driven usage of technology can transform the healthcare industry. But how can he apply certain technologies to advance the Industry today? One of the things I find really fascinating. Is that over the recent past we've seen dramatic evolution in processing power in sensors, and seeing them decrease in costs and increase in deployment, and it gives a lot of opportunity, and now that we are in the very beginning with the roll out of five g technology and connectivity that promises to develop benefits like high data, throughput and low latency. You start to see some really interesting opportunities arise I'm curious about your perspective on that world. So, so the healthcare industry coming from the outside? Three years ago, it was very clear to me and it's obvious to a lot of people that the healthcare industry has been kind of a laggard when it comes to adopting technology, but I'm a big believer in sort of right place at the right time and I think the time has come for healthcare to have its day We are at an inflection point right now. there are some very key technologies that we look at and we believe are critical to our future For Healthcare it's connected devices, and it's virtual care, and if you think about it all of those. CAN ONLY SUCCEED WITH Fantastic network, connectivity, and the use of data. In the right way, and so by being able to combine these technologies of you know A. connected devices and and virtual care, using the underlying infrastructure that has matured to a point where now we're talking about five G. networks with the low latency throughput off wireline networks We think that going to lead to absolute explosion in the kinds of healthcare experiences that will really truly improve people's lives. I would love to hear more about how you're leveraging that type of connectivity, yes. So, so let me make personal. oven merit to a pediatrician for twenty six years to get that right. Twenty six years now and so although I didn't have I, didn't work in the healthcare industry. You know I am a an honorary physician because you know of my connection at home. Now every once in a while, friends and family will text my wife and ask her a question. They'll send her an image of a tick. Bite on a child's arm. and. Say What do I do about this? Is that a dare take? Is it lime disease? Should I be going to the ER or they? Will bring little? Over, because Johnny's pulling on his ear and screaming his head off, and he has an earache, and they're not sure whether it's an ear infection, or whether you know his sister gender pencil in his ear. He has perforated eardrum. And I I look at this happening around me, and you know when people come over, and my wife is takes out our audit scope and looks in the kids year I'm looking at that and thinking like. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a connection like this. and we always hear about how accessibility to to healthcare in a cost effective manner is one of the biggest challenges that we face in this country. Well think about how this would play out in the future. When little johnny is pulling on his or her ear? As opposed to picking up the phone and trying to call a friend or family member. If you happen to know, somebody who is in the medical profession are thinking about whether I should go to the ER. You'd pick up your connected to school. You called it up against the child's ear. mom would get an instant readout using an AI based service that would say. There's a seventy two point six percent likelihood that this is actually just an ear infection that needs an antibiotic. TAP here to get connected to a health professional who can verify diagnosis and prescribe an antibiotic and then you know thirty minutes later shows up at your home from the local pharmacy CVs hilltop whatever it is. That's the kind of experience we're talking about. You know we want to enable in the future, and that's just the very beginning. That's the tip of the iceberg. Great from there on using things like G. Networks. You can go to where you can do. Remote Surgeries for people because you know you don't have the latency anymore and the way I think about it. It's like five G. makes it like being there. You don't need to use fancy VR AR technology to benefit from the feeling of being there So being able to reach reach lit remote locations I. Mean This is not just about you know somebody in a suburban home when it's Saturday night and the kid is crying. Because some you know, something's hurting but it's also people in remote locations who don't have regular access to care. And being able to reach them in a timely manner, I think that will lift the level of care and lift the quality of the health outcomes. We have while dramatically lowering cost well house CVS health, going to partner with other companies in order to kind of make these visions come true. Do you see yourself? partnering with hardware and Software Companies and IN? Other, health. Health companies like this. This is a very as I said a very broad approach that you're looking at so What's your perspective on that? So first of all we are opening open to partnering with anybody. we think that to move this whole industry forward. IS GONNA. Take the efforts of many companies. Many of them are like not in the traditional healthcare space. Including the big tech companies. Know Transportation Companies. I mean very often. We find that the the challenge somebody faces is that they don't have the right kind of transportation to get to. You know their doctor's office or to get to a pharmacy. It's as simple as that, but at the other end of the spectrum. There's going to be lots of really small innovative companies where their biggest challenges you know. How do you get adoption? How'd you get out and I? I lived in the world of starts. This is the biggest challenge is once you achieve product market fit you know. How do you get to a critical mass of consumers so that you get beyond and so? If, we see a start up somewhere. That is building algorithms to be able to listen to someone coughing to figure out what the root cause of that coffee is. What the diagnosis for the coffees or we see a startup that's building toothbrush that analyzes saliva in your mouth to give you a little medical checkup every time you brush your teeth. Those are innovations that we think we are uniquely positioned to bring to market. Because of our? Presence across the country both in the local community with our with our pharmacies and our health tubs, but also with our digital presence that were building out. You know in a big way right now. We'll be right back with our conversation with firdost within a- of CVS health in just a moment. You know who you are a boundary pusher, a big thinker in the relentless pursuit of the next big innovation for your business, t mobile for business knows that the future demands true workforce mobility, and in the new era of five G. being able to assess the needs of your company in real time could transform everyday functions. The Five G. Revolution has begun, and the future of businesses like yours will be powered by advancements in five G. networks built to reach more people in more places without slowing you down, t mobile for business can help you realize the full potential of your business as five G. unfolds, businesses changing learn more at T. mobile for business, DOT com. What do you identify some of the biggest challenges rather than say problems, but biggest challenges you face in order to kind of make this vision a reality. So we are going to be getting to a point where the amount of data coming in from connected devices and other sources, is going to dwarf what we see today, especially in the world of health, but that doesn't take away the challenge of what do you do with all this data? How do you make sense of it? and so being able? Able to ingest and process and protect you know billions of bits of data, and to make sense of it all to be able to derive insights and actions from that data that actually meaningfully improve people's lives. is one of the big challenges we face in front of us right so this is sort of big data taken to a whole new level. But also the ability to win the trust of people as we learn more about them and figure out what. We want to recommend that. They do to make their lives better. This is truly a partnership with the consumer. We have to be extremely transparent about what we're going to do with that data. It's probably a bigger challenge than any technology challenge out there. and. We have to earn that trust. You know one step at a time. It's not something we can just sort of wish into existence and every action. We take every single day. You know we need to we to focus on that. I like that answer a lot. It's It's really interesting to see that insight where the the big. The big challenge is not necessarily technological, although I think we're now coining the term bigger data. Because of of the scale you're talking about, but rather this very human element that often gets overlooked when we're talking in terms of technology, what are some of the near term goals for CVS health? As far as the digital transformation goes, and can you talk about sort of maybe what a more mid or long term goal would be sort of a manifestation of these ideas you're talking about so in the very near term you know we are constantly updating enhancing our digital experiences to make. Things easier given the breadth of resources. We have at our disposal now. I mean no matter how you want to engage whether it's by walking into a physical health hub, or into one of our ten thousand pharmacies are in two thousand eleven, hundred plus minute clinics, or you want to engage digitally, or if you so wish you want to pick up the phone and call just like we used to in the past. What we're also investing in for the mid-term and long-term in a big way are is the healthcare platform that underlies. Things? We just talked about so within the context of health care I know. You've been a passionate advocate for accessibility and the equal access of healthcare across the entire population. Hell will connectivity this potential a low latency high data throughput world that we're moving toward. How is that going to be a part of that mission? I think it's pretty straightforward. It's there's going to be an explosion in increasingly low cost connected devices. And the infrastructure the connectivity that they that they need that will be provided by five G. networks will be critical to making them available to everybody. Imagine that in the future most, if not all of your medical checkups are your medical visits can be done in the comfort of your home. It would be dramatically lower cost I mean the way we look at it as we look at all of the things that can be done by professional. In person can they be done remotely? Or if not remotely, at least in a local community setting like a hilltop, right someplace where you might have medical professionals, but perhaps not specialized in those specific areas of medicine on an operating theater. Right Button hopefully nine times out of ten. You don't need one right ninety nine times out of one hundred. Don't need one. And so I think, but I think I think the advanced networks will be extremely valuable when it comes to pushing that kind of interaction physical interaction at a distance. As. Einstein used to call it in a spooky action at a distance for quantum entanglement. Well and as you point out like a lot of these underlying technologies have existed, but the limiting factor was the fact that you couldn't get the information fast enough to its destination, and so that's why we're excited about seeing rollouts like five G. where we can see that. Connectivity popping up and doesn't require the physical cables at frees up a lot of the the what would previously be limiting factors for these sort of implementations, Alexander, removing barriers and reducing latency. Do you anticipate any other emerging technologies playing a really important role in the near term in healthcare whether it's? It's something that the average person. Would actually you know recognize upon encountering it, or if it was something seamlessly happening in the background that just sort of magically made things work so when I typically say devices I mean like a whole spectrum of them right at one end is the home hemodialysis system that sits in your home. It's not a wearable. It's not something you walk around with on the street. But I think the range of connected devices is going to be far beyond what people are imagining right now. It'll be built into almost everything we do. That will take some time, and it'll take this building of trust that I talked about. I also think that there will be lots of things that will be always on as opposed to today when you know I, lose connectivity, or I have low bandwidth, signal or I'm out of range That kind of stuff will slowly start to go away and it's interesting as well because I see this again as a convergence where any one company or any one innovator. Might be able to make a piece of something, but that piece really doesn't value until it fits in with this larger picture we're talking about, and you have to have the actionable responses that you can then either send directly to the person or send to a medical professional that can then an. Enact a change that is necessary. All these pieces have to come together. FIRDOST makes using technology to improve. The health of people seem easy, and those changes will have a huge impact on the future of the healthcare industry in the US. He'll tell me how that vision of tomorrow will come together after the break. The future is closer than you think and it all starts in the palm of your hand. You've heard the news. Five G. is here, but what does that really mean? How will it impact you and this iheart series this time tomorrow presented by t mobile for business join hosts, volition, and price as they walk us through a mobile revolution that will start to. To change the future of business and the way we interact with the world around us from environmental science to law, enforcement, entertainment, healthcare, and travel innovation is coming. Join them as they explore how this revolution could impact your life and give you new ways to connect and engage this time. Tomorrow is now available on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts. So. With these various pieces that are all either emerging or maturing things like machine learning, artificial intelligence robotics. Tell him medication. The network connective integrated sensors. What do you think? Healthcare is going to look like in a decade or two. How how transformative are we talking about? At this point you know I, think most of the early triage will probably get done by machines, which is not to say that we won't. We'll be putting physicians out of business. I actually think we will be empowering physicians and other. CARE providers to operate as we like to say at the top of their license I think as you say using the technology to augment not to replace like I. Think it would many cases free us up to concentrate more on those things that were good at and take care of some of the things that we might be good at, but it's something that could easily be automated. It frees us up well to wrap this up. We're going to have our five rapid questions. You do not need to take a lot of time to think about these. We just want your gut answer. And here we go question one. What one piece of technology could not live without? my mobile device. A new. You would expect that yet I'm going to say. All right. Virtual reality or augmented reality. Augmented. We're for two right now and just let me know. What science fiction technology would you most want to see? Become Reality the medical trike order on. This wasn't call A. Quarter on started medical try quarter on star. Trek now, it will diagnose and fix at the same time. Just, by waving it over a wound is incredibly time saving device there's. All right autonomous car or eight. I robot personal assistant. Oh definitely autonomous car. And I don't need more people in my life telling me what to do. That's fair. That's fair all right. And what do you see as being the biggest potential disruptive technology in the near future? I I know I've said this before I. Really think the. Medical, grade connected devices. That will provide the kind of real time monitoring that we've been talking about off and on for the past hour. I think that's really change people's lives. Where you can go from being real to truly being proactive, I want to thank you sincerely for the time you've taken to talk with us to share your vision and to inspire with this this this vision of the future which I also agree. I think this is fully attainable. If we set our minds to it, and and as far as I'm concerned, we have every reason to do that and no good reason not to so thank you so much for joining us very welcomed was a lot of fun and thank you for having me appreciate it. It's difficult to frame the impact. Digital Technology has already had on the healthcare industry, and what we should expect next from giving patients more access and control over their own healthcare to enabling new applications of telemedicine to providing the foundation for back end operations, the digital world is playing a critical role in how we manage an access healthcare, and without the pervasive access to network connectivity. None of these advancements would be possible. Five G. Networks will create new opportunities to help consumers and enable new lines of business at the same time. That's a powerful story. In our next episode, join us as we speak with a shook SRINIVASA. The chief data officer of into it as we look at how advanced technologies like a and machine learning will become the underlying infrastructure for industry in the near future. This is been the restless ones production of t mobile for business and iheartradio. No matter what you're after t mobile for businesses here with a network born mobile and built from the ground up for the next wave of innovation from mobile broadband to Iot to workforce, mobility and everything in between t mobile for business is committed to helping innovative decision makers like you move your business forward with the products and services. You need as well as the dedicated award-winning service. Your Business expects from America's most loved wireless company business changing learn more at T. Mobile. FOR BUSINESS DOT COM

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Episode 19 - Tales of the Paranormal - Mike's Stories - Special Halloween Show

Military Paranormal Investigations Podcast

28:02 min | 1 year ago

Episode 19 - Tales of the Paranormal - Mike's Stories - Special Halloween Show

"You're listening to the M. P. I.. Paranormal normal podcast. Where the truth is to be found a podcast exploring all things paranormal hunting? UFO hopes on they are members. Believe in the skeptical approach fought with an open. Mind just trying to make sense of it all and I do take my personal beliefs it today but like eighty seven. I Have Mike Skeptical side the proven another way. I don't really have a say on it right now because I don't know what the video looks like. I'm looking for the evidence. What's the evidence? A story to me is not really evidence because that's one person's experience military. Paranormal investigations is not affiliated to any plans the military still coming to you from north taxes on multiple platforms Bernas of race. Here are your house members the NBA and welcome to military personnel will vest. Gatien's podcast my name is Rob Mike. I'm Alison Dan and I'm Jeff Start by saying we are not affiliated any branch of the military. No but we definitely approve of everyone joining the military and serving and thank you for serving our country. You can find us at our website at military paranoia dot com. You can find us on facebook and you can find UNDIS- on Twitter Alison Youtube. Yes all right. Let's go on Youtube and when you're looking for us on youtube its military paranormal in almost all one word don't space in there because if you do it's going to bring it all everything just tell you want to check for military paranormal. All one word already so what we thought we would do for you. Guys as we're leading up to. Halloween is maybe tell you. Some of the most creeped out or scared times that we got not during investigations to kind of set the tone for the creepy finery usually we know we take things things pretty pretty seriously and we try to do things but not to say that we don't get animated at times though I'm guilty then nerves looking at me of course but there's has been sometimes you know when just kind of that feeling the whole atmosphere the the the setting that you're in whatever it may be it may not be the most scary times ETAP and two other people it may not be the you know the scariest thing that's going on but just at that point in time for us. It was kind of the creepiest times that we had. So we thought we would share this with you guys some. Why don't you go first Mike? Oh Gotcha now let me see. We were trying to get out to go first but all right the one time she speaks alrighty so I think a couple of good experiences and couple. You know I've been you know really animated on and Jeff and I were talking about one before and and But I don't think it was the scariest I've ever been We were doing this house. It was at an undisclosed location. We still can't divulge the side of it just due to some privacy concerns but little bit of the back story on it you know we get called in because they were Some people were saying some figures. Come down the hall. They were seeing some figures in their room they had kind of the creepy factor. That set the tone for it. If you've ever heard or watch the movie fourth the fourth kind When the when they're recording and there's like this alien talk in the background while they had set up a Dvr a digital voice recorder and set it up and And and listen to it at night and I think they were having maybe some night terrors. I'm trying to remember correctly was going on but while this was going while these night terrors were going on there. was this kind of unintelligible. Foreign Language haven't even know how to describe kind of reliable. I love this ad again. This this was with a you know are the It was the one that I even on this one. Yes okay. It was an remember the team that when we went in it was me and Jeremiah that we're on a team but I know it was me and Jeremiah Jeff F you misty else was. It House is a house it was right up the road here Okay oh I know talking about now. Okay yeah okay so it may have been that we had that audio audio recording because that was kinda creepy I mean it was a very unexplainable ADP that was captured while this was going on but I remember we went in and the house was nothing spectacular and I remember the first part of the investigation. I think it was my second time in The first time we went in one of the stories raise was we. We were That the kids that were in this bedroom they would see these figure standing in front of him so we were. I remember. We were laying actually laying in the bed. Kind of like they do at night when they were sleeping. And if you right in front of their bed was they had some posters up like pop star posters or something like that. So have you ever seen those those The optical illusions were you stare at the dot for so along and then you look at another picture and you see the dot so we figured that that's what was going on you stare at these pictures on the wall. 'cause you're scared and you're laying there and you hearing some noises and some some stuff may have been going on legitimate but we were staying at these pictures and then if you turn and look down the hall whenever you would hear this noise your eyes had that retina image burned Bryant of the posters in front of you so we kind of debunked that and I think that the other t you guys had gone in and it was the same time but I believe you guys it came out we'd county and because the cat. That was a cat that was left in the house. WHO's running around but anyway so it was when Jeremiah was with this and we we we had gone in and I would I remember? His Jeremiah was a Previously Ordained Minister He who's kind of our occultist if you will. He had all all the knowledge on on on the dark sciences. And that sort of thing. He's really knowledgeable in that aspect of things and he We were sitting being an China places for you so we were sitting in a rectangular room. it was skinnier looking across for me than it was long. Whenever we looked turn left and right it was kind of a long and then right middle of that room was the hallway? They went down beside the kitchen and the master bedroom's on the left the kitchen was on the right in the the hallway. Away dead ended into like the breakfast nook area is and it was really long. It was like the length of the house this hallway. That kind of went down in in that at the end of that that hall where that table was there was a set of blinds outside. The window was a street light. And you could. You could see the streetlight out. There encounter. See through the blinds. When you'd law the lights off and we would go dark all the lights were off but you can still see that glow through the through the blinds and I remember Jeremiah our sitting there? If you remember when you guys set up you set the record or on the mantle. Yeah an opposite heard get out upon entering the house I mean it was. It was instantaneous. When we riding up we were sitting there and What I remember was it was very uneventful to that point and then all of a sudden is worse in Jeremiah? I was on a couch looking. Why was on the right side of the cavs looking down the hallway? Jeremiah was on the love seat on the less out of the love seat. There was a coffee table in between us but he was off to my left and as we were sitting there the I remember it just we were asking some typical. EDP work questions and everything was going normal and then it was like you turn to the pressure in the room. I mean where US kind of Yuki Kinda I feel and here again I go in your ears and Kinda ears ringing. You kind of felt like the pressure of a headache. Come on and what I remember was it. Is it got dark. I mean it got really really dark and in the light to the blinds went out and if I remember we were talking with ops and opposite acknowledged knowledge. The same thing was going on on the cameras it got really dark and but what I remember is is is again. It was dark but you can still kinda you kind of see through it all but what I remember is a figure like a shadow figure shadow man. If you will. It started coming up the hall. What I remember is it's not like it walks to to me? It would be like it was at the end of the hall and then it was halfway up the hall and then it was like right on top of me and I remember I felt this presence of this. This shadow figure figure kind of standing over me and he kind of stood over me and then it turned and and I could literally see the figure jump between me and Jeremiah and then it was standing over Jeremiah and at this time Jeremiad got an I. I had gotten really quiet and we were kind of like okay and we remember. We started calling to ops. Hey we probably need to come out now but you guys if you remember you guys were like Doc. We need you to go down the hallway. Because y'all were seeing was that the light had gone dark down the hallway right. We had a laser setup and we did read a laser grid and But it was kind of where that happened and so we went down the hallway and then it was just the most forboding sense dance of dread that I remember we walk down the hall and finally Jeremiah was like I. I've got to get out of. I've got to leave. We need to tell them. We're coming out and I'm like I'm with you one hundred percents where we're gone so we called and we came out and you guys came in but I remember. We did our debrief in Germany. German had the same story. This figure came down. The Hallway walked over to me and it walked over to Jeremiah in Jeremiah. said it kind of pulled either on a sliver as leg. I can't remember on his pants or his shirt and kind of pulled on it and then I wish we still had this footage over there was an MVP and it said something to the fact of. You're not the one or you're the one you're you're you're not. The one is what I think it's really was. You're not the one. Yeah and then the figure turned around and left and then that's when canister to come back but at this point in time we were kind of overly overly worked so anyway but German and I had the same story because it you gotta understand how we do things we kind of we try to keep that information separate separate we. We're we're working as a team in but when we come out we do our DB separately so when we tell the story we can bounce information to make sure it's not some destructive acted construct of what the entire story was happening. We want to make sure that that evidences is secure And we also record when you come out of the house at that time. We had the record camera up to where we record as we did. A video interview basically bring on the vendor video debriefs In our story was the exact same thing And I didn't of course e pull on him but does what Jeremiah felt but I remember walking over to him and anyway it was It was quite a quantity we found out after the and after that they were doing mini seances Ouija board work and some things like that. So so my theory on it all along was that you know Jeremiah was a practicing minister. I believe at one time he was ordained in the in And and of course he had studied on this where he kind of knew some things but my theory is it was something bad and then it came. It came to me kind of insignificant -nificant sitting there I was like I was still fairly new at one of my as far as investigate. Yeah and then it went over to Jeremiah and it. I think it was testing him. I think I think it was. You're not the one you're not who's here to stop me and it left. That's that's my theory now again. That's all speculation and in a pure conjecture but that's my theory on kind of what was going on again. We found out later on. They were doing some stuff that they had kept from us and kept out of the interview. Process But it was. It was interesting not mistaken the reason that we went to that one because it had kids involved kids involves yes yes and that was the thing and we kind of debunked the stuff with the remember. They saw like a figure in the shower right. Yeah the bathroom and So anyway I had a lot of things going on with some creep back there. But that's that's probably the cared scared. The you actually scared during that one. That one was a little creepy. Yeah it was again. It wasn't necessarily that there was a figure figure in front of me. I mean again. y'All seen my excitement. That's where I was going. That's where I was gone without. I've seen one where you've been like really excited. You did. Yeah and that we saw you know figure an apparition it wasn't to me. It wasn't necessarily scary. I mean because you were excited for sure. It was a but what what got me at that one. I wish we had the footage though. Yeah what got me. In that one was it was the sense of dread. I mean it was an overwhelming almost like weighing on your heart. That's all the way I know how to describe an and you could feel it in your head like your head was like it was almost like you were experiencing major magnetic like a magnetic field right right that was Kinda on what what I had out of that it was it was this and that's the way Jeremiah t and Jeremiah had been doing this awhile and and this was it was it was I think he it said it was his most frightening time that he had had to Adam I remember the investigation but I didn't have anything in their Thank you were strictly ops. I think I was doing. That's what I was saying. I think I was doing obstacle in the video. I remember you guys. Were calling US trying to get us to stay in and we will yet again. Yeah we got to come out that I was seeing like. Oh I need an investigator in their go stay. I'm pretty well. I think the picture there was a picture down there. Yeah and so then picture and moved and then it got dark and the laser broke. And y'all were trying to get us to go back down there and we're like kind of like when you and I were at right That state park. Yeah coming around and we had that dark miss coming at us and stuff and not in all talk about that. Oh that's your story for one of my my story. You have several as well. Okay Yeah and if we do multiples I have another one. I got to go well. We'll do it on another why this this is yours. Allison shows you. This is yours. This is your one time story that we're going to come in and help you with. And then the next one will be allison's that will come and help her next. We'll all right jeff. We'll have his and then we'll go to Alice's I'm pretty pretty sure she'll say I'll be next. It'll be our last will so the other one I guess would be in our building that we always stuff in and it might be worth storage. Yes yes yes the other one would be. I don't know if you were on this one. I can't remember a few rooms. I was on every single one up there. You're we're one with the with the guy. Yeah so anyway the guy that's a different story nevermind nevermind desk so anyway. We are talking about the same building right okay. So when we had gone up and it was I think it was one of Allison's first occur San investigation instigation with us. Because we did the the camp and then we did this one okay. We're talking about two totally different buildings. I have no clue what building your downtown. Yeah you've done investigation with this downtown at that. Yes it was her Lori and so we we had gone up. I guess I'm unforgettable. Yes so or. I didn't realize that you're with us that long. Because that was like some of the first one like twenty years ago you believe it so so we we we had gone in there and everybody kept thinking. It was allison stomach because he kinda kept coming even from her area. There was this growl it was on whatever that was that wasn't what the creepy factor was. But it just kept happening and we would ask questions and ask questions and then we had a certain an individual that was a guest investigator that was kind of instigating In this growling kept getting more and more intense and it kept coming and I do remember now. Now Yeah Okay Yeah Okay and then what I remember was so it was. I think it was me and you guys were downstairs and I had all these new guys with with right so we were up there. What I remember is this kept going off and then we were in this one particular room and he was dark? The windows knowing this is dark and We were in there in this grou- would go off and then care of saying it was allison stomach and then it changed for my left ear tomorrow ear and I was like I almost feel it behind. Yeah push on me and was growling and I thought this ain't right. I mean we. We've been in that building a lot and we you've had in you. I'm sure you'll know you've had some aggressive stuff. Yeah I don't think what it was was malevolent and like I do in that House that first story house in the first year. That was something bad. I don't know what that was but I really think that was something malevolent but I don't think it was bad but when I can almost feel it like it was kind of pushing and I could hear that growl I thought you access when I called it and I said. Hey we're coming out. You know. We had some other stuff that was going on. Yeah and I was a it was like we gotta come out. There's something we until we figure out what's going on and then if you won't get one of the little well I wanna I wanna add that that because I do remember that very well with it being my second investigation and it freaked me out. I pissed me off because everybody was us a in my stomach and I kept saying it's not my stomach here too and then finally you said you know we gotta go and I was like no because I wanna find out what the noise is and for somebody being a Newbie of investigating needs to understand that you really should have have someone knowledgeable to tell you went to get out because I wanted to stay in there because I didn't hear what you heard in parliament thing was we've been in there a bunch and we've had some great. What I think is a grumpy ghost? And when we talk about four if you're a butthole in real life and this and that you're got to be nice and afterlife but we never had anything malevolent when what what got me was it kept growling and it kept growling rallying and he kept growling. This went on for what ten fifteen minutes and it would happen. Like every fifteen or twenty seconds for like ten or fifteen minutes and I'm like something's got this much energy it in if it's got enough energy to keep trying to manifest in that way and keep trying to manifest in that way that it's in it's interacting with us. It's not some sort of doc right you know reproduction badly. It's something that's it's happening jealous. Intelligent diligent haunt in. Its mad at us for being in there. If it is something bad we need to step back from exactly. Somebody's making it upset. At that time we were. We had a guest with us and he was kind of challenging And and I just I was afraid afraid something was going down right on path and that was why pulled everybody out because something was going on there. That was like we need to back up a little bit anyway. It wasn't the cut everybody short short it just something was like no and that's why we never go in there alone and we always have an experienced one with an less experienced person stuff. That's that's why I don't bag on. TV shows. I really don't but when you send someone in there by themselves curious asking for trouble you really are. If there had been something really malevolent blunt again what you see on TV and in we said this before. I think we have done very very few things that may have had any demonic qualities. Holidays to it. I can think of one or two instances in the ones and stuff. We've done to to to buy. Maybe that one that was talking about and then the other one with the pictures and so I would say three then I would say three because they park. Oh that other voice. uh-huh yeah Maybe that relates back to. Yeah my found that Jeremiah. I'll let you tell your story in a minute. I wasn't with them. I wasn't and neither. Yeah we we. So it'd be like is telling what they heard but yeah I wasn't with them because you and I were together at the jail cell. You have the time you want to. What bill it real quick okay Basically at the one of the state parks that we went to and investigated We had three crews out. Jeff you and I were believe at the old jail or the armory. Yeah I think we're at the armory because there was three other individuals that went outta Outta the believe was Joe Jeremiah. And Sean Sean. Yeah had gone out towards the town because they had the army post there and they were going out towards the town and They heard something like really it. I don't know if it was a grumble or they. They just heard something that was just out of the ordinary and then when they turned around and everything there there's this huge huge buck according to them. Now the reason I say was huge was because you could hear on the audio because back then we care audio equipment with this and you can hear on the DVD or the EDP with them saying. Oh look at that buck. And it was the way they they described it. This huge stag Buck humongous atlas. And they're like Oh man look at that and they didn't hear anything when they're saying that but then when we went back and started reviewing the footage during the that timeframe you can hear inbetween them talking this demonic voice and I remember the name it says it says I am. Tom Is Age Zagan Day. Something when Jeremiah went back and researched it was the horned beasts right the horned beasts a big would would appear as a big horn beast and everything is what the demon would so would them not looking at it they would just think it's a deer and everything but when they looked away was this I am big. I believe it's taken a believe it was I am seeing almost demonic. aww Man all right. I'm done here. Look I sure wished your mind. Was that here. But now he's out enjoying the farm life. If you ever get kitsch facebook and everything. He's enjoying farm life. Big Time farmer now out there up in the north. Oh no I didn't know that. Yeah yeah he's at the big old Harry face and everything l.. Earning he. He's enjoying Pharma but yeah it was just stuff like that. That would be one of the things that I would think would be there and then probably probably your story Because when I tell my story I gotta same thing up there but not saying things you but a little bit more intense. I was stupid. I'll element that going in their loan. How stupid But Yeah I don't really want an investigation that we were just in the building setup when when that yeah yeah we'll go there after after But yeah those would probably be the only diamond. I mean. There was one case that we had were. They thought it was demonic and They'll also be one of my stories as well but turned out that it wasn't but going in there thinking Bennis demonic him back then we we were we had Jeremiah and everything and we. We didn't care what type of case we took. We were GonNa take anything and then going in there to do the RECON and everything Was Probably Pretty intense for me going down there knowing that I was the only one going alone and doing it during during the day looking at all this stuff and I'm thinking I have two hours to ride back here and I'm thinking Oh my God what are we just get into her solace only Ali scratches and stuff and I was like. Oh yeah but I think it I think it was. I am Zagan. Yeah I'll let's L.. Tell me how that went in a minute. And then we're Allison's going so when we do our other okay the auto that night so Yeah like we said what we're going to be doing is just doing little. It'll eighty-one so this will probably be one night so Yeah thanks for listening to Mike Stories and Weren't we're going to get you in on Alison. We're we're we're going to get in on it. Okay so I guess that's about it for deception and then we'll get another zone right. I think so. Don't forget you can find a set. WWW dot military paranormal dot com. You can find us on our facebook and I believe it's like a you know Terry. Paranormal I don't think there's an underscore. Yeah I think you can look up pretty much. Where the only military investigations on their same thing with twitter and then with Youtube be like I said earlier. It'd be all one word. Don't put a underlying or anything like that and you can also so. MLS At contact. NOPE NO PODCAST at military parable DOT com. And if you have if you have your own scary story yeah definitely please let us know get let us know and we'll we can go ahead and record you over the air record you somehow and then put your little story on the air as well. But that's what we're GonNa are we doing. We're going to be leading up to the different Different stories and getting us on Find out exactly what some are most scariest investigations were so. Listen listen to every night. We're going to try and lead up to Halloween for that. All right all right thanks a lot have a good evening happy Halloween. Thank you for listening to the paranormal. podcast this podcast has been brought to you by military paranormal investigations. Hope you we all enjoy the shop. Don't forget to connect with us on facebook twitter and Youtube until next time the truth is to be found.

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June 23, Hr 2  MLB Scout Ed Henderson

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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June 23, Hr 2 MLB Scout Ed Henderson

"This is mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum, only thirteen ten KFI. He. Take a welcome. The wild sign said hunting took a welcome the wild side. Seven eight now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K.. A. Dot com mornings. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto. Collision Specialists, studios, yeah, your chance to take a walk on the wild side in Pueblo. This has the Colorado. State Fair Board is exploring, according to Krld, Oh, what preparations are needed in order to take place? To pour the fair to take place, but ultimately yeah, it is still on the books scheduled to take over the steel city at the end of August all right, so here's. Here's exactly what we know. The Board of authority voted just this past. Tuesday to modify activities to be safe amid guidelines so for the covid nineteen pandemic, not everything will be returning to the fair this year, but several livestock and agricultural events are being considered of course with modifications including the junior livestock showing sale the F. A. Heifer Rangel Katcha calf for H., Horse Show, and the four H. Dot show as well. There were also be a limited carnival now. With fewer food and vendor booths, competitive exhibits will still be virtual. The board said in their news release that was issued last week this point, though the exact modifications well a week ago, still weren't known the State Fair. Board says more information about the activities taking place. Will be announced that some later date. It's almost assured that capacity will indeed be limited and state guidelines say. That with proper precautions approved by the state, counties may allow outdoor venues to operate at a maximum capacity of five hundred people last year, just to compare and contrast what a difference a year makes more than four hundred and forty six thousand people attended across the eleven days of the Colorado State Fair the Colorado, state, fair in we blow, is scheduled for August twenty eighth running through September seventh Scott Stoler, the fares general manager said officials announced the decision last week to inform entertainers who were scheduled to perform and to allow officials to prepare as needed. He went to say in the next two months remaining before the fair. Fair there's still a chance that things might change and will be allowed to do more than we know we can do now. It's kind of the nature of the covid nineteen. Be Straight. It's ever changing will probably scale back more than ninety percent fair, but we do that. Because of the pandemic, we'd be limited that share. Our goal is to come back bigger and better next year. Stoler said the fair has a one million dollars in a reserve fund to offset losses expected this year and next year as well this by the way will mark the Colorado State Fairs One, hundred and forty eighth year with the theme being. A Walk on the wild side seven eleven now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI, K., A. Dot, com, or gale, fueled by Great Western petroleum via. The auto pollution specialists, studios and speaking of affairs, and of course what is among our chief guilty pleasure at any fair. Festival food on the Turkey legs, and the funnel cakes well the Greeley stampede once again. being extremely. Though the Greeley stampede, summer festivities have been canceled this year, but it's not going to stop them or us from enjoying some of our favorites, foodstuffs of the stampede I mean think about it festival food. It's are guilty pleasure. We allow ourselves at least once a year. Well, the Greeley stampede has partnered with local restaurants to bring some of our favorites for us to enjoy in a festival food tour, and for a limited time, participating restaurants will serve the festival food during the originally scheduled time of Greeley, stampede this according to a release from a Kevin McFarland marketing cordray co coordinator with the Greeley stampede by. Participating restaurants will serve as civil food during the originally scheduled time of the stampede of course, June twenty fourth through. July fifth while supplies last now. How does this work well? It's Kinda cool when you purchase. One of the listed items from are participating location. All you need to do is take a picture of the food, little food porn and post it to social media. Yeah, that's the thing using Hashtag. G. S. Festival food, or you can also email it to info at. At Greeley stampede dot org for a chance to win an honor box, venture, forty five cooler, or a two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to American furniture warehouse, so what restaurants are participating and more importantly into the point well, what festival food are they offering? Aunt? Helen's copy house strawberry lemonade dickey's barbecue pit. This is one stop shopping for me, funnel cakes and smoked. Turkey legs there it is in a nutshell, the best of festival food well in my humble opinion. Del Cafe loaded hand cut fries. The dugout Barbecue ray-ban stick. Gourmet Grub Red Velvet Fried Oreos Hall. Jerry, Jay's a chocolate covered. A chice kicked cheesecake. Can stay cows barbecue pulled pork Lewis. Takas Tequila fritters and Tequila lemonade McCarthy's at the Eaten Country Club. The ever so popular Cowboy Burger this has once again. The Greeley stampede, getting creative, getting innovative and providing us well one of our favorite things about the Greeley stampede, and that is that festival food as they announced their festival food tour. Ganz really stampede as you're well aware has been canceled, but these participating restaurants will serve festival food. During the scheduled time of the stampede again June. Twenty twenty-fourth through July fifth while supplies lasts okay. What's your favorite festival food? That's out now. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. You can also drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, seven, fifteen, now thirteen ten Kfi this time check sponsored by carrying heart so healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand. Thousand One. We're patient. Care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi K.. Hey, it's always your turn to comment text cave, k., eight, two, three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now on thirteen ten. KFI K. Calls to de-fund and this band police departments across the country intensify well when we did this story about Denver Public Schools Banning School Resource. From their schools I asked the question. Is this just the beginning? We can only hope it's not the case. Seven twenty, two, now thirteen ten K. up, K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings, but gail fueled by Great Western, petroleum, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios, but now. The Putin's School District Board is going to vote on school resource officer contracts today. What is your take on that? As this increasingly negative narrative has taken hold despite all of the vetted studies that we have seen when you look at the tens of millions of police interactions across the country that debunks of this systemic racism narrative. What are we teaching? Our kids by taking school resource officers from law enforcement out of the school. We've talked to so many experts that say. This is a great learning opportunity. It's a great teachable moment to perhaps well debunk some of the falsehoods that children have heard about lawn first forcement because. They actually get the chance to interact up close and personal with these school resource officers see them as people and form relationships with them, which only I think, generation generational only strengthens that entire concept of community policing, because you can't have community policing if you don't have the community participating, so why not start when they're young? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at a three, one, nine, nine six. Do you support this move? Removing Police officers a school resource officers from our schools, so yeah the Porter School? District Board of Education will decide today whether or not to keep to keep school resource officers in district schools for twenty, twenty, one, according to a piece by Sarah Kyle out of Fort Collins Colorado and now apparently, the decision was originally set for June ninth. This was a day after hundreds of students rallied outside district headquarters, and ask the district not to renew its contract with Fort Collins Police, claiming that students of color are quote disproportionately referred to law enforcement. Of course, the students protest echoed that national call to fund police following unrest over police violence. Including the heinous killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota now following the students protests the Porter School District Board delayed its votes citing a need for more information in a motion to delay the votes. Board member Rob Patterson asked PSG administration to come back with a recommendation for a plan for Discipline, procedures and interactions of all students with those school resource officers course SRO's. Particularly, students of color for the twenty twenty one year. The recommendation must include robust engagement with our communities of color. Most students in parents on their experiences with discipline and with SRO's pederson said. Fort Collins Police Services and Larimer County Sheriff's office have provided resource offices. Officers at select put her school district schools since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, this, according to. Documents for Collins Police. S are located at each comprehensive high school and middle. School within Fort Collins Larimer County deputies are located at cashless booter and Wellington metal schools. Timoth police began providing SRO's at timoth and Beth key elementary schools in two thousand, nineteen, now accord according to the board's meeting agenda Superintendent Sandra's misers recommendation. We'll good for her is to renew the. Contracts, with Fort Collins, Police Services Larimer County sheriff's Office and the town of Tin Mouth Timoth, which in total will cost the district just over one million. Smicer said in a statement to the Colorado, and this is only the start of what I expect to be a long ending gauging community discussion, certainly a conversation we're having, but my concern is the emotional knee jerk response in a time of social unrest. I'm grateful to our students, staff families and community stakeholders for speaking up. She said and I asked that they remain engaged partners as we move toward actions that ensure educational equity in our schools now the district covers half the pay for officers placed in district schools. The agency or municipality covers the other half. If the board approves next year's contracts, the district will pay about eight hundred forty four thousand dollars. Excuse me to Fort Collins Police Services for half the cost of eleven, officers, two corporals and one sergeant, working two hundred and twenty days about one hundred seventy two thousand two larimer county sheriff's office, for half the cost of to ski school, Resource, officers a school resource office supervisor to patrol vehicles, a supervisor vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for one hundred ninety two working days about twelve thousand nine hundred dollars to the town of Timoth for half the cost of one school resource officer, one patrol, vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for two hours per day for one hundred and eighty two days Tuesday the. This afternoon's board meeting willing pood- a presentation with the opportunity for discussion on how the SRO program operates this according to the Board Agenda Staff will also present a plan for community agenda again. The Poorer School District Board of Education. Meeting will begin at three PM today. The meeting will be held virtually. It can be viewed live on the district's a youtube page P. S., D.. On demand but your thoughts this morning. Should police officers school resource officers be banned from our school. Be careful the message you send nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text down thirteen ten K. UP CIA text line at a three, one, nine, nine, six, well, some good news at least as far as the markets go. Could covid nineteen and the bull market actually. we'll get the answer. Heath wind bending presidential wealth management ways in in just a few best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi, k., catch me Dan, Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K. Koa. And we're ready to watch you play a major league baseball. Some forty, two now thirteen ten K., thirteen, ten KFI A dot, com, or gale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Okay. Kinda interesting Major League Baseball plans to hold a sixty game season that will begin around July twenty fourth. Who but there are some conditions I needs players to sign off on a health and safety protocol and to pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July first to prepare for the season this as the owners. Exerted Their Authority. By announcing implementing a sixty game season on Monday, this is hours after the players. Association rejected a sixty game proposal that would have included and expanded post-season other well salary bumps joined this morning by Ed Henderson Major League Baseball Scout. Friend of all idol of many and eight fifty Koa's baseball insider a add. Good Morning Gail, how are you I? Am Great Hope Springs Eternal I am actually wearing my Pittsburgh pirates shirt. Talk I had tickets to see them play the Rockies, and was looking forward to seeing you there, but ain't. NOPE didn't happen. That that that damn virus. Damn virus gotTA. You know exactly exactly all right. So, what does this look like because I'm hearing that this is going to go nowhere fast and just end up in court. Well, I think there's a very good chance of that, Gail. The reality of of the exchanges and the interaction between Major League Major. League, baseball, ownership and the players association historically is not going well, and you know these situations have led to some huge disputes and work stoppages and things of the sort over the years. obviously what what lies in the background here is that there's a collective bargaining agreement that comes into effect I think the current one expires I think it's on or about December first of next year, but I think some of the posturing and some of the noise that we're hearing right now about this proposed agreement. Really kind of focuses on what's coming down the road and I think the players are very leery of painting themselves into a corner here and I think that leads into. Whether or not we go anywhere with this because as you mentioned, and you gave a very good analysis on very good synopsis on a gale that you know. Did the players have to or they don't have to, but Major League Baseball ownership has requested that by five PM. Eastern time today. the association. Advise them as to whether or not they will accept those conditions, and you know the first one is challenging enough, can you? Can you have all your staff here? Can you be ready to go July first now? You could argue well, guys. You've had three or four months to get prepared for this, but as we know with with the virus being what it's been. we've been in an unprecedented more waters here for a long time and I think there's so much unknown about it. Gail that I think. There's going to be questions as to whether or not taking get that done in seven days, but I think the bigger part of it and I think what may be the stumbling block to this whole situation. Is that protocol that you referred to? And and I don't blame the players one bit for wanting to protect themselves, but I also realized that. If somebody doesn't you know. Bite the bullet here and move forward with this. The entire season's going to be lost and I think fans are GonNa certainly react negatively to that. Both owners and players in twenty twenty one, and beyond so I don't think Major League and I've talked to a number major league people over the last few weeks scale I don't think you know either. The commissioners owners side of the table where the players side of the table wants to be the one labeled as being the group that stuttle baseball in twenty twenty, so let's hope they can get something done today. Well and from a public relations standpoint, and you reference says head. This would be an absolute nightmare because I mean it's costly when you take me out to the ballgame, a and the bottom line is yes, we are in uncharted unprecedented waters, so many people are struggling on so many levels financially and psychologically as a result of all the lockdowns and the closures and everything else that has accompanied the pandemic and here they're squabbling about. Money money. I can't help but think that does not bode well in terms of how they are perceived when so many people have lost their jobs and might not ever recover them. Yeah I totally agree with you Gail I. Think you know when you when you've got folks out there and I? Know some of your listeners. Unfortunately, that were that are listening to this. Show right now are probably gone through this and. The reality is that this has been a really rough time you look at. It was a great economy. You know one hundred and twenty days ago and then all of this takes place. yeah, I think if I was somebody that was out of work right now. struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table and take care of my family, and I've got millionaires and multimillionaires fighting amongst themselves over this exactly I'm GonNa have a hard time. Hard time dealing with that and so careful, be careful the messages you sent absolutely, and you know, and I think people understand and have understood over the last few weeks. This is a complicated process. This is not easy. This is not your your standard. If you will contract between players and owners. That's not what this is. This is coming at a time when you're seeing other sports struggling, you're seeing other sports that are that are trying to get off the ground going through some of these same issues. You've got players at the professional and college level testing positive for this covert virus almost every day. And spikes around the country right now. I I I there is legitimate reason for for players and their families, their representatives to be concerned about this, and and that's why I think that this is you know and I have been you and I talked about it the other day I have said all along that I really question whether or not we're going to have baseball and twenty twenty. Because historically these negotiations have been so difficult. They're the only thing you're guaranteed is they're going to be nasty and they're going to be lengthy and both have taken place year. I mean these these talks have been going on now since legitimately back in April and May so. It's tough well. Let's let's look at the glass half full all right. Let's just kind of project that perhaps they'll. They'll find something. They can agree on that. All the acrimony in the belly bumping will be put aside. Yeah, I can dream right. Fans. That's another big question I I know. I talked to somebody with Iraqis probably six weeks ago. and they were saying that they would be that that day. The rockies would be playing in front of fans in twenty twenty. Now that for me is really a hard for me to understand, and it's hard for me to understand it now you add a whole other dynamic to the whole equation. When you introduced fancy into the picture and obviously fans, some fans would would wanNA come out. Probably some fans would not. They would be fearful of you know potentially being exposed to the virus and so forth but. I haven't seen anything yet. That specifically defines whether or not fans are going to be part of this, but I think initially at the very least hands would be excluded and I think these games would be played in front of a television audience, and not necessarily not necessarily at a home ballpark. For example, the rockies might be planned, but it may not be course fielder in a ballpark that we've seen previously during the radio focused, and some of the earlier discussions right right exactly, and and you've seen unfortunately to the states right now. Gale that are reporting spikes in coronavirus are where. Arizona and Florida so I. Mean you know it makes it hard for for folks to You know to navigate through this and I know this has been confusing because I. Mean I've been studying this thing for for months now, and it's confusing to me and I've been around the game a long time so absolutely. I think for for a lot of folks. I think. It was hard to and and I'm I'm going to take a shot at the commissioner here for a minute if I may. You know about ten days ago. He came out with a statement guaranteeing that they would be playing baseball in two thousand and twenty. Can you guarantee that? You can't force players and owners to to force them into an agreement that that just is not reasonable to expect. That was an ago sheeting tactic I think it was to. Buy think that's exactly right. Terrance but. He as you said, he crashed and burned less than a week later. He's saying well. You know not sure we're going to have baseball this year. Well, which is it? You know you guaranteed a week ago? I mean you know and so without and again there's confusion around this because there are so many variables that are that are known not known about this this virus and and the contamination go that goes along with it so from my standpoint. I think the best thing for both sides due to do, and I would have suggested it to them all along as shut the hell up until you have something meaningful to say. Right. Something meaningful to say and then come out and make an announcement about that or if you've reached a point where they legitimately cannot come to an agreement in twenty twenty. Be Honest with people. Tell him that. And that same principle applies to all the conflicting messages. We've gotten about covid nineteen, but that's a whole week's worth. The talk shows Ed Henderson Major. LEAGUE BASEBALL SCOUTS STILL MINNESOTA TWINS yes. Still working for the twins at least At least it's point when we started this call Gail. About the commissioner that may be true, but Date, we'll get an update from equal take. Absolutely I'll be your PR. And a pleasure as always stay well, and we'll catch up again soon. Yeah, I, think again just real quick to to put a cap on this five o'clock eastern time today. Three Denver Time reality is that you know we should know something by then and Let's hope for some good news. I think we're all due for some. Absolutely we could certainly use some Ed Henderson friend of all I'd love many. Koa Baseball Insider Major League Baseball Scout. It's great to catch up with you. Gail been a pleasure, take care seven, fifty, four, now, thirteen ten KFI. K, thirteen ten am carry a preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan. Patrick show the whole show. The herd with Colin Cowherd Oland Thirteen Ten K., K. Seven, fifty nine, thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI, Tae Dot com mornings with fueled by Great Western Petroleum loveline Paul's. This is the city of London's high speed, Internet and voice provider announced residential service plans last Thursday love Linders. You need to know what to expect. When we chat with Joe Bernas Ski Loveland Water and Power Director at eight. Oh, five thirteen ten KFI K., A. Greeley Loveland, Longmont, poor collins, closing in on eight o'clock Wpro sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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408- Valley of the Fallen

99% Invisible

35:00 min | 9 months ago

408- Valley of the Fallen

"This is ninety nine percent invisible. I'm Roman, Mars. About an hour north west of Madrid, an enormous stone crucifix rises five hundred feet out of a rocky mountaintop. It's so big you can see it from miles away beneath across. There's a sprawling Benedictine monastery, and a basilica carved out of the mountain. This place is called the valley of the fallen, and it's likely the most controversial monument in Spain, the valley, synonymous with Francisco Franco the general who ruled Spain from the end of its bloody civil war in one thousand nine. Nine hundred eighty nine until his death in nineteen, seventy five. That's reporter Jennifer Omani. When Franco died, he became the valley's most notorious inhabitant. His body was buried under a huge stone slab, but as the decades passed after his death anger about the monument grew people began to push for the removal of Franco's Bonnie. They argued there was no place in a democracy for a monument exalting a man who had tortured and killed thousands of Spaniards in the name of fascism. And then in October of twenty nineteen. Now the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died forty four years ago today his remains were moved from the Valley of the fallen. Franco's body was disinterred coffin packed into a helicopter and then flown to a graveyard on the outskirts of the city to be reburied. Next to his. Wife and as you can see from here, there were some protests. Despite his torturing and murdering Franco's still has fans in Spain. Him as the emblem of a traditional Spanish Catholic life in some actually like his fascist ideology, and would like to see make a comeback, and so when his body was removed, hundreds of his supporters gathered at the new cemetry, two-wheeled swastikas and Franco era flags, and to perform the fascist salute in his honor. On your. Goal is I. Don't vice not. Ivy Your Song. Yourself artists. One into protesters told me she'd live. In nineteen years under Franco and that Spain was a marvelous country back then, but I'm Christmas was. INVITED NOT GONNA. Dakota She said the dictators spirit would always be into valley and in her heart. Even, if you're not familiar with Franco, this story might sound familiar to you. You cut your fascist. You got your anti-fascists and there's this monument honoring a very bad man from the past that people are arguing about, but this story is different, because the valley of the fallen isn't just a monument, it is also a mass grave. There are tens of thousands of other bodies still trapped in the basilica beneath West Franco used to lie. Many were ordinary civilians killed by Franco security forces during the height of the civil war. And for years, their families have been trying to get them out. The story of the Valley of the fallen can be traced all the way back to the mid nineteen thirties when Spain found itself torn in two different political directions. That public. Anaemia Benita. The beautiful. Joyful demonstrations throughout Spanish greeter the proclamation of Republic. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six, the country was in New Democracy. Just a few years removed from monarchy when a group of left-wing anti-clerical Republicans when the elections. This horrified the right wing Catholics in the country. That included Francisco. Franco a general in the Spanish army. After the Election Franko banded together with other right wing military leaders to carry out a coup. They believed they were on a divine crusade what began as a military coup. At almost three years of civil war. The right winger is gradually seized control. Of Spain, their death squads rounded up suspected leftists, and then paraded them through villages and shot them for both sides. Political opponents became enemies. To be hunted down. And killed. All. In Khuda is still good LMS Still this specific African Hanya. Grandfather Manuel and great uncle Antonio were among Franco's victims. When I met her. She showed me photos of them as handsome young men back in the night's low thirties. Manuel worked as village Vet Caring for the animals of local farmers. His within Idaho. Others hunting values the his brother Antonio was an ironworker. Both men had supported leftist who won the elections I'm both had joined the union making them targets for the right wing nationalists. Manuel was working in the field one day in July, nineteen, thirty six, when a group of Franco's men rolled up in a truck. BUSHELL got milk. What TV. Go here me, grab perfect Afghans grandfather and the other workers and took them to a nearby jail. Immune. Talk. Will you are? To Lena. In. Her grandfather was killed and left in a ditch. Her great uncle was murdered a few months later. Over the years word spread through the village ravine, women well was killed, was filling up with bodies, but it would take a long time for the family to find out exactly what happened. And they weren't. The only ones left without answers. Something somewhere was playing out for families across the country that Spanish civil war. I? Am these the passions of centers of hatred. Kidding was restrained. By Nine, thousand, thirty nine, the civil war was over in Spain was in ruins. At least four hundred thousand people had died. Have them were civilians who face torture SAS, nation, and the unexplained disappearances of their family, members and Network of mass graves now Scott Spanish landscape. Some contained thousands of bodies. It's estimated that Spain still has a hundred fourteen thousand missing people dating back to that time. But bring wasn't interested in what happened to the bodies of his enemies, at least not at first he was busy, consolidating his power as the great superpowers of the world upsides and World War Two. He decided not to fight focusing his energies on fully crushing his opposition at home. Run. Official Declaration Generalissimo Francisco Franco states that his government will not join the German Italian Japanese. Alliance against Communism. But he says that he will extirpate communism in Spain. Your country now, single political party and protest was effectively banned. Franco known as El Cow. The supreme leader. And in a very savvy move, he continued to cultivate the backing of the Catholic Church. Franco was not particularly religious. But he adopted the idea very cleverly. The war effort was a religious crusade. This is Paul Preston he's one of leading scholars of the Spanish civil war and Franco's regime. On guaranteed him. The support of the Catholic Church internationally, which meant Franco could operate with relative impunity. He went about taking away. Many of the rights that Spaniards had gained during the nineteen, Thirties. Women for example lost the right to divorce their husbands and have abortions, and they could no longer work outside the home without permission. Men On the other hand could kill their wives for adultery. The government banned regional languages like Basque and Catalan the church ruled over every aspect of most Spaniards lives the ideas of frank who is being pumped out. From Church pulpits they'd be pumped out. In School for the people who had principle Nelson's deposit traco basically. Either accept these ideas or go into what we call in exile. To go into a world of silence, and now that Franco had gained absolute power over the country, he wanted a monument to immortalize his great triumph eight days to be for him, what the Pyramids was the Faeroe. Franco, commissioned the value of the full in in one, thousand, nine, hundred forty, the building he said would rival the grungy of ancient monuments, and then because he was Franco, he went about building the monument in the most fascist way possible relying on the forced labor of his political prisoners, the three camps where control of by brigade of the city guards. We were counted every three hours to make sure that nobody has escape. Is Nicola. Alabama. Back in the nineteen forties, he was a college student in Madrid and he got involved in anti-franco organizing. Getting cool handing out pro democracy pamphlets. Nicholas was sentenced to what at the Valley of the fallen. Asleep in Enviro virus. An Seven rage. Supposed to be working. Because of losses, university education he was put to work in the office, shuffling papers around for prison officials and filling in forms, but as he walked to and from his barracks each day he saw men carving rock on pitiful rations of food and working with dynamite without protection very. Harsh words. Of. Some people that were kid. The construction of the Valley of the fallen took an enormous human toll. An estimated forty thousand prisoners worked on the project. Some died from exhaustion. Others inhale pulverized granite I'm were killed by lung diseases many years later. Franco had initially conceived of the Valley of the fallen as gravesite, much less a mass grave, but it would become one thanks to Franco's twisted response to pressure from one of Spain's main allies. The Americans relied on Spain as one of European partners during the Cold War. And when they heard about Franco's plans for the valley of the fallen. They started to get nervous. The monument was shaping up to be pretty confrontational and divisive. The Americans hoped Franko would dial it back a bit to make it. A place that memorialized the country's war dead, not just the Catholic Crusaders. And so frankly declared the valley of the fallen to be a place of reconciliation, a place where the dead for both sides of the civil war would be laid to rest. But then once again Franklin about making that happen. In the most fascist way possible wasn't the sparkling though put. A. To. View on what if he caffeine Lithuania says that Franco ordered his people to bring him bodies from mass graves and seven trees all over Spain. They dug the bodies up without permission and jumbled them together in boxes in those most. Of Your Movie Caucus on which in Breaststoke, Then, they drove them to the valley when they were buried in the crypt near the basilica. Finally completed. Valley open to the public in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine. Nearly two decades later when Franco finally died of heart failure, he too was buried at the valley, the fallen, he was laid to rest in grand basilica above the bodies of the Spaniards he had tortured killed, and then reburied in a mass grave, where their families couldn't find them, and we've Franco on Spain suddenly confronted in you future without L. Cardio. Look tragic died. We very happy to get rid of him. We would expect that. The freezer full of from. The three years between Franco's death, and the signing of a new constitution became known as the transition, the country move from fascist dictatorship to multi-party democracy and starting in the late nineteen seventies Spain. Finally got to do what the US Britain. And France had done more than a decade before they got to have fun. A new revolutionary movements sprang up in Madrid. became known as Lambada Melania. Vida has consumed Madrid. Transforming the capital into Europe's new moveable feast. Suddenly sponges a drink dance. have sex outside of marriage and make music about it. The transition seemed to have ushered in New Spain. But the elation felt after Franco's death was temporary. It's only. Several years that you realize that. New Democracy as solve all the problems that were brought by the date. For one thing that were reminders of dictatorship everywhere that were statues of Franco onus collaborators in central plazas all over the country. His name was on street signs. Of course, the Valley of the fallen served as a colossal reminder. How can you have? The she and the same. The huge volume. To the glory of dictatorship. Billed by by political prisons. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to fully addressing what had happened to the country under Franco was an agreement that became known as the back though they'll all be though the pact of forgetting. BLOOMINGTON. The Puerto. Rico, the doors, but at all. As one politician said the pact would be an amnesty for everyone agreed to by everyone. At the heart of the pact of forgetting was legal forgiveness for all Ranko era crimes. It was a deal agreed to buy parties on the right in the left. It was a mess of compromise. The whole process of transition democracy was transaction. It was a deal negotiation hall press. Alteration Compromise sacrifice was the league chance of getting even a glimmer of democracy. So, that's the context. The left agreed to the pact because they wanted that political prisoners freed political parties legalized. They wanted to be able to live in this new democracy without fear of being tortured or murdered. His time went on. They had to grapple with the fact that the amnesty applied to people on the right to. Vocal could ellen and Can ls was a left wing activist back the late seventy s when the of forgetting went into effect. Then! His father had disappeared during the civil war when Fausto was just two years old, and he says that instead of making sure people on the left wouldn't be persecuted for their political views. The Amnesty Law was primarily used to shield those on the right could killed civilians. With The they bundle. Look at the end of the. Moraga here, but he. reveled them did. Faustus says when he realized what had happened. He put his head in his hands. He felt he'd been tricked. The pact created a culture of silence around the atrocities Spain's Pasta. It suppressed conversations about the killing of civilians during the civil war, and the long years of repression that followed the pact basically said. Let's just not talk about what happened. Let's move forward instead. An as for the valley of the fallen, it became something like a shrine to Franko Fascist would visit it from all over Europe to pay their respects and would mark his death with flowers every year. Franko was remembered even as the pact ensured that his crimes were slowly forgotten and raced. People like Purificacion. The packages just didn't work. It was impossible to move forward without knowing exactly what happened to her relatives. As time went on her family and many others. Began to resist the taboo against speaking up. They began to talk about what they've been through. For note by New Okay No. Record number. Two I. Put if he on says that during the nineteen eighty s discussions that had long been kept quiet, started to come out into the open I give. King located king. School today. And, even if people didn't want to listen. At least it was no longer unthinkable for families of victims to make that grievances known. And his family's began to talk more about what happened to them. They also started to organize around an important goal. They wanted to find the bodies. They're missing. Family members that ended up in the mass graves around the country. and. They weren't going to wait for the government to give them permission. They began hiring forensic specialists and eulogists to help him find and dig up the bodies themselves. Yet. Those much either understand or the man that wiscon- Selah. Teams neath again and. Capi works for an organization called Abgal it carries out private. For families who want to find them murdered relatives Porno Pushtun. Dollars has mcgann showed me around the headquarters. The will of boxes. And ask what they contained. told me that inside with skeletons. Some broken into pieces by torture, and the years spent underground. Now waiting to be washed and identified. He allows. I asked him how families typically react to seeing these broken bodies emerge from the ground. After waiting for answers for so long. Just spending levels. The last one from me that it broken. Dig Digging started on this damn. It's everything. He says most especially when they spent years trying to learn loved ones were buried. Having a real funeral makes a huge difference to people joked in bull not lower turns up. For a long time, the work of people like Miguel happened below the radar, and without support from the state, but then in two thousand seven, a new law went into effect. The gave a boost these efforts to uncover the crimes of the past. The new law was called the historical memory law, and it broke the pact of forgetting for the first time victims of Franco era crimes received official recognition. The law called for the removal of Franco symbols from public places and lots of new money flow to the exclamation efforts happening at mass grave sites across the country. But if you got your Panya and her family sees chance. They contacted Edwato round for a human rights lawyer who was helping to investigate crimes dating back to the Franco. ERA Eduardo started looking into the case of perfect athlons, grandfather and great uncle. You'll remember the all that does. Is The all commercial who? Bothers a wonderful deal. And it's the forces. You know standard. He learned the perfect Afghans. Relatives were not in a mass grave near the town where they'd been killed. Instead they were among the bodies that had been moved to the valley of the fallen before it opened in Nineteen fifty-nine. They've been jumbled together inboxes with other remains, and then transferred into the crypts of the basilica when reburied their names had not been written down and Purificacion. Family wasn't the only one hearing this. All told around thirty three thousand bodies had been reburied at the monument. Little. Moved minnows. Get your periphery on eventually banded together with more than thirty families, they filed a series of legal complaints that wound their way through regional national and European courts over the course of many years, but if you you spend enough at the new all been. And then in twenty eleven, government asked a panel of experts to consider the future of the Valley of the fallen. Expenditure Signal Gobierno. Peres to. By either separate. Recommended that Franco's body be removed from the valley. Small victory for those Long said that the valley was a monument to fascism with Franco's body moved to another cemetery. At least the fascist pilgrimages would stop. But the panel also said that identifying and removing tens of thousands of other bodies was not practical. Put if he catherine was once again denied the chance she'd hoped for doping It's been so many his. She says the date would. She laments the fact that her father is ninety five years old and has lost his memory. He'll never know what happened to his own father. Anybody at Boston. And this is true for thousands of Spaniards of all those buried in the valley, twenty one thousand could be identified. The other twelve thousand people remain nameless. The only thing known is where their bodies came from in Spain offering a small sliver of hope for families, still searching for their loved ones. The efforts to address baynes fascist past remain patchwork, not just at the valley of the fallen, but across the country there still Franco era statues and street signs, and recently more insidious reminders of the dictatorship have been reemerging in the country, a new far right party known as vox one seats in parliament last year. That's Logan. Ferre SPAGNA grandee or Travis. Makes Spring great again? Fox would never actually claimed be fascist, but policies aligned with what Franken represented. They want a border war with Morocco. They want to take away the power held by Spain's regions in favor of national unity. They would deport all documented migrants, and they're totally opposed to agenda violence law that would tackle Spain's shamefully high levels of domestic violence. The rapid rise has been driven by instagram memes and youtube videos. A recent election spot showed the party's leader Santiago of a skull, striding through Castilian landscape, and talking about honoring national pride in about refusing to live among traders. But. They will be for me what? Can I get. But. I can okay Anouk Anil. Box on a bench, which attract a lot of young people who have never voted before and many of them. Don't even know who Franko is. In a lot of ways, the pact of forgetting actually worked reason. History isn't taught in Spanish school, which means that young people are more susceptible to Fox's appeal. They don't understand the party's connection to Spain's bloody history. Fausto Canal less the left wing activist. says. His own father is believed to be in the Valley of the fallen. But every attempt to get him out has been blocked. Off The living with the pain of his father's murder, his entire life. Fausto has watched Fox's rise with increasing dom. Pays the lower motor. It'll be that all Grow. TV Oh, he says Spain is the country of Amnesia. So much tragedy. A genocide has been forgotten. After, Franco's body was removed from the valley. Vox accused the government of using the exclamation to score political points ahead of an election, drowning out the calls from families to take their own loved ones out of the monument. Meanwhile Pro Franco protesters gathered at the valley and Sang Spain's old national anthem, which is peppered with fascist lyrics. The anthem was retired after Franco died in favor of a wordless melody. You just not along team. But now they're singing the lyrics again. But then is now divided on what the future of the valley should be. The government has been spending a lot of money to to be in good shape the. Stomach. Now that I'm more. Once all the bodies out. Mykonos would leave nature to take its course. Just let the monument fall down. The only pro- river! Nature Works. That works progress slowly, but if they got the on, says the most important thing is to get the rest of the Bundy's Alad Valley, not just Franco's. Ugly. Up to. This getting. As she knows either says what I want is every family with mud victims in the valley of the fallen? In ditches. I want them to dig up. All of these people buried all over Spain. Because! Spain is a mass grave. My idea would be to zoom them all and for them to be given back to the families. And dignified with burials cemeteries where they should be. The story of what really happened should be known and taught in schools so that everyone knows the real history of what happened. In two, thousand sixteen, a judge ordered an exclamation, put a seal family members. It was the first and only time that had happened in Spain. But it still hasn't been carried out. But if it caffeine and Fausto would told the with Franco's body gone. This might be the year. Wall the not getting their hopes up. It's true that in Spain. The dead have a way of surprising living. Coming up after the break Nicolas Sanchez Alber Nas the student who is sentenced to work at the Valley Lynn well. He eventually escaped, and the story of how that happened. Is Pretty Wild? Stay with us. So as a reminder, Nikola Sanchez Bernas was the student who is imprisoned at the Valley of the fallen for a few months during its construction eight into do hard labor. He worked in an office job there, but it was an awful place, and a lot of prisoners tried to escape. It's estimated. There are fifty attempted escapes between nineteen, forty and nineteen, fifty nine, but the only. To escape the succeeded, those of my friends and Mesa, the rest were caught and how Nikolas did. It is pretty crazy stories. We want to bring back Jennifer Omani to tell us a bit more and so Jennifer. Tell us what happened with this escape. So to begin with there were a few things that made escaping from the Valley of the full in difficult, the valley wasn't actually really heavily guarded, but it was set very deep in a forest, and if anybody managed to walk out, they get picked up as soon as they go to the nearest road. And in Spain at that time, the roads were really heavily policed and Spaniards needed special permission to just travel around the country. So if an escaped prisoner even made it out to the road, there was little chance. They be able to make it any further. Because of all the guards, it would be very difficult so Nicholas understood that context on he reached out to a a good friend of his architect who drafted him some fake travel permits and the next thing Nicholas did was write a letter, some of his friends who exiled in Paris and he asked them if they could help him get out of the valley. And those friends just happen to be connected to Norman Mailer. The author. I mean, was he? was He already famous at this point? Yeah, this was just before his debut novel came out. See wasn't quite famous yet, but he was just on the cusp of it, and he was one of a number of rights is in office from the US who got very interested in the anti-fascist Movement in Europe. Just, goes back. To our infancy in our child. We were always told how to live. We'll do this. Don't do that no! No yes, you do that. No, you may not do that. That's very norman mailer. Take on fascism. How did he get connected to nick losses? Friend, well according to Nikolas, apparently male was on holiday in France, and he'd had a chance encounter with his friends. Mayland mention he be going back to the US quite soon that he bought a car and he was trying to get rid of it before he left. For said. You. And, he said well. Give it to your, but. I also will give you my sister to drive. So, that would be mailers sister Barbara, who had also been in France and she was also interested in the anti-fascist movement, and she began corresponding with Nicholas via his friends. They route less back and forth, and eventually they agreed on a day in time when she'd come to the valley in Manila's call driven by one of Nicholas's friends to take him away. Sounds kind of surprisingly easy. Yeah, so the the fact. The Barber was an American and the they were in a call in a strange way. -ympia aroused much less suspicion. It's seems like the benefits of being American in that situation. Yeah, well this time. Almost any foreigner really had a set amount of in that respect, so on the appointed date Nicholas and a friend of his from university, who was also jailed for per democracy activities, snuck out of his barracks and found barbro waiting for them with the mutual friends. They were parked in front of the monument. Is just like sitting outside the beep couple times they come run. Yes according to how he tells it, he. The, fellow prisoner hopped into the car, and then Barbara drove them to know these in Spain and drop them at the border with fronts. then there was a hard part. Nicholas had to hike with his friend The pyramid mountains for three days walking only at night and hiding out sleeping during the day to avoid police, they were trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I'm finally on the third day. They saw road sign written in French. Who is Britain and France Foden all freshmen? We've along with Spanish. That, we began to talk with him, he said. Savior in France. Is it typical for people fleeing Franco's Spain to go into France seeking safety where lots of people hiking to the needs, just as Nicholas do well, Nicholas was following re established by hundreds of thousands of political refugees actually when the Republican forces lost their last battle to Franco's nationalist army in one, thousand, nine, thirty nine, so at that time, men, women and children made their way into France through the mountains, but by the time Nicholas made that journey. It was a lot less common. Spain wasn't a totally closed country like North Korea, but he was a fugitive, so it was a bit different him, and so would it make laws do once? He got into France. Well as any of US would I guess. He got in touch with his family and his father, a diplomat who was in exile, for his own safety told him to come to Argentina, so necas flew out and reunited with his family there. and. He wouldn't return to Spain until Franco's death. This is a cool story. All Right? Thanks so much Jennifer appreciate it excellent Roman. Ninety nine percent invisible was produced this week by Jennifer money and edited by senior producer Delaney Hall mixed by Brian Barnes Music by Sean. Riyal crooked is the digital director of the rest of the team is Vivian Lay, crisper Ruby. Joe Rosenberg and Fitzgerald Katie Mingle, Abby Madan Sophia, class car and me Roman Mars. We are project and ninety one point seven Klw in San Francisco and produced on radio row, which is now distributed in multiple locations around North America, but in our hearts will always be in beautiful downtown Oakland California. We are proud member of Radio Topi from PRI. Separately independent collective of the most innovative listener supported one hundred percent artist own podcast in the world. Find, mall and Radio TOPI DOT FM. You can tweet at me at Roman, Mars, and the show at nine nine Pi, oric on instagram and read it to. You can find out how preorder ninety nine percent invisible book that we announced last week and ninety nine P I dot org slash book, and for all your other ninety nine I need look no further, deny dot org. Radio to. X.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Spain Franco West Franco Franko Fascist Madrid Nicholas Europe US Fausto France Purificacion Jennifer Omani Spanish army New Spain caffeine Benedictine monastery Francisco
Hen Quarter Dublin Pt 2

Dollar Saving Divas

27:31 min | 2 years ago

Hen Quarter Dublin Pt 2

"Hen quarter part to Leslie. And I are having a ball. Stay tuned. We've heard from our listeners that it can be that difficult to leave a rating and review for our podcast, and I tunes. So here's a painless way to do it. Go to please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas for an easy. Step by step tutorial to follow. That's WWW. Please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas reviewing and rating our podcast teens helps us in so many ways and more importantly, we get your feedback on what you like about the podcast. Thanks for being a listener in subscriber and going to police review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas. Okay. Ron this is your second one. With us. Tired of us yet know you. Really close. But not yet. All right. Minutes. That's just fine continue drinking cocktails, and then we'll be done. And we have us today. One of your chefs, how many chefs you have here to coexists to co exacts. And then I know where no talk about wind today, and you have some years that Rome on the fluids. So we have to psalms actually Alison our general manager is my son that I had certified and then we just hired a new some Kennedy. I'm not sure Kennedy's last name is yet. Is she she's really knew like she just started yesterday was for some matter. So she's a level Tucson. So she's got even more extensive wind knowledge than so that's like that's almost like a black belt at the second degree. In some world. So you've got your intro som-? You've got your introductory course song, which is your second level. And then you've got your van psalm? And then you've got your master song, which only two hundred nine master psalms in the entire world. So yeah, but and you have you have I'm just sitting in this room. And I'm looking at, you know, lots of wine bottles of my favorite kind of once tell me about your wines. So we keep a six hundred sixty bottles on premise at all times, sending six hundred and sixty okay. So the sixty for me. For everybody else. That's how much we keep in these cabinets as you can see through into the Napa. And we actually have some cases that we keep back there too. So the keep a stock closer to seven twenty is what we keep at all times because we go through blow through wine around here really fast, which I love. Lastly, what's your favorite kind of wine? Are you? You're a white collar or red wine white wine white line during I'm Shami Chardonnay. On ocht. And I'm having chalk hill you had it when I arrived. I am a happy little camper. Yeah. And that's how made and I know we like to talk about oh, it looks like we have another chef joint due to chefs to two is better than in. His all my gosh. No, wait a minute. We have an and Cullen and Collins Las Animas Flynn. I licked the fact quarter in Dublin Ohio. It's all about it's all about the well to me, it's all about wine. Okay. So Colin and you both need to talk a little bit about. Now. I know what we want to do is we want to talk about some of the food items that you have on your menu. And then talk about the kind of wines that you pair with them. And I know Ron you're gonna help us walk through a few of those things and we've talked about some of the menu items, I really liked to concentrate a little bit more on a few items that I would like to sample when I come back off your dinner menu and your brunch menu. Because there's some there's some new unique things. Now, we know we've already talked about Gumbo and the Gumbo and lobster MAC and cheese. Don't you do know that I'm the one? I'm the reason you're lobster MAC and cheese on his menu. Yeah. Ron isn't that correct? Today. Right. And the new menus going to go with lobster, MAC and cheese. Oh my gosh. Reagan's coming in with the biggest glasses of wine I've ever seen a montage life. Don't you drop that are you a, oh, we await person in a restaurant ever know how I would have spilled those and drop them in crushed or glasses all over. Okay. So. We have what do you want? What do you want to start with Ron? And then let the guys and then you tell the guys do explain some of the food. What I what I like to start with McCaffrey through the show for me full body cap, which is still like that. You know, what my nickname is don't, you know, ladies Chardonnay? I even have my own wine label now. Now, you wish she didn't. Think about our cab. Actually, we have our caverns that we sell by the glass, we haven't overrun actually what we saw on a class as a couple of other ones that we have to we have been cigarette. So by the class, but we were actually fun fact the through the first month of sales, we are the number one sill sales because he should for overrun in the entire state. So we are selling more overawed by the glass in anybody else's in stable just hoping to just over. Okay. So that's this one right? Oh, I like the way the glass. Okay. Leslie, we have to like do a little listen to this. Oh, I love the sound of that. It's an alcoholic sound is. I love that. Okay. Here we go. Then, you know, see, I do know what I'm doing everyone watching. Oh, wow. You got the okay is Africa. Hair care. Oh my gosh. Nice. That's very nice. It's it's it's it's got a nice little after on the the roof for the mouth is good. And it's not too heavy. And see, that's the reason. I don't really drink cats. They're heavy. This is not heavy that was not extreme full body. Not by any stretch. So and I'm looking for the legs. I have really skinny legs. I was looking for more. That's delicious is I'm going to say, it's delicious. Okay. Now, you gotta let the boys chime in here on some of the food items pairs, so I don't know what we're doing next. But let's talk about you know, you tell us why we're gonna drink and never the guys talk a little bit about some of the foods that pair of well with that. Or so even before that we'll go back, obviously, you drink in the over on cat, one of my favorite things with is it actually absolutely everything on Billy. So I'll let them talk about what the talked to me about port Bill because. The name of just sounds bad to me. I have I've seen pork belly on menus all over the place. I just feel like it's a bunch of fat. So you have to explain to me what a lot of people say that. They don't understand what pork belly is. So which one of you two. Got me or. Yes. So port Bill here. The biggest thing you gotta have a good ratio of meat to fat on a part belly to fatty then. Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna get that poor experience with it. So get the nice meet content on it right now. We do a Brian Bryan. The pork belly for twelve hours. And then we'll SUV eat it at one hundred fifty degrees for twelve to twenty four hours, depending forget the time or not because it moves pretty quick off the shelves. We finish it up with. Bernas squash Dray spice cinnamon and some nice late fall. Spices glazed with the sorghum sort glaze Krispies talking mushrooms pickled jalapenos here in house, and we use a little bit of Alabama barbecue style the white barbecue sauce with that. But that guy very very rich very controlling where ballet. Christy, my needs to be intended ordinance debate. Now, could you also pair that you think Ron with the short ribs? You can. In you would go in college. Would you be able to do that? Because the Tino, and and tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am people's people always say you have to do read with this white with fish. That's really out the window as far as I'm concerned. Would you guys agree with that? And Ron I mean to me from my perspective. It's all about, you know, the experience you're trying to have right. A lot of times people think like for instance, we have a stake set that they do, you know, steak means we go with full-body cab. We'll know you wouldn't do lighter you too. I would delay Detroit. Nathan line. I wouldn't do it white one that would be my choice, but I do something like a red blend. Okay. And it gives you some of those lighter notes, but then still gives you the tenants that you need to plow all these acidity out of the wine that you're actually missing with that stick Degen question to ask you is. I remember when I was as used to be a big wine, and then they kind of went away. But I'm hearing they're kind of coming back is that true rose AOL day. That's would be sitting. This would be sitting. So it was actually in Fort Lauderdale here, we said, no, your employees. Well, so sickness of ladies now, my wife and the rest of the group in and you were picking up the tab, of course, and we were sitting there, and they were like, so you're picking up ten Rosie all day. Let's do it. And I was like okay with rebounds arose as sitting there at. At brunch. And it was okay. Well, I didn't know they know what you're doing all that while I was become the tab. But it was a good day. So Roselle days say all day. Okay. Let's okay. What what do you wanna talk? What are we going to talk about next time? We gotta let Colin do a little talking bash or so we're gonna talk about what you just had in the in the last episode, which was our goal was wrong. We have a Cooper in fief red plant, which is a bourbon barrel. Why? So you actually take Olbermann bear that you told me about this before it's a really really good plan. So the red blame goes perfectly with a lot of issues that we've got on our menu. But really really well where where's this from? So kuprin thief is a local California Brandt told me this. But it's an eighty percent plant eighty percent. Eighty percent ten is this twenty percent. Wow. That's okay. Let's see what do you think about that bouquet? I haven't tasted. It Yoshi is going straight go straight for he's gone. I'm doing my little Swizzle thing. Layout already Jason Berg among bad, smell it. Again. That's legs. Does this definitely one got up here with what you eat. It's not something I would drink just by itself. It's not my think if I'm sitting there just having a glass of wine and going through a Pino going for Malbak or brain a different maybe low, but I don't drink the rib land, and I probably wouldn't do this. I mean, it's good. But that first one I would definitely cabin like. Yeah. Yeah. You might convert me to doing well, maybe other plants. Glass onto that. Okay. Okay, boys. He's gonna talk about our next food item to talk about the Gumbo. Let's talk about the Gumbo. Yeah. So our Gumbo is I was everything's made in house here. So we take except for those little that little flashed on Tom. Yeah. So we take a real and make it very very dark red real. And then we hit that with white wine and then chicken stock, and then we fold in shredded chicken on top of that. And that we have early really really small shrimp that we've fold in at the last minute. That's a little baby wins with crawfish as well. While you're making that ruin the first part we throw in trinity, which is bell peppers onions celery in sweat that down inside that inside that ruins had that body melt all the flavors together. And then we could have our in house. Seasoning blend goes inside of that. What that is. Are you today? I don't think ever Iran weather rhyme with go. You're added. Nondisclosure clause. Right. Think about four gallons daily. So that's not a team galley. We had we burn through a lot of the plate was well the bowl. No. I was gonna say I don't know why he was huge that bulbs. What do you charge for that? Because I mean, that's the big sixteen dollars that listen, I don't even know we could even share a full of that. It's that good portion, but the duly sausage gets into into it. I know we have Carolina gold rice that goes on top. And then a steamed crawfish crab boil more or less. Yeah. And kinda warm those back up in there, and those kind of just Simmons, and how many people really come in set that baby out surprise a lot really less in and I like to touch table. So they're always kind of asking us. How do you eat these? That's kind of a it's kind of a test. Like, are you going to do it or not? It is. It is funny. Okay. I'm Wimpy girl. Okay. I will not eat a whole lobster. It's kind of like Ron I've talked about. I'm not gonna eat corn on the cob and nothing to eat ribs out. I always make sure that when my husband cooks lobster tails because that's what I do which he is an excellent chef, by the way with his lobster tails, if you ever want to try has we call them, Florida hotdogs, and the thing is like that. I don't even want wanna fight with the lobster tail. Always make everybody put it on top of the tail so I'm really don't like fighting with things. But you know, what I would like maybe just do that crawfish once? Does it have any yucky stuff in it? Who actually you know, what I mean that great thing that's in like lobsters, just close your eyes. Rise. You'll love care. Right. Okay. Now, I want to know because I am not an oyster girl. Leslie, do you like always draw? Okay. I know I am definitely not wasted person. But I want to know what these researchers are all about. And I know I'm not sure we have a wine that goes with that. But I want to know about your Worcester. So you talk about those oysters or other than the fact, I know that if you eat them, it's good for sex, correct? Absolutely. Everything's good. They act like it's got. That's why you have four children under the age of the big oyster guy that can't tell listers in wine lives at my house. So it works out and picking up your children from school picking up from school. Okay. How tell us about the Gers voice should be. It's actually a play on a very old school dish out of New Orleans here. Now, it's we make it with a blue point oysters right now, but the wishes will be on rotation depending on what is what is fresh and in season we use east coasters. So a little larger bigger meat content. Right now, we're using a cream base sauce with mushrooms, white, shrimp wine sauce, cooked down soul top it with that. And this pop them in the oven. So nice and bubbly. So big loser. Very creamy texture of flavor. Everything off the top of it. And it'd be a happy camper. Right. What's a co choisir that points bay face? I'm sorry. I just can't get past that gray color. You'll see what it's all. It's all. Did you like did you like a shot like a beer or shot of bourbon? In there. It's really good. It's one of my favorite favorite apps. Let's second outside of what we got in the king crabs admission last. Yeah. And this actually should be good for you. Because you're very big annot. Cow. Like, you said, right. I'm not a large no person. I know. As large an o-x-f-a-m Bram. Yeah. So we are chalk hill goes perfectly. If you're your reason person are come girl does really been. Does really well. So I think this is the Chucky got a refill. So you're. Sorry. That was she. Grow. This is good. So I do that. Okay. Was about recently. You know, it's kind of like when you have a peanut grease. Yes. If you get a true Italian peanut Gratiot, it is not sweet no now true. German recently Kofu girls, look, not sweet famous. I'm originally from like the movie or Japan or something. What is it? That's good. That's good right now. It's not super sweet. It's not wait is using guy. Right. Well, you why don't look like insulin guy? Not not and I'm not actually that's pretty light. And not as sweet it's not that super sweet Riesling and Cisco, Leslie if you've have reasons aren't they usually to me sometimes like thick sorry. But that's the term I use like more of a syrupy because it is sugar much. Yeah. Sledge ankle. From actually got one. I could see this with my husband's red, snapper. What will go perfect? I could see that come into my football game. I'm telling you invited our football parts long should bring food actually you bring the shifts to there you go. I can't actually what do you want them to talk about next surprise us talk about whatever you want. You're talking about local without wine pairing with the king crab. So we get a lesson. King crab. We break them all out of the shells. It come down to about a four and a half five aunts portion, which then go into our we have a Mason jar which gets filled up with Pflueger butter, which is clarified really good clarified butter. We warm that up to I don't know about one hundred and twenty five degrees or so just before you know, it starts cooking any of that loves her fresh bay leaf. And then you get some Christina's on the side with a fork so table side, the service Steph will open the jar up to present that to you. And then you have that warm butter and Christina to kind of dip through the the whole the whole jar that good. How come we didn't get that today? I guess we have to come back for birds three four five claiming that sounds have. No, what do you eat night today? What would you what would you charge for that today? Thirty three or four okay of my Lord delicious. What are you gonna talk about brunch? Hit brain trust behind the throne. So I Don you all the credit downs. I tried everything. But this is my invite me very much play off a traditional biscuits and gravy. Go back us into sausage in crawfish seven. So we make our, you know, normal standard gravy base with paprika all the spices inside of there. But the start of it we take into sausage and rendered down. So there's none of that fat, and they're kind of close out over and then cooled down. And then we pulse it to play as you're making sausage gravy. It's just got that same texture sausage when it's cooked down and ground down. And then right at the end, we fought in crawfish on top of that. And he goes over three biscuits. And then we have a fried sheet of effort that goes that and then s flood pepper that gets free. That's what about thousand calories. Yeah. Go go by. Like oh by God. About a love. Not. Oh. Delicious. So is that the Crawford's that I've now sucked out, and then I'll just put it back in. Now, tell me about because the one thing I always think about the base of making a sausage gravy for that. And you know, everybody is you put flower, and you put this for that. And I always liked to. Okay. Because it's you know, I know it's a trick of the trade. But this one you can give out. I wanna know how you make that creamy nice sausage gravy. I mean about the sausage, but tell me about the actual base of the gravy that I'd much. So we go through forty eight to sixty pounds of butter a week in this restaurant. That's a lot of butter. Oh boy. I don't who your your distributor is. But they must love you. Do a lot of butter. Not puck. Hey, it's better. Good good, southern style food. I mean, you're gonna have a lot of pork fat. Lot of bacon fat lot of cream over towards the spring begin. Where a start a appeasing those vegetarians in the night road that Mike career options yet, we're looking into ways to get around the southern food and still be able to put those flavors in front of a guest with dietary restrictions move up the coast little bit a little bit more fresh seafood. Oh, great little softer broth style it because you know, Leslie, and I are we, you know, we work out, and we're we're pretty healthy conscious other than today. Thank you. Thank you know, you do need to make sure you have those kind of alternatives my daughter's ugly pretty much gluten free not because she has to be, but she chooses to be. So I think some good things that you can do like for vegans as well as vegetarians. I mean, it's just a just a smart thing to do. Because then you're not excluding anybody and everybody could come and they all probably drink. So who cares? It's going to the bourbon bar. Okay. Tell me about your the eggs Benedict because I love eggs, berries all day. Definitely. That's probably he's all day. That's one of my favorite practice food's always. Yes, it's my favorite one that they do Sarsour yet, very very simple to the point. We do a southern style. Biscuit. With our collard greens. So Colorado's not overly vinegary little sweet little spicy that the packs of lot of flavor that let alone goes on those guys from start to finish top all your love, Rosemary ham. And then he's the poached eggs, and we do a seed holidays so traditional holiday sauce over the double boiler whisking whisking all day. This one comes as very very light. As as opposed to a really heavy buttery sauces when comes out same ingredients. Just very very light on the appellate. Okay. I know we have one more wine tasting to two more. I'm more. I'm more. But this one I want to know, so okay, which one do you want you want us to taste this? And then I have to know we have to finish up with chicken and waffles. I mean, but let's what is this. We're heads. So that's began. But it is unlikely. Nice about that's about how many do you have on your menu. Of course, you so I think almost fifteen and I I don't know any restaurant in town has that many Alison her she she's was a California for a decade. And the biggest thing about being true white recur, especially in California. Hi, I'm a treeline drinker. We go is is people sleep on the building bubbly can be paired with somebody. We're actually having our grand opening which a hoping everybody gets to attend. Sponsored by what headed and amount of time. Oh, really God. That's like Anheuser Busch. The cool thing about that sponsorship is we're gonna put on some education about how different bubbly can be paired with so many different foods people just think of champagnes or or percent goes is things that you drink in southern Batory occasions, drink alone. Don't they pair really well with some food 'specially fried chicken a lot of people don't know where so ever. Ever thought of here. This is this says this Leonti to chicken and waffles. Well, then boys away. All right. So chino awful. We went as big a vanilla Belgium style. Waffle burns thick thrilled thick. Yep. Point, you can't see this. Because it's a podcast did about two out that thick. That's that's that's pretty pretty pretty thick waffle, but Sylvia chicken in. It's almost that they about a three day process. So you have fresh chicken in. Let's say Monday is that like a chicken breasts that you use white Michigan rest in a chicken thigh in and a chicken leg in and the only one that is with a bone is the actual drum. We've Frampton the process and people do like to eat with their hands with people also like to eat with a fork. So we kind of limited the bone onto those options. So then there's a little bit easier for you to and I don't like to eat with chickens a little different. I don't get my hands messy for a piece of chicken, you know, lived up. It's got sauce like Wayne thing now. Okay. The keep cold. We really good. We get it in. And it goes on a Brian similar to the same Bryant. We used for a pork belly. It goes on Brian for another twelve hours overnight. And then the next day, we take out of Brian, and we buttermilk soak it again overnight, and then it gets dredged in our season flower, which then goes into our friars in the back, which we place in no, baskets or anything like that. And just let it come up to a float. And what's the fiery flip it over give it another minute or two, and it is done from there? And then I just want to know about this bourbon maple saucy more about that. Yes. So right now, we're using apparently in is the one is about the alcohol food. Right. We all are. I'm with you guys. I'll come in the kitchen around actually got us both in the surprise package. We're both getting cases h Taylor for Christmas this year. Yes. Well, I think I. Christmas presents. Apparently year assisted has chosen the soul. The big thing would call an is experiencing a previous endeavors in our career is using the local local guys in the so right now the maple syrup reason millions maple products, Kevin he's really helped us get this going right now finding a great maple syrup, and we're definitely cruising through a lot of it. So why don't you think it's important to to utilize people from Ohio? I mean, like sugar creek. And then you know, you can go out and yet. Yeah. So many different products. Go on that we use butcher in the grocer out of grain view. They have about six farms a deal with their pigs and then six farms a deal with their cows. So our ground beef is from the grocery that they get from local sources farm here in Ohio. And then our pork chops are also from a local source farm here at Ohio, so they gave full in one house, and they butchered done themselves and their shopping grandview and we purchased from them for good family friend. Tony's owns grocer. Here's one of them could as to your owner for making that kind of choice in for you guys understanding how important is to give back to your own community, and that people that support, and it's probably a lot more fresh goodness. Oh, yeah. Oh my goodness. This home my good beef. If you can for cheeseburger, I mean, you can taste the difference. So again using crown beef ground Chuck round circle. And what are you using your house blunt? It's an eighty twenty eighty twenty mix of fat to meet, but they're used they're using the remainder of parts from the calendar have. So it's your own actual specific recipe that they use from whatever they have kind of leftover from the parts of they have. But it is consistently the same fat content throughout the whole the whole package. So would you say that? And I guess run all just time knowing the guys to is. What proportion of your menu is made up of all fresh product or in house prepared product versus you know, we we, you know, we were this shrimp from somewhere on it's that was to be honest with you before they even got here with that was the biggest difference gays. We wanted to make sure it worked just a and CISCO's week partner force. I'm sorry. Cisco's a reporter for us. But we didn't we wanted to make sure that we were not a bunch of prepackaged stuff. So most of the stuff you see on the many these guys make you know what I mean? What would you say the percentages of what you don't make ninety plus ninety? Plus, we had currently not baking bread and house. Right. Yeah. So that's that that ten percent is when you sleep the only then we'll get to do a lot of that one. One more thing we do we better be given that alcohol for Christmas. We have cheesecake girl that's here in Dublin. Oh, that's no. She works with us all the time. So yeah. Yeah. That would be probably the only thing that we don't really make ourselves here. We do that out of sheer support. She's a she's awesome. She spent we've we've done podcast with her with a couple of weather people that she works. Well, and you know, that nice just to support your own community support my community Dublin and bring food over to my next party. I've got well. I love it. You guys are great. I think we've sampled everything. So this has been awesome. We're so excited that you're here in Dublin in bridge park. And thank you for all. Yeah. No problem. Thank you. Thank you you shit.

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Monocle 24: The Urbanist

30:22 min | 1 year ago


"Hello and welcome to monaco twenty four the urban est the show about the cities we live in. I'm enter talk coming up on the program. You've got hundred and fifty of the best fashion brands in the world surrounded by the nineteen thirties art deco design of a turbine hall and that's just going to feed the creativity repurposing and renovation crucial tools implementing urban change rather good for the environment to this week we look at the battersea power the station and how the project hopes to recap the city for londoners hear about new cultural hub house and a former clothes factory in georgia plus return. I gazed moscow osco. Let me ask if repurposing is always good for a city all that coming up over the next thirty minutes right here on the urban est with me and talk seapower station with its towering white chimneys is ni- conic feature at at the london skyline the decommissioned coal fired power station on the south bank of the thames hasn't operated since one thousand nine hundred eighty three three two years after being listed as a protected building after numerous fell plans in two thousand and twelve administrators ernst and young entered into an agreement with malaysia is s p setia and sime darby to help develop the site and they began work in two thousand thirteen with preservation nations and restoration the core of the project the scheme aims to connect the riverside walk and bassey park with the green spaces in the actual development and deliver homes retail workspaces gutter is markets and restaurants too well. I'm joined now in the studio by on a fishburne. Dan who's the director of place making bazzi pass station on perhaps as we'll just round listeners who aren't as up to speed on the project as you are. Tell us a little bit about about battersea power station on what's been happening so betsy. Power station is at the center of a huge regeneration project about forty two acres a seven seven phases mixed use redevelopment. The power station is obviously the commercial center for that and has over a million square feet of commercial space just to give you a sense scale. The power station is to tate modern side by side and then a huge house in the middle that you could fit some paul's cathedral into and it wouldn't touch the sides so it really enormous historic building right at the heart of this regeneration overall the whole project will have over four thousand apartments a huge amount of commercials about two hundred and fifty retailers. We having apple moving their london campus into the office space and the power station where right on the river next bazzi park opposite from chelsea. It's really creating a whole new town centre just opposite chelsea in central london an extraordinary thing. Is you know this plot of land as you say super central central an amazing location but from the mid seventies for many many years was completely empty and derelict so you're starting from scratch when you come to place making it wasn't really on the mental map of londoners as a place to go and do anything absolutely and throws place making into a whole different light. If you look at a completely empty industrial space no one has ever lived there. Few engineers work for no one has ever visited. They're going gone to see play there. It's not something that people are accustomed to going to. That's been these barriers around it of the river and the railway and road system so people have never really into into that site so you're not creating a place from scratch. You're having to teach whole new behaviors to get the local community and also the why london community to see it as a place to visit and and spend their their time so explain if you tricks of your trade <hes> easy thing for developers to put up some tiles nice apartments in and mm to build space for offices and some retail but as you say the stickiness of getting people to come not just once but twice in lava and think of as there's as in a way down to your team so the kinds of things you've begun to do to turn it from a development into a place well oh my experience has been many many small interventions you build up over time that target different audiences from the hyper local community to audiences from further other failed and bring people in for many different reasons. Obviously we have lots of lots there so it's about making a fantastic place to live. We need to make it into the best place to work for <music> apple workers coming in the next few years but also it's about people wanting to spend time they spend their days there whether it's going to events or just sitting in the public spaces and none of these things happen by just one big sweeping action they have to be many many small interventions and that's really what my job is to identify those opportunities having a historic eric building at the heart of it is a massive opportunity it adds authenticity people know the building it's beautifully designed and the so much that you can do to draw the identity out into the other buildings new buildings very shiny. Glass buildings are going up around it. But how do you actually pull a historic identity and make that kind of the place making glue. If you like the holds the whole place together and gives it a real authentic. You could say unique overused as well but how do you actually make it. It feels like a place that people believe in you know in the is a place that people want to spend saturday afternoons on the river with the backdrop of iced ordinary building so we have a few massive communities but obviously we are starting from scratch from a hole in the ground other than the building which is overseen huge amount of disrepair into some in the early stages stages. I guess when you're kind of still mapping space some of the things you can do a probably more ephemeral and fun than you do on down the tracks in those early stages. Are you doing more kind of pop up interventions more spontaneous activities more kind of theater and dance all those things and absolutely so obviously we don't yet have large indoor venues that we can put more formal exhibitions or avent's in. We've got a lot more outdoor space. So you have to work with the spaces is that you have to work with the partners that you have an reach out to interesting pundits who inspired by the building and that's again being a really big advantages people are very inspired by the power station has great cultural history as well as an industrial history from the pink floyd album cover through to film shoots and fashion shoes inspired huge amount of creativity in the past and no jacob said new ideas need all buildings and the old building is inspiring a huge amount of creativity but visit. We've worked within the parameters that we've had so a few examples. We've celebrated the history a lot by just putting on display so we have a heritage trail app that you can download has it's not meant reality feature where you can actually enter the old control room and look around it. We've taken items from inside the power station and put them on display in the new the areas so people can access that heritage without actually being able to access the building but then also it's not just about putting stuff in display in exhibitions. It's about using the history to inspire creatives to bring new work and new ideas to the area so we've done six commissions already of the last eighteen months all of who have worked with artists who've been inspired by the power station not with a constraining brief but more sort of saying we'd love to have something here from this artist and how they've responded responded to the building has always been linked to history so it's a great opportunity seizing that historic narrative to inspire creatives and artists through the events and commissioning that we've done sometimes when these projects go up and i think you hinted at this earlier on it feels that there's a magnetic field around the project the kind of rebuffs the locals that people feel a my even allowed in can across the road even though they've lived next door to this project. Maybe this site for many many years. Suddenly they feel a little bit. Ooh ooh that too small for me so again. How do you get people to come in rediscovering something that's been on that. I absolutely and you know new places start with the people people and they actually start with the people right on the doorstep so we've huge amount of work into going out on the consultation and talking to people all the time but talking about very real all things so there are fourteen thousand long-term jobs coming in the coup life man of the project. We've already employed about five hundred people in the sex west village the first phase from local area so talking about very real things like jobs and opportunities and training. We have a bac- academy of skills employment which is a very specific sort of training center enter that gets people from the local community into jobs in the area so it's about offering real opportunities and not just talking the talk and just you personally when you you now wander round the weekends or after work a pleased with how it's coming together because i find fascinating bits of london that you you look behind king's cross read those areas which were off limits within no time they can be adopted very quickly by a large number of people who suddenly is. I didn't always use the space and is not happening. Eh baddest dude you feel adoption of the space i really really do. I also live just around the corner and so it's a really important part for my own personal life and i spent a lot of time there weekends with my child nephews nieces. I've been to lot of developments for research purposes along the river and other parts of london and i'm really impressed by how quickly people have adopted as their own. I think there's a huge advantage of being next about to see park so you have a natural large audience coming every weekend to use the come through through but i also think that the leasing strategy on that first phase which was encouraging independent retailers to come in new concepts has made a huge difference because where else another can you eaten an entirely new restaurant. They've never heard of before. The might be the first come to the u._k. From copenhagen in the case of one restaurant you know right on the river with the the backdrop of an iconic building. I think that that leeson strategy was incredibly aspirational to find independent tenants and it was hard work but they pulled it off and it's made a huge difference to the rate of those visitors coming and returning and building a regular audience. We've just had a new to open so pull taylor. Mills mills has opened the turbine theater and again tying into that heritage narrative which is so inspirational for creative people and he wanted to have a venue that generated new ideas and powering the imagination he really has used the kind of theme of a power station to create a new venue that's showing new material new writing writing bringing in musical theater writers to the area and if we can inspire creators like that to come and spend time there and then in turn collaborate with seabury the local restaurants do prefer to menu to know there's fantastic ecosystem of collaboration starting and so it's not just about visitors coming in coming back. It's about the people who live there the retailers who were there the tenants that all working together and i think that's another thing that's been really exciting because we've got those independence. A lot of them are managed managed by their owners and they're very creative people and they really can't come up with ideas and you don't get that from. You'll tesco metro royal cost chain become place makers completely. Yeah i mean god. I can't do as one person you need. All those people and i think that's the thing that's going to be really exciting. When the power station opens you've got a hundred and fifty of the best fashion fashion brands in the world are going to bring in the power station surrounded by the nineteen thirty s art deco design of turbine hall and that's just going to feed the creativity and then there's always opportunities the event space and the chimney left in the six acre park. That's gonna create so much. I hope magic that will make a real place so the a couple of the key dates listeners should watch out for for the work that you're doing this hoping visible to be enjoyed now they can come down. We have a bow nacre of public space and we've just opened our first historically significant area the coaling jetty so that's the first kind of listed did area that we've worked on shit with historic england so almost the first element of the power station we opened it this summer one hundred thirty three meter long jetty that was used you took all the coal off the boats and into the power station hugely important because it was whole reason the power station is situated where is because it's on the banks of the thames and the jetty was that link between the thames and the power station and we have opened that this summer so right now i didn't come down and be on a grade two listed area looking up with the backdrop pulled the power station sort of square on behind them and that's never been publicly accessible before nine hundred thousand nine and no member of the public ever worked on it until this summer so that's what's that now the power station is due to be completed sort of end of twenty twenty and then there'll be some fatal so it should be open to the public mid-21 so oversee put that and diaries but for now it's coming down to circus west village which has got fifteen great restaurants as theater cinema florist shop and the coaling jetty a massive program of events and finally were hopefully putting you on the spot if developers and people behind projects around the world listening to you now. What one of the two things that you say to people if you're going to do this yourselves. Here's a tip from me or things that you think are important to place making. I think the underestimate how you have to many many small things you can't solve it with one big paintbrush of place making wash whatever it is it has to be many many real real things and some of those can be really small. We have a community choir that started with thirteen people and is now got sixty regular attendees and that was a tiny kernel of an idea that has grown and grown and really made a difference so many many small ideas and then you'll make loads of mistakes and i think developers have an opportunity because our deadlines and our timelines so long that you can make a few mistakes at the beginning and learn from them especially in the early phases so i think tried many many different things and some things to work on some things won't and then the other thing is just don't try and import stuff from other parts of the world. Just look into where you on your cell phone. You'll find so much rich rich history. You know the reason. The coaling jetty is summer garden. This year is because before the industrial history began in the area battersea was the market garden for london and and grew asparagus and lavender and we've planted that all in maybe not the asparagus but we found that the more attractive flowers into this summer garden on i'm calling jesse and it's looking to the things that are really true to who you are into the area then your local community get it and they buy into it because they know that that's part of their history but also original and it's not just the same pop-up the same shipping container you might see everywhere else what was on a fishburne director place making about seapower station since two thousand eleven moscow has been undergoing having an epic makeover which helped turn unused city corners entered lively public spaces one of these commonly known as yama or the pit it was built in place of a long drawn out construction project and is now a popular hangout but it's also been the site of various criminal activities including teetotal groups attacking drinkers and a serial poisoner murdering more than twenty people by offering them alcohol laced with dangerous dangerous chemicals so do these spaces really work and moscow markle's alexi korolyov reports. This is our city. That's the rallying cry that gripped moscow this summer. Several opposition candidates were disqualified from standing ending in local elections but is it really is this city damascus city governments that likes to encourage this line of thinking but that's hardly consistent with police beating the living daylights out of peaceful protests. It's also at odds with a well known fact that most city contracts go to companies linked to the insect with with president flood in the putin. So is this our city. Maybe in all of it some places definitely on can be a real now in yemen the pit that it's like a spot where you can drink alcohol sitting with your friends spent some time um you can work here. You can take parts in some community. Work on starhub is one of several people running an instagram account that gathers and distributes distributes news about yama and organizes community events then what started as a joke between friends is now serious information outlet with almost twenty thousand subscribers bribe's yamaha. The pit is an actual pit for years. It wasn't annoying. Construction side before swept up in the city government's renovation programme sadly sadly that became very important culture center because here all young people can be free and <hes> they can do hear anything they want but understand that that has also been the source of many problems macos june. I think there was a series of attacks by crazy activists yes sort of getting their against alcohol and they are for the hell for this board against tells a <hes> came to the become like tradition that over friday they came here and all the people came here just to watch the show and that's like a emphasize her like in rome but i think that they do just for the money because they have a federal budget. Tom mintier brasler sushila. Tweeden needs alexandra. Daikin is the deputy head of the city government's department for major repairs which is responsible responsible for public spaces like yama. He says that the new paradigm of behavior at these places promote are still new to many muscovites but his shore they will adapt apt you talk a mattress a shoe shirts tha christine naturally barich total would your store in your <unk> by changing the city we change people's behavior people have started to value the spaces that we create it but we need to continue the work of filling them with cultural. Oh and social projects in order to attract even more people read. I think that's beat is the first first spots in moscow which have a chance to be like europeans for sports a last word from but now it's difficult because there is a home with people who leave their and they don't fight the crowds trash i mean of of course the residents living in i mean they do have legitimate grounds for concern. Because of course there are people who take it to extremes get really drunk listen to very loud music and so on and so on so in that respect g think that young people in moscow <hes> ready mentally to behave and to respect to be i think not all the people of course are already in moscow. There is a lot of young people like aac intelligence people so not not all the young people in moscow are like bullies for the government. Give them some freedom. Read them some legal freedom in legal place in moscow. I think that other people follow their yeah yeah of course race four monaco in moscow alexey korolyov now. Let's head to tbilisi the capital of georgia to visit a regeneration project. There's really taken off as its name suggests. Fabrica tbilisi used to be a clothes factory in soviet times but it was abandoned after the union collapsed in nineteen ninety more than twenty years later a group of architects and developers rescued skewed building and set about turning it into a cultural hub. We shops cafes studios and much much more that bold transformation has also created did a ripple effect in the wider neighbourhood as monaco's frederick baroness reports you can spot fabricated released from several streets away its woes a decorated with vivid graffiti if faces shapes and words but a towering facade above the main entrance it's comes from a completely different era the elaborate stone engraving depicts men and women dancing playing music or sports and of course us working in the proudest traditions of soviet iconography that autistic time clash reflects a fundamental intention to radically change changed the nature of this former factory while still preserving its historic character. Here's one of the architects founders go ecosoc vara leads. The concept was to make the same dispute or what was happening in soviet union factors because there was few materials which they were using single time in every family. If you would go to the apartment you'd see this same tiling in toilets and same kitchen doc same furniture so we research it all these materials how they were painting the walls and which callers were we're used inside and it helps us to to make the design kogi go and his partners kept an eye on the empty building for many years before four security investment and finally opening in two thousand sixteen after months for netted renovation today. It's home to the office of his firm. Multi-diverse architects as well as more than twenty other residents who were selected very carefully and the largest section is a hostile with space for up to four hundred guests. We thought that the hostile should be also inside because like it's like flow of foreigner pupil and interesting people food and also on the ground floor in the court you can see all these cafes and tenants were. They are the locals when we were going going somewhere else. We want it to be a part of the local community not just like the tourists so we wanted to make something meeks and with this case we hit the goal you know this is our barbara show here. We have some furniture style. There's the curragh mix to do this. Vinyl chauve there is this show and graffiti show and until you decided to vote with the restaurants from one side basically and the ships on the other like we split it in half of cafes and half of shops ups to create also this balance. Let's go inside. Uh you saw donya founder of the creative education studio with five hundred students take courses in design and music five where many of them fool around which has gained a continental reputation for its vibrant electric turn exceed nadia believes that fabric plays a key role in providing space to create the fabric was more about daily life daytime nine light and more colorful kind of issue. If you know what i mean so that night you go to fair enough but during the day you can be in fabrica and have this feeling of being free and able to do whatever the concept was completely something. I think that i think city needed to now <music> spending more time than it'll be fight if you don't if you don't feel like this sleep time aw that's another of the residents budget an artist who runs a graffiti store which doubles up as a gallery and workshop area. It's not for like like business. It's for supporting seem because you. I want to grow and if i want to make like something to change really need to support this culture. This was the first place we are forty. Artists are painting together. We have like a really small history of graffiti from two thousand ten and this contrary like it's like newspoll on pornography t. so they're interesting because everything is empty and you can paint a real. It's easy. He took out banglar to pay the first few months of rent which was set at a very low rate to help startups get going when fabric opened is does us the courtyard is essentially a one stop shop for small creative enterprises including designs and furniture makers which will have their own in communities that means they've been able to develop together expanding each other's client base and can now afford to pay market rates for this basis. We're like a really small subcultures in one place and if you want to grow you need to collaborate with not only like maybe your scene bud odd here like we are all and sinking to how to change the flow of this city. The change is evident. When you take a stroll around the local the clarion katy which has always been busy with traders fabric has cutler is the chain reaction many neighboring buildings at decorated with graffiti restaurants and bars have sprung up here is not yes are tiny from the creative education studio before fabric people never not really go out to this side of the river after fabric and now they're out so many moves took place is to go to now to hang out and you'll still find wind in the area. Lots of neighbors used to work here you know for them. Displace was their life kind of you know they spent so much time here so what can be better ed than to adjust it to time and give a new life tweet. New jobs have been created while local landlords have seen property values grise. More and more young people are moving into the area and with cheap flights readily available from europe. It feels like the wave of popularity around fabrica okay with only keep gaining momentum for monocle intimacy. I'm fredrick bantus a report the by monaco's contributor frederick bernas as you've listened to show it's clear that we live in a moment of change show. There are still numerous numerous developments being built from scratch but now some of the most exciting projects have reused at their heart from the highline to the remaking of london's kings cross cross neighborhood. We're seeing a marrying of the old and the new and old is important ads the sort of nuance and texture to a city you can never be matched by plate glass and steel so as we press pause and our overuse of all sorts of valuable resources. These projects suddenly look pioneering an ugly rather important well. That's all for this edition of the urban happiness. Today show was produced by rabelo and it was edited by david stevens and play you out of this episode of the urban est his yes you with change. Change is gonna come. Thank you for listening to lovers and <music>. Why not take a wonder into the wonderful world of monaco with with an annual print subscription. You'll receive ten issues of the magazine. A year plus are seasonal specials. The forecast the escapist subscribers to our one year plus. Yes and premium package is also received our new annual the monaco drinking and dining directory and that's not all eight of our plans comes with a free tote bag delivered to your we'll door we invite all fans of the ernest de-subscribe today and receive a special ten percent discount on any of our year long subscriptions simply visit monaco dot dot com forward slash ernest has never been a better time to sign up monocle keeping an eye and an ear on the wall.

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Ser Heri S03E02 Bruno Motta, o Comediante!

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By the Grace of God

Monocle 24: Culture with Robert Bound

29:36 min | 1 year ago

By the Grace of God

"Hello and welcome to Monaco on culture rubs off Sunning himself in Mexico so today you've got me Ben Briley running the show for topic up for discussion today thanks for tuning in ability in this film but when we do see it in action it is still quite shocking is an well I found myself feeling sorry for the abuse victims live cover up of sex abuse in the French Catholic Church the film focuses on a group of men all of whose lives have in some way being affected by abuse at the sexy thrillers of the eighties than most anything being made today but there was also France which was a far more sedate and emotional story told him the aftermath of the first world bring to the screen not least because the real life story is very much still in Martian by the grace of God premed at the Berlin Film Festival where it took the victim of child abuse by a priest longer in his childhood decides to be has to come forward and notifies the church about will this happening all about the abuse that's been happening in various factions of the church all around the world so we are somewhat familiar territory and yet there is still something quite gob smacking about many ends of a senior member of the church deftly balancing heavy emotions with the frustrating complexities of the French legal process. It's certainly a challenging case of the scenes that we're watching here in the film given what we know about similar cases we perhaps shouldn't be surprised at the reaction that we do see by the institution bearing responses exception of course must recently just to bring people up to speed zone has dabbled in psycho sexual thriller territory with Lamont Doolan which had more in common with those not only because their abuse victims but also because they religion the church was incredibly important to them and gave them a really safe place to go the events that it narrates have just taken place in the last few years story ready begins in two thousand fourteen when one man in his forties who is the as I say epistolary Parson I mean by now Karen I suppose we are lined up to speed with what this kind of film is going to be telling us right we know and tries to reopen the kind of wombs in a sense of course aware he's not alone in this and there are many other men affected This is the carrots play by Melville pupae and then is the film unfolds ozone quite lengthy running time two hours twenty unites all these men together in a kind of joined attempt to drag the pulse into the light and you re Grand Prix prize and has been well received by critics thought what do our guests think joining me in the studio to discuss it today carrying Christina Vich and will tim the helps you wouldn't mind bringing up to speed with the setting of this one by the grace of God yes so this is a very urgent contemporary film zones be making here the letters coming back to him from the Leon's cardinal and then back-and-forth and the kind of the way that the judge is trying to downplay everything and to sweep it on had a wife and you know a very very stable sort of ideal Christian home I put doesn't scare quotes and so the fact that this safe spot the rotten this was so pervasive that I think it must have destroyed his faith I mean coming from a family that I mean I'm not myself religious but but I have family members who are different testimonies I fade it manages to into we've together it begins in an epistolary way with mellow character Alexandra writing to the church right this particular priest Father Benepe Raina pay for his crimes very meticulously researched this foam I'm one of the great things about it is the amount of I think against the travails of the rest of existence of for example zoned opening character he had a lot of children I mean he had hit a lot of kids and I know how important it is to them so I think this goes almost beyond the abuse level to the point of sheltering these abusers I think is even more shots Tena Brody now there's familiar with the work of Francois is on we'll probably know that few of his films ever really bear any resemblance to what came before it this is not the compet while he presses his case more urgently and then considers moving into the legal realm and that continues with other characters. There's a lot of writing in this film talking Tim I mentioned there that we do know about of a similar cases to this one but I felt the when the film opens even though as you say it's a very long film two hours twenty minutes it felt like it was in quite a hurry to set us up with the characters who are at the center of this particular case this woman has quite a narrow focus do you think that's beneficial to getting across the message that it's not trying to be some some sort of big relevant story that that encompasses all cases of abuse it's very much just about these characters I think that is a real bernas hair it's very methodical procedural kind of film it's paste a bit like a thriller really but it doesn't do that I think the research has been so is up in the church who want the whole thing buried versus the angry abuse victims but we're talking about differences of approach within the movement within the activists mood meant the victims themselves having compete different attitudes to how this should be publicized brought to light etc you know some of them indeed have lost their faith in what kind of heat or hearing too many many different characters who have different points of view and we're not only talking about the characters who adversaries you know the needs to improve and redeem itself they want redemption for the institution they don't want it to be necessarily a punitive matter so all of this manages to communicated is about what they're doing to really kind of town then there are other characters who do king onto their faith and what they feel is that the church needs to make amends because the church precise and as on technique actually is really kind of career toll thing I think it's tremendous head he managed to get all the information in while also giving doing some skyrocketing to above the basilica and Leon to broadcast what's going on and one idea is to skyrocket a huge penis in the sky stuck fairly much to fact with this although he did say that a lot of the physical meetings we're actually actually happened online and also that the nature structure that film had to be like a relay race starts out with one character goes onto the other and the producers were very very nervous about this but in fact it's done very well an incredibly tense urgent quite pacey way thank in in two hours twenty I really feel as though it's been pruned down very cleverly and Yeah the the take the couch played by Donnie Manuchehr is is established as a complete atheist and he's the one who really wants to kind of punish the church it's kind of broad cost the news from the because it will grab everyone's attention more than anything else and then there is a debate within that scene with that's trivializing the issue making it ridiculous etc and whether it be the right kind of at the but the pope refused so that hasn't been kind of fully covered and that character who becomes more and more important as a film goes on gives the film its title and very is that phrase which shocks the press people in the press conference where they hear it because he sounds actively kinda relieved the the fringe legal system protects abuse. That's I think took one million I think when it opened your should address this because the film being so recent in terms of its focus the case the case continues now and the film has then he said You'd have to be very pretentious filmmaker to say that but in this case I think they can and I also think that I didn't realize the complexity replay the ozone's come up with does that work I think it's going to be a compliment when you talk about a two hour plus film and still pay it does feel pacing do we need late scene where he says by the grace of God the statute of limitations on these crimes is a mayor twenty years which means that the older cases can't actually brought just as an actor but in some ways I mean as we said Tim films playing at the same time as the real life legalities happening in the background and their title screens that tell you all about this at the beginning and the end of the film to the skies I mean it it takes in some incredible extremes and I I'm gonNA leave that story to you but it was gob smacking yeah there's one scene where they discussed involved in coming forward and saying this priest did this to me particularly as all the families are responding differently and also the rifts it's almost like brexit in a way did and subsequently after the film we got this kind of broad audience the judges had no choice they've defrock him so in July a tribunal defrocked it's causing rifts within families that you that were sort of underlying you know like Mom's always favored you know it's always about your story let's write one of the cases I really surprised me is there any different than anybody else they too have flaws it's gratifying to them and puts a balm on their wounds and you it's hard to give that up what is Cathartic Father Criminal Justice still awaits him meanwhile cotton in charge of him in Leon who's Cardinal Bara offered his resignation to the Vatican outlooks and walks of life there's a very important sense of their solidarity and coming together and fullness movement is the thing that is actually making it work the thing is making the the been stuck with this for so long and having no one really communicate it to we get to deal with them singly and then they gradually brought together and even though they have very different siblings felt as if they were shunned out of the spotlight and he became the favorite in the family diesels of that he's a he's the victim he's forever the victim's always going to be the victim and case work the thing is ganging finally heard because when they're a bunch of them when it's a kind of cool celebre class action if you like no one can then singly south being very important in the way the case unfolded so film opened in France in February the priests at the center of trying to get at a block to try to get its release obstruct Oh tool but I think there's one moment and I think even though it's one hundred thirty seven minutes packing these little facets in of the story is an incredible skill where one of the characters goes to the bakery and the guy behind the counter was also abused but he's too afraid to come forward and that's why they have to keep this unified front filling in that space in some ways certainly for a lot of people internationally won't know anything about this story whatsoever I mean it does throw up its own set of complexities doesn't it details are actually going to be realistic is there more of a pressure on a film like this to get the conversations right and to get those smaller details correct win perhaps in other cases only be heard on the subjects I think one thing that's very successful about the structure of the foam as you say a relay race where we moved from Alexandra I then Francois Diminish as character the you've got a film like this that is reporting facts in a way but as Karen was alluding to earlier there is the question of of how many of the D. It's a shocking thing all and the audience at this press conference we're really shocked and called him on it and you do see that I think they just wanted of a family and this one of the sons deed in in fact come to terms with it and it had the opposite effect where it came to define too much about his character and that many entry format though there is a sort of a dramatic sort of license that is taken in terms of the style and in that film they were kind of creepy shots down church corridors subjects where it was very very kind of fresh from the headlines The documentary revealed more about it created more headlines in the story just kept running on from that it could I I couldn't believe that scene was happening but it was so ridiculous that he he's probably to to actually is probably worse than than the real thing but I mean I do think that that I think there is an element of narcissism which and it's it's almost like the skyrocketing it's not that these people are pure in any way or that they you know that as well but Karen the function of this film in some ways is usually the domain of journalism isn't it really interesting example of quite literally ripped from the just ignore one person and that is a very key subject here I think is that the sense of that we've got to get together on this we've got to get together and present a united front to be when those you know that he he had he had relaxed or he was so frustrated or or anxious that that just slipped out all by the grace of God we know we're going to be okay was the family who I mean we were talking about the the kids who couldn't quite come to terms with it and and we're sort of hosed down when they brought it up when they were younger but there's another example I don't know the absolute verbatim INS and outs of every element of the case I do think it feels very responsible done thing it feels like a campaigning kind of this is normal because the businesses this kind of thing is damaging the brand you know but I'm really surprised that the pope refused Bob around request to be let go but they also the as of cinema that's based on real life you kind of know that the things that happened behind closed doors can never be exactly as they took place you just know it's going to be attempting to evoke the spirit and the crazy about is the fact that moderation isn't fun to watch anything that's moderate makes sense chose birth sides even handed this is boring I don't want to know this I want to be the various victims these are not just one group much as they have to unite kind of present cases is not just one homogeneous group people they're very separate individuals very or the people who killed themselves for the people aren't coming forward and perhaps for victims that are being victimized now absolutely it's tremendous saying that you mentioned that really couldn't film they wanted to film Barbara Church and of course they couldn't so they had to fill this and Belgium as we know in the film it does make it clear this is a very complex story visually really dull but it almost this kind of moderate levelness allows you to really see you feel like you're getting some reality in it and I think that that's an incredible feat considering it's often a very I don't WanNa say lured but it's a very excitable people get very upset about this and rightfully so about the subject is relentlessly realistic a dramatic moments that you might see again bring up spotlight because it has been compared so headlines Cinema ripped from their lines at Lourdes Lourdes wave putting it was saying that he was asked if films can change the world read which is you know blurring lines and exaggerating I in fact if anything it reveals the complexity of the case and the subtleties and the differences between I mean he's also quite a prolific filmmaker he he generates so much material Karen I mean my feeling is that when you make so many films like this it can allow and finally Emmanuel Playboy one I think is amazing is that we're dealing with them one time and it increases the idea of that `isolation in this trump essentially and having should for it but he does seem to change quite a bit and I think it just says more about him as a person and also that he's going to be more experienced telling different amazing I'm interested in in what we think about this idea of journalism cinema I mentioned that this is usually the domain of journalism in this case we have a film that he's sort of feeling of what actually took place this one has to be a little bit more true to the facts doesn't it is a tricky one the APP because there's clearly been some dramatic license we don't exactly know that's one example but there's also been film this very subject the Catholic Church which is called Maximum Copa by Alex Gibney which dealt with this stuff and it even in a document let's quickly talk about where this fits into Azzam's cannon I suppose it's an interesting cannon all the films inside he's had a quite different to all of the others I think the more common example genetics Moore's documentaries lately thinking of film like citizen for about Edward Snowden Laura processes documentary of and again and hones that in kind of a long lengthy tale to do you think there is a degree of power to be had in a filmmaker lax on being very selective about what project he wants as a little bit like a filmmaking equivalent of Joyce Carol oates in that he will make lots and lots of material but he'll only do it when something is exciting him arts funnily enough to do because as Karen says he's not limited to a particular style or he hasn't carved out his own genre he only chooses projects that that excite him in some way a story on which lamentably was was based there is some semblance of power there isn't it that he's only going to work when absolutely feels like I also think he's very skilled lying the right style to the right subject because they're all common threads among his films he's he's interested in Pastiche he likes melodrama he can be impish Some critics to sort of devalue each individual project to some extent near you want to go to Lee on it I think what it shows about him is that he's he's it's like a career peak the other one that I really Dole which is also quite serious minded but much more intimate is under the sand with Charlotte rampling from two thousand and one excited I wanna be feel that there's heroes and villains here and actually this is a very even film and if you looked at it with with the sound off with the subtitles off that was kind of heavy music and stuff suggest what was going on behind closed doors even a documentary is GonNa kind of push sutton buttons in that way I do think this film even though Wpro problems and exposes rifts and contradictions within which I think is fascinating and very human and yet very successful what it's brought up is this something let's distinguishes by the grace of Gode is his least compete film way in fact what's really impressive wasn't quite prepared for the it gets inside so many different characters heads so well I think that when he was talking to some of the the interviews that he did to write the script they were now wait a minute kinds of stories and he's going to get a different timbre in each of his stories each of his tales didn't WanNa say like Verna Herzog who just goes off a Ron Howard goes off and does absolutely every discover the testimonies of victims of abuse when they were child I was very touched especially by do character Phallic Solo who is then there's no Mark Ruffalo with the character screaming about what the point of the whole film is he just forces you to go down the same journey that the victims might have had to go down as well playful with with shoppers that we think we know already he'll turn them inside out cleverly does a good one in Donna Maison there was another very clever hitchcock in the meetings with the father himself of which there are two main ones in the film we don't exactly know if they would have panned out like that would for words for you would think wow there's nothing really happened they're just people talking Lozada streetwalking in this matter I mean I'll meet streetwalking I mean people walking the streets and you just think cash the we've seen your movies before what kind of movie are you GonNa make you know I think it's a it is a little worrying I I would have been worried but I don't think he'd put any victims together he did give I didn't give the script to victims I decide to work with the actor like it was a fiction and so it was it was a new about a woman whose husband disappears which is real a Mazda causing psychological nuance but ready just focusing inside this one woman's head space this has such a broad remit this fall survey we're waiting for me kind of French spotlight and I realized ball I am going to to make affection for them and actually sweat I'm amused to tell the story from their best picture and because I whispered fight I had the feeling the fact to be close to them would be good for her thing but I think that there is something really trustworthy about that and you feel as if you're in safe hands as opposed to somebody who makes the same kind movie over and over and over swing so so I did it but I want you to be closed most possible to the radicati but at the same time when I would describe that did we live does that carry an extra degree of white responsibility for you it's a big responsibility that's too when you love people you won't need compensate victims were there they were all pretty true to the actual people understand that he was very very true to the spirit of the real life case as I mentioned bench for me because I had never done something like that before and certainly the having the your central protagonists people who were at least based on on very Catholic and a big fight in the Catholic Church in and I just want to meet people so I met them and agree of rigor as a kind of docudrama maker that he gets into this film I wasn't ready for it I think it's it's his most serious minded film ever and one of his most burden the open to different influences he doesn't Wanna stay with any particular genre and I think that filmmakers that do stick the same subjects often get placed at which funnily enough did originally started as a proposed documentary when the lead in this film I mean he's had an interesting career of his iron notably of course working with us on several times but also with Soviet Francois is on there that is part of this season of the big interview you can hear the full episodes soon right here on Monaco twenty four the Francois was on himself is one of the guests of the interview this season I did ask him about some of his thoughts on making by the grace of God and about how the project came about thoroughly knowing a lot about what he's worked on I think you'd recognize his face without necessarily nine his name but you'd also probably be reminded that most of his films excellent he's he deserved awards attention that film Melville I think is tremendous he has a kind of by Roenick intense doc seriousness to him the really comes out in in the mid ninety s way plays a young guy on holiday and a very kind of Eric Rohmer setup who has three different girlfriends that he's kind of playing off one another I know you try to to be to be more nest and to to show how much fast Tong and I wanted to make them like Eros like American euros now it's the time of the show where we move the conversation to some of the things that this film made us think of now tim you wanted to pick up on the career of Melville Pupo who plays so it was quite complex to have zoo y distance to be bold to watch their own story uh-huh excellent and as one could time to leave which he's in way has the leading role as a as a man with AIDS which is one of the best character studies is on his ever made and I I was so touched and I liked him so much that I wanted to make I took Minto here but then Bet v West so disappointed because venue I was a fiction Jerry Angela because I have faith that he's he he he knows what he's doing with scraps Wade Lawrence anyways which was done on film he's one of my least favorites of has but the ozone it's a question of time you know but for me as very bizarre because it was two years ago you don't tell the story which happened in two thousand fourteen big one in in America than there was the Chilean one called the club which is which is from the view of of the priests who have been sort of shunted off to this cabin on as well tell us about your thoughts on his career I mean it's it I think it's fair to say that if you know international cinema you still could be forgiven for not movies like like this I mean there are about at least eight or nine movies about abuse within the Church and in various countries so we've got spotlight which of course was was the is almost sad when the film let's go of him because he doesn't become the kind of prime mover in the in the movement but for the first hour of film he's absolutely dominant in its is one of one of the a place to escape if you've got a boring life and and you hit your job or whatever and then it's lovely to come in and be excited in forget about forget

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