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"bernal pogue" Discussed on THEMOVE

"That that is not a breakaway that the normal the real Peterson guy gets dropped from I'm sorry he doesn't get dropped from that group ever and so I mean I in fact, I had him. Making it over those climbs with the. Front. Group. Staying in the pelivan making an the old Peterson gone. Or the one that. was so dominant three or four years ago he makes it over in that group no problem. I'm going back to my what I said early on when we were doing the July show is all these guys react differently from training some guys need more racing than training some guys can pull it off by just training. I think Peterson is one of those guys that needs a ton of racing and he's to just get hopefully better throughout the France. Well time will tell time will tell but George congratulations it was. Let's just jump into because I. Think we have now and we've talked about on here before this generation of call it twenty four and under, and it's so funny because in in cycling it's they call it under twenty three's you. Used to be in our day that would have been amateur and then you turn pro I mean we have we've made a list of these guys that are, let's just call it under twenty four and we have to add to that list today I mean this this this the Swiss Kid Matt Hershey are Mark Martin Hershey mean I've never heard of this guy I mean did you see him cover that move? He covered that move with the fingers in his nose yeah. On the way he the way he bridged up to that move was well, just bridging up sally was very impressive and. by the way, not a panic and he was the U. Twenty three world champion. So that's you know he's got he's got Paul Mars but you go between Bernal pogue HR MVP ARAMCO KARA says if folks this is cool for for the future of cycling agreed and there's a lot of young guys coming up there that are. Racing like the pros for forever and mean today I think we should start from like right before the cold is which have done a ton of times used to live right by there. On that climb yet but you saw a lot of the different tactics going on with Jumbo B.'s taking control early onset. SETINA. Big Pace there And any os I think there's sort of a mental battle going on this show who stronger who can control the race better and they're racing. So aggressive, I mean, we've actually we've actually heard that some of these guys some of these teams racing as if the Tour de France is going to be nine days long in case hopefully, not I mean we have I mean you you don't just brush over that 'cause you brought it up today when we again you can choose or not choose to name your sources but you brought this up when we were watching the stage I said, what? What the fuck, what are you talking about? This is. I mean and they actually mentioned serious statement. Yeah. I've heard rumblings about it and like I said knock on wood we hope it doesn't happen. But if they're if the race does get cancelled after nine days, ten days, the person leading that day is declared that. You're suggesting that if there's too many covid breaks within the Peleton. Yeah there's a whole round of testing on the first restaurant. Yes. Correct. We're hoping that does not happen. I'd hate to see that happen because this is gonNA be. One of the most exciting toward as we've seen in a long time. So well on the heels of last year at ending early with Bernal earning it without. Bit Again Back Hang on backup there. But you're hearing this from from somebody on the inside that that is actually talking about the way they're choosing to race this race early on because the general or at least maybe the general consensus is that this thing gets stopped and again we're not let's not pull the firearm yet even put our hand on the fire alarm but. That would change the way that you would race the first week of the tour. If you thought absolutely, you're seeing them why else would team young mode spent so much energy in the front ineos going to the front. In Times, where it would be not as important in a three week raise, it doesn't seem like they're holding back right now as much as they would normally in such a hard tour de France. Well okay. But if it does not get and fingers crossed that it doesn't, but if it continues on. Then, the third week is just going to be Armageddon for everybody for everybody I mean already, it was guardless. Getting. Big Day for the Americans in my opinion today we saw TJ which. In My. You don't love seeing him doing the work early on before the Goal Dad's but put it out there on the line for the education team the Nielsen Palace, an awesome attack at the bottom of the cold as in his first of France not scared obviously super cool to see that cost setting the pace near the top of the cold as I mean unfortunately. I think he was taken out by that crash but incredible riding by. Didn't think we'll see a lot of. Fingers in the nose epcos this kid was as. Even, trying like he looks so good. Looks so good and he's got a great head on his shoulders and I think one of the best talents we've seen coming out of the American and just so you know to to to just to prove a point with you George yesterday. So George Bennett bit actually lost time today. Yeah. So your Elijah that you had for him yesterday is no longer an idea. That was an idea and the reason he lost time today was he was he was dead from the crash. Because he crashed again yesterday. We don't need to go around around about this but. I was GONNA. Ask you guys what it's like for. Twenty twenty one depends on if they're real ager race age right but mark here she had met I mean just put yourself in that.

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