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"berkeley theater marquee" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"Of the Berkeley Local podcast. This podcast spotlighting businesses in the local community. And through this one our podcast cast. I'm your host Steve Johnson owner operator of Motor City Brew Tours Detroit's original beer to our company and I'm also a member of the Berkeley Chamber and on the the Marketing Committee and we have created this great new podcast that I'm GonNa host and each month I'm going to bring onto business owners and we're going to get to hear you're about their stories here about why they started. What gets them up in the morning? All those good things and I got two great guests at Kickoff. What we're calling our pilot it episode number one so Nicole? Why don't you introduce yourself give us your sixty second overview of you all righty? Well I'm Nicole Miller. I own along with my husband. Marty Miller we own cocoa fair fields. We are located on Twelve Mile Road in Berkeley. Right Kitty Corner from the Berkeley Theater Marquee. And we've been around for about six years six and a half years now little breakfast and lunch place serving fresh genever frozen or fried delectable meals and he's taking a picture so breakfast and lunch so we have specials nationals. We have omelets we have pancakes and lots of great plays on your normal things that you would find maybe elsewhere But I like to say it's a a little bit Fresher than maybe some of the other places so we really enjoy that. We love being in Berkeley and All right thank you. That's great. It's it's that easy isn't it. Yeah super thanks Nicole. Art Heather whilst you introduce yourself. I'm their body and I am an independent Web and graphic designer in the Berkeley area.

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