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"bennifer levin" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

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"bennifer levin" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

"Another episode of what's wrong with wrestling? I'm Andrew pizzano, along with my brother Joe pizano and Eric slam Hamilton. 2022. I love you. Oh, man. 2022 ABBA do? I like it. The first main podcast of 2022. And it's a big one. Yeah. Yeah. Because we're going to be doing awards for 2021. Yes. Wow. We did it last year. It was a big success. It was a lot of fun. I hope the awards music that we use as public domain because we're going to be playing it a lot. You mean gold dust entrance music? Yes. They might be by now. By now, hopefully. They don't flag us on gold dust music. That's because no one. That's a good thing, but yeah, a lot of times if I play any other music from WWE, it'll get flagged. I hope I win this year. Yeah, I hope I win. That's podcaster. Best podcast. Yeah. I really did a lot of marketing. I put in all the podcast papers, right? You know, a full sheet. Hey, don't forget there's the Twitter podcast wrestling podcast awards. A real thing, right? Yeah. Like 5 people vote on that. I think so. It's the people that do it. Correct. They have a podcast. We went again and their mom. Yeah. Well, our mom voted and we want to get. So we're the best. Thanks, mommy. Thanks, mom. All right, we're gonna do awards. We're gonna do we're gonna recap raw and all that stuff, but first we have to thank some new patrons. Yeah. Our first four new patrons of 2022. Hey, how about that? Let's do about that. All right, so thank you to Scott Brown. Bennifer Levin. Give me more part timers or give more part timers major titles. Okay. I mean, I don't know if you signed up before new year's, but they did. No, yeah, this was a couple of days ago. And then finally, Omar, the halal falafel farmer. Cool. Thank you very much. Omar, and I'd love to try your falafels. Yeah. I mean, is that what they don't like falafel? Yeah. Yeah. I know Joe knows where it's from. Yeah. It's from a movie. It's from a movie. Come on. That's correct. Yeah. Or the fake or the fake one where he goes, that's a good point. I never thought about that. All right, what is it? Batman Begins. Batman Begins. 'cause a bad cop is taken from kids to feed. Oh, they don't like falafel? Yeah, that's right. You motherfucker. And then Batman's like, where's the father? Right. Where's the fall off of money? Pulls him back to the show. Yeah, they should have had Batman take the money back and they'd be like, here's your money. Yeah. It's one of me. Yeah. And then he goes, nice coat. Two to go. Hey, this debit card says Bruce Wayne. Did you like mugging or something? Yeah. I saved him last night. He gave me his card. He said, goodbye, so something nice. So I bought myself this batsuit. Oh, cool. And falafel. Yeah, so thank you to those four people sign up at Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling. We've got day one, the recap of day one is out on our Patreon right now. We have countless brackets. We have two bonus episodes coming later this month and one's actually showing up later this week. We're gonna be doing a trivia game, except all three of us are gonna be competing this time. Correct. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. Yeah. But Andrew has all the answers, so what the hell? Well, come on now. Yeah. No, we also have the Royal Rumble, obviously, later this month, so it's a good month to sign up. It is. Start out the year fresh, a new. If you've never tried Patreon before, give it a shot. And you like it. And $5 a month gets you everything. You can cancel any time. Look, I know for a long time you've been saying if we hit a thousand, you'll shave your head. Yeah. I think we've got to do something more enticing. So maybe if we hit like his balls. No, sorry. That's a given. I went another way. Sorry, he shaved them twice since we started. That's true. Maybe like 1500, we have to do like a what's wrong with wrestling calendar. The men of what's wrong with wrestling guys? Yeah. Wow, that's so hot. Two people that's super enticing. Hey. That's enticing. You don't know people's lives, all right? Yeah. Yeah, sure. We'll throw in the calendar for a thousand. Well, like everyone says, okay. Fuck Joe. So now you can. For the low low price. Well, let's go. I was gonna buy this Sasha Banks fuck pillow, but I think I'll buy this calendar instead. Yeah. Yeah. If we get to 2000 patrons, we'll introduce a Joe fuck pillow. You know, I think I think we should do the music soundtrack. How many holes? How many holes? As many as you want to do the music soundtrack. That's a good point. Yeah. All right, also, subscribe and listen to our second podcast, Hollywood hogwash, available anywhere podcasts are heard. We just came out with the season premiere, the series premiere of the book of boba Fett, which I haven't watched yet. Yeah, well, it's interesting. And then also South Park, post COVID, the return of COVID. I started watching the first post COVID one. Yeah, I finally got both. Apparently, I get a free year with my T mobile, so. Oh, well, good for you. Yeah. That's great. Yeah, check it out. Hollywood hogwash, you could also follow the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at Hollywood hog pod, and subscribe to the YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Hollywood hogwash pod. Get us to a thousand subscribers. We appreciate that. Yes. Swear to me that you're going to do it. Sort of amazing. All right, on to the 2021 awards. And welcome to the what's wrong with wrestling 2021 year and a war. Thank you, Eric. We're good. Yes, thank you very much. I mean, you just kind of glazed over it. Yeah, I kind of did, but first, before we get the glaze on your face, he tells you that Vega picture. Yes, exactly. Glazed right over here. There's a thin thin layer of glaze on that. Where's my Shawn Michaels guy you got me? Oh, he's over there. How did he get over there? I don't know, speaking of glazing on things. Over where? I don't know where you're talking about. Why is it wet? Well, yeah. Oh, actually, that feels a little good. We're getting deeper right at this point. What have I done? Yeah. All right. He's like a little puppy. Yeah, I know. This is mini Sean from just before attitude era. He's just trying to get off. He'll stop when he's a tag has remained on him for the past 25 years. Yeah. It hasn't been fucked off. Careful, Joe. Yeah. All right, but bone buddies? That's an interesting name. Go to sleep, Sean. Go ahead. Go to sleep. No, get out of here. Yeah, he's dead. All right, first, before we do the fan voting section, we're going to go over what we picked the most. Oh, yeah. And again, this is all thanks to Kyle foxton. Feeling the lord's work. He concluded and Sue every episode and makes an Excel spreadsheet over what we picked the most, and I love it. There's so much detail that he puts into it. Yeah. This is great. This is a don't look. Yeah, don't look, because I don't want you guys to see more fun that way. All right, so first up, busta nut. Most of you sound. First up, we have worst dress. Who did we pick the most for worst dress? Nia Jax. No. She got 5th place. Wow. Yeah. Oh, Seth, you guys pick Seth a lot. I was gonna say Seth. You say we pick Seth a lot. Eric picks Seth 8 times Joe, you picked him 6 times. I only picked him four times. Oh, wow. 8 6 four? But yes, Seth Rollins is the winner. Yeah. Makes sense. He got 20 total points. Here's how it works. If we sweep it, they get an extra point. Oh,.

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