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Georgiev stops 36, Rangers hang on for 2-1 win over Sabres

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Georgiev stops 36, Rangers hang on for 2-1 win over Sabres

"Alexander Alexander kirke kirke have have stopped stopped thirty thirty six six shots shots in in the the ranges ranges extended extended one one of of the the best best start start in in team team history history with with a a two two one one win win over over the the Sabres Sabres there there are are a a lot lot of of shots shots I I don't don't have have too too much much time time to to to to think think about about anything anything else else today today right right I I scored scored two two of of them them so so I I felt felt really really good good to to get get that that W. W. because because the the Bennett Bennett Jack Jack got got his his first first goal goal in in fifteen fifteen games games and and Alex Alex love love for for near near also also scored scored as as New New York York improved improved to to eighteen eighteen five five and and three three with with its its eighth eighth win win in in nine nine games games the the record record matches matches the the Blueshirts Blueshirts best best twenty twenty six six games games start start tying tying the the mark mark set set by by the the nineteen nineteen ninety ninety four four Cup Cup winners winners the the Rangers Rangers hung hung on on after after a a video video review review determined determined buffalo buffalo defenseman defenseman Rasmus Rasmus Dahlin Dahlin was was offside offside negating negating Victor Victor all all of of his his goal goal with with fifty fifty seven seven seconds seconds left left I'm I'm Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie

Alexander Alexander Kirke Kirk Sabres W. W. Bennett Bennett Jack Jack Alex Alex New New York York Rangers Rangers Rasmus Rasmus Dahlin Dahlin Buffalo Victor Victor Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie
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"bennett jack" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"All right. Welcome back to Cairo nights on the line Right now is tar Khonsari, who is currently in the fine state of California. The Golden State because our own Tara Khonsari board top producer extraordinary. Decided to go back to college for some strange and odd reason. Instead of pursuing a career in broadcast media, he decides to abandon everybody in who he works with. He decides to leave us for no good reason. And he decides to go back to San Francisco of all places to get. What do they call that thing again? Tarek. What do they call that thing that you're getting in school? Much needed degree. Yeah, er, mark needed so, Tarek. Thanks for joining us on the, uh, on the what is it? The Labor Day Special when Jack Stein should be having the day off, But he does not So, um, Tareq, I'm deeply curious about this. Uh, right now being back in college, Covid is a thing. The delta variant is the thing and you are in one of the most Densely populated city scapes in the continental United States. You are around gross college students who barely shower and who never brushed their teeth. This is pretty cringe, Dude, I mean, this is pretty cringe, right? Well, the 2 50 thing. I mean, well, First of all, you've got all those actors and actresses in L A saying, Hey, we shower to be there to It's not at the trend. Yeah, I don't have to do that. Right. So, actually, you can blame Bennett Jack and not us because he blamed us multiple times already, but anyway. Would have to say. I mean that fact. I haven't even noticed that the whole brush thing because the one thing that stands out to me since beginning school just two weeks ago is that everybody is very masks outside Now don't get me wrong inside. It's required. Everyone's wearing it. No problem there, but everybody in this super white white on campus like there's attentive room. It's a ton of grass, Southern places like space out and everybody's wearing a math. And when I don't want to wear one outside do what happens? 30 looks really look after dirty look like what are you doing? What are you doing? It's like, literally the risk of transmission. I get you scared, but I'm staying away from you. I'm walking around you. I'm saying at least like 33 from these people, and they're like, Do you have a gun? You What? What is this? Do I have a huge knows? I mean, people in the radio don't know because it's an audio thing, but She chose my map. It wants to worry most outside when it's hot outside, and honestly, it is so frustrating because every teacher is like, you know, you probably should wear one outside, too, but we're not going to tell you to do that. But we just kind of guilt you into that. It's like it's insane, actually is insane. I This is my problem with the whole, like, you know, mask thing in, uh, you know, outdoor mask thing is that if we look at the data, and everyone gets so mad at me whenever I pull up the data, but we're going to do it anyway. Tark You and all of the filthy, disgusting stoners that you're going to school with, statistically are the least likely to die from Covid 19 and also statistically, the less likely to end up in the hospital with serious complications from Covid 19. Mhm. I would imagine that you and all the liberal hippies in San Francisco, California would at least want to follow the data, which says that Covid 19 does not do well in sunlight. It simply does not as a as a viral particle. When it goes out into the year. It does very bad and UV light. It does not have the the same amount of protection. Let us say a flu virus has, and that's not for me. That's from Dr Z M. D PhD, who could probably say it with a lot more scientific jargon that I could ever possibly hope to say it with. But I would imagine that being that you're at a four year university that everybody they would say, Oh, let us stick to the science, Shall we? And the science tells us that when young people are outside They do not need to wear a mask. Yeah, No, You're completely right. And I think honestly, if you were to get each student into a room with a mask, of course, because you have to butt into a room and asked them how do you feel like if you feel comfortable Would you take it off? I'm sure 60 to 70%. Maybe even 80% would be like, you know, Actually, I would, but I just want to make other people feel uncomfortable because it really feels like I hate to say this because I am all for keeping people safe. But it feels like it's everybody's like kind of looking at each other and going. I don't want to be that guy. Yeah. Know that it's a bit of an overreaction because listen, if it came out that Oh, well, Kobe transmit over and in the air a little bit more this time like it like, you know, there's new science that comes out. Okay, I get that. You know, I'm all about making people you know, having a safe environment, but it's come out like Dr Z said many times in your show, or, like others doctors that we kind of said this If it comes out that transmission outside is minimal to none. Then I don't feel like when I'm 30 to 40 ft, away from the nearest student I should have to wear especially if I have to work for a three hour class all the time. I can't even drink water in the class. Have to walk outside the drink Water. Wow. Wow. Wow. Yeah, That's the world we live in now, and I don't want to argue about the in inside thing because I get the torments. The transmission happens. But you know, it's frustrating. At times, I won't lie so dark. I think that you should have that You should go to your professors and that you should say, Hey, I know this guy. I work with this guy. He's a world class radio broadcaster. He is up and he's up in Seattle. And we should have him. Give the class Dave Ross. Yeah, Getting around. It's going around The Davis is a legend. Like his name is Diamond Dave Ross. And he's a gem. No, but my I should say, I know this guy Jack Stein and I will be more than happy to to give any of your classes of fund lecture on radio broadcasting. And then play it for the Cairo night's audience. I think that that would be amazing where I go in front of, um you know, however many blind ignorant Children there are what what college? You're going to Tark. Where are you right now? I'm going to San Francisco State University at the moment. No. Mm. Didn't even he didn't even have the you didn't have the grades to get into the university system, bro. What are you doing? Come on, Tara. Even like I went to the university system. You're in the state school system, Dude. Well, I'm sorry that I don't have a plethora of cash like in my back pocket, but it's also a great broadcasting school and they opened a brand new radio facility. And I'm sure they would love to talk to you because they have the same political points as you every single one of them. Mm. Excellent. So they're very wise people. But, you know, target. I will say this that right now I would think that being in college is pretty cringe in general, I would have actually and this is just me. I would have waited a little bit. I would have let the momentum of Covid kind of die out a little bit. I would have Uh, continued my my radio broadcasting career in Seattle. I would have just done that dude. But instead you decided to go against my advice and Shane's advice and you decided to run back to California and go to school. Yeah, well, you know, I'm telling you, it's really It was a tough decision. And if it comes out that I don't end up loving it up here after a little while, maybe maybe it returns in order. I mean, who knows? It's just, you know, it's one of those things where I feel like if I didn't try it Now, I would get caught up with other things. So you know, risk reward the way it is Jack. Yeah, I hear you, man. I just So I have a friend of mine who is who also decided to go back to school, and she was telling me that life on campus where she is. Is like it's fascist, that everything that she does is heavily regulated. The masks are heavily enforced, and even though she's been vaccinated in the majority of the kids have been vaccinated at this particular college. They still are acting as if, um we are a year ago when it comes to Covid 19, and they are acting like it's a huge deal when she was saying, You know, any time someone in the class feels the slightest bit ill, they don't come to class. There's kind of this social contract that they have in place, and not only that, but the professors are allowing wiggle room. So if you do feel ill, you can zoom into the class. And this is what I find so interesting about it is that when you When you when you give people that amount of leeway, Guess what people do. They fall in line with it. They go right in line with it. It's when you begin to put, uh, this kind of fascist I don't know what you want to call it standard onto people's lives is when they begin to freak out. So, Tarek, we're out of time, but thank you so much for for calling in tonight. We really do appreciate it on the Labor Day special coming up next Shane Peterson and I are going to be doing a little bit of good news and a whole lot more Cairo.

Dave Ross Shane Peterson tar Khonsari Tara Khonsari San Francisco Seattle 60 Shane California Jack Stein Tareq Tara 80% 30 San Francisco State University Jack tonight Tarek Diamond Dave Ross 40 ft
"bennett  jack" Discussed on The Nat Coombs Show

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"bennett jack" Discussed on The Nat Coombs Show

"Sit in the which is out of the finally come to that conclusion. So you're right if the only thing that you see not going well. There is the quarterback position. But they do now have two options. Amac jones does seem like that kind of player. Who would be ready to step in and say week. Six one seven. Need him to interesting that you just looking at the all. All of the bookies have the patriots to win the afc at about sixteen to one to one and look. I'd dolphins actually bookies relatively ahead of them just about had about fourteen hundred and then obviously the bills and six to on a lot which favorites to win the eastern. I guess it does make the pages for the favorites when the eastern dot might be somewhere way. You look at for this but it is a strong argument on is just. It's always good to back. Check and decide why this always good to back brady despite going against that last year. It's always. It's always good bennett jack. Because he just is a perennial winner and there's nothing ready a win and he is going to be. This is a family show so insert in your speech of right here but he is going to be looking back. He's going to be smarting at the way. The last couple of years have gone last season in particular. I don not buying into this. He's frustrated the brady's gonna win the super bowl somewhere else nonsense. But he's to be frustrated that the patriots had the season. They did the flip side of that. The patriots almost five hundred season lost. I mean unbelievable. When you look at that roster so i i'm big on the patriots all right so there's no one more before we move on and this is this is not technically. A comeback team was the most improved team. And it's fun. this is this one. You're going to be really surprised that this is my bowed my prediction of the show. I'd say Most improved team on everything. I starting might apply. But i think they have a better season than ever predicts them to foul cnn's lou. Yeah jordan amassed statistics though. I found a marina. The cleveland browns. Then a statistic is a mass stick. The cleveland browns had a record of eleven and five last season point and that appointing differential of minus eleven right. The atlanta falcons had a record of four and twelve yep data point differential of minus eighteen. While it's a great number detroit. Lions were five and eleven miners forty two five and eleven miners. Twenty-three like atlanta falcons was dead. Yeah they just lost so many close games and they were in to huff division last year. Like a really tough vision had the eventual super bowl winners in that. And i honestly think that people just completely underestimate atlanta falcons purely based on their records have been so bad boss couple of years and that is because they always lose. In extraordinary fashion office in alpha smith can come into the commenters locker room and just changed the mindset and just go completely fresh headed into this new season. Matt ron is always pick my fancy because he always starts touchdowns he always throws. He's always one of the top ten quarterbacks in stats into the season. I think matt ryan is being britain for sure. Think he's done a couple years and the tiger. I've always been a big matt. Ryan bannon from the the brilliant super bowl losing season that he had and i wonder whether that has that whole capitulation which isn't individually specifically on him but nevertheless a key protagonist did not capitulation that has dented his reputation. Just feel he's one of those plays that has been underrated for for much of his career despite everything he's achieved he's in that he's in that staff at from vp. Talk about stuff. Yeah that's the under eight when you're mvp. He's no one ever talks about the same way you know what joe parallels in the same way the with that and his generation quarterbacks in the nfl right now of course mahomes is different level. But everybody isn't that just seems to get a now. He's finally being paid. But the cowboys was screwing around with that for for a while. He seems to be. I think in a different bracket to those around to lamar a to to to show watson. And maybe that's fair. Maybe those two plays all better quarterbacks. If you have to really joe down to that detail this massive drop off in. Yeah i feel that is grouped in a different close to them. And i don't think that's entirely fair. I feel the same way with matt ryan. I feel he's being yeah sure. He's a good quarterback he's credible he's not an and i think he i think he's better than people suggested the other thing that i was thinking when he was talking about that every time i hear arthur smith's name i think of a picture an old vaudeville comic or or office mate's being the troops in world war two each issue. Sounds like he's a different era decides like he's as old time musical variety at from the from the thirties. Wheeled in to run the falcons. That would be great for move. You right that i try to get into the middle of twenty twenty. That's happened i mean he did. What one does ron donohoe. He we have seen him do some stormy things at tennessee so maybe can do them atlanta and the other reason why. I made this point schedule. Listen to ten of their opponents coming out. This season eagles honest. I don't know what author blank the falcon's owner maybe. He traded to come and play in london to have to just play a whole of the nfc. Eagles giants washington jets dolphins panthers twice what cowboys patriots joshua's lines. Easy thing can see them winning. Sort of a of those games i. That's a great point. So he's said there were playoff team. I'm not necessarily saying a playoff team. I yeah i never comeback team. And i think they're an underrated team. Go means the season. I mean they've had one of the worst off seasons of all the teams in the nfl. Still saying this. I've lost a hall of famer wide receiver and have the saints in the box. They probably will beat one of the bikes bucks or saints at some point during the season. Just because the way the divisional match the nfl. Mark davis and quarter pants in colorado passed some guarantees. You a kickoff return at one point in the season. You've just guaranteed that the return touchdown touchdown touchdown. Yeah ridley's a genuine rumble on receiver. One is titans and they've got hate and coalpit. yeah exactly we'll is going to roll straightened. So yeah i like like it. I like it you thinking i like the fact. We spent twenty five minutes on point one. Good that's where we're going to go to now come player so i think you're probably gonna go in a similar position. Comeback player the yes. There's too heavy favorites for this. Which dot cresco is basically even point. Yeah and then the other one is interestingly joe burrow. Okay because i think yeah the injury or just off the chart performances or some kind of criminal exclusion from the count. So know besides the foster a borough interesting. Yeah so interesting. Licking the the winner of this in previous seasons like tori. It's usually a quarterback. Isn't it thousand eight. Two thousand thirteen quarterback brady mining staff at all in there. I think they'd just suddenly decided from two thousand fourteen two twenty seventeen..

Ryan bannon Mark davis atlanta falcons arthur smith Matt ron twenty five minutes ron donohoe eleven london last year four matt ryan five twelve Six tennessee joshua two options minus eighteen washington
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"bennett jack" Discussed on The Nat Coombs Show

"Get twenty hours a week with the place. An off that time is with the strength and conditioning stuff. Mayes nine volt. Not you know. He was the plan together. Says bring me a seven foot tall tree. Light left tackle. He's involved in not much of it but they're all full going on. And so you know you go into into the nfl and he's going to be how come on still hair eight o'clock at night a gigantic different. That's why guys. They often get caught being skiing. As you all about to lou holtz with you have to leave the nfl midway the first thing like this is way too much football. You guys are too good at this. I not do. This highlight to go into homes. Shake his hand and walk out with the play recruit. That's what i'm good at. That is the giant steve. Spurrier is another one chip. Sally off saving was case of he might have bounced back but as soon as loud alabama. And why would you leave. Is that i think i think saving would be fine. Any idea like some reason coach every system run in the nfl between two thousand and five and twenty sixty base seattle cova. Three lives match coverage. Nick saban's baby. He both not in cleveland. Full bill belichick compels bell bill. Belichick did fine. The seattle seahawks are very good running coverage. I think all right figured out eventually and at least made a couple of playoff appearances. But i apologize. Yes that just went when you are yet and throwaway line. But i'm with you. a lot of. It is a huge part of recruitment convincing those parents. This is the place for your boy in shaking hands pressing palms kissing babies all that kind of stuff and of course none of that is relevant in the nfl. Do you think there is a challenge for college coaches even of the credibility and stature of coming in with the vets or at least with the vet seems to get appropriate now when you millionaire. Nfl for two years but with those that have been around the block a few times serious players so they could be looking at him and slightly suspicious as opposed to say gruden rockin up or You know mcvay broken up. Who is a young gun but within minutes. You're like okay. I get it. What is the what you get to win over. T think i think so. Take any any any new head. Coach has to. Of course do degree. I i think so. I think he also comes with baggage is just being a maya and that's going to be well understood in the room is populated the staff with everyone from college which is curious thing. It's almost like if i get. What on side and we kind of been rally every morning. Then people will just buying organically which could happen younger at the same thing you brought all this whole all boys back within the reality people did buy in wherever they were winning games on the start you know that the play is lifted and that could work bananas. I said this is a thing of the work. I don't think people realize and the nfl the difference in the volume of worked what you have to do in college. It's just so much more. It could college coaches monal. I'm about having to shake the hands and go to the club but that is kind of fun. St when you urban mind you're winning national titles in your and you get paid seven million dollars a year to have to sit in your room and watch of coverage is from the cleveland browns on and you cue in four years of them. You know. it's really hot work. It's no fun you after a door and not say of my adult football. I'm sure he does. But aides just such another level and the thing to your point about the places they find out really fast because they're in every watching boundaries coverages on third and the good ones are zanga. A bunch those place but they'll have enough you will be able to Pollute the place with agnes. If they can figure out really fast these guys up to the level we have not even tactical advantage on the field but just be at the same level playing field because all those of the coaching staff will be doing this stuff. And that's what he's going to have to prove right away and you know. I'll be flawed if he underworld for anything like that. That has been an issue of college coach in the past i think. Yeah the isn't that. Kind of schematic level. He he brought spread option football to modern college football at the high level from utah at the florida to ohio state. He's constantly innovated and even something. Like the tribes. That's the situation. I think what you see him. Saying using percy harbin. I didn't draft ms running back. He's personally. I think that will at the site the locker room. It's like oh cool. That's something different than the lafontaine running backs in the first round. We designed often. I think that kind of thing cow all into cook by the way by something himself by trying to sell a credible jersey. that'd be sold as well varies a give me a percentage chance of tim. Tebow being on the jags roster week nine next season we nine great unbelievable week by you. Mikey fantastic i think. Fifteen percent fifty. Not underestimate the ego of a of a minor ready. Thinks he's the best football coach of ever lived and he's won awful lot of stuff everywhere i i can still he. He can still do. It is what is going to be. I can still get there. Yeah and if nothing else knows my message. The verbiage verbiage will be completely different for all these plays. You can least tell travel you know when we call read. It means that me you know he will be thinking like that. I think i wrote the story a while back when tiba went to the patriots and it was completely misunderstood situation. If you remember back there in that. Tom brady that garoppolo along comes. And it's like why is bill bell kicking the tires on tim. Tebow embellishing had commissioned a giant study in the off season to look at. What are we missing. Why is the way. We're not scoring points. Tell me i'll just go more points. And the study gave him back. Two point conversions. No one in this league runs two point conversions high enough level and he went back and said well who is the best one convergence and they brought him all the yardage plays in the league running backs. Everyone they said tim. Tebow is the three best short yardage people in all football. He just bigger than everyone else. A one on one in the whole he'll beat someone they go into tears at great. We'll try it you know we'll give it a go. They bring him in. He cannot catch the ball. He muffed snaps. It's a complete disaster. They never even unleashed it in the preseason. If you remember she played very well. Enough philadelphia game playing quotes about but the plan was never to have played. Gb it was a two-point specialist in the same way. We had a kicking specialist. She's those one points and three points. Tim will be two point guy and we'll try and then they all got everyone said well. Why are we taking tom. Brady off the field. Two point conversion the greatest avenue tiba yukon. Catch the ball. So i i think that is what the is looking at. The they're going to listen to tight. You know maybe he does some quarterback so fallen. I think they want a short yardage bulldozer. A two point conversion. I think he thinks minor little victories having travis at as a slot receiver arrived in a running having a two point specialists in a league. That doesn't have a two-point specialists right now. Safe may become houston josh allen. I think that's what he thinks. And if you're gonna commit to that you kind of have to keep on the roster for any semblance of credibility with the locker room is fascinating the the patriots story. I wasn't aware of that was the rationale for bringing man. I knew that there was talk of using him in trick play situations yard and but that did you know that focused and it's something that customer. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more roster spot suppression certain. If you bill. Bennett jack they are but that is an interesting idea. We sort of. I guess a bit inadvertently with the dolphins easing a closure sorts. As well i don. I do wonder whether we'll see more of that. Gradually roster spots opened up for very specific situations beyond as you said kick her along. Snap stuff that you know is going to be a fundamental okay. Let's end on to superstar quarterbacks. You've had challenging off seasons for together. Different reasons aaron rodgers. And i recall you about rogge's this time. Now see if other back a year or so ago right And a lot. That piece is bag on the money right now..

ohio aaron rodgers two years three points Two point cleveland two-point Belichick Tim Spurrier two point Fifteen percent Nick saban Tom brady florida one points seven foot five seven million dollars percy harbin
Kapanen, Guentzel push Penguins to 3-2 OT win over Capitals

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Kapanen, Guentzel push Penguins to 3-2 OT win over Capitals

"The penguins beat the capitals for the fourth time in five meetings this Caspary Kapanen scored one forty three into overtime to complete a three two win over Washington Kapanen J. cancel each had a goal and an assist for the penguins who have won eight times when trailing or tied after two periods three of Pittsburgh's four wins over Washington have come in T. or a shoot out Conor Sheary and Richard Panik scored for Washington which only led for twenty two seconds VTech Bennett Jack made thirty four saves for Washington I'm the very

Caspary Kapanen Penguins Kapanen J. Cancel Washington Conor Sheary Richard Panik Pittsburgh Bennett Jack
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"bennett jack" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Seven seven eight hundred five two or patriotdepot dot com use promo code. Usa if you enjoy our classic radio theater broadcast and want to start building a collection of your own go to classic radio dot stream. That's classic radio dot stream there you'll find links to great classic radio collections. On cd along with links to greet reading on classic radioplus classic radio theater on demand. Check our web page available. Now at classic radio dot stream that's classic radio dot stream and enjoy rockstar radio. Did you know this station this network is looking for their next rockstar broadcaster. That's right we are and it could be. You could be you interviewing guests talking to the newsmakers right in the middle of every day. Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star. Show host now could be your chance together with this station will help you with everything you need the studios the your producer a coast if you'd like and so much more broadcasting is changing. There's never been a need for fresh voices and unique opinions like there is right now. You can do this hour. Professional team will guide you. Every step of the way sounder. Thanks show content building your social network media and everything you need to be the next luck star broadcaster. Get all the details email bill at rockstar dot. Today that's bill at rockstar. Dot today to get started with your own show email bill at rockstar. Dot today that's bill at rockstar dot today. Don't wait you could be the next voice for america email bill at rockstar dot today. If you're over the age of fifty and considering buying an annuity in the next sixty days. I have some important news for you. Don't buy an annuity and to understand the pros and cons of annuities a free book to help you. Maximize your retirement income from television host and three time author. Josh mellberg has been released. This book reveals little known truths about annuity strategies in simple to understand terms. Grab a pen right now. Because we are about to offer you this free book that unlocks the five little known secrets. We believe baby boomers and seniors should know before buying an annuity. Call eight hundred nine eight five eighteen thirteen now. And you'll receive a free copy of josh mellberg's nextgen annuity strategies revealed as a bonus. We'll also send you a copy off. The number one mistakes retirees are making with their investments today and a free. Dvd on how you can get to thirty. Three percents more income in retirement. Call eight hundred nine eight five eighteen thirteen now again. That's eight hundred nine eight five eighteen thirteen employees of jd mellberg financial have the appropriate licenses for the products. They offer. Make sure you join us on our saturday edition of classic radio theater episode of the screen directors playhouse from seventy two years ago january ninth nineteen forty nine. John wayne in his original screen role in stage coach. That will be on our saturday edition of classic idea theater. But now let's wrap up this friday edition with the conclusion of maxwell. House copy time george burns gracie allen january eight nine hundred and fortieth. How do you do. I'm reported from the news. I'd like to get a story about those two gypsies who are going to give a concert. A what would you like to know. Well i understand that brothers. Don't buy a nice arrangement. Gypsies are supposed to be mystics to these boys. Have second sight. They both glasses. Yes can you tell me something about their background while it was. It was very romantic to begin with their gypsy king because they were born when they were born they. Each weigh twenty pounds. You mean now. Well what are their names. The a what are some gypsy name rollers michigan. Sasha these are joshua and jackson. are you sure. These boys aren't just playing. Americans know best rate from gypsy. Lag there real. You're not kidding. So long lady feels good to get out of the gypsy costumes. You know george if we can just cohen out a little man or on ten jack. This is mr jetsons from texas to do this. List jag bennett jack. Benny say ain't you. The world's greatest radio comedian staged on movie actor. Oh yes it sure is on other. Shake your hand mr benny. You're iraq famous delivered. Well thank you thank you at. What part of texas you from dallas. Houston no. I'm from walking walking. Hack jack misjudging is an oil millionaire. And he put up some five thousand dollars. Toback our country. Now i do like to put up five thousand and mr. benny was from texas. But he says he's from waukegan. Yes waukegan texas. I don't recollect ever here in that town. Waukegan texas they might make it the capital. You don't say yes and the next governor will probably be my father. Sam houston benny data fact and after he served a term as governor of texas. He may be elected president of the united states. Sure hate to see him. Step down to a less important jobs. Mr catch and i've got to tell you the people run this world. Don't come from texas. Yeah.

rockstar Josh mellberg josh mellberg united states jd mellberg financial george burns gracie allen John wayne texas bennett jack maxwell mr benny Hack jack misjudging Sasha Toback joshua waukegan cohen
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"I'm might that it again. I haven't put I haven't put my whole car together yet. I do like it was like I try to limit myself on over under age but I do I will say this like I like so many more in the East and doing the West like there's gonna be like to be that I actually met in the west tops. Yeah, the Orlando Magic were both under but we're staying away out of respect for the Orlando Magic gods in the Steve Clifford. That's correct. Temple the Chicago Bulls were staying away, but we both leaned over due to the Jim Boylan catastrophe being replaced correct and other poor questions is why we're staying away. Yeah, the Charlotte Hornets were both under did it 27 and 1/2 Bennett Jack split twenty five and half are probably going to pass. Yeah. It's just that's real low the Pistons we just are passing totally be due to health reasons. I like I like the over a little better than you but again, I'm not gonna bet it off. But I would not hate betting it because like if they're guys play I think that's so low, even if they trade guys at the deadline the Knicks. That under that's a bummer. Yeah, and then the Cavs. I think I am going to stay away. Just cuz that whole situation makes me sad. That's right. Yeah, I'm not betting it but I do lean like I don't think that I want to you don't have investment in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yeah, it's kind of where I'm at. Like I don't I don't want to have to watch Cats games really like I will because it's my job but like I don't want to have to be forced to watch Cats games right thing is where I'm at. Okay, we will be back later this week with the Western Conference over unders Robbie tell the people for this podcast where they can find your work you remover on up rocks dimemag all that good stuff. We got, you know preview business coming out and if you are into the gambling space the podcast we do college football and golf mostly Meats not for know each person must former CBS colleagues. You can subscribe to that wherever you listen to podcasts like this one, which is a better one. Shout out to the New Orleans Pelicans They have just brought gar Forman and as a special adviser, that's right for scouting. Oh boy guard, by the way, if you look at Chicago's track record as thousands of purely tear draft record. I've done terribly and draft. It is totally know. I don't as long as that's all they're asking him to do its might not be the worst thing but it is just funny. Yeah, that's objectively, okay..

Steve Clifford Jim Boylan Bennett Jack Cleveland Cavaliers Charlotte Hornets Orlando Magic Chicago Bulls Pistons Orlando Knicks New Orleans Pelicans Robbie gar Forman CBS football golf Chicago
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"Is like the basic one that everybody gets especially for kids in lost in in all virtual learning because they also mentioned that the twice as long video conferencing so all zoom in google meats and all that good stuff. So i'm definitely interested to see how people take this that kind of want him new mac book but i'm not. I'm not in a huge rush because my ipad pro nineteen rev ipad pro is kind of taken over and never thought it would that it is and I'm getting just more out of it with that keyboard accessory than i expected. So i don't think i'm in the market for it but but it still looks great and the that kind of performance out of an air. The heirs are famous for being kind of poopie on the performance side. But just be an uber thin and worth it because they way nothing can take them anywhere in their super cool that way but now it sounds like i don't know the style actually has performance to match and that's exciting and the no fan thing even though that's it's sort of you know he'll be like i mean i don't really think about fans anyway whether they're inside my computer not. I can't tell you how many times. I've been on a podcast. You maybe walking somebody through text accident like is there. A is your windows open. Or what is that noise. Oh care it's the fan. 'cause it's working really hard so this is gonna be advantageous for only fan will be used sitting in front of it. Being a fan of how island is back many. I know you're you're leaning this way scott faster faster. Faster of course has a fan but only to thunderbolt usb ports usb ports bennett jack still there headphone jack hd mayan ethernet also. Not ten gig. Ethernet don't know that that matters for most people. Most people can't take advantage of it but It's still there on the television. Yeah it's a little bit for them to pull back. I like two hundred dollars. Cheaper thing obviously the nice thing. It's nice thing to hear right like. Oh they're actually going to go down a little bit for better specs in theory taking out. Two of those ports is a little concerning. But not a deal. Breaker there are also plenty of splitters and hud. Now it's not that big of a deal to expand if you need more thunderball The gps also way faster than the current gen to the point that i don't think people are going to need unless they really have a special need for they're not gonna need e gpa's which currently there's no driver force knows what that all means but as someone who uses a mac many for almost all my production multiple monitors maxed out specs. The biggest surprise to me was again. The memory.

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"I wait the ghost of Pat Morita show up and watching them do dishes and like go know God watch on watch off. I mean the the ghost yes in a way Miyagi Joe is important to the story and you see lots of pictures and there's lots of flashbacks to the actual movies. But but his actual real ghost now, it doesn't show up. Okay. All right. I am excited for season three. I watched this literally overnight and in the morning like within twelve hours. I watched all two seasons of this show and I know I'm late to the party, but this was heartwarming and I really really liked it. That was season 3 coming soon. Should be at the beginning of year. They say they've got it filmed. They've got an edited they're ready to drop it. So they but they say twenty Twenty-One nice on the flip side of things. I was looking forward to and didn't really live up to the hype devil all the time on Netflix. This is based on a novel by Donald Ray paulick called knockemstiff, which is a town and a tetanus house. It's starring exactly to American actors. That is Riley Kehoe. Thank you Elvis Presley's granddaughter and Haley Bennett Jack. Also Tom Holland Robert Pattinson, Mio wiskowski. Am I saying that right? I have no idea. Sure deadly Jersey dursley. Okay, your real name is Harry melling, but your deadly Jersey Sebastian Stan. I understand that he is technically a whatever some place in the Eastern European American, but he does Does oh Romania Parker is yelling at me from upstairs room from Romania and America Bill Skarsgard and everybody's favorite black hole of Charisma Jason Clark. Oh, why do they put Jason Clark and things I liked him. He sucks the Charisma out of the room. He is terrible. This is like Southern warmer ish. Sat in the like 50s and 60s it right. It's it's not good. It's not good. I kept waiting for it to get started Everything feels like lead up Robert Pattinson plays a not great preacher. Everybody dies. It's it's not it's good. Don't don't believe the iPod one cuz I did and don't do it. You don't want to I don't know. Yeah on HBO..

Jason Clark Robert Pattinson Pat Morita Sebastian Stan Miyagi Joe Riley Kehoe HBO Donald Ray Harry melling Netflix Elvis Presley tetanus Bill Skarsgard Romania Parker Haley Bennett Jack Romania Tom Holland America
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"Tough to drive would say the second we should do a whole series of of a W. our listeners got talent we should have any other people call saying he's playing instrument tell jokes that lease already share your head I think that yeah they could do damage be funny they do what they could do a dance routine maybe well great bye bye perfect you know like the radio Michael it would kill it would I think be great that's right we should do that at W. O. ours got talent that's good well as well because judges yes I think if you're going to now Natalie will be Paul Abdul I'll be Simon callow of course and I'll be a how we man dell Lionel Richie was overly on a serious note you sang editors getting fired what's going on here yes so this is interesting a bunch of top editors have been have resigned because of some sort of you know racial insensitivity so we heard about Bennett Jack exams job John Bennett over at the York times he published that senator cotton's op ed saying that trump should call in the troops and I'm perfectly fine I think an op ed page should have different points of view and some provocative point of view but the new York times a bit rank and file rose up against this guy Mr Bennett and he resigned now I think he should resign because he did admit that he never bothered to read the piece that he published his only the editor of the op ed pages and he didn't bother to read the piece that he read so that's an issue that's a problem so he's gone and the latest one to go is the editor of bona petite I know if you ever come across him before Adam Rapoport Natalie driver here of Adam Rapoport big in the food world now he has resigned because a picture emerged on social media of him at a party where he was get this in brown face pretending to be Porter Rican so he's gone and the guy who's the editor in chief of the Philadelphia Inquirer Stan which now ski he was the top at a Philadelphia Inquirer he resigned Friday because he ran a a column and the headline was buildings matter to sort of plan black lives matter yeah so there was an insurrection there at the Philadelphia Inquirer and then another editor at refinery twenty nine who showed some insensitivity to some of the staff there he's he's gone as well so what interested me we had the hash tag me too era now we have the hash tag you racist resign there you gotta be careful something you really do they are that that progressive left shows coming this scalp they could become a discount people who disagree with our really squashing your free speech and thought I know I said Michael I think it's absurd The New York Times would have such flak over and they should have conservative points of view op ed pages should have all kinds of points of view not just one that's a lot to me doesn't I I don't I don't like that I think you should have you know but it's so interesting to watch it but but the the left the hard core left very and I I might know some of these people and I had these debates with them you know over dinner parties not recently because we can't do that sort of thing but I have some lefty professor friends of mine up at Columbia NYU and they do believe that speech needs to be regulated they think free speech is not a good thing because it allows people to have a point of view that should not exist that is so evil so oppressive and so racist it should not exist and I have sat here at my dining room table with friends of mine that we're always remain friends with a spirited debate and I remember one professor I know and she said she said if your speech is offensive why should we elect you say it stop it that's that's a belief after I mean there are boundaries I mean you know and and the and the social media companies deal with this all the time you want do you want some raving not see going on and on and on and on and on I mean I got the right to express support you but it's certainly supported offensive to me and you know it is but what is what's yeah what what's right who determines how well you can say what you can't I don't disagree the word police I don't disagree I think you should hear all points of view I really do Hey listen if and if the point of view is deeply offensive you come you combat it you come right at you say you're a racist you're a **** we don't believe in that kind of stuff but to censor speech and this is a road that I think the left is willing to go down I have an internal story about that I'm not part of that road anyway I do feel you should hear points of you receiving here Joe Bartlett to the news and that's really going out there but I it's something I firmly believe in so I'm gonna stick with that point of view good morning Joe news good morning Lynn it's time for you to go outside Long Island is reopening today will get out of that house yes the indoor shopping and outdoor dining and get a hair cut Nassau County executive Laura Curran is in pushing for more restrictions to be lifted she wants the governor to allow indoor malls to open end use sports to begin again so no reason why that can't start again I guess phase two of the re opening could begin in the city earlier than expected early July he was the target date but mayor Blasio says could happen as soon as June twenty second because the date has been really good lately fewer than one percent of the test for corona virus coming back positive over in New Jersey governor Murphy has lifted the stay at home or their outdoor gatherings of up to one hundred people are now allowed that's going to even increase in the coming this means that school districts planning graduation should prepare for a five hundred person limit to be in place by the time graduations can resume on July sixth indoor gatherings can be up to fifty people or twenty five percent of a building's capacity whichever is lower and when schools in New York City we open the folder could be more remote learning New York poses a department of education is still aiming to begin the new school year in September but it could involve blended learning with some students in class others learning remotely there could also be a staggered schedule with students reporting to school at different times all right now the controversial tweet from the president got land a lot of people upset resident suggested a seventy five year old buffalo protester injured by police could have been provocateur from antifa well among those also ended an outraged is governor Cuomo he calls it reckless show some decency show some humanity right show some fairness yeah the president of the United States Tony Award goes to governor president with conspiracy theories brilliant that's the leader of the free world I like don't you think almost got a little too dramatic over the last couple weeks sure he is acting on hold owing to presence is that something totally beyond the pale let's bang on Cuomo's criticism good going job that's smart but but I mean the deed and you know the issue aside I mean his his dramatic speech here is definitely an art center weight of that exactly those matic those pretty little order the president you we need ten thousand vibrators Claudia my goal is always there it goes about I don't know the whole family may need those yeah I don't know since our little family needs and they're all nudists barely in the Coleman house sold by the way the president in his tweet suggested that this elderly guy fell harder than it was pushed we'll also talk about how Dolby that's we was let's talk about how dramatic almost response was yeah good going job speaking of getting pushed in falling down how about Nancy Pelosi not being able to get up after she was kneeling yes what was that my god so far the interline just go slow ballads.

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"Better bring it should I bring it bring it in there yelling all these a couple of more or I were black but really it was white he that was in the middle of this thing yelling at the that woman a black African immigrants as opposed like a south African unit will get you have white African immigrants to our Arab African immigrants and and here she is here she's yeah it is thank you the white people are not impressing me where they present you she said your lack the cubs Bennett Jack and they you know they said they just they don't accept this year they shouted out it's what it is it's like MSNBC when somebody starts telling the truth they shut it down they become angry because they're crazy people I'm not impressed and then she explains that she came as an immigrant to the United States you got an education she got a master's degree she is happy and and she has a great job and and she's you know the American dream I don't know what right now I'm glad I'm not the press I have a must as a musician okay I'm gonna walk you both federal agencies I am not afraid you know I don't feel pressure I'll tell you that if you you you're going to get what you want to accomplish with the coach of the street okay a let me treat me just stop trying to you know people talk I am not afraid I am I'm not afraid okay trying to make some people feel press is just a week in the that's the bottom line you want to make people feel that the weekend some some power no one is oppressed and nobody hi you know can you run for office because I'll become your campaign manager I'm not sure it just great stuff she's got a great job she's one of your yeah I'm not a press you're not a presence there that should be it took a swipe at the mainstream media this is a wonderful American she knows what's going on she is she is just great but if you're listening out there nested where at eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five because at night I think I'd like you to co host there was a there was an incident in the Bronx New York one of the five boroughs of New York City over which build the Blasi is lord and boy is he awful his daughter was arrested by the NYPD for may have been the streets and then the news media praised her because they say she didn't even use her father's name she just wrote what's your first name lunatic the blouse zero and then she gave her address as Gracie mansion where the Merrill lives and then the news media gave her credit for not using her father's name that's how lame the whole thing has gotten right so Lucy hose late is also in her seventies she's part owner of a store in her neighborhood and she works at the store as well it was smashed out and then looted and plundered everything thrown in the streets by Democrats and Lucy Jose was out in the street giving him what for also black lives.

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"G. six five the final score Rangers beat caps he's the second player in league history to score five goals the fifth all coming in overtime I should say joining Detroit's Sergei federal false ties franchise record with five goals on the night including that game winner right there as seen on CBS sports network as we speak our temp and Erin three assist Tony deangelo a goal and two assists good win for the Blueshirts here is a Bennett Jack who says that was absolutely crazy I'm speechless right now to be honest with you a crazy game on it's a it's a good team we're playing and then we find a way thank you thing about him is just the hand eye coordination is ridiculous the passing between he and Erin and Strom on a power play is unbelievable and then his stick handling and he also plays defense is a two hundred foot player he's out there on the penalty kill and everything else and then when you think about what he's doing this year the numbers that he is putting up the fact that he's on the ice for all major situations in the amount of money he's making this baby that one of the best contracts in the in the NHL so we always get on people for bad contracts whether it be a Shattenkirk contracted you're already contracted him Congress contract marks all contract role mark is playing and I'm playing a lot of the the fact remains that this trade and this contract is one of the best ones in the NHL Rangers take on the devils tomorrow night the devils in action tonight they were off last night the islanders played last night they lost to the senators for three Brady could Chuck scroll the deciding goal came early in the third period aisles three into in their last five games as they continue to struggle of recent times fires due to hurricanes for one they're not struggling Phillies won eight straight games the store we've talked about yeah I know we've talked about all morning long Quinn Williams of the jets arrested Thursday night for gun possession at LaGuardia airport has the permit Alabama for the gun and so that did not go well for him a spring training baseball things did not go over the starting pitcher of the Yankees Gerrit Cole six runs two weddings give up four home runs Jordan Montgomery also gave a four home runs but whatever it's spring training you get Debbie Garcia starting tonight is the eighties take on the Orioles couple of things with the Yankees you have the whole stuff with Aaron judge still draw undergoing testing not sure what's up with the shoulder or the pack and Giancarlo Stanton still not playing here's Erin bonuses taken into safe from being cautious with stand obviously with the strain.

jets Aaron Orioles baseball Alabama LaGuardia Quinn Williams Congress CBS Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Debbie Garcia Jordan Montgomery Gerrit Cole Rangers Phillies Chuck Brady islanders devils
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"Five two three as two of the devils goals the movie the other but it's been a big night for Tony deangelo hat trick and two assists in all five Rangers goal hi Mary walked by true but is now to butchery sends one live broken stick on the ice teacher centers it comes all the way through now here's Mueller tied up by Kreider in the loose puck rabbi who stayed three on two three years quieter across like download speeds behind it it comes out in the near corner now that the initial process he goes to the drive save me by dimming re shot by boots navy **** before it got there and the devils are able to clear forty one devils shots but just three goals twenty nine ranging shocks they've got five this season the Rangers are connecting on the eleven percent it is sixty five in the NHL so whether that's built for locker combination it's certainly helpful now they have fewer shots this season on the net then the devils do is yes is denied by demand here's water will pass toward the blue light picked off by CJ back cancer foreman return pass just a little so now it's the angel with the outlet a in the neutral zone it's been across the line six three the word is he standing on the line wondering over his the I between the with the V. or the this group the one timer off the passing rate to the legs of the mid Greenstreet goals for the Rangers as the puck goes out of play and they've turned a three three tie into is extremely seven the CDC five men Ryan stroll couple this is now it's twenty nine on the season gold will fifty six there and also picking up this is hi my new jeans the start of this game when I said the ten Aaron had no points against the devils in the first I remember Saturday he really hates sixteen in fourteen games played against the devils previously made up for the absence in the first two games tonight a sister loves one at the side of the net with six twenty three to go yeah deangelo is the one guy that any word and as this game is in the shop they agree with that now because he's got laughter give a couple others since but you know Bennett Jack he's had good games against the devils writers had good success recently the Rangers have as scores a lot of goals I mean they got beat five to two this year early in the early one for nothing that the rock no delays six months yeah local news many Jedi indeed centers it comes all the way through tried by six the post fight brighter the post has been busy for both see with the risk to the baby Jack goes live doubles will clear here see here in the neutral zone the candles across the line protects by J. phone play by three the same at five forty nine ago whose name which takes it across the line as soon as a mini Jack tied up by while Paul Mary and now he's your gloves one down outlets far for both because this will be I want to go back to the shooting percentage for a moment she felt so the Rangers averaging just under thirty shots per game this season connecting at eleven percent rate they are averaging three point three goals this is the devil's thirty one point two shots per game so not much more but only connecting at eighty percent rate if they were able to connect and an eleven percent rate maybe averaging three point four goals for so there yet to be able to find the holes thread the needle and some of it might be like in some it just might be some skill by preparing and Savannah Jack yeah but Matt their their defense dollars eleven two six six and and a box five you know I mean when your defense will involve the shooting percentage is going to increase especially if you're he has a lot of skill with the Rangers do but that's not always solve the work against the because some games would you think going to roll the get the lead P. thirty bad it is because of the high risk game they're playing that'll work against you at times but tonight they're shooting percentages outstanding six schools are the only thirty three Paul could draw Pauline Rangers icing kako back pains December rights lotus no not much bouncing puck handled by the circuit on now I hate and is that at the side of the ring looks like it's Stephen Fogarty this push at each other a little bit and that will bring us to a time out five oh four to go with the third Rangers in front sixty three you're listening to the double talk network and WFAN when.

devils Tony
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"Sure handed across the line C. receiver the stockade made by six thirty all the world down is a little bit they will have a face off with seven fifty six to go well I just did some more work here mad very depressed about that day until I could be like when he gets these double lady that's pretty well this is got three goals now for us is that seven points in eight games so what he was doing his magic here the first day that I think I've seen this before well he came over the Tampa Bay trade they would like to have a back now but one of those young defense when I was talking about twenty four years of age it's time for him to make sure he had some issues in junior he was suspended on a couple of occasions here's a long it was the end this I right what what I see writer is so he's the first guy towards the yeah and the kids we just got I David cedar city again just wasn't we were a little boy power play goal for the Rangers writer with his fourteen it is three to one so things have taken a turn for the worse for the devils after they scored that goal to tie it up and that was just the said why do you live with that news is Ian blockers side with the well hold on to your hats folks we don't know what we're going to see the Rangers have taken a three one lead butcher after that sent all the way down No Way dog we'll wind it around for bands street rolls off his Dick in the Rangers pick it up with the new so de Angelo with his third point of the first theory is a goal and two assists the Bennett Jed with two is says as he picks up the second area says and it's a three one lead the goal at twelve sixteen right across the line again for Savannah Jedi safety to the top of the trees that had tied up writers stick now the devils break out to want to do is focus TV Sir he sure crosslines Bennett Jack comes back the way both was picked up for the right one the blue line freedom of the slab it's a by C. circuit to the near wall race won by he should get this one in block it off the glass now Paul merry behind the scenes the inside has it on the back can't quite top the check of truth finally rolls loose kept alive by the devils but satanic Jed now put it away the sand arrives six oh nine to go in the first Rangers lead me to want finances by d'angelo's even more brilliant that even this first which is good do you think about it from the top of his circle but it perfectly at the other end I mean the play was set but if it's not a perfect open it's not going to happen so deangelo really put on a show here the first he's got the puck now in his own name two doubles combined to knock down marks all here for the Rangers eighty percent of the flight data off the glass by black would yes losing mediums upended buying Seaver said to the blue line like through the crease Rangers feeling it now five twenty five to go there in our those cross ice he gets a piece in the devil's it make it changes the Rangers controlling the neutral zone room match this is not like the devil's coverage we don't have their head on a swivel do not see the white guy did open will happen with writers will happen there again he's going to be a ruler he's rangy Rangers needed changes well now the pop in the doubles over the five to go fourteen shots for the devils temperature ranges they want go through the moonlight for foxtrot size for Ryan green looking for tips at the side of the bed but how did stick was tied up by C. jackpot sailed wide comes loose just outside the blue line were covered by the K. head back to his own and it'll go the Jews are flying indeed here's Mueller they got the pace of tonight's game hold me in front of the Rangers band the leaders in the zone but quickly the Rangers will break out this is a bad again right wing signs he gains the zone looks around base it off the wall for David ball spins off the check try by both ways now when the pointer points gets knocked away from boots neighbors kept is owned by the devils look to gain control near side they cannot clear who's needed for Kreider and that's the point that out of clay by black would well the devils time to regroup but not until the next three forty nine expires does we've got a time out three one you're listening to the devil's work a is it to celebrate the opening tip off as if it were a buzzer beater well when you have money on his course first it's not it's the odds Hey you know about sports book we know that when you have money on the line things go to another level.

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"Philly Snapchat not available in California of all ages ten forty an error is going to buy to buy London visit he gave an expert's americana man has cities canton in Westfield World Trade Center what looks like the giants coaching search is over big blue set to name patriots assistant Joe judge as Pat Shurmur as per placement course there was little drama getting to this point that rule was scheduled to interview with the giants today but was offered a whopping seven years sixty two million dollar deal for the Panthers for for the call the guys to match it they would not so will now the head coach of the Panthers and Joe judge is the new head coach of the giants judge through interviews with the giants yesterday was most recently a special teams of wide receivers coach New England part of three Super Bowl teams into P. C. S. title teams as an assistant in Alabama six games in the NBA tonight coming off back to back losses the Knicks are squaring off against the Lakers at the staples center that came just getting under way earlier tonight in Brooklyn Chris Paul fourteen twenty eight point Steven Adams had a double double ten points eighteen boards help the thunder beat the nets in overtime one eleven one of three OKC has scored Brooklyn tend to in the extra session for inference forty two my twenty one for the NASA now drop seven story all three hockey locals in action rookie goalie Igor it's just thirteen stopped twenty nine shots in his NHL debut Brian Strom Brady shame because Bennett Jack Chris Kreider entertainment and Aaron all scored operators like the ads in the garden five three in Newark Anders Lee scored the game winning goal in overtime to help the islanders beat the devils of the rock for three times nakal case Zeke is it Jordan Everly with the other three goals for the islanders PKC venue because each year and complementary all tally for New Jersey and local college basketball tonight backers upset twentieth ranked ten stated the racks seventy two sixty one.

Igor Anders Lee islanders Zeke Jordan Everly New Jersey Philly London NASA NHL Brian Strom Brady Bennett Jack Chris Kreider Aaron Newark basketball California Brooklyn OKC
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"That's skip and paints California vibes in Long Beach Hey this they would play it is I love it sorry I just got sidetracked they would play this after every win yeah and then when the LA kings would score this was this is a whole song yeah so yeah sorry timeless Grover K. way great song Thomas anyway speaking of funny stories also this week we went and ate at DJs yeah did you get the BJ yeah the Pacific days Tuesdays I get the flight of the keys when they a little mini ones I've ever had yeah that's how they do it's a flight of the keys they have a good for you because it gives rise and there's only three dollars to I mean IT beer gluten free yeah he had a beer that he was like losing his mind it's always get the root beer that they make root beer cream soda they do like an orange soda and it's all like hand crafted made in in house Sir Leon somewhere nearby we didn't realize we had a server name Alan yeah help this our summer lan and he was on top of all of Vanessa's our Jeez and I was able to eat anything and I was able to eat and he's bringing in shots and making us try all the free stuff for us so we know how much can I drink a beer and I have been drinking a beer in about two years I had the loudest beer Bourbon we walked out yeah that was the right always funny but I was happy for you it was it was it was awesome but what was funny is Vanessa's pocket dooming Jatin he's going to California he's so excited to be a rather the reaction goes we're going to go watch on his bachelor party on a Sunday A. P. eighty W. other then my own dental dinner and having the best time ever talking about Leslie Leslie I saw it on my phone and drink wine your favorite so I said well first one can mine is you know I'm a whole Colgan Bennett Jack Haynes I'm going early eighties seventies if you guys who went oh Jeez old felt old I said I looked over at her I said there's one match that she needs to watch okay it would be the hell in the cell with a meaningful exfoliate that right or you dad used match yeah yeah be on the edge of your seat on that one even like the my wife's kind of in your she's in your shoes like tolerates wrestling I don't even tolerated all you just turn it off I just completely zone I sort.

Long Beach Hey Thomas Sir Leon Alan Vanessa California Leslie Leslie Colgan Bennett Jack Haynes LA Grover K. three dollars two years eighty W
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"Tough on crime was a common line we'd hear emanating from Congress this was about the same time our drug czar William Bennett pronounced a war on drugs with then senator Joe Biden at his side times have changed set leap St is now her daily on nine sixty the patriot in Phoenix for years he produced bill Bennett's morning in America heather McDonald of the Manhattan institute author the war on cops and is written widely on the subject of law and order she was a recent guest of Mr leaps and he said something your opening comments and I wonder if it gives us some cause for distant optimism when you said that this charge of racism is so thrown around and people are so scared of it nervous of it that a fax them into either indolence or bad policies and I'm wondering if it's over use has a cheese something that we warned about as a negative which is they've now rob the phrase racism of all its toxicity that it almost has become rendered a meaningless word and I'm wondering if in a sense that might be cause for racism there are people who are stronger than that word Donald Trump is one maybe he'll show some others how to have backbone that the label just doesn't mean anything anymore because it has been so robbed of its value everyone's a racist thus no one is you know Donald Trump is Hitler Hitler couldn't have been that bad they are detoxifying these very once importantly toxic phrases I wonder if that's going on to the point where we actually may be able to cut through some of the strongest and get some real solutions because people don't maybe they're they're gonna stopping they're gonna stop caring about being called racist because they know they're not on on the one hand on the other at a certain point are we going to have to have some kind of national understanding about the kinds of things Shelby Steele's been screaming about for years which is just because someone criticizes your ideas and you happen to be a racial minority you do not get immunization from being criticized for those ideas those two things are going on it seems to me at breakneck speed right now but tell me if I'm on to something or if I'm all wet well first let me just respond to the point you made about just because you're criticized it doesn't mean you're doing so because you're black and you see this perfectly with the pylon of one of the democratic presidential contenders Bennett Jack who had a shooting in south grand which I don't think it's a bad shooting been portrayed as such by the media police shot a black man and one of the things that is now being held against him to show that he's really the unwitting bearer of white privilege and racism if if you fired a black police chief well he did so for cars but now you know if you're black you have virtually an immunity from criticism because anybody it is inevitably going to be the case that any action job action taken against you will be attributed to your rates rather than to the underlying issues as for your larger point you're certainly right that a difference to this only charge to this is the area of fans of racism is an absolute prerequisite to getting our our act together getting our problems solved and reuniting as a country and certainly trumped its business setting just a thrilling example of that in his his recent war over Baltimore and being able to just hit back hard and and not cap being towel by the racism check whether this is going to catch on though is the real question and I think we're in a race against time the more we graduate people from college the more were pumping out people who have spent four years being brainwashed by this whole victim identity some some students manage to emerge with their sanity and sense of realism intact but far too many absorbent it's very hard it's in the air you breathe in college and you know we see what happens with corporations they have been holding right left Nike most recently with the remarkable charge that it does he rocked flag is racist issue where is taking a particular beating says here earlier this year it deters issued a huge MacColl prefer having issued a white sneaker for black history month that had a black pride logo on the insole because it was white this was seen as racist Sir I mean this is like so bizarre it's weird linguistic turns and and you have other luxury brands that were accused of having Kate Perry as having a line of shoes that was said to mimic blackface which you did not so the corporate world is still count they're still in the grips of diversity consultants banks so the law firms they're all hiring based on race so I don't know but certainly more of us with with an amplification opportunity have to fight back against the narrative that the only allowable explanation for ongoing social.

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"Of illness during the last few days is backed up by a logical war Bennett Jack may have taken place yet because of the then I don't it's some kind of attack stage last speech the second stage disorientation Thursday genetic engineering to transform agents of disease is the first since polio which is great highbrow we've never seen a mosquito borne illness three could cause a birth defect is in fact the correct let's look towards the door okay special and we now have our experts on the ground working with also the case that this is a new vehicle so this is something that people need to take seriously hi this is really interesting remember there is nothing to be gained by trying to get away the safest places in the you are listening to ground zero numbers to call eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one that's eight seven seven seven three three one zero one.

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"ESPN NFL insider Louis Riddick. That's why I believe certain guys are just in situations that are going to set them up to succeed former NFL safety. That's why Mr. Bisky has a great shot because he's with Matt Nagy coach by both Bill Bennett, Jack. Getting ready for Cincinnati and Nick Sabin I trust and believe in the players that we have. And we just gotta get them. Better. Former pro personnel director for the eagles and Redskins ESPN NFL insider Louis Riddick with Waddle and Silvy on ESPN one thousand people love this segment. He's been on board the bears, Dan wagon. He may be built the bears bandwagon at least nationally. He certainly has been driving it. I don't know if he built it. But yes, he's been he's been in charge driver. There's there's been a lot of guys nationally still who don't accept the bears. And. A lot of good calls recently in the National Football League. We love having him weekly. Let's say happy new year to Louis Riddick. Hi, louis. What's going on? Tommy. Yeah. I did. I didn't build wagons. I did refurbish it. Painted. What you win. Nice wheels. Pretty good right now. We're rolling. Yeah. I didn't know if y'all like your like good hand with building stuff and all that. I know that you in charge of the bandwagon. I'm not I'm not I I hired somebody. I'm not very good. Now, this is a team Lewis in Philly that you worked for you. Tell stories all the time about working for handy. And you're talking about and read this is like the Andy Reid bowl because you have Doug Peterson against men. Have you talked to Andy Reid about this matchup? No, I haven't. I haven't talked to him about this. Specifically. Met recently. And I talked to. Talked to Doug Peterson recently. I talked to Brett beach recently. These are all guys who were all in Philadelphia at one time. The funny thing about it is they don't really like talking about each other and talking about you know, what would mean to compete against each other because. They're also close and they're also in connected and Andy sitting at the top of the food chain so to speak here and how much he mentor brought along every single one of those guys. You know, I it's it's really cool to kind of talk for them, all and see how they've all evolved. And how successful they've all been when it comes to compete against each other. Don't really talk about that. They're very much so very respectful of one another. But they also know especially now. You know in the NFC particular, Doug and matter going at it man, they're about to go at it. So, you know, they're not going to really say anything at all about it. And because it's it's for everything now. So I mean, how cool is that though? And then hopefully well. Hopefully, both Kansas City and in Chicago, which would be my Super Bowl pick. I mean, how cool would that be? How would that be as especially considering match story and you on ESPN dot com. They have a new oracle out about math, right and how his career started. And that's where he's at. Now. I was there. I was there. Philadelphia. When that started the whole thing has so many twists and turns. So it'd be neat to see somehow this this collection of people somehow be able to play against each other in the biggest game. I'm really looking forward to the strategy that will be employed by both coaching staffs on both sides of football. But what part of this matchup is most intriguing when ultimately may be most defining to the outcome in your opinion. Yeah. I think really. What's most intriguing part the part? They talk about the most with pizzas team. The resurgence of the Philadelphia office in the chemistry that exist with Nick foles on the football field and how they look totally different as an offense and overall the team against what is the best defense in the NFL. Arguably the best defense in the NFL, if you wanna compare, you know, Chicago Baltimore and handle is Nick going to look how all that feel good. Relationship that type of attitude that's going on with their offense and increase in number of players that are being involved in that office. How's it all looking at the deepest right now? That's pretty much stoned for the most part everyone can reduce quarterbacks to looking very frustrated and very dejected. Once the game is over and on top of it knowing that not knows the system that does runs. How much time does he spend with Vic Fangio this week kind of giving him whatever he needs as far as an extra edge to defend that if you need any. Top of it. At the same time. So you know, along with Jim Schwartz. How does sports designed to get after Mitch Trubisky? How much does he take try to take the running game out of this, which I'm assuming he's gonna try and take the money to get him out of it? Make sure Jordan Therese don't have major factors and make Mitch proved that he can be on through the air was exactly what I would do. And I think anybody would do whatever defense is gonna try to do with this from this point on sell out and make them one dimensional improved admits that he needs to throat not one with this. But throat. How do they get that done? That's why it's it's tremendous tremendous match up with all the familiarity that how each team can utilize basically the entire coaching staff to help each side of the ball player here. Pretty cool. You know, I I'm looking forward to seeing how Matt attacks this defense where I mean, obviously there's secondary decimated by injuries at the cornerback position. So do you attack that secondary with your young inexperienced quarterback or do you? Let him kind of feel his way through the game. That's why I think it's an interesting point you make that you'd think that Jim Schwartz will probably try to take the running game away in Deir Mitch to beat them through the air. Are you playing with fire in that situation because of the juries that they've had in their secondary little bit, sir? And you know, maybe maybe he does you know because you have to make a team one dimensional some point. Right. I mean, you'd want to make them do something. Just one thing to try and beat you don't let them have access to their entire arsenal to beat you. So some some people they think, well, how about how about you? Just don't let them get one over the top. You don't let Taylor get one over the top. You don't let out Robinson get you over the top, Illinois. Make them though the hard way rely on your Devon hopefully be able to contain the run game. So you don't have to commit extradited a box because they are pretty good upfront. Philadelphia's pretty good along with even salon, but your cost is good. They come really and make them go too long way if they can sustain rise. And then when you get down into the red area is good enough down there. It'd be able to throw it in or ten they run it in can you can use defend once they get down inside before. I personally would want. I'm telling you, regardless of how much I'm playing with fire, and I don't I I would make this one. I would make this out to prove it to me. I just wanted. And I love the kid. Okay. I'm picking 'em Lagarde. That's all the way. But I would make him have to prove I believe he's up to it. But I would not want them to just hold the ball. And just be able to have both phases of the game put tacky with I'm not going. You know, first downs five yard run a second and five they can throw screen. I down. I down four yard run. Second down to hit me over the top twenty first down. I'm not letting them do that. I'm not letting them have me off balance all game long going, man. I can't stop anything here because admits gets going forget it forget it. It's over. The deepest is going to rise up. They just are. So I'm taking that away from making Mitch Trubisky. Throw that rock and basically simple Louis how much of you while watching the bears. Vikings game thought to yourself. You know, what they're they're dominating the Vikings again, maybe packet in let the Vikings get in and kick their ass next week. You know? It's funny. I I think you know, losing losing. And I don't think Matt wants them to have that taste in their mouth whatsoever. He doesn't want them to experience losing anymore. It's that time of year where winning is all one even though you know, you could you could play that game with yourself and go, well, we let him in. We can play him again. And we kinda got their number. And we kind of know how he gets occur in office the lines things, and we can make them one dimensional in Kirk is just going to melt shrink when he hasn't thrown out. Oh, no matter. How many times with fire? I don't know. How many times you wanna mess around with the team that quite honestly town. They really are. Now, I know Philadelphia is gritty former champion, the reigning champions. They have very good coaching. They have a quarterback. That's got. It's got everybody's feeling better. Have a quarterback. He's got some rich. Not remote off. They also have an office of line. I can tell you this internally there a little bit worried about that offense a line how much they can hold up under a constant barrage of pressure. That's why you see Nick getting the ball fat. I mean, it's like Tom Brady. He's like I'm not trying to get hit back here. Partly because that's how they like to play the other part because I don't think they think are offered the wine is as good consistently as it's been in the past. I'm I'm not scared if I'm Chicago to play Philly, I'm done with the bike. I'm done smacking them or we proven we own you guys. And we're not trying to let you get any life whatsoever. And we don't wanna feel what went losing feels like anymore. We don't wanna feel nothing about losing until well for future all the way through Atlanta. We don't wanna feel so I I agree. I know there's some risk with that. And people, you know, hindsight's twenty twenty. So now that nobody got hurt. It was the right decision that somebody who got hurt people in been roasting with it came. Out of it fine. Why receivers sound like they're going to be? Okay. Sounds like he's gonna be alright. You're gonna be alright, Alex. He's gonna play. So the ones that you know, I guess the one question Mark. And you guys know the more than me is Eddie Jacksonville. It'd be okay. Is he gonna play if there full strike heading into this weekend? I'm jack. I'm Jack w I I sound like a true diehard fans about this same only because the composition of it. I don't know a whole lot about Chicago. But I've been there quite a few times. How can you not? As a as a Chicago native or someone who just lived there, and you're not necessarily later this week. But how can you not love everything that's going on with his team? So I think I think they're ready to vote. I think they're.

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