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"benner john jones" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

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"benner john jones" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

"Boehner's yeah for sure you're right they for real train. Mcdonald's trained no like oh train bro says like I'm your master. Some shit like do you guys have asked that when I look at you. Train them up. Sure I already know. I could tell by the cutthroat you train. Krylov is on top KYLA. Boys look at this good control. I called it. I got three grand. This you got three thousand dollars in this all paid by the way you spotted me okay. How many thousand dollars. That's for Dick. Hey what the fuck your every day. Coastal then I'll give them fifteen hundred of that I've listened. I love style. I hope you bet against him. Said I don't like that guy. Never set a loss. Let me stress this because I can't stress this enough ninety nine point nine nine. Nine percent of the population would have got loathed or lured into trap in that fight. That's how good stop stop respect. Yeah and there's a lot of people that were saying that he didn't punch a much in strike much. How about the case for sure? But I think that's the one the only way you're going to beat that guy why. Why would you risk everything? You're the champ you. The number one middleweight. In the world. Why would you risk everything and play to his game? Well it's also look how it worked out for whitaker and the second in the second fight whitaker got hit with some big bomb or and whitaker survive. Because he's tough is fuck but there's a lot of people that would have gone night night whio L. Hidden with those big O. Day announce Whitaker chillier crow. Fucking matchups pretty. Sure they fill motherfucking. Fight motherfucker let's say till you on 'til like style bender while 'til style bender. Udi crazy jude. Tell Style Darren tells a beast fuck five to debut. His coming out party was against me. Yeah. He's so big he should have been at eighty five a long time ago. He so he waits sweater and one or two hundred. Three pounds stepped into the octagon with the grill is son you have seen Liverpool's finest so when UFC Dublin. Here Saturday August fifteenth. There'll be a world by then fight last. He's got knocked out what Darren Soto till till he beat. Look Great Kelvin. Can Be good fight. Great fight taught. Fire You by Kelvin. Kelvin's dangerous. He's got some of the best hands in the fucking sport and just toughness and wrestling and causes gut sneaky hands like crazy family that that left hand hibiscus with remember that a lot of people think you know that most people weren't satisfied with. Yoel against style bender but at least like for me anyways. I never really didn't know how good style this is footwork in his fainting in its favorite moves. Like even though there wasn't that much action I was a little little bit like into his move. I'm thinking God damn I didn't realize he was six foot four. Homely Shit is very long. Talk any moves like he's one hundred fifteen pounds. Everything he does. Every movement is like like terminator like a perfect mish. Perfectly crafted machine Yasser believes share. A six foot four. I couldn't agree more six foot. Four moves like yeah perfection and the takeaway just described him as the most sophisticated striker. Dude we've ever seen term ORVIN's turn more than Anderson Manson. But but at the same time you just level up he looks through your well in the same goddamn fight all different robot. His robot is like he will jump at you with the ultimate fury fucking with some lightning and take you down and crush you all within a second note. I mean different doctor. That was examining him. It'd be like like why is Joe when he who is like Gary who the fuck is this guy. He's he's the second best in the world athletes ever when he would explode would explode where everybody's like what the fuck was he is. So he's any so good at wrestling. That's one thing that you rarely see from him. Can't team in the third and fourth fifth. How come to our game plans not working. Let's start taking last time. You'RE GONNA talk. You could take them down home down south under it. It would be Kinda. Somebody does this to be able to crate. Style is not easy to take down. You could tell right down twice up trump. I think he could have helped them down. Yeah right if he could only the second time you take him down and let them up on purpose. The only the only the older person that's going to take him down at that way class and do what you'd think he could do is someone who's doing it all the Goddamn time and is known for it. Got To be a fucking professional coppee. He's known but you're well not not emily but he likes fucking people up on his feet. He's not know what down he wants to fuck and just explain what I think it is. I wanted to be able to install bender. Brian comes from a family of boxers. Yes he's also think it's here for him because he doesn't he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to Castle Hill. Sharon Hill lost his fight. That's bad now. No I cross tired. Tired KICKED O. Eal LUCK CIVIC ANTHONY. Buyer. He's gotTa go far. Oh Shit what does he do? Five months ago we were saying John. Locke's the guy to be John Jones. Yeah well he's still is dangerous. I don't like this is how you watch for him coming off a. Ko Nice needed the body. How was that GonNa win the fight but it's ending like if it's ending like this? I don't care last. It doesn't matter what the whole fight. It doesn't even matter I. I know I know you're right. But that's where the flaws right there. Because he's not win. The motherfucking fight if you can if the end of the fight looked like that and he's I want but if you're winning performance in thirty seconds in the last thirty years you get gold your Ryan Vision. Who gave right? No no no. You're right that's what that's how the sport. Yeah but that's where pride got it down the best. I agree because because they don't listen they got some props you'll see said cool story. Get the fuck. We're GONNA leave it open site close up shop. Do All your tallaght okay. So that means they go down financially and that means they didn't all their theories and ideas shit. Is that what that means? Took some good ideas from them for some good ideas about talking over. We're GONNA see style Benner John Jones. Yeah two years working. How crazy because John Second round guys? There's one more around the third round Johnny Walkers down to okay it looks like Johnny Walker. Sheep Brown keep it on. Its hands brother. Keep on feed. I mean Josh Challenge. Still keep him on his feet. Keep talking talk for Krylov. Well he's my. He's one of my body to man. He's bodied up. We go from the should is what I say. He's headed up. Why does he want to get him in the face down Tutti socks? He just sucks on the ground. He's not great. I mean Brazilian Obama.

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