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GSMC SciFi Podcast Episode 212: V Wars Season 1 Episode 3

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GSMC SciFi Podcast Episode 212: V Wars Season 1 Episode 3

"Golden state. Media concepts side. PODCAST. Together we dive into the World Sifi in science fiction from episode of Star Trek Star Walk to the. Resident in all the. Science fiction movie from the Bachelor Marvel or DC. Media concepts sets Sifi pub cats. You'll never get sized stations the same way again. Just Trains due to the end didn't GSM seaside podcast fraught Benji SMC podcast network. I'm your host Alex. Today we're GonNa talk about surprise viewers season one episode three. I really love this show I. Don't know if Y'all have given it a shot yet on Netflix. But I highly encourage it although this show has its problem areas just like any other show. It's a lot of fun and it also takes a really holistic indep approach to the issue of Vampires. It's not just taking and look at them. As fantasy characters are horror characters. But also as Sifi characters, they provide us with a scientific reasoning behind their being vampires. Which I very much enjoy overall. It's a refreshing take. And I recognize that this isn't the only show or sci-fi approach to Fan Pires, but it is overall one of my favorites so far. It has great sociocultural and political commentary, and is very evocative of many current events. We've spoken about the timeliness of this show in the past, but we will go ahead and cut short right now to cut to the chase. Today's episode that we're reviewing is called because I could not stop for death, which is a reference to an Emily Dickinson poem. Such a day, we are going to work through this episode with the recaps first then we're going to talk about the concept of brother against brother and in our final segment. If you stick around, WE'RE GONNA. Talk About Emily, Dickinson's poem and the cat in the cradle and the silver, spoon. Let's, recap this episode. So Inter last episode we really ended with Luther, just quietly watching Dez. Not knowing that they are being watched by knee close. So? That's a little disconcerting, and as Nice as Nikos was to swans face, we really get the sense that he is more of a villain than anything else and him watching over them all, but confirms it he is watching over them just about in the same manner as homeland watches over people in the boys. It's honestly more threatening and insidious than it is anywhere near being fatherly or helpful or protective. So with this episode we see a lot of blood everywhere and these six initial people are killed by a couple of vampires. We don't know how the two vampires were infected, but Luther did tell us in the previous episode that Priante can remain viable for weeks in an individual area, so there are a multitude of ways that Michael could have passed it on to other people. We already have seen that with his dentist and again with monster. Who was working on Michael's bike? And both became infected with a dentist, ultimately committing suicide. And the other person monster, seeming to have turned, but he is in a gang, and we're not precisely sure what he is going to do. As time goes on, we see a woman begin to succumb to the affects of the preowned infection. And we know that Michael has been out with her in the past. They've been on dates and seemed to be pretty familiar with each other. Her name is Danika and she seems to be some type of real estate agent or something like that. And she is. Going over the details of a new house, and what appears to be like a housewarming party win, she begins, says start having these new super sense symptoms. So, she speaks with her sister mental. And really says you know that they have a lot to talk about with their mom and how she is going. You get the sense that there's some kind of medical issue that is underlying all this like power of attorney. and. They seem to be very upset with each other. You can tell that one of them is a lot more involved with the care of their mother than the other, and the other is very carefree, and just not entirely responsible. You get this sense of like antigone and is many almost in a sense. or almost kind of like the two sisters in the taming of the shrew, with their sense of what needs to be done and their disdain for what should be done now. DANIKA is not overall super disdainful. She's more care free like antigone, although antigone does have this sense of justice and of right from wrong and morality, so it's not a true one to one comparison in that regard, but you get wearing coming from and that one of the sisters is a lot, more mature and responsible and attentive to the needs of their ailing mother, and the other is really just more out there to have a good time. So Danika the one who is mostly just seemingly out to have a good time is at some house event when she starts getting these symptoms, and so she ends up going over to her sister's house and she doesn't feel very well, but she still goes ahead, and does it and when she gets her sister starts giving her a hard time about their family, so meal is really just being like. Hey, I need you to sign this. This paperwork for mom finally I'm glad that you're here and it's just giving her a hard time when Danika really starts to get even more sick really, and she suddenly turns right then, so it's a little bit abrupt in the way that Dan ACI is being overcome with US opposed to how we've kind of seen it in the past, and it suggests she might be a little bit different than the other vampires. We've seen so far. But, we also see that the blood thirst is immense and just overwhelming. She goes ahead and rips her sister's throat out right there in her own home. And it's very grim, and seemingly without remorse, whereas Michael at least able to walk away later on from the lady who is blind at the bus station and he seems to feel upset in some type of way about having killed that woman in his apartment. Or her apartment. That he and Luther head covered up. So this is a little bit. Different Danika might regret it, but she almost two seems to relish in the blood lust. and. That's kind of how her personality was before. Michael was more of a kind loving down to earth person. Indiana Co was already selfish before super happy. This is also just magnifying parts of us that were already present before, or it's just expressing the bloodlust to different degrees based on whether people were more selfless or selfish before they are turned via epigenetics. So, we do see that this contagion is truly branching out quite quickly, and it makes you think a little of the contact tracing with Co bid nineteen, so Michael has I obtained this preowned disease and become a vampire, and he's been to his dentist, and his dentist has been also been turned, and he's giving it to Danika and then the person who was fixing. Fixing his bike gets the infection as well so it's just from respiratory droplets. He's not even actually bitten these people just like how he originally came across the pre on disease, and how Luther became a carrier for it and brought it. Home to jets is does going to turn at some point is clear O'Hagan or Nikos going to turn? We're not quite sure yet. It may be that with being a carrier. You have to actually exchange bodily fluid. Maybe he's not actively shedding cells. Mover that is Michael appears to be as even his dentist got sick, the person fixing his bike and one of the women, he an intimate relationship with before. So this contact. Tracing is about to get crazy complicated. We know that Michael was already infectious prior to the point at which he actually succumbed to the blood lost because he went to see his dentist. I remember because his teeth were sore so Danika may already spread this at that house warming event that she was at before she went over, and the bloodlust overcame her. Her sister meals house. We're not entirely sure. Did she stop at McDonald's or Pinera along the way I? Don't know. It makes the contact tracing infinitely more complex, and that's honestly how it works in real life, it's truly exponential to trace back whom all you've come in contact with, and then whom each of these other people have come into contact with. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back, we're going to pick up with where we left off with Kaley. Stay tuned. What to find out what movies to go see then check out the GS AMC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go. See now. Don't bother what's hot on. Netflix and everything in between that GSM see podcasts Dot Com backslash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. M. C. PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Just. Brace. We were talking about Danas relationship with her sister. And how this new emergence of vampirism really shows us the difficulty of contact tracing and starts to give us an idea of how this disease is really spread so once we get more than just a handful of characters who have been overcome by the infection. Then we can start seeing some true patterns emerging again. That's the importance of having larger sample sizes. They make those patterns come up in stark relief, and they can also show you. What is a significant pattern and what is perhaps just chance? So in this case, we are seeing that these folks are turning perhaps more rapidly than they were before, and are immediately just being overcome, but that they may also be infecting folks prior to the bloodlust overcoming them, so does this also spread by bites? I guess we'll find out if it's bites or just respiratory droplets and other types of bodily fluids, but I would think that if it was spreading through bodily fluids like it did from Luther to his wife Jess that that's very likely also going to be transmitted via the bloodstream in other individuals. So. It stands to reason that if one of these vampires bite someone else that perhaps they will turn so far. We've mostly just seen. People die angry at their throats ripped out. Let's see what happens. Maybe this is going to be like vampire, diaries or something where you have to drink the vampire's blood I. We'll find out. Up next though we're GONNA, talk a little bit about what Keighley's been up to. I like Keighley's character. Well I like her as a character as a person, she can seem kind of obnoxious, but I do admire her dedication to the truth. So a lot of Kayla's dedication seems to be mostly impacted by money, and just a sense of reveling in chaos more than. Truly bringing out the truth because she thinks the people have a right to know, but there is some sense of. Real journalistic, Integrity I suppose earliest a journalistic approach when it comes to Keighley's work, and she's willing to risk a lot to get the answers Michael Very well could have killed her when she first went into go and meet him, and so she is perhaps not a great person, but she is a very dedicated journalist and I will give her that. So. She has been leaking this truth on her website called Reva leaks and she's leaked as much as she's known to be the truth, so she has been in losers house and has seen that. Jess has been killed in there and talk to her friend who works for the police station and seen a picture of Michael with, Luther in there. So since she knows that there's a connection between the two, she has now decided. She's going to use her journalistic experience to sort out some type of connection and get as much information as she can about Luther or Michael. So she reaches out to losers, ex wife Rachel who is desert, mom. Rachel is played by Nikki. Reed and you may remember. Her is playing Rosalie in the twilight saga. She an summer holder are actually married in real life, and I think that's pretty neat as a factor show and they both came from vampire shows. In their emergence as actors, so that's pretty neat, and I liked seeing both of them onscreen together, especially playing opposing sides. That's always fun. When married actors get to do that with each other. So, Is really seemingly estranged from both Luther, and as we know from the previous episode that Luther really did not want Dez handed off to Rachel's custody, and that does seemed a little bit alarmed about perhaps seeing his mother as well. Rachel does seem to have some issues. She's working through, but she. Love Dez very much. So. Katie goes in interviews Rachel and kind of pushes Rachel to say certain things by preying on Rachel's want to see her son. And then they put this interview online and dead sees it as well as luther who gets very upset reasonably so by this encounter. But Katie is kind of messed up and taking this approach, but we get it from her perspective. She doesn't understand exactly what's going on. She's not privy to a lot of the details, and so she's just putting two and two together the way that makes the most sense to her. She doesn't know that this is really just a virus. She does know that there is essentially a vampire out there murdering people, and perhaps more than one since luther also killed his wife Jess. In the meantime we have Michael out there, trying to escape, he's just trying to get out of the Seneca area and is still walking and or driving by stealing cars to get away from there. I'm not sure how big this area is because it's taking him a while to get out of there, but. Who knows I have lived in San Antonio and I've been to places like Houston wherein it can take you at least an hour to get across town to another part of Houston that's still technically considered to be Houston, but is nonetheless Super Far Away whereas from my hometown area. You can get all the way across town in about two minutes. Though it just depends. I'm not familiar with this place called Seneca. But I, digress, it's just taking Michael along time to get out of there. Luther in the meantime, though is also working on this cure with DNS. He's not even at the cure point though he still trying to examine what the heck is even going on. He has his hunches about the preowneds, but he's not entirely sure how they work by what mechanism they are impacting people why some folks are not seemingly affected by it, but can be a cinematic carriers while others definitely get it. He's getting this information as we are, and just using his expertise to put two and two together as he goes along from an epidemiological perspective, even as Kaley is doing it from the journalistic one and Michael is just figuring things out as he goes along as these events happen to him. So Luther decides to go and see Rachel. Because Dez really wants to go see his mom. He sees her on the television and he misses his mom. Even if she wasn't someone who was stable or safe for him to be round before. So Luther tells him that he'll think about it. And mixing up. At a local restaurant with Rachel to meet up with her. At which point he also tells her does is in the car and he wants to just talk to her first. But, while he's sitting there, he is gauging her reaction to things and Rachel is reacting really poorly, but you can tell that there's a lot of history there because she also already has a gut feeling that her ex husband did not bring their son with him at all, and it turns out that she's right, and she's very upset by that because it's also her son does her son, and she loves him, so she feels a bit bamboozled and is frustrated by the fact. That luther has lied to her about this and you get a sense that she hasn't seen does in a while. And regardless of whether or not luther is justified in that, you can understand also how that could be really upsetting to Rachel and her emotions are really beat up because of it. He got her hopes up for seeing her child. And now they have effectively been dashed now. She does kind of go off the rails a little bit, and they are fighting rather wildly in this restaurant, but right win. We are seeing that there are about maybe really into it. There is a guy who comes in from DNS and stops them and stops Rachel really from hurting luther at all and informs him that. Yeah, he's followed him over there and there just make sure everything goes fine. But we also know that Luther carries this infection and wow. We're fairly certain that he is transmitted it to jess via bodily fluids from when they had intercourse. We can't entirely be certain that that is the only way in which this virus spreads, so it's a little wacky that luther is allowed to leave at all to go and meet up with. Rachel let alone in a public place. That's like if you thought you were at risk for Covid nineteen or you would perhaps as symptomatically spread it to someone, and then they're like. Yeah, you can go ahead and meet up for visitation at your local restaurant. Go! Ahead and go to Denny's totally fine. That seems Super Weird to me. I'm not sure why they met indoors I'm sure Luther wanted it to be in public seeing as how Rachel reacts. However, it also seems to be kind of dicey is DNS. Hoping he's going to infect more people and they're watching him so that they can pay attention to the contact. Tracing was the guy who is watching out for him. was He in the parking lot before taking down people's license plate numbers for contact tracing later. Who knows that seems like something shady that the government would do, but you know that's going a little bit more on an X. files. Tangent DNS has shown us so far that they have the capability to be shady, but not that they're necessarily shady all around. The Guy. Watching out for Luther actually seems pretty legit, and so does Clare O'Hagan to a certain extent, so perhaps it's not all. Government conspiracies, but then again maybe it is. We see that a lot in the X. files to. Sometimes you're like wow, that guy is a good guy. Oh, no, he's! He's also a part of the problem. So we'll find out. Is this story goes along, but it is weird that they let Luther go do this even after they have blackmailed him into keeping his son there in this. Weird Room that they are living in and also having to go and work in this lab every day, so I don't know about all that or luther. Actually leaving does with these wackadoo people, but I digress that is something that happened. It just seemed really odd to me. You think as time we'll be dedicated to either staying with his son or your working on this project and granted like the links that Dns went to secure him working for them. It's super weird that they let him go at all I'm just saying. But now we also see that they're allowing luther to go with them on the hunt for Michael and they. are seeing that he's now kind of an Apex Predator. In a way, he's able to kill folks quite easily, and they've seen this firsthand. When he was at the hospital, so now someone has tracked him to the side of the road and two cops have gotten out of the car and chased him into the woods, and we're not entirely sure what happened to both of them. But on this hunt we do shortly thereafter. Find that one has been. Essentially staked up on a tree limb. And the other one is elsewhere, so he's able to vary brutally. Kill people and think about how sharp an object would have to be to completely pierce through someone's torso. And he did this with like essentially a blunt tree. So that's really hard core that was not meant to go ahead and go through somebody's body to begin with. It's not super sharp, and he still managed to do that with brute force, which kind of implies a lot about Michael's abilities, and perhaps the abilities of the other vampires. We don't know yet if he is going to have that sire factor that you see in a lot of vampire shows where he is the strongest, but this doesn't really seem to be correlated with age or anything like that it just seems to. To be that instead of the fanciful notion of the sire, and how you can kill the sire, and it will kill then entire lineage vampires that this is genetic in nature, and it doesn't seem to be logical that killing. Michael would turn off those genes in all of the other vampires, so I think that if you killed him, they would also all still stay vampires, and so he's probably not going to be stronger than the others just by virtue of being the first in this new emergence of an old prion disease. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back, we're going to talk about this episode. As it relates to luther versus Michael and some questions, it gives us as well as the concept of brother fighting brother. Stay tuned. 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Come back before the break we were catching up with where Kaley and the others are in this episode including Luther meeting up with Rachel and lying to her about bringing their son does with them Rachel did not like this, and it was a very fraught situation, but a DNS agent who actually seems pretty chill goes ahead and bails him out and he's fine. However, some cops have called in that they have found. And then they disappeared somewhere in the woods, trying to look for him. So DNS weirdly allows luther to help hunt for Michael. And Michael has definitely gotten superstrong. We knew he was strong earlier when he broke that porcelain sink, but seeing that he's been able to impale someone on a blunt tree limb is pretty hardcore. And this episode does a lot in how it is approaching. The narrative of. The relationship between all of the characters. We see a lot in this. We see the interactions between Luther and Dez and Luther ex wife, and also Michael and Luther. And it just really is evocative of concept of brother against brother. And I mean that both in the civil war reference, and also in the biblical philosophical reference. So brother against brother is also. Often used as an allusion to the civil war, and that can be the civil war in the United States, or also these civil war from the avengers. It's a civil war where you're fighting against others from your own group. Essentially it's infighting and it's about obtaining rights for a group. We haven't really gotten that far into the story yet, but we do know that Michael and Luther are essentially brothers, maybe not by blood, but certainly by bond. And this is really bidding them against each other. And we see that in many ways where Michael isn't listening to Luther and he's putting Luther and a sketchy situation by asking him to help him cover up a crime, and then luther, even though he believes that Michael needs help, he is still going and reporting him to the cops to get him into custody so that they can try. Get Him some help although that is certainly misguided, but you can understand perhaps why. Luther took that approach a system that didn't seemingly give him any other emergency alternatives. It's not a great system. But Luther has really betrayed. His brother in his brother's is because it has led to him being arrested and being cuffed to his hospital table. As well. We also see that luther is not entirely trusted by Michael and Michael is really kind of scary in Luther. Opinion Right now. He feels that his brother won't really hurt him, but he knows he's very capable of hurting other people. However, Luther still knows that deep down Michael is still. Who He was before? He's still a good person. It's not. He's a bad person in any way is. Luther says he's just sick right now. So Luther goes on the hunt with them, and he ends up seeing the body of the COP. WHO's been put up on the tree and Luther gives him a call to give Michael. A heads up that thereafter him. Now we see that Luther is still on the side of Michael Right now. Luther is on the side of truth and of protecting people, and he doesn't think that killing Michael is going to solve this problem at all. And furthermore, he doesn't really want to see his brother harmed. He honestly does believe what he is telling Dns. I think it's a little bit weird. We didn't get to see Luther more upset or in morning about his wife's death is his current wife at the time jess. Especially considering, he had to kind of beat her to death with an iron. But I suppose he doesn't have a lot of time for grief right now. He's kind of living in a war zone, and he's under constant pressure from DNS and having to worry about how this is affecting his son, and whether he's going to be able to stop this before it becomes a true pandemic, and whether they're going to catch and kill his brother. So he is really going through. Quite a bit. So I guess that we have a lot going on this episode, we have monster turning into a vampire monster, and he's part of a motorcycle club or gang, which is kind of like a fraternity in the basic sense of the word that it's a group of brothers, so a lot of this is about brotherhood. It's about the difference between. Bonds through blood, and how kinship is not necessarily defined by blood, but how those kinship lines or those bonds can be realigned and changed almost like an Vin diagram way as people change over time. I firmly do believe that we can be many different people in our lives and I don't mean wholly different personalities or anything like that just that we are both nature and nurture. We are cultural animals, so we can take parts of who we were originally and. Based on our environment based on what happens to us. And we're taking this quite literally in v Wars oftentimes because epigenetics is a component of how your environment can act your gene expression how it's affecting who you are how you express yourself. You're phenotype, but that can happen culturally as well so it's not just that Michael is undergoing these changes on. A pheno typic- level, but also that he is having. This reckoning with his relationship with Luther, and what that is based on, and Luther is trying to still find the person in Michael who Michael was before, but sometimes parts of us do die along the way and loving someone is largely about learning to love them and accept them as they are now. That doesn't mean that you have to make excuses for toxic traits. People can be definitely toxic even in ourselves sometimes we can be the toxic individuals were the heroes in our own stories, but we are possibly the villains in people's stories or even just NPC's. So, we're seeing that Michael is taking a different approach here. I. Think that perhaps as time goes by, he may understand Luther perspective a little more, but he still in the early stages of being hurt by what Luther has done in turning him in. He thought that he could trust his brother above all else to help him out. Even when it came to covering up a crime, but we see that Luther while he cares deeply for his brother. Also has some deeply held beliefs that are really kind of messing with him and his personal integrity, regarding the situation that Michael is in right now. So it is kind of pitting brother against brother, and it's like the avengers civil war that way as well. We saw Captain America and Tony Stark Fighting, and indeed they were in many ways like brothers, not just in the relationship that they have is adults, but also in the way that Howard stark treated Tony and treated cap. And they both. Had, sincerely deeply held beliefs, regarding why they thought that superheroes should be registered or why they shouldn't be, and we see that happening with Luther and with Michael as time goes on as well and the Vampires wanting to be recognized as the creatures that they are because after all they haven't changed in their DNA at all. It's just the expression of DNA. That was already there based on an EPA genetic change, so they are. Perhaps still even the same species we're not sure if humans and Vampires in this story can breed together. Maybe they can, they are reproductively compatible based on her sexual organs, but I don't know if enough has changed to make them incompatible with this new EPA genetic component. I want to hypothesize that they technically could. Breed with each other vampires into humans, because these sections of DNA were already in their bodies. Remember epigenetics does not change the DNA itself doesn't change the genetic code. It just changes its expression. epigenetics turns jeans on and off, so this vampire gene was turned off in these folks until they came into this encounter with the Priante, whether that's through sexual relations, respiratory droplets or interactions with saliva. So, we know that that was there all along. So unless there's something on that section of the EPA genetics that have been turned on, that would also affect reproduction. Then you very well could have vampire, human hybrids in a show or vampire children born to other vampires. I'm kind of stoked to see where that goes, and I'm super tempted to pick up all of the graphic novels for this series. I love the concept of brotherhood this in the show. It's not just about vampires. It's not just about science and climate, change and EPA genetics and. SOCIOCULTURAL staff and socio politics which we get into more in the next few episodes, but it is largely about family dynamics. That's one of the things I love the most about. Korea Diet, and that's also one of my favorite things about the vampire diaries series, including the spin offs, the originals and legacies you start out thinking that it's like twilight and that it's about. A couple of vampires who are in love with a teenage girl, but it becomes so much more than not, and you realize later on that that show is also not about the girl at all. It's about the relationship between the brothers, and really her character is just meant to mediate that story between the two and to help develop the story further. Some of my favorite episodes in Vampire diaries do not feature Elena at all. Don't get me wrong Nina. Dobrev is a great actress and I loved her work to, but I really enjoyed that dynamic between the brothers, and that's also something that I enjoy in shows like supernatural and in the dynamics of the team. Team in Stargate st one. It's about family, and sometimes it's about found family and other times. It's about just fighting within your family when you have different beliefs or different approaches to the problem, and you see that in some parts of the Bible as well. I am not particularly religious at this point in my life, but I have read the Bible quite a bit growing up. Read the entire book quite familiar with it, so there is a part of it that this episode reminded me of where Jesus is speaking to a group of folks, and says that he is not there to bring peace, per se, but a sword and two pit brother against brother. Family members against family members a long list of different types of family members. And really it's about a path diverged and families being put at odds due to their specific beliefs or desires. And in the Bible and it's really meant to say hey. I'm just really here to bring you the truth a lot of times the truth is represented as a sword, and that includes both in a lot of video games. I like to play. And in the Bible there's one section and a Fijian's that talks. The helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is defined in there as being the word of God or really the Bible which is also referred to as being the ultimate truth, so perhaps he is also referring to the concept that he is just bringing forth the truth and presenting it there and people are going to make their own decisions and value judgments based on their beliefs, and that perhaps the ties of family will not be strong enough in and of themselves to maintain those bons. And that's what we see really here where the truth is. That Michael is not any genetically different. He's only EPA genetically different. His DNA hasn't changed just as expression just as it did with Jess and Luther, his brother still loves him, but he also believes that Michael can't keep going around and killing people drinking their blood that that's not okay, so luther thinks that this is something that needs to be cured, and for folks like Michael Perhaps. This is just a natural result of evolution, and it's who he is as a person and he doesn't want that to be. Something that should be down or being sought to? Extinguish which is what DNS and the other seemed to be doing, and what Luther seems to be doing, so Michael is on the run from all of them. And as much as luther wants to help him, though, and as much as luther wants to make sure that Michael is treated, he's also not willing to put Michael in a situation to be killed. Now that he has understood his mistake in reporting Michael to the cops to begin with, so he does call his brother and give him a heads up that he needs to run while they are in the forest is dns going to find out about that I'm not entirely sure. It's going to be bad news bears if they do. and. It could really put luther son does at risk, but I'm sure that that is something that Luther is already aware of and this tie to his brother Michael is still important enough for him to take that chance. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back, we're going to talk about this concept of Emily, Dickinson's because I could not stop for death. which is the title of this episode stay tuned? Watch TV has changed over time. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives headfirst to the world of cord, cutting to be on the Blue Book. What's hot and Netflix or if it's not a preference original shows in Hulu? We've got you covered. Join us as we the blank and talk about movies to stream, and what show you should be vigilant. This is golden state media concepts television podcast. I! Combat moves for the break. We were talking about the concept of brother against brother. Allusions to the civil war both the American type and the marvel type, which is also American in its own way I suppose, and then the Bible verses that are related to the sword of Truth and. Putting brother against brother, which is really what this episode seems to be about in my personal opinion. There's a truth that has been presented to everyone, and that is that this EPA genetic change is something that's natural. It's already in. Human DNA is natural in the most literal sense of that word and nurture has impacted nature. And so this is viewed as a disease by some people that it needs to be exterminated or just removed from the body, so that they become regular humans again and for others who are living with this. It's not really an illness to them. And that reminds me somewhat of folks in the Deaf Community or folks who are living with different types of dwarfism. Some folks think that they should be working on trying to hear if they're deaf. They think that deaf folks should get cochlear implants or get hearing aids and a lot of hearing. People do not understand why folks in the deaf community might shun that why they might not want to be in the hearing community, but indeed many deaf individuals do not, and when we talk about the deaf community, we talk about deftness with a capital, D. because it is their community, so that does mean something different. And one of my friends is an ASL interpreter. And she has also spoken recently to me about how cove in nineteen is disproportionately impacting people who are in the deaf and hard of hearing community, because with all these masks, they can't read folks lips, and they also are not able to see some of the cues that go along with ASL. For the hearing community for those of us who aren't really familiar with ASL a lot of us think of it as primarily being hand and move ments, but there are very many facial expressions that also accompany the different signs for different words and the different things, so if you're out there, and you're wanting to make these face shields, the space masks for folks. Maybe consider making the kind that have the plastic shielding around the mouth that is translucent or transparent, so that folks in the deaf and hard of hearing communities can also understand what you're saying. I can only imagine how jarring may be to not be able to suddenly understand why anyone around you is saying in something that is truly about apocalyptic right now much as it is apocalyptic in V wars, so keep that in mind, and if you are making those masks, or you're purchasing one for yourself, even if you do not personally know anyone in the deaf or hard of hearing community I really encourage you to think about getting those. Those types of masks just to really be considerate of others around us after all. That's also the point of the masks. So while we're out there being considered about spreading germs, we might as well also be considerate about how we are communicating with the world around us, including those who are not necessarily just like us. We are only as safe or protected as the most vulnerable among us and I think that's important to keep in mind. Similarly in Communities Lake the dwarfism community. There are people out there who have different lives than we do, and it's not necessarily considered to be disability. Just as many folks in the deaf community do not consider deftness to be a disability. Their community is much like the hearing community, but it also has some really wonderful cultural differences. It's not about just being different from the hearing community. Its own community in and of itself, and it's valuable in its own right as is the dwarfism community, some types of deafness, just like dwarfism are genetic in their basis. So this is just some human variation that is encoded in our DNA. And, very similarly weaken view this type of vampirism in this specific instance of the wars as not being something unnatural. It's not disability. It's not an illness from where the people who are experiencing it stand and I think that's one of the largest values of Scifi. SCIFI provides allegories for understanding different communities or context in the world around us through representation in ways that might be more stark or so by making it vampirism, it takes some of the wind out of the sales of folks who might get their chests. A little puffed up with outrage win. You are saying that something like this is not a disability or an illness, but they're very many people out there in the world who undergo similar types of issues, not in that they are sucking the blood out of other people just that at the. The very base level, they have genetic or EPA genetic components that are different from people who don't have those genetic components or don't have those genes expressed, and just because you or jeans or expressing one way does not mean that the gene expression that is happening around you and other individuals is necessarily a disability or an illness, and that's really another strong point that I. Get out of this episode so. That's the big difference here is that it's almost offensive in a way that luther is viewing this as an illness to Michael, so Michael is kind of figuring out that this is who he is as a person, and after the initial onset of transitioning into vampirism, once those EPA genetic changes have already taken place he doesn't. To have as severe bloodlust, he's not having the headaches and stuff anymore, and he seems to have mastery over these super senses. So for him, this is becoming a normal way of life. Humans can adapt to anything that they can become accustomed to, and that is what is happening with Michael and the other vampires that have been exposed to these pre ons, and who's EPA. Genetic changes have responded in a way that has resulted in them expressing vampiric pheno typic- changes. This is their new normal much. The same as some folks in the real world today who become exposed to substantial amounts of air pollution and get their methold tags altered in their DNA. Scientists have found that that could increase a person's risk for neurodegenerative disease, but for many folks. What is one person's disease or disability or is another person's just flat out reality for people who don't live with these things day to day with these experiences and so on, it might be difficult to understand, but it's important that you seek to understand on your own. And if you're interested in that type of concept I, encourage you to check out shows like V wars because that's the crux of this episode at least in my opinion. If Michael just wanted to go through and kill tons of people he could, but he sits down and speaks with the lady who was blind at the bus. Stop about her life, and what? It's like for her to be sitting there at the bus, stop blind. He has super senses, and her senses are different from his. And he wants to understand it, and he takes the time to speak with her, and then he leaves without harming her, even though he very well could, he's not interested in harming the most vulnerable as he considers it around him. He is interested in eating to survive for the most part. But you have other characters like monster who is in the Motorcycle Club who's clearly turned in his willing to just kill anyone, but again much like how Danika was more selfish beforehand and Michael was more selfless beforehand, someone who already had a pinch. Sean towards violence very well may be extra violent after they have turned. So it makes a lot of sense as we are seeing this spectrum of vampirism expression, and how everyone is really reacting differently based on their initial pre vampiric personalities, but I think that all of us can change in our character and our personality as time goes on, and even if you are. A distasteful person at a certain time in your life, you can change your mind and do better because we are made up of the choices that we make every single day, and because of that that means that any time is a great time to begin making change. So if you did not have an understanding of. variances related to the dwarfism community or the deaf community before and how many folks don't consider those to be illnesses or disabilities? I encourage you to read more about that online or to reach out to websites like little people of America to learn on their website from folks who are living that experience to see what they want you to understand about their experience. You can also go to websites like national deaf. Deaf Center DOT ORG to get an introduction to the deaf community by the deaf community in a preformed way, that puts the emotional labor onus on you, and not on grilling people from these communities about information that is easily read about online I so this website will tell you about some of the unique features of deaf culture and little people of America will tell you about some unique features of fair culture. And you can also explore the wide range of variability in dentistry within these cultures, and how folks identify as not all deaf individuals identify with color in whole or in part. We're going to see that concept explored a lot more in V wars as we see more types of vampires be. Born activated I'm not exactly sure how to refer to it in this context, but as we see these EPA, genetic changes brought about by the preowneds. We're going to see how different folks respond to it. And how different folks who have this gene identify with? What may be considered to be the vampire culture as that is actively developing. I also really love the name of this episode because I could not stop for death. It is from an Emily Dickinson poem of the same name, and it's one of her most popular poems that was written around eighteen sixty three. And the whole concept of it is about immortality much like vampirism here so in the poem the speaker is talking about how she's visited by a gentlemanly representation of death who takes her for a ride in his carriage? And because he's so polite as he stops for her, even as she is too busy to slow down even for death, she decides to lay aside her life because he's been so civil. And she goes on this ride with him and sees. The past of her life, and the people who are still alive, the lives that are forming even as hers is ending. As. She says that we passed. The school were children's strove at recess in the ring. We pass the fields of gazing grain. We passed the setting sun or rather he passed us. And so she's describing this passage of time and space as she is entering in to death. And they arrive at her grave, which is described as a house that seemed a swelling of the ground. But then it continues. The arrival at her grave is not the end point of her trip, but rather it continues, and she says that, since then two centuries, and yet feel shorter than the day I've I surmise the horse's heads were toward eternity. So she is viewing this as An infinite afterlife, so in that she is entering towards the grave, but she is not scared of death in an of itself, because she is viewing it more as an approach towards immortality towards living eternally. And that is really how the vampires are seeing this that they have an increased healing factor, and they are looking at live in depth in more of a cyclical balance. They are also perhaps looking at humans as being part of the food chain of that cycle of which humans were the apex predators, and now perhaps the vampires are, but that when human life is extinguished as we know it and replaced with. The concept of Vampires this new life it's not necessarily a death of humanity, but perhaps a rebirth or a move towards eternal life, an evolutionary adaptation in both nature and culture. Thank. You for listening to the GMC Sifi. PODCAST brought to you by the GSM. See podcast network. I'd like to ask you. Please subscribe to the show and riding a nice review always really helps us also if you could please follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram I'd appreciate it. Thank you kindly and have a good night. 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