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"benji smc" Discussed on GSMC SciFi Podcast

"Trains due to the end didn't GSM seaside podcast fraught Benji SMC podcast network. I'm your host Alex. Today we're GonNa talk about surprise viewers season one episode three. I really love this show I. Don't know if Y'all have given it a shot yet on Netflix. But I highly encourage it although this show has its problem areas just like any other show. It's a lot of fun and it also takes a really holistic indep approach to the issue of Vampires. It's not just taking and look at them. As fantasy characters are horror characters. But also as Sifi characters, they provide us with a scientific reasoning behind their being vampires. Which I very much enjoy overall. It's a refreshing take. And I recognize that this isn't the only show or sci-fi approach to Fan Pires, but it is overall one of my favorites so far. It has great sociocultural and political commentary, and is very evocative of many current events. We've spoken about the timeliness of this show in the past, but we will go ahead and cut short right now to cut to the chase. Today's episode that we're reviewing is called because I could not stop for death, which is a reference to an Emily Dickinson poem. Such a day, we are going to work through this episode with the recaps first then we're going to talk about the concept of brother against brother and in our final segment. If you stick around, WE'RE GONNA. Talk About Emily, Dickinson's poem and the cat in the cradle and the silver, spoon. Let's, recap this episode. So Inter last episode we really ended with Luther, just quietly watching Dez. Not knowing that they are being watched by knee close. So? That's a little disconcerting, and as Nice as Nikos was to swans face, we really get the sense that he is more of a villain than anything else and him watching over them all, but confirms it he is watching over them just about in the same manner as homeland watches over people in the boys. It's honestly more threatening and insidious than it is anywhere near being fatherly or helpful or protective. So with this episode we see a lot of blood everywhere and these six initial people are killed by a couple of vampires. We don't know how the two vampires were infected, but Luther did tell us in the previous episode that Priante can remain viable for weeks in an individual area, so there are a multitude of ways that Michael could have passed it on to other people. We already have seen that with his dentist and again with monster. Who was working on Michael's bike? And both became infected with a dentist, ultimately committing suicide. And the other person monster, seeming to have turned, but he is in a gang, and we're not precisely sure what he is going to do. As time goes on, we see a woman begin to succumb to the affects of the preowned infection. And we know that Michael has been out with her in the past. They've been on dates and seemed to be pretty familiar with each other. Her name is Danika and she seems to be some type of real estate agent or something like that. And she is. Going over the details of a new house, and what appears to be like a housewarming party win, she begins, says start having these new super sense symptoms. So, she speaks with her sister mental. And really says you know that they have a lot to talk about with their mom and how she is going. You get the sense that there's some kind of medical issue that is underlying all this like power of attorney. and. They seem to be very upset with each other. You can tell that one of them is a lot more involved with the care of their mother than the other, and the other is very carefree, and just not entirely responsible. You get this sense of like antigone and is many almost in a sense. or almost kind of like the two sisters in the taming of the shrew, with their sense of what needs to be done and their disdain for what should be done now. DANIKA is not overall super disdainful. She's more care free like antigone, although antigone does have this sense of justice and of right from wrong and morality, so it's not a true one to one comparison in that regard, but you get wearing coming from and that one of the sisters is a lot, more mature and responsible and attentive to the needs of their ailing mother, and the other is really just more out there to have a good time. So Danika the one who is mostly just seemingly out to have a good time is at some house event when she starts getting these symptoms, and so she ends up going over to her sister's house and she doesn't feel very well, but she still goes ahead, and does it and when she gets her sister starts giving her a hard time about their family, so meal is really just being like. Hey, I need you to sign this. This paperwork for mom finally.

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