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35: "One-Stop Reality Escapes" Week

Feedback with EarBuds

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35: "One-Stop Reality Escapes" Week

"Hello and welcome to feedback with your butts. The podcast arm of Year Buds podcast collective I'm your host and the founder of ear Buds Ariel Nissim Black. This episode covers the week of June first through Fifth Twenty twenty I love it when a month starts on a Monday happy June. Thank you to this week's podcast and newsletter sponsors the Jordan Harbinger show and the future hindsight podcast we'll hear more from our sponsors later in the show ear buds podcast collective is listening movement. We send an email every Sunday that contains theme and five podcast episodes on that theme and each week's podcast picks are curated by a different person. Anyone can curate a-list. On this show, I'll share our five podcast episode recommendations of the week some information about our curator and some more information about the episodes. Then we'll also have some podcasts industry news from the inside podcasting newsletter, and we'll wrap it all up with some sponsor information and Patriot, shoutouts. First up are. Ear Buds podcast collective recommendations. This week's theme is one stop reality. Escapes the. Curator is Elena Fernandez. Collins who writes the audio dramatic newsletter. Here's why Elena chose this theme. Hi. My name is Elon and on this collins and themed shows is one stop reality escapes. Chose this theme because our consumption habits are necessarily changing, and then means sometimes you need a one time promise, and not a long term commitment. These episodes are escapes into fiction, the length of a movie or shorter. Here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by Elena along with short descriptions of each one. The first episode comes from the Big Luke podcast and it's called surfacing. It's thirty five minutes long. About this podcast. From QR RX Paul, Bay presents otherworldly stories from around the globe, every season feature, six distinct episodes, highlighting the strange, wonderful and often harrowing experiences of those living on the outer edges of the known world. In this episode, a Japanese Alma diver recounts the story of the love of her life through her daughter. The next episode comes from the sci-fi presents podcasts and is called CERBERUS REX. It's eighty four minutes law. In this audio drama Dr Annabella Korea a professor of astrophysics at Hawks More University travels upon request by a former colleague to well station, a research facility, performing experiments on a mystery of physics in an underground cave, a natural explorer Anna Russia's to view the phenomenon firsthand and accompanied by well station security slash containment officer. Benjamin Wynn guard is soon staring down at a marvel hidden deep, then not so deep. The next episode comes from the outliers podcast and is called. Sleep. It's twenty four minutes long. In this episode. Johanna for or cannot sleep. She is caught in the heat and fervor of the peasants revolt, as she joins the masses on their march to London, seeking an end to the poll tax in pursuit of justice. She leads a group into the Tower of London where they dragged Simon Sudbury to the executioner's block for a taste vengeance. The next episode comes trust from zero hours is called those familiar spirits. It's thirty six minutes long. In this episode, Seventeen, twenty, two in the American colonies, and the priest has his world turned upside down when a woman comes into the church, claiming to be a witch, and in possession of knowledge about the imminent end of the world. The last episode of the week comes from. Make believe, and it's called Bra. It's sixty one minutes long. This audio drama is a brave girls. Journey through the land of many monsters adapted from a Mexican Folk Tale by Nancy Garcia Loza. Those are the PODCASTS and episodes recommended by Atlanta Fernandez Collins for this week's theme. One Stop Reality Escapes. Each week in our newsletter which you can find and sign up for on our website ear buds podcast collective dot. Org are curator's have a chance to show off something they love. It can be a project a nonprofit anything. Here's what Elena wants us to know about. Elena writes fiction podcasts where my gateway into the medium, and in two thousand eighteen I started a newsletter just about fiction podcasting audio dramatic. If you're interested in getting more fiction, podcast, recommendations or reading essays, analyzing the fiction seen I've got you covered. Will Link to audio dramatic in the show notes. Follow along with the discussion of this week's podcast episodes by using the HASHTAG escape pods. Now for some podcast, Industry News. Each week we like to bring you pod news from the inside podcast newsletter written by skype pills Mary. I. Sky dropped a new episode of her podcast this week. The inside podcasting podcast featuring an interview with some very beloved podcasters, she interviews ear hustle hosts and Pulitzer Prize finalists Nigel poor and Alan. Woods your hustle tell stories about daily life in San Quentin prison. It's hosted by visual artists and San Quentin volunteer, nine poor and former prison inmate earl on woods, Antoine Williams, who also helped found the podcast. Is The show sound designer? In an incredible turn of events, former California governor Jerry Brown commuted sentences in two thousand eighteen, Crediting Orleans work on the podcast as a factor in the decision since. The Ear Hustle team has brought on new producers to tell stories from the inside while exploring new narratives on the outside. You can listen to Sky Interview Nigel and early on in her podcast. The inside podcasting podcast wherever you get your podcasts. I just said PODCASTS A lot. Next from inside podcasting a note from Kevin, thron he says. I'm a twenty six year old, blind, Malaysian and polymath as a Malaysian I live a multiracial racial life. I speak Tamil Malay- and the English language. I'm fascinated by technology, science, life, sound design and many more things. PODCASTS are a great medium to quench my thirst for knowledge, and to better understand life stories, and the world, due to a lack of oxygen inside my incubator I became blind before I realized I was form of life. My primary mode of learning is through touching and listening experiences I, learned Braille writing, and I love talking about Braille and its influence on my language understanding. cave-in further says accessibility is a design principle in practice insurance that your service and content are accessible to all regardless of disability, geography and social status accessibility should be as important as visual layout and workability. We are fortunate that the RSS Standard is a platform agnostic protocol meaning. We put it into any application, which supports the standard, and it becomes accessible to a screen reader. However, the rise of podcasts has triggered many new innovations and experiments, and it's critical that accessibility not be left out. cave-in continues to offer many ideas for web designers and podcast industry players to better understand the act of serving their blind users. More on this, you can head to inside dot. com slash podcasting and read this week's newsletter from Sky Pillsbury to learn more about what Kevin says. As always thank you to skype. Where you for creating inside podcasting, we'll be back next week with more podcast industry news. Sponsor time. Thank you to all our sponsors. You make this podcast and newsletter possible. If you want to become a sponsor, you can email us at ear. Buds podcast collective dot org. I from future hindsight, this episode is brought to you by the future hindsight podcast each week host meal at most interviews, activists and citizen change makers involved with justice, democracy and equality. Tune into their tenth season for expert takes on countering fake news, protecting ourselves online and staying hopeful in an uncertain future. Listen now. You're hindsight, DOT, com, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Next the Jordan Harbinger show imagine being part of a conversation with your favorite scientists, author performer and absorbing wisdom from the sharpest minds of our day you now have a front row seat to learn skills and strategies directly from masters of their craft, and hear stories from those who have lived them firsthand. Jordan will keep you entertained and learning tips from experts all over the world. Listen to the Jordan Harbinger show wherever you get your podcasts. Next we want to shout out our patriots. Thank you to all of our supporters. You really helps. Eliza Coal Corey Dan Jared Lee Michael the Retro Network Masha and Katie thank you all so much. You can also be a contributor. Yes, you and you get this nifty shoutout. GO TO PATRIOT DOT COM slash year buds podcast collective and sign up there for just two dollars a month. We're throwing a Combo. PODCAST networking event. Happy Hour on Thursday June fourth at six thirty PM Pacific Time Nine. Thirty eastern time. It's just a few days away. It's virtual. Of course so everyone can attend. We're going to be matching mentors with men teas, and then breaking into discussion groups based on topics of interest in the podcast. Industry. I've been missing in person podcast events living in la before the pandemic, there were so many podcasts happy hours, and it's weird. Both socially and because a lot of collaborations come from these person events. We're GONNA try to replicate that via this online event? I hope you can make it. For more information to sign up, go to ear. Buds podcast collective. Dot Org slash. That's buds podcast collective dot org slash events. That's all for today. Head to our social media to find links to the episodes that we mentioned were on twitter at ear buds, pod, call, and we're on instagram and facebook at ear. Buds podcast collective. You can sign up to receive our podcast. Recommendations email at ear. Buds podcast collective DOT ORG it goes out every Sunday night. We're currently in the process of putting up our entire newsletter archive on our website in order to find the beginnings of that archive go to ear. Buds podcast collective dot org slash podcast recommendations. We're slowly putting it together, but very soon we're going to have over one hundred and fifty lists of podcast recommendations for you to check back on. We've been doing this since February of two thousand seventeen and each week. We've recommended at least five podcasts, so there is a lot for you to catch up on. Again in order to find archives goes year. Buds podcast collective dot org, and then on the navigation. Bar Click podcast recommendations. This show is written and produced by me. It's edited mix and designed by Daniel Turret. Our newsletter is edited by ABC Leon Skiing Our theme music by Matt Sweet Oh. Thank you for tuning in tweet at us and let us know that you're an ear buddy. We'd love to hear from you. Catchy next time. Keep staying healthy staying safe staying away from people and of course listening to podcasts five.

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Graham Barfield

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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Graham Barfield

"It's time to eat in my Marbella. Sit Down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross Tucker and Joe, Dolan? Fantasy feast eaten podcast. Yeah, let's see baby is the fantasy fees eaten podcast and it is presented. By, fantasy points dot com use the code feast to get a discount, and then you proceed directly. To your email and forwarded to me Ross at Ross Tucker Dot, com, and say Ross I want to take down you and Joe who is and Joe. I'm Ross Tucker, former NFL offensive lineman five teams seven years now we got the five podcast going love. It love it. Love it raw soccer football podcast, even money which was terrific yesterday with my dude will Brinson. You should absolutely check that out if you not get in on the golf train golf betting is starting up again. And also the college draft podcast with Matt. Waldman always good business of sports is where Andrew Brandt absolutely dominates. He's Joe Dolan. He's the editor. Say Editor chief whatever you WANNA call them and co owner of fantasy points dot com with our Guy Tom Brolly from last week and John Hansen before that and today Graham Barfield. Who Literally invented US statistic I wish I had done that. That just sounds awesome. Inventing a statistic, we are given out winners. We love those of you by the way I'm just telling you guys right now. There's a lot of opportunity to go against us. In these best ball leagues that we're not getting as many entries this month as we did last month, so you guys all you need to go to fantasy points dot com. Put The code in Feast. It's free to sign up and send it to me Ross at Ross, Tucker Dot com, and you could be announced as the next two winners like Mo- Hinder Dick and Ari ingle hopefully I got both those names right. Hinder Dick Ari Angle. Add that to norm physiques. Ben Mullins Nathan Shoe Donny from last week and we're rolling. We're rolling. We already have five guys in. Five more to go, it shouldn't just be. Guys should be ladies as well. We love going against you these best balls. I'll tell you right now. If you if you send fantasy points dot com. and. Then do anything else to separate you from the crowd. Right like an Amazon purchase or rate and review the show or social media. You'RE GONNA. Get in, you're going to get into the best ball trapped. You just start. By the way, it doesn't have to be just fantasy points dot com, you can take advantage of any of spot. Any of our sponsors like method men, method men is a personal care brand. That takes a fresh approach to grooming. Look staying clean fresh should be fuss free. So take advantage of some of their products, body washes two in one shampoo conditioners deodorants listen. Here's the reality okay. I don't care that much. My wife does my wife. CARE is a whole lot about how I smell. And let's just say the better I smell the better for me. If you catch my drift. So whether it's juniper and. Cedar in, Cyprus. You gotta go ahead and try method man I mentioned last week. My wife loves it before first time I got the bottle before even put on. She's like method men. How'd you get this? Save fifteen percent with code feast when you buy online at method, men DOT com. That's M. E., T., H., o., d. m. e.. N.. DOT, com, visit method men DOT COM and get fresh. Make sure you use the code Feast Fancy Points Feast. Is the code well for the second weekend around maybe third week in a row I think I lost track. At this point. We have an absolute rock star from fantasy. points dot com this time Graham. Barfield, who is known for the yards, created metric that he has founded, and I want to get into that because that was interesting, Joe was telling me before the show. How you grind to get that. He is one of the do debt. Fantasy points DOT COM I. Don't know that we've ever met Graham. But just looking at your twitter profile I really don't like you very much because you have awesome hair like you've amazing hair, dude. Thank you so much Ross. Yeah I, don't I? Don't think I think this is our maiden voyage. It's nice to nice to meet you. Thanks for having me on Yeah, yards created has been. It's definitely a grind. That's certainly one way to put it Yeah, it's been this project I've undertaken now in the last five off seasons where? I basically chart any college running back coming into the NFL and. Try to find out some some fun things about how they how they went as players and excited. Talk to you guys about it today. Okay so let me dive a little bit deeper into that. Because, I've heard of this before but I want to have people understand what you actually do like. What does yard created mean? And how do you go about identifying for each player? Sheriff, yards created is the amount of yards running back gets on his own after the offensive line has or has not done its job, so the way to think of it is. On every play, the offensive line is opening up or not opening up holes in gaps for running back to get through in after the running back gets through the initial whole or creates behind the line of scrimmage to to get past the initial wave of the defense. Those are the yards that weren't back is creating on his own in the NFL when every player is. Super Athletic Superfast the margin, fair and the whole out small, even college football. There's something to be said. For players that are constantly creating on their own constantly you know making yards making moves on their own and enforcing the tackle, so I'm literally charting every every single play every single snap for six seven games pretty much half the season for usually about ten to twelve, running backs at the top of the Classen. It's. It's been a fun process. That's yielded some some good results so far. So. I'm sorry, Joe, yeah was just say how. How subjective! Is it. In other words, what's what sort of the margin of error and if Joe was like? You know what I'm. GonNa do a new stat called. Yards created two point. Oh and I'm going to do exact same thing gram does, but I'm going to what I'm just curious. How much of a difference you think that there would be. Probably a little bit. Football in in sports in general is an inherently subjective game I mean. If you just think about all the descriptive stats that we all talk about yards, receptions touched. Everybody agrees on those. But even a stat like yards after contact has drawn a lot of. Debate throughout the years simply because it's a subjective stat moral, using our is to measure it I'm sure if joe or anybody else yards credit a. Will probably would get some different results. The guys over at play, player profile or a chart yards gratitude, but they I think they do it a little bit different way. They treated as like any time running back Basically yards anytime runningback crates after they force tackle, so there's different different generations of yards created even out there and I, I think it's cool I think it's. A good a good learning tool for to think of running back in a different way. So? Graham I'm sorry. Rossa jumped all over you so excited to ask this question Graham. I think what one thing that's really important for people to understand is or for people to to know. You do this for college. Running backs coming into the NFL like you said there are differences, but my question is. Have you studied how predictive yards created has been for transitioning college player to the NFL, which obviously would have massive fantasy impact, or have you decided? It's been more descriptive, and and it hasn't really paid off for fantasy I. Know what the answer is, but I I WANNA make sure people understand what your process is here in how useful it is for fantasy football. Sure I think you know I went into this five years ago. Fully expecting it to be more of a descriptive thing like just basically scouting essentially. which players are creating more yards above? Expectation which players are forcing more miss tackles above expectation, and I think you know now that we have a five or sample I think we can say it's. It's fairly predictive. If you go to fantasy points dot com right now, click the research tab hit the yards created, but we have all the. All of the yards created on numbers up on site right now if you soar by yards, credit pretend to be look near the top of the the coffers here I mean it's it's a. who's who of the most talented backs other have come out the last couple of years Joe Mixed. Kenyan Drake Saquon Barkley Zeki will elliott all are in the top five of yards, creative tents. Alvin Kamara cream high Christian McCaffrey all near the top same with Dobbin Cook. I think done a pretty good job at not only identifying some of the top end rushers as clear cut best players in their class like saquon an like Zeke, but it's also illuminated some lower end. Guys Album Chimera cream on Christian McCaffrey. To a lesser extent, you know going deeper. Guys like Sony Michelle before he got hurt, were or good players that really popped in yards, created and You know there's definitely been some Mrs. In we can get into that too, but. By and large I think it's done a pretty decent job of illuminating. The most talented runners in the runners that are forcing the most miss tackles. Get into it for this year for the rookies. Who who's the WHO's the king? WHO's the guy from this year's group that set out to you in terms of? Yards, created. Yeah the number. One guy in the class was probably no one that you would expect Ross. Who was actually Anthony McFarland he? He led the class yards. Critic pretend at five point nine. That's actually right behind what Zeke did. We we can talk about Mcfarland a little bit. Wool will kind of transition flip back to the top five of this class in I'll start with with Jonathan Taylor for. Running back for the colts now he was fantastic at Wisconsin I. know that's not necessarily a bold take at all, but are doing my study I kind of went into it with. Guess a an idea that Wisconsin, offensive line the badgers kind of you know opened up more yards than you would expect in. You know. Taylor was a little bit of a product product of his office of line at scheme there but I kind of wasn't the case. Wisconsin actually opened up way. Fewer yards blocked per attempt in pretty much every back in this class like aged Dylan de Andrea, swift jk Dobbins Collider Brazil all had better off into blinds Taylor. In Taylor was dominant yards created. Fantastic. I, think he he's an underrated. Guy In terms of the not necessarily like a make. You miss type runner like lead over layer of. Christian McCaffrey was coming out, but certainly is strong in this tackles forced and. His credit metrics were fantastic. I mean huge, actually more efficient with out full back on the field, even though Wisconsin at afl back on the field on like a third of his carries an in this class, Taylor ranked third in yards, critter attempt shotgun, and he was first when Wisconsin had a quarterback under center so I I thought Jonathan Taylor was clear rb one coming into this class. Excuse me coming into the draft I expected him to be. One of the first two running backs off the board obviously play out that way, but I still went super early still went to a great landing spot. He is my number two running back in this class for for rookie dynasty drafts. Well let's get to the guy who I think's number. One gram and that's got to be quite Edwards Allaire and now play behind a really good offensive line I, think the LSU offensive line might be near the top ten. In terms of what you've ever charted, but even though his yards created metric is is mediocre, compared to some of the other guys I think according to your charging. He did a lot of things really well. That project exceptionally well to the Kansas City offense. So how do you feel about him from fantasy perspective? Absolutely. Not only charting every running play, also charting every passing play in Clyde Edwards layers pretty easily. The the best receiving back in this class in I'll take step further. He's one of the top three or four receivers that I've seen come out of college in. The five years that I've been doing this. I think he's. He's not in the Christian McCaffrey echelon, because no one else's Anne McCaffrey's in tier of his own as a receiver man ever delays really good I think he's under quickly. Talk about his running ability, because I think he's an underrated inside runner. In fact, he created more yards per attempt on his inside carries. DEANDRE SWIFT AJ, Dylan and Zach. Moss and all those guys are kind of. Expected to be strong inside runner so I. Think Edwards Brasileira has an underrated on inside running ability, even though he's, he's undersized, but. Man Like the what we want to see from him. This is catching passes out of the backfield and. I I. Frankly, I struggled to think of many backs out of McCaffrey. Who are better route runners than Edwards layer I mean. He was constantly creating separation for Joe. Borough making throws easy. Getting open at will against some of the best linebackers and safeties in the SEC. I absolutely loved Edwards Receipt Edwards `alerts are receiving ability and thought he had just a super super high floor coming into the drafts, simply because I knew he'd be heavily involved in the pass again, but now joe a we have this dream scenario where he gets drafted as a first running back drafted in the first round, pick goes to Andy Reid. Goes to the chiefs gets to play with Cuba God himself and Patrick, Mahomes and It's it's pretty much. It's pretty much exactly what you would want for fantasy in pretty much. Every back that we've seen in Kansas City play significant snaps. As been a topic running back, Jamaal Charles was. Top eight points per game back from back in two thousand and thirteen. Two Thousand Fifteen spins aware. A Nice little season to twenty sixteen when when Charles got hurt and kind of was nearing the end of his career and. Kareem Hunt was a topic. We're in Iraq. Two, thousand, seventeen, thousand, eighteen. We've all seen what Damian Williams has been able to produce healthy, so I'm very excited to see. How Edwards Allaire performs early into this year and I think. As the season progresses into twenty twenty, I think we'll see Edwards Allaire. Become a very very strong rb one simply because he will be just another mismatch nightmare fifth achieves to use underneath a pass catcher. So, here's a question. Graham that I'm understanding. So. I'm looking at your article. Fantasy points dot com I. Talk about all the time. Use The code feast. You sign up. You got the tier one. You call the Big Five. We've talked about Jonathan. Taylor you mentioned. Swift and Dobbins, but really dove into him yet. We got Edwards Hilar- you said earlier that the number. One guy in your metric was Anthony Mcfarland at five point, nine yards created per attempt I in the class yet. He's our B seven for you so I guess if I'm reading this article I'm saying. What am I missing like? You said it's predictive. The guy's number one. WHY IS HE R B seven if he's number one on yards created? Yeah those are I mean those are my I ranks so i. kind of you know I try to add in additional layers of context. Yes Anthony Macfarlane was very explosive on his touches. was a good runner in in terms of. Only yards created, but US I think fourth or fifth in the class and miss tackles forced, but. Rossi was never featured runner. At Maryland and coming in and watching his tape by I have the same questions I I, didn't know if he would be a guy that you kind of sent to your often surrounded in shovel, fifteen eighteen touches per game. I thought he might be a little bit of a change of pace back, so there's definitely a little bit of. Not only like. USAGE, usage kind of going into evaluations, but it's also like subjectivity to like how players profile and. You know I think having Anthony. McFarland seven pre-draft was kind of a bowl. Take I didn't really see McFarland anywhere near People's top tens and. I still have McFarland. RB seven now. These landed in a nice spot there in Pittsburgh to. Ramlet? Let's let's talk about some of your process. In terms of offensive line's vis-a-vis yards created so when you've done this and I'm sure this is something you've thought about quite a bit when you've done this process. Have you found that guy to play behind bad offensive lines or getting? More rewarded by your process and have you found that guys who played behind? Good offensive lines are getting more kind of dinged by your process and and my. My question would be here with Florida state because you know you and I both know both Alvin. Cooking camakers have had two of the worst offensive lines. We've seen for a major college program in the last number of years. Meanwhile, somebody like Derrick. Henry play behind an awesome offensive line and didn't rank so high on your metric. How do you deal with that? When you're when you're breaking down yards created and have you found? There's anything predictive in terms of. A guy playing behind a bad or good offensive line when it comes to the metric. Yes definitely I mean Obviously it's unlucky. That can makers and Tau Cook had to play behind just terrible often blinds or automate. If you again, if you pull up the research, TAB and fantasy points dot com I mean cam makers and talent cooker literally. Last and third from last in yards blocked. Pretend I'm so we. We know they struggle behind. Bad offensive lines and I think this yards created process kind of illuminates that are really gives good context to just how bad and it kind of gives a baseline to college football offensive line play one guy. In particular that I think is really interesting. Debate on this subject Joe is not clear from this classes last year's class. It's Durell Henderson. He was absolutely dominant behind a Memphis offense of line at Memphis scheme that that really opened up just massive running lanes for him, but he was still very explosive on his touches. I think this is this is a kind of an idea. I guess subject matter. I really haven't fully wrap my head around yet. Just balancing. Great offensive lines behind creative runners because. Josh Jacob's and Jacob Dobbins both had. Fantastic offensive lines like the top of my yards blocked metrics I mean both bags are highly creative in. Ranked really highly in terms of. Forcing this tackles on their own. Both were good receiver so I think it's one of those things with with offensive line. Play gotTA take. On a team by team basis in in really understand the team level context that went in behind that because. Sometimes, there's certainly teams where. Players have great off into plans and they still create yards above expected. And then there's times where you have a in Aj. Dylan Redeeming Harris type where they're behind a great offensive line, but they're less creative than you would expect. Yeah I. Guess That's that's what I wanted to know. I'd love to know any out liars. Particularly interested in Keyshawn Vaughn just going to the bucks with Brady and what you thought of him. I think everybody's interested in in Vaughan and what's GonNa? What's going to happen with this backfield? I liked what Keyshawn von was was. One of those guys were like I watched the first four or five games, and I was Kinda just like yeah I mean he can do everything pretty well. A, but he doesn't have really wants standout trait in the more that I watched. Actually went back and watched a few more games after I finished has yards credit sample just because they're landing spot? He got drafted a little bit earlier than I expected I kind of started liking him a little bit more. Simply because he played Kinda like camakers, he played on a really bad offensive line. Of there over there, Vanderbilt. Last year twenty two percent of his carries were stuffed pinal scrimmage for a loss that was like way low in college. Football is like one hundred tenth in the in the in the in college football in. He was contacted behind the line of scrimmage on a twenty seven percent of his carries a came makers. Was the most in the class. Use context behind long scrimmage on nearly. A third of carries, but keyshawn von was still very creative granted. It was kind of an boom bust way sort of similar to Tevin Coleman. But he was second in class yards, critic attempts, and the the thing I come back to with Vaughn the Ross in one of the things that I think Ronald Jones has a little bit of an edge over him. Is Is. Joe Is definitely more a laterally allusive. Eighty four percent of keyshawn vons missed tackles came from either just running past a defender or going through them with power. He just doesn't have a ton of wiggle. And ton of agility I think Ronald. Jones is certainly better in that sense, but. Manam Yvonne is. He's got the size. He's got the speed and attacking running style to be a feature back in the NFL and I think. You Know Bruce Arians. Heavily investing in Vaughan, kind of shows you. where he wants to go with his running game. Graham one of the more surprising picks of the NFL draft was of the Green Bay packers well other than than drafting a quarterback in the first round, it was then going back in the second round in the deepest wide receiver draft that we've seen in years and taking a power running back when you can make the argument that the running back position with Aaron Jones and Jamaal, Williams was the strongest on the entire team last year of the strongest position. Position on the packers roster I mean, and then they come in, and they take. Aj Dylan, in the second round out of Boston College, and I know he's a player that you personally struggled with when you were watching him. Matter of fact, you would think that Matt. LEFLORE would probably views him as a Derrick Henry type of runner and looking at their yards created metrics. Graham shockingly similar between AJ Dylan in two thousand and twenty and Derrick Henry Twenty. Number One, can you make sense of the packers Jay Dillon pick, and did you learn any lessons from charting Derrick Henry when it came to watching Aj Dylan trying to rationalize what the packers did with that pick. Yeah so all of the packers picks in. This draft were surprising. Very surprising. Yeah I aged Dylan definitely got some buzz in quite a few Derrick Henry comparisons in the pre-draft process simply because he ran four five at like two hundred fifty pounds i. mean he's got just freakish size speed ability, but I mean you mentioned is yards credit profile? Was not very good. It's not good to be a aback. That doesn't create many yards on his own in his reliant on his offense of line, and that's sort of what Dylan ends. I mean he was number. One in this class Boston college was number. One in this class and yards blocked pretend. In Dylan was near the bottom second from last in the yards, creative pretend he was also last in this tackles forced per attempts You know I really struggled with Dylan because to me. He seemed he just seems like a guy who is always going to get the yards that blocks for him, but not much else. I did not see anything remotely close to what we saw from Derrick Henry on tape at Alabama. I thought I thought Henry had better burst I thought Henry had just enough wiggle to get past. Guys and we've seen that in the NFL. I don't know Dylan has that. Certainly very fast and straight line. Certainly powerful runner can grind out hard yards in between the tackles, but yeah I did not expect to see Taylor go off the board in the second round of the NFL draft and. Definitely a little bit of a perplexing pick because. Jones. Every time we've seen him. He's been. Ripping off strong plays in it's been one of the best. And most talented runners. In the NFL since he's bleak, so I'm not really sure what Dylan's role it's. GonNa be. It's GonNa. Be Interesting it'll be. It'll be interesting to see how many carries. He doesn't actually taking away from her Jones. Our last one for you Graham and again encourage everybody to check out graeme on twitter at Graham Barfield. He is part of the fantasy points crew, and there's a lot of them and we love 'em. You have no Benjamin as our be ten. You have them at the top of tier three right after the aforementioned keyshawn Vaughn I headed. Guys like Antonio Gibson Aj Dylan Josh Kelley, etc.. Yet. Benjamin was dead last in the class at less than three point, five yards created per attempt. How do you? How does that happen? How's IT happened that a guy is so bad at your metric yet you have them ranked higher than these other guys. Yeah I mean I had. I've had so in that article that was before the draft item and rb. Ten I've got away lower now. And I had him in that here with Antonio, Gibson and AJ Dylan. I thought they were kind of. In the same boat in terms of draft, capital obviously didn't play out that way Benjamin, Wynn. In the seventh round I like to Benjamin as a pass Catcher, though and I thought he might go a little bit earlier drafts simply because he was a great pass Catcher, a super inconsistent as runner very sized. But I thought he would go a little bit earlier in today's modern fell. A lot of teams are looking for these satellite back, so you can catch passes out of the backfield and and compete in. Benjamin is look I mean he's not a highly creative runner. The met my metrics Kinda show that but. He certainly is highly competitive runner. A He always was trying to turn out extra yards on his own always trying to fight for a few extra. A few extra yards and he was a great pass. Catcher me. He was third the third in this class in targets per game, a number one in routes run per game, and he was running more routes more nuanced around sometimes inclined Edwards Larry Than definitely went super late in the kind of berries for fantasy and our purposes, but for that article I did have them at rb ten simply because I thought he'd go a little bit earlier. And I liked his pass, catching ability above AJ Dylan's and a I love Antonio Gibson's tape. But. We've just seen such a saul small sample from him. MEMPHIS that I, it definitely left meal little bit just not only wanting morning more wanting to see more of it also I think it kind of opens up a little bit more. Variants in his, you know range of outcomes as pertains, NFL, and how successful Hopi. Graham, really appreciate the time. Thank you so much for coming on the show us. Thanks for having me Joe appreciating them about the time that he puts into the Joe Graham is. Money. Actual money like a sign up bonus up to one thousand dollars. When you download the top rated draft, kings sportsbook APP now and use Code Ross when you sign up. Yeah I know it's fantasy show. Lots of you guys already know about draft kings. You know about DFS. Kicking some serious. What when it comes to sports book, they've got America's top rated sportsbook. APP legal legitimate. Right here in the US. For a limited time all new users can get sign up bonus up two thousand dollars. That's right draft. Book has as sign up bonus up to one thousand dollars. Do not forget, Enter Code Ross and get your sign up bonus up to a thousand dollars. Only at draft Kings sportsbook must be twenty one or older. Indiana only bonus comprised of a first deposit bonus and a I bet match up to five hundred dollars. Deposit Bonus requires twenty five times. playthrough restrictions apply see draft. Kings dot com slash sportsbook for details gambling problem, call one, eight, hundred gambler, or Indiana one, eight, hundred nine with it speaking of with it. Get with it. That is Greg Cosell. You gotTA. Check him out on tomorrow's Ross. Tucker football podcast. Also works for fancy points I mean who doesn't work for fancy points at this point. Wow, they got a lot of dudes over there. They got a pretty star-studded class. You guys already know those of you listen to the Ross Tucker football podcast. HOW MUCH WE LOVE G! See the original Greg cosell tomorrow on the Ross Tucker Football podcast. Thanks again to Graham and Joe you can also listen to yesterday's RTF if you'd like as well and hopefully, you're already following us on social I'm at Ross Tucker NFL. All of the shows can be found at Ross Tucker pod. Other than that totally stuff. That was a feast Don. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to their Ross Tucker Football podcast. Even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker dot com, or wherever podcasts can be found.

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Morning Joe 2/28/19

MSNBC Morning Joe

39:07 min | 2 years ago

Morning Joe 2/28/19

"And some really bad things happen to auto. So really, really bad thing. Why are you on? He tells me he tells me that he didn't know about it. And I will take him at his word green confidence in my intelligence people. But I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today spoke with the king I spoke with the crowd Prentice yesterday. And he strongly said that he had nothing to do with us. This was at a lower level. He's convinced that he's convinced that Kim Jong UN didn't know anything about the deadly abuse of an American college student. He takes flooding. Putin's word that Russia didn't hack the two thousand sixteen election, and he believes the Saudi Crown prince wasn't involved in the murder of Jamal kashogi. Good morning and welcome to morning, Joe. It is Thursday February twenty eighth. The president's comments on believing Kim Jong Hoon came in his news conference this morning in Hanoi right now. President Trump is making the long trip home after his summit with North Korea's Kim Jong came to an abrupt end with no deal reached between the two leaders scheduled signing ceremony between the two leaders was scrapped and the president left Vietnam. Two hours early. The White House issued a statement saying that President Trump and Kim Jong Hoon had quote, a very good and constructive meetings. The two leaders discussed various ways to advance. Denuclearization and economic driven concepts. The statement continues, quote, no agreement was reached at this time but their respective teams. Look forward to meeting in the future. Here's the president in his news conference. After that statement was released. We thought and I thought and secretary Pompeo felt that it wasn't a good thing to be signing. Anything if we had some options at this time, we decided not to do any of the options. And we'll see where that goes. But it was. It was a very interesting two days. And I think actually it was very productive today's, but sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times. And we'll there was about the sanctions when third summit Mr President. Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn't do that. They were willing to d- new garage portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that. So we continue to work in. We'll see, but we had to walk away from that particular sixty I should we had to walk away from the we'll all the sanctions that are currently in existence remains her they're in place. So you know, is watching as a lot of you folks over the weeks have said, oh, we've given up we haven't given up anything. And frankly, I think will end up being very good friends with chairman Kim and with North Korea. I think they have tremendous potential. I've been telling everybody they have tremendous potential unbelievable potential, but we're going to see, but it was about sanctions they wanted sanctions lifted, but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted. Kim promised me last night is regardless he's not going to do testing of rockets and nuclear not going to do testing. So I trust him. And I take him at his word. I hope that's true. But in the meantime, we'll be talking. All right. Well, David Ignatius a lot to take in there. But I would I would just say at least for me personally that seems like the best of all circumstances where the president continues to communicate with the country that we were close to war with a year ago that most foreign policy experts gave us a fifty fifty chance of having a land war and the Korean peninsula a year ago. And talk, but didn't give away anything which was the great fear, especially after the Coen testimony yesterday, which was going to get to and one moment. Joe, I agree with you. I I think as President Trump said sometimes you have to walk. It seems as if the sticking point here was what US officials have been worried about since the Singapore summit in June of last year. Namely that the North Koreans would want removal of most major sanctions before they had taken significant irreversible steps towards denuclearization. In the in the view of Trump's closest advisors. This was the problem with all past efforts with North Korea that they'd been paid too early for inadequate insufficient compromises and their nuclear appropriate or room had continued. So I think you put it just right in negotiation. You have option you have Down's you have sessions that produce agreements you have others that end early. And hopefully, people will come back to the table later. If I think Keith I'm the President Trump said is that he'd been given a verbal assurance that North Korea would not return to nuclear or missile testing. If that holds were then in a period where there will be expiration of options that kind of process that's appropriate in diplomacy if it's broken than we fall right back into the very confrontational situation. We released your way on me. There's no reason to take Kim Jong own his word, but at the same time, it certainly that will be a test. And if for some reason, the green -ment of the verbal agreement holds that will be a very positive step forward. Well, we're going to have much more on the president's summit with North Korean dictator throughout the show, a member of the foreign relations committee Senator Chris coons will be our guest will also bring in the AP's Jonathan Lemaire live from Hanoi. He was one of the four US journalists who the Trump administration barred yesterday from? Covering President Trump's dinner with Kim Jong Hoon because he asked a question the White House didn't like to be clear he wasn't barred by the North Koreans or the Vietnamese he was barred by the Trump White House. But now the drama that played out on Capitol Hill yesterday with Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen before the house oversight committee. Donny Deutsch is with us along with national affairs analyst for NBC news and MSNBC John Uyleman. He's the co host and executive producer of Showtime's circuits senior reporter at Vanity Fair and an NBC news and MSNBC contributor, Emily. Jane FOX's with us. She was there throughout the day yesterday and has been covering Michael Cohen since the very beginning. NBC news and MSNBC law analyst and editor in chief of law. Fair Benjamin Wittes joins us and former US attorney for the northern district develop Bama and an MSNBC contributor. Joyce. Vance really really guys quite a day yesterday. Day. We've got a perfect panel to talk today about with John Highland. The political impact the legal impact Benjamin. And also with Joyce. Also Danni has obviously known. Known coming for very long time. And Jane, FOX has been reporting on him as basically owned that story. We're going to get to them in a minute. I'm just curious though. What was your overall take on that remarkable just remarkable political theater? It also may have been day one in. In journey for Donald Trump his administration and the democratically controlled house. Well, it was an extraordinary day in America. I mean, if you sat there for seven hours glued to the TV. And you watched every question you watched every claim every allegation made by Michael Cohen. He couldn't help. But think man, we've never seen anything like this where you had someone that close to Donald Trump for that long. Who knows all the stories of Donald Trump's business dealings who knows all the stories of Donald Trump's personal life, spilling them out not just before oversight committee, but before the country before the American people and Joyce Vance. I beyond the sort of Tableau that with the American Tableau, we saw specific legal questions. What new information? Do you think Michael Cohen brought to the table yesterday that could be a problem for Donald Trump above and beyond? What we already knew says certainly nothing that was new to prosecutors. I think it's important to say that but Cullen was in a unique position over the years. To observe the president. And so it's the small details that show what Trump knew. And when he knew it, you know, he talks about the phone conversation that Trump has with Roger stone, and it's credible. Because of these little details he mentions there's a black telephone in front of the president that he puts on speakerphone the sort of details would expose Trump personally as opposed to the conversation. That's been going on so far about the people around him. And there was questions obviously from the beginning about Michael Cohen's credibility. He apologized near the beginning for lying to congress about when negotiations over the Trump Tower Moscow project ended and he also accused President Trump of indirectly telling him to lie. Mr. Trump did not directly tell me to light to congress. That's not how he operates. In conversations we had during the campaign at the same time. I was actively negotiating in Russia for him. He would look me in the eye and tell me there's no Russian business and then go on to lie to the American people by saying the same thing in his way, he was telling me to lie. You said. Quote, Mr. Trump did not directly tell me to lie to congress. That's not how he operates an quote. Can you explain how he does this? Sure. It would be no different. If I said, that's the nicest looking tie I've ever seen, isn't it? What are you gonna do? You're gonna fight with him answer is. No, so, yeah, it's the nicest looking tired I've ever seen. That's how he speaks. He doesn't give you questions. He doesn't give you orders. He speaks in code. And I understand the code because I've been around him for a decade at it's your oppression that others who worked for him understand the code is well in most people. Yes. Now, John Heilemann what was the overall for you? What was what was the headline from yesterday? And what's the political impact? Where you you had some extraordinary. Some extraordinary. Testimony out there. But yet you had the Republican party. And this seemed to be everybody's take away that I heard even from Republicans that you had the Republican party. Just completely disinterested and digging for truth. It was just a cover up operation. Well, yeah. Joe actually would expand on that in a certain way. But I will look I'll say this. There's there's no question that just the the extraordinarily kind of human drama involved here. This this discussion about Donald Trump and his legal and political woes has been going on as we all know for the last two plus years often, it takes place at a level of abstraction. We've all been given a lesson in in constitutional law in questions about criminal procedure and civil procedure the country's learned a lot over the last two years. But there is a kind of airless quality some of this discussion yesterday was not like that. And I think that's why part of the reason why the political impact of this potentially significant because it felt this is this is. I blood, sweat, and tears thing. You looked at Michael Cohen. They're part of the reason why the public is obsessed with him is because they'll recognize a certain every man quality in Cohen in his in his strengths and his many many weaknesses. The kind of Shleifer who got got seduced and got them betrayed and now a seeking either retribution or or some kind of expiation of his sins all of its Shakespearean and just say a play out the way play yesterday, which is gripping. And it's the kind of thing that normal people can really understand the ways in which Cohen talked about Trump or the ways that people can relate to in a different way than a lot of the other conversations that revolve around these topics to your point about Republicans, and I will say this the no question, the Republicans behaved contemptible in many cases in terms of how they tried to make their case against Cohen. But I think the political thing that is most significant is the degree to which they made no effort, not just find the truth. They made no efforts to do that. But. They made no effort to try to discredit the facts that Michael Cohen push forward. They tried to discredit his character. But on the actual facts, the ones that have potential actual legal implications. They did nothing to try to discredit those facts. And so I think by abdicating Trump in that way, they left him exposed to a much greater degree than most people would have been dissipated. And and there may be with for all their sounding fury and all of their attacks on cone. There may have been a kind of implicit understanding on a lot of the Republicans that the reason that they couldn't take on on on the facts, and that they recognize exactly how bad those facts for Donald Trump. Yeah. You know, it was Jim Jordan yesterday practice. The James Carville look at the bird. Yesterday. We're talking about rod Rosenstein, he had all of this information dumped in front of him that would have been disturbing. Anybody should have been disturbing to anybody that sat on an oversight committee, regardless of their party, and yet they just continued rambling on, but nobody nobody on either side of the aisle yesterday defended Donald Trump for attacked co and they attacked his credibility, but they could not defend Donald Trump against those charges because they know Donald Trump by now, and here's Chris Christie after the hearings on that point talking about how damning it is for Trump. There isn't been one Republican yet who's juror tried to defend the president on the substance. And that's something that should be concerning to the White House. Why are no Republican standing up and defending the president on the substance? And and that's either failure of those Republicans on the hill or failure of the White House to have a unified strategy with them. They knew what was coming with Michael Cohen. And so I think it's going to as the day goes on it's going to get tired of hearing the attacks on Koa credibility. He's not a credible witness. But he does up cooperation on certain things. Where's the defense of the president? Notifies for the president. And my gosh. It just has to be said, then there was no coordination on the Republican side. It was a terrible terrible hearing from the gang that couldn't shoot straight. These are the people that brought you the been Ghazi hearings year after year after year and actually. I just I've never seen a hearing where people repeated themselves so much ask the same questions. They asked Michael Cohen thinking, it was a gut a moment. So did you do you wanna book deal? I don't have a book deal. Would you like a book deal? Yeah. Yeah. A lot of movie hill. Well, yeah, they movie deal too. You would. Well, why is your why is your law? You're not being paid. Because he thinks this is important. No more questions. It was rough. It was a horrible day been with us. And we've talked about the legal implications. We've talked about the political implications. But if you're chief counsel for Elijah Cummings, what did you learn yesterday? And what this lists. Are you now developing for a series of hearings that not only Democrats are going to want to see? But Americans are going to wanna see. Yeah. Yes. I think the single most important thing, and you just set it that you developed was a witness list. You know, one of the points whenever you're doing a major investigative hearing is whether that hearing gives you an agenda for the next hearing. And in this case, they really quite effectively got Michael Cohen. Then I think he was very cooperative in this to identify a name associated an additional name associated with a great many of the lines of inquiry that that he described a great many of the allegations that he made he would tell sort of who else was in the room who else was involved, and the result is that they come away with a very long list of people some of whom you would expect like Alan Weisselberg of the Trump organization and David Packer. Am I but the list gets pretty long and pretty granular of people that the committee will want to approach and hear from next. And so as I was listening over the course of the day. I was just struck. By how many other hearings this committee could map out just based on ten on Collins testimony alone. And the final thing about that. Of course, is that this hearing is only presumably a shadow of the story that Michael Cohen actually could tell because of course, he spent. Tuesday the day before the hearing in a day-long closed session of the Senate intelligence committee. He's going to spend today in a closed session with the house intelligence committee. And so what was sandwiched in between public yesterday was only the part of his story that is ripe to be told in public. And so I think if you put those those two things together, you really do have a rich terrain for future investigative hearings. Yeah. And you got a sense of the list as referred to by congresswoman Alexandria, cassia Cortez. Take a listen. To your knowledge to the president ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company. Yes. Who else knows that the president? Did this Allen Weisselberg Ron Liebman, and Matthew calamari, and where were the committee? Find more information on this. Do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns in order to compare them? Just need funded at the Trump org. Wow. Okay. And we'll Jane FOX you've been covering Michael Cohen, you know, him. Well, I I saw you as he was leaving the hearing room and feel like I was reading on your face. What you were following was not just the story, the facts and the political implications, but also the human drama playing out. This was a big day for him and possibly for his family. Sure. It was something that he had been preparing for looking forward to something that had been weighing on him and his family for many weeks. I think that there was a it was complicated for him in some ways he wanted to get there to tell his story to the American people. And in some ways, he knew he was going to be facing hours and hours and hours of people questioning his credibility and bringing up things that we're sensitive to his family. So there is the human side of it. But what was remarkable to me as someone who has covered him for more than a year and a half? Now seeing the turn. Iron when I first sat down with him firm. And for an interview he told me it would take a bullet for the president. And yesterday he seemed to be the one firing a little bit. And it was just a stunning change. And there were several things that really stuck out to me that I thought were legally consequential politically consequential and personally consequential seeing the checks presented on slides in that room where the president had signed a check from the Oval Office, or at least while he was in office seeing check with Donald Trump junior's name on it having the actual documented evidence in front of you was sort of spectacular to see Russian collusion Trump Tower Moscow meeting. These are things that are a little bit nebulous, but it's not really hard to connect the dots between signature on a check and a payment that is potentially illegal. And so those were were really moving moments. And I also thought that one woman that stood out to me was that Cohen is continuing to actively participate. In a number of ongoing investigations in the southern district of New York that had to strike fear in the hearts of the Trump administration that Trump organization and the Trump family. Yeah. And Willie was stunning to me. I mean, he presented himself fairly humbly. John heldman did a great description of sort of this guy that everybody saw Michael Cohen presenting himself to Republicans some of them leering at him for going to jail making fun of him poking at them bullying him, it just felt flat and some of the line of questions Joseph. They repeated the book deal thing again and again. Yeah, the one congressman Higgins from Louisiana yelling at Michael Cohen. What about the boxes in your office? He said, well, they took them in the raid. And they've been returned since why haven't you turned over the boxes because they were seized in a raid. And now they've been returned to Joe's pointed they did not rehearse. They didn't have their ducks in a row they didn't have their questions coordinated clearly, and I think that helped Michael Cohen Don a year in the position of having. Actually spoken after the fact to Michael Cohen that was only day too, by the way of three days for him in the barrel taking these questions what surprised him. How did he feel coming out of the hearing yesterday? I obviously he was exhausted. And I said, how do you think he did? And he goes, I'm really happy. I said, well, what would you change because it wouldn't change anything to me yesterday? Was a simple game. It was was Michael Cohen, not did you like them. Not was he going to be credible. And to me where they want to get Michael won a game stunningly is two points. One to Emily's point. If it comes down to a he said, she said Trump, do you believe Trump? Do you believe calling all along one guy said he gave me told me to give the payments? He paid me. Trump said, no. And then you had the evidence. But the other thing from behaviors point of view is it was a very very interesting to me what gave him his credibility is where he exonerated Trump. You know, a few of the moments where they said for instance, there's rumors of an elevator tape of Trump hitting. Danica it which to me would be one of the most horrific things you can he'll be very easy to say. I've heard about that tape. I haven't seen it not only. Did you say there's no such tape. He went wants to said, Mr. Trump would never strike. Mrs Trump Saint thing with the with the p tape where it was very easy to kind of help, it does not exist. Same thing. Do you have direct knowledge of collusion? No. I don't. So those are the things that give all his accusations the credibility, and to me also, and I also have to give credit, and you know, I'm very critical. I think she's extremely dangerous to the Democratic Party. I think she really had a mission. And she knows this ends up in the NY and her line of questioning about taxes about inflation of assets about insurance fraud is the one that's going to obviously invite what way and this is in. This was the opening act in Joe I've said this ad nauseam. This ends up in the southern district. This ends up with a Rico charge racketeering influence corruption organization act where the wheel the pieces start to fall a play. So I thought it was a great day. Kona? There was a great day for America. It was a stunningly poor for the Republicans. You were. I mean you've been saying for quite some time. Donnie that you've been talking to Michael privately, and you had been telling him. Hey, listen, you really can do your country a great service. I remember us talking about this in real time. I personally never believed that he would do it that he would move from being Trump lackey to somebody that would go out and tell the truth about all he saw. But you kept saying that you thought he might do it. And in fact, he did so what were your personal feelings just your personal feelings? And by the way, people bloggers that are watching you're allowed to talk about your personal feelings steel, Donny Deutsch, what were your personal feelings about your longtime friend, and by the way, a guy who is still your friend when he was working for Donald Trump. Yeah, I'm glad you asked me to that. But it was obviously, it was already personal for me for the last couple of years, obviously been a stench stetch escorts defender, Michael esta, which which is this. Challenge since I was sitting right next to him stab difference, which was obviously very challenging for me because constantly people. You know, how can you defend in looking because the images out there? I. Michael cone pre. Scandal. If you will all you saw was this barking guy in this bellicose guy, and frankly, likable guy, and what I watched over the last couple of years personally, very pushy moments in seeing him in tears and seeing his family and understanding that this was a guy who says, look he did bad things. He was a guy who got in the Trump orb, and all of a sudden have the Trump lapel pin gave him a certain power certain of Patino of of strength. And obviously did the the very bad things that he didn't he's paying for it. But I always did say, and this was put it out there. And why would a decent man? I think that's what the camera doesn't lie. I think what people saw yesterday. I think what they were surprised about. And maybe he didn't love Michael Cohen after you say, okay. Here's the guys lawyer got caught up in it. His life has been destroyed and he's trying to save himself his family do the right thing. And for me. I actually was very proud of him. That's the best way. I could say I was I was really proud of this guy up there because he he's had the world against him. We're gonna keep talking about this. Sneak obviously throughout the morning. But boy, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the man who I thought brought some of the most dramatic moments just with his words and his leadership, and that was Elijah Cummings who who's closing statement was one of the most moving things, I think I've seen come out of congress in a very very long time labor prying. We'll talk about that everyone. Stay with us have much more on yesterday's hearing, including the impressive role played by congressman Elijah Cummings. I'm responsible for your silliness. Because I did the same thing that you're doing now for ten years. I'd protected Mr. Trump for ten years, and the fact that you pull up a news article that has no value to it. And you wanna use that as the premise for discrediting mate that I'm not the person that people called at three o'clock in the morning would make you inaccurate in actuality would make you a liar, which puts you into the same position that I am in. And I can only warn people. The more people that follow Mr. Trump as Idid blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that I'm suffering. While you know, criminal enterprise is rarely operate in plain view, straw minner setup. Money's launder conspiracies thrive in shadow and silence. But that sort of discretion has never been this President Trump card instead is confessions are blurted out loud to Lester Holt on nightly news or Russian Foreign Minister in the White House while meeting with Russian diplomats yesterday. Michael Cohen explained how Donald Trump and his allies even sent messages to co-conspirators over public airwaves. All of this happened is Republican members of the house oversight committee expose themselves in plain sight in plain sight as a political party whose goal whose purpose, and whose central organizing principle is Pete Wehner said is did cover up for the legal and immoral misdeeds of Donald J Trump. You know, that sorted side would of been a lot more shocking. The you and me, but for the fact that the moral collapse of Abraham Lincoln's party began in earnest the day, Donald Trump is nominated almost three years ago. Remember Paul Ryan called him a racist? One day endorsing the next. Wow. What a long strange trip it's been from my once proud Republican party yesterday wasn't a turning point though. Unfortunately for Republicans. It was just another Sewri self-defeating step toward political oblivion with GOP members crassly covering up for a commander in chief who is unworthy of their loyalty, and they did it shamelessly in plain sight for all the world to say and Joyce Vance. I mean talk about how you had Republicans on that committee. So either unaware or uncaring of the fact that potential crimes and misdemeanors that the president may have committed. We're being brought up before them. And none of them. Saw do go down those lines of inquiry. You know, defense lawyers always liked to say when the facts are on your side pound the facts when the laws on your side pound the law when neither is on your side pound the table and Republicans yesterday certainly did not pan the fats. I think that that was very telling had they tried to get into it with Cohen over some of these details, I think that there was the risk that they could have gotten the president into even more hot water. They did not know what they were walking into or or where the mortar shells were going to begin blowing up. And so perhaps this bad strategy of theirs was the best strategy that they have given that they were ultimately trying to protect the president who at this point is likely. Unpredictable. Joe imagine being one of the Republicans on that panel and the oversight committee having a witness sitting across the table from you and saying the followings the president of the United States. It's the current president United States had an affair with a porn star. He directed me to make payments, and here are the personal checks. That shows how he reimbursed me for those payments to make sure he got elected in the weeks before the presidential campaign and not having questions about that not following up about that. That would be the biggest scandal in the history of presidential scandals. But there's not a single follow up question about that fact, it's astonishing. I mean, I know what their objective was in that room, which was to undermine the credibility of Michael Cohen. And they tried to do that with every question. But my God, do you have no curiosity about some of the questions that Cohen raised? Why exactly? And it wasn't just that check. But that checks great place to start. How about a check signed by Donald Trump junior. What are the implications for that? What did you know, Mr. Cohen about Donald Trump junior's involvement in this scheme? Did you talk to him about it personally there there were so many different? Places that they could have gone and been with us. First of all, I think you have to conclude that they just didn't give a damn they've stopped carrying about Donald Trump, and whether he committed illegal acts or not, but Secondly, even if they had I'm sure they were worried that if they started asking questions they would step into a legal minefield and may not like the answers that Michael Cohen delivered. Right. I think look I think there was an element of strategy in this enjoy saluted to it before. Which is they it is a very hard argument to make that some of the facts that Michael Cohen is alleging are untrue because he walks in with a bunch of documents that that corroborate them. And by the way, a lot of the facts that he's describing are things that are to one degree or another publicly acknowledged like, for example, that there was this repayment scheme. You know that stretched into the course of of Trump's presidency. So it's very hard to talk about the facts. And so what you have left is the ability to yell at Michael Cohen and to emphasize that you know, he he has lied in the past. Yeah. Which of course, is a troubling little episode argument in and of itself because you're basically saying exactly what he walks in the door saying I mean, he he walks in saying I've lied before. I'm here to correct the record. And you say you lied, and he's like, yeah. Right. I lied. I just pled guilty to lying. And so you're actually repeating on a thing that he has walked in the door saying from the beginning, it ends up being a very ineffective argument over the course of six or seven hours and let Jane FOX it was it was. Credible in some ways when the Republicans seem to be not interested in the the evidence, and the facts and things that could lead them to truth, and they constantly constantly accused. Michael Cohen of what he has done in what he admits to do and what he's going to jail for and that's lying. And of course, we have a president who lies six seven eight times a day who was tweeting about Michael Cohen that morning and didn't tell the truth who is still been tweeting over the past twenty four hours about Michael Cohen from Vietnam during North Korea summit, it is just sort of an incredible backdrop for these Republicans to really stand up for this president and somewhat subtly protect him during this hearing. And yet I thought one of the most incredible moments was Michael Cohen saying I lied for him for ten years. I followed him blindly. And and that's what I see happening here. Now with these him pointing? Out that I was any your shoes, and it leaves to degree consequences was one of those moments where you kind of felt an ex HALE in the room the hypocrisy was on full display yesterday. And it was brought up several times in the hearing that the thousands of times that that the president has lied since. He's taken office came up a number of times what I thought was an effective strategy for Cohen was every single time. The issue of his credibility was raised. He owned it. He said, you're right. I did lie, and I'm going to jail paying the ultimate price for it. So let's just take that off the table. And what really stuck out to me was he made the point of saying this is why I brought the evidence to this hearing. This is why brought all of these documents. Because I understand if you don't believe me every reason not to believe, right? You don't have to believe me because here are the checks. Here are the financial statements. Here are the letters from the president. So think whatever you want about my credibility. But. These documents are not going to lie. Yeah. The the question is did the president committed crime, and a logical Cummings was that s that after the hearing yesterday, and by the way, how incredible that that? You did have Republican. They don't give a damn when Donald Trump lie sixty five hundred times, or however, many times the fact checkers of shown he has lied, and it's obvious lies. I mean, people try to undermine the fact checkers, they make fools of themselves. Because there are so many lies. You can just put one tweet up in front of it. And it's terrible allies are constant and these Republicans so shocked that Michael Cohen may have lied. I it's it's it's outrageous. But I'll tell you what else is outrageous me get they even lied. Jim Jordan wide repeatedly about the chairman about Elijah Cummings saying this is the first hearing you've had Elisa thundered back at the end. Yes, he daily I mean don't want. I mean, I understand these guys see Donald Trump lying every day. And they think they can get away with it. But can you imagine Jim Jordan being stupid enough to lie in front of Elijah Cummings repeatedly saying this is the first hearing we've had all year as if that matters pretty? Strong. I hearing as far as I'm concerned. But why would he lie about that? When Elijah's had several hearings. Yeah. Lodge in is closing statement. He waited till the end to remind his Republican colleagues on the panel that they've had a couple of other hearings before this one. And this wasn't the way they were starting their session. Joyce I want to ask you before we let you go about the places where there's not documentary evidence. For Michael Cohen. I'm talking about the Trump Tower meeting where he claimed he overheard a conversation between Don junior and Donald Trump Donald Trump, effectively go ahead with the meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. I'm also talking about the WikiLeaks dump and that he says he spoke he overheard President Trump dot then Donald Trump on the phone on speaker phone with Roger stone. What are you as a prosecutor do with that? When there isn't a big check that he can wave at that table as a prosecutor you liked to corroborate every piece of testimony that a jury or an or a different decision making body will here. But with Michael Cohen, that's even more important than with the witness who hasn't been. Convicted of lying under oath. So prosecutors have this opening and you hear it actually in Cohen's testimony. There is every opportunity to corroborate him. When the president denies that. He knows about WikiLeaks. And we now hear Coen's testimony about the conversation between the president and Roger stone. It will be interesting to go back and put that on the timeline of known public statements that the president made to look at opportunities. The president secretary might have had to be in the room to hear the corroborate see if their phone records that corroborate. So that's what prosecutors do in each of these instances Bill methodically look for every type of evidence or other witness testimony that might be available to confirm Coen's test. One's version of events is just one piece perhaps of what Bob Muller knows about the Trump Tower. I think it's important to say that Cohen is not a standalone in any prosecution. He might be a piece of a case he is not the case. All right choice fans Benjamin Wynn. Does an Emily, Jane, FOX. Thank you all for being on this morning. Incredible incredible day morning. Joe family Willie Geist here. If you like the long deep dive conversations on morning Joe every day. I think you will love my Sunday sit down podcast every week. A new extended unedited interview with another big star with names from Bill Murray. Jerry Seinfeld, and Kevin Hart to China Garton. Claire Foy me lacunas? Mark wahlberg. Ryan Reynolds, Lenny Kravitz, and yes jaylo I could continue name dropping, but you get the idea. You can check out the free Sunday sit down podcast wherever you get yours.

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Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - November 22nd 2019

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

59:43 min | 1 year ago

Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - November 22nd 2019

"Originating from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington Studios. Welcome to the weekend. Stakes tree view presented presented by naira bets with the advantage. It's still one go all go by a half on the outside and oscar-nominated from second down at the Inside Market Office Third Gold Shield get started while wide talks tries to secure racing room between horses calf of another two lengths back the summertime and big bend and Nessie in their appetite of this dredge. One one go all goes still has the lead market off into the clear to try to get him oscar-nominated his neck toss here. Here's Sadler's joy from dead laughed and he's ruling home Sadler's blurs joy. You'RE GONNA try to go to. I Will Sadler's Joy aleppo-beirut going away. McDermott I WANNA Ron. One goal go was second and won her q twelve and four. Now here's Anthony. Stabile and Steve Grabowski. Everyone welcome to the weekend stakes preview for them to buy Naruebet here on the horse racing radio network on the big. A Anthony's to be joined by Steve rebel ski where high atop the finish line and act our Jimmy. Johns of elections in broadcast of IOS does is operatives Dela Pena Eleven steaks and all funds show. They're all fun. But this is a real different and interesting show tonight as it's the weekend stakes preview and beyond this. We have races on Saturday and Sunday from aqueduct. Woodbine and DEL. The del Mar Monday as we get closer to thanksgiving. We take spree before Thanksgiving actually couple of sprint races at Mahoning valley as part of their stake schedule and then Wednesday one of the bigger days of the year for Penn.. National Gaming Land of enchantment enchantment day down at sea. Hawk will have a ton of the Zia races for you on Wednesday's edition of Red Brand Radio and we'll also have the penn national holiday racing festival Wednesday next to that Reverend Radio show on Wednesday all the way from three to seven thirty and Stephen. I'll be joined by Stefan Stephan to funnel Stephan filled in for Steve. A few weeks back on Halloween Stephon will join us for that action PACCAR. What's happening kit? Good to be back good to work on this again and I said it's going to be week long steaks and Looking forward to moving all around the country and and just jumping into it and getting ready for big week. Yeah we'll wrap the program with the three big ones from Zia park on Wednesday the handicap the Derby and the Zia Park Oaks. WanNa play along over the narrow bets dot com new Promo Code. HR In one thousand nine hundred and they match up to okay. Two hundred dollar sign up on it so you sign up for two hundred bucks. Naira will match Head over to narrow dot com for more details. If you play Del Mar.. Are you play it this Sunday. A NEAT little wager. If you use the APP only is Promo on the APP. Only better twenty five win. Bet On the horse. You like in the second race at Del Mar on Sunday. Twenty five bucks to win lose. You want him back playing simple role in the second at del Mar up only really Rodriguez played at the other day and uses abby. He played on his phone. He thought it was in. His APP wasn't as APP. You didn't get twenty five dollars back so rudy. Download the APP gotTa play through the APP Heads Abets Dot Com for more details and use that Promo Code. HR In nineteen. They'll match up two hundred dollar. Sign up deposit all right. Let's get right into it like I said three Saturday Sunday to Monday through Wednesday bringing a blow up being just a little bit. The Red Smith is a great three mile and three eighths year on the in a turf here at aqueduct tomorrow afternoon. Field of eleven in the body a couple of main track onlys this remain trek. Only a couple of ease. Eleven will run including Sadler's draw. You heard Pete. I L O on the call of the magnetometer that was back in twenty wanting eighteen. He hasn't won in ten starts. Since his trainer Tom Albatross any will join equine forum presented by Red Brand fence tomorrow morning at eight the M eastern time. He's one in some of the biggest races in the country for turf marathoners. He has a win here at act. I remember it was an allowance win. We're Havi a CASTELLANO. Aboard many moons ago I'll be back aboard for this Red Smith. He's one of your favorites. Sadler joins always keep an eye on on him. And you know this. Red Smith is one of my favorite races in the late full winter. Love it always look forward to it. It's it's a fun race. Always a big field a good betting race take a look this year's rendition. I mean I. It's no different. I mean it's got a bunch of speed horses it's got kristoff Clermont. First Time Import Port Lasix for the first time although that hasn't been such a productive angle as late not as much as it has been in the years past You Got Glorious Empire drone on the outside exciting. You know we're just GONNA show a lot of speed and you've got the class master Your Sadler joy an emmy. Just take a look at the horses. He's been rather gets the art. Close the time who was big up at Saratoga enable and magical less than ten links off the two of them in the Breeders Cup Turf. Last year Churchill downs you know. He loves the distance last time we saw him in the turf classic when he finished behind our clone channel maker. He was up there. I mean though the fractions were slow but he doesn't want to be anywhere near the leading. He found himself right right on it. I think now switching back the heavy cast Alonzo and getting some pace in front of. I really think that he's going to be tough to down here. Like the fact that they skipped the Breeders Cup on them gave them a a little bit of a break and relatively fresh horse on the run three times this year. I think he's ready for a big one. I know he's eight to five on the line and I hate chasing chalk but I think he's the one that beat here. Yeah on paper. You know there are some peripheral runs in here in the cities of on paper all. Wow this race can really You know there's GonNa be a tough one But when you when you look closely if if this thing's history it's over Yeah Twenty one on the outside looking in that could if they improve if they come with a big big gaffer they could win I guess Petite flee the West Point Horse that you will mention the ship stuff. laundly six zero Tommy. Bell House mentioned this horse when he was one of my guests on the forum. Last weekend I would give him a little bit of a look. Maybe around out. The exact Nakimora is is a horse who knocks on the door. He's one for one at a mile and three eighths. I'm GonNa tell you the Horse that I think is gonna run really well read right hand from my man Tom Morley. He's won on free in a row. Four of his last five stretched out to win the mile and quarter last time out against on leverage to. I think it's going to be okay for Chad Brown widar that day. Probably can't go wiring here Johnny. VILLAS GONNA ride. We'll see if johnny can work out a good trip with him. He was at a price. I want to get to try it exactly so you talk about an astute claim. He took this back in June and he knew exactly what he wanted to get this horse on the grass. Get them to go longer. And I I mean he's been fantastic of late. I mean the uh-huh class rises You know isn't an easy one and I mean he's going to have to continue to take a step forward but his tactical foot is good. It should have them close to the pace on the stretch out here and You know it's GonNa have to prove his good enough but certainly in the right won't agree that Salvatore's awfully tough tomorrow though. There are some peripheral players for playing executive tries to grade three Red Smith Nine on a ten race card. I Post twelve o'clock Kim examining I'll bring you talking horses. Starting at ten forty five to Woodbine we go great to Kennedy Road Six furlongs on the all all weather where our neighbors to the north. Get ready to wrap up their meat. Got About three weeks left up their field of nine nine. All eyes will be on though pink. Floyd had that effort in the bold venture Klingon Star last time. If the sum gain issues he was fourth on the line Hill take a bulk of the money. I guess the other horse they'll take a look at it And I kind of wide open underneath extravagant kid. WHO's GonNa get back to the all weather of it would line? He's never won that all weather but he's got some good company in turf turf sprints this year he'll probably take the money for Brendon Walsh. Yeah those figured it'd be the two who take the bulk of it. Pick Lord I mean what can you say about this source. Twenty twenty one for twenty six at Woodbine. Sixteen seventeen at three quarters. I mean he's he's just a machine. Last time they happen to be a problem at the gate Still only lost the race just by a length even though he spotted them I mean it was backed by the whole field spot of them. Five six seven likes whatever it was from the beginning He certainly wanted to beaten here. I mean you like chasing two two two five three to five. He's even money on the line. He's going to be lower than that if he wins. I'd say yeah you know. He's a deserving I gotta try and beat them. I'M GONNA go with the four riches in the House House. I certainly certainly the way he's come to hand this year For LYRA Ravelli. Who is having a fantastic meet up? It would from his limited starters got three wins at ten already Indian for others in the money. This look really good. First Time they put them on the On the all weather at Woodbine last time was able to track what she should should be able to be doing in here. He only won by a neck and that one but now he's going to he's going to step into a good spot again. He's going to need to take steps forward off of that one but I think he's a really good gal. Catch them at the right time and five to one on the morning lies sneeze that I'm gonNA use him. Excuse me I'm lead. You pick the against pink. Floyd was a cause. I'm picking them all right. I can't even argue with that very much making a cold. Exactly what the one Dixie. DIXIES GAMBLE WHO I know. Said Limited starts at this six for a long distance. uh-huh unlimited success really but I don't really love extravagant kid you Richie's in the house is GonNa take money and they will be part of the pace. I'll try and get home a cold six one. Pink Floyd over dixies. Gamble reese number eight on Saturday. Would mind is the great to Kennedy Road Out. They'll go great three native diver mile an eighth on the main track field of six. In here you got yourself a grade one winner roadster on the Santa Anita Derby Bob Baffert finished a tough luck. Second on the Breeders Cup Saturday undercard by a nose. First Time blinkers going seven eighths come back a little quick three weeks see what He. Asa midcourt when the comment that a top last time now the Baffert in here leading score was third the comment of the top just missing the PRU Baker winner of that to thirty. Five's here interesting renewal of this native diver. Baffled shows a heck of a lot of confidence thrown roadster into this vis grade three against Against older on on Saturday super impressed with the source earlier in the year and last year when he was running against game horses like game winner and Derby didn't really have any shot from an outside. Draw those why. Why did he had and that went to the bench? After that for a little while came back he was great. umbrage this weekend I just think the confidence that the Bob Baffert shows here To to try these all the horses I I. I can't go against him. I mean even see him after. This one ended up in the Malibu so I I think he's a really good one I think he's getting back on track and I think we've got a lot more that we're gonNA see this source I'm GonNa go with the four roadster. I was never a fan of his mid. The court has been good since being gelded. He's lost just once John sheriffs. That was his return from a pretty much a sixteen month layoff and he's had plenty of time between races. In fact for SHERIFFS IS GONNA be the first time he's GONNA run back without a lay off line on his car and I think he's GonNa get a big a big pace in here zestful while he's not that fastly score is I don't want you could have wrote of all the roads that you. How could you not like a roach? We were a game when fanny became when one of them do a roast come nothing to do with Rosta lately race three year old is all you this time of year out. Grade one winner at nine panels that he's going to go on Saturday. You want to get it for a coffee midcourt verse roadster. Let's make it a large one thun on all right. That's fine that's fine. I mean the best. You can't win That's what it's going to do race number. Eight on Saturday at Delmore is great. Three native diver will take a break when we come back. We're GONNA do it all again. We're just going to do it on Sunday one from aqueduct. One from woodbine one from delmar. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by now. We're bats here on the horse. Racing Radio Network is your home force racing and betting with narrow Beth's you can play hundreds hundreds of tracks from anywhere at anytime using your computer or mobile device players. Earn points on bets and building a bankroll promotions. Like this one today using Promo Code Tate. RN Two hundred hundred dollars within the first two weeks membership and choice dollars right into your account. That's Promo Code H. R. N.. Two Hundred Walker. Rebecca savell will across the United States. Visit Tara Betts Dot Com for details. Nara Bets Racing Play Call Stream Tame Gulfstream Park on Friday November. Twenty ninth for the kickoff of the championship meet enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement of live thoroughbred horse racing showcasing. Some of the best jockeys an forces in the world be one of the first to experience the all new outdoor dining terraces or have brunch while viewing the racing ten pounds. Make sure to come early to get your free. Twenty Twenty Gulfstream Park Wall calendar while supplies last visit Gulfstream Park Dot com for details and a full schedule. The road to the Breeders Cup has come to an end but H. RN Just keeps rolling. Don't Miss Trainer talk presented by facing Tipton every Wednesday. The Brits Net Dot Com Colon show on Thursdays these days and the naira bets weekend stakes preview show on Fridays. Plus Join Mike Penner every Saturday morning for this show that lies the network the equine forum and HR in is your home for live racing with red brand radio featuring daily coverage from across the country and the biggest against fall races including the Zia Park Derby the pen holiday racing festival and more HR end is your home for all of racing's biggest against advance go to horse racing radio dot net for more information over to listen live. You'll guys they call me Jersey Joe but it's only only Joe Bravo plummy whatever you like just so happy that you're listening to horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets. Let's and the favorite my boy tate ranges up on the far outside just in behind is four set in fourth as field heads for home the half in forty five and three VIP seconds. I Love Lulu Digs. Down at the WRAL TRIBECA between says my boy tate on the outside three of them across the track inside the poll. I I love Lulu and my buy tape. It's between those two now it's bye bye tape to take the lead in deep stretch. And what a couple of days for Dylan Davis. He wants six yesterday three more today. Including this one the US aboard by boy tape my man John Embryos Al on the call of the Holly Hughes much like Sadler's joy joy that was the two thousand eighteen Holly Hughes. He's winless in three starts since we haven't seen him in over a year he's back from Michelle Nevin Neven Sunday afternoon in a renewal of the New York stallion series races. Welcome back to the weekend stakes. Prove the by China. That's here on H. R. R.. And before Steve Kerr basking I get back into the stakes action. It's time now for the blood horse. News update and look at the top headlines from blood horse dot com into mischief and Matola available to quarterhorse suspends reform as partner with Robichaud far ranch and will offer the opportunity for Quarterhorse Mares to breed with leading into mischief and recent great one British Cup. Sprint winner. Matola for the twenty twenty breeding season was announced November twentieth. Quarterhorse will be read via artificial insemination three spent perform owner B Wayne Hughes looking for creative ideas and Ryan robichaud manager. Robichon Ranson Through Bridge Louisiana looking for out cross the venture interested both sides of the deal. SPENDTHRIFTS stallion sales manager Mark Tooth and Billon Korean Hellabrunn who campaigned four-time. Remember totally approach. Spendthrift with the the mister uses always wanting us to think outside the box and come up with some different ideas and some things we can do them. mm-hmm this thing just kind of came to a life of its own tooth or said it approaches pearly on that they have people in Quarto force business. Of Of course they have a puerto worst background and Steve Asmussen's holy trainer does as well that wraps up tonight addition of the blood Lahore's news update. There's one website that's the go to site for racing breeding. South Island isn't that's DOT COM breaking news desire lists results raise replay videos I was leading earner lists and so so much more. You'll find it all at blood. OORS DOT COM double dip double duty Matola into mischief. Get your money's worth not surprise. It's holy into mischief is a little different total. You know the sprint speed and everything. I don't know I don't know Mr has had that success with the You know the positive with his His young runners so maybe that translates to some horse. Yeah we'll see we'll see should be interesting We'll see how it all shakes out in the next few years back to the stakes action Sunday Sunday at the big stallion series of influence race number eight on the nine Racecar Post Time is twelve twenty David Aragona and I will bring talking worse than starting at eleven thirty seven furlongs out of the shoot. My boy takes off the long layoff gold for the king. He's run just five times uh-huh this year is almost three quarters of a million dollars but he's winless in. All five of his tries actually won this event last year. Almost ten lengths over nine lengths as the one to I. Five favorite. He'll be back to try to defend that crown. Get his first win since this race last year. He loves a fight a little. Bit of a renaissance being cleaned by Orlando Notre for ten thousand back in May at Belmont Park. He's won five races this year. He's having a good year. Four of those races was actually this year For Noda who joined on here. I thought they were Several interesting remers in here. You know we talked about wise claims Rudy Reggie Guess. He's done a nice job since taken dark money back at Belmont Neha any early summer. Two for three wins. Earning the best numbers of his career ear now. He gets another shot at one two of his four last time going away. He's big sprint. Of My boy tapes was the last time we saw him. You know he had a backed off things a little bit. You know he He kind of TOOK AKWA by storm a couple of winters back. He was really big in the state. Bread ranks back then and you know earning numbers that made him competitive integrated stakes Sprint ranks if he wanted to give it a shot so you know. Hopefully he comes back. And we see a resurgence from him in this one I I was kind of a goal for the king. You know I know he doesn't Hasn't won in over a year and he did win this race last year but he just loves aquit Okinawa seven for eight in the money for for eight winners This is just a second race in Saratoga. I think he's going to be a lot tighter with the The Hudson it's an behind bill to suit behind him and I think he is going to give the rest of his field all that they can handle so go for the king from me. He bothered his last race. Bothered me. I don't think he did much running his last race. I know it was getting back to help us. 'cause but he's hard to take winless this year winless in over a year. I ah he can win and I'll use him in my late tick formerly took five. But he's tough to take. I like dark money. I think money's GonNa work out a good trip and he has got tactical speed. He can win on the front end. You know let's see what happens from the railroad banksters. Let's see what my boy take off the long way if he was. Sometimes you just come back from these playoffs and they are so keyed beat up that they come they come out of there with a vengeance to come out of there like a house on fire so once proudly. But I'll tell you what if there's not a lot of pace on here. I could see see Jose Lescot. WHO's in writing very fine form right now just putting on the on the lead? I talked wanting on Sunday took the pace to his inside. It's going to make it a little tougher him. I know banksters cheap. Ed Baxter from the rail. Last time he showed more speed than he had in his as a couple of starts in I think he's just GonNa dot money's going to need to sit. They'll get me wrong. I would love. I would have to the brain going doc. Money laugh onto him. I think offers hope is GONNA show fresh beat as well. I think you may work out a trip. I don't see him on the front end. Yeah we'll we'll see how it shakes out. I'd like to see him forwardly placed. I'd love for him to be just off of it but I would not be surprised if nobody else goes. Jose just blast some off. Take dark money race. Number Eight is one of the New York stallion series races here on the New York Racing Association circuit up to Woodbine for Sunday's grade to bus Arabian seven. Frogs for the three year. Old fillies thrilled phillies up. I'll go out of the chute on the all weather weather we like here. You know I look this race over long and hard. A handful of times went back and forth and up and down and I I just came to the same result you would have had to you know absolutely right. It's the first thing that I thought because every time I take a look at a race I wanNA take a look at the pace scenario. You know and I'm saying who is going to go with the sophomore number. Seven gambles candy and I said I don't think anyone who can so up and down and you take a look so nobody showed some speeds on long on the turf You know a couple of the other mazer showing a little bit of speed. I think If Louis contrast wants to leave with gambles candy he's got he's going to be able to set up shop Six and a half furlong win last time of four for the lead kicked away. Eleven to one upset. She's an improving three year old at the right time of the year. I think she can can take these gate to wire. I like special relativity on the outside the norm McKnight and David Cohen Shipping up for the ride this Philly Saratoga horse for the course. She's done very well up there in the last two Summers Day didn't take her to the Midwest. When Saratoga was over a two zero turn her over to McKnight for eminem racing she went up to Woodbine? She got ready for a couple of stakes. Races up there you know the first day. She ran the first time around the all weather. I didn't catch the SLOSH. I WANNA eight to nine to five into journalism. If she didn't break well and I kind of feel like she needed to get accustomed to the all-weather she trained on it for a few weeks but a lot different than training and racing came back almost a month later in the Tarot fashion a grade three and look a a whole lot more comfortable on there. Now she goes from the six and a half and a six long race to seven. That's a distance. I think she's a little more comfortable with. She's had some good success at seven seven right the one time she was off the ball in that safely kept but then she one and finished third to come dancing on the destroyer and the Ballerina and wrong with that. She gets some pace to her inside. David gets the stock outside. Special Relativity. Allot on Sunday. It goes as race number eight in the grade. Two seven wrong Bessarabian up at Woodbine. The cary grant is seven furlongs on the dirt for the cow. All breads out of del Mar another race. Eight on Sunday shortish field just field of six ultimate Bango goes turf the dirt. He's dirty just once in. His career. Trainer Blake Heap. freesheet out to hall of Famer Mike Smith for the return to the main track. Oliver cuts back from a couple of to turn races at Los Owlry won. The Johnston ran off the board last really in the comment that the topic is open company. But he's back into State Brady won his last two against against Cowbridge to take the bulk of the money in here. Yeah Great You know short field Several ways to go in. They all looked rather competitive. If I go on go on first appearance I I would take a look and I say that you know fashionably fast comes into this Quite quite nicely with three straight wins to them here over the track back in the summer. But if I'm going to try and beat them with With Oliver Sophomore who was Beat older into his last three starts. He likes Delmore as well. Never been off. The board in five tries turning back should have a little bit of bottom and he's at the tactical speed to be right up there with the pacesetters early so he may be strong one in the lane. I'll give him a shot. I went to ultimate rank. Pango you know Blake Heap. It's not like each year northeast and turf races are done. He's going to have plenty of chances around the source on the turf and this horse has had success from five and a half to two a mile. So it's not like he's pigeonholed into sprints arauz. He he can do. Both guineas decided to one of the source. And you know I guess insane. We're talking about this about the New York branch locally all the time when they hang up this kind of money for the state races as you kind of have to run one hundred thousand is only feel the six you know. This could be a hustle from the racing office. Hey listen you know once on dirt we only got five. Hundred thousand has some speed. Maybe I'm against getting sucked into the hustle horse. I don't know but I think the sources fine is dirt. Racy ran seventy two by a figures finds amaze got some tactical speed plenty of other speeding here. The two grinning tiger has asam gas I would think Oliver's you'll be closed even the outside extreme. I think he works out the trip. Money Mike cashes in from the rail draw. I'll take ultimate Bango in race number eight delmore on Sunday. The cary grant halfway home. We'll take a break. Technically the weekend stakes are over my friend but when you have a holiday week like Thanksgiving I was on the news this morning. Apparently they said Friday morning today was one of the busiest travel days of the year. Today I use a lot of people taking also week next week and fly out of town some weather running around. I guess I don't know I don't I don't mess with those Steel Birds. I'm I stay down ground But we will keep. We'll keep the party going. We're GONNA the Party going all night long. My friend Monday all night. Long Line Ritchie Monday mahoning valley stakes come your way next ends. The show them enchantment park action as well. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview and beyond presented by bets here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. The Rebecca's your online home for horse racing and betting with narrow best you can play hundreds of tracks anywhere at any time using your computer or mobile device players earn points on bets and Vilbert bankrolled exclusive promotions like this one today using Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred hundred dollars in your first two weeks of membership and our two hundred dollars right into your account. That's Promo Code H. R. N.. Two Hundred Rebecca savell across the United States visit Tara Betts Dot com for details marabouts racing. The best play cannot to Gulfstream Park on Friday November. Twenty ninth for the kickoff of the championship meet enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement of live thoroughbred horseracing showcasing. Some of the best jockeys and horses in the world be one of the first to experience the all new outdoor dining terraces or have brunch while viewing the racing at ten palms. Make sure to come early to get your free. Twenty Twenty Gulfstream Park Walk Calendar while supplies last visit Gulfstream Park Dot com for details and a full schedule. The road to the Breeders Cup has come to an end but hr it just keeps rolling. Don't Miss Trainer talk presented by Phasing Tipton every Wednesday the bridge net dot com colon show on Thursdays and the naira bets weekend stakes preview show on Fridays. Plus Join Mike Mike Panel every Saturday morning for this show that launched the network the equine forum and HR. RN Is your home for live racing with red brand radio GEICO featuring daily coverage from across the country and the biggest fall races including the Zia Park Derby the pen holiday racing festival and more. HR RN is your home. For All of racing's biggest events go to horse racing radio dot net for more information over to listen live. This is showed mcgahey and I really enjoy listening. Horse Racing Radio Network. This is the weekend stakes preview view presented by naira vets and brought them in Israel six months off Earth which is still called Paul with rates to go res. Overdoses takes up the chase. He's win place or show a nose drop back in third and Salmon. Is the trailer right. Now we're down to two. It appears as they hit for home half forty five and one and call. Paul doubt stems the margin. The two commence freeze overdoses of game trying to cut that margin when places. Show Ono's racing third the sixteenth ago. It's called Paul now drawing away Cole. Paul and on House Soirees. We'll take the new castle. Wins it by about three threes. Overdoses a good second win. Place or show Ono got third over. Brock's inman welcome back to the weekend mistakes preview by Rabat zero. HR and the big the big Rabovsky taking you through a fantastic Friday evening. Get over the narrow batch to open a new account. HR In one thousand nine hundred the Promo Code. Don't match up the two hundred bucks when you open into account put deposit in Sunday comes second race at del Mar on on the APP. Only twenty five win on one horse race to the horse gets beat not GonNa give you twenty five bucks back. It's that simple. You just have to do it on the APP Golden Arab that's dot com for more details. All right we told you about Special Wiki on the network. Let's head to a place. We very very rarely get to at Mahoning valley in Ohio race number. Five on the Monday card is Hollywood gaming Mahoning distaff we will have representatives from all of the Penn National Gaming Hollywood gaming race tracks this Saturday morning tomorrow morning on the equine forum presented by Rembrandt fence. Mark Low will represent Mahoning Valley and talk about this Monday stakes action. Eric Johnson from Penn National. Talk about the the holiday races on Wednesday night which will cover here on wjr cover on the network on Red Brennan Radio. Chris mcelwain Vice President of gaming for the company. Not Just Shrek. He'll be our Z.. Apart connect till talk about the week in general but folks on land of Enchantment Day Down Zia Park trainer Tommy albertrani. He's got my boy Sadler's joy in the Red Smith Mall. Tommy actually having a really good year communist tacos about the six year old Sadler's joy and what the future holds for him. We're working on another guest. I'll give I'll tell you guys this right now. AW IT'LL BE A steve. That's all I can tell you. Short lost the network equine forum presented by Reverend Fence Tomorrow tomorrow morning. Eight to ten. Am Eastern time serious. Nineteen Xm to a one stream. It live on your home for all of racing's biggest events at horse racing radio dot net all right. Hollywood gaming Mahoning distaff goes race number. Five six furlongs main track feel ten. Got Jimmy Johns Service shipping in. Dj's favourite a relatively junior thinking won the sprint. Steel feel various valley's frontal. We'll talk about later in the car. Two years ago floor on Jerusalem towns arrived he right one in the steel valley as well so we have some familiar familiar names trainer wise. A Jockey wise trainer. Wise Bob Heff. Bob Has has thoughtless in here but yeah Nice. Little Mix of local and national flavor over mahoning on Monday. Yeah there are several shippers who who come in here to try idea the track for the first time who have some solid looking speed figures that may point them out as as being top contenders others in the heat wasn't crazy about the local runners in particular Just a few in here I thought that was a good amount of speed towards the outside And I thought WHOA that might set up a nice trip for John Services outside run run a DJ's favourite with Iran Rt's you had mentioned I understand that she is as a a wet track specialist and it would be great if I'm not sure what the long term weather forecast. But if she gets any any precipitation any moisture in the ground cheese Certainly GonNa move move up as well. I think that first race since October where she showed a little bit of speed and tired At parks I think that's going to set up a skewed refrigerate since April. I I think that's going to set her up pretty well To take a step forward here from a nice outside tracking draw. I think They're going to have her to hold off. I'm GONNA go with. Dj's favorite in the service and Iran Ortiz. Junior Kessei. Blame you I'm not familiar in the racing. Form the final. If you will hasn't come out yet so I don't know when the pick fours and fives are holding a Monday I'll handicap handicap these races so I obviously Be Wagering especially if I really like something I really tough time with this race Though the Horse I like it here a little bit makes very little sense but tough Irma. Komo landed and she's really seemed to turn around since surround conspiracy claimed third oaklawn park on my birthday back in March unfortunately her better races on turf but her dirt races. Oh like sneaky good. He got run around a good track and may closing weekend that oaklawn. She didn't have the best of trips that they got beat. Less than five Lenz came back and ran around the matron on the all weather. Go into terms that was a six six Roland sprint. Less than a month later she's going to turn on an all weather. Track comes back after that runs to turn in Indiana grand on the main track and a mile and a sixteenth ran. Well she'll be five months I think the mile and a sixteenth on the dirty little scope and then she wants to deter. She finished second money. Allowance should a two-month layoff in well behind graded stakes winner coach rocks and then she won a three of them. End Engage wire fashion which you just walk the dog on the the front end. The Sean Bridge Mahan. I don't surface it's been regardless of surface all voracious have been good. GotTa cut back in here. But I think she'll be a little bit of a price. I'm I'M GONNA TRY Tough armored affiliate you mentioned on the outside. DJ's favorite. She makes some sense. I think last true love right next door makes some sense. She's tried stakes races across the country. Laurel Pinnacle Penn Delaware Park. Mom acqueduct on her last seven starts now she goes to Mahoning. Chill need a little pace. What do you think about the speed of ever wonder? Yeah I think if you're playing a multi-race wage like I would like to do. She looks like she's gone on the lead and all these other phillies have a bunch of question marks. So it's it's a wide open race. It's an interesting race. It's very interesting race for Monday afternoon. Tell you that I'm GonNa take a little bit of a swing at a decent decent price with tough but I won't be surprised at four or five of these phillies has won this race but the number six tough Irma for me it goes race number five five. The Hollywood Gaming Mahoning distaff later on the card race number seven four starts six. So there's no pick five a picked force six. I was just informed. Ray Seven is the Steel Valley Sprint quarter of a million on the line This is for the straight three year old and again Ian Wilkinson Julian Peru Shipping and with Bourbon calling on a few race win streak. One three of his last four lone blemish was in the Amsterdam against chance a lot when he won by Paul Call All polls won stakes races at Delaware Pen Gulfstream Park's and Saratoga and his career he takes his show on a rope adjacent service. That's where other teas lands for this one Local horse from a man Lou Dare Day. He's won three of his five career starts Wayne in Catalano and channing Hill father and son-in-law coming what Manny Wa luce has another one in Olympic Village who he claimed that if a win ran in the Jockey Club forgo company then to turns. He cuts back to spring another wide. Open race here yeah. There are a handful of contenders. You know call full may be the one to be. I mean he takes his race track with Thurman I mean that's something that can't be underestimated. I mean you see a horse like that and go into attract Mahoning valley where you know. It'd be nice to have some experience over the treacle. The horse like this most likely isn't going to need that so he may be the one to be but I thought there were several speeds in here. That could push him early. I ended up going with the with the outside horses. The twelve Preamble for thou percent. I I really like this horses first. Couple of races and Kentucky last fall He was rumored to to be a good thing. His Damn Beautician. A lot of class At an early age he. This guy is pretty precocious Last year came back with with a huge effort again to to Take his second level Allowance condition at Keeneland in his first start of the year in the spring and then something went wrong in the chick Lang at Pimlico and his fourth career start when he was beaten as a seventeen to ten choice failed to beat a run home in that one Redoubt per said knows how to get these runners ready to fire and this one certainly has had no issue firing off works and his last acumen is super sharp. He's outside who should get the stalking talking trip that he needs and I'm hoping I get four or five to one beggar on him right here because I really like preamble to win. This one stole my thunder him and he wants to look over at my form. I'm not didn't you do this for talking. Horses maybe a copy that you liked valley the just talking. You gave one out your company working at work at work on the comeback handicapping. Good you pick obviously being picking the same words. I'm picking your handicapped spot on the comebacks axel. I love the source of the Chick Lang. I didn't make a big bet on them in the claim because he took all this crazy money he was like five to one morning. Line the next thing I know. He's he was awarded seventy in a five at one point. I bet that race falling apart though Esther looks at Tony and came up. Well yeah the rail was good that day. Remember that's where war will win the preakness wherever fast. ASK HIM UP. The inside recognized that serling disagree about that. Rail wasn't good that they I think he's nuts. yeah I guess. The the layoff thumbs aren't great for research. That's the only problem the last two years. He's won one of these horse and it was him and it was him to begin. Begin this year. He's working sharply again. I was ready to roll. Yeah I hope so. I picked them but again if she plan pick for I am not letting call Paul beat me the run Bourbon a theory now run bourbon callings on I and I don't know what's what's changed changed in. This horse was really weird random on the turf and it was almost like a hands up. I don't know what to do anymore. He he didn't run. Who who steps on the turf? Then they dropped seventy five thousand and a Gallup and look off of his form. You weren't going to really bet now. This was had turf pedigree three to us in that you know on a bestowed family from From from the Phillips family and all of a sudden creatures turned around he won. He finished third a hard charging thirty. Got A great pacesetter. Reo Behind Rufus. Then he won the end him for the hundred thousand and even answering for the allowances except for the hundreds of thousands of Churchill. He one of them was all of a sudden. He's not eligible for the allowance race but he's into Amsterdam. He only got six is links for second five lengths for second in the Amsterdam win win so some this is good. And he's got good ran well Churchill. He Ran World Saratoga. You're in well keeneland England. So you know he's fairgrounds. She's in terrific form. I mean the issue is just his running style from the inside or any big field turned around. He's Oh you're not gonNa let Paul Paul Biya. He's a worse as you know. Do you WanNa let the local. If you WANNA let Lucia the only time this horse ran. Poorly was when when he tried to run them in the Ohio. Derby off to sprint's but his sprint races wins by eight wins by seven and a half against Ohio. Bridge wins by six then. Last time he got run down late late in the game. Forty four and one. Last time he goes forty four. One in this field is going to be three in front and maybe they don't get them. I don't know many Wa. I has a license. You know his turf his dirt sprints he got beat by gray attempt from the sugar. Bowling one. Last time has dirt sprints have been good compete. Just three quarters of a link last year in the Ellis Park juvenile look good race good action on Monday and Mahoning Valley talk about tomorrow morning on the forum. I'm I'M GONNA make preamble like Steve the top pick when I think five or six horses go in this race wide open. Renewal of the Steel Valley Sprint goes race number seven six furlongs a quarter of a million dollars on the line. We'll take one more break. Come back and we'll look all the way till Wednesday for Zia Park Oaks Zia Park Championship and of course the Park Derby. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets here on the horse racing radio network naira best. Does your own went home for horse racing and betting with our best you can play hundreds of tracks from anywhere at anytime using your computer or mobile device players. Earn points on bets and building. A bankroll exclusive Russians like this one today using Promo Code H. R. N.. Two hundred fifty dollars within two weeks membership and our dollars right into chew your account. That's Promo Code H. R. Two hundred nine Rebecca savell across the United States visit therabreath dot com for details NRA bets race cannot Gulfstream Park on Friday November. Twenty ninth for the kickoff of the championship. Meet enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement nightman of live thoroughbred horse racing showcasing some of the best jockeys and horses in the world be one of the first to experience the all new outdoor dining campuses or have brunch while doing the racing at ten pounds. Make sure to come early to get your free. Twenty Twenty Gulfstream Park Wall calendar while supplies last visit Gulfstream Park Dot com for details and a full schedule. The road to the Breeders Cup has come to an end but hr end just keeps rolling. Don't Miss Trainer talk presented by facing Tipton every Wednesday his day the net dot com colon show on Thursdays and the naira bets weekend stakes preview show on Fridays. Plus Join Mike Pana every every Saturday morning for this show that lies the network the equine forum and HR RN is your home for live racing with red brand radio featuring you drink daily coverage from across the country and the biggest fall races including the Zia Park Derby the pen holiday racing festival and more. HRIS is your home. For All of racing's biggest events go to horse racing radio dot net for more information over to listen live. Hi I'm care McLaughlin. I'm so hot at this because I listen to horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview review presented by Nyerere bets. SPURLOCK minute ten point five seven seconds. A lady apple and Santana sweep into the stretch. They have the league off the term. They're up by length and a half chased by gold standard. Second Classic fit has had enough for long ago lady apple as command trying to come back along the rail gold standard lady apple the gold standard coming close to the wire together there at the rail tight ahead separate play the apple gold standard lady apple will prevail in the remedy for folks and a great stretch drive the gold standard who settled for second bit third. She's shiny four point. Welcome back again stakes preview for the by naira bets here on H. R. Par and and beyond the tagline. This week's show. We've already talked about Saturday Sunday and Monday a races. Now a Lotta Wednesday. We'll be Wednesday with a special edition of Reverend Radio from three to seven thirty. We'll have some accurate. We'll have some mm Zia park. Land of enchantment. We'll have penn national holiday stakes action tons overall tomorrow morning on the forms offers end by red brand fence Wednesday Zia Park stakes. We'll cover three on this program. Zia Park Oaks. Folks goes race number eight mile and a sixteenth now There are some issues with a herpes outbreak and Remington Park. So horses at a stable Birmingham Block. Name with Steve Execution Runs May or may not be able to get out there when the handicap. The racist hoping that everybody can work together and get them there But keep in mind that This can change when we come back to you with each race's live on Wednesday and we'll keep you updated via twitter account at Horseshoe Sir at HR and on twitter as to what's going on but as of now you got these races. If these sources are going to be allowed to ship race number eight goes the oaks field of six. Nick speak favorite three to five lady Apple. She's already won a couple of hoax. One REMINGTON wanted Iowa fairy meadows this year lone blemish. I missed really on a car. This year came in the in the Alabama when she finished eighth in the Kentucky Oaks Behind starring the emperors and Laura three to five and deserve to be. She's been well managed this years. You know all I can say they gave it a shot again in the Alabama. After the Nice I awoke score. She's been beating eating on You know the the second and third level Sophomore phillies this hearing when she finds another field here that she looks like she on her normal effort she she may be able to handle. I just I don't like the morning line price and you know while she may win the race. I'm going to have to try and beat her. Richard Baltas has to Phillies in here than before motion. Emotion comes off a neck miss as the favourite in second level allowance at Keeneland and he also has the five harassed. That's that's the one who I'm GONNA go with. She wanted to Mama folks this summer At a Mama Sixteenth. Earning a big a big number beating Jaywalk last year's champion two year old Philly Things went a little bit awry in the in the Castilian when she She tried to rally on the outside. Wasn't good enough to get to St Brand Bandon Vanden Guarani. Who is anything wrong with that? Koran is a top multiple grade one winning filly And then she came back in her first football to awesome and Raven the Raven. Run at Keeneland sprinting. One term where this showed a little bit of early foot but really didn't get into that that sprint gig. She's better to turn she stretching out. Ah back out now. I think she posts a mild upset here prices on the morning one in five to one. She's five to one zero Geraldo just shipping in for a second time. Richard Bolt us yes. She was tough for me to make. I think I think the apple just going to be Too much for these horses. Should she not make it over there. Calf Moon Bay hasn't isn't seasons winning third in Las Virginia's to Bella Fina she ran a couple of good racists she's really been good since Jerry Holland overstretched her out. She was second. She won a couple of times she was third in the last Janice. We haven't seen her for a while. But that amount of sixteenth Jerry's going to get into sources ready brings brings written van Dyken and quite frankly. The apple doesn't ship. I think she's actually the horse to beat. I will take lady apple if she runs Kathleen Bay. If the apple doesn't race number eight is the Zia Park Oaks Race Number Nine Zia Park Championship Japan. Recap older horses get to go nine furlongs more than once around a lot of familiar names here hereditary and Boquila island a couple of former Phipps runners for hall of Famer shook mcgahey We see looking at Lea- runner up in two thousand Seventeen Kentucky Derby to always dreaming those three names. We certainly know field of eleven Kevin Wide. Open race here for the championship. Yeah I thought Tana ways you could go in this race. I ended up going with the old fips. mcgahey Horse Island. The number seven seems to be easiest specialists two for three with a second Three starts here He's he's been really good. He'll be facing a bunch of here but he beat a couple of these already and he answers this off the the prep went for this earned a career best. Buy A number I'm not gonNA the buck that trend here. I think he's in great form and I'm GonNa give him a shot at ninety two on the morning line bottom number seven Buki Ilya Island really. I'll want the old sugar. I'm taking a very interesting. He seems to like it here. I thought ought Lee can win if he ships. I thought Mr Benn's can win. I know happen to Mr Benn's last time unfortified but I like betting horses four five against horses in the race that they find a way to come back and win. Mr Benn's can win. I think restrained revenge Benjamin Wynn even though he's coming off the turf he's run. Okay on in some dirt efforts Is the most recent in acres. The neck We'll take a look. Yeah I think downtown Eric and Wendy which we're about downtown and Mr Benn's they both race previously for called Broberg. They've actually improved the little bits over. I I think you'll kill you can win I think deputies echo returns to a place where he's done. Some good in the I feel like from February to August layoff needed the few racing to get his feedback under legs back under him and now he has for Nancy Summers. He ran well in this race last year. It'd be just a half length. He ran okay if someone last winter as well And I thought Sky Promise. Either you landed on skype. Promise I see this thing just falling apart and sky. Promise just come running at the end. And that's what I'm GONNA do. I'm gonNA play skype promise. I don't know again if there's a check this out of the seven eight nine ten seven seven eight nine ten point four six seven eight nine ten point five. I WANNA use four or five of them in here But I will make him my topic just hoping that He can think eleven Liam down late. The number eleven sky promise race number ten is the finale. And it's the big one. The two hundred fifty thousand dollars a park derby a mile mile and a sixteenth four the three year olds we get a field of ten Steve. Asmussen holds the big hand in here. Nine tone broke the four bank. It if they can't get in this race becomes a whole lot more wide open. I want to ask listens if they get in the. I thought the nine tone broke Had A big shot chat in here as well but I went for a little bit of a price somewhere else I went with the six. Sleepy is todd who Lost less than two likes to Owen. Dale last time beating the other runner in here the number four bank it I just I like the effort last time. If I went was in his racy would be. You know. odds-on on I think that if sleepy is todd can get to the front I think he could be a big player in here at eight to one on the morning line. I'M GONNA use him okay. I thought I thought the two ASMUSSEN's little ones I wanted You sleepy is todd. Could it could be all right. I think he'd be alright trip in here take trip yeah right off the pace. That wouldn't surprise me. I I don't I don't Guaymi here again. It was tough for me to get past listens. If they get in you see final jeopardy source that we saw east coast for Jason Service most of the year and And now he winds up in the Midwest a couple of races up at Canada a bunch of races of Canada really and now while he ships back down to two the two zero park Yeah I I wanted to ask if not I would definitely give your sleepy eyes taught. Look I'd probably give them a look anyway TO BE HONEST MR moneybags to know Mr moneybags. He was bouncing around those racist in the South at Houston Houston Delta downs. Trying to Pat Day mile took a ton of money in the past they miley went to lead and folded up. He went back to Lonestar round. Well then went to the the Ohio Derby with any stretch he shipped Z.. Cut Back to six furlongs got up lash stride toward the inside now. He stretches back out. It's worked before the sprint. To the stretch out Mr Moneybags for me if the asthma sources do not ship all right all eleven seven races Saturday Sunday Monday Wednesday in the books Ta now for the Niagara Bets. Best bet is the naira beds. Best that where we going. I am going to the To the Monday mahoning valley cards that that will cover on the stakes races from still valley. Sprint I just love preamble wile. Wow Wow wow. Okay all right I. I'm going to go to Woodbine on Sunday and the Best Arabian and special relativity comes from our outside draw third time on poly third time Norman McKnight and gets the candy in the great to Bessarabian up on the all weather at Woodbine Woodbine. Don't forget tomorrow morning's equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Get you ready for the Thanksgiving giving weeks the Thanksgiving week stakes across the country. Eric Johnson from Penn National will join us to talk about the Penn.. National holiday sticks coming up Wednesday night. Chris Macken lean vice president of racing at Penn.. National Gaming we'll talk a little land of enchantment day from a park markel vice president of racing opposite Mahoning Valley talks about the staff in the Steel Valley Sprint on Monday. and Tommy albatros Johnny trains one of my favorite horses running around here now. Sadler's joy he'll be the favourite tomorrow in the Red Smith here at the big a eight ten am eastern time series to nineteen Xm channel. One St live on your home for all of racing's biggest events at horse racing radio dot net great job as always Steve. We will talk to you on Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow you never know. I hope we'll see you. Then for Steve Hausky producivity though Pena. I'm the big amp needs to be help. You have a lucky night. I hope you went all photo. Finishes Talk to You tomorrow morning. Eight am sharp sharp eastern time for the equine form. You'RE ON H R R.

Will Sadler Mahoning valley apple United States Zia park phillies Paul Paul Biya Gulfstream Park Dot Zia Park Derby Gulfstream Park New York Naira Rebecca savell Red Brand Radio Saratoga Zia Park Oaks sprint Jimmy Johns Twenty Gulfstream Park Wall
387: Concu-bye-bye-bine Edition

The Scathing Atheist

1:00:00 hr | 9 months ago

387: Concu-bye-bye-bine Edition

"Winning it's impossible to have an honest discussion about now without plenty of explicit language this week's episode of the Skate against is brought to you by him and by the Kick Ass Congregational cure for the pandemic, the corona virus maxine the corona virus maxine reclaiming my time. And now the scathing atheist. Good morning is this is Chris. The resurrection artists of men Cave Pictures Dot Com on my early morning walk in the ruins of the ancient Siamese capital of Utah. Over here in the land of smiles, everybody understands that those smiles did in fact evolve from the grimaces of filthy monkey men. Thursday July sixteen, and it's Guinea pig appreciation one. Because sometimes a hamster. Just isn't big enough or. No allusions me lie Bosnich he found right and from Marjorie Terrell. Bosniaks nuture. Swing state good husband, Georgia this is the scathing atheist. This week's episode the FBI. Harder to die in Florida. The Supreme Court rules in favor of anti establishmentarian, because fuck the establishment clause. That's who word. Bible Piece Theater Ob here so we have an excuse to hang out with don but I the Diet trial. Is humanists. We often talk about building a heaven on earth. Let me the entire philosophy is built around that concept to some degree right by working together and setting aside hopes of supernatural intervention. We can answer our own prayers as well as one another's and honestly the enterprise of proving it's been pretty successful up to this point right. The world improves pretty quick, but it's been going for so long that it's easy for us to lose sight of just how far things have really moved. We consistently underestimate our progress, which is evidenced by the fact that we always talk about this heaven on earth that we're going to build, and we only rarely bother to talk about the one that we've already built. Now let me be super clear upfront here. I am not claiming the president. World is a paradise that would be a damn hard claim to make any year, but twenty twenty seems to be going out of its way to prove the opposite. There are a lot of problems we have to solve, and even if we manage to solve all of the ones we know about, we still wouldn't have a paradise. Even, if we manage to stamp out all the racism and bigotry and sexism and hunger, and wanted disease and discomfort, we still wouldn't be in paradise because Paradise is a relative term, even if the dictionary would suggest, otherwise consider this, the Koran was written in the early seventh century. In this book. Its author tries to define heaven the Bible doesn't go into a hell of a lot of detail on this, but the crown spells at a few specific ways that going to know when you've made it to eternal paradise in two of the main ones mentioned repeatedly in the book. Are Very, comfortable couches and rivers of milk. Let's set aside for a second. How gross a river of milk would be because clearly the implication here is that like you know that that milk wouldn't go bad or how bugs and shit in it or froth up with cottage cheese along the shoreline. What is going for here was unlimited supply of milk right, but even when you give them the benefit of the doubt, that's a really shitty heaven, right? I mean they got a Lotta. Shitty stuff to deal with in my life, but I have a very comfortable couch and a glass of milk. Whenever I want one. My life is literally better than Muhammad was capable of imagining and I'm just so middle class white guy on the Internet from today. Right in the Bible talk about streets of gold or cities, made a golden are also somehow see-through and to the modern reader. You look at that, you think. Wow, that seems wildly impractical. Right? That would be a step down. It'd be pretty maybe, but it'd be a step down from what we got, but you have to consider that. When this was written, the streets were made of mud and camel shit. Bit of Shirley, said of concrete with good drainage along the sides if they'd known enough to think of that, the green sunny feels that so often stood in for heaven in Renaissance Painting Seemed Pretty Drab most of us now, but when your life was spent knee deep in mock in front one was seen as a symbol of great wealth, just being clean and three feet away from the nearest person probably seemed heavenly. Over the last few centuries, heaven is needed a couple of face-lifts. I mean if you're listening to this podcast, odds are you live in a state of abundance? That royalty could not dream of a thousand years ago. Your clothes closer more comfortable. Your bed is soccer. Your lights turn on and off quicker every night than a fucking army of slaves could lighten snuff candles. You have endless entertainers at your Beck and call and you have. Have as much milk as you want. Without even having a bend over a scoop it out of the fucking river again. I'm not pointing any of this out to suggest that our work is done and that we've gotten as close to Paradise as we need to get. Most of the world will be pretty fired up to have my couches and my access to milk. Even most of this country doesn't have the same access to it. At my white male straight six gender educated ass has our is still need to rest on the future. But it helps it you know especially when the present seemed so shitty in the future seems so far away to glance back now and again and look at all the ground we've covered. They're talking. Within. Joining me for headlines Tonight of the Flora and fauna to my Mary. Weather he then right Andy Live Bosnich fellas. Are you ready to do some good? Okay, it's very obvious. I'm Mary whether they literally go with our colors in the script. Honestly. I was just thinking of a trio, but yeah you put in the picture and. I'll send you a picture. Tim. It's upsetting. It's upsetting how accurate it is I'm tall and read great. The old one. And I'm the fat one. That's what my DNA code says. T H E C fuck you. Right in our lead story tonight in lame. Duck Oloron noon. Donald Trump is clearly worried that the clock might be almost out of time on his stolen presidency, so we've seen the administration trying to finish their biggest homework the night before and takeaway civil rights from marginalized groups to protect the rights of Evangelical Christians. To take away civil rights for marginalized groups that right that they need to have. And now the Supreme Court seems to be doing the same thing, even though they don't have terms that run out more, you know just for funsies and to put their official stamp on trump's big at rules while he's still around as if that particular matters, the latest example is they're from last week that upheld the trump administration's policy of giving employers exemption to the affordable care act, allowing them to deny birth control coverage in their health plans, if they have a magical religious objection to that, yeah, yeah, and strangely enough. Skoda's good work on the honor system for that. All right, so let's be perfectly clear about this. Birth control is a medical treatment prescribed by doctors of doctoring science. That's what they do and yet. Somehow the court decided that people who believe in ghosts are allowed to interfere with that Yup. Yup, according to this ruling, your dude Bro boss with an MBA from fucking liberty university. After his semester unit on ovaries stuff, in BA program he gets to pick and choose which types of medical care are part of your, insurance In a related story, every major corporation in the country just started their conversion to Amish Jehovah's Witness, Christian scientists, yes, as sincerely believed that God is against all the medicine, or I don't know. Maybe they convert to Islam where all gambling is forbidden by God for providing any insurance for anything. We'd be violation their religious beliefs. Oh, that's what I wondered. Why Dairy Queen put out the AU. Jus Blizzard, but that means. They had to rush to market before Kellogg's took the name. All right so. The John Roberts court as many of you are aware, is known for its pattern of eroding the wall of separation over the last fifteen years, and injecting elements of theocracy into American Law Yup and it usually happens along party lines justices chosen by Republican presidents, vote for theocracy, and those chosen by Democrats are. Correct Button. Every time we learned for example from Trinity Lutheran and this latest decision from last week was a seven to two ruling Jesus. The five conservatives were joined by Steven. Briar and Elena Kagan which is terrifying and further confirmation that aversion to logic and science-based legal principles is one of the only non-partisan issues that America's top legal minds can cross the island. Agree on what? The fuck is happening. It's almost like you're me out. People, your grandparents age shouldn't interpret the law for an entire country. It is almost like. The Okay L. A. and he's ages bullshit as their own, and does not represent the puzzle thunderstorm LLC standards affiliates especially since the oldest justices also the only one that seems to get it right every fucking. That is true. A. Nominally Jewish. More Jewish people also just one other. Quick Point on this. Every employee in the country as part of their compensation plan for their job receives a certain amount of. Dollars Dollars using that money they can buy extra birth control and going to fucking bender of birth control. If they want, they could buy a giant golden idol of a calf and. Gifts for miseducated couples and objects with. A good deal of height to create a high place if they wanted to the Bible face does that mean that employers can object to the currency based portion of a paycheck from now on. I'm pretty sure Elena Kagan's concurring opinion. Kinda wriggled out of implying that outright, but the majority decision didn't seem to even be aware of that obvious absurdity. fucking insane, no and in clean sweep news. It's bad news for Florida residents looking to kill themselves more quickly than just by living in Florida this week as the FBI finally rated genesis two. Of Health and healing who've been selling their miracle Mineral Solution Bleach, as a magical cure all despite the government, telling them not to with sugar on top. Yellow maybe go bleach on top I. Dunno listen. FBI walks in catches them with the bleach. Okay now we're GONNA stand right here while you guys drink the whole. No, but look honestly at this point. If you survive long enough to drink your bleach in Florida, you're doing all right. Yeah regular listeners may remember this group for the one hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine. Their Australian chapter incurred earlier in the year for. Selling bleaches, medicine, or when their leader Mark Brennan publicly admitted. They're not really a church, but that being church is a really good front for selling bleaches, medicine or in the FDA issued a warning against using the products because they were deemed life threatening because. Bleach is. Not Medicine H. Incredible how many safeguards we have to place between people's intestines and industrial bleach. Isn't it and We need more. We don't know enough yet. One to view well as I said good news, because the FBI finally raided their headquarters this past week and confiscated twenty two gallons of miracle mineral solution, eighty three hundred pounds of sodium chlorate and fifty gallons of Murrieta acid. That's enough lab. They raided a meth lab. The. Company must also take down their websites and inform all their customers that they were selling bleach as Madison, yeah! They were selling bleaches medicine. I don't know why I was going to quote the. Last, but not least Brennan and his sons have also been charged with conspiracy to defraud conspiracy to violate the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and criminal contempt Nice Nice One church that sells dangerous lies down. Three hundred, eighty, three, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine to go in this country, oh. And in Perfection, correction erection news tonight mentioned Jesus on CNN last week Anna. Talking of. The greatest crispy. That's right in A. As done lemon, toss things over to Chris. How can we even pretend it's? Me and my brother exists Cuomo. Lemon is trying to point now that you have to admit to battle with good when it comes to national heroes, and as if approved racist motivations, aside from was right about him, being a dumb ass. Lemon says quote. Jesus Christ. If that's you believe in Jesus. Christ was not perfect when he was here on the earth. So why are we defying the founders of this country many of whom owned slaves and quote. Okay well now we're just pulling down statues of the false idols you're. Right. Yeah, exactly sorry Jesus Christ. If that's who I believe. He was perfect if I don't believe in him or I have an option to think he never exactly what we? Don Lemon blending the no fucking then is tricky. It's tricky. Now I will give Lemon enough credit to admit that it's actually a good point, but holy fuck. How did he not know that was? Or right hoping as hard as it is to argue that a guy who murdered a fig tree, and a temper Tantrum is perfection. Arguing that is Christianity's whole fucking thing Yep right like Mike Huckabee called his comments. Blasphemy and trump fluffer Robert Jeffress set his remarks quote. Make him his network the uncontested champion of fake news and MSNBC. Start, chanting. Day. Book you were at on this. Of course. This is the only time Christians freaked the fuck out over CNN's primetime anchors harmless remarks in the last couple of weeks, either they also lost their shit when Chris Cuomo had the audacity suggested if people helped out one, another they quote, don't need help from above and quote. So, not the last time they freaked the fuck out over the remarks of news anchors in the next couple of weeks has virtually all verifiable facts directly or indirectly disproved their religion. Just sitting at home, yelling at the weather board mostly cloudy, unless the stars fall to Earth. You Liberal! Cop Right. Next of headlines. Louisiana. Is canceled really now, nor Orleans is Great. Is Great Food Great Music? Great Culture, but there's also gop state representative Danny McCormack in Louisiana, so first of all the people of Louisiana district one elected grown man who goes by Dan Yeah. Usually ran his campaign out of a tree house in which. Wasn't allowed. And according to Denny, the mask mandate that was recently put in place in Shreveport is very similar to a certain historic event countdown. The three. It's just like a political movement who in Europe one called the Holocaust and. Cost it's like the Holocaust Act and I had slavery Noah Twenty. I told you still a sore subject for them. They don't bring it. All right so here's a quick background on Danny Max just in case, Louisiana Republican didn't tip you off about what he's doing. His campaign site, which again is I'm pretty sure a physical message board in his treehouse is heavily focused on enlisting a prayer team. And since he was election last year against Democrat in the swamps of Louisiana, that prayer must be working, so he's sticking with that plan and his main goal seems to be preventing the LGBTQ agenda from quote, threatening the First Amendment freedoms of speech, expression and religious exercise now I've no doubt that his constituents have trouble with their speech. I. Don't think he's focused on the right cause of that problem I'm going to guess his constituents have trouble with exercise. And of course he's also pro-life. Except not for the people you kill by refusing to wear masks and public right. He's more concerned with the whole cost of mask slavery, so he made a facebook video to explain. And his very serious political message from a grownup starts with him, holding a blow torch and burning a mask all right grownup has an asterisk next to it if it's a guy called Danny Danny the fuck up and do anything. So according to Danny quote. People, who don't wear masks will soon be painted as the enemy just as they did to the Jews in Nazi Germany. If the government has the power to force you to wear a mask. They can force you to stick a needle in your arm against your will. They can put a microchip in. You can even make you take the mark of the beast. She says after all. It's for the greater good. Quote Credit. Where credit's due nice foreshadowing on the anti vaccine stuff. He's going to say in January yeah right. Already said, but here's the most terrifying part of that statement, right? He's the government that's him. Right I would love for him to demonstrate an intuitive understanding of the difference between mandating fucking safety equipment as low jacking his constituents. Although I, do think maybe they should low jacked the constituents in that talk. All who votes for Danny Yeah you know we microchip dogs. Is it like you know what I want? Plastic cones around all their faces known. For Safety, absolutely really big ones six feet, yeah, and just in case, the visual aid of the blow torch wasn't making the message clear. The elected politician named Danny proceeds to take out a chainsaw at that point. A surgical mask with a chain. SAW Is Amazing for a couple reasons first of all it clearly took him. So many tries to pull stark chainsaw, so we get a really awkward like windows movie maker Star Wipe Cut. He finally got the Transall going. They use that cut and then he tries to dramatically. Cut through surgical mask. With a chainsaw which doesn't really work? Expected I. I can't imagine what the victory has had. Success! Image his head looked like because he just hung a mask from some fishing lines on the video. It looks like he's got a floating mask to a magically and as soon as the chainsaw gets. Mask it kind of blows away a little because he obviously can't get the impactful slice. Citrus! Face. So. They cut away. The video. Almost touches a mask with you know that there's an extended cut somewhere. Where wraps around his neck at one point? Takeaway McCain Sell Santa Ground See. They're dangerous. Tire. And in fresh wince of Bel Air, deuce actor musician and a guy who both totally let August Alsina plow his wife and was in the movie after on purpose. Will. Smith took to the Internet last week to tell everyone quote, do not elect people that don't have God and love in their hearts. Okay I. mean you got to do lot of cardio to work that stuff out, isn't them? Yes, during an interview with CNN, political commentator Angelo Ri- On her show on one Smith. A voluntary participants in the movie wild wild West instead of taking the role of neo in the Matrix. That man was asked about today's political climate and responded in part quote. The problem is in the hearts and minds of people, so it demands that are tension. Begin on our heart. And minds as the country. I would hope. Right now. Sorry that sentences too much for me I would hope the part of what we're learning right now is destructive aspect of loveless godless leadership. Do not elect people that don't have God and love in their hearts and quote, not adding August Sinoe, who looks like someone prepared. diddy is a fancy desert told. Off. They'll see looks like a hot air balloon pirate and I love the idea. Though that the chief lesson that we should take away from watching the most religious people in the country run things for a while is how bad it is for non religious people to run the fucking. Side note to that. Don't want anybody to be hurt. There's nothing against letting other people. Fuck your wife letting other people fuck your wife Downright neighborly. It's letting August. They'll seen a fuck. Your wife and I'm going to judge Will Smith for that Neck Tattoo. Went through the story for a while, somebody had to say front of neck wrote Tattoo, which has also just small well kind of big thing. I feel like letting isn't the right verbiage. Encouraging rooting for bandying about. Good now Smith's credit, he later clarified in an instagram. Comment quote just to clarify. I'm not talking about Church or religion and quote. Will you talk about God? Little too late. Right I mean depending on how you ask. Almost a third of Americans have none God in their hearts, though as Hemmitt Meta pointed out one of the best responses came from men, DC Thomas of the black nonbelievers who commented quote? If love and compassion is what you're referring to the no belief in God is required. Please stop stigmatizing nonbelievers with statements like this. You've already expanded your worldview when it came to your marriage. In here. Not. Adding by which I mean, you let that Bar Mitzvah Dj who wraps like an anti-smoking commercial. Take your wife. Yes, and honestly fuck his non-policy Bullshit. This would be the equivalent of saying hey. I wasn't talking about the Jewish religion when I said Jim down a few bucks. What you guys so pissed about? That's what will Smith did in response to the PUCK and controversy. Yeah, and well allied Heath get a few more August Alsina insults out of their system. We're GONNA word from this week. Sponsor Him Snuff Daddy. Forums Dot. com is all about men's wellness. 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If you're not happy with the results after ninety days, hymns will give you a full refund, and right now our listeners can get their first visit. Absolutely free just go to four hymns dot com slash scathing. That's for him. Dot Com slash scathing, full refund of price made available for the First Ninety Day. Supply Refund request May between ninety and one hundred and eighty days after product shipment delivered prescription products required online consultation with the medical professional will determine if prescription as appropriate restrictions apply. See website for full details, an important safety information. And, in D., platform, nine and three quarters news. Check. Don't let J. K.. Rowling talk on your platform just a good policy right now, really always. The story now it's actually not about that. It's about Bethel Church in Redding California Oh, I, love these guys, which is home to a seminary known as Christian Hogwarts, and that nickname comes from the strategy of their evangelism, which is almost entirely based on. Whatever DVD. Recently in. DVD player that they own their, and that's why they recently held a service during which they. Cancelled racism. Like all of it by harnessing the power. Of Gandalf one they can't did. You shall not pass. So you know the the racism is not gonNA. It's not gonNA be passing. If it passed. Wouldn't it be elsewhere? Because a lot of. Trouble with their theory here. We've sitting backwards on a chair, so you can wrap it. Kids about Jesus was a school. It would be BETHEL church seminary. Yes what and by the way if sitting backwards on a chair, so you could wrap the kids about Jesus was a strategy to combat racism. It would be a bunch of white people misquoting a racist, and then patting themselves on the back in calling it a day. Yeah. and. Here's how the GANDALF's spell happened back to that service. They had the leaders of this church then seminary there giving a presentation about the power of Apostolic Decree. Which means talking, but but like really hard and yeah, then they introduced the headliner of the whole presentation. A grown woman walks onstage, wearing a gandalf costume. Which is a tan sheet from bed bath and beyond and she's carrying a magical staff. which is a magical staff from bed bath and beyond? They got to justify the beyond. She starts describing the movie scene with the the ball. Rog Fire Demon on the bridge in complete exhaustive detail that I. was like Patton Oswalt doing so good and that includes the two times that Gandalf bangs the staff on the ground, and it doesn't work which which is actually not what happens in the movie, but according to this woman. GANDALF finally bangs to staff a third time. Apostolic Louis and yells. You shall not pass. He yelled that Apostolic Lee this time. He said something similar earlier the. Normal decrease this was apostolic, and then she makes everyone on stage. Hold the staff like with her awkwardly in reenact the whole thing and everyone's like. Yeah okay, you, you shall not pass great okay and. That's why we don't have racism anymore that what happened to the racist weird casually takes off the GANDALF costume. Okay, that's racism lunch. Everybody dairy, Queen. Do Julissa. Just one other quick side note in the movie right after the big, you shall not pass moment the bridge they're on collapses. The the ball Rog starts falling into a chasm and holes, Gandalf down with him with a fire whip, and they end up in a magical battle that concludes with Gandalf getting killed eventually, but not really sort of he gets brought back to life and officially transitions from Gandalf the grey to Gandalf, the white, because Jr token was a big fat white supremacist. and. That is how you defeat racism with the ball rock. Exactly okay, I got. or by throwing old white guys at the chasms, lot of options from Lord of the Rings thing you go. And an Famil- to news, a viral wave has struck our nation touching. Almost every household saw you hear about in the news. It's Oh you read about on social media I'm talking of course about Hamilton. Gentlemen okay thoughts on the hip hop historical phenomena. Well if you enjoy virtue, signaling, your hip hop cred by praising a musical about the guy who created or whites-only banking system. Will Love Hamilton Thought that the bribes were really clever and the flashback stock. fucking downs at no question. Whatever okay well I like virtue signalling my Apopka. Well sadly, it turns out that not everyone is as big a fan as we are namely the just under five thousand moms that make up the group one million MOMS who are areas. That one F bomb was left Newman courting available on Disney, plus yeah, the Word Fuck in Hamilton is the big ethical problem with the Disney Corporation that's. Let's let's Watch Dumbo in those adorable crows, right, yeah! Yes the care onslaught. That is one million MOMS who listeners may remember for their Sh- multiple times. They've thank you the multiple times. They freaked out over gay. Disney characters took to the Internet to write Disney CEO Bob. Chapman a strongly worded petition, which as of this writing, has nineteen, thousand, two hundred thirty nine signers, a number, which fun fact is also lower than one million. It is, it is yeah well. You know it's an online petition, which as we are all aware are notorious for ensuring that each name represents a unique human beings so. That would one million MOMS are allowed to cheat. They can crack twenty now, not quite so Here's what some number of MOMS had to say quote. Disney's decision to allow even one Edward to be heard on its Disney plus platform a platform that Bears Walt Disney's name, and that is market directly, and primarily to millions of families with children is shameful. Really you're going to invoke Walt Disney's name. Into Cumin. Money to the Nazis Disney. Highly reconsider the language it includes in its movies, shame on Disney, plus for allowing even one f-bomb along with other multiple uses of profanity to remain in the film Hamilton. It's just too much and totally unnecessary on a streaming service for family and children. Disney has left conservative and Christian families, no other choice. But to avoid Hamilton's since. Language goes against their beliefs and values, and our culture requires us to cancel fuck, okay, hold on. I'm. GonNa. Write myself a Harper's letter. I really confused when and Yeah, not adding love the for MOMS to bitch you about putting a sorry about the racism message before songs of the fucking sale. And finally tonight in I. Think I can no span tastic. Kind of Kenneth Copeland ordered corona virus to cease and desist all pandemic activities in the name of Jesus for real this time the charm. This is just the latest in a long line of magical eradication. He's declared over the last several months and Muslim person who never says anything to their dog, but set of eventually. This is going to work. And a few of his British nurses are playing dead to maybe he is. Off. All right, so you'll recall his first effort just out of its share craziness. This is in the second week of March this year. It took the form of him telling US viewers. He could heal them through their TV's. If they touch the screen while held up as oily hands and recited as Jesus words. Yeah, I mean Vernice, normally, a finger painting Goblin does have some magical powers. Work that's known right. Yeah, and of course this came immediately before he reminded viewers that losing their job due to quarantine is no excuse to stop sending money, even if ten percent of their income is zero at this point Noah a tube full of fifty percent demons is still a tube full of demon snacks, right exactly exactly, of course not all Americans touched the screen with oily hands on it, so a couple of weeks later declared covid nineteen to be finished, and said that a vaccine would be available forthwith, but we after that he became the darling of my twitter mentions when he once again magically eradicated the virus this time by spitting on. On it since then he also declared it was over again, told his viewers they could cure it with their faith, and showed off invisible Cova Shield on video, and then as if counting on his entire congregation to be Alzheimer's patients and people with the fucking Memento Guy Disease. He prayed it away again this past Sunday demanding that quote, get out of their city in the name of Jesus and quote, so as of today there is either a Christian. God or Covid nineteen cases in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It can't be both and while we double check which it is. We're going to close the headlines for the night. Heath, Eli thanks as always do. When we come back touching it, I'm sitting. Next to you. When we come back the talk, it'll start up again. WHO. We last left off on the Bible before Eli baby was born. We were at the part that didn't matter. Because there's no connective tissue to any of this Goddamn book, and thus you can jump in anywhere and context, or no none of it will make any fucking sense so with that refresher. We're going to dive back into another installment. Tub Bible piece. And there was a man of Mount Ephraim whose name was Mica, Eilly how who was saved from the days of Moses with Jews filled in their bricks with the blood of their children, his mother was Delilah who survived the destruction of Samson and now lived on Mount Ephraim with the money given to her by the Philistine. What the fuck is all of this none of that stuff is in the Bible, no, it's not, but it is in the rabbinical commentary. No, no alive. We are not adding rabbinical commentary to Bible Piece Theater. No, but up there's angels, and there's baby blood, and there's a fire-breathing prostitute in Idaho commentaries. But. It's also hundreds of pages of nonsense, in addition to hundreds of pages of nonsense, absolutely not okay, but what if we run a Bible? Dude at this rate? We're GONNA finish battlespace theater on your fortieth birthday. Oh. Yeah so never correct never. And there was a man of Mount Ephraim. Whose name was Mica. How and that's all we know about him. Because the Bible is crazy enough without three thousand years worth of ally, citation needed essays piled on top of it. In member Graham below lady member member. You, deal in mom. Oh Hail Mica. So. Mother Du? The you remember that. Lintel eleven hundred pieces of silver that we're stolen from you. Do. I ever if I ever catch the motherfucker who tricked out my loot out skin him alive. You will know darn tooting I'm GONNA put a spike in their Dick. Colon kick him in the stomach to play darts sweet Jesus I'm going to grab either side of that, but cheeks and turn them inside out like fuck and cuttlefish. You Watch me. MOTHER MOTHER! It was me I, did it. Oh, it was. Yeah I'm Gosh Darn sorry. Here you go. No Mike I forgive you now. What say we take some of this money and make a statue played about how great goddess? You'RE NOT GONNA. Do that thing about fitness spike in my. ECHO! Oh, don't be silly. Everyone makes mistakes and so it was with Jewish mothers forever after. What did you say nothing nothing nothing. Lulu Dune leave right stuff had stuff is my favorite stuff well Levi Alley. HOW LEAVE A teen? Oh, oh, Hey, they're! Just quick. How'd you know? I was a levite? Got None of that hair on top. You Got Chrome on your home. Cool, we'll talk. Don't go. The. You WanNa. Maybe come in my house. Live there and be my priest. I'll pay you and you just like my son. Okay wait, which is it? Are you GonNa? Pay Me or I be just like your son. Yes. fucking I'm in. All those of you who are wondering this is my son, Levi. We share no blood. Gosh darn it if he isn't my life, he came from Bethlehem Judah legally of course. Six years ago and he lives with me and from. And I am so proud of him Gosh Darn Italy darn proud of him, raising him has been the best most rewarding thing I've done in my life, what? What are you doing? The remember Matt Gaetz with his weird son. Assist indeed. Oh God. Yeah, forgot about that. Wow Yeah okay twenty twenty. Twenty twenty. And the children of Dan's sent of their family five men from their coasts, men of valor from Missouri, and from Asheville to spy out the land and to search it. Lulu pre stuff pretty stuff is my favorite stuff. Oh, Hey Leroy. Hello, because you're bald. Didn't actually ask how you would know that. Doing here enough? Oh, I'm the priest here. Yeah! How's that? It's pretty sweet. So for statue and Best thing they're pretty cool wall silver start. You earn of US Open Steel those. You, what nothing now thin? Hey does God have any advice on? Where we should go, oh! God is going to lead you wherever you go. Burn share Robbie later what we'll see later. Did you. then. The five men departed came to lash, and saw the people that were there in how they dwelt caralis manner of the Sedonia NHS quiet and secure. There was no magistrate at the land that might put them to shame in anything, and they were far from the Sedonia and had no business with any. Waterloo just say he said. Their land is nice and we can attack him Oh sorry. Health care the Dan Nights. That's him, so tell me what did you find? Do. There's this land called Larsh at pretty sure it's pronounced. Lash right that one and we can kill them and take their stuff. Oh, that sounds good. That sounds good. There's more there's a guy go. Who lives nearby and he's got a statue in a vast, and we can take it on the way. ooh, awesome, awesome! Who at the leave yours lever to we can take that to. To that's what I was saying. Okay, back it up exact, that's great. That's great. Lift your side. Out Don't. It's real sober, okay? Hey. Guys what you're doing there. Oh, where we were stealing my Christoph. What why? because. We wanted it. We plus you should be our priests way better. Hey! Hey Mike. What do you fellas doing? Immune. What's it look like we're stealing your stuff and your Levi? What. No. Please don't do that. Up. As. Yeah, then we'd have to kill you. got. A come on. Darn it? Wait, is that the end of the story he s it is. Could you use your month to read ahead? Yeah, super relaxing month, thank. You had a ton of time to read so wait. They just take Mica stuff, and that's the end yet pretty much. Man spoke as bad. Can I have a month off for not having a kid? Like five weeks actually. Cheese. And it came to pass in those days when there were no kings in Israel that there was a certainly vite so joining on the side of Mount Ephraim who took to him a concubine Bethlehem Judah. You Suck I WANNA go back home to my dad's house. Wow, horror much. What putting the book that you were a whore Birkin. Because I went to my dad's house joost. Cut Hit Well if it isn't my son in law, the Leigh Light, what can I do for you? Hunker buoyed in there. Yeah she she is. It's her mother's birthday. You see and we were all. Back told her to stop. Here's a little whore and come back and be my concubine having cake. Tell you what why don't you stay and party with us for a couple of days, and then you can take my daughter back as your concubine. You only. Hold. Those rose five days of drinking and eating, but I really should going with your daughter. Oh so soon. You don't WanNa. Stay for a while longer. We're GONNA hit the road well. We headed with my daughter. No, no, we'll figure it out. Great to figure it out every father stream we wrote I, said more wine. Yes, sure why not? Man Husband we've been walking forever. You sure you don't WanNa. Stop in Jed for the night. What no! Those guys are strangers! We're going to give you a trust me is book is nothing. If not repetitive, we get there. There'll be a kindly old man who's going to take us should and feed us. You say so. Okay well. We're here in Gambia. Can we find a place to sleep now? No need. We just stand in the and wait. Wait for what? The old man I was telling you about trust me, wait for. Excuse me through. You wouldn't happen to be from Ephraim. Would you reward? Ephraim Okay well don't stand there in St. you WanNa. Come stay at my house. We would love to. Thank you. All right all right whatever. As, they were making their hearts Mary behold the men of the city certain sons of Belie- beset the House roundabout and beat at the door and speak to the masters of the House. yes, hello, hello, are you a good person? What are you doing? What men Giddy? No, no, they're. The men of Gambia also pretty sure you did this joke. Okay, look, we are about forty seconds and three sentences from gang raping someone to death in this story so I ask you. Do you WanNa? Do it straight voices. Do you WanNa do it as a bunch of ray confidence, the bunch of a jury comforts I thought so. Anyway give us gift, so we can six with him. Oh fuck you thought you knew the book. Although to be fair, this is still repetitive, though okay. Well, what the hell do we do now? Will you accept my virgin daughter instead? May. Never thank you. Hobo, whose daughter and my concubine, what the hell are you doing can? Appreciate it, but can have piece really looking for you really. The goal well all Kokomo final offer. Give it a cabinet, and so the men of Trivia. Did you know her an abuser all night long until she was de? Which is super, not funny and impossible to write a sketch about so instead. Of Ray Comforts Gang, banging on for what? I mean that's pretty fun. Anyway, sorry about the attempted gang rape. Don't blame yourself man. That kind of stuff happens. Oh where she is. At least they returned right. Yeah I guess. So, what are you GONNA do? Know exactly what she would have one. What's that? Going to go to twelve pieces Miller, all over Israel, really that that's. What she would have wanted Oh for sure yeah. Hello. Package for you. Yeah you can just leave. It need to knock. No I need you to sign for it. Oh! Okay right there. And Dare. Who What is? Dear tribes of Israel closed. You'll find a piece of my perfectly good concubine that the men of Gabia five death. Please join me in warring them best the LEVITE. Well Yeah. So. You're going to go to war. Oh Yeah, for sure. Yeah, just buck a guy's perfectly good concubine. Right Linda Society. Then all the children of Israel went out of the congregation was gathered together as one man from Dan, even to Beersheba with the land of Gilead upon the Lord in Minnesota High God God oh now. They want to hear from me. Yes. What do you want? Okay, so someone raped or buddies concubines. And we were thinking we'd go to like you know. War done sounds great. Okay. Like, it's a good idea and will win or Whatever you'll win Joe Biden a win whatever great! So who should go first God so needy? I, Dunno, Judah Judah. Okay Judah we'll go first. You Seem Kinda Mad. You being weird. What mad I'm not mad. You Israel. Never call ever right. Donate Judges Quarterly Mad. And the Children of Benjamin came fourth out of Gabia and destroyed down to the ground of the Israelites that day, twenty and two thousand men. Wow God that did not go well. Are you sure we're supposed to be fighting? These people is going terribly. No totally yeah, you're supposed to. It's my bad I got distracted because I was checking myself out in this mask I mean. Do I not look like the lone ranger? Yes. Sorry just back back to my thing. Are you sure we're going to win a totaling superstar? The last time we talked the media twisted. My words is what happened? No, no, you you just. Directly told me what happened. No I didn't. Okay. And Benjamin Wynn fourth against them out of Gabia, the second day, destroyed down to the ground of the children of Israel again eighteen thousand men. I-, God. Who You? The new guy s son of Elliot's are the son of Aaron the I Guy Phil. Quit says he's working on a book I'm sure that'll be fine. Right so anyway, We were wondering if we should you go fight the Benjamin nights again and yes, his should but this time. Yeah. Sneak attack. I'm sorry. Sneak attack like you go. We're going to fight you, but then you ran away and then you know, sneak attack. God sneak attack. Question and not that I'm challenging. You're already, but. Why didn't you just tell the sneak attack in the in the first place I did? I mean that's not what feels book says. The never mind. Okay everyone good. What a great war great war? Of course now we're pretty much out of the tribe of Benjamin. Because we massacred them. Oh! Yeah, right right, but no worries. We're going to go around and. Steal up wires, daughters, you know. Get those numbers back up. And from way. With from GIBBES Gilliat. Those guys didn't show up to the big meeting this year. So you know welcome literally. We're still need like. Towards more virgins, weird that you would have that number off the top of your head There is a big festival in Shiloh. We can get on from there. The woman there dance and everything so. Fine so it's like Coachella. Better hope not if we want urges. Come on site was. Products fucking brides has you can't say anything anymore. That is. Judges, so wait sorry. All of judges is about how bad it was not to have a king in Israel, so it's just like a series of Shitty short stories pretty much, yeah. Let a whole month. Okay, so, what did we learn from judges then? Well so God the Jews is. The judge tasked with guiding. But you are not. The people. Net. Jay I'm left hand. His people angered. But Oppressive Fat Lord. took her and shoved it so ben is Gut that at Gulfstream. Deborah! Judge saw vision. Upon which Jews made decisions Sarah's. goes with. As a stake of thirty. Do. God's. So quickly. Learned once again. That God's a testy forgetful. Then, there's Gideon. WHO's kind of? Feels Moody and nights with trumpet. Bass tricks with three hundred. Achieve something. To believe as Dada Zach Snyder. Gone up to the. His campaign did. Kill the first person new Oxford, who is Dr There's a been left from just south of fray him. WHO figured Jews? We tried to kill his brothers the. Recover and suggested this subject shoots. So. We learn once again. We'll get full. Once. Named Samson. He was strong. He was hands. He set fire to some cups. and. They placed a king's ransom. Demanded he succumbed law. But! It turned out that. Despite their hopes he broke through their ups and killed. With. Job, Came! This chick named. Samson had the urge to defy. What she she take from this club. Hello. June Before we put the masks back on tonight I. Wanted To let you know where to go. If you'd like more me in your life, I was recently interviewed by Chris Johnson on the podcast. A Better Life we had a really interesting conversation dove into a bunch of different topics. If you want to check that out, you'll find the link on the show notes anyway. That's all the blast we we've got for you tonight. We'll be back in ten thousand twenty two minutes with more. You can't wait that long. They look for a brand new episode of. Of Our sister show the SCRAT- debut at seven am eastern on Monday. And even sister's hot friend got off moves to seventy game eastern on Tuesday and an even newer upset. A half sister show citation needed debut at noon eastern on Wednesday obviously I'd fucking suck if I neglected to Keith for being tall Eli Bosnian for being short done for for being the voice of Fantasy and adventure loosened delusions for doing the warning, and promising that she is going to make it back soon for him, but Holy Shit. It's been a crazy couple months as. As I'm sure you've noticed also want to thank Chris from man. Cave pictures for providing this week's worth. You'll find a link to his website on the show notes as well, but most of all of course I. WanNa think this week's best bipeds guarantee go, bullock, -ality, Firfer, Gary and Thomond Guarantee Boa Calloway. WHO's IQ's are higher than I had to get to make it to the book of Mormon and Firfer? Gary and Thomas, who are so sexy girl in Canada. You've never met pretend. She had sex with them together. These six sexy secular second. Second Sacrilege this week by giving US money not everybody has the money it takes to give us money, but if you do, you can make a perhaps donation of around dot com slash scathing atheist, whereby early access to an extended version of every episode, or you can get one time donation by clicking on the donate button on the right side of the homepage, escaping dot com, and if you'd like to help, but not money giving way, you can also have a ton, but leaving the five star review telling a friend of the show or following. On twitter legal services, podcast vitamin P Andrew Torres Tim Robinson handles our Social Media and audio engineer as Morton clerk world, so royal the music of his in this episode, which was used with mission. If you have questions coming through all the contact, info the contact page at Scandinavia's DOT com. He's okay by Dr Dog. Sure okay. The. Preceding podcast was a production of puzzle. Thunderstorm LLC Copyright Twenty Twenty all rights reserved.

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Goodell: We,the National Football League,believe Black Lives Matter

Anderson Cooper 360

47:44 min | 11 months ago

Goodell: We,the National Football League,believe Black Lives Matter

"We expect a lot from our homes. They're more than a place to hang your hat there where you try your hand at Gardening and new recipes where you rest and recharge where you work and play, and that's why, at homeadvisor, or committed to keeping your home up and running whether you need to repair and overloaded appliance, or you're looking to create a backyard retreat. Worthy of a summer station used the homeadvisor APP day or night, and we'll find a local pro to get the job done right whatever you need. We'll do everything to fix your well everything. Download the HOMEADVISOR APP to get started. Good evening for eleven days now we have been hearing the call for change in this country, it's coming from the ground up from people, all races and backgrounds in the middle of a pandemic. She's thinking about that for a minute. As you look at the live demonstrations on your screen, not only are people risking their safety by speaking out and confronting police, which is something. Most people never do in their lives. They're also putting themselves at greater risk from a virus that's already killed one hundred nine thousand people in this country, a virus, which is still here still transmittable. Transmittable still killing people all around the world that is how urgently people want real and lasting change in the wake of George Floyd's killing by police nearly two mondays ago so badly they want an end toward has been a long running and deadly injustice to African. Americans in this country, and to redeem the country's long-standing promise of equal justice under the law, because you cannot have law and order without equal justice under the law and polling shows a majority of Americans. Most of whom you do not see marching. Agree with them the question tonight. How will those who? Hold Power respond to the calls for change keeping them honest events have shown. The answer is mixed at best and something else entirely at the very top. Today. The Minneapolis City Council, pending the final, okay from a judge approved an agreement boring police from using neck restraints choke holes New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced a new police reform bill that he said would bring more accountability and transparency to law enforcement at the same time and remember. This is in the middle of a national protests over police brutality. We've continued to see instances of police hitting people with batons, not when they were under threat or provoked just because they could, and we've seen moments like this. Police in Buffalo, knocking seventy five year old man to the pavement, leaving him lying there with head injuries that sent him to the hospital by contrast. We've also seen police doing their jobs responsibly and someplace you've been taking a knee with protesters or Houston's police chief with protesters cheerfully recounting George Floyd's last moments. In all whether it's the rank and file their bosses, our elected officials higher up. There has been a spectrum of responses over the last eleven days. Who are very top that is not the case today. The country got some good news. The economy gained about two million jobs out of about twenty million loss, since the pandemic, which clearly a ways to go, but his progress on the economic front, and the president understandably wanted people to know it. In impromptu press conference he held this morning. He wanted people to know a lot of things. He did a victory lap on the economy on the pandemic on the Veterans Bill. He keeps climbing only he could get past, even though passed in two thousand and fourteen the seats by the way we're deliberately not read for social distancing, because in the words of the deputy press secretary. It looks better. So, much for all those warnings by Dr Couch Dr Burks in the coronavirus task force. President has clearly decided the viruses not a winning topic for him anymore. The event began at ten thirty just to give you some idea of what the president's priorities are. After eleven days of these stunning protests the day after memorial services for George Floyd. It took him twenty two minutes to mention Mr Floyd and this is how he chose to do it. Here's what he said. We also what happened last week? We can't let that happen. Hopefully Georgia's looking down right now and say this a great thing that's happening for our country. There's a great day for him. It's a great day for. Everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great great day. In terms of equality. It's really what our constitution requires, and it's what our country is all abet. Not Mr Floyd George. Floyd not the Brotherhood body. His sister will have over tomorrow in North. Carolina, not the friend and community member who has memorialize yesterday Minneapolis, not the longtime neighbor who will be laid to rest in Houston next week. The president said nothing about that nothing about the fact that an ex police officer is charged with murdering him and three others were betting that murder. He couldn't even bring himself to utter the man's full name to grant him merely simple dignity dignity that has been denied two generations of black men and women, no instead today to the president. It was just George. Smiling down from the heavens above happy. What a great day it is! For the injustices leading up to his killing, or how to end them going forward end them for millions of Americans about that the president had nothing to say. I'd like to sign this bill. This very differently and by the way. What's happened to our country? and. What you now see it's been happening is the greatest thing that can happen. Race relations. African American. Asian did. Hispanic American. Women every what our country is so strong. And that's what my plan is. Strongest Economy Worldview. Now! We have the strongest economy anywhere in the world, and that will happen economy that's. Strong sir. How are how? How would a better economy? Yeah just to follow up. How would a better economy had protected George? Floyd sure I'll ask after we take questions after sir. Black unemployment went up by one point. One Percent Asian Americans unemployment one five point five percents. How that victory! Are Something! That's PBS as usual indoor. In case, the president only knows her by her first name. The president had no answer today. When it comes to affecting change or writing systematic injustice, he's made it plain in words and actions that he seems to see this fight for ending racial injustice fight against anarchists in thugs as he says he's made it clear, he sees all this as a chance to divide US further and score points with his base. On orders of his attorney, general peaceful protesters were assaulted and being outside the White House so he could pose with an upside down Bible, and he read in front of church where he doesn't worship on orders of who knows who and accountable to no-one apparently identified armed forces have been broadened at the Capitol and helicopters flew low to intimidate and drive away protesters. All while the president shelters behind a ring of new fencing. Or at one point in the White House bunker, which he claimed, he only went to because he suddenly felt compelled to inspect it. The height of the Vietnam War President Nixon went down to the Lincoln memorial to talk with protesters this president, neither protested the war, nor took part in it. It is his latest actions. Though that persuaded some the military's top retired commanders, including his former defense sector to speak out against him this week, calling him a threat to the constitution calling Monday, perhaps the beginning of the end of the American experiment now whether in fact it is, and we can all hope it is certainly not what happened. There did send a signal by the president's priorities which don't seem to be addressing systematic racial injustice or making policing more accountable. He calls repeatedly on governors who dominate the streets with military force doesn't believe in the peaceful act of taking a knee, which quarterback quarterback drew, brees recently apologized for critical remarks about. The President tweeting today quote we should be standing up straight and tall, ideally with the salute or hand on heart, there are other things you can protest, but not our great American flag note kneeling. For some that might be a deeply held belief, and it is, but does anyone really believe it is for this president or just more red meat for the base? Just moments ago, the NFL commissioner weighed in on the issue and totally changed his position. It seems from just a few years ago. We'll have more on that tonight. Also today Washington mayor, sending a message. She renamed a portion of sixteenth street across from the White House Black Lives Matter Plaza city put up a sign painted and letters big enough to be seen from above whether in the low lying, low, flying military chopper or Air Force One. Joining us now. The mayor of Atlanta Kisha Lance bottoms bombs. Thanks so much for for being with us. I mean at this point. Do you have any confidence that president trump? Will be able to lead the US. Toward the kind of change or lease, even discussed the kind of change. This moment requires. Now Anderson and thank you for having me I. Don't think he's capable of it and I've had to make a conscious decision over the past few days to stop expecting something from him that he's incapable of giving and every minute that I give to Donald. Trump is a minute less than I have to give to people and things that actually matter, and so what I'm encouraged by is when I see. Secretary Mattis and others speaking up when even you see the first lady tweeting things contrary to the hatred and division that the president speaks that encourages me and I hope that we see more of that. When when protesters talk about police, reform and systematic change, and there's a lot of different people from different walks of life who have different ideas about it and exactly what they want to see. What does reform of the criminal justice system of frankly a police departments around the country? What does that look like to you? I think criminal justice reform takes on all different shapes, so in Atlanta we've eliminated cash bail bonds. We're transitioning our jail into a center of equity. We've allocated reallocated a large portion of our corrections department budget towards some equity initiatives, but I also think on the other side of that is actual actual reform. The police department. You know earlier this week President Obama. Put out a call to action to mayors across his country to look at our use of force policies. We are doing that in Atlanta. Sign an executive order to make that happen immediately. So I'm going to receive some recommendations in the next fourteen days, and then we'll take an additional forty five days and get input from the community and begin to move the needle because we don't have time to wait. There, there's been talk of. We've seen reforms in police departments throughout the ages I mean I remember as a kid growing up in New York in the seventies. It was very different. Police Force than it is now. They changed the education requirements for for officers for for police officers who were joining the force, there used to be a lot of corruption in in the police force in terms of bribes and things. Things like that so there we. We have seen systematic changes, but obviously I mean I think everybody agrees more needs to be done. We just even seeing videos of how in some cases and they may be isolated, but we're seeing time and time again. You know officers whacking people with with batons when they don't need to, but they're you know. Maybe it's the emotion of the moment I I'm not sure what's going through their minds or pushing that man down the street or tasing. To college students in a vehicle W- how does police reform actually happened now? Now Anderson it's very frustrating because for every video and tragic story that we see there are still many other stories on the other side of it, so we truly software I who volunteer with our kids in our centers of hope they do a diversity and sensitivity training at the National Center for civil and Human Rights. Their mentoring kids in our police athletically and those stories. Don't get told that what what gets told are the stories where the bad officers do bad things, and it's unfortunate, but I think that's why it's incumbent upon us as leaders to. To make sure that we don't let up and we don't miss this moment and go back to business as usual. We've gotta take a really close. Look at what our policies are. What how are we training these officers? What is their mental and emotional state? Right now I know we have fatigue officers on our streets who are working eighteen hour shifts. Because of what's happening in this country, this does not excuse under any circumstances excessive use of force, but I think it is incumbent upon us to make sure that we had the best and the most. And emotionally fit officers on our forces across this country. New You know there are a lot of protesters out there. Holding up signs, saying de-fund police I talked to the Mayor of Houston this yesterday, and he was saying look that that's frankly the last thing you want to do. you actually want? Better training. You want resources you want you know the best and the brightest that that we that we that we have to be in the police force. While we reallocated money from our corrections budget in the same spirit, but what I know is when my eighteen year old nephew was murdered I call the we call the Atlanta Police, department and they solve the murder. What my house is broken into. We call the police department, so we need police on our streets. We need them in our communities, and we all call upon them at one time or another, but again we can't let these these bad actors overshadow. The partnership we're supposed to have with our police departments. They're not there to be guardians. They're I mean they're not there to be warriors. They're there to protect us and to work alongside us and I think that's a part of the twenty first century policing plan that President Obama. vice-president Biden left on trump's. Alongside the pandemic plan that he never bothered to read. Bottoms I appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you. Skip perspective, our political commentator, Van Jones and she political analyst. Gloria Borger. Then, when you hear of police reform I'm wondering. What your thoughts are on it. Well listen. Out of this tragedy. Something really extraordinary happening. You're seeing black lives matter rallies. Of A thousand people with only white people at them, holding up signs, saying black lives matter I mean we. We have cross threatful of the NFL Roger Goodell coming out and saying they were wrong in the way, they handled the kneeling protests, the nonviolent kneeling protest. They sure look a lot better now than you know. They were seen as scandalous at the time and he's. He's acknowledging that should have been handled way differently. There are reforms. It could are bipartisan. that. We could get done this year. I guarantee you next next week. You're going to hear a lot of proposals coming out of Congress possibly out of the administration possibly out of governor's offices, saying hey, why don't we ban the chokehold? Why don't we are trained for DE ESCALATION RATHER THAN ESCALATION? Why don't we make it easier to sue? Police officers for really agreed stuff. Obviously, you want cops to be able to do their job without worrying about losing their house, but if you do something totally atrocious. You should be able to go into civil court against that officer right now. You really can't. There are commonsense reforms that could be done this year on a bipartisan basis that would reduce the amount of unlawful violence. Also, you're seeing the best of law enforcement and the worst of law enforcement. Every day you got cops who are kneeling with with protesters who were calling community meetings. We're doing beautiful stuff heartbreaking. Heartbreaking heart rending stuff, and you got cops people upside the head and acting like idiots, and that's what we base in the black community every day, but now people are seeing both the face and the bad face, and the problem is the bad face never corrected even that those police offers shoved that man to the ground, a seventy five year, old man to the ground and left him there bleeding. His that which was wrong anybody with? No, that's wrong. Fifty plus officers have resigned supporting the bully cops, so we've got a problem here, but it can be resolved. It can be resolved this year we could a big big chunk of this could be knocked out this year and I hope it is you know glory. We saw the president today. Speaking economy about Mr Floyd briefly looking down from heaven, and saying that this is a good day It it came on the heels of meeting in the White House yesterday between President Trump and his campaign advisers. How much you think of what we heard today, and frankly what we've been hearing from this President these last eleven days and more is basically just about getting re-elected. Hundred percent all of it every bit of it, and he's looking at the polls understands what he sees, and for the same reason Anderson that he skimmed over the number of deaths in corona virus, and didn't meet with the families of those victims. He doesn't talk about social unrest. And I talked to somebody close you talk social unrest in talks about what he talks about is looting, and and you know. ENTER KISS I I mean I. Can't talk about right. He can't talk about the peaceful protests. Because of course, they were disrupted. By you know? Bullets Helicopters Etcetera Etcetera look this? I talked to somebody close to the White House. said to me, the president is not conversant as we all know given the way he acted tying the tragedy of George Floyd's death to a bright spot in the economy today. which was you know beyond tone-deaf? They know he can't speak this language. They know he doesn't feel it. The only thing he can talk about is the economy because it's something. He understands being a businessman for many many years, and so they're now talking about their. To greatness, which is not actually a great campaign phrase, but it's something that's perhaps terra firma for him, but he feels, and they believe that that is their only a key to reelection right now to make people feel good so like he's told us a cheerleader during Cova, he's trying to be a cheerleader now while there are walls being built around the White House. To keep him from protesters, it's it's a remarkable picture. Then, do you? Do you have a sense of where this goes next week? We're going to see the funeral for Mr. Floyd, on Tuesday in Houston. Where where does this go? We know. Does anybody I mean. Their directions here. The negative direction is a lot of lip service. No legislation passes of the cops. Don't actually get convicted, and then we're on the pathway to more and more unrest by the end of the summer you can have five or ten American cities on fire. That's one direction, but I think something has happened over the past few days. I think. Keith Ellison the Attorney General of Minnesota who I've known for many years stepping into the breach and charging those cops I think the violent disruptive protests calming down at the same time that the. The peaceful protests are actually growing shows another possibility and that possibility is to pass good laws to have better conversations, and a bunch of corporations are stepping Michael Jordan stepped up and said he's GonNa. Put One hundred million dollars on the table to try to help me that are suffering. You're having a flourishing of new conversation new philanthropy, hopefully some new lawmaking, and we could actually wind up stronger and better than than we've been, but it's up to us. We are at the crossroads. We are absolutely at the crossroads is it could go either direction? and. You know I am pulling for us to notice the new common ground. There is new common ground between African Americans, White Belts and other folks that there's something wrong with with our law. Enforcement System can be fixed that racism is real and that we do more about it. That isn't. That's an a new continent. There's emerged of common ground that we should take Banja Ben Jones Gloria borger coming up next more on the breaking news tonight. See Change on protests and racial justice from the commissioner of the NFL Aaron Jones. Benjamin Watson and Christine Brennan. Join us. We expect a lot from our homes. They're more than a place to hang your hat. Your home is where you try your handed gardening and new recipes, rest and recharge work and play, and that's why it homeadvisor. We're committed to keeping your home up and running no matter what from the projects that creep up on you like appliance repairs, gutter cleanings and faucet fixes to the ones you look forward to like creating your very own backyard retrieved worthy of a summer vacation. We'll find. Find local pros to help you. Get the job done right use. The homeadvisor APP day or night to get matched with the best pros for your projects. You can book and pay for more than one hundred projects with just a few taps, plus see the tasks trending in your neighborhood whether you need a last minute fix routine home, maintenance or an exciting new upgrade. HOMEADVISOR is standing by ready to do everything to fix your everything. Download the HOMEADVISOR APP today to get started. Even, as the president shows no inclination to change his views on racial injustice and peaceful protests, calling attention to it, the Commissioner of the National Football League tonight has Roger Goodell saying that the league admits it was wrong. Quote in silencing our players from peacefully protesting. Now this first came to national attention with former San Francisco. Forty Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others began kneeling before games while the national anthem played to protest police brutality. We the National Football, League condemn racism in the systematic oppression, a black people. We! The National Football League emit. We were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier. And encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. The National Football League Leaf Mike Lives matter. Commissioner goodell statement follows a video from NFL players last night, calling on him to say precisely that joining us now is seen in sports. Analysts in USA Today a Communist Christine Brennan Christine I of. How did this come about I mean do we know was? Was goodell feeling pressure from players, fans, owners, or is he just sensing a change in the country? I think it's more the latter Anderson Sensing the change. We are hearing that he was not pressured by the Donald Trump. Statement earlier that he didn't feel the need to react. When Donald Trump of course was saying positive things about drew brees, so it wasn't that Certainly, this has been four years in the making, so it wasn't exactly a rush job. In the sense that Colin Kaepernick was speaking out in August of two thousand sixteen, and of course here we are now. I do think I've known Roger. Goodell for a long time Anderson we grew up together he on the PR side, and the as a journalist and I. do think that these are things that he cares about and I. I know a lot of people criticize him all the time, but I can see him watching what's going on listening to his players? He said in that statement he said if there are no black players, there's no national football league. He knows that and he means it and I would have loved to see him. Apologize Colin Kaepernick. I would've loved to see him. Say something about Cabernet, but maybe that's for another day, but I do think the NFL has gone out here in a big way, and I am sure one of their biggest fans donald trump is not happy about this today. Would the owners had to agree to Goodell saying this? The owners usually agree of or android. Goodell does what the owners want. That is a great question. I have not yet been able to get the answer to that. As you probably know many of your personnel that at least ten NFL owners have given to Donald. Trump's campaign. They are big big. Donald Trump supporters including Jerry Jones with the cowboys Dan. Snyder here in Washington and I'm going to guess at some of them are not entirely pleased about this, either because there trump guys and they have not signed Cabernet obviously, no one has and they definitely. The they've put their money right where there is with with trump so. Now. You've got Roger Goodell going against the wishes of Donald. Trump that is a fact I think that Roger Goodell is sensing the mood of the nation and I think he's certainly with the majority of the nation and something that should be said. Young Fans Anderson are big fans. Of Cabernet. They bought all those Nike Jerseys a Nike. T shirts a couple of years ago with cabinet campaign in two thousand eighteen, that was so successful marketing campaign with Nike and so for your future fan base. This is a very very positive. Move me not for the older people, but those fans are going to be around for the next fifty years buying season tickets. I think. Roger Goodell. I WanNa bring in Benjamin, watching former NFL player, and I believe He's the author of under our skin, getting real about racing, getting free from the fears and frustrations that divide us. Benjamin I! Mean you wrote about this in in a under our skin. I'm wondering how you what you make. Roger Goodell statement. About them, we all have certain reactions, but whether he is sincere, or or if he's sincere, I think great good can come from this, and you listen to what he said we the NFL condemns racism. The systematic oppression of black people the next step. is to start addressing within the NFL. So this is a good thing. This is a great knowledge. Moment and I agreed that I do think Roger Goodell cares about these issues. But we look internally into the NFL and we just watched the NFL draft. We saw on our screens where there what gird many blacks and sea level positions. We know that there aren't many many minorities much less black people in ownership. There's three head. Coaches are black. How do we address those issues in the NFL? That's where the proof comes. That's where the action comes is by addressing the nepotism problem that I believe is still exists in the NFL desperate. We can kind of take this statement. Great Statement. We imply whether it was a pressure of players, which again I applaud our players from leading this now let's go to the next step and action. Let's see the proof when we look at NFL clubs now moving forward and Benjamin, your former teammate drew brees obviously had controversy this week when he said he'd never agree with NFL. Players who knelt during the national anthem. He's since apologized for saying that. Do you accept that apology? Of course of course I know drew is no secret play with do for several years led him and his family. I think that we have to collectively understand that when someone says something that they didn't mean something, no misinterpreted and they apologize. We forget that we move on. Do, said perfectly in a statement that he is going to with his actions through feels I. Think the biggest thing though is. He said he's going to listen. And that's the same thing you hurt Roger Goodell say. I'm going to listen look. We live in a country where we can have a multitude of different perspectives, if drew doesn't with people kneeling for the flag. That's fine what he does have to. Do is understand the plight of others understand the pain of others and be willing to step into their shoes and say you know what I may not agree with that I mean I understand that, but because I love you. Because I love your humanity, I'm willing to listen to where you're coming from and I know the on a shot of ago. Christine it's interesting because when when this was being discussed. When with Colin Kaepernick and others, there were a lot of fans who seem to not appreciate the idea of players taking a knee. Certainly, the president did and It seemed like the pendulum. See when once you know. Game started again and Games are being played. It seems like a lot of the owners backtracked as well. Right I think things have changed dramatically and obviously this is far beyond football of course Anderson. This is about our country and what we're seeing and what you're talking about every night on air, and and the NFL is a part of our culture, and clearly they are seeing this and so everything that we thought might have been the case. A couple of weeks ago is no more. And I can go. No, no, no go ahead. Well so so I just think that this shows if anyone is doubting how big a deal this is, and the tragedy of George Floyd, and all of the issues that we're talking about with black lives matter if anyone doubts that this is one of the watershed moments in our nation's history, something like a a sports league seems insignificant, except it's the nfl the our national pastime. Pastime, and if it hell is giving us that kind of statement today, which he did that signals that things have changed dramatically WanNa bring an Jones running back for the Green Bay packers. Aaron, being with us, you're a you're in the league right now. How do you think Adele's message going to be received by by the players? And how is it being received by you? Off. Will just glad he's listening. he's. Not, he's. Over squeeze. As openers. So, what's in store and so? I I think everybody. Is trying to take whatever they may be. If I can't I can't tell you how somebody else's GonNa react yeah. Benjamin Wynn. You didn't interview. Just I think it was yesterday and you were talking about how you had racist teammates Do you wish that this came from Goodell a lot earlier? And I wish we weren't dealing with any of this You know the truth of the matter is we live in a fallen world? We have seminar role manifest itself many times in a bunch of different things including racism, and so my wish would be that. We won't have any of this going on, but we do so. Yeah of course I wish that. Not, just a statement be made, but I wish that we wouldn't be dealing with the disparities that we're dealing within our culture that we won't be dealing with you know the year as one hundred. The two hundred years, a slave route one hundred fifty years of Jim Crow. Red Lining residential segregation. The list goes on and on incarceration I was dealing with any of those things, but here we are, and so the question is. How do we collectively? WHY BLACK RICH POOR! How are we going to make this country better so? That's what this has to be about. This has to be about American looking in the mirror. Because what we're seeing right now is a reflection of ourselves and deciding what we're going to do to make it better. Arron win when the season finally does. Start again and players are on the field. How do you think this changes things? So? Much of Back then we knew what it was about. Solidarity we, we are new. SCOPE! For us is nothing's really changed. We're GONNA. Continue to go ourselves. We. In our office. We don't see that it started off. All. Lay, down? Any! Know we have one common, goal. Aaron, Jones I appreciate. you joining us. Thank you so much Benjamin Watson as well and and Christine Brennan Policy said we. We tried to get you on camera and obviously some technical issues even with the phone. Really appreciate you coming Benjamin Watson great to have you Christine thanks so much We're going to have a closer look at the policing that we have seen as people protest current policy current policing. We've seen extraordinary images from the police in a positive way, and also some sticking incidents as well this in Buffalo. The fact that some officers are now defending the officers involved. We'll be right back. mentioned. The top looking live pictures at about park, avenue and eighty I the upper east side in New York, a couple of arrests. There are large numbers of police. We're not sure exactly what the situation is. Curfew began at eight o'clock, so was forty minutes ago. We mentioned the top how these protests have brought out the best in many people and the worst in others, looters, and some in law enforcement seen as Jason Carroll. Tonight has closer look. After eleven days of nationwide protests, a growing number of disturbing police incident on video are emerging from across the country. In Buffalo New York to officers have been suspended after a seventy five year old protester was pushed and left bleeding on the ground, initially, police said the man tripped and fell, but the video clearly shows two officers pushing him before he falls backwards to the ground when I saw, the video got sick to my stomach all fifty seven members of the Buffalo Police. Emergency Response Team, have resigned from the team, but not the department. They said the suspended officers for simply executing orders Oh my God. Scary in Tacoma Washington, a new video posted to social media appears to show officers violently striking manual ellis. As he lies on the ground, a second video also appears to show officers holding Ellis while he's on the ground, and telling him to put his hands behind his back Ellis died after being physically restrained by police. His family is calling for four officers involved to be fired. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. Blessed. Style okay was. News good. And not deserve! To be murdered. At the at the police. And in Atlanta new video of a woman being body slammed by a police officer, breaking her collarbone at a protest, may twenty nine, no word yet from the Atlanta, Police Department of whether the officer involved will face disciplinary actions. While in New York City last night, a small sign of hope as a police chief in Brooklyn de escalated a situation with protesters, shaking hands, and this an African American law enforcement officer. And how does that make you? How does that fit with well? I'm a black man but I loved being a police officer so I'm not resigning. Show everybody sick. Jason Carroll Cnn New York. Joins US now. Someone is familiar with both what communities police are experiencing. He's miles. McPherson your pastor. The Rock Church and San Diego author of the third option hope for a racially divided nation pester McPherson. Thanks so much for joining us. You reach out to me on on instagram and I I. Put your words. I just thought. I really was so. So happy that you're willing to come on because I I think you. You have really a unique perspective on this. Your Dad, a police officer. Your son is currently a police officer. and you've had some really profound comments about what is going on and for you right now. What do you think needs to happen in this country in the and? I'm so glad you're well. Thanks for having me. I'm so glad we gotta get the Solutions I wrote this book called Third Option because we live in us. Verse Them Culture and everybody's trying to get their way, and you're forced to pick side. You're the four against the police for against blacks or whites, and the third option is that we honor what we have in common. We have more similarities than differences, and if we would focus on that, all of us are in journey. Enroll bleed red. We all have like sleep like our food, but we all want to get along and have peace and. And so we gotta do take steps to bridge that gap and I would say one of those things is the to acknowledge that we have blind spots. A blind spot is not knowing what you know. There are a lot of times. We don't even know when we're offending somebody. Is this the gap between your intent of what you do and the impact of what you do lot of times, people will say things that are offensive. They don't even realize this for example. When you say I don't see Kulla. People are trying to build a bridge, but in fact, the person of color just feels like you invalidated everything that they are. This color has certain. Burns would certain certain things has been through, and when you say you don't see color, you tell someone you don't see them, and that you do not acknowledge what they've been through, and then therefore you can't really love them properly, because you're not even acknowledging the pain, they've been through a lot of times. The color we get the town we get in Hawaii. We celebrate. Celebrate, but the Tan someone gets in the womb. We invalidate you know. There are a lot of folks who are watching these protests, and they see different things. I talked to cremate Jabbar about this. Who wrote about in the Times recently? I thought it very eloquently. you know people we can look at one protest and see completely different things depending on what side of the aisle they're sitting on or what zip code there in, or or whatever it you know whatever point of view they have I. I'm not sure how one overcomes that. But I think there's a lot of people who are still not sure about where this goes, and maybe more some people focused more on you know, lawbreaking and looting and focus a moron police actions that are brutal and yet the vast majority of police and the vast majority of protesters have been. Trying to follow the law and peaceful and How do you get away from the US? Versus them and this polarization, which is stoked by our political leaders and The media by everything. The first thing you have to acknowledged that it is a US I them in that you have blind spots. Our social narrative is a story that helped shape how you see the world. It's information got from your parents, your school, your neighborhood and it develops a lens through which you to filter through which you interpret everything, so you're social narrative is going to tell you how to interpret the news how to interpret what you watch on on television with the people riding or an protesting how you interpret that how you interpret the police and what we all have to realize is that my social narrative is one of seven billion. I don't know everyone's and that's. Why have the humbly say? Helped me understand your perspective. That's why. People come together and talking listening to each other learning from each other and learn to love each other, but if it has to be my way versus you away, we're never going to get anywhere. One of the ways to do that is to rename people. Everybody was made in the image of God, every person and even the people who are looting were made an image of God. They're just doing. Doing bad things, but they're still made in the image of God and have the potential to live productive lives, and if we can see them, not through the name of looter or thug, all the names we give people and see God's potential in them and treat them that way, then we can start to move the ball forward. What are the things I've always believed in as a reporter and? Traveling all around, the world is the importance of walking in someone else's shoes and trying to kind of see things through. From a different vantage point. I online somebody said the other day. You know they think to themselves. What if I'm wrong and I? I think a lot of us. Don't really pay that fought very often and I think it's a really important. I thought to like what if my perspective is actually wrong on this and and being open to that possibility even. I, think can lead to interesting places. Brother you hit on the head, I think when people saw George murdered that the reason people on the streets some of them because they're just fed up with absolutely but I believe that a lot of people are out there because they realize I was wrong kneeling, he was cat was neely for our good reason, and if we would have heated his kneeling on the field, we might not be mourning the kneeling on George, and so I think people realize a man maybe I had this wrong. You're not right in my book, the third option about having. Having a race consultations, not race conversation we do see colored and the only time we say we don't see colors when we see it, but because we do see, have all these sumptious about who we see instead of intended taken those assumptions and claim that they're fact, we should suspend them and have a race consultation. What I mean by that? Let people self disclose to you who they are because you assumption might be wrong the lady. New York City. WHO said an African American man is harassing me or whatever because? She didn't have a dog leash. He was a he was a Harvard, Grad seesaw one thing, but had it all wrong, so I think we need to listen to people. Learn from people and get love them. Pastor Miles McPherson Wow this confirmed that think makes me feel like instagram is worthwhile. I really predict. Respond and SCR. It's great to talk to you and I I'd love to come to the surface of your sometime. The rods heard San Diego. As DOT, com, right pastor miles McPherson. Thanks so much appreciate it up next the push for reform within the Minneapolis. Police Department why protesters say this union leader is promoting a toxic culture, and and should resign in in Minneapolis will tell you about that later. The search for a cyclist accused of assaulting a group of people including children who are just putting up black lives matters flyers look at this guy. Like pitted me of white privilege. We'll be back. Doing, more searching than streaming these days. Say hello to HBO Max the New Way to stream. All of Hbo Threat Card is the greatest collection of movies. Bring meal. Introduce music joker. The love Td. New. Max Originals for everyone in the family. All of your favorites all in one place. To go on morning. Just you and means HBO Max Starts Streaming today, download the APP or visit. Hbo Max Dot Com to start your free trial. Free trial is for new customers, only restrictions apply. In Minneapolis demonstrators are calling for the removal of the police, union chief Lieutenant Bob Crawl, he's one of the few people who's defending the actions of the four X, officers involved in Mr Floyd's death, and he wants the officers to fight for their jobs in a letter to rank and file obtained by the Star Tribune. He said quote. They were terminated without you. Process and critics say they're the says that for there to be real change lieutenant. Kroll should turn in his badge more now from our Randi Kaye. Bob Cruel has always had a hard nosed approach to policing as head of the Minneapolis Police Union. He's been a proponent of what he calls warrior style police. which critics say encourages officers to use more force just last year when the mayor of Minneapolis Band such training Kroll began offering you to every officer who wants it while the mayor is in office, Kroll has also been accused of excessive force and racist remarks back in two thousand and four kroll was suspended for nearly three weeks after he had another off duty. Police officer allegedly punched and kicked a man for brushing against their car with his backpack. Kroll denied any wrongdoing on race. Kroll has had harsh words for black lives. Matter I. Don't see black lives matter. Matter as the voice for the black community in Minneapolis real black leaders will tell you that this is a terrorist organization that puts out false narratives, and according to a two thousand seven lawsuit brought by five African American Minneapolis officers, suggesting racism in the ranks Bob Kroll referred to then U S representative Keith Ellison as a terrorist ellison now Minnesota's attorney general is a black Muslim. The same lawsuit also accused Kroll of wearing a motorcycle jacket with a white power patch on it. Kroll denied the allegations and the lawsuit was settled for seven hundred forty thousand dollars. Despite his history of controversy, Kroll found supporter in the White House. Administration and the handcuffing and oppression of police was despicable the. The first thing president trump did when he took office was turned that around got rid of. The holder Loretta Lynch regime. And decided to start letting the cops do their job. What the handcuffs on the criminals instead of us! A review of crawls twenty-six years on the forest by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Newspaper revealed that crawl had at least twenty internal affairs complaints against him, including excessive force, civil complaints and wrongful arrest lawsuits. Now three of those complaints did end in Disciplinary Action Kroll told the paper that he is not a racist. He also told the Minneapolis city pages that he is not the boogeyman that some people have made him out to be meanwhile our calls and emails to Bob. Kroll were not returned Anderson. Randy thanks so much. Randi, Kaye, because so much of this has been. Concerning and interesting and troubling to kids a lot of kids have questions about all this unions tackling on tomorrow morning along with Sesame Street. It's called coming together. STANDING UP TO RACISM CNN. Sesame Street townhall gets underway at ten. Am Eastern time right here. Up Next what happened at a popular bike trail in Maryland when group tried to put a black lives, matters flyers some little kids. We're trying to put them up why police are now asking for the public's health and finding that guy in his biking gear. The Maryland national capital. Park police are asking for help. They're say they're looking for. A cyclist was caught on video assaulting a group of people including children who are putting up black lives matters. Flyers take a look at this. Leave her alone. Do. Not Touch her. See Nothing. Zero Lieber alone. Sarah Walkway. Hey. On Monday, purply police say the suspects fifty to sixty years old. Clearly a white guy waddling around in his biking cleats. About six feet in high short brown hair, the men recorded. The video says he's been back on the bike trail. He won't let this incident. Stop Them. He's putting it more. Signs and others have offered to help him. Jerk, news continues a handover Chris for Cuomo primetime.

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John Benjamin Hickey

"In a world with civil unrest global pandemic, there's only one person can provide the insight and perspective we need. Full release with Samantha B, all new Tuesday's streaming on your favorite podcast platform. Everybody gets Matt and Dave. If you listen to homophobia without ads and get access to our exquisite bonus episodes, the only way to do that is by signing up for stitcher premium. Just go to Stitcher, premium, dot, com, or the premium tab in your stitcher APP sign up with Promo, Code Home Oh and try a free month of premium listening and let me tell you something after that free month. Month you're going to want to stay on there so much? Great stuff on stitch premium, not just add free listening to Homo Thea, but also all of our exclusive bonus episodes Momo Thalia great bonus content from throwing shade and your premium subscription supports us in this show directly, so please go to stitch premium dot. Com Promo Code Homo for free month premium listening on House. Don't cost you nothin'. Ma- Karki Dave I'm. Self View. I, don't you just stare at yourself? If you're not a zoom meeting and you can see yourself. We'll right now just staring at you, my friend. Thank you bye I just mean that's the tendency that we all have. That is yeah. That is true. That is true I. I sat in on a book club last week and I found that I was looking myself the time. When that's what we what was the book? Here's my book. I was a guest a in a book club in Atlanta Georgia. They're reading Oh. Wow, social media and I was like yes. I do have the time to drop by meeting. That best, so maybe it myself because I, couldn't I? It was difficult for me to look at them in the face. Sure and it was. You were the star of the show. I mean. That's I love that because it's like gum. The sex in the city movie when Carey or the end of sex city carry is going to appear at a book club United Way, it doesn't matter. No, get high. Get all of it. How was asked myself it was it was it was lovely. It was really it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. Bunch of fun Gals in, suburban Atlanta. Distant drink and Chardonnay. You, know some of them have teenage kids. Couple of those teenage kids have come out so that getting talk through that experience. was lovely. It was it was great. I am available for book. Clubs. Really is the message. I'd love to maybe get a snippet of that and play it as a segment or something you talking with the with clubbers had I only recorded but I do oh well. How are you? What's going on I'm good. We have a terrific episode this week. Oh my God the incomparable John Benjamin Hickey. I love this guy. I've been wanting to get him on the chauffeur. Years he is just a good dude, and so fascinating and recovering from cove. It at the time is Ripe Oak. That's right. We saw at the timely, little little earlier in quarantine and he's just. Such. A legend of East, Asian screen and endless stories and not afraid to spill the T. When did not afraid to reveal that he met Andy Cohen from a nine seven six line back in yeah, I appreciate that I am shame about that. I used to call those numbers my own self. You did what you had to do in nineteen, ninety-four. He's such a delight and I have been actually I've been str-. This is where I'm at during the day on my laptop. I'm binging the good wife. Season One late season one. And then at night Michael night together are watching the good fight, which is a spinoff set later in the future, so it's bid. These universes are colliding, but anyway timely John Benjamin does pop up in one or both shows and it's. Always loved to see him anyway. He's great he's. so this week. and. I've been meaning to check in with you and see how you're how you're recovering how you're processing. This was the week of Zach Ephron Dad Bud so house, right? How are you? It was so liberating just to see a real body represented on screen like that. You know, isn't that? Nice Yeah wrote that headline that this Zach Affronts Dad, but I need to see your bod, and I need to see your dad. Because I don't like that. He is so far out of orbit in both of those departments. Still Perfection And I have. Have you watched the show that there? This is about the disaster? I, mean the part of it. That was interesting to me I mean. I'm sure people know this, but we you know the. There is a before after picture out there and like New York Post. Headline About Zach F- Ron's quote unquote Dad Bod`ed, and of course his dad bought is still incredibly. Written. And muscular kind unattainable, just not as yes psychotically shredded as he was previously, but it is, it is, it is heartening to know that I. Think while filming this show Zaka. Franck got to Lake E carbs for the first time, and it was kind of a spiritual experience which incite of how to be for him yeah. yet. I haven't seen the show I will I. Am in my spare time. I am tearing through. Find Me. The. Call me by your name, which was given to me by you? It is absolutely terrific. I am I'm loving it I'm just it's it's. I'm so glad and I I will admit I have a habit and did not read it, but I just. Skipped ahead and I'd read some spoilers. I just wanted to know what happened with our guys. Okay, okay? I'm not I'm not all right. Okay, yeah it I. will say the the first three quarters. Take you in directions. You do not expect to go. But it's fantastic may and if you WANNA put a book club together around it. I'm down. speaking. Of Books Oh speaking of literature. We have been soliciting my first time slash. Flesh hunger stories. Just stories of you know. Our fumbling bumbling first, times. and someone set one in. That is not short now. I should remind listeners were were soliciting these things it's out. It sounds like we're collecting smut were not the is all about you know adolescence in uncertainty you can send in audio. You can send in text. You can do whatever you choose. DESCENDED INTO HOMOPHOBIA POD at G. MEAL DOT COM. That's right. Today's splash hunger story is a letter. It's a letter. Would Jump I. Will I'LL START I'll start, but I don't think it's. It's perhaps overwhelming to take on completely so I. Will I will I have skimmed at? Already can tell him in any the handed off to you okay I'm here for you, okay? Let's get into it. Hi, David Matt. I wanted to send in my first time. Slash Flesh, hunger, experience I do love that term so much by the way great soda, we. Despite being rather small conservative town, I came out in high school. Good on you. Being one becoming one of only two guys in the school who are openly gay after a very close call in which I nearly lost my virginity to a girl I realized that the relief I felt at her parents. Having come home was the answer I needed. In my long suffering. Am I gay debate. been there. like pretty much any American. School mind was stratified by cliques, typically claimed a specific territory as there's a learned early that befriending enough people in as many clicks as possible was a survival tactic that would allow me to get through my four years of high school, relatively unscathed tales. Tale as oldest time it also helped me ensure I always had the best scoops on the the school. Newspaper interesting is very naito to know. This is very andres argument. One morning I sat with some of my friends in a hallway that led from the cafeteria. Again will call Brad. Approaches US and nervously interrupts. He says hey. You're Mike Great. Can I talk to you privately? Matt, but you'd like to. I'll pick it up from there I thought it was strange, but I agreed and followed him outside to a remote area, hidden from view by a large PRA tube. Rinse in the wall. Don't would approach to prince is, but I can picture nego. What's up? I asked nervous about why he wanted so much privacy. I knew of him, but couldn't really say with any certainty that I knew him. Are You gay? He blurted out I was certain in that moment that I was going to get the shit beat out of me. He was easily much stronger than me. And we were outside of anyone who might end up passing by under pure coincidence, a nodded and brace myself instead of his fist. What can flying at my face was his lips. Pressed them to mind so fast. That I had no idea what to make of what was happening. I knew was that I had no idea how much one of those lips till they were touching my own by shock also left him an opening to French, so I ended up with his tongue in my mouth to French guessing not. The setup we were going to French class, but yeah, okay got it got it. Oh, okay, but I loved this. I wanted so much more, and I melted into every second of it I had never felt my heart thunder. The way it was doing in that moment there was no gravity. There was no school. There was no rough concrete, painfully pressing against my back and head out. There was only the line where our bodies pressed together. When the first bell rang, the kiss entered any gave me his number and asked me to call him after school. My friends waited on me to rejoin them and could see I was somewhat dazed. I only told them I'd have to explain everything later. It was the longest school day of my entire. Life Matthew. As it turns out. Brad lived walking distance from my house and he was a latchkey kid, and this meant that we often had to three unsupervised hours after school. If we went to his place, and we made the best use of them, we could performing everything short of anal sex, but only because we couldn't find lube. That's the poetry kind of drops off their little bit, but the judge. Just that's a note. For later got. He was a great ahead of me and had. Had his license and a small crappy pickup truck. We leave school together at the end of the day and park somewhere and make out or go to his place and do much more than make out one one day we got really brazen and performed oral sex on each other in the bathroom of a State Park. We were nearly caught by park officials and had to quickly play it off like we were examining a sample for some science project. We were working on together. Wow! Dave I. Don't know the Park Ranger bought it Mike you didn't but knowing what an awful actor! I am. I guess is likely not the prospect of having nearly been caught wrists exciting terrifying. We considered ourselves somewhere between friends with benefits and boyfriends for the remainder of his time in high school, until I left for college and moved away, the trouble was he remained in the closet, so an out and proud relationship was never an option, and I hated the idea of going back into the closet for him. Checked up on him on social media every once in a while, it looks like he moved to California and has come out and is living his best life, which makes me extraordinarily happy for him I wish him all the best and hope he knows how important he was to me as I grew up. Thanks for everything that you guys do this. PODCAST is my happy place in these chaotic times Mike Thank you so much. Oh, Mike for for listening and for your candor. And for your detail. That was I mean. The the description of the kiss really gave me like what I used to feel. Reading like sweet valley high as like Rl. Stein books about you know. People have I kissed. Early Great and I hope that situation absolutely and I hope that Mike. You two are living your best life wherever you may be just like Brad is wow. That was that was a journey. That had beauty that had that had it was. A+ Mike a plus Mike understood the assignment. Absolutely did and he completed it with flying colors. Thank you Mike. that was I mean. I've dreamed that kind of situation in high school. Yeah. I, I did have as we. Had A situation. This didn't quite feel the way it did for. Mike is my hunch. By the way we should also share a review. We've been soliciting as finally asks people go to Apple podcasts. Give us a five star review. We will read it on our message to our listeners is basically. Do you like US yes or no? Right and the only correct answer is yes. To Yourself. Okay Yeah, so do shall we where yes, please? All. Oh, I missed it I lost it. It's it's The headline is much lower than five stars promote. Fella named Barrington James who is short and sweet bearing James says need this podcast more than ever the positivity that really and welcomed escape from quarantine. Everybody wear a mask register to vote and arrest the cops who killed Brianna Taylor. Thank you so much. Sorry editorialized that a little bit, but you get the point, but. I think that's what he meant. You read between the lines there. Barrington thank you Mike You Homophobia pod at dot com where you send those flesh hunger stories. We are here for them. speaking of flesh hunger. You're going to have a lot of it for the this week's guest. Truly end. There's a lot of flash. He's a big tall guy. the great, the legendary, the charming, the monstrously talented John Benjamin Hickey. What's up here? Wolf listeners, this jockeys, Neil from culture kings, and I just WanNa let you know about a project that I am curated for ear will presents called black voices Friday each week. I am going to present to you a different podcast hosted by some amazing voices and creators that you may not have heard about before. This is my chance to amplify black voices in your chance to support them, so join me every Friday on air with presents to expand your ears and get to know some amazing black voices. With civil unrest and a global pandemic, there's only one person can provide the insight and perspective we need. Paducah. It's me Samantha me. I know what you're thinking. Does she already have bad cast? But no, you're thinking of everyone else each week and my new podcast full release I'll talk to interesting smart people like Soledad O'Brien Jilani, Cobb, please subscribe join me every week full release with Samantha B all new Tuesday's streaming on your favorite podcast platform. Are. We good. Okay. I feel like I'm good. I'm recording. Yes, good as a good. Look good. Feel good. Guess. What's clear these debts right? That is clear. John Benjamin Hickey. Where are you right now? I am in East Hampton New York, but on. The other side of the tracks. I came out here about. I guess says six seven weeks ago now. and I have settled in here and you'll very fortunate to have been able to get the city We were talking earlier about the fact that I got sick with coded and spent. Three weeks in my apartment. battling it out by myself. Which is actually I preferred that I have the best superintendent in the world's in world, so he would go to my local diner and pick me up food and leave it outside the door every day and make sure I was okay. So I was able to kind of do it on my own and not make. Not Expose myself to anybody else. My partner was actually flying into town the day I got tested for La and his doctors dipper smart and said you know what I think. Maybe you shouldn't see each other I think you should you head out to the beach. so I I did the whole thing by myself. In retrospect, I was happy. Because the one thing I didn't want to do was. Make anybody else sick you now, of course of course. What's the General Easthampton Vibe? Our things closed down or people masked up oracle note. People are just you know behaving like animals. Don't you? Read The New York Post Act. Every third article in the New York Post APP is like the people in the Hamptons are the worst people in the world. You know it out for New York and It's it's very very quiet here. and. It's quiet in a way that. It usually is quiet. The Pre Memorial Day in the area I live in. so feels a little bit like normal here you go to the grocery store on every wear, masks and gloves, and they only let ten people in time. Kind of go about your normal life. So it feels. Yes like everything shut down, but It's a quiet life out here. Anyway it's when I go into the city and driven back in a couple of times to to pick up mail and stuff that I needed and the minute you hit like right before you get into the midtown tunnel, and you start seeing all the billboards that are like. Out Gated. And you pull into the city new turned down Lexington Avenue, and you look down Lexington and there's nobody on the streets. That's what you start to think. I'm in a will Smith SCIFI. Move! He were every Miam- Legend and A ghost town. Yeah, yeah, on your enact so it chance your question. It doesn't feel that different out here, but. Everyone says that after Memorial Day displaces, can kind of go crazy, because there are so many New Yorkers who have places out here? Who are just moving out here? Nobody's doing anything else to summer. Summerside staying of course. Of course, of course, so when you were alone in quarantine, what what was your? Day today, what were you? What were you watching or reading? That was keeping you company. I had the best friends in the world. we good question will I was saying to you guys that it hit me like A. Ton of bricks and like a freight train, a runaway train suddenly stopping dead in its tracks. Tested on May Twelfth, which is the day they shut Broadway down, and I was just about to make my Broadway directorial debut directing this revival of plaza suite. The Neil Simon play with Matthew Broderick Sarah. Jessica Parker, we've done a run in Boston. We're having invited dress that night, and it really was. That day was like end. The band play on it. We were all everybody was on stage in costume makeup lights running through the show. Like the you know the the orchestra, the titanic and knowing that the plug was going to get pull. The plug got poll I went to my doctors tested. and. Then got brutally sex, so there was a part of me that was. Relieved that the plug had been pulled on Broadway. Because I was like I have been able to go to see my fucking play anyway I was. Out of it but I. I watched so much TV, and the thing that I watched. That I've watched the second time. Have you guys seen this German show called? Babylon Berlin. Tell it's the best show on television. It may be the best thing I've ever seen. It's a German. produced show on. It's the most expensive show in the history of Europe and it shows. But that doesn't necessarily make good. This is good because it's good. And about a Berlin one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety eight Weimar Republic right before the Nazis to power in it's. A detective story it's sexy nightclub story in. It's absolutely extraordinary stunned. You guys don't know what you just giving you a great gift. hundred because there. How do I find it? It's on net flicks. And my huge advice that usually everybody knows, but Netflix has a funny way of making you. Wanting you to watch it up, but of course you don't want to watch your job. You WanNa Watch it in German with saw. It's three seasons I. Think there's about twenty five episodes. You're not going to believe how beautiful and sexy wonderful to to leads are These two German actors it. It's just a story of Berlin in Nineteen Twenty eight, and a were like my best friends, and I spent the whole two weeks with those guys watching that show, and then when I got well and finally got out to Long Island and met with my partner I made him watch. It and I watched the whole thing again. That's all my God the. I watched. That just has to such a perfect. Pairing with this is, there's a network here. I'm sure is a national network called me TV which runs Oi Zeroes in. Watched Walton's every day. I hadn't seen Walton soon as a kid, and it was such a bomb to my soul to my very sex soul. Because the Waltons get. The the. Moral order is always kind of semi restored to the universe by the end of that show, so watching the Waltons, they really they really got me through it and I started taping the show, and I just saw that it was on my dvr list, and I was like Oh haven't spent time with the Watson sits was really sick I, but that show his very well. You're probably all too young to remember the Waltons but oh absolutely remember the ones. That was a very big part of my childhood yeah. On. Your convalescence. You're watching things set in the depression, and in a country that is teetering on the brink of fascism. Absolutely. I don't exactly escapist. But there was. It's sort of like. They said the reason jaws was so popular was because. The country was going through such a shitty time. Time was read a recession. What and like you just like to see people who have it worse off than you do so get home and I had it prison bad those few weeks, so it was nice seeing the Nazis rise to power is I was like well at least well. Maybe we're not living through that period, right? Elite available, isn't it? Yeah. I love that I I ended. Up Gap I remember. Just going back to Plaza's. Lying in bed one night, and reading the like we subscribe to the New York Times, and then I never read it, and I feel guilty, and then at night i. read it in bed because I don't want it to go to waste and gasping and Mike my boyfriend rolls over and goes. What and it was the first that I saw an. For, PLAZA SUITE AND was so excited to go to New York as I know so many people were. You know no detail about sap's to minor for me for your share, but. How how how was it going up until you know? The titanic begin to say yeah, exactly. It was a dream. It really was you know I went into it because this is only the second being ever directed in my first Broadway showing. we had done reading of it three years ago at symphony space in new. York in I asked Sarah Jessica. Now who are old friends of mine? They would wanna read something and they're like sure. Let's is something to do together. We have worked together in twenty five years. Why not? We landed on this play. which is such A. Such a great play about relationships and marriage and long time turn marriages. Relationships that are just beginning, it just seemed like a perfect fit for them, not just because of the Meta, thinking of them being a married couple themselves but If, you don't know the play. It's those two actors played six different parts, and every part V them perfectly. The next night. We had dinner and they were like we want to do this week. You should direct hit so two and a half three years later. I am directing it and I have. Never had a better time in a rehearsal room. and. I loved watching them. Love working with each other because I. don't even think today new. You know they've been married for twenty five plus years, but they've only worked together for a very brief amount of time. She replaced. In the last month or two of how succeed in business, so they only had little short amount of time working together. And and to see them so enjoy. Each Other's company was a great joy to behold, and also huge fucking relief, because like what if they ask each other? What if they and they are? We talked we talked about this like you. Guys spent your whole marriages working home marriage working. and then coming home to each other now you have to go to work together and come home together. Should you get separate apartments? Should you get? But they really really delighted in each other's company, and that joy was manifest in very palpable in the with the audience as we had in Boston we did a three week run in Austin, and we had like seventeen hundred people. There are nights run completely sold out. There was really really great, and it was so it was such a thrill to watch people. Watch them I didn't I knew that he was a big deal and I knew that she was a big deal i. kind of underestimated. WHAT A BIG DEAL! They would be together. How much people would enjoy seeing them? Beyond stage together. So what? What's the future now? Will they just announced that we will do it starting March thirteenth twenty, twenty, one in it at the Hudson. Theatre where are set is standing and we would open officially a nineteen, twenty, twenty one, but that of course is if were back. You know I mean I think it's still a big question, isn't it? I just I'm no expert, but it seems to me like. There's got to be a huge. Amount of safety in place, and whether that means a vaccine like you know I. Just don't know how people are going to go into a crowded space like. Like that without. Some safety in place. You guys agree I have signed A. Theory that that means at the Hudson theatre will be empty for the next year. Absolutely David. Byrne is scheduled to take America Utopia back into that theater. This all of which would mean, they would have to take our set out in store it and let him you. Show again, but that's. highly yeah. I don't know if it's unlikely. I mean I hope it happens that that he's able to joining all but but it seems unlikely you know. There was a great cartoon if he was in a New Yorker. Where else would it event where when they closed Broadway shows. There's an old couple in their apartments. He was reading the paper and he's just saying. It just closed the Broadway theaters. Where am I supposed to cough? As. Times in the best times, a Broadway theater is a just a total petri dish. Now the big time can. Water bottle there, right? You've got somebody else's program. People right on top of you, so they got to figure that out. But I can't wait to be back can. Cough together. I WANNA, Call I. Want you to cough on me? I WANNA call. The. Social distancing place? Is that mean that my actors I guess because my two actors are married to each other that meter. Is Good position there is like is the string section have to sit sixteen apart from each other at? Does it seem doable on any level? So. You might be the only show in town where the actors can do their original blocking. Absolutely absolutely that might be a marriage has its advantages. When I was. Just. Doing some googling just to prepare for this, you know one of the first off like sort of auto fill things that come up on Google is John. Benjamin Hickey. Tiger King Oh. What is happening here and? I don't know if you've seen this Dave but several. Have called on John to play. A Joe Johnson. Yeah, that's a dream. Casting is what that is, so maybe nick cage is a little bit more of a draw in a little bit more on the money. I don't aware that I think it was on vulture. West after I'd gotten well at had and also justice after I watched tiger king I was, so it was like the cure for Cogan with somebody saying what I see. Play I was so deeply flattered in in deeply excited by the idea and other people like padded Clarkson should be lots. Carol Basket has highly green casting, but. Funded be. The TV Tiger Phen- we keep keep it. Keep it open. Keep it open. Keep an open mind about it. I would only direct you back to the amy. Fisher story. Nineteen Ninety, two, ninety, three, literally, every network had their own. Amy Fisher. Story Drew Barrymore gotTA. Swing added. L.. Listen. Milan got a swing at it. It there were there were high art takes. There were commercial takes I think everyone is going to take their unique swing. I will be elevated. One woman. who was Moreno storage who played? Her the the Weiss Joey for for. My Home, one of them might have been Meredith Baxter. Thanks so I was GonNa say I think that feels right, chatted meals rain I would hate to be wrong. I would love to be right about that. Yes, you're right. There could be several types of things, but I think we're all in very much agreement that nothing's ever GonNa talk that just. That that thing going to make better than that here or worse than? Said, about Grey Gardens you know, and they would full television movie out about so David resorted. Share. which is your favorite of exotic husbands? Poor unfortunate souls. Poor I mean my gay friends called me. You know first of all. Have you seen that? Have you seen his second hut and just as low spoilers, no spoilers. Oh God. That was the most horrible moment I've ever seen anything. Truly was what was his name that poor travis? I think yeah. TRAVELSMART Travis Maldonado was gorgeous, and I mean even toothless Joe was what my friend Kristen Johnston would have called country hot. They might not necessarily. Speak of in the city with you're stuck out in the middle of the country. Not so bad, but the shocker was. That I mean I don't WanNa, be rude, adopt disparate. They were gay for pay for math, weren't they? I mean I guess found both of them. We're fucking the girl that. Dimmer Game Right. Yeah and this awfully affects it like those boudoir pictures are very intimate and passionate lethally became pagan is pictures, and and there's one sequence where out like you know off road. What do you call that you know? Off. Road we're. And Travis goes to Kiss Joanne. He very sweetly like wipes his mouth off only so sweet to Joe. but yeah I mean. How they wound up in that. Universe is is very complicated and kind of and tragic and I hear that LIVED FIRST HUSBAND! Was Mad that they didn't show him with his new teeth. He has Yes. Is More than he looks great. He does look good. He's cutting. You show up for an interview for documentary with no shirt. You know what you're getting yourself into exactly exactly get totally like and you think. He showed up with shirt or did. You have an idea. Or. Maybe the filmmaker had an idea. WHO WHO's to say? It is absolutely impossible for me to put myself into the head of any of those people. Yup Yup and I just saw something on the news. That like carols, husbands tells late. Husband's name may have been forged on his will. Boy! They've reopened that case. Going on there yet so. We'll be hearing about them for the rest of. Its until until the day we die, we'll be seeing their faces and Donald Trump's fan so alyssum lot patio accident Jon, Hagey gets employed. Those guys will be. Let's hope we hear about them. Until aspiration I love it. I love it John. What did you grow up watching? What was I? Think it like what was the first show that you would just never miss? I mean you know I was a big brady? Bunch family? I was big They would after school. There'd be the MERV Griffin show. I love that show. And then they I would go over to channel eleven in Plano. Texas was the rerun channels so are reruns were leave it to beaver and we just lost high school. Did you see that is I love that woman? The reason nobody trusts. Nice kids, yeah, exactly, and that name still applies. You can still use that as a yes Leak to Bieber. Gilligan's island. Lucy Dick Van Dyke. That was my magic two hours. That's solid line. What my brother was begging needed come played touch football across the street. I was like no. Stay on. The MERV Tony feels might be on the MERV Griffin. So I, loved reruns, and then, and then I I really came of age with the advent of the miniseries and the miniseries nobably was first thing that made me go I've got inappropriate feelings was off Richmond poor man with with? Peter Strauss Nick Nolte. Jude is at home now. Yeah, absolutely, pull ups imagery just to. Out raise continued. That was crazy and it was great. It was the thing that my family which. Usually in separate corners, it was a bonding experience. My family watched together Richmond me. The miniseries was an event. Is it was an event? absolutely I. Your Thorn Birds. Birds huge, too. That was another one where Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. That was her name. Yeah, that was so hard to remember a time where everything was happening in that real time like you, you would only be. You would all be able to talk about. There were no such thing as no spoilers because you have at the same time every night that week in could go to the water cooler the next day and talk about it, whereas now you know. Something that we have those words. No No, you needed to be in front of the television at seven PM. To catch it from the beginning, I yeah, I I loved a love to thornbirds. I was I kind of came of age in. When the miniseries got super trashy celebrity. Lace Oga phoebe cates. Which of you bitches legal. Friend of mine still say that line to her sometimes I wow not offended when I do it when she says something that annoys me, unlike which were you bitches as my mother, yeah. I love it I love. Those were very trashy words. They got got trashy. Winds yes. That those have to be streaming somewhere, if not me, TV needs to get on it yet. Many Utd should have a They should run routes the way we saw roots, which was one like Iran for a full week two hours every night. To see it that way. Did you watch. Because I I've just gone through visible. That Apple TV documentary about about Queer people in television, and they make a big deal out of an early frost. Very very huge. Bears huge. Yeah, yeah, that was because that was when the bad stuff they started being able to tell stories, not just not shade and acceptance, or on there was a there was a TV movie the same year with Marlo Thomas and off Martin. Sheen and my friend Holly Balsam kicked camping blanking on the actress name, but it was about a sign coming out as gay, and then not accept it in. It was not great, and then six months later because AIDS was part of the. You know. The National Dialogue, than an early frost cannot, which was amazing, Aidan Quinn the great eight Quinn W Moffett. Oh. Yeah, yeah, and it was wasn't Ben Bizarre. In general is the parents he was just gas was. So. Incredibly sad and great. I What was that movie? Hold on, it was it was consenting adult, wasn't it? Yeah, you know, I remember that because I. Remember there was there was a scene. It was buried tub. The Gay son. Who then go on to be in top gun? which was an even gay or movie? But there was a thing where he like accepts a ride home from the mall from some Guy With van, and then they stop parking lot, and you just nothing happens, but you understand that there are about to go into the back of the van into. Fifteen on fire, what you're reminding I was I was seventeen or eighteen, eighteen thousand MC first year of college. and My mother came to a teaching conference, being in San Antonio Right near where I was in school, and she wanted to go to the movies at at night, and there were two movies playing at the mall, and one of them was shoot the moon, the Great Allen Harker movie with dynki Finney and the other one was movie called law, and I knew enough to know that couldn't go. See that movie with my mother, and I got, but I did see it and those two guys Michael Keenan Harry. Hamlin US Citizen Gorging The movie is it's not a great movie. Don't watch those two guys in that movie. K. Jackson. Who's like that you? A Charlie's angel was in that movie. Those guys absolutely go for it in that movie. They're not afraid of those parts, and I really really mired them because. I'm sure that fucked up fucked up on short fucked their careers up a little bit. Making scenes. They really are very bold. In in their portrayal of those characters, and that was at a time when that had enormous career n de risk attached to it. Absolutely I saw that movie was on television. In later years like late night, television and I remember being in the basement, and watching it with the sound at like one out of twenty might face an inch screen like a an ear to the stairs. Just in case anybody came down the most exciting. Movie ever healing of knowing like this is going to mean so much more to me than I wanted to and the guy anybody noticing. Do we to me. It's going in unit did. And where was young John Benjamin Wynn. He seeing that movie in terms of knowing that you were an actor. Oscar say knows gay. I don't think I think I was scared. He that idea that I was gay couples, even more scared of the idea that I wanted to be an active I was doing a lot of Stuff in high school. You know just of recreationally in Dan in college I started doing a lot more but I thought I. IF I did come to New York, I would start itself and I would become either a filmmaker or film critic I. Read Pauline Kale all the time back then. You know that might have been another thing helping her. Bad Michael on in. But I thought I would study. Selah therion criticism that was of course she could take. nyu, but I was not a I was. I didn't have the courage to admit that I wanted to. I actually didn't knock came to New York I finished an English degree at Fordham University and did plays I addition for juilliard in got in which was like getting golden ticket in the moment I got it. Oh, going to be an actor. Now I get to say I'm going to be a doctor because I helped the golden ticket. That's exactly what that was. And were you out when you juilliard known? No I was. Terrific relationships with women and was. Very very much I would say in the closet. I mean I I knew but I was still trying you know and. And you know. I came to New York in eighty three. Armed with two Time magazine covers one of them. Had Madonna cover in the other one had the AIDS. A huge cover story about AIDS and I read that in Plano Texas, so I came to. New York afraid afraid of who I was, but also afraid of what might happen if I if I ended up being that so I think that helped keep me. In pretty tight for her. I came to New York at twenty one another ten years. And years at least yeah yeah. So yet took me. It took me Quite a bit of time I. Mean it didn't stop me from. Doing a bunch of gay plays in stock because. I'm sure that it appealed to me. To my soul, because that's who I was as a human being, but it was also like to be in terrence. McNally's love compassion. All the cool kids wanted to be not play gay straight. You know John. slattery and I wanted to be in place for you. Know and I documented it, so that was just. Had nothing to do with me being gay more than it had to do with me wanting to have a career that. Included being in terrence McNally's play. Does that make sense absolutely? Yeah, yeah, so so that helped that certain. Those don't mentors. Those heroes you know people like. Terrence and Craig Lucas and Of course later, Tony Kushner in a director Joe. You know. The cool. Kids knew who they were and weren't afraid to admit it. And I I caught up eventually. And became very cool. Love that you serve so, what were the first steps of that process like like? What were your early sort of dating experiences? I mean I'm GonNa go, Andy Cohen has been so. Vocal about it. You know I came of age in the era of phone sex, and and end in hooking up that way. It's the way Andy Reid. WHO's my best friend of twenty five twenty six years longer longer now. oh. God it's I can't believe it I. Think it was like ninety two. Ninety Ninety three We picked each other up off of a phone sex line. He you know and that was back when you didn't superstorm. I've ever talked about this you. Know what the person looks like you. There were no good. Put a fake picture. Up And You just go. Dice is up that voice and roll the dice, wia Kenneth Huge career and voiceovers for about ten years was because I'd spent enough time. Meeting! That drag. Andy came over he had rollerblades and very long or retail. Look like you know the Nice Jewish boy version of what's your name? Heather Graham in boogie nights. Maybe, true seconds of of last, but it was immediately. Best Pals in remember. We went on a date a few days later, he had a to a restaurant called Paris commune in West Village. It's long on, and he had a denim shirt on and driven for Jean Meyer ties they were. They were very popular. The nineties they were like horizontal stripes. He has ceased Meyer Tie on and. that. You were. It was. You know it was it was. It was easy to to kind of do it. What's the word you know? You could you could hide. What's the word for you, could you, could you? Not Anonymously I mean. It was in that way, but it was just nobody. You there I was I was afraid to death of bars. I've never been a bar. Persian will matter what I mean I'm just not a big bar guy. but back that covert was very covert. Right on clandestine. You know it was although seaward. That I liked because it kept you hit. was immediately. And then of course, there was the fear of you know. SEC exotic so. Was it was very furtive. It'd in a very careful about the whole thing. Immersed myself in work, at. A shock. With through I was. Watching, you had to immerse yourself in work. Four bills on the nine seven six line where no joke. Oh my God! A friend from childhood before about them, come to stay with me New York and he was strange. He was calling. Strange phone sex lines and I didn't know it and two months after he left four hundred dollar phone might might read twist four hundred and fifty dollars on Thompson's. I was I called him back in Texas. Do. You have to call your mother and. Or going to send this monkey. Somehow got me money. Yeah, yeah, they were dangerous. Those things maybe. Back with. With the coded crisis, you know people are using zoom in that way. I'm told. That seat that requires I'd need about six ring lines. That Ray I R-. I would need you know yeah me. Neither over nor clandestine. Wanted to make sure the pillows rewrite everything of course, and also like you can never be sure. The other person isn't recording their screen. Oh God yes. Yes was that a concern in the phone sex days like? Would you're in that period of life and you Andy? You are already an established actor, right? Sorry I was up until this eight of your down still. All this stuff we're. You must have. There must have been some fear of being outed. Franklin defendant out on how porn! You. Know you thought about that up until the point where you just had on some way to get late virtual, or or are non Churchill sure? I probably was you know more careful than I was reckless I. Are we have my reckless moments? What are you GONNA do? How did your? How does your community? How did you like Queer community come together was a through work. Then you're not A. a bar person. Yeah, it was it was through. People like eighty was through. People I worked with you know my. Old Friend. JOMON tallow in his partner at the time was robbing Bauge John Robin Bates I. Play I. Did in New, York. Even before love. Valor was great Robbie dates. Play with Roger. Reese marshawn. you know the back to that thing of wanting to be one of the cool kids? The cool kids I knew were queer, and most of them were out. So that's how I. Might community started. From a a work thing. And in continues to this day. You know I just. Finished this doing his play the inheritance. Met, a whole new generation of of a lot of illustrate But you know I make most of my family is built for work like for most of us, but you're the theater your gypsy, dot, you make these incredibly sort of site specific intense family relationships. That you live in greed. These people so I guess the answer to your question was all through work. Salted. And, we don't. We don't know what the future of of that kind of work and really any kind of socializing is I'm. Concerned about the young people coming into New York and finding their. New York right now is is everybody here. In another in La. Are you guys all in La are? We're all in La A.. L. As the future. You know my partisan of how stare at. He had long before we not. An. It's like I don't know there's a part of you. That feels like a week ago to Los Angeles when it's time because it feels like there's more space here, you know, but. You know. What is my identity without New York City right after nine eleven happened. I was in a really amazing of the crucible that starred Liam, Neeson and more Linney There's a great actor Henry Straem was in it, and it was all during the rat in orange alerts. You remember the coating gets. You know what color was dangerous. It was outside and we were all talking about addressing room night in. Henry said off. I'M NOT GONNA. Pay Anymore attention to that figure. If they're going to. If they're going to annihilate New, York City take me with it because really who wants to live in a world. There's No York City. And I. Don't I feel that way I don't? Najan being a really these kids who are in the I was in the inheritance with. Like Egypt, had the ride of their lives and now. It's just it's just completely over. It's nothing. So I guess the only response to that is, it has to come back right. Lean Vassal Yemen ESTA. Were we we we just? I just can't consider while the alternative would be in his as television goes I. Heard a thing today. Where they were like we'll, they'll quarantine the cast of TV shows, and there'll be no such things as guest stars anymore. It will just speed in. Somebody said what are they going to deep dive into Mariscal Harte's personal life ahead. svu Is. It's about who the murderer is down. We Got Go before you're out. What the new normal! You know. And certainly hope that includes plays and I hope that includes plays where we ought to sit next to each other. Idea of a Neil. Simon play. People just sitting. Three or four seats apart and. Just doesn't seem doesn't seem doable. Anything's possible. So. Tell us how you and your partner met. On a gay phone sex just kidding. Connects the best day a Brunch at a lunch you know. I don't do brunch. I never done branches. I feel like New Yorkers. Don't really do them. Especially people who work like idly which was not ninety five. I worked on Sundays I was in L.. A. TV. Show a TV show that was head of its time, but a sweet showcase. It's all relative. We were gay dads me and Chris Sieber. We were like the Fussy. It was like the little like the birdcage. We were the titan gay parents in the and the blue, collar, family. We each had kids and they married you know when we were from other sides, town and mayhem ensued I was doing that. Show a went to a lunch or Brunch party at my friend Jeff Greenburg, who is a great great cassie director yet and Jeff Richmond partner was, and he was writing on frazier at that time and we met and started. Dating and that was like. Eighteen years ago. Along time ago, yeah, and our lives for most of those seventeen eighteen years have been In separate cities. He spent most of his family because he was on modern family. The whole run a ten years of its eleven year run. He was an executive producer writer on that and I was spending most of my time in. New York, Canada Mexico working so these eight or nine weeks is basically the longest period of time we spent together in. We just realized I. Don't even who are you? Know you know, it's actually it's actually doing really really well. We've had We've had a very cross. Country bicoastal relationship for all this time. But we met we met. netted I. Don't I don't necessarily think it was game, but there are a lot of gay people there and we were set up. We were set up at this lunch, so thank you Jeff Greenburg. Done. He cast that relationship very well past that relationship well, absolutely absolutely yeah. It is. There's no I just going to say that it a-. People joke so often about being quarantined with their spouse and driving each other crazy. How the divorce rates are going to spike? We'll come out of this, but. I, that is similar experience that. Michael and I've been together for over six years of. This is the first time that we've. been. Together for multiple had had dinner together every night. This is this was unheard of now. It's wonderful. Kinda is a me learn how to get out of each other's way when. Something bad is about to happen. If something's about to be thrown, you know it's like you learn like okay you. It's like it's fun to go to separate corners. You know and then come together for for for dinner. I'd never. My mother taught home economics in Plano Texas for thirty years, and there was an administrator for another twenty. She has at school named after her ICKY elementary. In plano, but home economics were in the fifties and sixties teaching women how Girls Cook and so and keep a house, and then it netted change does a sexual revolution happening in? It was called home and family living. Come because it was more involved, more sex, education and family planning and all that stuff. But I I realize now what home economics means. It means when you're having dinner. You have to talk about what you're gonNA. Do for dinner the next night in the night after that Israel has to be taken out of the freezer I never understood that work. On Getting A. All getting a big lesson now. And I was so terrified of being a couple who was at dinner talking about what you're going to eat the next meal, but I've I've really leaned into it, we it's. There's excitement in it yet. Thank God for New York, times, cooking APP and Melissa Clark and the one hot wonders because I'm left in my own defenses, idol a great cook. If I have a good director, it's like acting. It really is area bad nights, but you need somebody. Telling you what to do I. I can, Mitch? Right we now ben and I have. Or from home for a long time, the both of us bence got a studio guest house, and so we are used to being the same place during the day. The difference for us now is, we can't go out so because we were on top of each other sort of during the day we would typically have dinner together, but then we would also like he would meet a couple of friends for drinks and snacks I would meet a couple of friends for drinks and snacks, and it was you know. But now that we don't do that anymore, so our new thing is five PM. Every single day front yard with lawn chairs and Jen give much and we just we wave the world as it goes by. And like there's an enforced time of togetherness. The exact same thing I like a little loan. Jeff calls it the to reward. Even though it's like either like whatever we're going to snack while we watched I, watched the weather and then I watch the news basically just retired. People is what it feels like I'm. Let's acknowledge how fortunate we are to be able to of course. Luxury to but? It's coming together. I've had to learn how to measure my alcoholics. Renting I do know. Is that especially now? That kind of rose as season started I can. Watch it you're. A close to a mark on the bottle like do not go along this line of. Enjoy having that. Dave I know this is my interview but I. WanNa know. How have you been an have? You have ever felt exposed. Both of you guys have been safe in wealth this whole incorrect. Yes, yes, but you have. talked about underlying I mean. How have you been yeah? Because I have other friends who have to. Right yeah, I'm I've there's conflicting reports about whether type? One diabetes is is a risk factor for covid complications I. Don't know that to be true. My I don't. Know anyone in my type, one community who has had its. I have a a good friend who has type one. His wife does not. They just got the antibody tests and they've been been quarantined together for months. And she tested positive and he tested negative. So I don't. Understand how that happened I. don't understand how that happened. The the sort of the I think the conventional wisdom. Is that if you get it? You might be at higher risk if you are diabetic for for a worse time, but I think that also has to do with with with less stringent control over your sugars. which I am super neurotic about that so I'm not. I'm not I'm not concert, not good and I felt fine through the whole thing I'm waiting for the results of my antibody test now and do you guys? It was a real good and I hope they're I guess I. Hope Their Positive Right. You want to think I think so. Yeah well. It's a weird thing to wish for, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, one does want that fortification. I'm not. We're not entirely sure what it means other than the fact that you've been exposed to Doesn't guarantee anything unfortunately, but you know I I only realized recently. How truly special I was in net. A. Realizing. That I I of the only people. A lot of people in my world knew who had like. Lot of his world is in Los Angeles. People would be calling in to check on me and all that so sweet. They're checking. Your the only person they know and care about you, but it's like. It's it's it's weird. How lot of my friends in La haven't seen anyone who's? How did you guys know people? I, do know a couple of people. Yeah, yeah, Really only one or two in La a few New York and a couple in London, but I know a lot of people in I. Know a few people in London but I. I haven't heard. Anybody in of course it's there and I just don't know anybody but. Being about New York, and especially in the Broadway community as far as my world it just. Just ran through it I mean like the the Moulin. Rouge cast so many people got sick in our cast. In La yeah the week I was most contagious was the week I was intact with actors and all of my designers and you know being attacked with people's being in bed with people. You're all sitting in a theater together for ten hours a day in touch wood, only one other person in my in my company in crew got sick and my Caspian, and and you just don't know like. How did I get it? How did I not give it to other people? That person Andy got. It did I give it to Anti Anti. Give it to me. It's really weird how? Like you mentioned talking about one person tests positive in a family, another person's negative how they exposed in the other one's not. Yet I don't. UNDERSTAND WHY? Don't. We really do really do. How's IT in Plano? How is your family? I'm very happy to report. That might ninety two year old mother who still lives in her home by his. Has helped there. is able to See my brother who really looks after her and so many people who are in assisted living most people who are in assisted to be now our total lockdown and enhance either family, which is so horrifying and sad. In everybody in my family is super, super, careful and super, fucking colonel lead and scared about hey, dot, because we don't know they not know any body in their community. WHO had so? You think that the you know if you don't see anything that that says it's out there. You start to relax and let your guard down, but they're guard is very very much up and I. Think they're all being everyone around them as being very careful in India reentry into the workforce. So I'm assuming their community is reopen. Gets. In stages, and it's like twenty five percent capacity in north. There seems to be a lot of noise in Texas about hair salons. Everywhere, it's the hair salons. I want my haircut as much as the next guy but. Really I mean I think a Mexican food. Restaurant, Important. To prioritize what a Margarita in some Bacha Moly you know. Year here drill. It's to me. It's very inspiring to see how many people are taking it seriously and are doing the right thing you know I. Know The people who are you know shouting about? Tyranny are getting a lot of attention, but it's it's it I love that eighty percent of the world is. Without being forced to changing their lives, and making sacrifices, and being conscientious and all that the. Forces. For the first time I read what we're saying, so he said like what what an extraordinary global gesture of love. Because the loving thing to do to say, and yes, it could be self love. It could be like I. Don't want that I'm staying home, but to say like that's why that's kind of what I meant about the relief I mean data. Had this amazing network superintendent in people in the building? You would just make sure I was okay, but but I loved being able to be by myself, so I could contain what was going on inside of me. You know I didn't Wanna I the idea of giving it to to anybody else was. Horrifying. So yeah, staying home is a good game right now. And now you having had it and and recovering from it. I you ostensibly, you would be able to now donate plasma and help other people, but there's still this band employees I mean. Andy was incredibly eloquent about it. He did a thing on his show. Yeah, it was just I was so proud of him as A. Run for office. Forget about this fucking housewives. I thought he was so large. I didn't know I. Mean I was in touch with my doctor at not cyanide, and was at filled the form to do it, not knowing that I was going to be a no. Crazy what what what gives guys tell me I don't know and I. Don't know whether I I mean I certainly. I spent my formative years. trying to pass so I can call on that acting experience if I need to now who? But. When I go in there. It's exactly right. That's exactly right, but I but the idea of having to do that is extremely upsetting. I'm curious how far they are willing to go to to verify you know if you were to lie on the forms. Can they google you and say yeah, this would otherwise is an HIV screen and all blood tests now. So I think so, it seems like why. Andy said something along the lines. It's prohibitive to the point of being. stigmatized. Homophobic. Is what it Seattle right we're. We're past that now. Yep exactly and similar questions are asked about intravenous drug. Use I don't think. Or not to mention anybody industry community fucking. Supposedly unsafe sex practices. Among straight people. I, don't I. Don't get frustrating. It really is it really is so I would love to be a plasma donor and I hope that you know once a safe kind of reentry back into New York on that level and I go see my doctor. He'll certainly take it and you know do whatever he can with had any tasks. They have the antibodies. But now we have to figure out what to do with. If something good can be done with it. John. Talk to you all. I would loved to talking to you guys, too, and I just feel like. I mean I, could we? We should go back to many series great. I'm going to start gambling literally lawns series idea. I think it's really good. Oh, it's got! To be a mini series, so that we can have you back or multiple times, nothing would make me happier. Let's get your Scott's not. Even now even today next time we're in the same city. Let us break bread. I would love that very much in children as be very safe and healthy. Well, you do the same, thank you. Well Matt. We've come to the end of another upset. Dave Dave. Dave Dave Dave. Thank you for being here with me. Giving me a reason to live, thank you, Matt, thank you everybody for listening. Thank you for. Sending us your flesh, hunger stories, and reviewing apple podcasts with five stars, only of course. Thank you to Rene Colbert with a T. Our producer. Thank you to Ryan Connor our engineer. Thank you to everybody here will. Thank you for the music. and. Thank you listener for listening Tele Friendly Review we love you.

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Royal Reactions - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 246

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2:00:07 hr | 2 years ago

Royal Reactions - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 246

"And now an ad from dad right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive guy take these off right. What is this looks good wow? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get good stuff and solid? That's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can't save you from becoming your parents but we can't save you money when you bundle home and Auto Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations vanish announce table. Tom Was a big week of pro wrestling one of the bigger weeks of the year and we are going to cover all kinds of shit about it but <hes> before we do that what else is new with all tummy well. I'll tell you this much. It was not a busy week in the world and wacky world of pro wrestling with INNOC- takeover <hes> <hes> some headline news that will get into here in a moment and the Royal Rumble <hes> we also were were busy. <hes> we had our Spanish announced table double date at the city Improv Club <hes> on Thursday night with with <hes> stand up comedian Chris Porter who's from Kansas City special on Hulu called ugly and angry definitely check that out <hes> I had a good time what about you. Did you have a good time. Does your wife enjoy our company. She did <hes> we had a great time for as well Chris Porter Order of anybody hasn't seen is amazing is a local guy but you know not only reason. We're saying that he's amazing yeah. He's very funny regardless because again you know over the course of this show we don't care that because something as close to us that means we automatically we like it. We are fans of just talent and good <hes> entertainment and Chris Porter is one of those acts <hes> definitely yeah yeah <hes> so we did that. We got out what it was run out of work compliant into the city Improv Kevin Zona Rosa <hes> which not to give them a plug because I think we'd rather give the Comedy Club of Kansas City for into the show Dustin Hoffman for anybody who went back. It's Dustin Carlton something like that <hes> starting up his own comedy club in Kansas City so if you're in the area make sure to check that out but besides that <hes> boy three soccer games role swim trunks this weekend and I managed to watch two and a half of them yeah yeah let's get into this so as as the ball turns now it was as the wheel turns but now it's as the ball turns because you have fun little soccer story so let's get into that was not allowed to finished watching the the latest game <hes> Sunday I think it was and <hes> so son gets double booked by coach right this. This place sets up this this coach he's got two teams and they booked the same teams at the same time to play each other right where you know like come on right as a bit of a Dick move right but but also it's like hey get over and it's kids right so I get both sides right so he says hey <hes> you guys here. All the time is involved you mind just he's like. I don't want to try to pick sides so I'm going to try to kind of coach both but I'm going to get a parent to kind of be the subbing in how to Kinda you know in the moment coach. We were like yeah sure so while he's doing that. We've got a referee who sucks flat out sex. He's the same one who remember if you telling me almost kicked my son out because of the elbow situation nations talented well these are throwing elbows again right and this is a different team but now they're throwing hard elvis and I'm talking raised up elbows right yeah and in any game of any soccer that I've ever watched that's not allowed right extra Kelly great right body ing hips into the wall. Whatever the reasonable is bad because that's dangerous right? You're talking irks. You're talking teeth. You're talking possible concussions right and so we're telling the kids the whole time. Don't don't retaliate right because we're GONNA get thrown out right. That's what the guy who threatened last time so I take it upon myself. Just let him know that this is happening right so I'm going elbows every time one of these kids those elbow right and at some point I start counting them. I I started at one but it had already been more than one right something elbows to right. I'm yelling out and I can see this ref getting angry about it right fucking right like start calling the elbows right because if my kids start retaliating which I'm losing using the ability to convince them not to their bigger. Somebody's about to get hurt right. which is what happened when my son did it so I get the elbows six time right yell it out? He blows the whistle comes over to me. He's like hey you say that again. You're out of here and I was like elbows. I can't say elbows I mean they're throwing elbows and you're not calling the elbows. Why can I say elbows with the hell and he starts yelling back and he goes one more time in your out of here and I and I win okay? I was like okay baby. Just go back to not calling the elbows all right and he was like that's it and you say it again in your out of here you got it and I went do you got it and he blew the whistle like you're out of here and I was like fine whatever man right just turn around and walked out and <hes> <hes> never called another elbow and I again I'm walking out in the kids regular coach right who you know again. We said this is not their normal teams coach against thing he comes around the corner because he had been watching from the end and all he does just give me a high five live on the way out right screw this guy right like forget that man like I don't care right like Ref sock. You'RE GONNA have bad calls but this is a dangerous one where my kids are about to retaliate and it's GonNa get ugly and and somebody's GonNa get hurt right and I'm not disrupting the game by yelling elbows right like every time it gets Donan elbow like get out of here man. I hate people. I love that between the two of us. You're the one that keeps getting kicked out of games would've thought there have been this guy but nope wheel Tim's on down the for it. I like whole thing here is. The kid never wants is hey. It's not illegal. They can blah Blah Blah Arin server which I know he doesn't have that because every other ref in there Dan Place called those you know called foul every other F- I've seen in every other bid of soccer called us about so should I have not maybe set at him and just maybe found whoever's in charge of the refs there to hey man somebody. Go Watch this guy and make sure he's doing this right. You know maybe that's the rat. I should've taken but whatever at some point of like I'm I. I started egging him on to throw me up because I'm not gonNA stop calling out then you those elbows knows what what is so I got to watch two and a half soccer games this weekend and that fun give for you yeah good for you and they have all wrestling those about it other than you know the major wrestling events in case they sporting and that kind of stuff so man I tell you what so Thursday night was our Spanish unstable double date as we already mentioned Friday night was our company Holiday Party we do <hes> towards the end of January just because we like to be respectful of extended ended holidays Yada Yada Yada we feel like towards the end of January I mean come on holidays are done right so that's when the company will do their holiday party. Did it add Lydia's down here in the crossroads Area Lydia. If you don't know who that is world famous talion Italian chef she's been on beat Bobby Flay Gordon Ramsay all that stuff she's from. I mean she's from Italy but she has a residency here in Kansas City. She has restaurants across country. <hes> we ate. They're fantastic food first time. Emily got to meet my co workers. <hes> so that was <hes> interesting and fun <hes> 'cause we like to party and this is a different type of company in the sense that we're still small right like we are are going to be expanding. I told you a couple of weeks ago. We have venture capital invested six million dollars so that needs to go into hiring and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah so we're going to becoming more put together but you know we still have an ugly orange couch that we meet on every Friday you know so we're still that kind of a company right now and emily comes from the children's Mercy Hospital Regimens <hes> you know we need to be have decorum and my to Co founders are just drunk. Skunks just is like that's the past hey yeah they know emily's mom because his mother's like the Queen but godmother of small business in Kansas City and that's not hyperbole that's factual and so we love your mom so much. She does so great work. I don't know why she likes us but we love that she likes his and all that stuff so that was Friday. <hes> stayed out till about eleven eleven thirty which you know that's typical but then the kicker was we got up at five I fifteen Saturday morning. <hes> picked up her brother younger brother to drive to Omaha to go see her older brother compete in his first ever Brazilian Jujitsu competition <hes> he was one of four and his <hes> weight class. Here's the thing that I've not consider because of how big is so. He's six five to thirty right okay six five to thirty so when he told me like hey intern in my Jujitsu competent or into a jitsu competition competition been doing it like twice a week for seven months I was like Oh and he was a cop raves the cop in the Bronx for seven years. I think it was yeah so I was like okay. This guy is not going to be startled by confrontation Russian <hes> he's probably GonNa have extremely good grip strength because you know putting people's hands behind their backs and put handcuffs all these things. I'm like dude your great like here's just a couple of basic things that Anthony's telling me to tell you because I told they anthony it was like hey do you have any tips for beginner 'cause I could tell him stuff but I've only done this twice. You know purple belt like let's get some real information here saying that he was telling me like hey make sure he's doing X.. Y. Z. and so I'm telling JAKE DO X Y and Z right and so <hes> Saturday morning wake up five fifteen we drive the two and a half hours to Omaha Nebraska we get to this rec center where the Jujitsu tournaments. They're <hes> hurled brother shows up. He's a little nervous but like anxious just now excuse me but just anxious do it. He weighs in every motherfucker was his size or bigger. Oh Shit Jake. I thought that I was going to be your advantage and it was not <hes> he he competed well. He didn't match you went over to but <hes> it was a submission. Only if it was points I think he would have won the first one but but <hes> he ended up gassing out because Ed's you're very first one. There's a lot of people your sister your brother. Your Future brother-in-law stared at you. I get it right you go and it was no time limit like you just go until there's a submission. So you know lactic gasset your must build up happens and other guy. The other guy had been <hes> grappling for like three years so not a bad loss second loss was to a guy who was. I don't think he was white belt. I think he should be a blue you belt but is doing one. Oh don't don't don't don't me don't rank me up. I WANNA stay here. You know where I feel comfortable so he did well but <hes> so we did that on Saturday and then Sunday was is the the good old royal rumble. I guess you want to dish into kind of a little <hes> Headline News and then the second seventy the next takeover yeah so yeah. Let's start off with this so the pig rumor rumer and I call it in a room because in the world a pro wrestling everything's a work and so the big rumor confirmed by W._W._e.. Reported by P._W.. Insider and couple other news outlets is that Dean Ambrose will not abby renewing his contract after Wrestlemainia will be leaving the company Tim your thoughts. It does sound like a work. The more thought I of course I believed it you know just because it sounds like Dean Ambrose right right right <hes> and then you know somebody even brought it up on twitter and I forget who was but they were kind of like a man W._w._e.. Doesn't do this like especially when it's that far out they don't talk about this stuff to the media to anybody because it's poor form of any company really do it's definite poor form and typically as you mentioned they they. They make statements after the fact after he has left after she has left. They don't say they like hey coming up. This talent is on right so yeah. My thought process is yes. This is a work yeah. That's kind of how I'm feeling. Also so you know yeah. That's where I think it is. I mean I can't open is because I'm like Dean Ambrose Man I I want them to I. I like him but I would also like if you went somewhere else that had visibility like we're talking about all wrestling promises to be but uh-huh means to be seen but again new Japan I mean I'm not really watching it. I don't know that I'd followed you. Watch it with Dean Ambrose. I feel like I would watch new Japan if yeah if let's say a year from now you know half after a blow to W Rosser left and they're all new Japan Japan completely in English and don't need the subtitles and don't need you can watch if you have the Channel Access T._v.. Jim Ross and Josh commentators but like all of the competitors are speaking with us right right yeah. What about you well so one of the things that is being reported is that he's tired of the hawkiness so let's just say it's a shoot? Let me a whole. I'll say why I think it's work then go into its issue so let me back. I think it's a work for this reason I again have <hes> I'm familiar with contract negotiations. I worked for Titan entertainment now. Those were may contracts similar in the sense of it's an independent contractor trying to hold up his or her end of it a contract agreement right right there is still and we don't know the exact date but they said after Wrestlemainia as of this recording I believe they're still sixty seven days until Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia right and so sixty days out your still play in a pissing competition right. I want this well. We don't want to give you. This said we'll give you that. Why don't want that? I want double what I said the first time you're still doing in this pissing competition stuff doesn't honestly get like real real with a disgruntled employees until about two weeks out then everyone starts to feel the flames right then we're like oh everyone's feet or on the fire. There's there's going to be an impasse here soon right right so sixty days out generally speaking now Dean Ambrose might be a head case because he kind of plays that character but we don't really know how he legitimately is. Now we've met him. He seemed like a fine gentleman. It was early in the morning. He seemed little tired kind of my only read on them anyhow sixty days out. You're Kinda. Just know he'll crack. I don't the other side is GonNa crack before I do so I think if this is a shoot this is just a ploy to get negotiations back on the table but I definitely think this is a work. I think this is going to be a dean. Ambrose Swansong or Dean Ambrose has written out of TV. Look there goes Dean when will show up at all the elite wrestling seth rollins gets screwed by Dean Ambrose at wrestlemainia brock listener retains the title Gotcha right right easily be something that happens right now if it's a shoot one thing that's being reported is that he's tired of the Hokey nece of W._b.. Which yes remember here in Kansas City he had to do that one promo when he was the baby face seth rollins was the he'll and he had to bring out all these like bodily the arms like a mannequin head a mannequin arm and Mick Foley came out and it was really stupid and hokey right? He's done plenty of hokey stuff but I'd like to tell Jonathan good his real name that I found out through the press release a little fun fact the independent the same fucking way Pal oh. Can you got Joey Ryan grabbing the Dick. Don't be thinking that yeah Dobie thinking that now that you're on the independent seeing oh what's real wrestling. That's why said if you were if this is a shoot and you want the real wrestling you're going to have to go to ring of honor or you're going to have to new Japan because that's where the money is for what you're making and that's where the non hokey stuff is man not even that I mean you'll see Joey Ryan in those places and stuff like that. I mean it's it's now. What you have is a little bit more ability on in those things to say? I'm not fucking doing that right now of course if he decides not to do it. I'm saying definitely but what I'm saying is he's he if he's going through the independence seen now before a w starts he might be on a card. Were the young bucks or doing. They're like Meta inside joke where it's the melter driver and all that weird hokey stuff and are you going to be okay with that. That's what I'm getting that like you might be having a legit straight up match with <hes> you know <hes> <hes> Brian Cob or someone you know and it's a real you know two bulls and kind of thing it sure looking for it seems like but underneath that yeah you're GonNa Have Joey Ryan might be doing his Dick Thing and then you might have the super kick party or you might have cheese burger. You'll like you're gonNA have Hokey Shit so I hope that like just because he thinks it's having W._W._e.. Maybe it doesn't happen anywhere else because it does it and the thing is like I say that I I would rather be kind of hearing W._W._e.. If they were going to do something meaningful and cool if this was gonNA turn into a giant work to where he becomes a championship level guy who can hold the story line and make it entertaining and make it a big deal cool but I don't have any faith that I've seen a W._b._z. to do that with knee Bah d still so you know there's a couple people right now that can do that. Daniel Bryan well yeah Brian Amoebic pulling it off somewhat well but a lot because they are forcing the issue of what they want to say so now can also get that clout and pull all that off right. What are the other yeah the other headline news and this is gonNA report but from all indications through twitter and other publications <hes> teams to be legit but Hideo Tommy Mommy has quit W._W._e.? And was granted his release finished up his <hes> tapings on Tuesday and now is a free agent so hideo. Tommy has now out of <hes> W._W._e.. What are your thoughts on that Tim? I thought he was already until recently so you know I. I don't know I feel like I feel like he was the one guy now. Sammy's aim was there. I think if memory serves me correct he was there same Zane was there before four Hideo Tommy what it felt like Kinshasa was a huge star and Kinshasa was the last guy who had to change his name and then like were or someone new right after him it was now Kevin Owens changes name but he was still Kevin Owens right near US name yeah but then Nakimora came over so Moa Joe came over even had James aim storm as using his Presley A._J.. Styles didn't have to change his name so I felt like Kenta. Would everyone would call him hideo. Tommy was that last guy who had to be like nope. Were rebranding. Everything instead of just saying like no tent is the guy that came up with go to sleep and tent as the guy that had the strong style that everyone in the back fucking loves and he had to be like nope. Let's Redo it and he came out strong right in annex t when he debuted he had bad ass song that reminded me of Pride Fighting Championship was the big drums. I loved his walkout song thought it was great. When I heard it the royal rumble I was even like I forgot fucking cool this song is you know <hes> but I always felt like he was a what if case right throw he came out strong? He was doing all the things <hes> he's kind of in that main event like <hes> Komen of it level starts to get a little bit push and then he gets hurt remember he gets hurt forever and they were GonNa Start Art because I think initially from what I remember reading is. They didn't think the injury was going to be too serious so it was Kevin Owens who jumped on backstage. Remember it was going to be alluded to that. A program with Kevin Owens is always going to elevate right but then the injury was a little bit too long and by that time when he did get back to one hundred percent that's when I mentioned the Nakimora already there the FIM Baylor's already they're the same ease aims were hitting it all strides Kevin taking over over and so it was like Oh man welcome back but we got five new shiny toys now sorry and then I thought it was great idea to bring him to five live right because he would look undersized and silly in my opinion. Have it a match with at the time big cast doubt would have just Braun strowman cop with comical. You know I like again W._b.. We're still in the midst of trying to see if a Shinsuke Nakamura will work out an an an Oscar <hes> but those have been the only to that you could give any measurable success of Japanese Stars have worked brought over in. I mean yeah before people try to say Yokozuna. He's Samoan so no like it just doesn't well you know not too because we were trying to be a podcast that doesn't read the dirt cheats however because says you know we are on twitter enough things that you scroll through. You're gonNA see something <hes> it's being reported that Hackamore is not the happiest and if you saw his <hes> last tweet it was W._C._W.. I Hashtag W._C._W.. W Just W._C._W.. So you don't know what that means but people are now whispers of Nakimora leaving we'll get into it in the next segment <hes> possibly but you know he won the title at Rumble and then he lost the title to our truth the United States Championship to be specific but <hes> yeah so we'll see but <hes> it seems like confirmed <hes> Hideo Tommy gone. I think he goes to new Japan. I think him <hes> in Okada or if he goes to <hes> all Japan where he kind of made his name I believe Hashtag tweet table if I'm wrong going off memory here but I feel like new Japan is the shiny new Japanese promotion number number one number one number one so I think an Kata <hes> Kenta matches awesome. I think it Kenta <hes> Naito match is great. Kenny Omega left New Japan but we don't know what happens with him <hes> <hes> but I think that can go back over built some good feuds and then wrestle kingdom. I think it's going to be fourteen. I would not be shocked if in January of twenty twenty he's made of any wrestling or the new new Japan heavyweight championship yeah I mean I think this is better off for them and like I don't. It's not working here. Nobody even people that like love to five live. I don't hear them being like it's J. O.. Tommy like so you've got to put the belt on him like just nobody really. He's just the guy that's there yeah but again you know like I mentioned last week. You had Daniel Bryan going out of his way to talk about how Hideo Tommy kicked him the hardest and you can't right here on his right ear and he's a dangerous man so it seems like backstage. Still there's the hey we all love this guy but like you said W._w._e.'s track record with building international stars that don't speak English as a first language when it slammed it known as a simone. Some of that may be too like I mean we talked about this <hes> off on our own through text messages about the Dean Ambrose thing that there's been reports that they're trying to push the people that are adamant like I'm GonNa Leave. I'm happy happy to try to keep them from doing so so that's why we may have seen some enhanced time and mentioning of these people because they're trying to be like Oh guys. Don't we do love you see and see through that man. They're not dumb. You know what I mean like so I don't that's almost like did you see yeah. Did you see Chris Jericho's tweet. He made some news <hes> Chris Jericho tweeted at ring of honor at <hes> W._W._e.. And I believe at <hes> new Japan pro wrestling a might have got the third one wrong but anyhow he said <hes> hey and then <hes> twitter handled all of those companies <hes> stop pushing everyone who's upset were only interested in six to eight thanks and then it was all league wrestling. That was pretty great fun. Hey you can stop with all these things. We're not interested in half the people that are upset. We only want like six of them right there. It is yeah all right you WanNa take a break and then after the break we get into our thoughts on next takeover and the royal rumble and then take another break into our favorite things of the week some foreshadowing yeah. I'm excited about that. I may have to think about what actually was my my favorite but we have time to do that because like you said we're coming back in the break. We're GONNA talk about Annex T and talk about Royal Rumble and you know what I mean. We're GONNA hit it up but in the meantime in the meantime to help us out once again we had a few technical difficulty so it would help if you may be gave some donations to pay pal you can use table show at gmail.com or you can make a donation and get something for your money. Besides entertainment you can get like some shirts and some other stuff apparently not lighters I dunno if you saw that e mail come through Tom said can't put cartoon characters on Zippo lighter but you know doesn't really fit the bill but there's other stuff out there. Zaza dot com slash Spanish announce table that Z. as easy L. E. DOT com slash Spanish announced table <hes> by stuff and we're going to get a couple bucks off every item. We're not getting much. We ain't getting rich off of this. It's going to help us get some better equipment <hes> or maybe you know sport in the show you maybe we can get an uber to just maybe do this. Show in the same room all the time right about that and you will just give us uber money each week and then we won't have the technical difficulties trying to figure out skype. You know what I mean. skype sucks and I'm GONNA say that skype hasn't given us any money at all so I mean so in the meantime think about those things check out our website excite Spanish announce table Dot net brought to you by double D and we will return to the Spanish and unstable fun fact forty four percent of American workers think they can do a better job than their bosses to a survey out the Spanish announced table before we take into our recap of the Roy Humble and INEX- takeover one bit of news that we didn't cover in the first segment that will be exciting as we move forward that was announced announced is the Royal Rumble exte- takeover ran unopposed to any other major events and that's because this coming weekend is the super bowl the big game if we are corporate <hes> radio station did but we can say super bowl because it's podcast but the Super Bowl will be this Sunday America's number one event of the year and a fun match is coming back during halftime halftime heat is doing it this time to six men tag. It's Johnny Gargano Adam Cole and tomato chocolate versus velveteen dream Alastair black lack ricochet so halftime he coming back. What are your thoughts about that? My first thoughts are I'm going to be watching that. <hes> I've really care about the halftime who whatever Murray month yeah yeah whatever right who gives shit <hes> this is going to be way better and I'd like to go to the twitter board. Here's Tom I'd like to go to Hashtag. tweet the table on twitter by the way anybody listen to use Hashtag tweet the table on twitter and we're going to read some of the best right here. On the show in one of those best this week was from an old friend of the show who hasn't been around for a while at the ultimate one. Hey says I am excited to see halftime heat. I hope to see someone get pin via forklift Hashtag to the table. I feel like the forklift should at least be seen like backstage as ricochet walks to the ring he should just like look over at a forklift and just kind of not and then keep walking. There should be some type of acknowledgement of the forklift because it's connick for halftime right does great got yeah you have to do yeah that should be fun and they need to do that all time and from what I remember hearing it's what they're going to streaming on like Youtube twitter face baseball everything doing everything but yeah great idea super very good. I love it. I like it again. It gives me something to do while I endure the musical stylings of whoever is that year most times I like it. I'm going to be completely lately frank with you. Though I enjoyed the Bruno Mars the beyond says and all that I don't well you burn five you hit. It's the it's the musical stylings of whoever because it would be whoever they you you know what I mean they wrote a song they made the song in some damn record companies production studio somewhere and they could have given Maroon five or they could have given they take it and that's how it's hit right but I will say a even if it was banned or musician that I was a huge fan of Justin Timberlake or whoever it is right that six and tag I mean that's the six best arguably talent in annex t arguably in the World Herald in one match so I feel like I can't miss that especially for a special attraction like this. It's not the main event of INEX- episode two eighty. Whatever it's halftime he episode to really you know you cannot miss a chance Nance at velveteen dream experience right I mean oh I tell you what yeah I yeah? I think I think he's GonNa be the one that shines in that now. That's a little bit of foreshadowing. Maybe we'll do pick on that later but <hes> anyhow halftime he the first segment wanted to bring that up <hes> because that would end as like a little extra bonus of the INEX- takeover INEX- takeover happened again the night before royal rumble <hes> general thoughts what would you what did you think after the show had ended. I love it man. I and I always do talk about this. A they put five matches on the card so it's bound to be a little more. They're not trying to flood everything right. Yeah it feels a little bit more digestible right and so they've had time also to focus on all these storylines and not stretch them out and not wear them out and not be redoing them over and over again opd. Maybe five six years down the road. They will be experiencing that problem where they're having to repeat things but <hes> I mean kicked off great and you can tell triple h is running <hes> annex t by the very first insurance that comes in and all that was correct yeah fit wonderfully for them though right I mean that's Oh purchased. I mean the war raiders got to have that right. They've gotTa have raiders with them as it were right yeah. I thought it was yeah. I'm not a big viking guy or anything but I do like the Matiz Komo Alpha male type thing and I thought it was perfect I for me not being a fan of that culture per se I was definitely a fan of that. Entrance thought it was really cool. What about the match? Would you think of the match. I thought it was really good. You know there's definitely it seems like a formula of next takeovers now right so it's tag match feud women's match title-match kind of feels always like A._b._C._d.. C._d. but the thing is is A._B._C._d.. Is something I always want to see like. It's I'm getting to the point where it's like. Oh the tag match will probably kick off. I tag match. Did Oh man those what really good match okay I bet you it's a feud. Oh it's a feud fuck. Yeah all right like I can predict. Sometimes it's okay to predict things like I think sometimes the main roster over thinks things and we'll get into the royal rumble here and a little bit but I thought the tag match was exactly what it should be. I thought it was exactly the pacing racing was perfect. <hes> the timing of it was perfect too long but it got you out of your seats got some fun false finishes and we got some new tax stamps so those perfect. What do you think about that? I'm a little worried about a team like the war raiders being the champs. It's hard for people to chase that right because that's gotta be dominant. You know what I mean like. We eat people like breakfast team so well. I'm hoping you know you will see as time time goes on but what am I favored things to to happen with with. Titleholders is to cede the evolution of the character and so one person I always comes to mind is see him punk right. See punk took the title as the baby face. Oh God we love the baby days but but but but but then he turns on the rock right and then he goes into this heal thing where now he's dreaded mass. It was like two different people maybe the war raiders can do that right. Maybe the street profits take them to the limit and they have to you know I don't know throw fucking spirit some of these one of these guys and now their heels and now they turn in to the word is GonNa Fuck Shit up because we're bigger that everyone mentioned this team the street prophets outfits. What do you think of those guys? I thought I think they're cool. I want to be their friend. I WanNa have read Solo Cup. Look I have a Red Solo Cope here. I WANNA walk around with them and just I don't know say Alison pop dance with them they are but I thought the random their charisma personified. They are Super Fun. I like them a lot yeah and then you know breaking K. fe but him and I and Bianca Belair are an item so I want all three of them right like the skinny gives you guys nice yeah and so but yeah I love the street profits I think the COO yeah man I just want to start snapping walking doc and yeah and I don't know what you know obviously the coaches and the people in agents in the producers and stuff down there in annexed here looking for but as far as like a a crowd work and and that kind of thing those guys got it down now can they do promos. Can they tell Jerry's maybe need some more work and that's why they're still down inex- tea and this could be like you said a good food for the war raiders but because they're not ready I I don't I think we think the street profits are ready to be carrying around the titles although when they do in the ready for that that's going to be a really fun tack team. Champions Yeah Yeah and I think you know undisputed. Era is so strong and solidified for who they are what they they are. I You know undisputed era to me always works best when they're the kings of the show like that's when the undisputed air is hitting at a ten out of ten kind of thing but I definitely think they don't have the titles. We're not saying I'm like what the hell are. They doing now. They can still go in there and go like we're fucking shit up. We have clout. We have a record. You know. We have some credibility here so I think them not. Having the titles is is is not bad right all right so back to N._F._C. Takeover Phoenix which by the way the crowd was already on point in this thing and they were fun throughout the whole weekend. I I love the whole Phoenix crowd. They were good. Ah Yeah Houston attack saying like they did great as far as giving the energy but not making it about them. They weren't that East Coast Philly New York Boston thing where it's taken over. It's just like it wasn't like stuff that didn't make sense like even even was flash forward to smack down. I think it was in <hes> somebody who's like <hes> who's re. I can't remember I think as A._J.. Somebody said something in the news like who would be in there was like Becky Bay like like like okay right so that's install fun right all right so we had matt riddle taken on Cassius Ono in. I like this match a lot. I thought they did a great job. At telling the story I really like the ending where Ono's tapping out to the elbow blows mission movies like Hey Forget Hispanic and keep taking this onslaught that was fun. Well and you know one thing that I love about the Matt. Riddle character is that he's a character that does it need to be in a guy right like one thing that she and I'm bazars maisy net what is being a he'll but one thing I feel like she kind of leans on a little bit too much as a crooks or a crutch but is it a bad thing is the I'm anime finer. Hey remember an M._a.. Fighter and Yeah I get it right but I mean Brown does than the May fighter you know what I'm saying but going back to the riddle met riddles such a character that you know he's the King of the Bros.. And I think of a more as a surfer that an M._a.. Fighter so this finish was perfect four the exte- takeover platform to say like hey motherfuckers. I'll kick my flipflops off and say King of the Bros.. But I'll fuck you up with elbowed like let's not forget who I am and so the intimate type finish I thought was perfect because it gave a little bit of that that at an end to character that could be taken kind of almost Santino ask right like if he goes much with the Bro thing he could get lost in Santino the Eugene kind of thing where it's just fun little Dorky guy over here and if you do some elbows and make people tap from T._K._o.. Then you can step back like Oh yeah this guy fuck people out finished gonNA help him avoid that scenario is that a he looks like the baddest man on in that roster due to size and build and his in his physique but then also that just you know I mean like you sit in the move set and all that stuff so he should not calm the Albro then I think everything should everything should be bros.. Yeah I love it 'CAUSE I. That's why I like him. So much is because he's a character he is a I can identify who that is if uh-huh what that Stevo became a wrestler right like if Italy asked me who is Matt Riddle I can. I can explain that if you tell me what the difference is or if you ask me to tell you what the differences between Dobbs Ziegler fucking stuff Matt Riddle is a defined character I can tell you and that's why I like him so much right all right and then coming out the gates swinging trying to hit that home run a match of the year in January it was ricochet and Johnny Gargano for the next North American title and of course right like you. I mean the history of takeovers I feel like there's a few names that you say are takeover guys and girls uh-huh and Johnny Gargano Ricochet are two of those people like a shortlist of people who've made these events so special those two are at top list in my opinion and so yeah this is their first time having a takeover match. I thought it was spectacular. Thought it was amazing. I mean again the athleticism and these are the kind of guys that can also get in what we like flips and shit without overdoing it without it being flip flip flip elbow but I'm right back up and then flip flip and then smashed into the corner but I didn't faze me again right like it actually means something actually makes sense in the moment. It actually looks like it hurts the person who did it to right like I mean it looks real aw yeah and some of those moves yeah and some of those moves doesn't require the B guy and again. I'm saying that the guy performs the move but the big I just doesn't stand there and wait for it right. That's one of my biggest criticisms of Jay Lethal. I Love Love Jay Lethal. I think everything he does right. Now's ring of on her champion is spectacular. I've been a big fan of his but that finisher that he has we're just requires the guy to stay in their kind of with this dumb and his ass until the finish your comes to them I think is I just I just check out. It makes me stop my suspense of believability but with ricocheting Johnny Gargano especially mismatch. I thought yeah everything was believable. Everything hit a home run. I love the the the inner battle that Johnny Gargano had with pulling the protective. Whatever it's called to expose the the concrete and going like Asiedu and these fucking? I gotTa do yeah those. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is a first match series which may be this is going to be a series. There have an X._t.. Halftime he but the only thing I I kind of Saron is just a baby face losing clean you know what I mean like some type of Shenanigans because what this is my philosophy on per wrestling is the good guys always better than the bad guy. The reason the bad guy is a bad bad guy is because he's not as good as the good guy like so a bad guy just beats the good guy clean well in that good guy sucks now. We're not saying that ricochet sucks but if you just loses clean. Where does he go? You know what I mean. It's hard for him to have a rematch unless you build them up from you know wins ten matches in real like we had becky Lynch. Do it summer slam kind of thing but he'll he lost clean so if they if you wanNA rematch well sorry pal in this one they could still pull it off this way because Johnny Gargano was having that <hes> internal battle that you spoke up then ricochet can still come out and be like you did gray but you know that it was super close and maybe just one fall all shouldn't determine it and then Garganas like I don't know but champ champ is in his ear going. Hey man you beat him. You gotTa beat him again and he's like but he's right like maybe he's like. No Man screw cares if he's right right so he has that little thing these like now forget it. I'm definitely they beat something yeah all right well. Let's move on. We had shane obeys ler versus Bianca Bel Air for the next he women's title and I said I was looking forward to this one and they felt like they delivered really well and I like the touch touch of Bianca Bel Air freaking out like when she thought she had the win but the REF was knocked out like like a rookie move right like a Naw Jim and now in it like I like like she just new in that moment her opportunity was blown whereas a veteran knows hey gotta find another opportunity right like and that's what essentially lost or the match if we're believing it was a real thing right because she just leaper cool in a moment of a stressful situation <hes> another big moment for that was the hair whip that was he's GonNa Bring up. Yeah Good God that had heard so bad I can imagine but yeah again just great in ring storytelling whoever helped them work out that match because I'm assuming they didn't just sit there on their her own. You know those two but again brezler killing it just being one of the best heels under the W._W._e.. Umbrella period yeah. I thought the match was really good. <hes> I agree <unk> wholeheartedly with everything he said there. I felt like the reason she lost the matches coach. She's a rookie. The reason that Shayna Fazlur one is 'cause. She's the top he'll <hes> everyone comes looking out great <hes> but the right person one to continue a dominant storyline for the kind of a week an X._t.. Women's division right now yeah that's it to like. There's yeah gotTa Kinda Start for as much effort as they put into that and extend the performance enter to get the women where they are now in the main roster. It's kind of second wind of of girls which you know that's fast forty into the royal rumble. We saw a good crop of next girl so we'll see but yeah for right now. There needs to be some built up talent because it's Shayna to me. It feels like Shayna and then everyone else yeah. It just felt like maybe Lacy Evans could've spent some more time down there. Although I know she's a he'll inner current character but they could've made her face against somebody like obeys ler swift that gimmicks still you know yeah yeah. Definitely I agree. I don't know who knows why I don't get paid for this Champa defending the N._F._C. Championship against Alastair Black what it what are your thoughts Kinda very similar almost the same feelings of this match as I did the ricochet <hes> Johnny Gargano match where you say like yeah. It's D'Amato chopping Alastair Black. Have you seen what they've been doing. Takeovers like they're gonNA be fine together but again you had a baby face lose clean so then. Where does he go right like one something when they showed the the after annex t was over the six guys you know square off and Alicja blacks limping out there which credit to him for still selling an injury but it was like Oh yeah you of the six years sack right? You're the one who laws on ricochet loss to that was just kind of how like well of course I'm taking the other three because two of them already beat two of you so of course are the ones but the match it so that the dream right yeah and he already lost tomato jump as well so yeah jump as two thirds of the damn other sakes so anyhow back to this. I thought he was really good again tomorrow. Oh CIAMPA is just awesome. Lei Oh Alastair Black we disagree on astor black. I think I and this is being completed. I think I'm buying into what it could be not what it is right like what I see. He's kind of what you see right where it's like. The promos are okay the presentations awesome right the league. You know coffin standardizing. The music is bucket head games right the city those kind of things like it down yeah. There's elements of an awesome character and I think I'm falling in love with no this do could really go evil but then I have to remember we're in a W._w.. Product you know they try to like I say a billion times and trying to tell the story of Jesus but not allowing anyone play the devil so it's fucking hard and I feel like he's stuck in that role where if it was attitude era if Alastair Black was around during nineteen ninety nine I think undertaker Alastair Nestor Black would blow the roof off of everything like the fucking embalming people and hanging of people Alastair Blake. It'd be one hundred percent into that. Oh my God yeah undertaker is I think I would pair maybe was somebody to do is talking because he can't do some talking but it's it's still kinda monotone character. He doesn't use of the now it's not as good so I'm not saying it's the same so you remember that as I say the statement one six for all your hate mail on twitter exactly but his cadence and his delivery and that like boiled up rage. That's about to explode reminds joins me a lot of jake the snake in the sense of like year enough. I don't have to yell motherfucker via lose. My patience Shit's going to hit the fan and that's where I feel again. I think I'm falling in love with elements up. Will you delivers it like jake the snake so maybe he could be jake the snake and he's got the presentation of under and I think I need to be a little bit more aligned with like well yeah but really he's not doing anything to great but I do like I like the going back to the match tomato I mean I think the person that takes Tomasa chopper is the story has to in on a winning yeah because I don't know how else they do like when they're ready to like okay okay Champa. You're ready to come up like the storyline has to be a God. Damn Slam Dunk. No but I'm tired of this. We need to stop it. No one goes no one. No in there and we're done. We're we're done a great story. We can tell an annex t with frank now you could legitimately because how good all the talent is in how good annexed tease been you have faith in the product you could go six months six eight months just with Tomas O. CIAMPA and Johnny Gargano doing what I kind of feel like is the stone cold Steve Austin triple h two manpower trip just at the next level but you could go six eight months with just the two guys guys terrorizing everything and then you can go another four or five months with Johnny Gargano comes to a census and has to overcome this demon who has got him off track and that's where at the very end the light tied at the end of the tunnel. Johnny Gargano Comes Home Johnny Wrestling and Beats Tomasa CIAMPA. It's Raven and Tommy Dreamer. It is yeah I mean and it's you know what I mean. It's it's <hes> it could be triple eight Shawn Michaels right where their friends this year and their enemies the next and their friends and their and their friends there <hes> the lifelock it could be the MS Daniel Bryan kind of thing right it could even go a crossings and yeah I kind of agree with you at this point till somebody's injured in your running out out of like options. Stop bringing up like why the brought up the heavy machinery well the heavy machinery because tag-team divisions were last call on smackdown bringing them there but like the other ones like you're bringing in. Who are they bring you can't even N._B._C.? Three and we still ain't see Jack Shit with that. Guy We get into. Let's so <hes> the end of INEX- t will will put a bow on this and the move into the royal rumble but the the end of annex t takeover saw Johnny Gargano come out after Tomasa CIAMPA retain both of them holding the titles up and that's where I kind of alluded to it felt to me as if like Oh shit this is again for lack of a better term the first thing that came on my mind was this is triple h and stone cold joining forces to manpower trip now hope we know there's a fucking quad blood. This could be what they wanted that to be right and so I I got so excited show excited I will. Let's move onto the royal rumble <hes>. Let's get into the rumble and do it. We had a kick off show. I'm just going to skip over the I met give a shit that whole raise our and whatever his name taken on ruin gable just and make any sense to me that make no sense 'cause then the next night yeah whatever the fucker called revival together so why oh I didn't just do the RU- stupid dumb or triple threat tag team match at that point man those guys they missed the flight something something happened well yeah and on top of that I mean let's just say this first off. The takeover was amazing right but that was a home run every single time but I get these travel packages and you know we're talking about doing travel package for wrestlemainia Spanish now sable trip out out there but not like the big four or great but can we stop making the big four seven fucking hours. I mean I was like we'll get to it way when it comes but the A._J.. Styles danube-rhine thank you Brian Match was fucking great and I was burnt out. I was so exhausted because I wanted to be for this all of it until I watched the glorious whatever they're called Gable in route food and all the way to this and it was just I mean come on guys. That's too long was a lot yeah and then we you know Russa Lost Shinsuke. Nakamura wins the U._S. title which you know then two days later is off. You know you're trying to skip too much. I that whole mess odd but I mean hey I kinda called out that whole Roussev <hes> Shinsegei escape teaming up thing. It looks like maybe they were doing that to get to here. Yeah and I also like that. Lana getting injured lead to something else right match had a purpose for later in the night purposes services and I liked it not more now again. Tuesday changed my opinion of that but I was like okay I think they understood what United States of knock America could have been so they're gonna go with that again right so Qassem so the night of rumble. That was a fan of that that match I was like yeah. Let's Darlie do that. Yeah it was it was like all right cool and then you know they had that fatal for away with the soon to be gone hideo Itami POLICTO Zelin Buddy Murphy. They're really all in on this Buddy Murphy Guy. I don't know that I see it so much but hey hey you know he looks to the part. He looks good getting off the bus. You know what I mean and sound the part to me. You know I don't think I've ever heard I don't think I've ever heard of talk Yay missing much on the main show Oscar Oscar Mbeki Lynch and now this was surprising because I just thought we didn't know Becky Lynch was going to be in the rumble right the women's rumble and then she loses maybe right we thought maybe but then I thought kind of okay well. That's where this is going right. They're going to give her this like all right. Man Like miss that opportunity and now I've got a fight my way into mania and of course everybody loves her and she's trying to find a way to mania but she keeps getting denied. Slash swerved over that's where I thought that was heading and health and it does give some legitimacy to ask. I Yeah I agree on all points on that first off before we dive into it. Let's Kinda. Just what what what was your overall thought about some or excuse me of royal rumble like out of ten what would gave it you can check out my thoughts on Spanish now sable dot net <hes> with an article call to rumble in my stomach two thousand Nineteen Royal Rumble Review Yeah where I hit up that you know usually typically specially over the last decade or more rumbled can be super superfund and at the same time just be highly predictable yeah highly predictable which still felt that way I mean obviously we missed on a couple of predictions but even when we miss we're kind of not wrong. They just went different person or you know what I mean. I mean like it's still kind of like okay and it's even so predictable in like when it boils down to like the final four to one of those matches you go. This is the person I'm okay with that because sometimes aims to tell a story you have to tell the obvious thing right like you know. If it's a western you have to tell the story of the Guy Getting on the Horse to get to the destination like it's okay. You know that's all right <hes> but I thought it was good. I thought Royal Rumble was <music> overall pretty decent but this is where the little things I thought they could have done better and I'm glad you know we're starting off with the first match tonight Becky Lynch Oscar right the very first person that shows up on the main show so if you go to W._b.. Network go to two thousand nineteen royal rumble the first person you see the music you here is Becky Lynch right so if you know that at the end Becky Lynch is GonNa win the rumble in my the opinion and I get the whole like men main event than the women main event last year the women made event it so this year the manmade invented but that doesn't tell a good storyline so suck it backwards you what you should have done as you have becky Lynch be the first thing you you see on the royal rumble walkout loses but then comes back and the last person you see on the royal rumble is Becky Lynch with her hand held high like that is it is a story I can. I can send that story yes to a non wrestling fan that it was fucking too long but that event and the person would go away saying like so Becky Lynn is pretty cool and I'm like fuck. Yeah look another other reason you don't have to do what they did here with like you said <hes> well the women because it was the first time last year we put them in event so this thing so so next year we got into the men no you don't. That's not dot what equality is right equalities. We're going to treat them both in the moment and when we're looking at both of them the hottest fucking thing going right now is becky lynch so I don't give course did we put the women last first time because it made sense then because they it was is new this time we're putting them last because we're pulling the trigger on Becky fuck and Lynch so it's that simple yeah so <hes> but like I said I won't be too droning but yeah everything you said it add credibility to Oscar and as we go through. rumble will hit on our ron smackdown thoughts too because third segment we'll give you our favorite things but <hes> so yes it gave total credibility to oscar <hes> i watched tuesday smackdown didn't even here name be mentioned it felt like that what the fuck that was that was that was another miss where it's like okay oscar made becky lynch tap out building lynch but guess who's the fuck and queen on smackdown date charlotte fucking oscar that's where i thought it was missed but yeah the match itself i thought it was way better than i i did not predict that match to be as good as it was to be honest with you you know i was going to be a little bit jumping on their free throws and they killed it all right the bar defending the smackdown titles taxing titles unsuccessfully against the best best tag team in the world mcneese what did you think about at this you have to break up the bar yes you have to break up the bar this is why this is now the the second biggest profile match they had and they lost to a makeshift put together band aid team right so they lost their titles titles at wrestlemainia to have fucking ten-year-old and braun strowman r._a. that was on row you move onto smackdown let's get them some credibility so they win the smackdown titles okay we're the bar the did right all that shit but but now you're losing to forty nine year old looks like he's having a heart attack in a match shane mcmahon and awesome but i tell him yeah it's just the bar has just lost everything so they need to implode road or or do something because mr joke ms wasn't celebrating and like shaking shane mcmahon after that victory i think he was giving him fucking seat like c._p._r. tactics man he was like hey get a fucking breath in yeah like okay man i get the story they were trying to tell here but it's hard to not just treat him like vince mcmahon junior who just because they want him to be a pro roaf you know prominent position they're going to give him he shows up and gets in one match and wins at best of the world tournament they decide okay we're going to attacked him now and there i fucking like real match attack ships like dude like it's hard for us to take these things seriously when you fucking do this so i totally agree however i think they want us to think that i think when the the other shoe drops in this storyline war going to be recalled to all of those moments it's going to be the ms was the one that got you to the best in the world the ms who got you the tag team champion and i think we're going to get now i don't know which way still they're going to go but one of them's turning heel on them to go to mania all of that that stuff is gonna be recalled i thought it was going to happen right on smackdown when they when they brought out his neck faced foster and hey you know he's got like no transition between his neck in his face right it's all just like one like square so if when they had him out there and he did the whole i'm proud of you i thought he was just going to wall up and be like now now you fucking saying like you know what i mean and then turn on i thought like i was hoping right then i was like do it now do it now beat up your father beat up shane though the titles like i don't need any of this shit i need so you don't need you to tell me you're right like yeah the he would have been amazing would have been good but more coming yeah that's that's coming but it's not coming right now but i yeah i think the shane mcmahon setup though like you said i think that's for a purpose i don't think it's just been juniors kid i think i think that has some <hes> something to yeah and then we got a match i really could give to shits about and it still even though they did a good job in the match i guess it's still didn't hold my a inter attention for entertainment purposes was ronda rousey and sasha banks and now they we'll talk about this maybe coming up when we get into the the raw with becky lynch and everything <hes> because they went away from this finally but the the way they'd been booking looking ronda rousey like the i'm so sorry be you can we still be friends it was like what in the fucker we doing this four i said it last week going into the royal rumble two writers for the w._w._e. obviously had never ever seen rhonda as in the u._f._c. ronda rousey and the u._f._c. <hes> and seem like as a real person <hes> and i'm just kind of repeating myself view didn't listen last week but if you did here it comes again but ronda rousey is the person that after she arm armed barred mutate imitate went for a handshake to end the beef she scoffed at her she's also the girl that knocked out bechke ohio and then stood over and said you bitch like she is a thug nasty in your face i'm alpha female new like she's not on raw which you know we'll talk about heavier later but that's who's yes that's the fat who she is that i mean the main reason she became famous was she was beating girls faster in an instagram video the whole fight was less time than an instagram video and on top of that she would fight dudes if you told her to his that's how it she thought of herself she's she if they went to shakur hand she'd fucking ypres give me a little dirty sanchez is on the way out i mean she wasn't like when alexa bliss started on annex t as that little miss bliss and she was like a fairytale thing it feels like they're trying to take that care and make rhonda do it and that's where the disconnected and that's why she's getting booed i think if you would have had three months of ronda rousey you know putting her dirty pita ambigious faces and saying a. and suck it the chris border joke and had this unstoppable force while on smackdown you had becky lynch being you know conor mcgregor the female version for all basically is what she her <music> gimmick is on monday you would have had everyone going let's go rhonda let's go becky but because you did the rhonda is going to hold everyone's hand and just proud to be here you got everyone's fuck around drowsy and she didn't know how to handle it she was just twirling her her microphone not knowing what do know how that's not prefaced in every like promo class and help they do is hey in the event that a crowd turns on because they can happen even when you're doing everything right here's simple things like a you can bumi all you want i don't care you know what i mean like that's all you need to do like it's all you need to do just move on tell them yeah whatever cool buck off you guys suck and then move on like i don't know even when your face that's still comes off as a face movie like you guys can bumi i don't care i've got something to say out here right but i thought the match itself i thought that finisher was weird i i thought initially sasha's got hurt that's why they ended except that she landed on her head but apparently that's going to be her new like she has darbar and then she has that move like her to finishers kind of thing i thought the in was really clunky with sasha walking up within walking back then walking up and walking back and then doing the four and then fast forward to win becky lynn showed up on raw the one thing that w._w. wanted to show you like oh you might have missed it on the broadcast is after bailey loss to rhonda she throws up the four for becky lynched throws up before there's a grand and then becky challenges <hes> rhonda they're doing the four horsewoman after wrestlemainia because if you notice who rhonda is facing right so she faced summer slammed was supposed to be becky but it was charlotte then at royal rumble it was supposed to be or it's it's going to be or it was sasha banks now wrestlemanias going to be becky lynch so we just had her be bailey so she's good face here's what's going gonna happen is of the we're going to get you know four horse women for the i'll call it now my w w prediction of course this may change air my wrestlemainia prediction <hes> becky lynch will win that match and when the title because the w._w._e. we w e four horse women help her and then all of a sudden that's the big shock and then the fallout from that is rhonda gathers her for horse women on raw or whatever and yeah if becky lynch versus rhonda ronda is the main event i would not be shocked in the slightest is as the fireworks go off you have charlotte holding the smackdown championship via balian sasha all in the tag team championship and then you have <hes> becky holding the raw championship they all four have their titles they all four foot their hands boom boom boom boom the four horse women women's are here equal yada yada yada and that's your lasting image just like how they tried with wrestlemainia twenty and it was eddie and chris benoit's that in the bed but they're gonna hope for that kind of ending but for wrestlemainia whatever this is for the ladies <hes> let's get to the women's royal rumble match <hes> and i think we both kinda mentioned this like it felt like they booked it well for the first five to six entrance and then the last five six entrance and everything in between was <hes> okay okay the last of the middle of it was so stupid maria canals god bless you need came back after two months of having a kid or whatever it is you look amazing you're still wrestling you can do it you're fucking character was dog shit at the royal rumble a leash fox no-one thinks what you're doing is cool your awkward in the sense of everyone wants you to stop you're not awkward in the sense everyone wants you to keep being awkward and it's fun just go away you fought they thought overhead that no one cared about just i don't middle kit kit fox horrible thing period like the the i'm clearly acting like i'm i am a lunatic bit you know what i mean like it so first film and pulling off the lunatic thing worked because you didn't know right like this guy is legit might actually be a lunatic alicia suffices come up that way it's i'm trying to act like a lunatic because i think you're gonna think that's funny and it's just it's just not coming off well because you also have to be a funny person pull that off you have to have charisma wismer just saying all right incuding allston italian for being the iron woman of that one <hes> i mean she put in some work but of anyone who would do of course right one that everyone loves chachi evans put in a long time to and that american ninja warrior girl i thought out kofi kingston kofi kingston i that her stuff was way as the thing was fun to do you want to get into that because that is getting herbs yeah i see your place here the which won the this whole like two feet like just to two points of contact if it's your hands if it's your shoulders i'm tired of the actually the feet the kofi kingston thing look you had a great stretch where jesus of mary it was out of this world incredible it jumped the shark this year you need to stop it was tested i get you were saying like here's here's here's what i'm saying if you get thrown over the top but you don't hit the floor at all right so somebody catches you you land on something else that's not the floor and you can get back in great or you're still hanging on and and only one foot touches cool right but like coach laying completely on his back with one foot up in the air you're out man you're gone and here's why too because like the here's where it also was dumb <hes> because then then exam your woods picks them up and brings him in when none of that needed to happen you could've just scooted you're happy aspect with your foot still in the air and climbed yourself backup you didn't needing xavier wants to pick he walk in the weirdest most awkward of ways so none of it made sense none of which you know new day doesn't but i think it was a botch it was i think he's supposed to catch him right if that happens okay but that's the risk you do and pa- wrestling there is no take two's i get it however just the whole the whole thing is just played out now it's just stop whatever year and don't make it a point like kofi is in here and he's gonna do something no no ho because you just makes us go this is your one trick pony now like this is what you're here for nobody thinks you're going to win it because you're only here to do this and then two or three of them he did a ton of going back to the women's win the the the middle was clunky i thought the female final four showed how strong the top end of female peress lena's and w._w._e. yeah all of these girls are fucking awesome right i thought it was very fitting that it was charlotte i am becky lynch a regular coming in after lana got injured i thought was good callback to reward you for why you watched the pre show that the start was really good i've thought the middle was excellent i thought the the excellent the middle was good awful very bad and then an odd choice for piss break match was daniel bryan in a._j. styles us which again was an awesome match but i was thoroughly exhausted by the time it got there and then you know the surprise of aircraft come out which is a great fit because we know enough about air grown to know that he is what dana brian is city is right he's an intellectual even though he's a fuck and weirdo right yep so it would stand a reason that he would also be like well we shouldn't eat meat and we shouldn't beat right like it stands it's great did you see the little caveat the enhanced enhanced <hes> rowen character they did what so when he comes out his new titan tron ruined oh michael simple yes that is great <hes> so i like that but they also didn't didn't like and i know they wanna leave you wanting more but like roaches comes out chokes on somebody and then done saint like there was no like from or anything it was just i'm leaving with this guy that's what i do i'm i'm the muscle here and i liked that eh you don't always need you know as far as starting out you don't always need to have everyone explain why they did it and then that's muscle he silent do it yes yeah just yeah the whole match fell on placement they smell like they typically used to do this when they had the split titles before with the brand split was one of them would go on i it was always smacked in yeah so maybe that's why they were trying to avoid that this time but distill felt like an odd placement for this match i thought like an odd placement but it also felt like oh man we still have another rumble and title magic i'm so tired like of the two title matches that you knew had to come between these two rumbles i i would rather gotten and through the listener pallor one i right like i just because you knew this was not gonna go if any of you thought in ballard was actually gonna win this match your dumb and i'm gonna tell you why because yes we still have the elimination chamber in the way where titles could change hands but it's wrestlemainia they're not gonna go fin ballard instead of brock lessner because they do wrestlemainia for the people who don't normally watch rash right they want the extra ratings draw raw and finn beller listen to me all of you any nerds is not the ratings draw for people who don't watch wrestling he isn't he never will be right you have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate and want to see in dollar they are going to have brock listener on every u._s._a. today on every m._e._c. with with that damn belt so they can pimp that out watch wrestlemainia brock listener watch wrestlemainia watcher so maybe you watch wrestlemainia brock listener now i know we like to stay storyline driven here especially has to be able to bueno but if you thought this guy was winning i don't know what to tell you don't ever play the lottery i mean it's still could have been cool right because eventually someone's going to have to to conquer that beast right and then can do i think would be great move ben maller beating brooke listener at mania but it wouldn't happen in here right but i thought this told a great when i i was hoping than now looks not to be the cases we fast four deraa but i thought it was going to be a great opening act two three part series where we get at hopefully wrestlemainia that was my hope is then the a demon comes out to conquer the beasts should have been your immediate clue the moment it wasn't the demon you should have known brock listener wins well yeah but what i'm saying is i thought the match in how the how he had brock listener to a point where brock listener couldn't even suplex them showed like the man fin baylor is up to this task tonight he was not the better man right and you capable but still lose brock listener right right but i was hoping that the next night paul heyman would say you know fin you know you came up short you're not the man kept on like playing up the whole like you're not as much of a man you're going up against abc's of maine i and then you get rematch at wrestlemainia where it's the demon versus the beast that sells tickets you just say that on thing on a card headline that sells tickets the beast versus the a demon and then ballard has the demon i don't get the whole thing but he looked so you could do that you could do the rematch for whatever reason right like in ballard still comes out and finds a way to go brock leser into the rematch ed elimination chamber and still bill almost gets them but doesn't and then he comes out again on the raw after elimination chamber and heyman eleazar like why why would we give you a third chance it'd be like oh you don't need to give me a third chance you need to give the team in the chains right and so yeah already booking it no yeah this is how i would have done it i would have had whoever you're picking to face the champion on smackdown have that person win the rumble so let's just say samoa joe schmo joe towards the it's about joe wins the royal rumble he's taking out the eco-friendly daniel bryan because now he's going in like that cool bad ass baby-faced kind of thing daniel bryan still doing the eco friendly thing so that's your smackdown thing right so they he wins the royal rumble not seth rollins then raw has to do their match where it's all the people are in the elimination chamber first person wins final person that wins becomes comes a number one contender for brock listening that's where finn sailor outlast seth rollins drew mcintyre blah blah blah blah blah thin ballard wins right then they have fastlane then fen baylor who every beat it the last two right yeah let's just say it was <hes> let's just say seth rollins right seth rollins and then fin seth said you know it was 'cause drew mcintyre lobe load me that's the only reason you one gimme a one on one match fences violence do it ten be beats fastlane then then that's when paul heyman says oh we're doing this thing again you again didn't we beat you at the rumble and then that's when you didn't beat this motherfucker and then it's the demon and and then you look like you have an and brock has this like undertaker shook look on his face oh fuck i don't know if i can deal that and then that's your fucking main event yeah by the way <hes> back to you know we were mentioned daniel bryan i forgot to bring this tweet the table i wanted to bring up and you saw the promo promo <hes> is at the ultimate ones daniel bryan is the grace of all time he just put over a monstrosity of burger and they're going to sell thousands of them hashtag to read the table <hes> when he was like doing that whole bit whole nasty eichenberger the bad that yes yeah all of his local news interviews were spectacular he kept yelling over the reporters saying that they they don't want to hear the truth he is a person of truth his here to get his change to the masses and they're just like all right back to you and he's like day wanna censor me this is why they don't want to hear the truth to reporters back at the station charlie okay that was weird weird per wrestling and he's doing great about it like he makes me uncomfortable love it all right let's get into the men's roy henry pseudo did you catch that so henry suharto is the u._f._c. see lightweight champion before his fight with t. j. dillashaw he was on a flight with nikki bella they took a picture together after henry pseudo wins his championship fight he's okay nikki bella what's up daniel bryan goes does don't make me come over to the u._s. seen spank your ass where her perfume because that's the closest you're getting to my sister-in-law like he's just going on all levels he's doing the becky lynch but for the guys i love it he's killing eleven but anyhow it keeps on <hes> let's get into the men's royal rumble match and <hes> i'm going to chime in with <hes> at katie first lady had to tweet the tables that go together <hes> because we can just can't encompass this she says fun fact i believe johnny gargano candice laurey are the first husband and wife currently in w._w. next rosser to participate in the men's and women's royal rumble matches in the same year hashtag table well your window of opportunity for that to happen is very slim right there's only in two years where there's been a men and women's royal rumble yea right so husband wife team that married couple has been in the rumbled but i think a married couple has been in the same royal rumble match remember when beth phoenix eliminated the great collie and edge made his return aren't they married at that time they've already done the marriage but actually didn't want to chimed in and alastair blacken zelina vega has ticked with table if you didn't know they were married the men's row rumble match this is what i'll say about that too many wasted spots on throwaways i i get the titus o'neil of all the throwaway spots titus o'neal was the funniest pop right because you had to do he's run into the ring got it and then he still ended up going under the ring which was even the syrians up but the shelton benjamin's curt hawkins and i'll throw but in there but it's still titus o. neal's i felt like we all know like stop it and stop with every year someone has to be out in a second that's the other thing that's annoying is that's the you have these built tin spots a kofi spot someone gets eliminated in a second a comedy spot like we don't need that the other thing and this was the biggest glaring omission of the week on both shows wear oh where was adam cole if you're not gonna put adam call it wasn't taking show right does what i'm saying because if you listen after the extra segment that annexed did hype halftime when adam cole just walks out and pushes velveteen dream the fuck in place nuts and that's where so he was there we didn't use on on index takeover like you said there's five matches we don't need to start making this summer slams and row rumbles making it six seven eight matches just because so i'm fine with that right and you already had undisputed air represented totally cool but if you're going to do the rumble and have inex- t guys i don't need to see alastair black injured and losing coming out to just lose in the royal rumble that's when adam cole baby is like what we got to have somebody who gets is kicked out in the second and we got have somebody in comedy spot those lose their impact when you force it every year if you did it once three four five years it's way funnier it's way more like all my god i can't believe bugging logano way jose totally believe away yet jose was another wasted spa dammit me and he's a wasted spot period with this line gimmick that they keep trying to force when different characters it's it's not the character that keeps failing that story guys it's the storyline nobody cares about you fucking jumping out with the dance party 'cause nobody fucking does that in real life nobody four just happened once and we don't we're done with take time and we passed it conga lines if two thousand nineteen mother fuckers congo lines and been part of this and seventy nine assholes well adam adam rose it was pretty cool when he i did it in an x._t. for weeks so let's i thought the one thing yet and i get it last year adam cole was a surprise in exte- person right so two years in a row but god damnit van ryan experience i want in those fucking shows yeah with the crowd adam kobe right you know what i mean and just just that so like shelton benjamin nobody cares nobody not even the president of the shelton benjamin fan club truly believed shelton benjamin wynn in this match yes so just get him out and put in an adam cole or put in you know johnny gargano was a good surprise i was like oh oh yeah that's cool let's see what he looks like standing next to dean ambrose that's when i think the takeover call ups like in the rumble work well because then you like okay this is a midget okay this is a star you know what i mean well let's kick off with the rumble atmosphere for throw says poor j. e. s. j. double r. e. double t. t. w. w. e. double t. a._t._t. right yeah that that was good yeah i thought that was a great way to start off i even told you it was the two thousand nineteen version of jeff jarrett starting the show and it was the nineteen ninety four version of elias coming in second except just wasn't you know like you mentioned guitar shot you know we're making our predictions on the fly through text methods between and you were like guitar shot obviously didn't do that he likes sucker punched him qatar yeah they did at the second night on raw with the singing of the song i would have done if i was booking it i would have had him say like we're seeing that song have the whole fucking crowd mumble all of it until right till when they know the fucking everyone mumbles until they get to that part and then hit him with the guitar thrown that yeah yeah okay so what else happened in the room i mean okay ni- jax where do you plan on it so the one thing that i'll just say is like she's not this wasn't revolutionary china did this venus did this so i got a little bit flabbergasted and dumbfounded when everyone was no you're jack's we've done this we've done for karma norma came in the i don't know what the we added benefit was is for a longtime now because it's rumored to center around there toy deal with mattel is that there will be no direct on purpose men violence upon women right right which they went away from that and i'm glad because we're talking about ray mysterio nyah jack's people if this was Looking at these two and I'm like well yeah. Why can't I take a foot from Ramos Stereo right like it shouldn't be like a whom I go to mid hit? A woman like the main is a third of her fucking size. It couldn't hurt that God damn bad Ramos but Randy Orton is not randy. Orton is not now there is something to you can't keep sitting here. The men are equal to the women and then but we've got to protect the women from the men will then yet falls the puck and part so if she everson fucking K with the separation. I'm okay with the separation. I don't like yeah kind of sexist but the point here is no. She wants fucking match because she's a if this were real life she walks into that match because she thinks I'm big and tough and compete these motherfuckers up then tough shit. You got your ass beat by a couple of block and dudes now. I'm totally okay with that but again if we're going to say this this is why I'm not okay with it in today's current whatever we're calling this era right is if we're going to say at last year's Wrestlemainia we need to accept Nyah Jack's because of her size and she looks different and you know this is going to be geared towards obviously not thirty thirty year olds this geared towards kids well fun fat girls evolve quicker than boys and so if I see that a girl is bigger than me if I watched Niger get hit by Randy Orton that means I can hit Stacey A._C. in class because she's a little bit bigger than me. Well like we're setting. There's also the Joan try this shit at home right like who listening you can still reiterate that this is fucking performance art right yeah so there is still this and we've said it all the time like women you can't go. We are equal. I get a hit them in and they can't hit me back. Fuck Shit you right fuck you. You're get where I'm okay with it and this sounds hypocritical but I do have a little bit of wiggle on the stance is where I am okay with it. Win Stephanie McMahon Would Smack Jack Roman reigns Roman reigns can put her in a submission. You know what I'm saying like. I'm totally okay with that part. It's the we're gonNA have a match. It's Candice Lorraine Versus Rey Ministerial Fuck off. I don't WanNa see that well Tessa Blanchard. It's been fucking wrestling people left right. I know I know and so is Candice Laurey. She was doing the whole prettiest team with Joey Ryan. They're doing the inner gender I don't like it. I don't want it. I don't want it. Science says the men will always kick a woman's ass so we don't need to prove it. I've seen some women be fucking. Some dudes in my life. Trust me Tania Singer who fights in the U._F._C.. I've seen her beat the Shit Outta guys at whiskey tango plenty of times. I'm I'm just saying some that everyone you know what I mean. Of course I mean now like you see. Women go if we're going to go but I also for the so to me where the equality thing comes in is where you're like. I don't want women because you know seventy five percent or more percent of the time that men has a physical strength advantage. That's going to be up. I can see the same thing for a bigger man on a smaller man right rock listeners should not fuck and beat me up because he just can right like there's not bucking cooler either right now when that's in real life when people aren't choosing to fucking fight in sanctioned event right like therein lies the difference even if this were him in May if a woman were say I'm GonNa fight a man in the man's like you really want to do this. In the great yes okay way then she suffered by just don't want this to go down a slippery slope where Alexa Bliss got jumped by Dean Ambrose. Yes yeah the where he became uncouth and didn't age well from the you know. The attitude era is putting may young onto a fucking table. You know what I mean like guys and so of course right but then with the creative you know limitations at these writers have because obviously we've seen I feel like you start to say Nyah jags versus Dean Ambrose Okay now Alexa Bliss going through something all that aside Niger. It's a thought did what she did really well. She came in likes fucking grinning ear to ear with that shitting Grin like I'm GonNa fuck all you up for a couple of up. Tossing pucks out. Even took sold the hits well. You know what I mean like an thought she'd do well. I one of the most improved people over a very short period of time for me <music>. Oh my God what is not improved about it or her years. We've been improved buyer. She's been getting less screen time while she's getting the three segments the her presence in the ring doesn't look like I don't know what I'm fucking doing anymore right. Hurt your cater. You're wanting to hate her is improved right yeah. She's doing that well. She's doing. I'm going to be he'll thing but I think the thing being been. The most improved is that she's went from three segments. A show to one segment show. I think is perfect. Segments is that's when I start to complain. That ain't her decision that's W._W._e.. B._W._I. Character but again I'm doing what I see. You know what I'm saying yeah so I like when she's like looking girls whose like the fucker. You're GONNA do about and I like when she like you know he was fucking with Dean. She's like what what what you fucking. Come in here and do something right because you go any woman that doesn't real life. You want to look at that guy. That's kick your fucking ass understand that yeah for sure I thought also why she did hit a little bit better in my opinion <hes> in the men's row rumble then other women have in the past. I think she actually felt comfortable like I'm being honest I think sometimes because it how powerful and big she is when she does the shoulder tackle to Bailey for example she kinda kind of pulls up at the end. I think she felt like Oh. I know one hundred percent like I want to and do the shoulder tackled Arraigned York road do the pickup of ray mysterious because these guys can handle where weight classes would be more appropriate so you could have avenue the inner gender things if there was a weight class involved right like ninety three hundred and <hes> point five ounces so she's only twenty right yeah okay so seth rollins wins the rumble. <hes> I think this is the better I'd they did a good job of it came down to rollins and in Stroman and it was like Oh shit they could go either way with this right. Yeah and I didn't feel like the crowd was already turning because I felt like day probably thought what you just said where it was like Whoa who I am going to pay attention because it could go either way and I wanted to find either right right <hes> so I thought yeah I thought I thought the ending of both rumble matches were very appropriate and yes we kind of predicted that I think you predicted rollins and I think I predicted becky Lynch and so was it the most surprising outcome no but like I said sometimes you have to you can't just jump to the end you have to tell the stories to get to the end and is appropriate bread. I thought it was good. Yeah I will really come back and we're talking about our favorite things of the week <hes> when we come back and maybe we'll hit some extra things you know on Ron smackdown as as a fall out to the rumble <hes> so as not to make that just a two minute segment but <hes> <hes> I mean we went pretty Goddamn long on this Tuesday. He might be like already like kind of the royal rumble guys got it okay so <hes>. Let's see what else follow us on facebook facebook dot com slash Spanish announce table PODCASTS. We're on INSTAGRAM DOT com slash tweet table. We're GONNA take a break and we'll come back to the Spanish nance table fun fact the less people know the more they think they know this is called the dunning Krueger affect around the Spanish announce table with this podcast. I mean it's not like you have to hang you know through the break or anything like thank you yeah thank you <hes> we went long but there's so much talk about and they're still more about because we didn't even in touch on any of the fallout. We like to do a favorite thing of the week. We were doing a least favorite thing in the week but I think we've Kinda determined like they're just make sound negative and you can always pick something it sucked unless there's something drastic that we feel any talk about. We won't necessarily early like it also puts me in a negative frame of mind right like I've got to find that I thought sucked right. You know what I mean so we'll stick with the favorites and then we'll kind of mentioned some honorable mentions that could have been our favorite if our favorites weren't so God damned cool like the Spanish announce unstable Spanish now stable dot net brought to you by Tom. You WanNa go. I you want me to tell you what my favorite thing that week was. I will let you go first. How about the all right? I'm a gentleman I am getting yeah. Yeah your gentle and I'm going to go with the Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey Promo from raw because one of the major things was the coming out party for the real ron arousing. I don't mean the real Ronda Rousey like the real is related thousands of new Daniel Bryan right yeah. That's not what I mean more. As in the she got up and her goddamn grown was like oh you're the hottest thing now. I've been a fucking name for a decade. I'm going to rip your Goddamn arms off. Shove them up your ass. I'm paraphrasing. She didn't say that but you know what I'm GonNa. Kill their say is. I've always thought you know I've been watching pro pro wrestling since for as long as I can remember. I can't think of anytime ever they said kill they've said Beata days. I'm GonNa Bury You. Maybe in a business for herself and messed that up or I don't enough. She went and business for herself for went from a work to shoot railroad. Yeah I think it was a bullet points like they've been saying and they're sitting in the back going. This is why we don't do bullet points anymore right thorough thought yeah. I thought both women killed it. I agree that my biggest takeaway was like Yup. That's the Ronda Rousey that I've been waiting to see in W._W.. That was awesome. It left Becky Grigny and like you know when someone has a good comeback like when you try to insult someone and they get a good comeback and that you have just kind of grand okay right yeah that's all she felt like ledge. Yeah becky orange left with was just like we'll show you later right but matt right now so I left thinking Ronda Rousey went shoot in that Promo and it caught me off guard and it was eyebrow raising right 'cause ause. I wonder if that came out of because she was getting booed out of the building early. Promo Bailey just had to go out there and said like I heard you were doing an open challenge. She never even mentioned Jones. Bailey the fuck out. There learn solve this but so you know they do. The match becky comes out. They do the whole four thing. I saw it on screen so I was like Oh. Maybe this is leading to that but it didn't but I thought Becky Lynch also did great now again. I think she loved. I think she got left smiling because it's hard when the last person has the last word but all of what she said with the I told you I was coming back and I'm back like all of that stuff that the whole time we're together rollins. I don't need time yeah. I choose you yeah. I thought her side. I thought her side was an add. A ten and I thought Rhonda's side was twelve attitude. If I can give a shout out also to the next night on smackdown when that Charlotte come out and she was like doing the show clearly jealous but she's trying to take credit for things like oh so having and like it was the same kind of thing right. It's leaving Becky in this like I've got nothing to say and she just said fuck it sucker punch right in the Goddamn. John and I was like that's that's why she's the fuck man that is why Yep yeah say Charlotte though by the way what did you have tweet table about Charlotte at be underscore double underscored d. That's be underscored DUB. The letter B. Score Double Underscored D. E. WanNa make sure set that out so everybody can follow on twitter because he is the title sponsor of Spanish now sable dot net <hes> for the next says Jesus Charlotte go away <music> Aztec tweet the table. I don't think so I think she's still absolutely one of the best you could still argue the best at what she's doing coming out there. It's just Becky Lynn is just so on fire and has the crowd eating out of the Palmer hand right now. You have to have Charlotte out there well so you know like I said the biggest glare from the pay per view weakened was not having Adam Cole any part of any show right but the biggest glare from almost a perfect episode of smackdown was at Ascot and even show up at all those just incredibly stupid did but I think Charlotte still has a role in the story and it's just like you said they'll like I'm jealous but I'm not really jealous because really what you're dealing. Becky is what I was doing so you can. Thank me whenever you're ready play. That role exists in real life. That is a mean girls role. That should be told so I agree where it's like. I I hope she doesn't get added to the match. That's my fear is. I don't want this to get convoluted with another person. I just want becky versus Rhonda but let's not forget we have elimination chamber. We've guy fascinating and we need matches for those. I'm okay with a worried because they just might they just might make Ronda Rousey and whomever the actual final main event of Wrestlemainia this year. I'm getting that feeling that they may do that. The quota actual main event Manresa mania even though they what they have like five main events anyway but I know they're into that and then there's Charlotte's around there. There's GonNa be this almost guilt factor of not Pudding Charlotte Charlotte in that match no matter the storyline right. You're what I'm saying like. She's going to be like what the Fuck I've done all this and now I don't get that spot when you finally pull that trigger and they're going to be a good right and Rick Flair is going to be doc. Wou what the fuck right and they're just gonNA be like well. We've got a because that's what W fucking does Yeah Okay Yeah I. I'm hoping again. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I think you know we have to more pay per view till Wrestlemainia. You can't just have becky Lynch and Rhonda just doing promos until we get wrestlemainia nine so you need something for both of them to do and that's where I how for like nine fucking weeks. Whatever's left until mania right yeah whatever yeah so that's where I hopefully we flush out this Charlotte Angle to the storyline and then by the time it's Wrestlemainia then it's just becky and Rhonda and that's why think if they do this whole four horsewoman thing? I think that's when Charlotte goes with Oscar because right now like I said Oscar was on on the show. It seems like no one's even fucking caller out right. Carmella didn't say anything she was out there. The main rose and other girl day didn't say anything about her. Naomi's not no one's going out ASCA so it has to be someone with her. Speaking of Carmella just way off topic. Stop against switchgears real quick here truth one that U._S. title. They botched that fucking pinfall situation with the rift pretty hard didn't they but I think they tried to. I think that's what they wanted us to think because everything everything else lined up so perfectly well yeah. I think that was a work whatever just odd <hes> Hey our truth is our U._S.. Wait a minute that wasn't supposed to happen and then yeah I thought it was perfect if it was a work but our truth the United States and go figure who would've guessed that why again here's the here's my beef with it and it's not him him. I'm okay with him but I've already seen his story. His story was told as our truth <hes> then he got fired two T._N._A.. Became Ron killings and he came back is our truth he peaked with capital punishment and him and MS and John Cena and all that stuff. I've seen his character. I'm fucking done with this care. Obviously putting the title on him is so they could get to this <hes> Bruce Seven Nakimora tag team. That's going to happen any anybody could have been a whole. Obviously he's attacking but it could have been could've been arrows. It could have been whoever the fuck they wanted to throw in there yeah it. Could you know I always go. It could've been easy three could have been e c three could have been any fucking buddy at all another guy this weekend that debuted on the main roster and Lacy Evans was out there why wasn't A._B._C. Three. Where's Lor Sullivan Panic Attack Jack Kennedy and that we're going to see him again? We'll get into here yeah <hes> but where was that rumble they might need to go to fifty fucking people because like where was sanity. Where was the good brothers I mean? There are so many people any I'm sorry <hes> going back to this. I just I didn't want our truth because I'm tired of our truth. I wanted a new talent to be like well. Maybe this can go somewhere. We all know this isn't going anywhere with Dr Truth. Hold it for weeks and yeah somebody's beating amid elimination chamber done. What was your favorite thing in the week? <hes> my favorite thing of the week comes from my favorite in my opinion the best show in professional wrestling or well we are the best podcast and professional wrestling but the best pro wrestling show in pro wrestling that title has been and still is going to smackdown live. My favorite thing in the week is the last segment that closed smackdown live so let's start with how we kicked off. The segment. Daniel Bryan comes out <hes> names the title daisy because it was a cow furred. She never got experienced Joyce. You only got to experience pain. I never wanted to Burger after he told me this because it made me feel sad that the crowd is sailing. Thank you daisy like thank. You thought it was great. Yeah Dow's another part where they're part of the show. I think they said recycle or they did some. They had some really good chance in there that didn't make it like overwhelming which Dale brand could have get lost. We saw Rhonda Get Lost Data Ryan's definitely on a different level but what I'm saying he went he fought through it. He didn't allow that chant to go through. He kept going to his promo going to his Promo thought his inside was great. Hey quick for you in hot off the presses. We just got another Hashtag table in live right now going back to the topic. We were just talking about at Mr Fourth row says. I wonder if little Jimmy is proud of truth U._S.. Championship win the table. I'm sure you anyway thank you again. I've seen all of our drew kind of little Jimmy but going back to Dan O'Brien Daniel Bryan first off like I said that Promo spectacular made me feel guilty those colonels a- truth makes group Promo tonight at ten <hes> but then the unveiling of the bell and we talked about this where I said it should be like a like a pea green and like a mustard-colored heard color is kind of it was more woman from following notable. Oh here we go so atmosphere fourth also said I hope the new W._W._e.. Title isn't biodegradable otherwise the longer dangle Brian is champion in my start to disappear hashtag table AM I. I want my it looks great. <hes> I sent it to my wife and she was like it looks pretty cool in those I agree I think they thought it was going to boot and even the crowd was like yeah. I like that head inviting you think that when the universal title debuted remember we all booed that anyhow so I thought the title was perfect I thought role and handing it to Daniel Bryan showing the submissive I answer to this guy I again rolling with the recycled oh in his name thousands per day him dumping it in the trash. When he did was great because you knew that was coming but he did it way before you thought he was going to do it right in the middle of zero down type of thing yeah right Oh yeah so I thought everything that he did was just spectacular and then A._J.? Styles comes out right and I was like okay okay so this is where we're going to elimination chamber then radio weren't and comes out and go to break which is weird but whatever what's that then they went to break which is weird stupid again. I don't want to like nick. Go behind the curtain but I think the segment was totally rushed. I think somewhere something got messed up because then everyone was yelling through their lines but so then Jeff Hardy comes out then Mustaf Ali tries to cut Promo. He got two seconds Jones out because again I think it was a rush segment but then on top the Oh my God fire Promo so far of two thousand nineteen Begi Lynch's was amazing Ronda Rousey. These was eyebrow raising captivating could have been a shoot <hes> memorable Samoa Joe didn't get onto that level but everything he said was a home run touchdown. Whatever sports analogy you you WANNA use their first cutting down Randy Orton saying like we haven't tangled yet but when we do know that will come out of nowhere using his own life not perfect then saying Jeff Hardy? I have no idea while you're here and Jeff Hardy trying to like well. I'm GonNa talk over you and he using that A._A.. Line on us that was the dagger that was the dagger rainy or even cracked up on Jeff did all right. We'll fuck yeah perfect line. You can tell that was an ad Lib perfect line yeah go ahead. Keep going then rolling into the ring and saying using Mustafa always perfect promo would I said was awesome about the COP. Thing seen in your eyes say I saw on your is that you were unconscious. See it. You're close show when I put your ask the sleep and then the cherry on top the callback too Windy A._J.. uh-huh Goddamn for Promo that was twenty six seconds long. I don't think you could do it any better. However there is one little thing that Mr fourth row pop but it was an little unfortunate for Joey says smokey Joe's Voice Crack when he made the boy amongst men comment Hashtag tweet the table of all the places voice get a crack it was right when he was saying that like fuck yeah but I think that was his fat transferred from the floor and it just it was so passing I and everything else thinks he was homerun that I forgot about it till I read this tweet the table <hes> but I did notice in the moment I was like woo but if anybody can make like so what a crack with a fucker you going to do about it? Here's my wallet. Here's my wife. Please me right where we get Wendy. <hes> man Samoa Joe Jr <hes> killing it that whole segment I love again. I felt like it was a little rush because I think Lee wanted to say something new there sorry kid but fucking between the Daniel Bryan unveiling that title working through a crowd that could've taken them <hes> to Samoa Joe Jr Jed decimating everyone verbally and then it leading to a bra because that's the other thing that I like to it didn't just lied to will it gives we'll make this match next week. It was hey you bitch and everyone's fighting len this is this is a good mix. I feel like for this elimination chamber coming up like I think that's a good make superstars. You've got Ordonez in there is a veteran and go hardy out. I would put with somebody else. Maybe if I could take anyone out it'll be already but yeah if I could take anyone out it would have been hardy and that's what I would put andrade and open and draw in there just to give cause again. I'm not going to end this episode on a bad note but one thing I will point out. We don't always need Mexican. Fighting Mexicans Ramos deal fight someone else yeah. I did like Andrade doing the fucking <hes> Ramos theory. Oh Shit right like that was the three Amigos perfect yeah it was. Jimmy and everything like yeah. Fuck derailing smackdown was great again. One Omission was whereas Oscar you just made demand tap out and you're not gonNA show up that that was weird but I get it's to our show I want Adam Cole in everything because Kobe is the man I'm happy. I'm excited for halftime heat. I'm excited man. Halftime heat's going to kick off a good fun little role that hopefully leads us right into wrestlemainia. You know I am more looking forward the halftime he than I am the actual Super Bowl game no I'm not you know why the Patriots always have very fun exciting football game. Did you catch the like <hes> it was like a press conference style interview you with Tom Brady and they're talking about Jared Goff and the rams advice giving advice Mike yes I was like what he'll move yeah and what a great advice argument vice after the game right advice when I retire yeah even that like am I. I may say some new the game. Hey here's how you could beat me. Eh here like yes and that's why Tom Brady. Is Tom Brady. He's like what fuck there. That's dumb. Oh all right so this isn't football. This is pro wrestling yeah. A lot of good came out the rumble especially with the fallout right. Yeah yeah both shows. I thought they they did the right moves. That made me happy yeah. They do see two they. They've conceded that they go okay this. We're going to go with what the crowd is telling us. We should go with that kind of shown through at least yep yeah so all right. I mean girls before we get Outta here. Nothing nothing else before we get out here. You can't hear me at all Kanye. I think Tom may have lost us. We're GONNA just get out of here. We won their their see. See we're having these skype issues again. Folks you know pay pal table show. gmail.com donate Azazel Z. A. Z. L. E. dot com slash. Spanish announce table got some stuff yeah you'll look great. People say what is that and then you can tell your friend parentheses ass about the show and he'll be happy and it'll just get better and better like you will next week when we return to the Spanish announce table being in love shows up in brain scan like an addiction not an emotion fun fact the Spanish announce table starlight lounge presents an evening the progressive box. That's you tickling the Ivories. He just saved by bundling home and auto progressive GONNA finally barring that Gal of Yours Hugo sending my condolences this next one there's.

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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez  I Think The Minimum Will be Three Million Viewers

Tha Boxing Voice

2:34:19 hr | 6 months ago

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez I Think The Minimum Will be Three Million Viewers

"Intended for mature audiences, the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people Let's get ready. For boxing voice say Daddy this down March dot com. Production. Love with the. Eighth. Comfortable. Watch me. Eventually Awesome I feel like. Straight up and down really. No. Special. Thanks. Dot Com. Mesa. If And you're fighting on the articles. On Table. From. Having ended the game. Go. More on Anti. Thank God it's Friday Ladies and gentlemen we are back with another morning edition Hashtag TBB podcast wherever Hashtag us to stay along with the conversation with back for the takeover. Willie. Takeover. Willie look like the rest of low or should I say no mice, CSANGOS, opponents. That's right. We're here to talk to big fight the super fight free. It's Free Ho. Forget that it's free and because that's he'll fema was wishing the day do three million views i. think that's possible. Man I think that's possible. We're GONNA jump right into it. Good morning in Canada good morning in Corpus Christi. The keen killer would up good morning was in. Jersey what up? What up we ready we ready. You wouldn't let them all know the my titles today. Yes. At one thirty were scheduled to do Mario Mongolia's. Guardian. UNGAR Guardian on guarded I'm sorry I sent entitled Okay I thought it was gonNA rapid school when thirty work well, I had a lot of people schedule we also got. Good man in Washington scheduled for twelve thirty. So we got a lot of unguarded episodes and we have Anthony Queen, City Cobra scheduled for five thirty all these times eastern. So you're going to be having three on guarded episodes. Today plus abetting show today and this fine morning show day. Word Word Word betting shows going to be good especially if you are. Francis and ness who are going with deal theme Oh and he's got some underdog money to make. So I'm looking forward to hearing y'all's parlays and ideas I'm not gonNA, take any of them because obviously I believe is going to win. But I don't know. I, think if you, I'll put it this way if it's something sex not sexy enough but in terms of like. If, the money's right I may put something down. You know even though I think is GonNa win I don't have a dog in the fight so I'll be happy if the owens and makes me a almost SALANI. Your mind. Though y'all Lomas, his buried, he's not even riding with the hundred annual man. He's not even from the central man what's happening with homes With Prima homes. WAS A. Mexican stuck together man you know Yo yo mean you 'cause we were supposed to be like this I don't tell me This Tommy. Craig Jones. No Sir I m WANNA. Thank Madam says another day now, the opportunity. Of all second of all, I. Definitely. GonNa take the under on the three million minimum people office I'm taking on under. Y You Do is. Let me let me help you a bit. Let me. Go ahead. Maybe maybe you guys could. Know for fact, purposes. I. Like to just say Shit and hope that I'm right that being said I'm. I'm. Pretty sure. Crawford. Has Done two point, six, two, point seven, even three, million with. Less attractive names. Let's just say you know coffered being the whole draw. and. Still drawing that many views you understand if he's fight and Ben, Evita's they hit a c Crawford year that fight has some build up and it was a Mexican Sarcasi- but that did good numbers. Then he forecast Alaska's that get the number. And it's on ESPN I'm using it as as a barometer because he's on ESPN. Invest Chango when I just feel like. If he's fighting who he's fighting. This is a unification. This is a super fight. This is something we want. This is something where the communities Kinda split man I woke up to messages all day Lopez Wins Lopez knocks him out people that hit me up in in a minute Lopez gets the win so. A lot of people money coming in on Lopez lay. I just feel like this three million ain't nothing think about it Keith Thurman Three Million Dollars to settle Lopez damn near like Keith Thurman Four or five million with Robert Ruined Danny like yacht tripping yacht tripping not only. Detractors bemoaned. COSI talking might take an under under Brad people doing the under with regular fighters, not with a tear Fema Lopez of the Seattle Magenta across the corner. Yoda. At Miami Go I. No No. Listen I'm just GONNA say before you go on picking the over but go ahead I'll let you explain. Yeah. The reason why the reason why I'm picking over number come with the facts with the Sorry the under sorry been factored it and I can give you the article to the most viewed fight. Since the pandemic has happened is Uganda's versus Rommel's. At one point six. Exactly went to. Half the know half the number, three, million, the number. Dude, we never heard of come on. Chill. Chisel Long. This is this is what I'm saying to you now if you think about that, right It's fight is going to be on ESPN. There are other things there other sports taking place when you guys fight habit was really nothing going on. That was like really at the tip of the pandemic. was looking for something as entertainment. So the next best thing was to watch the. Guys fight and Fox did a good job of promoting it. So that's all you've seen during the pandemic pandemic new guys fight. So that's why. You trigger going to be just. Really. They might go to five, but they're not going over three million I'm taking I could be wrong but wasn't on a Sunday. Off New. He Bust on a Sunday with non sexy opponent day own right on to eighty and if I don't if I don't if I'm not mistaken there were there were there was NBA playoffs that week are that that Sunday as well, and that brings us to our first super chat of the day from Robert Singleton shoutouts you says, no, NBA finals no NFL, this fight doing three million y'all not only that but baseball could wrap itself up today and put us in a situation where we wouldn't even have baseball and that's not happening. That's happening. So you know that you know that I. Started making. Got Me happening. You got me man you got me maybe lose the money, but that's show. You know. Atlanta was going to the playoffs. Sure. Listened to that. You know on the Astro. Fan. Know that was biased. So I can't take full blame. No swing. Back to I'm picking to eighty to eighty, two to ninety on. Saturday three, million, three, hundred, sixty. Right Now Mama said. Aymara. After hearing the real fact, he's GonNa Bring the facts. After he heard I will say I'm going to point eight nine three. That was always by picking. Nine, nine four, that's not picking the underdog. You made it seem like you ain't believe. To be like a over. Three million I'm taking the under. The MIC that's the that's the that's Ovando is you're going to go over onto they looking for a minimum of three million. Over I think they get the minimum. It's too many other fights. I think at least they get the minimum lease. That's like a low number three, million for two dudes. That's that's pretty known in boxing. Let's let's be honest or let let's at least. -cation that is an impressive number. Still you're saying that's a low number because of what your expectations are but three million would be a great number if that's what they were to turn in I. Think it will be yeah I think so too man listen the one thing I feel like we didn't get into last night is just the the EPA kness of this weekend's fight you know I was watching everything really I could yesterday you know through my run I watched the first of the whatever it's called blood sweat and tears i. Watched the second one I got to re watch the full press conference because I didn't catch the first like ten twenty minutes and I'll tell you right now this has all the feels of a big time fight like they said something really interesting. It was like if this is the epitome of boxing boxing coming back then this is what super bowl is you know for us we don't get like one day where there's a super bowl I mean obviously, you know certain dates have their prestige Mexico independence single the mile, etc the Puerto Rican. Prayed that said, we don't have our super bowls come in. You know when they come in when we get the big fights, this is the super bowl. That's what it feels like to me everybody that I know that normally doesn't talk boxing is talking boxy with me. You know I saw people at the gym last night just me watching the screen with the OFI Mohammed Tanko do you Like I. Don't know who you are but hell you watching that like you know what? I'm saying like you're watching it too. So if you haven't already done, so don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube Channel Help us get to that hundred and seventeen thousand goal with working overhead. Listen three million is is a minimum in my opinion I think that's that's nothing they pick that up nobody paying for this. You know you could just get on ESPN. We're in a pandemic most people are still home I think this is a safe number honestly, very safe when you compare it to some of the other people that have come in. And around this number and it wasn't a fifty fifty five. This sixty forty, sixty, forty on our poll sixty, forty we split unit I. Mean. So there's a WHO's more cash. Who's WHO's more of a crossover draw -til female or Loma Janko Crossover allstate you'll females got the better potential. He speaks English and Spanish. He's he's Latman. I mean. They all have glove spot point and he young his career. So these kind of carried I don't understand what's your point my point is like. Start is the bigger star for the casual like. All you need. I was beating. Over three, we're going get over three million boxing fans to. Check this out. So check this out. This is where I get him now, and honestly I disagree. But I think that you have a really good point here. You're say that you're saying that the FEMA is the draw in this situation or the person most likely to have crossover appeal. Yes. He has not even come close to reaching what his potential and height would be. So how is it on the back of him going to reach these numbers I I understand that that's a valid point i. To, add to it necessarily same that was dogging Carlos talking about they were GonNa do or would they wanted over three hundred fifty pay per view buys you know what? I mean an eight. You comparing apples and oranges eighty dollars in free turning on my TV. Telhami. Remote. ESPN. LISTEN ESPN I. Pairs. Knows Lopez as the person that's carrying versus loan with Chango, but to the casual and store if that's a good point talk of. So here's my counter. That's a good point his counter you don't have to know either man. You. Don't have to know either man. You just know that they're average advertising to the casual fan as all the belts punch versus boxer young versus old. It's all. It has all the elements that has all elements it's going to be spending. A lot of people who don't believe in in combat sports like that anyways to be on TV to be shown. So they're definitely not going to tune into that type of fight. So we're hoping that. Casual. What you say who's not who's not in a combat sport what happened there I'm saying there there are people out there who are are petitioning for combat sports to be taken off television you didn't hear. I don't know anything about that. But I all I know is that combat supposes doing numbers we just. We're talking about able Rommel's versus guys doing one point six though do you understand that that's three four times devante Davis is fucking numbers on showtime ever in his life ever in life? No. No. Not during the pandemic dog Juventas never done over six hundred thousand. Do you know that? I so so for you guys to do one point six. On. Though we're almost I mean it's just simple math. I think I think this is crazy that we even debating it but I guess is good for the show I. I can't see. Crawford doing damn near two point six KAVALIAUSKAS maybe. You telling me the Tia Fema Lopez dude the ESPN has been calling pound for pound number. One for like two years can't do three mill. You are rare because he don't. English that will. ALMA. They're gonNA try and sell Lopez to to the most. To, the ESPN public as as a young Latino to check up becoming fighter. Over to email Francis don't forget this. They're promoting Lopez not only to the ESPN public. The ESPN depor says public I e end their portes you got one Monday hallmark. Talking about him you got add Morris talking about him in Spanish to the Spanish community. You've got. Mars. Coming out this morning or rather last night morning for me say into saying Yo I'm picking Te'o before I go to sleep, I just want you to know I'm picking Corp conceal come on man look. You know what only where everybody's These these boxers in are stepping up in their riding. We would you know I can tell you that right now you know what I'm saying earl allied big-name fighters admires they all riding with him so that might help him to get that number over the Hump because they might be on this social media like Yo- Teofisto fighting right now y'all tune in. But outside of just off the strength of both of them, I just didn't see it. That was just my take on it. Here's the thing we all have to understand that that the Internet and. Sports are they're they're they're dominated by Bros. you know what I'm saying, Joe Rogan type dudes or I guess the dudes that are Indo, Rogan types, you know what I'm saying like like those Alpha male bro type guys like there is this niche with them where they want to know or they feel like they have to know what's going on in a specific sport and boxing has always been one of they. They have this idea that speaking of that boxing in the most casual commercial is somehow resonates with fans like us you know and usually just shut up and let them talk. You know what I don't care. But I feel like this ease one of those things that has reached out and grab their attention when triple g started get popular it was the Broza. Like do you see tripled G. man he should fight Cannella it's like you know where the fuck you been but but they resonated and it finally happened and guess what triple g can those a huge success and part of that was based off the idea that triple g was promoted the right way to the casual audience I feel like, yes, there is a gap between what they were able to accomplish in that sense and what's going on with Loma Chang, deal female. In its base, the selling point is that it's just incredible fight. It's a great fight and it's one of the best that can be made in the sport. Will that be enough to attract people I don't know but I can tell you that there aren't many fight fans in America that are going to purposely miss out on this. You know if they can't help it. So we'll that drive the three, million number I think he could, and that's the point that decimated made earlier and I agree with it listen just to go back to the initial topic initial topic was. They're hoping. That -til female? And Loma Chanko does a minimum. Of three million. I've heard promoters many times say that they hope do a minimum of whatever and it's not come close to it. You understand. There have been other fights who were bigger than Guga's in Rommel's. In the pandemic Jose Ramirez for postal dating do that type of numbers You can't tell you that Jose mirrors is not a bigger name than than Gossen Rommel's. Right No. Okay, you had Charles that did their fight and they still didn't do good numbers in terms of viewership intimidate view not buys viewership. Here's the thing though here's the one part that I would say is different and I. Again I'm not GonNa say that you're not winning this part of the debate. Okay. I'm not saying what I'm about to say is GONNA crush what you're saying I'm just making this point. Isn't it true or I mean I? I shouldn't phrase it like that but it's true that. When ESPN is the main channel there are people who actively go look for sports on Friday and Saturday, you know they have the day off they spent all week at work and no matter what's on espn at that moment, they're going to watch it. So for me and a lot of people watch ESPN throughout the week I mean, I have so many friends that barely watch boxing but they watch ESPN every fucking day after work. It's so crazy like. How they do it but they watch ESPN twenty, four, seven basically right and and so I feel like that connection between the commercialism of ESPN and the. The over the top type of fight that this is. Will is creating the perfect storm I mean not the perfect storm but the perfect scenario to reach that three million plus which is a lofty goal in most senses but this fight isn't most fights. and. I wanted to be successful because I want them to see that when they make the good fights. Good things happen and we we react to that positive. So pretty much what you're saying is that your banking off the back of ESPN bill. Yes the fact that there's the wide world. I. Okay but that's What we? That's origin s got off the phone. Because I don't understand that point it is listen to me. Listen to me you watch soccer. I'm. I don't even know toby many times I I. I was just trying to make a point that's why ask. But I know I know you are a fan soccer. I'm a fan of soccer but I don't know shit about soccer. I really don't like I just started learning like who is in Premier League and you know, I just started learning the difference between certain clubs. Okay. But I can tell you that when ESPN had you know certain fee for games or World Cup games like. It they told me like Joe this Mexico us I'm just using that as an example because obviously US south this year or last year but. If they were like, oh. Mexico us. This is the game I'm like Whoa, this is the game you know Spain in in I don't know Barcelona whoever like that's the game you gotTa Watch it because HE ESPN is in this platform where they kind of control the narrative. Then for me, it's a big time game. I'm not a fucking you know huge soccer. doozy's I. Don't know a lot about it, but I do like it and I do appreciate same thing with tennis. They're like Yo and I don't even know names anymore in tennis. I haven't watched that for a while. But when they tell you a specific sport is going to go down this weekend and it is going to be. One of the best matchups like it's the highest level and I think that's what's resonating with casual fans that they know and they've heard and it's been crammed down their throat for last month that this is the pinnacle of the sport. Now whether we agree in terms of you know this not being the division or the money five being Crawford and you know spends or whatever that doesn't matter. This is one of the best fights they've learned that and I think it will resonate come time to check the ratings and reviews. If I'm not mistaken. There's other events going on on the weekend as well to. This other sports have not gonNA call the names of them because we're on a boxer show boxing but yet some other combat sports that are taking your that's not even your what. Okay. There is no. Body. I. Further, the Korean Zombie. there is no I'm not even GONNA get into. But I know what you're talking about. We're we're speaking in code right now. No one else knows what we're talking about. Now I was playing but I I think that's kind of like a niche like if you know that you know right I'm watch it after but I don't think it takes anything away from this fight like this is the fight. They got a really good date in kind of sense rob? Robert. SINGLETON. said it earlier like no football which footballs been going on like almost every day because of the pandemic right and people testing no basketball and we might not even have baseball that night because you know we could see the Indian today for for the series but and even if we do the one game that would probably be on tomorrow would be in the afternoon. So you know it's it's it's the poet. We're talking about three minimum three, million views for Loma Tanko versus Lopez man at. Three million views man we are you are you trying to tell me that between Lopez and Loma Janko? The. East got a million point. Five people that wanted to just off the cuff see them fights. Okay. So let's bring number. Say so say ESPN by itself will bring one point five just people that this love to watch espn just go click the button you know what I mean turn on Espn Oh boxes on oh. Yeah. Okay. Cool. We're GONNA, watch it. You'RE GONNA. Tell me that Lumberton Lopez carry a billion five. Of their own fans to add to make three million that which is. I mean. No. Yes. In a sense, but that's not the you're oversimplifying it. I mean I. I. Don't know you have up breaking it down because I don't know and you are listening I already said it Francis Listen. I already conceded the fact that you have a very rational argument because from like normal standpoint, what we do is we take fighter a floyd mayweather right and we think about what he generates a where his casual level in the meter is right and then you take somebody like canal you do the same thing and then you take a triple g and you do. The right, and so you can kind of gauge their interest. So that's what you're trying to. You're trying to apply the normal paper view medium type ADR pay per view type of formula. Right? You're trying to conjure up whatever factual numbers or numbers based reality that you can I feel like you're missing a giant piece of this puzzle in the sense that how many basketball fans that don't really watch boxing very much have been programmed to be ready for basketball and Saturday night. And they're not going to be there Saturday night to be able to watch basketball. You know it's over my lakers. Won It. So guess what you watch. Box. We're talking was three million views man we're talking about three hundred zero. We're talking about what five million views we're talking. One point five million. We talk about three million views like castle that just happens. Regularly to regular thing for us to get two three million viewers to view an event. Are. You kidding me listen you know. Does or what basketball does this do you? Know what the rates? The ratings were for the for the championship game on basketball. Do you know what the? Lakers drew and ratings? That's okay. But that's what I'm trying to say listen I I don't even know what it was all I'm saying is that you're missing that aspect of it where there's the spillover effect for so long in the pandemic we had nothing then we got everything at once and if I didn't even resonate because there's so much shit that was going on in America it was like we have blinders on, but people got us to watching. Football Basketball Baseball ask all the same. Now. We're talking about it's been done for like eight days. That's what that's. What have you done for me lately that's old news. It's Iraq I mean like nursing. Program to be ready to watch sports on. Saturday, that aren't normal boxing watchers, viewers and the main event. On This But that's but I don't know I. Don't know. He I listen I'm not GONNA fall for your trap and I'm not gonNA say. It's on your fallen in your own trap because you're basically assuming the same thing on the opposite side like I'm not gonNA assume that there is but I? Don't think it's Safe to assume there is like I don't know I don't know what that spillover could or couldn't catch. US. Know that people are ready for sports again, and this is the highest level of sport. They've been getting sports thinking about you can't. You can't compare an entity like the Lakers or or any of the big entity has been doing this to a loan, check our Lopez who have been on that type of level who has. Delivered in that moment, I mean those big moments, you can't compare those two storm comparable. Yeah super chat from TJ Trent Jones says, it will do three mill fan. The promotion has been great and that's another aspect of this promotion. SEE NORMALLY ESPN. You know you get a commercial at like eleven o'clock at night and you know maybe Scott Van Pelt mention you know in like a radio type of way it's like Oh and by the way tune in Saturday for. Whatever but this has got in full publicity taken ESPN's main channel and turned it into the theme Aloma Ching-kuo show okay. You could not turn on ESPN this week without at some point coming across that fight and Dan at night when it does the best numbers in primetime. There were actual shows dedicated that they were showing on ESPN to their greatest hits for the last two weeks. So the promotion has been great and they've gone all in on them. They deserve it and I think it pays off and here's the thing I we needed to pay off Francis we needed to pay off. We need these people to see when they give us free fights at the highest level things work out for everyone you know. Now I'm not I'm not disagreeing with I'm not disagreeing with you that it doesn't need to pay because I agree with you for boxing to grow it does to pay off right but hold on before we going further public service announcement better go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit dump button is over three hundred, three, hundred of us in the. Building right now, we only got about seventy eighty thumbs up go ahead and smash that thumbs up button hit the bell notification. So you know what would you go live also hit the subscribe button man we need your support we tried to get two hundred, seventeen, thousand you know what I mean we're talking about this morning to Fema loped Fhimah Lopez and Doing the minimum of three, million, which I Francis Donald with based on the analytics go ahead well, big supermax Rodriguez believes that. I don't know what he believes. He says, Francis Act like three hundred K. is rare on regular TV a pretty sure he meant. Three hundred Mil. K Maybe I think he meant three mill he put three hundred K.. I don't know I don't know We got another one from TJ. Did I get to say I got A chance so I mean any thoughts any final thoughts? Talk. Like I said and I've been saying I don't see it personally somebody got made me a believer because I okay. If you got you're telling me that to Lopez and Loma Janko by themselves, we're GonNa Bring one point five, million viewers and in ESPN just off the cuff of being espn is going to bring their own one point five. Over the. Does Amelie on his own Tony vs Lena's and pulled. RASA. Views like it happens regularly who embarrassing it don't listen in boxing happens regularly when they're on Fox or ESPN like what don't you? Just Pete that one point two well, best would guess. Exercise. It was one point since it was one point. With peaked at one point, I'm looking at it right now. The average peak peak is. What's what's running average? Because I thought it was one point six. But but that's neither here. Nor there the point that we make in his gus isn't is in Brazil and. Was At this fight and able Romo's damn sure ain't CEO and locks and Fox on a Sunday. Early evening is not espn Saturday night espn Saturday night. That is the Holy Grail of sports nights for them. Okay College football happens on. Then you know they got I don't see I don't. Know my doing three million views on the cuff now. ESPN. Can help them out by just having. Regular viewers to show up to try to bring the number over. But outside of ESPN I, don't see them doing three million views just at any other network. All Good Champi you're going to be proven wrong then. This I smell bet a pie. If they do over if they do three Miller over. You know what did they do? Yourself in the face on Air Sunday. If they do any thing under even one view under three mill I. More. Mea. Will Shave my nose play I'm not GonNa do that Shit, but I will. Now forget to. Do One hundred pushes. Shea, he wanted to get in shape. Like. Fact I. I don't. Know you. You won't have to do push ups. Noma verse Rasa averaged. Two million thirteen thousand viewers average. To. Choosey you want more. You, want? You almost as I look more Loma Vice. Chair you wear them right now for respect. Telling you. That's missing. Is that is that pre pandemic number. That's better. Raza that's pre pandemic numbers. So that's GETTING KNOCKED OUT THE TANK So. It wasn't even desirable fight like Oh yeah. He about to give the toughest fighters committed now nobody wants saying that. Nobody. Nobody. Let me look overly not as the before we go to callers we still got a little bit term. Nowadays. Oh. One point seven, five you'll chill Yo Francis man just apologize man you wrong. My man from Venezuela doing one point seven five out here with the zeal shankill. Right, Adam laughs guys those Lasso owes should minutes. Oh, this is my do far mill. Look at the number but. What number? One number what number this number. And More of the. Oh of course. SHANECO Lopez that Dope Shit go ahead I'm sorry. Mary what? Francis Happen Migita. Ramirez versus postal they didn't didn't do of PLO marschall. Why is he? Why is he bringing them dudes? To. With That Loma. Chinky overhead Bra. Their marriage is not as good. Brother not name now good about good. This is about what ESPN popularity nine promotion. Behind. SHANECO. Listen what they put. I don't remember what they thought. It was plus wasn't own. Pluses on ESPN. He was asking about the Postal Ramirez. ESPN. Was Okay. Well, whatever listening, but they did not get the push. Bro. How many commercials did you see how many blood sweat you know parts ones in Tuesday's you see? y'All fact that you had a title Kimball. Style press conference. Young Man. was. trippy Francis Francis. Head called Victim Postal Zealand Majengo Yo rapper fans going to be going to be like. We, all you young because he just put. Postal up there with the seal he liked the ceiling in Ramirez Ain't do this I mean Postal Ramirez Dog. That's a whole different fight about their with. Who guys that Robbo so. Put it up tossing Rommel's. Jose Jose. Ramirez is a lesser name than. We're saving I mean numbers don't La. Numbers. Don't last. You're saying that Fox is a much else. Yeah. It's a bigger. It's a more Reachable. Out On away. There's more people told. The move numbers don't lie. You know what I'm saying, I, mean, you guys ain't in on an at. As learning. English. Thank you. Feel one point six. That's why you lost his arguments. Six. DASM saying either not speaking English they. Bless you. Got To save man I, WanNa hear it because guys Carlito's Charles Harrison did two point two million. Young twice they did good number twice. Yeah. I remember they did do good numbers twice body remember. Listen. Huge. Fox in ESPN got televisions on this is this is the fight. I said I'm said I said when I said I stick by. Oh snap set out to towns Crawford chat okay. You. Down like white. Okay When you're GONNA come on his show. When you come in on his show the Dow Looking now he tells the math but so that's the cage we won't. We won't ZIP. His mouth. And I'll conduct the interview. It's all good me Francis do me. We'll bring everybody except for. Recipes Law Firm, but I offer you Mario. As? Sparring partner. Talk you say, Oh, I, thought you saying like, Oh, he'll give you them softball question now I'm saying boom you know mean take it out on my real intervene poop poop. poop. Gets. You know he wants. You that's aggression out on. Mario. But anyway, let's go out to these callers. Less. Playing beats may was really good. Oh this shanty chow. Scotto Carlos but before are your mind man you. saw. To get this house your schedule. Both champ you and me both calls in Lebanon show you know this is a is a headache. It is for real. But. As well, we're gonNA live in things up with my man, just monitor famine semifinals stab. Stop? Phil like. ME. Calling me a prospect. tweet battle. Up Too big threat the. Rain, by? Late. Tim. Bright. Light. Ready, quite nice. Baggage. Chat. About the place that Dejected fresh off the Super Twig. I might. Add to make some. Gestapo. Competition Duck. With the champ. Stamps out running miles when I cramped I'm working with that God, live my life like a champ. Benjamin Wynn replied. Villain like my goodness. I the model. Focused in last year have sprints porn life had seen. Shuffle My. Senate Breaks Open Champ. Last Jones Stiff Jab. Down the flow. Bigoted Champion S no. Names. Fight at closing has happened. Jack. Johnson. Should wait to decide the prompt Marvin hagler Larry Home. In scraps. Now, all we fight for straps my Momma, detract she. Gay. Rights. act. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Woke Up Hobart I. got the work safe. You know we talk and team overseas Ulama Changle doing three million. That was like a champ I think I'm the champ excuse me it's actually just called champ. I'm all I'm all messing it up because it hooked and I'm in love with you know he'd be like I'm much. So any what's called champ that was from just oh mathis, he's part of the box and voice community. He submitted his track an stainless chosen to be on. You know the first ever TB mixed state and you can catch that Friday today I think that stainless wants me to drop it so. We'll be doing that here soon and I think we got some other songs that were not a played on the listening party. So we're going to be doing and listening party right after this show so. Let me go out to the callers. You know the number to call in one, four, five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty, one, one, one, time voice your opinion rain on the voice of the people outlined. Don't forget to add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. Now, if you're a border wars is blocked. It is if you if you're into border wars, don't forget Mario does his episode of Unguarded Today Anthony Queen City Cobra the return of the Cobra he does his interview today as well as Dan the man from Washington. WHO's GonNa be taken on Adrian Rowen from. Wisconsin. So Adrian already did his unguarded Dan man will be the day that is going to be his opponent go ahead and head on over to patriots dot com forward, slash the voice and drop Dan the man from Washington a question as he prepares and his getting prepared for Adrian ruin of Wisconsin for. Board. Awards eight obviously, Mario. Ghia drop him a question as he prepares and get prepared for Keane the dream from Florida. Also facing each other's Boorda was. The question and who else we got today. Anthony Edwards. So go ahead and drop them a question as well. Let's go on. If you forget my name during the question, you also refer to me as a side no matter it's up to you dial. Oh good. Either way I think he building confidence Yang I think he building confidence. On No, let's see we going out to these colas real quick. Remember to writers five stars on Itunes. Subscribe to YouTube dot com slash boxing voice for the latest and greatest interviews with no favorite fighters. Round. Kings. Kings with me. Doe was goodfellas top of the morning. What's going on? The morning champ. Getting back to the days here right I. won here last to leave. That's not king I mean you know I started off so not that I'm here. Let me get to ex- after night actually I have to you you've been knighted. A boomerang. Jordan Baker he said it's time for change any any any took his boomerang from j Mac and he wants you to have it. Gained lab. Wow I gotta get down on one knee fellas. I'M GONNA. Garad getting down on the knee Jordan Baker salute you brother for real for real her. Yeah. Definitely Arroyo one and and look let me say right quick I. Swear to God y'All got the Boomerang Y'all GonNa think I'm lying but my son just accident my twelve year old son act when he said Dad. How can they? Right? He's always going off Mario. Right because this is how this big boxing voices in my home, you know what I'm saying. So He's listening and he's he's because he knows everybody that still he's wise everybody you don't understand nobody going off when Mario. Mario is an entertainer. He says things that are very entertaining. So when you I'm ashamed moments, we'll what three three minutes it doesn't do three million by. I don't know if you even look at it first before you said it but I had to explain to my entertainment you know if it's because he. The guy talking about so you're very good at that. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the unguarded. I've seen bishops work on their This border wars thing is like a whole `nother, a screaming content. So those that are just listener first-time please get in tune to it man as far as the weekend man and I've got this boomerang. No. So I'm gonNA touch on lightning. We spoke about it last night jeep trae said that teal was looking nervous. You'll nerves are good y'all think drama was looking nervous as hell before he fought Tony Harrison the first time and I don't mean scared. I just like if you have the nerves like yo because if you got the nerves that makes sure that you WanNa, get hurt you don't WanNa get hit so you might be able if you've got the right reaction so don't worry about him looking nervous only thing I would say when we do in the face off in the rain when they touching gloves that might tell you a little bit more about where t was that but but the G. train worry about that right now I, worry about that In France's listen I. Could. counterpunch my brother counterpunch. And you said some superchargers refresh Don't forget if you're watching this on youtube hit that and it's going to help with the visibility of the show GonNa. Put this show in the eyes of other boxing fans who call in to the number one to five, five, six, hundred, fifty to forty one pressing one or add an extra gibbs on skype to voice their opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline and and get it off your chest you Francis Crazy, disrespecting these two who. I Battle Hall of Fame I. Mean if if t or knocks out Vasilkov he's a first ballot if if if a seal continues to now you know. Unify. He's looking like a first ballot I mean listen we're going out to KEN STONE SAYS ESPN ON ABC would have been insane for this fight and then Smoke edges says fire fire fire that much at play my soundbites. Similar to that. I mean Yo. Francis should be. Jamaican deejay was like. You're. Ready. Now I only got the Little Kevin Hart, fake Jamaican sound but. There's another one that they crept under. No no no. No I thought that was the last one but and it was. I wasn't sure. What I got this. Little. Jamaica. Real quick to shots. Apiece Jacob. Every single thing I look at on twitter youtube. Maybe I g like whatever anything boxing matter what it is what promotion will fighter Joe I always see. Jacob commenting in the CIA, and like he always gives people like to you know up his you know comments on Youtube and stuff it was. It's crazy is everywhere. He's he's a real boxing junkie. Pat Gone. Had Average two point eight and peaked that four milly milly. Milly. Julia when he says Owner let's. Go, Gopro. You're talking about was the average average. You said average I said. You said average average number was two point eight was three million to. Hey. Hold up two point, eight, four, and Australian at a different time of the day remember like a whole day ahead of us impact photo over there. But it's all good. For instance, holding onto strings. We Love them and let the call us Murdy we going out to season Las Vegas. Wake Up. Wake up wake up put up some music on Manson B.'s going. Say Sees. Power. We. Do. Yeah Yo Man Though that freaking champ on her shuttlecocks network. Hey I'm drawing fire coming up man. We're going to treat it like a radio station a day not at they gave us a mix tape. We've got our own music. Yeah. I'm looking forward to listening to you I. Don't WanNa see if really with the biggest JC. It. Champ I'm telling you. Joepat, but I'm just excited for this man I really got not wasn't really in been able to listen as good as I want to so noisy either so great show fellas on keep it up. For Life I. So so so so Earl Spencer just said I'm rocking with the young bull. Dale. Bail I I'm rocking with. Who I he said. He said plus. Three. Thirty Oh man shaking my hand on that. Let me get that bet that's earl said on his twitter, and that's what we're GONNA be talking about today on beating odds with TB where we come together as a community and we make this bread. Okay. You WanNa, make some I gave three. Debating that's not me and Marie don't fight. We aim debate in he's helping me I'm helping him we strengthen any others all as Only has this report not only have. I continued to go up in the town and in the top ten on the fantasy pick them league. You know my I believe I'm at number seven. When he told me I was number nine where I'm at number seven. I'm almost five. Okay and that's my. Third? Week. Last week giving you a pay. Paul Lay. Remember that I got the ongoing ticket, which Savannah Marshall just ruined because she got out. I had the ongoing ticket with this t o fight. With the exander fight but they've got you plus four Let me see what was a thing was like. My best my best. Them. Looking with some mighties weekend. This was then where's the Toyota. They took are one of my best man because Frickin. Savannah. So I got through four eighty three but now they took savannah out saw we still have four to is still every hundred you get five old to back. Okay Okay just remember, and if you're doing tangible get fifty dollars back so we're going to the mastermind big fish Texas zone. I was working hard on your fight man actually Jose say he would have done the fight but Canada's doing. Corn scene is so if he flies into us, he's got to come back in counseling for two weeks. He ain't with that. He said when they lift that, he would definitely pop your Chevy because that's what are a chevy. so He's already building up going out to Super Nixon plain view sexes. Committee. The Dot Com. I Jose would be nothing more than a busy in taper fight. They want. Shits mix they'll hang but I thought you know. We can scrabble up but yeah, Jose. Look, I, ain't gonNA. Take Shit figures. Who? I was good. Francis. Bro I. Think I think you're Kinda misconstrued Skills with with popularity on top of. About Regular TV. Three minutes at a rate. You to me, you made A. Completely possible. But did you turn around? Say Two to eight whatever? The You have a very valid point but. Is. Promoted well. You know it's is something I. Think a lot of people WANNA see. It's regularly is. Not, Outta range does really big. Destroyed Shoulda hopefully, come back and win tonight and Search tomorrow afternoon anyways. So the last row but A. I think previous drives rally. Could let me before response streets may go ahead and hit that thumbs up button man it helps with the visibility to show if you out there. Don't cost you. Hit thumbs up button and while you're at it, you go ahead and hit the subscribe button at the same time. It also don't cost you anything just a little click and to and big supermarket you gotta understand something that it was unusual circumstance for Yugoslavia to hit that type of number during the pandemic everything had to go right for it to happen because didn't happen at any of the fight I believe that if it was about skills for fighters to. Hit certain amount of viewership like three million views. A lot of them would be stars. At the end of the day comes down to your popularity when it comes to views not your skills. I keep telling you the like. Earl and Keith I mean keeping importer in Danny and Keith those did like four and five million. On Fox. You know that right like check those up man one of those did like five Mil I know that. I think you're right and shut out to makes his right go h town. Astros standup coach, Maya's boom, Vang in the bill and what up. Yes sir. A good, morning good morning. Good, morning. I think it. Definitely, could do the numbers I wanNA say spins they'd like six million views one time. I. Forgot who he thought. It was at the Olympics or something like that but he did like doing. Exactly. Yup. So it's definitely possible. And I'M GONNA CHANGE PICKUP Amash to they're gonNA. Pick Roma. But TKO. Okay. That's my pet. Long. Enough of respect coach. But his all good. All good. Listen real quick real quick I. Want to say I need stainless. Gene Bid To Sex me addresses actually text me and do me in a group chat. Don't takes me along because you know I got a million things going on but the two of you and someone else. I'm going to find that name right now but my jeans. I will say supermax Super Megs, but We got your size right now champ but that's You shouldn't take offence. You got to take that as motivation br you know what I'm saying if you want. What are they? I'm giving us. The. Twelve. Giving, Okay Okay can you save me one from brother? He asks me to see if you had anything in Stockton, he could buy these aims. Sale is your brother Patriarch Because these gentlemen are Patriarch Oh, okay okay okay my bad I didn't I love. I know you've been listening for Mattias Ryan. But I'm just saying my gene just stepped. Up, to to to mastermind and stainless step that up to pound for pound and I been done, I've been on mastermind. supermax. Even though I've given them at many bottles events but you're not, he's in charge of the shipping. I'm. Ready to ship. Stainless. And my gene bet hit me and do me up make sure it's a group chat. You can do that on instagram or you can do you know cell phone. Number. and. Let's get those addresses and get sent out mass. So you can be wearing your patriotic only exclusive can't buy that no way. No. Way. We going out to Izzy in Oklahoma would've? Coach. Good Morning Good Morning Mario you ready get the cardio. Ready Brother. I'm ready I ran a three this morning, and then I got to work out a schedule for six PM owner I'm sorry. Ping my map, my fitness. I see that you ram watching. Tell me you ran my. Why you? Friendly. He don't want somebody. He don't want anybody. This is a Nike. US. Is he not as he if you went nobody You Ain't doing. Nobody wants. To See what I'll tell you what my unguarded I'm GonNa take a picture of me on the Emmy. no-shirt Photoshop. On looking like. This. To, save it. Keep them guessing keep. Out, of Saint, a beauty contest coach away tells. You Ain't tell them. You're saying beauty contests. By. We're a ace. Let me let me mccollum and toxic quick. Keep coming from. Francis Francis started watching boxing the day after he joined TV. He said that the. pay-per-view would be four hundred and some odd thousand, and now he's saying this ESPN won't get three million come mom and art. That's my call. Wanted to grow I wanted it to happen. I did I did yes. I'll take that one. I'll cross that what I wanted to support the girl go. Oh, I can't wait to get out there now. So you could check out these gloves man Louis sent me grow Luis. Rivera Lewis Yeah River. These are the best gloves I've ever worn on my hands and worked out with ever. Now I will admit I have put on some raise sparring glows that were really comfortable but I didn't working them. You Know I. Just tried to mind I had him on for maybe a couple of minutes but these are I mean I've never felt like a glove was custom made for me like I have really short arm. So when I wear sixteen I, mean they come down to the elbow most Text the say your going die them gloves. BIKING NON fucking with. Your Mayo Question Messing with junkies spicing it up whereas. Where's the training footage? Where's the spark were? You gotTA PAY A and. He put his footage out where you're. At. Time. More volumes. Counties boys are here Mario. Work on. Dictate when I when when I was ruled. By. Put, as much as he put out. Was Sparring now you put put. What did he put? It was a total of two minutes maybe where's your minute? I'm where's the but why are you waiting to? Week seven and Shit because because I can do that no, you can't. Opponents supposedly I had to put it. I'm not going to argue with you because you you think, I'm doing it as a personal thing but there's other people in the border was community like DR Congo who have been find an paid they're fine for submits Marin footage late listen it's about safety and can't bend the rules because you're a host Keam is entitled to see what you can do with. That's how real bossy works but we Salt afterward. I I was I wanNA put footage out. Okay. So I have my footage out then you said Okay but you said mix it up with a little bit of. What I did write it was a complete one eighty from what I had originally done, which was a blog style type of thing but that's no problem I mean. I'll do it today I. don't give a fuck. It was right now. Waiting for well, I had edited out. I had edited three different spots together and I wanted to take one piece out that. Become. Ready for you, may we we all talking you trying to get you up on? Like having meteoric mini mid he's done this in two different leagues in the UK and Queensberry and white collar and you know. It's about safety. See You. You have that footage whether it's two minutes or one minute or thirty seconds you lying tell me you didn't show you a trainer. You can't line some of you haven't watched it. He hasn't gotten that opportunity. Jerry. Exactly. So. It's unfair. Unfair. We are not hammered. That's fine but not signed to hold it back. To hold it bag at you but I also have to say that for potentially New People these are the rules we need not only he but we need to see that we're matchmaking you properly I don't WanNa have a situation on my hands you put it on your show me your sparring and you will complete novice that I'm like Oh this. is both smoke I can't put. We've seen sparring footage from me before like you saying this is for team and that's fine. I, understand I. Know. I. Don't remember seeing sparring. Honestly. I've only really seen power should I mean I can send you the same smart that I I sent. You said, you'll remember it like that I mean s put an exclamation point on it and outlook on saying my old sparring that I had sent you. Send that. I would blows one with. That or remember Maheshwari Nice sent where hit. With the body shot he went down like fake that you. He's Yoda's duties Nice. Nice you. Listened honestly I remember let's just leave it there. I honestly don't I'm not I'm not commissioned most say and you'll remember. But I. said that right now police. was like Yo. It's fucking took a dive, right? Send right now honestly I do not remember and I'm not trying to play you or make you look bad. So please look. As. Emoji send it right now. Why never seen that I would assume let me. Let me. Got Some. Power Manda look. For, somebody, said, hey, that's share. You go on the bag and like Mario. Team but but but there's no sparring so like going. On the bag don't really mean you can stop king but speaking. Baby Boom. What the drain. Good Morning. Going on man he's GonNa. Tell you what they do in board award. He going to get that fine. You see you see Mario with the position you're. Doing Your coaching staff going to get a fine or your coaches you and do know how because I'm Albina. Won't Be Licensing Board awards. I was trying to be nice for. Each show. and Talking Shit, what I'm saying is he showed me footage listen all the whole reason why did for no score now is looked really bad against the tall. Really. Bad. It was the worst. Honestly it shook my confidence. It took me like a full week to get back in my head space didn't WANNA show. John. Knows, you L.. Listen. You're, GonNa get your full conversation is you want to make this clear that that was the whole point was like I was never gonna put that shit out and when I saw him, put out the South Wash. It I say, you know what? Out of respect I`Ma put out a little bit of that footage, but I'm not GONNA lie. It's very hard to find fifteen seconds of me. You know showcasing any sort of skill I it was it was a trade you should have put that out. So been a throwaway like look here he a bum and now you come back with. What am I doing giving him a blueprint showing him what I can do against the the longer Guy Listen Listen listen. To. Show. Do but you're sparring it's mandatory war but isn't isn't. Crawford doesn't have the ability to look at every single early hat. Sure I did not. Ability. Yeah but that's what the scorn is important. You Miss. The whole point I was trying to say, you missed the whole panel we did we did duck in SPA. What would you? Do me will have a word another WANNA. Ever again is he do me do you have your license revoked if this man no put up that spun and pay that fine. Team I'm sorry. Francis Wigwam Bridge listen. Using paper you numbers regular TV number in America man it's it's not uncommon millions of us with with fights that are is heavy publicizes this one got. The Promo behind it this fight. So I think three million is light work especially on big ESPN like I don't I don't know how big ESPN is enough like Toronto but here minutes every bar you go through every barbershop who are now working at a asking by working on. TV, the TV's here ESPN. I it's. It's. It's it's our sports Mecca Man. So I don't think three million users. Is Ridiculous at all I think that's light work for this fight man because of all the publicity behind there on the biggest shows sportscenter I, take notes everywhere. So I think remains light for this. Honestly but that's my car. Call Ky-ko Lucon here. You Man I hear you. Baltimore's October. Twenty four is going down at the home of former cruiserweight champion Steve U. S. s cannon hand the main the not fury down with one lethal dangerous right hand live in front of war million American watching fans. Meanwhile. Francis says we can't do four million with Teo and basile who fury back then. In America and WHO THE HELL in America new Steve kind of Ham who was a cruiserweight champ In the you know all his like overseas. He he was. It was the cruiserweight division back. Then he was forced to have to fight overseas and stuff I. Let me see if there's any supercharge the number to call in one four to five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty, one press one time voice shipping right here on the wizard of people hotline. I WANNA say shy route sue. Motto Oh Shit. The Fabrio non is that Boston? He. Sound. Michigan. His hand. Francis I'll see no Jamaica saw. Why. Why did you make? You know. With it's Already rallying. Gene. Don't Ghana Mastermind Dominica. Look at my my name is Mark Dome Mytalk. Head. You know that's young. That's a definitely over there. As. Part, you know my Thong. Chair. That was JD in Texas. Okay. You said five zero nine. No No. No. I'm talking about who signed up the Patriots Oh shit. His name is my phone. Five Oh nine so I think I will not be Boston. which really make sense. You know why? Just because you'd be building up. Langa you got. The Rica. Who called for instance just started watching boxing go. He's Outta here y'all shut out the BC joining the crew again la you. Right. All right. Yeah we're having. My. Man. I N G Marr he can win and the. F. Martin. Boomerang. Border wars participant former pro fighter. He's one in one in board awards only lost committee power pound globally recognizes number one. Number two by the way you see how that works. Right? They say, let's talk a lot of Shit. I'm pound for pound number two they say talk a lot of Shit about boxing. I'm top seven amongst the entire community you see. The data you see how got, and that's when we got the data. Those lies don't be right I'm saying. But. Let me go out to jd who I'm hoping is GonNa Fight and border wars. December fifth. Dallas. On the eve of. Earl versus. Danny Garcia? Hopefully, we can get the return jd I know he's working his way to a rematch with. Midi and know the DON now. I'll fight. Anyone Fernandez wants a rematch with J. D. so I know jd wants to look at other things I don't know which direction he's going. DUCA fight is all I'm saying I. But let's go out to. Texas. Jay. Thanks. A. Yoyo. What what else? What else? On Listen I didn't get to make my pig pro- last night on for really just pick I WANNA make I'm calling with with female man I think he's going to do it man I think he's gone. This is one of them. Five minutes like right before the opening bell. Right. Right before the opening. Nobody really knows what the fuck happen in this fight. So if I Can get them butterflies right before but I'M Again, man I think I. Think he had enough skill to. You know. He. Got Skill and Powell man I think that'd be just kill. Any Day even though it has a. Skill but listen fuck that. Yo came to lay back Mario if pending sex is all day man king way through laid back back. I think he's GonNa. Fight backed hit me up on our team vanity, am We talked about this. Yoga I got you. Jay Actually was planning to reach out it wasn't no. You still had the same number not but yeah, I hit you up. I, hit you up my g you'll real quick from coach Myers. He says, Mario never talk about your weakness on air with your opponent listening sane. You did bad. It's sparring tall guys when Keane is tall is telling. Yes. Yeah. Them off only being on this fucking showing. The set Mario Right listen listen I'm going to be real and that's why I'm GonNa Save. My Ship Front guarded I've a lot of stuff to say and a lot of points to make but I'm gonNA save it for unguarded I just feel like doing that show already to be honest with you but He's I. Know What it is. Not. Fired Oh. This is built in like I know people talk that Shit right you know what? I'm not own God. In. Excess whiskers get some damn sparring set in I. got you. For the. Next one. So love better. Next big supermax Mix Mario with that. Amal Anat disbarring. Sipping. He puts miles. Yeah. Aircrew says keen better. Put some respect on orioles named Joe Stand up taxes stand You know to be honest with you. The guy that I had told Jerry I was GONNA fight was Eric Not because we had planned to fight or anything like that. But I remember at the last border wars Eric's he wouldn't mind a fighting me and Dow was a weight that I wanted to work down to cruise said some things that I'm not going to repeat in the border wars chat about his weight right now so is probably not doable but I feel like. I feel like I would learn. I, Dunno. I feel like cruises such a good matchup I feel like he's a guy who is a real I would be like a real time I'm not not a real test but Kim is Owen Oleg I am Y-. Pass key. Oh Oh. Saying. I gotTA fight before I. Even knew there was a border wars and I Still worry that means. Crimes. Walk, crews. Do I still want cruise you still want cruise. Yeah, yeah. No because I don't even think we we. We would be able to work out a weight class I'm GonNa say that schiffer unguarded but I don't think the way class. Cruise you. Unguarded I'm GONNA, throw it out there. I'm out there. We talking about right now we talk about female saying he wishes the does does a minimum of three million I'm a door out there. He might have the strongest most popular unguarded I've ever seen I mean the man brought in hundreds of dollars and super chats he had dozens of callers and dozens of questions I'll know champ you might not allowed to get off your chest but who's the Assad for real? You was talking Shit earlier I mean Kim got people he. Ain't fair I can't get brought. We had a pandemic you see top rank doing seated venues like. A. and. We're going to do in guarded right now. All sorts which. supercharged. Cannabis cove. Cannabis Cove I put seven hundred on Te'o. For my Latino brothers and that's why see. So Yard Twenty, two, hundred, zero, right they're printing them bells home to the city and Yo- nest I'm Dominican too. Sammy Sosa style before you know for he got all for charity went on Jackson on us. Israel Awebber y'all boxing fans. Question Mark. It's called rope with dope team warrior. No, I'll not Mario could deal with the most he's a mortgage, shut it down starting. Yeah. We can't fucking like he's Mad Emotional Fight with emotionally you're going. To turn this into unguarded. Or we're going to wait. guarded. Comedy Oh. Come on. throwing. Out of Control, a Kim hit me up marijuana shut the show I. Mean Marijuana Extend this show because he no, he can't do better numbers than me on unguarded. Continue. So everybody already hear. You you're. Saying. He's saying you don't believe they're gonNA come back on your own Mario. Wait. Oh man he's still did this event ladies and gentlemen the main event man this especially obvious. Did you watch unguarded for? King. So, you see that he was laughing at. Me I. Mean you're your footage, right? Sure. That's crazy. I've seen a power right hook champ. Stop jumping like when you you? Up and then you jumping into the way you're supposed to get out of the way you jump in that way to the left and I don't even like the jumping because that could mess up your balance. If somebody hits you, you know what I'm saying is told the keep got some power we don't with the bricks Mario Mario. Got Power Trudeau. Era. Say. that. So far it that's what don't. Say Nothing, that's. For. Building. We Build. Let me see that. See me going out to some super chats here. Let's see what the people talking about. Oh. That's the wrong REFACE CISCO HIT. Two. Oh y'all don't forget. We gotta own demand show immediately after this. I know my co-host don't even know because that's what I do I got so much shit going on but stainless he paid for on demand show he wants to do another listening party I a stainless man I need you to be around because I feel like you still ain't semi to songs. I feel like you're still send to songs but superjet, we stopped that cannabis cove, right? No? No. No. We right. We watch what plays in sports. You, tips, I got you four lessons to fifty. Mario's trained by former champion title contender Jerry Bill Montas. The biggest name to ever come out of CORPUS CHRISTI WHEN WE'RE TALKING? Boxing. This respect nobody lightly. Nobody lightly chill chizzy big supermax with the supercharge says this Mario under the my banner. Leave. Questions what Mario's undermined banner leave questions unguarded I hear you I know let me see if they. Let me see if anybody's even drop them a question because Kean Kean had me working overtime I was I thought you said. I said they usually Fizi minutes my man super. She already know who came is because we you know we we know each other. Let's just put it that way. You don't need to put everything out there but that being said, it was just like them I. Know he was Pa- I'd say I ain't. No, he was that popular. Got Mad, supersized people calling in mean King. He brought it in. He brought it in listen we got Dan to man also going to be doing his at twelve thirty. Then we got Anthony Queen city cold we're going to be doing his interview of unguarded at five thirty and then we got Mario at one thirty plus we've got to listen and watch party right after this show. Did we even got beating the odds with TV be at seven PM? All Day. Bv India. So here we go with teams right a found it. We were looking for. How many questions he had I mean that's he just doesn't. Look like he he has some questions from Oh that's what I was looking see. I got confused. I'm like that. Question. Because Kema. Keep Awesome secret. Eisai. Shift. Talking to a Saab. Why are you looking for that super chat from Bonn Boxing Mario Estimation, how are you the as side when you ran from previous work Ooh Day. But you see. Don't don't feel to Eisai. Interview saying Joe. The still don't want to do the fight in New, York because he said that you know that's my that's my house that the I I'm going to have the fans on my side. But everybody in boxing we'll say the basile is the a side, right? He got his argument. and. Maybe that can't be argued all depends who's really the Tikka sellers the is it the dude doing twenty, hundred and mgm offer. Was it the door in a casino? Butts in seats I don't know I'm just saying. Food, thoughtful. For thought, I think somebody said. Counter. Counter. Punch let me see here. a refresh on that soup shed. So let me see. Let me see. J. Matt New Orleans. What's going on. Champ. Bitches in the sport total disrespect cares. Dome. Thing if you do. Stay away. From I'm telling one. Hundred. million. Hello. Perfect. I couldn't help. Tomo some Texas on US than Dallas. You can hop on the Trail Ryan. Off Tracks. With my row teamed up with team izzy. Team busy team Max whatever y'all want y'all put the whole band over the Bahrain got known for Kim Man I. Hope show up I, hope. Renamed. Broken after this fight. That's. My two cents. I jame thanks for calling in Just. WanNa tell you. Francis, I got a text from the producer says that he has an article that states that ESPN default is. was factored in and the average for that fight was actually three point one average. SUPPOSEDLY HIGHEST ESPN boxing rating since the mid nineties. So yes, there you go. Facts are coming in. All right. All right. All right. We go on out to Adrian in Wisconsin what's going on chip just listening. I'm here I'm here. I talk to his brother. is the everything concerned? I. Mean I want. To win and I think if he's GonNa win he's GonNa win by the fifth round if he doesn't take care of by the fifth round to be honest with you, I think he'll either lose on points or he'll get mentally frustrated if he lets take off with a plight and as far as views. France just started watching box a little bit ago he doesn't know his work through some up on that a little bit. All right. All right. Yes Sir We're. Going out. To. Brandon Cincinnati Talk to me. INTRO. Cable supposed to send you might throw man I gotta get onto the dream gotTA. He worked in May, he working. Yeah Oh. Yeah. I don't get much making Frederick. Light you. Press because you. Can Man I love to make us. Daily Jamaican women but yeah. You want doing research before your point you just be talking sometimes. You. No. Longer does. Bumblebee doing great numbers on National Regular TV man he did over two million s it, and then you look at the instagram followers zoo got a million followers I mean big fish oil. Million is he probably a guy is drunk? But Yeah I. Think the Lomas Go win the pikes. Got Him winning a decision I don't think it's done because people making the same. Yeah. To. My. Mind off complaint with you. Bring the price. The Punch. Line loan. I'm glad in fade that out. Akemi out. This is not a copyright. Free Hope. Try and get shut down and shit with that sound very much like the migos and listen to them dues. Was it. Now, I was wrong. I Francis. Thanks for nothin. Yo. We going on and enter Lou right here. Say. Say. Going on. Injured? Lou. Here we go. Kids. Yes. A year owner two years. On the Boise of. A. Place. Target elway. Check. In. Dislike. Boston. Here we got. ringers pound for pound from six to the UK. Spend two pounds here. The Counter Punch a call if you go around here. We'll talk box. The ground. By the way king. that. You make clear. Fuck. You have pain. We can agree to disagree at least Brady Silver Freud and you embedded in me. On it, run it run funding world champion world tour. World Sunday. It's okay. You can meet this have led to be smart patriotic. Asked me a couple of is pull my. Next. Question that you don't even push it thumbs spots set a message brought to the awards taking less don't give you to took down. The. PIT But though we're Sony will the Real Clear Tequila night conversation with as knowledgeable. Rituals Chris the last month the boat smoke for you to. Get a bank like a right check with so. Like a Mike Check. Of the Commission Lacoste. No Star in a circle. Texas. We started the over here that Peach I'm the caller, the year I make ball. Talk splitting. PITCHFORK JP from beyond till. The ring. The Skill Michael Women these left inside the kids? Continue will employees win tough enough hoping to the body to knock him out with. beat. Up Time. We know. We can do. Awesome. Stop. Sign Keystone. Xl. Body Boxing Knowledge. Like stonewalling. In the number. With ME I. Was the color of the year but that skype shuttled give respect the forefront as a boxing. Stone Bowl with homeroom another dimension think nick you can't. Wait to pitch train abate scared of a fight tread lightly J. J. showed. Lights what wants got Gary, Russell Stage always that. Bush heads Brennan Assistant. Net. He never dog smoking to slap. Punch statement simple Joe with King. Google's they'll get that lunch. Jersey were. Starving reviewing. To make. Bucks in. Oh. That was. Bad Mix. I can't wait on the phone. No. Not, great? All Is Not a mess not the versus Lou I heard the original that don't look that that someone messed. Wait a mistake real quick. What was that last line? You Spit? They made a mistake. Eli last line though he's he's too much voice not enough I mean it was a lot. That was wrong. Some of the AD lives was in front of the verse they messed that up I didn't know that what was that last line though tell me I, don't even know what you're talking about. Crawford Line is it they calling me the Crawford? It's he or would you say? Avian. Lives little, Damn, I'm mad as Hell Stylus. Stainless said. You got. That any. Sway always working hard work dedication recipient, but NAH. Nah No. Oh I'm going to. Lead slow without Chit. Crazy. Get Jay and Ryan. Talk. See. was and then I'll fight week. My was saying. was. Shaking. Mine. Air. Thank colors you way you need work early but not work if you get what I'm saying, let's say that. So I got lomo. Saying I tell you why later got most of I was like Francis to you three million it's possible. Low bringing. Ukraine. T. O. Rien got down Honduras plus the Hispanics. Then you got your casualty, you got to hardcore. So three Megan possible my mind all Mario. So words of encouragement guy because you can even tell on the show confidence in low bro pressure either due to. GonNa. Make diamonds or going to bust a pipe. So peak which one you WANNA be it's nicer gets asked Ryan flying mine. You understand I'm a y'all Cornell, let me oaklawn adult does everybody go on for? Team eight nine against me because I don't know pry. But I was talking with you Mario. So you see my energy give me Energy Baber jazzing ranks line might be counted. Reagan. Sway Shoddy. Mario. Only, your he's back. He's back next. You gotTa People Riding With you and I feel you good but you gotta remember something. They showed you. They give you a stats in two point. One million was one of the averages for for Paco versus Horn Greg. Yeah. Okay. Cool. So if I go is such a great fighter would one million. Followers and so on and so forth and Lopez go. Why didn't they say five million views a minimum of five. If, if it's so easy for us, it hit three million views right and they just go to five. Why? Why? Why did he go lower than what pack your own Horn did four years ago? That's why don't will go to that number. It understand on it. Everybody's got believe what they believe. I'M GONNA stand on my skirt. Let's see because guess what you're going to have to eat crow it doesn't happen now that's a fact. You got him 'cause. He had I I think he said he had one but I don't see anything. Persona. Know sweats no sweat. Sweats, it looks like. Crews. Nothing, before crews Eric I love. Mario. WHO's in Texas says crews versus Mario or keen for December. Let's do it. So he wants the winner he made. He. In, the border where I didn't WanNa say nothing you know we made that rule. Or the wars, chat With that Shit. Out How I love it. Now we do that. He do. He's got. He's got the you know what I'm saying he's a border war veteran. He could do that medicinal four. Oh, seven Mario getting. Stop. Florida runs over Ruins Mario. Yo. Dan Mario you know it's like that though everybody wants you to lose as a host. Chan. You gotta you gotTa be made whether that's why your name money may embarks in bars. You gotTA adapt that into this they wanna see you win. I mean, they don't WanNa. See you when they want to see you lose. So you gotta to keep winning. I. Guarded on guard got big superman, he says. Matt intro. F- Akeem on Mario's behalf. Oh. Texas coming through for the boy. Peter Gaming. Disavow. Green. Building this Dr Regional. Sit down. Sit down. You you would not be. Coming through for Texas I. Hear You. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see. morrow, you wasn't here for this box and say Mario, how are you the Eisai when you ran from previous work team, Keam or day? Eric cruise comes back and says keen buys fans with Free Intros. Coming for team. Up. Here, making people intros to give fans I U I U team team. We got Miami Kid Jada says Yo. Te'o will make history Saturday put some respect on the kid's name. Many people will. Oh, this kid in apology after. Saturday night. Amen we'll find out how true that is. Looks like we got boomerang from me would. Show so You know to to talk about that track net. That's what we needed to do man that's why you know and it's it's probably got to be mixed down but we need the data on that. You know what I'm saying now battle bars you know you'd better stay away from each You know what I'm saying but you know that's facts I didn't even know J. T. jumped on each jumped on some bathroom make that joint. That's. That's going to be one of my. I can't wait to download that joint man. It's just like you know what? I'm saying some case slay you know what I mean slack their me doing this one very, very much very much good justice. But look I mean 'cause 'cause the border it didn't team as a side. Because Listen Mario nobody don't WANNA. See you do that you. Mystery screw nobody don't WanNa. See you lose just look in the seat pending now they don't. WanNa see. Clinton feed. We'll see tendency. If. It's like boom somebody was talking about yeah. Don't bounce. You throw the hook that the tendency. So people see tendencies and they go against you because of the tendency if you personalize it and use it to motivate you find but you're gonNA find yourself you. You can't take everything personal people see tendencies and they make a judgement they see one fighter and they see something. So you spend time talking about footy. You I. Listen that's what I told. Chemo his Boorda was unguarded episode. It's like. Mario Ain't new Mario's fighting every call of the doubts him every call it a think he ducked that doesn't know the real reason. He couldn't be at border wars everybody the continuous. Everyone continuously you know paint some in this certain narrative and it's like that's who is fighting came as just the body is going. I WanNa make it very clear to okay and this is why I keep saying tune into unguarded I don't I don't want to waste. Okay This is my job like y'all don't understand that like sometimes I feel like. This is my job ness expect something from me. When we get on Air, he expects me to be you know prepared. He expects me to have done the research he expects me to you know to be a professional right so I don't WanNa waste much. Airtime on my personal stuff and I don't get mad like none of this stuff is made me angry at all. But what I'm saying is that there has not been one time yet dust far that I have talked Abou my fight coming up in the manner that represents me. You know what I'm saying people can say whatever the fuck they want right now and that's cool. I'm good with that. This is the show this for Y'all I mean for us we're community but this for y'all but unguarded that's for me Boorda wars he came can be say whatever I don't give a fuck which I want to say he's Ace Ibiza he could be one of the fuck you wants to. Ice and that's for me. I told this I wanNA fight I told this I'm coming out the twenty fourth. Follow. Hud's of me tell them. Whatever ACE IBIZA I don't give a fuck because at the end, it don't matter. Only one person gets their hand race. In Regard is so get my very rave. It's Harry. unfiltered feelings about even San. We might go right at the makers 'cause 'cause 'cause stainless answering in and I don't think that was the final version. Those levels were everywhere not out to big supermax Texas. Daddy. Disavow. Big Green. Davis. Sit down. Sit down. You would. You would not be. A Mario just know that the jeff from Nova Scotia who doesn't row which when boxing bars in picks and Rica over you all the time 'cause Vk, the the man he's Ryan with he called into kimes unguarded embalmed this how you was about the stop them to kimes and nobody and everybody's going. M. Listen. We got the fans corner says, thank you Mario. I didn't fast corners actually lids low so he must be saying thank you because that's what he wanted to do. Stain on your square shoddy just rang slang. Let's go. We go on out to WHO's up WHO's WHO's Looking Lie J. Matt. What are. You, you played a interest on counter-punches Nah. No I played it the first time so that I gotta do it again, right? Okay. All right. Let me let me get my time I. A Maru set set the style face. You know man knocking Oh. I bet you felt empowered send up there giving that little speech and stuff like that. Go Work on the midst learn how to extend those punches and stuff like that. But his okay. Get your confidence up. You want people you feeling you're corner because when you get in that rain, you gotta fight for yourself and all that stuff that people talking it can't do nothing for you on squats on weights you've been turned in them videos that does nothing for boxing you will guess watching it though. Aid? That does. Not Work Out. So I think this low gave you the option. To get in there and get after them. Do you got the tank for that? Because, we got the tank, the move he was running. The Moro. Okay Hey it's cool. You could be heightening onto my call man also reselling the fat with. With all his or read all respect the to you I. Do want him to win. I don't think. He can outsmart chang-chol I like I say, I know he has the power to stop them tangle but I don't think he can put the punches together. That's gone home. Patrol the dictate the pace of the fight I. Couldn't. I. Call. Out To that went when he talked more broad. Than me as funny because I didn't feel no type of way but obviously, you felt some type of way by my spiel whatever you WANNA call it. So you say hey. Yeah that's what I'm saying like I didn't no type away. Something very specific from me in I can't control that they had you went ahead and they don't WanNa. See You win don't believe team I mean don't believe I mean down want to see you when they wanna see you and that's why you gotta work all to prove them wrong. and. I, don't think he's lying or nothing like that. I think that he just it's a misunderstanding from him. You know what? I'm saying like he maybe that's how he really feels. But that's not how it really is what I'm saying Jay Mack has never wanted me to win and nothing on this. You know what I'm saying boxing bars every time is always A real one his brother would vote. Jamie has you know what I'm saying always wanted to lose so. That's what is way. Don't bother me. Even greater chance. That's why there's going to be even greatest. You know you look at J. Mac and say I, told you. I told you you gotta be Tov Excuses Tonight Roy. You gotTa Tell Jake that like any. Doubt. About that now. That man which mean you keep coming with Joe Mar you'll have you been doing. Have you been doing body work scheme closed body? Did you? Did, you see him on a bag you just wear. Them. Nights all day. What did you talk about? You know we got coach Rivera he says, Mario Voyage not not whoever Is Laugh out loud joke. Have Fun. I guess he meant to say knockout whoever it is but all good coach Rivera going for you a Dan. That's split. Coach Rivera is actually the brother of kimes coach out in Florida we believe we believe we believe. myron rocking listen man your former co host rockaways Jimbo you'll Kim got that you make five man you got a rocket yachties man I apologize for coming down song. Four they not related. We're going down to Florida. He rock with Kim. Hey by need liked the video subscribe. To the practices club and enjoying paycheck office some but France. Man. If you mentioned pandemic on Free TV for high quality unification, it ain't no scenario that you're gonNA understand what we're talking about that. Also, you're going to stick to that John Pascal numbers and everything you know and I got Loma and of course you know fo- seven me and king sons have went to the same Jim. We don't been in the same room too many times. So of course, I'm going we're four, seven and Man Good Luck. Good luck black. You're going to need it Mario I'm this going to be Mireille drainage. Super Chephren big Supermix. Rodrigez. WHO's really under more pressure though they say it's Mario. But what happens if team loses? Will he get banished from the background who? Live up to that expectation Mario he got the pressure live up to the expectation I wanted to hold this ruin guard hold the public old. They tried to call came as Sabah book who, who, really getting all the super chests you know what I'm saying hold the don't go nowhere machine brother Matt Yeah machine-gun Matt says. Hope do me don't duck Saturday and Sunday Hashtag? No Moss Chanko Hashtag welcome to the Matrix. Dumi has on do we did go mia ever since I was talking to pick live? OUT TO MY G. What up. was, good good morning good morning. Is. Damn. I'm signed thing that Mario three million. Yeah I gotta say I I I can see by doing the three million just because you look at what buds numbers have been on ESPN This is a better fight than anything that he's had so far I on that platform. So here's a crossing my fingers and hoping that it it becomes a great fight and we do get the three million views. So we can get some more boxing fans I have a question. Do you have on the TV store? The HOODIES, are they? With the reset but yes, they are available. On the TV store, hit me up and I will send you a direct link to make it simpler but they are absolutely available both border. And I think we got update the Boorda was one but I can do that quickly because my say twenty nine. Like my Hoodie says twenty interim but yeah, there's definitely a Lotta hoodies up there Yes. So looks like we got a few super chaz coming in Mario you got that or need to get that. I. Got it. Oh, you got okay you WANNA. Go. Eat. So cool says Mario I'm rocking with you the long way. Who really the by the loss. Of leaders that does or does knows I before but this Ito coup it oh? Cool. You always been cool as long as I know you as long as I know you've been cool. So you stay in cool and we're doing this. Yo You know what I just thought about it. Should, I wear should wear my tank for unguarded and show everybody or save it. Take now you mean the actual fight fighting. Yeah. There's only one. Made for me. Is Dope. It's fire is fire. Our. Let's see here. Now the super check another. Super Chat. I'm Luis Rivera I help Alex Rivera with. Ellis. Tune to the fight October thirtieth on zone for that fight. Golden boy think Russia. Is GonNa be Ellis laughing my fien a off Yo That's right for that fight to. Yeah coach. Rivera. Had given us the You know he had. Let us know what was going on with the camp stuff heading into the decision and Yeah he's. He's very confident as as he should be I, think 'cause that's GonNa be a fun fight. No matter what though I think it's a good style matchup. Yes Sir all right Let me just refresh him. Make sure everything's good in the meantime if you haven't already done. So please hit that thumbs up and helps the visibility of the show helps us grow scan. Let us know you enjoy this content and remember we're going to go immediately Mario's pushing his up because since we can't do the listen party till. I. Talked to stainless. We're GONNA be doing Mario's unguarded immediately after this. So yeah. Let's go out to. Look in my. C.. P. Actually we hung up in the middle of my Genius Call I'm sorry my gym. If you WANNA finish up I, it seemed like we had a restart if not will go to. Cyp Are you? Are you going to talk Jimmy? That's a No. We do now. I was just saying that there's a possibility that they do do the three million just because of comparing it to. But other fights I can see them you know surpassing the three million mark but the last question I have for you was if the hoodies are available on the website yeah, yeah yeah. But let me know which one you. WanNa send you a direct link to navigate. But yeah, all the all the hoodies we have are on the website for sure. I'd rather perfect. Thank you. Missed the C. P., it's on you. What what what what Can I want to get Mario. Why. Don't you? Straight up. All the left or the right hooks to the head. At the mall if he a lot of also series shit, you are California. was made you squad. ducking healthy I. don't mean duct defy I mean tape build that power boom-boom. County does give you some advice taking lead and I wanna tell you something about nerves. When you would underdog beat the dog don't be under. The cat is timid a dog vision. They caught underdog for a reason you go up in a fight you go up in their like buster Douglas if you fight like Daniel Jacobs triple. You will lose the fight. Damn saying APETIT y'all. Te'o at twenty years old so much heart and somebody. It's cool. But he's up in there with a do who is looked at as better than him. If he goes in there with them nerves, he's going to fight just like the others of the past you gotTa grow up in there with straight. The actually, it's funny that you brought that up because I there was something else I wanted to get some advice on based on like your coaching. What you do I don't know if you remember our brief conversation, we had about it It's along those lines I don't want to say anything about it because it is a little revealing but Yemane, we'll be great if we could hook up on skype on the back channel or an g or something just Just, I got a couple questions I it. Seeking advice from the backchat I. Don't think they're gonNA do a chance. I think that when you're a coach right like like like soup. Coach he's a coach thing and see why Pisa coach it's like. They're just bred to coach. You know what I'm saying like so so emily. Teacher. If you will real teacher, you will not deny knowledge based off alliances would just say. But that's what you open up. Just Gimme that. But we'll I'll talk to him. That's what you hope and they'll champion that that. His love for coaching will supersede alliances but we gotta understand that in boxing there are alliances even wit coaches and it's not even like no strategy nothing like that is very, very different when I'm GonNa ask them so supermax gave Cyp his boomer. UH, he's. Back Cyp. Listen I'm serious I commented Jim all the time I was going to him the other day and some do they the wrong way there was no. I WANNA, talk to Australia looking you fight like that. All get knocked out and it was all laughing I sound dictators did not want. The bag, right don't they tower when you are coach? Mario. Asked me it is my job just like a doctor Jarvis to help you when you're sick coaches up to help you when you're doing wrong. This is reality real. Live TV I hope everybody who needs that hill in this there's more you've got Debbie, very, very populist. I'm telling you. If you use that with their challenges, it is very possible you get to stop. It I'm I'm not saying you are got to do. You have to have to do that because it takes a real man to get up in their throw punch and it takes a do with heart to take the fun I don't know I don't like that. But I'm telling you from your from your make up from the athletic make from what I've seen you buy. Like Mike Tyson, who do you the pawsox boomtown and it's GonNa be off anybody to take a punch from a do come in that low actor. Wait at the stance. Now it's funny. He does say that right? I posted in the pre pro that that clip of Andy Ruiz training with Eric. Eric I'm thinking Andy Eddie resigning I'm thinking Eric cruise because he come in for both of you are but actually thinking about Eddie Reynosa who was training with Andy Ruis and they were doing that he had andy moving forward while simultaneously duck and hooks Camel Tena Asli. Landing Punches on the PAT. So you know he's got to cut the distance while the punches coming over. So Andy staying low did you see Mario? Yesterday but. Maybe, that's exactly what see what you're saying. You could exits and. Yeah that should looks like it would work if you I mean but look and he looks he looks like a little young Tyson way that he's on his side to side and he's ducking punches. I mean you you know you can only hope for that. But you know you know we went today. No. No let's go. Did or links, ladies, and gentlemen. He comes from. Danny busy I work champ no problem going out to rick and. What up? Oh. Oh. Why not? Those Rick, I'll be right back at you. I'm sorry I know just how to start. It was going on and out. was Go with. Full you know what we saw we talked to. Yeah. Yeah. Our seemed like the border wall fights on. It might be a solar eclipse black Sand with. I'm. GonNa Start. With the professional fights I. I May. I got the white. We'll winning that man I. got a winning that because I think just a little too early teal he got the town and he got the pile. Why wasn't it too early for Loma Loma has so much experience before even term. You know experience amateurs. Moment yet a whole year T. GotTa. Think about it everybody in the Olympics at the top aides. Going into approved. So He's been fighting on them type of guy like now I'm saying like we're. Yeah here. I give you that and that's you to look at it. The man who who t he'll photo that you really say he's going to go on Dominique your white man I mean who the Loma for fight when we thought he was going to be Gary Russell Landers Toledo. Is based off pack Elena are. We, seeing that we have seen. -Til yet that's coming. He destroyed Land Lido unlike unlike four. Lost US Alito his first title shot CMO. Destroyed Richard Komi his first title shot. So I mean it's totally different year one tried to do it two days but that it Ain t o four tried to you know look that's what it is. You took the elevator champ and you should the bed that's his problem I know when Teo stepped up he showed out he showed up but rick at l. what up was the Man. Yeah. The jazz off Tasmania pumped about this fight man I'm hearing about it from all sorts of people who don't know shit about boxing and Is Free has good everybody's pumped about I don't know who's GonNa Win I. I bought into it I. Guess I don't know the opponents well enough to really know you know young line old line big small I don't know I if fifty fifty that's why I'm pumped. Mario, enjoyed your training video man I sent you a message on instagram about it. But I don't know what kind of style you're going for what you're working on. You know that shoulder roll hands low slipping kind of styles now for everybody. Sometimes. Keeping your hands up back to the basic hands up and down let's go baby strap on the letter. Let's go hands up ten Dan. Let's go Mario. Out. Right, there Mario. Let's get this. Mario got people coming out. The would words. You're we. Aren't drive-by. Mode. y'All Steve We went to not. I was last night you it on Block Talk Steve Mixing it up going Stevens Chicago. What up? John Hey Daddy. Donald. Chicks. All Good Morning. I'm glad you played that intro man everybody out here jumping on Lomas jock like he TB. Matrix. DEALS GONNA put the Matrix to rushed to bed. Forget that he's A. He's a funny way notch in. Until. Is like he needs to be a one forty you know like. Struggling it down to one forty. That's how. It's GonNa be Alright Albany. On Sir, this went on say there's only say there's levels to this broadcasting in here in America I know some of the international audience they understand you got sprees, ESPN Azuma middle showtime at the bottom because it's a premium. You know ESPN is not real on keeps saying we're GONNA free your skin in is not free. Is Not like officer free. European kind of like swamp. So we're numbers, they're gonNA, do you know I? I don't really care. Towards the fire. But you know there's multiple despise the numbers. It's not free. Talk Espn comes with your basic cable package in a man it's. Like you have the cheapest version of cable and get it there in I mean, what are you guys can google go to the next call but you know we should be able to Google and get a number of how many homes there in how many millions of homes therein versus showtime and all those other ones you know I mean obviously the combination shaping boxer for ESPN yeah. It should be both I think you should do fox ESPN lights on ESPN. Are you saying Fox and you want me to see for Fox sports one also or no? No No. No need. He's comparing ESPN sports one. and. Trying to distinguish that Fox Fox and ESPN cannot be compared so By Google and how many homes ESPN is in versus how many homes Fox's in will know how true statement was we're going to go to stone bone book sale, Colorado what are your they ruined my Lonzo Ball Bone y'all listen I'm telling you that is not the listen. I'm fighting to get the real version you made the cut. Oh that's some bullshit man. Oh Man. Oh, man I saw good man we'll get it together. Hey. But I think. I'll be getting those a little earners reports stuff for the plus and all that, and this glass like eighty six, million homes have a access to ESPN, and they brought like the twelve million just straight SPN plus have over like twelve million subscribers along not even a package holders with the Disney plus and all of that. But just a standalone five, four, ninety nine is like twelve million plus just for ESPN plus. They got the money in and what? What, but EMBIID obidos. What two point or peaked like two eight I thought. It's two eight, right? Yeah like so damn. That's I mean that's the difference of two hundred thousand people to three million for fight that did really mean it wasn't a mandatory. That was a voluntary. It was a big number hawksbill was fine but nationally, it wasn't my audience is a giant FIFA Crawford it what you know so. I'm looking at just the anticipation. was going on sports right now, an access availability at some of the science people sanded discount do three million but take do like one or two million on pay per view. So you tell me. So he tells me. Pay GonNa do have are half the people he do half the audience on pay per view that disarm do. So if there's do three in then taper one point five or two million like slowly. San. That's do about five, hundred, thousand, three, hundred, thousand this new probably to average two, eight I. See a peak over three Francis. You can't just say that they're wrong for Santa's going to do less than pack up pack is a legend Hall of fame that beat that. Could. Right. Let's see is listening. All right. We're going spook King Bon what up. Doe. The vast. For the position like that you. Don't get rid of. Joe You. Hear me. Again Man I've been driving. Now, just tie your. So my energy's Kinda like low boy like I said, I'm aside for the fight y'all in. You know. Team female man but then lockdown dino lockdown do not as Christina. Facial. Jokes like are kept like I told everybody yard Yo- normally like wild rush into SAS. Either a blanket man for like an hour. To your fame. Just knock this out. Let's a shakeup. Shakeup the division Y'all saw pinks. I'm sending good energy positively momentum Bordman keep your head up. Were were. Super. Super. Chat on. Riga's people questioning Mario's heart, but I was here when he left. When he left last heard all that was said even by Wilder Mario still here where the other hosts at. Here. Unguarded rights. Met? That's May. He's he's a promoter for real. He's a promoter for real Texas promotions the. Best Decision I ever made. He. Doing the do of Old News. All right. So Looking like j MAC with his boomerang gain call. Joe Can you hear me. Perfect. A shoutout to supermax you supposed to win a week is in need. And you need to help them out. You gotTa give them the support you gotta give them flowers y'all got to give him get well codes all Bush y'all talking my I'm glad. He may be against him had confidence going get his ass knocked on the border woods. All YOU PEOPLE IN A. The. Thing I. Love. All the typing I'm not feeling hang 'cause I don't do shit like that I'm not no typer, the y'all be chat typing chats please whenever just show up tell me who you are. Tell me you feel some type of so I can express how I feel about you. I don't play that type in saying this and saying that, and now the cheek US talking about C., y. p. being on yours, why are you telling me anything I never told you anything? Why are you typing my name in the chat? I don't get that. Then you won't Cry Wolf when somebody get on your eyes then they won't come. She's a girl was staying goddamn place. Don't play with me. I don't play with nobody on here. Well big, Nick. You K- you his feelings after. Just a quick coal actually. Listen I wanted to run this by you. Would you think so I know you guys were talking on the show yesterday about pay per view for Garcia. Garcia Spence fire, and then obviously Dossier Philadelphia, and Luke Campbell being pay-per-view. What'd you think about the idea of both networks get into giver because obviously with a pandemic people can only do I've Aurora in it while it may be that some people can only do I aurora. So what but like if the network came to give almost off like So. For say like one, hundred, ten dollars you can get both both fights, and then either network shows networks five on the playback because then that way you can get. As many papers, you can robin and people having to our account for twenty five dollars for the or kind of seventy five dollars for that as well. You see what I'm saying. Yeah, you know actually that's kind of what the structure was like the Pacquiao Mayweather in terms of the playback in HBO and Showtime in the way they negotiated it was like they were going to do it a very specific way, and then play back was gonna come for one network and then the other I listen in theory theory. It's a great idea. Will they worked like that man? That's that's hard for me to believe that they would. They would come together like that. looks like back coach Myers said give it to. Who did you say? Let me read this. Sean, Coats Mars Give Boomerang. To King Eisai Talk. Young. What appreciate the coach Myers on your men ain't. Much to say. I had to say put in the work I had to put in. Nola. Mario have this time tomorrow who cellphones fans come out and get his moments long got that champ solar. Dan. I don't get his moment. Day. Me To have a moment. Do Really Really Really China I. Don't know. But Unguarded man media is going at eleven thirty with Mario's unguarded. We pushed it up. We pushed it up look at my week at. Bloom rang my gene. Not much to say manages which everybody gray weekend drew the fights looking forward to that on guarded. All right. All right. All right. Let me see you. Stone Bone. What what a? What a? Yeah Man. I'm very interested in his five man. Up I BELIEVE IS GONNA. Do some some some great numbers is is not like their device that we've been seeing are really been like like high level fights. This is like we might have had I think the highest level fight was would have been like Charl Rosario and that was a pay per view saw Magin if if they would've put both Charles on Fox. Maybe. UNGAR car maybe wasn't that good to me. But if they would've played ball to those Charles on Fox, they would did at least three million. That would have done twice. To nine English speaking is in August and Rommel's neither wondering well Ronald speak a little. English. But besides that that was nothing appealing and at one point something. I mean and alarm a James did what a million. So if you did a double D Charles on Fox and I may and. I think we close at three. We'll get closer to three Dan to to. Feel like the type of money that A. Difference between them putting up a fight on ESPN where people pay. To advertise all sports versus ABC where people pay the commercials are different types of commercials. It's not the same. So maybe it would have done bigger numbers. But for right now, how sports is set up no major the NFL Games are kind of iffy being canceled college force not plan the regular season. This is a perfect topic this fight to be offering TV and I spent big numbers and I'm expecting great numbers three point one let's do it. All. Right. That looks like. Every week we go to MR BBC and Seattle. I don't think so. The Washington? Mister He. Win. Nine. I don't care what? Mr The see maybe. Club. Sir. Off was up. Tiffy more winning I never really thought of them doing three million. I can see one point five to keep it real. And Yeah. That's my call now. Let's see WHO's up next. We went to buy A. went to bomb boxing today. And I don't remember going to buy either if we didn't. Know. If not one, right. Okay we didn't go for. You, guys. Hear me we do. Stick with my prediction still got TNC I. Think he's GonNa get Aloma. Thickness I think is boxing underrated and he does have good feet. We're GONNA see tomorrow night I. Think he's GonNa catch the Matrix I think he's GonNa Damage say seven or eight. From the sleep but Not GotTa rock with my brethren sale get it done and as far as the this team Mario Man. What I said, but you know, go few Mario keep doing what you do and. Then, they're pick they're working man I'm looking forward to watching so. I mean how? Good the Sebok comeback see that's the true Mexican enemies like Damn I can't leave my bedroom out there to dry I think I think he's Mexican anyway. So knee would up. Cincinnati. When you scheduling your interview, Dr. Talk, we're going out to Sony One more time just listening hard at work. Right, we're going to do real nausea tick the number one. Pick Him League winner every single week sense. It started all hail the queen what's going on? Past ness absolutely pitched right now. My name out for no good reason Geno what it wasn't started with the Wisconsin's. J. J., wack. I. So by comment section, I typed it with question marks said it's cold out here. You'll on me. So people were being mean to you I, called it out, and then you can will come and what call me out for real. You WanNa find a girl for real and you even have a good reason and the funny side is the guy ever made the comment you do call him out. meow. Honestly this is just unbelievable, but I understand your friends have CYP right? So I am not surprised you know. That so yeah Kim calling my name. A good reason I makes you happy. Actually. the person, the the the those two, those two nicknames originated a super chat that came out like an hour ago. So Jay Mack has to counter-punches. Look now. I just read the comment I didn't see debate I've been on DVD's he's a troll he guy he came back here on skype he would not come face to face. He will not talk shit he talks he just types it apologize to you twice you can compare as you can make this make that nobody called. You say I WANNA fight a grab hold people accountable to the day save I. See something. About me, I'm going to respond to. That I don't do that I. Don't do that back and forth you can call it what you want. You pay to narrative I, apologize to you twice in a chat where started it, and I'm apologizing to you on air which I had to pay my money to apologize. So make what you WANNA. Make I saw you type it. That's all. If you ha- if you didn't have a why did you respond? Why did you repeat it if you didn't want it to be. Taking a certain way when y'all get on their type and shit people see certain things see the thing about it is nobody holds y'all countable because you can say what you want to say but I will hold y'all accountable stop playing with me. This is for anybody stop playing with me. I don't play with nobody back here because nobody city should face nobody will say you will tight and make jokes I don't play them type of games I'm not type person fucking play with. Okay. We'll saw people who saw. Early. In the morning careful with Veg- gentlemen saw good Cyp. Of counterpunch. Your for one, the one I was the one who let him know what was said that? Yes, be our from. New. York. Matters. Yasser. In his check and you're the in your things about people don't even talk to you. Literally, I kept talking boxing and people will say negative things to me I don't even know I e the mission now, the chick you did it again, you always try to instigate trae we got trained say getting the same way you did we ought chain the backlog she took it she she took her medicine you did the same thing you want the kitchen to the way nobody knows about it. Do you re tweeted that is replete retype people do it all the time they reach and somebody else said to get working to Dobie kind of bird rescue troops. Now's counterpunch. Okay seems you guys know how to read messages in Tech. Works when you put a word in with question marks Mitch often what does this thing? So when I put the words, whiskas which I guess they were referring to Mario's whiskas and Jane Wack at the time I didn't even know what? I. But what what I put in a question marks and then with a follow comment commander said. It's called out here. y'All mean, do you know what that means? My point who Ryan I this is, that's mean you don't talk about people like that. But no, I have to come here and explain issue because obviously you don't understand English when I get him maybe it's because African accent and when I type type of an African accent. So you probably don't understand that's what it means. Jay. Mac Anyway, I accept your apology. You know we're all good. No. I just want to make it clear when I retired question mark, it was asking a question that's what people do when shorten sentences in the chuck section. Cincinnati counterparts. Speaking to women I was watching the. Video. At a nice list slim. She's the host and someone what's her name again? Name. Use, the host, the Sandberg. Bro. She worked for zone. Now TBB's steppingstone man we give opportunities. Brand. Only get. Public is out. On the town. Did you own? rested. Make. A printer. You know what? I didn't a I think brandon has a love hate relationship would be. Solicitor any brandon like Dr Not a Dr I want to say that but but Brandon Love Brandon, love him some females at the wrong with that he would. He would take any one of us out. To put to put to put a few million so well. Let's see I'M A-. She got an the I can help with that Chan? Not Know got a girl no Damn Brandon. Win. No I'm just saying I can help them with your name, an instrument him him instagram stalking ain't got nothing to do with his girlfriend listen. Did Brandon win the Piccoli Oh Yeah. So you've got the funds to man, I, mean, you know what my whiskers as they say and I might. Point you. In the right direction, we're going to one in the be x. what up. Just listening while going once. Twice. Right, what up one? Not found just lifting right brother. We're going to address across the line. You'll goodman what what I? Just WanNa, talk about. The much right. Now, your man if I do think allow this before by think, is even not more now with the prescription. Both foam was debt is gonNA put him out. He's GonNa Retire on the stool I'd say nine from he's GonNa put him out too much You'll, to elite. Is going to go that direction. You'll. Lo. Mas GonNa have no mercy on him. You know. I don't think he's GonNa take some deep woods like he said. He. was going to happen nine from. Give no matter what happens man listen the respect that he gets from me yeah. In recent history I wouldn't showed in its no-one else. You know the guy went go through straight on. Cutting. So coach media will co host on Thursdays and Sundays in obviously in charge of the fantasy pick 'em league with committee members Info Joe and Steve Says Ness. Tell them how? Everybody was at the appreciation I went Amblin didn't shoot they shot it was only cash weasley who took a chance. So here you know easy always trying to do his thing we're going out to JP. Colorado year. Again. Shoutout Niger for beaten up unique is every week in his pick 'em league. I'm not into picking league. Are usually what say I don't lose the girls but she seemed to be beaten y'all up. Pretty good. So I'm not getting in. So I don't. You know I mean. My Dog, my dog. Z. Y. P. J. Mac y'all in a lose. Lose situation. Lose lose situation trying to argue with a female man leaving Stand up guys though I messed with. anytime you're going into a fight in my experience and you're saying one guy is going to knock the other outlets how he wins and can't out and you can't vision him winning a boxing match never works. That's why I'm taking Lama Janko because most people say that FEMA will win by knockout in elite level fights that rarely ever happens. We all know that that's fat that's my call. All right. All right. All right. Let's check the. Woods. Oh Shit is it over? Davidian Boston. Buffalo Sauce. Buffalo. No. Longer Niagara Falls what a champ. Ness was good Mario, grandfather's I'm good I'm just. Just been just been listening Nice You know great show is always and yeah I don't know it's it's I'm excited is going to be a good fight. Teo is a nice. Can you know he? He is nice but I don't know I just feel like you know Lomas. You, know my has something to prove and showed a young man something. Let's see. You know if he could do it. I ain't GonNa be mad I just you know. And having all those. This is gonNA pretty sweet. See we necks if you can get a loan but I. Know I got. Other than that. I love the boxing voice and often get along. Transfer call and we a counterpunch from Steve Look for to make his board awards debut soon as well. Steve is Chicago. talked to us. I just WANNA say something hasn't hasn't Yoga and call it A. For like two years now yes. They something they've been calling his name they've been chasing. Her young kids chased a guy like that my walking this thing. Thanks for Mikey to they. Want to be. Like I ever see you know something man I tell these guys saying it's only. Call from two years ago. HIM FOR RAW Chasing Lois. A you get out. He got the ball. Can't man. People waiting for the he's GonNa Shine on telling you he's been waiting for this I'm. I love him. Cash. And I believe you are all I all I could counter was what you heard me say. So did Mikey Mikey said a lot of that stuff. Out here, not us because I wasn't falling for that Shit but. He had people really believe I will not much supermax bet on fight. Soup mix would you drop on that one? Mara would you would you drop? JOB ON AT ON SOME AWESOME I'm way for you bet on. You Ain't. You Ain't drop no money on that Mikey fight also may He Kinda Love Shit nothing zero that's true. Box Effect I did. True box you ain't you ain't a fool listen essay body. We outta here catch US immediately I'm talking immediately I'm talking like now we going now for Mario's piece. Pigs.

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Episode 240: Eddie Guerrero

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

2:45:41 hr | 5 months ago

Episode 240: Eddie Guerrero

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Take machine damn good something the rest of the rules. Thank you say one it happened. Well sure to good so good girl. Thailand lack wrestler rest of wrestle with rats opposite. And you're listening to something to wrestle with numbers pritchard. -burse what's going on man. How are you well. Probably my favorite subject. We will finally finally get to address. Signor eduardo. get animal or is michael cole. Used to say in the heat of the moment eddie. Guerrero he put an eye at the end instead of the. Yeah he did drove me fucking nuts for you're still does i think it's i think it's a i think it's a south texas thing like down around mcallen and all their down in the valley though those folks for some reason put a put an a instead were owes should be a lot of times least in their pronunciation is like The dave silvo. You don't wanna like i like that. Your ass has been in connecticut for about a year in ear already. She had talking accents. All over the nation she had talked alabam. Should talk and texarkana you just you know you become one of them bruce. Are you talking to anybody are you. Are you your snickers. Where the damn knife and fork. Now zada trick question. How you really do have eat them. Well i'm not usually a snickers eater. But if i were use my fingers imagine my wife gave me shit the day because i We have Some kind of dish. Italian dishes had tallied you bread and everything and i took the bread. Cut up our god. You've been hanging vance too long. And i let it so while i was leading soak in the in the sauce our well. That's fine in their eighty four. You sopping it up. That's what we call it the south. Yeah yes i'm a stopper. Yeah but the fact that i was doing it with i actually cut it up and then eat with a fork. I guess kinda threw her off. Yeah she thought you were You're too far gone. No just. I enjoyed the bread. I enjoyed the sauce and so two great tastes tastes great together. Listen i. I'm excited to be here doing this episode. We have wanted to cover. Eddie guerrero for a long time. We decided years ago that we were going to do it on the unfortunate fifteen year anniversary of his death. Which was yesterday. Were a day late here on something to wrestle but Things are stressful these days. So we apologize for the delay but we are very excited to be here talking about one of the greatest wrestlers that ever lived and some. I didn't say you were. I said these are stressful times. It could've been me. You know i mean everybody knows. Sometimes that my shows are a little late sometimes. A lot going on looks problem. I'll do my best. Well you know what the kinds people in this world. Oh god i feel like i'm those give their best shot there. Those do whatever it takes. I'm doing whatever it takes today to bring you eddie guerrero. Of course we all know him as one of the greatest wrestlers that ever lived. But bruce you know him as a great friend as well so this is gonna be a very good show eduardo. Gory guerrero You're up to help me with this. Lawa's jaanus john s born october ninth nineteen sixty seven in juarez mexico. Of course salvador. Gory guerrero was his father. A first generation wrestler and our yanez the sister of a wrestler herself. And i guess it's spanish custom to include both names. I'm learning things every day. Here on something to wrestle c. And he's one of six children that the couples going to have along with chabot mondo hector maria and linda. But there's a large age gap across all the siblings. Travaux for example was born in nineteen forty nine So eddie's on the younger end you've you've known the family for a long time and you sort of referred to yourself as an honorary guerrero Chats up when did you first become familiar with the family. I assume it's probably saying some of the older family members come through the houston market. Faulk man el paso texas nineteen sixty seven thousand. Nine hundred. sixty eight is kid. I remember seeing gory guerrero. And gory was the promoter of el paso for them. Realtor tori that the fox owned. So you'd come through. And you work el paso and there was a ray announced their sowell parades and saul in. Gory used to sit at the front door of the el paso coliseum welcome everybody coming into the arena and i remember just being larger than life. There was gory guerrero. We say larger life to forty five year old kid. Gory was definitely larger than life. But in real life or he wasn't the biggest guy in the world. The events were presented on monday nights with the likes. Jc dykes infernos handsome harley race and of course the greatest of all time dory and terry funk along with the patriarch of the font family dory funk junior so i was exposed to gory guerrero quite early. You said the patriarch gordon dory funk junior but she means senior senior yup i did. Yes the dad. They'll god damn dead course. You don't have to cuss me. You have to get three retired. Connie i'm tired. I'm tired now. Yellow dami. Listen you've denied the rumors online that you are sleepy tired and stressed so you better watch your words here. You're going to get a buzz and again so sleepy. I don't know what you are. I don't wanna make assumptions. We are sounds like you're something in your in your in your vocal tone if you will any has always wanted to be a pro wrestler. His whole life instead of jungle gym it a wrestling ring in his backyard. It didn't get to watch his father wrestling in his prime but he watched him toward the end and eighty still felt that excitement is family. Didn't pressure him to enter the business. But he felt the pressure of the guerrero name and because of that he always strived for excellence. And it's interesting to find where someone's inner drive comes from you. Think that this family pressure and this reputation is something that really pushed him to excel at the level he did. I mean he's going to overcome a lot of obstacles in his career. And we're gonna cover a lot of them today but is this just instilled in him as a young person. I think it was instilled at genetic more than anything. I think that you look at eddie. Guerrero eddie. guerrero knew what he wanted to do. From the time that He jumped out of his mama's body. And said i wanna wrestle his brothers. All wrestlers is father when the greatest of all times and any looked at this is his life calling. And i don't believe that eddie ever had any consideration to do anything else with his life so yeah it was. It just was genetic in this case. Any was wired to be a wrestler man. Christmas is going to be here before you know it. Unfortunately it's going to be extra stress this year with lots of added expenses for she got to your holiday shopping before probably going to be some travel involved. It's just been a tough year. But i wanna make this the best christmas ever listen. You may have tried to do this. 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Historically most american families dig themselves into credit card. Theft takes months to dig out from christmas shopping. Don't do that. there's a better way. Skip your next to house payments. Get a better interest rate. Lower your monthly payments and. Get rid of your credit card debt. This like that that save with conrad dot com. Mls number six zero eight four. Equal housing lender. Oh and did i mention. You don't need perfect credit or money out of your pocket to do this. Find out how much money you can save right now for free at save with conrad dot com. Let's talk about what could have been any actually gets a wrestling. Scholarship at new mexico highlands university. But he got hurt so they redshirt him by the time he recovers. The program has actually shut down so he doesn't get to finish and go straight into training professional wrestling. What do you think could have been at any actually had the opportunity to pursue amateur wrestling. I think he probably would the top of the amateur wrestling game. Maybe going to the olympics. But thank god that didn't happen in eddie was able to start to focus on his calling for the rest of his life which was professional wrestling and eddie was going to be the best at it because his last name was get adult at the time and his best friend was a fellow named aren't florez who was his bodyguard spider in the L w oh that. I'm sure some of you remember from wcw Fluorescent another friend named hector hurricane hector rincon trained with eddie initially learned for a long manga. Cr- creek your. I'm just days on this show just to translate our hillbilly asses. Invoking data correct mexican pronunciations. This was just after his father had experienced a stroke and thus could only got a sign and not physically participate as much Eddie has practice wrestling with his brothers his entire life going into this training so we pretty much understand the basics and he takes a lot of the influence from his family style but chavez senior was his biggest influence. Is this what you hear. So much about second generation wrestlers because they just grew up sort of immersed in a business and way that someone who was an outsider. Couldn't really understand yes. I think that if you're born into this business should born into very unique culture that especially during the time that any was growing up in the seventies secretive and protected to the point that even within your own home. There was a lot that was unknown. So for eddie you know. He's he's he sees this mysterious world. That is brothers are in his father as his mama's in and want he too wants to be in but even at that young age still was smartened up to the point of understanding. The ins and outs of business so grill begins his wrestling career as a scarrott magika and am l. l. empresa mexicana deluce. Libra negra kaas l. Dan day in atlanta where the wrestler described as his biggest influences early on leaves the company in ninety two. He's not happy with this push is going to go for a bigger paycheck with aaa. Which at the time is more like an outlaw promotion and Even though his gimmick was popular am l. l. Owned the rights to the character so guerrero then appears on televised aaa show as that. Same gimmick only to unmask himself along with the aid of his tag team partner. That night octagon aaa. It feels like has been around forever and ever but we know that's not exactly the case they were sort of the. The young upstart will. What do you remember about the differences between those two promotions. Because you're probably more familiar than maybe some of the other areas of the country because you're right there in texas well Trivia was something that was similar to wwe in that m m l. was more traditional and then Triple came in. And they were flamboyant. They had the great ring entrances and they focused more on character and stories and things of that nature. That was different. It was a different presentation than what the audience had been used to so it was in some cases it was looked down account frowned upon and others. It was people looking at it going. Wow we've never seen this before right. Says the more flamboyant of the promotions in my opinion negra costas coast to japan takes eddie with him in ninety three and his brothers scare them into thinking he needed to be in super shape. So he's running three hours a day in the desert to get ready and he meets crispin wa who actually knocks him out in their very first match and he describes chris as his best friend he also mates finlay in new japan and of course we know these relationships last far beyond this initial japanese run he starts wrestling as black tiger number two while in japan and according to the correct pronunciation would be a black tiger. Dose tiger is a wrestler train. This according to the story line. Black tiger is a wrestler trained and sent by yakuza like called the tiger's cave and the tiger's cave desired vince upon the wrestler tiger. Mask a former trainee of theirs for publicly turning his back on them and no longer paying them. Their monetary tributes so black tiger. Is the antagonised here. And any wasn't originally going dawn the mask and identity but some changes led to him being given the mantle and the storyline was directly derived from an anime video series. That ran from sixty eight to seventy one title tiger mask booker's license the work and created characters based on it. This is kind of fun. I is this something that happened a lot. The as far as you know that is where japanese wrestling. I'm and they pulled characters right out of anime fuck. They do in japan. Well i'm just saying like we've heard before that vincent man god damn i wanna mighty mouse this sort of the same type of deal who wanna mighty mouse and tiger mask if yet mighty mouse if you got mighty mouse. Do you need a tiger mask. Oh god it's going to be one of those days eddie. Becomes even more successful upon his return. He wins the ninety six best to the super junior tournament of junior heavyweights where he faced jewish and thunder lager in the finals. And by the way these super jakup deals became monster tape. Trading opportunities through the mid nineties are the most sought after tapes. He ultimately receives a shot at the i. w. gp junior heavyweight championship. The great sauce. Okay at the skydiving j but loses the match. He dean Benoit's who cold scorpio sean waldman. They're all tight with each other during the tom partying night in wrestling during the day. And these matches you know as i said become legendary amongst tape traders. Was anyone in the company paying attention to that. Look this has been something on. Howard finkel rain are or is this. Just fly under the radar. This may be something that howard might have watched. I really don't know it was during this time. Especially there was more of an emphasis on larger athletes. And the junior heavyweight. Wasn't something that we were really looking to expand in time so it was okay. Great young just kinda looked at as the japanese wrestler leaner. This was the aaa wrestling. And things like that. let's Let's also talk about this tour japan. He comes back to mexico. he's gonna mainly wrestle for aaa teaming wealth. He'll he'll del santo santo dishonorable and there's sort of the new version of the atomic pair. Which is a tag team. His father had been in eventually dhammika. After grow turns on santo he allies with art bar and They become the pair of terror and The duo become arguably the most hated tag team and lucia libra history along with bar conan chicano power and madonna's boyfriend era forms los gringos locos of villain stable here. I guess that's translated into the crazy. Americans guerrero said no matter how many people joined los gringos locos. The stable was all about art bar. Locos feuds mainly with He'll del santo and his his partner octagon eventually. They have a hair vs mask match at the first lucci pay per view in america when worlds collide is. Is this more on your radar. Maybe the super j cup stuff is not but this tag team pairing eddie guerrero and our bar boy. This was Something that people talked about for years to come off indefinitely. Tell you what. I remember about this because this was howard. Finkel bringing tapes an insane. You've got to see these guys. The emphasis that time was art bar and it was looking at are wondering if this was something that we might be interested in. I became enamored with eddie guerrero. Because i looked at him. And the things at any ca do the way that any walked in the way that eddie talked and carried himself any carried himself like shawn michaels and the description that i would always give vince. Mcmahon was that. I eddie guerrero. Will she stay mexican version of shawn michaels. As far as how carried himself in the ring how he worked and his performance was phenomenal. So both of them. I love darbar too. I thought team was great and individually. Both guys were tremendous was this. You know art doesn't wind up coming into w. e. He's going to have a little bit of trouble. He does wind up spending a little time in. Wcw but was was his personal stuff always going to be a hindrance or was it more the size that vincent man would have been hung up on in the era. I think that art could have gotten over. That i think are with the unique character and later on the whole beetle juice character. What have you. I think that are would have that would have been a non issue with art. As far as his performance he was ten feet tall and performance area so that size. Although it wasn't something that we would really gravitate to. It was something that i feel. The talent came through. And you can make something out of a measly eddie. Had been using. What later became known as the frogsplash at the time and He said he got the frogsplash from lafayette era spanish wrestler but his partner art barr started using the move without eddy's blessing and at this time eddie had some release us with art. Said they butted heads and he would stop himself just short of saying hated him but clearly there was some challenging moments in their relationship. But when it's all said and done you think. Eddie guerrero's frogsplash was the best. I mean besides rob van dam. Who else would even be in the conversation. Maybe well i think there's a few people think that de la brown actually have one hell of frogsplash but sentimentally i. I would go that. He guerrero because of the way that he did it. It just was it. Looked like eddie was not only trying to pin you in beat you with it. It was he was like a hold for. Eddie was a spot but it was like a home for eddie and you believed it when he got up top rope and came down on you the own ranch home. Sure you do a better can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or uranium insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Geiko dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its geico easy. Visit geico dot com. Today that's geiko dot com guerrero in bars. Big break comes when they're noticed in late ninety four by the owner. Vw or at least the booker at the time paul heyman and they approached about wrestling for him in ninety five bar however winds up passing away before he could actually baked the shot with guerrero and eddie would say that arts death really affected him in a lot of ways including scaring him away from pills at least for a little while you know art bar was not necessarily a major name in the american wrestling scene but he was amongst the hardcore a well respected performer. When a guy like that who may be hat and quite a superstardom yet passes away. Does it still sent shockwaves through the industry. More like a ripple because he just wasn't on everyone's radar of course it does and for art his father sandy bar had been in the business of art also second generation and had spent the majority of his career in the pacific northwest working for donnellan head. Done some other things Really made a name for himself in mexico and people had taken notice so art was at a place that maybe things were going to change for our bar and that he would break out of whatever bubble that he had been in for all these years and people did know our bar they did. They did like his work. Because back then i think most people would make a job through the pacific northwest and nc sandy bar and art bar and he was the best best known unknown in the business so as we sat anyone's up joining up with the cw which works out really well for him. He wins the television championship from two cold scorpio in his debut match on april fifth. Nineteen ninety five at three way dance. It goes on to have a series of claim matches with dean malingco before they both get an opportunity to sign with world championship wrestling later. In the year he wound up losing the tv title to malingco on july twenty first that year but gets it back just a week later on the twenty eighth i and then ultimately drops it back to to cold on august twenty fifth and the next day they have their last match which is going to end in a draw in a two out of three falls match at ec w arena and after the match the entire locker room empties out and the two are carried around the ring by their feller. Fellow wrestlers in the crowd is chanting. Please don't go. This series of matches. Here with eddie guerrero dean malingco legendary for not just the performers. But he cw. And i've always been curious knowing working relationship. You're going to have just a few years after this. With paul heyman. C w why wasn't the wwf interested in dane. Malingco eddie guerrero was it. Wcw solely pursuing the cruiserweight division. And without that because that was not a priority in the wb f. They just weren't. They weren't really checking all the boxes. I think more than anything was their size. Yeah it just say they were not the biggest guys in the world so Help help change. Vince is thinking on that. And all i know we. We hate to talk. Talk in generalities. But we've often heard the old vince mcmahon tests from way back win was to the turn heads in an airport to they stand out and a lot of that is based on size and we had these big hulking monsters through the eighty s when hogan was looking for a monster factory of opponents. But bret hart was the champion at this time shawn. Michaels is going to be the very next year and they're not the biggest gas they're not they're not small men. I'm not suggesting that. But they're they're not six foot five bodybuilders. Is there a time where you could say. This guy changed his mind. I think sean i think sean brenner. Probably the two that were able to break through those barriers imaginary barriers. As they were that that they were able to kind of work through it and get noticed. let's let's keep it moving here. Eighties biggest break happens when he gets. This call from kevin sullivan is a chance to come to. Wcw sullivan has one promise. Any won't be jobbed out like a lot of the other smaller wrestlers but he only promises opportunity is first year. There is like a dream as was the case with. Cw he arrives alongside dean malingco wa. Tube is very best friends and they have a series of matches with. Wcw is first wcw matches actually on august thirtieth nineteen ninety-five. These tv. tapings were famously. Vader got in a fight with paul orndorff and eddie would be working within malingco that night. His tv debut fall brawl ninety five in a no contest with alex. Right on the september thirtieth edition of saturday night. They do a sit down interview with eddie talking about growing up in a wrestling family and footage you shown him and aaa but of course no mention of ec w here but this is kind of a big deal to bring in a talent and not only put him on tv and on pay per view quickly. But these little sit down interviews. This is kind of a cool opportunity for a new performance of the company it is. It was different presentation allowed their personality. And you come out a little bit and sometimes and sometimes not too because you found that maybe they didn't have the greatest personality and but yes. It was a unique way to introduce talent. Definitely eight is going to round out ninety five in matches against hillman and disco jerry. Land and big boban handful of other guys. One of his biggest matches happened on december. eighteenth he finally gets to work with ric flair. Gusta georgia Flare gets the wind but of course he cheated dammit ashford. Their classic moment happened at the january clash though on january twenty third nineteen ninety-six. This is the famous moment where brian pullman is trying to work. The entire industry and film and pins eighty zero with cross body and grabbing the tights for leverage. But around the two minute. Mark pullman grabbed at bobby heenan by the jacket. And heynen responded. With what the fuck are you doing. And that makes it out on the air I don't know it's sort of fun to think about nineteen ninety-six wcw and all these shenanigans. And i kind of forgot any was even involved with them ash because all anyone was talking about was filming and heynen not a good thing what are the weirdest finnish has happened in antis match at the uncensored ninety six show on march twenty fourth. The us wcw nited states champion and the mexican heavyweight champion. Conan daddy guerrero and eighteen twenty six after the challenger. Miss tom to leapfrog causing count in the head. But guerrero in the dick and after the match conan help grow to his feet and Eddie shoves conan away. It's a weird and confusing finish. But you know that probably happens more often than we than we think traditional athletics where someone gets No no shot at it happens. Yes it does. Yeah i mean you know you. You've had your no shots before everybody has but listen. We know what what he's gonna go onto accomplish in wcw but it feels like he's getting some real momentum. He's wrestling on nitro. He's wrestling on. Pay per view. Even has another pay per view match with ric flair at hog. Wild ninety six He starts working with dp for the battle boring. They have a whole feud about that. I clash of the champions and halloween havoc ninety six and eventually he finds himself in the united states title tournament. It's a significant moment for eddie guerrero but not for work good reasons. He doesn't like the way he wins. The us title from ddp the nwa. We're gonna hit their finishers. And then eddie hits his finished a secure the win any sort of thinks it hurts him as a baby face because will he's smaller and a minority or he in front of largely southern wrassling audiences. So it's going to be hard for him to be a baby face when you've got these cool heels. I don't know it just feels like they've really made it difficult for him but eventually Him become he'll and boy. That's probably when eddie really john's at least in my opinion in wcw but winning the us championship in wcw for a quote unquote smaller guy. That's a big deal. This is about that before him. Goslett vader and sting and steve austin and lex luger and ravishing rick rude and ric flair. Lots of folks had held this so to not be immediately lumped into your tag team wrestler. Or you're a cruiserweight wrestler and get the title shot pretty cool deal for any well spoke to eddie talent and being able to cross all those all those lines and have people get behind him. Any didn't work like well than take us back and he could work like a traditional Door but also knew how to adapt the loop store style into the american style of wrestling. And i dare say that. Eddie knew a lot more about american wrestling than he did. The lucia style wrestling But he was able to walk across the island and work both easily uncensored ninety seven. We would say dane. Malingco pin eddie guerrero to win the title in a no deke match With mention that there are some interference from the cruiserweight champion. Six here milenko is going to use six camcorder hit guerrero in the back of the head with it somewhere during the course of the match any is injured and he's out for like four and a half months so it's got to be a pretty tough deal. Hey you're here you're a spot you get a big title ride And then you hurt and you're on the shelf for four and a half months but in happen but since the batch with ddp where all of the interview interfered the fans started to boo eddie. A little more and more so when he comes back from injury he's a full blown he'll and this is really where our legendary eighty guerrero was born. The major moment happens on june ninth nineteen ninety-seven jarrett is wrestling us. Champ malingco and jared defeats go to win the title by submission after eight euro with his arm in a sling comes through the crowd and hits the frogsplash on the champion behind the referee's back and then he leaves sling in the ring showing. He's no longer injured. You saw eddie as both a baby face and heel. And i know that when he becomes world champion emma's baby face goes to a whole 'nother level but actually preferred eighty as a heel this. Wcw stuff he's about to do here man. This was off the charts goodstuff in any preferred being a he'll any was much more comfortable as a heel loved generating heat in eddie loved to play the he'll in front of the camera and outside of the ring. Any was a natural. He'll i think just kind of gravitated that much much more fall brawl ninety seven. We see eddie. Guerrero pinned the cruiserweight champion chris. Jericho with the frogsplash to win the title and then immediately. He's working against ray mysterious. It's a real personal rivalry and he's trying to unmask ramos stereo. They have unbelievable match at halloween. Havoc nineteen ninety-seven Guerrero is putting up his cruiserweight championship. Ray mysterious putting his match on his mask on the line and meltzer gave it four and three quarter stars. Still to this day criminally underrated. This is blow the dohrn. The damn doors off. Did you see this halloween havoc ninety seven match when it happened. Is this the era where you would still go over to house and watch pay per views or is that not really the case by ninety seven e. l. i. Shit i have no idea. I know i've seen the map. Probably seeing the match before but not enough to say okay. Hey i remember that specific match meltzer went out of his way to say this is the best. Wcw match and more than six years. Now you're making me think. Wasn't they get a match dude. I'm telling you there's a non wrestling fan in your life or if you want to celebrate the memory of eighty guerrero and introduce him to younger fan or someone who is. Maybe not even wrestling fan. I think you can show them this. Halloween havoc ninety seven mansion you. They're going to be an. They're going to be any girl fan and ramos stereo fan. We We should talk about him. Winning the title back on nitro from memphis On november tenth and that sets up another match again with With the to ray mysterious guerrero. Maybe not as spectacular as the halloween havoc match. But still great stuff. He's going to enjoy a a nice little run here Malingco with stark eight ninety seven the next night ultimo dragon. This is a talent rich roster here and it is able to impress every every time he comes through the curtain. When did when did he start to be on your radar. We know that jericho is going to come in and make a big splash and all of the radicals are are going to get over with wbf audiences when they come over in two thousand but when was addy like our events we gotta we gotta take a look at this guy man. I go all the way. Back to los gringos locus and partnership with art bar because they that was revolutionary at the time and eddie stood out all all that time when any went to wcw. Personally i was disappointed. Because i was kinda hoping that we you always looking for stars to fit in certain demographic in to me eddie guerrero. Was that mega star that fit for the hispanic market and it was also case of as always said if you if you pigeon hole someone. They will remain pigeonholed. I just thought. Eddie guerrero such a great talent that we were missing the boat and i i wanted him all the way back from gringos. Locos and eddie was Not available so. I'm not going very far. I'm in a rush to uncomfortable. Sometimes i just forget. Don't kid yourself. there's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up. If you've used any of these excuses or any others you're putting yourself at risk of injury or death in two thousand eighteen. Nearly ten thousand people were unbuckled when they were killed in crashes. That's forty three percent of people killed in motor vehicle. Crashes that were not wearing seatbelts. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive wearing your seatbelt is the best defense in a crash even when you sit in the backseat. You still need to buckle up. That goes for when you ride taxis or use ride. Sharing services to cops are on the lookout and riding ticket so why take the risk seatbelts. Save lives so do the smart thing and buckle up every trip day or night. click it or ticket. It's just interesting to me. You know when a guy goes out and any it's one thing to have a big rohan in mexico or in japan it's another to do it nasc- w but it's quite another to work on prime time television on t. and t.'s. It feels like at this point. He's a proven commodity But maybe not so much to eric bischoff because this is the era where he has a sit down with eric where he's asking for a push into raise. Apparently bischoff gets frustrated. And depending on how you because lord knows that Bischoff has the not. And i think even guerrero says the bischoff accidentally knocks the coffee over. It's not really throwing the coffee adam. But that became the story line on air they do sort of a worked shoot promo or he's going to ask for his release and then when he comes back he's gonna form the l. w. o. The latino world order this feels like you would have absolutely loved it. Did you actually own a latino world order t-shirt this feels like something you would have been all about. No but i'll translate that india smegnol for you know. Let's talk about the big moment that's coming. That's going to be well a very important over the course of eddie's life new year's day nineteen ninety. Nine eddie guerrero cheats death as he described he took. Ghb before leaving the house which was really popular in this era of wcw. He goes on a ride to the convenience store but blacks out on the drive. He's doing hundred and thirty miles an hour when he flips. And he's objected out of the top convertible. He was driving. His liver is bleeding. He's got a broken hip socket. He's going to suffer for many many years because of these injuries and He's anxious to get back in the ring but the doctors tell him it's going to be no less than eight months and maybe that would be very very aggressive. Of course eddie. Being eddie he makes it back and six months but he does say that this is ultimately what got him hooked on pills. He lost that fear of pills that he developed after art died assessing operate and in the late nineties. These opioids really became a thing. They're marketed as non habit forming something. Now we know to be untrue And there's been major class action lawsuits and it claimed a lot of close and famously lot in the professional wrestling industry. Bruce i know that as time goes on you and you're going to become very close and talk about some of his struggles with addiction. Is this really the catalyst for all of this. This horrendous car wreck that nearly took him. But i don't know if it was catalyst. But i also don't know if you remove this moment in time betty's life which was somewhat self destructive. How the rest of his career would have turned out so it's pivotal is far as what happened in the results after the fact because it pretty much did change his life forever and you know you always you always get sad when you you see this happen to someone in your your You are helpless for a while. Someone gets hooked on pills it comes back to wwi on may thirty first nineteen ninety nine episode of monday nitro. And he's a founding member of the filthy animals alongside ray mysterious junior and conan. They fuel with the insane clown posse and bam zero. And then they start a feud with the revolution at some fucked. He do wrong to have to go through that debacle. Well vince russo's here And eventually he gets replaced by kevin sullivan and eddie said he and the rest of his crew were really hopeful. When rousseau came in but when he's replaced with kevin sullivan all of their hope is lost. And they all want out. You should remember behind the scenes to provide some context. Eddie super tight within malingco crispin wall. And all those guys. And here's been wa has now famously. Situated himself with kevin sullivan's wife so in a way the boys Sort of formed their own opinion of what they're gonna do and not do they pulled together here and maybe it's not the scale they needed to but eddie guerrero chris. Benoit dean malingco. Perry saturn shane. Douglas they all go to bill bush to demand change and eddie says that bush felt threatened and didn't respond well and the radicals as they would come to be known one out. They had conversations with paulie. They are even considering going to japan but to their surprise they call the wwf and new york is interested. The problem of course is according to who. He believed shane. Douglas was on the outs with the company. So they're going to move forward without him. And i know that that would be hurtful to shane. Because they sorta k. Fehb him on that guerrero asked for and received a release from his contract on january nineteenth. And then he's going to sign with the wwf and fellow stars malingco been wa and saturn on joining. This is all in january of two thousand. We've done a whole episode on the radicals. So i'm going to encourage you to listen to that. In the archives but briefly take us through The overview of how this whole jump happened bruce. Well the guys were definitely not happy with wcw in in their mind. When rousseau came this is what they needed to have fresh start to be able to do something different nontraditional wrestling with russo at the helm. So it a moment of hope and then they quickly came into into a moment of dread when they realized what exactly they had their and or didn't have so. Wcw i guess made the change to to sullivan. And there were some personal heat with sullivan. Where these guys did not feel that they would be treated fairly moving forward so they. They asked for their release and they called me. It was actually a saturn. Ridgely called me and then talked ben wa and talk. Daddy talks to dean and got him up but The radicals episode we have in the archives explains it and lays out the entire story There's larry story with conan that we've gotten over since then and you know the the fact that the ford guys coming over only wanted to come as those four guys no matter what anybody says. Thanks or what have you. That is how it happened in what happened. How excited is vince. He's still trying to. I obviously the company has surpassed. Wcw here there will in the rear view but this has to feel like another way sort of put your foot on their necks. If you're vince mcmahon right now do. Wcw by this point was dead. Yeah we'll put your stepping on an aunt who cares now that not the mindset in any way shape or form. It was the addition of four brand new talents. Who were extremely talented at what they did. That's the excitement there. And having eddie and ben wa perry dean all at once inflection of new talent guys with history so The lucky break in one that we we definitely went for the group shows up on raw sitting ringside january thirty first two thousand and Very quickly they're booked. An in competition to try to win matches untypical typical w fashion. They go in three. Listen all bath radicals episode. I really take burst of ask one of the things i saw in my research. Based on your day meltzer's extensive fucking History in booking writing television so anyway no no. No you were trying to get these new guys over so you beat them all. I got it. That's how you get over. Get over put them in a story. I how do you get guys ramming matches ric flair win least sixteen of them. Okay over seventy five years. I'm just saying you know. Have to three quarters. He wasn't over because he didn't win matches. I'm not saying that at all. I mean if you are you're saying oh you guys over. You beat them. No i know that's the wwe way whenever you bring over whenever you bring in another talent from another promotion you want to beat them as fast as you can. Because that's how they get over and wwe with losses right sometimes. Yes that's what i'm saying. I mean i don't know why we're arguing here. I'm agreeing with you. Know you're you're you're you're saying no not listen. I'll just beat because i came from. Wcw now not why story behind it. What was the story. The story was they came in. They run dogs and refining from underneath and lost. Yeah and then. They overcame didn't they. I'm industrial trying to champions. Why we buried the fuck out of them. Goddamn him come in and make them world champion. That god damn you. Guys buried the fucking. You came in and lost three in a row. Boy you never gonna be able to do anything with them ever again that stupid. Are you coming your fucking mustache. The goal again. I figure i needed to talk for a while. So eighty says he tells the by the way we should mention that On his first night in here specifically told. Eddie guerrero do your frogsplash but severely dislocated elbow if you can so. He does exactly what you told them to. And then when he comes out of the ring injured beyond belief He's not going to be able to wrestle for three or four weeks but you ask them to come back to work personally and work and of course. You've disputed that. But that's what eddie wrote in his book. So i'll let you take it from there that i made it work hurt. Yes is this what you're saying yes okay. After returning from that injury eddie reveals a crush. She had on china and that leads to our april. Third two thousand wrestlemainia. He's doing everything in his power to prove that she could not resist his latino. Heat and eddie came up with this latino heat from the movie. Birdcage with robin williams Which references guatemalan nests. That's even a word in heat. Any says he just changes it till latino he and uses it in a promo egg gets a big reaction so the office decides to run with it. I'm fascinated by that. That latino heat wasn't from a writer's room it was just him saying. Hey what if. And it got over huge right latino heat. It wasn't a huge. Do you think this is when vince mcmahon really gets sold on eddie guerrero. You've told us before you know that you thought. Aj styles when he was in tna was a fine performer. He could do some spectacular stuff. And how could you not be entertained with his athleticism etc etc. But as silly as it was silly. Claire lynch pregnancy thing showed that hey ca do quote unquote acting. He could tell stories and that was probably something that is very important to vince. Mcmahon telling stories for wbz. Programming will this whole eighty guerrero china thing whereas some guys in the era looked at. Oh i got to work with china. I don't wanna work with china. For whatever reason. Eddie used it in a major advantage. The latino heat thing it's over audiences fall in love with him this to me. Feels like when vince realizes. Wait a minute. He's more than just a wrestler. This is a superstar your life your forwarded many opportunities many chances and you have to make decisions so you can be handed something that some people might feel is the death knell on your This is horrible and all this other shit and then there are people that take the exact same opportunity and look at it like okay. I'm gonna go out steal the show. I'm not gonna let him deny me. And they'll have to pay attention after my performance. And that's exactly what eddie in china did is they went out and said okay if this is being viewed in one way then. I'm going to show them that. I will steal the show every night and that is exactly what eddie guerrero did wasn't denied would not be denied and had people talking about him. You know in a performance. That wasn't the main attorney. 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Only go now to hate stephen singer dot com and click on the crista. Ready for love engagement ring steven singer. Jewelers real jewelry real experts for your real love. That's i hate. Stephen singer dot com. Let's put in context. What you're saying here eighty guerrero who we know to be one of the best wrestlers that ever lived his first. Wrestlemainia is a six man tag where china pins him into a lot of guys. I'm sure that would feel like the kiss of death. But any is so into this. Latino heat character he loves the skits he loves the entertainment side he gets heat from this actually works. It's pretty remarkable when you can but wait. Wait a minute. How how can how could possibly work if he lost. Oh my god. Bruce were where are you being like this. Why am i being like this loose. I'm just using your In your own words. I feel like i feel like we're saying the same things here. You've taught us a long time ago that in. Wwe get over by losing. You don't have to go over to get over. Knees are your words into our to argue my point but in fact you just validated it. You pointed out that flair lost way more than he won an op. Jokingly said he won at least sixteen times and you again doubled down on my own argument. Yeah sixteen times and seventy five years. You don't have to go over to get over and this latino heat thing proved that all right. Let's just move along. Gosh we're talk about wins and losses all day on the april fourth episode of raw eighty captures the european championship from chris. Jericho after china turns on y two j and reveals that she could not in fact resist. Eddie guerrero's latino heat so the two polar opposite characters come together and make for very memorable moments. This is the time when i think. Wbz tv's probably at its peak as far as the creative storytelling involved. Yeah prior to the backstage or the backlash pay per view. Rather guerrero was studying to take his. Ged with the assistance of china all defending his european title and at the event he in china return from the prom just in time for eddie to wrestle essay. Rio in a major title bout real defeats rios after arriving ringside. A nineteen fifty. Seven chevrolet even wrestling in his tuxedo pants and a bow tie and after that guerrero who was getting baby face reactions is now officially face. It's pretty remarkable that this latino character got over as much as it did. What can you tell us about. You know how you guys sort of paid this off with him. In china and the way you started to introduce him driving cars to the ring. I think this is the first time we saw happen. Of course he's going to do it. months later as well It feels like you're sort of hitting your stride with your eddie guerrero character. Eddie couldn't be denied. The audience was loving everything that he did. You add to that. The natural charisma connection that china and eddie had and people were people were into it so it made sense and they couldn't get enough of it wasn't you know we in turn eddie guerrero in any way shape or form. The audience did yeah. Eighty successfully retains the title The radicals former stablemates both saturn and malingco in a triple threat at judgment day and he keeps it until fully loaded in july and he drops it to perry saturn but the onscreen relationship with china goes into the summer in the popularity continues to build but eventually china's upset when eddie pins to advance in the king of the ring tournament which is kinda good storytelling and then summer slammed that august guerrero in china wrestle a mixed tag match against trish stratus valvano. Who at the time was the intercontinental champion. The icy title here is on the line in the match and whoever scores the pin would become the champion uras team wins the match but china scored the pin so now china is a two time intercontinental champion. And of course. Eddie doesn't mind that has partners champion but fan suspect otherwise when he tries to protest too much the september fourth raw is war as when he goes to the commissioner mick foley and asked to be inserted into china's title defense against kurt angle claiming he didn't want to hurt his mama cena but a seat die during the course of the match angle knocks down china with the title belt and guerrero lays on top of her to try to reviver but of course this results in grill accidentally pending china as our shoulders are still on the map and now guerrero as won his first intercontinental championship. He spends weeks trying to get her to believe that he didn't intentionally take the title from her. This is just good stuff. What can you tell us about this story on. You know the idea that he has inserted himself into the match and now accidentally pincer and accidentally takes her title. This great stuff. He was just going down to check on her. Make sure she was. Okay and let her know that he loved her and kind of gave her a hug and just wanted to be affectionate. The dam and you know. The referee being an asshole referee when in counted the fall. And next thing you know shit issue was made well. And he got sick chip and we start to sorta plant the seeds here a little bit because eddie's going to start to cheat to retain his title and you see china's not upset. She's not happy with that. She's upset that he's cheating to retain it but one of the the really fun moments from this era is is upset. That china is posing for playboy magazine. He's even trying to invade the playboy mansion to stop the photo. Shoot a hilarious skit here. Is this something that you would have shot. It is yes. I did the playboy mansion stuff and then also when we were in chicago we did the playboy headquarters in chicago in went to their offices had any carried out there it was fucking it was just so easy and so good that People didn't want to end. It was entertaining as hell a jealous. Eddie guerrero the trying to live with the fact that the entire world was going to see his mama seat. That lack manche got an. What are your clothes and If it was just brilliant absolutely brilliant just when it appeared that china is gonna leave eddie. He proposes to her and she accepts an unforgiving china even helps him retain his title against kishi but ultimately their engagement is called off when g tv. I believe had some footage of eddie in the shower with to the godfather's hos one of which was victoria. And i think on the video you hear. Him claim that tu mama. Sita's are better than one so the engagement is broken off and manages needed to give them a back lodged. While i was watching my front that they were too low sense to me but there were two of them. I know once in the back ones doing the front okay expecting to wash himself to you so you know this. China thing was working. Is it time what what were you ready to do. More single stuff was she was. She'd done with the story line or creative. Just feel like okay. it's rain of course was kind of a combination of both. You want china to go on her own with playboy stuff and any in many respects was stealing the show there. Yeah so it's time to move on with eddie as well so it didn't need each other anymore. Grill has now turned heel result of the incident because i guess cheating on your fiance. That's a he'll move The radicals reform and feud with the. That's debatable. I think i mean my clean for yes that's true. He's trying to be considered right so the radicals reforming here. They're gonna feud with a reunited. Dx which is china. Billy gunn road dogg. And of course it could forget k. Quick They defeated the excess. Well well they actually defeated deacs access survivor series in an elimination tag match and assisted triple h in his batch with stone. Cold steve austin. Guerrero is later defeated by billy gut for the intercontinental title on the thanksgiving day. Episode of Spank down and at rebellion guerrero and milenko lose to gun and china and then been while leaves the group to focus more on a singles career. The rest of the radicals are gonna feud with later in the hardy boyz and an armageddon. The radicals defeat the hardy boys in an elimination tag match. But in early two thousand one guerrero starts to feud with chris jericho ben wa and ex. Pock all over jericho's icy championship at no way out. There's a fatal four way that jericho wins then. He focuses on the european title afterwards. Feuding with the champion test and actually defeating him at wrestlemania x seven to win his second european championship with a little help from his pals saturn and malingco so the first wrestlemainia frady guerrero. He loses to china in a six man. A second one. He's getting a win over test a much bigger man for the european championship. Things are looking up for mr guerrero. Yes i still can't get over. I mean it sounds like a nineteen fifty nine black and white movie in the day armageddon. The radicals defeated hardy. Boyz 'n lead in an elimination tag while wanted to do that. But just kinda felt good to me in april leader. Guerrero's gonna leave the radicals siding with hardy boyz and leader but guerrero had developed an addiction to pain. Medication stemming back to that ninety nine new year's day car accident in may of two thousand one. He sent to rehab to explain his absence. Storyline was created where guerrero was injured by albert in a match and on november ninth. Two thousand one. He's arrested for drunk driving and subsequently released by the company three days later. Lots unpack here. We should add some context. Wcw and e w both go out of business in early two thousand one so for him to get sent to rehab in may of two thousand one fresh off of mania title victory. This is not the best situation to be in professionally. What was your relationship like with him here in may of two thousand one when he sent him to rehab. You remember the conversation you know. Hey this is kind of where our con- our relationship just started to get closer and were eddie. Started opening up to people a little bit more because edi realize teen-aged help and that's the first step a lot of time when you stop blaming everyone else for any issues that you may have and you accept it and look at the look in the mirror realize that okay you know what it might have been me so i was trying to help any through a lot of this stuff and the best thing for edie at the time was probably to go away. Any needed to have ramifications. Eddie needed to lose something. I think to realize that. If he doesn't change his ways things will be bad. Well it didn't exactly work is arrested. November nine th two thousand one for drunk driving when you guys make the call to release him or you get. The news of the arrest was the reaction. Do you feel like man. He's into close to the sun here. We need to do something different. I probably felt a little betrayal. But just sadness and you want the guy to succeed. So bad and eddie could be his own worst enemy at times but the decision had to be made and he had to have ramifications. Had loose something in this case. It was unfortunately had to lose his job so that he could understand. You can't continue living your life the way you are well. It's got to be a punch to the gut is going to get sober after this For good i gets on a program. He gets help from his friends but most importantly he took responsibility. He works the indy circuit and eventually gets a shot. Come back april. Two thousand and two. So he's only gone for five or six months but in that five or six months made quite the impression across the indie scene There's a lot of guys who were on tv. Now who had a chance to work with eddie. During that era and the reports were he could not have been more professional more polite more respectful More willing to You had to be hearing reports like that. From his indy appearances right that this is not the same eti that we had last year without a doubt and i first of all we were helping them. Get some of those bookings and talking to promoters and talking to other people that were out there that saw him on a nightly basis and and working with them in everyone was giving glowing reviews and clear eyed and different eddie guerrero so we were hopeful. Well he He realizes this is his second chance. help me understand for none of this was a long time ago but when you cut him loose in november of two thousand one. Are there marching orders. Hey go get yourself cleaned. Get out there. On the indy circuit will help you where we can and once we've got a proven track record that you. Can you know get straightened. Stay straight will bring you back committed. He no i can come back. I've just got to do this for x. Number of days or x. number matches just prove that can be my best. Look you know it was put out there and told we wanted eddie to get healthy. We wanted to get healthy for eddie enforce family right so if he could prove. That adores never shut Or if door is shut. There's there's always a door handle the it can be opened again so you never say never in this business and the hope was that you would be able to rehab. We all swallow call rehab but be able to rehab. Everything about him is his mind body spirit and his family. So that was the goal. And i think that eddie really felt that he could cocker those demons and be able to come back and not mississippi. Help me understand. When when a guy like this gets cut does does he have a conversation with vents. Or does vince have a conversation when they come back or does it just go through human resources and folks like that and then if anything. Vince talks to him at the first. Tv it depends. It really depends on on the talent and it depends on the situation. I believe at this time that It was pretty much handle by jr. And eddie got the news and you know time to move on and hopefully we can do something with you down the line. It comes back on april first. Two thousand two. he's gonna attack. Rob van dam on raw here. He starts a feud with rob van dam and defeats him for a second intercontinental championship at backlash he'll retain the title against our vdi and insurrection. Judgment day but finally loses it back to rob van dam in a ladder match on may twenty seventh and most people remember this latter mass because a fan charged into the ring and shoves the latter over while eighties on it and of course this resulted in that idiotic fan getting punched and stomped by any but probably criminally charged as well. What are your member about this silly fan here. Trying to Involve himself in the match. And eddie guerrero. I'm giving him a little bit of the business not cool scary shit man in the The guys lucky that the only got out of there with a couple of bruises not smart and it was a different time in that. If someone came into the ring you have to understand is a performer especially when you're a heeled performer. That you don't know if a member of the audience comes jumping in the rain trying to attack you. You don't know if they have a knife or a gun. Or what the hell. Their skill level is or anything else. All you know. Is there someplace that they're not supposed to be in your world and you have to defend yourself so in our in our world today. I think that it is got to the point where you can't even defend yourself so Back then yeah it was. It was scary and we use. The guy is a is an example. Well people who were watching. 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Requests must be made between ninety one hundred ninety days after product didn't prescription products require an online consultation with a medical professional. Who will determine if a prescription is appropriate restrictions. Apply see website for full details and important safety information remember. That's four hymns dot com slash wrestled. Let's talk about after a defeat with rob van dam. He starts and other program. How about this eddie. Guerrero versus steve. austin. Yeah i was at a raw. La ville may twenty fifth in winnipeg. You idiot awesome pinned daddy. After a stunner in the main event and the to headline a few more house shows but often leaves the company before mass could take place specifically. This is when austin walked out after he no showed raw on june tenth two thousand and two Flare ended up working a match with eddie king of the ring which flair worn. Here's my question guess. Awesome supposed to be in the spy. Against eddie king of the ring because it feels like in this era for austin to be working eddie on how shows in the main event. It seems like okay. We're headed towards them. Doing something on tv together would have happened to king of the ring or something else might be. Well led to do stuff on tv. Lead-up up to we did the horrible Barham karaoke thing. Or steve sang and eddie was there to heckle and and that was a hell of an ordeal because of eddie's addictions and everything. He was uncomfortable being in the bar and have a beer on his table. And things like that. But let's look at a. You're you're a performer. Or you're not and he got over pretty quickly. I would have to say. I think we did it in nashville. I'd have to say it was Probably some of the worst tv that i ever did. Because i don't think steve was really into it. I don't think bence was early into it. And eddie was a little apprehensive. So it was an idea that steve had that that was only half thought out and it was a situation where vince really wanted to do it. Because steve really wanted to do it hindsight. I wouldn't have done. It is did not work. Well it it is interesting to think what it could have been had. They had a real long. Tv feud and pay per view payoffs and all of that But here's the deal Been want eddie are now a team. Been wise gonna return on the same night eddie. Lost the belt to rv d. And they stick with each other through the summer. Another big moment for eighty happens on july twenty second on raw from grand rapids. It's his first match against the rock and rock is the world champ at the time and he's gonna pin be at eight and a half minutes with a spinebuster and a people's elbow. It's a non title match. But had guerrero been victorious. He would've earned a title shot the following week but after the match rock has an altercation and he's to the races with brock listener Should mention there are. There is a an interesting moment where you see grow and been wa moved to the smackdown brand in early august. This is a big deal because guerrero is going to become a major player for smackdown. Do you think smackdown in hindsight was really eighties home. It was one hundred percent. And i think that will somewhere that eddie could flourish and not be having the pressure. You also thanked me. I mean smackdown. Had the potential to hammer home. Smackdown was broadcast at. It's time and shit. Yeah i think that whenever you look at who made certain brands and would brands made certain talent that smackdown any grow definitely go good together. He's immediately programmed in feud with edge. Ultimately edge would win the rivalry and then he's involved with a kurt angle in an angle. That's fun say and then any allied himself with his nephew chabot and they formed the tag team los guerreros in contrast to a priebus. Wcw storyline chabot fully agrees with his uncle about their their slogan. We lie we cheat steal. But at least we're honest about it And to push this new tag team. A series of vignettes are produced which include things as the to finagling their way into a rich lady's house and throwing a pool party and the segments really are shot in the arm for the audience. The popularity of these team on the other side of these vignettes hilarious. This feels like this is a vince idea. Is this. Brian is this. You are you there for the shoot. What can you tell us about these. I know i didn't do the shoot. As a matter of fact i think adam panucci mounted done the shoe But it was guys at the studio that did it and which has had this this idea of any. What does he do. He lies tsitsi steals right. And you think about it to get ahead in the world. Sometimes you have to lie and cheat and steal so the audience. You think that's going to be a heel character. You think the people are they lie. They cheat they steal well like most people can identify with that fell in love with them all over again because they did it with a smile on their face and a gleam in their eye that what they were doing was right in what they were doing as man. It's okay man. Everybody knows we live with g. Still we love you. It's okay it's great. Skits the pool inspectors who just wanna party the parking valets. Who just want to go on a joyride. The do enter the eight man tag team tournament for the tag titles. They're going snake. Pass for kishi and mark henry and the opening round and start a feud with the newly formed tag team of kurt angle crispin wa and one of the teams definitive moments. Chabot tells benoit that his former friend guerrero was assaulted by his tag team partner. Angle been while runs to make the save only have himself locked inside a room. Europe appears in the room and assaults benoi with a chair been one angle manage to overcome their differences and eventually defeat los guerreros tournament semifinals. And later of course been want angle would win the title and Been want angle for a trophy for being the first time tag team champions but much to their surprise los guerreros help him win the match on november seventh. Two thousand two. Wb world champion brock. Listener pins eddie. Guerrero in a non title match in six minutes and forty one seconds with the f. Five this is their first match together. Nobody could have probably predicted what this is going to look like a couple years later Yeah actually. I think they could have. Because i think it was the way that any worked with brock and the way that brock work with any they they knew how to work with and for each other so it was essentially the first time in looking at going. You know what this could work. Because brock was able to accentuate eddie's positives and vice versa survivor series. Los guerreros win the tag titles Guerrero makes mysterious submit to the lasso from el paso to win their first tag team championship. Or your lasso. Come from and they turn due to their popularity so they're big baby faces now they're ultimately going to drop the belts to t- bangle. Which is charlie haas. Shelton benjamin In early february on smackdown and they started feud together and both teams find themselves in a match at wrestlemania. Nineteen along with been one rhino. They're all vying to be number one contenders for that. Tag title ultimately They do not wind up victorious. A haas and benjamin wynn that triple threat they get a rematch. Backlash and los guerreros lose their again but along the way chabot tears his biceps and that forces guerrero to look for another partner he chooses to jiri and believe it or not they win the tag titles so this is guerrero. Second title win They went into judgment day team angle in a ladder match while the jiri. The right substitute for chabot. I think that he has entertainment value in that to jerry was able to express his emotion. Sue his facials in through his physical How he reacted to jerry man. Come on e. He was absolutely one of the best and they fit. It was like peas and carrots but during during this time there was a incident in san diego with the guerreros and haas. And benjamin good lord man. I went back in I'm sitting there thinking Shit they're all pissed off and i think that Charlie and ten were in the locker room and chabot and he went in. And i don't remember. I think it was tshuva. Going in and eddie in his back and but long and short of it i was that they came in to fight and everybody knew it in someone had told me and i headed off chavalit eddie at the past and there was a glass door into the locker. Room there And they just kinda into rounded me and got in and it wasn't wasn't wasn't really fide it was. I think everybody got in between them. In cooler. heads prevailed. But you talk about a scary fight for tough guys legit for shooters and For guys are definitely go. So i'm a extremely grateful. That cooler heads prevailed. I didn't get my ass. Kicked in the middle of them kicking each other's ass. Let's talk about jerry. And eddie they even work a tag match at madison square garden against roddy piper and his protege. At the time. Sean o'hare man if you're an old school wrestling fan. Which obviously eddie was. He had to be tickled to be working. Roddy piper madison square garden. Are you kidding me. Roddy and chabot whole ship Had a tremendous rivalry in los angeles. When eddie's dad gory was promoting los angeles so the guerreros and piper go way. Way back you know. I think viper very much like me was honorary grill and vice versa so a thrill and they knew each other well. There's lots of respect. Although sides that fence initially guerrero into jerry would lose the The titles to team angle. Who are now calling themselves. The world's greatest tag team that happens in early july on smackdown and then guerrero would turn onto jiri. Slamming him through the windshield of his low rider truck turning heel again and the following week a grill tries to explain his actions to the audience. Into everyone's surprise the audience doesn't care they're still with eighty zero. It's it's pretty remarkable. I don't think eddie could have been a. He'll here if he tried. The audience had fallen in love with him. Yeah eddie going to the to the audience and asking the audience for affirmation the chances like no. It's okay man. we love you. Whatever he did. They loved tournament. July vo three for the united states championship. He's gonna advanced the final round feeding ultimate dragon and billy gone along the way but in the finals it's down to him and bin wa and at vengeance he turns the cheating. Hits been wild with the belt. At one point in the match guerrero tries to get it wa in trouble by placing the title belt on top of the unconscious wa. Of course it doesn't work since knocked out the referee earlier with championship belt. So the bell shot to the kidneys and the match ends with interference gore from rhino benoit's partner who was furious at the team's failure and guerrero pins been wa in wins the us championship. He retains by bit defeating rhino at summer slam. Been wa is also in there along with the jiri. It's a fatal four way which seems kind of common in this era. We got a lot of talented performers. Not sure what to do with them. House just throw in a four-way turns face again at least officially and he starts a feud against john cena. So the united states champion anti guerrero defeats johnson on smackdown that week by the q. After the challenger hit a low blow all guerrero was attempting a series of rolling snap. Suplexes out cena bloodied the champion. It's him and chokes him with a steel chain before dropping guerrero with the f. You onto a steel wheel in the ring. It's pretty remarkable. When you think about this. John cena as a heel beating up an anti guerrero that the fans absolutely adore a few years later would say almost impossible but it happened here we are. Yeah exactly and. I think that i think it could have happened. Years later with roles reversed in the audience still would have been behind. Eddie it's it really is just such an interesting dynamic that you know saying is going to get over and become the face of the place literally But it's like the fans. Your point still would have cheered. Eddie and they had a pretty memorable latino heat. Parking lot brawl on smackdown that airs on september eleventh. When andy penn cena with the frogsplash off of a minivan onto cena he's on the hood of an adjacent car and in that match chabot makes his return and attack. Cena any memories of that production. you know whenever you're working with cars it feels like the risk is really leveled up yet but it was a lot of fun man. We did it in the parking lot and had everything a all around then the were starting to shoot the thing and realize man we. We don't have the lighting's not carrying over into where we need to be. We put on the lights headlights of the cars to just kind of add more light in the middle of the thing and ambiance but any in in john beat the living shit out of each other made. That thing to me is probably one of the best Parking lot bras we've ever had let's Let's talk about what we're doing next though because it's sort of weird that we see the singles roy doing so well with chabot injured. You know he's had a title win. He's feuding with john cena but now the chavez back we're making a metag team again los career were over and they're actually gonna pick up the tag team championship again from the world's greatest tag team and guerrero's a double champion in the process. Now he's got the us title but he's also got The tag title. This is his third tag team title. Run when he's in the middle of this hot singles ruin. Is he hesitant at all to team with travaux or cause. It's family and it was working. Let me try to do both do both because out of love. He wanted to work with his nephew and it was working. It was something that was fun and it was also something that the audience was was craving. So you get double the guerreros and everything can say the same. You can still keep eddie in the singles picture and put tshuva in there and it was great for chows. Well i think at elevated chabot tremendously and it was something that If you were to ask me the audience was kinda clamoring for. They liked the los guerreros. Let's talk about the The feud with big show. This is fairly memorable. Because i can't believe this is real. You say barely or fairly fairly Well it's a situation october tenth. Two thousand three on smackdown. They have fed big show. Some laxative laced burritos and after big show defeats tshuva in the main of hit by count. Now and he comes to the ring with a sewage truck from duty truck and dot com and though he failed to hit big show in the ring boy he hit hit the target on the entrance ramp and It's probably one of the more memorable shall we say comedic segments in. Wwe history if a truck were shooting. Shit i assume it's working. She had a hope. It's not shoot. She was this she shit in their louis. Shoot shit in there. They will she shit in the shoot. Shitter shit trump. Why would you wanna shoot shit shoot chip at big show. Well here's a thin now. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or anything like that. But the the people that got the sheet shit trump gotta shoot shit truck instead of getting a truck like a brand new truck. They took it literally and we got an actual duty truck. They gotta honey dipper. You know how dipper is. I'm googling it hunting dipper is shoot. Shit trump really the one that goes and they they tie up to the end of the sewer system and your On backyard your septic and they suck the shit out of the thing honey wagon and what some folks call honey dipper. Call him shit suckers so anyway they went and got an actual honey dipper. They actually got one that had been in service in the they're like well we'll just clean it out there so they spent all thank cleaning this motherfucker out not realizing how difficult it is. Shit was everywhere to everywhere. And they're cleaning out you know you're still gonna have little particles. Remnants everywhere nuggets count like chitlins chitlins. Look folks. I don't give shit how how clean you. Think your chitlins cleaned. There's still to be little pockets of doodoo in there so chitlins basically shetlands and this was the shoot ray-ban on vic show has to be no. This is this became. Shoot rib on me. Why did you have to clean the house rib on the well while they were cleaning the shit The worried about something else in one of the shit cleaning hoses came out with scalding water. Came flying out of the truck and just split my head wide open and yeah it was wonderful but so the the ship truck cut your forehead. Yeah the hose that was cleaning. The shit. Trump came loose with scalding hot water. In like bam bam ozanam across the head house. Little pissed off. It sounds like you were shared upon shit on me but because he was clean hose. It was cleaner hose. But fucking fucked my head up saturday now you get to the to shit part and so the clean all the shitty shit out of shit trump right and then you put clean shit. Shit shit trump right so it was like mud and just all kinds of saying and then various Sorted food particles and things like that then like well. Scott smell like pooh-pooh support a couple of smell additives into it. Now you have the illusion of sticky pooh-pooh which i remember thinking you know if i'm in the front row right but his completely nontoxic it's one hundred percent safe it's just it. Looks like it in his smell like it now. I said that's my point. Looks like shit. Smells like shit must be chit care. You're not gonna convince me otherwise that the shit brown shit smells like shit shit. Help me understand though this events idea. We know that he likes tola. Is goddamn powell. One of we shot him with it. It may be a good close personal dear friend. Brian words zygi as out to brian in australia. Right now But now it might have been my idea. Because we we were trying to relive the Gear truck in the milk truck and all that shit to somebody said what does shit truck so great get big show and i started thinking you know. Hey yeah forgot like all. Those honey dippers did that way but yeah kaas funny. How big show take this news that you're gonna shoot him when she initially not too happy. He warmed up to the ship. Though once again shinto policy was warm but he came around on you shitting on him. Yeah i just feel. I can't imagine being creative and having sit down and tell a giant all right. So here's what we're gonna do. Big boy jansa friendly adds scale of one to ten. How much advance enjoy the segment. Fourteen aso thought man. Christmas is going to be here before you know it. And unfortunately that's going to be extra stressed this year with lots bad expenses. 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For free at save with conrad dot com four days later whilst guerreros lose the tag titles to the basham brothers start a feud with them and they failed to regain the titles at survivor series and that develops a little bit of animosity. The relationship starts to go downhill eventually chabot attacks and turns on any after. He suffers a beating at the hands of the basham brothers. So now we've got a bit of a feud that's gonna involve Well genius is going to be joined by his father aka eighties brother chavez senior who we're gonna learn the call tshuva classic which is just great stuff. What can you tell us about. Chavis senior and their feud of course eight against the win at royal rumble. I guess to settle the feud but tshuva classic. This is a good staff. Well it was in a classic is really the first guerrero i ever knew. Then then hector and then mondo then added So my brother were very tight. I was iran with travel classic for many years I remember pitching eddie insane. Man what's your brother dylan man. He's a great shape. He's working mexico. He's working Japan is a key. So working is like yeah. He's still associated was in san antonio and throughout this crazy idea in chabot classic did not did not leave the first time he was in. Ww on the best terms and it was an opportunity for him to make amends as well. So enter chopper classic. He was fucking great because it was it was the real life Father son dynamic with chubby though and it was the real life. Big brother With eddie and then you also saw that dynamic of the roles reversed were now. Eddie's the megastar can overshadowing traveled classic. So it was very interesting times but they are. Probably some of the most Fun times that that. I ever had as far as working with these guys because i loved all three of them and they're just a blast what he told me about. You know i like the whole whilst guerrero story but they only have one match on pay per view like it feels like to me. You could really stretched out this chabot anything right. Yeah but i think we did. I mean we did. It was a long time on television and with java classic. And all that shit intertwined into everything. Chris benoit's jumps to the raw brand after we win the royal rumble match. He's going to use his title. Shot to go for. Triple h is world heavyweight championship. And then eddie wins a fifteen man royal rumble match on january twenty ninth on smackdown to earn a shot at the wwe championship. So after becoming number one contender. Eddie elevates himself to main event status and stars feuding with the wb champ brock. leser famously. No way out. We did a whole episode on this show. It's tremendous and i can't recommend it enough. In our archives over something to wrestle dot com any pins the world champion brock listener to win the title in thirty minutes and five seconds the frogsplash after reversing an attempt at the f. five into a tornado d. On the title belt later in the match we should mention listener was trying to use the title belt as a weapon. While the ref was knocked out but bill goldberg it was arrested earlier in the same show. Came out and hit the spear on the champ after the match guerrero celebrating in the crowd is congratulated by his mother and brother The victory makes him a triple crown and grand slam champion in the process. It's episode one forty two. You want to go out of your way to check it out but man you described this moment as being a top one or two for wrestling when eddie won his first world title. You're not even talking about from a office perspective. This is the fan. Bruce prichard right. Yeah because it was the the absolute premier underdog victory defeating the big bad monster and brock listener. And you know. Eddie guerrero coming everything. In addition to that you'd look at the human being of eddie guerrero and what eddie had accomplished in his career and in his life the struggles any had throughout everything to now be the man not only but to be able to perform at the level. That eddie was able to perform and and kill it every night. So i was proud of him loved him to death and just so happy for him. Let's let's recommend everybody strongly. Go back and check that out when the first when the the subject i comes up you know i do want to briefly touch on. This win is the decision made or what goes into the decision to put the belt on eighty. It does vince. No hey brock's leaving. We got to use this to make somebody else. Eddie has excelled in every segment. We've put him in whether it was china or can underneath working with tag stuff the stuff with sina. He's been a show stealer chabot on on Why's eighty the logical choice. It is the decision made in hindsight does any benefit the most from brock listener leaving. I think that he did and it was from a place of looking at. Who's going to be the next. The next guy who who are we going to focus on to take us to another level. Hopefully at this point and kurt was discuss. You know all these different things but we had never had a champion. Like eddie guerrero and eddie was over. Eddie was He was prime for the picking. And eddie was when you look at the roster probably the least probable to be the champion but also the only real logical choice you would choose to be the champion so he had it all and i think a lot of people felt that it was a bad decision felt he was too small and the fact that he was mexican and all these things were as like i. You know he's a little guy and he. I don't know there. There was just opposition. But in the end i remember thinking man. If he's the guy he was just the guy that time and i think he needed that title all of a sudden eddie. Guerrero is our ww champion and believe it or not. Has i titled offense is going to be a big one wrestlemania twenty and madison square garden against kurt angle It marked the start of next feud of course The magic erta. Kurt angle and eddie guerrero had is just really remarkable It really is a fantastic match. And the storytelling with the boot slipping off at the end. I mean it's gotta be near the top of i mean eddie. Certainly it's his biggest wrestlemainia moment. Go back and watch the match if you have already. It's pretty remarkable. You know any once again. He's famous in this era for fooling people right and so he's going to start to frantically take off his boot right after an ankle lock escape. An angle sees this as his opportunity. Oh he must be really hurting that ankle. Let me go finish him. Off goes to twist it boom slips out inside cradle pretty remarkable and then of course at the end of the show we get the spectacle that so many people remember about wrestlemania twenty crispin wa and eddie guerrero embracing both as world champions who were told they were never ever going to be at this spot and now here. They are in madison square garden. The biggest show ever wrestlemania twenty. This is peak. Eddie ryan because they were owen three coming in man at the been that we all know that this was part of your evil plan when i asked him to go dislocate his arm on his first night in and then forced him to work hurt. You knew that if he could persevere and you could fire him and then hiring back. China beat him wrestlemainia. Eventually once he got over the rest of his family he could win. The world title wants brock listener. Quit and he would. Main event wrestlemania twenty. And that was your plan all along. Yeah but is people out on the west coast and your dirt shoot. People would like to say. I think i will steal a line from your good friend. Jim heard who summed it up that they just dream shit in lie the way. You're mentioning my good friend. Jim heard because you saw the interview that we did chose dot com. What did you think. I thought it was tremendous and i think that for anybody that they should Listen to it and you know again my take away as said use funny when you talk to people who were actually there in the business decisions and not just hearsay and rumor innuendo and bullshit. It's pretty much the same things that come out As far as how business was done and what was conducted not always how was reported because The reporters scott. I don't even think i can calm. The dreamers and liars is jim heard put it that just shut up dream it and convinced himself that the lie is what it is so i. I thoroughly enjoyed the. Jim heard Ad free shows that was fucking excellent. Thank you sir. Let's talk about the march twenty second edition raw. There's a draft lottery held because of that you've got stars from both shows. It's of cool. At the time i triple. H is in full blown reign of terror mode. He just dropped. The belts have been wa so everybody thinks that Eddie guerrero when he has a match with triple h. That triple h is going to win. But in fact eighty wins by the queue and then a big brawl erupts between those brands. In march eighty starts a feud with fellow texan about the name of john bradshaw layfield. Jbl has interrupted grills title match with booker t and the rivalry turns personal when at a famous non televised live event on may second in el paso. Jbl causes eighties mother. To suffer a fehb heart attack while in attendance at ringside but s. Mom looks like she's having a heart attack because well she nearly was. And we've told the story before in our cops but it's worth telling again. Now here bruce well. We went down del paso on mother's day With guerrero's from eddie. And i had chico's tacos that day. And if you ever know paso checkout chico's tacos edgy say that the whole thing was that he gives his mom recognize that he's mom with a beautiful mother's day bouquet. Then the next thing that you know is Bradshaw's air spoil. It and john ends up. The mother like went to hit john or something. Like that and john touched her but just like literally touched her arm and she was to appear as though she were having a heart attack and lo and behold She got so excited in the moment that she pretty much at symptoms of heart attack and her real life. Dr was there. Because we're gonna use him as the doctor in in this whole thing I thought eddie was gonna kill me but Yeah it was Eddie in in the back just loves his mom so much in in he was so protective of her but then chaba classic was there. Chevy tahoe travel glasses. 'cause like i am an we should we should get some on mom and you know like let john put bruce tour man doing numerous touching my mother so now and she said she thought vansh got this so chabot senior. And you're going at it. It was a wonderful evening but we got bradshaw. Their soon as angle was done because there was a pretty upset crowd and john got out of there with the help of the texas state troopers highway patrol got him out of town. Go do not pasco. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Just go in your wrestling gear the fuck outta town judgment day. Which we've covered before in the archives is such a monumental show guerrero defense is wb title against jbl retaining the title after getting himself disqualified. But that's not the story. The matt saw guerrero bleed so much. I mean it looks like i mean it. Looks like he hit a fucking artery and after the match concludes he goes backstage and supposedly passed out. Goes into shock. We've talked about this before. But it's worth touching on again this this went from. Hey this was an incredible match. And what a story to ono. We've got a real life medical event here. Yes kind of scary man. came back in. I remember the trail of blood. Just all the way back to the trainers ruminating was getting checked out by the doctor. And they're like you've lost a lot of blood we need to get you in and get staples or stitches or something. But we've got to get you to the hospital. And i think with the amount of blood that eddie had lost he was kind of giving in on it and the doctor started to prepare him to get in the ambulance. And go to the hospital with iv's and different things and eddie jus- out of out of at some point realizes that he's got all these iv second him and freaks out in the trainer's room rips out the iv's and pushes everybody away in storms out and standing there for a minute and it just the only people that went to go confront. Eddie was Myself and michael hayes and this is a sick busy sometimes and what you find humor in but as michael. I r- Going down to talk to eddie. And eddie's down the way and i'm trailing behind michael hayes just start to laugh and he turns his what he laughing at. I said well first of all look at this trail of blood. You and i are following in in a free bird and brother love or now trying to chase standing out to get him to go back gives institure of go to the hospital and it just was funny in the moment And i'm running back and forth. I remember that Xbox was there talking to hunter and it was one of the first time they had been together and many years and Like xbox acts asked hundreds is what's going on there man. It goes a brisa michael running back and forth and he goes. I don't know most important though. Gazette knocking ronin. Well at least they're moving faster than the normal But that's where. I went and talked eddie in any was afraid to go to the hospital and i think part of this fear was that they would give him medication and he didn't wanna take the medication. He didn't wanna be in a position to be dependent again. Didn't walk again anything. He may like that he would want to be dependent on again but like a like a small child he looked at me and he said will you go to the hospital with me and of course i will eddie but a needs to go down. Let them do their job. I 'cause you'll get in to get taken care of a lot quicker if you go in the ambulance okay. And he was just like a little kid so or trying to get him cleaned up and get him to get him back and then and he says goes. Hey bruce fan really sorry. Would you mind chevy tow went with me instead. Asadollah you want. I'll make it happen and so We had chabot go with him in the ambulance. And i took olivetti stuff and back to our hotel. Got eddie an adjacent room with me but shit up in his room and then ordered him food so that when he came home and Kept the door open. Just make sure. But i stay up till four o'clock. Whatever was waiting freddie back which avocado and and basically put him to bed. Make sure he called vicky and let her know that he was okay so it was Yeah l. knight it's It's a big deal and The real life event impacted the following episode of smackdown teaming alongside ray stereo and rob van dam against the trio's the dudley's. Jbl guerrero passed out mid match. Unlike at the pay per view this was part of the story in some fans complained online that it was in poor. Taste your response funky at the great american bash. Eddie defended the title against jbl in texas bull rope match. Jbl wins after angle reverses. The decision should mention angle. As the general manager of smackdown at the time after guerrero appeared to have retained the title Rumor and innuendo was guerrero fell. He was shouldering. The burden of low. Pay per view buys on smackdown events at the time and asked vince to have the title taken off of him. Do you remember this. That eddie may felt the pressure that for whatever reason the buys weren't there for the pay per views and he took it personally and couldn't really deal with the pressure and because he was in recovery. Maybe that's not a great spot for somebody like that to be. I think that he was feeling the pressure but also at the same time we were looking to get a new character. Jbl over it was. It was a perfect storm. In that regard in eddie felt the john needed the championship much more than he did and also took it as a challenge to get him over but business wasn't terrible that time so one low. That's one of those hindsight twenty twenty people speculate and and say these things being there. This was a born out of a really. Wanna get life feel over. How how do we do it. No one would call that. Nobody was going to call. That layfield would be daddy. And he's like yeah he should he needs it more than i do we We know what's coming next for him. You know i i guess. We should mention that. They've got some so some fun stuff. Along the way including skits with jbl on smackdown jbl is going to wrestle. Grandlieu door to a no contest after l. grand slid under neath the ring. A second luder comes out and obviously masked eddie guerrero Bradshaw was knocked out of the ring and after the match l. grand that's a promo bradshaw Defending the title against eighty the following week in a in a steel cage is the new thing. And in this match july fifteenth and hits frogsplash off the top of the cage but again and ludar appears and this time cost guerrero the match. Any later reveals himself as kurt angle. So now guerrero has a feud with kurt angle. This was good stuff it first of all you get the great visual of of him coming off the cage. But then he's programmed with angle again and they've going round and round for ever including wrestlemainia. Then we're natural and the fact that there was a little bit of a rivalry there real life to help their matches in their believability but they matched up size. Why matched up intensity wise and never disappointed at summer slammed guerrero loses to angles submitting to the ankle. Lock and they're even going to have Some fall out there that leads to a new feud because angle has allied himself with luther reigns and mark jindrag and he starts targeting eddie guerrero and big show so guerrero defeats. Luther reigns in a singles match at no mercy which is probably a highlight for any. I'm sure luther reigns at no mercy's on his best of tape and around the same time as when you've talked about it before. And he has this backstage. Fight with kurt angle. I think a lumberjack match happened in eddie. In retrospect may have been having heart problems according to kurt but eighties body just couldn't perform the right way and the next week and other situation happened where luther reigns and mark. Jean drac who with kurt angle. At the time stiff daddy and afterwards in the back eddie comments on ankle and crew taking advantage of him angle shoves him twice while going off on him for having badmashes he goes for a take down. Of course. that's not wise eddie Up in a front face. Lock kurt angle and starts to choke him out before big show steps in and stops it. Did you see this or you told us the story before. But i don't recall if you're in the hall or just heard about it. After the fact no i heard about it after the fact and it was bradshaw. Both asking the same questions like any. What were you thinking. Trying to a sheet leg on olympic gold medalist. I don't know man just stupid. Any you know realizing what one of the brightest moves and cat of embarrassed just in and of himself but he was frustrated. He was very very frustrated during this time and love temper and shit happens a survivor series. Elimination match is going to go. Down led by guerrero on one side angle on the other. Eddie's team is big. Show john cena and rob van dam originally. It was very mysterious instead of john. Cena on the other side. It's angle's team and Yeah let's talk about armageddon. We got booker t and the undertaker. Jbl for wwe's championship. It's a fatal four way where eighty girls also involved the match ends with. Jbl pinning booker following the clothesline from hell and in the weeks. That followed guerrero and booker. Briefly and unsuccessfully tried to win the tag team title in this era. Does you just think man we can throw eddie in with anybody in it'll work. He said such a wide group attack partner but seemingly time yes it did. And that's why i think i think that eddie was able to be a chameleon and adapt to any and everything one of the more interesting moments from the following royal rumble was. There's a skit with Ric flair drawing numbers and guerrero switches. His number with flares and even steals flares wallet in the process Of course eventually teddy long makes him return both items before the match but it's kind fun because flair had drawn the number thirty and eddie had drawn the number one. So we're gonna lie cheat and steal. That's pretty good stuff. And he did last twenty eight minutes and eleven seconds before being eliminated by edge but that little skit is right on character for eddie guerrero. Here's inflator. well you think about it. You get the lives of any end. The confidence bombastic Flare so i thought it was perfect at no way out the next month eddie guerrero would team up with his longtime friend and sometimes rival ramos cheerio in defeat the basham brothers to win. What would actually be eighties. Last title in the company Wwe tag team championship. It's there's four time. Champion is raised third time as tag champion and many expect the new champions to defend their title at wrestlemania twenty one but after encouragement from chabot guerrero challenges mysterious to a one on one match instead so they could bring the house down and the to wrestle at wrestlemania and Mistero gets the win. Although visibly frustrated guerrero congratulates his partner. And this is all part of a long-term store here with eddie and ray. Did you already have the end in mind when you built towards wrestlemainia or did that just happen along the way kind of happened along the way it is as you get into the next thing was the family being involved and and that next level but at this point it was a get three out of this. The wrestlemainia goes to hollywood event. That year saw a bunch of spoofs of blockbuster movies and one of them was pulp fiction where we had eddie. Guerrero and booker. t. Playing the roles of john travolta and samuel jackson characters. Were you involved in any of those shoots you guys. Use an outside production staff for that. No those are all our our people. I didn't do those but that was like chris. Chambers those guys putting all that together after a bunch of mishaps in the following weeks after wrestlemainia. There's tension really growing between eighty and ramos. Zero finally erupts once they lose the tag belt. On april twenty first episode of smackdown eminem in guerrero abandons mysterious who had considered his family earlier in the show and cost them the match. At the end of the may fifth episode of smackdown. He saves mysterious from an attack by a attacked by chabot and eminem before attacking mistero himself. Leaving him bruised and bloody suplex him into a set of steel steps and turning heel in the process so now guerrero is adopting a new more rooting look and menacing approach towards wrestling gone. Is this dancing and lovable. Latino heat style character. He's also going to stop driving the low riders down to the ring. He really is trying to reinvent himself. This is his really last attempt to being. He'll i guess because every time you've tried it it just didn't work so i guess you knew here if you're going to do it you've got to change everything and he really tries right. Well you change everything and it also helps when your opponent is as loveable is ramos stereo. That's cornet that was easy to there was a very strong Opponent that the audience loved and raise so for eddie to be petty with ray. It helped tremendously a judgment day. Any would lose to mysterious by the hugh after hitting mysterious with a chair. And on the june thirtieth episode of smackdown threatens to reveal a secret about mysterious and his son dominic the storyline grew to involve the families of both men with both sides. Pleading figaro please don't reveal the secret and eventually mysterious defeats guerrero at great american bash. And it's a match with the stipulation that if guerrero loses he would not tell the secret but of course eddie being a he'll told the secret anyway on the very next episode of smackdown telling dominic and the audience that guerrero was his father. Or more. specifically. I'm your poppy. How do they feel about this angle. Well man it was a. It was time he's autobiography. Had come out and eddie talked about. There was a period where he and vicky were separated. And that eddie had a child out of wedlock and he didn't give any details on that relationship or that child so you go back and you look at a time line in hewett. Since there wasn't a specific specific time line in there we created our own and said what if that child the daddy spoke of in his book was dominant. What if that relationship than any had for very brief time was ray mysterious wife and what if and he just went ahead and let because again. Eddie didn't talk about The child that much in the book other than it was aaron and people would ask questions. What if ray was raising that child as his own and that they wanted to keep that secret and that Everyone was forgiven and solar so forth. But but now after ray trying to embarrass any by being that eddie felt it was right time to bring it out. Yeah this The story i guess is After he had this marriage out of wedlock when his marriage was on the rocks so to speak he claimed to allow ray and his wife who were having trouble conceiving to adopt the child as their own. And wouldn't you know it. We got custody of dominick ladder match now summer slam. And yes this is the way dominicana bowl. Goodness absolutely positively. I defy you jumping different. One of the greatest stories ever told. Well it's still paying dividends today on current programming by the way. Go out of your way to watch that summer slam or listen to that summerslam episode. We did a whole episode on it. there's some fun moments in the match. I guess we should mention that Eighty finishes up the program with mysterious and he's declared dominic poppy and then Eddie wins the cage match the debut of friday night smackdown and he's got a new version of its theme song that night to titled cracking or gangsta. Lean basically the same song but without the laci and steel lyrics. They've been replaced by rap lyrics. We're trying to Really overhaul his presentation the following week. Teddy long palmer. Canon who were the network executives announced a new number one contender for batista's world championship and teddy long acts like he's about to announce very mysterious but palmer steals the mike and announces and he does a promo about how he's got a pass them he had addictions but he's found the new addiction honor respect and doing the right thing. And he's a new eddie guerrero and he wants to prove at no mercy that he and batista can have a mansion. Not hate each other. Eddie's he's facials here are phenomenal. Of course the fans don't believe him. This was great stuff was a not because eddie and police were friends and it was the feeling and the execution was believe eddie lord. The audience ends so much that they thought you know. What may maybe they met. Maybe he's gonna do at this time. Maybe any has turnover over new leaf. Because because we love our eddie guerrero and then when you get to know mercy by the time we got there. The audience was really unsure whether they had a baby face. Eddie guerrero or a. He'll eddie guerrero I remember sitting in the crowd. When the ring announcers who did championship ring announcements. And i'm just sitting right literally in the middle. The heart camera section people all around me. They announced this match the world heavyweight championship and while guys behind missing goes way. May you mean to tell me that that little guy. There was the heavyweight champion in the guy. The guy his friend city with a man that little guy. If this were real would kill that big guy and beat his fucking ass. That's how much people believed in eddie guerrero. They if you knew him and his personality in you were invested in the character. He was twenty feet tall. Four hundred bounds. Well no mercy two thousand five. We know eighties going to face batista. You've got some storytelling on the way there. One of which is pretty ridiculous Eh suppose the team with batista against him. But he's faking sick. At least that's the implication batista brings in dr. Make sure that his pal eighty is okay and the doctor gives him a rectal probe without lubricant so ladder match when eddie is proven to be well and he can work Any hits a frogsplash but then sales fainter as he celebrating with a very confused batista boy. This has vince. mcmahon humor all over it. What if he got shoved up his asked with no lube. What happens. there's some fun stuff along the way. And he's trying to convince everyone he's not this bad person and he's doing the old switcheroo with chairs and batista can't trust him but he's even wearing a batista t shirt. We finally get to no mercy. It's a really good mass because eighteen minutes and forty seconds ultimately batista wins with that spinebuster. Meltzer liked it gave it three and a quarter stars and the to shake hands but as they go off the air. You still get. The the look at eddie's is that he might turn. We just did a whole episode on this. Check it out. No mercy two thousand five iressa his last match on november eleventh a he defeats mr kennedy by disqualification using his signature. Lie cheat and steal tactics which allowed him to advance to the smackdown survivors team and according to the rumor and innuendo on the date of his death a triple threat match between himself. Batista and randy orton was supposed to take place for the world heavyweight championship where batista would have dropped the title to any guerrero Because batista needed to take some time off for an injured back. And i think that was denied by batista in his book. What do you remember Had he not passed away with what eddie had another title. Run here. well he wouldn't have had it that night. Now that's that's a false said so well it's unfortunate but Any is found unconscious in his hotel room at the marriott hotel city center in minneapolis minnesota by nephew chabot on november thirteenth. Two thousand five in a twenty twenty interview for documentary chabot explained that eddie passed out in the hotel bathroom with a toothbrush in his hand and he was barely clinging to life when chabot discovered him. Eddie was pronounced dead upon arrival by the paramount. A pair by the paramedics at the scene. He's only thirty eight years old and not topsy would later reveal that eighties. Cause of death is blamed on a result of acute heart failure due due to underlying cardiovascular. Disease is At the greenacres memorial park cemetery in scottsdale arizona is funeral. Service was officiated officiated by superstar. Billy graham and This was This was a tough one for you personally because you were talking. Eighty like every day in this era. And i know you've told us the story before on the radicals but this head hits you like a ton of bricks when you find out you've lost one of your best friends. I don't know where it did in all the I i was at the building and of the techs ali attack from pre tapes. Came up to me. And i just got into the building sat down and catering's meeting Niece's hey bruisers terrible rumor. Going around that i think you should should nip in the bud and and at least find out what was going on. We'll say as well the goes people are saying that Eddie was found dead. Nece tell room any who grow while fucking fix that right. Now grab my phone. I called eddie. Didn't answer the phone. And i left a message turned broth and say i said yeah. It's just called him Shore he's probably in the shower right now or something like that but And is i'm saying that the phone rang back and it was eddie. Guerrero and on the other The other side was chapel. Chevy tahoe chabot junior and chabot said Hey bruce cheviot. He's gone bro. And i just start drying asked what happened. Nobody knew at that point and But that's that's what happened. Just absolutely sucked and who invents staff ball and everybody got got to the building we met thence office vincent asked shabo what what he wanted to do and johnson eddie would won't show to go on and I think in in in lots of the loss that we've had unfortunately the the eddie loss hit me really hard we had just been. I don't know not long before that we'd been bradshaw's wedding and Spent a week together down in the keys. And it just yeah. It was tough sucked. There's no other way to say it was loss of of incredible talent but more importantly an incredible friend human being father and husband just just sad episodes of raw november fourteenth. two thousand five and smackdown november eighteenth. Two thousand five both of which were filmed on november thirteenth air distribute stated guerrero. All the storylines were put on hold no. Wb employees were forced to perform although several matches did take place in including one featuring chabot who finished the match with his uncles finishing maneuver the frogsplash role started with all the wrestlers and numerous backstage personnel onstage. Vince mcmahon addressed the live crowd before finishing with a ten bell. Salute followed by vince. Saying people to rosza. Ms most passionate voice in addition to raw and smackdown doing tribute shows. Tna total nonstop wrestling dedicated their pay per view genesis which aired on the evening of his death eddie guerrero ring of honor name their next show nine of tribute ohio valley also paid tribute to him. Many of the wrestlers wore armbands with eeg on them. Very mysterious gave an emotional speech about any and in a show of respect removed his mask and mysteriously went on to defeat shawn michaels and inter promotional match. Later that night after the match michaels and mysterious hugged in the ring and mysterious pointed up to the sky crying and memory of guerrero and eventually other wrestlers primarily chabot mysterious and christian pay tribute to him and their matches using the frogsplash combat zone wrestling also pay tribute. That did a little ten bell salute and Wrestlers like see pauken ramos. Cheerio have dedicated some of their masters to guerrero three doors down Had a song here without you. That was used as a tribute song for guerrero as johnny cash is hurt video that that johnny cash video with The hurt song over clips of eddie was just maybe one of the more haunting video packages and company history when she agree with that. Yeah live. That night was very difficult and Being home on that friday night. I remember like it was yesterday because we were going to do family portraits and was supposed to be there seven thirty or something like that and smackdown came on and that was the first thing on smackdown and i couldn't move. I just couldn't move and just stood there staring at the tv watching the tribute and Bowen good idea But yeah he was gone and left. Gigantic hole ramos. Stereo was gonna dedicate a lot of what's coming for him to eddie guerrero. He's a second entrant in the. Oh six royal rumble. He winds up winning last eliminating randy. Orton and They're on a collision course now. ordinance urging him to put this title shot at stake in a match at no way out. Of course you know the winner of the royal rumble gets a world title shot wrestlemainia. So they build up mass between the two last guys who were in the ring at the royal rumble which is natural but one of the ways. They tried to sell the pay per view. Here is in february of. Oh six as randy's cutting a promo about eddie guerrero being sort of the inspiration for ramos. Stereo and ray keeps pointing to the sky and things like that. I can't believe this happened. But randy orton said eddie in heaven and he's down there in hell stereo flips out. Beats him up the referees or pulling off but goodness gracious you took a lot of heat. At the time. I didn't know eddie guerrero. You did in hindsight. Do you wish you had this one back or think any would have liked to have still been a part of the story line because that feels like that's what people say when they're used posthumously in an angle like this i believe that he would have loved it and i think that eddie definitely would van no problem with it whatsoever is matter of fact if there is a spirit Accuracy insisting on it type thing so that's my feeling from our relationship with eddie guerrero and unless you spent as many nights as i have Speaking to him and just getting him in a good place in his head Keeping him as much as we straight narrow. Then you don't know and you can't and you can't make that judgment so Vicky was cool with it and no one knew him better than his family. So i feel that it was the right thing and it was. It was something that eddie would have would have wanted. I really believe that orton. Wads up beating ray at no way out if you can believe that or not. But eventually the general manager teddy long would add. Ray mysterio back into this wrestlemania title match. So now. it's a three way. It's orden mysterious. And then champion kurt angle night before wrestlemainia of course was the hall of fame. And eddie guerrero goes into the hall of fame here with bret. Hart mean jean Sensational sherri vern ganja and others. Eddie's inducted by a grill crispin juan raymond stereo eddie's widow vicki and her two daughters are representative and receiving the honor. It's a very emotional moment. Everyone involved and the next night at wrestlemainia. It's another feel good moment. Mysterious beats orton to become the new world. Heavyweight champion and after the match mysterious was celebrating with chabot. And vickie guerrero really a feel. Good moment here. This in the plans since the rumbled. Think the assyria title since the rumble. Yes talked about. I don't know the vince was completely solon. It right till february but from talking point in doing it yes egg. Eddie's legacy lives on a lot more than just ray dedicated matches to it wouldn't be too long before his longtime wife now unfortunate widow. Vicki became a very prominent character on. Tv in oh six maybe seven or eight months after eighties deaf she becomes a pretty prominent feature in some pretty controversial storylines Well how do you think eddie would have felt about that. He had to be proud. I mean she was not necessarily a trained professional. She was not a hollywood actress but man did anybody excel at their role better than she did. Here he would have been thrilled with. This job. vicky was absolutely incredible. And i think he would have been extremely proud and very happy that she was to continue on the name and the legacy of eddie guerrero and not just For him for her for the kids. So i guarantee you eddie would have been ecstatic. She's going to be a topic all on her own eventually. The storylines and references to eddie would drift away sometime in two thousand seven and she was off to the races. Were think What do you think. Eddie's legacy will be in pro wrestling latino he and being the guy that crossed over So many ways eddie. Eddie made it for the smaller talent in the business as well as hispanic talent in the business say that a man there is no ceiling in you got the talent drive and the desire that you can do it too so Friend however performer. And one of those guys that will be missed and talked about for decades. David mcclay on twitter wants to know what's the best nine. Wwe or wcw. match of. eddie. I should check out bruce. Do you have a recommendation for either a wwe. Or a non w match. Oth- i said other than i was gonna say triple a. stuff with los gringos locos but to me. The bull rope match that we did was was lot of fun with jbl to great american bash. Yeah i mean. I don't think that there's going to be a lot here. We can recommend that weren't really really good Deplorable hombre says of eddie. Guerrero were alive. Today would be two years younger than the undertaker. If his heart were healthy. How long far do you think eddie would have gone in professional wrestling. And what do you think you'd be doing today. I think that eddie would probably the producer backstage be contributing with the. The knowledge is in his head. James watson besides hpk. What one wrestler do you wish you had a program well. Hpk would have been my answer. Dammit is there another one though. I mean i think everybody agrees. That would have just been one for the ages. Can you imagine if he could hung around till. aj styles was the thing online. Oh my god there's another one a michael says. This is a hard question. I asked what had any passed away. Would things have been different. You think with crispin wa allegedly had a huge impact on him. that's hard to even imagine. Not bruce yeah. I have no idea when one one bad piece of news after another Wants to know was the hug between eddie and crispin wife to wrestlemania planned or was it just a heat of the moment deal. It's real life man. listen. I wish we We could sit here and talk about eighty guerrero forever. I don't know that there's a long enough show or enough time in the day to really pay tribute to him any last parting words. You wanna share with us about your friend eddie guerrero. Today i think that eddie guerrero was one of the single greatest performers businesses ever ever had the pleasure of being able to watch and for me from a personal level to be instrumental in his career and to be his friend. Probably more than anything The the going from chabot to any and everybody in between the brothers guerrero just proud proud that association and I loved him so much. And you know chubby doj today carries on does his thing and my london and we did too We hope you have enjoyed our eddie guerrero tribute. Hope you'll wash them any guerrero stuff today to celebrate his honor. We'll be back next week with you. With survivor. series nineteen ninety-five. Lots of elimination matches their but on top. It's bret hart in diesel. If you've got a question for us. Ask it over at richard. Show on twitter though. Forget check out our brand new. Jim heard interview over at ad shows dot com. And if you've got a question for bruce he is App richard. i am at. Hey it's conrad and we are on tom. See you next week. Right here for survivor series. Ninety five odd. Something new. Wrestle with bruce richard rock on and hugged ones. You love thank you guys. I really appreciate you all the way. The best way to introduce something to wrestle for the wrestling fan in your life is to send them to our youtube channel. Youtube dot com forward slash. Something wrestle favourite. Go hit the subscribe button right. Now you're gonna to pick up coming episodes lots of fun. Clift show your friends. 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