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"ben individ" Discussed on The 43 Percent

"Right. And so it depends on where people are, but the I used to to pause is just stop because. Know often women come in my office. Just they tell me they can't stop like. Well, actually, can't stop, you know. Believe me. Because I did. And so the first thing is the pas and an really takes a SAS. You know, what what is it that? I'm really need. What did you? What did you really need to feel good feel happy? What are those things because we're so we're so as women were still in the habit of taking care of other people, and we forget that you know, it's the whole no airplane air mass. No put on you know, put on your own air masks for the whole analogy. There is like we do need to actually care for ourselves. I in having traveled that long road to coming back to be with myself. I think that's actually the foundational step is really really touching in with what you actually need. What what do I as a woman need, you know? And again, I don't think that's not so straightforward for people. But I think that would be one of the foundational, and then, you know, of course, nourishing ourselves with. Clean food. Right. And whatever that looks like not looks different for different people in with movement and with our connections with people. I one of the things is led to so much illness in the United States 'isolation night. And so just being connected. And but I again, I think the first thing is really touching in on. What is it? Really? Neat. And then the thing is the more. You take care of yourself, and the more you're able to be in touch with the fact that you actually deserve what you want and need. Need? Then then all the other stuff follows all the service to other people on the nourishing care. Other people comes in a flow that actually feels good, and there's no anger or resentment because I have obligations, and I have to do this have to do that on. All my goodness. Now, I've washed my energy move around my own children in terms of their activities. You know few years ago, I was pretty like having to drive them, and this and that I just felt frazzle all I can't turn my life. The over. But now I cherish every moment. I have with them whether it's in the car or sitting at the kitchen table, or whatever it is, you know, in because I create space for myself. I then I have so much more space for other people. It begins. It begins with just considering your own needs. It's that fundamental, and I think it's really hard for people that would because we're so conditioned to to have anything be conditional right to think in terms, I get that when I do this or I feel good this happens. And so it's very easy to jump into a constant state of you know, contentment is somehow a future say always right, right, right? When actually a more skillful way for us to be to actually, cultivate, our own since of contentment satisfaction. I. And then move from that place. So in a way, I know I've had it backwards for most of my life in note. No blame just the way. I wouldn't. That's how I learned. I think that's how a lot of us learned is that we're focusing on this external goals. No. I'm gonna finish undergrad finished medical school Marian kid, and that's what I was seeing you for was that. Oh, then I'll be happy. I I had it backwards. I didn't realize that oh I had to find happiness and contentment I within myself, and then I act from there because if I do it backwards going to feel drained, I'm not gonna feel content. I'm gonna feel maybe anger and resentment about the things I have to do whether it's at work with my family in that generates its own energy that then permeates everything. And I know that out just share with you like I'll share with you that with Ben individ and such as of gratitude, and I'm a really feel really appreciative that despite the fact that I was really really drained overwhelmed with my work life. My intention preventative was always very very strong. And now they're teenagers fourteen sixteen and I'm off them..

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