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"ben colty" Discussed on Ben Greenfield Fitness

"He not only studied genetics at university level, as well as doing postdoctoral studies in syto genetics. He's the president of a company called the DNA company, which does functional genomic testing and consulting. And even does like individualize supplementation programs based on your genetic profile, but he's also widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of medical genomics. He was the founder and president of a company called Monning. He was the CEO of combinator tricks, which was a NASDAQ traded company in diagnostic genomic, micro arrays. He was the director of genomics at Quest Diagnostics, which you may have heard of. Before the world's largest reference laboratory. It's like has a market capitalization. I think over ten billion dollars in and he was their director of genomics there. I was also the director of research at spectral genomics, which was one of the industry's first commercial genomic, micro, microwave, developers. So is done a lot. And he's probably seen Morgan gene reports than just about anybody. I know. So Dr Mosser, welcome to the showman. It's an honor having. Yeah. And you're, you're up in Canada, right? Yes. We are it in. But yes, we. Which are over there, Toronto east coast, so we Toronto. But honestly speaking, I wouldn't trade it for anything else, I do Mr. sons that it's all city. Also research, awesome people. One of my buddies has a restaurant over in Toronto. It's supposed to be amazing. I haven't bad. It's supposed to go there last time that I wound up going over to that controversial ameet restaurant, where the guy carved the deer in the window in front of a bunch of protesting vegans, I forget the name of the guy. I went to my friend, Ben colty who's, like a former bodybuilder and we just punished a huge amount of meat. Forget, it's like this big carnival restaurant. The guy was on the Joe Rogan show all over member, the name of it here in a second. Yes. Like this controversial meat restaurant in Toronto, antler, antler kitchen. Embarked, you heard that one Nov not honestly, Ben. I don't get out too much when it comes to restaurants there. Okay. But the other the. Other one is owned by one of my buddies, Alan Odori as called parallel brothers. And apparently, they a bunch of molecular gastronomy, and bunch of super super healthy, tasty foods now on my bucket list, too. So there you have it as long as based on our discussion today. My jeans allow me to go there. I don't know got find out so we'll dive into that. So you guys you guys do some very interesting tests, the DNA company, and I'm curious, just first of all, why is it that like one test might vary from company to company wise, twenty three and me different from say, maybe ancestry different from say, you know, you how do we kind of interpret the difference between all these different genetic tests, excellent question. So most folks, when we think of genetic testing, we think of snips, these things that you referred to earlier, single ducal, type films and slips definitely sympathy. Most important contributors to a person's genetic variations. So number one, yes, we need to snips, however snips arts. Only variability to human genome, there, other genetic phenomena things like copying variation. See vs, where it's not about, you know, will be called spelling differences, which is the analogy of snips, but copping variations where whole paragraphs of your genome ick manual can be missing, duplicated, so that's another major one. So when you think of looking at genetic test, that's gonna give you the fullness of variability, important variable, something that we probably talk about later in the Butkus, which is what type of Erie ability really looking for as you noted earlier. Do we really wanna find that? We've got a univer- say go look in the mirror. If you want to find out if you've got a universal. Right. So so snips. We need to look at that we need to look at C N vs. We need to look in dolls if it's not the whole paragraph that is missing by the, by that analogy parts of the paragraph might be missing. So to summarize when a person when a consumer wants to consider a genetic test is being full they need. To understand that the variations that impact the human genome are beyond steps are important will go look at these other phenomena. Okay..

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