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"ben wakana" Discussed on Armstrong & Getty On Demand

"Compounded but dr fujii as usual as usual is going with the most extreme version he possibly can because in his world. Anybody who gets covered. That's just a crime against humanity. Even if they're fine i guess their motto maniacs. They are focused on one thing and one thing. Only i'm reminded of the the infamous episode. Were in the nice fellow who worked for don trump. the surgeon general at the time said don't wear masks. You don't need where don't buy any masks the thinking obviously that well of course they desperately need masks but medical professionals need them more so hills manipulate them then as soon as we have enough masks manipulate them back again and they will follow our lead like this slobbering hungry dogs that they are well. Yeah not so much. So this whole new round. They're trying to convince us that the delta variant will kill us even if we're vaccinated so it's very very important to lock down again completely into mask up there some truth to the nastiness of the thing and the spread ability of the thing even if we are vaccinated. It's more than the other one but it's not nearly as bad as they're portraying it. What which is really frustrating. One of the reasons that was confusing. I don't know if you saw this. I retweeted on our twitter account which you should follow. Ben wakana who is biden's own. Covert guy you know. He's part of the cova team and puts out all the information. On this sort of stuff. He was blasting the new york times and the washington post over the weekend for having scarier sounding headlines than the information warranted. This is bahrain's own person who tweeted out in all caps yelling at us. Vaccinating people do not transmit the virus at the same rate as unvaccinated people. And if you fail to include that in your context you're doing it wrong. He was yelling at the new york times. And the washington post for making it sound like you can transmit the virus just the same as if he's saying. No you can't okay i. I'm confused well. With all due respect to the fact that the data's kind of preliminary this thing is ongoing and so we haven't had a chance to really study months and months and months of data and especially evolved. I would like to know so okay. Unvaccinated vaccinated people can't spread at the same rate as the guy. Just yell at us is are. Are we the vaccines can you got. It got thrown. So is it seventy five percents likely said fifty percent is at one. Tenth is one one hundredth as likely. Nobody's nobody's saying nobody's even guessing and my final on this. Although we will talk about it more. I'm sure but i happen to be just a pass the time yesterday. I was taking the new york times news quiz or he answered ten questions. How closely you've been following the news..

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