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"ben victor three" Discussed on Menace 2 Society Podcast

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"ben victor three" Discussed on Menace 2 Society Podcast

"This game was a field field position game and the difference in have showed how critical three phases working cohesively is to a team success in huge games. I mean offense gets the two first downs. The punt team has a great point zero return yards. The defense holds. Pump block can move your checkers closer and closer to the opponent's end zone. That is the name the game. That's how you win big games. Your offense doesn't need to score every drive. It'd be nice. Everyone would like it but just get to first downs. That's twenty yards now you punt it forty thirty five yard net now. That's you just change the field sixty five yards if you can get a three and out or stop on. Don't let them get the same two first downs. Now you've just created thirty thirty a yard differential. You keep doing that consistently you're GonNa win the game and that's what happened in the first half Ohio state started their average drive on the twenty two yard line their own twenty two in the second half on their own forty almost midfield that is eighteen yards per drive in hidden yardage in the second. Half that is one hundred eight yards yards just in the second half gained just in the field position battle in the second half over the first half. That is huge. That is legitimately think about it. That's like saying all right. We're going to roll out this other player. That's going to get one hundred eight yards in the second half force and help us win this game. That's what the team element of the game. Did Wisconsin their average starting field position in the second half was the twenty one. We'll have state was on the forty. They were on the twenty one their own twenty one. That is massively important but talking about Ohio state's offense it's showed it's ass again and I've been critical of it. No one likes to talk about it. Everyone who wants to talk about this is the best offense line the best team. Best this no flaws blah blah blah. That's not been true through ever all year not once and I've said it every show I've been honest I've called out what needs improve. What's not playing well? WHO's not playing well but people don't WanNa talk about it? But these I listen to some of these other shows and analysts listen Buckeye fans and it's like I mean I don't see a weakness on the whole team and I'm like what the Shit are you watching. There are some weaknesses though. They're not that bad there are definitely weaknesses. twenty-three total QB pressures and five. Six past pro is a weakness and I mean you talk about Xavier Thomas coming to town. I mean that's the second best player in the country buying chase young at Clemson twenty-three total keep you pressures Mumford. Had Three Jona Jackson had zero. Josh Meyers had three White Davis had to Brennan Bowen had to Jay had three so Jonas joanie Jackson actually played phenomenal. And he's been great all year and we're GonNa talk about that when we preview. How state next week? But I've said it all year and no one wants to listen the pass protection in spite by the tackles. JK are an issue. Saturday Josh Meyers and Wyatt Davis looked like they did at the start of the season. They've improved they've actually been doing very impasse bro. But they had kind of setback game. I mean Josh Meyers allowed three pressures and that was how. He's playing early in the year when I was being critical of and he cleaned it up. He got I at one point. said he was probably the most improved player on offense. The other thing is three point seven yards per carry. That's deflated because of the sex. So that's obviously not a good good day Russian the football but when you get sacked five times that's going to lower the your yards per carry so I'm not as concerned about that but it certainly was not a dominant rushing day for the Buckeyes is the reality was and I haven't heard people talk about this enough zone. Six dominated the secondary hindsight the lowest graded three players on defense defense for Wisconsin. Were there three corners. Think about that. The receiver group played extremely well in the second half specifically with the only drop being a Ben victory. One drop but the thing that I saw that I haven't seen a lot of is they were elusive Caja Hill. In Victor forced ten miss tackles combined. Ten Ten and the receive group moved the chains a combined. Fourteen Times fourteen times the receivers caught passes and got first downs. The top five. I have great players on offense on Saturday. Utah about the biggest game of the year right championship game to go to the playoffs. The top five graded players. Chris Lavi One K J hill to Ben Victor Three. Jk Eight four Austin Five. Jk played really well outside of pass pro. But that's four receivers in the top five and it's safe to say Justin field supporting cast showed up yup and Brian Hotlines Zone. Six came to play now. I will say this. Justin fields played above average best. Superman was not super all game long. But it's not all on him. You can't blame him entirely. Because here's the reality. He was seventy six percent completion when he was kept clean. When he didn't have pressure he had a thirty percent completion? She percentage when he was under pressure. What does that tell you? Pass pro was the biggest issue on offense that and field's not getting rid of the ball on time and at times the receivers fevers weren't always open but I watched the film received record coach by trade. They played really well. They were open most of the time. I think Justin feels needs to make some better decisions and get rid of the all in the past bro needs a holdup. But that's just the reality of it. You can't go thirty percent under pressure or if you do better not be under pressure a lot. And that's what I saw from this offense now on Defense Ohio state came out for the third quarter and was a different defense than they were in the second half they allowed sixteen plays for twenty three yards zero points in the third quarter are they completely flipped. The momentum and the final dagger was towards end of the third quarter and start at the fourth quarter when the silver bullet defense forced back to back. Three and outs for a grand ran. Total of eight yards and six place and the offense took advantage of score ten points on earth in response to both dries. That is what I'm talking about when I say A-team win team game when the defense is back to back three and outs the offense is getting much improve your position other putting up points now. The momentum shifting now the trains rolling downhill a little bit. And that's what happened. Those two drives were the turning point at towards the end of the third quarter star the fourth quarter. Those two three and outs has changed the entire trajectory of the game. But I will tell you this. Wisconsin had a very clear game plan and it was very simple in the throw game. Go after Damon are net. That was their game plan. They obviously see and viewed him as a weakness which I can't disagree but they targeted our net thirteen eighteen times comparatively they targeted all the linebackers combined eight times targeted Arnett. Thirteen Times they targeted Okuda Huda four times and Cam Brown twice. Okuda had some bizarre injury. That was like a concussion that healed halftime so he was able to come back. Thank God but they went after Damon. Arnett that that was the plan. And here's the other part at times. Most of the time it worked six catches for eighty four yards on thirteen targets. That's not a great day and the reality. Is this anytime you see a box score anytime you look at a game when one of your corners is the leading tackler in the game. He did not have a good day he did not unless you're playing so unless he's a nickel Oh and blitzing and doing all kinds of things. If he's a cover corner like Damon Arnett is he did not have a good game that means his guy caught the ball quite a bit but Wisconsin at one other game plan. That was pretty the obvious. I think everyone's seen this. Everyone's talked about this. They were GONNA commit minimally three people to chase young avoid him absolutely taking the entire game over he still in this is how dominant chase young. is He still managed four. QB pressures he didn't record of sack. I get it so it's not cute and pretty and all that but for the second game in a row after recording at least one on sack in every game of the year he had zero sacks so that means back to back games zero secs. Here's teams no. He's a problem and they aren't going to allow him to have a one on one to be honest. I'm shocked it took this long. I mean we were watching games mid season. I would watch the film like. Why are they trying to do this? You're going to block that freak of nature with one human being or maybe just a slight chip from a running back. He still going to get home. But teams teams finally caught on finally figured it out. They know he's a problem and they're not GonNa to let it happen and Clemson's not going to let it happen if lost. They moved on to the National Championship. Neither Oklahoma Lsu's going to let it happen so get used to it. It's what they're gonNA GONNA do but it was also surprising how little the defensive staff tried to move him around to create mismatches. They did stand him up a little bit you. You Watch the first Wisconsin. And that's all they were trying to do is get him get him to have mismatches. Get Him to move around. So you don't know where he's going and they didn't do as much of it and the other thing they didn't do. I mean just think about this now I think about it like open your mind and don't even think about football. Just think about humans if we have. Let's say six or seven people in pass protection if we take three of them and put them All attention on one guy as a defensive coach you can attack the other side. Because you know that's going to happen you can bring blitzes from the other or side Twist Defensive Lineman 'cause you know you're getting one on ones you know they're weaker in protection over there so attack. If I was I would blitz opposite opposite of chase young every third down. Just say all right block chase with three guys. We're going to bring bare and Brown and Harrison off the edge. And now you've got a real problem on your hands and now when you want to slide it to them chases one on one or at least one and a half on one. That's what was the most surprising thing. There wasn't a lot out of creativity to take advantage of all the attention Wisconsin and Michigan for that matter to chase all they got to cone jet cone twice twice for sex but he they what they did was they pressured and unsettled him. Twenty Times so twenty qb pressures is significant. That's a decent day and you look at the top five grades on Defense Defense Jay. Sean Cornell tough Borland Chase Young David. Hamilton Jeff Okuda. That's about what I saw. Tough is a little higher than I thought he was but he played well. I didn't think he we didn't play well. But what Ohio State had. There was not a schemed up. Anything that they were not getting their ass kicked in the first half they just were missing tackles and it's a lot like we talked about with Utah. They were missed some tackles they were out of some gaps and they just flat Pete Warner glaring one right in the hole. Just make the tackle. We'll get them on the ground and it's not the takeaway from Jonathan Taylor. WHO's a great back but you're there you're linebacker house state? You're in the whole. It's not like an open field tackle with ten in your space. Get on the ground. That's the biggest improvement you saw. In the second half was tackling. They started tackling better and then it was complete team defense defense complete team.

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