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"ben mergers johnny actual paramount pictures" Discussed on The Ham Radio Show

"That far. We want to know what the code was like. Do you say like you know a code penis or what. What was the actual catchphrase. We'll move onto the next thing. I just want to know some of these codes. Because i find it. I want to see hollywood. I wanna like we're just friends. So meaty quentin tarantino. Made the thing. He made the news and i. This headline demeanor outstanding. Just for the fact what this. It's like karma to me. No look at his feet. No quentin tarantino. Never gave a penny his mom. Yeah all right because the mother would fucking be such a cont. Nba dick he was on a show right. He's quotas ain't quote. My mom always had a hard time with his scholastic ability so one day. She was like this she goes. She was bitching and moaning about going on a fucking tirade and then she ended the tirade with. Oh and by the way this little writing career. The air quotes and everything. There's little writing career that you have you doing. That stuff is over no more. Meanwhile this guy hills grudge thing as he should. This is why. I frigging like people that think that they can just say anything the people and then when that that person becomes a success times have we been shit on about this. Show me personally crapped on like what do you do. You should show the. Oh you're never gonna make it and then when you make it. That person should be used to be allowed to kicked off but sometimes is was his mom using it as an inspirational thing. She's just now. Pitch is a lot more than just not miserable childhood all right but you know because sometimes people say things to to push you a little further little harder and then. I don't want to say like you're a dick. They're trying to motivate you in ways that they know work other than saying. Hey you're doing really good at this. We like ghost fucking constructive. Criticism right is a constructive. Criticism and quentin tarantino's mom is a count and he will say that's never gave the beach one penny because she didn't deserve it when you mock someone's back and dreams and then they achieve their dreams and i'm doing yeah. This is kind of personal to me when you go out there and you bust your ass and you have somebody who supposed to be backing you patting you on the back and telling you know you've got this. I got you fucking biggest cheerleader. And in the shit on you. She doesn't deserve any fuckin- money. Not even a draft. She deserve pocket lint. After being a bitch like that it's it's just not right paying back room bull and us. She probably support ally. There lies the difference if you feel like you want to give her that for that. That's fine but if she's taking it as now you turn it into a business a lot more than that story problems. I read that story now. Mike she me grab a disaster. I maybe there was incest. I don't know where. Joe veered off and incest say terrible. You know with all that again. He wins he should have paid. Scientists fucked up in the head. He really aged. That goes in the hand you know. What do they say genius. And he's a genius and insanity something like that. Yeah a true has the guy fucking genius. And i'm the fucking definition of it but this is stories stories for her. I mean this guy was. You could stop him. Now he's like that's the drive. That's the same. Drive in any summers was just talking about that i have. You can't fucking let other people tell you otherwise. Their stories about a heavy drinker whole ability was making jokes about the feet thing. But yeah he's got a foot fetish that's crazy. He's got his shoes. That i love. His movies are movies all right speaking of movies. Four zun so media here. I'm just finishing up with his million. Then we'll go to. I swear should do that. I swear to god. I do have to bring up the bam. Marge era is suing johnny knoxville. He's also suing. I believe Jeff tremaine who's the producer ben mergers johnny actual paramount pictures and mtv and other people Over his firing from the newest jackass movie. That's coming out jackass forever. Okay bam claims inhumane. Abusive and discriminatory treatment wrongful termination from the jackass franchise that he created. Now he did not create the jackass frangieh. He had a group. Cky which was camp. Kill yourself that was one group and then there was. Also the jeff tremaine lead from the big brother magazine which is also with johnny actual. Joe you have to still watch that documentary. Dumb would use on hulu right now. You can watch it right now. If you wish and you learn more how they set up this whole how how it came to be they kind of morphed all the different kinds of camp kill yourself the jackass camp. Stephen came in differently. Everything came in. They shot a pilot and they sold it to mtv so bam lost his job because bam has a drug problem but then were alcohol problem. I caught something about this story. They've fired him because he was actually seeking help to get the stuff you know. He was on medication. Or whatever doing the things to straighten himself out and they didn't like them like that or died. According to the thing. I read according according to the soup. Paramount signed bam for four dragons. We'll jackass.

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