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"ben hanis" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"ben hanis" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"The. Indeed, we are in the home stretch the home stretch Super Bowl is just around the corner Super Bowl Sunday whistles, all better to whistle is back to full speed your feeling it, by the way. I don't know if it's entirely fair to say that I didn't go out with you guys that that's that's misleading. Now, I didn't go out, and you stayed here which not going out shirt is that that counts. That counts. I went out with key. I went out with you guys here. That counts I want credit for. Credit for that. Yeah. Oh, you went over. Yes. Never top golf. Thank you let you never visited swinging Richards. Now that was the highlight of the week or speaking by himself. Smart on your part Travis. You know, look, I I'm decent a couple of things how to avoid what I need to avoid. And I felt like that was the part that needed to be avoided. If you have that smart, you wouldn't be on your show. Well, that's what you did down shots during the specially after the show. After after day was good out would've why it's a minor miracle. All right. That is true. Speaking of that. I think we need to update what the hell happened last night. Hey, bang image. Do do do do do. So yeah, I went to dinner last night. I went to Ben Hanis off a peach tree down in a book area. Everything's off at Peachtree. You wanna go? No matter where your healing. Yeah. Where you peasy so many hana's and I'm sitting down. I'm ordering my food and the whole deal. And the food comes and the chef is cooking it though in black. Chef I'm like, I'm not paying attention to the rest of the shifts in there. Okay. Just your table. It's my it along the way he's cooking. You know? I'm looking I'm like, okay. Gimme the ginger sauce giving the mustard because I figure I gotta put some with it. So I'm watching him ills e you've been been Highland shirk watching him, and he got the heavy hand When saw. I saw the pepper is mixing the rice and everything up, then he drops the about a pound of butter, garlic. Unlike man, you put a lot of butter nearing mixing it. Some more more butter. Moves it to the side the vegetables put butter on vegetables off eilly was like me, you somebody here gonna have a heart. Oh, man. I saw we could you know, whereabouts arteries, we don't. To look around. I start counting. I'm like, man. Wait a minute win. Benny hana's about nine black shifts. I see I see. Would it wouldn't want Japanese chef in there? Did you tell me saying to myself, apparently, not Benny hana's all brothers cooking? Japanese foods. This'll be interesting, but I can tell you what it wasn't bland. Oh, yeah. We didn't follow the corporate cookbook. I don't think he. Lanta Benny hana's. That's what you're gonna get sounds like you you had a fine meal. And it sounds like you were full. What were you doing looking for a taco house at three in the morning when you wasn't it was early in the morning. I mean, it was earlier in the day when I eight for me on the west coast time because so got hungry late at night. So it was like what am I going to do ruled services close? It's nothing. So I said to myself, I'm a fine a waffle house here in Atlanta. The odds are high good applied to walk in. New walk in any direction. Awful house everywhere every corner saw a new like think is this way..

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