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"ben gammel" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"ben gammel" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"It just never is the master of the tech so even if he goofed and didn't put us on the back era. You were just tagged him. Because he's he's famous for that. And i don't think that he's like a conjurer anyway i just. I think that you're right that we can give maybe a little scratch more credit than we did. And also i think that will craig's initial move is what caused heavy to turn around when he saw will craig proceeding down the base path toward him. Then he was like. Oh i'm gonna run back this way. Let's see what happens. And then we'll craig's bring went and then we got we got again. I don't mean to call either heavier bias as a special player who does fun stuff or will craig as like a guy who's just honestly recounting having a bad day at work into into doubt and like i'm just i'm looking at him walking down the base path and have been like. Oh i'm going to turn around. Because i pulled the plan. I don't know people get people really intense about this play. People really intense about it then. A lot of feeling behind this play a lot. We got one more email about this. That i just said to us by dan from milwaukee who points out. We'll craig made a mental mistake but so did every other pirates feel. Oh yes is an important point. We'll craig is the face of this play. Yes for him but there is plenty of blame to go around. So dan rights with regard to the wilk craig hijinks or the l. Nocco magic. I think it is only fair to point out that will craig was only one of nine pirates fielders who could have prevented this fiasco. We could also probably lump in coaches and managers and other people who are in the dugout and could a yelled something. He writes peres. Could've yelled pleased. Turnaround will and run back to i. I do not want the ball from you. Anyone else on the team could have offered somewhere encouragement as well. Craig would have had plenty of time to hear the cries and think i am not making a smart baseball play right now but if i simply stay between bias and i basis retreat back down the baseline i should have no problem completing the force out and preventing run from scoring. I think this would also be a good way to prevent further humiliation on this play and avoid being the laughingstock of baseball for the next few days. I'm going to do it. I'm going to go back to first base. I must remember to think by teammates later for this helpful suggestion presumably. No one offered this helpful suggestion to craig. Second perhaps more egregiously. I believe that every pirate in the field excluding creggan peres could have converged at first base in yelled. Hey willer michael throw the ball and we will step on first base for the fort's out from watching the video it is easy to establish that heavier your biases time from home too. I was approximately fifteen seconds. The seems like it must be at least close to a record on a safe trip to i which is true by sprint. Speed to first base on this play with six feet per second. I know this is an average velocity not a sprint speedboat. Let's just go with that number because it's funny for reference that equates to a fourteen forty mile essentially a comfortable. Buke brisk walking pace. Craig effectively abandoned first base about five seconds into the play that would leave at least ten seconds for any or every other fielder to think. Hey said when needs to be at first base for the four set and to run cover. I according to baseball savant the mlb average sprint speed uncompetitive plays about twenty seven feet per second. But let's use a slower pace of twenty three feet per second to make up for the longer than ninety foot sprint. That would be necessary for say leftfielder. Ben gammel or center fielder brian reynolds to reach first ahead of bias. Any pirate with a little hustle should have started moving toward the infield shortly after the crack of the bat. Either to back up the fielding play or the third first or to go back to the dugout assuming the out would be recorded order assist in the developing pickle fiasco assuming a light jog toward the infield during the first five seconds of the play. I think even gamble and reynolds would have been within two hundred thirty feet of space and could have made it there in time to force out by as it something less than an all out sprint. I have attached a totally precise microsoft. Paint graphic of pnc park with a two hundred thirty foot radius. Circle centered on first base for visual reference. I will of course linked to that helpful graphic. Hopefully we'll craig can use this. In his defense in the upcoming kangaroo court proceedings in any case my favorite part of this play is went by as watches contrary scores signals him safe pauses in the ready position and then the switch flips in his head and he realizes that he still needs to somehow get the first pay safely. It would have been incredibly anticlimactic if after all that action. Adam frazier gregory. Plunk or tyler. Anderson had been calmly waiting at first base to take a throw from paris. I don't know whether this would have been more or less funny if it had ended that way probably. I don't know that it could be more funny or alternately in than it was. But thank you dan. I also think that s look. I'm gonna say thing. And i don't mean to in any way impugn pirates fans. I'm going to impugn them. But not for their attendance rate. You one might think that. Given the record of the pirates sort of understood trajectory they have as an organization this year not in the future surly but this year that there might be a lot of cubs fans at this game in pittsburgh And perhaps fewer pirates fans than on average because cubs fan up. Those seats could be true but there were no pirates fans so my question is also related to this email. How did they not collectively yell. Through earth's from the stands as if to say oh you know for bands always wanna be helpers. That's why we stand behind home plate and do funny dances and go because we're trying to throw off the opposing hitter. It's why we yell at umpires that unresolved anger stuff and we think we're being good helpers and most of them were not because baseball requires a tremendous amount of focus and more often than not an individual. Voice isn't really that distinguishable from the the sort of buzz of the ballpark but collectively. I think they could have come together as one would for the wave and yelled throw to first and then perhaps he would have gone. Oh and he would have happened so like the one time we need you guys right. The water time the fans have the power to impact the play on the field and there and that they were actually just so flummoxed by the whole thing that they forgot to yell because they had been watching baseball and then they briefly watched something else happened. I am more inclined to forgive fans given that they are not professional filters but for all..

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