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"bellway through falls church" Discussed on WTOP

"Leaders. They have a WTO for more on these developing stories. Time now is 1238. I think the weather on the 8s over to Ian Crawford in the WTO P traffic center. Back to Virginia dino and we've got more cones in the road on 66 this time at his westbound inside the bellway through falls church after route 7 Leesburg pike single left getting past the works on there was some slowing while they were dropping the cones. That is done. The work is underway and you are getting by without a great deal of delay, but with the appropriate amount of caution. Outside the beltway, the westbound work is all going to be the express lanes on 66, the ramp to monument drive is shut down and then after 29 Centreville. You express lanes, westbound, down to a single right lane. Past the work eastbound in the main travel lanes on 66 after Gainesville and 29 exit 43, the right lane is blocked and then after exit 47 for business two 34 that suddenly road, the left lane is getting by the work, then try to get out of 66. That's another matter altogether from the beltway it's a chore. Outer loop ramp to go west on 66 blocked by work you will probably need to go down to route 50, Arlington boulevard, either go west to nutley street and then back up to 66, or you can double back on the inner loop and catch the westbound ramp to 66 at exit 49. Now you can do go west bout from the interloop. You apparently can not go eastbound from the inner loop. That ramp apparently blocked also on the inner loop after Georgetown pike two left lanes getting by the work. A 95 couple of very minor work zones after Quantico and then again after garrisonville, southbound, had the right lane block very, very small effect on your drive toward Fredericksburg. In the district crash activity, the color found was going to be through Adams Morgan, 18 street northwest, southbound, near Florida avenue, the right lane was blocked by the crash. The third street tunnel getting into it to and from New York avenue, we had left lane block southbound the right lane blocked north pencil single file traffic getting into and out of the tunnel. Ian Crawford traffic. Your Tuesday is looking pretty spectacular or high temperatures getting back into the upper 50s to around 60 plenty of sunshine as well, a little bit of a breeze. Wednesday, we'll see the wind begin to shift a

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