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"bello ricardo" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

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"bello ricardo" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

"Question he gets to the gets to the heart of his mls gonna put itself at the table with the big four right. I mean if we're just talking about specific franchises the the answers win just windy looking to atlanta. You know like they. Ed team Put themselves right in the mix right off right off the bat because they had a good team because they weren't winning that's the maintenance so that'd be my thing win win and you put yourself there any any other thoughts I think that's it. I mean obviously you know. Obviously it's easier given certain markets but at the same time it's your avenue rights. You a win win fourth lord slash five floor markets. Are there in the us feeling. That's the major major cities. Probably i think it's more of a general question. How else but themselves table. But thank you right. I think you've include boston right. I think the big is going to get. This is going to get there. that's just too early. i. I believe there's going to be an nba team on their soon. You're their for name. Those two stadiums ridiculous. Where are the downtown right off. The strip awesome fifteen or something and the strips right next to it yet. There's something else and it's vegas. let's see john. Zero favourite least favorite analysts in announcers. This is a question for mike. He has a very strong on on this using. Mikey does not light told me. I don't like he doesn't like told us much. Any obviously no will give negative. My rule is i. Don't say negative things about commentators analysts because it's just an impossible job that i can never do so i like i try and stay semi neutral on that but i like Let's see commissioned back like to hold him a lie. Bothered me favorite. And all to to ray hudson who i think isn't working for being sports anymore but i agree stew. Stew was great. Everybody you say everybody we say. They're just so polarizing. If you look on twitter anybody who somebody likes. There's going to be like five people right underneath them. Being other terrible stu hold Twin are low white even catches it. It's just it's just. It's the nature of the beast right. Alexi lalas everybody. Obviously the cool thing to do is to hate on the twitter's and he brings out himself by the way by by doing sage things he says but like i don't mind him. He's just a polarizing figure Yeah so. I've always been sort of a wuss when it comes to commentators and analysts in does not know hate for me. let's go. Let's see next. One take wonder also dealer ten s basically the same thing next american to earn atop contract in. Epl or in next breakout american. In europe is a lot of options to be happy right. I think happy happy will tunnel top. We can't just you can't just hop back like what's going on your back. He's back i expected. Tsa take longer at the airport right now for those listening I expected tsa take way longer but they asked me along very quickly So yeah i'm back and my take on that question is it's gotta be that your hoppy especially hype if he's built up around himself in the schools up Overshadow has not scored. You just didn't score in the school. But he was everywhere. He's a menace each fun to watch It's gotta be matthew hoppy Shotgun i think star are looking to capitalize on the and I think he will satch a price tag. That's going to raise some eyebrows then. I'm excited to overreact about it. It's hammer sergeant. Just because thirteen got relegated. Hopefully they both move. But it's i think conrad is a guy that got a lot of hype and then he sort of faded into the background because it just wasn't getting minutes barcelona marseille. I think it's perfect for him. I hope that he's going to be somebody. We start talking about again because he seems to have completely fallen off the radar Who else joe. Scally is a guy for The name is now a hundred back. Mooching black i think that I think they got rid of their their backup right back essentially to let him take that role so that would be i. I think he's a name to watch. These guys went over there. Still young very young. He came over from n. y. cfc. That's a name then. There's all the guys in. Mls read like the guys that could be over. Europe like bello Ricardo basically the entire. Fc dallas team. Although in your old mayfield. Every week every every single week they get the guys that are basically could be heading over europe I i would be surprised. If atlanta gets gets rid of i would be surprised if atlanta cells miles robinson right now feel like they. He's too big a piece for them. Feel like that. They can't part with him but he would be a name to think could be huge Obviously but yeah. I think everybody is probably about right with happy. Not not a young american but our our northside neighbors. Canada page jumping. Cannon is raising some eyebrows. And i've heard some averting links to european clubs. But i think he wants to stay with the revolution and see how the rest of the season especially since they're in such a good position right now like there's no wi- leaving the middle of the season He's been exciting to watch. And he's these data he's got the swagger i think he can be a real star speed and swagger he did he definitely has that and One name i'll throwing there. I don't think he's going to be the next one. Because i think like buchanan. He's gonna stick around. Mls lease for this season but matter and he's had over to europe Before too long. I'm sure they're already kicking the tires on that But we'll see Where would you. Let's see straka fourteen straight on fourteen. Where would you love to see a world cup. Qualifying game held as a tough question. Because pretty much everywhere you go we're gonna be on. It's like doesn't matter owned nebraska or kansas. Maybe minnesota like is minnesota one week. You know. I just when i when somebody asked this question i always think of you. Us mexico but it could just as well be us doors. It could be you sell salvator panama. Us costa rica. Not so much jamaica. Not so much. Us canada but those other ones man. We're just going to be outnumbered just doesn't matter where it is so so let me ask the question by saying Just put him on chicago. So i can go every day of chicago chicago. Us honduras and it was like seventy thirty was there. I know exactly the game. You're talking about yes. We're outnumbered by her doors. Boat seventy thirty was at gold cup in whatever two thousand seven when it was in chicago and we beat mexico in the final and it was probably ninety seven percent mexican fans and three percent. American fans like we were. We were outnumbered by just leaps and bounds. Like every time you saw american fan walking through like getting into the stadium around the stadium. Everybody would high five. There's another one it was just like we were. We were just fish out of water in that one but awesome experience them less But yeah it doesn't matter where we were going to be outnumbered good question though. Seattle seattle was grass in portland up.

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