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"bell marlene" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Start of the second period of Roger's Place. And Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Game seven Round two in the Western Conference, The Avalanche leave the stars to tow one after one abs in their home, Burgundy and blue will go right to left in period to the stars in the road white screen. And black trim the opposite direction. Belmar and rope a hints at center ice for the face off. As the fourth line continues to start and continues to impress all who watch and listen. Face off is won by hints back, Ramiro. Hey, skin and he's on the job into the avalanche. Jones stopped there for a moment continues into the corner. Belmarsh ended up boards there. Bye. Sam Gerard ahead for Logan O'Connor, who bats it down in his own zone. No hand passed nice play by Logan O'Connor, and now it's Belmar, who sent the wrist shot from outside the blue line. And who don't even struggle without Sent back to the far corner Bell Marlene into his man and puck comes free as rope a hence skated out towards center ice three on two now three on three shot toward Hutchinson, and he'll hang on. But the fourth line another couple decent chances, and maybe chances that shouldn't be so decent. You look at the numbers and before the game you're trying to figure out what kind of game you'll see. Last game was 4 to 1 with Nicole for the Avalanche. You're gonna think that the shots on goal we're gonna come down could be a little tighter. Not to this 0.16 of peace since he started here. Were there a couple of games in the first round where the ABS Allowed 14 and 15 total stars Send it Behind the Net. Jamie Benn working band back to the point. Excellent Del shot his tip wide on the glass to the right of Hutchinson. Backhanded. Graves took the long road around the clock to get there. First. There's a collision kept in by Dallas Fox down the wall opening pen, and he lost the handle on a trickle of the corner entering our size Klingberg down from the point again, the hopped over his dick vandal letter. Go go up save made by Hutchinson with the right hand and he'll hang on No problem. Minute and 10 seconds into our second period to one Avalanche. Connor, It's it's official. It's just pandemonium. In case you hadn't been convinced by the 51 goals. It's Jimmy Ben. Standing in front. He's got a wide open net and guys were shooting from the point stands. So if it is going to be It's a stick with a game stop is happening. I don't know if guys get tired or it is just been fascinating. Face up to the right of Hutchinson. It is calm for who will take it and win. It will actually pick it up in the circle after in coal created Cem Legal interference. He's got tangled up Stars one penalty. They won't get it in coal stride out towards center ice hits the red stripe dumped Deepu don't play. It leaves in the far corner pressure coming from the skin topped up, not out. Bye. Dallas Bouncing Puck download reaches forward will gather the domestic caught down the corner to skin turns looking for a feed back to the point. He and Cole takes a slapper. Now Rhys shot down. Slowly back bounces right towards Sam Gerard will head into the same piece of real estate is he and Cole are down low to ride with the moon port. And while would that have been something? Sam Gerard doing his best film a car impression.

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