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"belinda margot" Discussed on Pantheon

"Like that part when documentary where you say you would take a forty five by Elvis and then put on some classical music would record. Yeah, right. So do you still do you still collect records? You have records around You had. Married to Jeff McDonald at Red Cross and let's put it this way we have. Yeah. He he's a record collector. I have records I. We have a whole closet full that we call it the media closet. Not. Really. But yeah, we have things like. Collector you know are all our original final and Yeah I mean I love. My of course you know I'm sure you've spoken to people that loved that ritual when you s but get I remember specifically getting the white album because. We I went to an all girls high school. Actually the school is back in the heart high school that Megan Markle went to and in Hollywood immaculate heart and. We when we got when I got the white album, I brought it to school. and. Hadn't opened it yet. But I opened it there we like during lunch we would listen you know like in some classrooms had erected a record player. and. It was I just loved that ritual of. When you would open a wreck album and that smell similar one and take you know and they get to you get to look at the lyrics. It was just everything about that with. The? Different. But that's for case if progress you know true. But I also like how. US You make I I. Don't know if it was you but at the beginning of the documentary. someone says people automatically assume we were put together by some guy, but we didn't selves. was that kind of a reference to the runaways and other you know? And all girl bands. I thought it runaway I mean. I and run away. And I mean come on you know that was that was really cool but. We. Did Yeah I mean people just would automatically think Oh, like you know. Who is someone put them together and? With them and told them what to wear. You know that Kinda Shit and it's like now and we were completely our on like organic. Organic grown within with each other yeah. Made in a lab like as some Gimme right? Exactly. But it was cool that you also your I I mean you you were the house band at the whisky I mean, that is just That must when you were playing. When the goes are playing, there was that during your time or was that just before you joined the band I started the band like the Linda Jane Me. And ELISSA and Margot. We were the original members right and so yeah, we I would from be. When Belinda and Margot I was playing a two story. It was playing at the Starwood this on and it was the jam the Dicky's and the eyes and they came up to me Belinda Margot and asked if we're putting together an all girl band, you want to join me neither lead guitarist and I said sure Do you play lead guitar. Yeah. That was a lie because I didn't. But I figured I could learn and So we started rehearsing when I got back from I went to England briefly and I got back and we started rehearsing and then we got some gigs and our first gigs were the worst things I've ever heard in my life it was horrifying we were terrible. But. There was something there. It was like rural. We kept rehearsing and then when we got jeanine in the ban, she kicked our asses like you know like we have to rehearse every night we gotta get better. You know like really and we did and we did get better. So then Kathy joined and. Let's see Gina. Join me started in nineteen. Seventy eight M in China joined. In nineteen seventy, nine and Cabbie joined in nineteen eighty. So that's how it went. Well what's interesting about that story how you said you lied and said, you knew how to play guitar is that you went up to Cathy right and astroturf she and Kathy. Lies. Never. Play. So it sounds funny. We talked about that like the perfect shooting that that that that little alive that changed our lives now will you suspicious? They can okay. She doesn't know how to put days. How are you feeling about that? It was just that she she came in to those. She played at the whisky. There were eight shows because there for like. Let's see. There were four nights, two shows a night that we had sold out. On. The New Year's eve run for like a December thirty, thirty one to think of that. Nineteen eighty going and tiny eighty-one. She blew blew away she was fantastic and it was like that and that was just it that was. You know it felt like the picture was complete right in you know Gina having replaceable if and. Kathy replaced Margot that was just In my mind like, okay, we're this. This feels really good. Page and in the same direction. And, Kathy Still Kicks Ass I. Mean I heard her new stuff that went along with her Autobiography and while the music was good. Not that I'm surprised it really sounded contemporary and heavy in cutting edge. It was so good So it goes to show how you guys still have it. You still have that creative energy. Never went away. Yeah. But back to I. Think when you had Catholic replaced Mardo Margot was. More interested in being punked than. Moving over to more pop. Here's the thing. You're not. We're not just saying, oh, we're going to be a ban now we've always. You it's like are saying is you can take. the grow out of the punk that you can't take the punk out of the girl. We are still those girls that we were. Back. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight, we're still that tough. You know. Funny rockets, doubts who we are, but you know over the music was evolving and once the first record with made you know Richard God or as much as we hated it when we first heard that record. We I I understood we understood quickly that. You. Know I wanted to be on the radio I grew up with listening to A. Radio with those radio stations that play top forty but all different kinds from rock to pop to whatever you know and it's like that's the lips were back then. And I WANNA debt, and so we if we recorded the record, the way like we founded live, we wouldn't have gotten there because we were too. It was too radical because there's no way we would have gotten on the radio because we we were and so. We Still Arches I mean on live were very. Minimal setup Jane had to Marshall Amps I've got like a you know. A Fox eight, thirty and A. Cinder Deluxe and.

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