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"belinda coughlin" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"That swagger and people said looks like. He's playing in his socks. I wish i were running that fast digital tired. All of us. I played We saw billion college wherein and you'd see highlight every once in a while. And i remember the first set of shoes on our team back in like seventy it was really. I mean you had to just kind of sneak them on the field. Their coaches were bound and determined. And when i love. Billy what you did. Is you really elevated the joy of the game. That's what i saw. That's what i you know. Football's always been a wonderful scorched. Apply but you elevate you shared your joy with the whole crowd and i just found that to be remarkable during your career. Thank you. It was fun it was. It was exciting to play with the big guys and to do well in all you ever want to do is to do well to let them know that you deserve the on the field with the big guys at the same time so it was fun it was it was a lotta fun question for you that billy when you before you know inbetween your career with atlanta and houston. You went up to the the aloe apps and i remember my man fred. Belinda coughlin up. We we use the same year that the conference with montreal. Now friends little older than i traded up their top seven years ahead of me you now. Okay and did a good job. Yeah because he will often talked about when. I got there to montreal having played. They're doing well so but yeah so when he went up there and here is one of the great. Nfl receivers of all time And it was a chance to continue plan and get away from my old contract when they ask on one of the reasons because feb let conflate up there great stuff billy white shoes johnson. One of the all time unique players great player. He's here on behalf of check it out on twitter at grid underscore grades and of course pork rind appreciation day at southern recipe or at s our underscore small batch just go to pork rinds dot com and remember the chance to win five thousand dollars a year supply of pork rinds. As we've been speaking with mark singleton gentlemen enjoy the super bowl and Hopefully we'll catch down the road. Thank you so much all right. Good stuff i'm rick tittle and We will keep the football discussion Rolling with dalton ner of the broncos on the other side i'm racquel come.

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