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"belic hula" Discussed on Pursue the Hunt Live

"That your guest? In of Armenia and and just to appreciate the like, you say the sheerness of the cliffs, and all that and then after we saw. The nanny in kids. We come around a corner and. This waterfall which we did a lot of e scouting and. You know Google. Earth can only show you so much. Everybody doesn't depict waterfalls. It was a little bit defeating to be honest. Because I thought we could just go up this draw, and then there was A. At the end that we could glass and I was while here. Here's our turnaround point, but yes, it wasn't was it. Well. Like I said these these are my either my growing up years I'm back again and I used to go. My brothers and I used to like Belic Hula is is all about mount? See basically have eight thousand foot peaks with a with a narrow, maybe at times, a kilometer, wide ballot, and so my brothers and I with literally this would be on our days off. We scope out the back yard and then start finding and. In, so those kind of draws and stuff. I I'm not saying we were being safe like my mom would literally become. Better little thirty, five millimeter camera become with these pictures of my brothers, and I stand at the top three hundred drops and. Think about time. She told US years later. She's like I lost so much. Sleep anytime. You guys to go, but I saw this. So I saw this draw, and I'm like I said we can do that for sure. Let's just I mean not I probably should stuff through better if we would have dropped their. All the thing is this. One of us have to pack the other person out. Because, there wasn't even going to be a helicopter that could come a long line. But I think we have a video clip. Of this of this excursion here we'll just. So. You run into a bit of a snag. Ya. We're not sure if we can. Get around this year so? We did just see a nanny and a kid. But unfortunately. That's not very ethical. Shoot A nanny with a kid. For obvious reasons. But. We are now on a crossroad so. Stay Gene. So. That was before. Next clip that will see here, so let's see what happened. The next clip. I just got to say I. Love the beard. I'll get to that. Let's roll that next clip. So against better judgment. Pastor Tony has decided. To Assemble! The waterfall. It's looking. Okay by. Be Interesting if we got something up there how you're going to get down. There's a creep down there. Yeah so so this was this was that was only about A. Half! Ish where I was Tony was about another third at least. Then once we got near the top we had to. We have to skirt around this shale slide. And then with our packs, we had to make about a six foot leaf and grab onto a degree so that we didn't backwards. That's a classic Warner move. You don't think about the end you to start. Yeah, you just figure it out, so we made it up there. We got back on. The goat trail went up to the split. By this point Turk us a lot longer than we expected to get even to the split, and I thought man. You know we don't have a tent with us. We're to need to get back snows getting deeper. It was kind of just this. You know October weather. Right Ellison a short days like you don't have a lot of time. No, it's A. It's basically a seven hour hunt. Yeah, so then we decided to turn back. We came back down the creek and. But I brought rope. For us to go back down, so we kind of did a little bit of a bear. grylls repel. That's right back down. which honestly felt a lot safer yet? And and then we got back down, but Yeah, it definitely is one of those moments where you also realize how small you are where you know. The rocky mountains is a place where. There isn't any forgiveness, right? Too late your moves, because even with the in reach I had we were in a bull that. You know who knows what the air currents were like I don't even know if a helicopter could have even longline out of there, so it's like you know you have to make those calculated decisions. And stuff, but you know so. We back out of there. We decided to pack up camp because with the snow melting. Renew that river that we by foot was GONNA. Come Up. We thought we'd better get back across the river. Who Shot across that? Back on the quads went back to the holiday trailer where a base base camp was, which was really nice to have which honestly tell everybody that we should make them think. y'All, know I was like I remember actually. Guilty because I knew everybody back home thought Rudy in the mountains. Twenty. Yeah we were in your Eating sidekicks fear. But, so the next day we woke up back right back on the quads went to different place up the trail where I had been for looking more for sheep was more of a sheep area. And then we saw some monstrous. Those. And we ended up Ashley following. Those tracks. Because they were on the trail, and but we never did see him. I can put my boot. In his. In his print, so honestly I was I was hoping to get an interview on him again back to the whole belic. Linda's every reminded me a lot. That hunt reminded me a lot of those days because of the mount and stuff. But we just all kinds of grizzly bear encounters down so. Well and you know I think some good finish bit shots Oh. Yeah, we got tons of great pictures and I mean for me to get sir. I just love Beano Wilderness and being out somewhere where you're the guest in and you feel like. You're the smallest and on the bottom of the food chain. There's something really raw about that that you just. You can't get it unless you're actually out there and it's just for me also to it's. A bit of a spiritual experiences. and I'll remember the going back to the first day when we were hiking up from the quads down to the river. You know I'm trying to be a little bit quacks Maybe there's going to be a moon set comes out or Something like that and there's Tony Behind me. Singing the.

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