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Don Cherry Fired, Ed Belfour

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Don Cherry Fired, Ed Belfour

"Hey Emily konichi-wa Greg. Oh this you speaking Japanese to me because I am back from Japan land of robots. There's a place called Nora. where the deer walk up to you and they bow their heads to get the race cookies from you? Japan is a magical place and actually as a as a New Yorker. Emily I will tell you this. My favorite thing in Japan was when you go on the subway instead of having somebody yelling. Oh you are closing. They play like beautiful music and when the music stops. That's so you know the doors on the subway or going to close how civil I know in everybody's in a good mood because of it so memo to to you build a Blasio Jio play like eight bit any s music and your subways and everybody will be in a much better mood. I think speaking of moods boy. Has the hockey world been in one this week the dismissal of Don Cherry from sports that after some anti immigrant comments on coach's corner on Saturday it. What is the topic of conversation the hockey world and one that we certainly have to cover thoroughly on this podcast? So down goes brown our good friend Sean Mecca. ndo Of the athletic joins us to talk about his column talking about Him Being a Fan of cherries and then not necessarily being fan of Cherries. But we also have another special guest this week week. We also have Barry Melrose joining us from ESPN and he gives us a completely different perspective. Someone who's interacted with Cherry nose. Cherian has seen his this decades-long body of work and just has some thoughts on his dismissal. As well so we want to provide some balance for you guys. And that's what we have two different episode of ESPN. And there's there's definitely a lot of voices in this. We also have hockey hall of Fame Red Belt for joining US later. So we've got a big episode for you and it's a lot to unpack indeed. It is plus Phil Kessel hotdogs bucket lines all the usual marymount on this edition of ESPN and ice sled. Start the show proper shelly earier putts a podcast about talkie featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN ESPN on ice with Shitski. And Kaplan it's espn an ice. The podcast were ESPN talks about hockey NHL writer and then like happened happen national NHL reporter and we're getting right into it folks. The big story this week obviously is the dismissal of Don Cherry from Rogers Sports Net the venerable hockey night in Canada. Coach's corner commentator. Let go this week. After a firestorm of controversy over comments comments that he made about immigrants and their allegedly not supporting fallen soldiers and on top of everything else. That's been sort of said by Don Cherry over the last several years about women and locker rooms and European players and Pinko commies and everything else. The sum total of it led to this being the poppy that broke the camel's back talk behind the scenes that the sponsors of of Roger Sports. That's hockey coverage vocal in and voicing their displeasure over this situation. A couple of apologies. All G is from Rogers. And for Ron Maclean. Did nothing to move the needle the other way and then Don Cherry let go so we are both American as you. You may or may not know so. We decided to bring a Canadian friend to lend a little bit of expertise. The situation and Sean mccan DOE of course of the athletic and a a little piece of heaven I like to call the puck soup. podcast Douglas Braun. Thanks for joining us. You wrote about Don Cherry today in a very personal an an eloquent way and as you can sort of encapsulate your feelings about his dismissal. how's it going guys. I feel like I should do the entire thing in my exaggerated Canadian accent Mari please instead of my normal Canadian accent which sounds pretty much exactly the same. Yeah this is this is. This is big news in Canada. This is literally front page. Read the newspaper not the sports section like front-page A1 news And probably will be for the next few days. This is A Story Dory that I think all of us were expecting to see at some point and yet you're still stunned when it actually happens. Happens that that this when that news broke on Monday they had actually parted ways with Don Cherry. It was it was a jaw dropping moments up here the the fact that not the fact that he had gone too far. Because we figured out what's going to happen and and he had probably gone too far plenty of other times but the fact that it finally caught up to him and somebody finally said enough is enough It's it's massive and it's divisive and there's a lot of arguments happening up here sure Online and around water coolers and pretty soon at the at the bars around around this country And there's there's a lot of a lot of hard feelings on on both sides so the call and be real begins with. I grew up on coach's corner and Don Cherry's fall has been hard to watch. That's the headline of it. And you know I'm American. I don't get to watch hockey night and candidates eclipse I come through. I'm just wondering if you could explain to us. Maybe the evolution of coach's corner maybe How Don Cherry has evolved in that role or maybe we had it sure? Yeah I mean th this is something where he's Don Cherry If people don't know had been a minor league hockey player never never really made it in the NHL But it did make it. As a coach coach of the Boston Bruins for five years was coach of the year The lead them to Stanley Cup contention but never To An actual championship was eventually fired after falling out with him didn't And coached one year with the Colorado rockies. which did not go well And and found himself out of a job and he had always been a colorful personality. He had always been Even by the standards of the seventies and eighties these which are much different than today He had always been Somebody with the interesting things to say and so he. He got plucked up by hockey night in Canada. I and at first. He was used as a color. Commentator like during in game action that didn't really work And after a year they found this coach's coach's corner idea where he would basically be given a few minutes each intermission On Saturday night games to talk about at first the game that we were watching but eventually it sort of broadened and became a pulpit for him to talk about anything he wanted to in the hockey world and and and eventually even even beyond that and into the world of politics and and whatever else heavy and he became extraordinarily popular in that role. It really is hard to overstate the impact that he had and and how popular this guy was in Canada and with heart and He he just became e clearly. You know we. You're talking hockey night in Canada especially in the nineteen eighties before the multichannel world before we got online before. You've got the ability to watch all these different games. There's this one game a week that everybody up here is sitting together and watch and and gone. Charity became part of that ritual and and In fact at certain points almost became the bigger part of that ritual. Then the game itself You know you you could sit that you could go to a Canadians House on Saturday When they were watching the game and and you could talk to them all the game as all get up and move around but if you tried to talk to a Canadian coaches corner came on it was you? Were going to get pushed and you're GONNA get out of the room if he kept it up because this it's something we all headed. They common experience where something would happen during the week in in the world. Hockey there'd be a game controversy trade. Somebody to fire and your first thought was all right. I wonder what grades was going to say about this on Saturday night. And he was over over the top and he was Even back in those days where. He wasn't really leaning into the character he became More recently He he was always flamboyant He was always a straight talker was always controversial. He was always offensive to to some degree and and more offensive than For some people than others but It worked and it works brilliantly as television especially up here in the country where we didn't have anyone like this. And that's that's the thing that I think a lot of people especially if you're in the United States and and you're sitting there going who is this guy. Why is he such a big deal? What's the equivalent? I've been asset a couple of times. Today what's the American equivalents Don. Cherry and I don't have an answer for and and I think the reason for that is that it's not that America doesn't have anyone like Don Cherry. It's that America's got a ton of people like Don Cherry jury and there's so many Don Cherry's down there that you don't even notice them it it's not even it's you're flipping the channel and it's just one after another and and it doesn't even straight. You was is unusual or even worth noting and up here in Canada not the play into the stereotypes of like the Good Nice Polite Canadians. But that's just not how things work up here and and certainly Thirty years ago. That was not how Canadian Television work. And the fact he had this big over the top larger than life you loud mouth On television once a week for just a few minutes Somehow it just it just really clicked with people and and it became As I say part of the ritual Saturday night And even so even though in those early years they were always some people putting their hands up going. Hey we did. This guy shouldn't have this platform. We shouldn't be listening to this guy. We you know we. We need to be pushing back on what he's saying It it just became something that clicked look in for so many of us and just became a crucial part of what it meant to be a hockey fan in this country. You know the closest thing might be Barkley but I mean he's on a studio show. It's not like you're tuning in for an eight minute segment every week to see Charles Berkeley opine on basketball. Now about the controversy. So there's there's two facets of this this right so there's the wide sports do this facet and there's the why was this the firestorm that finally consumed on cherry on the Rogers. Here's part I'm thinking the sponsors step in and behind the scenes they're like we don't like this. Lisa's the impression I've gotten I'm thinking. Also that Don Cherry makes a good amount of money and if we know anything about sports that at this point it's that they are in a cost cutting mode letting you know John channing. Go Nick Kip. Ryoko Bob mccown go as a result of the success or lack thereof of of this. Nhl Deal so if the opportunity presents itself to get rid of that salary they probably do it too. That's at least my take on it. You can tell me whether I'm ready to rock but the other part of it I wanna ask you about is it. Seemed like he really struck a different nerve this time by going after the immigrant community and is it because of the way he did it is it because of the notion of attacking them mm as the other. That really was the thing that push the needle the other way from a Canadian perspective. What was it about these comments that you think drew so so much higher and that even the apologies did make a difference this time? Yeah so I mean. Let's let's start with the Rogers viewpoint because you're right this was This was maybe not the worst thing that don ensure has ever said and but it the context matters and and part of the context is is. You're right there's been a lot of cost cutting in order. The context is that don't you're eighty five years old and even if you were the world's biggest bunch everything you would have to acknowledge that he has been coasting for a lot of years now he has been leaning into this this caricature of themselves The the the stumbling the forgetting the names teams that you know all of this stuff has been more and more. You're always there was part of the appeal but more and more Trying to pull a coherent point Out of a a coach's corner segment has has been tougher and tougher so I I don't vote for a moment That this is sort of thing that there may there may have been one one eye on the door already and there have made may have been some people at Rogers who were looking for an opportunity to move on Remember there's a lot of new leadership there as far as the people making the hockey decisions. It's not the same people who brought hockey night in Canada over to sports net in the first place with the big deal and and they're they're all gone by now so there's some new voices in the room. It absolutely might have felt like. Hey this is an opportunity here. that we've been given to move on from this guy That said I don't know how much money they're saving I wouldn't be surprised if they're still paying them for the year and they were they were paying them year to year so It it was a situation situation where it was always going to be difficult when it was time to say goodbye Don Cherry did not seem like sorta Guy who was going to volunteer going on so whether it was something that happened in an off season Or whether it was something that happened after a controversy like this I it was gonna be it was going to be difficult and there may have been a a sense where somebody just said you know what. Let's just bite the bullet and do it right now and and we move on And we take take the criticism we know we're we're GONNA get But we do it now rather than let this drag on. Ob doesn't say something else over the next few months and and trying to get to the end of the season so It Don Cherry had said this in nineteen ninety six would have had the same result. No I I don't think it would have I think the fact that he's clearly was already at the end of his career. There is is a big part of why this decision finally got made As far as what he said and why it resonated You Know I. I'm sure that there are going to be a lot of people who have been very critical of Don Cherry over the years and over the decades who might be asking that same question and might be directing question at people like me and saying why now what what is it that finally woke you up here. Why is it that you I haven't been listening all the previous times that we've pointed out That he has tiptoed up to a line or jumped over a line with both feet and gone too far. Why is it just now and I'm not sure there's a great answer for that? Part of it is look people. People are more aware these days people do think through some of these things people are Maybe getting a little bit wiser To some of these Timothy's he's dog whistles and and some of these code words that they get thrown around. I think you look around the world right now and you sort of see what's happening in other countries. What's happening in Canada? And you realize what this. This isn't just a harmless thing When you let people Kinda Kinda tiptoe around topics looks like this and you know? As as I've written a couple of times this week you know it's I come at this from spectacle where look I'm a straight white male I don't I'm not one of Don Cherry's targets with never gonNA come after me You know I'm not French. I'm not European Don't take any of the boxes that that would have him Ever putting a target on my back but this really bothered me and and I'm not sure that I can fully articulated why this was the time that that that really bothered me. As opposed to some of the other things. He said but the fact that he came after. You're not Canadians. And he did do that. And I know there's going to be people who say he never said the word immigrant he never. He never specifically pointed pointed people who are new to the country he never specifically pointed anyone who was a minority. But you could read between the lines Don Cherry. You have to read between the lines because if you just read the lines themselves they don't make any damn sense these days So you do have to sit there. And and and try to Parse it and figure out what he meant and it wasn't very hard this time when he's talking about New People people who come here and he is singling those people out for a special lecture about the virtues of patriotism That just really rub me the wrong way and it really. I resonated with a lot of people. Don Cherry has done the poppy lecture year after year after year for decades. Now this is. This is a standard part of the DON. Cherry Repertoire. that he he comes on once a year around this time and and tells us all to go out there and get her poppies and support the troops and all of this stuff. And Yeah you know what. That's a great message and again it's a message. We don't hear a lot lot from other people on on television up here in this country so there's a value to that but for him to single out people who were new to the country. You people that come here And and to treat those people as if they need a special reminder and they need they need to give special consideration above and beyond what the rest of US require As far as your patriotism and your pride and your support of of the military It it just regardless of what he may or may not have meant it just felt like a bridge too far for for so many of us and yeah yeah. The context here matters if he had had forty years of a squeaky clean record. Eat maybe you let it go But maybe you don't and the reality is this happened. On Saturday night. We found out he'd been fired on Monday afternoon. That's a long time in between in the media world and I'm pretty sure that a lot of that time time was spent trying to convince him that he needed to get out there and apologize and he needed to tell people. Look if that's not what you meant if you people that come here didn't mean immigrants you you need to get out there and you need to say that and you say that in a way that makes it clear why it would be unacceptable to say that. And my guess is he was given that opportunity from what we've seen in some some quotes that he's offered up he he didn't feel like that would be appropriate. It didn't feel like he needed to do it. Didn't feel like he wanted to do it and at that point Even if you want to defend the guy and say you don't think he meant would it seems like he meant Once it became clear what the perception was and he was given the opportunity to clarify they. No I didn't mean that. And he declined Those are his words now and he lives with him and he obviously made a decision about how how He wanted to handle that perception and that was that he was he was okay with it and once that happened. I really don't think they had a choice They eight to to let him back on the air after he had said what he said and after he had declined To either walk it back or clarify or whatever you WanNa sake or apologize I don't think there was there was another option for them And they did what they had to do. Some thank you so much for your thoughts thoughts. Thank you for your perspective. It was really incredible column on the Athletic Today. I recommend everyone read it. Totally Steel Greg's words. Where can people find your genius? You can find me on On the athletic you can find the twitter at down. Goes Brown where I keep all my all my stuff from the athletic and certainly? Yeah if if you subscribe but please do go and check out the call him. Because I am much better in print than I am When when I have to put invoice two to my words So you can. You can see sort of my full breakdown in my full thought process there. And if you don't subscribe please consider trying that and Yeah Yeah I also I'm I'm on a podcast each week but I forget what it's called or who's on it with me so it's yeah it's it's you know as miscellaneous rainiest podcast you can look for that as well and Yeah that's that's where I'm at thank you well I do. I do like you on Ryan Lambert in France. It is my podcasts. Thanks Sean thank you guys and now joining us. It's a man who needs little introduction. It's ESPN's hockey expert. Barry Melrose and bury this news shocked the hockey world at shocked to Canada of Don Cherry being removed from his position on coach's corner on Rogers Sports Net. And I'm just curious when you heard this all go down. What were your thoughts You stole my thunder already but Shock I I never once thought that would happen. I you know I. It was like too big to fail type deal and and So guys. That are my buddies guys that You know I've grown up with and been talking to about this I we're all. We're all pretty shocked. I I think we all thought that Don would pick and choose when he retired where he retired You know things like that. So The it was it was shocking to the hockey world. I gotTA think I've seen everything in the game and I've been fired a couple of times so you know not much bothers me but I I was I was very surprised that don was go by By Canadian TV the like you said this was a firing. I mean this wasn't done leaving. Leaving on his own accord and the sense I get at least in my interactions with some of his fans and Candida is anger. It's frustration. It's a IT'S A. It's a notion from certain parties that this was political correctness That is forced tim out of the job and I was wondering your conversations with folks back home. That obviously grew up watching cherry on coach's corner or or made it a ritualistic thing there Saturday night. What's their opinion on this? Are they upset Rogers about this or are they more upset at Don for having said what he said. No my my buddies are all You know upset with Rogers. Uh Don I don't I think the closest also I could compare them to would be Throttled Charles Barkley Charles would be the closest I I think the people in America Charles I think that the people in Canada handed a love of dawn and then I was You know talking to all my buddies. That's that there was a lot of anger. There is You know why did they do this. You know okay you know whatever couldn't have been held you know handle handle better things like that but the people I talked to were upset at Rogers no doubt about all right now. We're focusing so much on these comments. He made on the Saturday show. But as you've said he's been institution for decades on Canadian Television. I'm just curious. How will you best remember Don Cherry and if you have any personal memories with him? 'cause I'm sure you guys will cross paths once or twice or go Jim greer run INS with Don Cherry Ninety three I we were fighting with Toronto in in That's serious before wants Danika on a final play Montreal it was getting very heated and ESPN was doing hockey for the United States and CBC was doing hockey for Canada and You Know Don obviously It was working. CBS's so he was certainly was UP IN FRONTIER FOR TORONTO AGAINST US and we had a lot of go on -Tario boys on our team and we actually had more Toronto more Ontario Boys and Toronto had on their team and You know our guys were very very upset with something I don was saying about them and about you know You know their team and stuff like that and I actually went to them and said that my My players I didn't want to Go on C. Anymore because of the fact we don't feel we're getting a square deal from from CBC so Donald on TV that night and Rick me over the coals goals and and blasted me and said a bunch of terrible things about me and You know I just We just kept quiet and I heard the best possible way and win the game. Seven go onto the Stanley Cup trials. Lots great chance to go to the Stanley Cup of the matter of fact so Rally sat every time Astronomy police found starts yapping about maple leaf so but Don don and I became good friends after that and I respect him like he was i. Re- I respect people that you know that he was great for hockey. He brought a lot of fans and kept a lot of fans and You know his coaches corner show became a a staple throughout Canada every You guys are you guys know and you guys might not be. I don't WanNa give guys ages away but I don't know if you guys. What is the coach's corner and stuff growing up would you mary? I'm I'm twenty two so I know a liar on the show talk show actually. It's funny I was. I was thinking about that during our first segment. My my my impression of Cherry growing up probably different mind. Well it is because I saw him in my early forties right so I knew Jon Cherry growing up as the guy in the loud suits suits holding the dog on the Labatt's commercials and I knew him from being able to go to the video store and pick up Rackham Sakamaki. VHS tapes so that was that was Don Cherry for me growing up in the states. Because we I mean we barely had western conference hockey games. Let alone television. Don had a great show where it was done in a bar and All He'd get guys in there and they just sit around the bar town stories and they had blue in there and they had five or six different hockey players. Every night usually maple leafs of course but So that you know that was when I was You Know My thirties. That was the the show that everyone is watching. Then obviously coach's corner took over from there but hit up a huge audience and a very loyal audience audience. Yeah and you bring up you bring up his legacy and I was talking with somebody. who was at Wheeler wailers practice yesterday and I was talking with somebody who made a good a good point which was good luck finding a top five? NHL Draft Pick in the last fifteen years. Who is GonNa Torch Cherry like his his his legacy in his appeal all too kiddie junior players? To the point. Where you got teams that wear replica? Jerseys of his suit during during the season is renowned. And there's gotTa be a certain affection and affinity that that a lot of players growing up in Canada Hafer the sky where they're probably just a shock to some of. Your boys are about this Ad. I another funny story is Are you saying they. You have the kids on every year. you know you're in the rink and you'd see them being carted around I don and Ron and And meeting everybody. All the high draft picks but when Eric Johnson Johnson was drafted number one like obviously at that time we had the NHL package and You Know Eric was huge kid growing up watching hockey talk to you tonight so we meet I think it wasn't happened to him. But don't hold me to that. Eric comes down with the all the kids and I'm I'm having a cigar back. Just relax until our next yet and see. I see this great big kid. Come walking over to me that Mr Rose I gotta meet you. I've watched you on NHL NHL tonight. Since I was two years old You know I I would love to get my picture taken with you. My Dad was there and stuff so that was a is always. Funny about the heightened. Didn't give any thought that. Yeah you know. Eric hadn't seen grapes on your hair. Probably Edgy watched Even watching me since he's two years old so that was Forget forget those things or you don't really think of them that often until you brought out like that but You know that was. That was a great thing that Rogers did I gave People a chance if you're on a bad team You know somebody to look at these. I might be our Guy Mary that that might be the guy we take with our thirty first. I spot so You know things like that You know they did a good job. You Know Don and don around did a great job. There's no doubt about that Barry before we let you go. I know you are someone who always has a sense of flare when you came to our NHL Summit in Bristol a couple of years ago. You're wearing a dent on Denham. Look so I'm just curious. Do you have any any interest in carrying on the legacy of loud suits on air. That Don Cherry began all. Oh I see where you're going I I think I'll stay with my I really nice suits and And give the loud to somebody else. I think You know who's WHO's saying won't be back. That's that's not out of the question by any stretch imagination either. So but I think I'll just stay with nice suits and ones that I can wear. You know all the time. Well more real quick because we're on the verge of another hockey hall of fame. Clouds can't believe you guys have time. I thought you can just go on forever. on-the-spot oh hell no you listen man they tell listen I I would go five hours. Family Kaplan talking about puck. But they tell me that people like certain bites. They wanted to be able to listen to the PODCASTS. They walk their dog berry. That's the real listen hockey hall themes this weekend. There's been a groundswell in recent years to try to get Don Cherry into the hall of fame. It was a builder does this. Does this submarine that I mean is this something where he doesn't get in. We're going to have to wait a while from again. And what what's your take. Take on Don Cherry as a potential hall of Famer. I said this for years. I thought he should be in the hall of fame like Who's WHO's the biggest guy in hockey? WHO's the most well known person hockey? And that guy's not in the hall of fame. Does that make sense so I- that'll be an interesting thing you know. We'll so is that going to be like Is that GONNA keep out What what just happened you know? There's there's there's the the There's the accused right there so that's going to be an. That's going to be an interesting thing that you and emily are going to have to rehash and go over a few times. But that's that's the that's another interesting. Wresting thing and sideline with what's as if there hasn't been enough The last couple of days just you know people start talking about the hall of fame you know is that is going to be something to keep Don Cherry Hall of fame. We'll we shall see very thank you so much for your time and we appreciate all the insight and see it on the line. They they weren't guys it's cold up here all right so to kind of summarize thoughts on this Don Cherry thing. Emily like I do feel like there is a huge contribution to hockey. That should be recognized. Here I did you think the game passed him by at some point and maybe there should have been a bit more of a realization on the part of sports that that had happened. I think I think there was a certain amount of fear about what would happen if you removed on Cherry from the equation and I think they're seeing rather quickly what happens when you moved on trade equation especially in the manner in which he did. I agree with Barry Melrose it that I still think Jerry's a hall of Famer I know that's probably not very popular opinion at this point based on how he was dismissed but there is a decades long legacy of what this guy did on the air and what he meant to Canadians and what he meant a hockey for better for worse that it it's hard to dismiss that impact I think a lot of the things he has said is our horri- I still can't believe that you know the fact that he doesn't believe that women should being locker room. In the capacity of Vernalis us is something that isn't top of the mind and in every story written about this guy in the aftermath these comments about immigrants but I do think there's something to be said for his legacy and also to be said about the positive impact. There's a lot of sort of charitable aspects to Don Cherry that at this point you can't talk about because it sounds like you're trying to balance the equation. I try to do. I'm just saying that there's a lot dine cherry that goes beyond the you know the comments that he's made that rightfully cost him his job. That I think will warrant reexamination. We get a little bit of time and distance from this firestorm. I agree agree with those sentiments completely. And it's it's so complicated right But I I believe the bottom line is that this was a guy who was stubborn and couldn't see the bigger picture and say say what you want about these comments of the people and immigrants or as you said the women in the locker room but to understand he was given this platform and he chose to use it to be divisive and alienate people whereas the sport we all know could use a little bit more inclusive inclusivity a lot more inclusivity was really troublesome to me so I'm sad it had to end like this. But that's what happened and a great point about about the inclusivity part because one of the things that I can't get away from the fact that we they are just a few months removed from watching Toronto fans wearing raptors jerseys and raptors gear. Come together in the same square. The maple beliefs fans joined together to watch their team and that crowd looked a hell of a lot different than who comes out to watch the leaves and that is a hockey problem and it is an issue that the Canadian networks are dealing with and how to grow their audience and how to grow the game and had to reach new demographics. I mean the same company that has hockey night ain't Punjabi had Don Cherry on the air making comments about immigrants and that just can't happen in in two thousand nine hundred and going going forward. There has to be ways to reach new audiences. There has to be ways for hockey to penetrate new demographics and having a guy treating those fans hands and those potential fans the quote unquote other is bad for business. And it finally dawned on Rogers at. That's the case so nope speaking of business. Emily any bill for is the hockey hall of fame. Goaltender who played for the Chicago Blackhawks Dallas Stars and others and and Eddie Belfour is now I mean. He's basically a whiskey. He's basically a bootlegger. He's basically a whiskey runner. He's a guy who is now in these spirits industry and and we talked to Eddie about his career about Sergei Zubov about a great many things including his new career as Eh distilling technology truth brought to you by GEICO courage truth. You will certainly and any text about your supervisor to your supervisor supervisor. What's with Janet's fangs? Did she lose. Bet We thought we'd wacker sent wait. No no no no no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at GEIKO DOT COM Janet. I think my phone was hacked. Or something geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more doing now the line hockey hall of Famer former Goalie the Chicago Blackhawks Dallas Stars. Ed Belfour he is now embarking embarking on a second career producing ultra premium. Whisky through bell. Four spirits Sir as a connoisseur of booze. It's every hockey writers. You know lifeblood. Congratulations on this new GIG. Yeah thank you very much. It's it's been five years in the making Son and I started this and My daughter's now involved so it's a own family business and we we enjoy doing together and a lot of fun with it. Always fascinated and guys second careers. And how they they transition into them just tells a little bit. I mean this is part business business. You know part A.. Understand real estate. You've got a place in Kentucky part distilling. How did did you prepare for this? Did you take classes. What was that transition like swine in my career around two thousand nine and I was trying to find something that a could? Do you know to replace the the awesome feelings you get from being you know Part of so many great teams championships in the NHL and Team Canada's and stuff like that and that's very difficult to replace you know twenty years of of a lot of fun and excitement and Go my son. Also a goal finished his career Somewhere around two thousand twelve thirteen and We just started looking into this stuff that we could possibly do together and we looked at The alcohol business and you know look at the trends that were going on in the business and how well so You know in Brown spirits were doing and the vodka market was pretty Entrenched with a lot the new brands and and it seemed like you know Brown spirits was more at the beginning of the trend. And we find whiskey A lot more exciting and more creative anyway so we started looking into learning as much as we could about the business and Actually you watch the show called Moon shiners. That was pretty funny to watch but at the same time like well. You know these guys can make whisky route we I'm sure we can figure out how to do it. which was pretty funny but We went to distilling university in Canada Colona BC we were. They're learning as much as we could. And then we end up going to moonshine. University in Louisville Kentucky met a lot of great people Come out of that school and a lot about the street We ended up hiring few of the people that we met At the school and they've helped helped us tremendously Creating brand and You know everything that I get involved with. I WanNa do it first class and do it from the bottom up and treated the same way. I treated my career and You know we wanted to create the most excellent whiskey that we could make and being an ultra premium class. You know we. We learned everything from Hotter Mash and distilled ourselves to all the woods. Selection all the barrels You know that's what creates these unique make flavors of Belfour spirits and we think that if you go the extra mile like I did in my career that we should have some success. I feel really bad for going to the University of Maryland now that I knew that moonshine university was available to me Patty. There's been a lot made about the changing habits of NHL players. There's recently saw a story about how a lot of these dudes are drinking wine on the road because it's not as taxing on the body. is they like spirits beer. Now back in your day rock and roll the Blackhawks and the stars. What what what was the drinking culture like for you guys away from the rank all it was a little bit of everything Going up in Canada You know we started drinking beer and whisky when we are twelve or thirteen years old so that was pretty normal for us to drink beer You know all throughout my career was a beer and whisky and a little bit of wine once in a while special dinners so You know we We basically were beer and whisky guys over it. You know I wouldn't be surprised if You know nowadays all days. They're taught that You know maybe one is a little bit more healthy for you. But I'm not so sure that's the case. I think it has a lot to do with how much sugars the product to be honest with you right as we talk about times changing one of the biggest buzzwords these days in the NHL is on sports arts is load management and in hockey really. Just talk about it with goalies and I'm curious when your visa your first ninety one use played seventy four games. Did you feel like goalie workload. Management is a long time coming or is it kind of be as if a guy can handle that workload. Just give it to all well. I feel that it's the guy can handle the workload. Can you give it to them because you want your number one guy in the net as much as possible. The coach has confidence in them. The players have confidence in them in mcelroy and the players get used to plan a certain way for a guy and they have confidence in that guy. The defense play a certain way like they know they can take more chances before they can take more chances chances when they have confidence in their goalie when they have a goalie back there that you know plays every once in a while and you know he's not quite used to how the defense plays and they don't always have that same confidence in that guy. So that's why you know over the years you've seen teams where they try to split goals and you know sometimes that works sometimes. It doesn't but for the most part doesn't especially when you get to the playoffs like for a guy to play. You know every second game in the playoffs in Split Games. That's pretty tough and it's tough on the team I. It doesn't create that consistency businesses. So I'm a firm believer. You should have a number one guy and he can handle you know anywhere from you. Know fifty five to a sixty five games. It's probably a good number You know I played seventy four when I was a rookie that that was a lot of games I could handle it because I was in great shape You know always worked out. Took my on my off ice stuff real serious and you have to be able to do that. And and be in great shape to be able to play that many games in play at a high level and then had the energy to play. You know possibly possibly another twenty eight games and and In the playoffs you know So that's difficult thing I do see more for more work. Guys are playing less games and you talk about load management. Maybe that has something to do with you. Know the the schedule being maybe a little bit more. Condensed now You know they they. Don't give me days in between the season's shorter in fine period. So that could have something to to do it. I don't have all the answers. But I'm a firm believer in in one guy there. You go in the last twenty five five years. We've had six goalies get into the hall of Fame Grant Fear Patrick Wa yourself the dominator Rogie Vashon and Marty. The hall of fame has got a bias against goalies. Come on don't they vernon still out there. Cujo still out there. Six guys nineteen ninety-four Eddie. Well it's kind of like you know the trapezoid Rule they put in you know. I don't know what your that was but you know they talk about making the NHL you know more skilled game yet. They take away a skill from the goalies. You know that wasn't easy to do Back back in the nineties when guys like Martin Brodeur and myself You know there's a few guys could really play the puck well and and You know go get the puck in the corner earn play it up And and make an outlet pass and save your defense and from getting creamed boards. I mean that took a lot of energy and skill and and yet they take take take that skill away from goalies so you know again. It's a numbers game You know if it were a bunch of goalies running the League you know the the rules would be much different. I would imagine so the same thing I you know. I don't have any control over WHO's picking The the goal is to get inducted. Obviously but Maybe there there aren't too many the the goal is that are on the committee and You know we you kind of get overlooked once in a while you still follow the League pretty closely. I watch a few games here and there and I love the playoffs the playoffs. Oh my favorite time of year and I think the game in the playoffs is a lot more like the old style game you know. Let the guys play. There's a lot more ruffin awesome toughness and hitting a lot more excitement so I like the playoffs as I'm curious. What goalie today impresses you the most post game seven on the line like who do you want back there for you if you can't play so many there's a lot of seems seems to me? It spread out throughout the week. I don't really have one favorite because there's been guys if if have played like really good for short stints in the League right now but You know I think think there's some guys out there that You know has done a great job for quite some time like Jonathan quick and You know I think it's hard to pick one guy. I think Johnson's had some injuries deal with For a while but Jonathan is definitely one of my favorites So I I'd probably go Johnson Clicks hard hard to say Andy where people pick up your Your stuff your your whiskey and your product man. Yeah so right now. We're doing owing mainly Chicago. We're at Few different liquor stores theirselves in Dallas Texas Were at goody goody for at seagulls were at a few different ones smaller ones but Majority were in Dallas. Were in Houston Boston and San Antonio and then Chicago. We plan on going to six new states every a year. You know. It's been an exciting time next year. We'll be in Canada. Also any thank you so much your time. I really appreciate it. We'll catch up with these him. The thanks so much for having me all right our thanks to Eddie Belfour you can pick up Eddie whiskey in Illinois and in Texas. I believe as well well where it's available and Eddie tells us that they're going to be adding ten states every year so emily in six years ears his whiskey will be available in sixty states. It's pretty amazing I just feel like an sat question. It's time time for our favorite segment of the week. Phil Kessel dogs now. He does not love to eat hot dogs. We look at the the end straight comedian. Good it's still cast loves hotdogs segments we look at the foibles and the hyperbole I purposely of the hockey media emily ever hit a pin Yada. It would just take a wack at opinion Outta I have you remember how all the candy the falls out when you hit it good. That's Kinda like Phil. Kessel loves hotdogs this week in the sense that the Don Cherry News sparked just a pin Yada full of bad bad takes trickling down upon our heads. We whack it with a stick. I'm going to go to this one though Dave staples of the Edmonton Journal Dave's a guy that I've known online mm for many many years but he wrote a story about who wants to come up with he wants to come up with. Who's going to be the next Don Cherry? He kind of did a scouting report of who he thinks could would be the next Don Cherry who could take over that segment hockey night in Canada. He's not the first guy to say this or the last guy to say this. I'm going to pick on them for saying it. His top choices voices. Ray Ferraro now ray. Ferraro is brilliant. He's the best between the benches guy in the game and one of the smartest analysts that you could ever find the also works for TSN. And I'm assuming contracts all right then and there you have one issue. Here's the other issue. Even if his contract was coming up you know what. TSN likes to do for people that might jump over and help out their archrivals especially especially in a prominent post Jon Cherry role. They're going to back up the truck to keep him which esn that's what they did for all of their talent. Alan when sports net got the rights. That's why sports you know. Kept their crew of Kip Rios and all those guys together and and the the panel that everybody loves loves over at TSN state of TSN because he paid them very handsomely so while I enjoy a good fantasy casting. Emily the idea that Ray Ferraro tomorrow would be even an option for this hockey night and candidate job. Seems patently ridiculous given very inside Baseball Phil Castle as hotdogs. I know well that's why. What are we doing if not Trying to entertain educate on this podcast. Speaking of which here's your headlines Dateline Raleigh so a video in viral before he did this show this week showing a hurricanes fan holding an ice cream cone being distracted by looking at someone someone's phone another Carolina Carolina Hurricanes Fan sneaks by him steals. The ice cream cone begins eating it. Attempts to put it back in its holder until this guy turns around a little bit and then the guy just kinda walks away with the cone. The question here as it's been a raging debate in the ESPN and ice slack was his real or was this fake. This was completely staged and my number one piece of evidence is watch the video. Nobody holds their ice cream like that. Yeah I mean if you're looking at a phone and you have an ice cream cone in your hand and we are going to be consuming it while you look at the phone you don't just kind of like hold it out like your lady liberty which is kind of what this guy did ed one hundred percent all right. I think Sarah citizens on a case on whether or not this is real or not. Please do follow. I would trust her to do. This is definitely her wheels. She is of course it beat writer for the athletic on the Carolina Hurricanes look out for her coverage on this Dateline Arizona. Oh by the way. I think it's real because because I'm naive. John Shaka has another year and a half on his contract but recently got a contract extension from the coyotes. Does he deserve this interesting. Timing but also not interesting timing because there is a new owner and he's come in east taking stock of what he sees. That's Alex Morello Carello and look. I don't know if I would be in. The business of having. Long term incentive for people who still have what in hockey terms is a long-term left on their deal But in the picture bigger picture of things John Shaikha took this team out of a rebuild. They're looking competitive now. He's made enough splash to sell tickets in the desert which is good enough for them. And let's face it He's not the most expensive general manager and the League and they probably got a pretty good deal on him so I see where Arizona's going with us. I also think there's something to be said for consistency. I'm sure that Morello comes in. And he asked that the organization is on a certain course. Whether you agree that course or not I mean there is a plan at the very least and You know positive. Momentum can be used for pretty quickly if you're changing at the top so so listen. I've talked to John A lot. He's a very impressive guy. It does not shock me that putting him in a room with a guy like Alex Morello. He walks out with a contract tracked extension. Because I think John is someone that can really sell you on the idea that he's got the right idea on what to do with this franchise again. I don't I don't like a good number of the contracts. They've handed out just because I feel like they are investing years into guys that may or may not be foundational players. No argue the world. Yeah but at the same time. There's no argument. They've they're playing well and he's got a coach in place and there's a very good chance could end up being a playoff team and if that's the case then that he's building something pretty good there so see what happens. Dateline N.. whol oh man? WanNa Tyler this story Hillary night our good friend former. NFL Player for mercy. WHOL player told the Associated Press that the National Women's Hockey League is quote a glorified barely except night? It's glorified beer league to me. It's serving a purpose but it's not elite talented players that are playing at a high level. There was backlash against night from from a Women's hockey punditry saying that. This is not exactly the line that the women's Players Association should be putting out there at this time especially when there's been little to no contact between them and the NWEA Chelsea and serve their declaration that they weren't GonNa play this year. You've you've covered this situation creation extensively. What's your take on? What Hilary Knight said? I think that there is a second wave messaging going on right now with the women's Players Association It's no longer About the dream gap tour and giving girls something to latch onto and it's still is that but they also want to remind people that the there's no opportunities available that they see fit and there's situations last year where they had to get their own laces and their own tape and scramble for for ice time and it's really not a professional league and I think that message we're GonNa Start hearing again and again. I think Hillary night definitely took it to the next level with her imagery that said Hillary night always speech to hone and look. We're all talking about that quote so I think it was not necessarily coincidental. I agree that it can be detrimental to the women's game because there is this going on and hey there can be two weeks at feasibly exists in the future and then whol can thrive in the women can get their leading perhaps backed by the NHL that they want and perhaps it could be more of a minor league system. I don't know but it definitely sparked a little debate and I don't think it was totally coincidental. What's your reactions to? This are one who who does she think is going to populate these teams in the whol like. Is it not going to be any end. whol players that you just called all basically amateurish in garbage? I mean it doesn't seem very. It's kind of counter-productive when you're trying to sell the idea that there should be a women's League league that you're saying that the some of the women that are going to obviously playing in this league are inferior for having. I think she was saying that. I think she was talking. More the League in general and what the League can provide the players. Well she said it's not elite talented players that playing at a high level. I mean she did call out the players as as well I mean I. I agree with you that she's obviously talking about the infrastructure of the League but she's also kind of saying of this not elite elite players in the league the products. Not I mean that's players in the league aren't playing Eh. It's there aren't enough players on the Canadian American teams to populate a National Hockey League like you're going to have to get former. NFL All players and see who players to play has about two hundred players right now. That could if you feel that was Europeans. They can make a league back but I found that we had a break of the other thing too. Is that at the end of the day whenever these topics come up when it comes to the interview H. L. I feel like the NHL to take some blame the they're the ones who set up zero sum game of as long as there's a women's league in existence. We're not going to really have any salient conversations or or productive breath the construction of women's League of our own so to get to where the elite women want to get to they have to trashed lead that exists and not play for it and denigrate the product until it doesn't exist anymore. It's a great plan. I think there's a certain amount of land at the. NHL should take for that for having set that up finally Dateline Schilling Disney plus is available. I'm sure you saw Adam Schefters tweet it's GonNa Change Your Life. Your life is going to change. Lives lives lives floral there. There is actually a hockey hook to this. Though on top of letting you know that Disney plus is now available in the mandatory and was great the mighty ducks reportedly getting a reboot on our own streaming service EVLI. What would you want out of a mighty ducks television series on Disney plus? I'd like a little a little bit of a kinder depiction of Iceland. This time around. I think we should go back to Iceland and maybe go to the blue and all the other things that we tourists have come to enjoy that a great city thanks to their excellent airfare deals to get to Europe maybe they can explore other emerging hockey markets can play the Kenya `Isileli and maybe just jet set in that way way. I'm open to all interpretations so your idea is a pretty good one like turn the mighty ducks series into like the World World Cup of of of youth hockey. And Yeah for sure maybe show as well you know yeah exactly exactly exactly selfishly. I'd love to see Josh Jackson Become Emilio Estevez Joshua Jackson in return and be the Gordon Bumba Bombay series only because Dust Jackson has driven during the affair. Pat tastic actor and I would love to see him. Be The coach for the revamped mighty ducks. That's my hope. And also you know my wife would probably watch it with me. Josh Jackson is the hope is the coach of Eddie ducks all right now. Time for the the rant line branch on from Saint Louis here they Should be happy poussaint Stanley Cup champion first place in the West. Why do I feel like this team is going to be a disaster in the third period just thought the game to win the game? I love over time. It's fun I'm tired of overtime. I don't want to eat on score another game winning overtime. We're trying to go unless they have to. I guess I just WanNa win the regulation because that's much escorts. Am I crazy. I guess I'm I'm just a I don't know so to answer your question. Yeah I do think you're a little crazy. You're the first year the defending Stanley Cup. Shange in the first place in the West you take wins you get them and maybe it's something David Peron but it's okay if he keeps going overtime winners for you. Yeah I mean. It's sort of a weird juxtaposition to have praised the team for their you know non hangover ackerman and then they have of loose fan call up and be like oh by the way things are horrible. I don't I don't know what to believe anymore. Quite honest with you but to put a five point on the Saint Louis Blues in the third period this season sixteen goals four four and sixteen goals against so F- zero sum game as far as the collapses are such I suppose anyways if you want to call the rant line and complained about your first place team we're always available eight six zero five one six ten twenty nine. Even if you're like you know you're a seahawks fan you're just like Oh. I hate my team. Winning overtime. And stuff and beating undefeated teams Smith has to be so good at calling heads or tails and letting it the right one Yeah I mean a times. If you're out there you WANNA complain about your team defeated undefeated football team you know and being league with a blues fan complaining about his first place esteem by all means rant line is open all right. That's ESPN nicest week. I'm Greg Luzinski can follow me on twitter at wish ski my Instagram Graham is listed somewhere my my twitter and you can go there to look at Pan stuff and also so the wishlist. This week is GonNa talk about the hockey hall of fame and it's also GonNa talk a little bit of Don Cherry soft so do check out on Thursday to not happen tickets at all all issues. I can't wait Emily Kathleen at Emily. M Kaplan on pretty much all platforms and. Thanks for listening bye bye.

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Ed Belfour: President and CEO of Belfour Spirits and Hockey Hall of Fame Goaltender | #ThePlaybook 295

The Playbook

21:05 min | Last month

Ed Belfour: President and CEO of Belfour Spirits and Hockey Hall of Fame Goaltender | #ThePlaybook 295

"On this episode of the playbook I have Ed Belfour, President and CEO of bill four spirits and hockey hall of fame Goaltender, and we talk about how a goalie actually sets his goals join me for all this and mort on the playbook. This is entrepreneurs the playbook. Each week I bring you some of the greatest athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs to talk about their personal and professional playbook to success in what made them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host David Meltzer this day melted with entrepreneurs, the playbook and I have a special guest. He is president and CEO Abell four spirits. Oh, by the way, he's also in my opinion, the greatest hall, of fame, Nhl goaltender of all times Ed Belfour welcome to the playbook. Well thanks for having me. Dave, much appreciate your support on the Amazon you today. Yeah. Well, you know I'm really intrigued always how people make the transition from profession legs with no pun intended the spirit of excellence that it takes to be a hall of Famer and how that carries over into being an entrepreneur, and there are a lot of similarities in fear in pressure and teamwork leadership. All these different things that I've learned throughout the years. What was the number one skill that you think translated bass from being a hall of fame goal Goalie Goaltender into being an entrepreneur Why think you know? As a goalie, it's a, it's a very individual or. position in a team sport and you know transitioning into the business. World you know for me being a CEO it's very similar where you know on kind of in my own little world in visionary of the business and You know like playing goal I was back there. You know everything kind of relied on me being really at my best and. When I was at my best, we did really well, you're on a team and you really rely on your team to play hard in front of you. Your coaches after do a great job. You. Know it takes a team to win. Those are the things that I learned throughout my career is that you can't do it all by yourself. The great team in front of you, and that's what we've tried to implement with Belfour spirits is that a team mentality philosophy Try to surround myself with great people and That's what we've tried to do here. We have nine on our team right now they work really hard at. Every aspect the bell four spirits. We take all of us take great pride in. Promoting Belfour Spirits, and doing the best we can at our roles and you know that's a key factor in winning hockey is everyone doing the best they can at the role that they have been given. In our team does a great job of that and You know we just knew head, but we learn every day. We get better every day. That's our goal always trying to get better just just like when I played hockey. Sit On my laurels. After I won rookie of the year in the business you know I always tried to get better each year learn from my mistakes and that's the same. Things that we applied to bill four spirits. When you transitioned over you know he spent so much time to be such a great goaltender But when you start over all the athletes that I worked at when I was with Lee Steinberg and of course Warren Moon and bring up my Canadian business partner another great Canadian. Football player but he He had difficulty because everyone assumed because you were so good at what you did that you must be good at everything and you know starting up in business I know one thing that we have so much to learn. I always say the best thing I learned when I started my first business was i. don't know what I don't know so I'm GonNa find out who knows it instead of learning it myself because it's really expensive when I learned it myself in what was that challenge to kind of reengineer people's vision that eight just because I'm a hall of fame hockey player doesn't mean I know everything about running a business. Yeah. That's. That's very true You know when we first started this about seven years ago. We were green and didn't know anything about it just like a when I signed my. Contract Eighty, seven with the Blackhawks You know they sent me to the minors at the time I, was devastated in in heartbroken I didn't WanNa play reminders, but it was the best thing that that For Ed Belfour and and my career. was to go play three years the better part of three years in the minors and learned a professional game. And the same thing's happened here with our whiskey business. I tell everybody we've been in the minors for about five years and You know we had a lot of ups and downs and and mistakes we've made you know a real learning curve going on you know and. So, that that all comes into play To, help develop the brand and the business and I learned from my mistakes and like you said, he tried to surround yourself with with people who are experts. That's exactly what we did a at the moonshine. University Dana and I went to school and we built Kentucky to learn all about this business. We hired consultants from that school that are still on our team still help us on a everyday basis. So that's exactly it. I don't know everything. But I'm really Willy Really willing to learn as much as possible and You know I think that that's a key aspect of my personality and what help you know give me through my career was You know always willing to learn and get better and that's the way I try try to treat Belfer spirits to. Don't want a lot of guys just transition to the Y. is not really an issue because they're so purpose driven. So passionate that ability is no problem at all but where they have difficulty is where you seem to have just grasping right away as I call the what you know, what do I do, and I would love to know how you came to the decision to get into the whisky and spirits business. While at the end of my career. I was trying to find something. You know the first couple of years you're like, yeah, I'm GonNa go to all these things never got to do. When I was a professional athlete now I get to go hunting and fishing and hiking traveling. Visiting people on vacations. Well, you know you soon get kind of You know board without a little bit because it really not that many people that have the time to do that because everyone else is working. She can only do so much that, and then of course, you know used to make a good paycheck that definitely comes into play You'll get that paycheck anymore after you're done plan. So they had finished his career right after mine and we wanted to do some together My daughter is a finance major. So the three of us got together and we said, let's let's get into the alcohol business start researching Solo we start, with Lakha and quickly realized that that market was very saturated and the whisky market was starting to take off and We find you know whiskey much much more exciting and creative a Nevada. And growing up in Canada you know I was used to drink and Ryan risky and so I already had a liking for whisky. So, kind of fit perfectly with our personalities. We quickly realize everybody in the Whiskey business loves to have fun and they work very hard just like hockey players. Do you know we work hard and play hard when it's time to have a good time party art and? You also fits perfectly with our personalities said and. The business is very creative. I'm very creative twist essays exactly alike. So I do a lot of the research on the barrels that we choose to age are whiskey in. Which is a lot of fun. You can create some really unique flavors from the whiskey. It's own Nashville's we've learned everything you know from all the grains, the barrel selection would selection that goes in the barrels of the toasting and charring. That all comes into play the piece of the enzymes type of stills. The water use and we wanted to be hands on with everything from start to finish. And we have plans to build our own distillery here. Hopefully within the next year in Kentucky we feel that that's a great home for Belfour Spirits distillery, and we look forward to that day. One of the greatest challenges of a professional athletes of athletes of human beings of business people of entrepreneurs, and especially in the spirits business is consistency but in order to be the best. One of the best to carry that spirit you have to be very, very consistent about what you're doing. Did you have any tips or tricks or lessons that you've learned about how to stay consistent on those days where you know it just didn't want to do what needed to be done out you know there's no doubt that you're consistent performer. How did you stay? So consistent in how do you stay consistent within the business that you're working in now? Well. You'll. It's. It's definitely again it's a learning experience and those those days that I spent are those years that I spent in the minors of perfecting a might trade You know you learn about your equipment. You perfect. You're. Very hands on with Mike Levin. Toward apart and help to redesign it and make it the way I wanted. I was very hands on with that. I'm sure the equipment manufacturers who were pretty sick and tired of seeing me come through the door and say, can you do this? Can You tweet this? You? Let's try that. Very experimental in the with my equipment and. You learn all those things in the minors and you create a routine for yourself that you learn. FROM GAME TO GAME FROM YEAR TO YEAR That helps you feel the best you can on every game that you play. Now you're not gonNA play your best every game I can feel your best. But over time you learn a little tricks of the trade that at help you even though maybe you're not feeling great, you learn how to get through that game and still win. or at least. Not Get blown out like can happen sometimes when you're off and. The same thing applies that I you know felt for spirits. Learn about our. Learn about. All the different barrels that we can use the grains. So we've been learning all about that stuff research and development just like with my equipment in my hockey career, and then we try and create a routine and a once we get our our story. Those things will fall into play just just like they did for my hockey career I believe. You pay attention to details. Everything that you do you document. Everything you do. You Research Development you hang onto the old samples you hang onto the all barrels you use and you learn and. Over time you try to create that routine that that creates that winning formula and we a lot of taste testing You know we we ask F experts for their opinions of our our whiskey and I'm always about getting better in learning in making R whiskey better and better each time we we make it so. Over time just like my career when I first started I was pretty good goalie. But by the end of my career, I was a great going and you know I got that way by you know always wanting to learn always wanting to get better and all those same philosophies that I for for students. And again, I can tell by the quality of the product as well as quality of your play. One of the other interesting things is you'll people think that you were overnight successes and you can hear from your story a even on the ice you earn an overnight success and of course, in the business world I've never met one person that was an overnight success. It just appears to be that way. Have you ever thought about quitting either on the sports side or the business side and if so what kept you going on? While there's always good to be those bumps in the road. Tough Times where you just feel like you know things are just. Going my way and you know I'm not feeling the law enough feeling lucky You know when I was a goalie people throwing stuff from the stands and Yelling all kinds of names. And Even your home fans. Bujan elsewhere know tough times and heartache sometimes and Of course you go back in the locker room and you're like, Jeez what am I doing here like there are times when you question but you know for me with with my careers like. I played this game since I was four years old and I loved it. You know second two to nothing in we played floor hockey street hockey pond hockey. You know play for the Stanley Cup ever since I was four years old in all the shitty gains. That's all I wanted to do is play hockey and This is something that a lot of people didn't know but I actually wasn't the only when I was a kid I was forward and. Pretty tough forward. Got In trouble all time lots of penalties and come from a small town. We had two other kids deflate goal and. The other one play goal. Once in a while we got to age twelve, most two guys put goal and it was it was like no one else knows are playing all end. Goal. Is a good thing though that that happened because I don't think I would have made it into any. Chelsea forward in that. Great it's about. Those two kids, they always tell them when. I started over L. before. He was the third string on my team. That's awesome. Last question you know your competitive nature, you're known as an extreme competitor, extremely emotional as well, and I tried to teach entrepreneurs a lot of times how to blend that ferocious competitiveness with the ability to be patient and put our emotions decide sometimes to allow things to happen to allow the productivity that we to manifest itself. How were you able to keep your emotions under control when you're super competitive number one on the ice but also in business I'm sure it is carried over and things never happen as fast as we want him as good as we wanted to. Yeah. It definitely does topics definitely carryover into the whiskey businesses in height would imagine any business of you know I had a car company where we restore a muscle cars street rods called Carmen Incorporated in you know we had ups and downs in that business. To It's going to happen with everybody it's going to happen in life again you know you just you have to understand that they'll seize going happen in. You just gotTa Roll With Arches and keep moving forward never give up just like a my hockey career there those bad days it. We have those days in in whiskey business too, and you just try you don't think ahead and know that there's better days ahead. He'll. You're you'RE GONNA get through this So we've dealt with all those things and I am a very impatient person. But you just have to, you'll keep yourself busy be productive and. Work on the things that you have the ability to to work on at that moment and you know with the with the whisky business, you definitely have to be patient because you're waiting you know six months at a time to do tastings on the barrels and you're like you're just praying that you hope that it comes out good in the first time I remember we did our first aid Of I twelve barrels Dane made. It was it's are limited edition VIP Ri- Very awesome package turn on a beautiful with the challenge on. And I remember the day that they called me. From Woody Creek distillery in Basaltic Colorado, where he was doing an internship and We made our first twelve barrels. He did it himself and he was sipping on the white dog and. The white dog is just amazing. He was crying you so emotional about it. You know did twelve barrels and I said the white dog tastes amazing. While you know we had weighed about six months before we got act there to taste it and. I got a chance to taste for the first time. In just in heaven because I was so happy how a well it turned out now we've had some samples at having turned out so well either and you're like, oh my gosh, what happens to those wants so I have patients. Now, we're trying to get our product all across North America. Of course, covert it, and we only got shelves in October of Nineteen. So you know the last five months have been pretty tough trying to get our products out across. North, America in Canada with the borders being shut down. We can't go to Canada this year hopefully next year we'll get there and You know again, we we try to focus on the things we can control which. Some of our our new production that were were laying down more barrels. So we go to the distillery and we learn from the past we try not to make the same mistakes. But You'll again There's good days bad days hopefully more good than bad like ocoee career and you just keep in mind those those good moments and those exciting times ahead when when you can celebrate with your team awards, you get for your products like we've once looked packaging wars on our bottle, which took us the better art of two years to design and develop two years we spent on packaging. A lot of time and we had to have you know I tell her this is version one, hundred and. You know I'm a perfectionist and I want you are packaging to be as perfect as possible. We're always trying to improve it the same thing with a whiskey. We're always trying to improve it in my mind goal is that every one of our products is as good as a double. That's our goal is to win votes. Double goals from the goalie himself what an incredible journey it's been showing us the lessons of vining light love and lessons and everything that you do a spirit of excellence. No Pun intended in his career as a goalie as well. Of course, in the spirits world itself I appreciate all the great lessons. Add that you've taught us here. Make sure you go and try as soon as you can find it the Belfer. Spirits everywhere here in north. American soon to be in Canada when this is over at. Thank you so much for joining us on entrepreneurs the playbook by hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note, I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success don't forget to continue by sharing, subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes this Dave Meltzer with the playbook.

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Ground Zero Media

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"I'm Clyde Lewis you're about to listen to a sample of today's ground zero show. I'm Clyde Lewis. And this. Is Ground Zero. Ground Zero covered you live. All over the country. Hundred pages across the United States. Also or online, but going to aftermath that FM talks replied. Dot Com also has links to the program. It's all free you streaming. Streaming from free listen lives of your recorded or otherwise preempted in other parts of the country because the election or other. A urgency's or even sports were available online at aftermath, FM. Also used to entirety in podcast form by going to aftermath dot media aftermath dot media provide you with documents in books and all kinds of videos. Cool things along with the shows. Also here, some of our montages uncut a lot of great things going on at aftermath dot media. It's four ninety nine to start up with just the show's archived or you can get the full library springs at nine, Ninety nine, and there is a yearly special you can pick up on his well, just go to aftermath dot media. That's aftermath. Dot Media. I don't know if I. Don't know if anyone remembers a show that I did some. Three or four years ago. I was actually. Reading One of my occult Chronological Histories of alchemy and WICCA satanism and witchcraft. I have a three or four those books in my library physically, and we through a whole. Library of grim wars and other. Religious books about satanism witchcraft alchemy and and and basically the Christian books that we throw in. And we have few others that are like books with people like Alyssa, Croly, and others. But. I think that's the biggest misconception. A lot of people have I think about? Reading the coal to read about the occult or Alchemy. wicker. I mean there are many sides to the story you have the Christian side of the story you have. the magician side of the story of the Satanist side of the story we have the the witches, the pagan side of the story. I mean it seems that You back to the fourteenth century. Fourteenth Century is when everything started to hop everything you know I'm sure that people will argue that maybe before then things were like you know dark and magicians were doing their thing and they were, I'm sure. We're going back to the fourteenth century. Seem to be this. Deadly Movement of defying the divinity of Jesus Christ. In this idea was not passed down because of some tradition. It all sprang ready made for the horrors of the time. I was. Interested in article. Wi- actually headline in the article really didn't live up to the headline but. It was about how? Exorcist claim coronavirus pandemic increases demonic possessions. Were number of exorcists in Manila. Others in the Philippines others in Rome. All saying that negative. Excessive negative thoughts weakened. People because of viruses and all this other stuff. It helps things along. To bring. About demonic possession. Reminded me the show we did about Belva Gor-. Now. belvoir is the demon of sloth and I'm thinking you know some people really thought the show had some insight, right? And some people were offended because I was identifying the demon of Slav because nobody understands if you have to banish demon, you have to its name. So says was Belfour. I mean the only way to evict demons. And Diabolical spiritual forces is to have a healthy diet. Of positivity help of prayer healthy diet fasting healthy diet of. Earnestly seeking out the light rather than to dwell and soak in the darkness. And There's a lot of fear right now that something is going on behind the scenes. And then possessions I. Guess You know in this medieval way. Are. More or less the ready made. Fear because of the times we're in the horrors of our time in times of plague disease, we find ourselves in moments where people lose all hope in the process. Expose themselves to the lower powers in that very process. They also open themselves up to more suffering and disease. and. It's that vicious circle that overtime. Places in that moment. Vulnerability it was written in one of those. Members about the grim wars that we have in the aftermath dot. Media. These grim wars, I had this library and and I was reading about in these chronological histories of alchemy WICCA satanism. That and Also, its relationship to Christianity I was reading about the old seer, the old sage. It was one wise sage that said. that. When a demon or the devil knocks thrice on the door where you live. You must address the creature of the abyss and identify and kindly Senate on its way because he it will bargain and coerce you. Into giving up blood and soul. Now. After repeating this on the air I recall one night. After a show. I arrived at my home. In my usual way, I prepared for bed. I went downstairs turn on the television. Did some binge watching us in my favorite TV shows And it was not unlike a night tonight where it's very cold winds blowing in the wind was blowing outside and there was a missed rain. Was Falling, which made a blanket night I. Mean my blanket night is I like to get. I have some heavy blankets, weighted blankets I'd like to put around the and they're weighted down. So they keep me nice and tight like a warm. Burrito it's kind of a nice comfortable feeling and I retired like normally do my room about two am and his drifted off to sleep. I actually heard what I believe were three knocks. On the door downstairs. Believe me. I. Was Startled I. Thought I was hearing and then. It happened again. Three. Distinct. Knocks. Now I didn't want to wake my wife for startling anyone I. Mean my wife was Plug I. Don't I have everything I'm very aware but I didn't want start anyone so I threw on a rope And I cautiously. Move slowly down the stairs. Toward the door. And with trepidation I grabbed the KNOB. I unlocked the door slowly. And opened it. No one. was there. No. One. I even. Step out in the cold and bare feet to survey the front yard. And it was quiet. Although I looked down in front of our house. We have a tombstone little cardboard tombstone, we have a skeleton. Who looks like he's reaching out of the ground breaking the crabs so i. I looked around I noticed that the wind was blowing through the leaves on the trees. Was a fire burning in the homeless camp near our house Kinda. Give me a chill that. By closed the door. I breathe a sigh of relief and I got into bed and slept. I've told people and I don't know how many times I've told you that I. I know I say that I I've said before that when there's a knock at the door. It's never good news. Never good news. It can be said that. Right now. The Devil has already knocked on the door. In many people have answered the door. And have let him in. As we see more people ignore their faith because of the gloomy moments in our existence. Last night tuned into armed beyond zero after our show broadcast comment on facebook. There was a there was political rally where it was exhibited Boston a political rally in Boston where a man was dancing on a burning flag. Heart. Claiming to be the heart. Of the president. Now, he was chanting. In holding the heart above his mouth. Dripping blood down the sides of his face. then. He ripped the heart apart and then threw it down on the street. The headline read the man was doing some sort of satanic ritual and from what I saw he was pretending to, but the intent was evident. And it certainly can be said that it's a product of our times just like in the fourteenth century just like it seemed that everything was ready made. For complete and utter total takeover. By the darkness by the dark Lord's by the demons devils. And there are many people that are online that have been on the Internet spring all kinds of stories. That are similar. We even addressed this a little bit with Paul we'd talked about the new satanic panic just like the satanic panic of the nineteen eighties. where we are hearing about. The sacrificing of children. And the drinking of blood components. ADRENAL. Chrome. There can only be extracted. From frightened children, it's the modern version of blood libel in the modern way or the modern day. Vampire Story. But. Many people wish to believe. And I remember you know longtime ago I talked about the very real vampires in places power and I was laughed at. Now I. Mean there's still people out there. I'm sure they're laughing I mean the only reason why this is important I think is because Savannah Guthrie talked about it a town hall with President Trump I know that Anderson Cooper's brought it up lot of people WANNA point to Cunanan say, what are you thinking? What are you talking about adrenal chrome walnut sauce, whatever they call it the pedophilia that the killing of the babies, the removal of Telomeres, all of these things. Are Taken seriously by some people to seriously by others and in any case. It reflects back to the Times. Of the fourteenth. And Fifteenth centuries. Always, remember the devil. Thrice. Three times. And, then you must identify that demon identified that devil. And Banish him away. So that it will not bother you. However it feels as though. People have opened the door wide enough. For the devils. To step in. Eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one, one. That's eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one one. I'm Clyde Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. And we'll be back I'm Clyde Lewis and you've just listened to a segment of ground zero in order to access the complete archive shows in podcast, you must sign up on our secured server at aftermath dot media. It's only four ninety, nine a month for the archive shows and podcasts or you want access to the ground zero online library, which includes videos, audio clips, e-p-o-c-h documents, a social media platform, plus the archive shows and podcasts. It's nine, ninety, nine a month again, that's aftermath dot media at aftermath dot media. Thanks for Supporting Ground Zero.

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How Meditation Can Change Your Life (and the World)

Duct Tape Marketing

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How Meditation Can Change Your Life (and the World)

"This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is brought to you by PIXELS DOT com. You GotTa make those images look great if if you want them to pop you want them to represent your products this is a retouching service to make your images look great hello and welcome to another episode of the duct tape marketing podcast. This is Jon. Jansen my guest today is Tom Cronin. He is the CO creator of the Portal Movie and Book and is leading a global movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily. He's on the road. Right now. Touring with the film on his way to Taus New Mexico. Is We record this so Tom. Thanks for joining me. It's cuts to be so bad if there's any background noise but were moving from city to city taking the film on the right so so your background background was not meditation. You had another career That you spent a great deal of time in and I wonder if you could kind of lead us up to you know what brought you on this path in your past yeah. I spent all apples twenty six year career in finance on a trading route flow. So we'll try to swap some bonds on international finance markets. So if anyone's seen the film of Wall Street distant matching that trading room floor that depicts it very very well in the light east I started my career in the same year as John. Belfour actually ninety eighty seven and you know it was a it was a fun furious fast hectic time and it wasn't what I was kind of prepared for expecting that it. It was one of the things that I just sort of slipped into. So I spent end up twenty-six years in that career but the first few years that I very much sort of fell into the lifestyle that was early nineties that was you know a lot of drugs drinking partying and working really really hard so that confined and combined and escalated insists showing a lot of stress symptoms in my body and That's what led me to eventually meditation because it got so extreme that I got to find another alternative to what I was doing that particular point in time and that was about ten years into my career that I learned to meditate and that was sort of the shift that started to happen. So you didn't necessarily necessarily just chuck what you're doing. You changed your lifestyle. Yeah I got some important thing for anyone. That's listening in business entrepreneurs that You know it wasn't wasn't the job that was the problem. It was the why was relating to the job the White House behaving in the job the whilst thinking about the job and that was the variable so I they had ten years there. I had a very extreme stress response to the job. And that's where symptom shop and if you think of symptoms like analogy to red light on the dashboard and that red light live is really just a signal that there's a trouble Lamont of the dashboard under the southbound of the Bonnet that you need to look at and that's what was happening to me. I was getting all these symptoms but I was ignoring Oranim and once I started to change my lifestyle habits and started to Learn to meditate and bring meditation into as part of my day then things really picked up in a big way and my lifestyle. It's become calmer. Smoother will fluid and I just go very sorry my job and so I- sustained another sixteen years in that job without having any as many of stress responses so let's talk a little bit about the portal movie and book but I guess maybe the first step is what is the portal. was that the name. Yeah the auto is it represents a couple. Things represents that I personally experienced that that I have when I'm going into stillness meditation and it's that experience of moving away from thinking and feeling ailing moving away from the forms of the well moving away from the future in the past and in going into the stillness and silence and then the portal also represents a macro level you know what does it look humanity now. Why forward as we sort of step into this new spice? That's possibility for us to go forward and You know what's on the other side of that so one of the things that you you propose is that meditation is one of the keys to maybe changing the trajectory of the world. I don't think we probably have to go into what what wrong trajectory might be on So you know how do you. How do you profess that? Is the solution film. We sort of Mikey Siegel so to discuss how to the world's problems across humans and if state of mind it's creating the problem then it's the state of mind that can solve the problem but the thing is we can't solve the problems of the world with Stein state of mind that's creating the problems and you know what I saw will change significantly in my life for as ours just continually doing the same thing again. Nothing really. He's significantly changed until I started until I started to get out of that program that I was in that sort of indoctrination but also my own program and my belief systems and get into this a clear a state of awareness without the condition thinking and then what happened was I started to be able to watch my actions my thoughts and then have a very very different set of ideals about the life I wanted to live the life I could live and I say this and we say this happened in the film as well as stories stories that had really diverse backgrounds but very challenging experiences in their life and disability through the use of meditation to be able to shift the trajectory of their path of life and start to create something that was new a more profound and more I guess progressive and more harmonious and if we multiply that into one hundred thousand a million billion in seven billion then we start to see a significant change on the planet not seeing where I come from with the inspiration for the film of the project is to start to. You have a shifting states of mind level of awareness out since of interconnectedness not just without the humans but also with nitro itself and then what happens is a very significant shift will start to provide. I think on the planet how much again those are all very practical as far as I'm concerned but sometimes people need something. More tangible how much connection between mind and body in other words How how much of a role do you fuel? Meditation can play in some of the physical ailments that many people are you know fighting with nothing but drugs today. Yeah it's it's the IT's ground zero. It's the basis for change China. I think on a physiological and by by chemical level and that's a result of the body for me particularly this was the state it was in most people on the planet and currently I reckon reckon which is this side of five flight or sympathetic nervous system state and it's the system within the nervous system or system within the body that is a defense mechanism to protect actors from dangerous situations and we think it's normal to NFL owns and to be using technology driving through lots of traffic and lots of meetings and lots of in busy settled the lifestyle. But if you look it out you know history of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. You know what we're doing in the last ten years or twenty years is just exponentially I've welcoming forever system and so what's happening is Warren is sort of constant state of flying a win win five flat. What happens out Brian Stotts contracting in the frontal region of of the the Brian which is the sort of the the types of region of the brain chemistry starts changing where where where shifting a lot of Cortisol adrenaline or penninsula I sweat blood and wave? Reducing the production Melatonin Oxytocin Serotonin which by chemicals. That helps US sleep. Feel happy and feel love because we're in sort of flying about to go to battle or run from the tiger and so there's no a levels of compassion and empathy and love and nobility to sleep well and so all these symptoms instead of arising from society decided overwhelmingly stressed or a stress response. We start storing fat cells because we might be on the run for days. We're getting by. We start quake lighting up blood. Because we I don't WANNA gushing out. If we get stabbed which leading to heart disease you know we start converting high blood sugar levels because we have to run from the sabotage which is where we're getting a lot of diabetes Beattie's to all. This is just an anomaly. That simply result of many people's bodies banging sympathetic nervous system state now. The beautiful thing is what meditation does shifts shifts the body out of that state very quickly into parasitic pathetic nervous system state and think of Paris pathetic pay for pace. which is the restorative state that the body goes into when it feels safe and secure and there's a calmness that prevails and all of those anomalies of the sympathetic nervous some state to suddenly reverse themselves stop producing Melatonin and Oxytocin Serotonin the Brian Stats getting better? We get better creativity We have better relationships. We get better productivity gene. WE'RE GONNA energy levels at body starts to restore balance and optimize itself. And that's what meditation can do very very quickly. So what are the challenges. I think with You you know I hate to say it but A solution that's not pharmacy based is that there aren't any great trials and studies and science and money put behind some of those but but but at what point will the science be there to where traditional Western medicine will start prescribing. I I think what we should do. is the point of that. Level of compensation is we should look at look at the science of the current research done on the pharmaceuticals and what we find is the generally mas pharmaceuticals run on a success right around eight to twelve percent which is fairly successful for pharmaceutical and it gives the green light to say yes this will work. Let's put put it into the system and it doesn't really have a lot of date saw on into what are the long-term advocation of that because the people that are doing the science experiments armaments of the people that are funding the development of the drugs says not in their interest to spend a lot of money doing research on what are the long term ramifications negative ramifications of using those drugs now now if we look at placebo effect placebo affects generally works on a level of sixty to seventy percent consistently. That is where you take a pharmaceutical drug. That has a proactive Active ingredient in it. And you take sugar pill that has no active ingredient in it and you tell the person that they're taking something that's GonNa make them feel better. Sixty to seventy percent. Generally across the board of all placebo studies is being proven. Debts worked effectively. which is fostered any pharmaceutical studies? Done So you know this other the era that we have to start exploring now. It's not to dismiss anyone that's using pharmaceuticals not what we need to do is suddenly say just stop taking them. That's not the way it all those definitely role and relevance for these in in life itself the what we want to do is do our own individual personal research. That's what I always say to people. Is that if you do. Your personal research does no harm in trying a reason why it's been around for five to ten thousand years and stood the test of time. There must be something in and in the tens of thousands of books that have been talked. It's about it and in the film. What we didn't do was give you a lot of information about why you should do it? What we did was we showcase six personal stories that AH validated for them? Their personal experience of why it was effective. And that's what I usually use in my own sort of. I guess nope promotion of Meditation. But you know wanting to inspire people to just simply use my store because it was just it was clear as die that was effective wife wife. may changing the wise living my life and so we use personal stories a lot. Because there's something Econ invalidate. It's true for that person and therefore it's true in black and white and it doesn't mean it's going to be true for everyone but it's definitely true for them if you've got a website if you're selling products online today you know that the images are crucial actual to how people make opinions about your products and services pixels dot com. That's Pixel with Z dot. com is an image retouching touching service that can take all of your images they can retouched them and shape and symmetry smooth out bumps align shoulders things like that that they can reduce wrinkles. They can reduce and remove lint tags. Everything that just doesn't really seem to fit. Get somebody to do it for you. Accelerate your time to market because they'll give your images retouched the next morning go to pixels dot com that's Pi ex E L Z dot com and find out about their retouching image services. So talk a little bit about the making of the movie. I'm assuming I mean you don't have a Hollywood background and had to figure this out. Is that an accurate assumption. I'd never been evolving film at all so it was just an an idea that we had to watch us. Film as a device to showcase the power meditation that I it for anyone. Business listening in the entrepreneurs listing that A Lotta time. You're reaching new ground having to go into areas that you might not be familiar with and you know what we did with film what I still to this days just drawer roar on people that have walked that path before me have consultants and advisers and people come on the projects that can not just hold your hand but really be potted the the vision and the project and the the I guess the the facilitation of you getting to goal. And you know it's not like you need to know everything everything that there are people out there that can support you with that so you WANNA share a couple of the stories about who will meet in the portal. Yeah we'll get some amazing stories. When we got six individuals stories stories are very diverse backgrounds and Duda is a a a a veteran who was a in the the army in Afghanistan in Iraq? He had some challenging experiences in his childhood. And also some very extreme. PTSD symptoms after going through some challenging times so for the US have Mendan- who was from France and she was the United Nations human rights lawyer and the data she is. Well also had some strategic after serving in some extreme situations around the world and heather who She was the US track athlete and she just one the US nationals in the eight hundred metres and not long after that had broken a back on training sort of run without jumping off. First I keep seeing the water So ends why Vietnamese refuge Jay who had a very challenging up bringing in Philadelphia in very poor circumstances and then got to have it and she facing challenges. You know getting to Harvard thinking that was the ticket to freedom but it just vice new confronting challenges of being in a very the challenging environment. It was not something she's from so they just glimpses into the stories that are moving and filmed and and my Jackie. Yeah directors phenomenal director. That really crowded the project with me just really for this intimate experience. You'll process for them. which is really profound have making? The film is very different and unique web. Making the film is someone said last night with one of the screenings and Santa Fe. Wow that was just not linear film as used to lineage lineage films in that kind of wasn't leading role but it just kind of fell into place to nothing. That's the power of what this is so You before we started recording said you were going from Santa a fake Thomas I think right now and you are kind of on the road a screening the film so tell me a little bit about that adventure and and maybe house if somebody if somebody's listening and they wanNA bring the film to their town process for that yeah absolutely so we're filming quad cities around the US. Where in Santa Fe last night Taio Alston art then New York which starts on the fifteenth through for a waiter think but we'll be New York from the fifteenth through the seventeenth doing is and that's it? Village aced village. I think it's cold and then If they if I can't Sola cities that have screening at are on the website but if people can't say it in that city we've got this wonderful facility where people can actually host there on screening and they can just apply for that throat website. It cost them nothing and we provide the cinema. The film Marketing Materials facebook event. Ticketing all that sort of stuff and just making really simple process for them to be out actually experienced the film in the cinema. And that's kind of where we WANNA keep it for a while. You know the option is obviously go straight to digital traffic data Koran that Interested in trying to keep it in that communal experience as long as possible to go into the universities high schools prisons Until eventually a twelve month is just gonNA keep playing it by and Cape having that experience for the community that sheds by so. I'm sure that you in your travels in your Q.. And as I'm sure this question has come up either. Somebody said You know I tried meditation and it just didn't work for me or I couldn't stick with it Or I'm sure you also have people that just say how do I start so I if if somebody buddy was either tried it could make it work is thinking about you. Know what's your best advice for. How do I start yeah? It's it's a great question and I think it's time on for a lot of people. Stop exploring that because the world seems to be getting more more stress I think They can go into their like laryngitis. Good Meditation Santa in the local city and find a community whether it's a teacher that's going to be able to teach and they're put meditation into four categories agrees There's concentration meditations which are more like sort of Buddha style focusing on the brats or third I we could really focus on one thing com. We've got the Contemplation Meditation which you kind of guided meditations way might listen to that in a nap or youtube or something like that. And that's why you're using the mind into sort of proactively created scenario when your mind to to facilitate an outcome of calmness or an intention you WanNa manifest chanting meditations stations where you might do it in groups in your local community Khotan but the end of Yoga and then you've got these transcending stom- innovations which is where you have fighting Meditational transcendental some dental meditation and they can look up. Some of those centers primordial sound technique is another one of those techniques with. I have a sound that European inside your head so the first step would be talk. Find somewhere in your community the second step would be you can go to my website. Tom Cronin DOT COM. It's got some meditation programs. I can learn. We disrupted opposite that transcendental meditation sort of not disrupted up. But I guess offered an alternative people couldn't access it whether I can learn to to use those deepest all meditations throw a twenty one day meditation program. Get that at Karnal stillness project. It'll be on a portal website soon as well so So that's another option where they can learn with me but in a digital sense where I've got a nice video sent to them every day and like this and then share that meditation journey with me. I'm in an otherwise. Just gotTa Youtube that can be the next shuttle Youtube in where they can learn Is this is lot of freight meditations on Youtube. So we'LL HAVE TOM CRONIN DOT COM The portal ENTER THE PORTAL DOT COM. We'll have all those in the show notes as well so Tom. Thanks for dropping by safe. Travels and look forward to I think right. Now you're you you've been on the coast but maybe you'll have to bring this to the mid West before to we'd love to love to make it across that way said thanks to be.

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Rich Hay and the 1909 Windows Update, Surface Hardware and Xbox  HGG423

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1:23:05 hr | 1 year ago

Rich Hay and the 1909 Windows Update, Surface Hardware and Xbox HGG423

"This is the average guy network in you have found Gadget Geek. Show number four twenty two recorded on November fourteenth two thousand Nineteen Komo here at home gadget geeks. We cover all the favored tech gadgets set by knowing your home user reviews product updates and conversation all for the average tech. I'm I'm your host. Jim Costume Broadcasting Live from the advocate. It studios here and Mike. It was tall for like three days and then winter and now falsely back so I think we're in that weird face phase riches in Florida. He doesn't hit summer all your name. She low to cover the orange trees. I don't have orange during okay. Ah I always just know that. It's a big deal right in Florida. They spray with water and set the flames. Burn the burn us to keep the heat up. I know I know it's a big. It's a big deal here. We just turn on the deck heaters and smoke cigars what we do here in Nebraska Right Mike. Yes when you're not out hunting how wanting we missed you at some point because you were doing some stuff but how is hunting last weekend out and set up a blind and well we have the blind. Hunting opens rifle. Season Opens Sarah and so I might be able to get down Sunday this weekend but next week and it's one week one week for rifle so you really gotta get down there so we bring it down to the farm arm hopefully Sunday and then next week as well and yes. I am like amped up. It's all I've been thinking about the blind GonNa wait a week to even use it you you taken taking him a ham radio out there at all. I am taking Set a set of ham radios to communicate back and forth. We got a few people going with us. And sometimes you know cell service my buddy's got sprint and there's no sprint down the farm where it's at so the radios will be the way we'll communicate rich. Have you gotten into ham radio or were you ever at any. I was Sir when I was in the navy. One of my assignments one of my extra collateral duties was. I was the Mars operator so the Mars Mars was a system kind of HAM radio. Ish Right we could. I tune up her a transmitter and receiver in Radio Shack. And I would make call so. We had this guy in Virginia beach who we'd always connect with late at night when we were in the MED and so he what we would do is he would patch the calls to a local phone number from his gear where he sat and then the Guy I could patch the phone calls on the ship down to the mess decks and there was a phone on six so the guys would sit down. They tell me who was down there. Give me the info they were looking before we patch the call and they would be able to have the conversation. It was manual though. So the the guy on the other end and I had to monitor right to push the transmit button People had to say over in order to release the button so it was kind of a normal conversation but but it was pretty fun. You got that guy. We ended up giving a really after Dr Mike Cruz in nineteen ninety. We ended up getting him a really nice ships plaque and came up with some nice gear for the deployment. Yeah that was in those those days too. We were just starting to get some satellite stuff. Yeah that satellite communication. I got deployed. This would have been for first Gulf War so early so ninety. I think we got deployed down during the National Training Center and at one point we so we ramped up at the end of ninety the we were finishing. Yeah August of ninety. I think I wanna say or something like that. Something I think is when Saddam went in and We went to a center. We were at the National Training Center fort when they brought us in this big room and I can only imagine how expensive today we do all that stuff on the Internet for nothing but in those days I can only imagine was pure satellite a delay maybe two or three second delay right outlines inspires operated though. You always got to call home because you operate it again knives able to call home about once a week now my last deployment no. So that was ninety. Seventeen years later her on my final MED cruise deployment. I had a phone on my desk. I could pick up and down your permission in. Oh three so my my nephew view was Army Tech Engineer Guy and he went in and set up networks for you know they would deploy and he would set up a network for platoon honor for a company that was in and so they would get satellite Internet access up probably some of the first thing and I could call him and what we did mostly messaging but he was Iraq and they were doing they. Were doing what they were doing in two thousand three in Iraq and Afghanistan and although that was not quite yet but they So I talked to him more when he was deployed in the Middle East. Then I did when he was here in the United States because he was in a t you know using a using talk somewhere right trying to get things up and running and or they headed up and running and he was the overnight guy and so. It's just very interesting to go. You know from from ninety Satellite Communication only and shoot. When I was in when I was in Germany in the eighties? The late eighties eighty six. Eighty seven eighty eight eighty nine. A phone was all you had. It was a I was a buck. Ah Minute Right. We went from that to convince two thousand three doing. ICQ or instant messaging. I talked to my brother in. He was in downtown. I am Baghdad. Because he just made that run in with the Third Armored Division and I was aboard the Lasalle at sea and we spoke to each other once he got settled in Baghdad. Yeah just an Ip in a lot of ways and so you just crazy to me how we had gone how far in a decade we had gone Of course technology so well let me remind everyone. Of course you can listen to show on our APP speaking of easy ways to do things it sometimes. It's hard to find. Maybe you don't have have a podcast APP or maybe just WANNA listen on the road and you'll have a stream you don't WanNa find it streaming sometimes a hard thing to do When you're doing that the APP does it like in two button pushes so home gadget? GEEKS DOT DOT COM download. The APP Android iphone. Either way gets you in there. It's free one of our Patriot. Subscribers for that easy way to do it join us discord the DOT TV slash scored facebook the average average Guy Dot TV slash. facebook rich is with US tonight rich. It's been awhile since we've seen it down long but welcome back. Thank you appreciate it. You know you've been you've been staying busy on the Microsoft side a lot of things going on and You're back from McKnight. You've you went to the surface event or we're gonNA talk about both of those. Let let me. Let's start by this though last night. I think it was last night. I started checking my computer's here Nineteen O nine is it was ready to go to in so there was there was a cute update. There was a the malware tool update and there was a dot net update. Yeah those things took fifteen fifteen twenty minutes. Let's just say to get those done just to go through the whole process. That's check download. Install re blue berets twenty twenty five minutes for those and then one thousand nine was there and I was like Oh okay. This is another thirty minutes. No five five. If you read the blog posts they put out this week so something thin about nine hundred ninety nine. So normally we've always seen these great big feature updates right three to four gigabytes dependent and came down to your system and that would take a really long time with nineteen eighteen o nine it's basically a cumulative update to nine hundred ninety three. That was released earlier this year. The interesting part is though they actually dropped the bits for nineteen o nine on consumer devices. Last month they were sitting there dormant waiting and then this month that update that pop for nineteen o nine was simply and enablement package that flip. Flip the switch and turned it all on and gave you the review. Now we the big question will be. This is the first time Microsoft's done a major feature update in the spring and a small kind of cumulative update in the fall. We don't know how that's going to continue right. We don't know if that's going to be the cycle. I think we all believe that that would be the case but if rumors are true there are some rumors out there that we're going to see twenty one in December or vinyl is and then we'll see it in early in the year right and then what would be the next one would be twenty twenty eight to two which we're not seeing. We don't see any builds up right now that we would see sometime later because they they just moved windows to a an as your update cycle Michael to get in sync with the as your team. Yeah so it'll be interesting to kind of watch what happened. You have any reservations on this. I mean the last three have been kind of not necessarily great now and I think nine hundred ninety nine is going to do okay. It was it was waiting for me on a on on most devices but I the surface laptop because it was new. Do I just left on nine hundred ninety three because I knew it was going to pop but cumulative updates are always lower risk than a full blown feature update right. There's he's got to do a major migration of your because what I don't know if people understand when you install a feature update with Microsoft windows Ten it's basically migrating all your data away from the current install Paul installing the update and then migrating that data back and putting everything back in place including your apps. Your programs your settings everything so it does a pretty significant amount of stuff in that timeframe timeframe part of the reason why it takes along with a cumulative update. Everything's in place really. It's just a few small bits. Get updated to push you over to nine hundred ninety nine and it did get a little handful update but nothing crazy major or anything like that. I haven't heard of any issues but I haven't checked the update history page lately to see if there's inning blocks backed them. I've got twenty each one in the fast during running on my surface pro three that baron. This lowering they released that to the slavery they did slow the same thing right if not the same built bill behind just got one thousand nine hundred one three on the same day that happened later that day they released nineteen o one or no yet nineteen zero two three came out for fascinating. You keep it up this weaker your area yes yes all of it. Do you care Mike Are you tracking all in either windows builds in anything. You're doing well you know I. I used to a ton especially when I was running. You know because I had this Mac dual booted and I would use windows for when I was live streaming things like that. It really was a daily driver for me. The only windows box I have running twenty four seven now besides special uses is my sight hound box. I use for video surveillance just a little box sitting over there in Iraq. So I've I've kind of fallen out of of needing to be in. The know of winning choices are coming out what they're GONNA do. Should I be upgrading. Should I not. It hasn't been as much of a thing for me since I got out of using the windows side of this machine every day rich I get this feeling that for most update folks though so watch. It's going to get really boring for the next six months to. Don't you think this kind of stable. We've been testing twenty one. Since like the beginning of this year they put it in. Skip ahead ED and kind of freaked everybody out that they did that right because it was out of sequence. So we've had I forget the count but we're up over thirty five builds. I think for twenty one in in the course of the last eleven months. So it's certainly getting extensive testing I I think I have bigger concerns around the insider program and the testing and stuff like that because the claim is sixteen million insiders. I don't think there's even close to that testing insider bills you know. I just don't like me I have but on. I'm not actively testing right. I mean it's they're they're getting telemetry from me. They're getting whatever I run some stuff on it. You can see it right right behind my right shoulder. We're here it's there. I'm I run stuff on. I don't say I would say actively testing there has been a lot to actively test just to be honest. It's Kinda we've settled into a routine eighteen. I guess three and a half years after the initial release of windows thin and I think maybe it's just lost some of that well around having early access and instead yeah well. Here's what I think. They tried to be fast and we had three disastrous builds are three disasters upgrades right with that and yeah we had insiders siders. It was exciting to be an insider in your new stuff all the time and there was stuff to test and then they kinda like maybe back this stuff down a little bit like in well l.. That's not as exciting for insiders. I think after awhile you kind of I mean the insider the the the hub used to have challenges in points. And I'm not saying those aren't there anymore. It's just they don't refresh very much because there's just not activity now that being said there's been I think a ton of fit and finish under the hood as as they're doing some things just get on the Chin right especially with the cumulative update. That's a great chance to work on that under the hood stuff. Yeah No. I just think they've they spent some time. I am kind of making some things stable but stable is boring. Why if you're if you're so it really you're really battling two different worlds right you have a bunch of enthusiasts who are like aches? Throw crap at us so we can complain about it right and then you have the rest of the world who was like. Could you just stop changing right right. That's an enterprise those your enterprise is customers. They don't like that change. They don't like the shuffle. It's one of the reasons why Microsoft made the fall up. Jake good for thirty months for enterprise the windows ten enterprise edition and uneducated consumers still have an eighteen month window. But you gotta give 'em credit right with one thousand. Nine hundred. Three was the first time they introduced some more controls at the user level right now updates. Just don't show up when you hit center receive or centers windows update. They now pop up in a little box underneath and says it's here if you want it you can ignore nort driver. UPDATES are going into a separate section of Windows update so you can choose to install those things you don't have to install what windows update thinks you need so they're they're giving back a little bit of that control to the end users especially enthusiasts inducer. Yeah CA- can't ask this question. Let me bring it up here since I can do that. Oh No it hasn't had any No not that one yet Kennel. His second he basically says What about advice for anyone still astill ones? You mean windows ten would know I'm his question. GOES BACK TO L. here. We're here. Can we cover upgrade options for those still stacked and who runs a WHO runs windows seven so who slack. Sorry who slapped in other words rich. You're on windows seven right now. I know you're no. I'm not nope. Just say you are right okay. January Fourteenth Yep January fourteenth twenty twenty goes away are their options. There actually are some there it it ed. Bought Rights has opposed blocked thing that he keeps up to date and right now you can still use a window. Seven key to to activate windows ten on a device. So I if you have a window seven KIA retail key laying around if you have a device that was installed with windows seven. It's got the sticker you're on the bottom right. The the old certificate of authenticity most of those are still working. Even if you have windows seven on a device that the serial okay is locked in the BIOS. They are still working Mike. It's never shut off. Nobody you know. It's kind of that kind of the elephant in the room for the upgrade right. It's there no but everybody knows it's there but nobody's doing anything about it to stop it and I think that whether that's intentional or not I don't know it's good service. I think it was the right thing to do. Yeah sure or leave Barron available and it's the one last way to do it so yeah I believe still working last. I checked Ed's update on that would require a fresh install windows ten though all right to make this happen. You can't believe you can do windows seven director windows ten anymore. I I think that was possible in those early in the initial release of windows ten. But I'd have to go look to be one hundred percent Joe is saying in place upgrades still says there. You go so download and run the We'll give you the best way to do it. If you're you're on windows seven go to the website create ear. The media creation tool page. You don't have to create media you can or you can just download and do an in place upgrade right from that page. Yeah so I think those are the Joe also still works with ninety-nine tools well I think those your options now that takes away. I think a lot. The only reason and listeners to this show are still on windows seven because you're using media center. Let's just a I mean that's going to be most. It's me still I mean we're we're in that boat is while I'm not you know and you you can't. You can upgrade to eight to keep media center if you got the right pack. It's got a little bit more life left on it does I. You know so You know for most folks to make that Ed jumped ten. They're Kinda hosed at this point Mike and I by the way if you're a regular listener and how you miss last week Mike and I talked a bunch about that about some of what I'm doing to counteract interact with through plex and through an invitation. So you can go back and Kinda listen to that as rich you also spent some time at the surface pro event and Mike and I talked about that briefly right afterwards but give us your kind of brief synopsis. What was it like? What did you see picked up some hardware? Let's talk a little bit but yeah so I tin so I had to invited to this event. I had my normal medium bite that I always get but I also got invited as a surface fan. They're trying to revive five this kind of enthusiast environment around the hardware So they invited us so I opted to go with the surface fan approach because the the email revealed that it was going to be a pretty good deal and in fact it was the So they put us up in a hotel. We had a reception upstairs with a Yousif. Matty some other Microsoft folks. The two football players do the cupcakes right. You've seen the commercials for surface with the two football players. They were there they. They were awesome the cupcakes everywhere to eat. And you don't so as we left that night to head to our room say him to set a surface headphones. They're awesome okay. Surface fans that the mandatory. That's the cans chambres right yeah. It's not the buds. They did announce the buds at that event. But they're I almost wore these tonight but not to but they're awesome. I mean I try them out when they were launched and they were superb and I they're just awesome to US inflation home with them and all that kind of stuff I took a cab from Manhattan to JFK. And I warmed the whole way and just all that road noise was gone. There really solid for noise cancellation. They may not beat out bose or Sony or somebody like that. But they're good and enters adjustments on the can for how much of the outside environment comes in. You can actually turn that off or maximize the noise cancelling so we did that. The new like what. Dial Oh yeah I do too. I like it so that was the night before. And then the morning of breakfast down in the downstairs of the the the hotel and came in and talked to us for about five or six minutes. Just kinda brief us on what was going to happen and where he was going with things and prepared thanks for being there and then they took us to the venue. Actually the bus got lost on the way to the venue. We had to loop like two city blocks in Manhattan in rush hour which is like two hours death. That's like crazy so so you might remember reading some complaints from some of the folks that were there as media about it was a really small small venue right it. Was this really long venue when you were in there. You didn't see it because you were looking at the stage on the livestream but it was really long skinny. Venue and very short the depth from the stage to back right so they brought all us in and there were a bunch of reserved seats already from Microsoft execs and stuff like that. In fact I had Joe Belfour. He's sitting right back off my right shoulder in Frank Shaw big. The COMBI. Rice president was their former marine. And and I had Yousif matty that was there and of course Ralph grown. was there from the surface team. Turns out. He was holding the duo in his bag the whole time during the day event but anyway so we were there to be enthusiast and so there was a couple very We were labeled idiots by one journalist. I yeah the idiots that some to that effect but we were there to clap and make noise and we did well. Yeah I think I did a little bit but it was still fun of it. So we had great seats right there in the midst of things watching them go through that process so it's pretty straightforward right most of that stuff leaked surface laptop three surface pro pro seven. I even think the pro x stuff had leaked right. We kind of knew about that ahead of time. So that was your main hardware so surface pro seven surface laptop. Three the ear buds right the the ear buds that they announced and they announced some other little peripheral stuff and then they surface pro rex and in that was what led into Panos announcing the surface duo and then surface neo and those were just. I mean those were cool. I couldn't get near them at the event because they had him in this little light roped off it wasn't really roped off but use of Medi was on a little this boxing ring kind of set up and you had to be scheduled with an appointment and then you would get it to go up there and talk about them and get some time to take pictures I. I don't remember seeing anybody handle them. Though so and so so as a surface fan so as the event ended they let the media go in that room. They took us to lunch. A couple blocks about a block away and we had this really nice lunch on a roof there in New York City. It's beautiful day and that's when we learned that one of the bone gifts we were going to be given was our choice between the surface laptop three or a surface pro seven with a keyboard aboard the thousand dollar from Intel. AMD One because this is Intel was sponsoring the gifting that so I chose the surface laptop three and I chose the silver. What we didn't have choice? It's the I five eight Gig one twenty eight. It's great device. It runs so well. I mean it's probably going to become my primary traveler instead of surface book to sure pretty light it very light battery. I tested it. It's got this fast charge feature all the new surfaces this year. You get get to eighty per cent charge on your battery within an hour and I tested. That invalidated that works. So it's it's an it's it's got the new I. I almost used it for this tonight. I was GONNA say. Let me try these studio. Mike's because it's got each of these new services have studio Mike von now instead of that kind of single dean mine but but they really did a good job with it. I mean I posted a video on. Read it of me doing the one finger open test right. Because of the balance balance of this thing is so good now you can actually open it. This is not a good example but you can actually open the lid with one finger and it doesn't move on you and I posted this on twitter and then I put it on. Read it and it got like it's the most viral thing I've ever posted on Reddit but it's they've done a really good job with it. The the ALCON Tara is a different kind of got a different Surfacing who it's not clottey if that makes sense if you've used the Al Qatar before and of course I the bigger track pad that track pad is massive and it's the same kind of keyboard sustained grateful for typing and stuff like that but they they've really done a good job but but this is the silver one that cobalt blue is simply beautiful. I just love cobalt blue and so I think you know the surface pro X.'s. Out I get to see a couple of those last week. Because a few people had emitting night and then of course you've seen all the reviews have come out in the you know the early reviews that a lot of people don't understand why norm devices. What an arm device doesn't doesn't do one reviewer today posted their review and complaint plane that it didn't have thunderbolt three now you know the problem? There right thunderball. Three is an intel technology. This is a qualcomm. Chip hip arm doesn't do Intel right. So they're complaining that it's a horrible embarrassment that it's not on there. It can't be right. Because of the device I was sitting with rich woods last week. Ignite in the press room. WHOA away mate? Eight or something like that. One of their arm devices devices because he still didn't have a surface pro x and so so the arm stuff will run thirty two bit APPs in emulation so even though what's an arm processor it will run thirty two bit APP in relation later layer and what happens is uncertain browsers. Don't do this. But most other normal programs thirty two bit programs the IT gets Kinda coded down right into arm operational stuff and that's cashed and that's what runs when run the thirty two bit APP. He I watched him open a browser and it was the most slow is the slowest thing I've ever seen and then he just got the Canary Canary arm. Build for edge. And he he so he was running edge canarian emulation and I saw it really chunky then he got the update for the Canary. Mary arm build and that thing open like that. So if if you understand the the it's not surface. Rt again right. Surface R T would due immolation. When it came out you could only do apps from the store that were compiled for you? Don't arm in fact if I remember right wasn't surface our system on chip or something like that I don't even know if it was a norm. I I got one running right here. It runs my. It's my weather station Mike. You're you're GonNa ask that question Mike. Yeah sorry no no I was going to jump in and say has on the Max you started getting a thirty two bit. Sixty four bit On Catalina which Max latest operating system. They have completely eliminated support for thirty two bit APPs and it was plagued whole completely. You can run a thirty two. Bit App in Catalina. Big thing. They've started in the last operating system at the released released last year. He started giving. You warnings. Saying this is not gonNA be compatible. In the next operating system warnings warnings and and for the most part every APP now is sixty four bit but there are a lot of like Legacy APPs or little tiny tools that were used for very specific purposes. That were still in thirty two bit. I didn't know you started getting to that. Has Windows talked talked about moving in that direction whereas hey we're only going to support sixty four bit or are they still very. We don't Care No. I don't think they've formally said they're intent. In fact news broke earlier this week that it looks like they're going to they're going to support emulation of sixty four bit APPs in arm sometime late next year. That was a story rich woods woods from Neil in Rhode. No Microsoft has not come out and said thirty two bit APPs going away I I agree with you. More and more APPs are moving that direction. Yeah right the people are just I think sixty four bit apps are just better on the system memory all that is more efficient than thirty two bit APPs so but they haven't come out with. I don't even remember. Hearing about Apple. Talking about Catalina in that yeah they have and so a lot of people are having to run you know either dual boot into windows or renting parallels Dell's and run windows they're right or you can even run parallels and run Mojave on Mac Right which still allowed thirty three the previous version. We Afra- Catalina. It was kind of a bigger deal in a lot of people who were just kind of following upgrade path but weren't techies they upgraded in one of their little yet. Didn't didn't work all your major APPS. Right you're adobe suite. You're the yellow masks imposed sixty four bit that they used for something something right and It kind of broke some of those and and for the most part because apple announced it so far ahead of time. Even the little utilities that had development element behind them were upgraded but it was the utilities that haven't been developed in years that people are still using for those are the ones that can struggled. Hey you know what some of those will utilities are actually the things that people rely on a day-to-day basis and they're still using an older version. And that's the big argument around windows seven right that people still argue about staying on windows seven because house of legacy though or or I've got something old and things like that I just saw jogesh chat mention chat about the default installation of offices thirty two to bit. And that's correct. You have to go in and change that if you want the sixty four bit but he also said Windows home server the into support for our two thousand eight and windows some servers in January along with windows seven. We don't talk a lot about those as we talk about Windows seven and windows home server with was the stuff I know I. Eight is good when I loved running that Os when that in this audience you know. I would say if I was going to say the majority of these guys are from those days right. The win- defended. Nobody runs that but then in this audience. There's a good chance they're still a bunch of home service. Run out there rich You know I'm I'm I'M NOT GONNA lie. You know one of the things I never expected in twenty nineteen to still be talking about thirty two and sixty four bit applications like high. Hi Thought we were done. You know when we made the jump to sixty four and and on the Intel side anyway and I just thought God finally finally you know where everything's that's done that's a done deal enrolling forward in really you know with the advent of the arm processing which has struggled to get there with us right and it still is still not yet. Now it's ten is still not great and I kinda think we need to think through the complete architecture picture of everything from scratch and some some regards as kind of like you know. We are still trying to bolt on stuff to thirty year old operating systems. CBS and and I I really do think it Kinda is GonNa take a rethinking of our devices. Now I think that rethinking is is on the. Is it the phone right. I mean I think when we think of android in IOS. I'd you know I'd I know Mac is doing. Is Apple's doing a lot. A lot of things to bring the MAC operating system the other by the way I think they found out. That's just as hard as Microsoft Co founded out with its own phones this you know Fono us and such but man I just Nazia struggling it. I think it's worse today. Understand now operating operating systems just work today so people don't struggle with them. I think as much as they used to ninety five ninety seven windows. Two thousand this figure you had to really know how to do things batch the files in the but I think there's more confusion today about what can and can't happen and I've got this and what can I do. And what can I do you. Can I run these things. It's not run them and drive a truck or car. You know it's just it's super confusing. I think the consumer is Kinda tired of having to figure some of that stuff out. I okay so my label of everyday users right people who just turn on their computer and use it like an appliance. I think the reason why this is becoming more obvious things like what Mike just mentioned right. So apple in Catalina has decided to drop thirty two bit APPs as we see more arm processors coming out because at the moment Intel's armed only emulates thirty two bit APPs it doesn't emulate sixty four bit so if you tried in fact at least they've taken a step now in the Microsoft Christoph Store and the window store on windows tinted mark APPs now. That won't work on that system and the kind of the jury still out on Microsoft's first I arm based windows truly surface. RT was arm based surface to was arm based surface. Three was arm based right surface. Yeah no surface three move not until just surface right. This surface three the surface three surface pro but the three. That wasn't an arm that was the first Intel all right because RT in surface to arm based. Yeah if I remember right so so and those were locked to the windows store so you couldn't put outside apps on their are the closest we've gotten to that in recent few years windows ten S. or S. Mode right where you can't install stuff from outside the store although they've have now implemented a policy that if you WANNA run windows ten S. you can have a setting that you push out via group policy that will allow all the install of apps out you designate him. Though you're doing that through your deployment systems but but so we're seeing our first real. I mean there's in other windows ten on arm devices while the made eight or I think it's the May date that rich showed me last week but we're just really getting into this using using arm as a day to day driver for windows for windows ten and if they truly bring the sixty four bit emulation in. I don't know if it's more efficient than thirty. Two because thirty two bit immigration looks horrible. Right it's Chunky. You GotTa wait on it. It's just got these obvious. Delays compared to a native APP compiled for for that device. So and you can even see it in some of the reviews. A lot of people don't understand exactly what the surface pro x is and what it's supposed to be able to will do or not do I saw another reviewer that wrote because there's no thunderbolt three which there can't be. They can't plug in an external graphics card. They tried had to run a game on it. It wouldn't run the game very well. These devices aren't built for that. These devices are built for road. Warriors Right Peter net books. It is the modern Dave version of a net book in the sense from the perspective. They're they're supposed to be good on battery so low power requirements in that. Sense L.. T. Not this one comes lt capable day one so the chip is it's right there upgradable. That's the other big thing that came out of the October surface event surface laptop three and surface surface pro x Kim both have their hard drives upgraded so they didn't glued the lid down on the surface laptop three this time. It's actually four feet with the special screw. And then magnets hold the deck down and you can get in there and change the SST on the surface pro exits all on the back under the kick Stan one little push of a Sim tool POPs open. There's a slot for the SAM. And there's essential unscrew holding it in Nice. I think that will be your future future. Surface pro line. Yeah that's kind of instead of having to take the lid off you will be able to upgrade the hard drive. I've already saw one guy on. WHO's done it? He's posted the instructions. He bought the one twenty eight unit and he he installed either to fifty six or five twelve so he he sourced the SSD the right kind of SSD and and did that upgrade himself. Now which you said yourself you pick up that surface pro or the surface laptop three three and you said you're GONNA make it. I think this is going to be my daily early. Dr Thinks so Intel based right yes. That's pretty traditional like f very much. It's the most traditional way to run windows in and I still think like we're doing all. Oh He's gyrations Microsoft's gyrations to try and get arm working and figuring out some other things and yet I still think I picked up a new laptop and a new Lenovo although laptop at work and we've switched we've gone. AMD on those. And I asked. I asked him really like really always. Halley struggled on top. I know I know I. Surface laptop three reviews that fifteen inch with. AMD were not very not good like this is always been those things resort. He's always been this promise of competition with md if we can just get amd in there and they're half the price and Blah Blah Blah and then the performance has just never lived up to it it so I asked him Azteca support guys like well. How's that going and like well in the beginning tons of driver problems right because the hardware is all completely different from what they're used to working not all but a lot and they said once we got the driver issues worked out? They've been running pretty well and I've been running mind nine for just a couple of days. Three four days may don't notice a big difference between between my Intel Laptop and My amdi laptop. Now we'll see we'll see how it goes. I'm not a I'm not a performance guy. We he'll come back here in the second. Probably forgot to plug in his laptop the MIC. Mike just dropped out. If you're listening to the Audio version of this so I may be rich. I may be on my first. Amd Laptop that actually is comparable to what it was on the on the Intel side but I still struggle a little bit kinda think like is a amd ever gonNA real trying right. Yeah they keep Tryin Ryan and you know every desktop system I build I build a MD.. Yeah because I can get that little bit more bang for the dollar to Intel in this Red River or yeah I know I know in so I choose to build. Amd Systems and in fact. I've got one two three of them in here running right. I kind of cycle them around from my main in desktop to my this podcast Tamargo and they kind of make their way around the room but and I do a bill probably every two to three years and I always build myself self in upgrades John kind of incremental but I on desktop. I've never you know but I was surprised at how poorly it looked performed in surface laptop three and and possibly this exists because Microsoft just wants Intel to know we're capable of building hardware without your chips. Yeah Yeah I know for sure on the arm I we are releasing and building some arm or some. AMD based computers. Ah But aimed at like. I said Andy Laptops. They'd never quite broken in that market. The Intel has owned that. I know I know I had a I had an HP HP appea- oh Andrew talked me into buying this year's ago and it was in amd based processor and just never really it was kind of in those net book days and it it was a little underperformer but it was cheap. Nothing was specially. You'll save on if you're willing to give up a little bit on perform I have been. And this is the the chip in the surface. Top ten generation Intel Ice Lake. Right really five eight year rant and I'm telling on you this thing and it doesn't quite beat surface book too because the surface put who I have is an I seven eight. I think those were eight Jin so but it I mean I had the original surface laptop and this thing just smokes it. I mean it really efficient and runs. Yeah well I think that goes to say you know you've got a Pity tried and tested You know Intel until base system and a An operating rating system that has been built for twenty five years to do that. And I just think it's. It's tough today. There's wishful thinking but I think it's tough today to beat an Intel based especially the laptop now. The problem is the battery life. So he's terrible right that's intelligence. You know you're going to get four hours. That's kind of. That's kind of what it boils down to is is for but you're so that surface laptop. Three you're really liking it and very much. So what do you think. What's the retail on this in? This SPEC is ninety nine. Yeah that was Kinda the limitation. They put on us for the gift that they gave us. Okay the surface pro seven with the keyboard was was in that Ballpark as well. So that was our choice so this I believe the retail on this in this configuration is one is nine thousand nine hundred still not bad. Probably be some deals at Christmas time and there I think black Friday and Christmas time and stuff like that. I mean today Microsoft had their big XBOX EXO nineteen event launch over in London and they've already pre shown off their black Friday deals sales. I mean there's a there's a deal for the digital xbox one s for one hundred fifty dollars. Yeah Yeah I think it. Just now's the time to watch. I just you know when I switched laptops laptop. SCALLOP has a deal which is great. You can buy your your old device. Came for fifty bucks. Does two things one. It's great for the employees. Like you think. Okay I'm getting a three year old piece of equipment that I took care of for fifty bucks and it insensitive to take care of it right. I mean because you're like do do. Do I want to get to the end of this thing and have a piece of it left to be able to do it so I'll probably move out over to to to Sarah. That worked out pretty well. But but you were also oh add ignite and giving your impressions. You know. Ignite a little more developer focus. This year I would say aspects as well But there was some consumer things to latch onto the I guess I they. They officially launched the the General Availability of Holland's too. So that that I think it was Wednesday of last week that became available for those that are purchasing edge was in the the news the new edge edge based on chromium. And it's it's in preview and all that other stuff right not out preview notes but we still so this is is going to continue to be developed through a Just like chrome does right so chrome. There's a Canary Channel. Yeah that's a daily Bild. Then there's the Dev channel that's updated weekly. Then there's a Beta channel that's updated about every six weeks and then there will be a stable belt. They have they formally announced that the target for general availability. Ability is the fifteenth of January of next next year. So here in about I don't know that's about two months away. So they have released what they ear. Labeling a release candidate that's in the Beta channel so it's kind of it's Beta but it's released candidate so that's the channel because the normal process will be once this goes is that they'll always be canary for testing. They'll always be deaf for testing. And then there's Beta in those are supposed to be kind of from canary being a little less reliable dev a little more reliable and in Beta even more so and then stable of course so stable and Beta both with release about every six weeks you ever take Dev weekly. I've been running this stuff since April as the different channels of come out I run them all. I have them all installed on my devices devices and they run great. I haven't had any major issues with it and of course if you were paying attention last week. The new logo was released for the kind of the kind of separated and separate it right away from the edge smart and what was the original edge that came with windows ten did did you try stream yard on edge edge canary okay. No I'm in edge. Well okay so I mentioned there was Canary Edge Devon it Beta right but there was an accessible build that is an unbranded not branded canary. It's it's the stable channel Link Ebbers. Yeah the link was on Microsoft servers. And when you install this basically hides away the original edge. It's still on. Your system can still be accessed in fact active enterprises instructions on how they can still access it but it basically takes over you can make any of your default but so I'm in that one so I am running a Beta build of edge and doing stream yard net and it's running fine good compassion wise. It's their right -cause it's chrome so edge Microsoft's got at their own library of extensions that have been updated for edge chromium but you can go to the chrome web store an install with one button change of setting. You can install extensions from the story. Yeah Yeah when you think about the future like okay you know you mentioned Holland's in a VR Ar. I we're in a LULL WITH IS A. I don't think it's founded footing. No I don't think it has when when you're thinking right now is going into the Christmas season. What what what are you excited about? What kinds of things? What are you excited about? Technology wise right now weaker works you think about that rich. Where's your ups dude? That's the story is a story. Okay so we had a power blitz why I went out and the that's exactly what I did. Jim By comparison often like the lights dating. I'm like okay I look down. Why a just mess with everything and I had plugged the power strip? That's my essentials. WHO's good I found out tonight my essentials power strip was plug into the right side of the ups which is just service battery so my xbox all that stuff was on the wrong line and then so my Mac so I'm not in coming coming coming to you from the same computer? I had to go run and grab my my laptop because my Mac decided that. Hey I'm rebuilding. Why don't I do that? Update then I've been waiting to hang. Hang Hang Han hang on now. People complain about Windows doing that stuff. That doesn't happen in the macworld it does when you cook the button. Update next time out the next I I right right hey restarted I think you want to insult what'd you told it to do. Essentially I told Jim it'd be a few minutes. I'd run up. Grab the laptop and Luckily I was able to switch some USB port so it shouldn't look or sound any different but now you're better now. I had just asked rich before he came in. He gives us a little bit of ignite so he's been through a hardware and a software event and I was Kinda sorry I was asking him. What's he excited about where you're coming up on? You know the retail L. Moment in America and really around the world and as we think about what we get excited about our technology rich what what might do an add to that well there was one question nationals waiting to ask you mentioned rich. The surface book I think is the new product you have right in front of those surface laps. Three service laptop through. Yeah so as I'm thinking about that so explain to the three of us in this audience who are not Microsoft guys that laptop. Right is the Microsoft branded V. Laptop when I'm I'm looking to getting a new if I'm getting into Microsoft space I think there are right now. I've talked to a lot of people who are typical Mac people who are like. Hey now we're open to a lot of things right. I mean I'm kind of a a mass like. Hey everything's good now. Is that laptop road. Would you call that the go-to laptop for someone who's looking to now get into the the Microsoft space. It wouldn't be a bad way if you don't want to go with the surface tablets style and a lot of people aren't actually because they don't want frank clam shell. Yeah they WANNA clam Shell. They want powerful laptop. They can use for editing for basic browsing things like that. Well this this sister low in right this is the I five eight Gig Ram one hundred twenty eight gigging. It's performing well but it comes in and I seven model right and you can bump up the ram you can bump up the storage and of course that's going to take your. This is a nine hundred ninety. Nine dollar device. You're talking to a Mac guy he's used overpaying for everything that's great so hi. This is paying for the same hardware for I five joke. The apple taxes are real thing. You right and there's a little bit of a surface tax. Okay because as an I can go get an I five eight Gig with one hundred twenty Gig. SSD probably in the five to six hundred dollar Ballpark to get a really nice laptop windows laptop but again so there is a bit of a surface tax when it comes to this hardware as well but like I said the the top end on the she can go to an I seven. I think you can get up. I forget how high the ramp goes in the storage so there are powerful options for this. I think for for what I do because this isn't a game machine. It's not built that way. So if you want portability pretty decent battery life decent performance for doing your day to day kind of you know. You're not going to be doing photoshop. A heavy duty photoshop video editing but I think it could be that entry point to kind of because it it is that typical clam shell and the the big difference this time with surface laptop. Three is you now have options for an all metal device. You can get away from the Al Qatar. All right if you want to. And like I mentioned the Qatar does have a different codeine on it. So it and they changed the coloring right on all the keyboards. There are a little darker now. Now they're kind of modeled a little bit more in order to kind of hide. Some of that that stuff that comes on them but if you compare but this assist the surface layer is just got in fact. Ralph grown told me at a surface event either earlier this year or last year. He explained this because they started doing. On those that launch its intended to repel the hand oils and things that we tend to have on our hands at the time so but now with the option of metal decks. They had a they called it sandstone. I think it's basically rose gold. They had a version of that. And I again again. The colors in the sizing is because they did really say fifteen inch surface laptop three so there are configurations that come with a fifteen inch if you want fifteen inch I I think it's only amd unless you go by the business version which is possible. Okay that's an I seven because that whole new line I think if you haven't kept up with Microsoft can be a little bit confusing when you get into it okay. There's surface book. There's the surface all of this. Like what if I if I just WANNA get into it I think the biggest complaint from people from the Mac side who were looking to switch was with the services will that keyboard it collapses and there's a new line out there the surface book line right. Was this that rigid classic clam Shell while the surface book is the one with the detachable. Clipboard the detachable screen. Yes that's that is not where I would go so you have. You have your surface pros right that surface proline with the kick Stan and the detachable keyboard then you surface laptop this is third generation of surface laptop so and then you have surface book wants to K C so it was a laptop is what you allow top is what you're looking at and that's not a bad target convert who would be comparable version. Yeah because when when it comes down to the weight so you know it was like a Mac book air is really what it looks like. It is in far off of that. Look I mean yeah. It's it's pretty thin up there for the screen. Yup It's got the one set advent back here for the fan but it fan hardly ever kicks on when I'm using it And so they've done real good job and these isolate. These intel chips are really good performers. So I was. I was a little worried. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I was happy to get it but I was thinking how I five. I'd really like to have an I seven there but but it's actually turned out to be a pretty good device so feels good to hand like great. I'm carrying it around it like I said that for me. Just the simple ability to be able to do that one finger if you do that with the original surface laptop that sucker sliding across the desk pointer finger for the audio. Yeah so so. They've really and Mary. Mary Jo Foley who is famous for her laughable right thing. She bought the surface laptop through yourself and I think she bought the. AMD The fifteen inch but she loves it because of the balance because of you know that's just opening the lid but that means they have placed all the weight in the base in a manner that really sets securely curly. So that's on your lap or on your death. It feels a lot more balanced. You got the spring right. You've got the balance right yet. The waiting right. And it's weird. I mean you gotTa Get components in there and there's there's a finite amount of components plus where do they go so it takes some really good engineering. It has the surface connect so it still has surfaced connect on it but on the they did add Let me see yeah there you go so USB USPA. And then. And I think that's the headphone Jack. Yeah the headphone Jack. But so they did add. See to it so you can't actually charged via that seaport if you wanted to. But the fast charging uses is the surface connect and it has to be closed you. You don't fast charge when you're using it CA. I never liked that surface. Connect port sort of. They had bigger plans in the beginning. I did yeah and then it just never retained for compatibility. Yeah Yeah Yeah no okay back to my question now. That weaker has distract and as we think of the. I think we're going to the holiday season and you think about you know. What would you get excited about this? And it can be the anything. It doesn't have to be any Microsoft stuff or whatever but what what are you excited about a well. You know I sat and watched that xbox event today right hardwares hardware right. You're gonNA find there's going to be great deals on hardware or no matter what you know if you're running an older windows seven piece of hardware. I I actually wouldn't be paying a whole lot of attention. To upgrade windows seven device I'd go by the new windows ten divided. There's really good deals out there and especially over Thanksgiving in the holidays. So if you've got to upgrade before January why not go do some shopping and taken up to the surface. Laptop is your target or but there's plenty of great deals out there from gamers perspective right. Microsoft today had their big xbox unveils for tons of stuff and I am currently SET AND WAITING FOR ACCESS I. I'm crazy excited for Microsoft simulator flight. Simulator twenty twenty. If you saw the preview trailer for that from e three they just just released a new trailer today. They announced some of the airplanes. That are going to be part of the package that our partners there. It has been absolutely beautiful. Watch we're waiting on Tech Alpha access. They had a few weeks ago in Redmond where they took people to an airport hangar. They had system set up with proper you know yolks and pedals and everything. And so they showed people the game got him flying a little bit doing takeoffs in controlling didn't in the air and then they put them in a real airplane pilot instructor took off and handed them the controls and people were flying after having flown the game. Wow that's great I would have been able to be there. That would have been awesome. I went on that plane instructor pilot. So I'm a Weenie. It was xbox like I mentioned one of the deals they got for Black Friday. I think is an xbox one digital which is compatible so if you're on a four K.. TV You get the HDR apiece. It's one hundred fifty dollars for that way to go. I have an xbox one s and that was so I had the original xbox walks one bright xbox one not the ax and then when I finally got my four K tv I then got the trade it in the xbox one got the asked now I gotTa Hdr HDR makes a massive difference in the gaming experience Microsoft also announced there. What do they call him that thing? xbox xbox all access so this is basically your ability to buy a console with two years of xbox game pass asked which includes now xbox live and what's the other thing so it's like a two year purchase right commend. So you get all that stuff anybody do it now. They let you upgrade to the new. XBOX is coming out next year scarlet scar the end of December. You only have to pay paying twelve months on this console that you get and then you you're eligible to bump up to the scarlet next year when it comes now it doesn't and one question I had was. Okay so do I get twelve months months of credit of payment towards that new Ino- you have to restart your basically you do is you. Don't have to finish out so you got twelve months out of that console you have you still got. You're you're still GONNA have your xbox game pass and gay passes grown a anybody who owns an xbox one. If you don't have gain pass you are losing right. I I agree. I haven't had to mess around with Brian Games for so long. Xbox so basically took xbox life gold took this library subscription of games. Imelda them right so now you get your xbox live in there you get all these games. xbox studio announcements for First Party Forty Games day one in xbox game pass so that means a horizon four was in their day one today. They announced that Halo reach the the first version of that will be on. PC is coming out on December third day. One xbox game pass they won so and every so see the thieves anything built by Microsoft in their game cities which they're growing will be day one available through game pass at no extra cost such such deal so if bus game pass customer right now. It's a dollar for three months. They're doing another one dollar deal if you sign up. It's a good idea. So so the deals are out there. If you're an enthusiast or something like that I think there's going to be great computer deals. I think there might be some companies looking at the window seven thing and maybe time but I think most consumers beyond an audience like yours Jim or enthusiast. Who Know what they're doing? The vast majority of consumers sumers everyday users are probably on windows. Ten by now you know or they've replaced a piece of hardware or something like that. So you know the gaming stuff the hardware stuff breath A. R. VR. I'm not so sure everybody wants to do something there spectacles and all that kind of thing but I don't no no I just my Acer Three D. A.. What what what are they called those days what we call this for Windows Indus ten augmented augmented reality my ar headset sits in a corner collecting dust? Somewhere yeah I haven't had it applications for it. They're kind of funding for kind of a gimmick. While you're doing it and maybe over weekend you play it and then you're kind of like I don't know Mike what about you. What are you what are you what are you get excited about as you look ahead the thing I get excited about? I know that you know windows. Ten and Xbox haven't come together as far as gaming right across bows man what I really love to see is I have. Have you know call of duty as a game to me. It's nostalgic because that was obviously back from my high school days when I was in college with my roommates three. TV's in the dorm. That is the game to me. We all played and I've I've ignored the last probably three or four versions because it just hasn't been the same call of duty this year. They came out call of duty. That was Kinda backed the basics. Which is why bought it? I I I bought in a while and my buddy actually was in town. My college roommate was in town from California. So we bought at that weekend we played But really bring it back to the the tech angle of this is one of the first game that has implemented cross platform in such a good way call of duty the modern warfare the new version the way the cross platform works. You can play with guys if I want an Xbox xbox one s and I can play with. ps four guys and console guys and but the the great part about it is the implementation. When I'm in a lobby icy exactly who I'm playing with I see Xbox I see a TV icon third different console so a ps four or a tower if there but the great part about it is is that as long as everyone in my party is on a controller? It's only gonNA pair me with other controller players players because the big discrepancy here is. I don't WanNa see guys are on a keyboard mouse exactly. It'll put me with guys as long as they're on an xbox controller but it won't put me with them in less if I have someone in my party who's also on a PC keyboard mouse. Then it's then it's the wild west. Then hey you get to anyone but the implementation has been so smooth food and the fact that you have the activision account in the background so I can have a friends list in call of duty that is cross platform so me and my buddy who oh has he has. He's been a lifelong friend of mine since we were three years old. He has always been A. PS Four Guy. I've always been xbox. This is the first time we've ever been able to play together and it's it's glorious but it is just one of the best experiences and I found that even the PC guy is because you're getting paid based off your control. Input has been great so I love seeing the cross platform aspect of all this and I know that xbox and I've been working really well together as far as you buy a game maybe it counts for both The XBOX APP on Microsoft is Great. on sorry on windows great. I've used that APP a bunch when streaming to get a party So it's just an exciting time for gaming I think because of all this cross platform play and but it wasn't the way I thought it would be. I thought it would be Microsoft and Sony kind of getting together and playing nice together. It's been the game developers who have done on their own. They said. Hey we can take this. We'll have our own friends list. That's the only downside. Is that really really. Your friends list is game by game. Not some sort of massive cross platform console based system But I don't really care because I you know it was only a few games. I'm GonNa play across platform warm and duty. I think knocked it out of the park when it came to. This is how it's supposed to be more of. It's coming. They now I forget which game it was today. They specifically mentioned inching Cross Platform Day. One so so obviously it is becoming more and more than focus you mentioned streaming. Let's talk about a little bit about project. X Cloud Microsoft is. That's been preview now for about a month. They said today during this event in London that more invites. We're going out tonight or today to people this over the next day or so. Basically if you've not heard this basically and they added fifteen more games to the library so it was very limited. In the first few weeks of the preview now there are over fifty titles including Madden Twenty four horizon four so all these titles have been added to this so that you basically connecting to the Internet on your phone phone pairing to a Bluetooth Controller gaming on your phone screen and from everybody that I talk to and I've seen it done. It runs extremely well. If you're you're on the I think all the channels xbox insider now have console streaming so that you can do actually within your house right. That was always possible through windows ten but now works outside your home as well so you can actually stream from your console. It's Kinda slick when you turn on your console when you're streaming to your phone. It doesn't turn on the power you know how the big bright button is. It doesn't turn that on so you can. You can actually stream from your concept that right now. I'm not an expert really. I had no idea those even option. Yup Yup I didn't set anything. I just I paired to my Bluetooth Controller. I got a I got the little nifty thing right so that's an xbox controller with an adapter to hold the phone as my headphones so you get the little controller thing thing here you pair it with that and I it really laggy on the home network. I'll show it now that so you get the you get the option in here too. There's an APP that you download you pairing the Bluetooth Controller and it automatically sets up so it will will. It knows that I'm on my home network so it asked me to connect so I can connect to my device and now I'm connect into my xbox was which is in the same on the same network. It's in my living room and so if you were looking at my xbox and living room the light wouldn't be on so it keeps that turned off when it's doing this console streaming thing. I find it why this existed. Rich this is this is great. Yeah and so. Projects S. cloud has gotten all the attention but the console streaming allows you to stream any game on your console kind of the way we were doing to windows ten right. Yeah there's my console that's my consul so start screen. Yeah and in fact they so I can the game that I really test this with is actually I see I I forget you use your controller. Not The not the screen not the screen and so and so this is loading up the game. A little game called race the Sun which is very very low impact if I run for rising four goes choppy so but project x cloud. I'm told run so much better on through this the process. So let's me sign in on there. You go mike. So so the the insider bills if you're on if you're on Alpha Beta or Delta. I believe it's all of the levels now so you can actually really easy set at process using the APP you have to pair it with the Bluetooth Controller for it to work and so there's the game loading up and and I can. I can fly. How do I know rich if I have the Bluetooth Controller? That was the standard no. It's not standard. I think if you get an xbox one s and beyond or an ex you probably because the Bluetooth Controller came out later so you'll have to check that this is the one that came with my ass that is so. Yeah so if you download the APP. And if you're on the preview builds you'll be able to run the APP go through the setup process that send you to your console to do a couple of things and it will connect everything so what they're trying to do here with. The gaming is to get the gaming necessarily off the big screens right. Give it to you when you're remote oats somewhere. So for instance we travel for Thanksgiving. I usually take my xbox with me because I have free time to be able to pay attention to some gaming. I don't know that I'll do that this year. I attempt this mode right and especially if I get an exile inviting the next couple of days work in the system. Hard trying to find one because I really want to give that a shot because it's supposed to be very very good so but cool stuff so thinking about it. Would you have ever ever thought that you could. I mean I remember being fascinated when we could stream from xbox to our windows ten device right I was sitting in my office away from my my my xbox streaming games to the computer I mean that was just kind of well. Let's be honest so that's to directly compete with an attend. Oh Oh Nintendo so the portable portable stuff so like nintendo switch. I think it was not a mistake today. And I'm sure Microsoft had it in the plans to expand the library to fifty games. Because if you uh if you've been paying attention to the last week we'll start. It stadium is GONNA launch with fourteen games in the library so there was a little poke in the eye there. uh-huh Microsoft today to say. Well we're going to have fifty and oh by the way. If you're an xbox game pass subscriber that is included at no extra cost project object x cloud will be when it comes out G. Yeah well it's funny. How we got here? I was GonNa say I thought is we were talking about this. I really I think games like this is. This is the winter of games in. I like everybody. Google's got their thing Microsoft's got their thing Nintendo Nintendo system. Strong right now I mean they they are doing some great stuff in games are just super easy like an and they just Kinda work for people and I just I think this is Kinda the winner of gaming and we're going to spend a ton of time that's actually GonNa Point. It's we're you know. Yeah because of all this portability coming you know. Yeah no I just think about it. We all the you know Microsoft's doing and the new the new hardware the new question. We've got that we've got the cloud Google's going going after Nintendo's going after it so he's going after it I just I we just if you're not paying attention to the gaming space now. I'm not a big Gamer. But it's interesting interesting. It's an interesting space and it's done some things I was talking. I was having. This conversation about gaming is driving. Cloud compute Ah Microsoft is putting these xbox in their server and other data centers. That's where it's coming from. It's changing the way. The data center works as far as being able to provide abide compute. And now there's so much more. GP You compute going in because these games take this who knows what kinds of you know. What kinds of additional additional Innovations that's going to drive as we get more compute in that space so because that's what they're doing again Microsoft is big into gainey amy stuff. It's good business for them. But they are gaining benefits from that for their enterprise work in there no doubt no for sure. Richard kept you long long enough anything else we missed. No you know. There's a lot going on in the build up to January fourteenth in the end of windows seven. They're still going to be folks on windows seven when that happens. I mean there's going to be circumstances that people if you're consumer you gotta find a way to get out of it right and like we mentioned earlier somebody had asked. You can still do a free upgrade that possibility still exists and you know to be honest windows ten runs. Pretty decently on old hardware. Doesn't do bad. I remember pulling out an Atlanta from two thousand and four. Maybe it was that old. Maybe it was like twenty ten twenty but for six seven eight years old and it ran. Dan Windows I upgraded it to Windows ten. Yeah it can run it. It's just if if you have less than four Gig of memory. I think has become the new bottom early. Kinda has is I've been monitoring it here in my systems. Sixteen thirty to sixteen eight are my systems and you can really retell You know especially. I've been watching resource utilization We've been doing some of the stuff by the way. There's no need to do server anymore. For the average Consumer Sumer via right on windows ten you can. Just run hyper V. Iran's great you know and and I've been I've been spinning up. Instances of unactivated windows instances. And they give you. I don't know how long they give you on those things but long enough that not that worried about it At altarum down and rebuild them if I need to especially amend the test space instead that works out pretty well you need to have a little bit Aram for that hard drive space to kind of make that work but it's available on windows ten. It's pretty I don't have to server anymore to get that done Mike anything else you know. I mean the gaming side is just have been so excited about so it was very I liked hearing that updated but I club club. Yeah no I think we're going to. We're not a big gaming podcast here. We talked about it from time to time. But I do think I do think rich. It's this can get it's going to be bigger and better. Hey Okay let's get a quick update on you rich before you go What's so you're doing some other things with the church but in you're not guessing anymore? Are you keeping windows. Observer DOT COM today in does windows servers still up and running. Well technically it is up and running. After four days of China former host to get is so basically another story that's a whole nother ball of wax but yes windows observers still up their win win obese. My wicky is still up there and of course on twitter I am not actively podcasting at the moment I retired the observed tech podcast back in June after three hundred seventeen episodes I M in development of another podcast In the just figuring out the kind of the the lay of the land for that and my plan for that. But I'm really close to being able to do my first kind of Beta test coup of the format when what can you talk about it when we come out how it. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure it penny available. Through all the typical channel so windows observer DOT COM will be the home for it just like it was for observed tech. And it's going to be a podcast that I'm still GonNa Talk Tech. I'm still gonNA talk space stuff because that's still very exciting things to me But I'm I'm the new. PODCAST is going to be called faith tech space. I'm GonNa talk a little bit more about faith in its impact on technology and vice versa. Right right how technology impacts. Because I myself I'm going through Formation and studies right now for my own personal the journey. So it'll be a little bit of that it'll be talking tech and faith tech in space. I live on the Florida coast. I get to watch rockets. Go up in the air all the time time. So I'm still gonNA talk about tech. I'm still Microsoft Guy. Still do my day job right in about enterprise technology and this will just give me an opportunity to kind of expand that out a little a bit good. No that's good. It'd be of the year when I finally step up into good to have another podcast to from utilised in two I miss it I miss it. PODCAST and I think you've heard I miss it too. I've heard from others. I was at night last week and I got Microsoft people walking up to me saying rich when you're going to do another podcast cast what's going on so it was kind of cool to get that. In fact I as I shared with you in the pre show I had enough people come forward right after I I decided that I. I was closing out observed tech that I almost resurrected it and brought it back and I was like and I got closer to doing it and is like nine. It's not there anymore and so there are times to move on. And and that's what I've done there but more common no doubt appreciate it. No I appreciate all the work that you do. Thanks for keeping US up to date with all the stuff that you're doing you and we've had you ninety minutes already and I know you're busy guy so we're going to cut you loose so thanks for coming out with a rich I appreciate it. Have a great and We'll let us know when when that party. I'm sure you will let us know when the desk goes live and we'll make sure we We talked a bunch about it. We'll we'll have you back on in the spring thanks for later take care appreciate it a couple of reminders. As we're on the way OUTTA here or a one time I think our patriots subscribers for all that they do here in in appreciate their work In in thanks I guess I can just say that way you can support the show the just say thanks Jim. Thanks thanks. The average Guy Dot TV slash Patriot gets done as well as a thank Cushion for his sponsorship and what he does with Maple Grove partners get secure reliable high speed hosting from people at you know and you trust plans. Start as ten bucks. It's a month by the way I mistakenly. I didn't do this on purpose. But if you're a regular home gadget keys listener you've got episode fifty eight in the Stream because they've been so long since I released episode of Cyber Frontiers I clicked all the homes. The all the home gadget geek boxes in so it by mistake it came down. Nobody believes me but it was it was true it just came down the channel so somebody pigmy on twitter in was like Hey Thanks for you know. Thanks thanks for that. I was like so I fixed it but many of you got a chance to listen to catch up with Christian. We thank you for his sponsorship of the program a- as well we WanNa thank those who just you know Mike. It thanksgiving is coming up here in the United States now not next week but the week after Dwayne aimed by the way Dwayne Robinson on next week. We're going to get like a double dose of Microsoft over the next two weeks. Dwayne was at the events that rich was out. And we're going to get his opinion doing this. He's GonNa have a hot things to say and probably break some India's. I'm just saying it's it's it's very monfort right. Yeah no right on I love doing comes on. He's he's one of my favorites Guys to interview. They're all my favorites just to be honest but So dwayne coming on and then Thanksgiving Week Week Sammy and I will record live on Friday nights so no Thursday night podcast. That's Thanksgiving be with your family. Do those kinds of things. Mike Whittier Thanksgiving plans. What are you guys? Do we split it. That's the hard part is we're here for part of it We have my family who lives in Omaha. And then we've got the farm. We usually at some point rather here and then we're at the farm and we'll do some sort of thanksgiving in each grade too awesome. Fattening thanksgiving meals usually. It's the weekend after the close of deer season so if we got a deer if we get a deer the last weekend of a opening season that means we hung it and it's waiting for us to stick to processing that we have Thanksgiving giving so sometimes that means we take a deer in now. I don't know what that is on the screen. So this is our thanksgiving. This is what they're saying. Yeah just just to get out of the Thanksgiving Jim just want civilians to describe this one for the audience now so Turkey you know how you do a duck ducan right. It's a Turkey and you Jama duck inside of it and I think there's other things you can get chicken inside the dock and then a squirrel inside the chicken something you think this is a this is what's called a Tur- cracking which is disgusting. Looking thing you've ever seen for the octopus coming out the back of the Turkeys so why not. Why not? Why not a lot of comments? I have here but I'm revolve evolve them. The that came to me while we were doing the show to write. That came from your plans. I know you always do the Best Bacon rapped Turkey you will release you gave me. I think if you have everyone but I felt special. You gave me the recipe last year. Which I've been thinking about trying this year? If I get time super great I just picked up. The Turkey just picked up two pounds of Bacon. It really isn't hard. You make a little envelope with tin foil and you don't even have to do that but it Kinda contains the the very delicious Italian dressing that you put on top of this thing so we now last year we we've the vacancy make Bacon. We've put that on top and then poor salad dressing on top of that. That makes a nice oil base and so while we don't fry it. We smoke it that way. Kinda slow smoke. It in that thing just stays moist the whole time and it's just super super delicious so looking forward to kind of Thanksgiving not way. The kids were back here at the house. So kids will be coming over this year. Hopefully get some good weather and then I say all that to say I just want to say as we get closer to thanksgiving. Thank you the listener. Who every week or whatever whatever your schedule is listen in? Your car are while you're on the line or while you're whatever walking the dog. Whatever you're doing Mike? There's been some times it works. been busy enough. This last eight weeks been like coming up on nine years. I say this about once a year. I think it's this time every year to like you know. DO WE WANNA start looking at the schedule. Like one China the time to bring it in to fifth air at four fifty for landing in our four twenty three. I think today H G aged four to three if you want to get the show on You know but I appreciate and then I come out here and I got awesome guys like rich or think about any of the guests to join us. It's awesome right well and I'm the same way right like I'm at this point in my life where I've got two young boys three and two nighttime as craziness and I always take his. Jim Like we face message Mr Ma. It'll be seven forty five man. The boys are like throwing a fit right now. It's not they're not going down easy something like that and But it it literally is the community here. That's like I get so excited every Thursday To to come back on so you guys really do bring us back and you keep us here and we love you for it so for listening and even even all of you because you know the names and the chat every Thursday the guys who are here live but we know there are thousands of of you who are listening on audio so thank you who are always consistently there with audio. I'm the same way with podcast. I listen to. I can't listen to him live. I'm just no audio listener. Who who never writes in So I know you guys are out there too so thank you thank everyone no run on my appreciate us while we are live every Thursday. PM Central Nine Eastern out here for the average guide DOT TV slash. Live if I can say to bears in so it's it's a miracle I can even talk. We'll be back. I mentioned dwayne US here. Um and Dwayne dwayne Robinson is back next week Sammy the week after that. I will be in London the week after that. Still an opportunity if you're in the London area and you want to meet up with me on on December first be great opportunity on that Sunday to get with you. Aaron Lawrence is back to talk about She's got some good gadget gifts. Coming up Joel. From live door is coming. That is can be. I'm really looking forward to that interview coming up and then it's Christmas so I think I'm gonNA take Christmas off. Take that Christmas week enough and then during the show just a few minutes ago paying I was thinking you know. I haven't heard from Paul Brand. Wow so I picked him just a minute ago. Hey Paul time for you to be on the show question Mark Doc within a minute love to be so. Let's funny right. I mean just how connected we all are. And so he's he's already all ready to go and We'll get we J. back as well. We got a lot of grace guests coming up in two thousand twenty and Mike Two Thousand Twenty so weird year. It has so five Saturdays in February because we have a leap year. You never get that kind of because it's only twenty five. No no five Saturdays in February because we have twenty. It's a leap year so twenty nine. Okay next year. Christmas New Year's Fridays so he three day weekends right right. I love that I saw that mean like that makes me so excited. Yeah No Pretty Great Pretty Great and there's one other one other thing on on that I think this December I think there's five three day Saturday December. Something like that so we get some weird dates coming. What's not we're we're live here? Every every Thursday ten central nine eastern the join us live. Thanks stay around. I got a little short little criminal. Update probably make it on the Patriot. But without we'll see uh-huh.

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Uber's $200 helicopter rides let you bypass airport traffic

Talking Points

24:01 min | 1 year ago

Uber's $200 helicopter rides let you bypass airport traffic

"Welcome to talking points. I'm your host Brian Kelly today we're going to take to the skies but not by plane let's talk drones helicopters and more with the head of aviation programs at Uber Eric Alison thank you so much for joining us here today we've already built to then make something that's really different so you guys are launching this in New York City for years we've had blade which is connecting us so how long has uber been focusing on Air Transport so I've been at Uber for about a year and a half but the Uber Elevate Team Uber elevate how do you make this into something that people would want to use a regular basis and so how do you weave it into the product offering of Uber in a way that seamless end to end leverage is the best in the city to the shore Hamptons nantucket etc so how is this different than what blade is doing so we want to build this broader scalable electric powertrain technology. That's a Tesla batteries motors the power latronic set run the motors efficiently the computers that control the whole thing applied aircraft that could be woven into the Uber Network and a really interesting way building on this kind of network amazing network of cars and we decided we should start now because there's no way to learn except to actually do it I do remember several summers ago Uber Chopper to the Hamptons think I when I was in Rio for needed into the experience of using Uber and that's what's different about copters we actually took us back and said look we see that this is a great thing to do it's a great promotion to run in a limited time yeah the former chief product officer at Uber when we released a whitepaper on this idea of a future form of transportation using vertical-takeoff-landing all electric worked when these new types of elect all electric vehicles are available and so I see Uber Copter is kind of a version zero point one of this future network Graham which is kind of the division of Uber that's focusing on flying things has been around for about three years actually but it was basically founded by so we were taking a little bit of a different approach to this and a lot of other people industry so this is the kind of generic term that people use urban mobility or air taxis the aircraft and you can make a new class of aircraft that's really different take off and land vertically like a helicopter flying wing airplane be quieter be safer it'd be a lot cheaper operate that's kind of the vision a lot of people are taking and so at Uber we think that's great we think that vision of these vehicles is something totally complements what we've built already but we think that you need to provide the business case the logic around what do you do with these things how is it going to be built or how's it going to work in the network and so that's what we focused on Aksu black or the different products that we have and then we figure out in the back end all the technology to get you the car pooling with other people simultaneously requesting so it's yeah we want this network to work both in early days and at scale wants the vehicles are ready but to get going on that to start to understand all of the complications of how do you build truly multi-modal network that starts with a car trip has an air leg has a car trip on the other end and it's all seamless single button pressing all the technology behind the scenes that we've it altogether evers that we have right now on the ground how do we extend it how do we make it better is uber currently working on building a proprietary drone taxi which is what is so we're we're actually not so JFK and then we back calculate everything and then we can give you a push notification when we're dispatching the car do you have the ability I'm flying Delta flight four zero one really that's that's debuted in copter the first time it's been on the Uber Network where you can actually say arrive by so I want to arrive by five thirty PM say working on these vehicles that we are then building technology to even to the network and so I see copters away to start doing an initial version of that it's limited as a single the building out that logic around how to use it by using normal helicopters or helicopters today right yeah so that's what we're doing is we have laid out taking but rather you just think about where you want to go and what matters you care about price you care about speed do you care about exercise and steps maybe and so we have and how far in advance can you request it you requested up to five days in advance and then we start building the damage schedules so five days in advance I wanna go to JFK as technology progresses there's more and more opportunities to weave different modes of transportation together so that you can you as a user doesn't don't have to think about what mode Arnovitz there might have been an Uber Helicopter Monaco maybe what's the strategy you kind of put up and leave the all of the helicopter stuff that we've done up to this if it's delayed it will automatically reschedule is a good idea we don't have that into but honestly that's why we're doing this work because we know that we think airport routes are really interesting commercial service in two thousand twenty three all right let's take a quick break right here. BRB really settled out as to what exactly this NASA calls urban air mobility though and so a lot of companies are really focusing on the vehicle so new technology take the same type of operating rules and all has to be done right from day one and so we think that kind of a feasible ambitious but feasible time line is initial early adopter use case this whole space and so we think there's a lot of really interesting things to learn again by doing which is why we decided to launch with in pretty high demand route we'll take off at set times or essentially on demand is dynamically built as people requested basically and so then as requests that we feel with other people in based on the overall amount of demand that we have a geo fence around the low Manhattan heliport and so if you're within the GEO fence or the JFK site bidirectional it will show up in the hours that it's it'd be building as we we work with the partners working with big aviation Williams like Balan Boeing and Embraer and as well as some startups like Harem and John pippas drill that are actually really based on our ability to guarantee the experience so I work at one world trade short distance from the heliport I can go on and requests so what would be the estimated pricing for can you book just the copter or is it the whole experience nights the whole experience it's fundamentally multi-modal so you yours if you live near the heliport you got to take one minute ride to get there yeah you launch when and what's the initial pricing we launched a to an initial group of customers back in July so we actually had launched in early July two limited to our diamond and platinum rewards members so we launch on October third to anyone with do grab so what is that a helicopter will appear or right now the on demand and we can use arming the copter or pulling the car ruling the people into the copter so so yes so if you can request copters confirm me and you'll figure out you're confident you'll fill it by that we don't feel it you still go so on-demand in that sense and you can actually say we built a new booking flow it has been basically stunts their promotions so it's really cool people to ride and helicopters it's it's fine do it for a little bit of time but it hasn't been really integrate I do TSA at the heliport so that you can land airside it's not available today is that something that you guys have in the works is feasible even we're super aware of that but it's so we haven't had that happened yet but but right now it is it is multi modal where we dispatch cars and we're looking at what what are the extensions of that I strongly believe that way right so we are we are fundamentally seeing this as multi-modal service inside so truly multi-modal and it'll show up in the product selector in the Uber App just like right now but in this fully integrated end anyway that's the vision of the future thing that we're going to be building it's going to be different than blade in some ways let's go through the basics like where it leaves from versus as seamless as possible so again trying to technology to dispatch the cars just in time get all of the passengers who are going to be on the aircraft there just in time minimize the amount of time that you're so someone who works in Midtown won't see we want geofencing so we can guarantee the experience we're only offering cops we're going to save you time and so we're limiting the access to it imminent guarded timewise what are you confident in saying to someone I've disputed blades six minutes in the sky because there's always takes a little while we're operating between two and five to six depending on the day on weekdays and so the rush hour peak rush hour period a why would you move people to have a minimum amount of time again the car stops you open the door and get out how much time between there we track all of this how much time it is between Gov realistically someone who works downtown from leaving the office to get into JFK. Wha what's your promising I did it and it was about from kind of building based on what your personal cities are to these different factors and kind of personalize it so far offer these new what do you call them these new air vehicle people we Jensen we've drones or radio like how drones but electric vertical takeoff and landing so the aircraft is and when you actually are wheels up in the helicopter and so we are trying to put an perspective with continuous improvement and what we're doing and so we wanna be having amazing so it's between two hundred dollars one way and that includes the car in both ends a car and it's a little bit variable in that we could because we have variable pricing on the opening the car door to get into the terminal five issues where I went on the test run I think it was about thirty eight minutes thirty yeah versus it was it was this is really regulated you can't introduce a new product into aviation with on your getting certified and certification has lots of components to it so there's vehicle but there's also the piloting rules excited to work with them as our partner learned from that because they do amazing work and what we're using with for these are Belfour Thirties and we have five have customer obsessive experience in a way to make it just amazing for our writers and then drive from doing that Dr operational earnings that will let us scale this get to the heliport is there a lounge or so we have a there's a space where you check in you have to check in verify identity our goal though is to make this it was thirty plus minutes savings time doing it what time of day was isn't afternoon weekday afternoon I don't remember what day it was so what did you find out having this be the first in general damage pricing based on demand so but we anticipated varying between about two hundred and twenty five and you leave from the Wall Street seaport the Wall Street heliport yeah and what's the experience like attack and crash into a building which was frightening is Uber Copter going to be piloted by single helicopter or dual so hell flight they only operate twin-engine do a pilot graphic what we're offering this to that the FAA carry limitations is pretty much typical for the demographic back in the day used to be able to forget US helicopters you would be out to a much broader network when the new types of vehicles already in four years got and similar to how Uber cars work. You don't actually own the helicopter so you guys are teaming up with Hella flight service error we learnt really interesting things going mundane things like we have to make sure that directions in the APP to the heliport a really good because we can't a helicopter operators around their argus platinum wingmen weaver and I think is the other rating top safety rated operators best in class and so we're really ending in terms of the the check in procedure and get you on the helicopter wheels up and get you to JFK the goal is that you have to spend as little time as possible there's no Rosa assume that the riders know where it is yeah and so we have to make sure that the drivers can find to help make sure the directions are really good and we had to work through the procedures of how do you efficiently seats available so it's like the floor in the back and then one passage it's it's a facing lounge seating facing each other so it's three two three facing too so if you're that's the type of thing that we're trying to build those experiences where it just that seamless hand off from mode to mode so it's like every time you do that you get that little talk about the actual helicopter experience what type of helicopters are they and so people can fit in them our exclusive partner for this is hell flight they are one of the top rated it and so we are building out at elevate for Uber a safety management system as well and so we are working learn from what health lights done that's really good with theirs and the data making sure we we treat it properly and spilling that culture within the team that takes us really really seriously and takes the best practices from large-scale aviation and applies this to the okay to the city will use the demand version yeah because that's just the typical usage pattern so safety wise helicopters especially with a single pilot this summer in New York we saw

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90: Stage 7 | Belfort  Chalon-sur-Sane | Tour de France 2019

The Cycling Podcast

39:58 min | 1 year ago

90: Stage 7 | Belfort Chalon-sur-Sane | Tour de France 2019

"You are listening to cycling podcast additive in association with the fastest losing in the world to the Oma cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a path now e-education fast and Kenyan sharam stage seven today wooden shutters your soul well fellows the Tour Giveth and Taketh. Take it the way we are. We Lionel well. The tour is giving right now because <hes> we were in the courtyard of the wonderful linex <hes> not really a hotel more restaurant with rooms and our lodgings for this evening. I'm looking forward to very nice. Mayo my roommate's absolutely wonderful minds a little bit nicer because I saw them I. I've caught the balcony. Oh well don't have a balcony but I kind of emits uneaten you know I don't know why it's because the Betty's downstairs so I don't always I'm going to visit the medicine in but it exists a Balkan the animates the hierarchy on the suckling podcast is being clearly established by who has the nicest room Ryan was more sound bite who gets gets into. That's how I actually buffalo your way in through the door. I knew I I tried the tour you know reflects. The is reflected by the quantity of the hotel rooms well. It's been debates. This is a whole awesome. This will be the subject of Columbus Zero interesting zero for dementia with a listener of the podcast today. It was really interesting so let's night for that. And how long can we just keep chat. qui fondling like this before we got onto the stage because it it Wa- I mean after yesterday's thriller today was news fast. Wasn't it well it wasn't it was entirely predictable wasn't it. Let's have the title of the TAP for stage seven the longest of the race two hundred thirty kilometers and after the difficulty of yesterday not just a difficult finish but on the climb that came before it <hes> looking at the road this morning it was pretty predictable that it would be very similar in fact to the stages at the same point in the race last year we went from Belfour to shallowness you sound one and while we saw very familiar faces in the breakway Stephan Rosetto of confidence and Yo- and afraid of won t go buy a new out in front for two hundred eighteen of those two hundred and thirty kilometers and they ruined daring the Peleton to catch them numerous numerous points. The gap came down to about three inches at one stage. They still stayed away. I mean it was it really was a day and no one really was racing with. I go text message from July fourteen fifty nine. I'll have to edit that. They're even peddling. The thing was covered the first half of the stage three and three quarter hours. It was six hours in all okay not unusual to have a loan day in the saddle. It was pretty action. Free really the only action was <hes> splitting the Peleton without thirty kilometers to go and finding out that Nardo Cantona Dan Martin van Ark were caught behind the split just wanted to or not because you you said you only action was split but T._J.. Even gathering crushed well okay okay. Excuse me are you reading over my shoulder at annoys me a thought you might even sleep in one that I did see I was gonna add in the end but that came back together. Well mainly because movie star I had some riders to chase and Dan Martin had recourse to chase <hes> so it came down to a sprint finish and it was pretty good clean sprint and Caleb you in look in a really good position to win his first Tour de France stage right until the line but it was dealing Gronhagen who came flying up from about fifth or sixth place to nick the stage win his fourth front stage when remember he won the two most boring stages last year's race into Shara and Khalid and he'll say one on the show. I'm Selena in two thousand seventeen and so often dylan turns yesterday Dylan gruner Reagan at one and that leaves just Dylan Van Bala of team India's the only Dylan who hasn't won a stage more isn't it well. He may well do and a Francois mentioned T._J.. Vanguard Room was the victim of a crash and at the finish I saw him come out of the Education I box and hopefully into a a waiting van to be taken to the little X.. Ray Cabin is up near the press room with near the finish line one or the other I had two big bandages on on his one on each knee and some cups and bruises on his elbows on one one on and his face so we await to hear how he is I mean he lost a fair packet of time on lap Lo fi yesterday so it's not like he was he's overall chances are affected by that crash overall overall no change Julia Coney still in yellow by six seconds from Jillian Alpha Leap Saigon's Dylan Green Welland still in the King of the Mountains Jersey and CICCONI still in the White Jersey but it will be warm by Egging Banal Again Tomorrow <music> fastest closing in a world tool the cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a partner education. I and Kenyan Sharam thank you very much indeed to Rafeh are headline sponsor and makers of the coveted peddler ducharme range of cycling podcast clothing the T shirts and we've come to France armed with a stock of peddler deschamp t-shirts. We've presenting the first one tomorrow morrow at the moment. It looks like to Michael Markov who is leading the poll of Tom. Green Jr has been lobbying on his own behalf and might make a difference who knows still about twelve hours ago so so if you are one of the early listeners to the podcast you can still vote at yes is the gap is closing and more than fifty three percent and squeezes on thirty percent. You unafraid on thirteen percent Julian C mo on four percent. I'm afraid of May have got a boost today I in front yet again. I mean that's what he does. He told you today Francois. I did wonder if those two hadn't attacked what would have happened because they went away. Nobody really wants to go. With them maybe Aleksey on Oliver Nessin have gone because the the kind of try and I mean they tweet. I think Guja tweeted <hes> you know <hes> you know like an hour ago about it like like they they were they were they were chasing counterattacking for like two or three gays and obviously open for other guys to come with them and nobody did and Gujrat tweeted saying well Oliver in me softly my bill idea to join the the <hes> the break but nobody seemed to have the same opinion so no obviously everybody was nobody was was trying to do anything today and it was the usual I called them. The breakaway addicts you know because that's what the kind of what they are. They both broke away three times in the studio fronts now they've they both actually got the most combative trophy once and the interesting thing is been said before but he's they they've known each other forever whole Saito and an overdue. They are both leaving you you know in the area of Paris Airbus Parisian's. They're both thirty two. They both road together for a long time. They've known each other forever the go on holidays together so you should think that maybe at work the day my want to to to to kind of spread a little bit but no respect what they were doing. They couldn't find anywhere to stay well. Maybe on holidays. It's what they do. You know they take their bikes ice and and go on a stroll together because he was not actually it's not like they. They tried hard to win the stage. I mean the the pace okay was ahead win but for the first three hours the average speed with about thirty five K. P. H.. So it was not and but once again they they've done that in the past as I you know I told you in the car they used to to to run in in induce or trios we we come to time trials in over here Joe's and a few kind of Bank Uptown Transit Center so so that they've done that for from very young age and the last I heard is that <hes> stiffen all set to <hes> you know recently had a baby and <hes> and Yana Fred Oh we will be the godfather so I mean you couldn't have you know in closer closer France to to to to break away together so that was in a way it sums up the day it was a sunny day in the countryside. You know everybody kind of took it easy. After a hard day no mountains and two guys to France brands you know went on on the leisurely stroll <hes> in in the in well actually almost in the vineyards of the Horn region because we're going. I do a little Danielle correction therefore for full line on because he referred to finish them as chalon-sur-saone where it's actually shuttle soon. You know sorry I fought. Daniela told you never mind that's useful and well I mean the breakaway was really the only thing that happened. You mentioned T._J.. Gardens crushing it did Luke Luke Nasty didn't have a great day up until plunge the bell fee and you know he's fine below the radar a little bit come into this race excluding conform. Jonathan Falters telling us how relaxed he was am an it'd been the key to him producing some good performances this year and I think a lot of people are some people were maybe expecting some some strong performances from him. He looked look pretty bashed up than the used saw. You did yeah yeah but we don't know the moment walked the extent of his injuries are and that will probably come out in the wash a bit later on but quick point on the breakaway. Some people might be wondering well. Why is it only two riders? Why were they going so slowly at the star? Why didn't appellate on want to catch them at some point and there's almost this kind of invisible deal isn't that between the break and the bunch if well Rossetto afraid afraid of only two of them they've that's an awful lot of time to spend on the front each of them basically they're looking at one hundred and nine kilometers each on the front if they share the work evenly and so there's a limit to how mm how much energy they are going to be able to put into the effort if they had gone harder and try to stretch the lead our own would have happened would be the peleton would have gone harder as well to basically give them that that kind of silent shout from behind that they not going to be allowed off into the distance and so you have this kind of dawn that goes on between the break and the Peleton and well today with a one one for the purest but quite an interesting example of it because there was hesitation for many kilometers probably an hour maybe two hours where the bunch just refuse to kind of keeping them on the leash as they say in in the Peloton don't jargon because the the the idea is that you you're three guys leading the Peloton all day <hes> got from the QUICKSTEP <hes> maximum for from low to Dell and Tony Martin for <hes> Humor Visa and an obviously instructions the near in the ear all day was was to to to kind of pull the leash a little bit? You know let it lose a little bit. The idea been don't don't catch them because if you do catch them that'd be a counterattack and maybe more dangerous guys going up front so so so so he was ideal for the pollutant relaxed the let these guys have their day you know and we keep them within a reasonable the distance and then when when it's time to go to the serious business which is bunched sprint then we'll catch them and that's what he did but it is one for the purest isn't it. It's a bit like watching Batsman at the crease not scoring any runs for our after what you're talking about. Ah The it was a bunch sprint and Grennell Wigan one fastest sprinter we thought coming into the tourists of finally he's got his win. Elliot Vivani stage already had a perfectly <hes> cheese and more cove again to you did a great job for him and we learned later that he had a soft Tyre C. finished six in the end. You know e counter sprint with a tire. That's losing air so and not prime size. Bass killer unit was impressive and then the other subplot. The plot was the the the goings on at A._T.. Memory say Yes for Philips in Very Young Writer who we heard from the other day line I signed the team bus and I was on the Kristoff of course now Christopher's tenth Phillips was fifth and they lost each other in the finale. I think Phillips and went through a gap that Christoph couldn't or didn't go through much bigger isn't a crystal and but it was interesting because you know he's a young writer learning the ropes and presumably part of the education for him is is to stick to that rule of leading crystal he didn't do that might not be in his own fault and they'll be interesting dynamics within the team politics and in terms of higher that ended up today and we looked at the the finish Chris annoyed or anything so it may well it may well be fine. I'm finishing fifth on the stage of a tour age twenty one and your first tour is pretty impressive <hes> on that will of coffee people's Hi but the winner of course dealing going to hear a little bit from him and his sports fronts mass into a U._n.. It's always pretty close so I don't know why but I like it through into sal I I really after the first day I was a little bit disappointed for myself. <hes> there was another expensive <hes> today the threats states and three river really access as at this moment today yeah really team and for me after the less print that he's a no we believe in you and you can do this over from David. It's been a dream you start to the Tour de France so I couldn't have gone any better. I guess no no you can <hes> can say that yeah we <hes> got two out of two and after that <hes> a second place for mountain also offstage yesterday was a bit <hes> we hoped a little bit better but <hes> still okay because we know Stevie is in his best Ed last week so but today <hes> Dylan show sees these maybe the fossil spindle may say that we probably can say that what happened with what went on when with around thirty kilometers to go they were off the back and he had to first of all tried to chase some guys eventful bottles for P. and <hes> after to spend a little bit and then <hes> he was in the back and the first he was pulling that we said stop pulling because Tana's there they will wait for Canton may was always perfect. Yeah always what about Steven yesterday because it's not necessarily the finish four hammers not not really despite the finished romy yes is to go steady and <hes> he's not the pension that <hes> he can do but <hes> we have confidence the confident daddy still be left the best way to say last week because obviously one mountain stage very difficult but in total isolation in the race now we have hilly stages flat stages next week we have the time trial before any real climbing again but we have to enjoy now and <hes> we see for the plan for the next day. We we see we were tonight and we see the plan for the mall. David Ritchie Stevie is one job you have to be good in the last week and don't lose any time before and scrape shoot shoot that I was taking phone calls team Kart at the back of the pack flees this episode of our the front coverage sponsored by the bike atom and well Richard. We been riding the Bike Adam before we came out to the Tour de France. I'm one of the things I got to grips with very quickly with the two distinctive modes that the atom mm-hmm has it has an integrated gear mode which is basically makes indoor writing similar to outdoor riding. It's not having a bike with electric gears on isn't it just touched a button and change gear or you can use the atoms ergo mode which sets the Resistance for Oh you depending on the program. You're following in the desired power output that you want to reach so you kind of don't really have to do anything other than concentrate on the pedaling and the power output so let's hear you in action so on we go. There's a big a big lump in the profile out sounds like a sprint better. Get myself prepared for that physically on cycled here goes silly me but I didn't know you could just the year so my cadences being a bit low. I know my gears been high enough for these insults so let's put up. They learn something every day so on the brake levers I can adjust the gear. This is a revelation. Oh that's brilliant so always read. The instruction auctioned my kids. Don't wait like me because you'll waste what seventeen minutes work here equipment. That's perfect now. It can be Muhtar cadence. Whether it's it's arrest between then falls or self here we go if you want to be like Richard and ride a bike atom. You can get one from what DOT COM until July the thirty first every what purchased at what dot Com we'll come with one hundred pounds sigma sports voucher to receive that offer go to what by DOT COM slash T._C._p.. One hundred that's T._C.. Pay For the cycling podcast One one hundred in number one zero zero and use the Code T._C.. Pay One hundred well. It's been a dream week for your movies man. They won the first two stages. They've had the Yellow Jersey that one again today. The only small won't Hiccup was Stephen Krykun lap launch Delfi and as we heard from friends mass maybe they would have liked a little bit more from him but that's probably the climb that suits him least in Hauteur and while as says that job is to be good in the final week <hes> grown Reagan well we thought he was <hes> nailed on favorite to win on the opening day in Brussels and perhaps he would have done had it not being for that crash and I actually looked. I mean he wasn't impressive performance by agreement you. It looks badly. You know her. It's actually in in his crush on on day. One <hes> I obviously goal was to win and take the Yellow Jersey was a great opportunity sprinters to do that. Well it was actually he was in the family because my two Nissen did and recovered quite quickly which is impressive in in the last sprint okay finished fifth thing but it was there was actually you know he was kind of blocked inside the the the bench and couldn't do anything but it looked good and today you want an which prompted me to to ever look at the you know the other Dutch sprinters would one stages in three different tours in the past and while I was looking at this starts something something struck me in. Maybe a Dutch specialty winning sprints in the most boring stages in the tour because if you look at Dylan van grew Grinberg in the last couple of years is staging. Let's is facing were also in those long long long days in the sun and at the end of it you have this kind of a shot of adrenaline when he actually wins and in the past a urine blijlevens so did was also <hes> could've say sprinter one born stages and let's face it gave foreign press conferences from time to time and even before they remember John Paul Van Poppel he was great sprinter of of course but it was the EPA item of the writer you know when the Tour de France first week with all about long transition stages in long burn stages trump thumper was the pope of the spring so maybe you know adult specialty if two stages boring you have Dutchman win in the sprint in the finale an interesting theory an interesting theory certainly well today was first day and yellow for Julia Cheek Coney the young writer trek afraid that it's such that's a great deal on it's come to tour quite unusual for young writer actually to to do two grand tours by toback but he's in the Yellow Jersey. He did say fell a bit tired today but it's a real boost for I team trek. Siegfried has struggled a little bit on how to Great Jiro and I think you know not not that helped the team immeasurably they come into this race with Richie Porte as their leader and and <hes> you know Gaspar Stephen as a decent bet for some stages you get something in the top ten and sprints and without being a pure sprinter and so I spoke to one of their writers Kunda Court the veteran domestique on our team is being around several teams on the right close in the past taking coal Marcel kittle writes that he'll have a big job to do helping defend that Yellow Jersey so spoke to him at the finish today. How was today along along there there yeah <hes> bit boring at one point? I probably shouldn't complain too much about that. 'cause it's probably not going to be very boring next couple of days so <hes> tried to enjoy it as much as we could of course riding around with the Yellow Jersey team and yellow helmets and yellow numbers in back. It's not too bad yeah. I was a bit of a celebration <hes> we definitely drank <hes> glossy champagne but <hes> yeah work's not done yet so <hes> not not too much celebrating but <hes> you know we'll keep the Jersey now oh and hopefully we can keep it a little longer off that but you know we still have some goals <hes> in the final g Seeiso I mean what was it like for a team you come in with a very specific plan. You've got leader and Richie yes but it's been going for sprints and says well I guess yesterday was completely unexpected <hes> yeah kind of unexpected but on the other hand having Ritchie and Boca so good nj see it's always good to have good climbers into frontal in the breakway first of all they can go put her own results in second year. If anything happens now the race is open really early and it's just the latest left then you still have one or two guys in the front. It can draw back to help out rich elite oversee. I'm there's been a lot of pressure expectation him for for many years. What does it do to the theme unprocessed for him as well to have this early success of having the Yellow Jersey in the in the in the in the team something that a lot of teams with would would would settle for the tour no absolutely literally? I think it's <hes> it's really good for him to go to the team. You know it gives a good <hes> a good atmosphere in the team already with the riders for stuff management sponsors. Everyone and I think for Ritchie himself as well it just <hes> <hes> it kind of calms him down. I think you know a we have a right to sit up there. In front of the bunch of people take into account and <hes> I think he showed already in Viet at ease in good shape and what you know about Julia a young guy would it very well Geraldino him well why obviously <hes> I've seen him in <hes> in a couple of races and training camps and that's what is up with them <hes> awesome guy really funny <hes> might need little little calming down but that's probably it will come to H.. Bouncing off the walls but <hes> that's <hes> that's a good character to have any team as well. I guess we know him as attacking aggressive writer that's one of the Kingdom I says the Jiro and the Yellow Jersey he'll have to write in a completely different way possibly but then again you saw yesterday did he didn't have to so <hes> it really comes down to how to raise develops <hes> he might have another chance or two but <hes> indeed maybe needs to sacrifice his own chance to sometimes <hes> to make sure that <hes> that that you see for <hes> for richest protective but I'm sure that he's more than willing to do that too well. It was Kundi Court of Cigarette. Let's hear briefly from the Jersey. Jalil Kuni very difficult talks about <hes> also tomorrow we'd be we'd be stage long in that stage so for me. It's important to recovery when these nine and tomorrow we will see. I think it'd be the Yellow J v very anybody. Maybe most people into the break we SOCIA- Coney makes point that six seconds means almost nothing and well with the time bonuses available. Oh on some of these final climbs on the stages. That's certainly true tomorrow on the running to Senate in the Cote Zsa ZSA. Should I think they let Solaire Jelly ass the final climb got degree climb time bonus at the top which if if the bunch it all together and Allah Felipe can take it then that would put him put him back in the Yellow Jersey and of course seconds on the line as well but you know when wouldn't necessarily anticipate CICCONI being involved in that sprint olof elite might be so it's up for grabs really podcast. The twenty nine hundred to the phones is supported by scientists books science books fueled by science scientists for long time sponsor and supporter the cycling podcast now you can get twenty five percents off with S._I._S.. EP twenty-five scientists sport don't come also had to scientists sport dot com forward slash sign up to enter a competition with an incredible price to spend a they the Vuelta or the Britain in the team any off steam car include tonight's accommodation transport on four hundred times spending money runner up prizes are tasty as well and and yes great great great prize offered by science and Sport Science Support Dot com forward slash sign up now am I spoke at the finish to Gary Thomas the defending champion who had a very good day la plunge the belfi surprise a lot people including himself. Here's what he said twenty four hours later I was okay it's just <hes> along so day and sat already you know with the headwind in forehead cross whatever but <hes> for a long day every thing starts by the end your wrists and feet the and stuff but <hes> I guess it's better than <hes> Pity K. and Cross wins you know for sure. Everyone thinks a great way so it's GonNa be a big fight for that probably still be going by the time we hit the I it's GONNA be hot stopping show and then <hes> yeah may sell down in the break go then it depends numbers and everything but <hes> Jeff in the next two days. We'll be sending tough. You're right on yesterday's pretty happy yeah <hes> I didn't really know what to expect. Go in there but <hes> yeah focused on as nice finish ahead of guys. You've made an effort on a client I guess since the tour last year almost in a race at least because you know so many races have been thrown and I'm so nervous before sage respond when the you know special not final claim yeah I was just <hes> didn't know I'd be ready compared to everyone I knew I was he was going he take confidence from not still is up in the back of your mind. You don't exactly know else's but <hes> yeah I think it was a good day especially on a climb which would necessarily be my ideal climbing. you think be more suited to the pure climate so yeah. He was a good thing that anyone else this catch your eye impress you on the claim <hes> Pino of the C- <hes> I heard he's from around there. Anyway knew it really well. I think anytime this effort really well obviously obviously still super strong and then everyone else is just so there were there were about so it's hard to say really still early. Though so <hes> <hes> yeah we'll see well talking of British riders and Shallan Sue soon soon soon <hes> well talking British riders and Shalom shoe soon. It's not too bad yeah walks with them. Thank you sixty years ago. Brian Robinson one in the Finnish town that we visited today he was writing for the Luxembourg mixed national team <hes> a British writer while there wasn't so many British riders doing the tool in those days Robinson of being the first British rider to win into a stage at previous year nineteen fifty-eight but in fifty nine he won with a solo break. It was a third from last stages. It came all the way from annecy as I headed up toward Paris at the end of the race and <hes> he won by around twenty minutes and you and you know what happened that day because of rain Robinson's victory and yet actually been reinstated reinstated in the race the day before after missing the time cut but that day Zhol beak to go one to nine hundred forty seven <hes> tour in shuttle Hobgoblins of the Britain Moore says he has no absolutely emits the time cut and he was kicked out of the race it was it's the tour wow going the benefit of the doubt one day be absolutely amazing well. They will get knowledge Francois Excellent excellent. Are we going to hear you're the exciting feature outside the team bus. Yes I headed to well. We'll find out outside the team bus we. He's Dylan Turns Byron Mehta Dylan. How did you sleep last night <hes> okay but <HES> I had to show off this night <hes> the the last couple of days? Why was that because the motions I think <hes> I couldn't sleep I couldn't I couldn't get into sleep like <hes>? Take me a while and <hes> yeah after ones. I was asleep at <hes> good night. Normally I can sleep with a long eight hours clearly away again is that because the tour is just so overwhelming. There's so much going on. This is a part of that <hes> I think it's more of the motions from the victory and still the other GonNa Lynn News going into the body. Are you aware that it was the first to the front stage win Fulbari Morita since I started at a sponsor I not before but afterwards walks <hes> that oldness so what was your reaction last night around the dinner table did you celebrate have a glass of champagne. Everybody came late in the hold. Also it was pretty busy evening. That's with set also because of the traffic to going down. <hes> mountain but overall we had <hes> a small celebration and for sure everybody was super happy. Did you ring friends family. Talk to them about the day. My family was here so there's <hes> uh I saw already hit a quick. <hes> I mean after the the statement and also have friends texted me and the call was <hes> busy you said in the press conference that what you learn something in the Welte last year when you lost to Michael Woods. What did you learn to dont overreacts like to stay calm? Actually so you waited for the perfect moment I a couple of times between between <hes> five on this done <hes> two fifty to go and then the one fifty I went for us. Did you know that she coney was going to get the Yellow Jersey. Did that make you think that maybe had a better chance for the stage I I I knew I was aware of this but <hes> in the end the one goal for the statement so <hes> almost didn't made it so <hes> only kept it by six seconds so <hes> if I was in my with fast up the hill so he was bitten more sure but basically the two of you side by side at one point where you confident <hes> I was confident about myself but I knew it was also sung guy to so beat so it was <hes> was not an easy they was pretty nervous and stressful and this lost moments and last couple of questions <hes> your third overall at the moment. This is all kind of being coming. You did very well in the dossier one stage and finished six but the two of the Franz he's new for you. So what are your ambitions now for the rest of the race. It's all new <hes> and I know I'm I'm good up there but but <hes> yeah it's not a goal to make <hes> <hes> top dungy see <hes>. I think <hes> maybe later I'll try this <hes> but not now a bit later in your career. Maybe I'm finally a grown deeper in Brussels with Eddy Merckx. I mean how special was that. First of all it is is all and <hes> this <hes> the puzzle was amazing also to start my first two and own count and the capital of the county was <hes> pretty amazing well. It was still interns a winner and so that's Pari Morita take off nine line as you work your way through the teams seven down bunk coin press that this is the same prices I was glad to see on twitter a couple of our listeners. You know that were not too shocked by my silly on Dylan tunes and who suggested Dylan Tunes to go with a tour. Were you know so well. That's Dylan coming and talking about Song I learned today about the re- while the family links between Jew Lucci Conan Madonna Donna there are non well actually Madonna's family came from a small village fifty case from the town where to CICCONI comes from so the might be distant rely relates if so but the broncos geological likes to hint that might be links but we don't know I mean he's too young for Madonna yet. Some some juicy transfer speculation gossip not that juicy berries about you know I I saw about a thought about it when I saw that was it to an a- Frederick together there's obviously lots going on at one ti- Gubbay because of Fred Windsurfer who writes for our once you go as is set to be going to Israel Academy so next season who knows I mean it. It looks pretty serious and would see and Guillaume motto. Is there the leader of their once you go beyond the tour would begin to coffee which Stiffen Rossetto team <hes>. It seems quite well well. I don't know about refresh official but Guillaume Mountains move look looks quite definite so obviously said reverser is working hard to have a strong team next season with the Elliott Vive vive yanni announce as a sprinter and Yomata G._C. leader. We'll see listen before we go tonight. We should mention our latest clements zero which was <hes> well. I part of a two part conversation with David Walsh this Sunday Times journalist who of course twenty years ago came to tour and was delegated his pursuit of Lance Armstrong and did more than any other journalists to expose Armstrong's doping suffice anything to park compensation part one came out today and yet dots on your on your regular feet thanks to Hans groer showers and taps for sponsoring comedy zero militia type for our show at Harrogate at the world championships on the Friday evening. Go to the second PODCAST DOT com click on live events on the side of the page into a click through to get your tickets for our event in harrogate well as we're in the Burgundy region Francois. I'm assuming snails will be on the menu for you. Well I've ever had looked at the menu so that might not be but we're in jewelry and G._e.. Is a very nice place for wine anyway so unutterable snares but what I'm sure of is that we are going to drink chivalry wine tonight. Before we go am Francois you met a couple of podcast listeners in this village. We were staying in a couple of well yesterday morning. Berg I'm they'd come there because they'd heard about it on the podcast which is nice and they came to to see and we met them by our by our car and you rashly promised he did. The listener did say that he was was poised to sign up a friend of the podcast you convince them to do so and but you did rashly promised him that if he did so we'd read his name on on the podcast now we've got a problem there because he tweeted to say that he has signed up from from his twitter. Handle wasn't clear what his name is so we're GonNa have to read all the recent sign ups as friends podcast and hope that we get him because a promise is a promise now anyway so thank you to Cornelia Bruckner Philip Grin half that might be him Paul Diet John Sculley Ian John Simpson a big thank you to James Phillips William Russell Matt Match Iak John Johnson.

Yellow Jersey Byron Mehta Dylan writer Julia Cheek Coney Francois Peleton David Ritchie Stevie France Dylan gruner Reagan James Phillips Brussels Wa twitter Betty Britain Belfour Ryan harrogate Dylan Tunes
209: Are You Worried About the Senators' Current Attendance or Not?

The Steve Warne Project - Sports

36:34 min | 9 months ago

209: Are You Worried About the Senators' Current Attendance or Not?

"Everybody what is up. Welcome to our daily podcast zeroes in on the day's biggest sports stories. Steve Worn long with Jim Jerome former. TSN Morning Radio duo yet used to love afford tolerate. Sometimes the show is made possible by Jim. Kaye Ford All Insurance Ontario and RB computing relate to show to our show members in each episode Burns Burns e seventy nine randy spence. Adam Retro Mags. Brian and JEN JEN thirteen. Thank you for being great members burst and supporting our podcast addiction. If you'd like to be a member please. Contact us. Steve W PROJECT DOT COM James. You remember Gen- Gen- thirteen because she she was willing because she was at our live recording back in May of last year Jim Kaye Ford. And you play the game weather. Oh Oh yes yeah I remember her. She's a married woman I know and then she hit me with that down down down. Yes Oh yeah so happy. And then so disappointed Steve in the same five seconds. Yeah I know a lot about the show. I was surprised like just a lot of the old school stuff. So she's been listener for a long time. So thank you jen. And thanks to all our members for chipping in against sporting our podcast addiction. Right now I have a cold James. You may notice. I'm hoping it's not corona virus because that would suck and my question for you James would be. Why would they name a virus after something so delicious like I love a good Corona Rona? Yeah I don't WanNa Corona so did I you know and you didn't illegally people. Yeah I don't know I know it's a beer so I'm saying what is going to be a show virus next. I don't know I don't know maybe a party mix maybe guacamole virus. Yes you know. Yeah sure that sounds like that virus for going to keep in you know. It's like the hunter virus in mice. I think right and the other one was you know the avion or the whatever it was viruses. Well birds right going. I'm going by click on a little hunt as as a as a mouse. Yeah the mouse is killing people so Corolla. Though I thought there must be another word. Why would they come up with corona they naming this these viruses? Now like Eric Gains. You know it's it's virus Helen. You don't women right. Is that all right. I think it is and when can win win win can a good bobber Jack You Know Hook on and put their name up against a good disastrous tornado. Or something Steve or soon. I'm telling us we're going to have today. Like twitter. Was a buzz about three hours ago. Four hours ago those there was earthquakes and they're saying sue NAMI warning soon. NAMI expected now for the Caribbean. And I'm like holy cow and so all over twitter and then all of a sudden there is no soon Nami amy problem. Oh okay yeah better that way than the other way Steve. I've always said better. Yes better warning. Someone not happening and I will say this I I. Will you know the hurricanes tornadoes and all the disasters that have been happening and how much relief that everyone's needed over. It just seems like there's one every six months right whether it's more recently joined fires fires in L. A.. On and on right and the weather people are. It's pretty crazy now. How how they're they've gone beyond the doppler whatever it used to be and now they're you know people can prepare for this stuff that they can see this stuff and it's GonNa come? It's GonNa the hit so a better time than we were. When Tornado warnings were never around you know yes? They'll absolutely in the eighteen hundreds having your picnic. You know you get your Nice Amish gear on and you know all of a sudden thing in the world and find place to be and then Wareham Damn Morrinsville. Yeah your whole race has been eliminated. Yeah there's no more no more. No Vikings from Norway you get with the Vikings. Does that how they lost so Herbie. They were White Denver. I know people are going to be mad at us. We're making fun of disaster stuff stuff. How dare us? It's an edit free show no matter what though today okay yes is late. Yeah Yeah and if we have offended anybody or or we do you offend in the future part of the show Apologies it stints. It stays fault probably never mind Stevie my I Listen my run to the final in the Australian Open is over or may have been me los round inches run but go ahead. Yeah well that's why I'm living. He's my brother man. He's my brother. Okay like many Canadians. I did the pull the other night. You're watching the all-star game or meal owes US match which is at the same time and most people said meals you know and we've been talking about this with the whole Kobe thing and heroes and and what sports means to so I got I got locked into this thing. It was fabulous but of course it's on in the middle of the night the matches the matches start. They're they're SORTA SORTA like noon five seven and nine so the the nine o'clock matches sixty hour different so it's like three in the morning so I stayed up last night. Meals meals got waiting to get handed. His lunch he lost in straight sets to to the joker Jovic and so that's it. I won't be staying up anyway. I've been up all night Steve for ten days. Now Okay watching the Shit So it's over that then is he ever going to get over that sort of deal with Particularly the big three. I mean that's That's ten and now the joker is against round round. Still looking for his first Grand Slam win. What you get you sort of get sucked in right? When you see runners Ronald went on he he he never lost a set? Okay coming into this match and when he was destroying people right he's got more aces says he was just blowing his ace by and see surrogate Bingo. And this guy's going to win this thing you know and you're forgetting of course that the matches get a little tougher offer Jim as each one. Each round goes by. He's facing tougher. You know the same people got to where he is for the same reason because he just wiped out the first three three rounds or four rounds pro golf right. I'm pro golf anybody. There's so many great players who can win on any given Sunday in tennis. It's pretty much a tiered. System System. And that tier is Nadal Federer Djokovic. Yeah then you know the creamy middle guess but really. There's no. There's a massive chasm chasm between those three players and everybody else yeah and the federal match is unbelievable. He he was out of that thing completely had lost interest he. He ended up winning this thing in five sets but but but he he's staved off Steve Seven match points. Okay in the American guy. Just couldn't clothes you know. He had him on the ropes injury-time for Federer he was slow he wasn't the usual a guy and and you said okay he's done. He's into his thirties. Well into his thirties and sooner or later these guys got fall. You know right like Serena did and and this dude in there and came back and won it so it was great. I love watching these heroes. I it's it's a phenomenal what federal has done. And it's good time if you know if you're Canadian shop all off and the other guy seem seem. What's his name Steve? Rj is what is it Felix. OJ Elliott seem. Okay that guy. They're both good they got. They didn't do very well this tournament but no anyway it was great. It was great watching it and to protect your co question meals. Didn't he. He lot sixty six three six four seven sixty while I was in bed by that time. I just didn't think he'd win so he you know he's doing better than he was riddled with injuries. Is there a couple of years ago and super fresh super healthy. And it wasn't as one-sided as the scoresheet reads He was pretty good. He was pretty pretty good. But but Jovovich is just an unbelievable tennis player. Fuck the guy. Does everything everything drop shots. And and lobs and great serve the best returner of serves right which is going to be hold new deal for owners because no one could return. Serves until you meet this guy. Yeah but you need dragons. Whatever kind of game you want to? Because he in going into that match that was the first thing they talked about psych. Okay round which is a good friend is it's great to see him back playing well and healthy and I gotta be ready for all the missiles that he's going to be sending my way but the reality is yeah. It was a different kind of a match than the one he played played before but he can handle that stuff. No matter what kind of match you WanNa play this joke which he can handle it. If it's a strength game fine but man is he nimble and fast. It's kind kinda like in Gulf crazy. You know like you don't like golf when when they're trying out new clubs at the manufacturers and they've got that that Gulf swinging robots in the days of the iron. It's called Iron Byron Onus. Let's go well. That seems like the tennis equivalent to me. Yeah he'll back Yokich Coca Vich Jesse just seems so perfect physically for the sport of tennis. Yeah and the just hardly ever hits an auto balance. He harshly misses anything. You know. He's a he's a finorm. Okay let's take a time out here because we got a lot to do still here and we WANNA remind everybody that we get some great sponsors that we we really hope you can support their fantastic help you out. We've got for example. Jim came forward and Jim came forward. Has let's see here. There are two days left two days left now of the Ford Year. End Event at Jim K.. Ford you can get up to eleven thousand dollars rebate on the absolutely gorgeous F. One fifty pickup truck. You're GonNa Miss Sewn on that eleven eleven large. My friend rebates of up to eleven thousand dollars on select new twenty nine hundred F.. One fifties and many other vehicles vehicles have some great rebates as well check them out online Jim Kaye Ford Dot com or you vill drive in Orleans and the S. w. p. heads up forecast for Wednesday this day January twenty ninth sunny and a high six your sports for Wednesday January twenty ninth beliefs are in Dallas Calgary is in Edmonton James in the bottle Alberta back in a big big way back in Zack Kassian right. Yeah he heads up is for all insurance prince on -Tario everyone needs insurance but that doesn't mean everyone needs the same insurance I'm Josh President and brokered all Insurance Ontario. We don't work for the insurance companies. We'll find the best plans and rates waits for you. Text me at six one. Three eight six zero six zero zero eight or visit dot ca all insurance Ontario your modern boutique broker so the RB computing web poll today. It simple one is about the sends and It's out there again. About a discussion about the sends poor attendance and I don't WanNA sound bleak or overly negative or anything like that but man. Is it sock. The Ottawa Senators. Attendance ask that's bleak thirty first with a bullet dead last so Ken Campbell writes for the hockey news going to fight it out there today. That the Ottawa senators sure seem on what the word you used was sensitive or something like that about Report is you're saying that their last in attendance got lots of feedback as well Yeah so that's question that put on the web pool because when will it be an issue if it's not now when will you be concerned about the state of the franchise to our question is are you concerned about. Got It or not right now and my twitter timeline has filled up quite largely about it. I think it's a case for me that I'm not concerned about right right now for a couple of reasons probably my biggest one. Is that what it would have vegas. Just pay six hundred fifty million dollars for an expansion fee. I don't think potential expansion sites are going to be particularly the League is GonNa look at that and say well. That's great the Ottawa. Senators going to move to a place where I could have gotten a whole bunch of money. Twenty million dollars would have been my share. I don't think there's too much appetite for franchises moving moving but I also have a concern as well about you know if they're gonNA have nine thousand fans night after night after night. If if Gary Bettman's game plan is to step in front of any moving situations I don't know if he'll do it for three or four more years of this so so I'm not concerned yet but if we're here this time next year and the numbers are the same particularly with two first rounders early first rounders is supposed to get then. I'll I start to get a little concerned. So so the issue of attendance. Steve Right is not new to sports right. Fuck it's been around forever right about every year every year. There's something if Phoenix took it on the head for forever right and they're starting to win and I'm assuming that ten is numbers got to be growing so and that's a perfect situation to settle attendants wolves right. GimMe a winning team and I'll go every night and we've broken it down. Do you need talent. Do you need a better owner. Geneva rink closer to town. Do you need better parking. Do you need less. Do you need cheaper beer. Do you need more for the kids. the There's to run a hockey team man. You just you must just be rendered sleepless from the day decided you might buy one to to the to the day you die. You know so it's always been around you know. So what do you do. You look at fifty different things. Steve What would you fix. What would you what we've had to pick one right and in the end you gotta buy a fucking ticket no matter what no matter what you have to buy a ticket? And and that's the only way I can see out of that. You know people are staying home because of the Melnyk out. What thing right? There's a lot of people saying well as long as Eugene Melnyk is still the owner of this team. I'm not supporting it. I think that's a small sample size. I you know women women man when you talk to them about the war often you'll get a team that plays bad and then that night the twitter is get rid of that guy trade that fucking guy. The coaches brutal. This is the general manager's fault fault and often you'll get these women wearing going come on man give him a break. I love the T I love the team and I don't know if I'm sweet in the with a general broom here are are covering them with a general blanket but but they're you know they're they're real fans they're true fans and they often come on say I've been I've been going to these games forever. I've been going to the game. No matter what no matter what you know the Melnyk thing man. I just don't believe that that is the problem with attendance right. I really it's it's got to be more than that is has to be. You know owners out there Steve. There's some crazy ass owners out there insane. You know that that that better off the map against the the mash of everything you know they just go against the grain and yet they have successful clubs you know and that you know you get in a situation where it becomes habit forming. Whatever your reasons for not going to Ottawa Senators Games this year and not buying a ticket like like that can get habit forming in the start spending your money somewhere else like this? This how restaurants go from being like everybody's going to closing their doors. Yes because it falls at a fashion people get into the habit of going watching games at home or they're watching something else net flicks. I don't don't know what they're doing. But if you get out of the habit of going to send games and you've been in the habit for the last twenty five years of going to send games that might be a area where that will be a hard thing to repair. Yeah the one thing I do understand that has always been an issue with that team is is the location of the rink right and again this is people are GonNa. Oh My god Jim Bring this up right. This is dean reasons since we all know. Yeah but I do. I remember living off course I do. Even though they were my blurry days I remember having the opportunity to go to any game. Okay any ten people say. Do you want me the last minute you can come come to the game or even the sends themselves right. We're with open arms. Welcome from the media to any game. I might have even had a media pass. I don't know but quite often I'd be sitting at home with accenture plane tonight and go tuck. I don't WanNA fucking drive for forty five minutes to get a Pie. Find a spot get locked in that parking lot. In fact I made it a bit one day in the morning on the morning. Show where I went to the the game the night before and parted the furthest spot away because everyone was complaining about having to wait half an hour just to go to the park and anyway I did it and it was like forty seven minutes or something you know so I can see some of that right. I can see some of that you know. It's Day and age right where people want convenience right it's gotta be convenient. It has to be quick it has to be. What can you do for me lately right and all that stuff? And what a rink downtown where it was GONNA be Lebron flats with rail being the star attraction transportation wise. And well sure that seemed like a great idea but Man Light Rail has got a long way to go before it can be considered a perk of anything. Yeah they got some Kingston out. You know what we are. We are running a total parallel to you guys on the light. Rail thing Edmonton's has been around a lot longer but they're expanding and they're having issues all the time with it but in the big picture right right. It's going to be great anyway. The Times have changed man so so they may be the rinker to solve that. I've talked to a few owners or in my life right and all of them. Say the same thing Steve. It's about the corporate cash. Well I know a bunch of wealthy guys in town and they're just in that in the mode of like I gave it up a couple of years years ago and I haven't been back and they have done nothing to appease me then this another problem when you're talking about corporate doe in that they're running a barebones staff over there air and that's how the owners chosen to do it and if you're not doing all the niceties and working that corporate crowd that might WanNa take clients to games and things like that that if you don't have anybody doing that then And they don't feel appreciator or cared for him as part of why the corporate guy wants to do this stuff because they feel exclusive given they feel special and wine and dine their clients and all that stuff I hear it again and again and again they don't feel that way these days. Well it all equates to winning right I mean all that all that shit goes away. Got A team who is in first place right right. Everything's forgiven right. There's no one. I don't think there's many people steve who would if you had a team if the sense where we're at will here you know like a great team like some of these Washington hinton Israel Boston fucker. The islanders great you know and the places are upside down right to watch these things and if Ottawa was like that I don't think there will be anyone going. You know what fuck it. I Hate Melnik Alek. I'm not going no matter what they do right. Winning would turn that around all right. Let's get to the Good listener because they are demanding to be heard here on our twitter web poll a sponsored by RB computing and it's it resides at. TSN Steve on twitter connor in the West End. His his twitter handle is at New York. Poser the question again. Our poll is a simple one. Do the senators attendance problems. Worry you or not connor rights. Not Now they've just filled important customer facing positions new CEO and director of community public relations. And we kind of knew we'd be here anyways before the season if things don't improve the standings or the stands next season all that's would then be off Dave Gossen rights not the rebuild. That's been happening for fifty thousand years years. No one cares if no one cares about investing. I'd be a shot of the team. I suppose Kevin Quinnell rights. I'm more worried than I'm less can. I'm more are worried that I'm less concerned about the state of the franchise now than I was last year. Not because I think they're turning things around they might actually be but more that there are better things to focus my time and money on so that goes to my thought about kind of get in the habit of doing other things. Then that can be problematic. Jennifer Mulligan people still impacted by the Phoenix INEXP- as system hard to justify hockey tickets. When you can't pay a mortgage or buy food at one point? It was estimated based on impact that about one hundred million dollars was not circulating in the Ottawa economy. Still people that are not getting some of their back pay from the screw up that is the Phoenix pay system. That guy makes a great point. Jennifer you know all bets are off if you get about if you got a bad economy right right right shit. It's Shit Berta right now. Right first time ever the other seven sold out in many years and we got the best player in the League going on to more here. Senator Guy writes the atmosphere and the rink not as fun with building not full but the short lineups for concessions and washrooms. WASHROOMS are nice if the sends become the top team and we still have only ten to twelve thousand attending then. Yeah I will worry then and Taylor two thousand nine. The attendance issues aren't really that worrisome. Given that they're in the tank for a second straight year. People still seem pretty pissed at Melnik I think if they get two of the top ten picks picks in the draft. It's really going to help attendance this coming season. Yeah they ended up with If they end up getting Alexi low friend year I think that that will cure the attendants that one thing one thing people want to see that kid play for the Ottawa senators right for sure. Yeah our our poll today brought to you by rb Computing James. It is from computers to business networks and everything in between our be computing Solves all your tech related issues in record time and right now they still have some left Steve by the way CECCALDI. AMD rising nine thirty nine fifty x sweet world's most powerful sixteen core desktop processor all of that and much much more now at our be competing 235-minute eighty five Minton place sweet six bells corners hockey hall of Famer. Ed Belfour Arrested on Tuesday morning in Bowling Green Kentucky on mischief and intoxication charges urges. The fifty four year old was quote manifestly under the influence of alcohol. To a point he was a danger to himself and others. According to the arrest report bell four found on the second floor of the Grand Hotel Spawned Kentucky Clutching Curtain Rod. That had been ripped out of the DRYWALL. Above a window window next to him and the subject was kicking the SPA door while laying on the ground and apparently the initial nine one one caller claimed claimed Belford been drinking on the first floor of the building for attempting to fight a hotel employee and striking a window in anger. And I mean it sounds like a guy who needs some help. Let's be honest but his mugshot is. I'm I'm sorry his Mugshot hilarious. And it's all over social media. He looks very much like a guy who is doing on a game show host publicity. Shoot Norma normally get the frown right. You get the a neutral face you know resting bitchy face whatever came up with the biggest maniacal grin one could imagine and so of course social media media absolutely adores that kind of thing worth look. Oh yes you got no chance here. Yup I'M PULLING UP Steve. I can't find when you hear that story. I was you know when you told me what happened. There From start to finish Steve. I don't I don't see one issue. The the guy from what he did. I mean who. The fuck doesn't pull the curtain rod out of the DRYWALL line. You're back and try and kick the door open to a SPA and if that that doesn't work you beat the snot out of innocent hotel employees with that. I don't know where you're going with this. Steve I'm just not sure where you're going with this. The Guy Signs you get the photo kid Ah Let me see Oh my God oh my God. It looks like a big poster. I stand up comedy. Comedian stand up comedy comedian. That's GONNA stand up comic with poster outside the nightclub or something Eddie Bell for here for two nights. Yeah he's got well or the insane crazy is look you know the has their own speed up. Yeah I don't know I I I can't remember the fallout from That's years and years ago. Right that he he. He was caught for public intoxication. toxication trying to bribe a security guard or cop with a billion dollars or something crazy and I don't remember what his response to that was if he ever came back contrite humble about about what he did so I don't know and and that was as right so you know if connick David does it to a cop now and says I'll give you a billion dollars the cops gotta go well. Let's not be hasty here. Let's let's maybe talk this through because it's a good chance he's got that he's probably not a billion just yet. Listen I'd be like eight hundred bucks okay and and this all goes away all right. Give me eight fifty okay. No A poor at Yup. Yeah we're talking about the other day you know when you get these crazy US Antonio Brown and and now this Ed Belfour and displays guys being over the top drunken I. I hope it doesn't get worse. Yeah I totally agree. I think it's it's it's tough to snicker at because you know what's happening there and it's the same thing with Antonio Brown right now. It's like back you know. He's he's throwing a small bag of gummy penises at the mother of his children. So this part of me. That wants to snicker at that but at the same time. Um You watching the guy unravel and it's like okay. It's got a lot of a lot of issues that need to be dealt with. Let's close out the show today With an update on the whole Kobe. Bryant Situation Course. He said nine people killed in a helicopter crash in California on what Sunday I believe. It was terrible story. Obviously in the bodies of now all been recovered the going about the process of officially identifying them how about them having to patrol the area of the crash Jim to protect act from looting. Like that's kind of that's kind of gross. When you think about that with people trying to gain off of this whole thing and but I mean a testament to the popularity of Kobe? Bryant the memorial that they're looking at having the looking at doing it now at the coliseum the first I thought was do it at Staples Center but the now looking at the coliseum potentially does that many people that would want to attend something like that. Well Yeah we live and die right with with tragedies as fans of people and and certainly certainly this was going to be international news. There's no doubt about when it happened but it might be beyond this thing and I was I was talking to a guy in the states. Reg is a new coach for the sustainable. It's going to help us out and you know we were talking about Kobe right. He lives in La and he was making this point that that this is beyond anything he's ever seen gene with this outpouring and he said and the reason is which which he's been out of the limelight as a player but he became renowned as this guy who has made it his sole purpose purpose to give back Particularly with women's basketball that he got involved to try and grow it his daughter. Of course who perished in that accident Thirteen year old daughter water. And there's been this whole guy who who's been slipping under the radar with with what he's done charity wise and using his an in using his status to help And and it's more than anyone will ever know apparently and that's what elevated this guy even over and beyond what he was as as an athlete you know so boy. That's the right reason isn't it. Isn't it too when you hear that you know it's Well wow what a great thing that you learn about him. I unfortunately in death. But that's why this outpouring there there's a lot of people who've been affected it by this guy and a very positive way you know a Canadair is reading a post that can put up yesterday because some people Kobe Bryant made some bad decisions in his life. A A while back and I would never bring this up if it weren't for people who have brought it up this week and you've sorta go really really you know this. Is this the the time that you want to do this. And these people say well they should know they should know this about Kobe and Canterbury put up post going okay. If people should know that about Kobe where were you. That happened many years ago. Where were you not bringing it up between that time and now right if it's that vital that the public fucking knows that he's dangerous or whatever that how how come? It's this week that you thought that's so important. I better bring it up and it's a great point by it's a great point you know. Stop Pause for a second. Unless you've been on this this bandwagon about someone for years and years and years but I dare say almost none of them. What would this would have been forgotten? He I believe he's been forgiven for it. And people have moved on the guys. The guys fallible. You know he's made mistakes so it's just it's just terrible. That people did that and I think it was on facebook that he did it saying this should have been brought up many many months ago if it was that important also off f offer terrible takes but yeah and it's true it's like we we were guilty guilty of it in sports radio a lot like something negative crazy happens like I say You know a guy in cricket you know all of a sudden did something super negative and everybody's reacting to and freaking out over it you know what if you're if you've been paying attention to cricket for the last twenty years or whatever even for a year you're go ahead and chime in on that is fine but if you have not even mentioned the sport like at all in the last in your life like to stay out of is totally totally holy St Tiger Woods. Okay who had a bad run there for a while okay right. He had a bad goal there when he was married and and it was. It was from sunrise to sundown and every hour in between and over and above it all day long about Tiger Woods. What a bad duty was right spin in the clock ahead to today? That was well over ten years ago. Okay well over. Maybe maybe longer than that where we're tagger was off the rails people. Don't talk about it anymore. Right forgive they forgive and they moved on. He's a hero I think he's he's endeared himself more defense. If Tiger Woods died I guarantee not there would be some people who would would think it's time to bring that up and and it's not right. It's not it's terrible. It's terrible insult of the family and stuff okay. Another quick time out here. We have final thoughts on the way a moment of random Hoopla some of the great old clips from our old radio show but first these words insurance is one of those things. Most people don't like dealing with but that's because finding the right insurance can be a pain at all insurance Ontario. We'd take the pain out of it. We'll find you the best plans and rates for you. Text me At eight six zero six zero zero eight or visit dot ca all insurance Ontario your modern boutique broker at Jim Kaye. Ford the Ford year end event event is almost over two days to go as we record. This don't miss out. On the great rebates they have going right now on select new twenty nineteen f one fifty edged Escape Echo Sport ranger models. They're loaded with beautiful buttery who so buttery driving technology style and comfort everything you need for these harsh. I winter conditions. Although what maybe the Louisiana Ottawa's winter this year is actually pretty mild but when it hits it hits and A. B. Ready with a vehicle from Jim Ford you vill Driving Orleans Jim Kaye Ford Dot Com. You're selling your home in Ottawa. Glenn Walton is Your Guy When you list your home with Glenn you'll set aside a budget specifically for services that your home may need like decluttering painting home staging and a whole lot more so. Your home listing appeals to the biggest number KNBR people and ends up getting the most money we recommend the Glenn Walton Real Estate Team at Glen Walton Dot Com. So I hope everybody will forgive me because I'm off to go have a a horse bucket full of Neo Sittin at the moment so we should call it a day for today. Faking man you don't sound bad at all. Well that's good that you were a wigner winer about an inch thick mcinnis I bet you're a glue eater in school Galardo. Hang on stiegler. Hand me the bag of Gummy penises. Drill Steve with a couple of Nice there you go good good good night everybody. We'll see we'll see a- in a world view that again okay. Stephen in a world is not in a world is not in a world in a world. That's terrible in in the world world in a world where laughter was King. I never know when to leave the MIC. Here turn the recording button off down. I gotTa look at the picture that we're in Woolworth's Jim had no tennis to watch C.. Welcome back act. So this is what it's come down to are over informed over broadcast at universities led to the gripping three Gore conversation breaking down issues issues of the day like the weather. The view stuff chicks do that annoy and various sundry dribble that seems to pass for Radio Fodder these days Adam Mhm Corolla of man show fame claims. We'll all be chicks within the next fifty years and clearly we're seeing the genesis of that idea here. Where's what I suggest you immediately? Whip up the legendary Jimbo Tron. They make sure you poke him with a big stick. We need that kind of Retro Sexual Rant and we need it in a hurry worry. That's from G Mac. Let's see if we can't his jumbotron even alive cough. What sorry Jimbo? In both Ron circuits are clogged up with dust and cobwebs and Jimbotalks D._N._A.. Tell you what you can adjust to me. What the heck is no interest in participating?

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Pucks with Bernie  Episode 11  Snow Driving, Blues Homestand, Mike Keenan

Scoops with Danny Mac

27:15 min | 11 months ago

Pucks with Bernie Episode 11 Snow Driving, Blues Homestand, Mike Keenan

"Hey let's just call this a Christmas edition of Pox Bernie Panger our weekly visits here on scoops. With Danny Mac dot COM presented by Marie Davila's senior Living Triad Bank urban chestnut puree Greenville University and fast Eddie's Bonner and as always on Fox sports director Martin Kilcoyne and he is the lose analysts the award winning the outstanding Darren Pang who joins us in life could not the better the blues cle- Four Ano- homestand and it's the holidays panger. Life is good right now. Life is fantastic. I think when you you get the spirit of beating some really good teams on home ice and you go through a little bit of a winter wonderland a couple of nights ago. The snow's coming down. The roads are terrible. Schools are closed always Mardi and and And still sixteen thousand show up and and they start chanting Kroenke sucks. I mean it has been a really good week. I was thinking I always think of the Canadian guys when it snows and I'm glad there was a home game and people made it down there a few years ago. There was a snowstorm and I was down there on a Saturday and and hits it. Oh for God's God sakes you people gotta get used to what real snow is. And I've always thought of the Canadians. We get three to four inches. The town shuts down be honest as a Canadian. What do you think when the Americans Americans get snow in sort of freak out? Well I mean the roads are dangerous because the there's an inexperienced in driving in it so to be quite honest with you That's the part for me is just you know telling people to be cautious. Doesn't mean that you know in my experience like making fun of their driving. Because that's that's that's not right 'cause they haven't grown up a lot of people just haven't grown up with the Snow Martin but I I do think that You know that you should teach your kids when they're when you're driving if you get a chance wants to get them out in the snow like take him into a parking lot Do Some donuts like figure out how your car response to snow because You know there is a way to drive live and there's a way to break or not break in the way to turn so anyway. I think that just comes with experience. I mean when you grew up with snow. And that's what happens then you learn how to drive in it But Ah it's scary out there because there's so many drivers that are just so inexperienced and all of a sudden they slam on the brakes in that car just starts starts going so last thing you WanNa do is get into any kind of crash crash or anything like that but but I was. I was also I enjoyed it. I was coming home for practice and I zipped off forty because there was obviously in accident and it was. It was stopped so I went down market street. I cut across to Sarah Right. Went through You know I went through Kind of Almost westworld it and sure enough. I'm going by this old hardware store and it's one of those Family owned hardware dropped in there a few times and there's no way on the road so AH pilot and they're unloading like you know hundreds and hundreds of bags of salt wheel in there. They're all big blue's fans and and We'll in they helped me get get that salt and put it right in my truck and I'm like this is great. It felt like Canada right there. WHO's awesome? How about driving tips with panger? I didn't see that coming in this week's edition you but you're right. It's both things it's you gotta be serious. You want people to be safe but it also is. We've gotten a little bit freaked out by just the thought of snow and probably the media is part of that. I agree I learned my my best snow driving. I guess experiences where I lived in Rhinelander Wisconsin. TV station snowed all all the time at a nineteen eighty two cutlass four door hood horrible handling I'd throw the you know the the kitty litter in the trunk. So I had some weight in the back of the car but you just sorta learn. I didn't have a Tahoe. I didn't have four wheel drive. And you sort of learn and adapt what you can and can't do so these these are helpful. Drop telling Danny Mac. We're going to get where to put this in a different category this week. This is driving with panger and Martin alongside a car. You had in Rylander by the way. That's the home home of Craig Ludwig the former interviewed him several times. He would come back and he would go to their local rank and hold a tournament once a year I think he played for the North Stars for a while he he played for Montreal Canadians. And The Dallas Stars Dallas Stars. Okay no he would yet Craig Ludwig the other interesting note. We could talk all day about sidebars but John Heisman Heisman heisman trophy named after him is buried in Rhinelander jeepers. I couldn't have been too far from Canada would because we're right below the UP. I bet if I crossed the water I'd be in Funder Bay. Yeah you probably would be worse Sainte Marie. Yeah it's beautiful up there the snow and just make sure you get a car are you can can handle the snow art back to the blue so four no and every game sort of different but you beat Vegas you beat Colorado and Edmonton in three teams in the West that could arguably contend to win the West you throw in a great comeback against the Blackhawks I think the quality of opponent. They're pretty strong on this homestand. I think that's what fires you up. I think that's what gets your attention to. I mean the the blues. The needed that they needed to go up against teams. Especially you know Vegas to to get themselves prepared for that team and say this is the way they're gonNA play at the end of the Day Vegas. Golden Knights are going to be right there if they're in the conference final I would not be surprised if the Blues Matchup with them in the playoff series. I think it'd be a heck of a seven game series and John. Kelly would like because he'll be playing lots of cards there in Vegas but that's no aside story But when you look at the that game the way they played Chicago a little looser but still it. Grab your attention when you're behind three nothing with twelve open to go so the blues get that one in dramatic fashion and then you know going up against Colorado. So there's a common thread here and that's top players. I I mean even Chicago bring it. And and Cain You got four really good lines on Vegas and then you turn around. And you've got nate McKinnon and Landis dog was on a different line. You Have Renton. I mean you've gotta pay attention so now it's the playoffs style. Matchup game that you have to have their and no surprise that head coach Craig. BRUBECK throws together boom eastern PERICO. To make sure that he's got that hard match up there as well and then and then you go up against the you know the pretty electric team in the Edmonton in order. I mean the way that connor can play. Obviously dry. sidled created a lot of scoring chances Last night as well so Again that became a matchup game. And you had you know Perico GEICO and boom Easter and that freed up portrayal and Justin Falk who I thought they were terrific. I thought they were you know besides the scoring chance they had. I felt when they were on the ice. They dominated chances foreign boring chances against at even strength. I'm glad you mentioned bull Miester because there's we don't really talk about him. He doesn't talk about himself too much but a year ago he was sort of a Pinata punching bag he was having some real bad luck giving up some bad goals and I think a lot of people just assume he's done. And by the time armies re upping it made sense. What do you think happened from a year ago to now and it was he just a little worn out or was he just having bad luck? You said he doesn't like talking doesn't like doing interviews. I think that's not really talking too much I love this guy. I think he's the ultimate pro Last year we didn't realize how bad that hip surgery wise and that he really wasn't ready to play and once again Craig. Ruby pushed all the right buttons. I mean they made him a healthy scratch for the first time in his career and I Remember Number Djabel Mr saying you know what that if it's best for everybody then it's okay. Let's just go ahead. And he I think he proved what kind of professionally was when adversity hit him a a little bit. And Yeah I mean you can hear the your player you can hear what the fans are on you. I mean even though you don't maybe don't talk a lot or maybe not the most outgoing guy. Hi you can sense it so it had to be tough on him but What's he got healthy and once they match up with? Not that's just been dynamic. I'm going to say that Jay bolster last year in the New Year up until this point. I've seen him play a lot of hockey games. I think this is the most assertive. He's played I think his outlet passes are the best that he's ever that he's ever had as a player I think he's reads So in in like in summarizing and that I think that's the best hockey's played at his age and there's lots of hockey left for him so I'm I'm I'm real happy that That that he's reupped real happy that he's got his game going and I believe there's a couple of really great years lockton table Mr so at this point the blues have played thirty six games. They've lost eight in regulation. That's pretty remarkable. When you think about that? Thirty six games only eight times did it end. Where like well they just didn't win? In regulation there of course you lose overtime shootouts. But that's pretty remarkable now turn into the Professor Pang if we could have a segment here Foxman West can borrow this. I've got a little lab coat but professor paying because teachers and parents will always nitpick take a little bit. If you're looking at this team this roster the results where would you critique where we if you had like. You're the professor who won't give the A. What could they work on? Where could they improve? it's hard not to give them that. Hey even as a professor considering considering what what they have done and what they have accomplished and yet they still continue to to to four John I mean there have been some times where that power-play had the ability to win them a game and and let them down for me I think the I think that would probably be the only area The defending the goaltending The four lines the support goals for especially without blahdy Tarasenko Have all been real good for Mackenzie mceachern. You know to to now. We're seeing Robert. Thomas Takeoff aikoff to the Pronin Riley. Line you know. May maybe there's a little bit more there with with with Schwartz anguish and at times but you you know. They've been hurt by not having a consistent winger on their side so yes I think the only thing is the timeliness of power play goals. That's it right there in the there in the eighth for me the way it's almost it's almost an impossible task. You have to be a real prickly professor to not give this team and I was just thinking. Is there any area that the truth is right now. Not a lot got two point two and that includes the emergence of Jake Allah. We talked about him in the past. I wanted you to Kinda explain to folks the Camaraderie with bidding ten and Allen. Because I don't think jake can do do what he's doing he's competitive. He's an athlete but if there was some sort of tension there and maybe I'm wrong but the way they've handled this rise of Bennington and how Jake's handle it I think it's almost allow them to have a comfort level now to give people an idea what goes on behind the scenes. Well I think number one. If if Jake Allen was a selfish human human being then there would be a divide inside the locker room and if there's a divide in the room that's not good because you would have a half or three quarters of the players the Blair's loyal to Jake Allen and they would be you know they would be siding with him Not Not that they wouldn't work hard for Bennington But it is an uncomfortable situation when that develops so. It's imperative that the goal. It's not playing the goalie that has to check his ego at the door He you know he's he's the one that has to be the ultimate team to make sure that the players don't go in that direction so to let people know you know how difficult that is. Every the goaltenders an individual team sport he wants the net It's all occurs when he's not playing cheering for a bad goal to go in on the other guy but he he wants to get in that net and grab that and never let it go and When it doesn't happen and last year it was clear that Benton was just GonNa get himself on such a role that you have to just kind of sit back and say this is fun to watch you mature in a hurry when this happens and I think that's what what's happened with Jake Allen and you know with Jacobs into that and that these guys are working you know? They're they're working hard for and they don't WanNa disappoint him when he makes a safe. That might even be an average save their cheering them on like it was the greatest save. They've ever seen just to make sure that that he knows how much confidence they haven't him and how much they they want him to do. Well to really you know some stories. He's When this team is on the plane they're playing cards and their hooping it up in the back because they've got their own music going and The they always add Jaiqi snake. Doc lyrics to a song they always at Jaiqi in there and it. It's fun to listen to. I mean the you know. He's he's so much a big part of the fabric of this team and and And so it's It's a great story. Because it's it's been the development of a of a young man and Jake Allen that you know that became a really good goalie that had to go through through a tough time that became the one of the greatest teammates. These guys I've ever had and and with all of that you get wedding and if you don't have it you don't get winning because you get selfishness and uh-huh nutshell is the best way I can describe the goaltending situation and paying a couple of weeks away at least till the All star teams are announced. Is it. It's probably not safe to say Peron is as a lock. I know a lot of people have said the blues. Consort a push you've got you know portray Angelo in Bennington strong candidates and then after that WHO's the blues Ford maybe no rally gets considered appeared for a minute we thought Chen but maybe the team pushes Peron a little bit. What do you think the chances are? I think we feel. He's deserving but you think it will happen. Yeah I mean I would have to think you get three guys From the team I I mean I think you know if I'm not mistaken third in wins You you know. And and obviously what he did last year and just the way he is. I think I think you know he'd be a great choice and and portrayal on the back end and then and and then you know probably David Perron up front. I think that in a three on three to you. You look at the way that that that goes. I mean he'd be. It'd be electric fighting him. You know with that shot in the place It's hard to hard to say if you can get four guys in there because if you'd wanna Riley and David Perron there you could possibly get them there but not sure if that's going to happen all right it is pucks with Bernie and hang or make sure you subscribe Google. itunes that we each week it is delivered directly to you. Tell mom I'm told grandma every week. A little hockey fun right here on scoops with Danny AMAC DOT COM. We'll come back a friend of Pinger update. And I'm SORTA stretching the boundaries of friend will do do that next great to have urban chestnut on board about their great fear and the Great Beer Garden hanging out in the Grove they've expanded there's just been the explosion of Craft Half Beers but boy it goes way beyond urban chestnut the become part of the Saint Louis scene. I love that urban underdog had it. It's great American lager. Beer snobs out out there. I get it. My wife is a perfect example. Not a huge beer fan. I rolled out a little urban underdog. She absolutely loves it. So whatever your palate is they've got a taste for you. You know about the Deepankar award presented by the good folks at urban chestnut every single week huge hockey fans and really can find their product. Now all around town whether you've got snug grocery store if you're at sporting event blues game how about at the zoo that's right. I had the Grizzly Ridge Koelsch the other day they have expanded. It's not just the great product. Great people behind hi. It's it's more than just this fear that you're enjoying the part of the movement in Saint Louis getting things done and changing the whole area there the Grove and if you talk about the connection with the MLS I think think the big celebration with the MLS for the Lou that was at urban chestnut in the grove location. You can find them all around town. I started with the wingnut still love that moved into this wickel. Michael currently just hooked on urban underdog. Check them out neighborhood. Grocery store liquor store guaranteed all around town. It's urban chestnut part of the Saint Louis sports community humidity since nineteen sixty serving the families of saint. Louis Marie Davila senior living at the corner of Clayton and Wiedeman road. The beautiful found. Greet you for the twenty two acre campus full range of senior living independent living at the villa staked skilled nursing memory. They have it all spacious dining room salon the transportation around to exercise and pool private rooms hands on care. You're not a resident of marine villa. You are considered a guest. Fred and Mary rickie weeks and in their sons live on site. It is family run. It has that family. You've heard Tony and I talk about how this was home for. The legendary Red Shamed Leeds for many years. He was also on the board and help the original owners start Marie Davila back in nineteen sixty Marie. Davila DOT COM. We suggest you go online and schedule Latour. Here's the owner of the world famous fast. Eddie's Bon air eight shoulder and hall of Fame Hockey Legend Brett Hull. Eddie told some friends. About how fast daddy spawn era. And I just didn't have the worst describe it Brett another same problems for years. The words I use. Are you know a lot of fun. It's huge it's an let venture. Yeah that's what I was trying to say. This is more than a bar. I mean the coldest beer the best live entertainment. Everyone knows about the great food but fast. Daddy's is far more than that. I'll tell you what it's kind of like I've only been to heaven but I bet you that part of described to. I sure hope I get that. Tell me studies experiences tough to ascribed on all I know is it is fun man. I tell you what better thirty five years and it explains it sell. I don't know if it's good as heaven but it might be Kevin on earth. Why would write it down in your notes and your Fulham because because once you get home when they experiences can be hard to remember? I've been all over the world and there's only one fast Eddie's bon air so if you're twenty one head over to clerk bridge too fast Eddie's bond air in alm own aren't you just heard the commercial that's fast Eddie hanging with Brett Hull. That's a party I need to be invited to and joining us on the line. The one and only fast Eddie from fastidious bon on air in Alton where they're always serving up a lot of fun great food you gotTa tell us hanging with Brett Hull. You got an idea what that might be like. What was it actually like in person? I'd say imagine it and then multiply it because it's real that's that's him that's who it is and it's that much fun but your guy who likes to have fun but like bread bread whole takes it to another level for a living and I keep people out of blocker right along with me. I party for a living and teach people out of party. That's it man. You know what I've said about Fast Eddie's it's a mood changing experience. I've never been in there and looked around and seeing anybody in a bad mood and you might see him walking it in with a frown. But boy once they and there's always groups of people they could be mad at their boss or their dog and all of a sudden. They're going too fast. Eddie's nobody's having a bad time forget forget about your troubles. There's no windows for a reason. And you leave the world when you walk in and it's it's a definitely a coming in about twelve hours. Awesome all twelve of them and I know you love baseball. And you're hanging with Mike Shannon. You're down at Cardinal Games. But I I think I've sensed this and I've seen down there in recent years certainly with the cup run. It's been fun but you've kind of gravitated towards hockey and there was a night. They were fighting back. I was at the TV job and we were taxed in and you send man. I like this team. Because they've got some they've got a little bit of balls. Yeah no they'll push back. Take care of each other to. It's fun to watch man. They're really on it just a work team. There's a very it's got a lot of spirit in the team attitude acute. These guys are good really good and it's fun for the city. You now I mean I've I grew up here. You grew up here. Everybody's got like three cardinals shirts in their closet. Maybe more go and now all of a sudden you go to the store you gotta fast. Eddie's everybody's wearing blues gear. It's amazing man. I tell you go places where you would have always been Kendall one and now lets you know Alex. It's tend to three. You know anything. Count whatever the whatever the ratio is popping up and coming up African into it more and more new people are watching it. It's cool you know. It took from wanting to do it. That's what gets to learn. Everybody loves a winner. Here's what people ask me. I always they say what are you need. And when you go to fast Eddie's I'm like I'm going to probably work my way through the menu if I hang for a couple of hours but they go. What about Eddie? If you're there all the time what are you ordered you have do. You have a Go-to I I ordered the rottweilers and then I ordered the figure and fries gotTa have our fries but you have the hours and the big our original to the place. You can't get anywhere else and You can't go wrong. I promise and the doors open at one o'clock Monday through Thursday. Eleven o'clock on Friday Saturday Sunday. They've gotta live music on every single single DEB and they're on the weekends where there's live music and back. There's live music on the Patio Party. Never stops at fast. Eddie's we'll talk to a man hey man thanks a lot triad bank. Thank the neighborhood. Friendly Bank located Franek on Clayton road. They're just west of lindbergh real easy access highway sixty four. Get the Lindberg and you are their air founded in two thousand five wide range of commercial and personal banking services and how about this they actually have people behind the counter. People there ready to greet you ready to help business. Owners looking to expand talk to the bank. Based in Saint Louis Decisions are being made fear a frustrating is that trying to get a loan for Your Business and the decision is made in New York. It was anti not with dry. You could find out more. Try It. Banking Dot COM home equity lines of credit five star rated bank three hundred sixty million in acids about tried banking dot com less than an hour from Saint Louis. It's Greenville University founded in eighteen. Ninety two this this Liberal Arts Institution Offers Pre Med offers online student involvement. Yeah that's right. They'll get involved. In local businesses immersed in the community a great little town amount of Greenville Illinois. Less than an hour from saint. Louis if you look into get away for college but they don't want to go too far. It's right up the road from Saint Louis. Great professors really a great experience. Kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really immersed in what they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot. Edu for more more information about this great institution. They always the great bread whole bringing us back. We do a little F. O.. P. Friend of Panger in this all right. I like to look at the roster when you were with the Hawks in the late eighties and I honestly didn't realize that your coach was Mike. Keenan I don't know how I missed that along the way so it may not be a friend to panger but what was your experience. It's a lot of Saint Louis Tories for years about Keenan. How about for you as a young goal in Chicago The year before Mike took over I had a I had a coach named Bob Murdoch and and And Goalie coach. Wayne Thomas and Darryl Sutter was our assistant coach your and Wayne Thomas single handedly went to bat for me with the words family and with the poll forgets to say if I'm the goalie coach I'm picking the goalies right. And they said yes and he said well then Darren Pang. Bob macey are going to be the goalies you know Jimmy weight goes back to junior and Eddie Belfour goes to the miners. He's not ready yet. So I had a guy that went to bat for me and gave me all the confidence in the world to play in the NHL then the next year after our playoff loss to saint. Louis I believe that was the first ever seven game series at the blues. Had beat the Blackhawks Greg Millen in the net for Saint Louis and I was in an effort Chicago and so it was a surprise because I thought we were doing you know getting better anyway. Fired him and they brought in Mike Keenan and I will tell you this that no man has sucked the life out of me more than my Keenan. He he absolutely took the love. I had for hockey The Passion I had for going to the rink and he He used a syringe and he sucked right out of my body. And I'll never forget that so. There are some things that he did that. We're well so there are some things that he did That were kind of crazy to get the best out of the team. And and then they were just far too many times where he took too many individuals. What's that we're good players and instead of coaching them up he coached them down? And for no apparent reason and so so that was my experience so I have similar experiences with Mike. Keenan his fans in Saint Louis and players in Saint Louis. So we've got something in common even though I never played for the Blues And that was it and then I ended up playing a couple of years and then I ended up retiring because of my knee injury and might continue and boy as luck would have it Martin. I got into television and radio radio and I had a microphone and then I got to say whatever I wanted about him. He was unbelievable. It was a stroke of genius so I had some fun with that and and And and criticize them whenever it was it. was you know plausible. And gave him credit whenever he needed some credit going his way. But it was It was it was an interesting time in my life in challenged me integrate integrate big way. I think there's no doubt you know certain coaches like to push and they're tough and there's nothing wrong with that but then when there's there's sort of like a meanness that's there's sort of the difference there I'm wondering if you if you ever said with Holly Untold Stories. Oh yeah absolutely we all have But with all the talk coming out about coaches you know And what they've done a lot of times you know. I think back at that brief experience I had with Mike and Mike had a lot of things thrown at him too. I mean he challenged players but players challenged him I know one night I got. I got hold early in a hockey game and I was. I was so upset I was getting pulled left. Right and center. Didn't matter how the game was going and I remember taking my mask on that bench and I threw it and I threw it hard and and I was actually a little frayed as it was about five feet from his head thinking that that masks is GonNa hitting the back of the head I could be in trouble so but it didn't happen opened. It did grazes back to the shoulder and he just stared at me I mean he. He beat everybody angry. He made it. He made everybody not act the way they were normally act. I remember one time. He was leaning on the bench where in Minnesota and and he hadn't played Denny Savard Daddy Savard had had enough. He hadn't played for eight nine ten eleven twelve minutes and he's looking back and looking back and Ken wouldn't put them on the ice until any survived used his elbow and got him reading the midsection toppled over Mike Keenan and denny's called up the next semi. He went on the ice and he never came off until the the next whistle. So I mean for as much as a guy like Mike gave it to other guys boy. He took it back and return. I'll tell you that this. She's like a lump of coal. I was going to end with Christmas thoughts. But you know what Panger you in the past emigrate holiday enjoy it. Thank you for being professor faster paying. Thank you for the driving tips and happy holidays to you in the entire family. My pleasure you as well as all the listeners out there have a safe and happy happy holidays into we'll We'll talk to during the break. That's our great friend. Darren Pang with us here on. Scoops Danny Mak Dot Com puck with Bernie and Tanger presented each week by Marie Davila Villa Senior Living Triad Bank Urban Chestnut Greenville University. And Fast Eddie phonics.

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Pucks with Bernie and Panger  Episode 9  Jake Allen, Ivan Barbashev, Belfour Stories

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Pucks with Bernie and Panger Episode 9 Jake Allen, Ivan Barbashev, Belfour Stories

"Let's do this. We had a little blues Blackhawks that meant Darren Pang was back in Chicago but I got to start with this and our visit here. It's pucks with Bernie Panga brought to you. By Marie Davila's senior Living Urban Chestnut Triad Bank. Fast Eddie's bond air and Greenville University and I got to start with this Pinger I've always you're a Blackhawk because you played there but I gotta say you're one of us now okay pal. You're on the right side of this thing. I know they still love Chicago Gago. But it's it's time we say you're one of us. Well I'm glad you said that because I absolutely feel that way without a doubt and You know the I I the first game the first maybe the first year joining the St Louis Blues Broadcast and knowing that I have never played for the Saint Louis Louis Blues. I gotTa tell you I walked up to the three hundred level because at that point Bernie was down between the benches and John. Kelly and I were upstairs and we had a three man booth and And and there was a lot of Blackhawk fans and they're running around and they're asking to get pictures of meanwhile I walked into the booth and and I that was the only time it felt. It felt strange and You know you get in there and it took a little bit of time but you know the the Games go on the situations. Go on and I've been here at eleven years now and say Louis like eleven years I played in Chicago in the minors for three hours. An undrafted player on. I always tell guys like I. The only team that gave me a chance and I ended up playing eighty one games with them and then retiring and and and going on so. That's six years and I. I did a little broadcasting and radio and hotline for them so that's maybe eight years nine years I've been in Saint Louis for eleven. I've never been with one team for as long as they. Louis I've never dove in like I have in Saint Louis. I'm glad you said that because I totally feel that Although I didn't play in the sweater I feel like I am a saint. Louis Guy I and then I feel like I and hopefully represent the blues with a lot of passion and I hope over the years fans think the same thing. 'cause I've I've definitely Definitely given it my all uh-huh I've emptied out this little body mind for energy wise and And so that that part of it but it's always nice going back though I mean you go back to a place that you were there. For a long time I'm the same guy that drove the Zamboni in nineteen eighty seven still driving the Zamboni. You guys have been there for a long time and you go there. And they're familiar faces and that that's actually the the real fun part about going back to that That city and it's great city by the way hundred percent. Yeah and anytime we make fun of Chicago. It's maybe just a little bit jealous. Ed Is Great. I love you say Louis but I also love anytime get a chance to go Chicago I do it and when you were there and I know you weren't there long but that late eighties Kinda Blues at the Old Barn. The older stadium that was about I mean the fights and the stands would start before the game started that was the rivalry has got a little classier now in the stands and it was back back then I do remember worrying about my wife my wife and the wives you bring any friends to the game and the first game I ever played in Chicago Stadium. I I was just married to Lynn. We got married in eighty seven and she got an apartment in Saginaw because that was their minor league team that I'd likely go to and I told her I said I'm having a great camp. I think I'm GonNa make the Blackhawks my wife. Lynn says tell you what I'm GonNa keep the apartment here in Saginaw. Thanks honey. I said I said well. Why don't you come this weekend? We're playing you know playing Edmonton and It's going to be a big game and it'll probably be a telltale sign of whether or not I'm GonNa stay or not and they dressed their whole the the big guns of all big guns and So I said to her. I said listen. The blackhawks put up billboards. Old Hotel called the Bismarck and I said listen I if it doesn't go well in the first couple of minutes just leave the building hop in a cab. I'll meet you back at the hotel and I see it gets really bad. They're it it gets ugly you know and the Canadian whisky bottles coming down on the ice. And whatever and so I just didn't want to put her through that and And then the fight eight so I'm always we're always worried. She dump a beer on her head and you know stuff is going to happen. And I'm like Oh man so anyway I I ended up playing the first thirty minutes of the game. I I stopped two-on-one Gretzky to curry Left the ice tour standing ovation. After the Games she goes well that went pretty. Well Hey how do you go back to Saginaw got this Chicago. Pack GonNa live downtown right near the Viagra Triangle and And you go back there. That would have gone over very well. Well wait ended up ended up going really well. We ended up being young kids and and being there for that you know for for a couple of years and then I lived there for nineteen years because I worked for. ESPN SO I. I didn't have to go anywhere. I live where where I was and I did about ninety five games a year for. ESPN travel all over the place. And and then the blackhawks got really bad bad at that time and so I hardly did any games in Chicago. probably did more in Saint Louis in my thirteen years than I than I actually did in Chicago because the you know the blues had such great eight years and the Blackhawks really fell off the map for a bit. You play at the checkered them. They would you have ever been in net for a game against the blue would have been cujo on the other side. No I at the arena to early for cruiser my bad. Yeah the eighty seven the eighty seven Blues team with Greg Melon. Melon and that Greg Millen was the first Blues Goalie holy to ever beat the Blackhawks in a playoff series and I was the goalie on the other side. See I'm always. I was always trying to help out. I told helped you get to the hall of Fame Bernie helped you get to the hall of fame I I you know. Gino Cavalieri should be in the hall of fame for just as many goals scored on me and Tony Herkus by the way who I saw last night. He was scouting the game for Tampa Bay I was again. We we reminiscent. He scored four goals on me in the Chicago Stadium in game four game four of the eighty eight playoffs. It's still Hilla rookie record for Saint Louis. Blues Player most goals in one game. Thanks to Darren the Herkus circus and then modern day. You know it's interesting. You mentioned been eleven years years. You've sort of seen this shift in this division. The blackhawks were on the rise. They got tapes and Kane and the blues couldn't quite get over the hump they were the bullies where the Troy Brouwer famous goal finally beat him in the playoffs. What a great moment? But now we're seeing it where the blues are sort of the bullies in this matchup and and the blue just kind of passed. Ask Them Up. What do you think's happen here is Chicago's a lot of it just salary cap and money problems? Well yeah they handcuff themselves with certainly with with a huge contracts tracks and You know and certain players are going to have a decline Brent. SEABROOK added a decline. He's still a good defense when but That that's you know one contract like they might have saddled themselves Up against but at the end of the day I think they've they've made moves and lost really good players like I think back to. You know our Tammy Pronin plane on the on the Blackhawks. They had one hundred eight hundred nine points and You know and that was the year after the Troy Brouwer beat them in game seven which was by the way going back to some of the Games like that game for me on home ice. We did that because it was the first round. So if our ratings on Fox Sports Midwest and westward just incredible and I mean it was time of your life is a broadcaster to watch that and I remember when Troy Brouwer scored. I mean I knew I jumped. I was so pumped pumped up. I mean the energy level was so high it was one of those moments. I thought were the blues fans the blues players the management. Everybody went okay. We've just slate dragon that we haven't been able to slay and they've won three Stanley Cups. And we're well on our way now in so tab the tab win the Stanley Cup just a couple of years after that is significant but I always tell Troy Brouwer that goal that you scored. That was the first step in the in the confidence. Then the layer of confidence you're going to need to beat the best teams in the League. You can to overcome it team like Chicago. I think it's the number one rivalry still I just think I think it is even though Chicago was having a tough time but Anyway Guide ME I. I think that's that's probably one of the bigger reasons. Why why the hawks the fans you know got got a little more confidence that serious and then the blues role role in their beat up and I won't say the JV squad but their minus so many bigger names and they still shut them out. But it begins with the net. Play of Jake Allen and it's one thing to say. Oh good for you jake your great team at you but it's another. I mean the old pat on the back thing. I'm sure would get old for a player. That's competitive as well. It's different when he's playing. Aim at a high level so whenever it he says wow way to go jake. They're not just in you know what I'm sayin' pacifying a guy who has to watch Bennington succeed. He's four zero and two in his last. Last six starts with a one point. Seven eight era thirty eight saves against the Hawks. Do you think Jay is found his Mojo again. I do absolutely in fact I just had a conversation sation with Although Robert Deniro told me never to name drop but Martin Brodeur and I just had a conversation and We're we're talking about Jake. He's been watching them and watching in his. You know the technique and some things that Mardi implemented when Marty went down and really corrected jake at a much needed time and then Jake had that great first round series. You remember against the Minnesota Wild you know I give Mardi Bruder a lot of credit for how he he saw little things that that jake was doing and But Mardi you said he's well on his way here he he he loves it. He's so proud of Jake and we all are and I know we probably maybe we sometimes go too far on that side of it but even even last night on the broadcast. I said people don't understand. They don't understand the fabric of the locker room. The fabric of a guy that that will do anything for everybody else to a win. That goaltender if he doesn't endear himself to his teammates they're not gonNA throw all these accolades to him. It's not gonNA happen. I guarantee it because I've I've seen seen million times before they're going to give it the old data. Well we needed to stop in the second period Didn't get it. It'll be that kind of talk but with Jake it's different and that's that's why when we go maybe overboard on them. It's for good reason because I watch them faced two hundred fifty bucks in practice and never complained and never stopped trying and never never say no to the players when it's drill drill drill and it's one timer and it's a puck in the head and it's a puck in the shoulder. You're dead tired and the one last player still wants to take take one timers and he still stays out there. I mean and then he gets in the room and he says all the right things and he never makes it about him so I will never apologize for for going. Went overboard on a player like Jake Allen and I'm glad right now it's not going overboard. Right now it's do Credit Jake Allen is plain magnificently. He has this year where he's giving them a chance on the road He likely won't be a home goalie for the for the Saint Louis Blues. It likely won't happen. He'll get some games here there but when it comes down to it Jordan. Bennington didn't really owns that rink. And that's fine Jake. Allen is owning the road Jordan's owning everything but he's owning the home rink and I think that's a great partnership right there. I I gotTA Say Your Guy Army was right. Doug Armstrong most of US last summer thought. Well they'll move jake. This is the summer you move them out. You Got Bennington. You don't need. Both army was pretty consistent. No we think at this point in the NHL in two thousand nine hundred and you need both guys. And I guess I would have thought it was almost a luxury. But they wouldn't be winning all these Games without both so I guess this Armstrong Guy knows what he's doing on. Well yeah and I think over years you gain that experience and I thought long and hard about this. WHO's out there who's coming in? That's better than Jake Allen. That knows the team that the team play hard for do you. Don't just find them. You know they try Chad Johnson last year people even forget about Chad. Johnson even been here before Jordan Jordan got recalled which by the way managerial decision. That was a number one for me. They had an open Anaheim needed a goalie. And they said we're losing. He's not part of our future. Why don't we recall Villi? Who so he's hurt Jordan? Bennington is up next there we go. That was the that was the season right. There was that decision to make that quick move and it bought them a little cap space as well. 'cause Chad Johnson was one point. Seven five million. They moved at along. Benton comes up. I think he made six fifty so all that that was another great decision but the other part of it was. You can't just throw a young VILLI. who so up here with the Saint Louis Blues with Jordan Bennington Bennington is only only played fifty games in the NHL? He doesn't need a young twenty three year. Old just knocking at that door. That doesn't know what it takes to be a backup goaltender. And so that's why this compliment between the two is a perfect marriage right now. The only way it's going to get complicated Martin for me is when you know Jake Allen. Hey Look guys I've done my Jordan's obviously your guy And I'm just going to request a trade if there's anything out there almost like what robby Fabbri did. And and then then I I guarantee you that Doug Armstrong would look around the league and and try to do anything he can to help out in that that scenario. But I don't see that happening just yet. I I see this being one of the best tandems Adams in the National Hockey League Jennings Trophy maybe a little I threw that out there earlier today on twitter just to see if people like respected my hockey knowledge. And nobody's come. Nobody's even comment. Did anyone notice now. They can at least if they don't know what it means they can. At least Google. We got an early candidate. Here for a jennings we talk about opportunity and Ivan Barbara sheds a guy who I think I think we all say. Oh he's a great grinder. He's a fourth line guys got energy. He'll hit you but then you give them some chances. And maybe there's some scoring there that maybe we didn't even give give him the credit for do you think that's is that a fair assessment We should go back to the Jennings first second. I thought I thought you were talking about Peter Jennings the great broadcaster. Oh you had to bring in a Canadian right. What's wrong Walter? CRONKITE Canadian see. I was going to hand it to John. Kelly and given the Jennings Award Peter Peter Jennings. Yeah you know of above Barbara Chef. This is what I like about. What Craig Ruby's doing? And Craig Berube like like like so many coaches when you like something and you stay with that. And he's not apt to change very much and that consistency and continuity the players. Appreciate that because unlike you know hitch it was a coach. Th there's a lot of coaches not gonNA pigeonhole one guy but the minute that the game didn't go well the lines got jumbled up the next game the you know they might have started the way they ended the last game Might be thrown into a you know into into a bowl and they come come out in another -nother formation. There's not as much consistency when there was adversity but Craig Ruby's the other way when there's a little adversity. He goes back to consistency because he wants to players to know that. Hey listen. That wasn't good enough. But but you go everybody's back together again and we're going to give us another go and Lately because of the injuries I am so happy. You know the the way Craig Berube has done things has been just terrific. At first Barbara Chef wasn't very good with Rhino Riley. And he wasn't playing the way he played if he was on the fourth line. Or whatever the line we'll call it the Sundquist line or the barbershop line. And he kinda got away he was deferring to Riley and David Perron and now he lost effectiveness. Yes so the coach says and just throw them back on the fourth line. The coach brings him in the G- over some video. He tells him again and he gives him another chance and now Barbara Chef is figuring out again. How how to play? which is the only way you can play which rambunctious tenacious speed finish your check? Hold onto pucks and then make a play And and the same thing was sunk when he threw them on the top line. Like these players deserve the chance to climb the ladder before players that come down like a player comes from the minors and and a lot of times. Those players get elevated up before the players. that are your beaten potatoes. You know your soul guys get that opportunity. So that's the part because these injuries that we're seeing a lot more out of them and what they're capable of doing and I think that's just great for the whole season to know exactly what barbershop to know. Exactly what Sundquist can do and Dour Dour seen Mackenzie mceachran play the way he's playing which has been fantastic Nathan Walker jumps up on the top line now. Who knows how long that's GonNa last but Troy Brouwer found himself a little spot there as well so so I think he's pushing buttons once again? We'll come back. It's an F. O.. P. A. FRIEND OF UPDATE IT'S PUCKS with Bernie and panger right here on scoops with Danny AMAC dot com great to have urban chestnut on board. You know about their great fear and the Great Beer Garden hanging out in the Grove they've expanded there's just been the explosion of Craft Beers. Good boy goes way beyond that. With urban chestnut the become part of the Saint Louis scene. I love that urban. Underdog if you haven't had it it's great American lager. Beer snobs out there. I get it. My wife is a perfect example. Not a huge fan. I rolled out a little urban underdog. She absolutely loves it. So whatever your palate is. They've got a taste for you. You know about the Panger Award Award presented by the good folks at urban chestnut every single huge hockey fans have really you can find their product. Now all around town whether you snuck grocery store if you're at Sporting Event Blues Game. How about at the zoo? That's right. I had the Grizzly Ridge Koelsch the other day they have expanded. It's not just the great product. Great people behind it. It's it's more than just this fear that you're enjoying the part of the movement in Saint Louis getting things done and changing the whole area there the Grove and if you talk about the connection with the MLS I think we had the big celebration with the mls blue that was at urban chestnut in the grove location. You can find all around town. I started with the wingnut. Still love that moved into this wickel. Currently currently just hooked on urban underdog. Check them out neighborhood. Grocery store liquor store guaranteed all around town. It's urban chestnut part of the Saint Louis sports community since nineteen sixty serving the families of saint. Louis Marie Davila senior fellow at the corner of Clayton and Wiedeman road. The beautiful found. Greet you for the twenty two acre Acre campus full range of senior independent living at the villa state skilled nursing memory care they have it all spacious dining room salon transportation tation around to exercise and pool. Private rooms hands on here. You're not a resident of Marita villa. You are considered a guest Fred and Mary Kay wease and on and their sons live on site it is family run. It has that you've heard Tony and I talk about how this was home for the legendary red shades for many years he was also so on board and helped the original owners start. Marie developed back in nineteen sixty MARITA DOT COM. We suggest you go online and schedule a tour. And here's the owner of the world famous fast. Eddie's Bon Air Schoeller and hall of Fame Hockey Legend. Bret Hall told some Friends About Fast Daddy's respond era and I just didn't have the worst describe it Brett another same problems for years. The words I use. Are you know a lot of fun. It's huge it's an adventure. Yeah that's what I was trying to say. This is more than a bar. I mean the coldest beer the best live entertainment. Everyone knows about the great food but fast. Daddy's is far more than that. I'll tell you what it's kind of like I've been to heaven but I bet you that part of describe to. I sure hope I get to have that experience. It's tough to describe. All I know is it is fun man I tell you we've been thirty five years and it explains itself. I don't know if there's good heaven on earth why would write it down in your notes and your Fulham because once you get at home the experiences can be hard to remember. I've been all over the world and there's only one fast that he's on air so if you're twenty one head over to clerk bridge too fast. Eddie's Bonnier in all aren't you just heard the commercial that's fast Eddie hanging with Brett Hull. That's a party I need to be invited to and joining us on the line. The one and only fast Eddie from Fast Eddie's bond air in Alton Alton where they're always serving up a lot of fun great food you gotTa tell us hanging with Brett Hull. You got an idea what that might be like. What was it actually like in person? I'd say imagine it and then multiple is because it's real. That's that's that's who it is an. It's that much fun when you're a guy who likes to have fun but unlike bread whole takes it into another level I teach people out and along with I party for a living and I teach people out at a party. That's it man. You know what I said about that. He's it's a mood changing experience. I've never been in there and looked around anybody in a bad mood and you might see him walking in with a frown but boy once they said and there's always groups of people they could be mad at their boss or their dog and all of a sudden going too fast. Eddie's nobody's having a bad time forget about your trouble no windows for a reason and the world when you walk in and it's it's a definitely a twelve hours when all twelve Oba and I know you love baseball and you're hanging with Mike Shannon. You're down at Cardinal Games. But I think I've sent this and I've seen you down there in recent years certainly with the cup run. It's been fun but you've gotTa gravitated towards hockey and there was a night. They were fighting back. I was at the TV job and we were taxed in and you send man. I like this team. Because the team's got some they've got a little bit of balls and they'll they'll push back. I look at where they take care of each other to. It's fun to watch man. They're really on it. It just to work at the very spirit in the team attitude. The guys are really good and it's fun for the city. You know I grew up here. You grew up here. Everybody's got like three cardinals shirts in their closet maybe more yep and now all of a sudden you go to the store you gotta fast. Eddie's everybody's wearing blues gear. It's amazing man. I tell you your places where you would have always been Kendall one. Let's you know. Now it's it's tend to three anything counter. Whatever the whatever the ratio is popping up? And it's coming up for getting into more. New People are watching it. It's cool you know. It took some winning to do it. But that's what gets to learn. Everybody loves a winner. Here's what people ask me. I always they say. What are you gonNA eat when you go to fast fast? Eddie's I'm like I'm GonNa probably work my weight in the menu if I hang for a couple of hours but they go. What about eighty? If you're there all the time what do you do you have. Do you have a Goto Goto. I order the route rottweilers and then I ordered the figure and fries gotTa have our fries but you have the the bratwurst and the big original to the place. You can't get anywhere else and you can't go wrong from the doors open at one o'clock Monday through Thursday. Eleven o'clock on Friday Saturday Sunday. They've got live music on every single deb and there on the weekends where there's live music and back there's live music on the patio. Party never stops at fast. Eddie's we'll talk to you soon man. Hey Man thanks a lot triad bank. The Neighborhood Hood Friendly Bank located in front on Clayton road. They're just west of Lindbergh real easy access off highway. Sixty four get the Lindberg and you are their founded founded in two thousand and five wide range of commercial and personal banking services. And how about this actually a people behind the counter. People there ready to greet you ready to help you. Business Business Owners looking to expand talk bank based in Saint Louis. Decisions are being made. The're a frustrating. That trying to get a loan for Your Business and the decision is has made in New York Los Angeles not with Dryden. You can find out more at try. It banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star rated bank three hundred sixty million in assets check them out try banking dot com less than an hour from Saint Louis. It's Greenville University founded in eighteen ninety. Two this Liberal Arts Institution Offers Pre Med offers online student involvement. Yeah that's right. They'll get involved and local businesses immersed in the community a great little town of Greeneville Bill Illinois less than an hour from Saint Louis. If you're looking to get away for college but they don't want to go too far. It's right up the road from Saint Louis. Great professors really a great experience kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really emerged. What they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot? Edu for more information Asian about this great institution Brett Hull Brigadier Back. And every time I hear holy I want to get into the vault kind of go back in time and a former teammate. We do it with Bernie we do it with paying her. A friend to panger and former teammate. Eight we were talking a lot about those Chicago days when you came along playing for the Hawks You're younger guy. But the even younger goalie Eddie Bell for was there. How about some Eddie Stories? From over the years you funny we were talking about what I joined you know the blues broadcaster never play in about a month later after John Davidson called and called. And I you when I when I signed I remember being over at the mills and I'm going there for the first time and I'm trying to get you know my way around and and You See al McGinnis and you see John Davidson in Doug Armstrong and and and you know I'm kind of feeling like Oh man it's there's some anxious moments when you're when you're I join a team that you don't know very many guys and Anyway so I get this kind of this note. They might send to release out and said Blues. Hire former hockey goalie Eddie Bell for to be the goalie coach. I remember thinking to myself any bell for you probably forget this. He was the goalie coach for the Blues for like a week or always September to January first and then that would that was it and he was the development goalie coach. We never. I don't think he ever went on the ice but and and I remember looking at jd and JD. Thank you so much. They really don't like Eddie Bell for takes a lot of heat off of me but I've I've done a couple of speaking engagements with with Eddie and over the years you know. He's he's a mellowed spirit now But when he was a teammate of mine he didn't make the team the first year We went to a rookie goalie kind of weak Camp Wayne. Thomas who also is a coach with the Saint Louis. Blues was the Goalie Coach in Chicago. And there's about five of us there were going through all these drills and we just signed Eddie Bell for from North Dakota and he won the championship. You'd only played their one. I was a late bloomer. Just like Curtis shows a late bloomer and undrafted so I'm watching him do these drills. There's common drills and goal two extra wide Rosie drill you drill real shuffled drills It's just the technical foundation of any goaltender no matter what style you play. You have to have these these basics and I watched him do a couple of drills. I knew Wayne Thomas from previous years so I had a good relationship with and whereas eighty didn't really know him at all and Eddie didn't like these drills at all and he wasn't very good at these trails. I would have been fired as a pro scout bar when I said this so I said To Wayne Tom such as Wayne. Who scouted this guy? And he said aloud allow they rip off Pulford really likes them. Whatever and I said this guy won't play ten games in the? Nhl He's awful. I've told any of that story story many times and and then Eddie got recalled. Maybe my second year and he came into the net and I was just starting goalie that day. There's three on the Ice Jimmy. Wait me and Eddie. And Eddie's supposed the third guy and he's not supposed to get any net until one of us leaves the net but he had no decorum he had no he he didn't know how to do things and He comes into my net trying to take my net that I pushed him away. He tried to get my net. I pushed him away. I hit him with my block or he hits me with this blocker. The drill stops Mike. Keenan's in the middle of the ICE. Any blows the whistle. And he I ah like Eddie get out of there so eddie he had no idea like just how it worked at that point and But you know obviously he's. He's a hall of fame goaltender tender into boy. He gave the blue fits and they gave him some fits and there was some great rivalries When you go back to those days on one of the greatest moments that the old barn was after the blues swept the Hawks in ninety ninety three and anti breaks the stick that is I mean until the blues won the Cup? That was one of the more signature plov moments in the history of this whole franchise. Unbelievable able we Hollywood behind that they had a little bit of you know a little bit of interference went on Eddie and I kind of tripped on the net then the empty netter and boy. Oh boy he just lost his mind he lost his mind. That was Yeah those were those. Were intense times because I was a broadcaster then at that point for ESPN. And I I just I loved. It didn't matter where the game is just didn't matter I. I always thought it was. It was GONNA be Great Hockey in great battles brawls and you know all the good things you can see him on Fox Sports Midwest and for the next couple of days. NHL Network Blues Penguins. That's an NBC. Game Our visits each week pucks with Bernie and Pang are brought to you by I'm Marie Davila's Senior Living Triad Bank Fast Eddie's Bon Air Greenville University and of course the fine folks at urban chestnut was a true story. This was not embellished. It all was was home little time off at the family watching the blues game and I was texting with Darrin about timing today and he said grab yourself urban underdog and celebrate because the blues. Just shut out the Hawks and Lo and behold I went and grabbed one. It was an I tweeted it. It was all of that truly happened. We were talking texting and you said grabbing urban underdog and Alba Dan. Dan have one handy. Well good for you. I love the picture to it was awesome because we were interviewing Jacob at the time and And we have fun with Jake and true story that I looked on the ice after the game to see. Why isn't one of the players why somebody going to get? The PUCK is in the far corner away from Jake Allen on the other side of the ice and I'm watching watching. I'm watching. Nobody they celebrate. They leave the ice. And then we're doing the interview and I'm asking about the PUCK. Now you're talking to a guy that never had a shutout. I would have wanted. That puck and he was so nonchalant in that interview like wow. It's my twentieth shadowed. I'll I'll get many more and whatever but That puck lay there and I saw some kid go on the ice that worked for the ice crew. He grabbed the PUCK and put in his pocket. Oh Oh wow. Yeah and that's the end of that for the locker. Second MORAINE history. The St Louis Blues that's why hangers the best. He's got his eyes on everything Darren rate visit is always have yourself a great week Martin thank you.

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What to trust in a "post-truth" world | Alex Edmans

TED Talks Daily

18:54 min | 2 years ago

What to trust in a "post-truth" world | Alex Edmans

"This Ted talk. Features finance professor, Alex Edmonds recorded live at tax London business school, twenty seventeen. Support for TED talks daily comes from swell swell is a new type of investment platform. That's making it easier for people to grow their wealth. While also making a difference swell builds impact portfolios with stocks from high growth potential companies that are using the power of innovation to tackle important issues. Like clean, water availability and renewable energy the goal prophet for you and progress for the world at large Getty, fifty dollar bonus. When you sign up today at swell, investing dot com slash TED talks. The right hire can make a huge impact on your business. That's why it's so important to find the right person. But where do you find that individual Lincoln Lincoln jobs matches people to your role based on more of who they really are there skills interests in even how open they are to new opportunities. That's why a new hire is made every ten seconds using Lincoln. Hurry to Lincoln dot com slash Ted daily for fifty dollars off your first job post. That's linked dot com slash Ted daily. Terms and conditions apply. Bogue obsession was I happy young. Australian she lived in an she loves skateboarding, but in two thousand and no in Belden that she had brain cancer and four months to live two months of chemo and radiotherapy had no effect, but bell was determined sheathing fighter. Her whole life for me sick. She had to cook. For her brother who had autism and motherhood multiple sclerosis. Her father was out of the picture so Belfour with exercise with meditation and by ditching meat for food and vegetables, and she made a complete recovery. Bell story went viral. It was tweeted blogs about shed and reach millions of people. It showed the benefits of shunning traditional medicine for diet and exercise in August, two thousand thirteen bell launched a healthy eating up the whole country downloaded two hundred thousand times in the first month. But bell story was ally. They'll never had cancer people share two story without ever checking if it was true. This is a classic example of confirmation bias we accept a story on critically. If it confirms what we'd like to be true. And we reject any story that contradicts it how do we see this and the stories that we share and we ignore in politics in business and health advice, the Oxford dictionary's word of two thousand sixteen was post truth and the recognition that we now live in a post truth world has led to much needed emphasis on checking the facts, but the punchline of money talk is not just checking the facts is not enough. Even if bell story worked Trie, it would be just as relevant. Why? Well, let's look at one of the most fundamental techniques in statistics, it's called beige in inference. And the very simple version is this we care about does the data support. The fairy does the data increase our belief that the fear is true. But instead we end up asking is the data consistent with the theory. But being consistent with the theory. Does not mean that the data supports the feary why because of a crucial, but forgotten term the data could also be consistent with rival theories. But due to confirmation bias, we never consider the rival theories because we're so protective of our own pet theory. Now, let's look at this for bell story. Well, we care about does bell store. We support the theory that dot cures cancer. But instead, we underpass king is belt story consistence with diet, curing cancer. I'm the answer is. Yes, if Dr did cure cancer, we'd say stories like balance. But even if Dr did not cure cancer. We'd still see stories like belts a single story in which a patient apparently self cured just due to be misdiagnose in the first place, just like even if smoking was bad for your health, you'd still see one smoker who lived into one hundred. Just like even if education was good for your income. You'd still see one multimillionaire who didn't go to university. So the biggest with bowel story is not that it was false it fired. It's only one story there might be thousands of other stories where die alone failed. But we never hear about them. We share the outline cases because they are new and therefore they are news. We never shared the ordinary cases there to ordinary there. What normally happens? And that's the true ninety nine percents that we ignore just like in society, you call and just listened to the one percent the outliers and ignore the ninety nine percent the ordinary. Because that's the second example of confirmation bias, we accept a fact as date. The biggest problem is not that we live in a post truth worlds. It's that we live in a post data world, we prefer a single-story two tons of data. Now stores the powerful their favorite. They bring it to life. They tell you to start every talk with the story. I did. But a single story is mailing lists and misleading unless it's backed up by large scale data. But even if we had large scale data that might still not be enough because they could still be consistent with rival theories. Let me explain. A classic study by psychologists Peter Wason gives you a set of three numbers and ask you to think of the rule that generated them. So if you were given two four six what's the world? Well, most people would think it's successive even numbers. How would you test it? Well, you propose other sets of successive even numbers four six eight or twelve fourteen sixteen and Peter would say these sets also work, but knowing that these sets also work knowing that perhaps hundreds of sets of successive even numbers. Also work tells you nothing because this is still consistent with viable theories. The will is any flea even numbers or any fee increasing numbers, and that's the third example of confirmation bias accepting data as evidence, even if it's consistent with viable theories. Data is just a collection of facts evidence is data that supports one theory and rules are others. So the best way to support your theory is actually to try to disprove it to play devil's advocates so test something like four twelve twenty six or if you go to yes to that that would disprove your theory of successive even numbers yet. This test is powerful because if you go to know, it would rule out any even numbers and unequally increasing numbers. It would rule out the rival theories, but not not yours, but most people are too afraid of testing the four twelve twenty six because they don't want to get a yes. And prove their pet fear to be what? Like confirmation bias is not only about failing to search for new data. But it's also about misinterpreting data once you receive this and this applies outside the lab to important real world club lips. Indeed Thomas, Edison. Famously said are have not failed are found ten thousand ways that won't work finding out that your mom is the only way to find out. What's right? Say you'll university admissions director, and you will fail is the only students with good grades from rich families do well. So you only let in students and they do well. But that's also consistent with a rival theory, perhaps all students with good grades do well, rich or poor. But you never test that fair we because you never let in poor students because you don't want to be proven wrong. So what are we loved a story is not facts because it may not be true. A fact is not data. It may not be Representative Fave. It's only one data point and data is not evidence. It may not be supportive. If it's consistent with liable theories. So what do you do when you're at the inflection points of life deciding on a strategy for your business parenting technique for your child or regimen for your health? How do you ensure that you don't have a story, but you have evidence? Let me give you free tours. The first is to actively. Seek other viewpoints lead and listen to people flagrantly disagree. With ninety percent of what they say, maybe wrong in your view. But what if ten percent is rights? As our startled said. The Mark of an educated man is the ability to entertain thoughts without necessarily accepting it. Surround yourself with people who challenge you and create a culture that actively in coverages to set some banks suffered from Greek think where staff with two afraid to challenge management's lending decisions contributing to the financial crisis and a meeting appoint someone to be devil's advocate against your pet idea that just here another viewpoint listen to it as well. As psychologists Stephen Covey said listen with the intent to understand not the intensive reply. A dissenting viewpoint is something to learn from not argue against which takes us to the other forgotten terms in Beijing inference because take two allows you to learn but learning is only relative to a starting point. If you started with complete certainty that your pet theory must be true. Then your view won't change the guardless of what data that you see. Only if you truly open to the possibility of being wrong, can you ever? As Leo Tolstoy roads. The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow witted man, if he has not formed any idea of them ready. But the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent, man. If he is firmly persuaded that he knows all ready. Number two. Is listen to experts now, that's perhaps the most unpopular advice. I could give you. British politician, Michael grove famously said the people in this country have had enough of experts a recent poll showed that more people trust their hairdresser. All the man on the street, then they were leaders of businesses the health service and even charities. So we respect a teeth whitening formula discovered by mom, or we listen to an actress 's view on vaccination, we like people who tell it like it is you go with God. And we call them all fantastic. But got feel can only get you so far got failed. What tell you never to give water to a baby with diarrhea because it would just flow out. The other rand's expertise tells you otherwise you'd never trust your surgery to the man on the street, you'd want an expert who spent years doing surgery and knows the best techniques, but that should apply to every major decision politics. Business health advice require expertise, just like surgery. So then why are experts so mistrusted? Well, one reason is seen as out of touch a millionaire CEO couldn't possibly speak for the man on the streets. But true expertise is found on evidence and evidence stands up four the man on the street and against the league's because evidence forces you to prove it evidence prevents the elites from imposing their own view without. A second reason why experts are not trusted is different experts say different things for every expert who claimed that leaving the e u would be bad for Britain, another expert claimed it would be good. Why half a vase so-called experts will be wrong, and I have to admit that most papers written by experts Algo or best might claims that the evidence doesn't actually support. So we can't just take an experts word for it. And November two thousand and sixteen a study on executive pay hidden national headlines in the none of the newspapers who covered the study. How even seen the study? It wasn't even out yet. They just took the office word for it. Just like with bowel. Nor does that mean that we can just handpick any study that happens to support our viewpoint that would again be confirmation bias, nor does that mean that if seven studies show, I am three show be that. I must be true. What matters is the quality and not quantity of expertise. So we should do two things. First we should critically examine good dential of authors of the office. Just like you critically examined the credentials of a potential surger. All they truly experts in the matter or do they have a vested interest. Second we should pay particular. Attention to papers published in the top academic journals. Now academics often accused of being detached from the real world. But this detachment gives you years to spend on a study to really nail down a result to out those rival theories and to distinguish correlation from causation and academic journals involve peer review were paper is rigorously scrutinized by the world's leading minds. The better the journal the higher the standard the most elite journals reject ninety five percents of papers. Now academe ick evidence is not everything real world. Experience is critical. Also and pay review is not perfect mistakes are made, but it's better to go with something check than something unchecked. If we latch onto a study because we like the findings without considering who it's by or whether it's even been vetted. There is a massive chance that vast study is misleading. And those of us who claim to be experts should recognize the limitations of our analysis. Very rarely is it possible to prove or predict something with certainty yet. It's so tempting to make a sweeping unqualified statements. It's easier to turn into a headline ought to be tweeted in one hundred forty characters believe in evidence may not be proof. It may not be universal. It may not apply in every Saturday. So don't say red wine causes longer life. When the evidence is only that red wine is correlated with longer life and only then people who exercise as well. Number three is paused before sharing anything the Hippocratic oath says first do no harm what we share is potentially contagious. So be very careful about what we spread our goal should not be to get likes Lovie tweets. Otherwise, we only share the consensus. We don't challenge anyone's thinking. Otherwise, we only share what sounds good with godless of whether it's evidence. Instead, we should ask the fall away. If it's the story is that true. If it's true is backed up by large-scale evidence. If it is who is that by what are their credentials is published? How we go is this the journal and also yourself the million dollar question. If the same study was written by the same authors with the same credentials, but found the opposite result. Would you still be willing to believe it? And to share it. Treating any problem. A nation's economic problem or an individual's health problem is difficult. So we must ensure that we have the very best evidence to guide us only. If it's true. Can it be fact only of its Representative can it be data only of it's supportive, canopy evidence and the only with evidence can we move from a post truth worlds to approach with world. Viceroy much. For more, TED talks, Ted dot com. Ex-?

Ted dot bell Peter Wason Representative Lincoln Lincoln skateboarding brain cancer cancer Lincoln London Bogue professor Dr Alex Edmonds Stephen Covey Leo Tolstoy Belden Beijing diarrhea
The Human Element


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The Human Element

"According hey everyone welcome back to my gosh I almost forgot the name of our podcast quality matters Josh welcome back to quality matters. I'm your host this Darcy Chambers Kyle Chambers what is your title with folks at steamed out in the rush organization e gotTa do something so I I like it I love it all right guys thanks for listening thank you business getting ready for an audit or dealing with failed inspections tune-in check us out then get back to doing work that matters This week I stumbled across an article Oh man came remember where I found that from business insider and so I came across this article is about a CEO and his name is so fun to say Sheldon Yellen Yellen yet sheldon yellen years ago because we have so many stinking reports and metrics in instantaneous data I mean you used to have to have the guy let me it used to be so many managers and CEO's and you know I'm thinking even like fast food restaurants and retail it what are you looking at property restoration company okay so he writes each one of his employees a birthday card of a school and I've got my monitor's full up here for my cheat sheet about a CEO that still believes in the human elements and as silly as it sounds I feel like it's something that most managers have lost and forgotten about I think so especially because everything selection the bucks for a service that'll do that for you on a monthly basis you'll need me anymore even so we've got to consider the people that are helping you to make that by Oh ya'll are long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten quality matters ladies here to talk about all things quality so whether you're looking to improve your in my job to go do all the crazy pivot tables and download the data from the ten different sources and I'd take two or three days to analyze the data heck you can pay you're listening to me talk on a podcast So much of our communication is just horribly impersonal I agree and in today's global economy quality matters Benjamin Franklin once quit the bitterness of poor quality remains I really wish you guys could see the behind the scenes of kyle getting ready much like our videos it's really humorous he's very particular about things think fast food restaurants and retail on up to business in corporate type situations it it's so much about the bottom dollar and making her the the over emphasis we have on the dollar can oftentimes be a problem but it's so much easier to overemphasize the dollar today than I think it was even like I mean I'm a computer guy but by trade us you know but everything's electronic everything's digital with we text we email we video chat who handwriting them Hendrix hand writes a birthday card for all of them so I read through this article is his name I keep looking guy right so fun and he's the CEO of Belfour Holdings which is a disaster relief maybe edit that out maybe not okay sorry case so I'm thinking if it and yes you have to do Xyz to get there but you also have to have the people to do XYZ to get there and I want to see this I mean don't get me wrong a year let's go how many employees do you think he has if he does a every year hundred difficult to keep up with nine thousand two hundred organized and I can barely remember my kids birthdays and that's a terrible excuse especially if you're see I mean if you're anybody as a terrible excuse and I employee's beyond that he sends out birthday or anniversary cards if the employees kids are sick won't even take the time to go by the car in ride the cars that this e rights nine thousand two hundred birthday cards a year that's amazing for his and he knows about it so on top of nine thousand two I mean think of how many kids are getting thinking we have three and I feel like there's yeah they're not it's not that bad you know that's a lot of cards he's writing I think I figured out earlier that wasn't averages for the birthday cards as an average which is funny so I have to sit here and sit there and move this do that the police were probably ten minutes fifteen live that's how long he's been doing this what does that twenty thirty five years thirty five years he's been doing this he because his brother-in-law ninety five cards per day he's having to write a lot and as it says if you see him on the airplane he's GonNa have a suitcase full of stationary and that's what he's going to be doing wild birthday cards and he takes it with him on every trip so he can work on it and he got started because in nineteen eighty five hired him and he didn't want people to thank you is getting special treatment well what can I do to make them feel special so he started riding the cars just thinking well people close enough I mean I'd have said a number times to Kyle like hey I'm GonNa go get some cards and just send fiber seven out every month just to not their birthdays because I'm not tells the details are are are different so if you've got a high turnover rate I mean my gosh just think about how many hundreds and thousands of so I I think that that's again they he says you can't you know forget about the human element you know no is people that run your business I mean well I guess we have all this technology does this great things for us I mean it's truly nothing without a team of folks to run it oh come by and stop by and say thanks for the cart and once they did that and he was able to talk to them it wasn't just because especially the biggest problems that companies have is keeping folks trained right just keeping someone trained to do the job and in every organization that d manager's position okay and that led to a fifteen or so year oh well management career because somebody believed in her at nineteen so things they're more likely to either do it or not do it depending on which way the reward is and I mean I don't know how many shops I I've been into where within a facebook we haven't given people a whole lot of time but as a response pretty quickly we starling our schedules and so I guess we're GONNA run out of time so as much as you can build those kids or employees up and then when they do something wrong take on the side privately Yep and handle it you know I was he also said that if he learns about random acts of kindness being happening out in the field he'll again reach out and writing and cinnamon manhours you spending re-training folks whereas you give back the human element and trying to connect with your employees and know what's going on in their lives is you know everyone's ramp up for World War Two and we talked about how soft things are today here you have this you know military field God go on notice anything and that's what Sheldon Yellen says in his article it doesn't even have to cost anything you know remits because he's got something to offer and so he's been doing this for would you say very long time and then he goes in the article says he sometimes you don't believe in yourself but having somebody else believing you is is a good and then a another friend said a simple thank you for your hard work it doesn't thanks for just go a lot better if some the leadership would just go through and and and Prague's guys for the simplest things but just hey school know if a kid is hungry or does it have a place asleep or doesn't know where that is or you know what any kind of those basic needs aren't met you know your areas clean like something that's simple can really go a long ways and some people they need that one little affirmation and man they're stuck with it and thank you card to that employment for going above and beyond and he says that a lot of his managers now have taken to giving cards and positive reinforcement to the and luckily I went ahead I don't know what's up with you guys on leads in Yellow Lights respond a whole lot you know reaction I post comments so I need you know y'all he's not coming to school learn now or she yeah they're they're coming to school to get a meal at lunch young that's what they're coming for maybe a hug from their teachers Allie Dan but my facebook friends one of my facebook friends said that when she was nineteen years old she had a boss it really believed in her and gave her the assistant employees so it's leaning light sample we've talked about on this podcast top down leadership so just this morning we posted we take a little video posted online yeah and that's the same thing with your employees that's why you gotTa have you know you've got to be in touch with them and know what's going on have a pulsar beat on your on your company the nineteen forties you know how they're talking about you really need to to get at the heart of your men and women leadership so he made the point like this is during the depression this is you're listening to a podcast actually just this morning and you know they're they're talking about how in this Military Field Manual Act Ryan so but it same thing with you know this Unocal located in that same frame of mind is if people know that they're being noticed juror for certain oh so that when they make acquisitions he says how many more people are in traffic cards he has to Ryan's funny sleep man it sure would mean a lot if my boss came and said Hey I know you're going through this right now why don't you take a little time off and suicide shift the day after Thanksgiving anyone's were retail like you know they've Thanksgiving day after Thanksgiving like and so from four am to like Tin Tin you know to connect the specs of teaching that's my experience always used to say praise in public punish in private you know and just and know what's going on because of something somebody's got something going on they're not going to be as efficient for you know in you know you're not going to be able to fix everybody or whatever goals you know those are kind of your expectations and you've already got a reward set we're talking night and so my boss you know since the shift was over he just took me to get a drink I mean it's it's something simple but there is no the marketplace today with people job hopping right they say that at any moment in time one third of the people in your team is currently looking for another maybe five to seven years and it's the good teachers keep getting stacked with more work or the harder kids and Louis I think that would go a long ways and then you know we talk about quality so just imagine the impact this is going to have on your environment I mean absolutely talking about things that an employee has no ideas coming in it's just something special to make them feel special treat people like people not units production looking but you need to give the hearts your man you need to make sure that their emotional needs are cared for their comfort is care for again it's like maslow's hierarchy of needs Salihi rewards you because they're on a budget right but

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Ground Zero Media

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"I'm Clyde Lewis you're listening to a sample of today's ground zero show. I'm quite Lewis. and. This is ground zero. The number to call eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one, one. That's eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one one we're coming to you live all over the world all over the country. Many stations across the united. States air the show very grateful to the. Programmers and affiliates for doing so. If you're not getting ground zero in its entirety or if you're being Preempted by debates or political stuff or sports, you can always go to aftermath dot FM. Its. Aftermath DOT FM. Three go to the show its entirety we are at seven PM Pacific Standard Time. So you'd able to check it out come on out and listen to the show on aftermath DOT FM. So. Something happened at the debate tonight and I wanted to point that out. We'll move onto what we were going to talk about where we are telling them. Is it kind of fits in what we're talking about tonight I mean A. Go. Back trying to figure out what the date was. Back in May actually. In. May. I was I did a show about preparedness and I said that it's time to prepare. In May and I started doing the countdown to the election I said countdown to the election gave the days. How many days we got counting down counting down, counting down and I said listen. I said what they're doing. They're doing a psychological operation. and. The psychological operations is called. Dark winter. Right. And around the same time there was a A video that was going around the Internet that was basically about. A Tom clancy game, a video game. It was a running again it was called the division dark winter and it was It's it's been around since two thousand thirteen and and everybody was thinking Oh. Okay. This is a cool video game but I was explaining everybody the dark winter is not fiction. and. Even the video game trailer is pretty fictional. Puts a fictional spin on something. That's very real. Now I did lecture Kleenex. About two or three years ago. And at the time I told everybody about this tabletop exercise and that you need to pay attention to this tabletop exercise because it dealt with an unknown pathogen that authorities in my opinion were alluding to the possibility that Clayton or Clay of its origin would be something extraterrestrial. That was the theory at the time. And during the lecture I mentioned. To other tabletop exercises one. It was carried out before nine eleven. And what was carried out in two thousand five. Now, we know of the event called event to a one which happened in October twenty nineteen but there were at least two other exercises. Some people are saying. We're going to mirror the coming winter of twenty twenty in two thousand one. There was a project tabletop exercise called operation dark winter, and then there was one called Atlantic storm. Now, these exercises were funded and carried out by the same financial backers of the institute was granted us patent for the what was called an attenuated corona virus. November two, thousand eighteen. The Patent was filed in July Twenty fifteen by the Peer Bright Institute and some of the major backers of the purebred institute included the world. Health Organization the European Commission the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation World Economic Forum all these groups that are getting ready for this great reset. Right? So, I told everybody back then I said prepare for the psychological. Operation Dark Winter And Atlantic storm dark winter store were both the line in predicting the release of a biological pathogen or at least the increase. Disease or whatever it may be in the pathogen would spread. On Black Friday during a major winter storm on the Atlantic coast, we had our major storms earlier. And I said. That the endgame. Operation for this. They had some talking points. It was preparation were madder. Increased knowledge and awareness are essential homeland security. What's looked abroad? The World Health Organizations Thirty must be aligned with expectations effective communication between nations where the public is critical adequate medical countermeasures must be developed. Biosecurity is one of the great global security challenges of the twenty-first century. Now again operation dark winter was the codename for a senior for a senior level bioterrorist attack simulation and that was conducted from June twenty second twenty, third two, thousand, one they said it was a failure. And they said that they would rerun. This again, but they never said whether or not they would do the gain of function exercise in real time. Well. I said that I believe they are. Running real time and I gave I gave the indication that was happening when we started seeing the wildfires, all the smoke, and all of the fog was coming in cooling down temperatures creating what I called an early dark winter. The dark winter was going on. And I said, you need to be aware that if they use the term dark winter. You know bits, underway. Tonight at the debate. This is what Joe Biden said we're about to go into a dark winter a dark winter and he has no clear plan and there's no prospect that there's going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year. Dark winter. You know very interesting that dark winter. Was a tabletop exercise. That was carried out by Johns Hopkins along with Billingham. Gates And it was it was a simulation, but it wasn't a corona virus simulation was another simulation. Yeah and I was was interesting is that today? It's so bizarre. Today I was thumbing through my newsfeed and. I was looking at. A WAY TO. We had to find a way to talk about cove in nineteen. And I was thinking we're doing the string of horror shows for Halloween and how You know all of this is all coming together dark I was going to think of, i. feel talking about dark winter but I thought no I've talked about dark winter too many times and then Biden says something about dark winter and and I and I started today reading about how a number of priests in and Other religious leaders around the world. Are saying that Cova nineteen is going to bring on a dark. In very, very opposing winter and that it is going to create enough depression and problems. That, it will lead to and this is what they said demonic possession. Now we've spoken of Assyria. And its connections to sloth and the Demon Belfour. It'd be argued that this demon is already become a metaphor for our day and I don't think anyone wants to hear that the entire population or group of succumb to some sort of possession but it just seems like we can find our way out of darkness if we just prepare if we just think we use spirituality and understand what's going on. So that's why I tell you. They've already called it out tonight. Okay, they've already called the Joe Biden called dark winter notice how Joe Biden called the dark winter and not Donald Trump. Donald Trump's not in on dark winter. But Biden in his forty seven years of being a politician probably was well aware. The dark winter was an operation they were going to carry out because of this this this political subterfuge they're carrying out again once again, here's Joe Biden saying something about dark winter we're about to go into a dark winter a dark winter and he has no clear plan and there's no prospect that there's GonNa be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year. I know the media wants you to focus on political matters in every crisis that could be dreamed up by news editors are all too willing to pump up crisis in order to fulfill particular agenda but most people can't get enough of the political hate I know this and it's as if they thrive on it and the anger is such a powerful energy. If it were pumped into the electric grid, we would not have to worry about using gas or coal for energy. We'd have plenty of energy coming from people who are so angry and hateful we know when I was young. I was often sullied by older generations that would say that we were a godless group. You guys are Godless, and now here I am older. And wondering of the future can become anymore godless anymore dark if the winter could become any darker or if this is an endgame strategy. For. United States I mean the older generations are forced to move forward into a the future shock while clinging fondly to those memories. When Times were preceded me simple I'm not one of those guys go remember the good old days. No and I it. There's really it makes. You wonder if there really were any good old days in the last thirty, forty years time become less spiritual they become less religious, they become less. You spirituality more about the science and about precepts and other things I mean when it comes to our health and well-being, we're told to follow the science. It could be argued that while many people soom the science we are told to follow is given by Noel experts. There are some that don't even have enough wisdom to be in the same league as Bill Nye the science guy. That shows you how I'm feeling at the moment about the so-called signs. It does want to show me how to control or deal with the virus. WanNa to tell me about the BANDAIDS, the mandated and how people are still dying because they made the wrong choice for president I mean this is a new kind of insanity. The mask is the holy water and the cross against the vampire virus in disease as we go into the dark winter Joe Biden. They know that they can use the dark winter scenario. For the next three or four months. And the people are going to fall for it. You best be prepared for what's coming because if dark winter has been invoked and they know of the dark winter and they know of the twin denic and they know of the dangers and they tell you about where they're willing to fortify these dangers and continue to conjure. These demons of sickness death and Slough. then. He'd certainly certainly something that we need to pay attention to. It certainly something that we need to avoid and be prepared for. Something to be vigilant about. Eight seven seven seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one, one. I'm Clyde Lewis you're listening to ground zero. And we'll be. Back. I'm Clyde Lewis in you just listened to a segment of Ground Zero in order to access the complete archive shows in podcasts you must sign up on our secured server at aftermath dot media it's only four ninety nine a month for the archives shows and podcasts or you want access to the Ground Zero online library, which includes videos, audio clips, e-p-o-c-h documents, a social media platform plus the archives shows and podcasts. It's nine, ninety, nine a month again that's aftermath dot media at aftermath dot media. Thanks for Supporting Ground Zero.

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London After Midnight

Murder Minute

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London After Midnight

"Welcome to murder minute. On. Today's episode. London after midnight and the murder of Julia Mangan. But I your true crime headlines. Chicago mother has been charged with first degree murder in the fatal stabbing of her five year old daughter. The last moments of serenity tins life were witnessed by her eight year old sister. Before their mother twenty, seven year old Simone Austin allegedly slashed serenity throat with a serrated knife and repeatedly stabbed her serenity sister told detectives that she was in a bedroom in the family's apartment in East Garfield Park when Austin told her to leave the room. The girl did so but then looking through a hole through the door, she saw her mother pulled a knife from under the pillow and attack her sister. Serenity told her mother that she was sorry and pleaded for her to stop. After serenity was stabbed Austin carried her out to the street, placed her on the ground and lay down next to her until the firefighters arrived. The girl was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Austin refused to tell police why she attacked her daughter but her surviving daughter told detectives. That her mother had been walking around the apartment holding a knife after the older girls spilled eggs on the porch. Austin is being held without bond. In Mount Vernon Washington a twenty four year old man was sentenced to four years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to one count of controlled substance homicide. Bogan Alan. Ebi pleaded guilty to selling the Sentinel Lace Drugs that killed twenty four year old frank gray of Anna Cordis. Ury Fourth Twenty. Nineteen According to the Centers for disease. Control and Prevention. Fennel is fifty times more potent than heroin and one hundred times more potent morphine. Ebi knew that gray was trying to stay clean and sold the drugs to him anyway. A few days before gray's body was found another inequalities cordis man nearly died after overdosing on the same pills that man got his pills from gray who got them from Grey's mother Claudia. Marken wrote in a victim impact statement quote. The only thing I can do now is grief the loss of my son and hope that no other mother tomorrow or the next day or next month experiences what I have lived through this past year from the actions of this person. A man in prison for murder since nineteen ninety-six was exonerated Wednesday in Detroit after authorities agreed that his conviction was spoiled by the faulty testimony of an informant and the results of DNA testing. forty-five-year-old Lissi no Hamilton was convicted of second degree murder in the nineteen ninety-four death of a Detroit woman. He was just twenty one years old and served twenty six years in prison. Hamilton was sentenced to at least fifty two years in prison with have meant no opportunity for parole until twenty, forty, six but two attorneys took his case along with the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Innocence Project. Hamilton's conviction was based on the testimony of a jailhouse informant which proved to be unreliable. A special unit in the prosecutor's Office that looks at possible wrongful convictions, investigate it and DA found under the victim's fingernails has now excluded Hamilton. The DNA evidence was never disclosed before the nineteen ninety five trial and wasn't tested at the time. Wayne County. Prosecutor. Kim were be said quote in addition to that, and perhaps even more alarming is the woefully improper use of informants in this case by the Detroit police. Department. The use of informants can be very valuable tool in fighting crime and seeking justice. But in this case, it was used and abused horribly. Hamilton is now a free man. I'm a little overwhelmed right now Hamilton said. I'm extremely grateful and look forward to being a productive citizen in our community. Those your true crime headlines up next the London after midnight murder but first a quick break. These are challenging times and in difficult times, it can be difficult to cope. So if you've been thinking about talking to someone. It's time to get better help. Better help is not a crisis line and it's not self help. Better. Help is professional counseling done securely online. Better help lists s your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist so that you can start communicating in under forty eight hours. They have a broad range of expertise available and the service is available for clients worldwide. Just log into your account anytime and send a message to your counselor and you'll get timely and thoughtful responses plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions so that you don't ever have to sit in a waiting room. Better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches. So they make it easy and free to change your counselor if you need to. Plus it's more affordable than traditional offline counseling and financial aid is available. Better help once you to start living a happier life today. Just visit their website and read the testimonials that are posted daily. Like this one written by a better help user after counseling with Karen Marks for two weeks. Karen combines an invaluable balance of expert arm's length advice with personal compassion and empathy the guides her counseling to another level. As someone who listens well with great respect and who provides immediate actionable and practical advice. I could not recommend Karen more highly. Or this one written by a better help user after two weeks of counseling with Jeffrey Owen. Jeffrey shows great patience and understanding and seems genuinely interested in helping during our talks. I am grateful to him. visit better help dot com slash murder minute that's B. E. T. T. E. R. R.. h. e. l. p. and joined the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. In fact so many people have been using better help that they own recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states. Murder Minute listeners get ten percent off their first month when they go to better help dot com slash murder minute. That's ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash murder minute. Social distancing can get pretty lonely. So now than ever I need my best fiends. Best fiends is the APP that engages my brain with challenging but fun puzzle Games. The game is simple and fun. The good guys are the bugs and the bad guys are the slugs. Complete the puzzles to defeat the slugs as you travel through the world of minutia, collecting keys, unlocking new fiends along the way like brittle the housefly Edward The mosquito Gordon the Scorpion, my best feed pop the axel. One of the things I love about true crime is that the more you dig into the story, the more layers you uncover, and that's what's great about best fiends to the more. I play the more fun. It gets I'm on level one hundred and sixty five and with new monthly payments themed challenges and Holiday Puzzles. There's always one more level and the adventure never gets old. This. Is My pandemic must play. So the next time you need a break from the news cycle or run out of shows to binge watch download best fiends free. You might find yourself wondering how ever found time for dull moment before. Best scenes has thousands of levels already, it's hours of fun at your fingertips and can even be played off line. This game has over one hundred, million downloads and millions more five star reviews for. Download best fiends free on the apple APP. Store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. Welcome back to murder minute. On the night of October Twenty, Third Nineteen Twenty eight a constable was walking on the north side of Hyde Park in London when he spotted a man near Fountain Gate. The man was laying face down bleeding from the throat. And a razor lay beside him. I did it. The man said to the policemen. She has been teasing me. The man pointed to the nearby body of a woman. Laying face, down, lifeless Her left hand held her throat. Her Glove. was soaked with blood. The man was twenty eight year old Robert Williams an out of Work Carpenter from North Wales. The woman was twenty one year old Julia Mangan a housemaid who lived at nearby Stanhope Gardens. Both were rushed to the hospital. To Leah. died. Robert Survived. And police opened an inquest. According to the victim's brother Patrick Mangan. Julia had been seeing Robert Williams for three weeks. Patrick told police that he had recently thrown. Robert out of her place for being drunk. On November Fifth Nineteen Twenty. Eight Robert. Williams was taken to prison and charged on two counts. One of murder the other attempted suicide. Two months later, Robert. Williams gave his account of that night at his trial at the old. Bailey? He told the court that he and Julia had been friends for about a month. And that he had wanted to kill himself three days before he killed her. According to Robert at about ten o'clock that evening they had been talking. I wanted to marry her and I told her so. He told the court insisting that he had no intention of hurting Julia and that there had been no argument between them. The last thing I remember was Julia whistling. Then I felt as if my head were going to burst. And Steam was coming out both sides. All sorts of things came to my mind. I thought a man had me in a corner and was pulling faces at me he threatened and shouted at me that he had me where he wanted me. Do you remember whose face it was? Roberts defense lawyer pump did. Yes sir. It was the face of Lon. Chaney. As he had looked in the horror mystery film London after midnight. Robert had seen the film several months before. The. Movie was directed by the legendary Tod Browning who would go on to become famous for Dracula and the cold classic freaks. In London after midnight Roger Belfour is found dead in his London home and a Scotland Yard Inspector Edward. C Burke played by Lon Chaney is called to investigate burke finds a suicide note and closes the case five years later, new tenants at the Balfour state appear a hideous vampire and a ghostly woman. Detective Burke of Scotland Yard reproduces the scene of the crime and hypnotizing the suspect into reenacting the murder. Ultimately, the vampire is revealed to be Burke. In Nineteen Twenty eight the actor Lon Chaney was already famous as a makeup artist and one of the draws up the film was that it showcased his skills as his detective character dawn various disguises. The iconic look shown on the film's poster features Lon Chaney with sharpened teeth and wire fittings like Monaco's to open his eyes into a hypnotist stare. Robert Williams told the court that he had committed the murder during an epileptic fit. After the horrific vision of Lon Chaney in London after midnight. Made Him go temporarily insane. To back up their claim of insanity, the defense called a chaplain from Robert, Williams hometown who testified that he knew a five separate incidences of insanity in the Williams family. A London doctor who said that? He treated Robert for Neurasthenia an ill defined condition characterized by weakness of the nerves irritability fatigue headache depressed mood and emotional disturbances. said that while he would have considered Robert Abnormal, he would not have certified him. Insane. Another doctor James Cohan Woods suggested that Robert Williams had been suffering from something he called epileptic automatism. And epileptic mental attack. A theory that the judge took issue with. You have said that many people of high intelligence are going about their work although they are suffering from epilepsy. He challenged. Are you suggesting that they might commit murder tomorrow? The Judge Mr Justice Humphries challenged Robert Williams supposed vision of Lon Chaney in his summation to the jury. Do Not know whether you have been to see any film in which he acted. He said. One of them we are told is the hunchback of Notre Dame and another London after midnight. If any of you members of the jury have seen the latter or even the advertisements of what Mr Lon Chaney looks like when he is acting in the film. You may agree that it's enough to terrify anyone. It is the story of a haunted house. And Lon Chaney takes the part of a person, a detective. WHO PRETENDS TO BE A most terrifying ghost? If the accused saw that film. You may not think it remarkable or as in any way indicating insanity. He should. Of Emotional excitement, remember the horrifying terrible aspect of an actor in a part which he was purposely being taken. I can myself seen nothing in the vision to suggest that the accused is epileptic? On January Tenth Nineteen, twenty nine, the jury found Robert Williams guilty. And Justice humpreys sentenced him to death by hanging. Two weeks later however, the sentence was commuted. By the Home Secretary Sir William Johnson Hicks. He decided that the murderer should instead serpa sentence at Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum. Today Tod Browning's infamous film London after midnight. Is Lost. The last known copy was destroyed in the nineteen sixty seven MGM volt fire in Culver, city California. In two, thousand, fourteen and original poster for the film sold for nearly half a million dollars. It is one of the most sought after of all the boss. Silent. Films. This has been her minute four true crime anytime download the murder minute. Or follow us on Instagram at murder. minute.

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Episode 160  Happy New Year!

Casual Fridays REI

13:48 min | 10 months ago

Episode 160 Happy New Year!

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Atoms Southie and Justin sleep off are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up guys. I'm Adam Southie he was my co host. Just ands Leva and this. This is the casual Fridays. Rei podcast today when we talk about your goals for twenty nine thousand nine before we do that though. Let's talk about the Plum Investment Group. Guys do you have a property in funding for Plum Investment Group is your solution. Plum helps land investors. Grow their business by funding your raw land purchase. It's truly an awesome deal guys and just to be clear. This isn't a loan. Plum will actually partner with you by putting up the money for your project. So here's our favorite. Go check out. The website is w. w. the dots Plum Investment Group dotcom man. It's Kinda Weird New Year new US. New View Yeah. Do you have beat me down over year video. Oh Yeah you beat it. I know you wanted it for at least a year. You probably the second. We mentioned podcasts video. I think it's important because we talked about it. We talked talked about it. We we asked our viewers our listeners. podcast yeah nobody answered. Nobody wanted to know that in one or two people said no one watches podcast. Yeah but we do get a couple of hits on Youtube and I'm kind of wondering if we people aren't doing it because they're not seeing our face so if it was like a picture of us or they're actually seeing what we're doing so you know kind of as we transition kind of my thought. Is We do kind of behind the scenes. It's not edited the match the video. You're gonNA see the bloopers. This is kind of like the raw real of the show. And then what goes out into podcast Ville on the unlike itunes stitcher. Wherever else you're following us they'll get the actual edited production? So yeah yeah I I see the value in people who never don't know us before and they're trying to They're checking US out seeing if they're worth learning from. Yeah they want to put a faced with the names. Yeah so there's two for that. Yeah also need to be real so I can go on Ticky tacky and moves to tick Tock. We're not GONNA take that we're going to take talking talking jamming it to some music you're going to be talking. I'm going to actually overlay some rap music. So you're going to be talking to you joe and it's going to be like you're not gonNa have used on it. You don't have time for I really don't but that's my goal for two thousand twenty and that's what this show is all about is about our goals for this year. Yeah we hate the word goals I hate. I hate goals. I hate goal setting said that before maybe a month or two ago and I was like we're not doing a show on goals and then you doing a show and go to the show and goals. Yeah and I don't i. I don't even want to be focused on goals. I don't so I WANNA be Iraq. Wanted me and we're talking more about this massive action that we're all going to be taking not what to write down this quarter did you. Did you hit those those goals. Did you know. I WANNA know what we're GonNa do what you can just get out there and do it when you say massive action though but for everybody. That's different agree. It's so massive action. I have to be a massive action like sin. Everyone does the exact same thing. It's what is your massive excellent. Yeah I think it's important to see that a lot of people in two thousand nineteen and get over the Hump and even the fear of just real estate investing in doing the coffee money method. Because I would be willing to bet. Twenty eight hundred properties were bought using that method. This year there's a lot and end the funny thing for me is I was talking to a county assessor earlier today. And he asked me about the book when I was talking to her. And he's like Oh man I see your name come up on this stuff. He's gotTa make sure I spill right. He's like yeah so your book here because I was wondering why are these people are buying these properties here. And how they're getting back he goes. I could do that and I said yeah by the book. County wouldn't know that it seems it's why it works because people don't know and that's the knowledge that we try to share on our journey as a kid you can do this and people look at us like can't buy raw land will it does work. Hey you can go to the state and by for fifty bucks now. You can't. That's impossible you can't buy real estate fifty bucks. They do it. Networks is still fifty out. I feel like it's more around hundred. Now it's fifty fifty. Yeah we we we bought a couple booed think We bought I. Don't know so far. This month sued nine properties this month except it offers fifty bucks so yeah I mean I still take it. I mean we're not it's not something. I'm super amped about because Beth left me and she's a transition that job to someone else and they are having to learn and that's not the same as last time though it's not the same you know when you have somebody that you've learned to row the your team you built it. You're starting to move with it and that's kind of the massive of action for me. This year is this team is going to continue to grow a little bit because I mean frankly we're going to be super busy. Yeah I mean busy enough that you even offered to drive down and work with me here the in the day in. That's that's crazy because our businesses are separate. We're GONNA do some joint venture stuff together this this year and it's amazing using to what we've seen it just already going through it like getting some of the. The data was running skidding goosebumps on it. Just because that's it's that calm feeling that you're that nervous feeling. When did you know about to blast off and take off? Yeah he's he's kind of talk about project one which is still still a secret. It's owned to bring this up. It's a secret for a reason I think important to okay to kind of say that one one is. We're going to do something that no one's ever done before. Exactly it's not gonNA cost anybody. Any only people are going to be able to do it as people that come to the It's not gonNA cost them anything and so if we come out and to tell everyone what it is right now a there's someone else that could copy it and therefore we do. They're trying. They're trying to they already. Copy a lot of our stuff as this out there so we don't want to put too much and then the second thing is we only want people to be involved with that trust US enough to come to our live event and be part with part of it be with us. Yeah and that's and it's I. I hate to say it that way. Because it's a little unfair because we do have some people that have extenuating circumstances why they like. Hey Man we wanna be there. We want to be a part of the event but I just had a baby or has like three people. I just had babies one of them had twins and he didn't know I was a twin dad and I was like dude. Don't worry it gets better. And that's and that's the hard part about this but you know as a business. You've you gotTA draw line in the sand and you have to say okay. Hey this is why we're doing this. We're vetting you know the people that are going to be involved and you know there's there's a little bit of involvement here. They just have to say yes if they WANNA be apart if they don't then they had no no harm. There's going to be plenty of value outside of project one at the live event. But the project one's GonNa take it to the next level. Yeah I think so anyway. I don't want this to be like off-handed backhanded sales pitch. I do think it needs to come up because everyone keeps asking. Well I WANNA buy a ticket. But what does this project one you know and and I think it's important to note that we're keeping a secret for a reason will be worth their time to be event it is going to revolutionize well. I say that you told me not to oversell. oversell it I just I see. It's when you say it's going to revolutionize sounds like uncle g and his corny ass. I saw for some reason maybe be every other video. I was looking at Fridays. 'CAUSE guttural Fridays. instagram follows him and everyone every other personal wall was Gary V and it just may be sick nick and actually I saw him the other day it was like it was Jordan. Belfour the Wall Street. It was one of his podcast is he had guarantee on his podcast and said the the moment Jordan Belfort realize Gary v was an idiot and it was Jordan. Belfort was trying to talk about sales and knowing when to quit ed or knowing who a good prospect is Gary is like no. Everyone's a prospect everyone buys in turnbuckle unknown. Not everyone does Yep. They do buy if they don't buy now they're gonNA THEY'RE GONNA buy leading towards public. No you can't sell everything going back and you can see Jordan Belfour's face changing in this guy's freaking loser out here. I found that funny and I totally forgotten. You're we're here for some reason because he's I think his drive is very It's on unique. Yeah I'm impressed with Dr Impressed. Oppressed what he's done with his life. He says billion dollars worth of real estate he makes great returns by Gary or Crank Arden Grant Cardio Gary V. You've been saying this. I G eighty to begin with. Oh You said Gary Wolf of Wall Street and Bill Uncle G and Wolf of Wall Street okay. So Grant Cardona. Not Sorry Hashtag Gary Gary V. No actually I've been the last few videos Gary v I've seen I've really been into okay. Yeah grant known. However he doesn't give one flying crap crap about you he just wants to sell you something and it's going to be eighty thousand dollars and he doesn't care he does not care? Yeah and that just gets on my nerves and I think the more you watch chummy learn about him it kind of shows. Yeah I think the live event for them though is so I I have some friends have actually gone through the training program They've gone through two different forces. They went to the the ten acts where they got up on stage and actually one of them spoke on stage and then the His business partner did and then the second piece is they do like a in-depth coaching where they go. Look at Your Business and start working through some of that stuff with you. He said that boot camp was really beneficial for his team. But the live event he said it didn't matter if you bought the five thousand dollars seat so they got the forty nine dollar seat he because it was just a big PEP rally. Have you ever listened to his podcast. They're like a call in and ask them a question that you know what you need to fix our problem. You need a ticket to my live it. You're going to do that for us. No I'm not I don't want to be a rant about. Who is doing what they do? But I totally forgot where we're going this this podcast I was over. You know taking massive action just setting goals and I know you don't like the word goal I think that we need to have some markers to know that you're being consistent with yourself and the a big thing is i. I would strongly urge every person listening to this. Whether it's you haven't done deal to do in a first fifty dollar deal. You haven't done a mailer first. Mailer make that your goal or your next point of point of reference. Because you have to take that step if you've done one male and it didn't work. Let's find another area. Let's get another one out there but let's take one on step farther where you're at and then start making a baby steps forward as that stuff comes back to you will kind of force yourself right if you're force yourself to go do something and what I mean by that is if if you've never done a mailer well get out there and do a fifteen hundred piece mailer. You have even if you're not ready. And then when they start coming back you're going to force yourself to go find money you're going to force yourself to do due diligence yourself to answer after the call and call people back or else there's GonNa be a waste of money to send that stuff I think. I think it's a great point so I think we're all at that point where we could. I hope the most of our listeners are at a point where they could probably put five or eight hundred bucks together to do a small two thousand fifteen hundred count. Mailer get it out there and start working through the flows of coming back and I and I've told you that before like with some of our stuff that we have going on and I'm like I wanNA meltdown my system. I want to know exactly where it's weak and you know have done a five thousand dollar Count Miller in a month yes have I done ten thousand thousand. Yes have I done fifty thousand or sixty thousand a month. I have not so I don't know you and you've asked me. Can I process that. And I'm like I think so because at with our part process the amount of deals that come in plum and lamb. You'll think so but I don't know and we gotta find out what that that breaking point is and so I'm of the mindset. Let's push it till we break it and then fix it and fix it better or we're going to break it. Yeah I mean we've already we've already paid to have it broken. Just hasn't actually hits you. Yeah Yeah Yeah Man. That's why would encourage everybody instead of I'm GONNA say instead of writing first quarter second quarter first half yearly goals. I want you to Set a goal. I guess this is call it and then take the steps to rather. That's cinder first mailer. I don't want you to just send a small mailer. I want you to go all all land I want you to send a big one thousand. Yeah Minimum Minimum. Put a thousand. I don't care what is I. Want you to just take massive action. And that doesn't have to be a mailer go. By what if you're thinking about go buy one coastal property. Go by two or three. Yeah you know do something a little bigger. Just just take that first jump and whatever that would be and I think that's a great way to to get everybody out and going you know it is a New Year We are going to work through the kind of the behind the scenes role stuff with video. So if you aren't following on Youtube or subscribe you know you'll be able to see the outtakes and you you know if we have to go to the bathroom during the show and stuff like that stuff's not going to be cut. It's going to be in there. You're going to hear the final product like you are now listening on Itunes Stitcher spotify. But you're going to get to see her face and what we do we we look mannerisms and hopefully get a little bit better as we kind of move through this. Yeah I was about say. They don't know us after a year. They a lot of catching up to do. Yeah but I mean some people do. Oh Hey we thought we thought Adams the really good looking guy and it turns out it was me the whole time. That's that happens a lot. I mean when I'm out at the mall get stopped by these ladies and you're like hey you're atom from Kendra entreprises. No I'm just like oh we thought Adams when it's really you and I'm like yeah I mean it is let me sign your autograph. So I signed their sign their chest or their leg or wherever they asked me to sign. Because it's just happens cancels great. Yeah that's great I'm around. You'll never seen that happen but it did happen. It did have no one time with the winery but that was from remember. That lady goes. Hey I instagram Graham like follower like some. I have no idea where you're not there with me. Oh that was Adrian and Jessica. Wasn't you making up stories but now it's true story. She gave me a hug. She said she loved my protein eighteen from a settlement company. One they're true. Story asked Jessica Recall. We're tired of hearing justice. Lies is so as always go to facebook instagram. Go to YouTube. This'll be our first video up on youtube give us a like start subscribing to us as well then go to WHO I tunes go to Stitcher. Go to wherever you're listening to us like review and subscribe at the show. We appreciate it. We see Friday. See Friday guess.

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Yankees stand up

The Stephen A. Smith Show

22:42 min | 2 years ago

Yankees stand up

"Here's a simple question. Do you want measured suits that fit better? Or do you want the generic off the rack suits? How about that? How about that? Simple question any guy that I know wants to look as good as they possibly can. They wanna look shop and they don't want their suits to look cheap. They wanted to look good guess where you can go to make sure that happens how about Indochino? It's the world's most exciting made to measure menswear company. We make suits shirts to your exact measurements for an unparalleled fit and comfort guys love the wide selection of high quality fabrics and colors to choose from the option to personalise details, including your lapel lining, pockets buttons and writing your own monogram. Here's how it works. Visit a stylist at our showroom and have them take your measurements personally or measure at home yourself and shop online in Indochino dot com. Choose your fabric, chooser design, submit your measurements with your choices, relaxed while you get to professionally tailored and mail to you. And just a couple of weeks this week. My list is can get any premium Indochino suit for just three fifty nine at Indochino. Dot com. When entering SAS at checkout, this fifty percents off the regular price for a made to measure premium soup. Plus shipping is free as well. That's Indochino dot com. Promo code SAS for any premium suit for just three hundred and fifty nine dollars and free shipping. Incredible deal for premium made-to-measure suit. By the way. Indochino also expanding into casual clothing. You made to measure Chino's were quickly become your go-to pan pairing as easily with the suit jacket as they do with the sweater, and they'll be good anytime of the year for any occasion from boardwalk meetings to Sunday brunches Indochino at an introductory price of seventy nine dollars US dollars. That is if you're a smoker, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes and six. They just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected, but jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. It's vapor product that actually satisfies plus jewelers simple to use and there's no cigarette ash? No lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experience. Right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check o. j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports switch and be satisfied. Yes, you can do both warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. You'll seem to the Stephen, a Smith show podcast, Nike stand up, Yankee stand up, Yankee stand up. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. This is how you handle your business. All of this noise all bloviating about the Oakland a.'s and how much of a great second half they had and how much they were going to be so formidable for the New York, Yankee. All of that was squashed last night, wasn't it? It is over the New York. Yankees have played their one game, bogus wildcard play in game for the play offs. It's not a play a game as wildcard game. I get that, but they hit their business because Aaron judge showed up last night with us. Two run Homer in the bottom of the first because Luis Severino showed up last night with four innings of damn near picture. Perfect heading. Luke void had it three, two run, triple and Hicks. Hata RBI double and I get it. But this is the moment that I have been waiting for. This is the moment that I've been waiting for all season long when it comes to the New York Yankees. Because all he is out there, oh years that's been sitting up there bloviating about the Boston Red Sox. They're one hundred and eight victories how awesome it phenomenal and unstoppable day. Look with JT Martinez and Buki beds and Chris sale and David price Benintendi ten to and all of these other guys. I don't give a Dale been waiting for this love. I've been waiting. Let me this is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and I'm gonna tell you something right now, these same Yankees that went nine and ten against the Boston Red Sox during the regular season. That ended up losing the LA east American League east by the way rather, but eight games, one hundred and eight victories Bob Boston hundred by the New York Yankees. This is last time I checked John last time I checked Nuno it's zero zero. Everybody got say record right now. And this is the moment that I have been waiting for. I got questions later. Gentlemen, please don't get me wrong. I'm not about sit up here sticking out my chest, saying it with my chest, acting like a more bold or not nervous about the New York Yankees. I didn't trust Severino last night. I was confident, but worry cautiously optimistic would be the more appropriate terminology to you to lose or the us rather when I was thinking about Severino because we all know he stuck up the joint last year and couldn't get out of the first in it in a wildcard matchup. So we all saw that. I was worried about him. He showed up. I was also worried about because guess what? In the second half of the season, particularly the last two months. He had ERA near six at about fourteen starts where he was getting smacked around and gave up about thirteen home runs Dan, right? I was nervous about Severino, not apologize for that. Dylan pretentious. He came in ready to handle his business. To run is on back to back singles to lead off the fifth. And the Yankees when this second uncomfortable spot of the night, obviously I'm reading from an article inside the new York, Daily News talking about the Yankees, then that fifth inning where several Reno was sort of lose it in a little bit because Aaron Boone elected to keep them in a game. Why? Because he was Britain, no hitter anyone. Just take them out. But once he gave up those couple of hits, it was time to bring chances in and he handed his business and closed the deal. Either way you slice it. Let's face reality. Severino hap-. Tanaka Sobat THEO. Just what laser gentlemen likelihood is that if the Yankees are going to win this AL American League divisional playoff series. Against the Boston Red Sox with the Boston Red Sox having homefield advantage with the games starting off at Fenway park tomorrow night. The ball is going to have to come and save today. It's going to be cast like pretentious and it's going to be a role does Chapman. He didn't close the deal. That's how the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox. You go beat him with starting rotation. But you gotta hit the ball. You gotta get those things done. You gotta do something to put everybody on notice here you come because you're the Yankees. That's why. And by the way, I'm very confident even though I'm a little nervous, I'm more confident than the Yankees beating Boston that I was and then winning a one game playoff game last night because it's one and done. But in a best of four series, I'm gonna make the argument. I think the Boston Red Sox my end up being a little bit nervous. That's right. I said it. You the Boston Red Sox. Everybody's been bloviate about you all year long. One hundred games. I'm sorry. You're the one with the expectations. Yankees only been the one World Series and won and in two thousand nine Boston is one three. I ain't gonna go ever forget the fact that they raise the curse being down three, nothing came back and won four straight and two thousand four. I'm still sick to my stomach over that one. I got it understand it. Well, let me tell you something right now is the Yankees that Boston has the most pressure give if you lose the Houston. Let me tell you something right now used to one hundred and three games. Houston also happens to be raining fended World Series champions. And when you look at their rotation with Verlinden kaikal and coal and the crew excuse me, Charlie Morton and those boys. Let me tell you something that rotation is legit. It's real. It's authentic and says the champions without to van spring and the rest of the crew. I don't have any reason to doubt Houston, they should be the favorites. So if you're Boston and you're going up against up and you don't feel the pressure we can understand because if you lose no harm, no foul against the rain independent World Series champions who obviously have a more elite pitching staff. But what excuse would you have losing to the New York Yankees. This is the question. What possible excuse would you have for losing to the New York Yankees. Aaron, judge. Without for awhile, missed about fifty games this year. Only played one hundred, twelve twenty seven home runs about sixty seven. Rb is proven, he's fluke, but he hasn't been healthy, Gary Sanchez. I want to stand up giving him give him a standing ovation when he didn't let Severino's pitch. I think in the fourth of the fifth inning go buy them 'cause quarter on the ground. That's usually not something Gary Sanchez does. So I was very proud that he kept the ball in front of him and then surrender run because of it. Allah gregorious. His sacrifice fly bringing in Luke voi- who almost looked like he was tagged out by the way, but he's called safe by the unpire. I'm looking to Giancarlo Stanton his four hundred and forty three foot shot. Although it came devoid of crunch time, you know ambience. He can't be a front runner from time to time hitting those shots when they don't count most. But I believe in staying and I know he's a stood and I'm happy to have him on his seat. Everywhere you turn the Yankees, have answers enters and more answers. And if you have that kind of stuff going on, if that's the kind of stuff that's happening. You're in a good situation because you got your bet responded to the challenge. You without Burton Alana tourists Gregorios got Voight. You gotta judge you got Sanchez. The list goes on and on. You should be able to handle your business, but take Eulalie at Fenway park. That's how I feel about it. But it remains to be seen. Was going to happen with the New York Yankees. What I would tell you is this if Severino pitches the way that he pits last night and you get quality pitching from this staff Yankees going to beat the Red Sox. I'm tired of all of this doors about these damn Red Sox of what they do to the New York Yankees. What's going to happen to the Red Sox? And that's the question. One down three to go down. I mean to be man for the fifth floor Maher show I put a four three thinks what down three to go. You got to us. Beat Boston. You got to which would probably be Houston your break them, and then you got the Yankees going up against the dodgers and just take the dodgers out of their misery and have them lose yet another World Series. They win win since nineteen. Eight anyway, they'll get over it. All I'm saying is I'm looking at my yankee's right now. Very, very happy. Eighty eight say ESPN that's always the number to call eight eight seven to nine three seven, seven six. But let me get the Boston for second in regards to this. Again, I'm very serious about what I'm saying. When I looked to. Boston having more pressure on them. Than anybody else. He is not just your record is the fact that the first playoff series you have going up against the Yankees. You were eight gains better than them in the regular season. But Chris sale has been heard. David price has been a consistent and not up to snuff in some people's eyes. Listen, if that's what you got going on. Along with Celo. Excuse me. If you're the Yankees used to be able to take these folks. You should be able to take them. I'm not saying they're going to be the favorites. I don't give a damn about all that. I'm saying that the Yankees win the series. The question is. Will day. And if so, how? I don't think it's going to be because the Yankees might end up spectacular. I think it's going to be because Boston might will underneath the pressure. Am I speaking hopefully fulfilled with emotion? Yes, I am. I confess it because I'm are bleed Yankees. But I still think they can do it. It's not like I'm faking that emotion. I still think the Yankees can find a way to get it done. It eight say ESPN it's edited seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six. Congratulations. Severino. Congratulations. The judge Aaron judge for setting the tone. Congratulations. They'll potentials the shoring up and handle his business mock condolences to the Oakland aids. Nice. Try. What will happen just was go ahead. It did they'd say, ESPN edited seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six couple of other stories I wanted to get into Thursday night football going up New England versus Indianapolis. I'd love to tell you I'm looking forward to this, but I'm really not. Here's a reality, the New England Patriots getting Jillian Ataman back. And we don't know what weapons Andrew luck is going to have available to him, t, y, Hilton. We don't know if he's play. He hasn't been healthy. Along with the author of other news. The fact of the matter is this, the New England Patriots of the New England, Patriots and culture. Not what they used to be because Andrew luck is not what he used to be. And it's a shame because as good as Andrew luck was and I believe he's still can be. I think the Indianapolis coach one could argue is wasting away the best years of this man's career. I really, really feel that way. And I just think that it's absolutely positively undeniable. What is their expect from edgy look? He can't even throw a hill, a hail, Mary. They gotta bring into Kobe, reset to do that a couple of weeks ago Najibullah came back, rectified himself, some degree. But when you think about the the, the upper echelon of the national fully anybody thinking about the colts. You certainly thinking about New England and you certainly wondering, where do they go from here? And I'm of the Mazda. I think Julian Edelman coming back through solve a whole bunch issues. The brothers got swag. He's got moxie scared in thing. He's coming at it and he's one of Tom Brady's favourite and most trusted targets. I think that matters. I think that matters. Whether or not Indianapolis going to be able to do something about it. I doubt maze to be seen, but I doubt it. And that's just one NFL item. I'm going to get into the other items that the Pittsburgh Steelers talked yesterday about welcoming levian bell back. They attitude is, we'll see, we'll see. We'll see, but he's are teammates familiar with the system. Sure, we welcome back. Let me tell you something. I think everybody's asking the wrong question. Has the steel is going to react to the return of levian Blair House, Levy on bell, going to react to them. He didn't portray them as a business decision. Everybody and their grandmother knows it. It's not a secret anyone in more money and held out in the Steelers franchise tag for the second consecutive year. And he was not happy about that. We understand that we get it. We see it for what it is. I understand. But here's the flipside, you know the business that is the NFL you know what they do, run it back the second. They turn thirty. You know how they try to shaft players at every turn because they got a hard salary cap, and they get to do that. We know this. So what you speak out against Levy on Belfour. These offensive linemen and others who opened their mouth about levian bell talking about him in such dismissive and just disrespectful fashion. I don't even know what to do with myself listening to their nonsense. So Levy on bell is eventually coming back. You'll be back by the by we for the Pittsburgh Steelers, etc. Etc. I get all of that for me personally, they'd have to be worried about what I felt. Not what not me be worried about what if I was Levy on Pell, I would feel betrayed. Our feel absolutely positively betrayed. That's how I feel. They betrayed me. They disrespected me. They did all of those different things. That's how I would feel. Plain and simple. For me. That's what it all comes down to. And I don't really know what else to say about that because levian bell touching the ball, four hundred and six times last year he's making argument and he makes the case and people just dismiss this. They're like, excuse me, who the hell does he think he is? Because he says, I'm not just thinking about me. I'm thinking about setting the standard for folks to follow. What the hell is he talking about? I'll tell you what he's talking about Levy on bell is not just a running back. If Le vian bell was on the New York Jets right now, he'd be the number one receiver, and then number one running back. That's a fact. And when he's thinking about it, he's saying you didn't just ask me to run the football. You're asking me to pass catch. I caught the ball eighty five times last season. That's where he's coming from, and I can understand that. Right now, look at the Steelers postseason chances to make it a player. Twenty percent make an AFC championship game five percent making the Super Bowl, two percent. That's putrid. I don't even know why they got two and five up there the way the Steelers look right now they're got off of their secondary stakes. They don't have any elite running game to speak of Antonio Brown is salty because good look, he ain't getting a level of production here. -ticipant it, and there's no doubt that Big Ben Rothlisberger probably feeling the same way. So all of those things and things that we have to consider kind of things that we have to think about. Also let me now forget ally manning and Mr. Brett fall speaking on behalf of Eli manning saying, don't blame it on the don't blame. Don't blame it on ilab blame it on the offensive line. This is Brett fog. Talking on Sirius XM NFL radio, Wednesday, yesterday he said. The way you lie plays the game, not changed. You have to protect them. He's not going to win with his feet every once in a while he made scramble, but he is who he is and when you can protect him, he's really good. And I think his demeanor and his personality in this physical attributes really haven't changed. And so I think, is up to the team and organization to provide him. And I know that they've tried their best to provide them with an adequate with adequate protection. You gotta figure out a way to protect the guy. I wonder what Brett farve is heard that for her that before. There's a gentleman offset it before. I'll say it again, the giants offensive line's stinks. They can't protect the lot. And that was really, really going on whether you got willing end as with would Nate sold at the God that the left guard and tackle spots, reflect word, you know, respectfully. If you got that on the left side, he got Greco and it center, you gotta mommy at your right. He got real, replacing Eric flowers as you're right, tackle or Eric flowers in their excuse me, your -fensive lines stinks and the native about talent or lack thereof. We might say that about Eric flowers, but in the case of the giants in other areas, you got four new starters. You got five guys on the offensive line all playing different positions. Not to mention the fact that the signal call and all that stuff to get down Pat. They don't have. I got it. But the point is it's hurting Eli. It's not helping him because he lost thirty seven years of age. He looked punked. He looks Punchdrunk. He really, really does. That's what's going on here. Because when he gets hit, he really really feels the effects. And that is what's messing with him. We've slice it any way we want to. That's what the hell. It comes down to. It at eight say ESPN. It's inundate seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six. You're listening to Stephen Smith show ESPN radio that was straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable g. LT networks. His a big fan of SimpliSafe home security system is prepared for everything. That's why the storm takes out your power. SimpliSafe SimpliSafe is ready. If you phone gets cut, simply safe is ready. If you keep packets destroyed, SimpliSafe forget you. The help you need. Maybe you don't need to be ready for everyone case scenario, but that's what makes simply safe. Great. It's always ready. That's why I recommend SimpliSafe to everybody. I know. So go to SimpliSafe dot com slash Stephen, they they that SimpliSafe dot com. Slash Stephen simply safe. That's I m p. l. i. s. a. f. e. dot com slash Stephen, this would appear not AVI Barbara Zola's finally making razors that's no brainer. Check out the barbasol ultra six plus with six ultra thin blades. Save an ultra six-plus at barbasol dot com.

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Kings vs Senators Postgame 03/11/20

All the Kings Men | LA Kings

28:30 min | 8 months ago

Kings vs Senators Postgame 03/11/20

"You're listening to an LA kings podcast for more episodes of this and every other kings program visit L. A. Kings dot com slash podcast walker at the line final seconds of powerpoint. More straight laced. This is all the king's men post game. Podcast Lordy carries it ahead four to Alaric? Took Burke slides it. Now here's your host Jesse Cohen high of the ice in the Bob Miller breadbox stapleton joining me. Tonight possibly the last time. This season Dave the human t shirt cannon. How are you tonight? I'm in seventh heaven. Right now. Jackson Bonski our unite. John play a good man. I'm good wow seven. Her Own lucky number seven. The rain are looking great they are Carlin. Texted me two games ago. What happens if the Kings win out edge? She she may have been right if in fact they might have in the NHL cancels. There's reason tomorrow just following the NBA than the Elliott. They make the playoffs. No Oh nor did they get the odds for the best comic? You know what they did. Get Alex Turcott the love and admiration of kings fans everywhere and Alex. Thank you. Yeah Yeah how about that one and done how? `Bout that welcome as expected. I think hockey. Welcome to Ontario although we were asking beautiful the NHL Right may ashes. They share the buildings great. Nba Teams Beautiful Name for that. So we're talking yes sorry. Sorry Jesse won't finish anything else on the right. No I think it's got congestion in front of the class already did so if the NHL cancels presumably part of it will be because they share the buildings with the NBA. Teams aren't playing in them now while the AHL teams don't share the buildings with the NBA teams. So why couldn't the Antero rain keeping well the H. L. team shares a building with the G. League team? That's right the clippers The AGUA Kellyanne of Ontario Rancho Cucamonga Reiter Inland Empire area. What's their name? The AGUA Caliente Clippers. Cawley it's a casino sponsors the team. That's also also super racist. I mean Atlantic Water firewater. Which is what booze is called. Stereotype is the native Americans. So it's now the casino named agriculture is owned by native Americans. So it's a little bit. We how raises it is or isn't but it's always made me. Cock my head to the side and go like really let that would guess. We're not gonNA talk about that but we are going to talk about is the LA kings seven in a row. I went into rose. Evan in knew it was going to happen. You did. Oh yeah really went out on a limb there on auto came to town. I don't like to Brag to Horn but you had it beep beep the ahead of before anyone you did. You did no question but did you have this. Dave what Morton irks. Go game winner. It didn't have that no was it. The ambush like seven minutes left now on. I'm not going to be able to find the tweet now. But did you know that? Gabriel arteries seven points in his first ten games as the most by a kings. Rookie SINCE ANDRZEJ COPE. Atar scored eleven points in ten. Gauges come on say Andrzej. Yeah sure the guy's name I mean it is America because reading it. I wasn't really thinking but anyway is that a is that a stat. Joseph most points in ten games. Just yeah. Thank you just trying to argue that it wasn't I said it's Oh my God it's just a it's a statistic and we are comparing and Jesse doesn't like well okay Jesse Mister Velocity scored ten seconds into his first and only six point three. Technically okay is out of stat. Yes Oud sees he's grimacing because it's not a grim in your face. I can google fastest goal in career. History Yeah and I can find it. You know what I can go. Yes you can't most points most wise it ten I gave you can yeah. The Internet has signs a shiny quarter to whoever google it and gets back to me with Marine Cap. I've got is a lot more active. Yeah we're in danger sign. I gotta say I've been using all of the Pure L. Station soon set. Of course I'M GONNA walk. I generally speaking. I just roll. My eyes go should get out here. Was it a today? Just how many times today for maybe four parallels to really counting but yeah speaking. I mean every time I walked past the element. We just Dave you want some right now no. Although a friend of mine said he was at a friend of mine's a stand up comedian. Jeff May shout at the gym. Yeah Jeff Man He's doing he's doing a set tonight at a bar now. Thanks and he sent me a picture and he said I'm ready to fight anybody that asked me to use that and I said what he ought to do. When it's empty. Rinse it out real good. Fill IT WITH WATER. And then want anyone asks for it front interface. No and no one would know the difference. Yeah Yeah Great. I'm holding pure L. Just to be mean man me. That's mean man. Pierre L. D. official advanced hand sanitizer of PA announcer Dave Joseph E. L. A. Kings Yup. This is now as fishing sponsors. You know who could use that? Who gave because that goal was filled? Yeah can shoot dead jokes yeah. He's pretty good. Yeah he's supposedly. Yeah right do you enjoy saying his name? Because I feel like you're going to see it a lot. Not Maybe not maybe not the rest of this year saying his name. I hope they keep her on the Martin. I Guy 'cause I like slow. He did for kiss no vowels in his last name thinks he did. He's under contract. Martin has been on for for I again. See what you did. Thank you very much debt. I'm red hot tonight. I came into Blade Merton Hermano. It'd be Martin. Oh yeah it'd be Martin Merton Burn Word for Moon Ferguson. For Anyway nobody. The reason I bring up that villareal aside from the fact that his seven points in ten games as the most by on Zico Petar bought the second goal. He scored on that weird whip around. You know turnaround when Whoever yeah when McDermott bright chipped in the backspin and the reason that stood out as unconventional as the play was the lead up to it was just the fact that he actually nailed the shot. This goal not too dissimilar from it except it came as a result of a sustained pressure play rather than just a weird kick in or dump in zone but I mean honestly i. I was watching the play happen. And the way he came into his own took the shot. I thought it was COPA offers. Second Yeah but he would have passed every now and then Copa Tar shoots and that's why we always say shoot more right yes exactly but no. It was a very identical setup in art came in. Just Yeah No. That's a good point. I mean I just wouldn't I? There's a very small group of players that I would expect to score from that spot on the ice right. It's just not accuse one of them now. Before a week ago I wouldn't I said that's a low percentage shot twice in a wheel off the top of your head. Who is that list Ovechkin? Crosby I thought we were going kings. Okay Wow oh on the king's Kovar. Okay Yeah Yeah that's it. Yeah I mean maybe somebody else will get lucky. Maybe gabric when he's here. Yeah signed it. That was a good young typical. But I mean that's Kinda Player. I'm talking about quarter Carter Willie Mitchell. Jeff Carter I guess I was kind of shy but I was thinking of him as a straight ahead. Goals like He's more of A. You know I mean. That's the point is that we're talking about people who can pick corners. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean I don't know if you or a shot. He was more of a high glove guy. Though I mean how would you describe? Was it a. I'M GONNA look it up now just like what? There was almost no back so it wasn't like he didn't already snapshot it was in blocker and it just beat him the shot. I believe it was trevor. More with the screen. Thousand OAKS MORE. Yes. Let's not start that. Yeah he did a phenomenal job with the screen Anderson didn't have the best look at it But with that said I'll turn that down. Think do you think Long Beach Is Matt? Neal Shot No God. No no no. No the thousand oaks. Trevor wasn't even a snapshot. It was just a wrist shot. He pivoted turns. He takes a step into the face. Off is at the face off dot and just frigging lasers. Yeah he's he's got a lot of strength that icing right. It's still not fully us. I think he's got a lot to grow in his body and it's GONNA BE IMPRESSIVE. Once he'd be combined do thirty six to twenty. I didn't even realize I was far far low corner. It was just low block frigging great. Yeah I'm looking for great great. Yeah I wish I could take credit for this joke but the second goal for Ottawa was scored by goofy laugh. Hardy luck so goofy laughs. Even harder I can't do it but anyway anybody's ever watched a war any goofy. Yeah I know it. Goofy says joy stretch anyway look. I didn't somebody's drinking. No drinking that sweet sweet pure L. Victory yes drink it in your your cup. Runneth over less knockabout velocities assist on the Merton. Virk thought he was going to shoot it. But no yeah. This is off. Yeah and mark you went fibers. Yeah tween is a kid can pass can pretty much do everything. And we're first-round pick. Don't and Peterson can stop the PUCK. Elliott yes he can Anderson. Roy had a rough night. But that's okay not really well. No they did well fans stat wise. I don't care what Roy picked up. An assistant was plus one so. That's all that I care. They both played about twenty minutes. I don't like the fancy stats. I think it's got to be the eye test. And for all these people that say plus minus doesn't mean anything I said it does mean. Is this house. We respect plus minus doesn't mean absolutely. I'm a big plus minus so I have to say all right and Matt Roy Plus Sixteen. I believe right now Michigan Tech Dilatot Atta boy. Don't call them Wa. Calm Roy and now Alex Turk. I mean like Mirka. What's next like a month ago? What we were sort of You know and now. It's like one of the playoffs. Start because we're in that's right. We're not no October can let me ask you this serious question. Yoga Alex Turcott comes out But let's say the Chelsea's continues. We're just saying that. The seasons are continuing. Yeah this is the theoretical review Article Alex Turquoise the rain the rain make the playoffs They WANNA decent playoff run win around or to go to camp next year. October comes around. Alex Turcott makes the team gave. Lardy makes it team. Yeah Martin Perks on the team. Mike Anderson's on the team out Kale plagues on the team. All these guys around the team Bjorn Foot. Just a playoff team. No but I think inexperience is going to be costly or Kelly. Sure while this gene is still going to. Have you know the veterans in terms of Yup Eleven twenty three eight thirty two thirty two yup seventy seven those type of guys seventeen? I'm WHO's the Russian boy how that caught me off? And Justice Justice Man Shaking his head shake Matt. Was I think while you have the veterans? I think the inexperience of you have a team. That'S REGARDLESS OF TRAINING. Camp regardless of the preseason is still going to take a. Lotta time to get comfortable with playing. You know every other night and getting on the same page where you're bringing a lot of young kids. I'm not saying it's like an be good when we hit January February. But I'm thinking it might be a little bit of a tough go just because of all of the new pieces moving. But they've won seven in a row right. Yeah but this is again like this is great but it's going to be a completely different roster next year. I don't think it's going to be that different. Oh come on. It's going to be. We're going to be more talent or anything. Yes but we're going to have three different defensemen. Were probably going to have four or five different forwards better defense men. I'm not saying they're not better. It's GonNa Take Awhile David. Two thousand seven two thousand eight. Yes the Kings finished with seventy one points which was second last and they wound up. Draughting drafting drew doubt. Vertu him the following year. Seventy nine points. That right was what Which was not doesn't seem like a big improvement or game. What it is for more wins. I mean you right. Yes for the state of the franchise at the time and then the next year. They made the playoffs. I anticipate next year. That'll be an improvement high seventies. Low Eighties Point Wise. No playoffs right and the following year. Yeah why not? Okay I mean you also have to look at the state of the Pacific out. Doesn't seem like I think Anaheim identical situation is the kings right now. I think the Kings. Yeah. I think the kings are in a faster pace. Yeah but I think there are also in an identical area San. Jose seems to be falling lost. Yeah the sharks are honked. Yeah yeah super honked. Yeah So Vegas things probably GonNa stay up there but you don't know with flurry situation. Because he's outer their cap situations getting a little tighter than all. Those guys are getting older. Yep so that's that's an interesting one and then on top of it Edmonton's always a wildcard. Calgary's a wildcard Vancouver seems to be getting better. I think you can Vancouver. You can put you can slot them into the playoffs next year. As of right now do we have any more people in the division. Seattle after an extra well. That'll be the real wild card because they'll come in not this coming season but I mean that's are they going to turn into a vegas. It's your new an expansion team that we thought we would see with Vegas in terms of not GonNa make the playoffs just like you know. History has shown but back to your original question seven in a row seven in a row. Here's the thing. When the league seven in a row when the League canceled the season in two thousand four two thousand five and the implemented all these new rules the kings were ideally situated to take advantage of them when it came to rebuild it. Right there were a couple teams that were there with a Pittsburgh caller Chicago and Saint Louis. Now Saint Louis never actually came through and did anything with it until last year which is as far as I'm concerned to cycle late but but it was pretty obvious who handled that lockout Season in the new rules the best right because Chicago one. Three Pittsburgh won three kings one. Two kings took advantage of the cap circumventing contracts with Richards and Carter and so now Chicago Pittsburgh in L. A. All have sort of found themselves in a different you know in the similar situation. Pittsburgh's done well to maintain Malkin crosby. Let's hang and not flurry but in the Chicago. La both took a dive. Now we're in a new sort of generation. They've they've wiped out the cancer. The CAP circumventing contracts. Can't that anymore. There's CAPRA capture penalties. Those are about to go away. The last players signed. Those deals are five years reaching the end of their. You know reaching the end of their career. So it's not really concerned and I think that the kings now we have the second expansion coming up and whether by design or by fate. The king signed themselves once again. Ideally situated to handle a rebuild in the middle of a shifting landscape because when the next expansion draft comes up the kings are GONNA lose. Nobody of importance right. They have to lose somebody but at all. They're all of their extremely valuable. Pieces are likely going to be on entry level contracts. And if they're obviously they're gonNA be there untouchable. They'll be untouchable. So yeah I mean. The kings are in a great situation in terms of moving this organization forward without having take any steps back once you see that you know availability come up when we get to the Seattle expansion and I mean who knows what the salary cap is going to be. There was that rumor last week that it was going to be eighty four to eighty million jump for those of you who are not aware. The price of the price of the Canadian dollar is directly tied to the price of a barrel of oil and the price of barrel. Oil has taken a dive. Thanks to not only the corona virus but also OPEC nations and Russia squabbling over how to handle it. Sorry for World Economics Detoured the point is that along with the potential cancellation or postponement of games is going to lower the revenue. That league brings in point. Is the salary cap. Should not be expected to go super high next year or the year after that right which again. Ideally suited for the king's because we don't got anybody making more than one hundred twenty five thousand for the next couple of the next three years so well other than culprits are down. Point is we're not. We're not bumping. Even even if the CAP goes down we'RE NOT BUMPER AGAIN. I'll have to say his thankfully. Seattle is in in the league this year because if they were there would be no more games for the rest of the season. Yeah Oh my goodness so back to this game. Seven straight wins. Yeah seventy we look in. The first hand missed the first ten minutes of this game. It looked a little bit like Ottawa was going to run away and for a team that played last night in. Anaheim then did not play. Well no then. The King Sorta turned around and sort of a boring game for thirty forty minutes. But then young. Mr Gabriel vulgarity. The antidote to allow me to introduce my Peterson. Big Saves Peterson it saves. Yeah he he. He didn't have his best game but I thought he played extremely well and showed up when he needed to. That first goal. Nothing you can do you know. Unfortunately it was a what am I saying. I didn't see it. I was walking to my seat. It was a it was a missile idea. Whatever it was it was it was a missed wraparound that went off of could chuck steak and went straight to Bobby Ryan backdoor and Goldmember to a tip from outside of the night. Yeah so he. He played well. He stepped out for CAL Peterson. God look where that alarm skate. Two goals he can still get a shot okay. Great game was cranking. Yeah so hundred. I mean I don't have much to say to it other than it was a great game. What's your play the game all right. Let's get to it. We'll do play the game and I'll start off because I was trying not to talk about this because I wanted to save the game. I play the game was drew out breaking up the two on one. I was gonNA say just before. He was at school or varieties. There was no school. But here's what I. Here's the one last Davis if you'RE A goaltender and you're facing a two on one yup and there's a defender what should the defender do go to the guy without the puck that is correct one hundred percent of the play the shooter but you play it out as long as you? Can you try to take away the passes? And then you float over here. Beauty about the goaltender take shrewd. Audi literally waited until the last second to cover the the open man. Yup intercepted the pass. And he's gone the other way. Look the other way. Turns and the planet exotic for me was the play it again. I mean the second assist on the goal of Lardy Lardy splits the D. moves it virk for Clinton in that great great player great minds think alike. Desi all right all right. I second that Gabriel. The Lardy is go all right. I mean yeah for sure. What a sniper. Yeah ooh beauty. Lie I love what I see from the Giddy just thinking. Listen we we say this all the time and on Terry after Terry Games. It's like I was playing with the Lardy in Ontario. We said I'll you know I'll everytime podcast again. These guys are going to be good guys that we kept saying we come out and see them. Well now you're seeing it at the NHL level. These guys are legit good. Yeah they're not. It's not a flash in the PAN. These guys are legitimate. Nhl We were talking to Johnnie Than Davis During the game and he came over and he was complaining that he didn't understand why Martin I wasn't on the top power play unit and I said listen for lack of a better phrase. Martin Burke is Gabriel training wheels. Like yeah there does it. They're playing together. Yup and so that's why it's not on the top and everybody's on the second power with Gabriel which is just fine this is like and they scored a powerplay goal tonight about there. You go yeah player of the game. Jack Valenti okay has to be the lardy. We're all we're all synonymous. It is around eleven. Although I thought let's just say Out No I'll just say like honorary mention Cow BECAUSE THEY LOOK. I Agree Jackson. Maybe not as strong game ever but if you're you know allow two goals on a on an off night pretty good. Yeah you'll take. I'm sure and I love his helmet off. Sorry the more I see Black Brown to look at it more closely. I I Ivanka. Simple symmetry okay. Call me crazy. I don't like the goalie masks. That are miracle that wrap around as one thing on the left. One thing on the right. I like you know like Eddie Belfour Felix Pa van Kelly Rudy back in the day and the Hollywood one with the crown. And so Pietersen's got you know it's it's the same on both sides. It's got that silver crown right on the top of black paint job. I like it a lot. I don't know who it is but one of the players as a sports car. That's always park down in the bowels of Staple Center Matt Black and I just love. It can't help it the money. I don't know what I when I was a kid. I like things that were shiny now. I like things that are the opposite asked. Gotcha shoot man. I guess is going to wrap it up. Lets you to tell you a story about my days in Alaska? That's all the time we have for. I mean well you were so amused by my duct tape on the door story and I wanNA hear I wanNA walk. It is hell well one summer. Wait wait wait. The Duck Tours. The duct tape is back on the door today. No whole conversation and sad story for another time. You can't tell it now. Man People Are Idiots. That's the story agree but no one summer. I roomed with a witch doctor and Alaska would lead people. He would bleed people. What does that mean you know? Cut Cut people lied out the bad blood out. You know practice before we knew about science and medicine had no idea. Yeah I learned about it on criminal minds NAM. So he he died. Wake up whatever. That's the area that that you know you you guy would come in and say like my elbow hurts. And he's like all right cut just a slid on his arm then he'd take a paper Cup or a Plastic Cup or bottle whatever. He burnt a little piece of paper in it. Jam It down the cut so that the burning piece of paper would suck all the oxygen out so create a vacuum around the cut and then he just as a three months from your beds bribes hanging out. Well I don't know what to think. Did he cut? Did he ever cut you know? We were both working for the same fishing company and he just had aside shop of like leading people and would he make money off of that. Yeah Wow I wasn't as accountant. I was his roommate but anyway. Thanks for Sharing Kingston. Seventy dollars should wrap it up. You gotta live with witchdoctors more anyway. We will talk to you. I don't know when that's a great point. By this time. People hear this. You will probably have a better idea that hopefully Saturday afternoon against the ducks but who knows. Here's a question that you may not have none of us. Eleven answerable if they do games with no crowd if if if an okay really all right well even. They play the games with no crowd. Do they have. And that's a great question. I don't really answered. I haven't been told you just announce goals to the players. You know. Well there's GonNa be media here in attendance. Sure do I mean we don't honestly like I don't know it's interesting. It Miss my be gross but I if they play. They play the games the no crowd. This is not as already bother. I do want a beer. Just it would be different. We kinda cool. Yeah Yeah until I think they should. I think you need a PA announcer do you. Yes just to clarify. Yeah well if the League is listening. Yeah that's right. Gary Mr Batman Batman is paying at least say that you need PA announcers for at least clarify. Tomorrow's that's a great question I don't know I mean it does say in the NHL rulebook that the PA announcer must say there's one minute remaining in the period if oh so you're good. You're shows up at minimum. Would three last minute of plays in the period? Pay Your here right. Fm is a contraction of if and when chiefly used in the southern us the midland us same dialects Britain good. I'm assuming I picked it up from my mother took Jesse are not in any of those areas. Go Wash your hands down by the creek. All right yeah after you get off the roof on on the right on that note we will talk to kings fans. Thanks for listening. I did it backwards. Thanks for listening. Zoom Zoom Vikings. Well Good luck you can edit that however you want if an choose.

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Jameis returns, ND v. Michigan, Roughing rule saga

Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

45:14 min | 2 years ago

Jameis returns, ND v. Michigan, Roughing rule saga

"All right. Well, it was bigger yourself. I'm Jason Whitlock. That's Marcellus Wiley, that dude coming up. I'll tell you why have no problem with Jason Witten bringing politics into the broadcast booth. And I've got another installment of debt dues dues, we start every show with a Whitlam's which got today. I got a wolf Marcel. I don't think you've ever seen my wolf our. You're about to see it today. I'm the wolf of Winston street. I'm caving up for Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston who's three-game suspension into this week and is now in a QB controversy with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick I wanna tell Tampa ahead coach, Dirk, cutter what to do by channeling. My inner Leonardo to Capri. Oh, and one of my favorite movie scenes of all time from the wolf of Wall Street, are you see that football there? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about those footballs. They're not gonna throw themselves accurately without the right quarterback. They're worthless. They need a highly trained quarterback eighty callous. No. You something about who tell you a little something. There's no nobility and losing. I've been a winner and a loser, and I choose winning every freaking. Because at least there's a winter I saw on game day. I doubt in a custom-made, Tom Ford suit where Jeb gyp ring. They won watching this thing. I'm superficial, low character. You don't get a job coaching peewee football because that's where frigging the long. This is the NFL. And before you depart my locker room full of winners, I want you Dirk cutter. Take a look around your locker room gone. Take a good look because if you mess up this decision sometime in the not so distant future, you're gonna walk into a football stadium with a coordinators playbook and an NFL head coach is going to walk in with you with a brand new quarterback. Porsche, who looked plays like Jameis Winston, big lap shoeless cannon foreign on I. And who are you going to be standing next to Ryan Fitzpatrick disgusting. I league what a hundred days, a razor stubble chin do you're going to be standing next to. So you listen to me and you listen. Well, are you tired of hearing about Jiu breeze and the New Orleans Saints entire good pick up the phone and call James Winston, you tired of seeing Cam Newton's superman celebration. The full and call James Winston to Matt Ryan and the falcons, the buccaneers, a worthless Luas. Pick up the phone call James Wisden. I want you to deal with your loss on Monday night football, but tended to Jayme as. Most talented quarterbacks, the guy won the Heisman Trophy national championship, and Florida's date, the guy who told the box, it's okay to fire lovey Smith and make you the head coach. When it happens Jamie's I need you to be ferocious. You'll be relentless. Quarterback. Back in the bed. The wolf loose today Marcel the wolf out. All that talk, but I'm with marshawn Lynch. I'm about that action boss. You got me hype, you smoke it. Well, you got the fire book, riot fix, Patrick, has this team this team, and you know how you got him. He didn't have to go out there and say, I. I. To go out there and make them eat ws. He went out there and gave him ws and the last twelve games. They've had a split sample size, six games for James suspension in all injuries. And six gave Ryan Fitzpatrick and sub duty where I Fitzpatrick has won four DOE six. James has won one of those six with the same team. What to say personnel. And it's interesting when you talk about who has this team, I tell you that Ryan Patrick is this team and it's not just because the Sean Jackson after week one came out and said, hey, I'm going with fits at the week. Two I'm going with fits is because he speaking for the entire team. The mass is I've been in that same position rookie season that same ju- breeze and he was our quarterback. Doug Flutie was on a roster and I came onto media and you're never supposed to do this, pick a teammate, and I came out and said, it should be Doug Flutie seven, seven, seven, and I wasn't speaking for just me. I was speaking for all the guy. Guys in there who said, Marcellus, you're above reproach, they won't cut you. They love you speak for us. We want Doug Flutie not drew Brees. So Sean Jackson comes out and says, he wants Fitzpatrick. He speaking for fifty. One other dudes in their locker room as well. So I gotta respect what he did and what is happening in Tampa. It's fist Patrick's team. Listen, I what dishonor Jackson said to stay with the hot hand and the hand cooled off on Monday night folks in the first half it cooled off for the game. It was winning time and he had a final dry that could have won the game, and he blew it. He didn't complete any of those passes, but I wanna stay with to Capri. Oh, Jordan, Belfour of from walls. You killed it. You know, I just wanna stay there because you saw the movie Korea? Yeah. Awesome. Movie penny stocks where Jordan Belfour got his start, and that's what James Winston is. He's a penny stock. He's a blue chip stock that has been devalued, depending. I get that his stock is low. He's screwed up. I get all those testicle deals about who's won and who hasn't when they've been the starting quarterback, I get it. But at the end of the day, if you look deep at James Winston, he's Heisman Trophy winner. For reason, he's a national champion in college for a reason he's the number one overall pick in the draft for a reason. There's a reason why does not just as intellect, why Ryan Fitzpatrick played at an Ivy league school. There's a reason why he's a journeyman quarterback. Again, he's he's a great fire extinguisher open in when there's an emergency break the glass, bring him out, but eventually affiars thing, which is not the fire department and it runs out and you gotta bring a real fireman and to do and Jameis Winston, even though he hasn't shown it fully yet he is a real firemen and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to me. I look at all the talent around him. They have to max out this. A year and the only way to max out with James Winston because at some point, Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be that dude, you saw on the first half against Pittsburgh and he's going to be that dude, you saw at the end of the game against Pittsburgh. He's not championship caliber. Okay. You got one more Ivy league shot to doing this show, which keeps you diving leagues in NFL that ain't gonna happen. It's funny, you call him the fire man, and that means he's gonna put out the fire and he is put out the fire, which is the hot start by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to one, which I don't think they would have been to one with this level confidence if James was starting. But let's talk about confidence because you say, hey, former number one overall pick, hey, you're Heisman Trophy winner, and you're the franchise quarterback. You should be confident listened to Jameis Winston this to this sound of him, and it sounds like a guy who's already defeat it in this moment. This assignment like we're having a lot of success and I want to continue and I knew it will. I'm here to systematised well, possibly. Can you know not my passion for this team. I love this team goes beyond where I'm out there doing the football team or not. From score to assist quick. Facilitator because you know why I gotta standard support Dr cutter record and say the quarterbacks, no, who's the starter? And if you're going to name the starter before you see a practice week from James who's been out for three weeks, you know who that guy is is Fitzpatrick. You don't name James to start until you see him, at least in practice. And the reason he is sounding defeated in that moment because he knows he's not the start. I didn't hear lack of confidence. I heard some humility, much-needed humility, and a guy in the right mentality, and a guy who's following orders in my belief in the look, they're cutter can make the wrong decision to stick with Fitzpatrick. I hope and pray. He does it. But if I'm James Winston, I'm not tipping the cards one way or the other. And so to me, he's being very coach -able here, not showing his card standing at humble spirit and in terms of what you've seen and again, I know this was a month ago. James Winston was the best quarterback in the NFL during the preseason. Oh, we count now he was okay. So to me, he was right on schedule for what I saw at the end of the season last year, agai plan at a very high level agai very competitive agai that was blossoming into why they drafted him number one overall. And so I just, I think James is handled every sponsor perfectly. I think he's hiding his cars because Dirk cutters trying to hide his cards. But I think if Dirk cutter goals, listen, there's no downside benching Ryan Fitzpatrick now. 'cause you can bring him back in. He's at anytime James Winston, you have to put him out there and really go forward in terms of this is the year for dirt cutter in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're in the most competitive best quarterback division in football. You can't take on drew Brees Matt, Ryan, Cam Newton, particularly this Cam Newton with Ryan Fitzpatrick. You have to send your best and brightest out there and is James wins, look, I mean, James harden his cars in part because it's cars better than Ryan Fitzpatrick's Ryan saying, I play this game face up. Let's go, you would see my car. It's here we go. What are those cards? He's NFL record for I three consecutive four hundred yard passing games. He's a second all time. NFL history to first regains passing yards. And he's like, I'm doing historical stuff. I'm not doing franchise quarterback stuff. I'm doing all time franchise quarterback stuff in terms of numbers performance. And when I had that locker room would've spokesman Sean Jackson coming up to support me. I've heard one player yet say, is this James, his job either one player yet. And that speaks volumes because I've been there before and when people don't step up for you is because they're not supporting, you lost my voice. I can't. Belford took me out of stick around later in the show we'll give you are proven ratings for James Winston. Here's where they were before. The season started ourselves had him as wolf layer. I had him on the scout team, say where he ends up. We'll get right back to the show, but I, I wanted to tell our listeners about hellofresh hellofresh a meal kit delivery service shops plans and delivers step by step recipes in pre measured ingredients. So you can just cook eat and enjoy. Why do I recommend hellofresh? There's something for everyone. Three plans to choose from classic veggie and family. Each boxes made up a fresh responsibly obtained ingredients from carefully selected farms and high rated trusted sources, make family dinners. Fuss-free with hellofresh picky eater, kid tested and approved family plan recipes rediscover the excitement of cooking. Look forward to your hellofresh delivery, knowing dinner, just got that much easier. 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We'll get into the NFL's roughing the passer controversy in a minute, but first you all know Marcella ze DAT do now. He's going to show us the best place from big guys around football. It's time for debt dudes dudes ourselves, which got got the best three plays out there from the big news of front does is in the trenches, they don't get enough love and attention. So we give love that dues dues. This start off what Arthur that dues do. Cow Williams, Buffalo Bills, go bills mafia. See Cal Williams off. The ball quickly gets to Kirk. Cousins runs right through Vikings lime and Mike Rimmer for the sack. Well, let's see right here. Look at the levers you see rumors you think that's a good bench, press five hundred Pounder, right? Got his arms extended everything, but because he's overextended that five hundred pounds quickly drops down to no wait at all. And look at car Williams. He realizes that in the moment slapsti- Rhys off them. Get skinny in the hole and gets to Kirk cousins right there. The Carlson, the limo for that. That was easy. Pickets number two debt dues dues go to Miami with the dolphins, Vincent Taylor. This is tailor made right here against the raiders. You see them go. Men gave Jackson guests the sec, but let's see how you get some first of all you gotta sit them down and when you sit them down Pete nice, gentleman, cinnamon the chair as you sit them into look at that anchor foot. Oh my God, Jason Whitlock at boss state right there. Next thing, you know when you got them sitting down and he's overextended. What are you hit them with the grab rip Sipple collegiate move and look at that angle right there. The protracted has to come out because that's where you get your explosion. And that's how you turn the corner with those angles, get to their car. Another sec rape relief, surprise it into a flag for hitting the quarterback in the NFL talking to you right now. And the number one debt do dude of the week is met I, this is Greek God of bull rush right here. You can see him gets. Rogers who had a more you watch this, he tries to Reggie White hump move. Pulls it off somewhat, but look at that angle hunter degrees and now Brian Balogh. Once again, second time he's been on that news. The victim gets caught on skates, and once you're skates is time to break out the Billy James Tana moonwalk brother because he's going to have you going back because he now he's in your chest and you are going backwards. Look at that lack of power in that position tying to send them to the scar because he's toast, get him about of here, please. Thank you very much. He's going don't how're position right back to air Rogers. A-rod like my knee can get him off of me please. And once again, a sack on a play great playboy met Greek God a bull run once again. No offense of Lyman highlighted, come on, man. You got to. I'm trying to talk to production gonna get this. That was awesome ourselves from some big dues to some big stories. Let's start the NFL where reportedly several members of the competition committee are uncomfortable with the show. Sharp increase in roughing. The passer calls this season which have more than doubled from this point last year and the members of the committee aren't the only ones unhappy with the rule with people around the league, expressing frustration, including Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, the way actually our future is a real serious emphasis on of youth football, amateur football, reflected passcode level, and I see a collegiate game that certainly has a lot of finesse in it, but is a great game and makes these kinds of adjustments we're talking about. But when it comes to pro football to use a boxing term, that's when you put the six ounce club. So you don't rob fight with those ten outs are you don't fight with those years. Everybody's being really paid to go out and incur those type situations that have more risk at all right myself. I keep it real with you. Everybody I know loves you on the show. They think my mother loves you more than she loves me, but they all have one question. What the hell is Marcel is talking about defending this rougher the passing stuff. Right. Please explain yourself. How in the hell are you good with all these roughing, everybody else ancient, but you. I'll love it. I'm protecting investment. I, this is not an allegation. Is Jerry Jones. Try to go with the boxing analogy to a boxing match because in the box of match, you're paying import to see him get knocked out whether you love him or whether you hate him, whoever that boxer may be. That's part of that game, but we're not paying to see them not to starting quarterback. I'll give you a case, appoint. Here's an example this week. I'm going to the chargers forty Niners game. Let's just say that I was bringing a few on three tickets. Go ahead. Okay, paying. But my friends were also going on those same free tickets and guess what they said with free tickets in hand. Oh man, Jimmy, geez, not playing. We still going to the game. That's my point. So you gotta protect that guy in the situation. You're making a mistake to everyone's making hope your mom and not making. 'cause I love your mama. 'cause. But don't conflict the fact that they have a new rule and that they're getting this new rule enforce correctly. Every single time, it's a judgment rule, and every judgment rule weather's PR, whether it's holding when there's a point of emphasis. First thing we do is over correct. We do it too much. We call it too often, and then we get to a place of common sense because we have a body of work, and we realize this is where we want to set a win, be patient everyone. This rule is to protect the stars of the game, this ruse to protect integrity of the game and terms of safety and promoting that at the lower levels to the NFL level. I am in full support, but I'm also patient which are not. It's not about this is intolerable in unacceptable. As a fan I'm achieves fan. You mentioned Jimmy g. and when Jimmy g. chose not to dip out of bounds and decided to be an idiot and take on a defensive player. You know what the chief's fan. He did. Good job. Jimmy. G. see you later nine on goodbye. It out of the game game over. I was happy about it. I'm crying no tears for San Francisco because Jimmy g. was in idiot. I wanna see quarterbacks play football and in football, it's a contact sport they need to be contacted. That's surviving. That context is I'm a huge Phil Simms fainting and he's not in the hall of fame, but I love the way he played because he was standing the pocket and take that hit to deliver the football, Tom Brady. That's what made him so great early in his career. There's a part they're taking that out of the game is like anybody. Now compla- quarterback. Anybody can be the tough guy, and I just don't like it just it's not football. Okay. So Jason Wheelock was in on the Matt Cassel Levin win season that didn't go to the playoffs was like, oh, yeah, top-rated down. I'm fine with that. You to be chiefs fan. I could be charges fan, but we. You have to voltron and be NFL fan. And if you're the Commissioner or your own executive committee, or you're on the rules committee, you have to look out for the greater good, which is all teams, which is Jimmy g. showing up in LA and he's own. The silence is not good for the game, and you have to respect even that protecting investment quarterbacks. They don't even practice again, but their blood is no redder than mine. Andy defensive players, what they get more protection and air by else is just to an extreme, nobody agrees what you must. Practice. We're originally for reason as of now. Nothing has been done about the rule, which was obviously obvious in Monday night's Steelers, Buchan ears game when the flags were flying to the tune of four. Roughing. The passer calls during the broadcast the Monday night crew couldn't ignore the issue and Jason Witten actually steered the conversation in a political direction. Just gone too far with that rule, you know, and I felt that I knew they wanna make it about the health and safety and protect these quarterbacks. It just seems like we just went a little bit to wingham that you know with our trying to protect it. Because as we said, only players frustrated, but the coaches, they don't know how to coach this. That's been have challenge with this war. Ourselves, you. You have a problem with Jason, bringing politics into this discussion. I do look one one out. Don't care if you're on the left. I don't care if you're on the right. Are you in the middle of your living room in the middle of that television screen watching football? Yes. And if you are, you don't want this all of a sudden being part of the conversation when you're watching just some good football. So just a blanket statement, I wanna go there, but to me is different. When you look at Jason Witten and his misstep, I don't even think that Jason Witten truthfully went all the way in terms of left wing men. Exactly what it sounded like. I think this was just a miscue blown out of proportion by guy who's on the big platform who may have misspoke. So I don't wanna put words in his mouth, but the left wing part if he did want to test too little too much for me when I'm watching football didn't bother me because I heard his comments and hear his comments as him saying, look, there's a war on football, and we're trying to change. Change the game of football, and I believe Jason's trying to say in an unhealthy way and football. And again, I think what Jason was saying, football's not a safe space this for the people that want to be safe. Don't step on the football field and less. Don't try to please the people that think football's too violent. It's tactically masculine, let's make it less masculine. Let's make it so everybody can play, and it's just not a gang for everybody. It's for people that are little bit touched and a little bit crazy. And just. This is where they work out their physical frustrations. And so I don't have a problem with at all because I hear his comments as ringing true to me, there is an whether we like it or not. The left liberals don't like football as much as conservative people are just are just even traditional sports fans, and there's an attack on football, and I think it bothers Jason Witten and he snuck it in there is the Monday night booth. The place to do it, maybe not a, maybe getting. There's a cop fares there. He's already written a terrific column about social media and things like that. If he wants to touch on it, right it in a column, so you can be heard in context during the middle of game. That's probably a little bit too much, but I don't have a real problem with. I got a problem with it. One. Lazlo generalization just say, left Worrell football. Let me use this platform ESPN with Jimmy Petar already went on record ahead of PSA. Politics is out of our company and then we can see him saying moo making moves like no national anthem, broadcast, okay, Djamil hill and her by out you can read into that what you want, but they distance themselves in politics. Then on the biggest stage on their biggest product, you have Jason Witten taking a political stance that needs to be addressed. And I'm sure it is behind closed doors. This is not a world football. This is this Jason Witten, a rookie announcer having a war on words and not knowing exactly what to say and I Jay, but we're going to get there is a warm football Marcel. Okay. There could be a warm football. This was not. This is Jason Witten. A rookie announcer who Lenora but but I, yes, yes, the rookie out to making a mistake. They can give them a pass on that. But I think where he's. Coming from is this whole movement to make football safe is just silly. And again, I get we've gone too far with it. I don't want to say. You can still play on two people still don't get knocked out as safe as you make about this. Imagine that you know PM version of football where it is what you say is the safest place possible. It's still hasn't as health. Jerry Jones said. I thought expertly football is about the six ounce gloves. Don't put boxers. I don't see Mike Tyson fighting in ten, twelve ounce gloves. I wanna seem in six gloves, knocking somebody out. That's what I pay my money to go. See. And when I go see football, I wanna see, quarterbacks get touched and Jason witnesses, right? We've got this a stereo about concussions and no other sports kids analyzed like football, and so we've gone, we've gone to the extreme of, let's we gotta put. We gotta lay quarterbacks down the great mean about Landa, quarterback, and kissing him on the four here we've just gone to. That's the next step. You don't kiss him on the forehead. It doesn't count. Support for speak for yourself, comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans America's premier home purchase Lindor. Let's talk about buying a home. It can be one of the most important purchases you'll ever make, but today's lecture, luxury interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher payments, which can turn a great experience into an anxious one. That's why Quicken Loans created their exclusive power buying process. Here's how it works. They check your income assets and credit to give you a verified approval. This gives you the strength of a cash buyer making your offer more attractive to sellers. Once verified you qualify for their exclusive rate shield approval them walking your interest rate for up to ninety days while you shop for a new home. Then once you found the one, if rates have gone up, your rate stays the same foot of rates have gone down. You get to keep that Lou lower rate either way. You win is the kind of thinking you'd expect from America's largest mortgage Linden to get started. Go to rocketmortgage dot com. Slash speak rape shield approval, only valid on certain thirty year purchase transaction. Additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans, data in comparison to public data records equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states in m l s consumer access dot org. Number thirty thirty. Welcome back. More cells are joined now by FOX college football analyst. Joel Klatt smartest man in college football moved to Clinton joke. Marseils luckily aided. Let's to college football where dabbles weenies attempt to juggle. Two quarterbacks has an exactly worked out after Daboh demoted Kelly Bryant and named true freshman, Trevor Lawrence, the starter Brian announced that he would transfer saying the move was a slap in the face. Meanwhile at Alabama, Jalen hurts decided to stay with the crimson tide. Despite his diminished role, Joe. Who made that better decision here? Bryant or hurt? I, it's really tough to compare them because there are such different situations you might think, oh, like what in the world do you mean because it looks exactly the same? No, it's so different. And the reason is is because Kelly Brian's in his final year of eligibility. If he plays one more snap in the fifth game, his football life ends at the end of this season. And so I got a credit debo Sweeney a lot for making this decision now and affording Kelly Bryant, the opportunity to go and transfer and to save any long gate, his football life because now he can graduate, he'll transfer without penalty. And he still has. One year of eligibility, whereas Jalen her test two years of eligibility. So even if he is used the rest of the season and uses one of those years of eligibility up, he graduates in December and if he wants to, he can still transfer an have a year somewhere else to play. So that's why I thought the sense of urgency was there for Kelly Bryant and for Daboh Sweeney, and I thought they all handled it well, outside of the fact that he said it was a slap in the face. I just don't agree with that. I don't think he did anything to lose the position. It was more Trevor Lawrence doing things in particular from Dr officiency standpoint to gain the position. But this is the right thing to do. I think for Kelly sake for Davos everybody's, I think everyone handled this the right way. Hold on Joel, who made the better decision who made a better decision? I would say Jalen hurts is interesting because Kelly Bryant and his decision was a conventional decision, hey, to urgency, is there if I play one more snap, I lose my eligibility basically being on the bench as a sub. So what do I do? Because I can be. NFL prospect, maybe even at the same position, I will go somewhere else and put another body of work together. Respect that that's conventional though what's nuanced is Jalen hurts did when his father comes out and says he will be the biggest college free agent if he's not a starter, and then he's realized that he's not a starter and he says, you know, what would all the criticism that came my way because I don't look like the traditional NFL quarterback prospect. Let me hide behind two things. One is my resume, twenty six and two as a starter to national championship games. One championship and I'm the Alabama. He knows that if he steps out and go somewhere else and put together another body work, they won't be successful. It won't be as good, and then all the criticism avalanche on him as a prospect, high behind, Alabama, say, if you guys draft me or just gimme in the camp unleash me. And to me, that's the better decision. I'm gonna go with Jalen hurts for a different reason. And I think both guys may. Great decisions. I love Jalen hearses decision because I see it as self awareness in terms of, I'm not a pro prospect. I don't need to go one out and get on the field someplace else immediately. I love this play. I think this kid will be beloved in Alabama and the university of Alabama and the people our Bama he can do whatever he, he can write his own to be governor Monday. He could be he get right in line and potentially ten years from now be the head coach at Alabama or somewhere in college. Football, I love this decision for a kid who's not an NFL quarterback. This is a great place sticking with a great university, a great program that I think will take care of him moving forward for Kelly Bryant. I think he made the right decision. I'm gonna give Jalen little bit more credit the right decision. Kelly blinds still sees himself as a pro prospect, and he wants to go get on the field and protect his pro future. As soon as pot, he can't accept Trevor Lawrence beating him out. He's. Gotta go play somewhere soon as possible and continue his pursuit of being an NFL how you support Jalen hurts and this decision. But when we sit on the pro level with Nick foles to me, they're the same thing. He pulled a Nick foles. You criticize it kill amateur versus okay, but he's least Nick foles has money in the Bank while remained taking away your money and your. Pretend I do think Jalen is having his cake and eating it too, and there's nothing wrong with that. He can be a part of a championship team this year. Still graduate still transfers still get a year of eligibility again, very different situations. So the story is not over so I don't want to necessarily praise Jalen hurts for staying. He might not stay. I mean, that's he's this year and helps them win a national championship. Joel, his start in Alabama just contains derive. I don't think there's a bad decision for him. I really don't this transition to Michigan and Notre Dame in talk about after week. One. A lot of people said Michigan season was over seven point loss to Notre Dame. But right now looking at the two teams, the question for you Joe's. Who's the better team is Michigan or is another day? Well, before last week after I would've said it was Michigan because what they had put together post the Notre Dame game was much more impressive than what Notre Dame was doing. Intil Brian Kelly showed some big guts, replace the starting quarterback and win with Ian book. So now Ian book comes into Notre Dame. They throw fifty burger out there against Wake Forest fifty, three points. They hadn't scored over twenty four and the previous three games. So now it's a little bit more of a tossup. I'm gonna lean Michigan even though they lost the game for two really important reasons. I think they're better at quarterback than Notre Dame is, and they're better on the defensive side and that will prove it self out over the course of time. Remember now they didn't have shape Patterson eligible. If you will for a long period of time before that game. I think they got caught didn't play their best defensively gave up a couple of big touchdowns in the first quarter. I still think Michigan is the better team of the to know. That sounds crazy, but they are Joel, I'm about to demonstrates you. I am via thorny on college football and have been for twenty. Plus years. This is because I'm willing to do this. Jim Harbaugh is starting to earn my respect. All right. This guy, this team is starting to play with that edge yet. I've been wanting to see from day one. I love the way Michigan's plan. I, it's blows my month ago. I would have thought an Notre Dame. This quarterback moves tremendous your. I thought they were gonna get beat by wake force that they kept playing the way they work. And so not Dame looks really good, but I think Michigan looks better. They're playing with a physicality. They've got their running game going. Obviously their quarterback is much better. This is the Jim Harbaugh I've been waiting to see, I wanna see take out Michigan state, and then I think that Michigan Ohio state game should be damn near college, Super Bowl. I think there's there's just a handful of teams that can honestly say they control their own destiny towards the playoff in their own hands. I think Michigan still one of those teams, they've got enough of those resume builders on their schedule left, like Wisconsin, Penn State. Michigan state Ohio State if they were to take care of business and the way that they're playing they might they would find themselves in the playoff? Yeah. So this is not where he won the shape Patterson, as you said, you got better every week every week gotten better. It was a conservative game plan week one. You look at Michigan and they call it. Battle. Rhythm is interesting how they liked to build on the success of every single week. They didn't see that last year. They didn't have that complexion. Last year, that physicality, you talk about you gotta go back to twenty sixteen when Harbaugh saw that with this team, he says, he sees it now, but they need to tougher opponents, which are coming. And then all the sudden that confidence were brew to the top. But right now they're approaching planet optimal level. I look there to edge rushers and Devin Bush. And then when I look across at Ohio State and they got the problem with Bosa that makes a huge difference. If he comes back will really be able to play at that super high level, love the way Michigan's plan. Hope I don't have to change course anymore. I'm taking this all in Michigan love the way our falls. This is what I'm expecting from day one. All right. Thank you. Joe. Bet. We're joined now by a couple of Steelers, legends Rod, Woodson, and James Harrison. Let's move to the Steelers who got their first win of the year Monday night after tumultuous first couple of weeks. It's all some bad play on the field and a lot of noise off it. But after the game, big bend said the teams, biggest issue was actually people on the outside the locker room blowing all the drama out of proportion. Oh. Expecting big. Video below it out of proportion. I'm going gonna blow it out of proportion and say, look, they got lucky Monday night. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a chance to put them to sleep after being up thirty two teen. He had a final drive, could cost them their game. They would've blown a twenty point lead, and we would still be sitting here talking about Mike Tomlin and all the chaos. I'm not sure the steel drought, a hot water yet I disagree with that. That's a collegiate mindset. When you go out there and say, oh, how much did we win by? But in the pros, we don't add up the scores just a wins, you know? So if I'm on that plane ride back home or we smiling or is coach while and coaching while because he's happy, we wound, that's all that matters. We'll get back and regroup. Every team has shoes. You know, in for some reason this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers has more issue's specially guys outside of football, the penalties on the field. But remember when Seattle won the Super Bowl, they were the most penalized team football and own thing that disappoints me right now for the football team, and it's not about all the issues. It's their defensive play. This often to score points. I'm, this is not the this is not the Pittsburgh Steeler defense that I know because they're giving way too many big plays. I'm eating you look at it. You got over twenty big plays in passing fifteen of those in the air in three games. That's a lot of that's five game that way. If you wanna win, that's way too many. So the passers has to get there. But the back end secondary has to become, they have to be better. They got a solidify everything that pre snap communication has to increase. I don't see anybody talking to other hand signals guys are wide open fields because guys are playing together. So if they get that together. The office is going to be okay. Yeah, I have. Like I said, I haven't lost any confidence in specially that they've taken the step in the right direction. A win is a win. Don't matter how you do it as long as they got big being. They got AB in office line is doing what they need to do. I have confidence in the defense will eventually come around. I feel like they'll get that together to back in to get in contact with the front end. And then they need to get the pressure at the times when they're covering. So they could get the Saxon when they're not getting the pressure, they need to be in better coverage. At those times, everything needs to flow one and one. So I have still, I still have confidence that they'll make it a long way into the playoff. Everybody's ignoring in praising the offense. They didn't score after halftime. They didn't. It was thirty two. It has do more. So at the end and extend the play, Ben would been, does he stinted the play for a first down? Yeah, got still plays when they had to. They want off at the side of it. They thing about you say, base court thirty points in a half. That's a lot. First of all thirty points in the hole. Game is a lot of points. If you can't win a football game, when you're often scores thirty points, even though they gave up seventeen long was a pick six that the office didn't score dolphin scored that was defense chip in. No, I get the offense. Scored twenty four points. None after halftime. I'm not sure if the problems of Ryan the problems are fixed trae what is the problem? Because to. Two point thirty points at the half, and then you're almost in position to lose that game. If the Sean Jackson's punt returns, not callback, whoa. What's that game look like a Cleveland week one week one. They were up twenty one seven. They Cleveland climb back today game end up with a tie. What is that about this teams? Whether it's their mental makeup or their plan x.. Finishing not finish. Right. Ain't right. It comes down to to finish, and I don't know if it's the players themselves just having lax and getting up by so many points. And you know thinking that it's going to flow through the same way in the second half that ship question because the leaders of the teeth say, hey, man is four quarters. This isn't a young team. Yeah, but it is led. It is led by the players and the players on the sideline half to come together, especially on the defense. I and I keep saying I keep going back to defense because offensively they're scoring points even though they didn't score in a second hand on the Tampa Bay game. I get that defensively. They have to come together because if they come together, they can go a long way because it's often score any defense in the National Football League. They got playmakers across the board. I'm gonna put you on the spot you Steve guys. Look, the knock on Tomlin is that he'd coaches immaturity, and what would describe a team? The can't finish is immature and I pay and this is a veteran team. This isn't a bunch of young guys been AB. Judas been around a little bit now to the guys on a defensive side. He's still young, but this is to me, this team should be more mature than what I see on the field with all the penalties and not closing out. Well, that's something that, yeah, I would. I would lean towards, you know, maybe it's something that he needs to be more assertive with as far as how he handles those situations when they happen and how he deals with the discipline of it. But when it comes down to it, you know, sometimes you're going to have laws, you know. And right now the beginning of the year, these guys really haven't. They got three games. They played four preseason. Games. I think the whole time they might play what two quarters oughta gather three-quarters oughta gather. So they're really starting to free season and trying to get into the groove exactly what's going on. They gotta get a community communication to get. You know, they got new faces in there. Got new people. They got written. All right today we're talking James Winston who sees it as going about as badly as it can getting suspended in having his backup Ryan for pet. Patrick completely outshine anything. He's done the last couple years. My rating for James is way down down seventeen points. In fact, down to a thirty six. He is officially my first dumpster fire. James Safai performance drop to Levin points here availability is the most important ability. He hasn't been vailable for three weeks. He's down to a six, and then I got him down five and character all the way down to four job performance. The same, Jason Whitlock tell me how spectacular he looked into preseason don't count. Why did you use in earlier blocks in it d- accounts about what is going to have. Okay. I thought you said he was playing well enough to be a starter. He over the historical numbers of Ryan Fitzpatrick six job performance interesting, and a character. Four. I mean, I mean four. How many obligations does it need to be different convictions? Which is different than this inmate level, like four, like how did you get any lower than four eight? Go check the resume and all the, you know, I got you. Got you. Got it. You got scout team. I don't get it. He ain't a dumpster fire who is well, first of all, he's wearing his patches backup that is cost team. So he's to be xactly where he is fifty two. He's down nine look job performance. I give them a thirteen. He's down job performance. Don't forget. Now saleability Marcel. I get that. But you know what? James Winston came to a horrible team, horrible franchise. They were two and fourteen. That's why that number one overall pick, he gets there. One eighteen games laws twenty-seven, but still trying to climb a mountain. Again, you have his character, Tim Marcel got his character, Tim, because how accusations is different look crab legs. I'm not counting you count that, but if I get free stuff at school and then one day I show up and y'all didn't tell me it's not free anymore. That is you problem. That is not only I'm always going to the character still flaw because Uber incident, situations like that. I give you. Some of that authenticity is was funny though the end up the ws was he did that. I think the Sean said ou hold Ryan Fitzpatrick good. That's about quarterback. You eating w's like that. All set. I haven't down because he's not going to be the starter, but if he's not a dumpster fire, who is delta fire us to said that delta farce started which one is. We gotta go just for us. We'll be back tomorrow.

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The Steve Warne Project - Sports

45:14 min | 1 year ago


"<music> Steve Project everybody welcome to the project project. It's a weekday podcast about sports and WHATEVER MY NAME IS Steve Warren Jim Jerome joining me on the other side of the planet really continent anyway we were T._S._n.. Radio morning show hosts for a decade now podcasting daily weekdays like lunatics for your listening pleasure. Jimmy's in Edmonton. I'm an Ottawa and this is episode. eighty-six presented by Jim Kaye Ford All Insurance Ontario rb computing and Gong show lifestyle hockey apparel today a on the show Marcus stroman finally traded away the God's greatest hockey quotes of all time just a brutal story out of the P._G._A.. In terms of past P._G._A.. Star <hes> talk about some other things as well but let us bring on James Arrow things Jimmy. I'm really really good excellent all good to these sunny. <hes> you know the hype Steve Yesterday <hes> or or the time we've all this but Brooks Rex Kepco Wendy W._g._C. Tournament in where was in Memphis Memphis Memphis where they played this. The books kept because story is is really interesting over the last couple of years. He's won four majors to of opens and to P._J.. Titles and he's just the the fans are just not quite hook and into the guy for some reason he's struggled struggled even himself. He said I'd like to get the attention that other guys have gotten that have done what I've done and even read an article that Jim nance wrote about this that that he thinks you know the media has to begin into talk about this guy a little more but can we agree that he's not very personable. Well that's true that's true but neither was tiger right but tiger was a finorm. He never got much out of tagger. In part of the reason is to that that add he's probably not getting hype is because of the tagger deal tigers come on one of the Masters Right. It's always the factor and always will be but I get it. I understand this that that wise this guy not on the cover cover of every frigging magazine and and Sports Channel. Can I offer an explanation that I have in that. It's not just about that. He's not particularly personable with the media he's fine. He's very kind of bland but he's also the same way on the course worse like with Tiger Yeah. He'd give you the same my putting good. I'm really enjoying the game and <hes> God willing. We'll do on Sunday <hes> I would. I would say that on the course though he's he was very flamboyant with a fist pumps the unbelievable shotmaking and he just he was more of more charisma on the chorus versus. Kapka is as sterile and bland on the course that he is in front of a microphone. That's my thought well. There's other guys though that that seemed to capture the interest Dustin Johnson who hasn't done much lately but this guy has way more attention given to them than than Brooks Kepco he even and I get some some of that. He's a he's a completely little reactor but so dust it you know so dustin people are waiting for for Ricky Fowler to win one <hes> Rory <hes> was in the hunt yesterday again and <hes> Roy will be rory and and people like him. He's fantastic with the media as well but <hes> you know this guy's overcome adversity and stuff. He was sort of nowhere flopping around on the Asian tour in Brooks kept. I'm talking about and he's done incredible things you know and for some reason people are just hooking onto it. One of them Steve. I think is the people I'm beginning to think that people like the more negative story in sports than they do. The <music> super positive one and for example Brooks wins the four majors in a very short period of time and what comes out of that is is one four majors but he's doesn't win regularly on the tour. I've heard that a number of times you know yeah but he ever GonNa start to do something on the regular tour. It's just crazy that people would would say that now begin to think they just want to stir the pot all the time when it caused a bunch of shit major win is worth five normal winds at least man. It's a lifetime changer winning a major winning a tournament on the P._G._A.. There's many many guys of course who played their whole life on the P._G._A.. And never win so when you do win one it's it comes with it all the stuff man all the stuff with it and it's just it's just sort of an interesting thing that people aren't hooking into this guy and and he is a phenomenal Golfer and number one. He's gotTa be number on the world I haven't looked lately at the rankings but yeah kind of interesting you know and and you brought up that other issue of Ken Green who were talking about there was an article written on kangaroo speaking of overcoming adversity and I love that story in sports when I think back over the years what are fantastic <hes> <hes> battles that guys had away from the game. A sack Okoye was always one of my favorites for overcoming stomach cancer. <hes> Jennifer Capriati was that thing was Kinda dear to my heart she she you know became massively massively addicted she she wanted a young kid fina and came back in one I think she came back in one the Australian Open after this crazy life that she had <hes> there's there's many attacker tech is a good story where he came back and one of the Masters Monica's Alyssa's another another one where she gets stabbed in the back by crazed Fan Yeah Yup good topic. Actually you know who's who's ever overcome the most but a guy told me to read this was talking about this article. The other day engulfed golf digest about Ken Green who was a fantastic player in the late eighties he was he was world-class. He almost one the masters. It was completely flamboyant guy. He was GonNa do amazing things on the tour. He was outspoken one five or six times this isn't this isn't a no-name. We're talking about this guy. One five or six times on the tour that's right and <hes> but he became he became a darling in the media because he called everyone out. He didn't put up with any shit even even went told her told the chairman of Augusta at one time <hes> <hes> anyway he was zipping along he was gregarious used address in green which was his last name is green all sorts of stuff and he was good he was really good and then in two thousand and five six seven eight nine somewhere in there. I forget what the article says it was on oh nine. He was in a horrendous R._V.. Excellent and his brother died. I think his girlfriend died and his dog died in this accident and can green was in it and and ended up with having his leg amputated was crazy you know and that story broke of course back then shortly after that if that wasn't enough his kid twenty one year old kid died of an overdose and so this I've remembered clearly back then in the meantime. He's wanted to get back on the tour he he wants to compete again and he's getting pushback. I think for the P._J.. which which to me is you know that that they wouldn't allow this guy to play is crazy is crazy? The one thing about Golf Steve What these stories about there was another destroy about <hes>. You know a guy who needed us a cart I think the allowed him at one time and then did not want to Casey Martin. That's it that's right <hes> and then they they allow them for a bit I think <hes> maybe stopped after awhile aw but they're not allowing Ken Green to to to play prosthetic leg okay the thing about Golf Steve. I think they should allow all those guys to play. I think they should allow them all derived card John Daly's looking for it now and the reason is because there's a cut in a golf tournament you gotta you gotTa play well on Thursday Friday to make the weekend and because of that because of that constant in golf tournaments you know let the guy play. Let the guy play. If it doesn't work out he gets cut you know it's not like we're saying what it gets to play the weekend all the time because of his his challenged <hes> you know what what he has to overcome more than other guys honestly XLII and you recommended. I read this story as well about Ken Green and his childhood like all this adversity you just talked about and laid out for us is more than enough for anyone right like for ten lifetimes almost right but it almost never happened and you're going to go into it a little bit because like honestly. I can't believe he was even alive yeah. I can't believe the guy didn't throw himself off a bridge before he turned twenty. Yeah what you're talking about is so he's written a book. That's by this article is out. He's come up with a book. Ken Green. Let me look up here but what what the books called but he started this book so that was always there this story about that but I invite listeners to to read Article Some Golf Digest. It's earlier this month. I think that it came out so I challenge to read this thing and and you know try and figure out how like you say Steve. How's this guy alive the nuts and bolts this article are heap? His family moved to Honduras. He had a father who was a heavy drinker and his mother thought it'd be a good idea to to move there. There's not much detail why they did that but I think his dad took a teaching offer something down there but then starts this absolutely heinous raping of this guy from Friends of his dad in their house that this kid got risk beyond sexually abused violently beaten up <hes> it was it was one night after another this thing <hes> on and on and on when you're reading it you just going. Oh my God you know Oh my God <hes>. And I don't know what you thought when you read it but this guy overcame this thing and is here to talk about it. He was threatened if he told anyone about this abuse from a friend of his father that started in their house that then turned into him inviting other men over to watch it. It's one of the most brutal things I've ever read. I I don't know that anyone in pro sports history because we always talk like you said that the outset of this conversation about these great comeback stories and everything literally everything I've ever read about any pro athlete ever and their comeback pails horribly in comparison to the tale of Ken Green as told to Gulf world and Boo I mean Golf Digest Story <hes> and the way it all wraps shop on top of everything else all the things you mentioned that he actually kills a guy. He kills a guy at the end of this story I think so it doesn't say that you know he you know these guys would all drink and abused this guy I and and beat him up you know tiom up and <hes> it was just gross gross and the kid was a child and then when he turned thirteen you know it was this drunk fest again. The guy passed out anyone got a rock bashed him in the hand of Bunch of times and then you know his father's that don't speak of it will look after this and then he went whole they went back to the states. You know all the while this kid Gulf was his escape when he was down anyway it like you said Steve is the most brutal account of abuse that I've ever heard anybody. Take anybody take and it's you know have a look at it but I've talked about like I say talked but you know you're Koivu Jennifer Jennifer Capriati Monica solid and other people who've overcome Mario lemieux right at Hodgkin's but this thing is just it just I would never dismiss anything that ever grabbing anybody but this just reads like an absolute gross nightmare for anybody yeah and I defy anybody to read that story and say anything other than the bar has been totally reset for inspiring in comeback stories and no one's ever had overcome anything close to what can green has yeah yeah so so so impactful. WAS IT Steve. Normally we wouldn't talk about this sort of stuff on on this show where we WANNA provide a little levity for everyone on on today's news does your sort of thing but about <hes> just knocked me out when when I saw it so anyway not not a fun thing but but a crazy crazy story about a pro athlete no question all right we got coming up here in the next little bit. We're GONNA talk about <hes> the Marcus stroman deal and the Blue Jays also call up a tremendous young prospect so that's coming up shortly. You need a new car while Ford employee pricing his back for a limited time a gym Kaye Ford you pay what Ford employees pay on select new vehicles now is the time with the Best Selection Ford you've had your eye on Ford employee pricing and the new Ad Home Test Drive now on a gym K. for d'youville drive in Orleans or or Jim Kaye Ford Dot Com. Don't waste your time shopping around for insurance on your own just text all insurance Ontario at six one three eight six six zero zero eight and they'll hook you up with the best insurance rates every time they have great people people. They've got your back. These all INS dot Sierra texts them at six one three eight six. Oh six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario your modern boutique broker and gung show lifestyle hockey apparel is pumped to introduce their new hockey legs jeans means built by hockey players four hockey players specifically for those who need additional room for their hockey legs and ass they made with two percents spandex for that extra stretch where you need it. The Most Gong show offers free returns turns exchanges and now for a limited time use the Promo Code Steve Fifteen instantly at fifteen percent off order now at Gong Show Dot Com all right. Let's get into the Marcus stroman deal the Stroh show in Toronto has come to a close finally has been dealt after what seems like weeks now of people going <hes> the word is Marcus. Stroman may be dealt and I read about Donald Ten articles on that he finally was dealt Sunday. He goes to the mets for simeone in Woods Richardson and Anthony K. and Jimmy just sorta like the sends the Jay's are in full rebuild dealing guys away for futures and picks and prospects but they do have some very interesting kids now in the lineup yeah I I started watching the Jays this year because of Vladi Guerrero junior you know he's going to be a fee non with the team but they're shitty. The rest of it is shitty anyway the whole stroman thing you know he's as you said to me. It was certainly their number one guy but he's nowhere near a number one guy like number. One guys are in other teams. I think he'd be a two or three on another team. On a world series contender. He could be sort of a mid tier number two or certainly a very very good number three. He didn't deal with the deal very well. Apparently <hes> there was a bit of commotion yesterday because He was ticked off that he hadn't been traded to a contender he thought he might be headed to the red sox or the Yankees or the Astros. I thought the STROZ would be a good place for stroman. <hes> and one reporter said the his quote was his reaction wasn't pretty and I feel like there's a little bit of <hes> because they were Kinda done with his act. <hes> at at least it management <hes> and I feel like he kinda goes for the same reason Montreal moved on from P._K.. Sue Ban that he's just a little more than they wanted in terms of a personality a little on the high maintenance side and he's looking for an extension of the stage and I guess they weren't very happy with the price tag as well <hes> in P._k.. Sue Bans K._C.. Already gotten the big contract with Montreal Canadian's and I don't think they were very happy with that price either as time marched on so I think there's some similarities there and that they felt like <hes> maybe addition by subtraction and they're happy with the kids. They got as well I. I think we're the Guy <hes> the bar dropped way down for me. As for ago plays baseball plays pro ball at a high level like this guy does for him to say afterwards you know it should have got traded to a team team that I wanted to get traded to really really pal really should should we. We we only deal with the teams that you want to deal with. You know we were Kinda hoping you would deal in a better way with our own team that you might done something that we wouldn't have traded well. It's a unique situation because normally if you get traded at the deadline in your honor bad team. It's usually a team this looking for help that brings you in. That's what this when made kind of because it's different because most of the time mm-hmm yeah it's <hes> it's a content of this load up for the stretch run. Well well the mets loading up for nothing. They're like six or seven games out of a playoff spot right now so maybe they still are delusional that they they can get in the playoffs but I'm sure I guess I can't blame Stroman for being in that head space. Okay I get traded. The silver lining will be that I'll be in you know some kind of a playoff chase not the case with the Matt's. You know what Steve I my. My point of. This story is any baseball players should be kissing the fucking ground that they walk on okay in that sport any any player who makes it big and and gets into the big league salary right. I would be walking around for the rest of my life going. This was a hell of a deal here. Are you know that I lucked out that had some skill and talent and I ended up playing baseball where I make nothing but money nothing but money in a in a in a great league in a fantastic <hes> <hes> lifestyle that they that they that they lead in beautiful hotels great food massive amounts of money and for a guy to come out after. I'm really disappointed you know he. I think that's the way baseball goes. I'm good man. I'm good you know if I go to another team. Whether they're a contender. Not I get that there might be a little one often. That's too bad I wouldn't who who the fuck wouldn't WanNa go to Boston or the Yankees or or one of these other great teams. You know that's or I think minis playing pretty well right now and stuff like that. Of course you'd want to go there but I that's the worst reaction ever I think by an athlete saying I'm really really disappointed. Yeah I mean that's just all that's all just <hes> <hes> reports and that was his body language. I don't think he stepped in front of a microphone and said anything but the right thing as on pump to go to the match you know he's from that area. Of course he'd rather be with the other New York team. That's <hes> riding high right now but <hes> I'm not like I just want to make it clear that he didn't get up and say to the media that I'm pissed off. I wanted to be on a contender yeah. Well either way e either way. I think the what their statement should be as you know. The A dream lives on here the the chain. I didn't get down to the miners. I've I've still got tons of ability and and baseball been very very good to me. Steve Daddy good to me. Ask You about the <hes> the art of the deal all particularly the deadline because we're now couple of days away from baseball's non waiver trade deadline and I wonder about the timing of things like if you're a general manager whether you're dealing with the N._H._l.. Trading deadline and or the N._B._A. Trade deadline or here in baseball like when would you WanNa make your deal. Would you want to wait until the very last second the eleventh hour as they say or do you want to do at the Jay's did do it three full days as before the actual deadline because here the hazards right if you decide to wait to the very last second in July thirty first four P._M.. Is the deadline you you could actually yeah you. Could you could make it like a bandit. You get a couple of teams in a bidding award last-second. They're panicking and maybe you get more than you otherwise would have for your asset. The downside is you can wait too long and in the whole game of musical chairs you could be left without somewhere to sit her left with no dance dance partners. If you WANNA use that analogy so do they make mistake by going three full days before the deadline trading away Marcus stroman well. I never understood the deadline. I understand there has to be a deadline. They've gotta be a drop dead date but I just never understood in sports. White always gets down to the midnight hour here most teams to answer your question Steve Most wait right most most way in fact. It's so rare that you just pointed out that that stroman gets traded three or four days before the deadline. Headline I I. I never understood why they do it. I don't get why they don't do it earlier. Try and set themselves up a little better for I think the bottom line is yeah. I'm the some some guys who are gamblers like to go as late as they can. Dan and drive up the price you know they're you know everybody else's found home but I still have superstar X.. Here waiting everybody and are you panicking. You didn't do anything at this stage so it is a gamble and there are certainly advantages and disadvantages is to both angles do a little earlier or wait till the less last-second and obviously the Blue Jays felt the best play was to deal stroman three days before the deadline and anyway that same time they've also <hes> short things up a little bit by finally calling up Jay shortstop Bobi chat and he's the number eight prospect in all of baseball and I've got him Guerrero Kevin Beige CEO and <hes> Lord escorial junior so you've got some. I mean Grill Juniors Taryn the cover off the ball eighteen home runs to lead the Blue Jays so yeah. There's some things simmering here and it does it feels a little bit like the Ottawa senators situation not to keep throwing things back to the sends you know they're both in a rebuild old. They're loading up on picks and prospects this year. They've got some really interesting guys that you're GONNA be able to watch and with the Jay's at the very least you know that when it comes time for these guys to really get paid the superstar Dole that they're at least in the mix the sense still are in kind of a proving ground when it comes to that you know it's rare that you get a guy like Vladi grail right the hype that was going so like you know what this guy was like a comic David thing. This is a no miss <hes> you know he's he's the best guy out there the best prospect and we have <hes> which is really rare really rare for for a ball team to have a number one guy right off near well. He's right in there is right in the gut with all these other place. We'll have to see how he does with Vladimir like no no. We don't need to see anything when he comes up. He's going to is going to light it up which effectively has rate as a as a twenty year old. He's at upside down up and down games but now you have another guy take another guy. I am Bichette that they're say oh yeah wait. We've got another one right behind him right behind him and that makes sense. When I read this thing the other day I forget who was Bijou or someone or maybe Janssen or one of these guys on the blue? Jay said I've never seen such a thick thick thick packed firm system as as the Jay's have and you know what I mean so now you bring up the stars like fantastic. They got gladman. What more could you ask for you can build a deem around the guy hang on we got project ED coming and we got a couple more behind him? You know so they all everyone agrees that this team is going to be a tender long-term and for a long time now they certainly have some great parts. WanNa flip it over to some hockey as we go rb Computing Web Bowl today Florida panthers color commentator Denny Pot vans announced his retirement he was the sends colored guy for a few seasons went back to the panthers after that and our poll today true or false pot van is as the greatest Ottawa born hockey player of all time leading the way right now is true at eighty-three percent and really. I don't think it's that close a couple of bits of feedback on our poll today for example Donovan Fairhaven Rights. Is it even close. He's arguably in the top ten defensemen ever play the game and then bears mariners and sharks and nights fan rights. Wait Not Code A._C._c. then thanks for the feedback on that and I'm inclined to agree see that daddy padres the greatest of all time I mean there's Ottawa born guys who have his stats but Mike Gartner Rod brindamour but in reality I think that's the complete package the points he put up the way we played the game. The Guy could fight he could defend four Stanley cups and terrific Ottawa sixty seven on top of being an Ottawa native <hes>. I think it's pretty clear Danny pod vans. The greatest player automobile player of all time today's web poll is brought to you by RB COMPUTING RB competing is providing excellent computer services in Ottawa for over twenty years but what you probably didn't know is they also provide onsite managed services for small and mid sized businesses through their sister company demand. I T S keep keep your business running and stay proactive with the right technology support visit demand Dash I._T.. S. Dot com today to get a free onsite consultation. Now I WANNA talk about football. WHO's the dude holding out in the N._F._l.? Who has a contract attract? WHO's got two years left on his contract? There's a couple in there now. One of them would be Ezekiel Elliott. He's got two years left on his deal. Not showing up not showing up YEP camps have begun and there there are a number of guys who have not Melvin Gordon with the chargers he hasn't shown up as well and there's a few other big names as well. Why is he doing so? You've got to be money right. It's all money I'm sure Yep it'd be how is this happening Steve. I was a guy I was. The Guy Allowed to say I'm not come into camp and I got a contract. What what can the team do anything about it? Can these the guy what I don't think so <hes>. I think you're in a situation Asian where you've got. You've got a contract and everything just can't play with anybody else. If you choose not to play <hes> you're not getting paid obviously and it's up to you too. It's your right to do that. I suppose he's got two years left on his deal and <hes> <hes> we're getting where to stage where running back in the N._F._l.. Are Feeling hard done by the running back is starting to feel like a disposable commodity so once a running back kind of establishes himself as a star in the game as Ezekiel Elliott as Melvin Gordon have and these guys that are holding out. I think that they decide okay. I've got a I gotta make Hay while the sunshine here. I know I saw this contract but now I'm a star and I need to be paid with one like one. Despite the fact I signed on ideal the team takes all the risk stevie okay and and of course when an agent negotiates this deal. They're pouring it ongoing. Look you got a superstar here. Not You know he's he's going to be the best bubble by comes in the rank like like this and Blah Blah Blah and all this shit and <hes> so this this team steps up the steam team steps up signs the guy to multi year multi kazillion dollar contract and they're taking a huge risk obviously if the guy goes for shit. They've the get hammered. They get hammered the team on on all the money that they gotta pay the guy. You know you can't say well now. I want more money you know and and if that's the case Steve Steve if that's the case that you get to you get to hold out when you have a commitment to me for two years that we signed for and took this chance on you gave you a long-term deal and you're going to do that well then. I got repercussions. If if if we come to an agreement again that if you don't perform if you don't perform I'm getting out here. Okay right. I'm holding out. I'm fucking holding out your check. Okay just like you're holding handing out for us on this thing. Why just I really I? I know there's that whole thing you signed a contract. You honor that contract but you know the kind of money that Ezekiel Elliott is making is peanuts compared to stars in the game and you're in a situation again were running backs. They don't last long like they just get pounded concussions kick in knee injuries that they just get beaten down very quickly and all of them. Their careers arrears are over by the time they're in there in that twenty eight to thirty-one-year-old window. You're an old man as a running back by those standards so the way the N._F._l.. Rules layout you sign your first contract. It's dirt cheap well. A guy like Ezekiel Elliott established himself as a star in the game so he wants to rip up that contract because he knows his time as an N._F._l.. Player is extremely short. Listen Steve. Let's let's let's go back to the day you sign the contract with us. Let's take a little video of that. Okay when you were over the Frick and moon that we took a shot with you that we took a shot and we we bucked up and you and your agent were hugging us when we made that deal okay and now all of a sudden it's not good enough. You know it's it's. It's beyond maddening when I see that when you make a deal you have a stick to the deal yeah when you look at the guy you know the when you look at the guys is entire contract here like he's going to be around the twenty million dollar mark. I think by the time this whole thing is paid out. He joined the League in Twenty Sixteen he made four hundred fifty grand following your one point point five last year two point seven and he's scheduled to make three point eight and then finally next year and twenty twenty he'll make nine million and that's not that much when you factor in compared to other people people and that's that's the way pro athletes always goes like what's going on around me guys that are doing what I do. What's my value to my team and they just they say that's just not right? Yeah well listen. You're the guy crying and thanking thanking us from the bottom of your heart for looking after you and your family okay when we sign this deal so that's the way it is that that's the way it works. You know <hes> short of arbitration in I don't. I don't know if they have it in the N._F._l.. I don't think they do like they do in hockey <hes> you know it's it's a case for bonus laden contracts. No let's let's heavy load this thing with bonuses then and I've always always agreed with that in all sports that everyone comes in their bragging about themselves. The agent is over the moon about the guy and we got other options or look at other teams but you better get them better get them now and when they when they when they perform and they're coming back saying I gotta get more money well. It is hard to I mean I'm just mostly playing devil's advocate. I'm I'm in reality. I'm much closer to being aligned with you because he's making twenty four point nine million dollars in the total contract value. That's the actual fully guaranteed dough and like you say when he signed it. It's like okay. You're set for life now and right so now you're at a situation where okay you're going to sit at the last two years at this contract right so you've got two years on the contract and you're GonNa hold out from your team and your teammates guys were lying on your fans that love you yeah. It's really hard to work up much angst about it to work up too much anger. Oh He's not being treated the way say. Aaron Rodgers is making the kind of money you'll be fine all right right and the reason we don't sign the long-term the reason you don't sign them most of them or three or four year deals or two or three or four year deals. You know that we don't sign eight or nine years is because of exactly what you're talking about. You just don't know what's going to happen. You know the the team gets that yeah we don't want to do that. We don't want to commit to that but so here's our number you're not three or four year deal and will look up and see where where it is. After after that I think part of it is the lobby on bell effect right because he sat out the whole last season the Pittsburgh steelers star running back he left fourteen million dollars on the table to do so <hes> but <hes> you know I guess he was figuring that <hes> the the steelers dealers who blink and they never did and so he sits out the whole season and now as a new deal of weddings the raiders so ego emotion screws listing up is what happens like I said about bell. You know I'm way I'm way better way better way better than you're prepared to pay me for no were we were prepared we did we did step up in a it's about bad deal. It's a bad deal all together well. You don't see it in hockey anymore. You just <hes> get that contract and that's the deal you can't but <hes> we used to have situations Alexi ash and back in the in the day where he had a contract and he held out. It's not an option anymore for today's N._H._l.. Player when we come back on the show we will get it into a little bit about the greatest hockey quotes of all time the hockey news kind of kind of gray training off of that because they threw at that question. What is the greatest hockey quote of all time so I'm GonNa give I gotta I came up with my favorite dozen and we'll see how many the Jimmy can guess when we come back on the show? What do insurance brokers do? They shopped the market for you. Saving time and frustration the team at all Insurance Ontario takes at a step further with personalized service at your fingertips texter call and anytime anytime starting now text six three eight six six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario your modern Boutique Broker Lincoln employee pricing is Back Jim K. Lincoln where you pay what Lincoln employees pay on select new Lincoln vehicles goals now is the time to get that Lincoln you've had your eye on Lincoln employee pricing and the new at home test drive now Jim K. Lincoln you Ville drive in Orleans or Jim K.. Lincoln Dot Com and what if a cup of Coffee W burn fat elevate your mood in an energy help you think more clearly and motivate you for the busy day. Ahead elevates smart coffee is here. You've heard about it on social media some of nicknamed it happy coffee. It's Awesome Elevates Smart Coffee Order Yours today with the link at Steve W project DOT COM hi greatest hockey quotes of all time Jim. I've come up with a dozen of them. The hockey news put that out on twitter today and there were lots of responses. I've assembled a dirty dozen here. What would be your a favorite hockey quote of all time well one of my favorites for real people find surprising that I'm quoting the great one? He is on the list. I do a bunch of hot stove of things with Wayne we travel around and <hes> you know he's in the liquor business now beer and whiskey and wine and all that stuff in there they are constantly growing and they'll when they bring on new distributors that cities in the U._S.. They'll invite them to this reception with way. Naw Go down and do a little Q. and A. With him and my favorite quote quotes was a guy had asked in the crowd Wayne who's the toughest goal. Oh you ever played against and Gretz paused and looked up and said I never found any of them very tough. Oh he doesn't lack for confidence the great one well. Nobody's funny. It's it's it's funny. He was being funny. You know it was being funny. So one of the most popular hockey quotes of all time does come from Wayne Gretzky so we'll begin there and you've probably heard it a million times. You know what I fell another one too. I think it was Walter. Gretzky go with pockets going not where it's been Gretzky's. You Miss One hundred percent of the shots. You don't take certainly been popularized outside of hockey as well as more of a life motto as well also popularized in the T._v.. Show the office by Michael. Scott tried to try to inspire his team. He writes it up on the whiteboard. You Miss One hundred percent of the shot you don't take and then he attributed to Wayne Gretzky and little letters and then a major major a trip attribution Michael Scott as though he had said yeah what are the other ones was they sort of cornered him one time and he signed a big contract and said my God you know you're you're making a lot of money and he said yes I am but I'm making a lot of people a lot of money so I'm okay on it yep so let's rumble through some of the others. Let's jump jump in if you can identify okay this a classic here. Do you believe in miracles. Yes was referenced as a great hockey quote while that was <hes> Al doing doing the call. The Olympic Michael Michael's so right correct soothed which N._H._l.. Coach said it's a great day for hockey and set it a lot. It's a great Dave Scotty Bowman Close Scotty Bowman. I believe at this coaches passing using took over the Pittsburgh Penguins Badger Bob Johnson is the Loeser. Oh came up with that. There's my phone ringing. Lets me now the shut that down. You've got the have another donate you fat fat. PIG sweater wasn't it Sean Fills Yep. Jim Sean fell to WHO's the co who is that referee cars gone Koharski of lay it on me Stevie both for I can't really hear what Jeremy says this be Jeremy Roenick. I can't really here with Jeremy says because I've got to Stanley Cup rings in my ears. I want to say Patrick Wa Yup Really. I got that one again which I never really got. Why would you have a Stanley Cup? Bring in your ear plugging your ear funny. Though funny scoreboard dre point. Here's a nice recent one that I know you'll love. We we went blues as best. I WANNA start adopting that for for our show. When you say we're we're coming back? We'll be we gotta gotTa go away to <hes> thank the sponsors would become now we went. We Yep correct this kind of an obscure goalie from about Cassano. He's probably been out of the game now for six or seven years. It's only a game why you have to be mad. Jesus <hes> he had a bunch of crazy thing about the crazy things about the the universe is humongous big. Oh maybe the guy for Boston who refused to go to the Thomas onto the White House yeah that's a good gas but it is and I was trying to do an impression of him with a high pitched voice. Yes it'd be with the Mickey. Mouse Villiers Gal would be your answer. There would've never got it. Harry Neal is a great one here. We can't win at home this when he was a coach we can't win at home. We can't win on the road. My biggest failing is a coach is I can't find anywhere else for us to play. I love that yeah and the other hairy deal one was. He knew he was in trouble. They brought in a big big Russian that everyone was over the moon about tons of hype and Harry Neal said of the first game that the kid was playing enlisted up he said I I. I knew we're in trouble when the kid was standing at the Blue Line and the national anthem came on and the overheard the kids kids every time I hear this song ever shit he he's funny Mitchell that can they brought in and they were one of the first two Russians from the Kale in line and the Soviet Red Army the connects were they brought in eagerly Gore Larionov who had a great career with Detroit on San Jose as well <hes> but they had Larry on of and they had a Vladimir Crew Tov and Krotov was a guy just immediately eight his way out of the N._H._l.. And I remember it was some over some kind of Soviet Red Army game against <hes> and it was held at the Civic Center might have been team Canada before it became professionals at the Olympics and team Canada was great night and after the game I was at so the V._I._p.. Reception a lot of the players came in and watch Krotov come into the room he was built like a fire hydrant and he basically just brushed by everyone like stoic like classic Russian Stoic look on his face Mo- blew past everyone and directly to the buffet and just started Mallon down absolutely class one of my favorite David Samantha was very quotable when he went to a reception and Dave Hunter was there who would you'd probably over three hundred pounds well over three and makes it Dave. It's nice to see that you've fought the battles of enter the demons of no cup more than we'll wrap up <hes> we've got sucked enough which we ended our show with for many years that would be discussed Hartnell talking about dion enough. What about one million dollar Steve? Do you have that guy in there. The goalie from gazillion dollars Ed Belfour Ed Belfour arrested drunk at a lobby of a hotel wasn't it as being arrested because he was so slobbering drunk and he tried to bribe the police officers. You know I am even billion dollars. Lentil Yell Billion Billion Dollars. Wow that was a great new contract. You got their kid ain't gonNA work to more to wrap up Fred sheer of the Philadelphia flyers wind today and we walked together forever and finally Daniel Alfredsson. We want a new owner. I think that nearly that takes that household expression that's turned into one yeah well done. Well my kids like that. We want a new father. What we want to know what can we can't be like other father's original jungle hashtag jungle outta mic drop by my son? We want another father.

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