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"bela lugosi murnau" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

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"bela lugosi murnau" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

"Hello and welcome to the podcast I'm Holly Fry and I'm Tracy Wilson uh-huh Tober I know it's kind of like the militia of October at this point yes so for anybody who's worried that we haven't had a ton of Halloween content it's just kind of clumping all at the end whereas in previous years it's kind of been like every other one throughout the month right just because of scheduling needs it's ended up that are October stuff all coming out really in the back half of October hopefully that will be enough to tide people over I know it's hard to wait this extra two weeks I now as someone who celebrates Halloween virtually every day of the year I understand the topic that we're covering today is something I've wanted to talk about for a really long time hi and that is F W Murnau I make no secret that I love for ought to you as well as a lot of his other work of Nosrat you has a very special place in my heart see above re Halloween every day but Murnau's life is so much more than that one film and that's actually happened fairly early in his film career so there's a lot that happened afterwards he was truly an innovator in cinema and a visual storyteller whose work is even today hotly debated for its merits Alz but its influence is felt in so many films that you see today where the filmmakers were influenced by Murnau So you are still getting the benefits of his efforts whether you know it or not Murnau was born Friedrich Wilhelm poop in Bielefeld Germany on December twenty eighth eighteen eighty nine his brother Robert later described him who went by his middle name of Ville him by saying quote from the very beginning my brother overflowed with imagination and their family was well off their father heinrich plume had inherited a profitable textile business which he sold for pretty tidy sum I'm and then bought a sprawling state the families children would put on plays and the garden and that's where bill home really fell in love with the idea of Peter Apparently one of his sisters his mother was his father's second wife and one of his older sisters was initially like directing all of them to do the he's plays but he pretty quickly was like no I wanna make this stuff But their idyllic privileged childhood was abruptly interrupted when Heinrich PUPA sold the family property and sunk all of his money into what turned out to be a bad investment they weren't destitute at that point but they did have significant downgrade in their lifestyle but villains love of putting on productions continued unabated and his brothers who wanted to encourage his creativity despite their father thinking that that was a waste of time actually built a little theatre for him to put on his shows complete with lighting and moving scenery who was a voracious reader was at the top of his class in school all his father wanted him to go on to become a professor and to that end he attended university in Berlin where you started working as an actor under the name of Murnau this new name was in the hopes of his father not discovering what he was doing but they'll homeless tall about six foot four and very easy to recognize as soon a family friends spotted him in a performance and mentioned it to his parents Heinrich then cut his son off financially but Murnau's grandfather his mother's side started sending him a monthly allowance so he could stay in Berlin he was still going to school he hadn't shirked to that part of this responsibility he also apparently was living a rather lavish life which had caused some problems when his father was called with these like huge debts that that he had amassed kind of putting only the finest furnishings and art his little apartment but yeah he he thought he could just work is an actor on the side while he also to school but after Berlin Ville home went on school in Heidelberg and there he studied Literature Art History and philosophy and it was also there in nineteen o eight that he connected with Max Reinhardt. austrian-born Reinhard it was a well known figure on the German theater scene and he was impressed by Ville Hill when he saw him perform in a play that was put on by the university he was so impressed in fact that he with him a place in his theater school with full scholarship if Murnau agreed to attend for a full six years in nineteen eleven Murnau Assistant Reinhardt and the production of a play called the miracle which was written by Carl von Miller he had been exploring directing and he realized that he preferred that to acting in this move to directing was motivated by a certain practicality he knew there being as tall as he was would be a hindrance to being cast in leading roles but his height really made no difference to working as a director yeah he was so distinctive looking that he was like no one is going to want to cast me from one show to another because I will just look like the same dude no matter what I do World War One though did put a damper on art former now for a little while who served in the German military he was I called up as a foot guard and then he was promoted and then became a company commander and eventually transferred to the Air Force and while flying with German Air Force he crashed eight times but he away every time without any serious injuries and after his last crash landing in Switzerland he was arrested and interned at undermined where he used his time as a prisoner of war to work on a film script and produce theater with his fellow internees according to fellow officer Major Gung shrum every evening Murnau would recite a poem I'm called the pianist of death to the officers and according to the same account he also carried a stick with him which was made out of propeller which was full of bullet holes he was so influential that a lot of men he served with also started carrying similar sticks is sort of a strange wartime bashing trend that burnell had created did while Murnau made it through the war seemingly unscathed his best friend Hans our inbound Diga was killed at the front and that was a loss that Murnau greed really deeply the loss of Hans was perhaps so difficult because he had been one of the few people that Murnau was actually close to even pronounce family was often kept it was linked particularly during the time that he had changed his name in worked on his secret acting career there is a story about one of his brother's going to the same places him but telling his friends and other people in the family like oh I can't I'm not allowed to look at at villa like I can't I can't acknowledge that related to him but thing his closest friend really seemed to catalyze desire to connect more deeply to his siblings and his family which he did in his early thirties after the war ended it didn't go back to the theater and steady shifted his interest to film he edited a few short films for the German Embassy. These basically propaganda in one thousand nine hundred ninety eighteen he founded his own film company with friends from his time at the RHEINHARDT school under his company Burnout Vite Vin gesellschaft he made the transition into acting long-form film he did this when he directed the boy in blue that was inspired by the seventeen seventy painting the blue boy by Thomas Gainsborough a copy the painting appears in the film but the face in the original was replaced with the face of the main character in nineteen twenty history overlaps with the CBS podcasts. Subject Bela Lugosi Murnau directed Lugosi in an adaptation of the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story that was originally published in eighteen eighty six Murnau's version which was titled janus-faced was a critical success although like a lot of his work modern audiences have no access to it as it has been lost almost half of his film were lost over the years Murnau's work in one thousand nine hundred eighty two is what has truly endured though and that's what's given the director his longevity as a person of interest among horror fans especially it was then that he directed the cult classic Nas for me to even if you don't know the film odds are that you have seen images it count Orlov who's the vampire at the center of the plot is just an unmistakable figure this is what I'm going to confess to holly that I've never seen this film all the way through but I immediately can call what count or lack looks like the mind like and how he moves like all of that I WANNA my dramatic throwing of things across the room but I'll forgive you you're missing out though I know I know there's so much media to consume count or lack is tall and thin with large pointy ears heavy eyebrows and long pointy front teeth and he's one of cinema's oldest and most iconic villains and serves as sort of a shorthand for a vampire now and coming up we'll talk about some of the rumors around the making of Toronto but first we're GONNA pause for words from one of our sponsors.

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