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"beijing yokota" Discussed on WSJ What's News

"The APP it's called H K map dot live from Beijing Yokota has more yes sold a diversey around this APP has been webling up actually over the last week or so and on how it went was apple initially rejected the sap during its review process but that move by Apple drew criticism last week across social media in the US and Europe and then the ober appeal that decision to apple and apple this time of the APP but that's when really the Chinese state media and consumers began criticizing apple so on Tuesday there was a very strongly phrased commentary against apple on the People's Daily on that's the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party and I think one reason why the state media strongly criticized apple in China on this issue is because anything related to sovereignty in China is a very sensitive issue as we're also seeing with the case of NBA they're clashing against the Chinese government and that commentary in the People's Daily called this APP quote toxic software and said it betrays the feelings of Chinese People Yoko says the situation has left apple and a sensitive position that's because a fifth of the company's sales come from China the current situation really shows or underscores the difficulty that American companies are facing these days if you're operating in China on their basically kind of cop between the Western markets consumers there are sympathize with the Hong Kong protesters and China and China's been trying to bring into this unrest apple said in a statement that it removed the APP due to concerns that endangered law enforcement and residents and fidelity announced that it too will eliminate commissions from its online brokerage the move follows similar announcements from its rivals Schwab Td Ameritrade and E. Trade so why are all of these firms eliminating commissions well it has to do with the digital nation of Wall Street that's reset many of the costs of investing so now some of the biggest players have been in a price war to attract consumers now our main story this morning trade talks between the US and China resumed today in wash in ten already the South China Morning Post reported that lower level U. S. China trade talks have made quote no progress in resolving the yearlong trade war one beating factor the backdrop for the talks has gotten more complicated Charlie Turner has been finding out more from Josh Zoom Brune Josh what do the Americans in the Chinese hoped to achieve this time publicly the two sides are still kind of talking a good game about the possibility of doing a big deal but most people those expectations are a lot lower than they were in May back in May when the talks broke down it really looked like there was a possibility of sweeping deal that was going to cover just a huge range of America's concerns with Chinese business practices it looked like you know the Chinese side was going to at these tariffs per perhaps taken off over time it looked like a big deal was really a possibility and now people are looking at thinking that a lot of those issues are probably not going to be resolved and hopes are lot more muted people are looking people think there's a much greater chance of a of a smaller deal if there's anything at all earlier this week US added twenty-eight Chinese companies to an export blacklist over human rights concerns the White House says it wasn't related to trade talks and I imagine channel disagrees with that right I mean this is one of the reasons that a really all encompassing deal has gotten a lot harder is that there's so many more issues on the table than there were or even five months ago you know they've been these new blacklists against Chinese companies a lot of these companies were targeted because they are companies that were involved in the surveillance in western China where China has been really behaving pretty rip repressively towards the Muslim population there and these companies had helped with that the US has a human rights concern there You know other issues we've seen we've seen everything going on with Hong Kong with the democracy protesters there with China cracking down on that the US you know kind of wants to support the Hong Kong protesters but it but that adds another dimension to the issues I mean we saw the NBA of all places get sucked into us China tensions when when the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted in support of the Hong Kong protesters I mean it's really gotten to be a really complex table of issue news and that's exactly part of the reason that it's going to be hard for the Chinese or for the US to kind of set aside all these things and say oh we're just GonNa you know we're going to make we're going to has just on trade we're going to ignore all these other topics it's actually gotten really hard to To narrow the discussions in that way could there be some smaller scale deal for instance China has resumed its purchases of soybeans from farmers you know with the White House perhaps postpone the tariffs that are scheduled to start October fifteenth or maybe ease up on restrictions again I wa Wa right I mean I think that's the kind of the perfect example of the of the lowered expectations that we're talking about here you know the US has made it clear that it wants to see these cultural purchases and China has actually started to come back into that market in in the last month that half and so there you know there has been some you'd call it progress on that issue and so you know is there a deal where China agrees to keep those act purchases and the US says well we're not going to add he knew tariffs you know that kind of thing where they where they make a mini deal and they say we're going to keep working on these other issues maybe they never do come back and work on those other issues net mini deal.

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