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"becky hammon david blatt" Discussed on ESPN Pittsburgh

ESPN Pittsburgh

02:22 min | 2 years ago

"becky hammon david blatt" Discussed on ESPN Pittsburgh

"Blend that vein let's hear what bobby marx had to say on the dwayne casey firing you're looking probably for different voice now and that's what that's what the decision that massage jerry went the interesting thing is that messiahs never hired a coach in his gm tenure he inherited george karl he inherited dwayne casey now the pressure is on his shoulders defined the i guess the right the right person here hopefully he's got a short list i don't know if he can go into firing dwayne casey without a shortlist already and ready to jump on it but it's just an eight it's the nature of the nba and then we we elect byron scott go in two thousand four and we went to to nba finals around when we were five hundred we felt that he had lost the locker amount at the time and i'm not saying that dwayne lost the locker room but he'd been there seven years and sometimes you you're you're trying to get a different voice that can you know jumps let me point this out to since you jerry fired george carlin denver jonathan they've never been good so like since that move they've never been good just keep in mind if you're a raptors fan absolutely worry you have earlier you had some strong comments about becky hammon where he basically said that if he's the best person for the job she should get the job should go to the best person for the job i mean who the bucks believe is the best person to lead their team and if that's becky hammon that absolutely you make that higher if you do feel it's david blatt then you make that higher but at some point i'm glad that becky and is getting these interviews because if she wasn't a good assistant coach she would not be working in san antonio under gregg popovich good work right there you're right about that think about this jeff if you're on that popovich staff obviously you're pretty hot because borrego gets the job in charlotte there's been several other assistant coaches under gregg popovich interviewed for jobs and becky hammon according to espn it's gonna either be this weekend or early next weekend our next week where becky hammon david blatt will also have a shot at that job that's a good job but you still need to have a few more components to that roster coupons.

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