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Le Show For The Week Of May 26, 2019

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Le Show For The Week Of May 26, 2019

"Period. From deep inside. Audio device of choice. Here are words that you rarely hear spoken on the broadcast media, or even the podcast media. The spot cast media. The words are I don't know what to think. And I really don't I mean, I know that I know from my own personal experience. And if you've you've seen my documentary on the flood in New Orleans, you know what I'm talking about that. The guys and gals in the national media. Sometimes don't wanna walk back there. I reporting on a story when later facts. Might be conducive to doing so. So I come at this, not with the sense that the media is the enemy of the people or anything like that, but, you know, I'm a I'm an extremely unstable genius. And so I just don't know what to think when. Didn't know what to think really when this week. Somebody on either Twitter or Email, you can contact me either way. Don't try to reach me on Facebook, homey. Don't do no Facebook. But somebody sent me a link. To a report. The report had just been released even though it had been written some time ago. And it was apparently not supposed to be released to the public, it was from an engineering team. Examining. What we were told was a chemical weapons attack in Douma. Last year. The organization for the prevention of chemical weapons. The OPCW an international organization. Reported that it was a poison gas attack. But apparently. There was a dissenting fifteen page assessment of two of the cylinders, which supposedly contained chlorine. A descending engineering report. Which disagrees with the. Opinion, the conclusion that we learned from the OPCW last year, which of these canisters were dropped by an aircraft. Which led to the further conclusion into was a poison gas attack by the Syrian regime. The sending assessment. Which the w never referred to in its published report found the quote higher probability that both cylinders were manually placed at these two locations rather than being delivered from aircraft unquote somebody on the ground put him there to make them look like they'd that's the so that's the conclusion in the dissenting report, which was never supposed to be made public until it was released this week. And I looked to see who is going to pick up the story. It seemed like a story worthwhile picking up. Oh, hey. Maybe that wasn't. No, only Robert Fisk, in the independent newspaper in London. He's their Middle East correspondent, he picked up on this story now I read the I read as far as I could in this engineering report, I taught myself a little bit about under. Outstanding some engineering in order to do that movie about the flood the documentary about the flood, but I, I really. There's no way I could evaluate what I was reading. I don't know. I don't know from, you know. Force and canisters. So I put out a call on Twitter, any engineers in my. Shamefully low count of one hundred thirty nine thousand followers, any engineers out there who want will pine on this. Nope, crickets and tumbleweeds. I've not heard. Any anywhere in the in the media anything about this, because, you know, we, we, we did that narrative? So. I put I put it to you, gentlemen. This exists you might not have known about it before this broadcast. And no, I don't know what to think. Hello, welcome to the show. Dot again. You. Electric. And. The rules. Again. From New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm Harry Shearer I, I know enough. I know what I think about welcoming you to this edition of the show. I know I believe in that, and I believe in news of the godly. In the spotlight. Shines on Buffalo New York. Because the sun don't hardly any more, any of the more than one hundred buffalo area priests implicated as child molesters spent as much as one day in jail is according to the buffalo news, which is my go-to source for news about buffalo. I I'm just wacky that way for years. Most of their victims were scared embarrassed to make complaints. Buffalo police though had marching orders. I didn't know police still March but they had marching orders not to arrest Catholic priests. Can't say it any more slowly than that, according to this, according to former vice squad detective Martin Harrington, and other retired officers interviewed by the buffalo news, because it were buffalo instead of arresting Catholic priests Villers, the bishop's office to any such allegations, the department quote the department's unwritten policy because you don't want to write this stuff down. Was that Catholic priest did not get arrested said Harrington. He investigated vice crimes. Oh for seventeen years and retired about twenty four years ago. I never had any experience with priests so molested children. I never heard of any priests molesting children, but we had priests we caught with pornography or masturbating in the city. Parks. And our orders were to turn them over to the dialysis the dies would deal with them, but they would not be arrested. That's the quote from Harrington. So don't be don't be lingering in the city. Parks in buffalo, is my the policy only extended to Catholic priests. He said, if we caught clergy from other religions, we arrested them. He doesn't say how many, they caught from other religions is recollection was echoed, by his former vice squad Lieutenant Martin juror wits. Quote, when I joined the vice squad nineteen sixty eight the department had just changed its policy on priests, you used to just let them go starting around nineteen sixty eight when you picked up a priest. Yeah, the call the bishop's office, recalled wits who retired in two thousand to the bishop's office with someone to pick up the priest priest. No rest was made the daises handle these problems. Of course they would their handlers. Harrington was one of several retired buffalo officers who told the buffalo news that they don't recall the diocese ever reporting a priest to the police department for molesting a child. A year after the clergy abuse scandal erupted in Boston. About sixteen years ago, the buffalo diocese side, an agreement with district attorney's in western New York promising for the first time to report to prosecutors any allegations against priests involving sexual misconduct of minors. But here's the nutty, part. The buffalo news, which. Just to remind you covers news in buffalo could find no record of buffalo police ever charging a priest when the molesting a child. In the past half century. Ota a priest in buffalo. For one thing, the parks are. News. News of the godly light is. It's. If you have a mind, it's enough to make you stop and think. Just if you remind to and now. That was that again, that was really that again. And we don't need to go there, again, because the policy hasn't changed. But now. It's time for news of the warm. It's just just check your watch. You could tell me that. The award winning news, the warm of. Can listen to the. Okay. So the people who don't believe in all this. They know what to think, but they don't believe in in. What has been a -duced on the scientific record? Think the scientists have been too alarmist on the other hand, here's a report that says the consensus of the UN has been. Not alarmist enough global sea levels could rise by six point five feet. And displaced tens of millions of people by the end of this century, that is according to projections that double, the estimates by the UN consensus, the vast. I, I, I she I said, I she eats of Greenland dark contained enough frozen water. That's ice to you and to lift the world's oceans. Dozens of meters feet. Do you and make the expansion of water as oceans, warm also contributes to see level rice, predicting the rates at which they will melt as the planet heats is notoriously tricky, that's advice given to be given to us by phys dot org. Phys with a P H not as easy. The United Nations panel on climate change said it's, it's a twenty thirteen assessment report in that report that undercurrent business as usual scenario. Sea level would rise by up to three point three feet by twenty one hundred that prediction has since been viewed as conservative, except by conservatives to say the irony there. The levels of planet warming, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise European Year satellite show accumulated, an excel A-Rated rates of meld off from massive ice sheets, atop and Arctic. And Greenland soon to be slopping alongside a group of the world's leading ice scientists this week. I signed tists this week, I said released an expert judgement on the situation. Still significant margin of error. Hey, that's life. They founded quote plausible unquote that under the business as usual scenario of emissions sea level rises could exceed six point five feet by twenty one hundred that is just about double the author said the area of land lost the ocean could be equivalent to losing France, Germany, Spain and Britain combined. Why don't we just lose? Into place, this place more than one hundred eighty million people. We got room for them. Western Canada, a sea level rise of this magnitude would clearly have profound consequences for humanity said this panel. Bat last October October rock Tober him, you and me the panel on climate change of the UN released a landmark report that called for a drastic and immediate drawdown in coal oil and gas consumption that worked. That report didn't include the revised estimates of sea level rise. Earth is already heated up almost two degrees Fahrenheit since pre industrial times contributing roughly three millimeters to see levels every year. Authors. The new study released in the proceedings of the National Academy of sciences, all argue that the IPCC's sea level rise prediction was too constrained by focusing on what was likely to happen. They opened the lens to wider probabilities, a five to ninety five percent likelihood. They found that. With two degrees centigrade of warming sees could rise, fourteen fifty inches by twenty one hundred in a world, warmed by five degrees celsius unlikely, but not impossible given projected fossil fuel demand in the coming years, and the. Great concerted effort to reduce fossil fuel use, which you and I have not seen. They calculate a five percent risk of sea levels. Surpassing six point five feet, higher topping out at seven point eight feet. So get your well he's. We're in for a fun one. News of the warm late. Copyright feature this broadcast. I am not. Let's talk about age cohorts for a moment. Because I. Am and was of the of the boomer variety. And I always thought that no generation had set its sights higher and ultimately slumped lower than the boomer generation. So it never occurred to me, as it has to some of the more devout boomers to cast aspersions necessarily. At. The millennials. It turns out, the may be smarter than we. Then we thought even the most. Pessimistic boomers about the millennials may have to revise their estimate of these folks upwards. Because according to a new report, they're the least likely to put. Internet of things stuff in their house. This according to information, age dot com. Two and five millennials said they're fearful it's smart so called. I'm not going to fall for this anymore. It's going to be so called smart devices. That's the style book on this show. I recommend you adopted to quote, so called smart unquote devices in their homes for fearful. I say that the these devices know too much about them millennials that's two and five compared to just twenty nine percent of thirty five to forty four year olds was that gen Y there? They ran out of letters. It's going to be double double letters for the next generation gen L L new research, from an RND and global innovation center. Blocked inside, the consultancy Accenture that research, reveals that despite millennials being among the biggest users of so-called smart technology. They are more nervous than any other age group about using it in the home that were their fit bit out, you know, on the public streets. According to report. While millennials see positive benefits of so-called, smart home technology, such as the belief they make life easier and more fun, so much fun to turn your lights on by your phone until you lose your phone. Honey? Where do we? They have significant concerns. Do these millennials of the millennial surveyed in the UK? Your British millennials fifty five percent said they find this technology intrusive. The pair to a national average of only forty eight percent nearly half the country thinks it's too intrusive. Anyway, that's the good news for the industry and forty percent of the millennials said, the are too dependent on the technology only twenty nine percent of the next most concerned group to thirty five to forty four's felt are too dependent. Twenty nine forty. The research uncovered a number of reasons for this. How about common sense? How about looking at the news, too, in five millennials say they're fearful it's mart of so-called smart devices in their homes know too much about them now that we just. Had that you printed that statistic twice, sir. The majority millennials sixty five percent do not trust at the data collected on them by the devices in the home is stored securely. Unlike their thinking, caps on the most open group. Openness. Another word for gullible. You might say. Accepting of so called smart technology 'cause, you know. Why not is over sixty five the boomers the early boomers the, the front edge of the boomers, not only the most likely to trust. Their information is being collected and stored securely. Forty-six percent. Their concerns around the isolating effect of technology are also lower than any other age group, but they trust in for me, but they own not even a majority of bowlers only forty six percent. Think is this is the good news for the industry. This. As future homeowners and potential smart home customers business, an official at Accenture 's research facility that made this report, younger generations are crucial market. But this research shows that brand understanding of this group's anxieties around technologies, LTd rationalizing, the fears of millennials around dependency, intrusiveness, and 'isolation will be vital to the product design strategy, the future those age sixty five and over emerges in avenue for opportunity sell a crap to the codgers. They won't know. There is no single technological solution to the future. Home said, Claire Carol the same person, but design smart home products that will have longevity companies need to better understand what's happening in the black box of their consumers behavior in the home. What about the black box in your technology? How about that black box? She's not answering. This means understanding consumer attitudes through their various life stages. What the idea of home actually means to them? He's a place where people aren't listening in. I think that's what it means means a place where it's just you and your family, just just gas home might me and getting a better appreciation of their surprising behavior behind the front door. Yeah, it's the prising when they close it and lock it that they think that, that means. There alone with the with their foot with folks. That's so surprising. It's a smart home, ladies and gentlemen, if you want it to be and by that I mean so called smart and now. One. Yes. I just. Micro-plastics think about you. Think about this. A new study has shown how micro-plastics can clog the hair like baleen in the mouths of baleen whales. The whales sift huge amounts of water with their baleen swallowing krill plankton, and small fish. The baleen is made of the same stuff as human hair and nails. Researchers from Hampton Sydney college broke ingestion, micro-plastics may pose a greater risk to Wales ingestion of oil. We found the bailing filters highly effective and trapping and accumulating small plastic particles. Plastic is both more likely to clog the filter and also more likely perhaps to be ingested by Wales van oil oil. And just they make get oil from wells. The even themselves plastic makes nearly seventy percent of all lotion litter. Putting countless Ecuador species at risk. But there is a tiny bit of hope scientists have discovered that microscopic microbes in the sea are eating away at the plastic causing the trash to slowly break down. Like we didn't think they would this from science magazine researchers collected weathered plastic from two different beaches in Greece. Littered undergone chemical changes exposure to the sun, causing it to become more, brittle, which needs to happen before the microbes start too much on it. Pieces were polyethylene or polystyrene. You got your microbes had. I guess their choice of Polly's. Both types of plastic loss. Sticks -nificant amount of weight after being exposed to the microbes some were naturally occurring. Some were enhanced with carbon eating microbe, strains, engineered microbes. I'd like my microbes engineered, please bartender. This is reported in the journal of hazardous materials. I read it for the danger, the microbes further changed the chemical makeup of the plastic material causing the polyethylene wait to go down by seven percent, polystyrene way to go by eleven percent. These findings may offer a new strategy to help combat ocean pollution, but researchers will lead to measure how effective these microbes would be on a global scale. So get two guys and the Mediterranean as a new island. Giant patch of floating plastic trash cumulating off the coast of Corsica. This from IFI, science dot com. Researchers have noted. That island gathered between Corsica and the Italian island of Elba reported by France, bloop falls, blew a local public radio broadcaster. Please give unlike the famous great Pacific garbage patch. And then tortoise plastic islands of the Atlantic, which I didn't even know about did you this island is believed to be only temporary accumulation zone driven by currents that have been worsened by freak weather conditions not Greek freak weather conditions. Just freak. Situation shows the extent of plastic pollution affecting the terrain. Ian otherwise bec- Jurassic waters. Don't be taking a picture of now. They don't. I don't know what it looks like there's no picture here in a huge report last year. The World Wildlife Fund as you may remember warns that the Mediterranean runs the risk of becoming a sea of plastic. Oh, you wouldn't remember that. I didn't I didn't remember with increasing levels of pollution from micro-plastics threatening the ecosystem, the Mediterranean, said that report has a concentration over one point two five billion plastic fragments per square kilometer of the sea. Just one percent of the world's waters in the Mediterranean, but seven percent of the global micro-plastics. Primarily because the Mediterranean coast home to a lot of people. And europe. Did you know this Europe is the second largest producer plastics in the world rivaled only by China? That's right. We're not even number one at that. Wow, US isn't even the world's leading producer of plastic anymore. I give up. Oh, and then I wow, I say, wow, I say, wow. Down in the city. It's what's their kids running. How much do I have to get? Get me said where the jets said guests. Do do. City better, watch them on a bus ahead throw over appointed. Appoint amendments lady got back. The do. Do. All know about is what I come on. That me on a TV screen. Gives me rail by all the way up the hill. From New Orleans. This is the show. Lidge gentleman, and international labor union federation has derided difficult working conditions at some of the sites where they're building the Tokyo Olympics. Yes. It's news of the Olympic movement. And an I o c inspection team took a routine tour. The venues being built just after that report. The IOC officials will be meeting in Tokyo, this week, not with the, the president the president. But with local organizers where labor issues will be on the agenda. Rising costs are on that agenda. Two worries about summer heat when the games open in little more than a year are on the agenda and complaints about cost, cutting from international sports, federations, the labor report was titled the dark side of the Tokyo Olympics focusing on labor issues at the national stadium and the Olympic village. The two centerpiece venues. Depend with an ageing and declining population. I think declining numbers. Is shorthanded in many industries, the government has provided visas for construction workers tied of the Olympics and started allowing more foreign workers to reside in the country. Let's all go to Japan. The critical report had been sent to the president. Thomas bach. Trying to find remedies. This from the head of the. Building Woodworkers union. I'm bet you on said it not received a response from the Tokyo government, which is building the Olympic village nor the Japan Sports Council building the stadium. They said they are reviewing the report and couldn't be awake. Wakened the workers interviewed complaint about a pervasive. Culture of fear. Well, at least I got a culture that discourage speaking out, they could be they could be working in the nuclear industry. Then at Hanford. It's almost half of the workers interview did not have formal contracts hoops. And it found dangerous patterns of overwork at both of the high profile venues, some workers at the Olympic village reported working twenty eight consecutive days and twenty eight straight and up to twenty six straight at the national stadium. Said the head of the union, some problems rate worse with title deadlines and the pressure to finish done. Well, you know, when you when you got a deadline, the situation is even worse. He says, so called interns, or migrant workers with issues language employment contracts and immigration issues, massive overtime construction is a really big problem Japan. He said to workers have already died on Tokyo Olympics projects. The labor organization last interviewed workers, this past February death by overwork. They got a word for it in Japan. Karoshi karoshi. It's a problem in Japan with employs often forced to work long hours, despite government measures to try to prevent it. Please don't grocery Tokyo. Organizers also say they're trying to cut spending, which do angry responses earlier this month at a meeting of sports federations one federation heads. She feared at cheap. Look in Tokyo, as organized as try to cut items they view as decorative the might be out of the view of the cameras. We don't want a cheap looking Olympics, Dewey Tokyo appears to be well-financed. The five point six billion dollar privately funded operating budget. It's twice as large as that for real. In addition, that's five point six billion, but additional local, and national governments are chipping in fifteen billion more. Update infrastructure. It's infrastructure week in Japan and get the country ready when the games. That's worth it. You want the country, ready. Don't you come on? You do. Who doesn't? It's because it's a movement, we all need when every day. I know that. Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time to talk about the president of the United States. Present President Trump. First of all is a story in the Washington Post this week about life, aboard Air Force One. I don't know if you happen to see it. It was. Well, it focused on a couple of things. First of all, Air Force One has not been. Fitted out. And this is I guess the new one I think they already swapped the bomb Air Force One for the Trump trumpet, I one it has not been fitted out the way even most business class commercial aircraft are if they're flying trance ozanich, or even transcontinental no flatbeds seats don't go into beds. So there's, there's one bed that's in the president's little room. And everybody else either scrunches up on a couch or feet up on a stool in a chair or couple of reported to bring yoga mats. The try to. Deal with the floor. And there's a lot of gossip about the president doesn't sleep, a lot on these on these flights like his long flight to Tokyo that he took this weekend. So he stays up watching TV mainly reruns of FOX reruns. He has a DVR. So he's catching up with Fox News and the other channels to he likes to say he doesn't, but he does. Because that's how he knows. They're fake news. Anyway. Back on the ground before he left on his trip. President had this walkout of a meeting with democratic congressional leaders, including Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house and around of really impressive name calling followed where both the president and a speaker Pelosi intimated in terms that weren't really intimating blunder than intimating, that the other is losin, certain Santa marbles. The president was said by many of the participants in the meeting, of course. Most of them are Democrats, because he wasn't meeting with Republican leaders to, to have been kind of a temper tantrum. He said he was the meeting was called to discuss paying for the big infrastructure program, which apparently is not going to happen now. And he just said, I'm not gonna do this as long as you're having these phony investigations slammed the table reportedly walked out, and then held an angry press conference immediately afterwards. The story was then circulated by the White House amplified by Kellyanne Conway among others that he was calm, and that wasn't a tantrum. He he didn't slap. It was very calm. Is the story now. And the president himself said I, I don't do I'm and he'd up the ante he'd earlier in his presidency had referred to himself as a very stable genius. He now upped the ante he said this week. He's an extremely stable genius. And this week also he announced that he was unilaterally authorizing. The attorney general, Bill bar who'd been criticized for his summary, not summary of the mullahs report to declassify. Whatever he wants to in looking into the beginnings of the probe into Russian. Involvement in the night. Twenty sixteen American election. He can declassify whatever wants much to the possible chagrin of the intelligence agencies whose. Pride and joy, had been, we do the classify. We do the declassify, nobody else. Well, that's, that's all changed. So that's one version of events. Here's another sweet for the first time somebody's not. For the businessman to TV the big job is become proving that somebody isn't he? Mr. Torney, general that I get you up, sorry, Mr President. I do normally go to sleep around midnight, while it's not bid I where I am anyways sleepers for. Well, I don't sleep all that much my age. I never did. My dad told me when you sleep in this one other people get ahead of you. Well, that's a very good base of advice out. Think about passing it on to my kids show. Mr. attorney general I've talked you big time this week. Most respected widely respected totally respected laid it on thicker than red choice at fat. Tony's very grateful for your expressions of support so I mean anybody who's watching Fox News by now. They think you're the greatest attorney general since. I don't know. Just Lincoln head he'd been general. Thank you. It wasn't he should have been hell of a lawyer. So look Bill, I just want you to understand task. It's mega important to the team like super mega believe me. I understand that gave you the power to declassify. It's like giving you the biggest stick any president has head since. At least Roosevelt, right? The guy with the stick, so you need to understand how to use it. You need like usual manual stick. Oh. Okay. It's not like you to classify hell of it, right? Top secret for reasons. So you need a good reason to make it like top secret. Well, sir Maya analysis tells me we classified establish predicate for any conclusions. We may draw as to the nature and motivations behind the star of the witch hunt type investigation into you and Russia Bill. I'm a builder with the help of fat, Tony I built stuff, right? Run building an investigation to get to the bottom of something. What if you can't find the bottom? Just like Bob Mullah. There's no, sir. I feel certain investigative tools at my disposal. Schmoldt is it? He'll build Trump pow Trump plaza Trump International hotel and apartments. You start with the floor. Saying knowing nothing about buildings. I assume you start with the foundation and don't be schmuck, building thing with this investigation. Right. No. So you use the power of the classified to build your floor big strong flawed. Nobody can look under. Right. That should task. Okay. Let me say this. Don't maybe have to draw you picture. No, sir. I know what a floor looks like we have them in a picture withdrawing stuff a picture with words or where how about not putting words in my mouth, can you do it? Put words in the classified to build a floor which conclusion get stained gleaming? Tolan strong hard. Don't play special needs with me. Can you do that task? Come quipping you to do. I'm your attorney general. You can trust me. I'm more trustworthy when I'm not half asleep. But okay. You do what you want. I'm staying up. Of course, like all great leaders. He speaks in code. Fortunately, although, I don't have any, but the killer, cryptographic background the speak of. I do understand. You wanted to see me, Sarah, I want to see an hour ago Kellyanne. I've been waiting so long my Hannity show feed when repeat mode, and Sarah, sir, I was trying to catch a nap on the couch, not very comfortable. Is it? Pretty thoughtful guy, right? You'd think if I wanted my staff to sleep and my plane, I'd put into beds. Good point. Sear did I ever tell you what my dad said about sleeping a few times when you're sleep that okay? Okay. I don't need a replay of that, too. She'll look I've been watching the coverage. Really have tapped down that whole temper tantrum thing with Nancy Pelosi cer-. Believe me. Why should I believe you? When I can't believe my own. Fake is watching all the coverage that is deal. Nothing's tapped. There's no tamped fake news. One tamp zero. You know, if we'd had some more Republicans in that room with close the Schumer and all their colleagues, we had more voices amplifying, the message that you would come, but even so you know what? I heard me sharing. I was calm. Freaking tamp. That was I was my own Tampa. So do you have a new task believe me? You want to know what it is? You want to know what the frigate freak ish here? You, you know, I always brace my tasks no matter what the are so you don't really need to do what state com. What am I to absolute fine, sir? Why wouldn't I be I got investigations, coming at mytalk democrat judges setting up Coon. Two point. Oh, I got Bill bar being dumber than Michael Cohen. When it comes to understanding a New York City style message. What's not to be fine. So pardon, my eagerness but what's my new task fly back overnight? Do all the Sunday morning show said, one message dishes one come father Muko like mega calm like maga- come go tamp your off. I get it. You want me to have tamper tension? Almost made you smile. I hate it when you almost make me chm. I'll go tamp gate when can we land, tell them I was calm today, too. New team. New tasks say mission being calm grain again. Now the world this is boardroom the president is this week. He's not crazy. You are. Men goes Gordon. But just one thing in. Chain, ninety you. Good time photo to find. Flirting with just one tail detail. It's pain. In any you a man to when her. Consider the card consider the wind. One day when prime the other takes years. Thirty and find to good just come. A husband. Dr work in the Rosie done then at ninety ninety. Oh, he comes home and mows Bologne mother gives it to you things. Gee never had. It's known that. Then Nolan is bad consider the cone instead of the one one the other takes time. The other. None of I need. Tune into. An old man sits, but the game his life has plead. It's, hey nineteen. Nineteen he needs both nurse in bead. Don't woman to the one chase. And then in this song, consider the car. Brian the other day thirty five two. And now let's gentleman the apologies of the week. So sorry. Germany's buyer, we call it. Bayer apologized after revelations in France. That its subsidiary Monsanto had a PR agency, collate lists, the politicians scientists and journalists and their views on pesticides and genetically modified crops following initial review. We understand this initiative rates concerns and criticism said the statement, it's not the way buyer say, Bayer seeks dialogue with society, stakeholders, we apologize for this behavior. Take an aspirin. See me in the morning. Vox, NFL, Sunday host, Terry Bradshaw, apologize for comments he made about actor. Comedian Ken, John during FOX's upfront presentation at the beacon theater. I've been there Bradshaw made mention of having been eliminated from competition. Another FOX series, the master singer by Alan Thicke and the little short guy from Japan. John is a native of Detroit, whose parents are South Korean emigrants, I made an incentive insensitive, remark about Ken, whom I've known for some time Bradshaw. Apologize for my comment. I would like to apologize to the Asian American community for my. Tippety by the way, it wasn't Allen ticket, which is on Robin. Good work Terri all around following the meeting in Nashville. Tennessee black caucus. I'm going to skip that. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is exonerated. They creed leader was convicted in eighteen eighty five on a charge of treason felony. Like Jim commes? No, chief pound maker was wrongly accused as being one of the instigators brief prevent rebellion against the Canadian government is now remembered as diplomat and peacemaker during a turbulent time in the country's history. Did you know Canada had a turbulent sister? Wow. They recovered. Well, the apology came after a long campaign to formerly clear, his name, Trudeau said Canada recognizes that during his lifetime chief pound maker, was not treated justly, nor showed the respect he deserved as a leader of his people. Peacemaker would never stop fighting for peace. Former former cremation chief Blaine, fa- Veld, call the apology step towards reconciliation, and it makes the history of Canada. That much more rich. The British government is apologize for the patients with autism and learning disabilities. At Walton hall, branded tantamount to psychological, torture by the opposition labor, party health, minister Caroline. Dinna giant dinner edge. Did he did apologize behalf of the NHS after BBC programme uncovered staff mocking taunting intimidating and repeatedly restraining patients at the hospital in county Durham on staff, member called a patient fat C, and another described hospital asset quote house of mung? Chrissy Teigen is truly sorry for spoiling the voice finale for some fans, the thirty three model TV personality apologized after prematurely. Celebrating husband John legend win with his teammate Mayland Jarman on the season. Sixteen finale truly sorry for spoiling the voice, I thought that the official count tweeted, it, it would be okay. But now I realized it wasn't. You say finale aired live on the east coast, but had not yet cared live in the west at three hour delay thing, that's new after weeks of drawing, outrage San Francisco. Police chief Bill Scott apologize this week for rating journalist home in office in a bid to unmask a confidential source admitted the searches were probably illegal and called for an independent investigation into the episode. Police should have done a better job. Scott set an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. I'm sorry, this happened. I'm sorry to the people of San Francisco. I'm sorry to the mayor. We have to fix it. We know there was some concerns in that investigation. And we know we have to fix it. He didn't apologize to the journalists. Interesting. Wyan airlines says it is deeply sorry for computer glitch that led to dozens of customers being charged hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card fees. This week spokesperson for the company said a total of eighty five customers have been overbuilt on the credit card, which is ranging from seventeen five to six hundred seventy four thousand one woman said she was mistakenly, charged more than one hundred fifty thousand she ten thousand dollar limit on her credit card. Hawaiian said the problem was due to a glitch in its reservation system. Some buyers who were using miles to purchase a ticket that day, we're charge, not in miles, but an actual dollars sing, we're experiencing contacting each of these customers who experienced overcharging, we'll make them whole. So the company, but you know it's not like you and I might assume that it always favors the company. Hundreds of Hawaiian miles customers found they could book for zero miles on Monday as long as they paid for taxes and fees associated with the tickets roughly thirteen hundred tickets were issued this way. The airline then cancel the tickets and refunded taxes and fees days after Natalie Portman, does disputed claims that she dated Moby two decades ago claims he stood by Moby is now issuing an apology, an Instagram post. He addressed criticisms that received regarding his new memoir then it fell apart in which the dating claims were made I've realized that many of the criticisms levelled at me regarding my inclusion of Natalie in the book are very valid wrote, I also fully recognized, it was truly inconsiderate me, not to let her know about inclusion the book beforehand. I have a lot of admiration for I hated might have caused her and her family distress. I tried to everyone with dignity and respect truly inconsiderate of mate. Also, I accept that given the dynamic of our almost fourteen year age difference. I absolutely should have acted more responsibly. And respectfully when Natalie and I, I met almost twenty years ago, he apologized for his behavior. Qatari broadcaster aljazeera suspended, two journalists over video that claimed Jews. Exaggerated. The extent of the holocaust, it deleted the clip, which originally appeared on social media channel AJ, plus Arabic and all related posts. The spokesman for Israel's for minister call the video, the worst kind of pernicious evil aljazeera said the post went against editorial standards, did not name, the two staff members who were suspended over the posting the video the museum of fine arts Boston apologize this week after students of color from Dorchester middle school said there were subjected to racism by staff patrons during a seventh grade field trip. Not the black museum, the anti-black museum in a letter posted to the museum's website f MFA officials apologized to the students and staff at the Helen, y Davis, leadership academy for quota range of challenging, and unacceptable experiences that made them feel unwelcome, that is not who we are, or wanna be unquote. It's never who we are who is that who is, who is we some students from the charter school, which the jet to racist and disparaging comments, and treatment from MFA staff and museum patrons said the school's principal. Let's all go to the museum, a California high school apologizes sweet, for culturally, insensitive, yearbook photos that showed the Spanish teachers, wearing ponchos, some Brose, and fake mustaches a high school in little town, Pennsylvania's apologized f the yearbook club blurred out to teenagers wearing maga- hats in a yearbook photo. The apologies of the week leading German. It is a copyrighted feature of this broadcast. I'm gonna. As gentlemen that's gonna clued this week's edition of the show the program. It turns on this radio station next week at the same time the creek, don't rise. And on your other audio device choice, whenever you want. Just tell Alexa, what you want. He's all about you, and it would be just like creek, not rising. If you join with me, then would you already? Thank you very much. A typical show Chapo to the San Diego, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Hawaii desk. Thanks Pam hall. Stead and Thomas wall, fear WW NO New Orleans for help with the day's broadcast that Email address for this program, your chance to get Karzai talked t shirts, and a playlist of music, you hear hear all of that, that Kony copious goodness, is yours at Harry Sharratt calm and. A different cornucopia is available to you on my Twitter account at the Harry Shearer. The show Steven century progress productions in originates through the facilities at WW New Orleans flagship station of the changes easy radio network. 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