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"bec jurassic" Discussed on Le Show

"And then tortoise plastic islands of the Atlantic, which I didn't even know about did you this island is believed to be only temporary accumulation zone driven by currents that have been worsened by freak weather conditions not Greek freak weather conditions. Just freak. Situation shows the extent of plastic pollution affecting the terrain. Ian otherwise bec- Jurassic waters. Don't be taking a picture of now. They don't. I don't know what it looks like there's no picture here in a huge report last year. The World Wildlife Fund as you may remember warns that the Mediterranean runs the risk of becoming a sea of plastic. Oh, you wouldn't remember that. I didn't I didn't remember with increasing levels of pollution from micro-plastics threatening the ecosystem, the Mediterranean, said that report has a concentration over one point two five billion plastic fragments per square kilometer of the sea. Just one percent of the world's waters in the Mediterranean, but seven percent of the global micro-plastics. Primarily because the Mediterranean coast home to a lot of people. And europe. Did you know this Europe is the second largest producer plastics in the world rivaled only by China? That's right. We're not even number one at that. Wow, US isn't even the world's leading producer of plastic anymore. I give up. Oh, and then I wow, I say, wow, I say, wow. Down in the city. It's what's their kids running. How much do I have to get? Get me said where the jets said guests. Do do. City better, watch them on a bus ahead throw over Appoint appointed. amendments lady got back. The do. Do. All know about is what I come on. That me on a TV screen. Gives me rail by all the way up the hill. From New Orleans. This is the show. Lidge gentleman, and international labor union federation has derided difficult working conditions at some of the sites where they're building the Tokyo Olympics. Yes. It's news of the Olympic movement. And an I o c inspection team took a routine tour. The venues being built just after that report. The IOC officials will be meeting in Tokyo, this week, not with the, the president the president. But with local organizers where labor issues will be on the agenda. Rising costs are on that agenda. Two worries about summer heat when the games open in little more than a year are on the agenda and complaints about cost, cutting from international sports, federations, the labor report was titled the dark side of the Tokyo Olympics focusing on labor issues at the national stadium and the Olympic village. The two centerpiece venues. Depend with an ageing and declining population. I think declining numbers. Is shorthanded in many industries, the government has provided visas for construction workers tied of the Olympics and started allowing more foreign workers to reside in the country. Let's all go to Japan. The critical report had been sent to the president. Thomas bach. Trying to find remedies. This from the head of the. Building Woodworkers union. I'm bet you on said it not received a response from the Tokyo government, which is building the Olympic village nor the Japan Sports Council building the stadium. They said they are reviewing the report and couldn't be awake. Wakened the workers interviewed complaint about a pervasive. Culture of fear. Well, at least I got a culture that discourage speaking out, they could be they could be working in the nuclear industry. Then at Hanford. It's almost half of the workers interview did not have formal contracts hoops. And it found dangerous patterns of overwork at both of the high profile venues, some workers at the Olympic village reported working twenty eight consecutive days and twenty eight straight and up to twenty six straight at the national stadium. Said the head of the union, some problems rate worse with title deadlines and the pressure to finish done. Well, you know, when you when you got a deadline, the situation is even worse. He says, so called interns, or migrant workers with issues language employment contracts and immigration issues, massive overtime construction is a really big problem Japan..

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