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"beal uranium one" Discussed on WJNT 1180 AM

"Venture bureaux face pops up so i'm guessing it's his each his webb said i don't know that to be a fact but it kinda sounds like a not not sure but but here's what the story has to say and again allegedly there were some fbi informant ready to go to say exactly what was going on here here's what was happening here's the story here's the bottom line in and of course it was ignored in fact it was allegedly shut down by obama's justice department in a blockbuster revelation victoria tons saying the attorney for an fbi confidential witness alleged that the obama department of justice blocher client from informing congress that russia executives told him how they facilitated the obama administration's 2010 approval of the iranian one beal uranium one beal and transferred millions of dollars in russian nuclear funds to with entity assisting bill clinton's foundation as the hill reports those machinations or macroregions allegedly occurred while hillary clinton was serving as secretary of state of the government panel that approved the deal according to tone singh a former reagan justice department official and former chief counsel of the senate intelligence committee bill clinton accepted five hundred thousand dollars in russianspeaking fees in 2010 as the new york times reported in 2015 your 81 chairman uses family foundation to make for donations totalling two point three five million dollars to the clinton foundation don't see wants to trump justice department of the fbi to allow replied to be free of the nondisclosure agreement india you side so he can reveal the corruption that took place she stated all of the information about this corruption has not come out and so my client the same part of my quiet that made and go to the fbi the first place says this is wrong what should i do about a ton singh said she has access to memos delineating how we 2016 the justice department threaten her client when he attempted to file a lawsuit that suitable luminated the corruption that took place as well as aided her client recovering funds the russians stole from and through kickbacks during the fbi probe tons and claimed or quite witnessed quote a lot of bribery going on around the u but the fbi had received a request to the seaside an nda so could not come forth the congress not.

chairman senate reagan singh secretary of state beal uranium one russia shut down congress bribery fbi clinton foundation webb new york times chief counsel official the deal hillary clinton bill clinton obama administration obama department attorney obama five hundred thousand dollars three five million dollars