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"beachwalker park" Discussed on Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening from Live. Love. Engage. with Gloria Grace Rand

Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening from Live. Love. Engage. with Gloria Grace Rand

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"beachwalker park" Discussed on Inspiration and Spiritual Awakening from Live. Love. Engage. with Gloria Grace Rand

"Namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace R. And and today has always it's one of my favorite days because I have a guest house and we're going to be chatting about something called Mojo marketing, which I'm very intrigued by so I want to introduce you to boldly who is a successful business owner and Magic maker of living a life. She loves in Maine which is where she is coming to us from her backyard think reports, I think and may right now and she has traveled the path from Financial scarcity to financial Independence something I think most of us would love to do, um building a six-figure business. She loves as a single Mama working less than full-time and she mentors women who are one hundred percent committed to building thrived. Businesses that create visibility and wealth without compromising personal life or sanity, huh? I love that. She teaches women to use off-centered connections, which is definitely something that I'm All About to build success vs. Hi ad spend and common marketing type and she's also done this page using her tried-and-true methods of to start a non-profit pitbull rescue also running her business having three days off a week and being an avid book reader and beachwalker park. So I know I want to learn a lot from you today Brett because that's my goal is to definitely, you know, get to that like four-day work week or something like that would be lovely Soul. Welcome Brett to live love engage 4 stuff. Britt: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here. Gloria: Yeah. Well, I am excited to have you and and as I mentioned at the beginning wage We're going to talk a little bit about Mojo marketing, which is I guess your specialty. So what exactly is that? And who's it for so long motor marketing I think is a particular form of getting yourself and your work seen that I mean, you know, I'll preface this by saying I'm sure that many can use it. I work with women and a lot of the a lot of the problems that I help my clients solve and a lot of the strategies that I teach my clients do tend to appeal towards women than to men. So when I speak I generally speak using female pronouns, so that doesn't mean that these don't work for men. I just don't use them with men but Mojo Marketing in a way of really doing the thing that you love and getting it seen in the world without feeling, you know in authentic sales E. I like to say it's marketing without feeling wage. She and without feeling like that door to door salesman that's knocking on the door and trying to convince you why you need something that you never wanted or asked for in the first place. So in a nutshell Mojo marketing is about really authentically sharing what you do in a way that helps people understand why they need it if they're aligned for you. It works really well with women who are in the coaching industry women who are in the health and wellness industry women who are in service based Industries, like bookkeepers website designers branders off those kind of of folks awesome copywriters to like me copyrighted. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, how did she come up with this? So the short answer is that I you know, when I started in I was coaching which was many years ago. Almost I usually track it by my daughter's age. So she's turning fifteen thousand. I think I started it when she was about two. So we're at about the Thirteen or fourteen year mark, when I started in arms coaching, I had a lot of things that I was passionate about and a lot of skills and she couldn't understand how to get it out there without feeling like I was selling without, you know, all of the marketing tools that I saw back then thirteen or fourteen years ago were about how to, you know manipulate people into buying how to find people's pain point and poke it so that they really, you know, so that you sort of cause them to feel urgency and Fear Factor. There's a lot of fear-based psychology in marketing strategy and that felt really icky to me and I didn't I didn't want to be inauthentic. I didn't want to be false. I didn't want to manufacture fear in people so that they'd buy what I was selling. None of that felt right to me. So I found ways of growing my business that didn't feel really inauthentic. I didn't feel really manipulative and didn't Bank on pushing false Scare Tactics to my you know to my perspective clients and at the same time off of the ways that I've built my business have to do with magic and Magic as defined by me and other people is the Art and Science of changing energy. So, you know for people like you and me when we have a great offer that goes out over our newsletter list and it's got one clicks and we're like, it doesn't work. It didn't work. I failed no one opened it maybe nobody wants this magic means then taking that and saying okay. It's probably not true that nobody wants this. However, something didn't wage. Let's get really curious about what didn't work because I know in my heart that what I'm doing has value and I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of nobody likes me. Guess I'll just eat worms that's magical changing your energy about something and the way that I've grown my business on way way that I teach the women that I work with to grow my business. It takes a lot of personal work. It takes a lot of personal Evolution and really looking at your own fears and your own beliefs and your own demons and understanding that the external strategies are only going to work when you're doing the inner work and this is something that I found very particular to women. So Mojo marketing is a combination of the external strategies. Of course, we all need to know those how do you get higher click rates? How do you get better Facebook visibility, but it's also about understanding for you specifically. What's scary about being visible? Where might you be saying? I want everyone to see me, but you're actually also saying wow, and that would be really terrifying because we have to work through those pieces off in order to have the external strategies working. So that's a little bit about Mojo marketing Mojo marketing takes into consideration the external tools and strategies that are going to help you communicate the value of what you're offering to the people that need it but it also relies on a foundation of inner work and really making sure that you're okay getting what you say. You're asking for money. Yeah. Absolutely.

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