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"bay tay" Discussed on Box of Neutrals

"Is much better. I understand why one's not using it of course. But very good value commentary. Well, if I don't have that one, but it could be anything in between the Oklahoma. It's actually very similar. Circles. It's actually very similar. Nearly starts before of logo, but oh, Mark Webber, what the fuck are dinosaurs? No better words in the English language. Then with Dutch commentary on an F one clip, I think. I'm very confident. Here we go. It was very wet in that way. How to holy shit what are those of withdrawal? What a car control and Vic page me. Okay. Fuck that shit. That was gonna play with bay Tay. Didn't need it. I thought that was great. So we're riding together, we could only dream Pope and pray that that would attract and kill mosquitos in. The second thing I'm interested in is Pierre gasly. He's on ten penalty points. Now, in typical Alpine fashion, it all happened in every Derby and then he will not be able to start. The next season. So here's the thing, right? Inject do it starts to sound. Wouldn't that rule? Wouldn't it? So here's the thing. Let's go back a step. Mercedes says it referred to wind and finished second in the constructor standings. They're probably not going to finish taking any Y but of course they want that because they get more wind tunnel time and on the budget cap doesn't change. They get more wind tuns since you're like tanking. But not as dramatic, obviously. Maybe some of the lesser teams will be taking. Pierre gasly. He's on ten points, guy on your team next to you, you might be saying, only two points away from a race band. I don't think anyone's copped a race band through the point system because it was invented after a man Grosjean's first lap nutcase incident. Surely, you're going to go out and you're just going to drive off the track constantly. To get those points, miss Abu Dhabi and Norton. We're sure the outputs only opt bars are going to go up to midi's motor home this weekend and go Pierre. Think about or AlphaTauri will just turn a blind eye and just in terms of the pit release. Oh, yes. Whenever you want to go. I don't have to tell you what to do. You're the expert. You go when you like, and then all of a sudden edit goes and two race bad. Surely they will do that in Abu Dhabi because at that point it's not bad. He's off the books. Go straight to el pen and test, I think. AlphaTauri will have a vested interest in making sure that Pierre gasly is banned. Or alpay has a vested interest to make sure that he's best. So what is it two races if he's yeah, no, it's one race band. That's right. So LP will want him to get the band this weekend, so he serves an Abu Dhabi. But alpha tauri won the other way around. I want him to cop the band from Abu Dhabi and then miss whatever the first race is, but right. It's high, it's very high stakes, isn't it? That's the one. You got my interest, maybe I'll trade. Maybe I'll tune in at 11 o'clock on ten balls on Monday evening. To watch the replay. I'm not joking. That is actually shocking. The replay time. Why even bother? 11 o'clock, ten bold. Fairly so good. Could be better. It could be on shake. On all the usuals, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, parlor, wiki feet everywhere that you can find good podcast social media pages and listen wherever you find good podcasts. Spotify. A car radio. Apple music, I think it is now. Maybe it's Apple podcasts, it's a separate app that broken out from iTunes. That is the south palo Grand Prix preview just about touching on enough at the end there to warrant the name, talked about other things, most of the episode, but that's okay. We've only got a few races to go. This year, which is very exciting. You couple. Couple. Couple of reviews. Penultimate race of the year. I can not thank goodness. Get around it. And then we get to the usual the circle of life then continues. We then bring in Rodney and Zach. It'll be a weirdly early Christmas episode. People just wait. Male may not appear. You might know. It might be another voice. He's like, they might be old mace. We don't know. We have not planned this. It's crept up. It's me awake so we don't know. Not like it has. We're not thinking that forward ahead into the future. Certainly not. There you go. So maybe the land and the sponsorship of the right time. Used to say next week will be reviewing these strikes and previewing the last race season Abu Dhabi will be exciting when Mercedes win we won't know until we get there, obviously. You can subscribe to box of neutrals wherever you get your favorite podcasts, provide us on social media as well, go to box mutual dot com to find the links to subscribe to the show, join formula begin EDF on fantasy competition.

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