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"battle iwo jima" Discussed on Key Battles of American History

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"battle iwo jima" Discussed on Key Battles of American History

"Right. Yeah, so, you know, Okinawa was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. I think it was the highest casualty rate. For the Americans, the highest killed the death, not just not just proportionate casualties, but definitely the highest killed battle. Iwo Jima was the one of the few battles where the Americans lost had more casualties than the Japanese, but I mean, this one was it was just a meat grinder in Okinawa. On both sides. And it was part of the Japan. It was truly part of Japan's home islands. It was the doorstep of Japan. Oh yeah. They fought very fiercely. So it was a bloody nasty battle. Yeah. All right, well, so back to the movie. They spent the night, now we go to the second day. The next morning, the Japanese launch a massive counter attack and they drive the Americans back. Captain Glover calls in an artillery strike on the attackers and they're trying to get the heck out of their committee is hit and he dies despite Dawson's effort to help him. The Americans who were able to go back down the rope ladder off the ridge didn't say that very well. The Americans who are able to, they go back down the cargo net and they get off the ridge, but many are wounded and can not do that. And Desmond stays with them, even though he's fine at this point. He hasn't been hurt. And sergeant Howell and several of doses squad mates are left injured on the battlefield. Desmond hears the cries of dying soldiers and he returns to save them, carrying the wounded to the cliff's edge and lowering them down on the rope. He ties this type of knot which is able to slip under their arms and the lowers them down. I should say this is the climax of the movie. This is the best part. I love this part. And captain Glover, he's escaped. He's down on the ground and he tells the colonel and command to call off the planned artillery attack because they're still about a hundred Americans at the top of the ridge. The arrival of dozens of wounded once presumed dead comes off as a shock to the rest of the unit below. It's really amazing when Desmond lowers the first guy down on the rope and the people think it's a Japanese and they're about to shoot him and then they realize, wait a minute wait, this is an American. And then they just keep coming. Just one at a time all the way to night. He's just exhausted every time he brings someone back and he says, just one more. Just one more. So he's almost a prayer. He's praying to God, lord, give me, let me do this one more. And one more turns into 5 and then ten and then 20 and before long. Well, we'll get to that later. At the top of the ridge, the Japanese patrol arrives and begins killing off the wounded Americans that they find. Sergeant Hal calls on him for help. This is a very dramatic scene. The Japanese are closing in. Jasmine covers Hal completely with dirt. And he says, you got to trust me. He basically buries him. He's already kind of partly buried, but he covers him up. Desmond lies under a dead man. Japanese soldier bayonets, the dead body, but Desmond is unhurt. The Japanese finally leave and Desmond drag sergeant Hal.

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