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"batman luthor" Discussed on Capes and Lunatics

"Out barely. Maybe they weren't at that point. You're like really Harley. Quinn is just are you always sure. Maybe the Justice League is just bad at their jobs. And that's another thing because we have there if we're GONNA do a massive attack. Why isn't the core is there? Wasn't this industrial core there if apocalypse exit an existential threat to everyone you know. Why aren't we going after him? Exactly why are we taking literally a handful? Didn't even bring plastic man or ambush bug or oh every wipe the floor with everyone you got little racer Forget again to like you said I mean. No one had a plan. B If Superman Film Batman Luthor should have had like a nuclear bomb something. What the problem is that? Batman and Luther. Both like had plan B's for themselves. I don't think one really thought it through and it will say actually actually know it was the most interesting thing that I don't think it's ever been mentioned before that I guess job show was GonNa Shoot Batman and then chose not to. There's versions of the story where that were that's true. Yeah which also kind of suggested idea that Joe. Chiro showed Batman mercy. And maybe that's why he doesn't kill because everything joke Joe Chill Harden murder that he is could kill Martha in and Thomas but he can kill it kid effort as he was he was still human. Yeah and maybe that kind of thing informs Batman on a deeper level the idea that he might realize that they could have killed me and he didn't add in most stories. It's not even that deepest basically like you know. This was in his mind. This was the ultimate evil. So it's like ultimate evil kills so if I went to fight ultimate evil. I gotta be the opposite so I do not. That's that's the kill comic book. Nineteen thirty nine. Charlie asks her. Come on yes I get..

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