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The Day We Talked With Alicia Keys

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The Day We Talked With Alicia Keys

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Portions of this program were prerecorded. Along my? was. Listen guys every morning I'm loving it here. Stupid guys name Elvis. In. The morning show. That can. Today, welcome to the day. Welcome to April. It is April I. It's April Fool's Day by the way we're in an April. Fools joke free zone correct. Last night I was talking to you, know Alex I'm Alex. Tomorrow's April Fools Day. No jokes allow this year. We have to postpone until next year. What I shouldn't like to. Know you do any. Joking. Hey, hurry. It started in place in fund music. I WANNA go right to our first caller of the day because she is very special allies online to calling in from the Sea Ellie. How you doing alley. How you doing in Cleveland doing doing well? Good morning guys you make. You make us happy. Are you doing well? How are you doing? I am doing well. I'm on my way to work. I'm a nurse. And It's been a very stressful time, but we're all getting through it. My husband he is a nurse practitioner in the mccue working directly with these patients and my soon to be brother in law is a respiratory therapist in the McHugh right there working with these patients on the final later. And we're all sweeping. Separate and it. We're trying to take care of each other. Yeah, well, you know what it sounds like. You're accomplishing a lot alley. You're working right there in the garden. Know you're you're you're working hard? You and your husband in your your brother-in-law well, hold on saying. How do you guys work at works out at home? Do you still sleep with each other, or do you sleep in separate rooms which you're sleeping arrangements since you're both working with these patients? We are sleeping separate. How's it working out for you, do you? Do you miss him in the bed? Sure Yeah. Retain. I like a fool to myself as well where I can just like starfish. Go. We Love Dr Starfish. Take up the whole bed. Well, you know there's something about going to work all day with with patients and people who need your help and there some of them in very bad shape. You get home. You're just sexist like. Not really horny tonight. But, but after this pandemic has done, I, want you to bang it out. I'm so excited. Aren't. Alley by the way Cleveland, clinic and one of the most extremely incredible incredible institutions here in the United States, and you work at Cleveland Clinic to you at everyone at Cleveland Clinic and everywhere you're working to all of our healthcare professionals on the front lines. Thank you so much. We're GONNA. Give you a delong all in one espresso, machine and coffeemaker, so you make some coffee while you're not having, thank. Doc You ever amazing. Thank you and Cleveland Clinic has been an amazing facility to work for and they are. Keeping their patients safe and keeping US safe and it's it's. You know unfortunately. Sad situation, but were. Everyone's doing the best they can. Well thank you. You know what the best you can do is is everything and so we? We appreciate that and to you. Ellie everyone at Cleveland Clinic actually we talked to Emily who works at Cleveland. Clinic do they surely you know each other of everyone at Cleveland. Clinic knows each small organization. Alley. Fake much for waking up with us and I know once you walk through those front doors of Cleveland Clinic today. It's your off to the races, but we're thinking about you and you're in our prayers and we'd love you. Thank you so much for listening. Alley have beautiful safe day okay. Range to stay healthy I hold on a second stay healthy this this is the picture of. How can you see me? I'm Scott Scary give me some one minute. He'll give me some theme music. We got some shaggy coming up to start your day. Let's go around the room and start with Danielle. What's on your mind today? So last night, our friend Rosanna Scotto posted a video of the Empire State Building and at least Yuki Song playing and just people clapping, and I'm telling Ya. The joy a brought to me, just knowing that no matter what people are resilient, people love each other and deep down. People are good, and we will get through this and no matter how long it takes. We're going to get through it together and. They were they were clapping for the first responders and everybody on the front line I. It just made me like wow. These people are amazing, and it really did made me happy so they. Putting that out there yet. It really was reposted by the way. If you go to Elvis on Instagram, it's my. It's my first one. Absolutely. Go Watch it. I'm so glad you saw that. It's a great so a health froggy in Jacksonville doing today. Who almost got hit upside the head with a tornado last night, you had to hide in a closet. Stop it! You don't have time for a tornado. We were watching the final episode of Tiger. King last night. All of a sudden our phones go off. All three phones go off at the same time. It was that amber alert, and it said Tornado warning tornado spotted in your area. Take shelter immediately. So, we had to cram ourselves into a closet for twenty five minutes and one touchdown less than a mile from our house. Oh my God. It's hard to keep six feet distant a closet you'd. You may do. Well, so did anyone get hurt? Did any property damage occur in Jacksonville? Property damage, but did not see any injuries, but you know what it's just like. I think you said it perfectly. We don't have time for things like this right now. We got A. Pandemic going on, I don't have time for hurricane. Hurricane Tornado anything just. Don't have time on my schedule for you. Go Away Tornado. I think we need a new Hashtag Hashtag no time for that. I rebuke the tornado. Gandhi. What's up with you today? So if you go to Elvis Duran, show on Instagram as well. We've all been posting. Are Lists of quarantine movies that we watch if you WANNA? Hang out with us and do all of that. What are our choices? Let me tell you I had no idea how unifying talking about movies would be I got so many people like yes, and I was born yesterday so I went back and forth listeners. Listeners for God knows how long talking about my movie choices and their movie choices, and it's a healthy save conversation. You can have with people. Nobody gets really offended. And then you come out with some things that you can do like directives on movies. You can watch so if you get bored and you don't know what to talk about with someone. Talk about your quarantine movies. You could go on forever. List list I like. It looks so pretty and your little your graphics and things. It's great. All right. Shoe play a little shaggy before we get into the HOROSCOPE. Shaggy Song Is. Love push the play button here we go. Make them. Not to make the. Lincoln! Dalton Moving all the way. Forget calling. This question! Conduct. To. Recall record. Name Swing. Cannons. contact. Hotel rooms. Young person goes. From the same month. Give them the Chinese but. This. windowsill. Shock. Church. Garland. On. The hot water. The garlic. I made him on. Love. Garlic. Garlic garlic! Garlic. Show. McConnell? Can percent for weeks. Kept. Still. Love. Up the. Hotline. Tanya of. The The! Unknown. Of Marijuana. Beloved. We love our shaggy healy is one note. One, making Marsden and wet. Let's get into Horoscope, so who should do horoscopes today? I'll. Tell you, it's been a while since straight. Nate has given us his syrupy, sickeningly sweet Horse Shit. Should we get him to? Come on true. How about later? Let's save it for a special day. Lazy translations. In front of me, right, okay, okay. Tomorrow is okay, guys, if we make a date and have a nate, do all the horoscopes. Not all of today. It's all everyone of Danielle Gandhi. Let's go right right. Logan Paul Logan Paulin, kidding birthday today, happy birthday to them, Capricorn. You may have been. During difficulties in your life lately do not see these challenges as a bad thing, but rather as an opportunity to grow your days nine Aquarius. A big change may be coming to your love. Life soon remained steady by leading a loved one sport support. Your Day is an eight. Hey, Pisces, something may enter your life that will bring you unexpected. Joy be open to new things. Explore. Your days is seven. Ares and opportunity may present itself for you to take a bold action. Take US take this chance and believe in yourself your day ten Torres financial burdens may present themselves soon. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance or advice. Your Day is eight. Lemon I. You've always been a great listener, but now's the time for you to take leadership. Trust yourself and your experience your days seven. Alright cancer never let anybody to put Put out your spark. Let it shine bright for all to see yourself your days attend. Leo Plans may not have gone as intended lately, but changes are not necessarily a bad thing. An opportunity for new things could arise days and eight. Hey Virgo you may have been doubting your skills lately. Trust that ability that you have. Your date is a seven. Libra an argument may occur between you and someone you care about, but don't let this throw you off. Approach the situation with love your a nine. Scorpio something you've been working towards for a long time may come to a conclusion. Pat Yourself on the back and begin that next project your day, isn't he? And Sagittarius vs shore to trust your Gut your experience. An instinct is a good informant of the right path your as nine, and those are your Wednesday morning. Horoscopes as we get into the three things you need to know watching the texts robot, you can text us. At fifty five hundred hundred others is true. What all this week? In all last week we've been taking all the first responders out there and we list of who those people are. The different categories of first responders and a reminder, the corrections officers, the people who are in the prisons and going in every day. To. Keep all the people who've had their pee pees wacked and sent to jail. Watching over Heart Harvey Harvey Weinstein. and all those other people thank you so much for all you do. We appreciate it also a good morning to becky on her way to work as a nanny on a horse breeding farm, and they have a full being born today. What a draws occasion! That is I mean? It's a mess who has to clean up after that? You one of those come out and. GET HIM UP WE. GotTa clean up on Aisle. Four fold yeah. Thank. You thank you check again. I'll get into the three things. You need to know right now Gandhi. What's going on? Well. Some people think this is a great thing. Some people think it's a terrible thing. Certain school districts in states are now closed for the rest of the year. That's like what an eight month summer for these kids. Of course kids are rejoicing parents probably losing their minds a little bit, but this could happen more as time goes on top medical experts on the corona virus task. Force are saying if people do nothing. The death toll in America could exceed two million, but if we can keep it under control, keep our social distancing we. We can keep that number in the thousands, so let's just continue to do that. And as if we needed any more nonsense in the world right now, Idaho was hit yesterday with two earthquakes, I don't know if you guys saw this. But the first one was a six point. Five magnitude quake about eighty miles outside of Boise that was then followed up thirty minutes later by an aftershock. People all the way to Nevada so that they could feel it, so our thoughts are with Idaho today. We don't have any injury report just yet. But. Let's talk about something you should not doing out of boredom. We all people are doing all kinds of stuff right now. Don't try to teach your dog to drive. That is a bad plan. For drive, yeah, so before yesterday, a man in Washington State got arrested because he fleet a hit and run, and then took cops on a high speed chase. It was a hundred miles per hour at the fastest they had to put out the stop sticks to stop him. And when they finally did stop the car and approach vehicle. A pit bull was sitting in the driver's seat. He said He. He was just trying to teach his dog how to drive because it seemed like something that would be important and helpful, and he had his hands on the steering wheel, while the dog was somehow pushing the gas I. Don't know exactly how this worked out, but as not a thing, we should be doing right now. Don't worry about teaching your dogs to drive. That could come later those are. Ask You. Who would hit a tree while driving car I Danielle or house? brought. All Right? You guys ready for Your Day, is it? Is it Tuesday this Wednesday? I have no idea. Are you guys ready for your Wednesday? A. Wednesday. Elvis. Sponsored by State Farm Talk to an agent today about combining your home and auto insurance at one eight hundred state farm, or visiting State Farm Dot Com. Good Morning. You're crazy. In the morning show. You're right. We're a bunch of crazy monkeys. Woke up this morning I was almost late to our own show in my own kitchen because. I decided to get lazy last night. I didn't put the dishes in the dishwasher. So I sat down to the show, and I'm like I can't do it I. I had to wash the dishes before we did the show. Can you do that? Can you do a show in your kitchen knowing there's dirty dishes in the sink. Right next to you. Yeah alone. Okay. I'm good with that. Yeah couldn't do it, we're. We're about to get into field goods with producer Sam at her house. We had an emergency and had to go to Home Depot yesterday. What happened? We broke a toilet seat. Crown down upon it. How did you break it well? This toilet seats been a problem for a while it's. We needed to replace it. I'm not going into details, but he. And so my thought was like. We have other toilets in the house. Why don't we just wait till after the pandemic and then we'll go to home depot because there's people there. Can we know a lot of people are going to home? Depot's because they can. There's plenty of room and they can see other people people going Home Depot's for all the wrong reasons. I'm telling you. Anyway, Alex! Let's run and run out. We've put on masks. We put on gloves, so we ran into the home depot. We got our our toilet. Our emergency toilet seat. And I'm like, but we have other toilet. You could just walk up the stairs up to the bedroom to use that. No now every toilet needs to be working. So do you consider that an emergency? The need for a toilet seat? Now I don't think I would I don't know what one toilet maybe. If I one toilet that would be an emergency, but if you have another toilet or two toilets more to use my weight on that. Well there was also another motive. I wanted to see if they had some. wipes the things that you can't find these things. The disinfectant wipes. Have, you noticed they're nowhere. These are nowhere to be found. Have you seen any at all anywhere of late? No, so the only place that I have seen them. Out when the Walgreens near me has their trucks come in, and then if I show up right after the trucks get there there some there. Wow, today's the day we're going to go over there. We've. Got To the Home Depot, and we. We found a toilet seat. We walked over to the cleaning I. OF COURSE There's there's nothing, but we did. Find some of that foaming sprays so when Max does pee on the rug. We clean that up so I. Love that. Yes. We consider that an essential emergency toilet seat, so we had to go do it. Oh. Look at this text. People are going to Home Depot for all the wrong reasons. You know like new twenty seat when you have other bathrooms in the house. O F. I. Hope. Product a cleaning product that is fantastic that I just found out about. No is called Foam tastic at. It's ridiculous like it. It starts out purple. Have you used this Gandhi? It started off. Yeah you spray it and it's purple and it turns white when it's clean, so that's when you know to wipe it away, so the phone comes out purple. And then when it's like an doing its work, it turns white and that's when you know you okay now. I can wipe it away. 'cause now everything's clean. It's incredible and it's awesome. And my product ever. Yeah, I didn't I never even knew about it. Sheldon brought it home. He Goes I. Don't know this. I found this in the store. I thought we could use it. It was always the same as Kabuki same colors and everything. And it sprays on purple, and then turns to white. Love Kabu Boom. Can I just say something I? Just WanNa. Thank you, Danielle for doing the show in your basement while raising two kids and and raising a husband as well because he's. He's a kid Gandhi. You're alone in your living room and there's froggy in his guest bedroom and nate and in and scary and Scotty Beer. You're driving into the most quiet city in the world. New York City to do the show every day you know, thank you for your sacrifice. Thanks! Thanks for doing what you're doing to come every day, so we can put on A. A show for all the people who are really busting their asses out there because people need to be made to feel good, but I'm going to say one thing. We I'm going to put of the rule on our rulebook. Do not text this show to try to teach us a lesson. I don't want you I don't i. don't need anyone. Teaching me how to live my life i. don't need anyone telling me I'm doing something wrong in my life you. When you get your life perfect, then you can come after me. How about that? Grass seriously. Standard. Is I don't need. We don't need you I. We want people who are caring loving people to listen to this show because that's what this is. If you don't want us to tell you the stories about what we're going through, and you don't want us to put other people on the. You're telling their stories. Unless you can be. Try to be little US or make us feel like we've done something wrong. You go somewhere else. Don't want you. Don't need you seriously. I'm just talking about an emergency toilet seat. If you're offended by that, don't lecture me I. Swear to God I'll come over there and I'll I'll steal your toilet seat I'll steal your all the toilet seats off your toilets, and you'll have to cover when you boo. Have you Hubbard while doing lately? Hit is not, it is not fun. I'm serious. Go to bad over. Urge on light. FM is go screw you. WHAT'S UP Gandhi? Sorry I had to get that out there. If you are go ahead. I'm. Such an interesting time for social media because you're seeing people go one of two ways. People are either becoming sweeter and more loving and trying to inform you and educate and kind of enrich your life, or they're the people who you can tell are just bored miserable at home, being terrible and trolling far more than they did before, so it's an interesting. Look at what's going on right now, and it's a great time to you know black people or get rid of them. If you want true, we have a pandemic trying to kill us. I don't need some some A-hole texting. UPSTAIRS TO TAKE APU because when I walk upstairs. I may start my pants. You Walk Walking upstairs. Move your legs. And you do not want staircase. Tear you always. Way Elvis. Daniels a short story what? The white staircase on the sharpening Oh. That was not. A friend Mike our friend Mike Goldstein went out for dinner and. LOBSTER bisque. Went over to total strangers house. WHO's having dinner with? And he had to run up the stairs to go poo and he didn't make any all over there white staircase. Good emergency. That's what I'm saying. Okay I feel better now are where is. Is. Producer Sam she's right here. Hey Producer Sam how you doing? Oh my God. These are the stories I have to follow. Yes I know. Oh. Someone's crabby this morning. I Am Block I. Ask. Someone is tested in tuned in in their truck Attiya Elvis screaming to have to hover and hover and. Hover and Pu Favorite Disney character hovering. That was that was a law firm and Hover poop got into a fight, and they broke up with each other. You've heard the commercials hover and Poo. All right. Producer Sam Good Morning My. High Really. Talk to me. What are you working on over there? I'm I'm loving. This story because I seen similar ones, but this might be my favorite, so it came from Kelley Harris, and it's about Josh Node Ian. WHO's a twelve year old boy from New York? Anti has special needs. And for a long time. He was looking forward to celebrating his birthday in Disney. Which of course has been canceled? But Josh was so devastated by this that his mom wanted to do something still to celebrate him in a big. Big Way, so she managed to organize a parade of cars. There were over one hundred and fifty vehicles. There were fire trucks, motorcycles, police, cars, friends, strangers. They all had signs wishing him a happy birthday. A lot of them decorated their cars, and they slowly drove pass Josh as he waves in the driveway. So even though Disney West canceled, it still ended up. Being the biggest and most exciting birthday at this kid has ever had. How cute is that? While, it is a weird time for a kid to have a birthday. Daniel your son to turn eleven, and you had a little birthday party from last night. He I bet he he wasn't he had he turn out that he wants he was. He had the best. He said. Mom, thank you you through the best day ever for me, so we did the same at home and he loved. Time yeah, he was, he was happy. Well thank you for that. That story producer. Now if I find someone doing something good. and. I wanted to let you know how do I do that? You can email me. SALMON ELVIS DURAN DOT com subject line feel goods and requesting photos. Because we're going to start publishing these articles online that you can read about it. They'LL DURAN DOT com. This one's posted already. Excellent. Thank you, Sam! Have Day! We love you. Thank you guys you. Hover and poo if you need to. All right, should we get into the Daniel Report? What are we doing? Okay next straight natives to take a break wearing his rubber gloves. How you doing straight? Nate feeling good in their great. You know it's always good to see you. Smile and scary space and Scottie, and they hear your chipper voices, and you complain about something. It wouldn't be a day without that. We'll be. I love it. Hey, so our hero here in New York of course our governor Governor Cuomo. Have you seen the photos of him? It looks like he has pierced nipples. Have you seen this? I have really really been zooming in to try to figure it out because I know a lot of people with pierced nipples, and it's throwing me off I don't think you Zeki is a leather sling chair in the basement I'm wondering if our governor is like a like a wild tiger. Anyway don't be is maybe yeah. GO TO NY Post New York Post Ny. Post dot their photos today of our governor, wearing his tight white shirt, and it looks like he may have barbells in there one of those things. Yeah the barbell across I it's tough to tell, but there's certainly it was cold, so that was part of it. You know there was something else happening around and I don't know I think he's he's excited over his high approval, rating or something. Anyway the governor. Our governor. He actually didn't have a lot to say in his. Personally, anyway in his speech yesterday, but He. He's great having as governor anyway. Thank you to our leaders who are getting us through this thing? Let's take a break. I'M GONNA go cool off. Back I've covered and we'll be back right after this. But the Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Taylor Swift. Hey, what's going on this? Brennan from panic at the disco. You're listening to Elvis. Rain in the morning shift. To rain in the morning show. Where Mike's on when I just said what I just said. I didn't hear it. Right before this song was ending, Gandhi asked the question. Go ahead, ask the question said. What is your category on Porn? What's your favorite? What is your category? And then then our microphones went on and I answered. The are no no no Donald Mad I missed it. Why do you have a freaky porn category? You go to all the time. ME. Yes. No so I have actually when I get bored, I just scroll through some of the lesser known categories that I hadn't seen before and let me tell you it's terrifying. I don't think you should do it. Well, you know straight, nate love. He's loving a Tan lines. Is that actually a category on Porno? Concerned Lines. We talked about this before I was really embarrassed. Now proud of it. I like Tan Lines. I'm sorry. He does Okay Nate Kim. What I find interesting is that these sites are sort of like Google where you think you're gonNA type A. Combination of words that no one has ever typed in before. You're wrong. They have an. It's weird. Searched it. Deplored out my favorite category, but I'm not going to. What an also. Cold. Guessing Did last night. I was cooking I was cooking. Dinner met a girl. Wow, stuffed peppers five been anyway. That's another story and we didn't. We didn't find anything to watch on TV so we just kept. The volume down and we just called friends while I was cooking. We just called people said high. Does they I? What are you doing our doing? Nothing. It was just a bunch of talking to people about nothing. But. It was good, we'd. We'd called Uncle Johnny Ginkel. Johnny on accumulated Uncle Johnny on the phone by the way. Faced Humming Janis hilarious because he doesn't know what space time he'll pick up the phone and put up to his head and start talking, so you're looking at his his. The side of his head, he was on his. Uncle Donnie, pull the phone away from your face. and. Talking I don't know. That's like face time with my dad. I always see up his nose. Dad poll the phone. My Mom. But I warn you. Do not. facetime me without an appointment because I need a little time to make sure my hair is okay. Because I look like a frightening animal, I can't look I. Do, we have uncle Johnny Online. He hung up on me. Why The call. He doesn't know how to use a phone caller, ID, WHO'S MARRIES POB? And then he hung up the phone. Hub! Murray's Bob when we call I, don't know. Johnny. Yes. Haiti, and then when we're done with the call. We'll go, okay. Bye Uncle Joe he'll go. You Baby I love you more, and then we'll we'll. We'll stay connected and we'll go. Oh, my God I wish uncle Johnny. Would show us his penis. I can hear you. Can hear you. Look, we have. This go talk to Kirk. We love our truck drivers. Hey Kirk online twenty four scary. How's it going Kirk how you doing? Good. Good real good. How are you? Doing well, you know we love our truck drivers. You're keeping US connected you're you're you're moving America every day? So you have an observation. An observation to make you actually picked up a load in Brooklyn New York to take back to Nebraska. How is your time? In New, York City with the empty streets, no traffic. I'm still here. Actually I'm still in Brooklyn and. I. There's no words for it. I twenty nine years of coming here and seeing this. Actually listening to birds chirp. Never come to. Never come to New York City and heard that before. It's. There's nobody even out on the street. There's I'm in downtown Brooklyn. And there is nobody out here. It's weird it. It's not. New York. Not Weird observation we noticed is you can actually drive into New York City, and not see one car on the road, and then you drive out to the suburbs and the parking lot are packed. Yeah, every every. It's the opposite of what it usually is, so the question is this as a truck driver I would ask this to a cabdriver or a lift driver? Would you prefer to have it this way with no traffic? No bad drivers around you, so you can just get from point A. TO POINT B. With no problem or do you miss having the traffic of New York? Well I, I don't I liked being able to get right in and out. But at the same time I miss it. Yeah, I, mean it's. Not New York, it's just not you come to New, York you expect? The chaos. None. Win Bustle Right Yup. And you'll yeah, exactly I mean Daniel. Craig didn't Daniel Mrs. Going to Canal Street, and buying fake rolexes and fake. He'd come you. Come here and you smell this. The hot dog stands and the and the Pretzel stands in the food stands. That's not here. Not here. You Know I. Look Forward to coming in to New York to get the food. and. It's not here at all. He can't find anything. I tell you what you deal with your Kirk. Gets Iraq together and keeps streets empty at like this then we will get back terrible faster and. A and So we'll get back to chaos. We'll get back to your traffic in all. These birds that are chirping those are tourists. They're not from. Birds. Do they go through the Lincoln tunnel. How did they get into town? I don't know how they get in, but anyway Kirk. By the way, where where do you drive from? North Carolina, but I do not. Sinbad Omaha to New York City and back. Every I've been out since his Co. Tova Things Started I've been out almost going on six weeks now. I I can't go home because of the traveling I. Don't WanNa. Take the chance of bringing it home to my family. my wife and my children We've all agreed that. I'm just GONNA. Stay out until this is all over with. And rather be safe than sorry. I missed the hell out of them, but. I. Miss you too kirk. As you. Story from Kirk. This this is a trucker story. You know you see them on the on the roads and you know sometimes are big, and you're scared of these big trucks. Stay out of their way. Give them all the room. They need because they are moving America, but you forget that the guy or woman in that cab driving that truck. They have this story. A story of being on the road between Omaha North Carolina in New York City. You guys see everything. You see the world from a different perspective than we sit. And we cannot thank you. All the truckers enough Kurkin I can't wait for almost shed a tear right now. Thinking about what it's going to be like when you walk through the door and you can hug each in your wife. Good for you. There, they mischievous. All right buddy you. Promise. SAFE stay safe. And Elvis thank you for all that you're doing. You have no idea. I listen to you across the country on I. Art and I wake up every morning. Listening to you, guys, you guys are an inspiration. You keep everything moving especially this time ill stopped and thank you I really from the bottom of my heart all. We. Really appreciate what you're doing. Are you driving right now. No, I'm sitting still I'm actually in Brooklyn. Waiting for the guys get here to load my job. All right well next time you're on the road and we talk to you I want you to give us a little toot, toot. We love that. You're. If, you're in Brooklyn loud noises, Kirk, and his horn. Come out and they're gonNA come back and get you I. Kirk. Say We're here for you. Okay, buddy, thank you all this. All right, thank you so much. Wow, what a great call! Awesome! Let's go to Johnny. Good morning uncle, Johnny. Uncle Johnny. I Y away. What do you bananas this? What's happening here? We look. We tried to call you earlier and you hung up on us. Now. By me. No? No, no, no, no, no, didn't you say you called and you heard him say something he goes. I say. Hold on. Uncle Johnny Holding what did he say? He's married PAB, and then the line went dead. Yet. Murray's Bob. Did you say Murray? Caller ID. Now it says who's calling over the phone before I. Even pick it up. That's caller ID now. Said Murray's pub. Does. It does it 'cause I? It says it out loud like it doesn't just say Anna Phone. It says it out loud over on on my TV and on the phone. So, your TV said Murray's pub is calling. Yeah? Sure you weren't waking up from a dream. Could've been. Shoddy. Janis dreaming of Murray's pub. Hey Johnny maybe. Do you remember us. face timing your last night. Yes, I think so I was just I just finished. Martini yes I know. We facetime go johnny last night and I swear I saw someone standing in the room behind him. And I know I know for a fact I did and I'm going Oh. My God Richard Bell is over. Who's WHO's there with you? He said now which hit home I, said well, who there with you and you said no one's there I swear. Would I saw someone in your apartment behind you that? That was probably because that was sitting on the couch so US probably by desk or the no, it was. I'm sorry we wake you up. You sound like you need to know. I was listening to you laying in bed. Okay, are you okay with fabulous? I'm fine. I'm doing great. Just nobody's around. Walker Johnny get your get your drink and started. Go put some some. In, get your engine going okay. Well this is. In the morning until the afternoon. Today is We're with sending a laundry today. And that today is is cleaning the house. Okay, good clean the house again. It's GonNa be the cleanest house you've ever lived at. We love you. John You. Call us if you need anything. Okay, okay. I love you guys. You sounded fabulous. Love you more. We'll talk to you later. I love him. There was a person behind. You could have been my desk. You're like no, no! I swear to. You saw a person standing behind him in. A creepy. I'm not. GonNa even go on and on a desk. What's what's that froggy? Because, you often confused human being for a desk, yeah, it was that a human being or a desk because they look alike. What do you want to do here? So we do the three things. Should we get that done? Why are you yelling? He's yelling. That sounds like you're yelling. Let's take a break because old yeller wants to take back right after this. Hey guys. This is Selena Gomez. What's up? It's Fletcher Post Malone Dorian. Dare you Mr. CHEF. Rain in the morning show hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go where hiring is actually simple and smart. That place is Ziprecruiter we're growing. Businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try It for free at ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash Elvis ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire. One hundred standard, Data and messaging rates apply. Ran In the morning. Starting your list today, are you? GonNa call a few people say hi. Some texts. Some friends instance checking on. Dmitri haven't seen our friend Dmitri a couple of weeks and we used to hang out every day so I saw. You think about it. Who On that list do you need to? Call or text today. WHO's not on the list? Sometimes like Oh my God I, totally forgot I'm best friends with. This person. To three weeks. They need to hear from you. A. Couple of friends dropped off a gift for pressing because it was his birthday, and they like stood by the car, and they dropped it off, and then they can't couple. Friends came by like Confetti Canon from the car, and it was just so nice to see all these people I was like. Improve. Forty Cannon Confetti. Thank you like okay? WHO's GONNA clean that up. Thought about and then my husband had gotten sweep it afterwards like Oh. Take Up, okay. I gotTa Tell You now replaced some outdoor light bulbs yesterday, and he fixed a door wasn't closing, and he put on a new toilet seat. We had quite a day here at the house getting stuff done. It's good. Hey, I just wanted to put the. Thank you out to you. Guys Gandhi Danielle in scary and froggy brody at home, and and of course, a producer, Sam Scotty B and straight nate in Garrett and Who else there's so many people were diamond Omega diamond. We haven't talked to diamond today. I know I miss her and miss her hug. He gives the best hugs. I miss. Hugs. Yeah me to really right. Thinking last night. I'm really thankful that we're actually all doing this I know that you said. Thank you to us, but if we weren't doing this I think I would lose my mind. This is like what I look forward to every morning to be able to with you guys and have a good time, and then after off the air, it goes back to this strange reality that we're in right now, but while we're on the air, it feels normal. So. Is there traffic right now? No Zero. No I, never saw that as many. That's in New York City. Is there traffic in Cleveland Right now? Someone text me from wherever you are. If you're on the road, text me where you are, and if you have traffic or not, but no talk about New York City Goski. I mean I pleased I need to go, and I've been traveling with ease in and out of the city. I'm not encouraging people to do that if you don't have to, but if you essentially have to get somewhere. There's zero cars on the road. Who are very very few. In Manhattan, the borough of Manhattan you zip up and down the streets really quickly. It's crazy. It's it's surreal. We were driving back from the home, depot yesterday for the emergency toilet seat and L. Alex over and said something to me when I'm sure you've all, said this in your mind or to someone else. It feels like we're in the middle of a movie. This is like a movie. Totally like when you're in the grocery store of the other day in new you you. For the first time everyone had masks on everyone was walking around. You know staying away from each other. It was like those were actors. It's not real it's not real. It was a movie I was like. This is not the world we live in the. How is this happening and the script? Let me edit the script. Where is it because this is ridiculous crazing? Do you ever play that game of in your own mind or with whoever you're talking to. What's the first thing you're going to do when it's safe to do it well, the answer is well. It's going to be a slow move in. You know like that first time you're able to go to your favorite bar. Or restaurant rather in instead at the bar because we'd like to sit at the bar and eat lunch and dinner. What's GonNa feel like it's going to be like. I don't know how to do this anymore I. Forgot I forgot how to sit at a barstool had a bar. Yeah. Talk to people. It's going to be wild and it's going to happen. It's going to happen before you know it. You know if we can get through this on the next. What month maybe I? Hope I hope it's month two months at the most. We'd be good. We'll be good. Do you feel okay with that? Definitely. But I think it's going to be slow. I think the you now I think the little. To jump back in again like they'll be very slow places and do things, and once you have a little. You'll feel better about it. The more you do it in more, the more you see, more people doing it. Right and I'm I'm I'm assuming it'll be smarter to go slowly anyway because we don't know how long this is going to be in us or them. Hey, I've got Melissa calling in from Cleveland. Let's see if there's any traffic in Cleveland. We're doing the traffic check hey. Melissa Line Seven. Are you doing? Good. How are you? We're doing well by the way Melissa works. At a hospital, right, what do you? What do you do? I work for a group of private practice, doctors and hospital. Wow Wow, so you're going in every day? It's what a five day week for you. Yes. Yes, having to work right now and. while. There's not a whole lot of traffic on the highways in Cleveland I've been seeing in the city part that there is. Still a lot of people out. A Lotta stores are packed a lot of parking lots or full, and it's a little nervous when they're all supposed to be home. Yeah, the pact part worries me. You know last night Melissa. We were GONNA. Stop off and get this. This favorite frozen chicken Potpie from this place and we we. We looked into the window, and there was so many people in there were like Nah. Let's not go in there I'm not going to do. And you see. It is amazing. Where if you see people? You don't WanNa. Go there I. It's so true well. Listen I. Want you to be careful in. Don't drive too fast. That's one thing people are doing. They're going two hundred miles an hour because they can. There's no one. There's no reason to be aggressive in. Thank you so much for working on the front. Lines Melissa. Thank you and thanks for listening to us. Thank you thank you guys for doing this every morning. What, are we doing I'm? Talking about installing twenty seats or woke up and realized that okay. We're picky keeping you calm. Listen thank you. We're going to be back tomorrow. Melissa in stay stay safe. Okay? THANKS FOR LISTENING IN CLEVELAND THOSE GO TO CHICAGO CHICAGO. What a huge city! Chicago's got awful traffic problems. What about right now Thomas Online to? How's your traffic in Chicago? Oh, man I! We have nothing over here. Normally thirty minute drive takes me now around fifteen minutes, so wow Monday through Friday. There's nothing for me to worry about. Wake up a little bit later now. Everything is working out great. Thomas, what do you do? What are you going into the office today? I am a community service officer for a police department your Chicago so I respond to go go to work every morning seven three, so I love it. So. Here's what we've learned so far. Thomas thanks to you and our last caller. Melissa the people who are on the roads need to be on the road. These are you are the people who are keeping US safe it keeping US alive, and we thank you. We thank you frog. You have a question for Thomas. Actually. There's a lot of places I've seen it I know what's happening here in Florida and some other states, the governor has decided that they're going to up the road work that they normally do because traffic is so light that it's allowing them to get the road work done. They weren't able to get done while there were so many people on the roads to make it better than once. We are back on the roads. Things will be better. Oh good. All right. We have we have good roads on the other side of this. Thank you for listening to us in. Chicago Thomas Safety and thank you for what you do to keep us. Keep US safe in the community in check in an order. We do appreciate that very much of course. Thank you guys again you entertained would you might thank you during my entire morning so I appreciate it? All right. If he needs to be entertained. We need to do at some entertaining to sing. A song or something told us thank you very much. I can figure out what we're GONNA. Do Yeah Daniel. What do you want to tap dance? Brady Bunch Sunshine Day. We haven't sung that in a while. You know how bad that would be because. We're timing is off because of the delays. Really. Hot Mess. That's a dumpster fire scary. Scary. I gotTa Google Lyrics I know. How often does we're in the same in the same studio, we can sing together, but since we're all in our kitchens in our in our living rooms and guest bedrooms There's no way this is going to match up because we're all delayed. Okay, so, we hearts. I Daniel I have. been called. Go for a walk outside. Does can't stay inside all day. God again. Give me some of those He's ended about is. The happy. Go Hey. All right so. I'm the only one that singing right with the words was. skewer wondering how our world will be different. If we start doing the show from home for the rest of our careers, we'll. We won't be able to sing along. Done I mean there's no traffic on the roads, but we just had like a seven car pile up here on the show. All the factory workers going into, keep keep us a factoring. Thank you is what it is not a lot of traffic on the roads. Everyone's checking in. Thank you so much for listening. philly still has a ton of traffic to scoop always crowded. Where are they going? What are you doing? Let's get into the three things we need to know also special shot up to a lactation consultant working in the office, encouraging women to come in and get their benefits during this uncertain time. Wisconsin they're saying there's traffic. There I live in Philly work in Delaware. Traffic Delaware stores are crowded Hollywood Florida checking in going in as an auto mechanic. Thank you so much for keeping our cars rolling. There's so many people who are working and you are so important more important than ever. Are I Gandhi the three things we need to know what's going on well, if you logged onto Google today, and you got a little sad that there was no April. Fools joke or prank. You can blame the coronavirus. We're not doing. Doing in here, either Google doesn't think it's a good idea to mess around while people are dying from this pandemic, and as some more relief is coming to New York. We're actually feeling really good about that. There is good news. FEMA is sending US two hundred and fifty ambulances along with five hundred EMT's and paramedics to help ease the burden of what is going on here right now, and it's the first of the month. We know that that means rent is due for millions of Americans and a lot of people are in. In a tough spot right now, but there is a little bit of good news there. The vast majority are going to be getting a reprieve through federal state and local moratoriums on evictions, and a lot of landlords are also going to beginning a break on mortgage payment, so talk to whoever you would normally give rent to about what's going on, and you might be able to work some things out if you are concerned about that and finally, today is census. Day millions of Americans urged to fill out questionnaires this week you may. May Have Gotten a phone call. You may have gotten something in the mail. And this is going to be the first time. People can fill out their responses online, which is concerning some people, but on the other hand households might WanNa. Do this in order to deal with the COVID nineteen crisis. Go out and send things and do it that way, but if you got US census if you get the phone call if you have anything, just fill out the information. We all want that from you and those are your. Thank you so much. Let's take a break coming up a one thousand dollar free money phone tap thanks for our friends at orbit gum. If you're wearing that mask and you got really bad bad garlic breath. For Your own sanity. You need to be to on orbit gum out. And we're we're. We're getting back to dating and being close to our loved ones again. You gotta stay fresh. Thanks to orbit gum. You win a thousand dollars to help. Pay The bills coming up after this. Short Elvis Duran and the morning. In, a world where everyone is confined to their homes, society begins its largest been watched to date. In the Hallowed Library of WHO, or perhaps on a shelf of DVD's, you haven't looked at in a decade is a show that perfectly encapsulates life in the early aunts and launched a friendship that would inspire millions. Hi, I'm Zach Braff Donald Phasing in two thousand one. We start in scrubs, a Sitcom that revealed a glimpse of what it was like to survive medical internship as Turk and J D. we explored Guy Lump nearly twenty years later. A lot has changed. We're not superman, but still best. Best friends given a mandatory lockdown. There's no better time to relive the series that brought us together in the first place, and we're doing it a podcast. Right people. We're going to bring friends and crew members and fellow cast members and writers, and guess what we're going to even invite some of you to call into the podcast and ask all the questions you want the entire secret staff. Join US for fake doctors. Real friends on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts and wherever you get your podcasts. My name is. Wells This is the story of my son Courtney. was. Two Thousand Fifteen is the biggest here of my life you as a ladies man, even with Artie and his grandmother I'm chance. The rapper according Copeland was. 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You're about to win one thousand dollars, the free money phone tap for all the info and rules go to Elvis Duran dot com. It's right there for you. So what we do is WE'RE GONNA take caller one hundred thousand dollars. Orbit Gum is GonNa Mail you a thousand dollars you know we'll. We'll work is declaring house we'll. We'll get it from them, and we'll build them then Senate to us how we worked this. Since the money do. We do. We. Do we have someone who sends money? Really, that's so cool. I want that job. What did for a living? I, send money. Anyway faced orbit gum. You can win a thousand dollars. Help pay the bills you right now. One, eight, hundred, two, four, two, zero, one, hundred for caller, one hundred thousand thanks become one, eight, hundred, two, four, two, zero, one hundred. Who's doing today's phone taps scary Danielle Oh. Moscow options at no. Okay, couldn't here we how? Randy Elvis Duran phone tap with jump into Daniel. We need something to pick us up. Alex says that my dog. GIZMO was hit by a car and had surgery. Which Costs Five Thousand Bucks? The dog is still limping, but my dad Nelson told me not to bring the dog back to the vet. I want you to call him. Tell him that I did it and tell them that we owe more money so I'm calling from the Ben. Hello Dad. At the vet's office if Gizmo because he was limping really bad this morning so I took him to get x-rays and everything and already paid for the X-RAYS, but they're not giving me the dog back because they said you have an unpaid balance on the surgery. Alex off your. Mind now while he was living. Here talking to that. She'll tell you hello. WHAT THEIR FIRST OF ALL! There's no unpaid balance on that surgery. I have a fifteen hundred dollar unpaid balance. You're crazy. We paid everything on that surge repeat over five thousand dollars. It actually wasn't five thousand dollars. It was six thousand five hundred dollars. We paid every bill we got. You better give me back my dogs. First of all Sir I really don't like your tone of voice i. don't really like the way we were overcharged at your vet. Okay well. You weren't tards at the vet for the services that you got you you. You wanted to charge me three hundred seventy five dollars for for for an x Ray. That's outrageous. Why is that outrageous? Outrageous 'cause I went to another. Betty only wanted to talk to me a hundred and twenty five dollars for an extra. That doesn't do as good a job as we do. That's ridiculous. Weighty you better give my daughter back that dog I'm not giving back on you. I guarantee you can't keep somebody damn dog. First of all, let's stop cursing, Sir and second of all talk. Alex. here's father. Hello you took him there. You Causes Brown. You call the police and have them giving back my dog. What am I supposed to tell the calm? I can't believe you did that without asking i. Thought, it was fine. If I paid for the story and everything, I didn't know kind of balance both wash your. Ex can have the phone again. Please here, here's of it hello. Sir Can I ask you a question. What did you do to the dog at home to cause him to start limping again, man you. That dog was entertainment for the whole month like you told me to put him in a cage and he was living from the time we got him home I'm not paying another penny. Benny when your daughter feel comfortable keeping the dog, they go ahead and keep the DOT. Alex. Young all right. We're GONNA call him again. Okay, okay, we go, you talk now, Dog She's not giving the. Told you. Ever come time to keeping your dog and over a dispute building a I had the dog. There's no reason for them to keep that dog. Hold on Johnson. Talk Again I to talk to discuss. There's nothing to discussion. Not Get another penny. Can I ask you a question? You just told me to keep the. Don't think that's cool animals that you just throw your dog aside like that. That you're using him to leverage a fifteen hundred bill that I am not paying. Because I don't know it now you do whatever you think is good in your heart. You WanNa. Keep the dog. You keep the dog. Okay, let me tell you something. Sixty five hundred dollars is ridiculous. I am so pissed off. I should come there and get like. Love your animal. If you're eighty, don't try to use my emotions because my emotions right now are not about the dog. It's about your company. Here's. You know what I'm GonNa. Keep your daughter here and not let her go until I see my money. Here's your daughter. That I love you so much. Go Police. At least for half. Bring. Hero Donald Talk. It's actually Daniel Minero from Elvis. Duran in the morning show and you got phone tapped. Everyone your bad. We're like. That's pretty good. You got me so dad. Now that you know it's a joke and you're not gonNA. Call the cops on me. What do you want to say your daughter? How you were moving out in June. Running out sooner? Yeah, you're moving out today. There you have it, thank you. Danielle for another award winning phone tap. Yeah welcome! All right, let's give one thousand dollars. Fifteen is Susan. Hello Susan. Let me speak to the. stews it. Suzanne! Suzanne Shays on. Fifteen. Fifteen is nobody on fifteen. WHO's this? Quarry. Larry Hi Larry How are you today I'm good, thank you. We know what so I guess the rules are we go to Larry caller on one then correct correct. Yeah, I need. To tell me yes, or no thumbs up all around Larry. What have you done with Susan? You don't have. You don't have her tied up in a ditch or something. Okay, just making sure Larry Guess what Larry. You're caller one. Oh One and we lost Susan. So you're a now officially the winner you just want one thousand dollars Larry or your, thank you. You're so welcome. You're in the right place at the right time, an- Susan's out there, really you. But anyway what Larry What? Are you doing today other than. Stealing Susan's money. To house arrest. You're under house arrest. Well, this is a great time to be under house arrest. I feel like we all are, but the rest of the rest of us We didn't have to judge. So. Why are you under house arrest? Because the virus and no, I'm just staying. Undercover so I don't catch anything. I thought you were actually incarcerated in your own home. The law or something okay. Hey. Larry. You know what it's so funny. Had you not been a extra safe and home today? Staying staying healthy, you would not have won. A THOUSAND DOLLARS We. Had we not lost Karen or Susan. You would not have won a thousand. All these things lined up. The Planet's lined up to your benefit, and you want to one thousand dollars, congratulations. Larry. Nice name isn't Baskin's it. No no, it's not. Okay just making sure listen. We appreciate your listening Larry You. Stay healthy and hold a great needs to talk to you about. What we're. Doing? Is Linked Larry it's our pleasure. It's our pleasure. Hold on one second. Wow! Did you see what has happened there? We Lost Karen or Susan. Had to go speak to the manager. And so Larry was accidentally in the right place at the right time, and he wanted thousand dollars. Like what are the chances of that happening? How cool is that? It was meant to be He. He probably is needed the money and he's. Super, appreciative stars sounded so now. What's GonNa Happen With Susan? She's pissed. We do. would. Like Gandhi what we do! She's GonNa want to speak to the manager. Mike Gandhi. Mike is off. Your. By the way, nate is latest freaking out right now. He's just move on what Naples thrown I think. That's kind of funny. What happened? Why? Why do we have to move on? I don't know. The Rock. You can't sweep this under the rug. Mean Susan. Susan didn't win. I mean isn't that a part of the rules they have to be on the line and then if we if we lose them, it's what we do. For Susan sitting there and she wants she thought you know whatever Scotty be. Contest rules we all did, and it's usually it goes to one zero one. If we lose the caller that is that is. Okay Scotty shifted, said yes. She's GonNa. Ask speak to the manager. Of We don't have a manager. He's at home. All right so from now on, do we all vote that nate is the manager nate. You're the manager. Manager! All right. We'll give you brody's home phone number all right. Let's get into the Daniel. And, thank you to orbit gum. Thanks to orbit gum. They're going to send Larry One thousand dollars with the free money. Sorry. Susan's Ali. Alicia keys is going to be on the phone in little under an hour. Her New Book came out yesterday I've already started thumbing through it on audible. You can actually thumb through your audible and It's interesting. It's interesting. Hell how she got started. It's amazing. I'm going to ask her the question about the piano. Her neighbors left behind when they moved. That's why she became a superstar. You'RE GONNA love. Love this all right. Let's get into the Daniel report. Go ahead all right. We'll follow along with this one, so we talked about Cardi. B. Wanting to start a go fund me for Tiger King Joe. Exotic right so supposedly. She had started it, and then it got taken down because you really can't start a go. Fund me for somebody WHO's in prison. This is not right. You just can't be right. Says well. Wait a minute. That wasn't me I was only kidding didn't really start at go fund me, Bay somebody else started I. Guess in my name will merely. There's a video going around of Joe Exotic. Complaining that he wasn't allowed to use the N. word, he wanted to use it. He's and everybody else is allowed to use A. why can I use it and then apparently carting fry him say that, and then she said to throw his ass in jail. So that's the new story today. Smoke I don't agree I mean Joe. Exotic should be in jail. Don't we all agree on that I mean. Every single person in that Docu series should be in jail for something everyone. There's not one innocent in that group. Yeah! There's something on everybody there. So I, don't know I don't know if you're following pink on Instagram, but she puts up some really great stuff that video. She was giving her son a bath. Jamison and she was singing a little gospel to him, and she said that faith always gives her comfort, so listen to how amazing she sounds. Only. As. Maj Walking on your house, and like that right, your mom has that voice. Oh, my gosh amazing! Amazing Jack Black launched his tiktok count on Monday and he did the Hashtag stay at home dance. It has gone viral. He's in his underwear with his cowboy boots and cowboy hat, and it is hysterical. If you need a laugh today, something to cheer you up, you need to. To Go and watch is stay at home bands. It is so worth it is very funny. Amelia Clark from game of thrones, helping to raise some money for coronavirus released fund in the UK. She wants to raise about three hundred thousand dollars for the 'cause. She's looking for twelve donors and in return. She is going to do a virtual. Thank you date. She will have A. A date like a dinner date with you guys on obviously online. It'll be like a virtual date, so look into that if you are interested I think it's pretty cool so some good news from coronavirus you know Andy Cohen had it and he had to stay away from her thirteen month. Old Son will the best reunion ever. He said he's hosted a Lotta reunions in. In his life, but this was the best one ever yesterday he got to finally get back together with his son, because he is finally cleared by the doctors of Corona virus, so that is a positive story from coronavirus. So that's pretty cool, and I love the Fab Lennox. I don't know if you got you athletics, don't you? Oh, yeah, low comfortable, lovely snow comfortable so! was coming out with her own line with the brand, and she is very excited about this because she's using the brand to raise some money for Corona Virus Relief Purchased five dollars will be donated to the world help health organizations COVID Nineteen Solidarity Response Fund, so that's pretty cool up to one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. She said she was thinking. Maybe she should hold back and not released it yet, but since we're home. She said they're colorful. You know we're working out at home. We're trying to stay healthy and she wanted me. Me It might make us happier and give you go. Just give us a little spark of joy while we're home and I totally agree with her and I'm going to end up with this story for you. Former NBA star Kendrick Perkins, he is on hoop streams right now. He had his credit card declined. Why well his kids spent sixteen thousand dollars on fortnight purchases Oh. Imagine you get your credit card decline and you find out because your kids. Sixteen thousand? Dollars from fortnight night on your credit cards. Yea, I guarantee. That's happened a lot with a lot of people There's a lot on television tonight. You've got David Blaine. He's doing some magic survivor. You've got the mass singer botched is on married at first sight, and there's a lot of new stuff on net flicks, so just check Netflix's because like I said there's a lot of new cool things popping up tonight. Lovely I can't wait, you know it's new month new month new stuff on Netflix. I'm so sad that That ozark is done. I'm like Oh. Daniels doing it the right way she's not. You're not doing more than one episode per night now. I got five left one per night. I've never seen anything as fantastic as this season of ozark. They're all your cool cats and kittens. We've got thirty minutes and then the one and only Alicia Keith will be on with us. We'll be back right after this. I love musicals you. Tonight MTV talented. Players have to risk it all to win at all. Because the only way to make the final to win an elimination, don't Miss. You can premiere of the challenge total madness tonight at eight, seven, central only on. By. You gotTA therapy. Reaching. I listen guys every morning. I'm loving it here. Stupid guy's name, Elvis. Elway story in the morning show. Warning it's originally real. It's it's Gettin. Getting real okay, so we're about to go around the room, so hang on a few moments ago. We did the free money phone or thousand dollars. That's a lot of money, so we went to talk to our winner Susan. And she wasn't there. So this Guy Larry was on the phone instead. So we gave Larry. Thousand Dollars. Right you with me. Is and says in the rules, if for whatever technical reason we, we lose contact with the caller one hundred. We go to caller one. So I get a text from nate. He says we just heard from Susan. She wants to two thousand dollars is unlike. We I have her on the phone. We got her back on Susan Line Twenty four stroke. WHO's the right Button Susan? Yes Elvis look I know you're a nurse and we. We shouldn't be wasting your time. You've got more important things than you have. Do. You have a few seconds. Yes I'm on my way into work so I'm I'm not do there till nine, but I'm on my way. Look, we don't WanNA. Take your time so I get us postal. I get a text from nate behind scary back and here's what it says. Susan scares fat finger. Hit. Line fifteen and line sixteen. At the same time it disconnected Susan and picked up Larry Online sixteen by accident so so scary, according to nate has a fat finger. Second hold on now I've got to say I heard because Susan you know Susan was legitimately the supposed to be calling one hundred. And then I hear the voice of of an older man on the phone, Larry Larry and I'm like that's not Susan and so I'm I'm trying to figure out what the Hell's going on. And I look at the number that's punched up in its sixteen in fifteen had been disconnected these lines. These phone lines are represented by these big squares. There's no way that my finger was so fat that I'm aware. Now because Okay Susan that's what happened. I, just I just want to say one thing that things actually happened for a reason, and maybe Larry needs the money more than I said. No No. Total sweetheart but job. I have a job I'm blessed my you know. Three out of the four people in my house have to go to work my son's scientists and working with the COVID My husband works in the grocery store and I. You know of course I'm a nurse My other son is a high school teacher, but he can you know he operates from home, but three out of the four of us. Have you know have to go in and we have jobs? Susan you do have a job, but you know what you have a very special job. Being nursed now what? Is Your hospital bursting at the same how you guys doing. How are you and your workers doing? The hospitals bursting at the seams and We're just doing the best. We can trying to take care of patients and I. Think the one thing that's heart wrenching is that family can't be there? You know our their family, you're. You're the only one is therefore them right now. Right right so people in critical care. You know you have to hold their hand. You have to be there because their loved ones can not to me. Probably is the hardest thing that you know loved. Ones don't know how they're. You know how their loved ones doing in the hospital and that's that's really the rough thing I, think I've got an idea. I've got an idea. And you are love. Hearing Your Spirit I. Love hearing the fact that you're very proud that your your your entire family is working, and maybe Larry needed the money more than you. Here's what I'm GONNA do. I'm going to issue you a one thousand dollar Amazon Gift Card Okay. God. You spend it. You spend it any way you want. If there's someone in your life that you want to help out if you want to buy some things for your co workers at the hospital or whatever it's, it's yours. Maybe maybe we can buy some masks. Maybe the. SMOKE THEM INTO GONNA. You know what I'm saying. Here's what we're. GonNa! Do we're going to get your information off air and my sister Andrew. Worked in a week, he's dying for something to do off. Andrew is going to try to touch base with you during your break or whatever today to get your information, it will make sure you're hooked up with a one thousand dollar Amazon Gift Card. I'm going to take care of. You guys are wonderful and I told the young man I was speaking to before you guys when crying on the way into work, you guys make it better. You know you you. What you do is absolutely amazing, and you make me smile every morning I've been listening to you for I. Don't Know How many years I just wanted to thank you for. You know, thank you. Just happened something else. Have you keep now? Don't hang up on her with your finger scary. Lock her. Right now and connect. The whole on connect her to line twenty one. You'RE GONNA be. No. Just? Say Good Morning to the blaring the guy that one thousand dollars hi Larry. I congratulations congratulations. So we're all happy right Larry you got your thousand and now. Susan has a thousand dollars to spend over at Amazon so we're. We're all good Larry. Good space. You're happy. I'm very happy, thank you. You're very good off very good. Don't hang up. Don't hang up, Susan. We have to get your information, okay. My problem is. Ever everyone, hang. Hang. Hang Up, I mean, hang on, hang up, hold on. Larry should should be thanking scary actually. Yeah, well didn't hang up on Larry earlier, so he had call him back. Into, why are you? Telling me. Behind my back. He's texting privately that scary. Larry Hung up on Larry so now. Larry is your. Background what Frog you hold your hand up to the camera. Let's see if you're listen. Yeah I, know that's not the. It's not really a chubby finger. Finger. Pick. Not that scares four. That's fourth quarter fingers I think. Curve. All right. All Right? Let's go around the room and we're running really late as usual. Danielle. Live from the chill. That's the basement where the kids hang out. What's going on with you right here? All right so I. I asked my Dad for signs all the time since he's passed so the other day it was my birthday and I'm like that it's my birthday. Can you come visit me? Please be nice yesterday. I walked outside and I swear to God. I stopped in my tracks. A guy across the street was getting in his car and he walked. His just the way he carried himself his side profile his car. It could have been my dad and I just got the chills, and I was like Oh my gosh. And obviously wasn't bad, but for a minute I felt like he was there and I felt like it was him telling me I'm good Danny. I'm looking down I. Love You. I'm good, so I love you, Dad, I know you got US I. Know You looking over us and yeah, it was. It was crazy, so. Do you know you get signs when you need them? And I feel like yesterday. I needed him and he was there so yeah. You're angel. Angel for all of us go Roy. Hey. What's up with you scary? You know Elvis this morning. You're talking about calling people. You haven't spoken to in a while coincidentally last night, I decided to call my aunt Marie, who I haven't spoken to in a long time, and like I. Just want to take your temperature on this thing. Yeah, she's doing and how that Marie in your fat fingers were okay dialing the phone number. and. It was our our conversation that we would just catching up. And then she said to me at the very end. She pause, you said, thank you for calling. It was so great talking to you so now. My pledge is every day I'm GONNA call somebody that I haven't spoken to in a long time and have a conversation because nothing but time after we get here and everyone who same call people don't. Call old people, friends, and you haven't in a spoken to it while you get on your call list. And I'm already thinking who I'm calling today I have two people on my list Hey Gandhi. What's on your mind today? Okay if you have ever lived in an apartment building I think you're going to enjoy this. If not, YOU'RE GONNA. Think I'm crazy, but we all have trash shoots right. If you go out to throw away your trash in an apartment building I have been concerned for very long time that I never ever open that trash chute and see someone else's trashed Whiz by how is that possible? There's so many people in the building at some point in. Sly was complaining to my boyfriend the other day. How it's just nuts that I've never seen it. I want to trash chute and opened it and I saw someone's trash is by, and it was the highlight of my quarantine I was. Yours. So easy to entertain. Happy I called him immediately. I was like I guess what I just saw and he just. By. Hearing. You tell the story it reminds me of. We did try to watch a film last night and we could not turn it off fast enough. You guys seem platform on Netflix. I think it was a Netflix not yet. What is that about the? It's about a really tall prison, and there's two people on every floor and the people on the top floor and get the best food, and then that table goes down to the to the next floor. So by the time it gets down to your Florence all crap food that people eating through. Them watching this Sam said. Do Not Watch this during dinner. It was an. F. Is this. People? People are loving it I'm like Oh! Yep. People are watching platform, but that reminded me like if you're gonNA, be in that prison. You want to be on the top floor. You get the best food, apparently, I didn't. I didn't watch it, but but it gets down to the second floor. You're like what you can't eat this crap. Anyway. I think we need to get into the three things you need to know because a leash keys is coming. I think we're GONNA. Wake her up I. Think She's in Los, Angeles. Really. If you know at least tell her about to call her. She has of course. Her new book came out yesterday. I've already been listening to it on audible. It's amazing and also the song she did for our our IHEART concert on Fox the other night. We're GONNA. Play that version for you. Let's ask her what that version means to her all right. There are three things we need to know Gandhi what's going on. Costco is adding another senior our after realizing how popular and how necessary it was now offering three hours during the week, exclusively for members, aged, sixty and older, also members with physical impairments. You can shop during those hours. They take place each Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday and a lot of stores are doing this. So if you are one of the people that fall into that category, check out which story you're going to have special hours for you. Another cruise ship with passengers is getting ready to unload in Fort Lauderdale. Lauderdale the princess, coral princess has a higher than normal number of people on board with what they're calling. Flu like symptoms, and they plan to disembark all these passengers April fourth. The cruise line is saying that many of the sick passengers actually just have the regular old flu, not covid nineteen, but there self isolating regardless and I'm not sure if I love this or hate this, but there's a new online calculator that you can use to figure out exactly how much weight you might pack on during this quarantine. I know I wouldn't tried and I was very disappointed. It asks you questions about your schedule. Your activity level, you're caloric intake, drinking habits, and apparently I'm going to gain sixteen pounds so. Oh. You don't have. have to now that it told you you have to. It said it. I have to do it. I'm building winter body right now, so wait if you gain fifteen year ahead of the game. I am and then I'm GONNA calculator for being wrong. Is someone to send taxation platform is not about what I just said. Well it is. It's what I saw. Isn't that what is about? is in the future prisoners prisoners housed in a vertical cells watch as inmates in the upper cells are Fed while those below starve. Let's what I saw all right. Platforms. You saw that. Didn't we watch that last night Alex. It was okay. This is what we saw. Maybe you're platforms in different platform. That's what I saw. Let's take a break? We have to call. Wake her up and play some of her music coming up right after this. That's why we love you. Elvis Duran and the morning show stamps dot com. They bring all the services of the US Postal Service right to your computer. It's so easy. Just click print mail and you're done. Get a four week trial plus postage and digital scale when you go to stamps, DOT COM, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage type in Elvis that stamps dot com. Enter the code Elvis. Wedding and Strain in the morning show. Wow. There's something about writing your own book. You learn so much about yourself if people learn about you. Alicia keys do we love her music? How much do we love her story fascinating, so she decided to write a book. It came out yesterday, so people were already audible ing. She actually did the audible I. DO BELIEVE WE'RE GONNA ask her own about that. And also she performed at our cows concert iheartradio's concert on Fox. she's GonNa. Talk about that version of underdog she did. They're were gonNA play it to. We're going to get her on the phone. We're GONNA. Wake her up so. Awful. She's I think she's in La, so we're GONNA. Wake her up. In her L., A. House if that's where she is and I feel awful waking up, but it's not easy keys. Don't we need to talk? She was the first artist on the concert from our home, and we wanted to thank her doing that for let's get into Daniel's report. I Daniel would have gone on all right so Meghan markle and Prince Harry have officially stepped down as senior British royals. They have their own communications team. They're actually working on getting better communications team. They're putting it together Buck Buckingham. Palace will no longer speak for them so they. They made an official announcement Vanessa Bryant is honoring Kobe's life two months after his passing, she's celebrating the release of his new children's book. The wizard series season one Harry Potter. It's got Harry Potter and basketball together. I, it's teaching owns, and it actually looks pretty cool, so check it out if you get a chance. I Love Helen Mirren, we'll do. We have to call our Dame Helen Mirren Onery. Want. So. She's raising money for Intensive Care Society in England right all supporting medical professionals on the front line, and she did makeup free Selfie when she first wakes up in the morning, and it is adorable, but so funny, and she said in because I gave you the Selfie. Donate money to my cause, so you okay, you call them. Look when you get a chance. Go to her instagram. It's very funny so cute. The American Film Institute launched a daily Virtual Movie Club every day. They're going to give you a suggestion of a really cool classic movie that maybe you've seen. Maybe you haven't maybe you WANNA revisit. Filbert actually picked the first one he picked the wizard of Oz. He said whether you've seen it or you haven't seen it. Go back and revisit it. He said because right now. There's no place like home and you're gonNA. Look at the movie in a different way, so he may want to check that out, yeah. Are God. Has Her list of films I like I like these lists. You Know L. Taza. List Selena Gomez. I think everybody has a list of. Lena Gomez has a book last. She has a book I listen list a real all kinds of lists. She also is donating mining everybody oldest celebrities doing the right thing right now which I love, there's a new trailer coachella twenty years in the desert. They have interviews with Billy Bush in Moby an ice cube. They'll have clips from the festival Paul McCartney radiohead so. So. If you get a chance, you may want to take a look at that. And when we last checked in with Harry styles, he was writing and he was self quarantining right well. He says that he was getting ready to board a plane to England and that's when the US decided that we were canceling travel, so he had to stay in California, so he. He didn't get to go home and his family in England, so he's still in California missing his family, but he says you know what it's probably for the better anyway, so he is in California right now, not traveling and Prince. William wants to help on the front lines of coronavirus. He's considering a comeback as an ambulance pilot. He's actually one of the few senior. Senior, royals, that is still working, so he wants to come back and do his part, and if you're looking for stuff to watch, there's a lot on television. Today's April first, so there's a lot of new stuff on Netflix. You may want to check that out and just check your local listings because there's a lot of cool stuff on television as well as evening. Thank you Danielle Hey. We're about to get at least he's on the phone while we do that. I've got to send a special special love love message out to Cindy, Cindy and her daughter Adriana. Callahan I believe I believe I'm getting their names right? They came out to visit me while I was on the book tour. Here's here's a picture of us together there Cindy on your daughter and me. So, I. Don't know where this came from, but someone sent this to me. She says my mom loves Elvis. Duran and the morning show, she's currently in the hospital for the virus, and she's in need of our prayers I wanted to just ask everyone if they can say a prayer for my mom's e one hundred always makes us smile wanted to turn to you, you guys, please keep Cindy the medical staff and everyone in your prayers. It's been the hardest thing but looking for extra prayers and support so to Adriana Cindy. We're thinking warm. Wonderful thoughts for you and we can't wait to to hear great news about about your mom with that said I think. She the line. Can we get on the phone? All right. Let's go talk to the one and only Alicia keys. Eighties! Interview And Good Morning at least the keys. Good Morning. Did I wake you up am I the first person you're hearing the morning I'm honored. Where you know, my voice is pretty raspy. Regardless of the time of day you know besides my closest to close. You are the first person I'm talking to. We talk about. Yesterday, your book more myself a journey. It came out, so so, what was the reaction been? Tear book so far Alicia. Oh, it's so incredible is so crazy. It's been amazing to be able to share this story. which is really all of our story, 'cause it's about. The focus is how do you actually become who you are and who everybody else wants to be and I think that's something that we are all trying to figure out is so many stories in there and it's amazing. Thank you for asking. What an only people who've written a book, no this. You learn so much about yourself when you write this. Talk about that experience for you Alicia. No is literally like the maybe the most six hundred form of therapy. Anybody could have because you know. I was I was thinking about this and I was thinking. How many times you actually reflect on his past events in your life, you don't usually sit down and be like Oh. Let me think about this time. That was really hard for like. Sit in it for him and because you're trying to. To get away from it mostly, and you got over it already and who wants to go back anyway, so when you sit there and you think about these it really does bring you into a place and make remembering realized things that maybe you wouldn't have. Otherwise I agree, even if you don't publish, it's cool, but writing about your life writing your memories and experiences. It really does to t that's good. That's that's what we've been telling everybody. My book came out last year. And that's all I say to everyone is you've got to write your story? Because otherwise you don't really know her true. So, what is your favorite story from your book? I know there are many stories in here. Is there one that you love to tell that it's just now being revealed in this book? One. One of my favorite ones is the story that I wrote of how Empire State of mind almost. had well. This almost didn't happen. Can you really can you tell me about that? Apparently Jay US trying to reach me here this idea new. York wanted to you know, have this owed to the city. And he was like who else could do it, but at Lisa and he was trying to find me in China reach me you know through like the normal. Who's going through respectful channels of like checking agents and checking over here if he was not able. Able to find me and so finally he ended up calling direct, and he's like man I had this song that I think is going to change everything. I was like wait. Ha. I hadn't even heard about it, and so that was a really crazy amazing story, and it goes even deeper than that, so check into that and see how empire state around almost didn't happen. And if it wasn't you, it was Lizzo was. Pick up the phone that day. We love our lizard. Do. You have any idea if it wasn't going to be you. Had he not gotten a hold of you? Who Was it going to be? First of all I'm very glad he got a hold of me because this is obviously one of the most important songs. For All of us. You know it says so much for all of us, but I don't know I. Mean I know that there's a lot of burn incredible. New Yorker artists that surely would have loved it, but I'm not sure I think it was meant to be. Can you imagine Jayson Cardi B. Doing state of mind I don't. Well as you know here in New, York City, we light up the Empire State Building with the light show every night at nine o'clock we put on one of our cities heroes on the phone and thank them if their healthcare workers, or if they're nypd or they work in restaurants that they're still open and the whole list, and we dedicate the light show every night to your song at nine o'clock so. So I. Don't think I don't know if you're in new. York when you're back in New York. City make sure you look at the city in you'll. You'll see the light show to your. So what's up Danielle? You have a question for at least you keys. Yeah, what to know so i. know that like like Elvis you a had an you. Read your book. Right for for the audible version, right? Yes yes, I did so. What's that like? When you do your own thing, do d. did you feel like? Did you want somebody else to do it? Did you WANNA? Do it yourself because I. Know Elvis originally said wanted somebody else to do it. He didn't want anything to do with reading it himself. Why hate my voice. How could you hate your voice? You hear every day. I think. I listen to power one five everyone I. Don't listen to this, but anyway. How was it for you? Sitting down in reading your story. I found that I really liked it. Because I I like reading and I, really like reading out loud or something about kind of the energy and the emphasis you can give feels really riveting and exciting, and I think it's beautiful tradition, so I really loved it I. Found that there were times that. Like when I was talking about when I lost, my grandmother is is a crate, important moment and very personal moment from me and. The while I was doing the audio version of it. All of a sudden I couldn't talk like I had this cough I and it was almost like the emotions got stuck in my throat, and just would not let me say and it was crazy. 'cause here I was thinking that I was kind of over that and you know it's been some time, and but man you know emotions or something powerful, and sometimes they just take you over. So I found that that was an interesting part. Things that I thought I was already good about came back and told me like. I. Wasn't you know Oh? Wow, I can't wait to get over to audible download. Alicia keys more myself. It's a journey. A Journey but I called it a journey and. I just want to hear Your Voice I. Think that this is going to be an amazing thing for a lot of people who are. At home staying safe, this is the perfect time to read a book. This is a perfect time to listen. Sakiz book because This is quite time. Are You, are you? Do you have studio in your house? By the way, can you work at home? And the normal circumstances I actually like to separate the two just so that when I'm home I can be home and when I'm working I can be working in little separation feels good for me, but obviously now it's all together. Your version of underdog was so fantastic. Play the studio version, but I think instead. We're about to play underdog from the living room concert. How was that for you being part of such an incredible? Bring it out of your living room kind of performance for the whole world to say. Wow. It was like nothing. I've ever experienced before because. It felt like this crazy mixture of emotions and then. You're usually as a performer. You're right there with an audience. In this case, it was just me myself, and if I made this special arrangements, so it was just much more internal, and much more so much more personal, and so much more quiet and just. And this'll be able to dedicate that to everybody to your point same as the Empire State building in my city New York City lighting up. And you guys honoring an a beautiful hero. I even changed over the words in the second verse, specifically to speak to that, so it just so so personal and emotional, and I was so proud to be a part of that. You know light and love. While, we're about to play that exact version right now and when you pickup Alicia keys new book more myself or you listen to it on audible way to get to the story about how her life changed when her neighbors moved and she took piano. I love that story by the way. That was Did you and your mother actually pushed this piano down the street? Because you've got a piano from your neighbors? Is this true? It was like basically like that. It was then there on a daily, and I think there was like one other guy with us, and we were just like trying to get it through doorways I mean we're just trying to make it happen. Because there was no way on earth I was supposed to have a piano, my mother could afford more. We couldn't even fit one in the apartment, and and for us to have that gift definitely is the reason why I can play underdog like this day. So all of us out in the world. Still looking to figure out what our purpose is, all about you gotTA. You gotTa Find Your Piano just likely. Shakey's did all right look. Beautiful Day thanks for the gift of your music in this book more myself a journey. It's out right now and I'm GONNA play. This version of underdog you digest for us at our IHEART living room concert for American benefit. By the way this is going to run again on thoughts on April sixth at nine PM at least keys have a beautiful beautiful day. Thank you for spending time with us. Guys thank you for your love. Faith safe, and then you better than your family and everybody listening. Keep the frequency high with thinking about you're GonNa definitely get the Disney. This is underdog Lisa case. Song is like a prayer. Hope that. member. We are. How we, defy the is. Like the dedicate this song. All the first responders a medical professionals. risking their life to keep us safe. so grateful. She was organized. As, he was nameless some lady. She asked him his name. Told Them. What hers was? He gave her a stall. Bound live. GonNa a smile, one conversation simple. The things change us if we know. Where we look. Sometimes! The only. Is My. So saying. Straighten at stuff saying those on a check come. Teaches store those people are. Now and. This goes out. Judy. Find that some. Of you will. Get! Thank C. Back to the kitchen? Talking to travel Bada Children are way of first responder who is risking life to give us a loving it right on time. She looked at. It is and I'm ever any smile conversation. Simple moment that things that change us if we know is where we look up sometimes. The only. Been Chasing is. So. West, saying. US straighten BUSTA singing those way, check the. Seeds of. People. Now. This. Ball game. June audio. As Sunday soon enough your. Love. Still Those people on front now an. Scores up to the. Dow. Shula! You'll find that. You will. Rise of. Today. on-demand. Free show posted every day search. Elvis Duran on demand only on the iheartradio APP Elvis durant in the morning shell. The morning show. You look at that I'm looking outside. It's a beautiful day. We it was so rainy and Achey yesterday here in a in the New York new, Jersey area, but it is beautiful today. I can't wait to get outside and go for a do tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow Tomorrow, get a five degree. Bump Up Tomorrow I. CLEAR SKIES How you doing in Jacksonville Florida? How's your weather there frog? Oh, it's beautiful. You started out this morning in the fifties. Today's is going to be seven in lots of sunshine. You have it. Let's go live to Garrett. WHO's in his kitchen? Would you make the kids for breakfast today Garrett? It is French toast. Stick Day Elvis. This is a lot of. Second. Second. Tell You That Oh my God! Yes, yes, there. There's apathy The kids have now. WATCHOS are for obvious reasons, but yeah. The indication I actually. What do you have? Yeah, all right? Let's go to Stephen Colbert last night. He was interviewing. Daniel, Radcliffe, Harry Potter, and just like many of us doing interviews on the computer. There was a connection issue. Thank you so much for doing this. Can't hear a word, but you look very nice. Lets. You kind of mime training. You Got Their Radcliffe. Come on, you're trained actor. Can you and then they? They eventually got it up and running all right. Let's switch over to Kimmel. Laugh ninetieth Samuel L., Jackson now if you know Samuel, Jackson does the audio book for a Children's book called. Go the EPA sleek while they change the words for stay the F. Home. You can still see your free use them. On your phone. Unless you just ran out of groceries. Please stay the. All. Larry. Bird because that is. And now that you're home, please feel free. To Go. All Right Suncoast News reporter Jessica Lang. She's in quarantine in Sarasota Florida with her family and with mom and dad, and she was recording her news report in the kitchen. When dad been realized, he came in with his shirt off, and you can hear the reaction right here. In. Just what would you do? Holy Crap. Swing. On TV and her dad walked with his shirt off. I think they were recording it. Though is it live on TV, so he, of course it ended. It ended up on twitter after that four so Let's talk about what we've been talking about for few days about at seven PM. Going outside and cheering for all the caretakers that are coming on and off shifts so here in New York City. Our friend Ravenna Scotto captured this. New York City singing along to at least you keys empire state of mind. This is great. Somebody's wearing kings. That was so. I. WanNa Cry Every time I hear! I should lean into that. You know what's so great. Is the city is. It's so quiet you can hear birds chirping, but at seven o'clock every night it gets nice and loud in here. Come the cow bells ringing cowbells, yeah! I'm still waiting for my cowbells to come in from Amazon. Going Gary. All right. Let's talk about governor full though he announced yesterday that his brother Chris Cuomo from CNN has the coronavirus, and this is what he said my brother. Chris is positive for coronavirus. He is going to be fine. He's young in good shape strong. Strong as thanks but. He will be fine. Chris. And in his job, he's combative and he's argumentative and he's pushing people, but that's his job. That's really not who he is. He's a really. Sweet Beautiful Guy and he's my best friend. I was watching Christmas show, he's still doing a show from his house and he looks like he's. He's a little under the weather, but he's staying positive and he's doing a great job. Now before that, though the two brothers were both on CNN, and Chris, his brother Hey, everybody wants to know if you'RE GONNA run to be president, and this is how he responded with all of this adulation. You're getting for doing your job. Are you thinking about running for President? Tell the audience. No No. No you won't answer. No I answer. No. I'm just one word I said No. Have you. Well know. Are you open thinking about it? Might you think about it at some point. No Albany know what you might think about at some point right now. Because I. Know what I think about. Think about, but you're a great interviewer by the way. Who? The. Know. You're? Thinking about it, no! You. Your brother. Your brother is the governor of the State of New York and you're interviewing. You're like no, no! By the way the governor called his brother meatball on CNN. People. Relationship they have. A great all right now let's talk about Bon Jovi real quick. He's doing something very creative song called. Do what you can, and he asked the world. Hey, contribute the lines what you're doing right now. What you're experiencing and I'll put it all together and former song. Here's a little clip of what she's joy so Jon. Bon Jovi's using lyrics that his fans sent him. They tweeted these lyrics to him right. Yeah. They admitted them online social media, and you told lines from here and there, and this is just a little clip. Do It you, can we? He'd. Cheek as. This map. It's just thought I'm want inches. Brand new. Dumb! Down he we on this day and you can't do to. Do G.. Can, Great! Job on Joe. It'd been making the rounds a lot a lot these days I'm. Jay bj sold kitchens. There's just amazing too over in Jersey. He's doing a lot great things, but that song it sounds a little like another song that we're playing on our show here. Sound a little. A Joy Dodig. Said earlier. Gandhi. Love to hear John. Here Kitty Kitty incumbent. Moment. I love. Attorney. But thank you. Thank you to a new. Jersey's Jon Bon Jovi for all the great things he's doing. That's amazing to see him out there making a difference in the community and there's your sound your good American Garrett. Thank you so. We love. To love you more. Get back to. Take a break. We're coming back after this. Ms Part of today's show. Elvis Duran on demand. Free. Show posted every. Day surge. On only on the iheartradio. APP Elvis Duran in the morning show. Fifty five one hundred. One hundred, Standard Data and messaging rates may apply always durant in the morning show. Checking out your texts, you can text us at fifty one hundred. We just learned that lizzo ordered food for a Dayton hospital staff. How is all of our Eliza? look if people want to you WANNA. Shout out to anyone. Who is your hero getting you through? These crazy days feel free to Texas fifty one. We'll do our best to get to it also a shout out to angel. An EMT working with FEMA, he just checked in as part of the crew, bringing in more ambulances to deal with the overload of nine one one calls in the city. Thank you to FEMA. Thank you to Angel. Thank you to everyone keeping a safety keeping a strong keeping fed keeping US alive. Thank you to all of our heroes speaking of heroes, I if if you don't live in the New York New Jersey area then you can't listen to one hundred. Should actually you can listen online on your iheartradio APP every night every night at nine o'clock, we do a light show on the top of the Empire State Building Right in the center of it all set to the the Song Empire State of mind by at least Lisa Keys. We talked about it with her a little while ago. we actually were actually calling out another hero tonight at nine o'clock coast time on z one hundred. If you WANNA, watch it, I do believe it's carried live on our z one hundred facebook page. Is that correct I? Think so. We'll look into that. No one knows they're looking. I think no I don't know. Let's get into the three things. We need to know from Gandhi Gandhi what's going on? Well medical experts are saying that nearly a quarter million people in the US could pass away from covid nineteen, even with social distancing in that. If people continue to do nothing and keep trying to go about business as usual, the death toll could exceed two million, and currently the US is falling behind compared to other countries when it comes to flattening the curve so as we've talked about repeatedly do it. If you can stay home, stay home. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Follow the guidelines. This is really important, not just for you for everybody in the country. If we want to over this, we have to do what's necessary. Fast Gone I. Can Say something we saw last night. I said this earlier in the we. You're just going to make a quick stop. We had to run out for something we had to do. And we're GONNA make a quick stop in the little, a little farm stand grocery store down the street that usually totally empty, because we just wanted to want to hang out with other people and. As we were about to walk in Alex, said Stop. Do not walk in there and I, said why I looked in, and you could see a lot of people were in there, and there is no room between them so I think what's really smart. It's just like governor. CUOMO tells us to look ahead and try to get ahead of the virus. This is a way you can get ahead of the virus. Look ahead if you see a place where you shouldn't be walking. Readjust recalibrate and walk the other way or just pull yourself out. It doesn't hurt to think smart like that. It could save your life for someone else's life to all right. Go ahead next door. Sorry about that. No I appreciate that it's important that we talk about this stuff and know that it applies to everybody. A lot of people are thinking. It doesn't apply to me. No, it applies to everybody. We need to do our part. Part so it's the first of the month. We know that there isn't going to be any April. Fools joke re coming from us today, but there is rent do for millions of Americans and we know that that's a really tough spot for a lot of people who are out of work, but there is some good news there because if that applies to you the vast. Of people are going to be getting a reprieve through federal state and local moratoriums on evictions, a lot of landlords are also going to be getting a break on mortgage payments. So if you are worried, contact your landlord. See if there's something that you can work out because there is a lot that you can do right now and today is also census day. So if you've got one if you got the phone. Phone call got something in the mail. Fill it out. It's important. This is gonNA. Be The first time that people can also fill out responses online. Some people are a little bit concerned about that. Saying that it raises a Red Flag for accuracy, but on the other hand this could be great, because some people might prefer that method right now. Due to the cove, nineteen crisis, and those are your three things. Hey. A FROG is today Andy Stewart's birthday. From Norwegian cruise lines it sure is. We lower any stewart happy birthday. Happy Birthday. Oh okay, so if you WANNA watch the Empire State Building Light show tonight at nine o'clock East Coast time. You can listen to an one hundred in New York. You can watch it on our Elvis Duran facebook page, and we're just sharing it with the empire. State, building's facebook page see there's a million ways to watch it. It really is something you've got to check out all right. Let's take a break. We'll be back right after this. Morning. And, we know that some protection is essential. Take care of your skin. The Way I do with Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Hawaiian. Tropic has perfected a light non greasy formula. That's great for your daily beauty routine, so do what I do, and and stock up on. Why and Tropic available at Walmart? Elvis durant phone tap to jump into a Danielle. We need something to pick us up all right. WE'LL ALEC says my dog is mole was hit by a car and had surgery which costs five thousand blocks. The dog is still limping, but my dad Nelson told me not to bring the dog back to the vet. I want you to call him. Tell him that. I did it and tell him that we owe more money, so uncle from the. Bad Yes, I'm at the vet's office gizmo because he was limping really bad this morning so I took him to get x-rays and everything and already paid for the X-RAYS, but they're not giving me the dog back because they said you have an unpaid balance on the surgery Alex. you lost your mind now why he was living. Here talking to that, she'll tell you hello. WHAT THEIR FIRST OF ALL! There's no balance on that surgery I have a fifteen hundred dollar unpaid balance crazy. We paid everything on that surge. We paid over five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars. It was six thousand five hundred dollars. We paid every bill we got. You better give me back my dogs first of all Sir I really don't like your tone of voice i. don't really like the way we were overcharged at your vet. For the services that you got. You wanted to charge me three hundred seventy dollars for for for an x Ray. That's outrageous. Why is that outrageous? I went to another. Betty only wanted to talk me a hundred and twenty five dollars for an extra. Job As we do that's ridiculous. You better get my daughter back. That dog I'm not giving back on you I guarantee. You can't keep somebody damn dog first of all, let stop with cursing Sir and second of all. Alex. here's your father. How do you took him there? You go, Bro, you call police and have them. Give me back my dog well. What am I supposed to tell the calm? I can't believe you did that without asking. I asked him. I thought it was fine. If I paid for the x Ray and everything I didn't know you like an unpaid balance both lost. Alex. can I have the phone again, please here. Here's a bit. Hello. Sir Can I. Ask you a question. What did you do to the dog at home to cause him to start limping again? That dog was in a teenage for the whole month like you told me to put them in a cage and he was living from the time we got him. Home I'm not paying another penny. Penny when your daughter feel comfortable keeping dog, they go ahead and keep the dog. Alex I. Guess He Hung All right. We're GONNA. Call him again. Okay, okay, go you talk now. What am I supposed to do about the dog? She's not giving the dog. Ask told you. Ever come time to keeping your dog. Disputed building I had the dog. There's no reason for them to keep that dog. Hold on, Johnson. Talk you again. There's nothing to discuss. There's nothing discuss. You're not getting another. Question you just told me to keep the dog. Don't you think that's cruelty to animals that you just throw your dog aside like that? That you're using him to leverage affecting hundred dollars bill that I am not paying because I. Don't know it now you do whatever you think is good in your heart, you WanNa. Keep the dog you keep the dog. Okay, but let me tell you something. Sixty five hundred is ridiculous I think so pissed off. I should come there and get like. Love your animal. Don't try to use my emotions because my most is right now are not about the dog. It's about your company. You know what I'm GonNa. Keep your daughter here too, and not let her go until I. See my money. Here's your daughter that I love you so much. For Half? Bringing. Me a phone. It's actually Daniel Minero Elvis, Duran in the morning show. You got phone tapped. Everyone knew about it. We're like. On. That's pretty good. You got me so now that you know it's a joke and you're not gonNA. Call the cops on me. What do you want your daughter? You know how you were moving out in. June Running out sooner you moving up today. GIZMO. Up in the air. It is today's phone tap. Good going Danielle. Irritates. Recorded with permission granted by all participants. Elvis. Allaster allies in the morning show. This. Is Elvis Duran in the morning show. Well well, that was fun. We just recorded today's fifteen minute morning. Show podcast. Really just odd. The ending especially. Yeah straight nate and Scotty be the stars of the show, but also Daniel's mom and my husband Alex make sure you listen to the fifteen minute morning. Show podcast. We'll have it up a little bit Hey Danielle. Let's do another Daniel Report. What are you going on? All right, so follow along with this one, so Cardi B. Remember wanted to start a gofundme me for tiger. King Joe Exotic Right, so all of a sudden the go fund me pops up and then it gets taken down because he's in jail and you can't started. Go Fund me for somebody WHO's in jail. They don't want you doing that, so then. She finds out that this. Go Fund me is there and she's like well. Wait a minute. I was just kidding. That's not me. Somebody else started that will. There's somebody apparently showed her video of Joe Exotic, getting upset that he's not allowed to use the N. Word when other people are allowed to and then. Then, apparently, Cardi, said fro his ass in jail. So that's going on right now. Get a little crazy getting a little crazy, so andy! Cohen is a story of hope from the corona virus. You know that he was diagnosed with it, and he had to stay away from his thirteen month old son while he just got reunited with his son. He's been cleared. He's feeling a lot. Better is good and they had been reunited yesterday, so it's awesome and I love that Millie Bobby Brown. Where did she learned her American accent from well, she was on Miley Cyrus pod cap. Guests instagram. Ma Series the other day and she said she learned from Hannah Montana. Really. Pretty interesting. That's where a Ghandi learn how to speak English to. discuss. Whitley. Speaking. Who He just talking about Daniel. Millie Bobby Brown. She just donated money to the Santa Fe New Mexico kitchen. Kitchen takes food around people. You know why I didn't know this. They filmed part of season. Four of stranger things in Santa Fe I didn't even know what you. Know that's cool. What I'm hearing. have. You need a smile today Jack. Black launched his tiktok account. Hashtag stay at home damned has gone viral underwear, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He looks so cute and adorable on so much fun, so check that out when you get a chance all right Daniel. Thank you Rebecca final word after this. Story in in the morning show. Cvs Pharmacy delivers and right now to meet the needs of the current health situations. They're offering free one to two day delivery of prescriptions and other stores central's visit CVs dot, com, or call your local CVs pharmacy to get started restrictions apply. My name is Eddie does Old Dominion a morning show and on the move I want to personally invite you to my new podcast. All My name is Ado. Show where I'll talk to artist community leaders and people like you together. We'll learn more about the triumphs and failures that empower biweekly guest. You can find my new show on the free iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to your podcast. Guys bobby bones I host the bobby show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up with three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later on my friends together we get into a room and we do a radio show. Wish your alive. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world that we possibly can, and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country artists are always stopping by hang out and share their lives and music to so wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point seven W M Z Q in Washington DC, or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio, APP.

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