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"On arrival. A large amount of cars were involved in the fire, they stacked about three high, so it took some time to extinguish the two to the nature of how they stacked and where they placed. Norris says the fire has now been extinguished and a fire investigator is due on site today. It comes four and a half weeks after a separate scrap metal yard went up and flames just a couple of kilometers away. Canterbury Pelé started dealing with the highest rate of mental health callouts in any policing district of New Zealand. Figures released under the official information act reveal crisis calls in the region have risen by 37% between 2018 and 2021. Officers attended more than 9000 mental health related call outs last year alone, superintendent, slain Todd says these calls take a significant amount of policing time. We earned the range of 45 to 65% of the front lines called the services around that needle here through a temperature suicide. I am rich. Hopes a new government policy will make it harder to turn highly productive land in two subdivisions. The new rules aim to provide security for our domestic food supply and primary exports. It will remain counsels will only be able to raise on highly productive land for urban housing if less productive land is not available or if certain tests can be met. The plan will be transitioned into the two acts to replacing the resource management act by a protection altira director professor Amanda black says it's something that's been on the cards for decades. She says people have voiced their concerns about good land being gobbled up for development since the 90s, when subdivisions first became a thing. And queen sounds in for one of its most significant election 6 candidates have put their head in the ring to replace Queenstown likes outgoing mere Jim balls and next month's local body election, the new mayor will be tasked with leading the district through an economic recovery being set by critical lack of staff, lack of affordable housing, and Meryl hopeful John Mitchell says right now, leadership is key for Queenstown. I think it's the most important election that coins down likes has ever had. Where the pivotal time and we need real experience. That's news talks they've been used with Hitachi heat pumps. You'll affordable premium heat pumps. Sports with John Ryan funeral directors continuing a family tradition since 1881. Nissan exhibit sports, good morning, netball, New Zealand's are trying to remain philosophical about impending financial loss from the Jamaican tour, the three test series has been cut to two after passport issues disrupted the visitors arrival near born New Zealand commercial boss David Cooper has rationalized the situation. We will lose money on where we thought we were going to be for the series, but I think equally we are nipple organization and playing nipple games as what we're about. So we're happy to take that on the nose to a degree. The jamaicans arrive in two waves over the next two days with tests now on Wednesday and Thursday night. Beach volleyball Joe Alice aman and Shauna Polly will get a significant left in their world rankings after claiming gold at the Asian championships in Thailand, the peers should move from 44th in the world into the 20s after a series of wins against higher ranked pardons, including world numbers three Australia, zamin speaks continued 6 years after finding the right formula for tournaments play. We just have a lot of fun on court and try to enjoy every moment and you know we're always like, oh, I'm so grateful to be here today and just trying to frame it like that. Hide and patterns tasted success in his second ounce with his AV car at the Ashley forest rally sprint in north Canterbury. The 35 year old steered his all electric Hyundai around the course in a winning time of 55.64 seconds, aging retro is Sloan Cox by .3 of a second pattern will give the EV a demo run at rally New Zealand at the end of this month, but revert to the Hyundai I 24 the race itself. And arsenal of back on top of football's Premier League after a three zero victory at Brentford, the one ahead of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur after 7 matches of peace. If it's in Bates West Ham one zero, meanwhile in football closer to home, the Canterbury pride of open to the women's national league campaign on a winning note. If beaten central three nil at English park. I'm Nick buley, then snooze talks he'd be news and sport to 24 away from 8 my costing his next. Weather with ryman healthcare, pioneering a new way of retirement living. Daddy with a few spots of rain to get your Monday underway, then find the afternoon some high cloud will hang around. Fresno east Elise will ease the afternoon as Christchurch makes its way to a top of 21° then down to 8 tonight. Tomorrow, Tuesday, cloudy, clearing, and becoming fine, later in the day northerlies will ease across the afternoon atop of 20°, then overnight down to 7. At the moment, we're just creeping up to 12°. You're up to date on news sports and weather on news talks it be. Do you still exhibit Christchurch? Time saver traffic. Good morning now with get a heavy run this morning on John's at road at southbound at Sawyer's answered as heavy on cranford street southbound to approaching Ennis, brougham strait, a spell between Barrington and ambigua heavy, looking pretty good there though on mission road approaching the altars, north get road eastbound between Gregor's road of Maine north road, flowing relatively well of with something O 800 jammed as our number. The timesaver traffic. Challenging opinion and the honest facts, the Mike hosking breakfast with radius care, caring is out calling. News talks at B uh, my surf an offender is damaged by crappy childhood they get much less jail time than one who had a great childhood do the reduced sentences fix the crappy childhood. Or do they just mean they get more time in the community to act out their damage? It's not a bad way of putting it actually and so it goes ridiculous sentencing when enabling excuses if you're a grown adult adult crime at all time, no excuses, Mike. I saw him are also had a rough upbringing and saw a lot of crap which turned him into a terrorist time, Mike love you show you often express wonderment at our crime rate, your interview with the KC finally provides the answer. Mike, shouldn't Mac people go to prison for longer and rehab and keep them off the street for longer because they pose a higher risk to re offending Mike. They should get the full sentence and if they reform reduce it then who will pay when they reoffend Mike, anyone dealing in drugs that destroy other people's lives should get maximum sentence. And so guys, I mean, just goes on and on and on. And so can I just point out that Osama was privileged? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But he saw a lot of weird stuff and that's how you get right right. So a gang scumbag ripe somebody then caused bad childhood, but the woman he raped also had a bad child and get zero recognition or help or discount or anything. Mike, based on the sentencing rule should have sentenced increase if you are from a good background. So I am a member of a church. Mike, so you can see forgot to say all about the criminal, says it's all about the criminal, the victim, not justice, and definitely not punishment, might cry me to him. So I guess, see, the point of this is, is this is the disconnect with the system. So what you and I might think are expect or want isn't being delivered, and the people within the system defend the system as being a good system, and there's a mess of kism in between. I think that's in a nutshell, isn't it? 22 minutes away from me. Every several guy have felt interesting old weekend of sport to cover up after 8 o'clock the morning. Now meantime, another crack at that great debate over productive land do you plan stuff in its or do you whack a house on top? The government announced new rules to enhance protections environment minister David Parker's withers very good morning. Morning to you too mate. Why is it taken us this long to get to this and does it actually solve the problem as far as you're concerned? Well, I hear someone else saying the deals in the detail of the sort of instrument and they're right. So we came to power in two 1017 saying that we were going to both enable more housing development because you need to house our people, but we've also got to restrict the urban sprawl that eats up too much of these land that we need to grow vegetables. So the reason that it's taken three years is because it's been a couple of exposure drafts and we've consulted with the

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