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"batas astor" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"We bought one one seconds qualifying at the twenty two nd. Two italian gregory beating max staffan with lewis hamilton fifth after making a poor start from among side us down robotic finished third mclaren ahead of his teammate landowners who kept hamilton at bay for the duration of the race which was disrupted by a fast lap crash for twenty months of winter. Pa ouseley ghazi. Briefy fit the mccaren of down. Your ricardo damaged his front wing as a result which went underneath his front wheels causing him to shoot off into the gravel. The crash about the safety car and ask as these call was recovered a clash between iki snow to number but cubits so usa came about the race restarted on that four of eighteen with batas romping to one point six second lead over verstappen with hamilton chasing. The two mclarens both tie as fast as the mediums of the cheerleaders. On the second mercedes recorded came home fourteen point five seconds behind the winner with norris keeping hamilton behind him who at times was even sliding around dramatically shall lead time. His ferrari teammate call assigned in sixth and seventh the former recovering from feeding on while at the end of f. b. two scientists ferrari had been rebuilt off his heavy f. b. to crash came highway started ahead of antonucci of nazi. The affirmation drive ahead of the charging such a paris to finish with the red bull. Dr having to make a couple of attempts to pause after martin's launch drove for that position. That's the top ten and the result means that stop. it will start sunday's grand prix it from the front of the grade with ricardo alongside him on the front row as batas will drop to the back of the field fatiguing afresh mercedes engine before qualifying on friday. Alex kalinowka is back to join me in chats about today's action. Alex corpulence were in the paddock earlier. But how are you finding the second sprint weekend of the season. You high ariana and heights the listeners. Yes it was good to chat in the in the product early on sale. Now back at my hotel having having yet over decompress after considering the second as formula sprint race. And yeah i mean it was the silverstone one who's particularly new and we go out go to judge everything for the whole weekend to finish before we can really say if it was a success or failure or it was just a little bit more interesting because it was lewis hamilton. An extra stop going hammer and tong. The front you not necessarily of action at silverstone but they were chasing each other pre closely stays just fell a bit met has not very very analysis or grump reedited wealthy but it just thoughts. This'll of the vibe of conference. Today i mean everybody really except for fouts bought ask but then he's already vein because he's he's gonna have the actual accolade of Of topping qualifying on friday. I'm winning spent been raced not recognized by the history books because of this ridiculous. And i will continue to this into. Hopefully it's changed which it might be. Jonathan neighbor colleague might support dot com spoke to ross brawn early on in the week. And i said yet. We hear people's frustration about the sprint race Sorry the driver topping qualifying on friday. Not getting the post that we hear that. Maybe that's something. They're look at changing says goods. Let's keep up the pressure if we can but yeah that's kind of what i'm feeding off the seconds but my sister not very much happened. Doesn't we talk about well. These calls are designed to you know to be competitive in nineteen minutes review if you just stopped the race before the first pit. Stop you expect you to be much action. particularly there's no chaos at the first corner was the safety car and you know what would have helped things ties. And under his stretch particularly the run starting in the mclaren. Say yeah. I think I think there's generally a feeling of more negatively towards it than there was a silverstein chesting very very interesting there now. Let's talk about the process day and as you said. He banked himself by himself slot yesterday in qualifying kept onto it today for the sprint but is going strip. Wait down because of changing engine. But it's been a really solid weekend for him and is sought to shame. The is not going to be able to convert on the race on sunday. I mean unless well who knows what could happen but at the moment is unlikely that know be able to bring heim victory as well. He's doing well though. We spoke yesterday with john as well. It seems like maybe the pressure on saturday of your future so of lifting off. Have you heard anything from him since the f. one sprint about why he is feeding say comfortable this weekend and so confident on the track. He didn't really touch on in the in the post race. Press cameras and i will call race because is a race or fao. Not sorry in fact gedeon when you touch on in the press conference but nba hd. I saw her colleague jess mcfadden. Tweet this is peak boundary. Batas astor to have been doing an amazing weekend and yet will get nothing from it. So far in this can come through and deliver an amazing result in the race tomorrow and i will say is. I spoke to mercedes earlier on today and they did confirm that he did get a heated. Get a an a A genuine performance at benefit from taking that new engine and bearing mind it was less than a tenth of a second the gap between himself and his teammate lewis hamilton in qualifying yesterday so while the team you know they weren't going to be putting an exact figure on it both has definitely benefited from from what happened there from from taking that that fresh engine however he still he's still delivered it he sportsperson. You can only play the circumstances in front of you really especially things like In qualifying and the race and so you and put us nowadays so absolutely fascinated him. Well done it's just going to be. I just faith what might happen tomorrow. In terms of we saw last year when he was down the order in that crazy. Italian grand prix. He didn't make any progress. There was able to and that was when they both had a massive car advantage over the rest of the field so as we saw. We've we've learned how much my sleigh after each back from his post as you said. Ariana couldn't get lenore soap. Not i think it's a slam dunk. That mercedes is going to make massive ground up tomorrow. Let's stay on the mercedes topic before we get to how they might fed. Tomorrow we dig into that but deepa lewis start today. What's happened now. What what went wrong. Because it was quite a poor start from him of course dropping right back down. The order losing that advanced. He had starting the p. To a lot people saying before you know given the bosses going to be dropping down the order anyway puts lewis in such a strong position on the team in quieter quite favorable position in terms of how they could play the sprint today. But lewis's star just really let him down. I guess he certainly did. It certainly did ambato st so of hints. That team orders were effective. Your mccarthy said possibly we would have done the swap because of the obvious situation bearing a referring to hamilton being in the top. Five max or stopping in the drivers championship. But yeah we've with. Winston stop basically said he was He was two millimeters too deep with the clutch padres es mistake of releasing higgins targets on the clutch. And it just goes we will spend you know. He launched okay. Attraction was was there seems to be but as soon as as soon as it came to to the it's been in the later phases. That's really what cost him and he was on the back for immediately at at this web. Of course some really Defend hard but fair against the landowners. Then he's got swamped ricardo. Who's coming by the starting mcgowan on the other side. Gase got by him as well So yeah i mean it could have been even worse. Radio you constantly doesn't enforce just tap. The left retire of avocados mclaren and break his front wing. Housing could well have ended up behind him. I may have got urban with get back by the. Yeah definitely as you said. We saw him defending a hard but fair against the cause around him. Do you think that in that position that he was in a part of him. It was probably thinking. Don't don't do anything to radical. Because of course you don't wanna risk damage getting coop. Any scraps expected to play a little bit safe. When you do have about solve star so that you can line up you know. People five as opposed to at the very back of the packing unit crashing out. Do you think any even goes into the drive as minds on a sprint. Light day or do you think as soon as is lights out that satan. And they're fighting that he go. I think we'd hamilton. Today was more than he had any other choice or anything there was. There was anything he could do. Just because of the nature of that rundown. Someone's i've been..

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