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"bastard out firewood" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Gotta tell you, Daniel, He's a veteran. He's the owner of Bastard Out firewood. His team really knocked it out of the park. And what this cold snap upon us have your fire. Wood delivered. Call 5129 10, 54, 86 9 10 54 86 or online bass drop firewood dot com That's bass drop firewood dot com. This'll is gardening naturally on NewsRadio K O B. J with host Geoff Ferris. Jeff is ready for your calls or text messages at 51283605 90. Welcome back everybody on a cold day. Um some of the things that once we get past this burst in the weather, we will get past this place in the weather. Folks understand it's going to change. We're gonna see, um wake up conditions. Whether what a wake up conditions the temperatures will start to rise. Start. They have some moisture in the soil, and this is going to turn on all kinds of triggers. For the weed. Yeah. If you didn't have some weeds showing up I I see hand bit everywhere. I see the polo annual The Bluegrass, the annual bluegrass showing up already if you didn't have those coming already, when we start this warm up This is going to trigger all of the weed seeds that are going to give us issues in May and June and July, particularly things like sand burgers. Crabgrass will really start showing up the hot weather weeds like spurge. That stuff's everywhere. The hot weather weeds like personal ng. Now that is one of the effects of corn gluten. How it works is the really pretty simple It is a part of the corn. That As it breaks down, it produces these six different chemicals during its decomposition stage. These chemicals work and a host of ways to prevent seeds. Just weed seeds, but any kind of seed From.

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