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#447 Esco Big Bars

"Augustine hosing a show with your host. Dog use gino's took take the take. Hello dan welcome back to the casinos english show with your host agresson zinc and this is episode number. Four four seven. That's four four. Seven of the tino singer show. Hope you'll good wherever you may be chicken the show as per usual if it should turn first time. I i am as you can see i. I've gotta show the choice. Must i liked but subscribing subscribed balloon if your listeners revered a podcast app then of course a five star review and a share will help it go along long way so make sure you do that get involved on there today and of course support patrons always motor welcome at patriot forces. Agostini you get one bonus show coming. Live indirect at you tomorrow so make sure you jump on their patients. a. g. o. s. h. o. To get a chance to listen to the patriots only boehner show available to my backers. Get involved don't delay get both on day to day. How you doing good wherever you may be. I am feeling okay gain to our needs to be. The energy is still kicking my ass as usual. Say levy and all that milwaukee but we still standing we are still standing of what else has been going on. Still working away through basil galactica. A couple of percents yesterday which was fairly decent again as i mentioned previously. I'm still not very still not sold on this whole idea about the silence. Being shaped shift in shape shifting human cyborg thing he mcgee's everyone that's called dick basically falling in love with him. That's not really my vibe but overall in terms of space opera. I'm loving it. I'm loving every bevis so that's been pretty decent to you know get involved in. Malaka puffins at nine. Oh center was today. May not a plane tomorrow against granada in europe leak. That's about it really to to. We have this impending vaccine possible thing happening soon in the uk. Which i mentioned on the show while back ago right. I said it was going to be inevitable especially for live events. I was very much you say. I was pretty much certain at a time. When i heard that gave floated that they will definitely going to make thing regardless of the vaccine was successful and now even in the post vaccine world in a car park vaccine would with still kind of facing the prospect of having to submit our or make our public health a private health information public to gain access to things that we didn't need to make it available for right so to go to pablo cinema festivals in concepts. And now we're going to require you to have some sort of document that proves debated knock allies from this kind of bullshit is whole complete. Shishir again like i mentioned prior. I did really think from the outset. It was something that was bound to happen. You know soon as the idea it. It was very much unlucky to turn back and say oh no. We're not going to do anymore. It was definitely going to happen. It was just a matter of when if if So that is something were sort of having to battle with here in the uk. But you know. I think how say you know how it's difficult if we had a decent opposition to boris who actually stood for something than might have actually helped in terms of being able to kind of another narrative. Pushback from this'll were under the moment but seeing kissed on with a little bit passive and i don't know what kind of back deal he's abaco. He has with the tories but he just doesn't strike me. Somebody s going to you. Know for lack of a better term strike strikeout. I hall tech advantage of the indecision and sentiment in the uk and basically side with things that would say plagiarize outta history but side with the current sentiment in the country and basically guarantee votes when we goes to general election in a few years. But he's probably not going to do that. he's not he. You know begrudgingly back the bill. We're gonna end up having to give our medical bills over to some random person working to spoons and this is going to be a completion. And he's talking to and from there. I because soon as we have that we've effectively got our own version of biometric. Id card in some respects right. We've got probably more information on dead than some of our european counterparts have on their. Id 'cause records the standard thing they have in the european union. I e qods basically giving you a day above i'm not. I'm not sure it's called blood type of appreciate hasn't but essentially as you know think that you carry around us. That advocated a possible. So you can you know gain excesses places. Maybe cross borders wherever you may be. We'll end up having something far worse than that will contain a level of information. You know private health information that you've probably shouldn't be sharing to private businesses but there is also an argument that private businesses have a right to request whatever they want in order for you to excess to their services or they're building whatever it may be so it's a of a situation like i said especially considering we've got vaccine is working pretty well and people are being a lot more willing to go and get vaccinated which. I was very surprised by so to be in a situation where not the moment where we're currently having to face this whole idea coughing. Or what. What do they call it. Announced snow possible is a certificate certification. Something kind sums will appear in front which is a whole different array of issues again. Right you have to flip in face idea. Look then you can have to upload and kind of input william private health information and then share that with some you know Bless her heart and part time awaking in local poverty your area in order to get a good drink still or to go to vegas for a tenor like it's just an opposition absolutely show but again what can we do. What can we do go jump atrophy today as per usual. Lasagna dive unin so it. Make a drink hilo snacky that good stuff in between less. Get in both. I mean i. I kind of stumbled upon today. That kind of got me thinking call. You know what things have changed so much these years. I don't even think there's anybody in the scene right now. Exists us of the level of you. Know somebody that can escalate very influential would say Graham mc from slim crew unfortunately pasta. I m going to say. In two thousand seventeen in my been famously known as being jimmy hoffa coverage media for being a professional footballer buffet for a host of privy teams here in england and escobar was one of his kind of half prevalent. Who kind of you know. Very much respected and grime had over stories attached to him from the streets that people would probably not too fond of repeat nba in a for lack of term. He was setty said he fide as a kid sat there but definitely one of my favorite sees. He probably didn't have that much of a. You know snow of lyrics. Probably had you know if we're gonna count to. Let's say thirty two right. He probably had maybe fifteen twos in his pocket but they were discussing where did have their just you just real them off back to back in every set and just completely dumpy loads of occasions of of him through them god's gifts and stuff just absolutely destroying regular today pirate radio ice dies. We religion outsell home recording stuff late tonight on dejean wince on the ever station to a seven point eight station but the radio was really good balloting. Not a wacky stuff you have now with. Ntsb of gay into radio stuff like proper radio to kind of scan across the The radio waves no to kind of get a station and depending on what location you will you picked up. Some pirate stations located in random abounding random abandoned flat somewhere Ridicule ones and you to hear you know these amazing upcoming emcees from your area. You got to have like a little peek into what was going on in terms of this i member was. I'm gonna say pre twitter so those is some kind of town square feet to kind of find out what was going on in your area. Right lobe st. Paul takes developments in buildings and stuff. Whatever may be you kind of learn. They offered Porto of those pirate stations. And sometimes you date have really good collins. Radio shows morning shows. I drive shows. I really really cool Entertainment order around was kind of thing that you didn't want to miss you. Kinda rush back to your radio to listen to. Anything that can say was similar to pirate radio back in the day. That's kind of existing now. Is that thing. That wasn't quote again district. This similar i think to pirate at the moment is this Was at school. The ten v ten right and they do these things where i've got this flyer for like a rain. He's going to a promotion. Packs it to me like a buju assisting but they do really good ones to be ten and in the other example i would say would be of your radio right those the only two things that are kind of like an online radio show sometimes even was suffering caused pink. Friday was a one nick measuring weber. Is there's no love them that you'd wanna rush back home to kind of go. Listen to which is why. I know as great pilot. No i haven't listened to tissue entire life one in four but the kind of defended a miss. Is that kind of appeal. What you want to just shoot it on time when it's actually on you don't want to watch it on demand to back on the modern. You think you are kind of unita choon time. That's actually on air. And you don't get that nowadays i guess maybe 'cause streaming and whatever may be a sore replaced in indefinitely but this is definitely an era and nowadays forget just radio streaming just in grime alone. I don't think there's a lot of defenders kids out that moment. Who even touching someone that can execute by kenneka. Said he wasn't really that prolific didn't have a lot of dubs all of tunes out there. He wasn't really pursuing his musical career that seriously prior to passing anyway and he was still mouths ahead of anybody The see nowadays the kids coming up his pre again. Maybe it's difficult because that was a golden era so i'm so Comparing the kids are coming up. Now to some absolute of jesus Comparing the rapids coming up now to let the jays nauseous but that was a really golden era of graham. That you fool people would have may be built upon right and kind of progress for the so far. There's not really love kids out on the level of mexico boston. Let's play a little bit of what he has to say here in this little clip from practice to y'all noises practice hours big ripping them get arrested in come to megawatt knows who else don't appreciate the don't want to get one rose. We'd no one nation a any break it. All straight speak nerd is telling sweepstakes service like murderers behind. I saw conspiracy. I never get that little bit. I shelter and saw fuck about thirty are basic kaufman. I'm sarah maria radio show when we're not rut composing also but there's no one around. It sounds really. Is i really. Don't think anybody wanna sounds like that and again so r.i.p escobar one of our legendary graham seats from back in the day. Somebody who again like i said. We played an instrumental part migrating up and one of my favorite. Mc's along with crazy. Tizzy as per usual chip especially during his heyday scorcher. Somebody could stock is from back in the day. Pierre definitely somebody to a big fan of an assault stumbled across my time line. The other day was have to move onto the but was we have here and then of course you had. This is not here from the telegraph about the covert possible. Says exclusive clavier possible trials to begin in the uk at events this month which is again. I'm against the puzzles. In general you get some misses a pretty clever way to kind of shoe on in to normal life right by kind of dangling at the end of a carrot and saying hey if you want to go back to these events you're going to have to give up some of your own. You know privacy and whatnot. A continuous coverage possibles are set to be trialed events in brain weeks. The telegraph can reveal as government pushes ahead with the idea despite the growing rebellion by. Mp's new deals around a dozen pilot schemes. For safety of the safely opening large events will be announced in the coming days with plans to trial. Cova stiff acacia checks at the fa cup final cup semi cup. Final the world snooker championships. I'll take him par with the would also in discussion of the was new championships. It's gonna be an absolute terrible images from definitely crowd is absolutely insane. Now that you wouldn't mind going you know of boring to watch don't get me wrong Maybe you'd probably wanna go to dots instead of the atmosphere can be a bit more ambiguous but they definitely get on a definitely get slush when they're out there that's going to be a good test to see if we've with kobe correctly people come out there. And it's proven it continues. People all going on the offense will be to take a covid testing entry and another off. The attendance of the spreading of the virus can be limited government. Scientists are closely involved in designing and the pilots will watch everything from a crowd flows to ventilation systems to learn lessons about running events. Multiple government sources involved in the planning told telegraphy was hope at the covid. Possibles produce a certificate showing. Your virus status will feature in some pilots. The event will run throughout. April lemay administers What enough conclusions to be drawn from the reopening of large vessel but to happen from megyn again another stipulation of were. We weren't really aware of prior right. There's always conditions to get back to a level of don't know if it's just a consequence of being in the first place and the fact that if you get a little bit power is pretty difficult to let go over here relinquish and give back your citizens their freedom but this idea that we have to kind of jump through hoops and you posses tests in order for us to go back to live in our normal lives that we were living prior to this crazy viruses. Just insane but again. It's one of those things which makes me believe that if they pushing these kind of crazy test things and you know trouser that having to do their most likely the whole possible things it's gonna be you know like i said it's about it's about when if if continues the events in april may require negative covetous and entry hope that some of the pilots may control an update which has someone is headed jab or negative. Antibodies that has been described as a covid. Possibles the puzzle who work in other countries. Don't care about that. The announcement will be another indication that the government is pushing ahead with the possibly allowing people to show covers as was socially active titties even with no final decision taken however backlashes brewing in the comments with more than seventy. Mp's putting klima saying these things are wrong. Putting putting their names to a statement opposing. The idea included around forty tories. I figured that were conservative. Whips given the government's majority in the commons of ruffy. Atc's as well as around twenty labor impedes. Tim them's the statement. They backed the following. We oppose decide the divisive and discriminatory use of the covid. Nineteen stay certificates into tonight. The visuals access to general services jobs the labour leader. Jeremy corbyn in john mcdonnell the shadow. Chancellor have also signed the move comes off the kiss diameter labor Lead a total of the fought the british instinct would be against covid wants pandemic steiner. Said that there was no easy answer and he would alone. You decide whether to pose wants. A detailed proposal been published. What's pussy stand up for something metal or full for nothing. This guy man. God almighty so yeah. Let's see what happens. Most that i couldn't like i said if you're from the uk just brace yourself. This is going to happen so you don't get too disappointed because once these guys flow these things out there in this manner. He definitely is an indication that it's going to go this way. Regards where we like your no so it is what it isn't nixon docket. We have Eric weinstein on the podcast. You can experience having a bit feeling. A little bit aggrieved by the treatment that he'd been receiving from tim dillon. Which is hilarious. I if you've been familiar. I posted a clip from tin. Dylan's patriot which you should definitely sign up to. It's easily the best. Five dollars of overspent on patriot. Easily very very very warfare ami upload about to maybe one to two clips bonus shows on these patriots per week as well as the other tears you get like a rush chow stairway. He sometimes upload as i can a long form video interviews or feature films. He puts together regardless. But you know in general is tim. Johnson is with great value to listen to regardless of what pat from his own and he had like a little free minute segment way kind of ripped to pieces some of the guys involved intellectual dockworker basic questioned their credentials and jokingly and not so jokingly way which is in a valid enough right because especially in the last few months with diva surges of club. House the app. Brit weinstein. Eric weinstein lex friedman Who seen on from the idea. W i've not seen I'm not sure if i've seen some harris. Maybe they've rueben the kind of catis kind of been ousted from that. Group feels about lot. Those guys are spending a lotta time in those spaces. Basically getting i think brett weinstein got basically shouted at by a group of students for being a white guy in some space and yet kind of apologize and basically kicked out eventually aircraft sneaking datuk in about the identity politics and counterculture stuff they usually talking about. And it's just interesting because these guys always kind of as tinted instead viewed as being very small and very educated people who surround themselves with people who are also very smart educated sometimes well fina and whatnot maybe of a managing director till capital right pia consolidation or whatever think tank company that is part of and again. No one really knows what anyone does in this kind of la intellectual griff diesel thing which is probably heaven takes right you kind of want to be as you kind of want to be as ambitious can be with your ocupation what you do so that you can continue doing stuff that you probably have no right to do because already knows what you do right. Is i think there is. There is a benefit to that. But it's also annoying when you're just constantly talk. I'm a great person to say that hypocrite area. And it's just funny that. He got so peeved off by tinted and biscuit suggestion that he has nothing. It doesn't do much. Because he spent most of his time talking on the free app on clubhouse and bemoaning in a gender gender buffets and stuff what if it may be and again it was a joke said ingest but obviously some troops of it and it seemed to stung really harsh because throughout this entire process period. Tim has been constantly saying these. Puerto the take me to hate me hate me and not was just joking around. But judging by the kind of reaction. Br had to some of the jokes. He made some really horrendous. Clapback thing that you know. His wife have hiring. Didn't really take too well either. So her face when they mentioned tins name and she didn't seem too amused. It does seem like that. Intellectual web crew with the exception of maybe sam harrison. They're very incapable of laughing at themselves. Which makes it difficult as again. Because i'm a fan of these guys i like. I love the portal right I love it weinstein's thing what's it called with. The rhino forgot what it's called. Dot course podcasts. Level guys right especially journey covy brett weinstein and his wife have been a really good resource in terms of getting an understanding as to how this virus spread in. The first place of eric has is really good guests on some shows. But especially with. Eric people have no say he started to like you know. Thinking shit doesn't stink anymore. So i think that tim dylan. Bob came at just right. Time to solve simmer down a bit at anywhere on the jergen and basically stay crying one more time about he typing and put up against this definitely proof that tim is. Tim definitely got to eric in a way that he probably shouldn't have considering You know eric's achievements and what he's done and whatnot. He shouldn't really be bothered all caring. What what flipping tenderness assay again. This is the world that we live in. I was you know this question. Like what is eric weinstein ever done. I did that. I did the marginal revolution question. Is tim dillon. Joking around i know you said what did he never created though he was joking. He's fucking around. That was the funny part of that. He was joking but he's saying that because he knows you're brilliant. I understand the only reason why he can say joe loser. Joe couldn't say you you don't need to make me feel good about what you brought it up at. No i'm saying something completely different. Can i actually have been scared of this question. What question that. Tim's question taken seriously gonna take. I'm taking it seriously. Okay in a weird world okay. Here's here's world. You're in a world of serious intellectual people ham straight. You're also hanging out with. Tim dillon in me and i love it but it's the problem is you're you're generating these to know joe. I'm not angry tim. Dylan's that angry. The word you hear the word that that's a problem. You're not that angry carlos mencia. I'm not angry at him at all. I time anyone should be savvy. Pretend wait wait. Wait wait wait. He's one of the most important comedians of our. Okay how dare you derek. Jesus christ and and again. I don't blame the guy to be honest if oh completely i don't blame him. I guess is a natural consequence of being somewhat famous in a field that no one really gives a shit about when it comes to public intellectuals right it should be something that you shouldn't be. You shouldn't be commanding views of like upwards of the half a millions for speaking about stuff that most people convert comprehend because you haven't had like a innocently high. Iq whatever it may be so. Isn't this weird weld where you really shouldn't be famous for being intellectually. Brilliant as you up he is. And then you'll being famous in your what mid fifties wherever he however odious. It must do something to your brain. It must be a bit strange and you hanging on. Its own groups. And you're going to send things and you're you're exposed to you. Know different innovations and technologies are taking place behind the seasonally aware of is going to change the future from your mankind. District lucky is a lot of stuff to kind of contain one person's brain and when somebody's so of course you out and basically questions your questions your room position of questions your place in the culture you can get a little bit tense can make you feel a bit weird overall but it's probably best. That again is a blessing and a curse. It's probably for the best that you you know. Become more successful and become famous in your fifties as opposed so of course when you like eighteen and stuff and you're still developing as a human but i do maintain that it must be boever. Mind fuck. it really does like us. Just a dude that was what lecturing and consulting stops and stuff whatever it may be in silicon valley. Having somewhat mildly iconic. Were some some like a cult. Following maybe in a particular niche in particular subculture. Whatever may be an suddenly. You're broke on. You know one of the biggest shows in the world you gain a massive following. You do import. Gaza brings you allows you income to be more flexible to do your thing and your brothers award become famous too if again kicked out and sex from each university newest milwaukee it must do something to definitely but it's just funny as attempted advantage sita. There's no bob says this is. There's little josie fruit guys just kind of being funny and poking fun has really cut deep with these people who are so brilliant. They shouldn't be really wasting their time with this. Pig has to say but you know the water will even at the moment. You sometimes reacted above as you posted a chorus of claps in praises and dick sucks that occur out there that but hey what can you do. Nixon list was identity. Personal wasn't a weather. Ebay were dropping paypal as a payment provider. This is very strange. I'm very very confusing. Something that i'm actually over the moon about this means i can go back onto ebay again. Discussion the says. Psa either let you sell items of our bank account stein. From valentine's of course this was written earlier on the year in confederate says the following In two thousand two ebay ebay bouquet power and a one point five billion dollar deal turning into turning it into the way you would buying get paid for items. You sell the glamorous so on gino's auction site but the ones happy couple has been broken up has been breaking for years and events as as some centers may no longer be able to sell items on ebay at all without committing an old school bank account. Instead of very interesting this morning. I received a final email warning that would need to add a bank account by february fourteenth for bill to revise your released existing listings create nudist as we'll be disabled continues ebay toews versus isn't a deadline for every seller is rolling on phases and quick. The web shows is going out for at least a couple of years. It's been going on for a couple of years. Isn't the final phase either as ebay tells us the rollout won't be complete until two thousand twenty two time by suspected moving fast. I got this mission despite rarely selling items and ebay and company tells me that the research centers won't be have ebay managed payments by the end of this year digging up a bank account and plug in your profile. May not be doing the annoyance here by the way. You'll be waiting longer if your money as ebay manage payments sites per payments is points out so this is what basically they laid out here to said what to expect you complete ourselves. A step one wants to buy has paid to fund to show his pending salah harvest. Time for you to shift your. The once. bank sells a transaction on ebay funds. Show as available step to payout initiates that to pairs shade daily a weekly based on your scheduled a second payment schedule nomo processing times between one to four business days depending on the bank and impale free your bank sales funds on your account with a normal present time so it looks like from use selling the item to you. Get in the money in your account. It could be anywhere between two to seven working days. Which oversees pre decent. I still think. And i think for the most part of people myself who i kind of stopped selling on ebay purpose pacific because of paper i ran into a few issues. When are selling a couple of cameras and trainers when people kinda declared it in received items and then you go through the entire stupid Conflict resolution sting of low as quotas. Whatever quote on paypal and in because they've been linked if you don got band and you weren't able to your paper anymore you automatically your ebay bantu because it looked like he didn't compete sale. The puzzle devi by feedback to complete the situation. So if they're able to somehow in bring all in house. I'm definitely going to be happy with it. It's just interesting that they will pay one. Play five billion foreign like paper and then suddenly removed is this way says right ebay actually purchased it right ebay ebay pay off one point five billion. What are they going to. So i guess is this something that's been hidden behind the scenes as paper is going to turn into a beater beefing or is this just an ebay thing. I'm assuming he an ebay thing right. Integration is going and pay business a selfish going to be very interesting development and again is definitely going to take out. They'll take steps to remove the need for people to go and buy like an ace accounts because there's a few sites out there that offer people to paternity if you're banned from selling on ebay you can sending selling on ebay because you have a paper you can buy a paper that kind of has been aged and enchaine details i guess or whatever may be oh maybe sapa virtual debit card or something. I don't know what they do but there is things that you can do so completely takes out that business but again maybe it didn't of lungs out the process in terms of this might explain why you i'm seeing these pets happiest for ebay right. He's little way to op. Eds way they like all the ten items that you should buy but the price makes no sense at sort of bringing everything in house continues free to six business days long time to wait for money that could be instantly pops into your paper that said as my last ebay sell the immediate relief funds. Eva shruggy emoji. That's true. I think even abstract the you to have to weigh about a week to get your money in hand from time for the person receiving that malarkey in the defense click the storm. I guess it depends on the status of your actual paper that cut if you've been verified and you've or the limits cleared and maybe when someone send you the money it kind of shows up stray away but for the most part is always a bit of a hold on it. Just ensure that the person receives the p. And if integrate wherever size integrate within a puzzle mocked has received enough secrets released body. So it's never been instant really the only incident. I could see happening in a futures if some companies integrate stuff like you know bitcoin blockchain that escrow sauce ways of peer to peer ways. Basically paying in selling for things that will be to be instant but as is not going to happen. Continues on the plus at ebay says as most other shoot quickly pay should actually quickly for a crap and ebay says mercer should actually pay lower fees and before and provide a very to case studies at this page but it's not like epa's really passing along the savings previously. Ebay would typically take ten percent and paper. we'll take two point nine percent cut in total twelve point number of you take ebay taking a twelve point. Five free percents In the same situation which makes sense again they can make a cheeky. Be on top of it. Why ebay graphic above my look like. You're saving a big chunk of money when you can see if you look carefully to the size of the basel misleading and amid the new matters ebay bob again. I'm i'm fine. Somebody has not been able to sit on ebay for years because my husband fucked up. I'm more than happy to have this ability to do what. I know how to do best. And i sell overprice. China's two teenagers around the world. Nixon list was to be have here pop up. What else do we have here. This move this issue much time. You've used up birdie bear with me base passports. Your desk got egotistical. Most you have got this for this one. So this is a. This is obviously something. That's been developing for a few days. Now the very influential and famous well known make partisan youtube. James charles's admits to messaging underage boys. Sixteen year old boys his basic mater in his now famous. Second battle of apology video. Where he's got this sort of quasi but nist haircut planted top of his head as says the following beauty youtuber. James shows is made to sending sexually explicit messages to two sixteen year old boys. He says in the video. I fully understand my actions and how they are wrong. He said twenty one years which we forget he's twenty one years old actually has stuff about being a child and being a kid and knowing good from you know doing right from wrong especially considered ideal time. He's been in the public eye and doing stuff of in social media space. He's you know he knows rosie know what what you shouldn't shouldn't be doing. he's platforms. But hey it continues allegations against charles. I imagine soc me media this year. in february. The influ twenty five million subscribers as youtube channel was accused by one teenager of charles denied saying he flooded with the person because the boys under eight to be eighteen chose denied the allegations. By the festivities tied wholesome accountable. He admitted wrongdoing. He says that there were two instances one last year one more recently puffiness actually seventeen if that deaf noodles to recount. Who's like a like a youtube influence. A knock and he's the one that solve like tau tied. He started the whole monitor. The whole kind of is mostly to wrongdoing. It's not that bad but it still seems to be strange. This guy that spending these entire life cataloging order. Misgivings wrongdoings these Cl- of these kind of very well protected youtube foods. Who kind of capable of doing anything wrong. Even what is something to do with breaking the actual law and is adult. That's all spending his time. Chronicling all these misgivings and i guess. Making himself the enemy of most of these youtube influences and also an ending of the fans because imagine a large portion of charles fans. Don't wanna hear this right. They just want to wash to make videos fully him on snap and take continued dancing of his parents. Don't really care about all this stuff. Which is actually the most concerning pov. Is that people that are actually pushing to get this guy. Quote unquote cancelled the people that are fans of him. He's actually fans don't care they really don't care if you puts out content tomorrow and just continues clubbing people as per normal which he probably won't because you know most of these guys don't have any backbone and if he gets accused of ways accused of they're just avoid him until the he kind of dies off in all refund again as they always do. That's weapon i. I'm rather if i remember correctly. Wherever kind of for them and social as soon as he kind of came out with video with receipts will be bunking. Claims every so refloated mcgann. So it's just a funny situation in general to look at it continues is these conversations shouldn't have happened chow. Said in the forty minute video. He admitted he could have searched for them on social media platforms and found their ages. Defend by this. Imagine if this was women this was guilty of right like this would be far more egregious but the fact that it's dudes it kind of proves again that no one really cares about the safety of young guys on these social media sized young teenage boys actually right children. No one really cares about their safety and what they're being exposed to but if it's this is these were teenage girls like people would be good absolutely ape shit but as it as it is. I guess people are going to keep moving. You continued you. Probably the place said that he will take time away from personal social media. Educate himself about these issues. Was it educate yourself about your twenty one. Just don't try and fund or six senior alternate. Let's pretty easy. May you continue. Some desperate scandal is not the first time. The beauty influence has faced controversy in two thousand nine years accused of using fame money to terminate almost sexuality which which would allow people would do when they get fame and money right of the pod the po and part of the draw impove the reasoning to go out there in the chief things to stay in fairly good shape into groom yourself well and way expensive clothes and pull on really in a fabulous fragrances would be to explicitly people's for this sexually right. That's exactly what some people do out especially in hollywood. I would assume so so. He's only just following tradition right i. It's a bit crude bit. Horrendous believes boever. Sick taste in the back of your throat but it really is what it is like you know. There is a story a long. History of people manipulating young impressionable. People that come into the industry with their fame and money is what it is and some people are willing to you know to take you know some fashion bogging. It continues to the when addressing why he has been reckless in population shift. He said that's because he's desperate. Imagine kahlo social media having to apologize because you want to keep your brand deals and then having to admit anybody that you're missing sixteen because he's just too horny right. You just to to julia. This is this is also somebody that looks like from. Why see so far. This is somebody who doesn't drink too much and doesn't use that many drugs and he's already i imagine when he finally discovers the beauty of drowning your sorrows and you know comforting yourself. Psychologically for a bottle pinot brown liquor and frison some clauses substances. Imagine how how bad he will be at that point. He's bad enough as he is sober. Somewhat right indulging in work doughnuts and stuff and was at stake racial they will go to I dunno whatever one of these places right here. Charlie's with croissants name these kind of clandestine bistro restaurant places that will go to content pitches and he imagined horny like this and he doesn't even do fees no time he's no drinking flipping non info to every night. It looks like non-permanent guy too much. He's ready disappointing. Imagine once the suddenly then discovers the you know the life of The debaucherous few and get involved in that he's gonna be he's gonna be like if he's not one already. It continues in a video. He made it s into ethnic trae. Nineteen he said Chuck hughes became more care for for the promised. Is that what he's got these locking key or hearings and right. This is my privacy. My friends i love in a youtube is always so funny. Money's influence a types in the background non makeup. The hair like just come out of bed. I'm taking this seriously and again. This is disingenuous because you know most often more often than not. They're only doing this number one to maybe gain front of media story reread the narrative. Maybe just to make sure that don't lose all their brand deals but never come. It's never really for a it's never really come from a point of moral or ethical reawakening. It doesn't really come from there. It's not is the full owner. Meanwhile was actually fucked up. I need to atone for my wrongs and tell my friends. I've a changed person because you don't really tell people that you've changed you. Action should prove it. But i do like the house so of disingenuous is from the outset like they don't try to pretend that they're doing this because they are actually sorry. They're only doing this because they go cool. And they don't want to keep losing money effectively right. They go brand deals effectively. Paying for their hidden hills mentioned somewhere wherever they're living in allowing them to go on trips to texan coast. They don't want that to go away so any way to prevent it not to go away is to give up the camera and basically bear all quote continues by as time progressed. He says in his most recent video he began ignoring red flags again. A red flag with peru. Be when you're and again. I don't use tiktok too often right but whenever you do go and take especially on the feed when you first open the app they curated away so that you do get to see and consumed content that they want you to see which generally in a kind of skews on the young side of things i see. A young guys employs dancing doing comedy skits or whatever it may be and if you spend enough time monday and you like enough at the right things quote unquote you end up in this way. Rabbit hole where everybody that it will be crossing across coming chris. Feed will look like they're at most nineteen at most. Some of them of course might look a little bit younger than what they actually are. If you're you're clever with the makeup tricks make sure you don't have any facial hair you can't fool most people you can tell when somebody's young. It's just easy to basically see especially when the shamelessly flying around doing some really horrendous dance quote unquote in the middle of nowhere. Right just your child would think that would be cool to go. Perfect camera outside of a car park somewhere and do to fucking renegade aena teenage would think. That's a cool idea to do so to sit there and say you were ignoring red flags. There's red flies over there right. Especially if you're old enough you feel gross watching goeke flicking and for some videos. Because they're all these like again young teenage boys in very tight. Close jumping around in front of a camera dancing seductively and in a unless you're the same age range is should make you feel bit weird so that know what sort of education red flags he saw his talking about hey continues. He ended the video by vowing to be more cautious in. The future is treating social media accounts as innocent. I don't really again. Maybe it's the app itself is out assumed this quite a few young look. I guess i'll the soom the kind of guida gem charles's into could find them that person on tinder he could find that person grinders and finger. I'm sure is there an app for social media influences. Cool them riot. I'm sure you can find somebody. Like why doesn't he use those kinds of things. Why is it why is it. Why is he getting the social media apps because it doesn't seem like he's creepy people a dating app just seems like it's mostly coming through the all access social media things which makes sense i guess and it may be untapped potential or most of the hugh eased quote unquote which is disgusting to say exist on these. Social media is because they are old enough to be entertained episode. That will be one of the rich legs. Which is flipping hilarious. If you think ryder right. He's saying oh To be more careful and do more research. But he's only doing the research other social media after because he's more he's not he's likely to come across. People under underage. Allegedly are who lows. It continues academics and admissions sexual misconduct. Each of is a become more. More combination teeny chipper. Just in joe's channel off meeting has changed david daybreak. And of course blahdy blah blah blah. What's going to happen to the guy. Go forward probably nothing again. As we've seen in days gone by and in years gone by without a big youtube creators influences for the most part if their fan base is big enough and they kinda give less of share about what the general public about them. They should be okay. Maybe that's where shells wind up kind of faltering. It does look like yeah. She cares about the opinion of the general public. Oppose like jeffrey star. Who seems to basically. Don't really give a shit our anyone says no pets or revelations overexposure pieces are ever going to make him so change. What he's doing just gonna keep continued doing because he's finds continued to continue backing what he makes. You know it is what it is like. I said previously on the reassign of the industry-wide or industry here industry whatever why counterculture thing that people do. I'd still be a final mostly your your actual fan base deciding whether or not you should have a career that should that should that should be how you basically Succeed or die right Your friends build you up to decide that you've kind of you know of a state you're welcome all the things that you're doing are beyond reproach they can then decide to counsel you buy stop watching stuff in kind of you know what i'm subscribing. That's fair enough. These kind of big corporations coming in and solve basically potent unicorn away you coffee family because they feel like they've been shamed into doing so because they actually feel morally affected or ethically affected by. What you've done is already for me. So james shows once advice. You should probably look at jeffrey. Start in terms of to follow. If he doesn't care if he does. K maybe take the david wtam. Purchase go silent for a bit Used silence as time to educate yourself and learn and Recalibrate what you wanna do. In the world that malarkey. That could be a way to do things that way. This quite a few options there. But it's just hilarious. No one really cares general because it's boys right. If this gaels dissertation will be far worse because you know twenty one year old boy mench continuously mentioning continuing meant messaging. My word game is up there sixteen-year-olds as we add in it but it's also kind of strange to that. Nothing happened from why. I'm if i'm if i'm being corrected right. It's just messages right just kind of sixteen and stuff whatever but nothing actually happened in real life which is an odd one. I guess it depends. You're in some states. Have some real so very strict laws about missing people in the regional so by sixteen by blah blah. If nothing has happened in real life should your career be thrown out the window for that completely. I don't know but then again it is a bit strange s. sixteen twenty one year old constantly wants to be around kids of that age. Like i know what it was to be twenty one to sixteen and eighteen. And you know i. I didn't really have a lot of friends in my friendship group boys who were sixteen eighteen when i was twenty one. 'cause they were insufferable. You just didn't hang around the kids that young. it's just too much. So i can't imagine where must be that to be in a romantic relationship with somebody that young. Especially when you're james charleston. You've so accomplished so much money so much fame like what you actually get in that relationship. I don't know hey. This is way above my pay grade. And i hope everybody involved. I'm still a bit. You know i don't really. I'm not that comfortable seeing a counselor news essentially just destroying people's careers overnight and kind of taking a lease old clips and put them together. And make you look like a monster but maybe in some cases when it's like this you might have to intervene rice and kind of point entity saw things just in case against serious. Because as much as i said. He knows only text messages. They don't want this to go on check today. Continues on an ends up being something that ends up negatively affecting someone's life reverend known would forgive themselves to that kind of happened so dot might make complete sense not regard move on we move on we move on we move on and move on move on move one. It looks like according to ra. Looks like one of my favorite. Dj's mercy some has quietly changed his name. if i really alerting anybody which is Very wise of him out. Say if you remember. Is it kind of knows in the summer. Robin solomon solomona was a summer or beginning of the winter. But there was a lot of conversations around you know some into trinity jays and their names being you know a little bit misleading in terms of their racial representation. Let's say all as if you're one of the main examples was the black. Madonna who ended up changing and into madonna is a conversation around the few other people and in an emotional jomo assemble was basically getting into a corner as well with his name. Which kind of stems from detroit. Techno scene show right mercy impress from detroit. And that's what saw of name is basically taken from biscuit owed to that and ended obviously over the course of that entire summer felt like people were just pellet in it and he did reply like i don't think he said anything when he came to his name he kind of kept his low profile by it. Seems like all of the flies coming out now for the police kind of you know from december on was have featured his name in his looking according to ar-article says here dan nilo pleso. Let's show named aka am cdt. What he was going by for a while as well he changed it for most journal. Similar to mci to So that was kind of a kind of a pivot into maybe collins of the daniela plus slow. Ford says it mixes the fabrics presentation club. Compilation continuous mixing. Double vinyl sampler. Out twitter may twenty eighth again. He has his name represents done listener. Misdee- or see that's what is actually going to be called so he's definitely changed it going forward so that's been interesting in the changing of your name and as you continue a twenty eight tracks oil. Eleven of wishaw included on the double sampler that makes it be available on cd and digitally for may twenty eighth but divino of the same day. The interesting thing about it. If i remember correctly i wanted. That guys. basically said that time that he was coming up. You couldn't get. It gives an america at the time he was climbing up. You couldn't get away having a white name playing house so you kind of had to change your name to be racially ambiguous so that you could get booked also a lucrative fly. Oh who knows what it was so just funny. That nowadays phosphor within a couple of decades. And now i let you have like a very european german sounding name yukon appear on some flyers on this your name as a certain weight to was it was a kind of a. It's kind of a sign was at what colour signed is kind of associated with a very well known label or a collective daniels. Yonker get uncertain. So fly so the issues from the Yesteryears i kind of repeating themselves. Go forward them again. Go this. I don't see how this sort of like serves anybody go forward in terms of race representation in terms of you know. They're being a little bit more publicity democracy but in terms of being mixed up lineups. I don't see how this is going to be a real game changer. In this regard but you know is a good move from daniel. Plus lloyd a show that he recognizes. The plight of racial minorities in the league does music scene and he's making amends and doing his best. And this all my lucky. So you're interesting. He's quietly done. It not really mentioned it anywhere. Think again. I'm not really checked. His facebook page on your fingers as those guys usually provide updates on their buffing. What we see so far. Fcd has permanently or slowly but surely changing his name to daniela so go forward and he saw played for fabric is going to be out on may twenty eighth so definitely checked out. Support that if you're that way inclined what else we have. We have another name. Change place called guests. Last gas base at the name change follows original websites build magli chins reports of misconduct by co founder. The audio engineering. Four of quote guests lots of just pretty decent name s really good name. It's like head is that is that head files hifi audio file Forum us back in a day. That's a pretty decent advocate. Let's just pre sick kind of minds. View of him was joe rogan. T shirt thing you want to do back in the bay turbo slots right so so the similar to that continues the idea behind the name. Change is to make the foreign more inclusive and better suited Professional environment and the audio inculcation world demuth follows an online petition that gained over five thousand signatures requesting the name change original site which dubs itself as the world's biggest pro audio forum was built by meg lee chin in two thousand two thousand and co founded by julian stadmann into peasants. Chen reached an old settlement with steinman of the claims that he'd engaged in he'd renegade re reneged on a deal -cipline li china's a partner i bill and created guess lost with jillian said men. She's wrote in january of the petition to rename. The site was launched. He was ahead. Moderate performed on the tentacle precise the scene behind the scenes. He chose the name of the seven years a bus in my ears a week. Seven decide to pretend. I was no partner but just an employee best strong in you can read her experience of knock. So what did he what. What did they so is. It just misconducts in terms of him being. This is why. I mean is what sometimes can you take people to call for being a bad part and being above addicted like he didn't do anything militias to harare just was a boever ship partner and he's been taken to call the name then changed sagir space and he's been wat- kicked out of his own forum. Looks at the sounds of it. I guess it was for them. Maybe gear spaces name. Besse acquire an gas as things are punched. But maybe in an era where living in the moment. It probably isn't the wisest thing to call your for a minute. And then also we have here or time away. Need to end known. Joe talked before. Yeah got this This is a this is yeah. This is not because this is from resident advisor is the follow is called weapons tech house pre equal ten minute story on the kind of origins take house where it kind of went wrong and what the future will hold us entire scene and it's interesting and funny because it comes from ray who would consume out assume would be one of the main culprits as to why people have such a big issue. We've take house in a scene in general right kind of snobby. I would say mostly berlin centric point of view that they come from Would mean that they would be a fan of the guys and gals are plane at scene because effectively in completely two different scenes right in general. Especially when you when you think about the club's player and the kind of people that go to different parties right. You just compare people that good that greece to somebody that will go to like a dc ten. Probably not the same person also probably no overlap involved in their paw from day. Have them probably having the same clothes in their wardrobe right lows of black maybe to some extent of the. Let's take people kind of transitioning into wearing love color whatnot and it's a pretty decent Again video piece about the entire think. It's a bit it's a little bit you know fin on the ground of course in ten minutes. Kaliningrad across so much information. I think they missed out an entire piece in terms of focusing around the kind of ninety free scene and all these guys and gals especially the uk. All around the you think of that gail could alicia who can afford for twitter and stuff and not entire scene of people who and michael. Bb's people who have kind of taken to take us into a whole different level and part of me thinks a lot of the issues around. It are mostly based on snobbery right. Mostly based on people feeding their bed in them and feeling like they don't represent busy adequately. I think people view take us community fans as similar. Today would view people from the edm scene. They can look down upon them. And other really see the reason for i think he can no coexist at our fingers a one particular way to enjoy or to consumer to make a play those musical electronic music in any way shape or form the fact that these sort of scenes of kind of remained somewhat relevant for many many decades of changes in terms of the music industry and scenes in tastes and whatnot is testament as well to the great work. That people are doing their. They really kind of Again for the most part from wife seen community guys they've really consume the content that revolves around they scene. They go out to paul ease. They buy choose buying pieces of merged it following people around in places when going on tour. They're actually taking in the scene in a very active way somewhat may be more active than some of the insurers online who only have things to say in comments or whatnot. These guys are actually going out there and sort of like you know quote like a for lack of a better term. They're on the frontlines. Right there on the part you frontlines who kit up ready to party in economy blamed the do differ do what they're doing. There is a funny interesting piece about the origins and originally is kind of being press shy and fast forward to nowadays You know most of these guys are like you know setting courses on how to utilize social media to kind of boost your teaching profile that milwaukee and sell more tickets so it's a complete kind of evolution and a completely different type of person that's canal consume that music again. The out say for the unique critic about it out say overall would be songs are formulaic. The people playing are very former leg. Even at least your she's got the whole wide thing that kind of really cringe at gun finger. Post office really you know. It's a bit too much for me. Lows of those of kind of rolling effects on the mix and all that kind of stuff. There is a particular way today they played. Everyone's kind of the same style normally sticks out too much the only kind of interesting iraq unsinkable of that hotel has seen has to be when it was on minimally liberal. W when you know What they call jamie jones Guys around ryan. They were doing their thing and that kind of ribe. That was only time. I kind of enjoyed it. But nowadays it does feel a ba- formulaic. It is a samy same. You can kind of close your eyes and you know basically identify what trump's gonna come without any really much work so that makes it a bit difficult overall. I think they should be allowed to coexist. They are an integral off the scene there. I would argue that. Most clubs say they are the ones that basically pay the rent for love there You know a lot venues around the world and provide the salary you stable salary for love. People they employ a whole host of people to Maybe some of the dj's themselves saw the most refined characters they might be the most enjoyable characters the hang around on a day-to-day basis. But i'm a fan of. I liked to dip in and out of that scene and see stuff from afar and but again i recommend checking out what happened to take his resume. The visor a pretty decent video are played a actually mean obey. But this is the clip tech house might be music's most divisive subjects style is globally popular and indisputably big flip the years it's been dismissed as being functional to commercial and formulaic those criticisms however usually fail to grasp the music complicated history. The stall is frequently misunderstood as being something like this but for those you know about its origins. Tech house is actually something like this. So how does this confusion. Arise if techno comes from detroit and house comes from chicago where to tech house come from and how does sound that once. A him is the underground end up being so widely disrespected. Yes check it out if you're doing clans pre decent article of ap's anyway that he's in shape is number four four seven. Thanks for tuning as per usual pleasure of your company. If i'm gene to show me show he smells. I like subscribing will comment down below. And i'll see you guys again very very soon piece.

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