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"barton valentine" Discussed on PTI

"We are family world champions. He was the NL MVP and nineteen seventy eight, ultimately, he was a seven-time all-star and he. He picked up another world series ring late with the as Parkas. Five million dollar deal over five years with the pirates made him the first professional athlete to average one million dollars a year there was controversy as well admitted using cocaine regularly and testified that the infamous Pittsburgh drug trial. That stain is said by many to be a contributing factor to why Parker is not in Cooperstown. Cobra, Tony. Dave Parker such a big man and he moved by. I loved to watch day. Parker play growing up even when he was in those. Hideous uniform by the way, those hideous pirate uniforms in time, those relatives of like. A yellow cab insist America. But I I was parked and just think how great you have to be to essentially. SORTA Kinda. Replace all you can't replace Roberto. CLEMENTI! I mean you have to move into I mean come on now. Roberto Clementi don't want to follow that and Dave Parker Man. I think he belongs to hall of fame I really do. Personal note happy. Birthday, Carol. We moved to happy anniversary. Barton Valentine on this day twenty one years ago. While managing the mets, Valentine got tossed only to return to the dugout meaning later with a fake mustache sunglasses and a t shirt. As you see in this classic video, it looks like a porn star skulking around. Valentine was fine. Five grand suspended two games for this stunt. Downtime played ten seasons in the bigs. Were he learned enough that the Texas Rangers named him their manager when he was just thirty five years old, and maybe that's why you always thought. It was the smartest guy in the ballpark. He managed the Rangers. The Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan. The mets the Marines again where he won. The Japanese world series has played through into the air like a rag doll in the red sox ranks forty seventh all time in manager wins, but he has just a five. Oh, four winning percentage Valentine by the way is now athletic director at Sacred Heart University in his native Connecticut. Doesn't seem to you like Valentine was just one of those people. Who loved baseball so much he will go to any corner of the earth to have a team. If somebody said you can have a team, you can be in this league and I know. The few times I had as a sports writer to be around. Listen to Bobby Valentine. I don't know about how you felt about that. I liked him very much. I liked him on.

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