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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Best Of 2020

"The views expressed on this turnbuckle tabloid livestream or turnbuckle tabloid podcast episode. Do not reflect the views thoughts or opinions of the rage works brand including the rage works. Podcast network rage works content partners advertisers and affiliates viewer and listener discretion is advised was going on everybody issue. Boy jay. the red santee hostal turnbuckle tablet. And as you know here on our show we are big fans of using pop. Rb reggae rock. Whatever i had you we love to play here the show but what we wanna play is your music. How can we do. That is taking share. In peach ladies gentlemen patriot peachy dot com forward slash tumble tabloid guinness us small donation and we would love to share your music on show. Whether you're an artist singer rob producer. Whatever it is that you guys do. In the field we want to share your music to the masses and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of listeners viewers of follow so make sure to our on at patriot dot com for slash thermal tabloid. And be a part of our show as much as we want to be a part of sharing her talents. Hopefully you got soon. And enjoying the show. It's turnbuckle tabloid with case anti and that other guy mad buckled tabloid guys. It's your boy g. the red sense. He hosts a turbo catabola. He brings you the best of twenty twenty the best of twenty twenty kind of hard to say that. Seen those shit that we have to deal with this past you. Yeah pretty much if this was a buffet scoop that we went to put on our plate would have been but we ate it and got it right. I can't. I can't say much more than that but the fact that we've made it. This far goes to show that was strong. Were able to push through. Make it make it out and make twenty twenty one a better better time for as better year for us all on our show. We had some high points. We have some great conversations interviews with wrestlers comedians and all those sort we also had our residential constituency stop in nap conversations with us. We've made some new friends brought us some old friends in continued our buffoonery and ridiculousness which is arrested sir so kick all this first part of our best the twenty twenty. We're gonna we're gonna stop in look at the teddy hart soccer. That was one four the year off with his initial release from prison. Is i guess. His his transitioning back into the real world and then got some heat from certain podcasters lagers. Levy wanna call them and who wasn't very kind or happy the way we conducted ourselves then we went off on it and then we had our closing conversation which said he would. we just had. That'll tied tied up in a bowl or teddy. Teddy hart compensation of the year also many conversations going to be coming on lane and you've heard before never heard of before you be getting a quick note of were you get them what episodes they came from men. You got to check in follow because they were real good in on a big everybody who are to this conversation. So all with the best part one enjoy you exclusive the views turnbuckle tabloid livestream or turnbuckle tabloid podcast episode. Do not reflect the views thoughts or opinions of the rage works brand including the rage works. Podcast network rage works content partners advertisers and affiliates viewer and listener discretion is advised was going everybody should boy jay the red santee hostal turnbuckle tablet. And as you know here on our show we are big fans of music pop. Rb reggae rock. Whatever i had you we'd love to play here on the show but we wanna play. Is your music hockey. We do that is taking share in each room. Ladies gentlemen go to patriotdepot dot com forward slash term for tablet and give us a small donation and we would love to share your music on our show whether you're an artist singer rahm producer. Whatever it is that you guys do. In the field we want to share your music to the masses and hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of listeners and viewers follow so make sure you go to our patriot on at patriots dot com force last term of the tabloid and be a part of our show as much as we want to be apart of sharing your talent so hold you guys soon and enjoy the show. It's turnbuckle tabloid with jay santee and that other guy. Mad turnbuckle tab. Hey guys it's your boy jada says santee host the turbo catabola to brings you the festive twenty. Twenty the best of twenty twenty kind of hard to say that shit that we deal with this past year. Yeah pretty much if this was a buffet every scoop that we went to put on our plate would have been shit. We ate it and got the wit right. I can't. I can't say much more than that but the fact that we've made it this far goes to show that was strong. Were able to push through a make. It figured out and make twenty twenty one a better better time for us a better year for us all on our show. We had some high points. We have some conversations interviews with wrestlers comedians and all of the sort we also had our residential constituent. You stop in conversations with us. We've made some new friends. Brought us some old friends and continued our buffoonery and ridiculousness which has rested missouri so to kick off this first part of our best twenty twenty. We're gonna gonna stop in and look at the teddy hart saad. That was one four. The year started off with his initial release from prison is his transitioning back into the real world. And then got some heat from certain podcasters bloggers whatever you wanna call them and wasn't very kind or happy. The way we conducted ourselves then we went off on it and then we had our closing compensation would teddy. We had publicity. So that'll tight a tight end up in a bowl for teddy. Teddy hart compensation of the year also many conversations going to be coming down the lane and deterred four. I've never heard of before you getting a quick note of where you get them. What episodes it came from an we check in and follow clues because they were real good on a big everybody. who partook. just use compensation so off the best part one enjoy. Are you kidding me. You are too exclusive heart. That's how because to be honest with you. I love your cat. Your cat is amazing. I have my cat loyalty actually right beside now. She's current up the storm. She got excited to think that maybe she was going to get mentioned. And you guys are to mention how much you always love animals. Not only that is. Because i see how passionate you are when you bring her to the ring and you show so much love and and i. It's almost always makes it. He wants to be a cat. Lover heard the way you you show love. I've got a question for night. Wave i hope. Wave like animals. Because i actually want to give the guy a persian kitten for keeping my name relevant. I don't care how much shit the guy talks. Actually think it's kinda cool that he's obsessed with me and good bad or ugly. You mentioned my name at the end of the day. I'm gonna prove everybody Will eventually be a teddy hart lover. And that's my goal is to make everybody hopefully happy and understand my points to make you smile club. Simple you but before you go into that. Why why is it that you wanna do this for night. wave why. What was the problem with a actually made wave. Now i i actually just got the i kind of felt bad because i had said some things to him and then i realized that i was being a hypocrite. Anti shouldn't judge anybody and it would be unfair for me to not know his life story or the situation or some of the things he's been through and then to call him some derogatory names about drugs. He's done because you know most of my friends have probably partied. Never every drug in the world. So i apologize. I'm not wanted to say. Sorry if i didn't fuck up i'm not an ass kisser and i don't expect anything from him except for basically just Maybe for him to step on one of my shows sometime. And i'll interview him and ask him some questions about his life. Because i never got the anything about the guy 'cause so busy trying to blossom and That's not the way. I usually do things so was it was really any I really didn't want to go into this. Because i i heard the end of the of the interview but was there anything to wear that. You didn't know that this was the the precursor to what he wanted to go into. Did you know beforehand. That night wave was going to go into the whole back story of what's been going on. You know what it's it's my it was i. I won't say stupidity but it was my arrogance and ignorance that. I didn't come prepared for the questions. He was asking about we'll see the situation and a girl who's a mother and She went missing. And it's a terrible thing to have anybody missing and the worst thing you can have is apparent is wondering where your child is. I'd rather have a definitive answer. If she's dead or alive. And i kinda didn't understand the situation i got into and i let my run and i've been rock guilty of that a few times over the years probably saying too much but One thing if you're a real man you're accountable for your actions and you step up and say when i fucked up by fucked up for i'd like to do it again or i hope i can have a retry and it's not a video game and sometimes there's no continue and you don't get a second chance but with We and being the sport. it is We get kind of reset the story every time and you have a new chance to either make or break somebody or Say thank you. And sometimes i owe people. Thanks or sometime though someone who sorry. And if you're not mad enough to say thank you or man enough to admit that even some of the greatest guys in the world are incorrect. Times are they Maybe said something and it didn't come out the right way and interpretation something i think is key and perspective and understanding of things. I'm working on as they get older. Is it too much. Is it so much that people Delve into why is wrestling as opposed Your personal life. Is it really too much that they'd really like really try to micro View your your lifestyle. Is it really become that much to where your life has. Now become a bits and pieces of what is your in ring an out Outside of the ring is really become way too much for you to handle. I believe the person on the street creates a certain type of We'll see magnetism or An energy field that. If i'm a good enough person on the street and a nice enough to people and i i've been very fortunate to be blessed with great parents and a wonderful grandfather and he worked for probably Sixty seventy plus years. And he said the greatest trick in the world he ever learned was how to kill people and i got kind of scared when he said it he. He kind of leaned over to me and he said the best way to kill people with kindness. And that's something. I've been trying to live my life after his his lesson and the my grandfather touched more people on the planet Than almost anybody and he was considered a hero and one of the greatest things. My dad said was when you leave the room. If someone has something positive disable you you leave nice flavor in somebody's mouth and that's where you live forever. As through other people's positive stories in positive energy never dies. After the initial interview with city har- we caught some waves on social media and a particular wagner on new to apparently took umbrage in issue with the compensation who the fuck avenue that we on people's radar like that about this. We pretty much thought it was just a coup interview. The have and especially knowing. How teddy is you really don't really have to do much. Said he would just sit there. Just go often. you'll have to do much. But certain asshole blogger had an issue with it because he had on his show. You get the gist of it Once i give the part to this part so this was our response is definitely. I'm not gonna play the douche bags. Retorts on his program. Because if you wanna find you can look it up. He calls his wages and other shit. So if you wanna look you can find it other than that. This was a retort and yeah it was. Hey we didn't take it very kindly episode. One fifty five for a wrestling show at the end of course doesn't matter we've got some war with many many and even early on in the show where we sat there which by the way guys three years. We're going to be three celebrate three years of doing this show consistency consistent every week. No problem no believe me over. If we wanted to go hard in the paint with fucking youtube we really would what happened. Guess what we didn't. I looked it up. We've been on youtube for four years. Most like a a large chunk of it was when i was doing. Trs season wisconsin four years in four years. We've only posted one hundred thirteen videos and they're all just throw in facebook. Live does videos just people to find each right. I'll just say this is a good conversation. But it is by no means our main source of entertainment. It is known as the main maizels those. But i'll tell you what they podcast the numbers on a fucking spectrum on when it comes to spotify iheart an google play music. That's where the is bud l. Yeah okay that's why we promote those things. We also youtube we do but like not like that barely there. No food silted followers. Yeah dick. I don't care he doesn't care we don't care about. These is in our in our bread and butter. You know what would happen if we were on youtube all the time. We'll probably get hit with so much fucking policy. Copyright thing come on when i click on the youtube thing and it said is this youth orientated. That kinda shit. I was like what they actually doing this now. You mentioned the new rule. I suppose if you if you if you say you're a children's show curse on it and you could find you thousand dollars thousand dollars like what. Oh hell no. This is too much for me. I'm not not worth so we get the interview with boom naylor not even in the pre interview before we did discuss it only had like i said only only have ten minutes to put this together ten minutes. They honesty when dealing with teddy. It's basically give them something he'll go yeah he takes. He takes to work out of your hands. You don't have to do anything and sure. And that's one of the things you interviews you know. Let the guy speak the guy go because you kind of want his opinion on things and his knowledge and like what to say. Whatever fucking whatever floats around until instead he spoke and hey but whatever it is we let them speak. I go don't stop. Don't talk over him don't because that becomes a bad interview that becomes a conversation. It's like being an argument with somebody you've been you've heard arguments with myself and georgia have. We've both gone. We let each other speak your turn my turn your turn my turn healthy compensation because if you fucking get between each other you don't hear what you say the mess heady you know. What about the girl. That's been missing for any talking over each other. Due to maniacs psych ward argument which on his interview was that an. What about your friend. Who fuck you taste horses jumping of lakes and she like fuck knows what was going on so we get got the conversation boom done. What shannon on everywhere and what. Twitter had a big response to that. A lot of people were asking for it right. He mentioned how he the mike. She goes yo- yoga disco-club. Who's you'll keep hitting the fucking mike. And then he goes he goes. Oh that's so key looking. I'm hitting their makes and it's like it's stupid. You just complain on your show early on that. You're short on your fucking mixer. Some shit yeah your your production value was way up there mr series. Xm what's again our home at the end. yeah exactly how. I'm not on patriot. Begging fucking people for years. Give me a mike who you know. Go to patriotic. If you want to donate to a fuck you. I pay for my own shit. I'll get it later. Cec roles and i have it on my wishlist so which i actually my talk about later. I a dealer at At stables for good mike's cheap might be able to get them now. it's not only that it's i got rewire everything again. And i haven't been able to do because it's been so much. I don't wanna disconnect stuff and go back and record the whole thing so the one thing that we i. We didn't speak about before the interview was the night wave interviewed at teddy and he had he didn't have that conversation. The one thing was that. Like i said the hamlet said just do me a favor don't sandbag him and it was. I no problem. I'll take care of him. The mike's went on and we were talking. It wasn't even a mini conversation. Teddy brought up his name right. It wasn't us nope. He brought up his name so it was like. Oh okay all right fine so tony news. The hot topic conversation. He event it out and he wanted air. Now he says you know i actually. I probably won't apologize guy. Notice getting up whatever that was his business. Yeah fine so only elaborate was away. You know what was the repercussions of what happened here. Talk now. was it after that. Everything was teddy. Go where that's just go to see. What your thoughts on. What do you what she plans for. When you not ajayi jacob whatever. I think it probably is like maybe five or six questions tops in that. I don't even remember say. Drink in falcons. Conversation is crazy. Because even while i replace stuff in my head. Yeah you and i know we do a three hour. Three and a half hour show. Yeah at the end of the show. I barely remember what the fuck i said. That no joke and out of really listened to ours astros after some funny shit if it's funny too. I mainly listened back lately to our Wasn't resting this week. Key points on. What would you do better in terms of structure right. And i do like i do. Check the oil to make sure everything was good. I hear certain points or anything that i say. I barely barely room. What the fuck. I have for dinner yesterday. You think i'm gonna remember what i said on a three hour show which which. Let's be honest here. Everyone who does a podcast not do it. Right and that three hour mark. You're the only thing you're thinking is you. Are your head hitting the pillow. Or what's for dinner and it's just like it's a long show because you don't get it you listen to three hours. We were five exactly okay. Which complaining about but if we love doing it but it's a painstakingly beautiful and pleasurable the way we do it. Yeah yeah yeah. So i am i go on and all of a sudden i'm getting i'm getting hit up with you. Listen this fucking guy is talking about you. Know what are you talking about. So i hit up with links and he took the teddy hart. And if you don't mind you. I would've sat there and probably played a couple of minutes of the mother gets the whole show with the graphic. You idiot why would you play the fucking graphic on extra promotion for the free ad. You dumb ass the ten thousand fucking subscribers on on your youtube pace. No you could get this marquis as fucking podcast and by the way. Thanks for the bump up of i fifteen fucking new subscribers. So are youtube page. I don't push a on thanksgiving subscribers. We don't even you news on youtube offense stupid ass so which. Oh quick back story night. Wave is a reaction youtube That's what we're talking about. Wave is the channel which only want to give him credit. But i don't want to put his name there but you know you gotta gotta say he. He's he's a he's a he's known for being a reaction livestream guy where he lobster fucking viewers and he reacts to things and it's not even wrestling he does everything like politics which is dino. That's his that's his thing which i tried correlation with how he found it because i had at least four five people on our twitter asking me personally. When is the winner of the interview coming out. I really want us here it. What is it coming up. So i think that people like who. Dnb actually reached out to him about it right and then people who has a story there was like oh check this out because of the comments of night wave right so this mark because those mark but this mark to the whole interview because he felt that the whole compensation was going to be about him. He was just waiting waiting for his his his moment to hear his name. Come up again which act through the rest of the interview. Your name was mentioned because we didn't care if didn't care about irrelevant. So no one really. Nobody cared so what happened. What since you couldn't get anything from teddy about you. You went and attack us here. Which by the way. Sorry chris. Chris barton barton guy He had the boat was shrapnel. Because we got shrapnel. Well because he he was he was talking this guy skill ever fuck. You was saying but because he wasn't here. Oh okay my name. At least my name was on it fast forward to the end of the year and to close up the saga we had with teddy. Hart we catch up with teddy after his prison. Stint which occurred during a year we Talk to teddy to see everything going. What's this process What is he. What's his plans from here on out inside and outside the ring heavily on the outside but St teddy still not in the right frame of mind that he should be so. Yeah willie hope here. At tabooed said he finds his way and he gets to help us as needed and finally he could work on bettering himself and we connect with those people that i love him wanting. Want him to get better so bizarre. Our closing the teddy hart saga from twenty twenty episode. Too old for teddy. We don't show a couple of times and about a year ago we were talking about your comeback. And you know you're timing l w and all the stuff and heard your your your in discrepancies that occurred in the media with law enforcement and oldest. Such right my whole thing is is that i worry about you because i think that i'm not sure whether or not you understand that. Yes you're big talent and guess many individuals in the business have drawn from. You have done things from you have probably stolen or duplicated things from you but once again. Is this a thing debt. Is there resentment for it. This is why you're not being a talent that you should be excelling four or is it that you know like i mentioned again. The demons are catching up more than anything. Listen i'm going to be honest with you. I was a big. I had myself. I smoke pot. i was a big head. But there's a time where you cut off the bullshit and you say you know what. I'm not going to do this anymore. Because i'm not having this. As a crutch was a was a handicap was the marijuana handicap. That hinder your. Your career was marijuana. I i'll take marijuana. Was this question. I'm going to ask you to your question out to this young buck. I remember finding them fucking eighteen thirteen sixteen years ago whenever the puck was because i mean i'm i'm a part is so my memory might be off on date for certain things but i remember finding the young bussey and they were the best tag team i've ever seen in my life and i've been talking about me and jack evans price kidney and harry smith never i have never i match in england with him ever meant anything neville and ricochet and young bucks were like the all hell generic bill and kevin owens guys. When i saw them they were so fucking talented and so good that i needed new superstar superstar superstar. I would tell them don't ever do it. I do don't fucking do what i do because what i do is the recipe not to get hired because needs to be told what to do anyway said there was so fucking smart but like an overprotective father i would give them advice and they look at you and smile and they would continue doing what they do. Living their life with extreme caution and very very smart decision making. I'm reckless and i don't give a fuck and i wasn't trying to get a job if i asked the young bucks for job you are you healthy. And they know that they're you're happy. And i'm gonna say no they hear you in good shape right now. I'm going to stay no they. Why the first would you ask for the one favor we can still you. Why would you ask for it right now because some podcast guy thinks that you should be on tv now way to get in shape and wait till unready. And if i asked someone for a favor all the people you think that might not want to hire me might be standing in line to hire teddy hart. That plays ball take hurts. It's fucking fucked up. I'm fucked up right now. Pissed off and out of jail. I'm on an ankle monitor. And i'm still so. I'm not a guy that anybody wants to hire right now because i'm not asking my friends who loved me dearly. When i walk in the back hugged me and kissed me and take care of me but one thing being friends. Another things mixing business with friendship. You don't ask for a fucking job if you're overweight and you wanna do a modern commercial for a guy with a six back you go to the fucking jim you get lean you do the cardio. You do the necessary work so when i'm ready i go tyson kidd. I've been clean for two years. And what do you mean queen said. I'm clean. I can pass the piss test. He says we'll doug means you only smoke marijuana so if you're clean is down bad we say you're clean for people thinking with all these fucking drugs. Don't get confused because the tweet but we been here system longer than any other drug in the world. So i don't smoke weed anymore. So that's the first step deputation. Taking my brain out of the fog. Second step is hitting the gym every day in cardio and then going back gymnast this so i can start to do more shit like we'll spray and ricochet in the guys that i innovated before anybody did it was jack record. We're the first week guys to really do the shit and aj style and amazing red. You really want to go back and watch the watch the watch watch all this stuff and who started the stuff you gotta give those guys prox- and quiet storm reinventing the canadian destroyer but died. It gives everybody recognition for being innovative. And what. I'm really good enough memory to go back and remember all the different people that made up these moves. Roughest was and other guy. That was an innovator. That doesn't get enough credit but then twenty years later you see all these moves being done and some of the moves. I can't do as good as i used to do. So a fucking insult for the fans that think. Teddy the best in the world to come back and i don't have to move them move that because i'm fucking a little bit lazy my fucking cardio's at good and depressed with life after divorce or after a bunch of bad news or after a bunch of deaths and people don't realize the ship that goes on in my normal life you know i've had four or five friends that are very close to die of cancer in the last four years and it's just been it's been a lotta shit that most uses but it's hurt me from being the fucking superman i wanna be and for the fans that love me like you. That wanna see me win. You're asking what's the secret. What can we do to help you figure out the recipe for fucking dinner that everybody's gonna wanna buy and then i'm telling you i know the recipe when i get it fixed perfectly then you guys and then we'll see if i can live by those commandments that i know because it's going to be a bunch of people like that are gonna set list of requirements. You're going to be things that have been successful and teddy hearts taking off and that's the next two years of my life. I'm going to be held. One hundred percent responsible for the next two years of my career and see if i can win over people that didn't like me and people understand that were confused. Or in the fucking. We'll be in the middle of the end of my day. I hope that these people go. You know what guys changed. He's working on making himself better. Nobody's perfect. I've been through a lot of luck and shit. I've been to more funerals than anybody in the puck and world wrestling. I've lost a lot of really good people. But i think they're in heaven washing the in their motivating telling me. Listen sit the fuck up listening to the people around you take it by your managers. Be quiet here what they have to say. And then try to actually put it into your your daily living. The what you're saying right. What six months later i'm successful. I'm gonna come running back you and say hey man that fucking thing you told me about this and this. My manager got business. Those things made me successful. I feel better. Business is better. My relationships are better i. I'm smart enough now. Realizes smart as i am the smartest guy in the fucking world without a good people surrounding crew around the that makes it makes us but teddy. I'm also looking at this. We are not forties your father. What is it that we're looking at from here on out because those are the two important things that i'm looking out 'cause like i said i mean your age debo dad myself and i know what it is to have you know tough upbringing and tough life but also finding a way to put it together. What's the first thing that you put as priority in your life yourself being a dad your career. What is it what. What are we putting together now. After all the shit that we went through in twenty twenty like what is it that we have to put together with those heroes. I'm hello yes. It was speakerphone. Is i can't hear you very often. I hate to repeat question the stepping in now to put on speakerphone. Because my managers got up your comments and stuff that he's been working on kind of like a business line for me as long as long as you guys klay because you know as long as you because right now the the audience not really good coming on three your and if you guys could speak a little louder these be Audible will be ended bat. Okay what i'm asking is teddy. Where forty years old. Where a dad. We have our career and you know we. We also have what we're dealing with personal life. We also have what we're putting together to fix. What was wrong in our life. What is the biggest priorities to deal with right now because as a father as a matter of my age as a career man the first thing i think about is my my my child and does around me to to tell me fix what could fix the wrongs that i've done what is teddy's big priority. Right now is it is. Career is fatherhood his personal demons. What is it that ted looking out for. I the guys that you care. Be when i gotta jail is the first thing is i'm worried about because when you're out of jail you don't have anybody on your team you're by yourself. Nothing's worse to be lonely. So i created a team of people around me that are motivational speakers. That are hard workers that have good morals and try to surround myself with winners instead of people that are marks and hopefully these are the people that will then bring me. If i do fall i slipped. They'll be the ones to catch me and bring me up again and to make sure that i get on the right track and i stay on the right track one thing getting there and then the next thing. Stay in there. It's hard to get there and even harder to stay there being consistent two big thing when you get hired for a job you can show up for a week and be really good but if you don't show up the second week guess what you get fired so just can you d from. Can you say this is teddy hart. He listens serb. Ruggles abbott Can't say that you can say that. And i'll see you heart okay. I can't remember shit guys one of those guys. My memory care. Black can barely read or write. That's why it's hard time following a script. I got right now. This is circa tabloid and. I'm with caviar. The past president future professional wrestling the greatest sport. God's ever bestowed on this planet episode one fifty eight prevent any kleiber pretty much a Three free language expressing very very very new so here I would have to say recently controversial because a seemed like the internet and social media was at a at a at a at a standstill and also add a bipartisan. Like how the dems. And republicans are these days we have india cessation jordan oliver whereas he answerable tabloid and and i must. I must ask you before. I go to everything. What are we that can who who who will connect the plug. What you mean. Don't talk about what we rolling up the oils. What we've got going on. We'll be doing. Oh shit. I wish we're i'm not even home. Oh that's the reason why okay just got back from mexico. Oh that's what was that. God shoot john's over there. I don't what what is the difference between mexican marijuana and the united states kush got a some sort of like emergency shit my phone when he said that the federal listening to the fastest china's down a little you know that means that they like nay on the marijuana a mexican marijuana in that united states kush over there. It's like it's pretty much like the kelly stuff from the Dispensaries and whatnot. So i feel like over here in the east coast dispensary stuff now. Okay i think mexican marijuana and shit. I starting teaching. Sean should do you think the big ass blown on van can't when i was the way that she comes over there. You can have that should connected by some should have been connected to you to your fucking neck as well which is ready for the crush out there this week. Aaa much of the mexican fans treating was not it was super. Now there's like five thousand people in the in the in the auditorium move. Tj raymond stereo and psychosis debuted. Toner a bunch of you know super crazy people but the cloud someone not over there they were definitely saying some shit at hella. Hella money though at the end of the match all the ultimate new pesos. ronin. I shit homeboy. Also him at the boss or get tequila shots and should because he can't bring he can't bring it home he could use it as twenty paper because apparently nobody here could use us. Hey there's no toilet paper. Mexico pay could ask wipes he could roll a weed and shit worthless as you gave the branch out. Go across the border i. It was getting back in the country. No no. I don't always telling me like my girlfriend's makes him to tell me w difficult. We backtrack they. Should we hold on. Let's not let's not overlooked at. Your girlfriend is mexican as in from mexico or american mexican mexican american over here but yeah ok huge. She's been there a bunch of times. Tell me to be difficult like they're going to not let you back for like they're going to question you all this shit. I walked up position. They were like. Hey where are you going outside the hotel. They were like okay. Come in you went to you. Walked across the border. Yes so we. Both from san diego to the border walked across the shit and then walk back at like one and then got another boston hotel. Oh wow that's shit. Now you watch wants to war okay. I get it. I see everybody could come in and out all right got it. I was like stressing out. Like i hadn't programs from the show in my suitcase. I was like they're definitely gonna try to like hold me up or whatever but literally just asked me that. Where are you going out the The hotel they're like okay. Wow what it is. Because he's white. I got it because he's not. I actually because we had a. We had a friend of the show. Akira quant. He's been on and he said when he went to mexico it was for him being asian and all day burried him they were. They were really going us. I was figuring that the mexican crou- would definitely hate the gringo on that side. they're going Did you get hit with batteries. Through revere well damn not any throw batteries. They just do Transmissions they do car transmissions. I mean that's come out and learn. I would rent out there. Like a fucked up moocher mask and half ass and then fucking we flower on that we know as you jordan karam. We see you know i. I'll be talking irish fan. I get an phone faces like. I'm trying to fight. You know what i'm saying before the show they with they're like hey We just wanna let you know that this row over here is cartel. So i'll watch what you say. Sound getting our faces They might kill you. I was like. I don't know what role they talk about. But the part is that. I don't think they wanna be treated different. Either as i exactly why. You're not talking to me bro. City here you. Hey come on bro. No we've met a couple of times because as a matter of fact we've met at At homicides twenty fifth anniversary show. I've seen a couple of your your average photographer as well right. No cushion myself. I oh that's what it is all about you or did where's the me is all about you. Don't you have like a big industrial sized camera. I was waiting for your photo. Shoot i wish. I wanted to keep this wrong. I want to see him taking pictures of me. Like you live fringe. Girls took nine hundred. Push her me grease when it happened to be honest when i see jordan out of You don't scream wrestler you scream. Storeowner skater boy. Who enjoys Long sessions on call of duty warzone where he wrestling come from. I just love. I just love wrestling my whole family watch crash playing ship so i just i just saw wondering i wanna be wrestling with five. Years old was screaming because had that creepy uncle started watch is i don't know uncle grandpa grandparents. My mom actually how cool mom shoes i was like. We just moved from just moved back to new york or whatever and my dad. he's all to whatever size in the room. And then. I heard my mom watching tv. Cy like crawled around the corner and she was watching smackdown or some shit out the opening fire ships so that was my to absolutely was it. What your mom. I didn't know it was my mom's mom's us five years old when he was watching war. So when when you watch the wrestling you the door opened up to you. And this is what you had automatically set at five or so i'm gonna put on Put the posters on the wall. I'm going to get the you know the the resting figures are gonna laugh. Borough when is when is it that it clicked. You were able to say i want to get in a ring backyard and when i was like phil backer when i was like six and my friend and like i just right for me like i never thought like oh. I'm not going to be able to do this. But i always like literally like i know. It's like like a corner. People say the. I thought i knew i was going to do it. Like i. my father this is like. That's what i'm doing and i always ever since then like knew that i could do it and i would do it. But like the first time i saw the puck on ec. W with the thousand the first time that i really i oh i can do it for sure. Jesus christ you said that at all my mind old no. Yeah exactly my. Aarp car just came in the fucking man. Hey this is jordan. Oliver and you listen to turnbuckle tabloid to all wrestling heads out there. No cap dose. Do so love awa wcw and wma cwf mid south in all types cracking his smokey mountain wrestling. We do it for your kid doing the lord bishop style vashem own out here representing. Let's go what you know what my body slaves had locked. The stone cold moldy and kofi kingston dreadlocks. Pc w before me was blue curtain was breaking ankles screaming which truth paulie race. Full the us. Chen bellsa stiff chops for penn walkie chest. Ddt top row suplex for latin. The rock remind. Y'all gdp goldberg edgy. Where radical latino brutal. Petro and dan press gold. Who went. hollywood. W macho man. Sky dropped him l. Both exceed my little full chance fro to treat told stories about those hometown. Stan hansen at bradfo of close arena. Goes black lighten. The ring light on crowd pops hit st john. Cena gets booed thousand movement makeup as bad as the debit ed or call. Take a with the heartbreak kid. Who's the man picking the tomato. The shots you the best submission favorite tag l. audio demolition wrist locks hit balls and up on steamboat. Jacob st paul damian the back kerr heading dolph of hits the zigzag super kicks young bucks with the heart attack. The big dog roman reigns and jesse the bod. Mg is the new hot rod. Upc throw up to sweet. I'm watching 'em l w impact cannoli up so wrestling. I did it again. Y'all brought it back fast back in the building. So you don't sleep. You know when i come tablet studios get a pop it all day every day. That's how i do term turnbuckle. They flyer you say doing it for my people big wrestling fan. Where you're at your thought up. Let's go to sweet. Dr stay tuned for part to its stockade. Just how we took over turboprop tablet on os. keith maj. get it popping so wrestling is good. The clock better. This song is brought to you by turnbuckle tabloid. This is larry legend. And you're listening to the turnbuckle. Tabloid podcast larry levin episode one fifty. Nine larry letcher be very tongue in cheek and very vague as we. When when did you know that you wanted to wrestle with men something. I'll tell you. I went to catholic school from first eighth grade so big. No you know that kind of talk about type of like you know the feelings that maybe experiencing and maybe questioning so. That was not anything that i could ever really talked to the priest about or anything or because i wasn't even catholic. My mom sent me to catholic school because it was kind of one of the best education should get in baltimore above like public school. Speak down my city but at the time it was like oh you want your kid to get a good education catholic school where he'll wear uniform and you know prayed a rosary and just be good clearly not the case you know with a lotta those people with school with myself included. I guess you could say but You know it wasn't until i went to high school. And when i went to high school when i started to like be around jewish people. Ats people and like Muslim petain other right catholic. School was like a nice little sandbox. Nothing alice's on and it was kind of like if you don't do it this way you're gonna go to hell. You know so wasn't until. I went to high school that i kind of started to meet other people that may be. Were curious the way that i was and also in it. That was in an environment where that would be like kind of like not like. You're kinda like oh you're that cool no like that's kind of really when i was like okay. I think that this is the way for me. I'm wait it's interview going. Are we talking about wrestling era. We talking about the life ties larry. Legend and lot of the whole circle could saddling. We open up. Everything goes beyond wrestling because at the end of the day the that happens with this show and with the people that we interview. It's not about the cut and dry. So how is it that you became an announcer. How is it want. We want people to hear a real you. If you're not open to talk about it that's fine. We getting not no no no no. It's not just that like again like you said like typically people are like so. How did you become an announcer. You know like an orderly view. So we're going on. But i think all types of stuff right. Now get up my. You probably don't remember 'cause you're always you're everywhere. But i've bumped into buffets you many times and i've always told you i want a conversation with you. Not larry legend during announcer. I want you and this is what we're we're just enjoying right now because at the end of the day this is what we does the legacy that we live with and when the mice go off and oldest whatever the case may be and i don't wanna have to have this whole process because the society is going on right now. It's like no. We've always wanted to hear the wrestlers. The announcers the managers promoters and i wanted larry alleged to be a guy who's always never been the guy who's pull back on on his shit. This is what i wanted to have for us here. And one big thing for me that i need to access if you don't mind dogs burgers. What's yours hotdogs burgers. What's your favorite thing. Yeah you wanna know you're talking to lower your mercer right now okay. Remember larry bursar from ring of honor wrestling so marrying. Mercer is a burger guy Not achieve not a cheeseburger guy but definitely a guy like i like a nice pair of fun. Okay no larry. Larry larry legend okay. Emcee and host maybe like various ordering events around. The country loves a nice juicy plump. Hot dog and i have a lot of fun letting people know that i enjoyed that. Most of all but they both they have different burgers around burgers. While i'm i'm saying like it's kind of like asking me if i'm an ass man that i that i have like. That's like definitely about a pair of on a pair of funds not just like a hot dog along one likes the base sur. What let's let's stake bed too. I love you. I swear i love you. You best fucking coversation him a life. This is awesome fucking amazing. When did you know that Did you did you take theater courses in in school. Because i'm a guy. I i if you can't tell i've been Very very prolific. With the way. I see did you absolutely yeah. I was so although i was in catholic school when you know you asked me earlier. If i was like as grim bunks around the house i was not but i was in school and i got into a lot of trouble in school and i went to a couple of different Psychiatrist actually and one of the psychiatrists said to my mom You know with boisterous as he is and it's presentational maybe you should think about getting them involved in like peter where he's gotta like learn lines and like say like to august. It's like he gets a show like he gets his own show where people are paying to see him and you know my mom was like well. He really a terror so we tried it. And i just took to it. Naturally i went to a The oldest african american theater in the country. It's the arena players in baltimore and they have exactly. Yeah they ever hit a program and Shortly after my. I lost my grandmother. I was starting to sixth grade so i must have been around like eleven twelve My mom got me involved in local community theater and that is what actually rescued me from catholic school because In sixth grade. I was selling catholic. School still a lot to say. But you know really didn't know you know didn't have a voice crying because i didn't know who i was but by doing the community theatre liking being into the costumes learning lines and all of that. That's let me to go to a performing arts high school. And that's what kind of got me out of catholic school because i was going to go to a catholic high school and if i went you wouldn't be talking to me right now. Probably be the the coach of a football team or something with wife. Three kids or something. Because you know that's just you know the you blend blend into your environment. I done a lotta blending first to eighth grade catholic school and then luckily i got to a high school where it was like. No you don't have to be that you can be this or it can be that or you can do this. You know like so for me. I was i. I was since early age. I gravitated to being the I guess you'd say the spotlight of the household and i needed a my Mike suppression. I had to get it out some way or another day gave it to me that way and in a high school was my my escape because i was able to do a lot of things that i'd never was able to do in in my everyday life. I did play. What was it that you realize that. If i'm not gonna hit the ring to be a wrestler. I i could. I could take the talent over the education that i got from school to for beat to be a ring announcer or commentator of the lady. I wouldn't so that happened. That happened in college. That had happened. Because i couldn't afford to go back. I was undergrad at nyu Studying in the drama department tisch school of the arts class ninety nine. So that's what i i moved to. New york was in ninety nine but It was there that they kind of broke it down to all of us and they were like. Hey guys you may have come to school to be domestic. They'll washington were the next lowest We want to let you know that dinner. Drowsy bird way of acting that they give you that. No it's funny. I did stella adler. Oh because you know your stuff. There's march third strauss adler when i was when i went in for me. They wanted me to do xiao's birth and i was like. Yeah that doesn't fit for me. I don't like this well. The thing about it is is. You learned that their oil from one school of thought rhino. They all come from one from one school of thought and they're just branches kind of create the most trump performance home. You know. But no. I i did adler and like okay. So this is what i mean by like. They opened my eyes. Like kinda let me know that. What i thought it was going to be wasn't really what it was gonna be so first year. Undergrad going to acting school one of my first classes ballet and like i'm looking around looking around for looking to listen. I'm looking around at all the rest of the actors like you know guys and girls and i'm like guys they're saying experience he. Those seems that this is something that i don't i have. No what are we doing like. And we didn't know it at the time but but adler was kind of teaching like how to see through other parts of our performance bodies like so like right now you know you may want to just be an actor but maybe what you're really what really is. Your passion is the move that the blocking like how to move around the state doing a character with like a wimp or something like that like living that reality or in some cases like me maybe the part of packing that really moves us. The voice like doing different voices in my kind of being a narrator of a play as opposed to like the the the star actor of it like you know so you know they really just said like guys. Don't don't sell yourself short because there may be something that you have truly your passion that you haven't found yet. Hey this is madison and my mom listens to the turnbuckle tabloid in the car. J you curse too much you got doing this is. Wwe hall of famer bret hart and you're listening to tabloid they're the best series the best their wives and he was in the room with me episode. One sixteen mike harvey so case. You guys don't know the. Nbc has is a big upswing especially here in the east coast in new york city area. And when you've got young professionals like a man like mike harvey on the scene here. He's he's he's very. He's very in tune with the streets. He's in school. And what's going on with the indie fans and the wrestling fans that are very hood. Let's just say Actually not put onto you by my godson my little nephew of showing. He's a for years on really though he shared an article that you recently done in one of the the locals and I was reading up on you. And i and i knew in a lot of other indy promotions and i was like i said this kid is interested. He's an interesting kid. How old are you twenty. Four oh yeah. He's still young and and you know for for what what i read in the article. He seemed very in tuned in right only about wrestling. But what would what would you think should be going on with the state of which we're now especially when it comes to Degrasse rooms of the new york seen first of all why you. Why did they pick for the book and article. They picked me. Because i guess like my thirty was different from a lot of people you know and I just wanted to get out there and show my passion for wrestling. And i just wanted to opportunity. And he's gave me the opportunity out there you know out of all the other moms that was in the locker room of all the fog in media hogs they were said he's looks interesting. Appreciate that you gotta do a wrestling wrestling as a like. I said it's an a humongous upswing in the past couple of years in new york. And it's it's it's been on It's one of those things that where people have all secret society to it's quiet cole and r. Because everybody in the whole bullshit like oh you know it's fake in on that fucking nonsense but it's also thanks to where if you see a guy wearing a bullet club. Sure everybody gives that little look like it here. We want to save. We will what through you interesting. What drew me into wrestling was actually my tv. When i was younger you know my father actually watch. He was a wcw fan okay. Yeah it was always on the tv. Like i walk in my room. Actually you know you. See a wcw metro pcs wwe match. And it's just always been there. Were really drew me with my hatred. Jbl my love like grant guy they ran. Dr and john cena batista. Those type of guys drew me into wrestling. Kurt angle eight thousand. Those those five. I can think of off the top of my head now. It's funny that you mentioned like an age styles because there's always Loyalist did you know. Either you gotta be. Wcw or you're going to be a wbz guy. It's it's rare where you start finding wrestling fans and those alike who are able to branch out and appreciate the other styles and forms of wrestling. What was it that captivated you to start looking into other promotions wrestling. well gami looking into other promotions. I remember when i first impact impact time and So aj sows match. And i believe. He was against christopher daniels. And samoa joe at the time with the triple threat match. And when i've seen that i was like wow there's more companies out there besides wwe like and wcw. I thought wrestling was dead after. Wcw window you know. And i want. And i found out about wait a minute. They got more independent promotions out. They came to be to then. I'd started doing my research more. And i started finding Finding out about ring of honor which pan At the time pwg J j jersey. There was a company in new jersey. J. p. a. w. i think it was called i found out about though that around the same time so it was more impact in pick. They actually got me out there more than new japan and so on it's it's funny because Being an older statesman as i am you know my my twenties is long behind me. I'm a. I'm corona virus states. Where i gotta be careful because It can take me out at any money. My my submit to that we don't want go. That's what i'm drinking coronas. Now as this is the antivirus the this is the this. Fight it off. When when i was coming up all it was was you had the wwf. You had nwa awa Territorial wise you couldn't get it especially in new york and new york city. You couldn't get it all you got was wwf. You have to really in big for it. Like i remember having conversations on the show with homicide about how we found The other shows how is it that you were able to look and find your. The promotions was a tape trading stuff. They were training but it was more of You know I never been to india. Show i never been so in indy. Show my friends is cold me one night he was like y'all gonna pull up to a house of lords show at the time and they own shit there's not there's a wrestling courthouse growing the is owned by ray and i was like out no fucking way. I'm going to be amazing. I i know he was raised by older people. Because when you speaking right now to say timeout hold on. That's that's what fatty nonstop plane. We're might be but i gotta owed scoop on mindset also way home timeout. Wait wait hold on what. And she's pregnant. Exactly pool man. It was like a whole different atmosphere. I met you know a lot of people a lot students. Actually i knew a friend. That trained they're. Amy told me about a couple of times. I think it was real at the moment. I thought just and why she was just based off of oh just watch wrestling go to high school do wrestling. And that's it then. Yeah that's what. I thought it was but then when i found out about these promotions. La oh locate ninety five an opportunity somewhere but you know i started bouncing around pilot schools and stuff started going off from there. So you you. You didn't do the track. You didn't study house ability. What was the first u. n. it's To study for them actually started the bog wrestling alliance. That'd be w. I did a couple months there but it was like on and off. 'cause i was like dealing with injuries most of the time and then i took ma focus house and i did a couple of months there but now on that currently worries a wrestling. That's like my main home. Right there. And i found them actually sweet as ago but i knew about them for five years. So it's been it's been a while you know how's it been. How's how's it been from how long you been wrestling. Went two thousand and twelve. Wow you know it's funny. Because it's it's he's got to a point to where a lot of younger generation wrestlers are getting into the business really really early and like you know. Eidos reminds me of of isaiah cassidy from on private party. I remember seeing him like thirteen. Fourteen years old at house maury and as a student and i would infer for the longest time i like. Are we gonna see nerina when we see new ring. And when he finally got into the ring it was like shit has been that long. He's been with the school is like damn was. When when when you finally told your fa- your family. I'm going to go into wrestling. School is shit. What was their first david. Great they support you. I don't want to get it. I'm like play andy or you're going to get hurt just at the time. I complete baseball when i switch to make it a big mistake. I am listening to turn back with tablet when you told me that you my friend. Don't give a fuck with inev- it sound. You told me it made me think about this. If you saw and i hope you do well right now but to be honest. I don't give a fuck kook as a jew still hit my phone up embiid chubby moving on binga in the air. So that baby. You should know that. My mom's still lying subaru bunions. Would you have done and you never to need when you were wrong. You got so caught up which job. Dnc what's going on now. You know y'all as asleep in the low so with few the way you look so much ho baby you can go and fuck you sam. And if you think that i really give a fuck baby you can go and fuck sale marty. Opt for every time said was it might because see has no wall such an ass. You made me so bono for all those times. I met you smile balls so if you like the way you look so much hobeidi you can go. And fuck kills. Andy feuding dad. Really give a fuck all baby you can go and fuck ios so if you like the way you look so much oh baby can go and fuck you in a few days with the data show matter. You're listening to turnbuckle cabinet. One sixty three comedian. James matter comes to law going up. Wow i i i was thinking about to the other day because of what was going on with all this ridiculousness and stanton's and and such and i'm like i said while i not only has the wrestling shriveled up but i know that that the to sa- comedy seniors been terrible and i was like can he do stuff or you can you. Can you zoom a stand up like on. Can you do that on zoom and stuff like that. Is that possible. They've been try but very difficult. It is it's really weird and people are just doing more like podcast and conversations onto it's a fuck show. I'm actually answering texts right now. That are not getting the optimistic about it. Might be sad for this call. I mean i would've even because right now. We're on hip hop doing on instagram. Live or do seattle's dj battles op artists there. And i'm i'm here trying to brainstorm what would be the thing that comedians all. What is it that that could keep you guys. Going at least bring some kind of revenue. Do you guys can go. Don't you do like like. I ranked battles and stuff like that. You guys have like those kind of shows. You can't even do that on zoom and stuff. That i'm regaining macintosh. Doing like a argument show on instagram. Live we do it on youtube live. crazy i'm starting podcast. Hopefully naked something. i mean. it's just crazy because it sounds like a year year and a half. now. I don't know. I'm gonna have to get a roommate or some shit or stay out here in vegas. Awhile yeah so that you. May you made a trip out there. Everything right view made a trip back home. yeah it was just. I didn't want to be stuck alone and my apartment for lockdown at so it just felt like better being in a house being with people and Yeah new york fucking just seemed like it was going to become goddamn john cooperative film. it's I got I don't regret it. It's tough because out here. It just it just it. It almost sounds like the numbers that we're hearing out here. It's almost like warlike. You're getting like the casualty rates and stuff like that. It's just insane and What was the last thing. you said. Casualty casualty rates that. We're getting or it just seems like people out here. It just sounds like something like you hear from baghdad or ghanistan. These numbers getting ridiculous Out there in nevada. It's shell I don't do much. Especially when i got here was two days before two days after i was here. They basically encourage new yorkers. Do not see people so. I stayed upstairs. Ate supper with these folks. Went for couple of walks. I luckily got doubt that week. So i couldn't really move for a week and a half so that helped and then it's like all right. Tagalog got pretty much probably stabilize. You for a couple of days. That left you definitely says yeah Stay at home. Pretty much says that but yeah man john. James matters ladies and gentlemen francis show for a long long time. This young man. And i met a couple of years ago at a at a comedy event. On matter of fact we were at the bill are you you were doing your your aside doing a set at the old bill and new york city and I was there with a couple of friends. And james bay. A comment a guy in a crowd in the one of the guys in a crowd and he says. Let me leave this guy alone. He looks like the world television champion. Jay lethal and i don. I was the only wanted to crowd that got that reference and he looked at me he goes. This guy knows what i'm talking about. I like this guy over here. And i was like i gotta get him for the show and this is what i had tiaras. I gotta get as already walked off. I made a connection. We concerts and you've been on the show since re i realized i said this fucking do wrestling fan. I gotta get him on the show off and here we are here. We all baby i. Have you been trying to stay in touch with with the wrestling scene these days. I know these these. These no fans matches has been atrocious. Can you imagine like. I mean i'm i'm i. I mean you've probably done venues what you've probably have maybe four or five people in the crowd but didn't imagine having a resume. No-one there that's gotta be So i I don't follow the main roster w as much I i do read the rumors. I'm more addicted. Probably the the the the rag websites the dirt sheep's more than actually watching the actual product. Of w w what. I watched mania. I thought they did as best they could. With it I think a w is really amazing with that. Of course it had to put people you know. The the week that they couldn't have people in the front row was the worst week the fact that they are probably violating city rules by putting ten people in the front row It helps there needs to be some noise in wrestling. It has it's an energy business is a performance at eight is tough with just to at least where. It's two wrestlers. Like man. W did a good job at mania of just making the hell out of of the wrestlers and telling them to talk nonstop. Give me some actions from juice to it and that help the guy a headlock. I say anything. I might as well just stare at the wall. I thought same way about a. W i for some reason even when it in have the wrestlers for a couple of weeks where they didn't have the wrestlers on the side. For some reason. I was a bit more captivated by what they were doing. Then for for whatever you wbz us but the aws smart that they it's better to put someone put heels on one side and put faces on the other and just have it going that way they they're having just almost feels like a fun a little bit more of a fun environment that way Is here also that you're you're you're into the dirt's you like reading the rack stuff. It's fun it's fun to hear. Someone admit that they actually follow along with what people writing about wrestling. I am more addicted to that. Then i like to admit it it really that you know how you're supposed to be embarrassed the pets that goes on admitted to a girl. It's touch the real touching. Go situation with a girl until i make fun of her Reading three hours of posts about the bachelor man omitting that. I read and care about the behind the scenes. And i won't watch rob and i'll read recaps and be able to discuss it and wanna hear what meltzer an alvarez save that makes me feel like i'm Workless human being for decades. That really makes me feel like. Oh my god. I'm worse than what people think of just a wrestling fan. I really if i had parents. I should just move back in with them. It's it's it's kind of. It's kind of a gift and a curse on my end because regardless of what people say about the park has that i do here. I am possibly considered music. I do have some kind of responsibility to share. What listeners and stuff whatever info that i can get and you know i do my best over here to try to get anything that could be considered legitimate information for for the masses but yes i do torture myself listening to some of the most ridiculousness that comes out and you you you almost end his realm of like. I want to still be worked work. I want to be worked. Work me and i think we know a little bit too much but i also want to be like have you heard of you. You've been reading this stuff around. Rowzee was he's been saying. Yeah i read some of it. I don't like get caught up in this. I mean this is how much we need stuff now. Is that people. This is just the old people. They're already angry that they can't get what they really want. Sports wrestling's empty arenas it's not ideal people aren't working and so then you're a fat or something. And then she talks her shit. Yeah yeah she basically got people fired up at least right now it gets. It gets a buzz going on. We get some kind of a thought about whether or not. She's working the She's gonna work the the angle is she is she is she is she. Ferrall is she is she she coming to heal and and and i know you appreciate much. 'cause she's a she's a piper fan and i know you're a huge piper your piper guy. So she's working off that anger Do you when when you when you see yourself as a comedian. Do you also like channel. The pipers. The bobby heenan when you when you're in front of a crowd and you have the mike in your hand because it's basically just doing a fifteen twenty minute promo do you channel that as well i do. At times i try not to try to be more in the pocket I always say the rose is like a number to influence behind a Richard pryor and slightly ahead of dave. Chapelle i also have like piper on their flair and some other castes. If it gets to a point where. I have to fight the crowd a little. We're have to kind of get aggressive like hosting audience. Doesn't want to be there. And i got on ship or they get rowdy like i'm not doing a road gig. I'm doing a place. Like all due respect like a philly or somewhere deepa jurors long island or connecticut and i got to get a little aggressive. I will notice the piper shit coming out the piper and the flare shit fire already fired. You think i'm gonna give up. Taylor wake i get a little fire. I get fired up that in a little bit of gary oldman in true romance into those wrestling mode. I'll get off the stage alternative someone and go yo. They must've thought it was way for a day today. White boy day. Oh man it ain't whiteboard day with all his. It can do a quantum everything while he was turnbuckle tabloids or one sixty four dominic deniro interest in smith courses kimberlin Scott scott storage versus mannie. Fresh iota is why. I did see the temple in than that. Should be fucking pump and the other day you gotta get a on is fire. A matter of fact. I think similar original one the other night i just i was like a fucking coma the rizza and and and Premier shit it. It was good but my shit was like yo at the end of the day british woo. It's just he hits but it's just wu tang shit it. He should've went up against mannie fresh. Because many f- rashes more cash money shake on if it had been probably scorched versus. Let's say swiss. That should have been crazy. Swiss it's crazy but Would have been fire enjoy. Similar is there. You gotta check out now. Works on or they have any was with egypt. Grew clue is not a fucking producer. Inc five dj. I thought it was dj. Nano small production is more about that. All right right neat. Yeah let me Fucking cushal penis. He might be ready. Our shit i'll give a fuck of his sick title not eleven if his girlfriend work and she should be already he should be free as usual time with the woke anywhere but where he's a he's He's on florida. He's home zaire. he's she's been in florida for a minute. Okay so mason. Yeah who who. Don't make chris up all right now so you if you re you know you. You got kovic yen. Somebody's little bit of spoken to join kid. I'm smoking the alley way over cove. Cova shit by the low kobe. Kobe free tristen. You ran out of new york and she was. Would you use to be in new york. A boy was placebo. A little bit. Ooh does he excuse the hot as it was right right down. Here there are ryan ryan the world. Y'all have shitty. Yeah to protect oehler. Yes what it was was. Cut this shit. You i tell. How's everything on out. What your rehab. And all that good man for the sake gets strength. That's good the worst mike. I've ever heard you might terrible. We will would you do monte item in the bedroom right weight aside. I no. i'm good so i got you guys. Dominic dinner actress itar aka acura kwan. For you guys who are known business suits and and and i want to get The other fucking The other guys are in the click on its own. But i wanna have you guys here. I because You guys have have made big strides in the past year or so and with this fucking With this dis-decision colbert shared as this pandemic. it seems to have possibly put a whole tutoring on a progression tristan. You you had a big injury Before this all occurred but he was on your way back in Rehab how's how's everything been going with the rehab is good one day at a time. That's all. It is even the goals in mind i It was at some random show. that you gave one to do because them out until we figured we had like a family and friends come see us Just you know we. We thought it opportunity took it and then You know just doing you know. It didn't move and i ended up Rupturing the patella tendon and breaking the kneecap. So you know and you know that sucks because it was ironic prevention fundraiser. Also like to one like there's just a good thing and during during the match you're calling out certain spots and we're gonna do a dot and usually at like smaller shows. I don't wanna do a big guys. 'cause it's just you know i was talk that you don't do your biggest stuff. Thanks so i wanna do a suicide. But it's a suicide prevention show. And i thought too. Much into the buckle those on so i did and that's what i pop when you engine i. Do you know that instantly. Like i'm fucked this. This is bad on either so much adrenaline is because when i did and i thought someone punched me in the knee like. I didn't know that. I did anything to add at someone punched. My dad was like all all out of whack because her some fancy that because i felt because usually when i go thought by clear the top row this time like my whole life face and stomach like hit the top rope because i know how to get the air awesome part of my knees. So i lost my. I lost my balance. So then that happened and then You know i started to walk hobble around a little bit went to the guardrail. And then i took a step and then collapsed. Go all this. And that i hobbled over to the to the apron. Try to get up on the apron back then like bumped on the floor because i just put weight on my on my leg so it was It was bad and then And then i ended up getting picked to the back. We still one dominic when he has something like this before foam trista. Do you go Shit i know he's about a yo. Wow what a pussy. How i would too. I will be there with them. Support and i ended up falling asleep early. And i wake up to a christian him in the hospital. They're all. Dale took a selfie so he was in good spirits and whatnot. So i didn't think too much of it be the did he. And then you know. Estimate went on the swelling worse. And you know the diagnostics got worse and you know it definitely put a lot of stuff perspective and maybe think you know to work smarter not harder and just you know always make sure i trained my legs properly and stretch before i fucking go out there and just take any precautionary measure i can you know to alleviate you know pressure on the joints to avoid that type shit but no again. Yeah it's gonna happen it's gonna happen it's gonna happen but that's the part it happens. Shit sometimes you know when you think about trade but when you think about you guys career is like you do. Remarks can do whatever stretching exercises you could fucking do in alaka role before magic everything. Shit fuck in hab as ages it just. Nobody understands that the game is just. You're already know that that that the outcome could be. You're going to get injured but when you it it's the funniest shit. What does the dominic worcester the the weirdest injury that you have got. He was like holy. Shit what the fuck fuck. This is happening all right. There was this one time. It was being chris. Barring in who we had a tag match in connecticut. And i do this thing where i stand on his shoulders and i do a frogsplash onto my ponant unreasonable. I slipped off his shoulders. And i know he's died. And only my arm catches my my opponent and my shoulder. Just pops right out swing that on cover to cover it on your instinct and it popped back in and just went home and m whatever finished the match but i just remember driving home that night and i was just excruciating and i could not look my right on. This motherfucker fell asleep on me. I'll you know. I it was it was visible is the biggest injury you bet your wrestling career choice. It was the biggest kurt biggest injury. Oh yeah one hundred. But i said the positive thing about being close and having people that you could you know not just bounce ideas off like wrestling wise and just like you know just how things are in you know how things are going but just in terms of learning each other's mistakes and talking about it you know i mean like in Dodge one of those two were you know he believes is not just dollars. Fuel shared that ignorance not to share them out with so. If i know something that can help that that. I learned that can help prevent injury. Would i not so. My boy is doing that. They doing his time just didn't happen. I mean he could have like. He had a bad hamstring. Like she watched took care like you mean. He puts a little bit but he wouldn't have percent hard if we didn't talk about like a long runs things but part of is part of the game and is it's a rare today guys on naga gonna get injured aren't in sometimes. It's always thought that is better to get injured early on in in the indies. Assad so that your prepare for later on How is it that you know Churston adio dealing with rehab right now especially bean with the whole fucking pandemic going on his house. We have a gone on for you. What was happening. Because i is kind of scary to go to a reference cindy and you gotta deal with other people to unite assured aware of what's going on how has been your ria stars madrid. Now i'm drunk Yo me tubro. I'm i'm i'm sure should i have to ask me toubro thou the injury and and the rehab not yet gary but like i was saying how You know you know. There's a lot of different feelings that came into one was like you know ended up the right time. Because nothing's going on so i. My hearing process is technically short because when things come back i'll be closer than you know we'd be if things are still going on so it's kinda understands But also selfishly like mike comeback. You're going to be everyone else's come back because everybody's not would've so there's you know there's there's that too But the recovery of it like the biggest part was having people talk to the met when that happens when you got doctors all around you telling certain things and then there's you know you see you see you know the the world goes on. My girl wasn't here. You know. I mean there was a lotta shit. That was going around like you. You can go crazy like that. You can't move and do anything you can't sleep like there's a lot that goes into that regular gets it gets bad so we can have people that are still doing. You can talk to people that that look to you to like bounce. Ideas off of bailing won't be both and wrestling so like And the same thing with the pandemic. Because i had a couple of months prior to the pandemic where i was doing that where i work with and 'isolation technically so they move like i've learned how to cope with certain with certain things like going to go crazy room or in the house. I mean so and having people around you know i'm still serve as a negative and you're listening to the royalty of all royalties turbo co tabloid when. I'm not fucking doing blow on the weekends. I'm listening to these guys chase saturday and oh oh okay. All these old and be pinky. Carlos sodden changes. And you are listening to turnbuckle tabloid. If you're not and you can hack me. Now let me go out on a second but i'm here i'm all right. I got back those stories. My he sounds very. You're putting me look see. I mean listen whatever sexiness. He was doing that. Say this alert. i'm up. Good was good with pink. We all hear children all just how story of thank breaks liberal. Chilling all sit. The gang's all here is like a like a fiesta. The body was finally turned up into building. Thank goodness how's everything new york good Pity how you will you at a les right. No i'm elliott. I'm in the fucking i am in. I am in hell. Hell how they've been fucking cop cops. Lately pro has been fucking attacking everybody. I don't wanna. I don't wanna bring this. Is you saw to go on everybody just yet. What trump's doing understand and they wanna make you don't wanna put a conversation a screeching halt before it started. I want i want people that would have been good as well as as everybody else. I must have. How's it in our house. It on your over. There is quiet may very very quiet. I mean this day here i'll be going to the Is amazing. I went to the mta. Subways was dead. It's like a movie you know but that's really phillies. It's cool quiet. You know Funny beginning still shootout ten. You know people killing each other you know. Give a damn about this. Whatever it is the the virus or whatever but it's cool you know So parcel good. Oh please just because of the pandemic dishes don't fucking change. People are still going to be fucking people this ugly man. He got a pillow. But this whole nonsense. What's going on my boy. His brother just passed away like about a month ago. A student get a reply of medical. Or like high high-tide china's trying to find i topsy high died then suicide there. No it was murder anything it would just. They found them in the bathroom and boom. That's it oh wow alao care. So what was the verdict. Like only got somebody people lined up on bellevue hospital. Where you know you gotta wait. La daddy's like a mo for it. You still waiting in. They don't mess so despondent about this thing. But i like duct tape from my mouth man. I smoke a l and s peaceful. I definitely a definitely regained. My my i definitely get my appetite for marijuana in Really marijuana's y'all mall To some only care who reservoir w or junior me your it those two blue bird. Kush bro dog like buster spread aleka first of all these fruits. This kind of funny. That marijuana is for fruits but he me to blueberry kush and you see the video that we was rustling. California indicates that smith And he's like he's telling me you're telling man used to be careful with this. I know there's up the cage like twenty five fifty six snooker data musso any key. Stay with a perfect pet allows the dow's the blueberry crash believe in. What are you guys Is it a straight straight Straight we you're not into the oils or the pension like that. Because i was about to start getting into like whole oil should as well like a fast way to when you actually around the high end wrestling fans i want. You're on a high in louisville. Yo yo you wanna hit a the the the real the real fancy ones that have the monocle on there. I like those kind of the high end. Fancy guys. I get there looking motherfuckers. Ears and i ended up new glasses. The little spectacle. Toge- abroad lends a shirt fading. A little What do you call one little mongo hipster beers nate and they fucking sweater talking than the bro. But you guys you guys can talk about that. 'cause you guys got that you've seen the evolution of what the wrestling fan is pinky. Has it gone like from you. Know the the grunge kind of guy look at e c w event to the hipster drinking the beer kinda guy that the fucking events now. Yeah i mean deep. Honestly when i started coming around it was a lot of like family. It was like the dads in the mom. Would that the kids. It would be much. Emily event but now with the nowadays. It's more like if you'll see more younger. More like party goers they. They liked the culture arrests for of sex drugs and rock and roll. Also like you'll see a lot more younger audience like i mean. I think the wrestling fans are a lot more modern. If you will. They're like the cool people kind of think about it. Then they lose to smart man. I mean when i when uh started everything was super-secret or we'd like the math. You know like like we'll be like addition you know what i'm saying. You can't keep with magic tricks now. You've got these nerds. These dogs wants. Know everything you've got some of these coup fans off the really cool but you've got somebody's fans that deserve to get smacked and of course they're never get girlfriends. Their butts versions. They eat doritos in their mom. Like abbie be really. They beat the smoking soggy. Give some notice the problem. That's the problem they do smoke. They smoke way too much and they really think they're part of the fuck in event. They parted their behind the curtain. Gerbert i thirty s. we bro. We cut that that cost for fifteen minutes later. This year is bad. He's like pencils. Like a level to pensive they. They got stanford and seeds and everything. But you got some who wants to seventeen twenty twenty twenty pinky. We'd is is is the best weed out there. Well you gotta you gotta you gotta step it up. you know. you can't do that. Backyard bookie more. You gotta you gotta smoke that dan good that goody goody i will say this if anything if anything that we got better during my during my existence in this world the did the pagoda. Be ridiculous names but i love it. Yeah i own. Like i said i. I quit a long time ago. And i might need your final hour like i'm not gonna do it like yeah i gotta come back to. This shit has already been too long. I gotta try something else. And i gotta get back into this shit guys. You never know hill before it gets any before. I let it before we go go on guys. If you're listening right now you've got two of the world now east coast wrestler of all time gotta whizz from the pj down state from the boogie biggest of all time. Indy wrestlers and up and down the cbo straight out. Shutout straight outta nyc. We have of course pinkie sanchez. The man the myth l. president data legend and of course mr one seven himself homicide bovina building. No wrestling this. This is a these. Are the two guys. These are the two guys that if you were elevate an the project and when you open up the door in his weed smoking it is because they were lighting up in it just because they were doing the The the the concept of the therapy in the elevator is these two guys got caught by the cops. A cigarette going downstairs. I must've don't smoke that shit yet. We outside the door open on the second floor. The second floor might talk is taking the elevator from the second floor in this building. It was the cop. Thank god ain't had that cigarette does so you do that. Pencil pants were. I'm telling you. I'm i'm really really considering doing that. Shit i gotta smoke up around here. I talked to one of the guys. I talk to aggregate the oils. He's like my friend. Talk to you but talk too loud too loud but you guys you guys Bent generally i guess got into the game. I'm about smoking. We all of other saints off. When did when did you start smoking weed. Like maybe like the must Fell wrestling training. Really get you gas when they blow you up. If you wanna fuck your lungs up is it. I'm only my my car is always be better. You know that's just how i look at it did you. You must have been smoking since birth because we from like the same negative world. So we've been smoking since birth. Be well diesel. These always wrestling came around growth. Alligood my my real. I've got to my situation was really fucked up black L. smoke i smoked. We move boy was not your tribe. Tony lake we digs. We was like spinach like popeye. He was not your smoke. There's a talented stat. Do of space. Whatever i'll i saw smoke that is also part of a crew t and this was embiid style like the raw talk tompkins Products you know That's the most progess if people want to know but yeah man like you give me like a blunt those a philly blunt a smooth it after some of our acting real funny of course. It dude just sliced my lip. I'm your bill de fiscal becky. Stronger i'm wool hospital with twenty four stitches in my lip fan. I i never could get that. That was my first time first. Time to celebrate like two weeks us. Look now the l. And that's to the dutch master game and after ab just took off to team. He's making my hair stand because we grew up in the same neighborhood so he he cut he got stitches. He went toward hall so basically he walked toward hall because it was like down the block and the hospital was right there and then we ever see be have a speech problem or got to score my levies spaghetti. Best story i. I'll smoldering and my boy toy your take this ula besta to bits like spinach like word. Okay and yeah. I got beat up. It got sliced up. Y'all i if you ever had this habit in highschool because dna went to the same high school in the eastern district right. Yes yes he said. We used to go to back the back with a baseball field that what is the standard and we'll light up there some. Do try to pass me at one. That had fucking Acid in it and was trying to a woolly. And i might the fun doing man. You'll pick your you ever known anybody that wants to smoke bro to be before i look i got a great man. Real even kirsch that have belo's accrued chrome sir now on one from them. They're infamous with that with the acid in and and put it on the dutch myself philly blunt. Pass it around It was it was something that coup. You'll let me pay like most people from new york wrestling wise. I'll i'll i'll i'll be everybody you know. I hope i don't sound super like we thought we'd grow drink and we do eat. And that's it and maybe lavington. Sometimes you might you know. Know he's looking for that as a very. That's something that they bring so to our our our group. But we were we'd be with we'd all the time we have some weed and we have some drinks we could but we don't be putting no fucking math or we don't put no angeles than our shit. Bro man You you you bring that up you guys have been around the around the country you guys been in the back of the locker rooms and all that without having to mention anybody's names should goes both of your mother's voters. Don't give a fuck toga talking to homicide i. What was the funniest that motherfucker doing locker room to get high like what was like the the craziest shit to the the craziest visit. Mumbai got kids in our neighborhood. I don't wanna get soup from company in connecticut. Oh just say that. Yeah it was it was it was died. Your smart plead to together. You know just say. This guy had a belief bad neck. He was taking a lot of painkillers and bs. Some samoan guy was staying. Joe bro take this banana. I'm tally you. Bro is a good good for you. Don't forget about those pills man. He took a smith's a fellow. Woody got better and just say he wanted to let you matic olympics. And i was amazed about that like i just miss. What a fucking olympic hero. Absolute crazy like wink. Wink wink nod dot bomb but he was going. He probably gotta go bring you. What was it crazy. It's crazy shit you've seen in the locker room is basically being around. You know like. I probably been around just so many different. You know here and there and all this other shit so i mean i think people fucking dead ass fucking like wrestling. You know under the influence crazy. You know like fucking all fucked up and i would've. I would've figured you to see somebody pull out a fucking crack pipe and get busy before match to be on it like not even not even to like try to say that to myself. Whatever you put a gun to my head to be like all right. Who have you seen doing cocaine and locker rooms or who have you seen. You know puffing in the corner and i mean i really haven't seen shit like that. That usually all the shit that happens that i've seen with after the show you know but i've i've i've i've been the shows where unfortunately people are. They need. I think the kind of see where i'm going out but i'm not gonna go there because that's not. The area imports me. But i've seen people you know just of be really fucking high rustling and you know and bad shit like that. I seen but i never seen like. I never really seen somebody you know in the middle of locker room doing drugs like that. I think that's a very that's a key. Not no lacking in thank god. You know 'cause you know you don't wanna you don't want shit like that role but you guys you get the guys who even before the match stars. They're fucking shit like ready to go off. What the data bump yet. I think. I think if somebody's really doing drugs like that they're gonna be smart about where they do it or they're going to have their own little they all. They wanted to see their way. Still go to the. They'll go to the call. They're not gonna do it in the locker room. Because they know they're going to have at least three people with their handouts on the ball yukos. Y'all hey y'all got anymore not even like that. No more like. You're everybody swan now. This was going to ask. Did the landscape scenes. Like the you know that you know from back in the days are guys. They'll doing this pop. This whatever the case may be to now. Did it. changes to where everybody's more conscious because cell phones or mobile recording news or both storytelling. You didn't really changed. The landscape of what happens in the back before before i it should be like my personal opinion menam. I wasn't into like the pills. All i did is smith and drink in know but when i drink gonna limit love beer now i know a lotta cats back as take pills i bill skittles those dig and lana people they die. I'm me you watch that dog city of of the ring whenever you see a lot of people the one heavy substantive drugs but the problem is the navy's everybody's doing that you know in the nineties. They kinda like you know. Slow down just a little bit now under no he because too many cameras or too smart home me that everybody just dying. Lugano allow people. They can get their bed the right way. The earth the assurance back as you see people like that. Like mess screwed. I'm tak- the viking out there. I'm taking a bottle of vodka. Know see that no more crazy loud people resale all these are low wrestling these renegade wrestling specially deaf companies tug. About you know doing something. Now you'd be very surprised. Maybe alive blue ribbon that little skills. That was part one of this episode of the best of twenty twenty one or thank everybody who took part in it. Hart homicide pinkie sanchez trusted. Tie dominic deniro and everyone else. Who took their time to share their life with us here. So close out this episode and part two will be coming out soon so kieres for that and for those who missed out on the episode or just catching up or new tablet. You could get us all social media outlets and you could get us on old podcasting. Outlets spotify iheart i tuned we're everywhere matches google tabloid and ill links there for podcasts and Hope you guys are going to celebrate new year coming in and be safe be secure. Wash hands wash your face. Love each other and remember those losses passes very rough gone to you guys. Buckle tabloid buckled tabloid.

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Career: Expectations vs Reality

The Hows of Us

1:07:13 hr | 10 months ago

Career: Expectations vs Reality

"Battle By enemy, excuse. Hey. It's got walk up to the House of us a podcast where I along with site had an reg. Just a couple of good friends from different walks of life answer the question of how do you feel with just about everything under the sun? Giants as we share inside some feelings towards various issues, we are facing today. We. Hope you enjoy. O. N. wire at it. Don't forget to sense. So. How are you doing today? Hello Hello. Welcome, to the House of US this is Scott. La The crab dispatching Tale Filipino. I. Guys. Come A. Little. Overland. Alley. May Own. Easily. One. Yes My. Currently some. McCarthy. So. L. What. You just. said AIDS. So I know. Gaming. And now I. Government's lead. The phone number novel. All an ECU. Equal I. I think garnering. Seats were provider of. Though were Stiller Board being lower all see Specie Kelly for this week on. Metabolism issue. mECU sorry. Okay. To. Yet until eighteen then the buckle regular programming Nah officer in. Apia night to stay at that. Show you. Fool Wednesday. in short. An- Announced, non-regular highly the and twenty one or commemoration of. Unity? Off. I think. All or Friday being so. will be having a long week in this coming. For the next for the week after the Knicks Diba. All. Million all in Amman. Out. All Right now, nice an army. Fifty percent. Workforce. So you'll be by now Gordon the how about you? Seem seem. To bite by. Iran? Thank you. North from home in Indiana, NBC you for what are Known Service Moon that. Hangs or via. Martha NC Morning Fox. Some Leading. Be Aspiration for. Owning beenish about by the. Monkey. And read. Method. Home. Ain't going to let me look by the holy in New York number mum shop in. Castle. Certain allow muscle work for the nomination must might allow it in an outfit. Coming minus outside Metro Manila. Work for Home Mommy. Meyer Metro? Manila Along. This Your Own Bubble Shannon after. Unoccupied us. Support being from Ossoff are in a new. You're saying you. Know what s Diana's face the Laszlo at least somehow made bowery department department Oh, wait. On an uncle function by. But more langshaw did. Want an eligible birthing now. I. Know, the department new Maple. Lane were laughing what? Are you like. You on the Olympic medal medal. Meet Mita. I'll. Say. Hey. By The SELENA Brunette? and. I are. Work from home that up it's. A A nail biter novella brisk though base groceries or. From your you've been. Home call in for the last five months ago the. First few months now in quarantine. Go that the see Mommy to buy essentials fairleigh in hold on my the bus. Isn't. May. Be The nominee towards ninety mommy go cinema now you. You. Won't Quinta and we'd be in the market Lonzo. Yeah, uh-huh trying. Who are young? Enya when them and that he led by little. So you're eventually that on. National made? ME. About about Asti something. What Zip through is it through I won't be naming your beal, each Mary will be. But is it true? There are so many positive. Four Only. India does by Usually Cup a Nike reports thing you don't WanNa listen this Abbey. UNSNARL. Or something or running along the way. I read something on official page of. You USO by. Young officers this when he Mayor. Bottom dunes up aged Discussion about that in village near. Now around I'm diving namaste in and out of Manila and to the. Union again A. The Dow. Domino cases young via an offers a fast two weeks. arden in undergo young village men. Are. Meeting on lockdown. must stick their. Measuring Stick by. By glovebox. Me Monopolist. NEDERLANDSE. SELLA's Ning Nong village nominee numerous from gate. Get. The Legras Yeah. In. Uniform. Yeah. ME, NIGGA medicines. La Western. Society and legal lump. Sum Bank from you and bill is her guy or This is the commencement of the Anorak. Mcginn. On the onion about psycho vid game saying we need to remind everyone always wash your hands the Wa. Standards. Don't go out if you're not really supposed to the headed made him a special. Session Situations May nineteen Gary Aquarius had Basel word that they. Did unbiased. Them by and. Couple of. Boss always observe. Enough distance from one another. By. Phone carrier's think. He will. Be Most or something. Ourselves healthiest that hated US Lama Phanom but. So. Virus and We will be this Philippines. Beers. On guys take. The action endure hands on that I own Mug Defense Ivanka. Organizations in. The hairstyle. Number One. Yes yes. But he Will sorry. You. Guys so If? I if I. Get now endemic in the span of less than ten episodes. So development optics not. Magin. Give of condemning and this one in Vishakha Leo on. Saturday in. So for this episode or just going straight into it and SOCKOVAC career change. Barrier. Change. It's not uncommon this these days especially now now may then make an Paul and a career change has been defined by Cambridge. Dictionary as a change to a different type of job from the one you have been doing. End Burden but A. The definition non-career change is. A change to a different type of job from the one that you have been practicing or borrowing from the one that you have been intending to do. Aren't. GonNa new game looking. Ahead. So I WanNa know how you feel about career change guys so be alum. Tab. At Pigments Mata. Island. I. Go I, know you've said this a couple of times this show not at all I'm GonNa. Ask this again and what course did you finish in college? I graduated. Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering. license electrical engineer, that. After I graduate two, thousand sixteen. So I hope that board exam April two, thousand sixteen Baghdad's bids from Steve University than I the board exam September that the steam Lou and then I was registered electrical, Engineer Thou force. Yuma know not experienced about on. Monday in our school than said. This profession. In Parson Dad surfers strikes right are. Out Chilly that wasn't my first choice bananas I remembered when I was applying for college. Known thousand. Thousand Thin. As a on the new unintended by Byron. Young transition now. and John's exempt from a four university that you undo. One went to Saudi Bapu a spot on. And decided bowel none essay all of I. Around I was enjoying the. High, school life was all of us had belong. Change must step up. About high schools or Brown who as. Low as in. In. Your. Apple. Or it's. Intramuros from Europe was. In Egypt Mulamba Norma opposite is among subjects like science says maximize. You'll combined Bottom he'd be operated. On this alleged bill so bad on the Pinho. E No don't get along. undermine. Magadan minds? I don't get it done. So. I won't go out of fear pressuring None. They were applying for an engineering. Course shop I don. T know along seal engineering. First Choice stop was second you'll architecture. was they ended up being electrically? Initial choices wyndhams Anti. Initial choice a school that spider along the way John College. Now Byron I'm still thinking contaminant by be national templates suggests. nearing. To second year, Jeddah subjects you. Mozell, you'll be have connecting the right, the English proficiency on Philippi. No so bad on up until second. Bible. My supplementary year with me during. Nagy if. She's Of. Ships bearing shifts. In be next shift guess Avon typical typical thinking. But BOUMA TAPA chief. Get a May mop. Subjects cited by built by God cannot. Big Off been acceptable gimmicky shift novel but I'm going to be be should go no in Biden. Monarchic vocal out outposts. create the thinker. Shop on the. Mass, communication major in broadcast. Exactly dimsum agendas, addicts not when we were in the second year. right being. That bus a speaking compared sir. mad big snap around you'll be you'll have to undergo series of. A College Algebra Advance Abby Stop Assia ends up. Next struggle got done. He nickel a ninety coma gets. Bet On. I, WANNA join us not a passer. Joe Leong Fifth Year Guess a Duncan. Appreciate Your Mama Gate Gate. So the non enjoy. Auction. Nobody. WAS WORRIED THAT IN The ninety, four years five years straight yes. On top was didn't on the year voice. So five years putting on. Bush unbinding. One aboard except. And then the doors Newman's after graduation like. You Jordan history of word mom. Union. Union. Padam. Handlebar. Nobody while I'm from US now who a delegate Gustav. In Jhelum along the way it's about an after after going back enjoy afternoon outnumber. Not. On the Board Exam Goo Goo. At Baron I was unemployed for. A forum minds is that I'M A. Fiend. September you'll September new small so but gullible. Board exam. Gen Y. ninety, seven being powernet gather from. From the spine of September to December. Go out as in. Series stops. You don't eat up I'm not for about school that God an-an-and work. There already gaining their experience on the transmission on on the distribution on. On Stock Show and get Nolan Safai I'll. She gave. The Alien Badong after after WANNA get an on backs go undertake with elegant. Work in the by like from of after graduation up until now. Like by lawyers as. Serum. Waiting until now. Until you know on the whole. Go. Oh Nice. So Illinois near saying valley. After. I've been to the me for three years in eight months. This August. Nine. Whatever? You Wanna Osama auditor by make went on our list. UMASS I'm this about I'm. Bottomless Zealand, get an ticket job. Job. Ally in next state that like this I. About on a unique. Volume position. there. I know After the over oil overall project engineer away. From C. Implementation, our young nugget hand bill, you can say. That really the sheldon glorious if you not. Yes after really. And bottom and among our plus plus notes Scusi I've gained management skills monitoring skills. Aside from the technical side. That's Nice yes, Stop Shit I get the travel lot. We're were. Provide the electrical provider Aung Electrical. These mentioned by. All throughout the. Manabu knowledge. Middle Latin. Yes. OFF Met Alcoa's I'm how often along a you N. You. Get. Your Distribution Shah May. HAVE FLEX for example. By Beaumont the. From Panga. So about an island, not that I'll go by era, ebanon cooperative. Life for example Banga they have. Unbound electrical abuse at parents that loan branches yet any brand says a separate entity. So Electric Cooperative. So they have electric wok on galaxy to galaxy. Three. Bapu spot on there exists things happening Done. Some of them are private. Some of them are audited by commission off deep South most them. NEGGA guiding by it's national electrification station in getting. Let's example is off at, he's not been an island and. He's on. My junk foulden garden again. Shop I don't cry evade government. Nothing of boundless bests. Guy. See. No. Likeness. no. Electric co-op these Byron Gannon. Shoot. On The nine that. Who? Yes. Amazon Google. Going visit will Brian. SIMILAC college up until now around young path is. Gone. So I am. Every. Have the chance. Would you want to change her years nutty own now young. Kosei even though we have our own majors. And our piece general. By SA then couples Intel. Gama mealy. Nagy specialization more. Specialized. Go under your own career was still more like for example is. Electrical engineering a revealing with high-voltage is a high voltage side. Abbas Nama in so many Geisha and noble hi low voltage side didn't pop Ashok Seila Electronics and communications engineers. couple. Nagging disturbing say off board except electronics engineering now. Found in. Need. GotTa Anatomy Mole Open like for example, a high voltage SIP champagne you really being like Gundel. high-rising Beings Goma didn't high-voltage I hope by the got So. instruction or read energy providing company our energy providing us like, for example, you nationality national fiber. Nassar nine Not. But I know my electrician, the Department of Energy Or. A non. Binding you in the. Same Industry. Yes Oh saving. D Shut without long black gigging considered as A. Change. Of. Year. Yes it's Oh all bottom tapping on Monday in change of career goal like. Shopping. will be a low years I'm the. On numerous animal A. Career. Change. If ever, Moss all and law school. Oh. Get Get hummingbirds. Beside by Moore Muggy. Say Allah London. Madden. Unidad. Ski. Negi. By asset. Mataya it says. The group under by rejects. out Acer Jif say Dan. I'm in that they. Do not ski that West Bottom. Omar Mugging Bograd the OH. I and. Yano by, land. Low. Again aware adding Current events. So. But Major might not be my whole almost. I would say Hian DEEPA. But. Are you have to take alone along way by by by suffering law school will not a couple Marshall. Dose I WANNA be Southeast says sufficient. Number One, but I really have to pay for the we showed miscellaneous fees and other stops regarding law school get a temporary. Iona I don't WanNA burden may finally. Your new study in. Keeping. Mum And Dad. Up We'll have to. Use Your. And Now let. WanNa College. into. Some of us. Enough. To the. Hotel what does that? What does that usually do? US? Through. Our he bug. Yeah, usually misconception sober condemning this form section on Ellen accident. With. US I've been A. Mom who pull now when. More. which is somehow throws you but less. Bella Don Focus. On man so Paladin. Astor Mungo Restaurant Management. So hold up emotional automobile were. Battling Section Yunlong Amigo. Excuse. I know. Out Jd by. On the Deana holding the big live in or frontal Mark Anthony. The balancing in their third? Go into our bond or thank. How only? Out on a home business nine, zero one. Gomes the east except. AD. Can. Managing More Ernie's. Adopt by Considered when Midge may may may skill spanner-like Garner Required? That's where the they become on its some events. You Masa banquet usually me engineer been. graduated. Financing you'll what on the line letting, might I mean my balance with advanced all MOP MAPA observe burden vinings five. Best other save them on Easter Issue Numa. But passer fees would say human resources finance. It. See. now when Nelson Wrestler and. Better NASA Admin Brennaman restaurant so These. Skills longer gun. Woman. With up a major balance violence for. The the longer but mcgillion skills I saw is third Latin. Naturally. We'll know what? The lagaan unless aided on leading chef who? Only misconception is not. Doing. Nothing each art and hooper going Lou when. Ninety allier manageable by not deny that they and whistles. Really gone are is more on the business managed by. In Each our embassy of bottom finishing high new business eileen stage on. Young data. So you. Chuckle Harlow. With under now. In our London grammatically eaten. In united by him I, of course like. Actually. Love first in last Thursday. When beyond the Olympics in Bosco would be on a good one. Of You know you. Saw On the. Apple means. Enough. Going in like like be young invite him then like that Ed Sedan. Ritual. Will on me Ma and PA. WHO Major. Major. League. Peng. Graddick. US that these. Mangam mad. Me Mind that eating. Input of Leeann when. Was? that. Means said I, mean just outlines. Hornak in my. Even a memo reliance Nicer John Deborah. Euro? Valedictorian. From high school up assured on the course. DOBA Nine. Jabhat. Maniac Classmate your in our. Last incident. In the whole. Great incomplete who? going. Bro. Ceremony for. Or against. Above. Incoming obliterating one point seven. Hi, y'all. Can You? Be Poking complete Talking then accommodating on delegates on. Allow. Our system analysis. One point something immune. One off. With. The. When? How would you guys lean? One way enough by. The impair to get him back. Is. All About Grant I. Form. Informed they. started. Out. By the after. Sean, can you walk US through deadens? History went on. tobacco. So word. You're. Looking work I shouldn't need Rickett raining so. I don't say. Something war. Salem. And Nagoya who bottom from people my own. Operation Ability via smuggler be that that an inauguration gives. Bri Norman Workaho. I know started before PEOPLE WHO well. Myself Sal. In Spanish? Experienced outburst depend on that that time. So but on what a Race Agung? On. About. And Experience. So let's hope. Along soccer. League finally. Lead to summer. Wrong. So I jumped with allographs. For governments are SPA. saw you'll be out of no. Pain, Nail. Singing along for long. After that. Stopping up a spider. Period them shop I don't project based On for mom's on because he. Mnangagwa's lean unless no-one appreciate from put on paper funnel Muslim Shore Office. So take on on Vitamin C. who served vs Apple's not shed that buying after noble, Masanobu Nathan's team. will go very measured on a whole. Tackling amending the home is locate Clayton Center home. There's that he. PHOENIX. Hoping a fire load. Up. They'd. YOU CPO. hoppy. Around that time. We have. Now. So Brown Deli. Basic will again one of them by one hundred bucks a year in a union vote. Shot. Near behind the month recently. On Front Office Staff Map Lehenbauer also busy all was the hat from computation room reads from Dacian on look McConnell conveying macgyver Assaf. Billion at the MANGAM. Yes and if a Guy Venom Front office the back of his. But. Again. Office. In, front office but in the Munster was having Front Office Union Firearm Front this. Office usually the embattled didn't support services you knew minus as being Benazir Human Resource Sorensen's NASA finance usually deep. In their atmosphere we've. Seen that Support Service Nacional on the CEO, you front suffering on now w the for three months your about an one month long. Young of SE. Spun. Keep both at and. More immune that. I, love him was muddling. Each Arca. Yes. Let me make awesome reconvenes. harrap denial meeting under NASA from the. Name. It that Lemme knowledge on Must Merimee knowledge. Now you mind NASA backup dowse within Elementary Lamar Niche new, Joris Markle. So you? Fighting for six months. Doom, cussing. Mcginn. For for Graham. ME. Shine on somebody invested. In hope in. When sauce in Up Ongoing University every south very. Usually. In. been. In West Africa Saturday in Sunday being hard on bobble a senior bottom Llano bilingual. So I'm looking and feared employer. Keeps. Saying. Unfair on them when apple every soccer the. Way. You. Asked turn on. Government. Too late. Lamented Masters. In time the masters. Like Scattered on. The markle suspect these safe. I know I. Foul, my Michael went on work on. Ma. Master. Level and then have. Said lingual on on the me score if you were. Willing to play awesome university fees in that fine dum boom number mutate look laughing. So damning on Boban, enroll these long Mongolians NASA. Junior high? High me new Brusett each Carmela local outages snap. Beaching Damrau a whole basle nobody Dennis a marvelous. Mockery will shut up Barton among they decide. Looking. Rework. Then about Louis or a split them Abbas. Melinda. And, they may be some colleagues the up island within A. Mac. I hired the local. Hard Benigo yet. Apples unknown by offering march or roads. Meet the. Naso long months you'll. Also be been in heart. I know. Also he'd been. There with A. MOM, not, a yacht. Indignant on August Mal. Finally Amal I say beaching load Basan subject. Now Apple's idol alum who Do. Not, with us, expectation more. You've waited for his that I know that position. From our. Unpaid on August, not in approach that elegantly in Dame Sheila owning bankruptcy better. With this is spinal elements name two. Or. Three beaching anybody bomb universities. Disk Delegation Panel. On deep within the would be. Better than we have to be a whole usual major high you hope I'm. Outta on my Senate somebody. Saying deciding factor. Will Offer exciting garbage. On all up on Four small Dennis Hopper on patient patient our wants. To not say. Sudan regarding something bone he should mean a win. Up On as if when I? Didn't ask for our full Mitzi. Morning they morning got to suffer faster invading homegrown repair equals over the. Union. Bite on a game or sign or Have Laurie With governments will be the whole. Thing. On Each Hawaii on lamenting each are y'all. And do in there for how many months now Start genuine. Office. To awesome. Like different in this juice. Now, the Biden super different again, and again in Kanada by like troll those start the. Government's sky then with Dell, your sword back who I know how? You. Getting. Environmental was. IN LHASA MAKE MAINTAIN ABOUT What's the whole muscle hallmark door? Athlete deeply twin for the phone. Got You. The. missed. wounded. Annoyed by. Byron, feeling better. Nearly go. Home? Feeling. Alone hip hip-hop elite five three. By. And the win. In Vitamin finding finally, the GUAR final. Tally now see. Landings. Gladys been among our. Choice it's not bad on. Ninomiya went on joins. thing chose but if the If, you work named innocuous. But DUNGANNON LUPU SIP, on gun and all that Pumpkin Quebec awesome. AWESOME MAPA INDICA flipping. Imac aluminum and among were. Selenium. VITAMIN WORLD ONE REAPING SCRIBE NEGO. You're lost. That doesn't appointment. Setting them. You are. Well known and I think might. Add. Nugget Nj Canan on the field of human restores. All Austrian it by decoding saying expect. About on Long Lane appleans resort. Island operations who never on the east now Mungo? H. R. WHO Soon soon, wound. Each span. Union battling fight on our. Wake up coconut oil Boban. Arte Telegraph. All Al-Fisam each are those Ostermann you might have us on. Cool limiting highest positions each. By. A. Holiday Lau percents front desk the whole only seeping. Miss Concerns, guest Bedrooms nine Balassa art on concerns eating. Up Awful beyond. Its. Moments. Well, bomber. Then, but don't seem la by. Bow Open House wing island in Seattle Google on that. But on your on parenting employee welfare, but I'm not. was. Be It customer. Or? Cleanup woman God. God's. On again, a number I'm bug me. But. I'm Sunday League Meka. MATZEC. being. Heard. Cheering. The in In Day indicative nothing laughing at devised changed on topic map and so on. The mine is. and. Not Do you to do college to colleges like. Schools. And I've had three. Different courses. While Spanish. Here. Five, six, seven at that. or by the nearest now so good in young Gusau College. In. India avoid go it'll be. When that did not exist. Music. Or anything not related to arts. Shotgun? Like. that. Support. That now among outing. Chivalry go bizarre industry on the arts industry itself so But then champion. Thankfully. You'll course missile issue young course stepping up. that. BAN AFTER THAT Getting a yawn 'cause. I ninety after how many years the without spending sogo in and w will be the island college? Than US College for like will few years I wish afternoon graduation both. Essay so bring heat up by La like. The RENITA Mahad. At Miami guy guiding a muscle find. Lawyer. then. You should please. Bichon any on a yes over. Once young before thankfully guessing business is constantly going has yet so. Good for STUB goal although opposition is more. SOBER NY yuna champion. I was marketing tight now over May, marketing aspects of music. Up. Showing. Chevrolet. Own expectations voice didn't Hosa. In Demon, some go in Galilee Niemann in front of the camera behind the camera. Production. Get a bill in hitting DON rickles Condition again like. Gone when he's out There was one I know. I've got. An interview with one of the. Like recording companies Philippines no major lucky. Number One. And then cycle. In genial position. You fight on getting young feeling then. I know. Not at a link with lung and say like after yet hollow me chance but they do not know again for another interview federal. IUD. The one guessing undecided. In. In everything but then. They'll strub goal which is on the side of the marketing. Nah had this one year? Then hope now on that on that was the Sean in that position than. In the eastern Pacific now. Don't. Temporary Long Balagarh. Lake Charlotte by business over. Them. On. What on job after your way should Should. Go Finding Nessa bike alone because even expectations again after noon deadly should. Nevada. Union in Eastern. Get on me going after good. We should be pleading. Colona. And More you can get on the defense and and then union temporary lung dot Bhai Phero one year old and then after that coal. Like. I know. What that will hawks among. I. The. Name so often enough time doing. Now. Is afternoon after officiapl Mitchell next up canopy. Gossip I. Don't get out of the window of just in. Everything in mud said they didn't. Then cy so work mall and by. Jerk. Cuba to do your job in the. Be On the show like. I am long line all at the time. Right? So he would. Stop when Home A. Montana in one year when are we call? It a steinway on. Bio someone I know. They can go into. Origin glance him but then. When the open mind. Along, doors music music industry won't be all in Auckland or. So? Unfortunate not. Engage. In defied end. Young. Blanco goal fatal Ion Nestle marketing fighting. But then you undermine new environment new challenges, something new pillar. Oh, my God. Went Up. Actually on the minions you've never every is still learning experience Actually vitamin A boxer holdout. Dana. not. By. Mong? Berry. Great big. SAP Bud. Egypt Johnson down for. More. Say. You should eat about reassuringly. Jobs longs is. Anyone giving you don't bring Barrymore under Bene- cited. On Bottom springboard. Take a whole. Look all. Subjects on Front Office bummer under. La So. He bungled the Alpers. On. Are Waiting. PERIOD SPA office must go on national. On, gun. So laycock for market Lohman, Major National Marketing Station, or not more earliest. Zuma. Is majorly buddy. Mark. McGowan banner. You must strive. On let's Say on exam must. Gore's or four, hundred, Seventy Amazon. Excuse me guy will now not want office based on Apple. On a line soundbites. Old. Gentleness. BECA- Nina. Occur change is really normal the Vaa like. No one did by not experiencing but let alone Doba but then made an dumbing no one and then tomorrow I hear, Ya? I am Cova. Symbolic. and. See. Discard this. Whole. Anenih your next steps are funded on and that includes An option to change careers and people should really be respectful of one's choices so. then. Follow up. Question. Yes to yes. Do I like gives it. Had No something in you factors and Then career change like aside from this time and so in the hop on. One like super unexpected surreal situation like that means like. Beer Brash. Sugar. Not the. For example and the new trend most I don't know I was. In when I made Lyneham good next by. But I'M GONNA. Signs Your own he'd been patched or fashion nylon niece moines being that he'd been like, for example. Excuse me you Mama? He Nico Alum Gong nobody at-bat bike for straight or you'll ma. Ma by making be. achieved. Or? He'll mob I gain and when the opposites underfund Gerry Monica but I'm Manhattan. up? Behind. You'll other sites On the Mobile Pushpa My. Changed. Guidry. Air Byron getting on the Adam Guenon. By. Will, now. Are you gonNA for life? You're just. You're just a follow what your heart desires Mongan. But on Union down. By heading. A mahaffey. carrier. Vital. Suck in areas of opposite, lengthy navigable like Brown. I have a fashion that I wanNA pursue but then life gets away with better on at the begin practical though. He says. Adding factors than. Them. New Tiling Louis. But on feeling shadow no constable than. One year ago. GonNa. Start something. A who was on me to let me be Manteo US wash off been going. Fourteen goons. But. I'm I know how many people Nagin a nagging routine in a long young. Nila you'll work Miller Nevada. I love not allowed NEELA. Vanna. Pike within work Neela Tapa. Snow Valenta. Salem. Known Desire. Bush through you work Dylan's in Jay's so bad on Indian is appeal one. You're. GonNa. Long Work Environment Gooden. Content that did up. Sarah. Yes again. But I. Have Been Ila anime terms he led the elite in. Paella. uh-huh. Guenon bottom champion lions are Khotso mcstay along guy said Lambert behind. Jim We'll from the bottom on in. Jenin. Battle in shout out long somewhat mcchord. To Ma-. If they Go on among risk she go to after they hooked multiple federal your. Buddy. After. Finding needs to go to. Follow your heart. Out Bush. Say You'RE GONNA REGRET THAT ANYWAY The show. Munger Greg Gone Bongbong Guy Continue. Regret. I tell him up on. Not tone good in doe. Go Madam Choice Plus Be Needing Joyce nail in. One hundred percent. Well, it's for you to make it one hundred percent. So about on going to the snappy Masha, allow make the most out of it. I guess. Talking. Like is there a way on how to change career paths? Hunger. Gustavo Coward Macara. Temple. Cup by Gustav made CAPAC made the Halen. Guenon. Very Tabby Gustavus. Elegant glow. In. Electrical Engineering. Depend, they should go to another level A. NCP. Seconds emotion. Into what. I second. But no sir. Malone was basic. Same. GIG Waking. Exactly. Let. Let. Let Them I invite them. Like, if you want to change as the grand, just do it. Like So I just do it. Yeah. Just didn't go around young. Manga say no one cares about your past anybody Nuba. You shouldn't really care about what other people say. Oh boom. MIC drop. Yeah I human once said, choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. I WanNa know what your thoughts about that. Yesterday. That the. Now bottom up. agoo summing go out more. Young MAPA. At Omay, Egypt moreover it yes and acne. About National Champion. SAREMI Nah. Yes met an entrepot baby. I get to travel a lot patton experience you'll. Know. Wrong. Advice amongst. NASA goggle. Got Hit stressful Yo Mike by. Keith Barrio Makita more that you'll. You'll uninjured anymore from Manila, do that specific lease. a income a bag. Papago at our peril may ease Egypt guy no electric. Maria long again up a NASA by. Young animal you'll Waymo by, enforce. Them wheel companion you'll. A. Says I'M GONNA very distract from this ep from the Order Bentley says. Priceless. Rise Hang. Like Those things that you get then. Again. I go out more it now invited. Ding Calculating. It really. I second level. I know you're not that must be but must. Go. Gimmel over mugging Barton. Barton Barton's. Yes if that, if I don't feeling Mona Gobert. When Bottom feeling more than a work Moya. Apple. You my little things Na. NA H. Malaita incident ago. Saudi bonfire. Old My. hunting blog will when. ME WORRY ABOUT A. New Manila, get ongoing bottom When beginning to go out in my? Own. Affect. You. please. Please The we. On Jamie and fight them in. Being tobacco million, tobacco. Like. Go. I mean indeed muggy. Ginkel distance for me I Anzac. Things that. Little Arrow. Grow bubbas universal erasing that neither. Of. Animals your. Yes Guru these economic on by go modern. He again by equatorial. Bram. Nubrik. Vital forever. Work more. Share. I think. Hates Fall Now. long-term set of men say something by multi specialty you're gaining lot of experience so. By, you'll experience only older the London now. You'll be craving for another experiencing. at the not I don't WanNa Madonna said newly do. Gravy or something Indiana Mantaro. L.. Since were were all professional play Doba. To fight on the hat booster not in Matsch. Mugging expertise much up denise young Nelson's. Mata. Or my goodness. Liberal Pyla. In the. East like one night and I wouldn't go in. The fact that? asaid unionists the now heard more I. think that says something that you're. You're on the right track. Your guiding the coldness in avid goal I for one would also like to who that I get near like. In the foreseeable our. And we also hope that all of our listeners are watch hurts our audience due to so. Just do you guys and yes, we're here to support you. and. Away, not been for this episode. No. Yeah you do. That let us know if you ever change careers or thought of changing or pass by connecting with US another social media accounts at house the podcast also guys on facebook page. Now then there's like this recommendation review page. Review section. So if you're really mean a lot to us, if you guys, you've your views about our show about the episode, What your thoughts are questions everything. Beside guy escape negative or positive reviews, Yan. Were really what we really welcome you guys to interact with us. So yes, again next to week for another dose of last this has been. God.

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Ep 179 | Fishing Willie's Pond, Carcass Road and Deer 'Corpasses,' and 'WHOA, Man!'

Unashamed with Phil Robertson

51:47 min | 7 months ago

Ep 179 | Fishing Willie's Pond, Carcass Road and Deer 'Corpasses,' and 'WHOA, Man!'

"Him unashamed what about you. Uh so on the last podcast. We threw stone under the bus for the potential making deer roast that made the dogs vomit for whatever whatever that maze actually good out of krill. The one that gave that report. But so last night i tell you what stone custodian quite griller the nominee. He's the master of meats. Is what i call in last night. We've been on the road than in a wedding. And i didn't eat snack them. I got home so he comes out. There meets is the car you know. We're trying to offload phillips antonio with us these like a dove and quail dove quail feast. Oh here and i was like whoa. He invited me. But i was i was. He was upset at me. Because i hadn't been out right when i got sick. So i've been living off deer and white perch purchase. What's upsetting to him. Because you know willie put all these these hybrid white perch in his pond and they so they can't procreate right. we're supposedly not able to be able to reproduce but that's a lie because i've caught little ones but did that so you can keep big croppies so you don't have all right. So here's what happened. Jay and i go down there and get hundred. Willie put five hundred in there and j. and i have caught more than five hundred and eating them so i know they're reproducing so what does because he can't be friends he secretly goes out there. He can't be competition. He goes out there and put all these tops. What's that got to do with the fiber birds. So because i know we're all the hoes are where we're catch. No everybody's happy but j goes out there and secretly without my knowledge puts out a bunch of tops in the pond away from the bank. Or you can only fish from a boat and didn't tell you where he put them intel where i put this sounds like an old field trick from the old but what happened was he put cinder blocks on but after the first day put them down they popped up. I could see where he put all the top. And i was like that joker he's said. Did you put all tops way out there. He's lie or yeah but he hesitated because a wondered. Why would you do that for you. Didn't tell me and he's like well. I did that. You know to catch the bass them about the crop now. I've gotten so big now because everybody's leaves them in there. That i mean be keiko another days. Better twelve pounder. Oh i've got a few so willy. Meanwhile willy gets he choose me and jay out because he's lower down can catching crappy call on copy as like no. We didn't catch all. This is going back to our childhood sneaking around. I will give you whatever money. Because i have called a bunch of i will pay for the copy that i ate. So you stock. Restock it whatever you know. Let's let's be friends. we're all the same. I have just venting on this. So i did. I had to go get some more tops to battle the tops. It k- put out. So we've got a forest wondering what the yuppies do in the subdivision so yuppies with redneck tendencies. That's what makes it so. I go down there now. Jason will they know crappy left in there. I'll go down there about three days ago. And i catch five of the biggest crappy i've ever caught emol life. These things now have gotten huge because there's a quick vision. We quit fishing in the summer and fatal mistake with me when he said we called. All of willie's fish. Well i knew that true. He was not true. Because i so i went down there and catch them all. I went out there the next night. Which is now a couple of nights ago and i'm i'm in the dark on the way home. I had the copy of my hands. Because i didn't even bring shifts that i'm trying to be low profile and i hear a voice. Hey jay. he's sleeping. John he's got banenky. Proper nocturne is can catch all the fish. Catch all the fish ho and saying it. That's the only way thanks showed her that. No cooking land so last night. He invites me for the devon quail well. I didn't get the message. 'cause i was cooking crappy. I said cooking the jack cop crappy that you tried to steal on your tops of wine. 'cause he's not i got mad about it and i took a picture of one that was about two and a half pounds and i what you missed that one so we got a little battle going well so i didn't know all that. So i i come in. And jay's das- there gordo is there melissa and he's right i mean i it all already eaten in there. I bet there were pob. Twenty dub breast and another ten or fifteen quayle breast that should have been outstanding man. They of course they put the howard and quail. I think side just went somewhere and kill kill those and then i think his dad went to texas and kill the dog and there were both excellent. But you know a d'oeuvres is to me is just a little better than well that i didn't understand when he said we're eating dubbing coil. I thought we shouldn't eat them together. Yeah because that's like that's have a crappy and up together. I love them but not together because then what what did you give the advantage to the. That's me so yeah. I just to me a little drier. I liked quayle. i'm eating coil. Now we'll say this the way. Jay did it because this grill. Is he keeps. It was used juiciest quayle over. It didn't dry out but it's just above. Has that flavor. Just got a flavor about this really really good finding more so i so i had to do some cost comparison back. Both were passes yuppie test. Here's what you know my lovely wife. Who is a converted yuppie when it comes to table fair which by the way she come in after you know. I didn't tear drop weight as she. She now entered. The coronate has so the quarantine she and she has no symptoms. So but i cook are. I had the remains of the deer and and fish because two of our favorite things to eat. So she's like. I'm come see you on one condition and although who is going to be good. She's told some that deer purse polka some kind of bed room. You know now so adding are cook deer in our cooked your fish last night which is why we missed on the but then she said when i said well. They're eating dubbing quail down there and she's not this dog and i said why would you eat dove quail at the same time. Because she's like you're forcing yourself to decide something that shouldn't you should never. By the way. I left out an important thing. Because he brought this out of the end there were four left because jay. He's always cut the legs section and back off of the quail any fried them and that was advertiser and and then he was last for us. Because we'd already eaten other. He's got four to that thing. Oh my goodness. I mean amazed. He did something different. That is a good idea which was how did he rap the quayle compared to the door or he did on the same. No the the dove had cream cheese and jalapeno the bacon in bacon wrapped around at quail. No i am sorry. got backwards. so his dad had done those so inside of them he put some bell pepper and onion bacon on the dove. The quayle had the jalapeno cream cheese. Jaded those so they were different both. Yeah but but just that meat as gets me. That little piece underneath is the sweetest thing. There is little section right there which is good so so i got a question for what were you doing. Thirty six years ago today. No idea thirty six years. Six years november november thirty six years record ten or fifteen. I was probably. You're probably fifteen. You're fifty one so you were you. Were fifty was probably either getting ready to go. Duck a possibly. We were hunting somewhere incorrect. I know. I know where you were both that on that day. That you're in arkansas. Selling duck house. You wanna the swings known and you'd go around and say you were making a swing and you were getting ready to go to my wedding because today is you are not that cutting that day now. Very tell the story on here about the. We broke down with the car because the kerosene tell that story already. But that's what it is was thirty six years ago today is when we semi gamay. I'm never ever thought about this so called. I'm gonna give you a picture picture. Poppy in of the momentous occasion because it was huge. It was it was from one week to the next absolutely someone one friday. We got married the next. Because i didn't believe in long engagements and jason's their fifteen. So that means willie was about thirteen in the picture jap was about five and then john kimber snuck in there he was about seven so it looks like four brothers and me and mom that actually. I miss the way you missed the wedding. Because you're selling your defense. It was planned from one week to the next. So you know you already had what we had. I took no offense that you weren't so but i remember what i was thinking about. How at the wedding. Because i didn't have one though. I thought well this is dumb to get married. During the hunting season it was before it was two weeks before. November december january is all the chart on when you're getting married that's just my opinion and only philosophy about weddings. Are y'all of member there. We you're gonna marry her. Stay her they day. Whether don't divorce her well. We did they whether she somebody you can stay with. See you later. And i'm not worried about the i do throwing the rise and all well. We got married in in the preachers living room in his twelve year. Old daughter played the wedding march. About every third note was off note and turn turn like you know she to ever so she thought she knew how to play. She was close. He was in the neighborhood and there was about. There was about twenty people. There and lisa's family had were not coming right up until the day before and relented as we made note. None of our inlaws. That's in their face. This is riot above getting married in the front seat and having the honeymoon and it was closed. That's pretty much. I was almost there. You know so. They relented and came. But it's funny. Why are you still with her. I'm still with her and it wasn't easy we went through some rough patches there in the early days but we stuck it out and we made it work which is to your point. All four of us. By god's grace have been able to stay the same way actually five now including phyllis because she antoni been married twenty five years so everybody obviously that you guys put something in us that gave us the stick to witness to make it work because marriage is not easy. Marriage is hard when you're young especially when you're having kids it's tough when you say marriage is not easy. I i see people stay together without jesus but i'm wondering how because it's just very just to. I think michigan. Ah did about everything major. We did those things right. And it still is a difficult day to day actor. Jason old saying i don't know where the attributed to some spartan are some One you know who the old guy. That's barton barton upset. it was shakespeare. A situation becomes a crisis in marriage without merit when cattle are women stampede so do source resource. Who actually said said that now. It's possible spartan metaphors whatever that probably politically incorrect old but our audience. Totally understand let's. Let's take a yeah so marriages Marriage is something you have to make the season. I know we've got a lot of young listeners out there and a lot of male young listener so just remember. It's up to you to be a son of god and a man of god and to lead your family. That's what god has called us to do. So i think as you enter into that some of you. Are you know when you when you find that girl or you know first of all. Wait until you get married then. Then that's when god says mango for you know. That's that's the way we should be. But i think the apostle paul wrote on behalf at the behest of the holy spirit of god and god had him say people who marry will face minute troubles in this slide correct and i wanna spe this so it is in the in the bible it is a carinthian tech so you need to read about if you contemplate madge right you will face many troubles but if you stay single right it's cheaper it is and look i mean the the maybe for filling but it is cheaper it's cheaper and and and look to to your point. The the most famous people in in christianity were single. Jesus and paul headers correct. You know and impala said. I wish you were like she had a gift. You necessarily desire to be married if you're like me wouldn't have as many problems. That's what he's basically saying so. I think that's a fair point for people to choose to be single. That's not a problem is the. The pros outweigh the con. Well me too. I mean i was the same. Not everybody is a gift remember. It's the celibacy as a gift is what it was called in the us. What paul called it. There's nothing wrong with you guys out there. Some of the younger book. If you wanna stay single pay go for it. And that's your call. This is right so slide on you again. If you gonna marry choose wisely hurry choose. Wise is what us. I've never read this anywhere. But i say it and believe it that when god made a woman he he made a strange creek. You know what i'm saying. Read made a made up just from observation when they're definitely different from us that's very strange creatures women are. I never figured him out. I know the female man. I'm out but think about think about think about how he did it though because you know you made us from the desk the earth genesis one so there we are. There's a man and then he took one of adam's re abs and made her so think about why would he do that. I mean we ever thought about that. Like why wouldn't you just her out of the dust and be different. She was made from him. Yup whoa man. She was from him. Well i started whoa. He lived over her and he went. Whoa everybody's naked. So he looked. Oh take some type of preacher. Come up with that one. And there's a preacher. Joe vervoort mcchord used to do so but it is interesting. She he made her out of him. So that idea about companion oneness. You know one flash what you think about how that works. I mean everything that unity of people so it is kind of interesting that he decided to do it that way and i think that says something. I'm not sure what it says. But it says that woman came from us. But you're right. They're their way of thinking is so different. I mean you know. You're have teenage girls on jay's i mean you talk about a different way of for the human rights to survive you pretty well got to have them and was actually and they're made for each other you know there are something. I think everyone who gets here comes forth from a woman all all. There's no other way to get here. So they'll they got this gender bending you don't know who's who and all that allows say this man had a baby now now no no. That's how you know you can say that and and you can try to look like a man and all that but amanda and have a baby. That's that said this before. The details of the bob answers right on that one. That's right jesus was really all the science deniers right. Yeah right. They love science. Jesus was really specific when he described marriage when he quoted that genesis me back when i was starting the ball for the first time. I never paid much attention to this. But now when i view it from a cultural view i'm like i know why jesus was so specific on this on that matthew nineteen four. He's at habits. You read that at the beginning. The creator made them male and female and said for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife or that reason that we're putting our hope and trust in because a lot of pissy you actually believe in a bean that made you from dust and then made woman from one of his ribs. Yup and it takes less faith to believe that then the explosion that made all the details and then seawater departments every given too much credence to see say now. Salt water made us all along with everything else. It's quite the solution. Lightning struck the ocean and then there was a charge that went into some something in the was there just prior to that and they'd say nothing i'm like how could nothing explode. I mean well explosions. Have you seen in your life quite a few of us. Every time i the last time i see the the last thing i think is gonna happen from an explosion is perfect harmony. So i got an idea bob. More the pieces landed just right the big bang theory. I'm late. I wanna stood out when i heard that and say you've drank way to do you remember that time. We were filming out at kamioka and they did. They had to gaskins. I think so it was supposed to be like a double explosion. And they gave the all clear and then there was about one to three feet and then co does when you give the all clear on a movie. Set our tv show like errors. Then that means we're all safe but it was it was about five seconds went by other huge exposure. That guy never worked a lost their jobs. Because i was dangerous all clear and we were like walking toward the explosion and then boom the second one i heard literal things come by my head. Yeah so i mean. It was fortunate. We didn't have any injuries. But i thought about that. I thought about that scene as you're right nothing that created chaos not form form explosions. What you it's ridiculous. If you think about it i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna take somebody accusing me. Ben ridiculous thinking that because if you have the ability to create matter well it wouldn't matter if you made a human from dusty if once you have that ability that's way more believable than an explosion from things that we can't even describe how they got here causes order so my theory is stupid. It's just a theory. Because god but my theory is that he made us burst from the earth because man is linked to this earth in our physical form until we find him and they were then we can have an earth and then i think the made woman from us because we're linked to each other so the ideas that when i married my wife i mean she's linked to me. We're one so we're going to go until we. He makes a pretty good point. And that's my theory. Just look at that from dust. They come and they go back back. Suggest were linked here until the resurrection. Once you throw body out down in on the ground for a while be a little older but then you go back a year later. And you're like Maybe a little few ragtag of the clothes go back ten years a decade later. Not a trace heavy. It's exactly i was take. Let's take another one hundred so jas I sleep is important to both of us. Would you say that's not true. You just went through to quarantine I bet you did a lotta sleeping during neighbor to in small quantities and you wake up in a sweat or a rigor but yeah sleep with young is a healing mechanism is right. God design and when your state you know she sleep more. Have you noticed that because we go to sleep to do better. So one of our sponsors since we're into sleep is is a company called helix sleep and they make a fantastic mattress jason missy. F about four three or four because my wife she has this order priorities. God sleep me up drag heard. That's why these beds. So if you go to helixsleep dot com slash unashamed. You can take their two minute. Quiz jays did and i did Basically they have a ten year warranty and they're going to give you one hundred nights risk free so you don't like it what you will after. What does that three months. The new can That you can give it back to but you're going to love it. They're also offering up to two hundred dollars off all mattress orders to free pillows for our listeners. So that's helix sleep x. sleep dot com slash unashamed. Get your two hundred dollars off your two free pillows and enjoy your sleep. I love the look. There's a road that we go up the rednecks though all the deer carcasses out there for some reason jazz. You know and it's interesting to watch what happens or mothers said you know the road up. Just corpses. I'm like i mean carcasses your mother your mother butchering english. Not dear corpses up. You saw about what we doing thirty years ago. I didn't say corpses. She said persist down. That was not even award name. I guess it is a corpus. Christi down carcass road. When i was dating this just to show our what we do out here and she was horrified. So so. here's what it looks like drive up there and of course there's just buzzards everywhere because you know. Tell them no. It's it's a australia's the straightest straightaway within fifty miles of here woods though both and they people drag race at night but they also dont carcasses for how long is destroyed. Going back a couple of miles. Yeah it's about two mile stretch. Yeah and it's been. They've been doing it for years. I mean i guess nobody cares. Nobody lives there. So it's just a striped but i've always wondered why they picked that particular spot. I guess because nobody lives there. Some is gonna complain. I guess. I mean i've seen before i've never seen those by dropping one. That was funny all the years. I've been coming through there. And i'll see a new show up driving out here and you know came from the pickup truck. That's right somebody threw it out there. But i've never seen anything. As many as ten to twenty deer carcasses stretch and there's ever kind of credit froze buzzer. Possibly vox just like a feast chi- I drive down there occasionally just to defer through so i like to go that side road but she said there so many of them dear corpus's whoever women's world with that aggregate data to find out what a corpus it must be a spanish corpus christi as she came to me she said is that a word because they all started life. It is a word. I can win. The game. wardens got tried to break the deer hunting at night. That's when they put the fake dear on yup and got jimmy red and a few of us cohort. That was twenty. They were the visible rednecks. Have been doing thanks so think. That's probably although. I will say that i did see red thrown one over the bridge down to your last good. Don't feed to get i mean. Look it's all about recycling. In the redneck world. i mean. everything's gotta eat right. Even josey wales said that years ago worms measures a good line. It was a good land but my point was so. I watch that process through the year to drive them back and forth everyday you just you see it going down by the by the next year nothing left. You don't even see any bones or any interesting though is is that that god decided not to try to convert people through proof. I mean here here. We have an analogy here. That to me is absurd that where an explosion has produced harmony without. God is what people believe a lot of people. But god didn't choose. You don't try to prove. There's a god because faith is being hope for charting what we do not see which would be the opposite. So you don't go. I mean you can talk about these things but are you gonna go to some convention where people believe in that and prove. There's a got even if you could just not the way. And that's why he brought up marriage. You can't define marriage. You have to experience it because when people were telling me before i got married they give all these pointers. I was like yeah. Okay okay. yeah yeah okay. But after about a month what they tell you jewish never give me a list you have sex with the girlfriend. You were saying nama. Wait till the mayor said we're good now. It's you're not gonna know what to do. Jay said figured out so jason. The first night he said was basically a study of the human anatomy everything here. Let's out there this three kids. You figured it out. Well we got here. That's the way it was yup. I think i'll figure this out but there was no shame and remember back to the guard. Said they had no shame. Yup yup they were both naked. And that's what she had never seen me naked. I'd never seen her naked. Until i when i looked i thought. Wow whoa. there have been many question jason on the matter. And they've said to him. Not you live now jason. No i'm telling you what happens some guys that you expect us to believe that. The old guy g. q. Magazine said you expect us to believe you waited till you got married. But i don't care any believing that was weird of all things he challenged. He's like actually expect people to believe the jays lawa's i won't speak to that man again without an attorney so but hours making the point. That wasn't my. My point was people. Were giving me a buys about marriage. I wasn't taking them serious. But when i got married i realized they were right about. It's hard to know what marriage is like until you're married. It's kind of like chowdhury impossible to know and so i was like well. This is more difficult then are realized getting along so that was the thing i was talking about. Proof you experience. And it's kind of like with jesus faith once you experience it you're like oh you couldn't get me away from this for any reason i i'm not getting away from gee there's no it's not really about proof. It's now that i've experienced being jesus. I'm never leaving. That's a good point. Because in the book of physicians he talks about our relationship with our lord. He's the bride. That's where i was headed. And you read that texan features and it is compared to what jay talked about. It is compare to marriage it is. And there's a lot of other compares. How would you know how to how the christian life is going to be unless you ever experienced. That's why people who say what you said. Boy this is a little more little more this walk with jesus then i thought well i talked about this. I think last week. I can't remember when you and our to the podcast. There was told you about the couple that came down from missouri. Where they they've been living together for many many years have a child together. You know just what people do. They didn't get married. whatever they call it. Common law man. I'm so she started watching the podcast which she got convicted. She was like you know. This is ain't right something. One of us said convicted her from from the word of god so she told him she's a hate your own accounts. now the sex was between. It's over you know until now we have different type of the old become one flesh so she's been canceled. She's the husband or the boyfriend sends me a note and says hey we want to come down there and get baptized and get married. And i said well. That's that's good order. That's what you should act through the years. We've done not lot so i told him. Well you don't have to come out here. I mean there's some i can do. You guys. Were the ones that s come on. So they came so an. I'd forgotten they were coming that day which i was kinda. I was preaching. I was kinda out of it. Somebody came and thomas couples here so yeah yeah so i bapti you know the with them. A baptism and i said this is like jesus calls. This is like a wedding. What you guys are doing is you're submitting the fact that he's now the lord. It's a ceremony on the way we do it. But basically you're submitting the relationship with jesus first and then i'm fixing to mareo which cements your relationship because that's what guys says the it so i thought it was cool because we basically had. There's only two times you say. I do and make a vow wants to christ in wanted to your spouse and so the only two vows we are to make period when the religious world tries to come up with a system of versus. That proves you have to do something. I'm like that's not the way to go about this. So when you introduce. Jesus you're you're introducing something that moves you that makes you think that inspires you and so then it leads you to to form an opinion that you're gonna you're gonna go with this it. It's not really based on approved thing because that's what faith is this hope and belief in shirts but what i'm conveying his. That's why this can't be crushed. People in christ because it's an experience that is untouchable as far as some kind of theology that you're gonna come with that debunks my experience right. Yeah i it's just not gonna happen. Well 'cause you're hitting it at all three levels. It's you're giving your emotion to it. You're given your physical to. You're giving your spiritual two in the same thing you do to your spouse because when you joined together join all three people like people say well. How come. You've never had an affair. Well when you think about it. I'm just trusting that that experience is not going to be fulfilling correct now. Am i curious. I think i'll was when i was early to going to thank though. You're so the curiosity is what leads to bad decisions. But i'm trust in the fact that no. I'm one with this woman and we're going to have difficulties. We're going to have disagreements. But i'm trusting that we're want we function as one and whatever path i get off to pursue another woman as a lot as well at least not doing a lot of marriage counseling or talking. Because i'm not a marriage counselor. But i've been through. Some stuff is usually try to find out of those three areas when there's a recipe for an an atmosphere for an affair. Whatever infidelity easy. 'cause qassam one of those three is not working right. There's a problem and you got to get to the root of what the problem is is the spiritual problem but it affects one of the three and so sometimes unease not being met people began to look out and then all of a sudden e wants sets up a trap. And what happens. Let's take a break so One of our sponsors basically help small businesses Create a human resources department without having to have a human resources person. Would you know we've always had pretty much small businesses. 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This season's five verse. Thirty two is a pro bound mystery now. Profound mystery is a profound mischief. but he said. But i'm talking about christ and christ in the church. He goes from husband or wife to right and the church which is a mystery. It's one of you. Must love his wife as he loves himself and his wife must respect her husband. So that bond that keeps you there. You say it's the same kind of bun that you have with. God he being the bride. We're us we're the bride of crash right. You know what. I'm saying that when you look at home and inside that's the strange creature. Jesus looks at us and say what are you talking about some straight. That's why the galatian writer earlier said said you're neither male nor female in christ. Well that's that's a way to look at the sections. I wo- in jesus said that does not apply one body right members of the body of crash so they about. It is a profound michigan. As in jason's right if you think about it so just like the woman was made out of the man and then they were the first man the first woman the first husband first wife. We're made in christ image when we become christian because he's in us and we're in him and when he kept saying that in john las analogy when it first started everybody naked but nobody's paying attention to it because before forcing came through but senator stand came along. He's like you wo- man. We'll we'll man is here now. That's when the trouble started did and look something changed because she was able to have children. I don't know what the process was but since changed the process because remember the curse for her was that she would now have pain in childbirth. Which means she didn't up until that point. That's i've i've always thought that guy changed the way that even worked because sand. And that's what we have now today. I don't know what it was like but something changed because while painful. It wasn't paypal because she didn't have any pain. Maybe she may be the jess station. Thank that's why it's called approved. Mr. there's a lot we have to ask for. Sure we get there. So i had an interesting thought days to prove your point about what you said. So there's a lot of people that have done it but the most famous one i think is in christianity. Today samantha lee strobel. Who wrote the book case for christ so struggle as an atheist and this is story a lot of people who who's the guy who used to john somebody from the illinois. He was an atheist and then tried to disprove christianity and the bible and became a christian. That guy anyway. So there's a bunch of times osama strobel wrote has written books about it so he's very interesting in the big boys in christianity. Today he was he was. He was an atheist. He was a journalist. So he's very curious person if you're a journalist more back in the day you're curious about davin indus too so he was an atheist journalist and he decided his wife was was a christian and so he decided he was going to disprove god the bible. He's because he was convinced so he weighed into the bible to disprove it in a funny thing happened on the way to disprove. And guess what happened. Yeah he was converted. That's kinda house kind of that reversed. I was thinking about the people that try to disprove god. The same thing. A lot of times happens to them. Certainly strove all that first. When i came to christ. I started reading the bible to try to disprove it because i thought this the boat and get all the animals and there enough water and i was just gonna a big fish swallowed joan and he lives in the same way but the more i got to read knows well wait a minute and the lack honestly the lack of any clarity from education at school i mean just because i was there was a stage of my life where i would listen you know before. I came so hard. But i was listening to the science and the biology and i was listening to what my teachers were saying as a six out. The eighth grader. And i thought this doesn't seem believable to me right. Talamante explosions and i didn't get that from anywhere other than public high school public junior and i just thought that's mall turn into and then i'm reading this thinking. This seems believable. But i will say this. I will credit mcguigan. We brought him up before he's been a mentor to me. Just in showing more the relationship aspect of following jesus and son of god and having the holy spirit. But i remember him saying that he's like well. We don't try to prove jesus. We make jesus believable and lovable and that was a profound statement to me. Because i'm like you're never gonna get in some kinda court argument and convince anybody because people just argue right. But it's like once you take a look at jesus and people look at how he was got four books to do it from and we're getting in john indep league. That's what draws people right. There's something about it. That's believable and lovable. Yeah and people surrendered to think. It's a great point. I think you're right. Let's take another break so to that point. I think that's why it's important for us to be able to continue to talk about the bible and the gospel like we talked about last time. It's what changes lives because it draws people in most people try to if you just try to intellectually. You're not really gonna reach that many people i mean i. i know. there's apologetic some people that do great work. I think it's this more about strengthening faith people who already believers when you say that as opposed to data say and when it comes to jesus can't be rocket science and you had to be a human being a great intellect a lot of people intellectualize scripture so much they looking for the deeper trues of the bible but it makes me wanna basin is found in one person who ever appeared on planet earth through whom the universe was created and he comes down and flesh which is a while about what you know. What's amazing to me. Is we read matthew mark luke and john and all these things that we're reading that jesus say here's red. Red red red letters like j talks about all time red letters but if you just read what he said at no time not anytime not one example for. He ever said the other day when i was saying. Let me clarify now no clarification. He just said what he said and said what he said. And matthew recorded mark martin. Luther john and you read all of that put it together. You say no second thoughts no other day. I misspoke when. I said because you would think somebody who talk that much. A man's life for thirty three years and it's under intense scrutiny. Bum four different individuals recording it. You will thank. You would run into some mistake somewhere but not here it just it just laid out there in front of you leave and you can read something a hundred times that he said and it takes that many times for you actually. Now now our guest lightbulb zachariah well and that's the thing about it is. It's a book. The book itself is spread out over thousands of years all these different authors and yet the central message is there throughout all that history in all these books. There's i forgot. How many different types of literature the bible is you got poetry you got apocalyptic language got letters got all these different forms of communication. You've got i witness accounts of jesus and liz. jason says. A preseason sermon chased last week or a couple of weeks ago. You know if you look at the bible. You've got the father who is the front entity of the god head in all the old testament's always gateway that's interacting talking to them. We know the spirit. And jesus are there. Because they're part of the guy but he's out front then jesus shows up and so you get. The gospel era during the thirty was here. And he's front and center. He's now in the face of god. The holy spirit from the epistles on. Jesus it's not even just barely outta sight. He takes off and leaves. The planet gone forty days after he was resurrected. He stayed there to say well. You think he showed him thank you. Thank you thank thomas so look here's what it says is listen. Here's his explanation. Axe to twenty two jesus of nazareth demand discussing the god who became less was a man accredited by god to you by miracles wonders since ads so his first argument peters is. If it's going to be called an argument he just stayed in fact. Let his first sermon or what. Let's see miracles. Wonders and john followed him everywhere he went. He said what's which god did among you and and you through him as you yourself know because a lot of them were there and sell it. Sure they were. So here's the ones that killed him and he said this man was handed over to you. By god's set purpose his purpose was to get him here and hand over y'all to be killed. Well they sitting there and we thought we get rid of him but by killing him. That's going to save us there. It blew their minds. They're like big taught and he said look all. This was worked out in advance before we showed up to kill him. Peter said that's correct so by god said purpose and an audit and you with the help of wicked man as you yourself know you and the romans got together here and you putting the death by aiding until the krause but god has raised in from the day free from the agony of death. It was impossible for death to keep. Its hold on him. That's the point of all this. They were just devastated. They're like what in the world and their response was what what do we do. Why do we do. They were cut to the heart so someone said well. That's highly theological north. Not just simple facts about a person. The only person zenit him as believable and lovable. They said we're in try and in their own yeltsin shame because they realized they were a part of the process. They put him to death but they had no idea was for them that he was doing it and they went from what they said. There are crucify. they went from that. Let's see they devote himself to the parcel teaching. They said we're gonna listen now to the fellowship. We got brothers and sisters. Who believe what we believe the brain brandon prayer remembering. Jesus the blood that he said the body that was nailed to the crowd. Everyone was filled with all many wonders and miraculous sandra done by the apostles. It's keeping going. They like oh what were we thinking. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold their possessions. They and their goods. They gave anyone a seattle need. You said what a change and a group of people. Every day they met the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes. Eight together gland since your hearts praising god and the lord editor their number those who have been saved that's has simple when that thing took off like a rocket three thousand hundred said man thing went worldwide and it turned out to be. I don't know him. And all i would say hundreds of millions. It's i think it's a couple of be or you like how in the world that that get going now. Would you say the whole thing in about ten minutes. You're talking about right. It's it's that simple. And not how much intellect as you invade had someone with a first second third grade education in the middle of nowhere with the dirt floor. Somebody stop and tell them what's happened. Their lack really and it changes their life worldwide. I done it. i've been there. I've been in some of those huts. Africa no non needed needed because everybody has is driven by the same needs because we're all human beings it's the same sin the one with no education. Who here's the message. That peter preached jesus everything purposed in christ. They hear that they respond by their to it along with the rich. The famous all one buddy there. But i may times if you studied with somebody. I've had people in my house. I shared his with. Didn't they come back. I start right over saint there. Well we've already gone through this. I'm like i was not gonna change. There's nothing more beyond as the experience is what we're looking for so two our audience because we gotta run say you've never embrace christ he's not in you therefore you're not in him. It's now's a good time to make the move. That's it to become a son or daughter of god. It's a wonderful thing. Thanks for listening to the unashamed. Podcast help us out by rating us on itunes and don't miss an episode by subscribing on youtube and be sure to click that little bell to get notified about new episodes and for even more content. That you won't get anywhere else. Subscribe to blaze. Tv at blaze tv dot com slash unashamed.

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200 kinks and fetishes PT.2

Kinky Boots

1:48:31 hr | 5 months ago

200 kinks and fetishes PT.2

"Fewer discretion advised right. What's up guys. Welcome to the show. This is rochelle. Elliot and we are doing. Quite a two hundred kinks. Embed issues is just us tonight. So we're gonna throw it out. Yeah we are often a dollar store Ill so the nathan was faked birkin. An extreme form of a bojars were man. Roughly folks part of favorite years. That's the yes. Yes most bug. Mcface allow pants out based choke flop everywhere. I wanna get the chills. I want to get the tangles. Okay trying to move to travel is cheap. Throw another plane to face goal hail. Yeah okay i got. I seen berea wait a minute. Beach face sitting eating basically ryan things for i mean. I can't sit on my face. But i'll i mean here if they sit on my face. Day digital mapping your can do there. But they're not going to see them. I i guess they don't. We have to be on a whole level of the tristan. she pike and then you got faith flanagan. Lebanon across the face. Bring you brings you to attention. And curricular mistakes led to sit at your hands okay shiwei. Us lapham mito. I can have it done to me. It's at the right moment right time. It has to be something like like the peak of safes. You know. I mean it can be like you know i'm sitting here making dinner. You stop to share his damn hottest food thrown. All you see you even have been seen. Can't yeah i mean. I guess it depends on what situation wolf fix position as she just randomly from we all now. We fight with lab you though i mean you know. Obviously it's like a if there's not flirtatious lout throughout the day. I can deal with that. But if he's more like a slap me. Do you know what. I'm doing kinda wrong now. We i write. Which but you know you have people into nato then the begin fifty but you know i could see if i mean you. You know spring mayonnaise on a sandwich or some. I'll like some buzz. He comes slapped me on my basic. Like what the hell you doing. You need to get up there and getting that bedroom Sprint based on yoga now she liked it. But hey i mean. Hey if he just doesn't into my is my show beach in one a snap alabama. Don't hear me okay. Boondocks was wrong. She yet around listening. Oh what if. He grabbed the bull with the man as on the bone in face facing the menes sliding down in the right moment. I think i would like that. He felt some feeding the saudi. Bring your head a way back into monday. Is it too much too much going on cayenne pepper and away. Now the bar. Emma family man kam. See okay Mason is fat banished sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight inside now. you know like I mainly this treaty but for the nose up for the most part it have to be. I mean can get like i can do that. Are like the like solid but like big across the overweight stomach hanging out a knock came now smart. I'll i'll day billy in be showing barely some attention. Sean it mighty lola. Right i can. I would rather do the velu before the seats pig. Like jimmy pose day. Needs california on the okay. I mean he. I mean hell. It's like i want to just lay on the bill and it's like memory from her. I don't wanna lay on in this like put my face in bread dough slight frisch break yeast inside the fish Okay nubia roads. Okay been there but light. Gio one of the most infamous kinks in the gay community. Fucking big f a hail. Yes for me use. I would also i do want to say something about the previous inquiry. We just did. We're not. We're not hating or trying to make anyone that's overweight. Feel like you know. They aren't love. This is just a personal opinion for me role. Model that you know. We're not talking down on anyone or anything like that. would just you know. Express our ascertain the questions that have been aged right now. I know by the time nobody like. I don't wanna skinny bound in multiple though like you. Can't you know just giving me bone and brutal. I do not know about it but it's just your preference like i don't mind being big side. You can't be to be you know is there. you know. there's a sustained too big smother me. I can't breathe my estimates from me. Okay like i don't wanna do all the work. See i want the down right. It's at double appalachia sucking being from the side. Front this best for me like so. Yes that was my go-to i'll do like i used to them. Live stakeout you dsl. Greg see that was my girl to day but like i don't know model their florida. Settle down a little bit but i feel now. That should set a scan time. Arabia meet up that god damn bone. Okay this is some new shit. I ain't never heard of this you. It's called feeding. Have you heard speaking. Yeah on what is it. Okay you know the you know. The ginger root right now never heard of ginger. Yeah the ruling ginger. Okay yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yep i make gender. Aol out of hans. That that funny. Brown dave curtin. We just read it. How fishing using ginger roots to create a burning sensation. It must be peeled before it can be inserted analii all in the best in the vagina. That's a nasc- dead. Eels off here. You might be better. I'll just planning housing that she. I'm like what now. I can avert real spicy food and go to the bathroom. I hate this shit in let alone. I'm not gonna stick naudero route opener. What my is get hungry and stuck it on inner in it gone up in a while. Can't get it out as internal burn. Burn okay yeah eh. Makes some ginger a. Don't be fucking putting it in gme. We don't wanna most yet do. And then i gave it a name kali speaking. Yeah begging phasing. F i g i n. I thought that might have had some do with the damn feed cookies. They say they probably put netted netwo- okay. They proudly putting ginger and feed that. What's l. that'd be making them cheap. Yeah they just put everything in the end. It's burning but the folk. Kinda i'm photo. Wow man at least it is a better alternative to the to the sexual barton barton period. Fucking they can keep. The pain wins. Rude i don't want the viane Right i will say very soothing. Feeling bitch i don't want him. Okay burden okay. You got fighting and wrestling. Ooh yes. that's my failures. But i mean. I don't like that bitch may wrestling. Invite enduring stakes. It's like i won't choose to like really get in there. I mean you know okay. Ain't come out trying to kill me. But i mean you know grammy and slam i give down wild or someone you know. Pick me up and up against the wall. Like a damn taber assam sensitive sheet to punch a hole in a while which ahead yeah like blue. It'd be running down the sideline You crazy crazy to see family. Hail lead have nothing to be no rough like a rubble blood. And that's navid not of my head of whatnot. You know from gang up against the wall. But i ain't talking about like no laceration while we gotta stop and go to them hospital and be on an episode of steaks. Today are not matt. You know we is not going down for had hit every. I don't know you just in a heated moment. Hack some moving about it. He just up against the wall hit by he had hit the wall. And i have a not up there it. I feel the rooting. I don't do it like nick. I gotta look like this tomorrow explaining to people how modern at now i mean i just tell them all. I got a mushroom print. But it didn't work out right kathy o. A scene to long than to force nia. I'm having fun. But you know as long as that i to down for algae joking about the blood would not but you know like really aggressive but not like painfully aggressive. It has to be dominant but not to the point okay. She just get uncomfortable right now than there is What about H playing when you like clam fire not doing. I mean i can high far outside the heo knob forgot. I got that down. Flaming both is beyond a damn burger king. Commercial time on. Flying brewers alway. Our have a lighter. And i will be candle. Wet a. everywhere do the arcane. Now me i quarter from about if i'm the one that dominate this shit. I'm john you hear not bring messaging come away. And it's just a little bit byron that much just a little bit of people it ain't gonna look like ginger as she online for like a second to. That's hard who now but you know To get Poor only in a sexual way. I mean i have kyrie candles around and ask any spill. Some wax on my hand and shit hurt like hell but you know it's always like like like like in the bedroom. I've never done it. What i had to myself i before anyone else. Due to initiate hurt too much nike going. I might figure a foot down face and how they right. The tried it once and shows like no but i wanted to keep going like it was fun. Yeah i might stand torture and the pain in a bitch. Wanna call me crazy. I would be hesitant. May cheat fist and be heo now. No motherfucker fist in the act of penetration without full hand. That's no nope the hell no hell no i mean. I don't even think that the i will actually want to do it to somebody right online. I wouldn't feel right. This is his name. I mean like. I don't i wouldn't do anything for me. It's like what feeling do i have. Yeah you can feel a lot of stuff with your hands but there are being. Should i don't even like when i put my fingers in me. I wanna what people getting out of there and put the whole fifth and somebody like all have an you. You're my ventriloquist. Your my puppet like they pretend pct she some people get off on. I mean i don't know. I mean i did have ran. Who who did that to this guy and then he said there was some of the best as he ever had sex with because now like web able to stick your whole piston. I doubt your hand dig is as big as a face. he was like you know He was saying waited being so overly stretched. He was like the walls itself. Actually swail to keep the So is You know he was like it was like a nice warm kinda smooth feeling. I'm like no. I wanna feel the walls like i don't want to be the sheet. Swollen baby avenue ages in your walls right author lumbersome. Now i'm not at their level of freakiness in. I don't think i will be okay. Time to get to that level. Okay ram but whatever animal is looking food play incorporates food interstate like motherfucking with premium chocolate vows inch it crane yet chocolate sauce. I'm not too sure about. I think that'd be sticky sweet. It's go wait. I don't you the free that big around this buffer air on me. I have tried the whipped cream and yogurt. I have tried that. I mean he was put in my booty We're not in it. But it was put down there and he just leaked out era. Go yeah in the and aims like you're gonna do me hail to the month looking now right right. You don't sound right chaplains you can do me. But i mean. I mean the whipped cream on the nipples prolitarian top books freckled walnuts on the issue of head. But i mean. I mean she they china coming with you know what i wanted to be ice cream milk to pass. Well no premium abuse a hot temperature. Cooling real hot yoga. Yeah but i mean you know if they talk about light. Light kerma sir. That's just it this to dig in. It's gonna be really fucking sticky care partly off right good in you know what he'll just squirting them a day head don't don't put it on my body and then taking shallow to dalmau getting all this shit from the crack. Okay and look look bad. Be too careful with couldn't negative vagina. Okay for real okay. What about these now now. now. I'm a couple pretty fee like i am. You know. I didn't even think about that but honestly i really have a random across. No one actually has really pretty feet. I mean it was this one guy that idea but he would never take this outs. He was like he was like no. I don't want you to see my feet. And i was like wow. He was like because they're pretty. And i'm like i wanna see you know he's like well my wife. I need to know the same mafi. So i'm not gonna let you see my family. And i'm i'm gonna be sending yo dick. I wanna see your feet. But he wouldn't and trying to see if they was pretty also showed me his feet so just digging. Because we're doing your favorite speak booted and i. I don't know because because even with the socks he'd have like no thick socks he had kinda see through thin socks in it literally like they wouldn't skinny long who's like perfectly good fortune and i was like way on may michael got kind of dirt and rocks and shit. Robson a bitch but you. I was working to him. No working toys getting very comfortable with that away. He can show it to me but none can hale in. Nathan's let him here but his wife called me and then some shit went down. He just outside of yourself now occurs if you spray foam tolls would have been dirt devil nascent mother softer and like feet from budi. Jamie foxx a. i'm gonna get some toes. I mean. I've only came across across a coupla news. Could you know it's hard to find a do but spread of because a lot of news to take care of they like pick picking on and be funky entertain the ask a feat funky to the if this really hard to come by but when you like for me i don't know what he you know. No i never really knew. I had it until i seen it and i was like okay. You know eating as i like to ace but you know it can be hairy if i got to do the right com apart to get now. I'm getting it okay. Perm redcowmn just trying to get to you the the the place i'm trying to get 'cause it's some dude who got real thin you know it's it's kind of fuzzy. Like is not like that. Long thick curly. She had long big. Straight shifts is not being around across. One will actually the the mary the he never shaved down. There was like really thin but it wasn't long at all say it was probably like like less than an eighth of an inch long and i mean you really couldn't even tell that he was here down her so i made curl Sock i still get the downside. Was i was going in. You know i went on beach. The dow socks. I'll he grabbed my damn hand. Now my mother fucker right They thumbed the light. I need to learn to at least trim next back. The shave trae on some they. They'd be so proud to clean my white tissue residue. Hang at the bank of the thank you it collect and doodle. Does it like They go on your layers. No ryan houston back there residue ever got now is just like the gone on a pornos they'd be having that dam taco meat becker. Nabi like Why y'all in his angle do a different angle. The skulls okay. they've been having tissue resident. Okay trim next year right could a perm on have a. They have a special set of clippers. Look and you know. That's good for sensitive skin but you'll go back and saying you ain't got to worry about the knicks than she can cook. Okay not yours. You could turn. Am poop you're fucking aladdin carpet back there. She walked around rose. As right now okay chaired. This next will laugh. This is what the okay force-feeding forcing someone that potentially into their game. Wait no apparently it is. I mean he'll sing. Family guy the kennel got on november. They really want the people to eat yes to get light. I guess that's a sexual attraction somebody you know. I'm good. it must be about power some. I don't fuck child. I'll give me the line. Maybe because i damn somebody's gonna be forced to meet. Who biggest quarreled would gravy right That's if you go eat. I want to e because you want acronym forced the amnesty will be you know. Maybe he was a mike. Gabum no a force to eat in africa saw haven't uk they're get food. Okay have bring one new logo overhead tyler starving. Hey thanks to chaplain. So you know for me this next one nicolas anelka me to go see Former co failure arousal by intake or by insects crawling on nibbling on the by note from a national boos Okay long no by me right. Heo insects no with good for stepping on it as okay. This friday us in an for Friday rubbing two penises together. One man may may hope pain is together during the rubbing their genitals alone rate. Roy jones on unexpected strangers in a public place now now now not that far and by the time to go to jeff no damn indecent slows high at the rub in this can be sure indeed days you fucking fourteen year olds look like they twenty eight shit to live round. Do this net day on pedophile. I'm telling you ninety idea and figure out what's your blood. Hi and what's your. What's your credit score. Right near the where your mama leo. Now you line. Up the oldest. Whatever you send thinking graham. Nash me anybody who would sue the none of you. Pay attention to see the fantasy basketball. Don't pay attention to me a a friend yet. Hello oh bitchy got quiet. I'm saying second on his pan. Fried not mentioned brother pain relief. Pc's with how frightening. I gotta why you had a bad the fan okay. There you friday nine to watch music to the next. One is very kink. No various dress as animals in human animal creatures. Now i know a lot of people do like role play or kosslick. But i feel like that will lead to base the allergy running our really feel like eventually lead to beastie -ality but i know that's like another like meghan 'cause they do it because it's part of a lifestyle you know because you know but i know that's why colic ferries. Yeah but that's what. I try to be like where we are different from. We don't know really with nobis the alley not of this fantasy. I'm like okay now. They'll no i mean i you know it feels like it feels like part of like a popular show. They're like role playing in a costume. Interbay room yeah. I can understand that a. He's just like a random bayer like a dog or some shit. Okay what the fuck aziz. Okay that's the mall the form of math bondage a gag on ball or the the bondage not have the ballgame. Wake way. I want to gag. Is someone going down my throat. But i yeah. I've bought like like putting me in bondage is and shit like that auto now. I have to be with someone like i will have to be engaged like raby day. Nobody 'cause i know how idea get my attitude he is. I'll be damned. You think we have makeup sex strapped meal aleem. Is there for three damn days shit. Okay no no. You're not as bad telecom. people are being powder for real time for me. I mean the bondage. I can do the bundy. You know like you said somebody. I trust can't be no rando bad. The gag part nine don't put some map tile is talk shit. Don't put math. You go the fuck. I gotta say colonel damn gag bald on my mouth. If you put in we'll do okay. Let no man this is. I don't even do alright year. Your own feeling attraction to someone from a much older age group. That's yeah that's a me too. I mean it depend- yeah when i say much nov as long as they look look wealthier than act act like they. You know in a wheelchair. Fucking cain walking around. Somebody bad hurting us. If you act all if the no for me i won't be zakel. Annoucing down one partner with is do he was gained by like this Seventy five zero. Do you can tell he was all like everything started saying. But the doohan like a twelve inch dick downer but he could never get it on heart fully all the way up. It was like a gummy in a duda third. Making all this noise like how out. I'm like you a damn lie cam. Just fronting now. I can. what. I'm saying i'm like yeah out yet. But you gotta have some push it. A real surgical them take their Wellesley is allah then once again. We're not trying to talk down is just preferences right now. I know of the point where we're going to eventually start the saying but we across a bridge will right. By the time i get a bit has alum have money to tighten muster about eight. I'm speaking nigga. I'm my seats okay. Real tight feeling down but still you bitch. Teenage mutant ninja. Turtle put the time which is like with me. It's like two things that are like turn off with like the older dude. You know way is just one thing is like holiday but At the bottom of this attornal you know off the stomach in like the chase. Most of you know. I can deal with the you know. There ain't a big deal. You know i can go to my lies but to see that. As sagan they don't have to bologna And what the best acted and the have what's drowsy put on the booster. All big boost boost the everybody'll be boost thinking of white dude at the dying a hardware store. Today he had on him down boost to underwear. I'm like no one. as is shaped. Like the i mean. It was like a perfect basketball shake. It looks cute on you but it also looks by two at the sign down time. I mean you can tayo because just the way today gone pants war. We're we're fixing him. You can tell you know he had something. That was not him busy book. Because when i take this whole masha. Sega project for sega. Motherfucking patsy okay. Some awareness proudly 'cause we're not taking all what i take it out on apple to apple sauce see belgrade employers on straight up pearls. Let timing got the muffled name word. But yeah i can't do can't do nothing. There's nothing well we're going to learn. Abc's together can't even spell credit thing that you can do like a younger person. I'm mean legal. Younger not not pedophilia sheet. But you know with someone that's why it's like between nineteen and twenty five. If i'm just looking to book like no roe plan. I mean just get in. Destroy the sheet on about show business. That's what i use. That's what most of them do. I just jack rabbits is she in be done. And you've got to look at to. I mean we will let their age will debate. I feel one of the by it. You know like but they say may mail they say the The male brain isn't the frontal lobe is not fully developed today. Like early very late to winning my so hit not thinking logically any day away so they just really want. I mean it's not our right now. I ain't gonna say. His name is jess cases. Some people from my hometown. Listen to this shit. I ain't got germany had anyway. It's not our one. I know he'll damn jack ranjha suga gain and be good at outta be done. We're not good at out but you know just really like a Madonna we thought i mean you can tell me if you work at walmart you can tell me what the say. This can do nothing else for me. I only that number orders. Yeah money will will be fine but not right. I mean we even if you a megan dollars you twenty two million dollars. That's like having a located with a whole bunch of what they're going to do with it. Honest shit have a damn stomach ache ankle bracelet. T t writing by you. And i'll be right. You could tell me how to invest if you know how you made that meal. Bud sorry yeah yes on this week with mature routine behind. Right prove me. wrong idea. hurdles meanwhile expandable what. I think i'm gonna go two thousand now aiming for big on issue number Groups eh group sex and multiple Party scenarios three from a one of the most common arrangement. That's right yes definitely estimate is three some years in modern it Like audio know what's going on. That's no if a gordo is three. Seventy har- yes foursome May be with the right people. But i ain't got coffee. I mean you already chance with the damn threes language xactly. If you do somebody you trust you know. No sit like the us the protection of steel parties. I want us down. Sakes parties is who folk the go by like sixty. Damn condoms right. The i couldn't do this. I can go watch that. I watch like a month. I can't case number watching participating. Now i'm gonna. I'll fix that. Damn i just wanna wise improver. You know all right there. Y'all which to improve and we've gone about their business. There's no i ain't doing it. I'm jay paul. Not shiite seem your asses. You is not come over here with me. Okay right and one of them was uh. Don't know since i don't understand is like if you doing. Someone at ages like started bleeding. I mean you know. I'm not talking about just like a little bit. I'm tomorrow like a lot is if you don shooter. Why do people just keep going. They i don't think some some videos like cutting washington. I mean it's like oh. It's like okay like the porno house. They got special cameras. Now will you know. Will you know if it starts to show blood. It automatically edited out itself but like every blue moon. You is like you catch the data camera flicker it a shit load of it but like a split second then go back away and i'm like why are you still going like it is and like lead out and then weren't so is getting all. Ppo oh no rain but hey if that's what you like. I'm not knocking you. I'm not judging you but but me a now we gotta stop me hail hail even if you bought the wrong down where we stop it. Okay if that's what you like faggot. Bloody our top issue night far blunder. Go down we're speaking of. Why does this time. I blew it. Hematology lust for blood and bleeding book. I know for me myself. People feel is if they packing downstairs been net. Could they does not accurate. I mean they just shows. You don't know what you're doing right now. He'll eat up being sometimes like the hormones just in our and you know i have fleet and did all that stuff and a pop. They're dying due to down quick the wrong fucking way and they just are coming out like it was so much blood. I was scared me. Hey every damn time like it felt like i had to go to the restroom and i sat down target and push and it was like water coming out. Not listen to them. Totally would just read. I say this. You don't stop it in the next thirty minutes peter but it stops. I don't see how people like issue. This fucking scary okay. Actually a fan of louis ain't doing nomo. it'd be a fucking burgers. And and i mean you know you know people think that you know they now is just show is wild. Just a i had rich. Oh no no no no a rip on your line and is not gonna bleed like that it might. It might not even bleed at all like if you start bleeding. Some internally deep in now the dow rectum. She hates each. If you like let me get let me get off okay Heart paks failure. The famous for being robbed be played as a role in consensual. Nonsense nonconsensual like a like a finnish again right now by now. I don't even put pretending i'm getting around in like my no air. She like like ominous place. Mme change you would right. I don't even like the fact that. If i thought somebody stole from me so attendance no hitter asked like coming tie you down the nominee hill. It's supposed to be role. Play indian three hours on pass by and they don't play like five thousand dollars worth the tv's and games and all that type of all but people the people into that they go get on your friends. can we pick up commercial. Yeah we take a quick commercial break and we will finish back when we come back. All right i. If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free this creation tools. That allow you to record your podcast right from your phone or computer. Ankle would distribute your podcast for you so it can be curl spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership is everything you need to make a podcast in one place remember. It's free everything you need to make any podcast in all in one place with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast. Oh won't place All right so were big. i'm going to the next on I think a similar to the other one is called. Earl is basically dealing with helplessness They may be the bigham in to their role play partner. The robert kidnapper on their partner may say basically like you know like when you can pretend like again browse. Come in like captain for how i know for me. Yeah i i'm not gonna get out. Okay grail right. I'm gonna be okay what we need any time. There's not right okay. The next one hybris two billion rows above allergen wars partner has committed a heinous act. This is sometimes known as a bonnie and clyde syndrome walk partner is turned on by the other day. Some people find themselves attracted to criminals who are imprisoned was main dish it can be toxic because i mean if you get too much into the and then you know you you can give you know how they can go out and do some and cri issue take an awful go. Okay right. i mean you might get base from drug of the board people even in the mom dope on the side of better. Guess any rain yet you are yours and over the half the booze. The you sail into okay. It is a choice. Been doing it for real. If i'll be like okay. I'm gonna pretend rapper. Seven dot number district map still you know. I'm stripping miami dynamic duo okay. The if he don't come to crack tito calm sniffle league roadway roadway overtopping. We made popsy s. Failure will be the merged underwater underwater to restrict out now and maybe a little breathing now malone now. He's got a breeze. No impact play any activity involving hitting either with body. Parts are other tools hitting punching spanking flogging whipping hail most of them. I can do but a lot of them. I'm not gonna do right. I mean you can spank me as long as it's not too hard. I mean hell. If i say stop you'd better fugger stop but you hit me again. Next year really heard. We've been a fucking fight. Won't because now i'm not enjoying it. I mean i can go. Hey this is fuzzy or smooth ran got s franken in i got the damn taco book renegade heat your damn hands right then you have imprisonment obsession with being locked into cages fail coughing to ask some stately people like to be in. What do they call that like. They might be Fucking murder basically like in close spaces and it's like they get off on it. It's like they like the fact that there is like abandonment. Give it's weird both but if somebody pay me locked in a cage me alice to lock you up in a cage. Yeah so you don't even like the fact of being in jail korea. I don't know wildly. I seen this one four. Know what it was like a like a twenty year old avonex grandma in ado in twenty euro. Hey like a monster cock. It was and he and he was just giving it to that grandma on i was like oh my god. That's kind of how rubber no a grandma. Oh i was like like they took on some level. I mean it's not Impa she's you gotta get it in. I mean he'll he's the novel really want to see in real life tan. Let's pretend it had been gail than any on a cover. The wet worker the allenwood would get some soda water. Why add some soda water. No that'd be doing on a phone dirt on he he got dirt on it. You'd better go ranch right okay. Who okay okay. china. We got this okay. This one ooh internal comsat arousal is due to be injected into rather than onto. Yes hey i will have to be in a relationship like a committed. One that we've been going out for a while to get it done in me. But i like watching it happen to other people. That should be detained. I mean especially. If it's like a shitload of it too. What a pool out in it. Just come out like water. Oh my god. I just keep widening planet open open like oh my god. That is hot but i may go like when they might win still the name. They and they've been coming out from the straw. Received are no right. I've seen what i did. I like this is thirteen hundred and he was doing other. I writing of he kind. He put the food thirteen in. Do like this word. Screen allison is just coming out on a sadhu dig. Marriage is like he wasn't even moving he just pushed it all the way in bush in this two and on my holy shit field dude up and they just exploded out. The pain is thirteen inches baby. I say he's head coming around me with none of the okay bam baked bow. Ofi supposed to be doing. I quit if oh ancient town alma guy. he's right. They won Video that i sent you it was like a makes the he was taken like a freaking twenty one aged. I don't see it in his stomach. Do you remember that that's was. I'm like you ain't got no fucking intestines like in. Go straight from your stomach to your aso in just a straight shot and if i did it for so long they blame onto everyone bigger and bigger and bigger. 'cause they because they done done done to muster a yeah that's why now nine is my landed. I'm stopping it. Just gertie nine heo now. Hey look islam baby fucking up nerves like that's why they can just take like a nerves. I'll fucking feel sheet album. But hey if you do a number two host like a bust of alone or i'm happy for you take a of our when talking down i'll you like. Would you like take your book but you need hill. But i david swelling down. Don't have sex for five years. The wrist noble who needs a raise. I'm ahead at their plant. Here regular deal dull. just i do ahead. I need like a two cycle gasoline. Weedy to deal. Don't see many the whole damn diesel truck while it knows hotel hickory your favorite anti for moral six th right thing we'll tell you what happened to trade balls as she aretha jill. What my mental. I can't. I can't even think keeps me with my men's late. Let people see. I'd never lied. Certain people to tell you like they've not just you know they've done it before whatever or they experienced a person that they done with you know maybe they hygiene does not support and they and they gave you a bowl alone a pill woes the for me. Does she give dirty. I don't know i'd write this ball on my escapade obey in k. And then you let him mushroom prince butch week right and then you got all right there and he come and how long your but and now non bathing bacteria on your near the former damn bowl and looking like boo boo would ask. She got another ass cheek right. You got two sets ashes on. Okay no Intoxication taking drugs or alcohol during or before a stick thing. I can't say i've ever tried then. Really i mean girls bakes now. I mean i've done it with my toy. He about it. But a honestly but honestly charles beckham Younger freaky days. Id wanna try aches the seat in have sex 'cause they say egypt heightens everything but but for the most part our just be afraid to be like really fucking drunk or or really up on the lewis justifies to chase pass out. What if they take advantage and stressed out. They don't put a whole list of them. Awful okay eight train area ninety in in in our try to sneeze try to hold a sneezing they come out the back on. But we're gonna let alone. I may be risk the I guess we know around people that you know that you trust. Yeah as far as there was enough for me. I try one time and i was hearing. Initiate are now big idea. D- oh my god. I try one all my. I was hearing sirens our saying trying and then then down limit for me. Whenever i knew did the that you know wasn't for me is i will never never. I know someone who wanna me to wash. They down kid why they went to the damn stole in. That was the scientists who gave me to ecstasy. Whenever i say baby got out the damn car seat still walking around their room in having a conversation with me on new debt debt shit went in his aerial. Now aren't the you know what to go to sleep. And i cannot go to sleep. I couldn't damn heo now couldn't go. I was over by two days straight here spirits and what nobody deaths. I'm i must be here something. I'll see nobody that. I'm hearing people i said i've got now. Leave me alone and now agrees. Leave him alone. I said we're now. Exits is not for me now. Home china wants them right. I mean i have other appeals and had sex before the number on by multiple live lynn like strong muscle relaxant shit like oh yeah it just seemed like you guys go forever though. I think i would like it was forever state. Never have been doing it for them and you just keep going but you know you know something like four bars. It's like i had took a four barton and our member making it to texas live in ottawa. Shit after it. Until i put on the side of the road in let someone else drive. I don. I didn't want to put on lake. I don't remember that at eating at home. This i remember. I know we got home. Eat years you know what i was like. No this is not for me. It's like i don room. What the fuck. I d in which you know from the from the texas border. Coming out out of the weeds. The anna tyler. It's like a two and a half hour drive and that's like none of them are just dropped two and a half hours in not kill no down by. I said no this thing for me i remember. It's just not. I remember the radio. That's about it. Yup i mean. I remember someone molested my own at walmart figuring air make allowed me. Make sure i don't remember the car. I don't remember going in my room. Unless i'm just waking up looking like what the rule of course by anquan midnight couple of them. 'cause we manetti again and i was like an how we get her. He's a mile. No nothing to do this. No i mean it's like wail in like another one. I would not try in have six. Is sarah queer. 'cause they knocked show revenue. I made a person doing half on the year. You will be knocked. The fook editor. I wouldn't recommend our recommend by john. No that's exa me give by Like i don't even like drunk. I wake up the next day feeling nasal early even your duty feel crappy and i some people like you. I can't i came down black. I flew styles and do but the league. And now whenever i hours on my painkillers oh i little having sakes down the chairman of. Oh my hours in. Take it for hours on right. I guess it just depends on what you're taking their own wireless they. Oh cut cut Lo que out. Total failures are failures for heaven sakes in front of mirrors halio did. Oh my god. I did that. Once is mary man and i. I won't even try to look up in a damn mary. It's like i was in my rv. Even if i was working with faces and we was doing then all of a sudden macao's it will not of sun. But you know my causing it has to mirror doors on it. You know to make their own field bigger and and so you know. I was laying on my side. He was behind me doing his thing. I just happened to look in the mirror. You know he. Hey one laic over mind in hidden it from the side. And i'm like holy together okay. He loses like do we do. Gotta pretty high have like i liked it to have Role here is offered around. Try to issue with one of my roommates and it was just not gonna financing. They'll do you can't duplicate now. My previous roommate but the roommate beforehand. He was on there for like three weeks. Go around and try to him. I was like no no. No i was like this like i. Don't wanna see shove you ain't got the body for this could but he's a big new dated which you but you know what he went like that. He was like slightly above sparking. But it's why he was doing doggy style in this like not not dog but you know i was on my back from the legs in. He was doing what he has to do. You know when you looking at someone like directly at them straightly front of you. Don't see all of life. Well i mean you do see like the excess of jilin. But whenever i'll look to the side and lifted an emirati sorta profile by stop abuses. Late let me write it. He no league. No you say you just put your legs diploma. Do goodbye devastates drive round. I don't want to do it and make that make that flopping sale when you like it was like you know my back. It was like the double down the high at least him a his tournaments. You know it was state. This stuff was digging. Went to be okay. But i put them down up over them. Bam mirrors anytime. He came up. Now be like. That's okay Khurana effectual Fascination with thunder and lightning similar to arousal from thunderstorms. Oh yeah always noticed whenever it would. Thunder my stakes. Draw with get high for me. I like. I don't know if something about maybe sir the sound i don't know maybe it the smell of the ryan assam but like for me. Yeah the quietest. Aw that's the love making with the ryan but you know like earth thunderstorm whereas yes thundering like crazy all my god s. That's fucking right there. Just right you know in life. go out Wait a minute nigga. Fuck the lights up. Keep going he gone. Fuck the lifestyle. Sit you gotta turn then. You gotta light the candles and now all of this. We had an a whole new level. Now we gotta go round tube damned candles. Layton shit cream filling issue glitter. You might find his surprise. I'll never hey council like. Are you now just randomly do they. Were just somebody just randomly do. Would you learn them. Camouflage mega just get and to okay. What about mike. Play a type of airplane activity that involves actual knives or blade now. No no i'm gonna put my have. Damn vietnam flashback stab my now. I'm good neither was thinking. He will reign shit. I know lactation like patient. Creators is all about lifetime. Member memorized boo produce. I i mean for straight dude. I guess maybe they liked me but he i mean they say like breast milk is sweet. It kind of tastes like brown sugar. Some shit like give me to soglesby own contexts. No doubt at tasted when everybody prec- obey them out. When i'm not there. Give me notes. But i mean i know a lot of those like straight tuesday are into the you know big breaks and the painting of the milk a malaika. But we've got to try to get ill all her. Okay well free. Paas i guess if we do like part three if we don't make it more homeless we can talk to her case. You come on your monthly happen carpet here. We have about halfway down the ruling. Knuckle finish everything. Latex rubber late depend on. What kind of rub me. That's a whole fool rubber suit note saying pornos like they think is hot but me personally. I like the feel their body like the field another person body against mining me having on a pseudo them having all the suit is just not going work. I mean i have also Latex boop some shit on but forgot baboots and i'm digging a yoga damn chest with him but only only really takes like is that liquid. Latex body paint thin skin there should as sexiest liquid. Latex shoot is nazi. I can do try to try to test it if you lupus listeners. High i mean. That's i'm whole next level shit. This had thin like you know you can barely tell that is like latex. Because it's like skiing you know but it's revealing without being too much to reveal its head. yeah Less brookville leo last both familiar with this enjoy lesbian sex more than a typical male. I hate ages. not only chapel. Okay not want to see to limit heaven. that's the only thing i can't watch. Watch the poor woman owner but it can't be folks who just ahead. What a man phone. What a what a meet. What a appearances. i wanna see his hairy. A is gonna go right. I wanna see him digging in and out like which girl you can give you Masks homes if this book right mass show lag earlier finish dedicated to armpits including kissing licking. Smell them now. I mean if they're like like shades slows. I will league they own. But if you got to hear downer on a pretty good eastern like that. I mean now. I have a math arm and hammer. I'm mike what the fuck god damned the dod. And i'll let them out in. Dod does not good so hail. You know. I asked him. You shave your they say yeah. I'm gonna say don't put on the order if you wanna leave your own emphasis on on the audience and i mean it's not lie is not like no crazy. S lincoln is just like would be making alison. I just thought kissing. I just take one league on armpit. Just nick one good time it. Now we're donating. okay. I hope you got nothing because i don't think it was random bitchy liberty in a way. Okay i mean. I can't like like the my thanking his. I have a thing for like the smell. Not like the like the faremo's mail i like. Musk must be like pace. Not yeah like musk frisch Like features got Work you could smell like faramoz. This you turns me out but i punctured smell like damn three skunks sitting up on all in today. S now focus. She is like it's like they have being like the smell. I like is is not i take a shower. That morning i go to work in. They don't necessary sweat but they get kinda clammy in light. The deodorant wears all right in between two hours after them. The older where else. That's the smell that turns me on so bay. That's a fair amount. That's what i battered released. That fair mall had been active for awhile Fairmont like this. She had with too far was like funky and shoot now. Okay ask hold down cold. Garay gonna go on sale now. Okay may kill them. Enjoyment of pain punishment in fortune. That's a nicer may or And pinch your ass and a wilco. Hail muslim will. You're gonna do me. No you're doing to me back with the oiy. So with a quickness she That's what i had to learn. Is that rough sakes in paint six or two totally different things. Yeah shit because like rough six is like it might be painful a little bit. But you're going to be joining it but like but like torture pairing ono. That is something kerr panetta's like she didn't make that makes you cry. Sorry i got the hiccups again if the if the total different On the topic zaba. Now but the We down carrying a different. Some people that i mean here you kind of you may hear your ass up. You're trying to pay basketball with a golf ball. Don't happen people that can take this few like a real and they'd be taming ninety handle taken like a real hainan head. I got that damn league cam gone. Okay what used to be scared at a beasley read on in thanking him as like free use what whatever disclose you have to say that she'd have to use some type of video song Very very you okay. Then you have met no failure. Sexual attraction coup and arousal by machines. Also go along with the desire to have sex and or on a machine such as the car plane or train. Hey here. I don't get turned on bob machines but i will say wash much dammit. Washing machine a stove as long as today is to the. Hey cook ballooning honey. Hey wheel roasted nuts brown. You smell like thanksgiving net weather but began Be like a certain person we nose. You hit six on the bench. Su who happened at night. Okay why did you lie. You did have sex but said she said she needed a ride home at afterthought could aims you hung around a bath yourself. But also yeah. Yeah bitch. I want to have things on a g like a private And we just in. The sky offers like clouds and she is like a public pain. I don't think i've got to be private. You like one of the jada like right above the clouds and she see beaching of an on would for you. Okay yes i like to do it. But but but through like severe turbulence. Yeah that'd be as long as they are playing job John scott scoffing like a thousand feet. Because i asked to be on. That wasn't all like when you to try. If you're trying and you not to go through tunnels and get real darkness data we have some fucking Real dark suit. Who indians the game. How singing bet is end his monday. The knicks favorite to medical play role play involving medical scenarios and or medical uniforms medical. Play up that involves an examination of person by the doctor who may take advantage of the situation best. Hi death has to earn some wrong with my throat Lack swallow line round. I've gotta do some great to check out okay. Yeah that he put sleeping. Fuck assira and much on my. I remember this one from the bowels. Y'all i may mayhem. Sold them uncomfortable in. I wish that i can go back and change it. 'cause i his name. His name was dr babylonian old shit is doing. there was his last time in my god. Do this doctor was shellfire. Should that math may be okay. I don't know what affleck he was. Finally he went from america he was from somewhere else because seattle is weird as had had a weird accent in the the you know nephew young you had to get the dad shakeups what i checked. Your stalling malls and i was like mama. You gotta give a holiday card. And i want you. I mean he was talking about call. I was looking at him and smiling and he gave me this weird as looking at the female nursing. Her of abbott was the hero. I was like you know. Young from younger didn't go motherfucker. Now what happened holiday companies. I hang bob. You just put it in the cloud and just sit in a closet and just desperate enda. We'll bring her back at very but he was like what the fuck. He's mouse sitting. Now he can give me to go to angle. Pair angle taylor. You're going to jail you say ma'am bang baby but now that i'm seeing what a focus on a you know. I don't 'cause now that you're older you know the severity of Right they do get it out. Well you know being at that age is like shit. You really don't know where you're going away your comment for also like the ham is you're thinking yeah and i was just going through puberty to like i appeal that. Think eight and a half. now years He he goes. I think periodical gay boy is the worst puberty this fucking new voice. Everybody else boss be dropping here on my way high. How you gonna save minded and then you got all these balls around and then you got all. These valence like their own member. There like this in the mainstream. Okay dick hanging very around these motherfuckers and you don't know what could they don't bay they. We all kings ncaa. What am i nervous. If we're like two gay guys so you know you looking at beyond said to him. I wanna look like us. But i don't know i want to put on her clothes but i don't wanna i don't wanna would thing very companies. You can only relate to the female fouls because automatic assault talking by saturn dope. Fucking basically the shot and killed two people. You can't relate to that so you can relate to. Dan look these niggers and gets his mind right now. Baby is the worst you got out in kirkland every other due because they do they go run mile. Taking chances with you ran. The school gate took chain at one mother fucker. I'll fuck away from all the damn there are used to try to. I used to hit on a on some of my female friends. Offerings like detained marketing. I'm a right humid etailers Nothing to find. You wanna fuck man. I fucking out. You supposed to be my way. And i'm like yeah. I'm your friend but i'm not no beat. So why are you around as like this. I'm like i'm not a female. Your normal man man while you feel very obligated you can't compete victory keys this should. I ain't no matter. We get out of high school matter girl during banging away damn gay. Y'all being said no and he kind of told you that means you should that should be the end of the dam conversation okay. I'm gonna see if i asked him all right. He didn't sign to you. And then you know he even though he told me no he descended into you. They okay there could be kinda suspicious like okay. He taught nova alpha lighter or would kind of how we sweet foods younger like. I do casual no shit like saying it was the one on audit and there we got. Oh you took that relevant winning. I just saw that not just like okay. I think it was whenever we was together. All of them time. And then whenever you have switched to land in out of had no one to relate to store shit in down you know. I just thought withdrawing the guys to be. Because when i went to linda and i got i got more confidence. You decide. book and your ashes went toe. Labs you click. Button will keep the only way before this is a medical play. The tied up thirty you throw. I can give them a call it out. You may have prostate. Say all right. I gotta put you to sleep. Wait a minute why. Gotta put me to somebody damn exams. I wanna enjoy tank. See okay now. we're routine detriot on that. Put that thing he's gonna check my throat from my nose. Okay go to Minot field up station with mr bloe. Note straight man thing. I'm gonna destroy me handle the i do nothing. Do i do not. I do know one particular. Do this shit like he give live up. And i've been telling me from doing by six women on a period. That's the fucking ritual. I don't you know they really don't know bobby trying to tell whatever light. They do this shit when they do like practice. Bootle machine they use. Mr bloe would allow the rituals and these do. Don't get it like they still wanna fuck. And i'm like don't you notice a hug originally granted and then you wonder why you going crazy over because you not saying this blood. You can't around a lot of news not take spaghetti because the blue and like who was one bad medicine. No no no a microfiche. Those who fall into groups may enjoy the feeling of being crushed during stakes bitch. You tell the main people that like being like somebody being big as carlos happy this crushing. You can't breathe. You bought the pants. Mostly mostly see in chinese or like asian. I see that yeah. I've seen that. They like to be sunday. May not one of his role right. Jim are you ebola. Ebola bella talking and breathing them in passing that like donald guy like it'd be so funny when they see like the chinese man. Get get squished. It'd be like every bit of like ninety eight thousand. They got like a three four hundred pound one coming in and on the bed. That'd be saturday slipping at it disappear. A risk bution diff the motherfucking critter. Yeah that's your in from crush mean no signal tap me sweat all over me as shit you swing all my alma. I burn and all i hear is rich. No good for me i hated. They dislike if you like the heat of sakes and they sweden in this started dropping on your back as it'd be real carded greg a cover and putting it on my own for now. You feel like allah damn near like applebee's to win aloe my bag. I get a ball on the basically added. Do they still. I'd glazing sweet. They put in a lot of work but they re just working they feel ending the fast sweet like they in the damn shower. I write a song. Shoot all in your eyes out his goddamn south this out. Wanna get for me she Old is nathan military military fetish that often go hand-in-hand with a uniform fetish who motherfucking i love them in the book. A military uniform military from to me. Oh my god it is just is not a new army commercial but it was like a recently new orkney commercials about this though. He was walking within like his his virtual re- reality sale of him pop up and then all of a sudden he ran through the dying gaul the age when he was in the dying gaul was advice trying out on the road. Like this is discharge. And i will be field as she was from. The army is charging me out of but really like military. Uniforms is hot but like the best. One is the monroe. Why be feed it. You said out. It'd be nice if in between you and our i don't know what it is. They kemoko night. I don't know the navy though. I don't like the the night in the that. Damn but the marines. Oreo ownership may focus. Let me rephrase this. American united states arrived mission is high. I think all my guys in this corner but he was. It was an arm and he has petite but he was in the In the pain every behead everything yourself and he had like He had a flashlight. He pulled them up looking pants down. Maybe takes out of his were. He's got the puck enough. Plus all i saw them cakes popping up and bam beach started sounding busy out knowing equities sopa high. And then he didn't let it all in there just didn't that. Just gushing all was that. I mean i had oregon mind. You happened like me. I just had a whole about oregon mine. My god i like when the thing is like right whenever they newton they laid out the flashlight on like a booty flashlight night like the full five night boulevard in their knows it. I just thought were guy that okay. Not not the blow up six dollars. But the one that silicone. This'll be my guy. What part of bam fucking every fucking pussy. What i get off on that blower map with this should be high. Hi this and it's like let's play for six. You can help. You ain't gotta worry about getting ready. You know thank you know. I got a i got a thing for. I have a bigger for or for chuckling. you know. Whenever do is doing nothing like a were not but you know but you know it's like a it's like a non Choke like that turns me all like i just last night where. This do was chuckling. Well he had chuckled after he came when i was like. Oh my god yet aside Failure a Related to watching yourself. Heaven's sakes recording emirates are two ways to enjoy this high. I'd be but three fourth time yet. A time i used to have to be who you do. You gotta be careful. What kind of camera on. Because i mean us like big my ads look so much detail it was it was high. I was like dang. Oh my buddy movie thing okay. 'cause i mean it was one of the day that i had well actually more than when once again and i don't know what it is the married man but he came over to you. Know he had recorded is doing me. And i in since a video to the lease his only say keith. This former live my wife seeing. I'm like okay. That's fine and i was just watching like god. This is really fucking and then i'll food around the Dude that had no cake at our video deleted. The whole damn thing like me doing nasty. The was doing me. And i was hit by see. I can't i can't fuck around or do you have to have some type of couse if you just bony. i'm sorry. I can't mccain shit because that's just the main attraction you gotta have some type. I gotta be no big oil ignorant as a residue in it. Now we're like you know how. Or some this gentleman looping. I have with manish. Aloha angered like the balls. Like oh my god it that the ball i have low hanging or it can be every bit of three inches above the low hanging balls. I mean i'm talking about you. Know alien on event in asia and often eight balls push the bed. Do become hired is like is this stockhow bear long white. Were he's white but he's from them is england. He's british by. He is the he got. He got every bit of like thirteen inches but his dying on balls down like six or seven inches in holy shiite liked him down. Dude hang on like the females. We can handle all listed. He'd be jacking off his balls. Like hold bowed. Swing away johnson. So we're gonna do like the balls that light light really tight con- like kinda like key. Well i don't wanna say. I i did know why does not sound so you know one of a key you now you know your vows having dreyer yet okay. So now so now it's like or that you not on seeing like the but their bows are small. They're like the size of light grapefruits oranges but they have dropped. And i think that is just so hot too. It's like do nightmares ice Franklin veto on. I got i learned his balls like just the way he'd be doing those in like. Oh my god that is so high like us missing out like like antonio biaggi. he's good it's just. I don't like what he has. Six ripley is antonio g. Heels is out of his six Excitement way he moves to sign her. You got low hanging balls like when i can just like slap in the face with a barrel behalf is when give all when you them. Hey and they both slept in your your. Oh god huda throat is even. I mean you would think that she will like hurt them but don't like the got bowels of trio whatever. It is okay okay. I'm gonna go to the national because we got like fomented style We're going to do it for three. We are halfway through muslim. It the next one is muscles muscle. Some people have a finnish for defined large muscle. No i won't have talion yet. Must but like just big. As can barely walk and brings you. They got these big muscles. Hail got like everything. Be the biggest growth as wide as fucking walmart and target warehousing shit. Now it's a for me most most in the way and shoot. I can't even allie not fucking door because you're team they didn't wanna to beg the big distance small. Most of them took a room sunday. Some women it'd be you know how these big old muscles i just never never. I was never attracted threes by big monthly. Business was looked. Like can you touch thousands. And i never knew my ambi. His was nate. Why because my class might not win them. I didn't say this right one. Salt lake someone. Who went to school with me hair when the big wide knicks in all my god i was in sign about us like us. Why you like him. That's-that's i'm like look at the nick. Shut up you guys. Like i was white yes clark has slowed because i can say yeah. I remember i. He had a big nate. And i was like this in the next angles as naming. But i forgot the next laughable myself on the finish I haven't have been dirty especially by bodily fluids during state used. Underwear is a communist like smoking marijuana. Smoking so people dolls best novel. No no no no no for me. Equa we will have to go russia because by one fifty nine. We re damn turn thirty fucking seconds away from our so it's going to be rain cutouts but on that note we will finish up with part three. This was as always and Tune baby the do well you guys. I used to like share and support the podcast we holly.

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78. Fargo (1996) With Lee Wilkof

Full Cast And Crew

1:50:23 hr | 1 year ago

78. Fargo (1996) With Lee Wilkof

"I'm excited we'll call back on the POD for his second appearance this week. Lee is an actor and director whose career on stage and screen has spanned more than forty years. He has more than one hundred and one. Imdb acting credits and counting in movies and TV shows from the seventies to the present day and onstage. He's garnered Obie and drama desk awards as well as a Tony Nomination Broadway Lee is a very charming and self effacing guy. On his first episode. We talked at length about his long journey through show business and he shared some wonderful anecdotes about so many of the people he's worked with over the years. It remains one of my very favorite episodes to date on the podcast. And if you haven't had a chance to listen to it please seek it out if you ask any actor worth their salt in New York or la about the cough. You'll get a variation of the joyous squeal you can hear on the Big Lebowski episode when my guests. Emily and Michael here that I'm going to be talking to Lee on the episode. You're listening to now. He's one of those people who's just beloved. He's a real artist he's warm. He's a wonderful human being. He knows what's good any remains open to surprises of life and show business so without further. Ado here's my conversation with. The Great Lee will cough about the Coen brothers. Fargo Lee welcome once again to be forecasting group. Podcast and thrilled. That you hear I know there are at least two other. Listeners are thrilled that you're here being furnace emily. My guests from last week's episode. Who as you'll hear your recording this a few days prior to their episodes being released but you will hear a squeal of delight coming from Emily Michael. When I mentioned that you coming on I love them. I meant emily at Wayne. Sound years ago long time ago and Michael was a huge fan and when I heard they were getting together at like perfect. Any other great ski right yet. We did almost to our deep deep dive into Lebowski filmed Michael's. He was dressed like the dude he had the sweater. He had the sunglasses a he had all the lines yet. It was great because Fargo came into the conversation a lot because rescue came out. Fargo had come out before Fargo was such a definitive filmgoing experience for me and it was so perfectly brilliantly everything that I wanted to be that almost any movie that they would have released subsequent to that not sure that I would have got and foregoing Lebowski Basque so different from each other. In the way that they're movies tend to be you can tell they wanted to move on and do something different astor Fargo which is so darkened. The Bile of America coughed up and presented to us in such brilliant fashion. Tell me a little bit about your experience seeing for a Coen brothers movies and if you remember seeing Fargo for the first time I don't remember the first time I saw but I I I watched it couple times over the weekend yesterday and is set. My probably seen this movie. Thirty Times I've seen most of their film several times. I I have not seen blood simple. Woo since it came out and I have that again. World is photo complainers. The fact is nothing comes with a guy and now I don't care if you pope wrong president United States man of the year. Something can all go wrong. Go AHEAD COMPLAIN. Tell your problems. Your your neighbor has for health watching them fly in Russia they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else theory anyway. What I know about Texas down here. You're on your own. I just finished reading. I just finished the somewhat auto a memoir or autobiography Barry Sonnenfeld. I haven't started reading it. It's it's fun and I had no idea how to Robin Lopez. He so he's A. He is a valid Gas I mean. He acknowledges he Somebody said to him these the most neurotic person that they've ever met and so but he was not he was not the cinematographer on Fargo. Interestingly I think his final movie with them was at see there was the there was blood. Symbol he did raising Arizona. Rose Barton Barton. Fink was deacons. And everything. Post Barton Barton Fink Miller's crossing hudsucker proxy Fargo. That's all Roger Beacon all deacons continues to be continues to be. I believe yeah. Mary left because he started directing films. But I did. Read the birth of blood sample baked. They shot a couple of scenes in shopping around for a year to raise seven hundred fifty thousand dollars so I I didn't realize that he was not the DP on Fargo but makes it makes sense. The style stylistically things started to change. But I can't remember when I saw on sure I saw it opening weekend. I have no doubt. Yeah because I I love their films and it's a goal of mine and I haven't gone for several. I either love to work with them more than anybody more than anyone. You deserve that lay. I mean I said I said to Michael. He made it. He made a joke about the little lebowski would be about thirty years old now right that the dude has with Moslem Bosque. I said well Michael. This is perfect. And he's like I'm too old for that now I said you could. You could play that down but you and Michael both would be so perfect in the COEN brothers metaverse. There's no question I think so too but I have. You auditioned for them. In the past. I auditioned for a simple man. The part that Richard kind got that wonderful role. Big would not see me for true grit. You can do a Westerns. Totally do Westerns one hundred percent. I can build West. I've met them and every time I've met them. I put my slip in my mouth. I get so nervous around them and I know Fran a little outside of Bam. They first of all their body of work is With me it all starts with performances. Yes so the performances in Fargo. Yes down to. The smallest role are just just just perfect. Just brilliant and I think they used a few people I I went to the cast list yesterday on. Imdb was looking up with certain people small roles and some of them never worked. That was their only film. Like one of the the The smaller The smaller of the two girls that they had slept with the one that said he's funny looking looking at he wasn't circumcised. That was the only film she did but they they list such beautiful performances from everybody. But I don't think it's my. It's my favorite thing bill. Macy's ever done Bushehr me. His body of work is amazing in Fran and Wells a what's his name. I never seen him before. Peter Peter Star Mar. Yeah eater store Mar. I had never seen him before. I don't know if it was his first American film and I'm going. Who has this guy with? This accent is just horribly frightening guy. I just it's it's their moments of like slapstick. Like silliness and such darkness. I forgot to mention. I did summer. Stock in one thousand nine hundred seventy four with Fresno. Oh my God really in Horror Prisoner. The guy with the hair we did. He did Oklahoma because he was a big song and dance man right he was a storm in dance sky and then disappear. Yeah this was the first movie in twenty twenty years or something. I think he added as he had. A big career is a Broadway as a leading. The Ami wasn't a big star right and then. Who is this guy? Who's this bold law and then it's it's hard press. Mel Mandy excused their. I'm going on three going just McDonald's Beck at nine thirty. You just didn't finish going to McDonald's instead of finishing here Spencer Don do you think they do their they. Don't drink milkshakes I assure you the movie out. I'm sorry I can't remember. Ninety ninety seven onsite x I worked with him in one thousand nine hundred seventy four so that. Wow he must have had hair them full headed hair. I eighty was really a lovely guy very friendly meat. And then he's playing this role. WanNa go now and Oh my God. Was he a come? Tell me that no no not in real life in the movie in the movie okay. Real lighting was great. He was lost the Sky. The Collins saying that he was such a nice guy that it was hard in a ragged to be the Dick that they needed him to be on strayed. Will they got it out of him? And that's why I've always wanted to work with him. Going how do you what do you do to get these performances from these people in every film I mean admittedly not. All their films are like a maze or great. They missed times they miss but Berry rarely and there's always something is always something special about their. Yeah I think that goes to the writing which is what every actor that has ever interviewed in any making a feature about any of their movies. Just says which Downto- bill macy talks about the scene in the bar where he first meets. Shemi and storm stormers characters. I'm Jerry Linda Guard Jerry. Garden shop proud foot. Said he'd be here at seven thirty ships at eight thirty. We've been sitting here on our. He's feed three times already. I'm sure sorry shut told me thirty. It was mixed up. I guess and when they're in a in a brilliant esque twist shopping in store. Mayor of the criminals are essentially trying to talk bill. Macy out of this stupid plan that he's trying to put emotion and they're the ones who are going. Why don't you just ask your father in law for the money? I will say this though with chip told us didn't make a whole lot of sense all no it's real sound. It's all worked out. Once your own wife kidnapped you my point. Is You pay the ransom. What Eighty Thousand Bucks? I mean you give us half the ransom. Forty Thousand Yuki Path. It's like robbing Peter to pay. Paul doesn't make any sense. Okay it's not me paying the ransom thing is my wife. She's wealthy her dad. He's real well off now. I'm in trouble kind of trouble. You in Jerry. That's that's not gonna get into into see. I just need the money now her dad. He's real well off so just for the money. Where you fucking white piano or your fucking wife Jerry. Well Mara's that Great Line Foyer your for your fucking wife map and the way macy's stammers. He's like it's not I clown that's that's not gonna get into into the. I just need the money you know. That's written exactly like that. In the script with dot dot dot and pauses and stumbles. Mac says that that's the starting point for him like it's it's also right there on the page. You're not you're not. There's no improvisation in their film. No mayday are hard. Core to the as you said to dot dot dot right not just word and they spend a lot of the time writing these scripts. Barron will. Ns AND STAR. Mayor says you know in the famous line in the car where he says. Where's pancake south? What we stop at pancakes when you nuts. We have pancakes for breakfast. And I go to a place where I get a shot and beer steak made me more fucking pancakes come on whereas pancakes house. It worked that when they were filming that he assumed it was a Typo so he said his I take said where is the pancake. House caught cut stop. Stop Stop Ethan Joel. Comores had no Peter. It's where is pancakes house in you know. Being from Sweden started didn't understand why they wanted it that way so as writers. It's stupendous when you watch these movies. And I said this on the Lebowski podcast. It's also the lesser writers write characters. Where all the characters sound like the writer but these characters all have their own music in language and that's an that's an incredible ability. They have incredible. I I would love to be in the room when they're writing processes. You said that you were often. You felt like you put your foot in your mouth when you audition with them. Having watched them talk a lot. That's not the type of personality I do. Well in front of in like a if it was a sales meeting or a pitch or an audition or something because they're they're very interior right there wickedly smart but they're very deadpan or least knoll is extremely dead. Ethan's a little seems a little more kind of give and take but I would find them incredibly intimidated not just from the body of work because the way they would just be probably sitting there looking at you would be so intimidating. I would find that so hard to threat. Apparently if you break through end. They're really fun to be around. But they you know in an audition situation people people are not their true selves. I admit them on the street because I had a neighbor that was friends with them and I did the same thing. It's just very intimidate nita. I'm intimidated. It's like I wanna work with them so probably. I hope I do there. You will barely. They're really they're doing the Scottish play. They're doing a movie of the Scottish flit and translate right young. I don't think they're doing. I don't know with the twist is. I have no idea but I looked up their future. Films that Scrag. That's what's next is either pre or post production They also said that. You know for store mayor for example they saw him in New York on stage. I it was in hamlet. He was playing homeless Rianne yet. They saw him on stage twice in one time. They offered him a role. I think in Miller's crossing of all things which he couldn't get out of his theatrical contract in Sweden it was touring the country or what have used any had to pass on the role and then a year or two later. He was in a play with Frances. Mcdormand turns out and he met them again and they said. Are you ready to be in our movie? Or what they are of like. You turned us down. And he sort of didn't have the he didn't have the fine linguistic English skills to sort of explain to them this thing that he felt it happened. Which was he tried to get out. Do this movie buddy couldn't so I think to your point When they when they see something in an actor whoever that actor is you know they they remember make space and time so I didn't play good. Socrates the public amd Tim Blake Nelson rooted in their butts. Caller stock company busters scrubs Omar Other and. I said Tim's Joel was Jovan Ethan. Coming he said yes I said. Don't tell me when home they had been. Joe had been there Ryan. I had a good show. Except that's good. Maybe I'd love Sunday. You could've been a Buzzer scruggs. I I think you I think you. I think a Western is really you? If you're wearing a different hat right now you look a little bit like a Guy Ending Guy. I could everything they do is just it's astounding. Every seat is a like a little play. And you know he's writes plays Ethan He did a evening of one at at the taper earlier late last year. And I've never seen his place. He's really good playwright. Church was in one of them too. He had a similar thing to you. I think. He's auditioning a couple of times. Come close a couple times but hasn't happened yet. In his waiting in the wings he as he humorously said of course. When the time comes I will accept okay. Let's talk a little bit about Shimmy who I guess. After I always say Steve Bush Emmy. Would you listen to the people talking? I guess we're supposed to say BOO Centerman Say Steve Semi so okay. I'll try and say it that way off the semi in this phenomenal. Hi How you doing? Yeah decided not to park here. What do you mean it's not the park here? Yeah just came in. I decided not to park here so but well. I'm sorry sir. I decided not to. You know I'm not decided not to take the trip as it turns out so well. I'm sorry Sir we still going to charge you the four dollars just pulled in here just fucking pulling well but see. There's there's a minimum charge four dollars long term parking charges by the day. I guess you'd think you're You know like an authority figure that stupid fucking uniform. Buddy can clip anti their big fucking manner you know these are the limits of your life man. You little fucking gate here here. Is your four dollars. You pathetic piece of Shit. I wanted to ask you like. Why would he never get nominated for performance like this? He's so good he's such a good actor and when you watch him in Fargo particularly there's a thing with him though where he's Kinda like this. He's make something that we have fun with but I don't know that people take him as seriously as an actor as they really should. I think you're exactly right. He's like some is is the is the word in our liar He's like thank you. I think you nailed it. I didn't feel that he we work together on called the grey zone directed by Tim. Boy Am Blake passing Ridden Shembe Liz. We Live. We both live in park slope some years ago. Iran in there and talked to him the we were both in the same. So I your question is is really a good question. Because he's always really good. He's always special. It's not even not good. It's beyond good. You know is it. Because he's funny looking like the girl that's I swear to you. That's what I was GONNA say. You know what I think more than getting nominated which would would be great. He has his respected and admired by every actor and that to me is way better than of course nomination of course but In in real life nicest guy ever he's like in this movie Fargo. You know I'm thinking these these scenes where like he's trying to leave the parking garage and the guy the Minnesota Nice parking garage attendant wants to charge four dollars or when he's bargaining with the police officer officer. It's the New Carton Cer- certainly is officer that smell you're required to display temporary tags either into play area or taped to the inside of the back window. Sadly can I see your license and registration please? Suddenly I was going to take those tag to be in. Full compliance. Must've must've slipped my mind. Maybe the best thing to do would be to take care of that right here in brainerd. What's this license registration? I to be in compliance. I was just thinking we can take care of it right here and brainerd that back in your pocket please and step out of the car. Please certain his his acting his face and his control of his voice and his ability to convey just in those two scenes obsequiousness explosive anger and hatred for authority but like macy in the movie discount stultifying awareness of his own low place in the on the ladder of life and society and I just kept watching Fargo and thinking like wow you know every Steve semi movie I'm always like and everyone is always like show on his side and is still like all of a sudden. It was great in that yet. He doesn't get that credibility that sort of like a granted like bullshit public acknowledgement and respect as an actor like I'm admiring the craft of his acting particularly in Fargo. Because he's such an important part of the movie such through everything. Oh my God the way you know and be funny. Nb dark right and what he knows is not easy. It's not easy to blow not not at all. When you talk about their directing it would be amazing to to observe it at heard a lot that they will talk to that. It works that they're so in Saint. Can they share one brain the extent that it really works really well on a movie set because more people essentially have access to the director since there's two of them Code I mean. Lately the credit is Joel is the director but I always as it always been Joel. The director bullet director. Ethan is the producer written by and then Ethan of course under the pseudonym Roderick James is the editor of the films along with his wife. Actually I looked up on this on Fargo. And they they were. They both edited under the name. Rodrick J. Hip they both did on on Fargo. I don't know about the rest of the pictures now. There's a great anecdote about if they were nominated for editing for this. I'M GONNA look see if I can find my phone here. They were nominated for best editing for an academy award for Fargo and since it was a pseudonym and I think at that point maybe not many people within the industry knew that that's what that was. They had a whole plan. So I think how Albert Finney go up and pretend to be this sort of grit editor from the sticks who was humbly accepting this award on behalf of his craft but either word leaked out or they just didn't get the award and he didn't get it. They didn't win. They didn't win for that. Which is crazy. You know the scene where they have sex with prostitutes at the blue ox and then there's an immediate cut to the sort of joyless from the joyless sex to the tonight show theme and they're just all four sitting there in their own world watching the tonight show joyously as well. That's the kind of scene I would love to know what the direction is. Not not the dialogue scenes per se but the way they're also vacant and staring at the TV in that scene. What did they say to the girls? What did they say? semi about so you're post-coital but you're also like what are you thinking about as an actor because they look so alone together that just. That's the direction I would love to know what a director says to accomplish. Would I would. I would love to know what they say. Uptodate talk they say a lot today today. Say do a take and then they give direction. I. I don't know I've never. I know work with him and I have never asked but I'm curious. What do you say when you direct in actor will only done wants mono pay nudity Eddie no and Direct as an actor. Well my experience on no pain nudity is that I often didn't have to direct. I cast people that I knew kind of understood it. I remember there was a seat as the scene in the beginning of the the veterinary as assistant and he had her. Name's Janine Sorolla tastic at my wife's directed her in several ways such just Janine is I had two cats. Strata put her in the film. She had an different tank. Been Than I had imagined and I spoke to her. I don't remember exactly what I said but she did what I actually wanted her to do. So I I guess I spoke at actor to actor rather than I don't know if there's a difference between director to actor I mean. How have you been spoken to by directors your career positively or negatively? I did I came into New York to do a reading a back in February Annabella. Shera and she was on. She did a season. The on one of the law and orders I was we were working at. I remember how kind she was because the director said to me was rush. You don't know what you're doing what are you doing? You can't so that's how I've been spoken to once on the hell that means. He doesn't know what he's doing. He didn't know what he was. That was pretty Garrett. What I said sure. I'm trying to think Sidney Lumet who I had the great pleasure working them. He didn't give direction unless you needed direction and he does want. He liked to do one tatum and move on. I didn't get it the first take any. He gave me some direction. You need to be a little bit more your little angrier literally just a couple of words and I didn't get it in the second date and third Tate he got angry. May and that just kind of like I had please right and then we moved on. Well maybe he was fake angry you to get the reaction that he wanted. You might still have to say my film roles I need. I need Kindness and gentle rison nurturing and it takes me awhile to find sense unknown. I don't know if they I didn't. I did a law and order last year and the Director. I was just a little abrasive and she just said usually was breakdown. It's just bring it down just a little too loud and too a little too much. Yeah it's it's generally that I think I I have an understanding. What's supposed to be done but I just pushed a little when you're rehearsing the play. Have time to refined. Well that's why Who is so believes in? The rehearsal process for film has got such a great reputation in a way. It's funny that he has a reputation as a great actors director with what you're saying that he probably doesn't give all that much direction because again casting. If you're really doing good casting probably most of that heavy lifting is taking care of speaking of casting in Fargo Bill. Macy wasn't really supposed to play Jerry Lung. He wasn't no no. He first auditions first edition for the part of her deputy. Sheriff I got the script to read for the Detective one scene and I read that in Joel and Ethan said that's real good you wanNA look at The this other world jerry lender I said Yeah I went out in the hall and I looked at the scenes and I went in and I read it for them and they said that's real good. You WanNa work on it and come back tomorrow. Said Yeah I wanted. Oh God I wanted it which is really dangerous thing for an actor. You wanted to badly and move. It's hard to audition when you want it that badly but I went in and I read I thought I did well. And they said that's real good thanks thanks I was on pins and needles because I knew it was Joel and Ethan. Coen everyone who's going to see it. Everyone in the Biz whether it was a hit or not. Everyone's going to see it. I was born to play that role. I understood it completely. I mean it was instantaneous that I knew what that guy was about and how to play it and I found out they were going to work to see some actors so I got my jolly little Lutheran on an airplane and I flew to New York in crash that audition I walked in and I said they said Oh bill said yeah more at about you guys afraid. You're going to screw up your movie by casting someone else in this role and you wanna read again and they said Yeah. I read well and I had worked on the dialect which I think is important to them and said to Ethan If you don't give him his shoot your dog he just got a puppy. He laughed thank God And I was. I had a little cabin in. Vermont is still have gotten in the dead of winter and I'd been up there for about five days and I have a bill woodshop and I spent all day turning bowls have laid the big lake. I'd been up there smoking dope and turning bowls and that's what I did when I was working and the phone rang and I got that job and I was all alone in the wilds of Vermont. My next neighbor to have miles away was wondering around screaming and yelling. Oh man there was no one to tell bill. It wasn't certainly wasn't a movie star. I don't think I don't think so. So amazed at guided Mamat Place. He did Mamik. Plays may be some small movies like that from Bamut movies from Chicago but you know he got an Academy Award nomination and this movie completely changed. His life. Who Batter I've made is to me into the performance of the bell. Wade it's Jerry. I we it's Jerry I don't know what to do. It's gene I don't know what to do. It's my wife I don't know what to do. It's Gene Wade. I it's Jerry Wade. It's Jerry I we gotta talk. It's something hard. Geez it's terrible a friend in France. Yes but his is talk about complicated really is it really is all kind of hiding that. He does the hiding of midday. Likes sit it out. Of course the B. B. Classic scene when he's cleaning his windshield took aw in his office. What happens in the office is on? The phone is at the after a problem with his father in law. And it's it's it's the phone call. I think it's the fall with Brilliantly named Riley Offenbach Salonika this Riley Bach. Gmac are you this morning real good. How you doing good still under God damn hard to get on the fall. It's pretty darned busy here. But that's the way we like it. That's for sure I just need on these last These financing documents that you satis- I read the serial numbers of the. Ira got the. It's okay the loans place already got the what the three hundred twenty thousand. You've got the money last month. Yeah so we're all set then. Yep vehicles that you're borrowing on I. I just can't read the serial numbers on your application. Maybe you could just read. The deals already done already. Got The money. We have an audit here. I just have to know that. These vehicles you're financing with this money today really exist they exist. I'm sure they do but I can't read the serial numbers here so if you could read me See I don't have them in front of me. Why don't I just back you over a copy? No Fax is no good. That's what I have. I can't read the darn okay. I'll have my girl send you a copy then. Okay because if I can't carly does not with a specific dickel than I got a call back that money you how much money was at three hundred. Twenty thousand I gotTa correlate that money with the cars. It's being lent fax over. I mean send it over. I'll shoot it right over to you. Then okay real good then. And he's such a Schlemiel but but to do that is what I think. That's what I thought so a precipice to play the Schlub you know and yet somehow there are layers to him where he's doing the most reprehensible thing to his associate but yet literally hair bumbling you had a likeable and made I guess Minnesota Nice threat the element of Minnesota filters into every. I don't know a is to be a local. Not sure that's a good question. I guess so I mean well he might be a local to North Dakota the thing that takes place there certainly store mayors character you know has Swedish name of a local but Carl. Yeah maybe I guess. The Chevy doesn't read as Brooklyn in this as to no no but I as far as I can remember I feel like he speaks with his normal voice. There's just something about probably the writing in the things that he has to say right. You don't go. You know. Go doing there yet. That's exactly so macy has that only edginess lack of trust but then there are so many critical tiny little scenes like when the guy trying to buy the car from him. Calls him out done this before. But seeing as it's special circumstances and all he says I cannot one hundred dollars off that coat. One hundred lied to me Mr Guard. You're bald faced. Liar flocking wire. Where's my Goddamn? Let's get this over with macy's faces just resigned. That he knows he is a liar. He knows he has all these terrible things and then in the ice scraping seen after he throws his little Tantrum in his perfectly. The costumes are phenomenal and could be none more perfect little puppy coat in his hat. Little Year flaps and all had ear flaps. Stan Grossman has the stupidest hat these full. It'd be like this happened on where you're not. Well you need those flaps in the minus twenty us then he has to go back in he has to post Tantrum. He still has to scrape the windshield. you know after the restaurant scene where the father-in-law storms off. He still has to be nice to the cashier right now. There's just so many incredible tiny little filigrees I guess in that performance that make it what it is. You're right. It's really him and Frances mcdormand who I read something that said. She's the moral center that holds us back to decency at the end of the film. When we've gone to these really dark places. I forget how dark it is and I just always think about how funny it is watching it again. There's so many people die seven bodies I think is the trooper. The two people in the car. Okay father in law the two parking lot attendance. Does he kill him? Well no not the first game of the stack of what he kills a second one. Okay so that's one parking lot attendant Shami shammy dis And the and the in the life is dead so for her. The urban legend that the in in the car did storm are chases and goes off the road. Did you ever hear that one of the car was Prince? Yelm will in the credits. The reason that started was if you watch the credits for the movie to this day you'll see that. That person is credited with Prince's symbol. I don't think I mean I've watched. No it's it's definitely not France. It is the rest so I didn't. I didn't I didn't watch the credits Recently but even back then it was that little glimpse is. I think that yet gets cliff. Yup so that was an in joke because they were filming in Minnesota Minneapolis and they wanted to pay cash. I guess but actually the person who plays that part who shot in the back by store mirrors character wearing red coke is the story board artist for the film. Oh really yes. Yes that that. That scene were Berries the case. And then looking around to the right and just seeing yawning white nothingness and then looking to the left and seeing more yawning white nothingness. An taking his little red ice scraper planting it in the snow then promptly turning in walking into falling into snow deep bourbon. His little ice thing never gonNA find this even if you managed to survive this somehow which obviously are not going to in Francis Mick. Dorman is so fascinating because you mentioned blood. Simple which is such a great original movie. I'm excited to go see it again. I I need to see it again. That was her first film. Oh I didn't know that. And that's where she met them. They were kind of a double headed creation. That was chain. Smoking nonstop on the middle of the table was an ashtray. The size of a super bowl full abuts and I walked into this room that was full of smoke and their faces. Kind of emerged. I smoked at the time so I lit up and I can't say they were formed as filmmakers but they were formed as this kind of crazy to headed chuck lean. I don't even know what to call. It were kind of like a circus show because they had already adapted this sound that they make that we all all of us that know them hope to hear and it's and when they both do it at the same time even if you're in a very serious situation even if you're doing a death scene on Cam you know that you've got it right. They liked what I did in the audition. They asked me to come back later that afternoon to read with John. Gatt to have been cast. I said what time they said too. I said I can't why not because my boyfriend at the time was having his first job on a soap opera he had two lines. I wanted to watch it. That afternoon will win. Could you come back says Joel? I said around four. He goes crate and subsequently they both told me that. That's why I got that one of the reasons. I got the job because I didn't seem like I needed it. That much and I have to say the lesson I learned from that is going into auditions. Don't be too needy and have an agenda of your own. She said you know there. It was kind of talked and said hey no we wrote this movie. Fargo and you know it's got a really good part in it for you. And when she read the script of Marge Gunderson she said at the time she was at poynter career. She's looking for like a devious prostitute or a serial killer. Something Needy that. She felt anger. She could really sink her claws into show what she had when she gets this part of this kind of like stodgy pregnant. Midwestern police chief with like the mall haircut and she didn't get it she read it she was like really and she said when they were making the movie nobody on the set sort of thought sure character would ascend and become this kind of iconic female role that it has become. She said we were all thinking. About what Stephen Peter. Rejoin the kind of their movie. They're they're they're acting on set was the stuff everybody. Kinda wanted to see every day and they all felt. That's the move. Those guys are the movie and then she's the heart move and she's of movie but then when it came out. I mean it's such remember that that was such a different role. Felt like for for an actor guard. Can I take just a minute of your time here? What what is it all about mine if I down carrying quite a load here. You're the only here still under guard executive sales manager. Well you can help me my name's Marge Gunderson father in law. He's the owner. Uh-huh well ain't a police officer from up brainerd investigating fees and and I was just wondering if you've had any new vehicle stolen off the lot in the past couple of weeks specifically a tan-colored Sierra Mister Guard brainard home. Apo- Bunion Babe. The blue the Blue Ox. Yeah you know we got that big statue up there so you haven't had any vehicles go missing no noman okeydokey. Thanks a bunch of let you get back to your paperwork then and she says in the making of like I don't know what it was but I think maybe as a country we were just kind of ready for for margin a certain way when of course gave out incredible acceptance speech at the Oscars. You remember that where she can't do now that you mention it. Five women were fortunate to have the choice. Not just the opportunity but the choice to play such rich complex female characters and I congratulate producers like working title Polygram for allowing directors to let allowing directors to make Thomas Casting decisions based on qualifications. And not just market value and I encourage writers and directors to keep these really interesting fume rolls coming. And while you're at it you can throw in a few for the men as well. This great cry for Independence. For this movie to win. What it one was really a thing in one thousand nine hundred seven when this is this the only Oscar. They weren't for best picture. Good question let me take a look but the that I've seen happen. You don't see a performance while you're shooting does not really. Of course editing helps but in does not really emerge or take lights until it's on the screen as rose to while you're shooting. I mean the flashy roll like Shami. Of course he's got shot in the mouth he's got blood on him and he's screaming and of course that's exciting no matter if you're GONNA set sharp but sometimes in a film is like okay really good work and then the venue it happened with no pay nudity. It's like Nathan Lane. I knew it was good but then when in the context of the film cut together it really kind of takes even more of a life not necessarily bigger life but I understand about France role which is a quiet is the wrong word. Oh my God. It's a beautiful performance it's iconic it's just so it's shower tomorrow with him on the verge of tears. Dogmas norms are. Yeah so that was Mrs Linda Guide on the floor in there and I guess that was here a conflict in chipper three people in brainerd. For what for a little bit of money. There's more to life than a little money you know don't you know and it's a beautiful day understanding I really hit me really hard yesterday when I watched most recently yesterday. I think it has a lot to do with where we are right now. Sure but I've always been a huge fan of hers. You and she manages like so many of them do to tread this line between parody and warmth in the relation between her and norm is so real. And so here. It's a good marriage and even though you might look at them hourly and laugh in our East in our coastal elites data and look at them as rubes but at the center they have this relationship than anybody would be lucky to have founded on such such three foundation at lutely absolutely. It announced it. Yeah so three cents stamp. Yeah commutes to it. It's just it's recent it's terrific Hoffman's Blue Wing Teal twenty nine hundred people. Don't choose to recent offer piece. Of course they do whenever they raise the postage people need the little stamps. They're stuck with a bunch of the ones. I guess it's terrific. Pretty norm heck nominal. Were doing pretty good. I love your merging. If you the end of the film I said that almost to myself I a man that is beautiful life. Yup beautiful thing. She's going to have a baby. It's an animal e- ends with this. Little little pain is a little pay at the music. Music is is another character more in all their movies but this one particularly I think the carber wells score is as much a character in this movie. As you know the the the classic rock soundtrack in Lebowski is such a huge part of that movie but his ominous and told the drums Gotha. It's it's an American gothic tale. That's being presented to us on this screen. I wrote a car that the bill macy is driving with the car on the trailer coming out of the White and the music is very. It's very sad. It had been a while since I watched the film. And then then the music heads so much life. In a good score is unobtrusive but when it just creates so much Texture hand the score. Change the score of a lot of nuance. I yes. I think it's did. He did he win. I don't think so. Let me look at the Fargo Awards. Just above the other one. They won best picture for no country for old men. They did yes. This movie rony seen one time. I need to see that again. Kademi award for Best Actress Frances. Mcdormand they won for screenplay. Thank those are the only two Oscars for this movie. People were nominated. More people were nominated. I don't have down here may as far as I'm concerned. You know macy semi. Chris didn't Rudrud who plays London guards. Wife Twenty five leaf. The badgers goal productive by. How're you doing pretty good watching their over the plan staying for supper then? I think so. Dad You stand for supper talk about talk about the importance of a supporting role being so brilliantly out of left field. I mean she is phenomenal. She's so good she's so good. This is they get nominated Did the bend the Father in law. I can't Harvey President. Should've he worked a lot after that. You weren't a lot after that it was like a Travolta as restart of his career. Being in this movie game popped into my head was. He's a saving private Ryan a letter here then. The long time ago to Miss Bixby in Boston name Adam. I've been shown in the files of the war department a statement the Adjutant General Massachusetts. That you are. The mother of five sons died gloriously. On the field of battle I feel how we can fruitless. Must be any words of mine. Would attempt to you from the grief of loss overwhelming but I kind of refrain from tendering to you the Constellation that may be found and the thanks of the republic. They died to save pray. Our heavenly father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement leave you only the cherish memory of the loved lost a solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so Kostya sacrifice upon the Altar Freedom Raspberry sincerely and respectfully Abraham Lincoln that's right that's right six hor. Apparently we really tall. I think he's gone. I think he's yeah. He passed away a few years ago. Yeah another little Touch on loves. Did you notice the jury? Lender Guard has a playboy magazine. The magazine Rack next to the throne in the bathroom. You see that. It's just such a little set decoration thing. That is so so totally perfect. You know the more I talk about these movies. Listen to directors. I ended up admiring. You realize that what the job is is attention every one of these little details in real time and somehow not just triaging them and forgetting to or letting go of some of the smallest details because I could imagine standing there at thirty people. WanNa ask you questions these fifteen questions. You're asking just discussing not because I don't have time to deal with the more important question which is like my lead actor or cinematographer question. But I think that the balance of their genius ends up being putting on paper so specifically with such authenticity in such a regionality and then working enough with the right types of people in their circle. Everyone says it's a drama free sat there. There's no PYRO. There's nobody's yelling. Nobody's lays the same people over and over and I am doing a somebody a jerk off their and they heat saying people ended the. It's a wonderful kind of club to be a got. The opportunity direct another ill. There's couple people use over and over again for my nephew. I wouldn't probably have was them. But Roger Deakins did you see nineteen seventy. I haven't seen a God. He's like but I did see bladerunner. Twenty forty nine five times in a theater so he he was a dvr he won back to Back Academy Awards. He will run in. Nineteen seventeen did not. I did not realize that hundred I mean but the Cohn brothers. They're not gonNa let go him. I gotta see nineteen seventeen. I resisted it because I resist anything that feels like going to see a gimmick which is like show. I never even noticed that shop okay. That's what I need to. That's what I need to hear. Debris knows I went well. My Dad was a world war. One insane Read every book about War One. I went on his ninety eighth birthday. I wow nineteen seventeen for my old man and amazing rates but that I was going to say Oh my God I gotTa Watch for this one shot. I didn't even notice it if not to mention it. Because it's it's pretty I mean. Just it's so greatly shots but it's not as bad gimmick of. I think what's impressive about deacons this movie and he has one of the more. Enduringly heartwarming commentary tracks. The I tunes extras because only commentary. That's available is deacons doing commentary in Fargo. And so of course I listened to that just being a deacons guy and The most hilarious. Kinda take on what's important in a scene which usually has nothing to do with what we as viewers respond to like. It's not so much about the acting performances or the script here there. It's always about just brilliantly subtle weird things about locations and how he lit this and this will be a lot about what he didn't do he sort of really knew why they have me here because I mean this just was a great location. I just set. The Cameron rolled it. We didn't really bring in any lights. And a lot of this stuff is is talking about staying out of the way of the story not doing a lot of camera tricks or gimmicks or things like that and really just shooting things really simply over area. Yogurt Blake shot conversations. Entrusting THE STRIPS. I was paying attention to. It is not like hit me. He's not doing anything which of course he's was doing a lot but I'm going. This is not not tricks here right. This is just like there's a scene an interesting scene I mean. Of course they're talking across the desk when Fran mcdormand. Marge COMES TO TALK TO JERRY IN HIS OFFICE. And it's not the sex is not the last time when he when he drives when he loses it the first time yes and it's just her him her. Kim One shots never never Never any kind of two shod. Kind of thank you really. I noticed it. Usually some people watch movies. They watch they watch for the shots that that struck me. I was watching this a little bit more under a little bit more during microscope but it was I wouldn't again. I don't WanNA use the word simple. But it was doing tricks dominated tricks the other. The other conversation really brilliantly. Shot the way you're talking. Is I posted yesterday and Instagram? I think you saw elected I for twenty five years have been awed by the Mike. Yana Gita seen in the radisson with Marge and Mike Yana. Gita. It's IT'S A scene I've watched now for whatever. It is twenty four twenty five years and every time the simple scene shot exactly the way. You're talking even more so because I think that one is an over the shoulder single shot and it gives you that feeling that you're just sitting next to them and listening to this conversation Mark Tease. You're crazy yes there are you. Do you expect I see that. That's great. Can I get ya just the DIAC? Oh please this is a nice play. You know it's a so I it's pretty good. Yeah and the acting is crazy of both of them I mean. Why do you think that scene? It's I know it's there why they know why it's there. I know a lot of people have said of the movie. Why is the seam here? Doesn't do anything so you're living in a diamond and a couple of years now. It's actually Perry that school district saw deep in then so you went married. Narms SON OF A gun. Oh Ya longtime ago. Cre- will does A. Why WOULD CALL INS SAY? That scene was written to give us marge outside of her marriage and outside of the case That we learn more about marge in that moment. It's like when you observe your spouse or your friend in a store or an interaction with the stranger and they don't know that you're watching and you feel like even the live with this person for thirty years. You're glimpsing something about them drew. I recognize some recognize alone. I think this scene for them was about showing this side of marge that is a cop inside so internally but in this in this awkward weird interaction with a guy who's level of crackpot. We won't even know for another twenty or thirty minutes until she has the phone call with other high school friends. Iowa they were never married. My was bothering her for a while but he never got married. Or what about you my are you married? You got kids young. I was married. I was married to talk it over here I was married to Linda Cooksey no. Why don't you sit over there? I prefer that A. It's just to give us more of marge as in essentially decent person who will sit there with Johnny Dean. Even as it starts to get weird. Sorry let me know just like in C. You don't have to turn my neck officers. I underst- I. I didn't mean to who gets and we learn something about her essential decency in a movie. That's really about most people not having any decency That's why I think it's there and when the calls right this stuff and don't over think it like you know they said Siphon I might that you I liked hearing you say that. They said when they talked about having. Sam Elliott do the the character of the stranger in the in the big lebowski evening they have a great anecdote in the making of where they talk about Sam showing up and saying like well boys. What am I doing in this movie here? And they didn't have anything to Taleh. We don't really know Sam to be honest with you. You know it's just like they don't I don't think they chase down their ideas and make sure they hold water of except for plot elements but I think they have an idea like let's have Sam Elliott being the big Lebowski even those he's outlandish creature from West. That's not really about this. Los Angeles new our take on Chandler yet. It somehow worse. I think the reason it works because they don't over think that of course I agree at are like the idea that they I don't think they over think their films. I don't I started to read this book. Literally it's about become brothers. I forget who wrote it? I started to read it because we were GONNA do this. I stopped reading it. It was so over analyzed everything that they've done and I just went crazy thing. They're not doing this for that reason. I didn't get to I didn't get the Fargo and I spending goes straight embargo but I did and then I went. I don't WANNA I don't want to read this about this film that we're going to talk about because it's it's wrong After mention you I read for the the brain. Jewish Brown's the to read books for blind people. I they they do them in. Braille is anyone has a Jewish card sets and then someone reads them and a guy wrote a book about Stanley Kubrick and the Jewish content of all his celts. Speeding was like berry lived. That is left handed crazy. So that's what this book was. It was like dissecting become brothers films. You're allowed to watch film dissect it bringing so but don't don't tell me that the. Coen brothers think leg as they I. I'm sure they don't you know they don't just want interview. They did with Charlie rose who which are Kinda hold unintentionally hilarious because Charlie Rose. Who has this kind of combination of being totally unprepared and yet sounding completely you know omniscient about the subject at hand is the type of person and to be on a show like that is the type of American cultural thing that they inherently would just send up a not ever take seriously and he's trying to ask him about stuff like that and they just don't they don't reply another great antidote to your point? Is macy tells the story of how you remember remember when this movie came out such a big deal that the following is based on a true story. You know the names of right. Nah I mean the names of the dead have been. The names of the living have been changed to protect the innocent and the names of the dead have been Honor their memory like it was a big deal when that was revealed to be a just another of their gags on our our our culture. Our where people were people outraged course. They were upset. They were you know and the colonist their credited. Nasc- quotes this. They actually wrote this brilliant apology letter. Which is exactly the bullshit apology. That people right when they get caught doing something like that and it's the letter is basically like we. Will we take very seriously our position and people will no longer work for us who perpetrated this fraud upon society. Brilliant take on it and you're right. I think they take it so seriously. It's like so instead of Lebowski. I think it was Michael. Tournus said levesque's not a serious movie but the way it's made is taken so seriously by everyone involved and that's why it's what it is you know. Same thing with Fargo's like these dirty little crime movie is somehow this great thriller but it's also this amazing commentary on American Society. Somehow in a commentary on kind of values are important in American society. Do you think there's a possibility again? Maybe I'm over thinking that they wrote that. This is a true story to give the story a little more not have st- but or they just did it as Guth. I think they did it as a goof. I think that it's taken from. I grew up in Connecticut and there was really famous case at the time of a guy in a pretty. Tony Town in Connecticut killed his wife in Puerto through a wood chipper. And I just was doing a little research last night. It turns out. He's due to get out of jail this year. This happened in nineteen eighty six eighty seven. This was a big story in Connecticut. Is What what year did it happen? Eighty six or eighty seven. I WanNa say feel like Banned it was a big deal for big national store on. I think they've been kicking around this idea for quite a while and I so I think so. I think they did it to as a commentary on our addiction to believing that what you see in obviously fictional film the following is based on drew events like anybody wrote anything knows how bullshit that right off every week. Joe Friday what was that? You probably dragnet. They said Yeah. I don't know okay. What else vote. Well I want to go on more about the Mike Yana Gita scene. Because this is gonNA be my only chance in life to really get on tape the depth of my feeling here Stephen Park who many people will remember as playing the Korean shopkeeper in. Do the right thing. Who has the hilarious interaction with radio rocking? Twenty energy is la Di di theory. No J. D. mother fucking day learning speak English I write they say twenty mother fucker. Twenty Mother Fucker. You you you all right. Just give me the batteries right. Twenty four batteries. Hey wait wait wait. What's Today today's on the day? The fucking you fucking speak English. The dates day to the March march March nineteen ninety one is March one march twenty. Not Not Take Him. Out Man Colin Mcginn count the again man fucking. Which was I do the right thing or do the right thing is nineteen ninety one say back in eighty nine and this is nineteen Fargo Ninety five ninety six rest. Parking was also apparently on in living color. That's right he did one season on ninety. I never watched it occasionally. I'd watch I'd see it but I watch regularly. He's great I mean. He's been since the mid nineties probably spend more of his time being an advocate for underrepresented underrepresented Acting being respected more. I think that's given a lot of his time. He has a famous incident story that he tells about doing a spot on friends and he says the first a call Asian American actor to the set over the walkie talkie with the words. I don't have time for this. Where's Hoshi Toshiro? His name is get the oil guy and steven part was mortified. This guy didn't have the respect to learn the name of an actor who had been a you know who sought he'd been in business for forty years. Who was doing this part of France and that was the incident that really sparked him to to say like. Wow this kind of tokens is so embedded in what we're doing but when I watch him in Fargo Man I mean that is acting my friend. That isn't insane ability to have control over this character. Who Like I said this is the kind of stuff with acting? I'm always so fascinated by is like so obviously as the actor. You know that everything he saying to her is false so I was married till in the cooks you remember Linda. She was a year behind us. Yeah I think I remember. Yeah she so it didn't work out and then I and I'd been working for Honeywell for a few years now. Good outfit. If you're an engineer. Yeah you could do a lot worse. But it's not. It's nothing like your your achievement. It sounds like you're doing really super right in your mind. You know that you have to know that to do the same for us in the movie theater. We don't know that it's played so realistically it's not that it's not things didn't work out. It's Linda had leukemia. She was she passed away. No it was tough was long. She fought real hard mark. Walk what can you better times and then I saw on TV and I remember it. You know I always liked you. Well I always liked is like just so much some might should we get together another time all I that when we find out later through the phone call that he's a stalker and he wasn't married. His wife didn't die leukemia lake. Do you play the second truth while sitting in the booth with Francis and that's in that's somehow underneath the performance or do actors not even think about it that way that's tough question on will embedded It's technically speaking. You just have to play as as as written. Yes I think you I think you do but in your marrow. It's false you can get away. You give anything away or would work. When he comes over puts his arm. After I was married I was married to. It'll be here I was married to Linda Cooksey no interest over there. I prefer that. Oh Tarek and I've seen this movie fifteen twenty times it S. I was so uncomfortable. I know that the whole thing is some sociopathic really disturbed guy and then of course the way she handles it and then of course he keeps saying he's sorry can see you don't have to turn my neck officers. I underst- I didn't mean to who gets sorry but as an actor as saying you can't give anything away or the scene doesn't work you cannot give anything away. That anything that he saying to her is not true right so. I mean in a way he has to. It's like they say when you're playing comedy the you have to play really straight and that's how you make it really funny. He has to play it really straight. And that's what you know as an actor and as a guy who read the script he knows so so maybe it's more about not letting that takeover too much and in rise but I think when you do watch it in some of his. Yeah yeah some of the ways that he response to her is. That's where I think there's a little hint of the the fakery that the character is doing on her even though we don't know it yet in that point the movie. I'm sorry I shouldn't have done. I thought we'd haven't really worth time. It's okay you're such a Super Day King and you're right to that her. I don't WanNa give it's a it's a duet. He has the show part in the scene. But it's duet between those two actors and her to him are incredible like the way she deftly says no one. Just sit over. There might prefer that and the authorities have the authority to do that. I'm the separation I would just sit there and made myself uncomfortable so as not to create an awkward situation for the person who's being inappropriate but it's the second time she brilliantly diffuses through comedy because in the first time member when the her sheriff who was originally reading for when they're driving in the car after visiting the murder scene did you look in Tation Book Yeah Vehicle Early wrote in was attend Sierra to eighteen. Am under a plate number dealer. I figure they stopped him or shot him before he could finish filling out to take number so I got the state looking for Sierra tax deal are they don't got no match you and she sort of points out the obvious which is sure that. I agree with you. A hundred percent on your police work. They're low. Yeah Yeah I think that vehicle there probably had dealer plates dealer. Oh Jeez and then she tells him a joke they did. You hear the one about the guy couldn't afford personalized plate. So we went and changed his name to j three L. to four four. Yeah that's a good one to let them off the hook. That's that's the MINNESOTA NUTS. So he doesn't feel so bad and she has a little intimacy smile of her face. You know right. And that's the genius. I mean it's it's crazy. See with with Mike Gun. Would Mike Gita he full sir sheet up everything he says. Oh here's another important to that scene which I learned so when she has the phone call with the other college friend and learn Mike. Yana Gita has fooled her That's the moment where she then goes. Back to see. Jerry Lender Guard the second time and basically breaks the case because he flees and from that point on she then solves the case also that the seeds that yes. That's also caught. It's a scene. Where since she has had to reassess her her version of something in her head. It causes her to reassess Jerry. London guard who I think in the first scene you know. And she's so brilliantly exits the scene by San all right then. I'll let you get back to your paperwork. It's it's a passive aggressive way of her letting him know she knows. He's just doodling on the Gulf Cod. When she walked in. He's not actually busy. She's letting him know she gets him even in that first scene but then she goes back and that's the second season where then you know. Okay I'll do a damn what inspection right Mr London guard. Sorry Buddy again. Can I come in yet? No I'M KINDA. I'm Kinda busy here I understand. Keep it real short then. I'm on my way out of town but I was wondering. Do you mind if I sit down carrying a good of a load here no vehicle. I asked about yesterday. I was just wondering like I told you. We haven't had any vehicles go missing. Okay are you share. 'cause I mean how do you know because he the crime I'm investigating? The perpetrators are driving a car with dealer plates and they call someone who works here. So it'd be quite a coincidence that they weren't you know can act it. Yeah I see. So how do you have you done any kind of Tory recently? The car is not from our lot. Ma'am but how do you know that for sure without doing I would know I'm the executive sales manager? Yeah but I understand. We run a pretty tight ship here dino but but how did they establish that? Sir Other cars count a daily. Or what kind of routine here. Ma'am I answered your. I'm sorry Sir Ma'am. I entered your question. I answered the darn. I'm cooperating here and there. There's no no call to get snippy with me. I'm just doing my job here. I'm then takes off something that I never. I never noticed before. He says he is leaving the room. She goes on sorry that struck me then she? She said I couldn't find what he says. You have no cause to get snippy me. And then he gets snippy again. I'm I'm not. I'm not arguing here. I'm cooperating and there's no we're doing all we can sir. Can I talk to Mr Jackson? Well Heck if you want if you WANNA play games here. I'm working with you on this thing here but okay Damn luck. Count Sarah Right now. Yeah right now. You're darn tooting the important till you. I'm sorry Sir what that Christ he says Christ. Yeah Christ go. That's really awkward. And then she kind of I love the cheese. It's like the classic thing she classic thing where she's in a room and he he has a piece he has docked by and in most movies literally they would because he's not in that they would turn around turn it around and look it and see what she's so decent. She kind of like maybe starts to an end. She just can't she doesn't she doesn't she. Doesn't do stuff like get like that and I never noticed that before. Yeah Two Time Academy Award winner. Frances mcdormand demean would be three billboards own right. You know so. Those are the types of things that when people like that. When you feel the whole thing is maybe less full of Shit than it. Typically is absolutely. Oh I don't think people I think they're really people sometimes win. It really deserved the win. Yeah well that's entirely one of them. I heard a couple people in this movie. Talk about you know we did it. Maybe ten or fifteen times. But I don't think that's the nor- I think that they are after something and I think if they like it once they get it. They're not afraid to just move on but I think they're very collaborative I think you know Tro says that when he got the script for the Big Lebowski you know he he counts on the freedom as an actor to come up with little bits of business of the sort that he knows that they're interested in so the nail. The cocaine male painted the rings the that that thing the licking the ball was tros idea. He thought I'm doing this stuff. But they're not going to use this. This is all just kind of indulging myself as an actor said you know. They used everything that I did pulling up the socks Business that wasn't on the page and they ended up using all of it so but they also like that's what you're talking about before like they wrote that for him they they they. It's like you you can just say John will do something here on. It'll work as long as he does. These lines will use what we need or not so. I don't think I think they're efficient. I think they the sets sound harmonious and that they move forward. But that I think if it's GonNa take ten or fifteen to get. It's such a tone thing that to me that tone to know that you've gotten that in a scene like that dialogue shop between macy and Francis. You may maybe it takes time to get those specific things that you're terror. Fifteen is a luxury that you have. You have money or no money in mind. Movie we did. We did three or four. We had to move on from but they they. They do it till they're happy. Probably move on the mayday. Save you one and then the actors no that is in the can and stuff comes stuff because there's a a relaxation that you would have knowing that you it's already there and we may not use this one extra take and something might happen but ten or fifteen is luxurious and also as a director a lot of times you're going to you. You may know you already have what you want. You probably need. Maybe some actors you need to give them a little more in giving give them their stuff to do. Because whether even though you're not gonNA necessarily use it or you think you're not gonNA use it. It's part of keeping the harmony going. Have you seen these? Forget the damn name of it. I love it so much. What's the Clooney one with? Josh Brolin. The Old Hollywood movie easer. Yeah I love Hail Caesar seeing that I did see it i. It's worth revisiting. Because leg business auditioned for that dead. For which part one of the Communists? I don't remember who we must have been one of the Communists in the plotting so I need the added again tonight. I go see a movie and I did get it number and then I dislike Jordan. I'm annoyed a little. I mean to say it again because I really like. I really liked what I read and I like out. It's about that Guy Loney late. I forget his name he was. The fixer was colluding guy to no. That's Josh Brolin. Roller was clooney. Clooney sort of brilliantly sends up the idea of himself as a movie star is kind of a useless idiot. The student was there a studio and I forget I wasn't radiohead but it's really Brolin's movie. He's he's the fixer and he's the engine through. Which all this unfolds. And you know it's funny 'cause when we were talking about Lebowski I told Michael Emily that's a movie. I didn't get that movie until I watched it again. Two weeks ago twice to do the podcast with them. You know because Fargo was such important experience I was so blown away that when I then went and saw basket didn't get it at the time. It just wasn't cohesive enough for me coming off something as tightly plotted intricately woven as Fargo. I didn't get it when I thought and then over the years I watched it over and over. I actually watched it. Because there's a lot of sitting in not Nudity and there's a lot of sitting in the bowling alley and literally want to see how place because you return angel sitting and I wanted around so I watched it a couple times just for the purpose of that. That is unbelievable Jack Ridges. I mean everybody is storm are credible at guided comes. It he is he is the bait. Yeah he he's one of the guys. Yeah it's him in flee and someone else. Yeah that's right so yeah revisit. Hail Caesar because similarly it came out I think maybe came out after no country for old men or or true grit or something in kind of was like what are. I think it was accurate. True Grit actually is their most recent now. The most recent was Buster scruggs so Caesar was twenty sixteen and Buster scrubs eighteen. Yes which I loved me to show. Hail Caesar came out after inside. The Davis twenty thirteen. I auditioned for that too. That's another what he would have been great in. It's another movie. You belong like that will be a lot. I have seen you as a folk impresario. Forget I think I addition for maybe was a folk. Adversary became proud. Yeah you're probably the guy who came to sign him to a record contract hail. Caesar also has a really touching well-handled youthful romance between an actor. I really like a lot alden. Ehrenreich of misused unfortunately to play the young Han Solo in Han Solo Star Wars movie. That didn't work very well. But he's a really really interesting capable actor and he has a great little romance who Wednesdays who was the young New IN THAT OF VERONICA. Soria so she plays Carlotta Valdes which is a reference to a character in Vertigo. And they're kinda young up and coming stars. Who are navigating the studio system. And he's the singing cowboy who gets put in a sort of Noel. Coward Desk High Comedy of Manners. That he's completely unsuited for themes allegra no show which is simply a ball Tau partner you and bridge fly. The pout would that it were so sample very good very good on. Try this you'll line just said as I said CEO line exactly as I'm about to just as I'm about to Chur okay. With the simple with the two to us as the simple would the Detroit was or same idea. Why do say that? Why did you say will you says I like I said would that twat Suzanne to twinsies would that it to US assemble toward the Detroit for example mouth? Listen TO US. Osama headstone with the system. Would that twice as I'm trying to SAY THAT MR GRANTS LOANS? A minute ago it was littering. We can use Christian Jones is fine. Just as Eichel. You hubby okay. Mic spirits Watching big boss guy went from in two weeks. I went from never got this move. I never got where everyone's obsessed with this movie to right now. If you ask me what what would my top five movies be? I mean the big lebowski would be up there in the in. The top three probably. Because I'm so impressed with on so many levels and so I wanNA go back like I missed. I missed the Billy Bob Thornton one. I didn't really get cold man. Who wasn't there I saw at once was in black and white was you'll emily mentioned really liking serious man. I didn't get I. Didn't I didn't really get that either. That's another one. I'd like to revisit watched it a couple of weeks ago because I worked with Michael Barr wanted to see his work again and Jewish so hits home in so many may so profoundly in some spots. It's isn't even comedy I mean I don't think so. I gotTa Watch again. It's not a comedy as it was nominated for best picture for crying out loud so really like it. But there's something that's missing for you some something. I don't WanNa say missing. I mean Minnesota Jewish man. This is this is. This is your amid Western. All around there. It's about it's about their upbringing about their upper three. Maybe just just remind me too much mine disturbing When you look at the sequence of the movies right you know you have a brother. Were out doubt that that was such a phenomena. A cultural phenomena right. Bluegrass MUSIC WAS MAINSTREAM. After that movie and the next movie was the man who wasn't there. Which is you know. Black and white billy Bob Thornton one which. I don't think I've even seen that. We're doing with Brad Pitt. That's burn after reading right. I liked that I liked that too but I I should that here but I remember liking it and not another one that I that I need to see again. I saw once. It left me little White note with the make of it was Hudsucker proxy love Hudsucker again. That's great stylized on that genre of Hollywood movies. That's probably aged a lot better than a lot of other movies of its era. I would think you were a swell guy. Well to be honest I thought you one shown up but then I figured out to worst guy little slow maybe but a swell die. Well maybe old not so slow but not so swell either and it looks like you're an embassy laughter. Shut up after all. You haven't talked to me for a week. I'm going to say my piece look. I've never been dumped by a fellow before and that. But what really hurts is watching you up your soul chasing after money and as and the respective a ball. They wouldn't give you the time of day if you give. You can watch factory exactly. You don't remember how you used to feel about the hoop. You told me you were gonNA bring a smile to the hips of everyone in America regardless of race creed color. Finally there'd be a thingamajig would bring everyone together even if it kept spatially kids you know I used to love Norville Bounds. Yes love him when he was just a swell kid with hot. Id's was in over his head. But now your head still to be at over. Consider this my resignation effective immediately. That's a really good Barton. Fake I have. I haven't seen since I think it came out. Me Only M similarly not. I never got everyone being obsessed with with either Barton fink or Miller's crossing against her Miller's crossing that too when I need to see it again aren't fake stands out for me because there was a performance by Michael Lerner. Really kind of iconic. Yes Military. My friend was actually supposed to play the lead. His name was trey. Wilson died berry suddenly young and was his name played the role. I believe Tauber fitting yeah. I'm going down the rabbit hole now because I'm like when their films are on. I don't turn loss never know knowledge that I don't love all their movies and sometimes I go and I'm may be just disappointed because I build up so much because I have so much respect for them and their body of work is as you just said. It's it's amazing but that's that's the mark of them being real artists is they're they're chasing something that thereafter and they're okay with it not always congealing in working in the right way in order to get to something that thereafter you mentioned. Macbeth's that's actually the first one that their work that they're doing without the other one that's Joel Cohen Screenplay directed and produced by Joel and Scott Rudin starring. Denzel Francis Brendan Gleeson Inquiry Hawkins. Sean Patrick Thomas. Tragedy of Macbeth is that the we're not supposed to say it was not supposed to save a said I'm Okay Ryan on superstitious about anything exempts the Scottish like Real Whistle backstage host to do that. But I don't say Scottish so you can say like you can say but if you're in a theater in you'd say it I I'm showing you left. Do this thing where you turn around seventy times fit. Men Walk Out of the theater and then walked back in a pair. But I'm a little superstitious. But anyhow they're doing the Scottish play you're doing the Scottish play eighth play by. I mean if they yes Screenplay by Joel adopted by some Guy Williams tricks. Grandma's actually lists William Shakespeare. Yeah good it gets. He probably has the most. Imdb writing credits of any writer. Property does based on loosely based upon. I WANNA ask Joel. Why are you? Why are you doing Sky Schley? Really? I'm not saying why doing it because it's a bad idea. I just yelling interested. What why why Polanski Remember I think a couple people tried it so Which which Cohen Brothers films have you done on with the series Just these two. Are you going to do more? Yeah I think now one hundred percent. I'm a rabbit hole guy. Once get interested I keep going down. That show are you raising Arizona? That that's the first. That's the first one that really got me. That's the first one who's sensibility was was so my sensibility. At the time yet raising Arizona blew me away before I sort of fell under the spell of two thousand one in Kubrick and things like that I would have said. That's my favorite film and it's still up there. I still think it holds up really attic comedy. Oh it Zita FOR FEW YEARS. But of course it does it will a. I watched a little of it after. Cut a little bit of into Michael Emily's episode D- That drove me to blend simple. And just aw man I mean such a great great great new are really after I I. I'm GonNa Watch this week. Is I had signed on my. Hey Yeah this is the time I think your boy minute. I mean what what? A what. A towering titanic figure in so used and I also want simple than an actor like. Dan Had DIA whose another guy who's been in everything forever and has alternately sorta just been like I wasn't the Guy Played Nixon in that Weird Nixon movie or TV. He's Nick Nick Tortorella from us. Not all yet today. But he's so good in and he's one of those character actor guys that's got the chops you know. Amit Mamat might the story that I heard he. He begged them to let him do something raising Arizona so they gave him in that one little scene with I love that being with and I got a job drilling holes and seat metal. Doing paramedical work. Affiliate highway is not actually practicing understand. Bill patrolling down nine mile. No not Dan mothers cracked here. Bill Parker. Anyway we're approaching wreck and there's this spirit off your garage and it's not a piece of the car. He's the machine shop operated so then I said to my says you know. That's the into the cellmate. Seen IN RAISING ARIZONA. It's akin to the cashiers and some of the prostitutes in Fargo. Those brilliantly cast fully formed characters. Who you know. Have a complete whole backstory to them either through the actor or through the writing. The apparently the guy a reminded me of the one each got one saying he's he's In in Pharma he sweeping the as his. He's he's got like a room is cleaning is the driveway. And he Mr Moore. He owns a bi- He ran a theatre company somewhere he had like reiterates and I always thought that guy was Tamara. Yup Officer all right. Oh well tendon. Bardo New Dickens Wetlands last Tuesday and this little guys drinking and he says the guy find some action. I'm going crazy out there to leave and I says what kind of action. And he says woman action what do I look like it I says well what do I look like? I don't arrange that kind of thing. And he says I'm going crazy out there at the leak and I says yeah but this ain't that kind of place he says. Oh so I get it so you think I'm some Kinda jerk for asking only. Don't use the word jerk. I understand any Kohl's Mu Jerks his last guy. He's a jerk is dead no so I don't see nothing he says. What do you think about that? Fly says well that don't sound too good a deal for him. Then you got that right He's your that guy's dead and I don't mean old age and then he says Jeeze. I'm going crazy out there at the Lake White Bear Lake. It excellent that's closer to Moose Lake so I made that assumption. Oh sure anyways drinking at the bar. So I don't think a whole Drake d love it. But then Mrs Mora she heard about the homicides sides down here and thought I should call it in so I called it in in the story but what this guy looked like anyway. So He's a little Guy Kinda funny looking in what way. Oh just in general kind of okay. Well thanks a bunch Mr Maura. You're right it's probably nothing but thanks for calling there in. Looks like she's GonNa turn cold tomorrow half got a front come in. You got that right so good. The the way they look up in the sky at the end of that Yeah Michael mentioned him. He's he that's exactly. That's exactly what you're talking about that that's like in raising Arizona and all these other brilliant just cameo parts where a fully formed person and the right but again it goes back to the writing. Just think of the name of the bar that he's telling the cop he tended Bar Ekelund in sweat. Len's like what the hell that's everything you need to know like. If you saw that on the page you know. Here's this like beyond middle aged man tending bar swayze said that this guy more than middle aged me getting like older. And he's a bartender and they're committed an awful lot of finding girl for him and he's like well. It was closer Oakland swellings closer to Moose Lake so I made that assumption like this show. I made that assumption is the that's genius of the right. Never seen anybody sweep snow off their actions in a Lotta ways to clear snow Minnesota. No doubt. Certainly you're in the forecast crew family and you will be on again. We'll do it again and we'll do something else. Let's do something different. We'll do something. We Bury Limited all. You WanNa do very lyndon someday okay. You're on right Jason on my friend. Thank you so much. It's a good one. Eight is a good one. Thank you you take. Care Buddy. Okay Bye Bye. Stay save you.

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Episode 14  Why modern day revelation can be a slippery slope. Travis Pt 3

Think On Your Faith

46:13 min | 5 months ago

Episode 14 Why modern day revelation can be a slippery slope. Travis Pt 3

"On your bait yourselves from tel slavery ourselves been trio greetings freethinking brothers and sisters hope. You've had a fantastic week. Found some good in the world. And i hope you've taken some steps to get yourself one step closer to shaking your serve out prejudices and begin seeing the world for what it actually is. I m selo. You're always intrepid host. And i welcome you as we get ready to raise your consciousness or i welcome back my friends. It brings me great joy to bid farewell to that monstrosity of a year. Two thousand twenty and very excited to ring in the new year. Two thousand and twenty one a welcome to episode fourteen of on your faith as i wrap up my three part series With my conversations with travis and without further ado we'll just dive right in one of the main reasons. I'm mormon and have chosen that as my religion is that i i do not see any indicator in any other great system that allows humans engage with god in any constructive way or gives. God what they often say. Is this immeasurable concert. Love that he has devoted to his children and he loves his children. Christianity for example has a one and done of loss of the. If you don't accept jesus in this life yes where you go hell. There's nothing that is that is that is also that is in the mormon doctrine it's not a concept mormonism. We do not know a travis. Travis it is. It's in mosaic mosaic. To thirty nine. And what are you saying that says in mosaic and mosaic to thirty nine at talks to the apostate it talks to the people who changed their minds. It's talks to me. And now i say unto you my brethren that after he have known and have been taught all these things if you should transgress and go contrary to that which has been spoken the to withdraw yourselves from the spirit of the lord therefore he listed to obey the evil spirit and become with an enemy tool righteousness therefore the lord has no place in him. Therefore if that man repenteth not and remain within diaphragm enemy to god the mercy had no claim on that man therefore doom is to endure a never ending torment unquenchable fire mercy. Show have no claim on that man and his final resting place shelby. Eternal torment sure. Sounds like killed him. Ema man. I mean can't get more hellish than that and i'm sorry but this has got to be the most disturbing scripture in all of the book of mormon than second neef i five or god demonstrates his disdain for color. I can't think of something more vile and more sinister than teaching your kids that this is god's plan one that he created you and put you on earth so that you can prove your love to him and to not question his divinity in the least bit i can't imagine that a loving parent would subject their chilin to this kind of servility. I'm sorry and then number two that. If you prove your love to him you'll be with him forever in the hereafter. And if you don't this fine message and worse off if you change your mind like i did and apostate that your eternal resting places eternal torment. I mean this is abject insecurity and psychopathy eternal punishment. What does this accomplish how happy it was state. Is it anyway for the righteous to be called up to heaven and chill with god forever and watch their apostate family members and friends burn and suffer forever. This is happiness. You mean to tell me this is what this is. What makes god happy to see his own. Children burn and suffer. Eternally come on man who wants to live under this type of dictatorship. No one does but people continue to believe this story because no one wants to talk about the dark side of this fine plan they cherry pick stories and doctrine that suit them best and ignore the rest of the book and write it off as allegory as you demonstrated earlier. This scripture is talking to me the person who changed his mind the apostate. Oh yes oh no man. Don't don't label yourself because that's not true. No according to you from from our conversation. And i am not. I am not trying to berate you or or over intellectualize. Try to how office superior. Del deep enough to be an apostate. And now i say into my brethren that after you have known and have been taught all these things. I've got to assume this is talking to me. Because i have no. It's not have. And i have been taught all these things not assume that because i've taken covenants on communist so mistaken interpretation. Wait a minute hold on. We don't make your point okay. Okay so. I was baptized when i was eight and i made baptism covenants. When i turned twelve. I was ordained deacon And what i turned fourteen. I was a teacher when i was sixteen. I was dana priest. And then when i was eighteen i became an elder and of course when i became an adult. I married my wife. In the temple. Took out my endowments. I sealed my children to me and my wife and then of course. Most recently i became a high priest. And i took on callings in the church that allowed me to learn more about Church responsibility and all the things that come with it so yeah. I had a pretty firm grasp but what i was getting myself into fully understand what that is. Why i'd like to think that i did. I mean i don't have a learning disability. That i know of that would have prevented me from understanding the gospel and its tenets and teachings but i think that's beside the point anyway because it's it's really a relevant how much i really understood because we both agree that most people don't understand the gospel to begin with the most important thing is i wanted it to be true with all my heart has tried to live it with all my heart and and living that and wanting this to be true. Which is why i asked you this question before and this this is going to tack into what we were supposed to be talking about right now. I buried very young age. I was always inclined to read. And i've always been hypercritical and i've never really liked being a member of the church but i feel compelled to do it because i believe that. There's a god now. I have specific personal experiences that have led me to that belief that helped meeting maintain that those are the only things that you believe upon our experiences. No i decided. I wanted to believe that's what you have to do. I just decided. I want to believe that there's a god and then i started learning principles and applying the principles as you apply the principles. You see you see. The result occur now. All of that is subjective. But again it's one of the things that that left wing. People are almost argue. Ironically i think is they always talk about. Somebody's lived experience right. You have a lived experience. I have lived experience. I don't know what it's like me someone. You don't know what it's like via whited all right. You have no idea what it's like. I've got friends who are of many different ethnicities races and from different nationalities and things yet know what each other believes right right but we also can't discount them with the wave of a hand urine when you're just doing that burgess people right and that's not fair tools because you're saying why have those same experiences so i do believe it proved to me. There's a god and then we when we say but look our religious tax. Say that the way that god proves himself is by the application of principles rules and laws that he applies we become a certain way as a result or given certain opportunities to do certain things and then the expected result occurs. And that that manifest to me that the words that i read are probably from some sort. That's not humor. That's what i believe. And so as you do that you follow along now. You have hiccups. Along the way i've had i've had debts in my in my life. That were horrible. I've had all kinds of horrible experiences in my life that have made me say we'll god doesn't love me but that's not the standard mormonism that like is supposed to be shit that's purpose. I actually more obedient. You are the more shooting your life should be. Why and that's your arm. What girls now. Blessing yes he is. He's making life shittier so rise to the challenge. Believe that because again. Tell me that those principles are wrong. I've got no problem telling you that those principles are wrong. I mean that's a pretty crummy religion or belief system. I mean if mormonism teaches that life is supposed to be shitty. I want no part of it. And if that's part of god's plan boy. I'm glad i didn't understand it. I'm even more glad that i left it. Independent of religion independent at any millsap. On y'all those principles are correct. I'm going to happen. Can i comment on that real quick too far off base. I like what you said right there because that's one of the things that i had a hard time understanding while i was a mormon while i was an active mormon the story of joseph smith and his letters to emma while he was locked up and he would lament and he would say things like you know why has god forsaken me. How much more of this can i take. And of course. He keeps getting revelation that be patient. This is for your good right. god is saying. Be patient my son. This will all be for your good. And here's my question for you travis. What about the millions of these little children that grow up in in extreme cases where whether they're grow they're raised in homes where they're constantly raped by their father ryan. How was this for their good now. So here's the problem. Here's the problem and this. This is an argument that only latter day saint we all aji can answer because it has the concept of a freeze the concept of a pre existing. I hope you're not going to say what you're about to say. I hope that you're not going to say that. We are here because of our efforts in the pre existence no and that the conditions that we have today is because of how we lived in the pre existence k. I'm glad okay. So let me hear what you and say. What about the pre existence. Now what you said is is not correct but we really will wait. No no no. I'm not gonna let you offer that. The konki kanchi used to preach from the pulpit and he wrote a book on it and he sailed that we were less than balance. That book was denver. This church because it was never authorized again but going back to what i said earlier. Yesterday's doctrines today's false down it's not doctrine at somebody decides to write a book woman. Doctor that doesn't make a doctor. Wait an apostle of the church writes a book called mormon doctrine and you said that that's not doctoring. no no no no no no so interpreted doctrine or known. That was an apostle right. That's correct now. Let me tell you this. Lds theology is difficult. Because an often people say it's like nailing jell wall lds. Theology has fundamental principles that are consistent throughout the issue. If it is having a revealed religion makes makes it difficult to understand her asking what specifically doctor to give him time. Because we're we have the problem of having to deal with human beings who filter the doctrine through it. Now why do we have a profit then. Well because you and i just disagreed about second chapter five and meeting yes. It gets to decide the prophet. The prophet gets to pick which one of us iraq and the other person just gets to be wrong. Well that's convenient and there's actually some historical basis on that since every new profit that comes along seems to overturn false doctrine of the past. While i guess to some degree that's a good thing otherwise we'd still be living. The doctor of polygamy polly andris slavery. We wouldn't be eating shellfish. Hell we'd still be stoning women for having their periods. Now you know you. Can you can sneer at that. But he didn't orderly system that you believe now again from the basis that there is a god who calls they profit which is the belief system. You can smirk at it and you can laugh at. That's fine but the reality of it is that you have to accept. That is the philosophy. There is a god who reveals to profit. That profit has a specific role and he is. The person who defines is right and wrong that it's patch contradiction. It's not touching contradiction. No it's not. Because god also says i give a man lineup on line precept upon precept. You've probably heard that a million times. Might that means that human beings receive whatever they can receive because god is not just like your situation with children. God is not a person go grabs people and makes them do stuff he doesn't and let me give you an example of that. The issue with it is children. Children are born into circumstances who caused the circumstance. The people that have them. If you look at the world dog creates an earth and kids to mend their agency why was lucifer cast out of heaven. You had a different plan. He wanted to force everybody to come back. He thought to destroy the agency of man. That was his thin. He was gonna destroy. Our free will our choice which only lbs geology gives us. Well i don't know about that. Man i mean. That's a strong team to say that only. Lds the allergy gives free will the just comes with the territory being human. We can't this is what i'm saying. This is a subjective argument though neither of in wins euros. And that's the problem is that you've got to. You've got to understand it. You're you're in the realm of the subject. You can't win these arguments. You can't because you argue a different epistemology for example you can say there's and i say okay. What kind of evidence make him appear. Well that is not a coherent system logical stander or theology. The allergy doesn't work that it's not science science into theology just anymore that you can't biaggi into science. The theology is a is a relevant philosophy. It's leave that science and theology do not permeate one another. You might make that. They know i think they have to borrow are certainly but at at some point whenever the one discredits the other that's when you have false doctrine sooner me any time but they do recognize that that has happened. That has happened in our in our lifetime. That is not in our lifetime but in human history where religion got claims and overstepped its boundaries. Religion cannot exceed its boundaries of this molecule criteria. Yeah because if it does it steps into feel it's just like one. I'll tell you i'm a lawyer. Your pistol malady and your understanding knowledge. Base is different from my own. Yes now i tell you. I'm an attorney. What does that mean. I studied law. Yeah but what area of law. That's why i was asking. Yeah what ryan will all right right right i. Yeah so so now. You're lost walter. Get through loss. Had to study almost every area of the law at least some degree but i went surface in broad rather than deep and you made it analogy about this about religion religion. You religion is like an ice cream crosses. All waivers of the neapolitan doesn't go very deep this practice across the service the oh no. that's actually. That was actually my Actually my guest. He said that religion is a mile wide but inch deep right and it. And it's really not. That's that's an. I disagreed with that. I wish i could have the problem with that is is that people are a mile wide and in each deep. Religious philosophy is miles. Your interpretation of no more valid than mine. I have this arguable atheist. All time they're like all your stupid. No i'm not su-. I'm very highly educated. I'm very intelligent on very well. Read and they're like no. You're done because you're still religious. No it's because i understand that their science and there's the all aji and there's history and everything does not always merged together and the one cannot be used to disprove the other because they have their own criteria. They're in their own field. It's like using the rules of baseball. Discredit basketball. You can't do that. And so the reality of it is is when you look at these taxing you analyze these things you have to do so from a critical perspective certainly but within the parameters of its own understanding. You can't go outside it but wait in order to understand our world. We have to go outside of theology and absolutely have to use one to discredit the other and thankfully we have progressed. Two degree were science. Astrology and medicine can be trusted to teach us a little bit more about our better. How our world works. I mean travis. If it weren't for the advances of science we would still be offering a human sacrifices every time thunder strikes or an earthquake occurs because we would still be thinking that it's the wrath of god that causes the earth to shake and not the shifting of tectonic plates beneath the earth's crust. We won't even know that we are evolved. Primates we'd still be under the impression that we were made out of clay or a blood clot or that that the woman was shaped informed from the rip of them. I mean the fact is we must explore outside of religion to find truth because religion claims to know all there is about life and his nine position to change because god's laws are immutable luckily for us the laws of science is not bounded dogma and absolutism it absolutely shifts and evolves and changes its position on things went. Better evidence is provided. And that's the problem that religion. The problem that i have with religion is that it digs its heels in does not allow for inquiry that might want within that might want went back mojo and you just you just segue right back into it because god talk profit and that room in german ism and it only exists in mormonism ammo mormon. Because we have that. That's why i'm able to renew conflicting statements in profits and recognize that what they are is. This is my understanding and this comes along later says nope i don't know man. Seems like a rather tenuous proposition man to think that one profit will come in for a generation teach certain doctrine and then the following profit for the next generation will disavow what that profit thought. I mean that's been kind of the like you said earlier. It's it's the mantra of the church. I mean so seriously. I mean how is one to know how is one to discern that what is actually being taught from the pulpit from modern profits are actually the word of god i mean. We went on for years Knowing trusting and believing that what. Brigham young taught about village about polygamy was the only way to achieve celestial glory. I mean does he not speak for. God does which which prophet speaks for god. It's not you need to decide what he said. It's up to me to decide whether or not accept right right. And i get that every single profit back to. Joseph smith has repeated that mantra. We are supposed to be critically thinking. It says it right there in the book of mormon and mosaic king. Benjamin gets his address. And it's as though your homes and think about find out for yourselves. It's true so this is this is a little i know i do. I know i have the same problem. And that's what i'm saying. I'm empathetic to your plight. Because president nelson said something. i believe. He's a prophet. Yeah i believe that. Because that's the office that he holds. I believe he's inspired. Because i take one says. And i actually critically think about it and there are some things he says i disagree with. I am entitled to that. I get to do that. Donate jokes and apostle of the church said that. It's wrong to criticize letters of the church. Even if the criticism is true. I disagree with them and that's not really now. Here's my issue. I interpret doctrine. Anyway i want for me. I don't get to do it for the church. Well of course you want. You're not one of the lynton where people get excommunicated people like john ren or several the others have been. No those people are i do. Yeah and so. Some of those people next mutated. They attempted to either circumvent teaching church by. Change them without going through the prophetic channel. The problem with that is is you. Don't get to play by different rules. You see what i mean. So here's what i don't understand. I don't understand why. John the leeann will jeremy ronald or any of these. People who are fighting for their membership gave a crap. You don't believe in it. It's like if. I don't like basketball. I don't play basket right right. I don't like sports play sports. Can i say something to that. Can i say something that just and this is just for for me. When i left. I had family members that really truly were like fearing for my soul they truly feared for my soul like and i told them and they would ask me. Aren't you afraid of this announcement. Why would i be afraid of something. I don't believe in right and that's my problem. Is that yes there. There is too much of that in religion. Because and this is what. I'm telling you i could go to church if everybody else in the church just didn't go if everybody else understood things differently than it would not make any difference to me because i understand the things that i understand based on my own experiences and my own study. There's there's no way that you can. So i can't take what's in here and stay in your brain. You can't understand why. No you can't understand how i know it or why or how i the gene will and you can't tell what experiences i've had i can sit here and give your personal experiences of you know i've seen angels and all that crap i do that with it. It doesn't make any difference because those things are you there for me. I can't say that. So you and you can't discredit it other than just to say. Well i don't know. I mean if if you claim to have been visited by an angel or had experienced miracle where the laws of nature suspended in your favor Game for me to discredit it. Because again it goes against the laws of nature so exceptional claims requires exceptional evidence and that which can be described that which can be asserted without evidence can surely be dismissed without evidence right. I mean honestly in today's world you can't really expect somebody to believe in exceptional claim like like you've been visited by an angel without any supporting evidence right. I mean it's You can't just tell somebody. Hey the earth is flat But just take it on faith. You can't research you can't study it just believe me right. I mean. I've had this conversation with glenn not too long ago by faith told them. I think i think faith is very dangerous. Dangerous remember eight understood. Churches the principle of power baking the principal action. You're actually explaining his blind belief. Yeah blind belief him. Fake without work without effort without to associated with it is just a belief. Yeah but remember. Jesus said nicodemus in john. Three is nicodemus constant hammer. He says if you don't believe you are condemned already. I believe same thing. No if you don't believe in god you are already putting yourself off from his present. Because you're leaving you're gonna get exactly what you want me not wanna live with you all. That's the that's the elliot's theology teaches that when you die and you have not kept your covenants or you have not accepted his covenants. And you die. In that state you will be separated from your family. And based on god's plan you will live in eternal darkness that's awesome puts the bible. Which does romans romans chapters one. Three discredit that the all that understanding years the spiritual so that's not understanding that each one's right there. They're all right. It's not it's not incompatible because again what you did do in the mosaic chapter to think you cited problem there is that your contextualising yourself hassle. And you're not there. That is a that is an address specific people on a specific time for specific purpose. Now how do you like in the spurs yourself while you take the principal out of the text and vital principle and the principle is not what they were going through what they were being a problem is. You're a highly intellectual individual you you. You are seeing things in a much different light than what i would say. The majority of people would read these things. I know but if you're if you actually read a lot all lbs theologian with not. Not everybody's going to do that but that's not that doesn't mean the information valid or not there. It's present it's available. Just not read it travis. This is this is this is this is why i say it's dangerous my man. If god's find plan his message to his children was intended to guide them safely back to him after this existence then why was his word written in such convoluted language. Why was it so difficult. Why was it made so difficult for anyone to understand. I mean here. We are in two thousand and twenty. And you've got thirty different religions based off of the same hebrew text and they can't agree on the same god they all have different interpretations some. That's that's my question. If if you believe that this god is intended if you believe that this got intense for us to return back to him and to understand his message plan then why is his plan so convoluted. Why is it so ambiguous. Why is it so hard to understand. Why does it take convert a high level conversation like this to try and figure out things that are supposed to be rather simple. I i do not believe for example that the church represents anything other than a generalized the positive for the truth. The church is something that we go and we collect truth and stick. The church must accept true and must inc. And what. I've seen my forty years is that the church doesn't back do that. It makes corrections it takes steps it goes out and does things. The most common complaint hear people who able church is and you have not made this high. I like kudos but the majority of people leave the church. They beat the church in cheats. Me the church did tell me because they believe that the church is role is to teach them history or keep them about justice. Nathan polygamy racism or blacks priest there whatever other routes the purpose of the church is to develop fate and jesus price and it does that by using the scriptures by using whatever rhetoric. It wants us. That's its function but what a teacher that teaches incoherent message that begins with freer life and ends at exaltation. I don't like it when you use the word coherent travis. Because i'm telling you that you want to why you wanna know why i don't like it when you use that word. Why because i truly feel that the majority of the people that are out there and there's a strong evidence for this right. They don't understand this stuff. I don't understand this stuff. I don't think. I don't think that so the problem with it as to say that the vast majority don't i think is is overreaching an exciting to something that you really can't point do i. Don't know what the percentages are. i don't either. I don't know i don't have any idea. So they don't burn evidence evidence to support. My argument is look. Let me give you an example. Let me be a case in point of sample. I read a lot of literature on jewish and agnostic scholars about the democrats. I prefer now prefer it because they are not placating some kind of all they are simply waning stories. Or it's just telling it like it is so that's what i'm saying so like the old testament if go read somebody like aj levin aj levin a devout jew but she's not really jewish person very strongly jewish interfaith but her textbooks are are just. It doesn't matter if the tax aligns with her theological positions on she still able to divorce yourself mother and the object and just a historical line of this is where we think it came from. Moses may or may not have exist the davinic line may or may not have exist. These could be stories and she's able to accept that. And instill say but even so this other side of me decides to believe in god and this woman is highly intelligent. Has multiple degrees impedes to visit ivy league school. And she teaches the new testament. And she's a jew. So for somebody like that to come out and really explain the tax in a way that is not burdened by some. feel your intervention. But as i listened to what she says as a reading it. I seen it. She goes out dogma. Principles our The lds church teacher independent of her conclusions. If that makes any sense to basically the church has come to write conclusions but didn't read. Aj book right and they reached them because of some other reasons right. And so i take from that. The idea that the lds church tries to be more fair objective about. It's the reason we don't believe the bible is in alabama right. We don't believe any scripture is infallible. Find another religion that believes that their pets are errands and law. There isn't one right. Everybody else pulled them on a pedestal. Word of god. Word of god we say go. No word of god would be careful right for word of god so it and so to your point with the book of mormon than there are flaws in it there are errors in their heirs and the way people wrote. You can't say but that the way that whoever authored it whether it so assuming that it actually is an agent. Which is what i believe. Now i understand all the arguments that it's not and i still have yet to see here explained where it allocating as i'm sorry joseph In i i have been through that decades. I can't find anything other than again. Flying the historical bike area that the guy literally put a rock and a half dictating. And if he did that you know what the damn book is awesome. I love it and if it's bullshit. That's why i snow. Love the damn thing i i understand. For example the difference of that god cutting them off is the first not their skin because it says that repeatedly grump next and and if you want to understand it that way that's fine but but the point being that you've got to be more to accept that smart non indoctrinated non you know greenwash. People believe religion be objective about leaving the ship. You know i gotta tell you. I'm so glad that we were able to come back full circle and and actually find You know let the are. Cooler minds prevailed here. Because i really enjoyed this last hour of our conversation and especially the the one that you had just this last point i got i got to share an experience where the okay then i want you to comment on it. My wife said to us last night. Hey babe let's let's go to church tomorrow you know so. It's been six months since we've been to church. And she goes and part of that student partake. Not since i've been here. Yeah that's that's due in part to the kobe thing so it just kinda happened at the time that we had decided to leave in the kobe thing just kind of went hand in hand so we decided to go. And wouldn't you know that as we were sitting in the congregation as we were listening to the hymns being played on the oregon. I i couldn't help but notice one of my favorite hymns that i used to love very much when i was an active Participating member of the church We think the. Oh god for a prophet and this was a song that i loved very much. And we saying was such a joy in our hearts we sing with such reverence and deference and And we appeal to this song very much. And i didn't realize how blind i was to the lyrics of this song until i was sitting there in the pew listening to it now from a whole different set of eyes or a different set of ears and here are the lyrics that that That i that. I guess came back to me. Came flooding back to me. So listen to these lyrics. We doubt not the lord nor his goodness. We've proved him in days. That are passed the wicked who fight against zion will surely be smitten at last and then finally in the on the final chorus the last chorus thus onto eternal perfection. The honest and faithful will go while they who reject this glad message shall never such happiness. No traffic this is talking to me. This is talking to people who reject this glad message shall never such happiness know who created this plan. None other than god himself. God himself who knows that his children that he created his children that will choose not to accept his glad. Message shall never such happiness. No that's disappointing. Me and a lot of people will continue to sing the song. A lot of members active members. They won't sit here and dissect it they will just continue to same. Continue to continue. But here's the problem is you're not. You're you're looking at things from us. And i get it. You're you're you're kind of high-resolution thinking right now but the thing is or at least you think newark and i think that it's because you you come to that place and you're taking for granted other people have now passed that because many of the people sitting there so i i do and i'll tell you the reason i know sam is i. Do a lot of missionary work a lot. I go out with them all the time. And and so a lot of what we visit with people who have lost their faith in the church and the stories are not all sitting. Certainly we'll story is the same. But there aren't consistent elements throughout them and typically. What happens is that they were a low resolution thinker making high-resolution bigger problem with it is that they believed that there now critically thinking because their high resolution now but they're not pretty old thinking because to critically requires that you stay your course so there's a talk given i can't remember whose life it was. I think it was benson's but anyways here's white used to put things on the shell. He talked about it. And it's kind of a joke. Among those who left the church ex mormons and banks that people employed on the show. You didn't get it. Put it on the shell well and then and then somewhere knowledge comes by and if he gets funny because you put it on the shell knowledge came by and now i accept it because somebody's talked me into is that they think an doesn't work. It just does not work well at some point at some point. That shelf gets overwhelmed and it breaks. It can't but the problem with it is if it does get overwhelmed. That's wore fault because they're not taking things off the shelf. His true langdon buildup and letting them accumulate is not healthy. He says there are things that i look i. I have concerns about some things in the church. But they're very very minimal and they're they're almost my own. I over thought mark so one of the things that we were warned as is looking beyond the mar- i gone so far beyond the mark in some areas just out in left field sometimes a quick example. So i for example. I love the bible earlier. I said i don't. I don't really believe in the problem with the as i believe it is what it is. And that's my that's the difference. I believe the bible is latest. I think it's a collection of tax written by multiple people over me times. I believe that they were inspired by god. Some more than others. I think the each birds of specific function. I think that paul actually wrote some of the tax historians agree with him. Then there's a there's a series of under the pulpit disputed letters and amongst the disputed letters are the past. this is which includes like timothy. Those are those are disputing letters. That fijian's is another one. Hebrews is simply not elite but anyways practical arguments assessing where the letters came from what they are and so we look Aharon documents then you have a non theological respecting or somebody goes along and says here's what the doctrines are. And what are the guys. It's really rose to prominence lately especially among people legal church. Barton barton has written a series renaissance books. I read twenty and the reality of it is. I love him. I love his word because he doesn't he's agnostic. He doesn't give to craps about whether or not jesus but he makes an argument that existed. Then he says any argument that he didn't exist nonsense. You could take for what. It is one of the things that i find problematic. For example is i do not believe in the birth narratives that are in the bible. And the first time i read them the birth narratives narratives in terms in terms of actual virgin birth or the actual where he was born with the whole thing so the ideas of matthew inle the birth narratives that are there. Don't make any sense. They don't even they don't even corroborate are not meant you because the written by different authors times but the reality of it is. It's not even the fact that they narrate different current events the events they narrate preposterous. They're just ridiculous and neo in. It's kind of the foundation progresses. Well why do people accept the berthier. Because we're so ingrained in what we've seen. But i actually tell mormons this mytalk melissa. And that's the other thing like get criticized collins mormons because i just think what she does owner and models things are deterring disagreeable problem because other prophets have said. It's ok president nelson now now. I sustain the prophet and leave it. But i believe that the nomenclature matters and calling ourselves which turns harry's lipid baggage that other christians reject. I called myself a jew and told another guy. Who's a june. But i do what would expect and then i said but i'm a messianic jew. I think he's right. He's like why you're not really a juban title. 'cause you're not right so he issue with it as is looking looking at the scriptures develop problem with it is is the both brookner's make sensible but they've never made sense always thought that they just don't make sense then. I wanna find historically speaking of using objective criteria. Everybody else thinks they're nonsensical do now in the church you can tell somebody that they think pasta just like you were saying well. You're just probably not mormon. I'm an excellent one. I believe wurley in our doctrine but what i do is i distinguish between what is doctrine what is not and here's an example. Where in the book of mormon for example doesn't say jesus was born beth it it doesn't inspect it's a point of contention for people who need it the book of mormon. Because they're like well he says he. Jesus was born in jerusalem. Not not every area nose. So here's my. Here's my arguable. That kicks into my head right. Well that makes three arguments because again mark. Luke doesn't even agree right so it no no well not mark matthew matthew and luke actually green point that no no no luke luke adam born in nazareth. Now they will get bathroom. And luke even had e- look even had the the child jesus confronting being confronted by the three wise men age probably above two years old right right and the church made of video that actually tries to harmonize text. Takes all the stories video but I've got a. I've got on. A friend is a hebrew dollar that we're talking about the reality of it is. Is that the idea of those tax being just a story and it's like well john and mark contain no birth narratives. Yeah they don't seem to care where he was born right. And the book of mormon says he was born in jerusalem jerusalem right so how. How easy would it then. If joseph smith wrote the book of mormon to just say he was born in bethlen every idiot knows that right but joseph's overlooks that input jerusalem. Now here's mike hitter. If the book of mormon said he was born in bethlehem. I would have at least on that point. His you'd have more reason to accuse them of plagiarism. Right to doubt it because it's just like well he just went and did what everybody feats instead. E diverged from the common understanding and did something different and unique something that really wasn't consistent with Criticism which was slowing its infancy now league. I may not agree with with your logic of belief. But i like it. Here's my here's my thing though. See that's what i've done with every checking processes. And so i am not just some guy i i look and i. I'm not a lot of ships hot tasks worse. You've got to with in which means you also need to go deeper. You've got to start. So does that argument. You've never heard before. I've never heard that right. Yeah but that's the. Where did i get that. I studied scholars. Who said blah blah blah. And then i went back. And i studied ex. Marlins were like. Hey you idiot. He housing born in jerusalem. Every four nosy was born in bethlehem. Okay it every fool knew that then why does he believe biblical scholars. Well you definitely brought up some very valid points and you've referenced some Resources that our listeners can go and research study up for themselves. we've got to We've definitely got to finish and we've been going on now for three hours and we've got to wrap this thing up so thank you so much for being patient with me. I'm glad we. I'm glad we arrived at this at this place because ice our hearts yes well now. I'm looking forward to our next conversation. And i promise you we'll be more deliberate will be more. Poignant we're going to be on target on topic and will leave all the other. Because i feel like i know you've met in fact i feel like i want to have more conversation with you. You know so Even outside of a podcast platform so Let's keep let's keep in touch with with the last. I'm only. I'm only going to give you thirty seconds for this and i like to do this with all my podcast referred my podcast all the way to the end. You shouldn't be for this question. Which is if your voice can penetrate every household in all of the world and everyone can hear your voice. What message would you give the people. What would you like them to know. Like what's what would you. What would be your overarching message to people. I think that one of the best messages that I learned actual law. School is sleep. I under to understand then to be understood. And i think that was my mistake. It's mentioned understands somebody and and honestly thirty seconds buckets honestly. The only thing that we don't dispute is getting to know how a person thinks and so if you listen to how a person reasons rationalizing things you get to know that person better than interact with more flavor. Yeah yeah well. I sure appreciate you buddy. Thanks for taking time to spend with me. I know you've got a family. You've got work and things like that. So i will let you burn. Thank you for joining us on this week's edition of on your thinkers don't forget to like and follow us on our facebook page. It is called on faith. We'd love to have you join our family. And if you are interested in becoming a guest on this show we'd love to hear from you please inboxes and tell us a little bit about your story and we'll reach out to you and see if we can't have you share your story and your journey with us so that we can all raise our consciousness together you can also email us at think on your faith at gmail.com we look forward to chatting with you.

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They're the to your don't this toy the the KGB Abel Roper Kokomo will Belsey Maffei dot in the APP May Kucha Paranormal S. MA. An podcast noma this mess. Gujas in Tacoma. You're not in the Tommy. Don noddy. Maybe put Lebron Youngbleaux the Perez stole look at Ku. Nothing Gupta Maple last pour la Luz. Don't emit Bongo much amass facile as mutual mask Komal as mutual Mahara. Clear you but I was to respond your pocket. You'll meet Melly it'll make expresso telecom or your soy up Bogey Tomas. No and it'll be on you so you go back door now. Enters the ATHOL mature male with a made abalos man obey maybe stall e prepare lobby to feel but I told analogous Pungo News Talk Moma's Escobar. Dad throw videos on the other. We Don mcgahn pocock dark winter period. I don't know a one L Brown for Thursday Spaniel Mass Walk. They Matt Poll. Cast KOMO ME BALLET PORNO IMPORTANT OFFICE. To your fatal. See May la La la of the end. This new important Allah with Tara key through Theo Roper. The effort of the Bahama. The day Chinese Demento may with Theresa May with Theresa may be year Worcester Worcester Concept Syria steamed vegetable for for of thelonious Bahama Bahama greases. Molly almost Pandora Bahama recess or Cape. We not if nothing the LA CASA SEAPORT NOTHING ORGANIC. The steel may gone nothing on us. The donors the model of the Mutuel to your key. Dial me so far from kilo. Who's Komo in doesn't make bongos Pantheon? Honest Bahama you don't really know Bahama Jon Dahl and today's channel an honest para he nacional Ma. Saturday poortere boyer enough. You're to stop on honesty. Okay Pantelis doesn't on the Komo Bahama Bahama in the Channel Tunnel Molly Sarah participant but I authored. Important the channel. Come MR become knowledgeable. Zapata's the League economical Setina key said title. Who's to WHO's deco goose teak tonight but whether their feet goose bill withers in Crusoe Mass Benito whether the TICO got called immunity will eliminate people they're gonNA s equal the import of defeat. I will to follow seven K. L. D. S. An Ito Ito who San loved immutable focus. The FM. We've dementia and Spaniel laments up with their kid. North Indian Jonathan. W look done design the Lol Hispaniola. It does come blogging IMO. Who Daego Guess St Augustine e Perkasie that I was was pork as we have known. Both economic of podcast. Komo Komo not yet or your boys are gift toy. Bahama meet channel. No E. L. of the Chan Bahama. I'm biddle el-aaraj come and sit sit lorrimore Aldo Maria Regatta Olympia a pawn Kabala Guy. When they still see Syria is toss. Also city yes toss. It can be a real concepts over. Have THE BEST? Cicis is almost say border. Land border the GWENDA end you immediately and Katie faster. He'll Kiki keep by By Tom how part time city bar town she may seem as Quando Quando Agua step of Cosima Polina bed imperfect others who will see may prove it is better. Komo's stories one of cast and then Sarah is so you Barton but the depot top or Yoga Nassir a La Tasca lost PELS Pederson Ladder can oh sake we have vink say the gate who is taking off in gas who. Boko blog or no we ought to get all of this acid on Barton Barton took way I said it still impudent or yet no pens as get yours to give me Casaus Sufian on on s to soccer on May literal the open low pretty made okay go one s Kim May do Chore Maffei May Levels The in siegler either spoiled Bongo Bongo spent on the channel Easter coming up by stalag in Gaza poor canal. Now you may be really border story on Elba Mingo. Can you may Bongo Pocahontas El Domingo Meteo connecting okay? It'll be the semi into this. He may miss the Quiroz. Bonita will go of look passer. Excuse me stunk it. I'm looking yes. Burqas Tacoma's Mass Gore. Though is this thing be sold above. Historical Must Gordo pork locomotive. Almost until the important Qasim Polar Salad Sal. Go Salva from interim CEO. Nobody not even though you Paul Abbas yes now going math go though off. Is this little? They must police Pantheon off. Workers Maiden stretchers our campus. Don't we can use necessarily comprise Pantheon bocom a barrel pocket over stumper rather pokey yesterday. Vita Mia is really is really total totally to the allies our ask you think preliminary which parameters get before donor also very humid Bongo. Look I'm GonNa Make Bongo come. Domingos could Meka like e affair Loyd Davick our fate DR EKO MOLLY FADE. Lito a fatal vico a simple a lot about equality of your boy. He ought he may be eight is our realized can also stunt they assume Polka Polka. Bottom up a Lotta time a Woodham. Where's Keith how you can ask you worry? North Corroborated Moocher K Roscoe's. We have wanted apple and tell me some video domingo plan to go get Brunch L. Coming the Plus I love the weather Solana Boulevard. Make off coma. One guidos moondog SABIC last coming into the podcastone. Nobody Community of cholera police. Commissioner Roger they get Comey says the of its case to the set of farm also to the also Melissa Callo if sal eight eight end and their low Malka Yellow Possible Stereo class. Comey's no Puerto Kim Role. You get royalties to somebody. Look at what you're thinking. We're the videos. How therapy views boy up on. Third Solo podcast episode podcast as Mutua Facile noma single cafe that no. I'M WE'LL GET CATO. Look that I in Meka Kilo Gobble of Carcinoma. The Luther the camera that you do not out coming duplicate gals of each midpoint in new models that you've let me see the hat on Doodoo if a look at what so as Solomon Apple podcasts both Carson monopoly single of cut in facile. Maybe much faster ballot. Better in Alabama. No no no animals. No no not as champs for case to assume podcast s toys on both cast in November one. Though don't they agree by Bingo? Little ask Tequila me MUCCI grass. Yes Police Kuchar style female together as layer loud. Ross creep. John this to be sold. You're all be soldiers under arrest in Western podcast. This seton backing up. One southbound on one resource to learn Spanish contrast feels immature will sauce butter.

Komo Bahama Komo Bahama Bahama Molly Sarah thelonious Bahama Bahama Bahama Jon Dahl Bongo Pocahontas El Domingo Me Domingos Theresa May Chan Bahama Bongo Bongo Comey Puerto Kim Barton Barton Louisville Lsd Cabo Cao N. K. L. D. S. An Ito Ito Abraham Blurb Tacoma
Listen: What Can Grassroots Organizing Teach Us About Vaccine Distribution?

WAMU: Local News

05:01 min | Last month

Listen: What Can Grassroots Organizing Teach Us About Vaccine Distribution?

"Supply of the covid nineteen vaccine in. Dc is now more plentiful but many residents are still unvaccinated to convince more washingtonians to get their shots mayor. Muriel bowser and one thousand volunteers went door to door this weekend. It was a page out of the book of community organizing and it may. Wam used any gaffes right wonder. How else could grassroots organizing help with. Vaccinations she spoke with daniel. Delpy lago of the organization empower dc daniel. You're the organizing director with empower dc. And you worked with residents in dc public housing to advocate for better conditions advocate against displacement in. You know a thing or two about getting people to show up two things. What are the strategies that you use to encourage people to show up in that way. Even though they're working they have childcare duties. They have a lot of things on our plate. And what do you think are the lessons that can be applied from that to this vaccine. Rollout in the challenges with it. Sometimes you know we feel because the issue is so big. We just have to let people know that something is happening. And they're going to participate that you know. Sometimes we feel because the issue is so important that people will immediately wanted to take action however the reality is that people are inundated with many issues especially low income people so like literally getting to a place is difficult right getting on a bus. You know having to take off work child care just like having to wait around somebody going to you know. Feed me So in our work we try to do. It's a really look at what are the barriers of literally getting people from point a. to point b. Making it really clear why we need to do this right. And hearing from them what they need. In order to engage that is a lot of work but given the damage that's been done and continues to be done to a lot of a black communities low income communities here in the city. We owe it. You know it is barton. Barton part of reparations if we want folks involved if we want to improve the life of people who have been historically marginalized than we have to take these steps in order to get more involvement in dc housing authority. Kind of took proactive approach. When i came to bringing the vaccine to residents especially in senior public housing were they successful in your eyes and do you think at all opened up any possibility for ways of engaging with residents on to get their needs met in the future. Do they were successful. I think it was something that they needed to do. An important kind of sheds a light once again on the problems that exist right now at the maxine. Luckily our seniors deserve it on did get it. Not everyone also folks have been having to quarantine in conditions now for over a year. That are as dangerous as kobe. Right so folks are taking a risk just living in these deplorable homes because they are exposed to mold lead so once again. I think while you know kudos to dc. Ha for really of rolling out a plan that helped a lot of our seniors. Do better i think they have to take what they've learned from from that exercise and say we need to apply this into how we need to fix our property right how we need the provide repairs for people now in a nation that has left a lot of people out because of the color of their skin or the amount of money in their bank account. We have to do better. Is there anything else you wanted to convey about. How the approach of community organizers could serve us all well when it comes to these next stages of recovery from the pandemic whether that's the vaccine rollout or whether that's putting ourselves back together in another wasilla it's very simple it is working in the minutia righted building relationships having conversations one on one with folks And then bringing those folks together to spread the word spread the ideas issues create platforms to create more. Reach on what's happening. We have learned that we have to balance that type of approach with you know as the casting. A wide net putting up a website and saying here registered. Here you'll be good. That's just not gonna do it. Given that we've seen disparities that are that are now occurring. We need so take some some pages out of you know grassroots organizing and that means getting into the communities talking with folks having real conversations learning what's happening in adapting to make sure that as has happened historically folks don't fall through the cracks intentionally.

Muriel bowser Delpy lago dc daniel dc daniel barton Barton kobe wasilla
BGN Radio Special: Brandon Brooks Out for 2020

Bleeding Green Nation

06:58 min | 1 year ago

BGN Radio Special: Brandon Brooks Out for 2020

"Welcome into this BGN special brought to you by the fine folks at SP nation and bleeding green nation I'm your host, my kissed follow me on twitter at Michael. Kissed. NFL obviously followed the BGN radio feed at BGN underscore radio on twitter and today just a quick show to deal with some breaking news. That broke yesterday. You haven't heard by now and if you haven't, I would urge you to take the. The news sitting down if you can't tell from episode title what we're about to talk about NBC sports. Philadelphia's Derrick gun was the first to break the news that Eagles Pro Bowl right guard brandon brooks has suffered a torn Achilles, and will miss the two thousand twenty NFL season. This is obviously devastating news for a number of reasons first looking at it from an onfield perspective, you have a player in. In Brandon Brooks, that has gone to three consecutive pro bowls, and you have him now. Missing from the starting lineup for the Eagles Brooks is extremely impactful player out a position that doesn't have many of them and last year he was arguably the best guard in the League and I've made that case. In my opinion, he was at least in the same tier as Quinton Nelson of the colts and Zach Barton. Barton of the Dallas Cowboys, and however you choose to rank order them is up to you. Because just being in that elite tier speaks volumes about the caliber of player that we're dealing with here, and now that the eagles are missing per pf over the last four years with the Eagles Brooks per year has only allowed an average of point, seven five sacks, an eighteen pressures. That's per year. That's insanely. Insanely good, you cannot just simply replace that level of guard play, and unfortunately for Brooks this is his second Achilles tear in two years, and it likely stems from his previous tear on the other side as you're at an increased risk to tear the opposite. Achilles. After the initial tear happens, and books was reportedly training at Novacare when the injury occurred, and after the news broke Brooks, tweeted out quote so I. I guess now that the news is out. Yes, I tore my other Achilles, but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade I'll be back better than ever appreciate the love and quote and look this loss hearts to not just from an Onfield Perspective Brooks is one of my personal favourite eagles for who he is as a person, just his his personality. He's always having fun. He's always got a positive. Positive Mental Outlook. He's one of the reasons that I decided to share my own struggles with mental health on this podcast feed before because he's been so open and brave with how he's talked about his own battle with mental health. So this sucks for a number of reasons. Obviously, the show goes on in the eagles are tasked with trying to mitigate the impact of such a significant loss and they have to. To do so in the next couple of months before the start of the two thousand twenty NFL season, and there are in house options like Matt Prior who played only seventy, nine offensive snaps last year after being two thousand eighteen sixth round selection, and was considered to be the top backup behind Brooks and Isaac. A Malo, entering the season I believe Benjamin. SOLLAC was going to get moving on film piece. Piece on those naps. We'll have more on that soon. There's also fourth round selection in the two thousand twenty. NFL Draft Jack Driscoll out of Auburn. Who at the time of his election I tweeted that the pick made a ton of sense for the Eagles in terms of death, as driscoll is a fairly mobile tackle slash guard that doesn't need a ton of technical refinement, but potentially lacks the place strength to. To play right away, which would be a big factor in whether or not he can crack the lineup this year, and then you have fringe roster. Guys like the phase from two thousand nineteen. Nate Herbert Suo Peta so i. don't see either of those guys beating out prior and I'm just really hoping that they can at least be serviceable backups, no matter how all of this shakes out because the eagles. Eagles absolutely need that depth now. The big name out there on the free agent market is Larry Warford these soon to be twenty nine year old who has like Brooks made the pro bowl three times in the last three years the saints were able to cut seven million dollars in cap space by releasing him. They also selected Caesar we's an interior offense alignment for Michigan that was a first round selection. Selection in the two thousand twenty NFL draft, so they felt okay with moving on from Warford and the big obstacle with Horford for for the Eagles is the money that you're probably GonNa have to pay him which could get close to the double digit millions, and that's tougher. The Eagles because of their cap situation next year in two thousand, twenty, one, especially with the potential with cove it for the CAP. Cap To go down if there are a bunch of empty stadiums this year, so the eagles desperately want to roll over their current available cap space this year into next year. They also of course desperately want to ensure that the offensive line is a strength, and they can still be functional in the run game and protect Carson Wentz now that the problem doesn't go away if you'd rather bring back a guy. Guy Like Jason Peters and see if he'll play guard as not only is he reportedly seeking around time? We dollar is to play tackle somewhere. The conversation in the past regarding a move to guard has been a non starter for him. Now has that changed? Will it change? I don't know, but he was. GonNa have to figure out how much cap they WANNA spend and dumped into the short term and. And really way that against how that impacts the long-term looking into two thousand twenty one so here we are in June and the eagles recent injury. Bug doesn't seem to be going away as they lose one of the best players at his position, we'll obviously cover this development as more news comes in so keep checking bleeding green nation dot, com and the BGN podcast feed for more updates and analysis will. Will be recording a new kissing so showed this week. We'll have further analysis. They're also BGN radio will be coming out. They're going to have thoughts as well I just wanted to get this. Quick out there. Give some immediate thoughts in a quick reaction to this news this significant news this blow to the Eagles with Brandon Brooks again going down for the season with a second tear in two years so. Unfortunate for the Eagles, unfortunate for Brooks will see how the Eagles respond to this and tried to not necessarily replace him, but get another guy in there. That's competent and capable to make sure that the line is still a strength for the Eagles going into two thousand twenty, so we'll keep you updated I appreciate you. Listening to this quick show makes you subscribe to the BGN radio feed for those new updates than and conversations and analysis that we'll have coming your way and I. Appreciate you listening in, and we'll catch you on the shows later this week. Where we break this down, even further. Thank you for listening. G.

eagles brandon brooks NFL twitter NBC Philadelphia Zach Barton Dallas Cowboys Michael Larry Warford Nate Herbert Suo Peta Derrick gun Jason Peters Quinton Nelson Jack Driscoll Novacare Malo Carson Wentz colts
Fine By Me


21:46 min | 1 year ago

Fine By Me

"Pardon the euro on Mike will bonnets international talk like a Pirate Day Tony which you got. I designed Tony Corners or it. Would you like to Feast Your Eyes on my booty. No Yeah No. I don't do a pirate wealth leach right the coach state you. He does a private. I think he I Kona Pirates. You ever talked my gripe obsolete who moved to the piracy if we've been no pirates anymore more do really. Did you ever see that movie Captain Phillips. I am the captain now. You never saw that as a modern-day sit in the fifties. No it was like four years ago. Pardon welcome. PTI in today's episode Jamal Adams Upset Mitch Trubisky struggling glazed rivers gives the inside scoop on Landing Leonard but we begin today with the curious case of loudmouths cornerback Jalen Ramsey his team the Jacksonville Jaguars ars place tonight against Tennessee although he has asked for a trade Ramsey says he wants to play tonight just seen a Anderson of ESPN says Ramsey quote doesn't anticipate it being a member of the jags next Sunday unquote with that in mind will bond to the Jaguars play Ramsey tonight. No and I'm reversing myself from you you are I am because Tony what appears certain or just less than certain is at the Jaguars. They're actively seeking a trade that is going on like even maybe even right up to kick off tonight and they're going to get rid of them and they essentially acknowledged that he's acknowledging that or someone close to him to Josina Anderson so no in football is such a physically emotionally in all in gain this battle today compare to war all the time if you're GONNA if you're going to no that the guy is on the way out the door don't plan all right so normally and I talked about this yesterday. Normally I would say you play him. You play your best players. You try to win. They're in a bad division. Indianapolis Indianapolis Tennessee them use. There's a great team in that but I'll tell you if this is true. If there's a deal on the table make the deal now you don't know that you can always make the we see in baseball and baseball's the different sports we see guys in the dugout being shaded but if they are receiving offers from a multitude you know they are. Dr. I would say no. You don't play them. You don't be dressing. Trade is in the works tomorrow carrying you make the deal as soon as you kick. Tomorrow's as as soon as I can make the deal you plan. I don't know I don't play them because you like me. I host the deal if he gets right so you can't so you agree with me both doing a spin a Rama. I'm not disagreeing but but I'm saying if I'm the if I am the Jaguars. Yeah and I've got a bunch of people wanting I say I want this deal done by five o'clock Cuacasus. What do you want. Let's do it. You can't get done by then. It's okay. It's one game and he ain't that great. What were they last year three and something four and twelve. How damn good is he is. He really impact a game like that. He's he's not a quarterback I would not I would not play them and I would get rid of them the moments if I could get rid of him we're in agreement on the other. There's been a lot of talk in Chicago about you boy Mitch Trubisky he do this. It's not good David Hall on this Cargo Tribune writes today that Matt Nagy is reducing Trubisky to a game manager. He hands off a lot. He throws short a lot in fact trubisky is dragged thirty one out of thirty two quarterbacks and passer rating oil and DFL and yards attempt four point eight. Oh who've on you love to Bisky by the end of last see liked him. Should the bear still be all in on Habibie. They don't have any capital to spend on a quarterback. They went out and got people wisely smartly day. They went and they use a graphic on a young stud running back who seems to break every tackle. Even though it's only two games they went out and got Khalil Mack who maybe the most disruptive force on defense in the league other than the Aaron Donald. They did all the wise things. They got terrific receivers who never dropped a pass. They got everything the Green Bake Corner acknowledged that last week when he took a shot at your bisky and said let's just make him be a quarterback. They got everything house. We can't beat all of this. Let's beat him so they gotta be all in on him and you know who if he screws this up because he doesn't like where he's not sure about him or reduce. This is on the head. Coach is on his head more than anybody else that has let me give you a statistic that I know you're going to like. It's pretty the scary. Twenty seven point eight of his passes are uncatchable. They are rated uncatchable the only guy with worse numbers Cam Newton who has no shoulder and Ryan you you liked that stat. Here's another one on third down. He has a passer rating of thirty three point three better than only Eli Manning Ryan Fitzpatrick who had been benched. They have been benched. I I don't know can I just remind you of one thing all the time that the DNA of the Chicago bears quarterback defensive specials so listen to me for a second. I don't need those damn numbers. This is the team I've watched all my life. Dick Butkus used to walk off the field. Instead of the office holds them. You care and you know who else did that. Richard Debt and who else did that probably Khalil Matt so euros came with him. You've got to work with him. Get him better. How about that. How `Bout Him getting better. He was better last year. He's regressed on blaming it on the coach and the office and I just say one thing to you. It's on them this coming Monday night. I don't need those number of Zehr's come to Washington to play the redskins a bad redskin team that has given up in the second half of two games a total of forty two point two seasons so forty two in in the second half yeah so if he can get well he'll well against two good defense is one of Denver sucking air in September when it's hot at altitude one of them against Green Bay. I think he's going to be better but let me just tell you this if they abandoned this kid after giving up all those who ended that rip for the drafting of Mr Brian Mischievous cubist grind page. You give up all these. You better be all in. Why don't you get me going on this topic and it makes me happy when you get out with trubisky and I'm with anybody. WHO's not in with them? Reading the clue. I love to Bisky talk defense whenever possible let's switch now and deal with the issue of Jet Safety Jamal Adams being defiant in the face of his twenty one thousand dollar fine for hitting browse golden boy in training Baker Mayfield Adams says he will not be deterred by the penalty or the fine and tweet it quote. I don't give a damn about these soft rules protecting quarterbacks Amen I love this. I'M GONNA play my brand of football. Every time I step on the field close quote Tony you believe Adams going to keep this. I just say that is clearly roughing. That is clearly atmosphere. He let's go with the ball that is clearly rough in high school. Jets stink the jets are twenty three point underdog to to New England as well hit somebody who no you can't you. You're on a bad team. You cannot cost you team yards. You just can't do this to go on social social media and trump in what a tough guy you are. Somebody from that organization has to say you hurt you. You make yourself a target for the rest and you heard us. What do you do when you can't do it. I got some names and that quote that we just read that. I love and I said Amen to it. That called could've would've Butkus said that NICCI Lambert Atkins. When did these guys play Mike. Lot How many years ago lane I'm GONNA use tradition in the sport you you off on that. You're calling the game differently this yeah. Fisk Hall of Fame Guy Right now known just saying those guys have yellow Jack. Okay Look Cantu this. He can't do it because he's GonNa get penalized. Such a degree. There's coaches have to bench him totally that his his money because football money unless you're golden boy it's not guaranteed and he's GonNa lose all of his money and find this is why he can't keep it up but you know what life in the NFL now this. Is You sign on for this. This is life in the NFL. They pay you pretty good money. If you stay on the squad if you get the reputation tation is someone who is costing your team yards. You can't of course that you guys like you. Sign off. Get Bantu you help you boost the shield. You say it's okay to play this way. You endorse the product. What do you do? I love the product when we'll say it's okay to play this way. These are the current rules. That is the league that changes okay you don't you can be critical of it but that was a late hit. There wasn't a late hidden in Chicago. Game was not elated now. That was the lady the whether to by bears slagged. I said that you were talking to one where the Denver guy that was not a lady that was garbage fascinating piece in the La Times a day tone detailing Leonard's decision to join the clippers from team season long courtship stalking right through their initial meeting in July. Doc rivers reflected quote. We were prepared for meeting where we would have to drag things out of him and then said I wanna play for you any pointed at me. He said Mr Palmer. I love the things you do what you stand for but your team is not good enough and if you don't change your team I'm not coming close. Quote Wow so what stands out to you about dot story of how the clippers landed KUWATA things stand out that after he says to them your team's not good enough you gotta get somebody else. They show him a list of players and on that list Paul George and he goes that guy get me that. You don't give me that guy. I'm not gonNA come and eventually cost them. Six draft optics doc had to convince born about countering. What he says is no no no no no. It's six for Paul. George analyzed so it's three right. The other thing that stood out for me is docs hatred of lakes. DOC did not want this guy going to the Lakers. He hates the Lakers. I saw that he doesn't really hate the Lakers. If I was a league wide hatred of the Lakers and I know you know this league a lot longer but he was he was a dot doc talk co- wear one on that right now so bomber bills his new palace which trust me is going up in Inglewood Angle would home of who formerly the lake and the forum yeah form so dock and the clippers are told to take this down. Take that down. No you can pay for your own on lighting and so they just enough like let's separate ourselves from the Lakers look. There's a race got enough money. He does so but there's a race on. I'm Tony and it's a race. We're going to race and yes. The State of California has three teams. Now I think that can win the title because the warriors still think they can right but the clippers lake was in the same the building this is fascinating and they got him away from the Lakers because the other doctor told is if you don't do this he's going over there or could've stayed in Toronto where things stand out little things doc seton ignoble. That's a hot place Malibu for DOC. That's and the second thing is that Seth Curry. Just got got himself ten more years. Mary Dot net plan design. The brakes were Blake. Maverick homes change changing some of the cardinals quarterback quarterback. I like the new commercial state farm. We'll ask Steve Young how he would react. It'd be been demoted like Eli. We think doctors meeting was was was he in Novi south-central. That's GONNA be Malivai. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most justify life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if could sadly she has no brain however when in a most nesting doll here's the Kyko not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer. Lina nesting lot in life we three of the NFL season kicks off tonight right which makes it a great time to bring in a man who join me at the pro bowl. Seven Times joined came quarterback young. Let this we hear about the rules for quarterbacks quarterbacks. Don't throw off your back foot. Don't throw back across the field. Patrick Mahomes does all these things all the time are these these rules that truly need to be followed depends on who you are by throwing across the field. Tony yes sooner or later you can put all the rules rules for safety and make the defense less potent. They're never gonNA lose their speed throwing across the field. You're GonNa get burned even Patrick. We'll get burnt. He keeps doing that but the idea thrown off your back foot and all the other things look. There's two guys whose arms are disconnected from their bodies. It's Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. I don't know how it works. Their arm just seems to be independent of everything else else that happens with their feet or legs their bodies in general and they just rip that ball down the field and you say yourself how in both of those guys just like Dan Marino in some ways they throw it go I remember on the sideline pit when my recruiting trip when I was a senior in high school I saw Dan Marino's as as a freshman and he threw a twenty yard comeback. Come back right in front of me. I was on the sidelines at army and I'm like Oh. I shouldn't be playing football. I don't know what that is. I've Never Christina before against anyway. Those two guys so even you off mahomes. All you have to be these GONNA look. Dan had sixty one thousand yards and we thought no one will ever reach that and now you know drew. BREES is seventy five thousand Patrick. Mahomes is one hundred thousand yard chase. A hundred thousand all right we're going to move to quarterbacks are second quarterback topic. You know we always have a million days. Terry Bradshaw says if he had been demoted the way ally manning was he'd have packed his bags and just book just left gone home. This not happen to you but what what could you see yourself saying I'm done. I'm dropping the Mike. I'm finished. It's hyperbole. Can't you can't pack your bags and go. That's crazy. That's crazy talk but it is tough and is going through a tough things like the statesman that he is. He's amazing how he deals with those kinds of things in my mind what I do. I want my job back. I I know I'm going to be the backup this week and I'll put the Harry suit on and I'll do the job and I'll do it well but the whole time I'm thinking about getting more reps and getting back on the field and so I gotta believe that's how Terry would handle it as well. You don't pack your bags and go John. elway and other quarterback was critical of left tackle. Garrett Bowles was twenty six holding holding penalties over the last two years. How did you handle linemen. Who ruined your play by getting a hold of those linemen. We had some good ones but I tell you if you had that many holding. I don't know how you stay on the field but I I always thought lavas of Lineman were easy to influence and that's just get nice beautiful sweatsuit. That's form-fitting form-fitting put their number on it their name. They'll kill for you so I just make sure that was probably the son of is like a sweat suit. I remember I I think I tell the story talk about Roy Foster. I got apple MAC books right when they're out in one thousand nine hundred. I never heard of this kind of thing got. All the linemen and Roy fosters down in Miami midseason mid offseason calls me from the impeach because Steve. I don't even have a electrical cord. I'm out here on the beach and I played. Tetris is awesome not what I don't think. Apple chloride intended the tetris thing but it's on the beach without a cord. It's great as you watch this now. Having been a hall of fame offensive player does any part of you feel badly for defensive players who are getting flagged for some of these hits because I saw you get hit five times ardor the some of the hits of now l. join penalties and fines. It's you can't play defense and tackle the quarterback and and playing the rules you you can't so you've got to figure out a way you you can't you can't literally hit a guy and then stop and turn backwards like you're all you do is taking the guy down and they're flagging. It's it's like it's it's not possible to play within the rules and tackle the quarterback effectively. They don't match and so. We're just going to get used to it. We're going to say defensive. It's a players when you get the quarterback. You'RE GONNA get flagged and you know you're not going to not hit him so we'll work through it. I don't know how they're doing as a quarterback you gotta let me hit me. Reggie Reggie Roby so take it somewhere else but awesome. I will get you out of here on this. You're in the news news this past week. NFL players engineering their own trades. You said the other day that the NFL is becoming like the NBA which sounded at the moment like criticism did did you mean it as criticism little no. It's not criticism. It's as it's caution. It's cautioned to the League and I struck nine hundred eighty seven. You guys remember. We weren't on strike picking a picket sign around the forty niners because we wanted player mobility. We wanted free agents. We wanted rights. We wanted ability to move what it stuck. In one place I am hugely in favour a player empowerment and what I'm seeing today you know is that player mobility is good. It's good for the game. It creates a a bad teams. Crappy crappy owners crappy teams. They have to compete now have to compete for talent and they have to get better and so it's better for everybody. Mobility does not scare me but what's happening. Today is guys are now demanding trades and they're getting them. They're going to they're moving around. They're they're chipping away at the end of trust legislation that the NFL has for to be able to have the draft. You shouldn't be able to draft people in certain places. That's that's not American but they can do it because they antitrust legislation. The players been pounded for a long time. I'm in favor of more mobility what I'm saying to the League. Is that you you should get in front of it the next CBA that's coming you should provide more mobility because the cat is out of the bag these guys who continue to do it and you should just jump in front of it and provoked evoked promote provide more mobility for players. 'cause it's happening anyway and that way you have some semblance of control over it otherwise. I these guys are self selecting. It's quite interesting to me to my comment on money was a caution to the league. Thank you so much. We appreciate the legal part of Steve Young explaining what happened. You know why can do that because he's a lawyer. Take One last break still to come the dolphins. Make switching quarterbacks isn't GonNa make any difference lease. They getting greasy. No Reno carbonless copy started big four game series tonight. I'm very worried I saw Steve Wants. These linemen. I saw Harris Barton Barton as North Carolina's people twenty first birthday trae young Atlanta rookie. Who was the number five overall pick in the draft by Dallas was immediately traded for Luca Danni which ended up finishing second in the rookie of the yearbook? Young averaged nineteen points and eight assists sees a forty one point eight percent shooting. If he improves it could be an all snoopy always hated trae young college reconsidering in a great rookie year Tony Mild things he's so slight. What do teams do in the playoffs. They literally pick on physical mismatches. He's going to be one for a lot of opponents. At the anniversary diversity Golden Tate on this day ten years ago tate celebrated go ahead touchdown for Notre Dame against Michigan state by diving into the ban thinking this would be a crowd surfing. It's not like the taste for score. One from this can statement tate now the giants continuing to serve a four game suspension for a decent. Nice proclivity Michigan State Catching happy trails for this is bad for Kyle Warmer Schwab's was struck out swinging the reds pitcher Amir Darren afterwards as you can see swarms tells Garrett to stop celebrating Goto the Dugout so Garrett runs to the dugout later explaining quote. I just WANNA show kids provoked. You can turn the other cheek and that's what I did. Which is a great explanation? Gouge the same guy who charged the entire pirates team a few months ago. What was he showing the kids that somebody may WanNa take him through. Turn the other cheek whether it's biblical or Modern Day Safer Martin Luther King learn what turn the cheek means it ain't ain't nowhere is today and we go to the big phyllis. The colts tried out six kickers this week so how should Adam Venit Terry feel phrase the Hawks Carlson he gone this whole thing is in the hall of Famer Dodger Closer Kenley Jansen was eighth. Save the season lest I told you. The dodgers have a problem. It is cost watts per concerned with a lot of teams in the League. The team that I root for has the same problem with the bullpen. The American League seems to have solid bopha optimistically so much Lana Lithuanian junior fortieth home run of the season this afternoon's big deal twenty one a younger company with these two guys too hot enough where this yellow Jack Herron Yeah Tony the dolphins are switching to Josh Rosen quarterback matter but the other guy is not. It's magic anymore. You traded for Rosen you buy. I just want to see what he can do. You got a whole bunch of number one picks. If he's good you can use them on other things last one cardinals and cubs four games tonight. Would you like they. Don't make it about that. I mean the cubs. League morning was more than split. GonNa take three out of four to really be in your Pity reds which kills a lot of time. We're trying to better the next time and I'm Tony Kornheiser. I'm Mike Wilbon same time tomorrow look whereas you can now watch full episodes the PTA every every day on the E._S._p._N. DOT COM E._S._p._N. Rolling Rooster Bladensburg Road Northeast Shoutout.

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S5 E1 Sir Barton

Can Do with Bill Duncliffe

40:55 min | 9 months ago

S5 E1 Sir Barton

"The horse right. The name is Paul Revere and here's a guy that says, what is clear CANTU. This is built on cliff. I want to welcome you back to season five of the Candu podcast where the heroes in history and some hijinks of horseracing camelot. Year Twenty, twenty, let's face. It is going to be remembered for a lot of things. Today. None of them. Very good. Raging virus political and social unrest killer Hornets you name it. And that vast scheme of things the upset to the traditional sporting calendars not only seems but is hardly of any import. At the same time sport has always served as a welcome distraction to everything from the humdrum of the workaday world to the stress of political and social unrest. US fans of race in the calendar upset came early in twenty twenty on saint. Patrick's Day. Churchill. Downs unilaterally announced that the signature event of our sport, the Kentucky Derby. WOULD BE POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER FIFTH Forced to adjust to that uncoordinated announcement, the Maryland Jockey Club, and the New York. Racing Association had to consider not only their own calendars but also the trajectory of the pandemic in timing dates of their signature races, the preakness and the Belmont stakes. So. We're left with a situation where race like the Jim Dandy a traditional prep for the midsummer Derby or travers stakes, which is normally test of that US triple crown veterans as well as late blooming three year olds. Instead took place on the same day as the Kentucky Derby and of course, the Belmont stakes was the first leg of the triple. Crown. Following a ten week lag the Kentucky Derby was contested with the final leg of this year's triple crown the preakness. Fast. Approaching on the first Saturday on October. You got all that. Debate has flared frequently among followers of our sport whether or not were a horse able to sweep all three events this year however, disjointed would be a triple crown champion. Actual results aside, the debate merely points to the love of tradition that forms one of the core elements of our sports fandom. Tradition tells us the first triple crown winner was Sir Barton way back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen. Tradition has it right in some ways but in many ways, it doesn't. For as you will hear, the triple crown was not even recognized as a thing until sometime later. That and many other fascinating stories came out of my discussion with Jennifer Kelly horse racing historian, and author of the terrific read. Sir Barton and the making of the triple crown. Sit Back, relax, and enjoy this flight through not only the birth of a glorious tradition in our sport. But a time a century ago a mere blip in the sands of time. So very different from our own I. Know. I. Enjoyed it. I, hope you do too. We first talked about how Jennifer embarked on this interesting career trajectory from her home state of Alabama, and what compelled her to write this book. So. Jennifer you mentioned that you are in Alabama, which is not you know. Since. The demise of the Birmingham Turf Club but it's not really hotbed of horse racing. Right. So how did you first become interested in horse racing? It's a neat little story because it was completely not at all. What you even have expected for someone where I grew up 'cause we didn't know England own divorces and I don't think I ever saw a horse of clothes until I was a teenager because my friend my parents have friends took pity on me and let me go riding with them. but I discovered horse racing through the black stallion. I had a teacher, an elementary school. He read like Sally into us and then after that first book, I started picking up the rest of the books, and then this is about the time that video rental stores looking thing, and so I would and talk my mother into driving me to the video store so I can use my allowance to rent the. Black, stallion. So I found myself you know in love with the sport. Through that medium and then I happened to catch more for anything on television. Somewhere in that area and I think it's the Breeders Cup but I can't tell you for sure because it's so further you my memory but I had a day where my dad and my brother were out and so I had the TV myself my mom was you know doing other things in the house and and I was just flipping channels and happen to catch you know racing on television in just was mesmerized. So ever since then and this is about age ten or eleven ever since then I've just been entrenched provider sport Oh that's great you know for younger listeners out there will have a separate show where we explain what a video rental store was. So it's Eh maybe I'm wrong about this but it sounds like that teacher who read the black stallion to you was maybe one of the influences in your life that made you decide you wanted to be an author to. Well, that was a natural progression from having been an early reader. And then having read voraciously as a child and then as I got into, you know middle school and high school and then undergraduate work I gravitated toward writing and had initially wanted to be a journalist and then once I got into my undergraduate Studies I discovered that I would rather teach. Writing, then actually be journalist not because journalism with not a viable career that I had had so many. Challenges, growing up and writing, and where I went to school and I understood what my students who are coming in from different types of public schools. The education they weren't getting, and so I wanted to be the instructor that helped catch them up because I had been such a good writer and it always shown such. You know a talent for it without really thinking about it. It was just something I did but all my teachers and my parents were like this is something you should do but you know teachers wanted me to be like a teacher and my parents wanted me to be a lawyer and I was over here like I just want to write about horses. Well they say if you if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life, right? So Thank. You you know contrast that with now 'cause I've you know I tell people I was at Ashford Stud doing a tour with you know to visit American Farrow and justify and I was talking about like you know I have my book with me and a woman said she like who is that and I was like? That's the first triple crown winner and she's like, oh. You know like he had no idea that for Barton. Barton was and why Aren't you see America's Sarah Just. A little bit of work there might have come up with that one. Didn't get here by himself like other horses at first but that's just how it is. Just to go back ten for. Interest being author. Helping. Others and you know how to communicate what in you loved horse racing. But what made you take a particular interest in? Sir Barton that? Made you kind of dive back that far in dive deeply into the history of that time. Well this is two thousand thirteen when I came up with the idea to do this and my husband and I had been discussing. What we would do if we weren't doing what we were doing that particular moment. Because both of us were in our, you know we were in our late thirties early forties and we have children and we were like, okay. Well, if we weren't doing this who will be doing instead and I thought I'd been teaching. College like writing classes, I've been working on other people's writing for a long time and I was just starting to feel like you know I really WanNa to spend some time in my own work because I haven't really been able to focus on that and so my husband and I were talking about. All right. Well, if you were to switch to writing full time, what would you work on wall work on horse racing That was telling him all these different stories I thought were you know would make a great book 'cause I mean he had gone to sea seabiscuit with me. Okay. He's not read the book, but he's a movie with me. So he knew how much I enjoyed that kind of thing and I told him about for Barton and he was he said well. Anyone. On that horse. And I thought well I. Don't I don't think. So because I never seen one and you know I started doing a deep dive over the next day to just really explore like what was out there in terms of access to his story. And discovered that you know, you can find a number of books on triple crown winners in each of them we'll have attacked or that is about each triple crown winner here. So lucky thirteen here's you know most glorious Crown, etc Etcetera Etcetera, and you get a chapter fifteen or twenty pages, and it tells you the highlights of that horses career, but it doesn't ever tell you the the the nitty gritty that went into. So I thought. Well, if else's done this, why not try it and see if I can do it and so at this point, this is summer of two thousand thirteen and I started doing research to start writing. And it took me about a year I think or so to really get into the nitty gritty of of writing I did my first draft and I think my first draft was about sixty pages and that was without. Like newspapers it was just me and the daily racing form and maybe a couple of other courses. So if I had P pages, which was you know I don't I don't remember how many thousand words it was I thought well, if I can get that out of just the minimal amount of research that once I've started adding in more and more research than, and that was only his racing that was not even covering all the other milestones outside of his racing. Though that was when I thought. Okay. Why has viable I started I started you know writing full-time I basically quit my job in two thousand fourteen. And and very writing about those who follow our sport today know that unlike their predecessors today's Equa athletes run much less frequently. Those are not the only difference is for today's horses today sport of horse racing differ from their forebears however. Your book I, I gotTa say You know our podcast is all about horse racing history I. I'm I'm fascinated by all ears of history and the sport, but particularly going back to those. Early days of the nineteen hundreds how different racing? was then when it is today, you know the they would race three or four days apart incredible weight imposts Tell us a little bit about the differences if you don't mind between those days in and today. Well the way that. We approach training and and. Caring for horses. Is a contrast with they did now with such a focus on breeding. And so much more money in breeding. It's I. You know you find yourself with horses that. Are Making fewer star. And being prepared for the breeding shed more than anything else. Whereas this was the flip side in the first part of the twentieth century. This is before the starting gate. So it's very old school there. You know we stay in the line waiting for the barrier to fly up and then everybody goes. And there's not a not a photo finish camera. So every. There's a close finish. It was. You know three guys standing in the judge in telling you who won. Folks discussion. It's very interesting dynamic. That, you know you would have horses who would make starts more than start with a week even. I survive famously wanted RBM eight, ten and then won. The preakness may fourteenth I wrote an article recently about the Gelding Romer and Romer would do similar things. He would run race like you know on Monday then by Friday or Saturday he would be an x rays and you know he might win both in the same week I'm working on Gallon Omaha and which which one was the supposed rival for Gallant Fox and the Belmont actually won a minor stakes race and then three days later when the weather's. And then a week ran in the Belmont. So it's a very different mindset about what horses were capable of in what you should do with award like how often you should brace, but the money was more in the right thing. Then it was in. And the breeding and you know the regulation about. You know the types of things you can give your horses and stuff like that. It was just a different world. We didn't know as much as we know now. We we didn't have the same like working on Romer because he was a gelding they pretty much just race tim until he couldn't anymore the same old Rosebud because they were geldings. They didn't have any options once they were done raising. They literally race them until they just couldn't race anymore to the point where old Rosebud broke down I, think in his tenth season racing. Because He. You know he he had run probably worth of one hundred starch and just it had had had several major injuries that had required time off. And then broke down after stepping in a hole. During a workout. The age of. Nine somewhere in there. So just you know you, there's no aftercare like old friends for any of our rehoming options. Now you know breeding is you know maybe five hundred dollars, thousand dollars per cover that kind of thing. So it's It's very much like if you look at a hundred years ago, versus now you can see the different technology has made in care for horses. And how we regard Horse it's because even now since we don't see them. And from day to day like we like we would have one hundred years ago our attitudes about the way horses should be treated are a little different. Now, that's a good point. There's there's there's good and bad, and then right we would all I think like to see these horses race. Moore but the the breeding as you said, the money from the breeding has really kind of impacted that. But at the same time, these programs like friends and other after care programs did not exist. And and and that's it, and that's a real plus obviously. To this observer today's world can at times seem very homogenized. One of the things I love about reading a history like this. Any history really is backgrounds and life stories of the peoples of a time that seem nearly unimaginable to us today. You know one of the things I was struck by someone who's attended the hopeful several times in my life on closing day. What's in Sir Barnes two year old year there were sixteen horses entered in that race which now they would run that in two divisions they wouldn't even Starting Gate for sixteen horses in that race. Can you imagine getting sixteen horses? Line. Up. On a line. Yes and in N. be standing still long enough to have the little. webbed barrier go up and then get them all off right and you know it's it's like when I was writing the book and Martin and this really. Sad little race and the hopeful. Well I mean, there were sixteen horses. Fixing horses ever long like. Michelle recharge. Try, and weave your way through that crowd. You know if you don't get it. Right yeah yeah. Sir Barton came along and what was obviously a different time as you will hear but also at a needed time for a world still recovering from the Great War which no one then call the first World War. Seeing as repeating such a tragedy seemed unimaginable. Came around at an interesting time right. The the first World War had ended and and as you described, I think really nicely in the book world just kind of wanted to. Breathe again, and so from that standpoint, it was very fortunate for him become around. Then he also had the misfortune of coming around just before another horse who? Can kind of begin to dominate the headlines. Right. I was working on the book I'm doing next and I found a line from grantland rice that said that. Barton. Came along and then man of war came along right after him and just took all the racing team out of. Out, of out of the world and and basically just you know, of course, Vartan knows what you could have done. Had he not come along when you write for Mana worded. Yeah it was a it was. A Lot. It was called the golden age of racing and I think we've had more than one golden age of racing, depending on what generation you're either but. In this era, I think people like to Romanticize it because of men a war, but it was A. It was really where we gave birth to. So many of the things that we consider traditions. So it's where the Kentucky Derby the area where the Derby starts becoming an event. and. It's the era where the triple crown starts forming as a worthwhile pursuit in people's minds. And this is a transitional moment where we're we're leaving the immediate post Antebellum, you know civil war era we've had the great war and our being pushed into a new technological age, and so you know this is really like the last bastion of there's no radio. No television, there's no starting gate. So all your information comes from a newspaper. And then you know if you happen to be there in looking after witnessing the Barton's reputation depends so much on how he's discussed in turf writing. and. So that was where I had to focus a lot of attention on how people regarded him with how turf writers regarded him. As we discussed earlier the horse racing world including the lead up to even then prestigious event like the Kentucky Derby was very different than versus the way it is now. And that also includes her sister preakness Belmont stakes events, not only the timing the recognition of the import which came much later. It was It was interesting. We talked about you know. First of all the Kentucky Derby the Kentucky Derby today, and we think about prep race is victories in graded stakes and one hundred, twenty, six pounds in the first Saturday in May. none of that applied to survive and he was a maiden. I think it was on a boost the race one on Wednesday I. Think was right. It was A. Saturday is. Okay and then the The preakness was the following day. Okay. Well, that's an interesting like how do you run a preakness on? Really. Kind of eye-opening. Yeah He. He. Initially. He made six star. Star was in nineteen eighteen at the age of two was in September. elmont in the future. At. That point was the race that kind of made reputation, right? The two year old champion really kind of needed to win that race. And he made that star he was supposed to have run. After that like they had other starts lined up for him personally since they were based in Maryland, they were going to run at. Laurel and code they they usually have like October November meet. They were planning on starting him. It's the state races there but he? One morning they were all out on the track for a workout and another horse kicked him. And through Barton got cut on his stifle the cut got septic and he came down with a really terrible case of blood poisoning alice died. So once you're you're covered, they decided that they weren't going to run him again in nineteen eighteen because he wasn't physically fit enough for that. So all those stakes, races and whatnot they had planned for his two year old season just went out the window and and HD bedwell even said like he anticipated that Martin would have broken his maiden had. He been able to continue racing at two but they just you know once he had recovered from his illness, there's just no way they could ray town now logic would tell you. Well, if you're horse has it runs September in the Derby is and may that's about a nine month gap your Gat why wouldn't you start him in a race in between? You know like why? Why I don't know why they didn't put him in a race I don't know if it's just they were unsure about his physical condition. If they just content with training him, I. Mean I don't know exactly there was never a good reason. For them any racist prior to the Derby I think it's because they were just kinda like, well, you know we feel like he's valuable. We don't want to risk after having this terrible illness. So let's just kind of keep an eye on him but he turned in workout that made everyone take notice. Today shipped him to Louisville for the Derby Anyway. But you know it's definitely not. Now where you know you're nidal or you know or some other artistic law someone and you're having to build a one hundred points to get to even smell the starting gate at Churchill downs learn actually walk into it so it's IT'S A. I don't know how I don't know how I don't know how we got to the point. We done to the point where you you have to limit it to twenty horses because I kept looking back I'm like, how is it that you know gala parker this many horses and like affirmed this many horses and then Seattle like A. Sunday silence of this and you know into the nineties and it altered in two thousand, thirteen like everybody in their grandmother wants to run in the Derby it's unheard of no one run twenty horses in a race in the United States. Like. New. Body. And Your point is well taken to under the current points system Sir Barton would not even the starting gate he was a maiden so you have been forced to they would have been forced to raise him. Yeah. Go ahead. Paul Fire. They would've been forced to you know. Find the right spot I mean it's logical that you would as a trainer. Plan. Out. Okay here's our goal. And we need to I the fact that he didn't race before that like I mean I like I said, I don't really know exactly what the reasoning was behind it. You Know Billy Kelly made three starts before. You Star the. Barn up to that point right the gelding Billy Kelly. Yes he had been hit had been competitive for the two year old championship and and I like to talk about the match race between eternal, Billy Kelly because. It seems inconsequential Barton winning the Derby without that match race without Billy Kelly losing the match. You know there's this. Series of events that have taken place and it might have been sor- Martin actually didn't Louisville because of it you know there's like if you didn't have this happened and this one. This happy went and ended up at this point, and it's the same with like how? To Martin ended up in the Belmont because I think most people. Now, our our era we assume you know if you win the Derby and you win the Freeness, why wouldn't you the Belmont? That's the only logical rights and in that era, it was not a given because people that wasn't a thing yet. Had to make thing. And so he ended up in the Belmont for a really you know just. Mundane reason. When I found it. I, didn't know that that was going to that piece of information was. What the reason why you know why he Belmont I assume like while we shipped To New York the whole point was running about my anyway no no. They were they ship the the stable and New York run in the Belmont Frankly They. Were GonNA send for Barton to Latonya. And that was when. a sickness at the barn, and so they had to change planes. You grow up assuming like everyone wants to run in the triple crown. Why wouldn't you stick around around the Belmont? And the. Point is well taken it. It really wasn't known as the triple crown yet You know it was it was. If you're going to talk about how that kind of develop from there actually wasn't until many years later. I think that it really kind of. Officially became a thing, right? So, the the idea of the triple Crown the first horse actually run in all three races and. In the same year. We. Sound goofy because they're all three year old tapes but. The first horse actually do all three. With war cloud and nineteen eighteen. He didn't win. He only won the preakness and he only wanted to vision of the preakness. It people hadn't gone from Louisville Baltimore, New York before. So once work loud. Did it kind of made it? Okay. Well, this is something. See the increase in purse money. Drives people to it so The. Yeah, let's win the Derby and then you know, okay, we'll go the preakness pregnant twenty, five thousand dollars now and the Derby's about twenty five and you know it's win thousand dollars in two races free extraordinary. Era. And then and Sir Barton happened to win the Belmont just because they were in New York and he you know he wanted to weather's in between and and development with only ten thousand dollars that year but I mean it was still a prestigious race. It had been around the longest of the three and so he did he did the three they didn't call it that because no one had ever done that and it had never been you know triple crowns been attempted before that but they had never. Consolidated in people's minds something worth doing. To. The concept without their because English had their version and American were trying to find their own but they had never been able to find a sequence that worked well enough to keep people. Coming back. So then you get like. The increase in purse money between nineteen, nineteen and nineteen thirty then you and then Barton winning the Derby and the preakness well, that that catches people's attention I, the double starts becoming a focus of attention. So when you start looking at the the News article from following year, you start seeing bowl mentions of the double. But not the triple double, and then as you get further into the nineteen twenties, you start seeing more and more really they're not frequent their infrequent depending on the newspapers you read tax it Discussion of the triple crown. So my earliest. Discovery of it was in like nineteen, twenty three. I think there's Brooklyn Daily Eagle they referred to as the triple crown. Christening okay. Dave. And so like everyone credit flight Charles Hatton and then there's the argument that. Brian. Field. That I in the. New York Times Of all the newspapers I've had access to actually found it first and in the Brooklyn daily but. You know that's just my Lai refers to the point. And then Is it just kinda start gaining theme but I'm working on gallant Fox now and I still haven't seen triple crown as a term. Even, though I haven't in like I'm still I'm drafting I'm still really early in the problem but just from the limited research I've done on Gallup box like just from newspapers of that era, they talk about the double in the Derby preakness devil and then they talk about Martin winning all three but they don't call it the triple crown. That that hasn't gained steam yet. But when I started looking ahead to Omaha Nineteen, thirty five K in somewhere between nineteen, thirty and nineteen, thirty five. The It's first gaining steam as a thing like hermit leave doesn't get capital letters. For a while just depending on what publication you're reading, and then the actual official recognition come until nineteen fifty. Even. While Sir Barton's connections were reveling in there still to be named success ominous drums or beating on the horizon if you read. You know how they talk about him in nineteen nineteen and then. That first of the year before you know were since they've you know for Barton's like the greatest horse ever. You know with some hyperbole obviously and then by the last half of the year and into nineteen twenty, you see this juggernaut that is made a war start. You know kind of eclipsing ham but not to the point where no one paid attention to him just by the time in a worse three and he's really the star of the show people start looking around for. Well, if there's no other three year old that can beat this horse how about an older horse and the examples they held up were exterminator in Vartan, and because that by this point Martin and made his reputation and now to be you know this is. This is a star. This is someone as a horse look to. So Barton's post Belmont race record in one thousand, nine hundred was abbreviated unfortunately, and his four-year-old year did not get off to a serendipitous start. But he was still in the spotlight, his remarkable successes three year old and the drumbeats only got louder so so. Back Serb Barton Post the. Triple Crown into his four year old year he had he had his ups and downs, physical ailments and the racing schedule but he really in the summer of his four-year-old year as has mental war beginning forest but but survived and really begin to flourish up in Saratoga to and and actually at forty also here that So in April nineteen twenty-three Martin came back to the races after having run his last racing member of nine, hundred nineteen and he he had like five or six starts in basically three weeks and it wasn't a ridiculous amount of racing I? Think what it was was because he was so precariously unsound I mean he he raised virtually on the on the cusp of being unsound pretty much entire career. So I think what what they were doing was they were trying to race him into shape because. I couldn't get a work out well, enough to keep him in. Shave. and. So they would run him and then he would you know half of injury and then they will give him a layoff and they run him up at the time again, and then he would have some sort of injury and then they were like. So in in May like early. May of nineteen twenty he had wrenched an ankle and they said, okay, well, we're just GONNA way we're GonNa, save him for Saratoga because now he's four and he's handicapped and they knew that Saratoga there were all these opportunities to raise him in some in some really prestigious handicaps. And he wins the Thera- took a handicap. The first day of the me on August second tracker time into a one four V. which is a better time than a lot modern workers run the Derby right away. Exactly. That time to actually yeah and you know the track wasn't lightning fast either problems. it's just it was it was insane and then in a word like two weeks later when travers in the same time and of course, when Manno war equal the time and travers with Martin everyone will light light bulbs started going off and everybody's head like who we should match these two horses that and then like the following week, he shipped two to four. And won a handicap out there was this is the only star in Canada other than the match race even though it was owned by Canadian and then they ship him back to. Saratoga and he runs in the merchants and citizens handicap. On August twenty eighth I believe and it's a mile and three sixteenths and he said at the time a world record for a mile in very sixteen. In beating no by a nose. So it's Really, like everyone was was left with this like we need to get me in a war and together because look at this and it was like it was that August where he won all these any caps, he was doing it. You know easily ten furlongs in saying records and Arab. You know that was like really his reputation maker you know outside of what he did the previous year and that was where all that and I said it in a book like the match with lit by words and only by DIV would it be you know? When the out and it was like once cer- Barton starting, making all the stars making every everyone started taking notice, and then here's a war over here like we've beaten everybody under the Sun. You naturally, people started talking and they really wanted. These two to meet up because in their minds me and a war was the best three year old in the country and for Martin with the best older horse. I'm sure many listeners like myself. If asked to do some Word Association and given the Hints Samuel Riddle and match race would immediately spit out seabiscuit. But legendary event was not Samuel Real First Rodeo. So to speak a Rodeo that took place in the most unlikely of venues in I have to confess Jennifer reading your book I I think I was probably like most readers that. When they think of Samuel Riddle and match race. They think about seabiscuit nor my right and then like, oh my gosh, there was this match race to and your description of how it came about was really interesting because they both kind of lighten their their divisions on fire if you will right and so the drumbeats the drummer's begin right for match race and then you. So you've got name your track Belmont Churchill downs. PIMLICO and yet the match race takes place in Kenilworth Park which doesn't even exist anymore in a Windsor Ontario that was kind of interesting the nations that ended up with the race being run their right. It was I thought it was weird I. I was unsure about what the connection was between the promoter. Am Orphan and the team of behind Martin and then of course saying riddle I was not as like other been being played and I didn't really know what connection the two had. And then as I was finishing the book literally like the book is at the Printer Not at the printer is is being laid out. Okay Yeah by the publisher in you. I found that little nugget where an orphan had owned forces in the first part of the nineteen. And Exceed Bedwell. have. been his trainer. And so an commander Ross had raised some of his Canadian horses at Kenilworth when it opened. Okay. So they all knew each other. This is where the whole like the world gets really small when she i. I did not know that connection because it had not been none of the literature of match race had made it obvious that the these people were all connected prior to the match race. Like I don't know if the turf writers were aware of it or are they just didn't make a thing of it but all happen had was you know he was like a blue collar type racetrack owner, he wanted the right track to be available to the average person and not necessarily the elite. So he did not have a clubhouse or any sort of accoutrements at Kenilworth that you would. You consider necessary for having people with money you know hang out. So he was very Galateri person, he wanted to bring the match race to Canada to Kenilworth part because he wanted to bring these two star horses to you know the people in that area he wanted that. E. Each for himself and for the track and you know in you know commander Ross is a Canadian to commit a roth wanted for Canada because they were trying to restart their racing after having taken a hiatus for the war. So seem riddle had not wanted to run man of war against older horses at all because, Hey, he did not want to know that his force was valuable. And be he was they were at this point man a war. And I think if you read Dorothy ours is becoming a war, it will tell you this in much more depth in detail. But by this point it was they were starting to become concerned about the horses safety because he was such a star and there were so many different ways that someone could City interfere. And sabotage them that he was really like not. Not Really I don't I don't know if I want to do this because now you would have been like justify wins the Belmont and then he doesn't race again and I. It's like, why is he not race again and then you look at how much it would cost for Insurance On that horse to race again, especially knowing that his sire is gone, it's like. It's just too too know risking run the horth again well, man and war was on the verge of that that sort of like he's uninsurable and he's so valuable like we really can't take the risk. So it took a lot to convince seemingly brutal be on board with it, and once am orphan laid out five thousand dollars and a five thousand dollar Gold Cup? Well. Arche. Yeah. Thanks for listening to part one of our interview Jennifer Kelly author of the evocative Sir Barton and the making of the triple crown. Tune in next week for part when we talk about the match race, it's outcome and the twists and turns of the post fame crews of not only Sir Barton. Connections. On. The morning line, the guy has got him beggar not five to nine, but as it epitaph. By half to this and telegraph. By. All right of this. Read last night I Valentine.

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In The Gate #454 - My Friends Beer

In The Gate

32:51 min | 1 year ago

In The Gate #454 - My Friends Beer

"We all need a pick me up during this corona virus shutdown right. How about cheering for a horse named my friends beer? We'll tell you about his chance to win a division of the Arkansas Derby plus one of the benefits of this covert nineteen shutdown that we get to see in virtual form. What would happen in a Kentucky Derby run by all thirteen triple crown winners? We'll talk with a man who knows an awful lot about all of them to see who he thinks would win such a race. It's all straight ahead on this edition of in the gate gate published. This is in the gate. Espn's thoroughbred racing podcast. My name is Barry Abrams. You can follow me on twitter at be. Abrams boys or on facebook at Barry Abrams. You can also get us on our youtube channel by searching in the gate. Podcast you can find us on. Stitcher soundcloud tune in the pink apple. Podcast your APP and of course in the listen tab of the ESPN APP for the full in the game experience. Subscribe now in the listen tab of the ESPN APP. And please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really help others find us and just thank you can help the MENSA members standard America's best racing discover the show. You all read the little engine that could didn't do we think we can. We think we can this year's Kentucky Derby will as you probably know be run in September only once before. Has the race been staged outside of the last week of April first week of May timeframe and that was nineteen forty-five when it took place in June at the end of World War. Two in the races one hundred forty five year history. There's something else that's only happened once at least officially and that's a Maryland bred wearing the roses that was Colli King in one thousand nine hundred sixty six two years. Later Dancer's image crossed the wire first but was then disqualified for a positive drug test. That Drug Federal Butte Zone is legal today for horses. Making Dancer's image the Jack Johnson of thoroughbred Racing Jack Johnson. The former heavyweight boxing champion had to leave the United States because for all intents and purposes it was illegal for Johnson who was black to be married to a white woman incredibly by the way that federal law wasn't struck down by the Supreme Court until nineteen sixty seven in any event. A horse with a name that will definitely draw support is trying to become the second official. Maryland Bred Derby winner top the stretch more than a quarter of a mile left to go my friends beer looming up deepest track at a yellow cab coming now perhaps headed trumps. My friends beer paint music for me research it now and coming back toward the inside. My friends beer. My friends beer paint music for me. My friends paint music for me. My friends beer the New Year. My friends beer has already raced eight times in his career. He has just one win in a waiver claiming race at Laurel but he's hit the board in each of his last six races including a third in his first try outside Maryland at Oaklawn in an allowance optional. Claimer last month. They'll try to qualify for Kentucky in the first of two divisions of the Arkansas. Derby where he'll break from post to and to talk about him. We're pleased to welcome to of his owners. Jason Scott and Dan Heim. They're part of the group they call designated hitters racing and they join us here on in the gate. Do I dare ask than where the name comes from it started with? Last year's Breeders Cup So shamrock rose won the sprint there at a big price and I was lucky enough to cash a a decent sized ticket on her so she was in the back of my mind when we were looking through the auction and I I saw this force. He's actually the the younger brother of her and she sold at two and a half million which I think was was really exciting so everybody kind of knew who she was and it turned out that or younger brother which we looked at auction was on the smaller side. He was born late and we took a look at after the sale. And we were lucky to get. I mean I was. I was thrilled to have cameras bloodlines in our portfolio forces. So then we need a name. It's always tough to kind of name horse and we said look Cyrus stay thirsty and so we. We thought about his the world's most interesting man. He's got an entire week dedicated to him by Sharks. They put a twist on it and So we kind of keep up with all right. Your Thursday my friends that turned into my friends beer and that it was gonna be twist like nobody. Nobody wanted him in the oxygen. So hey nobody wants to drink their friends beer so we turned into my friends beer and I think he Named horse in the race. So we're excited about it. So if you guys are mainly from Maryland. I guess you root for the Orioles Jason. How tough is that to do right? Now I've been a die hard orioles fan for over forty years and for the first ten back in the late seventies eighties. It wasn't that tough but it. It's been a rough last Twenty or thirty years. I'm a mets fan. I can commiserate. So how did this group come together? Yeah so I grew up just outside walking distance from PIMLICO race course. Dan grew up in Ocala so dan horses for a long time. I grew up anyone horses but obviously not. Obviously I didn't know anything about owning horses. I ended up being a professional investor. Investing in real estate and businesses and other things. I always loved horses and when dad and I met back in around two thousand fifteen sixteen. Our kids went to school together. And he told me that he was investing in Racehorses. I mean I naturally was really excited because I love horses I love investing and so I said if you ever need a partner let me know and a few months later. He said I'm looking for a partner. We bought a couple of horses together. Had A little bit of success and a bunch of our friends from around the country started enquiring so back in two thousand seventeen. I Guess Dan and I said let's start a little group and we can bring him some friends as minority Investors in that way can kind of be a whole friends thing and one led to two to three now we have about a dozen investors in the group all friends of ours from around the country with different interests in in racing. Some just like going to the races some of but it's become a great group and we're all really friendly and so it's been great now. This horse. My friends beer made a late rally from sixth to finish third in the race last month at oaklawn his first time away from Maryland Dan. What did you notice about that race? Yeah we were looking for a spot to run right kind of tough with with what's going on with all the tracks being shut down. I mean you you never really WanNa take state bred horse out of his state to run somewhere else but you know the spot came up so we took a look in and we shipped out. They're not necessarily thinking we're we're we're going to run. We knew it'd be facing a really tough bunch and it's well over a sixteen hour van ride from Maryland out to Arkansas. So the sport horse he had a long trip and he looks at Essex he got a little flat into the top of the the turn the far turn and once. He figured out that he needed a switch up. And the the Jackie. Kinda got after a bit. He realized what he was supposed to be doing again and he really took to the surface and he was moving late and when when the race finished we said the same thing consistently about him when the race ended he needs to be stretched out a little bit longer. He's always he's always closing late. He just doesn't have enough time. The Ravens are too short. That's why we think of mile and an eighth is perfect for him. Really hard to find. There's not a whole lot of Mylan an eighth or or longer races for the younger horses. So we we think this is a great opportunity to finally see him stressed out. He's he's like a marathon runner. He's a lighter frame horse. I mean he's probably about three hundred pounds in most of the horses in this race. You really gotTa take that into Consideration Jason Scott and Dan. Heim of designated hitters raising. Join us here on the gate. They send out my friends beer in the Arkansas Derby. Now it seems from what I've read that you're not just a group of friends who by some horses to run like you said did I not see designated hitters racing listed as a breeder as well? Yeah that that is correct Very we we do. This is our first year of of getting into breeding. We're excited we have two folds and one on the way right now. We've we've got our coke and we've got a a young billy where we're super excited about them. One of them is out of a first. Time Sire. No never no more. He's a three quarter brother. The no name ever which is one of the highest price Dalian's in Europe. It's really exciting. To bring like an international flavor in horses to the area and the maryland-bred incentives are fantastic. So yeah we're we're super excited about taking on that the breeding side of the business now as opposed to just picking up two year olds and and see where they go now. My friends beer is up against some big boys in his half of the Arkansas Derby including Gouverneur Morris for Todd pletcher and no two or who was second in the Breeders Cup juvenile and potentially Bob Baffert next justify charlatan. So Jason. How do you feel going up against these guys? Yeah I love our spot here. I mean the the number two position next to Charlotte's and I think actually GonNa be good for us. We've had some bad luck in in the recent past that I think hopefully Charlotte's a good break and that way we can now you can get out of the gate quick we can stock and then you get that that close to the rail position so I like our position here. This isn't the first race that we've gone in as as a big underdog in and we're confident that this horse is GonNa like the distance. This worse has a ton of heart. So yeah it's it's tough competition but if there was any horse we've ever owned that. I won't going up against this competition. It's my friends beer. He's got the heart she's got the guts and I think put out to challenge. We would be remiss. We also didn't bring up another of your three year olds up philly named ill. Chester Cheetah field turns into the STRACHE. Ill Chester Cheetah. Has the lead kicks clear hero? Chester jeeter in front by three. Kansas is now moving into second. It's ill Chester Cheetah. Try to hold off Kansas casts. And she's not ill. Chester Cheetah violate. She looked like she was rounding into form. Before the shutdown two straight wins at CHARLESTOWN acqueduct. She's already run nine times. And that's with a shutdown. My Friends Beers run eight times. I guess you guys. Don't subscribe to the Bob Baffert theory of lightly. Racing your horses. What are you planning for? Ill Chester Cheetah. Yeah that's that's great that you recognize some of our horses here. I really appreciate that very first. She's actually named after Our Kid's elementary school. So Jason Kidd before he moved Also went to Chester Elementary. So I know there's going to be a lot of teachers and students end up listening to this and are super excited about whenever she raises so she they early speed sprinter so an interesting dynamic where we have my friends beer and then you have. They'll Chester Cheetah who is the complete opposite. She loves the break early and speed away so right now. She's still in Maryland. We're we're trying to find the perfect spot at her age and with all the conditions and she's a New York bread so we'd we'd really like the to get her up to New York. When that racing reopens but in the meantime we're just gonNA waiting with her and and see what's next hour you guys handling the shutdown including not being able to be there with your horse for the Arkansas Derby. I'll be honest. It's it's tough so we're lucky that we do have a number of two year olds that have never run so this gives them a chance to kind of mature but between my friends beer and it'll chester cheetah. A couple other names that we have. It's certainly been difficult or like to run. They they enjoy it and So it was part of the Asian part of the reason for the decision to ship a couple of those courses to Oakland like Dan said earlier it was a long trail long travel sixteen hour trip but ultimately. I think was the right decision because it gives them the opportunity to do what they love to do. And we certainly wish you the best of luck. Jason Scott Dan Heim designated hitters racing. Thank you guys so much. Best of luck in Arkansas. Thanks Barry thanks very if all thirteen American triple crown winners raced against each other. What would happen rather than seeing it? Virtually we'll bring in a real life expert to ponder that question. That's next as the imitate podcast continues. Welcome back to win the game white American Phero Zip codes in front as they come on to for justify the Kentucky Derby was never in doubt what would happen if you ran the Kentucky Derby with all thirteen winners of the American triple crown. It's a novel idea. One that is happening virtually during what would be the broadcast of the Actual Kentucky. Derby on NBC. In case you missed it the real derby will be run on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The virtual race accounts for all kinds of analytic data to give a fair representation of how such a race would be run. Well he may not be a mainframe computer. But when it comes to thoroughbred racing Ed Boeing is as close as a human can get in addition to being the president of the Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation which funds veterinary research for horses of all breeds. Mr Bowen is also the author of more than twenty books about the history of thoroughbred racing in the United States including lucky thirteen. The history of all of those triple crown winners we referenced full disclosure. I narrated the audiobook version of lucky thirteen. Which makes a lovely gift. By the way I did not however work directly with Ed Bolen on that project I worked with the audiobook publisher. We can think of nobody better suited to give some handicapping perspective to these thirteen special horses than Ed. Bolen whom we welcome for the first time surprisingly here to win the game. You wrote that war admiral. The nineteen thirty seven triple crown winner did a workout of the entire derby distance a mile and a quarter during the week leading up to the Derby then three mile and a half works before the mile and a half Belmont. I don't know which part of that is more astounding considering how horses are trained. Now how can you compare these horses when the training methods are so different? Well as you probably know I I made A. I made a point in the writing the book not to rate them because I knew I would be tempted to try to know justify pun. Intended my opinion so I didn't do that and I've thought through. I'm perfectly willing to do it. Conversely the thing about Sir Barton is there. There's there's several things but one is that. In those days the Kentucky Derby was not White Trae G. E. got seven pounds from their own are up and ten pounds from third horse in that race and Sir Barton as you say his feet compromises for them. There are a couple of races including race at Saratoga. For that sort of got him into the match racing you could save if he could reproduce that form consistently he wouldn't be your last Torres but to me I'd have to rate him for James. It's reminded me thinking of this. Remember going to Breeders Cup Races. And you see guys. This is an amazing field. And he had one of these voters that are gonNA finish last so it. You're not insulting hours to say he's the he's the thirteen of thirteen triple crown wonders. But ironically in the blood horse compilation they had a group of seven historians and handicappers and so forth. Right the top one hundred horses of the twentieth century and that one Omaha came out as the lowest rated. He was sixty I in that exercise or as their Barton was was forty ninth among all great horses in it was Barton twelve and thirteen. Excuse me ten eleven At that time there were only eleven triple crown winners by the end of the twentieth century. Dion I'd have to go with survivor as the the horse on the bottom of my list. Now War Admiral had constant gate. Would you throw him out against these kinds of horses? Do you think he'd get over those issues? I think he would if if by magic he could be racing against these forces. I think that he'd have been schooled enough to the gate at the time he was running. The Gate was fairly new and they probably didn't have a gay cruise. Who really were as good as they are now. Trainers didn't have much experience about getting into this contraption so I think he made have him by the way six of the of the thirteen interesting. He was an amazing horse. But the thing about even triple crown winners. None of them had perfect career. So in an exercise of what you forgive a horse. What do you think he could do? I've had the privilege of voting eclipse awards and Hall of fame for many years and always try to discipline myself and not give a horse credit for something that I think he he or she could have done but didn't do by the same token you get into situations of. How much do you forgive a horse based on even if it's life that if you think compromise is her form so it's really a great exercise? I if they come up with algorithms make us all feel that they have adequately accurately compared rated horses one through thirteen with better suppress that information because that would spoil the whole magic of horse racing if you could tell what was going to happen before it happened. That wouldn't be very interesting. Betting proposition mom no computer mainframe but your book at least does a very good job of talking about running styles of all of these thirteen horses and so two handicap a race with thirteen horses in it. You have to talk about running styles. And how much pace would there be an. Who'd be the mid pack horses and which ones come from far out of it? So let's try to set this up. Let's talk about our pacesetters our tactical forces and our closers. Well the horses who If he had his magical the older it'd be it'd be some trainers say now we we can't get by with going to the front against this group but taking that out. I I would think your your pace would certainly have count sleep and American theros. Some of his best races were on the lead. And I think you'd have those two Near that and probably Seattle slew secretary. It's the signature race of course was to Belmont with him going to the front about. That wasn't his regular style. He was perfectly good wrapping way back sometimes so. I think that the three unnamed would be would be likely to be the pace in the in the early part of the race new probably have like Sir Barton. Barton may be right behind them. Were admiral probably right behind them. There would be an awful lot of racing. Look taking place because you have so. Many horses style was what we would call stalkers rather than closers and that would be such a good horses going into the first turn that some- somebody would lose a lot of ground. But I think you you'd expect a firm to be fairly close wonderfully versatile horn come in just one second was like paste and quickly moving to command and never let it go for pneumonia chronic. John Russell said all he said she's he's perfectly happy to be on the way back or they're the front so he he probably he beat wants to be a stalker and and probably justify would as well and Gallant Fox. Omaha would be a little bit farther but I citation could do anything He'd he'd want to be fairly close but He could drop back and see if he needed to. Interestingly of course Eddie are Carrow Road. Whirl away aunt citation you'd only get to ride one of them in a race like this and you know with such great horses involved here. Of course this could be a jockey's race. So in which jockeys would you the jockeys of the triple Crown Winners? In which jockeys would you have the most confidence? Oh well. I'm of the age that you always start with our Carol and then Certainly longtime. Who wrote Count Fleet would John Long Be impeccable and Sandy? Who did road gallant Fox for those were very jockeys and more recently? Of course you had Mike Smith on justified and it's been an American hero and Steve Calls and all eighteen. Although he won the triple crown on a firm. Do you might think you know they feel like this. I think I'll go for our Cara over the teenager. It's tough but you can't forget of course. They're all sandy was a four time leading money winner so I mean you can't sell the older people short here not at all. I am fortunate to have match on Longdon near the end of his life in California. An absolute honor. And certainly. You can't throw him out either. Ed Bolen joining us here on indicate the author of lucky thirteen so in terms of these horses make up their breeding and everything else. What commonalities do they have? Most of them where We usually call them very well bred. Not Necessarily the absolute height of fashion. If at all have been committed to the yearling market they'd have been a wide range of Seattle slew in one of the few horses that was for ground winter. That was so he. He went for very modest. Price is made his pedigree since then but he always alter it seventeen thousand. He was the son of bold reasoning but most of them were very very well bred horses. They also for the most part. I had trainers with considerable experience with good horses. But that's not necessarily the case with the commonality. I think probably be. They were very well. Greg thoroughbreds with very very substantiated bloodlines and even Seattle slew. Even though he was inexpensive his he came from the bold Ruler Star. Line and his female family was was distinguished but he he's kind of the outlier in terms of price. An outline not only in that he was sold as early and But an outlier in terms of price for his time. Sir Barton sold privately for ten thousand but at that time ten thousand was very very very very high price or a two year old are now. We've gotten into a deep dive on these thirteen horses. But if you're watching a race with all thirteen of them do you really have to over. Think this I mean secretary has the record in all three triple crown races. Who's beating him? Well the fact is that time is is a very beguiling the way of evaluating horses but time of raises a function of many things including the quality of the Horse. I don't mean secretariats. Belmont was so sensational but he didn't really duplicate that and he set the world record for a mile and an eighth layer on a horse that visas world record a horse team simply majestic and simply majestic and secretary should never be in the same sentence. Except this one which I'm now ending period so the Great Time. You cannot can't overlook the fact that this hordes at the record for all three triple crown races but that doesn't mean that against the field of a dozen other truly great horses that he would that he would have his way. I'm not saying he didn't beat a lot of good horses. And that's another aspect of triple crowns. You have to guard against thinking that by the very nature of this being a triple crown winner. He has beaten all the good horses. Three straight the most important races and so it's easy to then lapse into thinking. Well maybe there wasn't a very strong field and I think that's very unfair to all these horses to think that they were lucky. No Pun intended to the Lucky. Thirteen title is meant to say. Of course. We're lucky to have all the combined elements of quality and courage and so forth. It doesn't mean that they were quote. Lucky lucky to win. They weren't just lucky to eat born with all that combination of requirements. You could also say that. Sham was unlucky. He might have been a triple crown winner. Had he not been three years old and nineteen. Seventy-three well you can always do that. But if he had been Three year olds in the seventy one. He'd have gone up against another bunch of good horses. And so the easiest one to deal with. That is Alydar I am inside outside riding. A very lucky was the against the firm but valley are in bold a year earlier. He'd be against Seattle slew the year later on again spectacular bid so you can play that various ways of course it might have been just twelve triple crown winners because the nineteen forty three. Derby won by count. Fleet almost didn't happen because of World War. Two there were restrictions on extra trains and without a large crowd Churchill. Downs came close to it. Does that sound familiar? What similarities can you draw to the running of this year's Derby given extenuating circumstances well on to a fellow sports illustrated the other night? He says one thing about Country House. He will go down as divorce. The longest reign as the Kentucky. Derby winner hadn't quite put that spin on it yet but he will be the Derby winner from from May of night team to September of Nineteen of twenty twenty. He other distinction there. But I may be a little bit old school but I. I still what it comes down. I try to have tried to think about horses from the standpoint of imagine what they're doing with this exercise is using the horse's very best race and respective of whether that horse could duplicate that race consistently. I always also like to look at the terms of the overall career and I come to get into loggerhead to his own wishes because by putting citation I among triple crown winners. I'm violating one of my one of my efforts to to not forgive him of things that went on the the oddity citations career was that he was injured late in this three year. Old Season get missed. His whole four year old season came back and ran at five and six. And it's impossible to think that he wouldn't have been better as an older horse Had He not been injured? But leaving that aside if you if you envisioned citation having a retired at the end of his three year old year like so many of these up crown understood at that point he was twenty seven for twenty nine not only swept the triple crown overnight sources including goal town. He had a series later in the year when he went to the mile size and be against older horses on Wednesday. And the Jockey Club dope against good older horses a two miles on Saturday. So so. If if satation had retired at the end of his three-year-old year he would have had an aura that the anti-climactic aspects might of chipped away at but again. There I am I like to say I look at a horse. What he did not excuse what he didn't do. But I do that despite my my my hope and putting citation as the greatest career of a triple crown winner not to another voice that I think gets shot it around a little bit affirmed if you think of perfect career of an American racehorse as a brilliant two year old Classic one tree and then a handicapper it for the handicapped. Division sadly has been weakened over the years but affirmed was about as nearly perfect as a career be and when he did have a losing streak. It was It started when he was disqualified travers. Then he was defeated by Seattle slew in the Marlboro Cup and in the first meeting of triple crown winners but I've always heard Always believe a great for your old should be great three year old so I don't know that not confirmed for for losing to Seattle slew when he was three inches Louis. Four and then the next year affirmed had his turn. He's being the great four year old and he'd be a great three year old and the Jockey Club Gold Cup when he defeated spectacular bid. So I have a firm rated third. I'm triple crown winners and data food fourth and Count Fleet if it is unfortunate that the corona virus has forced the general shutdown of business racing in particular. But it gives us a chance to have a fun discussion. Like this and there is never a bad time to have such thing. So thank you so much Mr Bullock for sharing this with us. I can do this all day long. Well I could too and my mother always was aware that she was not particularly normal son so I could have done all day long when I was twelve. Thanks once again to ED. Bolen Jason Scott and Dan Hind. If you have kids you've probably been involved with running bake sales or pancake breakfasts or raffles stuff like that. All in the name of raising funds for their after school activities these raise more money than simply passing the Hat in Louisville Kentucky an annual big fund raiser is students volunteering to clean up at Churchill. Downs after the fancy people have left the oaks and Derby half eaten hotdogs rappers and beer cups sometimes infield vendors run their stands as fundraisers to with youth groups stocking all the food and drink but now with Derby one forty six to be run on Labor Day weekend. These youth groups efforts are teetering on the brink. Because school might not have started yet though. Sports and clubs would begin with no revenue stream for all these school aged els and without that core of volunteers the millionaire's row guests might actually have to pick up after themselves. You can get us on our youtube channel by searching in the gate. Podcast you can find on Stitcher soundcloud tune in the pink apple podcast APP and of course in the listen tab of the ESPN APP for the full. Indicate experience scribe now in the listen tab of the ESPN and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really help others find us. Maybe even those geniuses in America's best racing than their fan choice awards. Maybe they'll think to include us well. Haley's comet may come around before that but you can follow me on twitter at Abrahams boys or on facebook at Barry Abrams voice. That's in the gate for this week. I'm Barry Abors. We hope you're safe and healthy as you listen to this and we'll see you next time.

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12/18/2020 - Hour 2 - There's a Strong Brees in New Orleans

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

43:59 min | 6 months ago

12/18/2020 - Hour 2 - There's a Strong Brees in New Orleans

"Smell that that's the saucy tangy tender and intoxicating sent a delicious mcdonald's mic. You heard me. That's the mic rhythm smelling which can only mean one thing. It's here the moment we've all been waiting for the hour. Spent tirelessly tracking it the speeches to city council requesting its return. The road trips across state lines were not in vain. Because the mcrib is back. But you only have until december thirty first to get one only at participating. Mcdonald's this goes out to the moms do it all and still find genius ways to make things cleaner. Simpler smarter better. Like glow sticks at bath time for nightclubs scrub and magically cleaning glitter spills. Lynn roller your why we made arm and hammer clean and simple powerful laundry detergent with six essential ingredients and water. That's safer for your family meeting. Epa safer product standards armand hammer clean and simple powerful clean. Smart low-price find it. Wherever detergent sold very for listening to the couple podcasts. Be sure to catch us. Live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven. Pm pacific or fox. Sports radio find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. F s are three. You're listening to fox sports radio yes indeed is the couple. I am chris. Here's rob. we're coming to you. Live from the guy. Go fox sports radio studios fifteen minutes. Could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance so visit geico dot com for a free rate quote. We got trolling or rolling. Was martin weiss f s one producer. Coming up at the bottom of the hour you can also follow rabbit. Meal social media. Rob is at rob parker f s one or both twitter and instagram. I'm chris underscore bruce auto and twitter. Chris broussard sixty eight on graham. Rob Drew brees is back and this was going to be a good game. Anyway i mean. I love watching kansas city. Whoever they play. But they're playing the saints and the saints have one of the best defense in the nfl last night's last week loss to philadelphia notwithstanding and it won't be tastes them hills. Though as i said it'll be drew. Brees so what was going to be a good exciting game. Anyway has now become perhaps the best game of the weekend. And what are your thoughts on breeze coming back there some that you you're reality leverage fractured ribs and a punctured lung. He's missed four games. Do you think they're bringing him back too soon. I don't know just seemed. Like i think that they they're forced to now because they lost that game to the eagles. And it ain't up just about losing the eagles. Weren't that good of a team. And you had a rookie quarterback. Starting chris and i think that's a big loss and they also gave up the number one seed in the nfc south. They really can't afford to lose another game. Do you know what. I mean like like i. I'm assuming that he's all right and healthy. Because i have to think that that they wouldn't put them in harm's way which of course they were. What they're saying is that you know he's healthy. Yeah i would tend to agree to now right because you know. Put them out there. And he's not healthy at his age chris and broken ribs or what damage that could be done to him. Do you know what i'm saying like like you would regret that i that would be. That would be heinous to do something like that. Addis over football game. But i do think that they feel like they gotta win like they need a win and the best chance of winning is by having drew brees back and i think that's why he's playing i. I don't know if they were playing in a bad team chris and not to chiefs. I don't know if he would play. They might. they might have held him out another week. I disagree. I think he would be playing regardless of who. It is because they could play a great game and lose the kansas city so i don't think they're playing him just because we got to win this game. I actually think if they were playing a bad team they might be even more prone to bring him back. You know him being healthy and all because you don't wanna lose to a team a team that you know you're better than just like they did last week i am you know. I think i think like. They don't think that they can beat to cheat. But i think they can be. I think they go into every game like if they didn't have one nine row before they didn't have drew brees. I think they go in. We'll take some hill thinking say they're playing washington. We can beat washington. We'll take some hill. You know. So i i just think that i. I think this is more about. Drew is healthy. And we've only got three games left so we need to get drew. He's miss four games. This is last year if all signs are go and he. He seems healthy that we need to get him to the offense because we want him clicking on all cylinders once he's back and once once the playoffs start and is probably going to be a little rest. It might be some soreness. And so i think they want him to play through that and work out work through the rust and get in sync with his receivers again. Even though michael. Thomas won't be playing with an ankle injury and be ready to go once. They hit the play offs because right now they could win the rest of their games and still not get the bye week. 'cause that's green bay embiid lose the number one see right to say if they have the same record. Green bay is number one. Awry them beating them in the head to head game back in new orleans. What was that week three or something chris. That was early on in the season. I mean New orleans was one in two to start the season and then nine in the rover. Here right yeah. So so. I don't know i just think that they're hoping that they can win that. They can win the game and a better chance of. Winning is getting drew. Brees i get it. You wanna get him back in action sooner than later. You don't want wait till the playoffs for his first game. So i do get that but i really believe that they just feel like this who gives us our best chance of beating chiefs and it's not tastes them hill. It's just not gonna be drew brees even though to now without their best receiver which he's had such a awful Follow opt to an unbelievable year. Receiver chris you want to come out. You really have just i mean. He was unstoppable a year ago and this year like nothing. We'll talk of his attitude and now it's just been more injuries. One of those years where he's been banged up and You're right it's unfortunate especially being breezes last year but you hope for them now he can get back and you know. Be ready to go for the playoffs. Which all signs kinda point to that. But are you there. Some line of thinking out there that the saints made the made a mistake by going with tastes them hill because they ended up losing the game and as you said that cost them at least right now the number one seed is that your thinking that. They made a mistake by going with him. While my only thing was that we would know until after we see what what you know. What the shakedown. What chris after those games and it's not strictly that takes them hill was bad or anything. It's just that he was by far the least experienced quarterback in that situation than jameis winston. And i don't know the defense was plan so well that maybe they would have won but ultimately that loss fair or unfair because he played three and one you would say well that was pretty good right but that one loss was against a bad team in a game you really needed to keep pace with. Green bay sort hurts even more. I don't know what jameis winston would have done. But if they don't get to the super bowl because after their awhile car. I mean because they don't have the by or whatever it is kris fuelled event. Hope feel bad. What does this big thing look. It hasn't bandages. Every game is in the superdome. Right adversity right. Everyone thing if they go to tampa were they won't tampa or go to la. But lambeau right now. We used to playing in a dome. It's right going up there and it could be below. Zero could be snowden. There's no telling what could be advantage because they used to it. You know what i mean. Just the niners right play in that. They're not expecting sixty eight degrees and comfortable right. You know what. I mean in yours right so so yeah so i'm just saying i mean you can look at it if they don't get to where a lot of people thought i picked up to go to the super bowl and they lose a road game chris. You know along the way then. Maybe we'll look back and go. That game did wound up costing them and Maybe they didn't make the right decision but there's no cut answer. Yeah there's i think there's a clear cut answer. And i think is that they didn't make a mistake. I mean take. Some hill was fine. He wasn't he liked the league on fire. He made his mistakes. He fumbled seven times. He only lost three of. Hey fumble seven times so. He was spectacular but he was okay. They went three and one to your point and in the nfl. Sometimes you lose to a worse team. I mean it happens quite a bit. They lost to the raiders early in the season with drew brees. And the raiders. Certainly aren't any good rob g but they are so when the chiefs loss to the raiders. Beat the chiefs and the saints. No my point is sometimes in the. Nfl you lose teams. That are worse than you. This is world class football. Everybody is very good. And if you don't have it one day and for whatever reason anybody can beat you and so. I don't hold that loss against some hill. you know. Philadelphia was had a spirited performance. Jalen hurts obviously gave him a lift but they potentially take them lightly. I look at the defense. I know taste hill wasn't great but the defense gave up a lot of points to a rookie quarterback. Yeah they if you look at. They shut them down after the second half but i have they show up in the first half. They made an adjustment after they've figured out this guy and and it just didn't get enough power. You know what i mean. They didn't they didn't because the defense showed up in the second half would a chance to win that game. They had trim the the game. Chris if i remember correctly to seventeen fourteen my right now. The defense was better in the second half. Everyone should have been that bad in the first half against rookie quarterback on a bad team get on. I mean art. I get those factors. But you know you're talking about arguably the best defense in the league. They probably took them lightly. Sometimes it can be human nature where these kids are rookie. 'cause you remember him in any good anyway even during that night in old run nine in a row you remember. The defense was carrying team. I mean they were playing great that we at one point. I remember they were giving up eight or nine points game. It was ridiculous. That's how good it was. But what else there. Three the three games without the first three games without brees is when they did it. They gave up nine granted. They played the falcons twice in the broncos so it wasn't the greatest competition but day goes one. Yeah they d go three wide and he'll was fine. There's no we. We all know. Jameis winston would have been as or better or worse or whatever but it's going to be interesting to see brees back. I'm a little surprised. I will look. I don't think they bring him back if he wasn't fully healthy but man a part of me afraid for him but they play again in six days. I believe they got minnesota and You know he's got to come back at some time. I i would think you'd give him the extra rest. But if he's i'm no he's chomping at the bit he wants to get back out there and we know he's a perfectionist and he's probably saying i need the reps. I wanna be ready. Come playoff time. I want to be at the top of my game. This is my last year most likely right so he wants to. You know lay on the table right which he was able to save chris. After the whole black lives matter you remember he was teetering drew. Brees you remember that i mean. Yeah when he made his comment about the flag exactly and somehow he was able to right the ship. And i guess that's still on the table at least to take over as of to take over for chris. Collins worth yeah. You can already see what the new team is going to be. It's going to be drew. Brees and mike rico right right well when to rico went there. He knew eventually yeah he was going to get right right all right. Eight seven seven ninety nine on fox. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine with throwing it out to you. Are the saints rushing. Drew brees back too soon. And is this game against the chiefs. A must win for new orleans. You'll turn away with chris. Rob the couple fox. Sports radio is a streaming services. Got everyone buzzing and has got everything you're into skull. Discovery plus is all the shows you love from your favorite brands like hgtv the food network discovery. Channel and more plus exclusive originals. That you can't see anywhere else. It's all coming soon in twenty twenty one. Us only fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live. Hey it's chris broussard. And between the couple radio so at night and all my tv work f s one during the day. A brother gotta admit izhar finding time to cook. And that's why. I love using postmates. I can get food delivered without leaving the house or even opening the door and given what's going on in the world i mean let's keep it real day created nine contact deliveries so. When i ordered now from local restaurants everything gets left outside my door. It's perfect for a limited time. Postmates is giving our listeners. One hundred dollars a free delivery credit for your first seven days to start your free deliveries. Download the app and use code odd couple. That's code odd couple for one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the postmates app. Now anything you need anytime you needed pulse mated in this special episode of wind down now available on iheartradio or wherever. You get your podcast. Janet kramer gets together. Virtually with her celebrity friends they talk about their upcoming holiday plans. Their kids and ways. They've been surviving quarantine. Speaking of christmas. I feel like things are already getting starting to get so messy around the house. This is like already wrapping paper and presents and hiding stuff and and the cooking. Everybody starting right. So then. Goodness we've gotta that clark staff to help clean up because that's been a game changer. This episode of wind down as presented by clorox disinfecting mopping clause which kill ninety nine point nine percent of germs including covid nineteen virus. There easy and safety us on multiple floor types which means you and your family don't have to worry about those pesky germs when used as directed on hard nonporous surfaces kill sars cov to covid nineteen virus. It is the couple. Kristen rob getting you ready for the christmas season. Yes right and where i'm at. We got snow. It really feels like christmas. Shovel it with a smile. Big smile on my face. Love it. I love i get out in nature. And you know roughing. We got it easy. Nowadays we sit in front of a computer we watch t. v. i like roughing it every once in a while cutting the grass trimming. The bushes could have all higgin graves for my deceased cat shoveling the driveway the snow. I'm a that life rob parker. I know you saw dany. You like right and then bag and thrown it into the garbage truck. Really would you would. That's how you it is your cat for sixteen years. That's your cat. yes out his roni. Bandini trash us. My goodness where's papers and the trash ended cat is isn't air yes. I pee cheer nice grave and buried him giving dignity. It's the right. Chris stop it that he has outfits. Were all that k that can who these dumb people feeding me and letting me urinate all over their house. Hardee's people stop. it was a great kitten cat. Yes we loved. Peachy doesn't go to college right. Did you hang up a degree for peachy about the my wife. While little little little stone that i guess you could call it a headstone. We didn't put it on there. No but it's for the isn't now is near the christmas tree. That's unbelievable. I thought your wife would be better than would know better than that. She had pizza for sixteen years. Watch dale she's from queens. Your wife ed. We you stereo tap type. In black folks from queens. Yes racist harder you just you just shaved me for shoveling driveways no not hiring. Somebody like you would have done. Wow unless right there in nature we come to you live from the guy. Go fox. Sports radio studios. And if you're looking for christmas gift try to give the streaming. You can get everything love all in one place it's called discovery plus it's new streaming service that brings you the greatest collection of real life entertainment from your favorite brands. Plus exclusive originals. That you will not find anywhere else. This discovery plus and it starts early next year. Twenty twenty one in the united states of america. Only we got trolling roller with. Martin weiss coming up shortly. But i get to your calls. A seventy seven nine thousand nine on fox. Do you think the saints are bringing drew. Brees back to early a mistake. I let's kick it off with dray in Michigan you're on the odd couple fox sports radio what's up dry what to do fellowship. Iraq do good for i do. My point got bone to pick with you. Chris you in that dog had me looking real stupid last. We put an over and slowing down. Because i kept hearing a faint police sirens. Return with dog back there. One that was one segment man. I was driving. Because i got to listen to you on a podcast. I'm usually not home when me right. When his live. Bad in the middle of night slowing down the dog in the back right one. We needed a muslim for that dog. But yeah i think they are rushing back early. But i understand why they're doing it because they trying to fight for home field advantage. There's been this last year. They need their advantage. They can have. But like i think you had a greg jennings zone yesterday. You've got fully recovered from that in that short amount of time and even play maryland. Duty must say well. I think so. I think to be honest. I don't know if he'd be ready next week. You know like you're not going to be fully healed. That's going to be an issue right now. It is going to be an issue and you're talking about eleven ribs punctured. Lally do we have. I don't even know. I know i. That's about all of may boy maybe twelve. I don't know about all of them. No it's not a full slab or half a slab. I'm trying to figure it out a slab twelve. I think right so animals those cows. That's us rob. See if you can find out how many ribs we have. We gave one the women eve. No so check out raji here. We go john in ohio. You're on the couple fox sports radio. What's up john. We got four kids rob. We got twenty four. Just all get twenty four okay so really breaking levin broken eleven he could bounce back john. You've got all twenty four your ribs. Yeah okay anyway I feel like they russian-backed breeze and the other callers. Say understand why you don't you don't want to be in green bay. I said not not in january february time frame so you don't know what the weather's going to be like and you know the saints short passing game. I said i've got a great run game which you know. Green bay defense isn't a good run defense. But they be out there looking. Like lamar jackson did with cleveland. If it snow out there neutralizes speed and definitely neutralizes. Your feet and stability to try to run and all that is green bay great advantage so i don't know i would just want to take the risk of him getting hurt you know. I'd rather just have them sit out another week or two but couple of games with cake. They should beat the panthers and vikings. But i mean i just. That's just my opinion. We'll give you choice. You always right of having breeze fully healthy and not home field advantage or a bit sore and banged up but having full homecourt advantage home field. I rather him just be healthy. But homefield is big. Like brady's never been to the super bowl when they'd have an had the How you're going to bring now. But i'm stat about time. No but but it's true though. Where's the hater alert at does to get that horrors a man all right. You are right and you're saying my right. He's never made it without having that the right. So thank god. They had his six times. So it makes a difference tie in palm springs. You're on the odd couple of fox sports radio. What's up. tie going on guys. I make my points real quick I said on trash talking. Tuesday we gotta get it. Tastes them out of there. So drew brees coming back for me. in the go for sure i think if you're gonna bring him back The chiefs their pass rush is ranked. I think twenty second by pro football focus. So if you're talking about a and anything can happen on any given sunday but if you're talking about his the odds of getting seriously banged up or hit a bunch of times casey's defense isn't the defense that's going to happen and you might be thinking about. Maybe giving them a look at kansas city thinking forward to is this a potential super bowl matchup and against get that home field advantage point. No doubt about it. That's a good point but Yeah that makes sense all right as i say. Trolling a role in his next with martin weiss but i fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen. Live time for trolling or rope. Tom brady he's done air. Rogers did not have a pro bowl season. Time it gets me. it's trolling or rolette enrolling on a friday night. And i'm martin wife robin chris. I read the role sound. And if they don't troll sound now without further ado. what's up. Producer rob g. The raiders lost last night to the lowly chargers who tried like hell to lose the game. But they were eliminated from playoff contention. This jon gruden steps out of the monday night to make ten million dollars a year to coach in vegas. The rated r eighteen or twenty-one and have yet to see the postseason rob trolling rolling. Jon gruden will not make it to another super bowl in vegas. I'm wrong with jon. Gruden is overrated. As a coach. He won a championship with tony. Dungy's guys and tampa bay and after that they didn't do jack he was able to talk his way into a big deal. He he's great about talking about the game but he's not the greatest coach and i don't think he'll love one another super bowl. I agree with rob. I'm rolling he said i mean he's overrated. God bless him. Somehow he got that one hundred million dollar contract which he probably won't see those fool ten years but no i mean look football. Great coaches turn programs around fairly quickly. Andy reid it didn't take him for years three years to go ahead and turn kansas city around. He did immediately about that with the jets. Yup bill parcells. Even jim harbaugh always san francisco like this is a different league and the fact that grew has been able to do it and now what's his third year there this is telling and he will not win the super bowl. Sorry robbed another team radio. I'm sorry my bad my bad but somebody else who sorry the atlanta falcons. They've been a disappointment this year. And part of the reason why to star receiver. Julio jones camping on the few he had a bad hamstring since like week two of the season two of the last three atlanta game. He's got seven hundred seventy yards this year and three touchdowns and probably won't have over a thousand yards receiving for the first time since two thousand thirteen or throughout the last time that rob parker told a funny joke wise. I'm rolling rolling. This is the beginning of the end of julio jones. Oh that's a good one. I am th rolling now man. Hey how big movie. Ot himself in grace shape. This is one of those years. I you said. He can't stay on the field. You get injured. Look at michael thomas right now. He's banged up julio's julio's only thirty one athletes. They're really keep themselves in. Great shape can play longer today He's still averaging fifteen yards catch when he does play. Catch the football so now i think he's got some good years left. Trolling this oh man. Hey hey hey it would be different. If he had played and those were his numbers would say okay. The only reason his numbers down is because he's not playing. That's reason and christians gave you the magic number. What he's out there. He's still making things happen so this he could easily have a bounceback be healthy next year and beat a julio jones that we know odd couple of fox sports radio. There's really only one word you can use to describe the nfc and that is a leap. It looks like it's coming down to the new york giants and the washington football team to win the division but neither team hasn't healthy. Qb's that they want to start. Daniel jones is questionable for this weekend with a hamstring. Ala committee has been ruled out. Dwayne haskins bench after mysterious stomach ache early in the season. I guess he's recovered because now he's a starter in washington for the weekend however that washington football team defensive on is a force to be reckoned with so rob trolling rolling tim with no name so washington. Football team is going to win the nfc. I'm rolling with this only. Because i don't want you to cash that big ticketed out of vegas. I know that i right no hater. I don't know. I just don't believe in the giants i i really don't and alex just been doing enough. But we know they're defensive. Line is good and the defense so they have a shot. They've won some games. And alex smith is back in their daniel jones. Just hasn't done it for me. I don't believe in the giants. Yeah i'm rolling with this to me. Yeah i got the washington football team and good for them. Good for ron rivera. Obviously good for alex smith is been you know what a year to started crazy for them. Right i don't wanna say magical because they're still six and seven but but i think they'll win the division and make the playoffs and that defensive line is real deal spectacular. Yeah no doubt about it. I think the way haskins. I think they'll be better than i mean. He was horrible last week. But i think you'll be better. And yeah i would probably say. The giants daniel jones was fully healthy. I think i'd definitely say them but He's not so. I'm gonna go with the washing devante and let's say this chris. Martin will be filling in for you next friday morning. You'll be ready. That's a christmas nine ready ready to bring some christmas cheer onto to all the listeners and fox sports radio i can't wait i'm looking forward to it. That's right mark night. I love you. My blessing saw chris's eaten is roast beast. At the table with his family will be out here. Doing the show seven to ten eastern right here on fox sports radio we're working. Alex is got to work for a living. You know us right now. All of us can be fat. Cats like christmas in the mark martin columnist from his bathroom. We sale. He's in a bathroom with the sounded at but now come on. It'll be good next next friday night christmas night. That will be christmas night. My goodness all right but are a god. Bless ya have a great christmas and you know. Maybe where my gift yeah. We're going to find out what gift that is coming up and talking it up more. I don't know if you think your gift might have come already. I don't know 'cause. I can't tell did you send it but i can't tell you addressed to amazon. You just have to open all the packages in chris. I gotta get your mailing address. Since i don't see you. I've seen with nine months. Be out there soon. I'll be right way like coming out. It's not a happy rock. They have that smoke hebei. They called me back to la. That's the first time. I wanna stay in jersey. Am i right. Chris when you know. I told him i told him. Martin i like getting out there and roughing it every now and then i went out. There shoveled the snow. You know you news. You know what. I'm gonna tell you a true story and you might go. She might have told you before. When i was a kid and i had a part time job at the shoe store in queens dried right dr ryan nichols foot. Form was the name of the store. I used to pay one of my neighbors. My friend to cut my lawn do my chores on say man you talk about soft move. No one was giving up money whatnot as you were paying you. Were losing money i was. I had money. Because i had a job until i until maybe you have brought yourself. Some stri rights sneakers. I told my mom as long as the your gets cut. What do you care if i cut it or somebody else. She was trying to teach you something. Rob parker you think. That's that's weird that a kid would pay another kid to do. Yes yes indeed me where. There's not a will there's someone who will pay. Did you use the grass martin. No grad but really. I think 'cause it was cutting the grass would have been a punishment. I didn't get too much trouble. A punishment i i couldn't wait to cut the grass. I was you know as a little kid. And then finally i think at eleven my dad start letting me cut the grass and then i was like man. I hate cutting the grass ban. Look at it and you think is going to be fun right. And but i wear. My dad will come in from the backyard sweating like that. I said no. That's all league. I'm gonna tell you what entrepreneurial martin. I actually have myself in. A friend of mine had a lawn. Mowing business smart. Yes we cut grass in indianapolis indiana. We had a lawn mowing business and minor for me to to be smart enough to say i'm not gonna kill myself cutting grass. I'll pay somebody to do it. And i'll relax and get ready for my pain job. Which is what i did. We say kurtz. If you have been in jamaica queens you would have had a client. That's right i would have hired krista cut to grab. I'm disappointed in you mike. Did you ever rake leaves in your life. Yes i did. That's a little barton barton holidays brother. All right you too. Thank god high. It is the awry fox. Sports radio india the annual. Gm surveys are out for the nba. Some interesting stuff. Little spark interesting discussion. Keep it locked. October fox news radio fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. Rt listen live. You decided to upgrade your outdoor deck. So you ordered the essentials. A power washer set of patio chairs and a shiny new grill. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping or up to five point two five percent as a preferred rewards member which you put towards the cost of your most essential deck addition a bird feeder apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation. Lately it's been hard to think about the future especially when they're so much going on in the present but thinking about the future is human nature and helping you achieve a better future is what we strive to do. Edward jones our nineteen thousand financial advisers. Connect with you in a way. That's right for you whether online by phone or in person as we gradually reopen our offices we worked to provide you with the individualized answers and attention you need. We listened to understand things that are important to you. And then we work with you to create a personalized investment strategy tailored just for you never grabbing a cookie cutter solution off the shelf for over one hundred years. Edward jones has been helping clients find opportunity in good markets and bad. Also you can get back to drafting dreams and building near future edward jones. It's time for investing to feel individual. Visit edward jones dot com slash support with role. I'm that's right boy. Tiago you always get those funky beats. Forgive flashback friday. Dj alex tyson on the ones and the twos. Although i gotta be honest he had no idea this song even existed. I told you about it now. He loves it. Mavericks was like he was twelve years away from being born when this was made probably bornet. We're alex was that you were you. Born ninety nine is like seventy nine. Yeah this was like a hair blow type of hairdryer. Admit ain't that funky data the kurtis blow on the i couple. How right well. Hey chris do. You know how you spell christmas this year. How c. h. r. i s. right she s m s. Que chris mask he's not funny. My goodness rob. There's a k at the end. This year. chris. Martin was right twenty. Did you say the last time he says i'm funny. Twenty thirteen if you deal with a dead battery like rob parker's dealer with some dead jokes. I liked it head to autozone. America's number one destination. They offer free battery services like free battery testing every battery charge. And so next time you have in battery trouble head to autozone your battery solution in america's number one battery destination. I rob you know this every year. The gm's do an anonymous survey for the nba. And they're asked all these questions. You can't vote for your own team or players and eighty one percent of them. Pick the lakers to repeat as champions. I don't think that's any surprise. No it's anybody's that's just natural. Yeah i'm gonna pay per day look like the best team the interesting thing to me. I was a bit surprised. Rob that now. He didn't win. I mean it was closed because nobody got like a ton of votes but yannis arctic cuco. The two time defending mvp. He was voted to get his third mvp in a row. And that's only happened. A few times larry bird of course did it in the mid eighties and then was bill russell. I believe yeah bill. Russell did it in the sixty bill russell. In will bill russell wilt chamberlain and larry bird of the only players to do it. Not even mj or libron did it or magic. I i don't think he's going to have a tremendous season. His stats are going to be off the freaking charts. And they're gonna win a lot of games so he will have a second star so he certainly is positioned to be very much in the running. But i i would pick luca danni church in dallas and kevin durant. I will give them a better chance of getting the mvp. Then y- honest and i do in. This should not matter up. But i do think a small factor will be that jaanus for two straight years has not gotten it done in the playoffs and again it's a regular season award positive or negative shouldn't impact your voting for mvp. But i think people will be like do you know you you. You ain't getting it done. And i remember feeling that way about dirk when dirk won. Mvp and then they got balanced by the eighth seed in the first round and it was like he. He's not gonna get another be awards till he proves he can get it done in a postseason and that could hurt you on this a little bit. It could but i disagree. I think Because of what happen and this guy's work ethic and the idea that he wants to get better and show people that he's a better player. I think it's going to actually fuel him to do what he needs to do. Because he knows it's not just his supporting cast that he didn't do some of the stuff that he needs to improve on chris so if he can improve on that and when you look at how good he was a year ago. I'm with them. He's only twenty six years old. It's not like he's on a downside of anymore shoe right. But i just with three straight. I'm not. I'm not sure if it's going to be this year. You know what. I mean like now if he has another one another great year winning. Mvp and flops. In a playoff. Chris that might have effect. But i don't think people are gonna hold it against him this year. I think it was an unusual circumstances with everything that went down. And it just didn't work out but i think i think he has a chance to win it again i do. He's into running. Because like i said he's gonna have. You know the recipe right like pretty much. Deluca doesn't have a second star. So that'll help. Luca lucas playing into west. Although the east is much improved. Don't you think there's a great narrative though for kevin durant if they have the number one seed in the east east. And he's kevin durant a out these going. And what if milwaukee has the number one seed with kevin durant and kai you know what i mean. Visit close close. I still think be all right. One hour left. You know what to do lock it. We're all shopping for essentials online these days and now you can get rewarded for it with the bank of america cash rewards credit card. You can choose earned. Three percent cashback on online shopping essentials. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now coffee twenty twenty bank of america corporation. 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January 28  Hour 2  Deshaun Watsons Trade Future More Certain | Chris Dempsey of Altitude TV Calls In

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

38:10 min | 4 months ago

January 28 Hour 2 Deshaun Watsons Trade Future More Certain | Chris Dempsey of Altitude TV Calls In

"The after the second and final hour of the day here again a quick note. Unc game that was set for tonight against northern. Arizona has been pushed back to friday night because of covid related issues again. I don't know. I don't know what the difference a day makes but whatever that's i don't make those decisions i stopped. I stopped fax stopped even trying on that side of it But that game will not air on. Kpfk tomorrow we have obligations on the prep side of things for a friday night and we will look at the unc game for sunday to get back at it too. So we'll have the full the full story's available for you at the whole show dot com and or thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. Got to tell you about something. Cool that. I'm doing colefax coming up in a couple of weeks getting a little nervous. I'm a. I'm going to run a little bit. I i used to be attract guy. I loved loved running I did all that stuff. But it wasn't really a long distance kind of runner. But you've got the we got the loveland sweetheart. Classic coming up. Thanks to sweetheart. City racing in loveland of course and this is taking place saturday february thirteenth sunday february fourteenth. For that for the couple side of it. I got a toddler at home so my wife staying with the little one. I'm going out. I don't know it's probably be cold. I'm guessing so. I gotta figure out some some proper attire for that but i'm pumped for it. It's a and it's always a good 'cause they're always raising money for great causes for high schools for groups throughout high school. This one from specifically they're raising money for local high school threaten northern colorado and their track and cross country teams a lot of times. Those kind of those teams. Don't get the as many looks as far as what we're going to spend money on so they're going to be donating. A lot of the proceeds are a good chunk of that to to local high schools. It's a locally owned and operated company. We've had shane in the pro on the program before he's a great guy If you guys want to join me. I'd love for you to come out if you're a runner or you're not a runner. There might be some walking involved. Please join me for the sweetheart classic. I'll be running on saturday february thirteenth. So i'm looking forward to first advantage. Text line three nine seven four seven eight thirteen one nine seven. Four seven eight thirty. I have done awhile. Cofactor messed up there. We got save. Save save the day. Okay all right. So everybody's clamoring about mpg. Still and i get it. You know should should michael porter. Jr. be starting over over will barton. Barton had ten points last night. Plus twelve on the plus minus scale it is i saw some tweets out. I'm looking at a bunch of different tweets from altitude reporters like she said. Hey we're all the haters now. Will barton had plus. Twelve plus minus. No they're still there because this is who will barton is he's going to have a game where it's really really good that he's going to have a game where it's really really bad that he's going to have a bunch of kind of like average games. Random games i. The future is not well. Barden will barton. Is i guess. I guess right now. The only only reason in my mind that mike malone is is leaving barton as the starters because you want that productivity off the bench for porter and if barton goes back to the bench. How's he going to handle that. How's it gonna handle that mentally. He said at the beginning of the season he is not a backup he is a he is a starter and that's what he said at the beginning of the season so it's gonna be it's gonna be crazy man. I mean porter's the better player. And oh i just got this note to i wanna i wanna get this no doubt colfax and breaking news on the sport on the reporting side here on that's race. It's saturday only singles and couples are all day saturday so no no sunday but So all saturday. So we're all going to be there. It's gonna be great and we'll run into a brewery. That's i'll be fast at that point. I'll be waiting for it. I'll the you're just going to be at the end cheers. i'm just gonna take off. They're gonna be like whoa that guys freaking fast and Then then they find me dead shortly after somewhere with a beer i was gonna say i cannot. You know it's cool dude. You got to check it out. Check out the The website so many neat things that they do for this community. And it's it's easy as just getting together and run it. It's pretty easy. I don't know. I guess i'm torn michael malone has always had some weird decisions to make about this roster because they've been loaded. What do you do here even with millsap and grant last year. How do you get these guys more minutes. Now it's now it's really. I don't really think it's about barton. Everyone's tweeting and saying oh they're malone scared to barton's feelings and maybe there's something to that but i think the bigger and i want to talk to mr dempsey about in the second segment isn't the biggest concern. Is that if you take porter and put him in the starting lineup was that do for barton and then suddenly do you lose your productivity off the bench. Now jim michael green. He had fifteen points off the bench again so porter at seventeen so those two together are providing a nice punch. Now normally morris has given you more but he had four points He's gonna still get you close to that ten to twelve but you'll know about the other guys you know faku composite. Oh is still a guy where. I like his his his heart. I like the way he plays. He's fun to watch. But you know physically not gonna be able to to stand up against some of these defensive player these offensive players but he. He works extremely hard. But you don't know how many points is gonna give you can give you anything. Last night. He was over four as far. You know it was kind of cool to zeke. Nagae play a little bit last night. I don't know he and rj hampton. jay's got he had eight minutes last night to steal. he's a hustler but again. Those are not sure things right now. The sure thing is michael porter. Jr. and your michael green. They're going to bring the points off the off the bench. And if you if you put porter in on that starting rotation the concern is gonna be alright. Where do we get that productivity from jamaica. Greens to give us some monte morris going to give us some is will barton going to actually give us the next you know the next The next best thing that you can get from barton brady brady. I realized in high school. You were probably the guy setting screens to get shooters like me open. No i was stopping shooters like you. My friend and for a fellow shooter like mpg. Dixon and mpg. Basically same dude. There's something to be said for being able to go straight from warm ups to starting instead of sitting on the bench for ten minutes of game time before coming it's nice to go straight from warm-ups to play 'em. Pj needs to start. Although he's playing well off the bench but malone is not going to mess with the current streak wants denver loses than maybe he makes switch back. And maybe but. Maybe you don't need to me. This could be the way you do it this year. maybe starting. isn't that important right now. To where porter is. I don't know if i could the upticks. And though he's a big dude isn't we saw him at are fantasy like six eight six. Six eight jacked j. Just looks like he does pushups all day all day. What switches to the one handed doing some claps in between. I don't know i'd have to the body and mckee them keep them away from the rim. That's what i'd have to because once you have to fall coup that up Not have to put that elbow in the back cabinet. Keep them away from the pain because once he gets into the paint on trouble i can't. There's no stopping him. He's six eight dude. I'm what six three. Okay maybe not quite so. I'm laughing house agreeing with. Can you don't get no. I can't jump dude. I can jump i can't dunk. I cannot jump jumping over our that really expensive piece of equipment that was in the lobby of the day. Oh yeah. Don't tell anybody i won't. I don't think i should be doing that. Because if i if i were to not clear that thing that was at least like a three foot jump ground. Yeah okay jump. Is that like a little rabbit or gazelle. Did you do hurdles and track. No i did. I did the four hundred and the one hundred and the two hundred okay. So four hundred was it for me. I wanna pass that. I was that was it but i like to jump. I couldn't get the timing down of the long jump. And the triple jumping all stuff. Couldn't get the timing. And then the hurdles you have to have. I was that new little shuffle. Step right up to the hurdle. Yeah clear those bad boys. But i lost a lot of time when i did. The shuffle dance right up there on that hurdle can't show no so no. I'm probably not so for playing you. We're you and me to play playing dixon. We're playing the spun of dixon. Are we post. Who are you posting up or you point garden. That call now supplies. Yeah i'll just be on the perimeter shooting threes threes just run. Yeah run the program hit the hit the corners man. That's that's me that's my style. Join tonge for ceus. You kinda steph curry. I will say. I wasn't much of shoe. I wasn't a great scorer scored a little bit my senior year. But i was a pretty decent defensive guy. Yeah yeah just run around diem up and crappy. Yeah in their face you get when they picked the ball up you scream dead dead dead in their face. Oh yeah man. That was our deal. That was our coach would lay into us if we wouldn't if they're dribbling they pick their dribble up. If we're not all over them and screaming dead was deadball We were benched cry. Cry would make fun of us and shared scream at us because they didn't like if we didn't do it like if we didn't talk we didn't play aradio show hosts. 'cause i talked to all the time somewhere got casey somewhere. I wasn't paying attention to some of the places we needed to be re to run once in a while but now i don't know who we gotta get somebody dixon and that's the thing. I kinda surprised. I'm real shocked here. Because i thought i figured dixon is competitive z. Is with our challenges here. He's not not doing the madden challenge. I know you p five. I would have expected that. Yeah i'm shocked. Scared i think so. Yeah he's intimidated. He's intimidated by the whole again. There's a lotta great athletes in the in this thing in this competition. Amazing athletic ability. It's gonna take tam warriors hand. Were you coming out. I know you're not playing but are you coming out six. I could come out. Is it the six. That's coming up a week from a week from saturday. Somebody's gonna win. Ps five zero walkaway from there with a brand new. Ps five greeley bears. Pop warner us. Up with that for minute quarters. I think we're playing last year's madden game so it's gonna be good Tell you what. Let's register somebody for that. I'm gonna take caller number five and there's no purchase necessary nothing man. It's easy all you do. If you call right now call number five. You just come out there. That day february six three o'clock we get it rock and roll and play a few games madden and boom. You're done nothing. The new all the safety precautions. Everything's taken care of by nog- aiming call number five nine seven. Oh three five three thirteen ten or toll free eight seven three five three thirteen ten caller number five you will be in our first ever madden challenge. Thanks to no co- mobile gaming and greeley bears pop warner seventeen minutes after the hour. Let's get a quick break. We'll talk too. Chris dempsey of altitude. Tv coming up next listening to the hall's show powered by energy and thirteen ten kfi k. Brady will be back after the break here. Mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi june all pro linebacker super bowl champion at thirteen. Ten kfi koa twenty two minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show. It's the whole show powered by energy. We are live from the articles specialist studios and we're talking some denver nuggets another w for this nuggets team. And they are. They're rock and roll. What does that is that is. That's five straight for denver. We're talking to chris dempsey of altitude tv. Chris my man. What's been with this turnaround. We we thought this road trip was going to be a difficult task. I was going to be happy with three wins. But they've already got four of the five. Yeah and you know. Part of it is on his part of it is catching some teams about players. You know dallas didn't have for You know major rotation players And then obviously last night. The miami heat has It's been a problem for them. I'll see them wrong. I mean the second game against the phoenix suns. There was no different booker. Although they beat that team obviously with booker the the game before so You know part of it is. The nuggets are playing much better basketball. The other part of it is you know. They're taking advantage of teams. That are a little that are that are not hold right now and i think both of those things matter especially this year We in this season where you know if you can have the discipline enough to keep your team healthy and safe and by and large i mean outside of obviously michael porter is Three week apps. It's the negative done that and you know they've been able to be on the court pretty much all the time with the same rotations with Very similar starting lineups. So you know. They put themselves in a position to win games. I'm but on top of that. Obviously defensively they're playing much better on that and that's just a fact and You know it. It really did begin with that just in terms of you have to give yourself the opportunity to get stops and when you get stops there clearly one of the best offenses in the entire gay when you get stops coupled with an offense that is playing as well as they are right now. Then you're going to start turning your fortunes around and so i think that's what we're witnessing when witnessing chris i look at it the spurs going forward any any notes there as far as what their roster looks like at this point the spurs and yeah. They just came off a of a situation where they had games postponed. They had a game. Where wasn't just. I think it was both teams. It was the spurs. And i believe they were playing memphis that night and neither team had enough players to to play the game but pretending tonio play last night and They should be pretty well. Okay as i'm coming as i'm cruising through They're available list and so yeah. It looks like Looks like they're going to be pretty close to if not entirely hole. So that means rose rosen. That means take murray lamarcus aldridge johnny walker all the guys with the exception obviously of the former. Ceo guy derek whyte. Who's been out for a with An actual injury For for a while so Yeah it's gonna be tough The spurs are ten eight. They don't beat themselves. you know. that's out. Gregg popovich coaches his team. They play hard And in so. It'll be a challenge but for the nuggets are the better team of the two and if they're able to kind of go into san antonio and wet wow you know five and on a road trip. And what a difference. Ten ten days have made especially in the standings. Yeah no question about it man. I mean this road trip. We knew it was gonna. We thought it was going to be tough but like you said a lot of variables in the in the way in the nuggets took advantage also. They're getting guys back getting michael porter jr. back on this road trip. I mean he's he's been pretty good and every single one of these games and obviously off the bench. You're having portable seventeen the other two michael green with fifteen having those two guys right now if the bench and i know there's this big debate about will barton and michael porter jr. and all that but is there. There's got to be a fear that if puerto does eventually start again. Because i i think that was the plan right here. Where does that production come from. And i know morris is gonna not many games you're gonna just give you four points But where does that extra production come from. And if it's will barton you gotta wonder. Is that going to mess with him mentally. Because i i know. Being starters is important him. Yeah it is and you know. I you know i. It's an interesting situation because if you were just to look at this road trip. It really hasn't mattered. That that will have started. And michael porter has it because By and large michael porter has finished all these games. And we'll have it in the minutes You know have reflected Exactly which player has been playing more in each game. So you know on one hand. Doesn't it matter if michael porter scores thirty you know. If he came off the venture started. I mean i guess to agreement fans yet does You know maybe to his ultimate future going forward with his basketball team you know maybe you can make the case for that to It seems to me especially on this road trip. That as long as they're winning. Mike malone isn't going to change the equation and that is You know we'll barton starting but maybe not finishing And michael porter coming off the bench in filling it up for a nuggets reserve unit that has been fabulous in these last few games. I have been so good led by michael porter scoring which you also. You just talked about you. Michael green morris. Pj does when he was playing You know this to see these are guys that You know. I mean these are some serious players and they have come in and really lit up the scoreboard and really provided. The spark of this team is needed. Especially at the when you when you're running by and large when you're running up against teams that have three or four or five players missing. What we've seen is the majority of those have been rotation players and so the starting fives might actually be comparable to what the nuggets are putting on the court. But once you get beyond the starting five. The nuggets have clear advantages. And when you see these bench scoring numbers you see where the nuggets have really gotten a foothold and really separated themselves out. Some of these games and these are match us that they have to win. They have the better players a by a long shot in in some of these games and so the bench playing that well. has really big big dividends for the seat you talking about what what ultimately What does it matter that starting label. Because like you said porter gets twenty five minutes. Pardon it's twenty one. You're seeing porter in those key minutes late. And i'm starting to porter sale the right things when you guys were talking to them. And you know his responses about coming off the bench and not wanting to disrupt the chemistry. I don't know it seems like porter. This is kind of good spot without. But how do you convey that porter eventually. Down the road. Because i i think most players do chris. Maybe i'm wrong. But they hold that starting role. There's a lot of value there. Even though they might be more valuable off the bench and ultimately more valuable than their starter counterpart. There's still some kind of name that goes to being a starter. Yeah the in. I think but for michael porter i you know. He's coming also from a space where he just wanted to be on the coming he can still remember. I haven't been that many months ago. Where he just wants to be on the court at all you know it was. It was while i was consistent minutes. You mean that those very the kind of things that were that he was saying feeling And so you know i i. If you're going to michael porter. I mean you can just say to them but remember when you weren't really playing remember when he played on monday and didn't play again until friday or you remember when he played on tuesday but it was twelve minutes and then he played zero minutes on wednesday and so for him. The ability to beyond the court insignificant ways at all is a placeholder. And you know ultimately will it be you know the placeholder that can keep them bitten. No probably not but for right now and maybe even for this season. If that's the way you know it's going to work for the nuggets I think it will be okay. I do and you know michael porter. It's a question of when he gets on the court. Can you fill it up. Yeah you know you. Are you giving the green light. You know is he getting some time with jamal and joker and those guys on the courts they. He continues to get chemistry with them. The answer to that is yes. They're rotating that in a way where he has been on the court for big chunks of time with some of the starters so he's getting some of that experience even with the way michael malone is substituting the game so yeah i mean if the is the carrot of being starter out there You know something that he's to ultimately want. Yeah there's no doubt about that. Of course is Could you can you. Can you put that off for You know the next five months and make a run out of the nba title and him. Having be okay. If that i think that's okay for one season And then you just reassess and re address the situation over the course of the year now having said that i do believe it's going to be a point in the season which gets back into the starting lineup. I mean you know. The magazine aren't gonna win every single game the rest of the season. And you know when you know when there's a lost or two in a row that's going to just give 'em alone license to get You know michael. Puerto right back into the starting lineup. I expect that ultimately happened but while they're having this run of success i think he's just going to keep the rotations just exactly how they've been chris. Some of these big winds have also shown us all right. We're gonna play. A lot of guys is going to be guys that normally don't get minutes. We're seeing rj. Hampton had some meaningful minutes. I mean eh. eight minutes malone talked about hampton the game before last of course Saying hey man. I'm really impressed with this guy and his energy are we is this guy. We're gonna start. Zeke nausea scrap time but arena c. hampton more and more as the season progresses. Maybe you know you know. It's just a pj dozer is also now. There are minutes available. You know so you know. It's good to see him out there on the court and getting some run and getting some experience because know actually to to me. He looks just world's better right now than he even did at the start of the season and he's only been court unlimited minutes and so you can see how quickly he's learning and catching onto things In improving on the on the court. And so i think that would be the case but i would expect that when. Pj dosier gets back that Rj hampden would probably find minutes hard to come by In and would have to really use his practice sessions and whatever else As as as you know his biggest means of improving until he can get into a real off season You know and maybe even play a summer league if there. If that's gonna be a thing maybe that's not going to be a thing that you're either but At least have more of an offseason to really train and and get himself better than come back into next year's training camp Maybe the team looks a little bit different With a clear opportunity to earn himself a little bit more minutes but It's really good to see him play and well and get that experience out there Because these games means something to the nuggets i mean. They're not just going about their games. Don't mean anything you know. They they mean something and he's getting out there in the last couple of games and sometimes that aren't just like like you said You know the last two minutes of the game you know. The these are Times in the game where they need to keep them into or create momentum and he's out there and so that's been really fun to watch talking about. I was listening to wasn't monday Your your your colleague. Katie wendy pointed out in the press conference. Nobody asked anything about nicole. Yokich and i guess. I think that's a good thing right chris. Because we're talking about all these minutes. All these guys coming back and and being meaningful here Joker just to twenty one measly points eleven boards. You know nothing big. They're in a in a blowout win against miami. I guess that's a good thing right when we're talking about the surrounding parts because it seems like the bench is starting to get better and the jokers get more help so to speak. Yeah i mean you know ultimately he needs to get the help. I mean he is the leader the star the guy but yeah. You're right there have been there. There was in that particular game. There was so much other stuff happening you know and also you know not that. We're taking him for granted. But you know i said this at one time. He's you know he just expects nicole. Yoga's to go out there and and be dominant force and i think as as a as a fan base but as a media core as well i think there are there are nights. What's like all right. Well he puts up. You put up twenty five points. Twelve rebounds eight assists and that's pretty typical for what nickel yoga and on the other. Hand the michael porter jr. going thirty. And then we have jamaica green guam for seventeen and we monte morris. You know those stories that you're that are not able to be told on a game to game basis starts to starts to rise to the top and take president But we own all never lose sight of exactly what nicole yokich means the basketball team and what he does on every night basis. I mean eighteen games eighteen double doubles crazy. I i mean that's That's a consistency. Obviously that we quite frankly haven't seen him in past six different the playoffs And so if this is the guy that he's gonna be all season long. Wow that's amazing but see how some nights it's seems crazy to think that you wouldn't always talk about macauley yokich but On some of these nights. I think that might be the case chris. Maybe the broncos don't need to give houston a call out to shawn watson maybe the joker should should over there. The they'll see now think is what gets you last night. He's clearly saying. Hey no the broncos. Hey we can try both right. I mean it'd be a busy schedule there for a bit but he could go in. Throw a couple of quick passes guy so good you know those those long path and that you know everyone that he threw the to carry the ease with which i mean. It was just right in his hands right. So you all gary has to do. He doesn't have to reach one way or another to try to get a pass. It's a little bit offline just puts his hands up in turns around and he lays it in. And that's how it's not just i mean it's the link to the past and then it's just the accuracy with which he throws You know You don't have it's effortless for for the the the recipient to be able to now take a shot It's just it's great and we never get tired of it and we never will. How does he practice that often. Those those deep balls. That i mean. Yeah yes i mean. Yeah yeah. I mean does he throw them in practice. Yes i mean is it like super drilled. No no but but you know what he's even. If you just run through that a couple of times i it it matters. And then you're kinda marrying that with just the skill the skill of being able to do that you'll at all so he could do it regardless but then you've used a few times and practices to make sure that you have the timing down and then in gained it looks like look like last night. Always fun man. Chris appreciate you as always. It'll be fun to watch. I mean my it seems like every year mike malone has some kind of roster does is a good problem to have but some kind of tough decision to make as far as. Who's getting these minutes. How we're doing it. Well here we are again with the porter barton situation. But hey it's entertaining and I'm sure he's excited for the challenge. It's fun for us to watch how he sorts through that roster. Yeah you're a good problem to have. I mean we have good players and good players are playing well and you're winning games to everything else. Will we'll take care of itself for sure so You'd rather be on this side of the coin rather than looking down your bitch and going on earth am i going to the game itself So that's that's not what the nuggets are thankfully and We'll see thinking improving now like you said what a difference what ten days or so makes for this nuggets team. Chris will catch up next week. My friend all right. We're up. Chris dempsey altitude two weeks ago. We were like whoa. What's going on with this nuggets team. Should we be panicking. And now they're sitting pretty man. I mean they've they've put together. Some ws five in a row and all on this road trip now one left. You got philip. Pretty good did pretty well on this road trip. Overall thirty eight minutes after the hour colfax the thursday night special coming up. There's no local matchup. So i'm marie out into the national world of sports coming up next. You're not going to want to miss that. I am too and one on the in the new year. Twenty twenty one is off to a weird start for everybody except for my thursday night special. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash apart northern colorado's force thirteen ten. Kfi k block party wednesdays from four to ten pm everybody. This is dalton reisner. Two thousand nineteen draft prospect out of wiggins colorado and. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten ks ks thursday thursday thursday thursday thursday. Ed not so special. Thursday thursday thursday thursday thursday thursday their day. Nine special were good. We're feeling great two and one on the year so far so good tonight to challenge them. It's a big challenge. I'm looking around all these nba games and there's guys out in. It's just like what. What do you do here. I decided to focus on this one tonight because after watching miami get just absolutely pummeled by the nuggets last night. All right there on a back to back. They're going up against the clippers. The clippers are without everybody though. Patrick beverley paul. George is out. The heater actually favored in this game. They are a five point favorite but the heat still without of course so last night. Jimmy butler health and safety protocols. Chris salva with his hip tyler herro day. Today he's heartless is out dragic out. Meyers leonard is out. I mean this is a this is an interesting one man. I mean serge ibaka. -t's kind of like leading the clippers at this stage. He's leading with six point. Four rebounds and averages twelve points per game luke kennard shooting fifty one percent. He's averaging nine points per game. Can the clippers way. They're thirteen and five i. They're rock and roll in into but they're trying to stay afloat here. Miami's trying to break a losing streak man at four and four a home. But they've lost the last four games and Coming off back toback all right here. We go so this is basically the battle of a bunch of backup players few starters in there but so this is a crap shoot tough one but i put all my thursday night powers into this game. We're looking for three and one. We're looking to just rip and roar through the month of january. This is my last january. Pick trying to get three in order to get three. I'm going to have to go with the clippers. Hold onto you. Would you like people to know about you. Find guy some love the game of basketball. I mean for me to tell you about myself. I can give you the whole spill. Only mathias guy fun. God god for you. Well done great great stuff. Susan cheryl approved. And i feel bad like the whole thing about and no tonight. You know he'll be held a lot of time to be a fun guy as a fun guy. It's clearly he's gonna be one of the most peculiar players in the nba hilarious just hilarious entertaining. No he's hilarious. Did you see that one. I showed you were on the bench and the bubble one of one of his teammates is trying to do the bunny ears behind his head. Quiet looks over at him. Just like looks forward like and then you just has like sad. Mopey faith doesn't like. Why are you doing that to me. He doesn't like respond at all. It's the best so no. It's this is a weird listen. The nba's a weird spot right now. If there are games happening you're not seeing a lot of the star players. But i thought this would be entertaining because i saw at miami gets smoke last night. So this gonna be a battle of some bad teams miami's favored so i'm going out on a limb i'm taking. I'm taking the clippers in this forty eight minutes after the hour. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back. We'll wrap up. What else is on the tube tonight again the. Unc bears men's basketball game. No go tonight. They have moved to friday and sunday. So that's what we know at this stage. We'll be right. Back follow your. Unc bears all the way to march on northern. Colorado's voice. thirteen. Ten k of k no code now weekdays at four on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Hey this is mark. Johnson voice to the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the whole show with my buddy brady ho on thirteen ten. Kfi show the whole show powered by pd energy. Just six minutes until the top of the hour here and again a programming note for you tonight. We were set to have that that. Unc game four tonight but they have postponed that moving. It's friday night and we we do have some some contractual obligations at least at this stage on our with our preps game for tomorrow night so we will not be carrying the university of northern colorado basketball game but it is also an exciting night here. Because we're having some some hockey on the side of it so it's gonna be fun at eight o'clock preps hockey you got you got you wanna go to our website. Thirteen ten k dot com. You might be. You can actually find the the the banner there where you can watch the stream. Resurrection christian in fort collins. You can watch this stream tonight too so if you want to subscribe. Go check out. Go to thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. Our banner ad is they're doing remind you folks a great sponsor this program. I told you on the rocks liquor celebrating their tenth anniversary. They're giving away stuff all week like a tropical mix pack from truly hard. Seltzer michelob. organic seltzer winter. wheat vodka. Red wine from cupcake vineyards bud light. Lemonade seltzer all that in a bunch of swag going on and on the rocks liquor. So they've been with us since we started this program without them. So if you're a fan of the show if you're against stop by on the rocks liquor this week and tell me appreciate their support and go ahead and support them while you're at it all right five minutes until the top of the hour. The herd with colin. Coward coming up. Next it's going to do for us. We back at it on a friday. Good northern colorado.

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"Weird Al" Yankovic and Dimitri Martin - Takin It To The Highway

Dumb People Town

1:31:58 hr | 1 year ago

"Weird Al" Yankovic and Dimitri Martin - Takin It To The Highway

"Marines more fit okay. Seven hundred okay. Hey guys ran in Jay here. Want to let all of our San Francisco fans know that we're GONNA do alive dumb people town as part of sketch fest. We've wanted to do this. We worked it out. We're so excited to it. We've never done at this theatre. Although John I did alive Dr Cats at this theory. And it's beautiful. The Marines Memorial theatre seven thirty pm on Friday January seventeenth. We're GONNA have great guests great musical as it's going to be an amazing show. This is the biggest venue we've ever done for dumb people town up in San Francisco. We WanNA fill it. It's over five hundred seats so if you've come to dump people towns and you know how much fun they are at Cobb's now we gotta get you guys to rise up. Double the crowd Mattel. Tenure friends come on out. We WanNa see you there townies and people who love podcasts costs from the San Francisco area. You'll love this. It's Friday January seventeenth seven thirty PM Marines Memorial theatre if you go to sketch Fest Dot Com if you look at the schedule Agile and drop that schedule down you. Just go to January seventeenth. CLICK ON A. You can go right to the tickets. We'll put ticket links up everywhere but San Francisco you know now before the holidays. Great Gift to give People Bohai. I'm GonNa get you tickets to see people love to see there and Dumb together San Francisco Stutz do it. Hey Guys Randy J and Dan here. We are so excited that we're going to be doing. People live in a bunch of cities we are going to start to tour this show as extensively as you guys will allow it we bring it out. It shows forty seven cities everywhere. I go people like when will you bring dump people town here well. This is what we're doing and we have six dates in the next sales months. That were coming. I WanNa let you guys know about it. Because for our Patriot members you can get presale tickets to the Seattle show which is coming up but let me tell you when we're going to be where we're going to be when we're going to be there. The cultural cultural the Cedar Cultural Centre Minneapolis on a three nineteen. That's on March. And here's a pretty big room and we love. Our guests are amazing. Great guests on that show bracket. We'll all do brackets and that night after the show we'll see who's already out of the tournament then the next night Saint Saint Louis Missouri. Our Hometown Del del Mar Hall. which is sort of a hatchet? It's amazing this is a dream. Come true for Saint Louis able to do there and that that is on three twenty on march twentieth will be there so you can definitely get your mom will be in the audience. Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee the next night. That's on the twenty-first I at Saturday night. Saturday night in Milwaukee Turner Hall. You definitely want to be there for that. And then we've got a dumb dates in June so dumb people town a Rio theatre in Vancouver on Six eighteen that's Thursday nights in Vancouver and then I believe we have a Seattle Washington Hall on Sixth Nineteen in those tickets. Go on sale For our Patriot members. Presale look up on our Patriot on page right now. If you're a member take care of all your people that have been with us through the Patriots victory on and we know for some of these guys get the meet and greets and you get extra stuff like that well. This is one of those things you get to buy your tickets early and get him before these shows sell us so check us out joined join the Patriots page and Get those nights the last night. We're at the Aladdin Theatre Ladan Theater in Portland Oregon on the twentieth. which will be amazing? All right thanks guys. Starving Tales of unaware they lack of my own making news breaking half-price on on top of this podcast with Co Host L. D. body saying around Tau What's so everybody how you doing my God happy holidays? Happy Thanksgiving hope. Everybody is out of the food coma. we are so excited about this show tonight about the guest. We've assembled and always we we start off a little music and we met this guy and his is unbelievable Bam. We were already fans of the band. We met him when we did an NPR show called live from here. They brought us out to Saint Paul Minnesota and we got to hang with him all all day as we prepped for this live show that was on. NPR and his band. The dirty projectors was first of all to watch them warm up and to watch them play incredible incredible and then we caught them when they were here. Zevulon Awhile back amazing and we wanted him to do this show and so. I'm so excited to introduce our musical guests tonight before we get started and as we get started he is fantastic. The band. The dirty projectors is so great get all of their music and please welcome our friend. David Longstreth they ask now for the first time ever the universe becomes Mama Man my dad hand in the owner John Moving to own. goldilocks plan. 'cause like auto to Ooh the grid that just US although you just misplaced Zubaydah And you ooh. The body wants the same Conagra everyone on grin on and off the salt in the sea An assault Sierras reach too busy back to me. In hindsight the nation Shen Dreams Up to extinguish the blacks down to now live the media. You and I'm saying you knew. Uh Five new when we met them in Song Throng from the Evans pads it. Centrally Explosions Song as the thing into exams in Tondo. Joe Give into UH Thank you Okay and then. I'm going to do the theme song. Dan Iran and J will share tales of folks so lacking race and sometimes shoot the life. Mitch will make Downey. Champion failed them. Am Florida say they saw so. Listen to podcasts. We've come on man you don't pay a when the music funny we gonNA take. Thank you stick around town People the David Long Amazing. Okay all right. So Largo the Laura Jesus now we gotta follow that. Oh my gosh. That's not fair. Beautiful thank you for doing that. She was started. Let's counties in another episode of Papal Tabulation. You population us. We love performing at Largo. We love being food coming from Thanksgiving And we love dumb people doing dumb things and that's what this show is all about. We think the world's getting dumber Mer we feel like as ocean levels arising IQ levels are going down. We feel like we've said this before that smart smart is a bunny rabbit and dumb just keeps putting it too hard. Yeah he likes it he does. He does not like ours. Stop all right so before we bring out our amazing guests a lot of you know that we have a spirit animal argon versus. We do His name is Jan Flavio. The patrol areas of town. There is look at him and love it. It was definitely donated all right so we like to start things off. We just the engine a little bit with a couple of real things about jam played in this fixture he. He just took off his eight ball jacket. So we like to. There are things you take off his shirt the button nipple stay. The gentler once found forty five cents in his naval At a carnival Jan Flake. Who is what you get when you trade into medium prizes Jan does go to Karaoke? Song is the theme two chariots of fire. Jim Plato believes that you don't pick the lock the lock picks you ah to go to Walmart on Black Friday just to browse calls. Pubic hair has lower goatee. Now Jen. Plato's still has a restraining order from his fake Canadian girlfriend. does Christmas. This year includes an iguana afloat he and six is copper. Infused Risk Arts Jen Plato. Piece sitting down and poops standing if that's possible jammed. Plato calls going to Church A.. Dick Measuring contest. Amen Jim Plato. Once got an a verbal argument with Ken Burns's Vietnam so long argument Gary Argument with a lot of world push worth the watch champ. Ramp Latoya's proudly not bought a new pair of socks pre-nine Eleven. This is how he quote doesn't let the Taliban with Gen. Plato did twenty three and me and found out he's won twelve Keebler Elf Does blood type is polyester blend. GM was stood up during three weddings to object to the couple getting married. He was also the efficient and at two of them play. It was the only thing cut out of the Irishman literally away. That's a lorry indulgent. Yeah long piece Jan flail. These days calls his junk impossible. Meet Jeff always travels with a tent. This next one is only for a specific group of people out there who are parents who have teenage girls. Jan flato shops at Brandy Melville lot more than I thought it would jen. Plato astill tells people he works at Circuit City and that he can get him a deal. Believes that if you try hard enough. Any pair of shoes can become slides for the holidays. Plato just music Christmas lights from around his bedroom to the front of his house. Jamf Plato Wears told me brace on his arm I don't know Plato got into a domestic dispute with his curic Eric. Gentler don't once brought Jello shots to awake last jam. Plato owns a selfie stick but has never taken a picture of himself love it. That's good are we doing good. I have one more question. He's he's GonNa push his lung. JAMF LEHTO takes daily trip to fan supplements to help him climatized at Thanksgiving right. I'll is the jam. We love you John. What that reminds me? I got an email from Jan flato yesterday. I read this first before we bring on his can't believe I forgot the hotmail account it's from prodigy. The subject is I want to. I can't believe there's a subject. They asked him every time. You want to send this with no subjects. I want to read his email address. SOPA don't ever but it's its own bit here is here's the subject Peyton and Mrs Sklar. What I don't know okay here? We go hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holidays like we spend it together. Checked your website holding that cool Walter. Sweetness Peyton glass now what he means by that is two things one. I took a picture of me holding Walter Paint and glass. And there's a man in this room right now wearing a Walter Payton Jersey and I love you Walter Payton yes. I know he's dead. I picture holding a Walter Paint and glass up in front of aunt and uncle. kens appropriately themed and decorated mantle. I wrote this is what I look like on the inside. Okay back when he says he saw it on my website. It's because my website links to my social media and Jan doesn't understand that's what instagram. Yeah Jan I love you. Stay Golden Olden. Okay here we got Daniel. I'm going to check your website hoping that Walter sweetness paint and glass Daniel. I've seen them all. Jim Brown is the greatest football player I've ever seen. We've already detoured so far from Thanksgiving. If he played today it would be the same story. He was ridiculously Niculae Great. We all knew he was getting the football little or nothing. Anyone could do to stop the man if this is what he that whole diatribe it comes from. How was your thanksgiving? What Spike Lee's documentary on Jim Brown? I'll tell you an insane Lawrence Taylor story. Sorry someday you might get deposition Tan. I had all. This is the part. I had all the giant's work for me one new year's years eve. What does that mean but by that that might not be like the New York giants that just might be big people all the giant people in the world? Let's just say Lawrence is crazy three exclamation points. I was there period. WHOA period? He's nuts exclamation point. It took eight New York giants to to control him that night. What is going on in Jan slight right now? I'm imagining that. He is never typed in email and his life and he's just into starbucks dictating this email phone sur- were closed. Also also you need to know how this goes back to back because here's how it closes out he's nuts. It took eight New York giants to control him. That night also saw wonderful the picture of Jason and his beautiful mom wearing a cool sweatshirt which I imagine is the slow so I love to Mama Diane I and my mother and Mama sklar have a great live show at Largo love to all townies Plato. Beautiful beautiful we're fortunate to have to hilarious and super talented people on the show people who I'm sure you guys are here to see. I'M NOT GONNA waste time listener credits. They're they're amazing comedians and they're heroes of ours. Please welcome Demetri Martin and Weird Al Ya because AH committals boys. Oh there we go walk. Welcome to town gentlemen. So fresh I wanted al.. They have the middle. Because when you say comedy hero zero I agree the fleas are I know. Oh yeah being the mediums. I wait a second. I showed my son naked gun last night for the first time time ever my eleven year old son and you're a hilarious like joke in the beginning of when he goes to talk in the at the gets off the plane. I saw the BRESCA. I'm telling you like you weren't there. And then all the people are like no no no frank. He's not there for you weird Al's on the plane and then you walked up the planet and I was like Oh my God. We're seeing him tomorrow night. I gotTa tell you a story about that. This is back in Nineteen eighty-four single at the time that the eighties but definitely single though and I would take birth dates to see the naked gun not telling them that I was in the move. Yes Sir exact same shirt that I was wearing on the plane. Cadre good you were single. Oh my God that is recently on tour with another another great comic name. Andrew Young Blood and we had a few hours driving in the middle of the night to Cleveland and we started playing our favorite weird Al Yankovic back and back. We had so many. I'm like we. We only have two hours of. I don't know if we're GONNA drive too long ago and I've told you so many times something tells me you don't love me anymore is by it shaped to me as a comedian. So it's amazing. Yeah thank you thank you and Demetri Martin is also here. Dimitri what you've done with the easel shave ice. I know I cannot look at Pailin drome and not thinking. Oh Wow calendar Paltrow I. We are stories. Sent it to us from literally are dummies on the ground of people doing dumb things and and we've never heard the stories Dimitrius days overheard it as we heard it Dan his kind of partly. Yeah I just see if it's good enough. Stop Okay Okay. So let's jump in well we can't it because this is a live show. That's right before we do that. We will play something. Called the Florida Man burr taken. I love this. Yeah so what that means is everyone has a birthday theoretically and then ah everything happened on your birthday and it usually happened by a Florida man so we will start out here. We'll find out which Florida man are you al.. According to the Internet Internet your birthday is like Tober third. That is incorrect. Twenty-third I'm sorry. I just he was just checking to see if he knew you. Pass the Tesla. The Internet there was a quick pause though we got was over twenty third. This is a story about a Florida man. October twenty third. Here's the headline Florida Man. Soo's Madonna saying her ten thirty. PM Concert is starting way too late. I don't know the how you're already mad before even went. He Goes No. He bought the ticket and he wanted his money back. And they're like you bought the tickets right. She has to go to three yoga classes before she council wants a with the patches about Madonna. Yeah I think that's I think. She really poked her out. Saw Ralphie situation did you ever. Did you ever perform Madonna not in public. No Okay folks back in the naked gun screening here. We go next to meet your Martin. Yeah I have your birthday is may twenty fifth straight I share birthday with the Miles Davis and Ralph Waldo Emerson. ooh We're GONNA find out well other hilarious comedian. I love of this here. We Go may twenty fifth Florida man arrested for teaching kids where babies come from at the top of his lungs. Where do babies come from the top of his lungs because the way that's written it seems like we actually covered this story a few years ago? Here's a little break down. A Florida order. Man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after climbing on top of a playground. Full of children and yelling about where babies come from. What if he was just just doing it in the most scientific way? Ever there's be into Otis Otis Ryan climbed on top of the playground equipment at a park art in clearwater on Sunday afternoon and began shouting babies. Come Out of women. At the at the time parents were at the time pairs were rushing to the area to to remove their children. He then began yelling quote. They come out of their vaginas by the way to be here. When you first find out it is an an exciting moment you gotta learn all those chance could have been at a reproductive rights rally and it would have been great in a different context if you put it on a sign? It's something I love. They had there was his second brush with the law that day as he spent the morning yelling at tourists. They don't say what just yelling at tourists. Come Out of women come out and play. Dave December seventeenth is what I have for you. That's right okay. Good coming up birthday did you have to like was was it always like We'll get them. We'll get your real presents on Christmas. Everyone I was asked that I kind of was like that. I don't know. Is that why you became musician that comes from we solved it right in the music. Man Listen lyrics in there dude. He he rose rose above it. Yes I quoted one of. It's not dirty projectors. It's dirty projectors and my right Andy I put it. I'm sorry. It originates man tactically. It's hard to avoid right. I also called you David Longstreth. I'm sorry David December Seventeen beat your Florida. Birthday is the headline Florida. Man arrested after he was hit with dodgeball during heated children's match a twenty two year old man in the Tampa Bay area is behind bars after police say he slapped a team following a heated game of Dodge Ball. A lot of teams need to be slapped. I'm just saying that and I don't mean thank you for having the courage to clap for That dodgeball could have just been a game of rescue dog thank you. No one's casually playing like you played. dodgeball someone go get slapped. Okay and if you're a grown man that puts those are birthday. Florida Birthday Games story. Let's do story. Why don't we do a story? This was sent by Caleb at Kayla Beano Ca L. E. V. I n.. Oh thank you Caleb thank you Oklahoma City Caleb right that's guess calebs calebs. Come out of larger women Sir get down. Sorry or he could be his name. Could Be Caleb Albino. No real a white Kayla Kale Bino. Yeah so when you eat so much Kale that you start turning white. It's just everything your hair are your skin Oklahoma City and we. We only need this sentence this comes to us from. KFOR DOT cab the fire. I Dunno okay. Oklahoma City of Mike between two women in the middle of the highway allegedly started with a disagreement over laundry toilet paper for an dishes and ended with both of them in Laka. How do you think they started arguing in the highway about that? I mean taking it to the streets. This is one thing right. Take you to a high. That's a whole other level of anger. A man by the name of Tim Joost was caught up in the middle love it and he sat down with news. Four share. What happened so tim uses having sex with both of them yes quote? She jumped on on her like a spider monkey. That feels problem. Tim Yeo set de they could all be white in. That feels race. Just saying that Tim Yeo said quote hello and then she just beat the snot out of her temp. I don't think he cares about either not anymore. No Tim yots tells news for news four. We get got it here telling you tells us four. He's legally married to Richelle. Joost not to be confused with Rochelle which is where I'm from R I C H ht l. l. e. Rachelle so her parents. They couldn't spell Michele or Rochelle Rochelle so they went in the middle also. I love that he tells news for. He's legally married now legally. I'm married to Rachelle. That's the first half of you. Wait wait for that. So he tells me for. He's legally married to Rachelle joost but the two had an open relationship with another woman who has a perfect name. Amanda Breeze that sounds like the laundry detergent over honey. Did you put a whole sheet of Amanda reason the Dryer. No I said a half sheet. We don't need to waste all the parents way self comedy dryer sheets do you. Did we do a half. He built to this day this day. I'm going to no matter the size load. Yes that's too much. How how many sheets are using I? I Five G. runs short runs five deep on Amanda Breezes Dmitri Dryer Sheet the same as fabric softener. Yeah Yeah I think so no no. He doesn't WANNA go on record. I told many sheets. He just throws Willy Nilly into the offend people. I get it done. David Laundry sees one point. He says he doesn't even know. I don't trust traffic softener. Azeem toxic they do. They do seem wasn't there a time. Where dryer balls were a thing and they didn't smell like anything you just through some balls in there and they rattled around this both know report? Elles nodding like he knows what I'm talking airballs condition. Everybody aspires to right. That's what Tim Ladies uh-huh legally married to Rachelle use but we had an open relationship with another woman named Amanda Breeze. I wish I was there for that conversation. I guarantee Rochelle knows nothing of this over. I'm just GONNA say whatever happens to this guy or this girl the fact that he can say out loud to people. I'm in an open. Relationship with a woman named Amanda Breeze. Just makes him cooler than anything. I'll ever be well a secret secret. Equal Open relationship that which doesn't sound like an open relationship with just wide open. Secret Open relationship is an affair right well. Jar Jar propped open at one person doesn't know where the draft coming from or the breeze with. That's coming the. That's some hall of fame. Shit Commander Breeze just blows Joost says things. He told Channel for talking to us that things were going well for a few months amongst until breeze wanted to get something off her chest quo. She said she didn't want to be the other woman anymore. Yo set so you said he left Rochelle and their three kids to go live with brees a what that. Wow how. But the honeymoon ended. Is it a honeymoon. I don't think it's a honeymoon. The honeymoon ended when it came time to buying groceries and doing chores didn't like IOS before before you don't like him now going to hate him in this. A police report says quote Houston Breeze got in an argument over toilet paper laundry and dishes. Now that was foreshadowed at the beginning of this story Tan. If you told me joost in brees was the new shields and Yarnell Yup. Yup I buy it. They're just like a really famous couple breeze. That's a power. That's a hefty the argument to have toilet paper. What is it paper laundry detergent and dish? So it started with one of those. This is one person brought up. You know what I mean. It started with a jar of pickles. Keeping Track of it started a simple dishes fight or something and then and well let it started with someone asking repeatedly. Are we doing this doing this. The problem is having thing this conversation right. I'm not trying to compare you but here's richelle like to look chic far. She was concerned rinsing. Them's doing them. Maybe maybe maybe that's one maybe there's one argument maybe it's the toilet paper laundry and dishes as you know what I mean. That's one thing they do ed group they just. I'm hoping they live right. I can't take this back. I'm going to double down going. Yeah you're right in that brief one of them saying you don't do the dishes and laundry right toilet toilet paper right wonder the other toilet paper on the dish or the Lawn best-case scenario. There was a list that wasn't fulfilled. Take the best case. I told you to get toilet paper. I asked you to do the laundry. I guess you would rather be the other woman And then the fight happens. I I want to try this for another twenty minutes. What I'm saying? Explain to me a world in which all three things can be used Tim. Yeo said he had had enough and that he wanted to quote move out. I'm GONNA show you guys a picture at Tim. Joost's this is the JIM that we're all talking about now. Pulled out a lot of you look at Tim and you made a quick judgment and you know what that's fine but what I would like you to judge is what the fuck is in formaldehyde behind all my God home. What is going on? Why is it displayed? I look he looks like Larry the direct TV Guy. Uh I went to the Long Beach Aquarium and I am not even recognizing what is in Formaldehyde. Behind confident in his masculine needed a way that shirt. Oh He's definitely leading to the side to Fart during the that's what it looks like. Is that news for that for for the first. We're hearing of it. I can tell you this too. When he left Rochelle he also took that chair? One hundred percents definitely fully calls that shirt color fuchsia astronaut. Sheriff I need. I just can't believe he's here tonight. Audience Shit all right so tim. Joost's packed his bags hopped on his Harley But that on your Bingo board called by the way he could have said just hopped on his motorcycle. He had to show that. And it was a millionaire to Harley Kawasaki he is sponsored by Harley. Help me unpack this. So he packed his bags hopped on his hardly Harley and called Rachelle to come drive the van. Imagine his Harley doesn't go anywhere it's just he just hopped on and stayed there. It's not a trailer Donna trailer. The debate get over here. The harleys in the van the van. He's on the Harley Right. Only Rachelle has the keys so he called her sheltie aalto. Come drive the van but the two I guess that would be him on his Harley and Rachelle in the van didn't get very far before breezy was on their tail. Aw quote she is pissed. Jooste said grease allegedly hit the back of Tim. Yo Spike on purpose and sent him flying lying across the pavement. No yes I'M GONNA go ahead and assume he was not wearing a helmet. Yeah no no he so she is this pissed even though it happened in the past so this is a guy who says so why says in present tense for him constantly. Trying to tell you I tried to tell horrified. Drivers call nine one one. Could you imagine seeing. This man is driven off off the road. It's a van and a bike. Another woman drives bike off the road if the person in the van. If I'm behind that my first thought is this is about toilet paper dishes and laundry. That's the only way. This big horrified drivers called nine one one one quote one call. I didn't run him over. BREES said by the way they didn't ask you that they're like what's your name and that's what she offered it up. I did all. I didn't kill anybody right. Well there's a mass. That's what I say when I call and I love this quote. I didn't run them over. Breeze set new quote. Yes you bitch nine one one nine one one one caller said they're not saying Rachelle set it the city any person in like a like an outlander called. Yes you did a bitch. I watched you a nine one. One caller set. I this. Is this the operator would be great. Great we got street camps batch issued. Yes Hugh did bitch is the red neck version of okay. boomer I feel we can also make that t shirt dump people town. Yes you did because on the other half of that. Is someone vehemently saying no idea. Someone saying please get out out of my living room. Then rose richelle I keep wanting to say my own fish then. Rachelle allegedly turned the tables on breeze. Risk Risk Rachelle hit breezes car before the two got out and went hand the hand on the highway. Here's what that wreck looks like. Oh I cannot the foreground. We have what is called a Harley and then we have these two cars and a head on collision but if this is a highway someone crossed crossed yellow line or median right. Yeah how did they get around. I'm just I'm just happy that the guy is drinking a lot of water. He's staying staying hydrated. He's Super Nice water everywhere. Where was I oh here we go? This is Tim. Joost Rachelle gets breezed by your hair fair and tender down and then just starts dropping hammer fists and rocks her world. He said Hammerfest because he wants to know he loves 'EM. Aw Ma. This could be part of his fantasy. This is part of his fans. You think yeah okay. In both women are facing jail charges. Tim was rushed to the hospital and is still on the road to recovery. I saw the news story. He's fine. He's road rash eastbound although he did have a head wound he did not have a helmet on. Of course I was loved that like he got knocked off a motorcycle and then he's just sitting there eating popcorn is they're beating the crap out of me for sure who doesn't want to be the other woman. Prove it as they're beating you take that for a- as they're beating each other up he saying this is how much they both love me. One hundred per m saying hey said quote. It's like some Jerry Springer Shit Yo said with pride died I made up with pride. Both breeze both grease an IOS bonded out of jail however joost is back in in jail as the investigation continues. How does that work you let her go? And then you're like what comeback I'M GONNA I'm GonNa ask you this and we'll get out out of here now. How old is Amanda? I don't WanNa be the other woman breeze. Yes now Rochelle. Is Tim Yose Legal Wife. He's legally legally married to her. Yes if you put into it but how will do you think based on everything. I've told you Amanda the woman doesn't want to be the other woman wants to fight over toilet the paper laundry and dishes and we'll get in a van and run someone off the route you our guests so any of the three of you can go first take take or last take would be second. ANYBODY WANNA go. David Forty two forty two years old for a man debris how Ol- what do we think and I know. We don't know this Tim Yeo students are you tried out his term Dan. If you told me he was twenty nine I believe you I I would believe you. That's a hard twenty nine twenty nine but he's he looks like his Saturn is just pretending writing in Oklahoma years. Yeah Twenty six groups most about about this picture. It's not just the weird things in Formaldehyde. He somehow has has chairs that want to be stools. There's no backing. What's where's the lovelier? That's how it's not even plug podcasting. Hey man you want to you take off the hat for the TV interview. Uh they don't need to see my this helmet visit. Oh that's good. Okay Eh Jason. Okay I'M GONNA say she's thirty four thirty four thirty four. Here's the deal she is. The woman has no kids with him. she's feeling the biological clock tick okay saying I gotta run over this other bitch now if I'm going to start having babies right so I think she's thirty four. She's on the precipice she wants to settle down so she's going to take it out on the road. Yeah that's Berta by the woman on the highway it tells a lot of people. She's on the Dmitri. How do you think Amanda Breezes I think I think she's over thirty I I? I don't know that many people under thirty named Amanda but there I know there are there might be my experience Have you because that's not an old enough name for it to be cute. It's not like Evelyn. United under thirty twenties would be like. Yeah I don't know what the names are like Lindsey that there are all these there's of rain Braila N- yeah really. Well you know you're twenty nine so and my youngest daughter is into gymnastics and and we would go to the competitions in my wife and I because they write the scoring down of each kid we just I wrote down all the kids names and whenever we're like feeling really sad or anything we're mad at each other. We just pull out our phones and I'm just like railing Aland Braley crazily Jim. Burleigh fucking gymboree. Wow that's where you take your two year old to his birthday. Party burly always made us laugh. So gymboree what you're doing down. I'M GONNA say thirty one thirty one years old now. I think you guys are real close. I'M GOING TO SPLIT IT and thirty three was it was a hard year for Jesus but I think it might be a banner year hard year for Jesus thirty three thirty. Three's hard year for Jesus Ed Hardy Effort Breezes Jesus probably one of those names yet. Jesus what is is that. What kind of like if someone did know Jesus and they the hold is that guy? They'd be like Jesus Thirties have audible. Think Jesus died because he fought for his beliefs in when he tried to instill people treat people the way he died because of three things laundry. I think she's young I think she's twenty six twenty six years old and been stripping for eight of them by the way when I said thirty four she looks fifty four. That's a fact but anybody in the town liked plus you too. We'll do to the along the corn right here the front twenty three years old. What's your name the town? All right way back right make their thirty seven years old right now I wanna know how old Rachelle is I know that answer okay. We'll do that next okay. Well we're shells two hours right because show with one L.. We hate to resolve to all right. Amanda and I don't want the extra eligible lady like his now the Sol's from long-term she's not doing it. That's a good slogan for that's that'd be great for bounce fabric softener the extra L. is for laundry. There is no house. Exactly what the hell is like slinging off like it bounced off it. Look on the top quarter of the box L. Wing. That is a very go. I got it Amanda. Brees is twenty nine years. Oh Oh wow so twenty eight so you were close to me to Martin with a would you like to guess how over Shell Joking. I knew was an odd number. Okay Okay David you write down. How old is Rachelle? Also two hundred twenty nine like they went to high school dogma. Yeah throw curveball here. seventy-three heralded MODs story. It's a different story with that. She's a holocaust cost survive. He's tried to have sexual there before she kills herself on her. Seventy nine to subtle all evens. David David Sedaris Tim. LLOSA's bigger white trash version of MOCATTA. Hey Days Confuse those women at the end of their twenty nine so so they both didn't graduate high school the same year. Okay Y- I'M GONNA say I'M GONNA say she's thirty nine thirty ten year difference. Okay Yeah I think twenty nine is good but if we're playing prices right ruling was twenty nine years in one week we don't we don't we go. Oh straight up either way but you could still have it thirty then thirty. I think she's fifty two nine. Oh that sounds really old. But that's Tim Joost married a fifty the two year old legally why he wants to be. He's legally married to her three kids. He wants to be in an open relationships right. Do you think Tim Yeo says it's like he could be sixty one or twenty seven. Yeah I can't tell I can't tell there's not enough gray in the beard. He's like if adult onset diabetes became a person saying we're going to get a letter strongly worded letter order. Just say goodbye to your toes in about three years Bro Lima bad guy guys. Open fucking marriage. It hasn't dangerous species in a jar to that guy check. Below is bad and the crawlspace and then come back and tell me. I'm the bad guy because I picture you guys distant future you've died and you're sitting before judgment or whatever like you guys live good lives but that that fucking podcast. I want to send you guys Harsh it's really hard for us. So I save fifty to fifty two. You are anybody else. Want to make a guess on Michelle. Yeoh stop there. There was some hands before Ray. You're back what's your name Bianca. Welcome to town forty. You want years old anybody else right. Over here for throwback high page thirty four years old. I can tell you we we will end story one on this as I show you both of their photos and you can leave it to your own imagination to figure out who is seventy three Rachelle. Joost Ghost is. I thought that came from the audience. The Hanish a murmur of seventy three south coast is thirty. Thirty six years old charity nine. I'm Taw by the way they look. They look like twins they both look like the expression of the words. Yeah wasn't worth it. He definitely has type. Yeah he has type A EH has the type I believe. If you're looking at the photo hold on wait wait. Let's guess who we think. I don't know this is so fun. We're all guessing I think on the left is Rachelle on the right is the other one on the right. Both put the lotion in the basket. Ladies they just do the rights the the woman on the right still has the hope enough to die at scarborough. Very honest second all right. Is that story number. So let's take a break. We come back with more dramatic around town. Hey guys ran in Jay and Dan here WanNa talk about our are quips quit baby. They're not just our jokes. It's the perfect thing to have like comedy for comedy podcasts. Although it's not funny at all how great this thing is it's actually very serious. How Gold Mine Randy and I said it on this podcast before? Our dental checkups have decreased in time of length by from like forty seven fifty minutes down to twenty nine minutes. That is just a simple direct reaction to how well the quips and how often we brush our teeth and how easy it is with quip. So here's what it is. They do they have the sonic sort of buzzing. That gives you four thirty second things that basically tell you do this quad near your mouth outdo that one do this. When do we now brush our teeth for two minutes every time morning and night? You know you're being more thorough so what's happening is you're the brush sheds need to be replaced and they send you brush heads every three months so you don't have to think about antiques recommended. It is the best thing to travel with his Dan. You're on the road a ton. Yeah and we cartoon. I know Dan. You had an electric toothbrush before the quip and just taking your base was something you would never do. Yeah and it's comes in a case announced but this has a great little travel to that it slides right into and also even in and you're like in your house or your apartment. He saving you. Put it right there on the mirror right in the mirror. Good our kids use it. They've never brushed better matter. They're actually their pediatrician. Dentist pediatric dentists. Said their teeth are the best that he's ever seen Because using the clip and they actually every three months they send you floss. They send you toothpaste which I actually love. They send you a new brush and they send you a new battery so since you went over and running dry over three million healthy mouths including the three of us. Yes and Get quipped today starting at twenty five dollars and if you go to get dot com slash DP tea right now. You get your first refill free. That's joined the refill services. So good for you good for your health. This is and it's really not that expensive. That's your first refill free at get quip dot com slash DP t that's G. E. T. Q.. Wipe Dot com slash DP. T- quip the good habits company and the meanwhile. Here's a little song for Buddy. Dave Longstreth Dave longstreth again. Get everybody Not all often Sense Ball against us you too and soon Sean is long concerned with Simple saw end they all much human leg New San Unreal Amazing Dave Longstreth David so great. Because I mean I've seen you at the will I'll turn and you guys were like. It was a full band experience but I love to hear the sauce completely stripped down that I start like creating the Sanju like you and Qatar. This is it. I want to see if I can do this right here. But there's so much going on in every song that you guys do yet ends up that way but yeah that's that's the way Eh right. Great Great Great Interview Ran. Do you like music. Yes okay. Let's get on with the show. No but that's on the last album. which again we highly recommend? Everyone pick up. Are you working on new album right. Now Yeah Okay great out do you know are a target or no do you do you say look alike when you wanna finish when you you WANNA done. Let's done do you. Do you drop your albums how do you how do they come back. Yeah they drop the drop I think so it depends. We knew when you're playing the guitar you play that by yourself you sometime. You use both hands hands on guitar when you're doing. It occasionally sweet all right. Look from the new album I like this. What about touring stuff are there will be? Are you out touring now. Tend to walk or drive or dot. Then you walk. Part of Arnovitz walked part part of. It's walking the walk. Walk Timer car you once you get to the place you get walk there you go to any tours available when can people see you. And how can they draw. Ring touring. Yeah they just just saw. That's a great point. Play his song in a little bit. Okay cool so if you want to see him in a little bit website and find out where he's he's going to be doing it. This is a tour stop. This is it tour stop in. La at Largo okay. Great coronet in in a couple of minutes okay. Great in the moment came off a huge tour the strings attached to. Ah I remember you came on our show. And you're like I'm about to do this crazy orchestral tour. How was it for you? Was it everything thing you hoped and dreamed it would be it. Was We drove places. Oh good opt out shit. Sixty seven shows across A world where we play the the. US Canada Nice. The whole I mean the world that counts. Okay I get it. It was local musicians and every every city and everywhere from forty-one pieces to seventy one piece you played red rocks in Colorado. We played with the National Sympathy Symphony at Wolf Wolf Trap. So a lot of great venues and a lot of great orchestras. A lot of fun I mean in those moments when there's like an orchestra playing in music are you like yeah. I'm a little bit classier than people. Give me credit for you. Don't really appreciate the subtle nuance of a white nerdy. Here with us or are are they all accordions or you had other instruments accordion light. Like a seventy one. Accordion salute is what they play when an accordion member dies. When I was taking accordion lessons we actually had an accordion marching band? And I mean it was like a for Christmas parade. We'd be walking down the street with accordions and by by the end of the parade the all needed on issues. Yes resuscitate that's hard. That's like heavy. Jesus Christ all right. It's purchased for kids. It is a He's starting a foundation for accordion carrying kits. There must have been fans among the musicians in each city yeah you were like so pumped we had them all bedded and if they weren't fan who said no sorry Y- but he's I share Vancouver. Fuck out out this weekend found. We can find a cello guy on the streets. We can find one. Okay are we have always said this and we said this we guess Osa Jim Rome's radio show. I think think and we wanted to start this. I think you should play the Super Bowl. Halftime show would that not be the Great Lakes. I'm sick of Bruno. Mars like everybody. You did song like they could all come out and perform with if you find alcohol them up until the mall to buy so I needed. That's all I wanted and we'll just have to meet you open up just a little much watch more high energy than I know. I do really well in stadium and you'll go on my stadia. Is this your stadia tour. Different stadiums. I my I bring her shows and open minds I did. I did like stadium stuff. Open mice in this day. Randy and I always like at a clippers game. We're like how great would it be if in this time. came out with no microphones like an Improv. Troupe came out I need jazz gin just location. It can't be doing thing like object work like out in the front like by the way. Great object were outcast. I don't know what I was smart. And my object. Abject work was like me. I couldn't really glass or turning. They don't ever touch the way people turned. Saint handles like this like they're shaking. Yeah that's it you just showed on apart way Dimitri live shows for you coming up soon east coaster. Forget about now. He's so many fans city every city. Aren't you east coast. Yes now. Maybe Su Jun yeah. I'm going to be in the the near the water. The on the other side of the to be in Florida actually. Hey now. We're going to Florida in January. Yeah I'm going to take careful. Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. And there's another one Jacksonville shelf gross. Yeah I'm going to be there so that'll be cool. Nice so yeah. I like how quiet I can make. I love it now. We're just letting people know. Let them know appreciate that. Yeah we'll come to Jan Plato. Shows goes up show and comes and sees you afterwards. You gotta you gotTa bow down and kiss. That'd be great ed his snap. We got announced. We're doing a sketch fest in January seventeenth now for you guys but if you guys WanNa come on come on up at the Marines Memorial theatre as part of sketch fest. We're doing a live. Don't people out so comic sampras-agassi I guess seventeen. We have a kind of many tour. We're going to be in Milwaukee. Saint Louis Minneapolis Portland Seattle and Vancouver. Those dates are in March and in June. You should follow us. A check. Check those out are going to be anywhere you can go to supersize dot com find out. This is ready yes same for me. I'm doing a show on Gondolas this Friday. Are you really Yup. Alright all right it's GonNa be fun all right. Sent in by Ben Fern land at Fan Burnhmans on twitter got some laughs. Your twitter handle just got some laughs right. I should also you know. The story was sending Ben for inland. But it's reported by a time traveling news reporter named Barton Dis. This and I had to make him part of this story. I should also tell you right now. The person who's like did the dump stuff is the least interesting person is entire story story and the the first one is Barton. Barton dealers is like a dietrich baiter care at Barton Barton leaders. He is like a newsman and from the forties Berry. Todd there do is Todd Berry as a character from CLEESE's show no okay party so just have bartenders in my go to the facebook page and you can see we look just WanNa Little Burton dealers. He's sick of that. All right. Optima Township Michigan. This comes to us from W. O. D.. TV would TV. Maybe I don't know a man is alive and well after he. I used an unconventional weapon. Defend off a convicted criminal who broke into his optimal apartment late Wednesday night. Whatever the reason was for kicking the door or of the ostrom apartment he probably was not expecting to run into a guy? Who does this on weekends? This is what the guy does. He dresses up armor armor and fights people weekend this and it looks like they kind of do it in some sort of a wrestling ring. I don't I understand. They look like they have too much and not enough armor on it. The exact Santa which one of these guys is Amanda Laurie. I don't know what's this guy like armor waiting for some guy to break down his door. Aren't they all kind of kings. Anytime explains Ben Ball. Okay first of all his name has been name. Is Ben Ball. He lives in the apartment. They showed these pictures of him doing this. And and this is what he had to say. Well number one it's not lar- ping already very long it's larvae. You do what he said solid times. Do people mistaken for our life like two cops or writing it down right. So yeah just put down Martin no number while no. He's not paying gives you the full quote well number one it's not lar- paying a lot of people are like Oh is it and it's like ah I love him. I love him he needed to explain with like backup. Said right says what number one. It was like todd glass in an argument. Let me worked out for you. But you're gonNa tell me why tell you why right and I know that I'm right now because here's what you would say what you would say to that. I'm going to say this but it's not lurking a lot. A lot of people are like Oh is it and it's like no this band. Aid is actually from filming last night for our newest episode wives. You're not in game of thrones stop. He then holds up his hand to show the band aid. And you're going to see his his wound which is an overstatement. Please tell me but more importantly you're going to get to meet Ben Plan. He has everything you want. And we've already seen his emotional opening statement. You cannot put a bandage over that and just one more question. Look at bad. He's Tim Joe Son. He's Sean Sun over one. I cannot grow of US DAX Rizzoli underneath it might be Amish. Even that head covered. I think it's safe to say living in an amish paradise wait so if he wore that hat for the interview I would contend. And he's wearing a long long time ago in a galaxy far far washer and he's got collector's edition Wonder Woman's Cup next to some set of liquor and a role. Amanda Everywhere Breeze would have his ass in a sling. No that's a guy who's never bought e uses toilet paper Kleenex Kleenex. We know this guy. He looks like he's got a return. A ring for Gandel videos to blockbuster I know they're not open but I gotta do the right thing. I rewound them. Yeah I would say. Don't need this copy a cool world anymore I was. I was GONNA say what three movies have to fix the night lander the story. Yes very story the Matrix. It's an highlander. And he's masturbated all three. What about cool cool runnings so? It's old copies copies of Seagate farscape and seascape and he's wearing a bracelet that you know he's GonNa keep on until it falls off. He's one of the few people who has friendship bracelets but no France O.. J. You always hurt sorry room down. I saw one question. Is it large member on. Some large like isn't larvae. You're looking at my stomach. I haven't Tattoo I too. It's not happy. It's like the worst recreation of the Rene Russo. Seen in the ball says that's a good scene ball says the the suspect. Alex rawls dated his former roommate and showed up at his apartment around nine pm thinking the she was there ball. Aw answered the door and told ause she left and went to Florida. which is what you say to someone so that they know they're never coming back? That's that's what I'm going to say okay to my kids when we put the dog to sleep four after went to Florida. I know what to tell you guys. He's in Jacksonville now. He's having a happier life. You're like I said he went the Florida. Doing math and hanging out with other dogs strays. Did I tell you the time that I watched the movie. The Florida project. I've ever seen it. I love it. It was a great movie but there was like. Oh yeah so so explain what. The movie is to people who might not just kids running around on supervised and it's it's not a documentary. Everybody looks damn close to a dog in an apartment complex hotel motel motel and I was watching it in like two hours in. I'm like why am I watching these kids and I should hang out with my kid. You took on Willem Dafoe. Caretaker came Willem Dafoe so great you gotTa See. She moved to Florida order. Okay Britt put the picture that guy backup this. My Buddy Ben Ball. He looks like he calls him. William Defoe one hundred percent William. It's like it's not William. I love him. What do you WANNA say rand? You'RE GONNA be playing no. I just liked it. He's like I need the liquor to be the in the shop. It's not liquor okay. First of all we're one so the guy comes around nine o'clock knocks on the door. He says she went to Florida. which should mean to go? She died Alex rawls later returned to the apartment and knocked on the door repeatedly repeatedly this is why I love him. While Ben Ball was inside playing video games watching Rick. And morty stop. Shot out to starve. You know that He. He made sure they put that in. Don't you say just watching Rick you do when. You're not lar- Jesus there's no matter by the way it's a reflex argument it's not large. Is this wound right. Yeah you got this real work in an office all right. It's a paper cut. Uh He visits. I playing video games watching Rick. And morty that's when the suspect kicked at the door quote Ben Ball this guy wait wait a minute was he. Does it say the show or like his dogs. ooh He probably does both yes Suspect kicked out the door. This is a quote from ball. It might have broken in on twice. It might have broken in on third but I was reaching already over here and and that's when Ben pulled out this act. Is that eight Larkin Bro. Tell me Lark Arp to you but I love that he changed. He said it might be twice or it might be read. Read this verbatim because I I can't understand what is happening in his description. Okay so the suspect starts kicking at the door who I told you is the least important person in this whole store it. It might have broken in on twice but no no. That's not a satire. On those are words that go together it might have broken on twice you sing it. It makes more sense. It broke ninna twice. It might have broken in on thirty at work does Dave. If we can get guitar it might have broken in on twice. It might have broken in on third. Can we do whatever but I was reaching already over here. You got to sing you nervous just because you're in front of Dimitri Bro twice ban on the third but I was reaching or Eddie you ooh. Jesus did sturgis Simpson. I liked it. Wow that was nerve. Wracking is that considered lurking. That's torrent. Okay he's story. This is what Ben pulled out. We show the axe right. I'm just catching up with myself quote. This is Ben and I've got a double headed carbon steel battle-axe that was homemade Baya Gel. I should read it the way he said it because I remember I've got a double headed carbon steel battle axe that was homemade by a gentleman who has since passed most important detail in this story. Right that the maker is now no longer with us. I'M GONNA say his ex after I do. You GotTa kill me with just to see if it works. Grew still good material. I'll make one acts in my life and that is it. You haven't even taken the best turn in this sense. I've got a double headed carbon steel battle-axe homemade by a gentleman who has since passed. That's why I call it my baby. Yes yes that. That can't be why he saw. Why a old grizzled weapon maker? Who's died that he now calls? My baby went to weapons maker does he. He's so baby is born you. Also he left out what he wanted. So I'm kind of like the bride and killed bill. He made one last acts for me. No you're not you're alarmed no wasting no time back to the king and the door being kicked in on the second or third wasting wasting no time. Ben went into action quote. The door flew open. I was already up out of my chair to attack him. He has been waiting for this day. Eh this is it so life his whole life or at least since she left and I don't mean the roommate wherever she she she is in his life ball said he had reason to believe. The suspect had a firearm. Will you better say that. If you're going at the the two immediately started grappling that's gotta be balls word or it could be was it. What was his name? diener beater the to immediately L. E. started grappling in the impart -ment beater is like the level of castle. Wolfenstein that like when you get into the final room. You're you're with Hitler in that room. I don't know that part of the program. What was his name Barton dealers okay? We were close wasting no time Bedouin into action. He said he thought he had a gun. The two immediately started grappling in the apartment destroying the place. This is what the place looked like after they got by the way they only in their grappling toward the thing. That's four and then one one little Trey Got David Gordon. Green seen like this is what they did this brothers movie star in Ish all the carrots dismantle dismantle a walker. What happened there? That's a spice rag. I don't know it was kind of surreal. The real ball set which means he's loving. It was kind of surreal. I hit him with the axe. Then he tackled me and we hit my coffee table able. It was really intense. I know you had a coffee table. I taught amazing during the scuffle ball. said the acts flew out of his hands. I wanted to. They hit my coffee table and then all of my books like Silverlake Bohemian fell on no time. Basquiat during the scuffle. If you've got that wheel time jerk that's for you. During the scuffle ball. said the axe flew out of his hands. At which point both men scrambled to grab the medieval weapon. This is every spend ball has dreamed right. This is trained in hand to hand combat. You're you're out the large pool and into the real world. You're now both going to get the weapon. It's just out of your reach or he pulled back and it's just out of both of your reach. We we went for both of us and we both got hands on it eventually. Raul's allegedly let go of the acts which I hope was just a conversation. Come on man. It's fine how let go the. Take my axe. She's not here she's not here and then Raul's fled the apartment. Ben Credits his victory to the being prepared because when he's not working at Applebee's a Oh he's a greeter. Hey Man when you're in the neighborhood be when he's not working at Applebee's is he at Applebee's or the late night bar which is the bees. Yeah now I think the late night bar it should be the bees at their drinks. Should be like little little shots that are called stingers. You are going to a self. I'm not okay careful because they're going to take the BIJON. Corbett's that you would have believed. He credits victor being prepared because when he's not working get applebee's first of all when he is can you imagine working with them applebee's every day about this. You won't see what's under the band aid. No that's to his table that he's serving. Oh I sure got a little bit homemade flare here for you know caused alarming going. Kicks them out when he's not working at Applebee's he participates in events where people compete in ritualized combat. That's the fancy way to say that and ball I be working at a medieval times. Yes that's so much more appropriate and ball owns up. This is this is what did I say. His name was Barton dealers. This is dealers talking. Talking and ball. Owns a lot of period weaponry that he keeps around his impart apartment. Reminiscent of the kind used by Vikings and barbarian warriors. And if you did not love Martin Martin dealers. You're about to because when he went to report on this he got so sucked into Ben Balls World he put on armor he started holding a shield grabbed a sword. Barton is in deep boy. Did you read that legs. McNeil book about the Porn Industry with those two cops went so deep undercover they could never come back hoe. They like we're mob guys and they just forgot about their families and stuff. I think that's what's happening to this. Go He's never coming back. Also this might be too deep but doesn't look like he's just trying to protect the cheerleader and I hate heroes hate it. Okay somebody said yes and I I in my heart and the leaders looks captain Germany Germany as roles place looks good. They cleaned it up actually really cleared up. Nice really cleaned up nice. I hope he walked out with those weapons. All right so I got all I need here. WHOA WHOA you're taking my babies? Those kitchen stuff rolls lead kitchen. She eats he eats off a shield plate. Yeah kitchen can shield. We've all eaten official. I mean us and Michael Chiklis roles brothers Randy said it Azriel ah roles fled a neighbor called nine one one and police showed up. Police canines followed the trail of blood. He got he got. He got roles. Good an apprehended the suspect Kalamazoo County officials say. The suspect spent the night in. Jail are the night in the hospital with substantial wounds before being transferred to jail. So he's going to be fine if you get the injured. That's I know that's the thing if you're bleeding you have to make sure you make a trail of blood. Oh one hundred percent how do they find you. Yes you have to. If you're bleeding a lot then you can move fast 'cause crumbs yes bodies crumbs. Yeah if you're Christ it's a lot like crumbs blood is is the body's crumbs could be that talked about album titles. I'm just throwing your weight. That is a very dirty project that is. I'm sorry. The dirty projectors. There's according to thank you Ben Ball who was thankful. He was unharmed apart. From a few scrapes and bruises which. I'm sure he'll show. Everyone really gets admitted he. He was disappointed however that police seize the acts it was evidence he lamented. I'm a little sad because peace has proved itself the cheese he definitely thinks objects can prove themselves to have you never seen forged in fire. Yeah you have a had on the road. I watched so much fortune fire. It's just just like new retirees guys who aren't sure they WANNA be dad's May weapons and then they have to test them have improved themselves. It's very compelling. I'm telling and sad gets stung. It's Stepdad. Fantasy Camp Great. It's kind of like house hunters after the divorce. Yeah the pretty good review home hunters home hunters would be like a touching version of heart. Hurt home homeowners because they make a house Ben Ball who grew up reading fantasy novels taking hunter safety courses and shooting a bow and Arrow please. He's got this all in the article we'll put in what we can put in all right. I'll put it in if I can take he'll okay. You can have the appealed to put in the that's GonNa cost you a sort. That's my Salad Bowl Algal fancy. He fancies himself. That's been ball still somewhat of a medieval weapons collector and said He. This is my favorite said that he wants built a full size catapult out of a tree that had collapsed in his friends grammas backyard. This fan is the gift it keeps on giving you said my friends back. You say it was not. It was my friends. Grandma's backyard. Also don't you think Barton. I have to go. I'm sorry that grief stories like I think he got busted collapsed right right. It just looked like someone chopped catapult dream. I have axes and obviously I could have chopped it down but it collapsed on on. Its own accord right to tell you this. Tell your grandma it collapsed. We have to stick to this if I ever interviewed I'll bring it up and it's a the enemy number one. Tell your grandma collapsed number two. It's not sir stop when life gives you a collapsed tree you make catapult. But he's still going ben ball is also survivalist Armageddon Repor it's not Doomsday Armageddon. which he said goes hand in hand with his proclivity for ancient weaponry well to you? It does cheeses quote. I've been trained and prepping for some sort of society eighty collapsed. I love him a tiny ball on the top of his. His hat says world's come to. Yeah so I got my last name a laundry ball. That's a laundry ball. It is a laundry Abo- he said I've been trained. Ed trained and prepping for some sort of society collapsed regardless of natural man-made or other worldly disaster. He loves the other worldly design loves. The watchmen watchmen said. I've just been training in general for the shit to hit the fan. I want to be ready learning all this old school medieval stuff I have to go. COPAN has just been part of it when we run out of gunpowder. We're going to have to fall back on other stuff. Squibb's come I'll be ready. No and and you know that hit. That speech is always ends with yet table fourteen needs. They're loaded potato skins. Can you can you just who who one more thing. But Ben Balls Fascination with all things castles kings and Knights has even extended into the realm of fashion and he also designs jewelry and other fashion accessories made out of chain mail. Alex rawls if you'd wondered I heard about the man who had his chest that guy he's being held in the Kalamazoo County jail. This is so per jewelry out of change you just breezed. Amanda and debris Dover that you can't Amana braise over that. I know that's the final thing that I have about him. What's the name of his store? You've got chainmail I love it. I think that'd be good but ball. Says he is glad he spent a lot of time practicing with Jeff that acts and then I dug deep friends and I found a photo we will get out on chains. Living Shane's that is at perfect perfect. And I thought I just thought of the name of your country music's on the east saying earlier about it's all of my axes live in Texas that is oh doc. I like that too thank you. Here's our final shot up at ball and it's a shot of looking at Andrews. Loving is best life that if burning man. What this happening did I tell you guys went to Christ part of this whole no? He is in full Regalia next to some woman who's also into her grown faster choices and there's just a woman in the background holding an Outdoor Cup screaming all right that's story number to my uh-huh and that is this live episode. There we go anything. How do you have one more thing you want? Are you good. This is awesome awesome. I love it Dave's GonNa take us and then we'll say goodbye after that Dave Longstreth more time you guys Dave. This one's been it sunset dances feed on Saturday. And say listen some say can and Eh Consent Dance Fall You boogie streets in in her for song. They feel that I. I cannot explain Kid Dan cents in dance. Dance is fall. You follow you on your dance for you Thank you so much. Thank you for doing this talent to meet you and thank you so much weird Al Yankovic it does. This is a special night because our mom net scorers in the House the laws. We love you guys so much thank you thank you largo. OC We'd get back to enjoy the starving a podcast network.

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AT#624 - Travel to Los Angeles, California

The Amateur Traveler Podcast

48:04 min | 2 years ago

AT#624 - Travel to Los Angeles, California

"The bags back on a roll. And read. It's go real good pass board. Amateur, traveler episode, six hundred twenty four today. The immature traveler talks about museums and cathedrals markets and ethnic food, tar pits, and the Hollywood sign. As we go to Los Angeles, California. Welcome to the amateur traveler. I'm your host Chris Christensen and with no further ado, let's talk about the city of angels. I like to walk in the show Wendy Lee from, and I'm going to have to read this empty nesters hit the road dot com. And Wendy has come to talk to us about Los Angeles. Wendy. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me and it wasn't part of my plan to hit so many US destinations right in a row doing Pittsburgh and San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Wendy pitched me. LA had been quite a while since we have done a show. We did a two part episode on LA. Oh, I don't know years ago eight years ago, at least at by this point. So it is about time. We went back there windy. Why should someone go to Los Angeles? It's such an iconic city because of the film and movie industry. I think people all over the country and even all of the world have seen far more LA than they even realize famous buildings parks shopping centers. So it's so fascinating. How much is a LA creeps into our daily lives whether or not we know it. And I would say the other things diversity. Now, most American cities, these days are wonderfully diverse places. But in LA you get a great combination of Asian influence all different Asian immigrant groups combined with Mexico and Latin America. So those two groups have had such a huge influence our food or entertainment and our music LA that's made it really fun. I mean, there's a reason that a bogey tacos were invented in LA 'cause it's here that Mexican crane cultures crossed. So I love that about the city. Excellent will in some of those neighborhoods really are right next to each other as I recalled the tro and some frost over each other historically as well. Well, yes, and he'll run it. Excellent. In what kind of itenerary do you recommend for LA? I'm gonna do a very downtown Centric itinerary. Okay. It will in downtown has changed quite a lot of last few years. It is so true. Your previous guests talked little about downtown, but instead don't go. There or something like that. Not to go at night, especially not to stay there. And at that time he was completely accurate. I would not have my husband attended college at USC. I go to visit him frequently and any time we wanted entertainment, we went to west LA. We have waited downtown, but that's changed the restaurants, the shops, the cultural attractions, great, new hotels. You know, a place is up and coming or even already arrived. My have ace hotel open, which didn't twenty fourteen. So I now totally recommend a town and stayed down there myself several times a Clinton. So what are we gonna do the first day? I love museums, but one of my favorite ones opened in twenty fifteen, and that's the broad named fort ally and Edith broad to philanthropist and very wealthy people LA who were very committed to contemporary art and instead of donating their collection to another museum decided to create their own. It's got an impressive exhibit of contemporary art people like he'd haring Andy Warhol, ROY Lichtenstein and one of the great beauties of this museum is at it's free. Their intention is always be a free museum. Reservations are recommended in advance so that you don't have to wait in line as long, definitely recommend that. But I think this is a great museum. The building self is gorgeous, the artworks fabulous. They have free apps. You can download on your phone that tell you more about the art and the architecture that even have an app for kids. So this is a pretty impressive new museum on the Los Angeles scene downtown based on her. Previous conversation is right in the heart of downtown and right in the heart kind of cultural area. If you enjoy theater musicals concerts opera right down the street from the road are the Disney concert hall, Dorothy Chandler pavilion, Mark Taylor and Amundsen. So that's your thing. You can see the road in see kind of shows playing in the evening and catch world class theater. So this whole corridor, right in the heart of downtown has become really the cultural peak of city will one of those the what is the correct? Disney musical Disney. I called the Disney concert hall concert. Oh, okay. I actually own a place in l. a. where my son rents me, but I don't know LA that well down and see our son, and I keep thinking I wanna see more things in LA but have yet to do it. So people when they see that building will right away, probably be able to guess what the architect is because this is a Frank Gehry building that has made folded steel sort of designs as he qu. Often does. Apparently he doesn't own a straight edges, whereas I can tell. Very true and it is gorgeous building. Do a free tour, the building I've taken. It didn't find it very interesting. I unfortunately a so if you just wanna walk by passing outside and take pictures, you've got it covered, but that whole street there is really pretty attractive these days compared to what downtown LA in this area used to look like. Next, I'm gonna cathedral of Our Lady of angels, guess mentioned this, but to draw reverend's attention. This is not your grandparents angel. This is post modern architecture kinda was done very intentionally. It was one of the Newark drills in the United States is now the seat of the diocese. It is free to go see and it's spectacular. If you set aside your preconceptions of what they should look like and appreciate it for what it is in why it was built this way. I love it, but in particular, what are really enjoy inside our John Nava tapestries of the saints. So I think it's a great juxtaposition of postmodern, are. Architecture with a very old traditional mode of art and tapestries the such. A fascinating project that they actually made a documentary about this called divining the human, the cathedral tapestries John Nava pretty spectacular. Dec-. He used modern day models, real life people who he believed would have looked like that Saint during their lifetime and from those paintings had tapestries made in Europe. So very fascinating Joel that I don't think it's enough attention wasn't on my radar at all. It really isn't for a lot of people which is unfortunate. 'cause I, it's again, it's free and always not inexpensive city visit. So I always like I like for people are in my readers that the really really high quality things you can do for free. Excellent. We're to next next I would move on might be hungry for lunch. By this point dinner depending how your day scheduled the Grand Central market. This was built in nineteen seventeen originally literally exactly what it says. It was the marketplace for everybody who working class folks who lived in this area, selling produce meat. Slick are spices, but it has since but revitalize become food hall. It is packed with some great food, a lot of great ethnic foods, some of the longtime vendors there I love on their place called Toomas tacos, and Sarah Sita's poop Surra, El Salvador, El Salvador, right? Yeah, both and you can tell that you, it's fun. You can kind of go through. You can pick out which vendors have been there awhile, which come more recently, what the rela- modern looking food stance. And I think we've talked about papooses on other shows, but if people have not heard our shows on El Salvador, for instance, papooses very similar to taco, but a smaller corn tortilla and might have different topics. Yes, and set sarasota's. Many of them are stuffed, so it's almost like a tortilla in half and stuff. It really interesting place very popular intends to be popular. You can tell it's more. Moral local crowd. So this place has the trendy trendy stalls were the nine to five hours go. And then you have kind of your older stalls were the more locals? No. So it's really interesting kinda division of what interest people, but I love love that place, absolute packed in his always opening something new. Also was really fun about Grand Central market, right across the street is famous. Little site kind of odd called angels. Flight has the distinction of being the world's shortest railway. It was opened in nineteen, oh one. And it was built so that the wealthy residents of Bunker Hill wouldn't have to walk upstairs. They could sit down in this little railway and ride up is painted bright orange. Now, over the course of the years, it's broken down and but refurbished and even moved multiple times, but it reopened in, let's see, twenty seventeen to be their opening weekend, which was really fun dollar. Yes. Down. This has been when you look it up in Wikipedia. It's been so many movies and TV shows it's ridiculous. The most people have probably seen this. It some point at their movie fans and never even realized it. I saw recently on Amazon show of Bosh murder was committed on angel flights in LA movie and film. People love to include this in the shows. Interesting because I didn't recognize it. So now I'm going to have to look at the page and see where I seen it Trump. Yeah, sometimes it's just inside they'll fill posed outside, and it wasn't always painted, bright orange. Ted different colors, so it's had multiple lives. So that's kinda fun local little thing. Then I would move on to the arts district and now this is kind of attached to downtown LA. But these days it's being called the delay arts district. It was originally the citrus packing area of southern California before that whole industry move south Orange County, where I live a picked up and moved, and it left all these abandoned warehouses, which from years where either vacant tract, a lot homelessness, eventually, though it became popular area for artists because the rents were so cheap compared to anywhere else in Los Angeles incentives really taken holder very organically, the street art and galleries. And then more recently, all the trendy shops boutiques and coffee shops hem lived in eighteen driven. Just let a huge issue in Los Angeles, different parts of the flip side of that. If you enjoy street art, Ibrar commend doing a tour, you can Google these. There's several companies offer these because these murals a lot of quite a bit of history as well as reference to social activism and you would think you miss a lot of that. If you didn't have somebody with some experience guiding you hillsdale have done three tours in a couple of different cities mentioned on the show before, but in Toronto and wanna saris. They were just fabulous when you got the right guide who knows more than just the art, but the background, the artists, and this Osceola g and all of that sort of thing. So street art, it can be fascinating. So really recommend it. It's just I learned it's the first time I ever took a street. Artur was here and now on a take more because the whole concept of moving from graffiti street art in many cities. Now it's actually legal if you get permits. So it's not quite the outsiders that they once were, but it's interesting to know how that came to be well, even just the definition of graffiti and things like that. I do know that it involves writing and it's right there in the word, but the difference between street art and graffiti and all the different evolutions of it as both as the artists progress in the art changed, things like that yet. Fascinating thing. Yeah, I, I love this area. However, if you're not as into art museums and historic sites as I am or you just need a break. Awesome. The arts district. There's a great little place called the green bar distillery and this is a craft distillery where you can take to. Hours and tastings, which I enjoyed. You can also do Cup tasting classes. And on a hot day in LA. This was a great place. Step inside and cool off. They give him great tour. I mean, they really are passionate about their art of distilling so right there in the heart of the district. If that's something that you enjoy, I would highly recommend it and what spirits or they distilling there quite a few. They've due to kill. They do rum. They do vodka almost all over the map and they're not inexpensive because they do use organic ingredients. They still for a long time. So they tend to be your higher end liquors, but really good again, they're quite generous with their tastings, which was a lot of fun. It was a fun tour to be on commissioned by people's fourth or fifth tasting. I mention about downtown. I don't wanna mislead. People are still homelessness in downtown LA. So there's so much to do a such a revitalised area, but you will need to exert some caution because unfortunately, in in revitalization, gentrification has come the pushing out of people who are on the margin. So just dirt caution in downtown LA when you're when you're there 'cause you will definitely still, unfortunately, some ten communities in such. We mentioned that last week show about San Francisco, but at the same thing there in part because these are warm weather cities, LA. So even more so than San Francisco. But when you don't have snow and things like that, I worked volunteered one day with the a homeless project in San Francisco, and there are people who just really have no intention of the people who are temporarily homeless. And then people who have no intention of ever moving inside again, they trail very interesting appelation civilized fine to address it and it can throw some visitors. Definitely my walking tours, we had a very disturbed man babbling while walking on the street next to us for low as so exert caution overall is relatively safe place. You are staying downtown if you chosen to stay in a hotel, which I would highly recommend in your in the evenings. One of the newer trendier things to do in Los Angeles at checkout. The rooftop bars. I've seen this in many US cities becoming increasingly popular button l. a. it's really had an explosion. In the last five years, which is a great way to see the city lights at night there. Several on has been great articles written about album, but my my current favourite is perched. 'cause it's actually located in a historic building in Los Angeles. So it's not quite as tall, you're not gonna go seventy five floors or so. But I think it's a lovely building in a lovely view of Los Angeles at night. We should say LA as a city is not all that toll in compared to Chicago New York, whatever it is spread out. It is huge. Yes, we don't do the super high buildings here. That's that's a great point. I kinda forget about that because there's always been so much land here. People just keep sprawling as opposed to building straight up, shake casually. Yeah, to. I'm so used to living here. I can forget about that. I mean, not likely that you'll experience that while you're here? I haven't experienced shaking in California felt in years, but we do occasionally have earthquakes I don't think it should slow you down from visiting any more than the fact that Miami has hurricanes at the only difference is you can't avoid earthquake season. We that is. To Oliver St.. Oh good. My family. I moved to Los Angeles over thirty years ago in my mom discovered all their street. We can't go to the city without going all their street. It just this is not allowed in my family so much, shall we get tired of it sometimes. So this is a popular shopping and dining straight in Los Angeles, right across the street from unions, the train station, and it is a part of l. poi- blah de Los Angeles, historic monument. This is a sensually the birthplace of Los Angeles in in the middle of it has developed this great little shopping street with Mexican stores and shops, and taco stands. It can appear very touristy at first, but there's a lot of benthic offerings here some very authentic food. Some great craftware if do little digging beyond the obvious shops and just so what I mentioned earlier, the diversity in the influence of Mexican Americans LA. This is the perfect example of that will would we say the. The influence of Mexican Americans. They were here first. So we really have a Mexican or Spanish state that has been influenced by Anglos. So we need to remember that that at one time this was a Spanish speaking, California, obviously. And this is exactly and this was interesting I've over so many times as imagine overtime. Many immigrant groups that came to Los Angeles pre it being LA settled here. This seemed to be popular gathering spots. In addition, Delaware straight. You've had a lot of different group influences over a hundred years or plus in this area. So it's got a lot of really fascinating history. You have several historic sites within the small area in surprisingly six small museums, which a lot of people don't realize tiny Larrea. Yeah, if I were going over street, we have been many times. I always figure out a way to eat that is essential. Popular restaurant here is Lago Drina three. Ah, for sit down. You can't go wrong with any taco stand along the street, and you just can't. And if you're not in the mood for full meal, they do the traditional Mexican fruit stands that you'll say six with fruit with a chilly spice in the lime juice, which I love. I find excuses here. When you say six different museums, you have one that you like I do. One here that it's point new. It's called American tropical in nineteen thirty two, a famous Mexican Murless Davidson. Carols painted a mural on the side of one of the buildings here he was commissioned to do so. But when he revealed it, it was far too political and people. What makes murals were Mike. Aren't aware of Sakano, contemporary of dig Rivera and host. Go who's very popular Guadalajara. So yes, this was a political movement of art. This was. I don't know what they were thinking. They were surprised devastated if you read about it. So almost immediately they painted over it. And then it wasn't rediscovered until the nineteen sixties. But it was Bank going to take several more decades until the Getty trust got involved and restored it. And now they built a very small museum with a viewing platform so you can see the restored l'americain tropical. I think it's incredible as old straightness middle. The birthplace of Los Angeles has another layer of history that people tried to get rid of until literally the paint started peeling, and then they had to deal with it again and thanks to get a trust. It was restored, which is very expensive and very time consuming because it's quite large. So if I had to do just one museum and it's free, this little museum is free and it's quite well done. Very small immu can go through in under thirty minutes, but really recommend that one and also recommended quick spin through the via adobe. This is one of the original homes unaware street in traditional adobe building teen eighteen. So if you've ever seen traditional adobe home, this ended takes ten fifteen minutes to Wachter. Okay. I think pretty good job of covering downtown. So when I'm gonna recommend his next moving over to the miracle mile will. The one thing I would say before you leave Oliver street is I'm seeing that there looked like there are some festivals that are big in elevators read, although the webpage for it is labeled two thousand fifteen, and we're recording this in two thousand eighteen. So I can't tell you the exact dates, but it seems like Mexican independence day of the dead and the feast day of the version of quad Lupe are things when things will be happening down here in Lavera street, I'm guessing. But again, the information on the website is out of date that this is a very vibrant part of the city. If you go on weekend expected to be packed with not only tourists, but also local Mexican American families joined the study great plaza at the end of Barra strait. So it's busy. I wouldn't necessarily Boyd for that reason. I must like it more for that reason because you really seem kind of real real life in there. And you mentioned at one point we're talking about the original street in. Los Angeles that before it was LA. So the original name is just a longer form of LA am looking the. The official original name of the city is El Pueblo didn't Noseda Seniora Lavagna. They lose any endless debt real poor. I can't even read that the name of the Rio. So it's the city of Our Lady of Queen of AVI angels and the Rio porsecutor the re the river poor sequoia, then I'm and I know I pronounce the river name wrong, but the it was just a longer form of Los Angeles shortened it. Yes. Next move onto miracle mile miracle miles along Wilshire, which is a major artery of the city of Los Angeles. I don't think he can come to Los Angeles and not drive along Wilshire at some point in the mid section of some people call mid Wilshire. Also, miracle mile is the fancier name. This is a really interesting town part of the town that's also really offers more than it used to now has four museums within three blocks and in twenty nineteen. They'll be adding the unfit museum. The academy museum motion pictures. Interesting. Okay. So for one parking price because parking's not cheap in Los Angeles, you could have a selection of some pretty amazing and diverse museum. So I'll go through the ones I'm familiar with the first one, I, I love this whom I kids were little the LA brea tar pet museum. This is actually an ice age fossil excavation site in heart page museum. Yes, yes. Me and my kids always just call it elaborate targets literally as a offense. Off tarp it. It's still there. You can still see the tar pit itself and then next to it is great museum. They built that highlights the animals. They've excavated mammoth sabertooth Tigers slots. It's fascinating in it. Also, this museum talks about the process of excavating from something difficult a target as you can imagine. That's no easy eat. When my kids were younger, we hanger a ton. They were just never bored. So if you had elementary school age, children, maybe even into doing your high depending on their doing this could be a fascinating little museum to pop into it as well. So apparently I'm just a little kid. You also love history. So at least history part of it is the name of, for instance, is just it's just huge. It really gives you some idea of what the animals of the basically this is from the time of the last ice age, roughly, just John Norma's technical. It's still alive excavation site by the way. So this is an ongoing recall. You can peek into the lab to see what's going, which is pristine, lead clean considering they're excavating carpet. But yeah, really fascinating place. The museum right next to it is the breathing slack Ma. It stands for Los Angeles County museum of art. This is what they refer to as a psychopathic art museum. It covers a huge range of different types of art. I love this place at Ben, a member in the past. This elected so much so many great things. But even if you're not an art lover per se, it's even fun. They, they haven't open area in the middle. That's free and there's a cafe and there's some great sculptures that anybody can walk through. One of the famous ones you've probably seen this Instagram, even if he didn't know what it was. It's Chris burden's urban light in its looks like hundreds of white light post lined up and at night they light him up. I don't know about if ever in the country. But in LA for a while when this first came out, everybody had a picture of this on Instagram. So it's it's made its rounds through that, but inside to some great, great exhibits both in the permanent collection in Ican always check their website for whatever the rotating exhibits are, but on their large enough art museum to get some, the world's best traveling exhibits will give you a tough question here, which is if you're not a huge art buff, but you're a little bit of art buff and you have time in your schedule for one art museum in the LA area. There's this one. There's the one you mentioned previously downtown. There's clearly the Getty, and then the the other Getty over in Malibu and the one whose name I forgotten up in Pasadena. If you could only do one, which is your favorite? Yeah, and I've been to all of them because huge art lover. I would do the primary Getty, the not. The main Getty, the one up on the hill above Santa Monica, right above the four five that is, I think it's one of the world's best art museum pointing combined the architecture, the gardens in the quality of the art there. I think that's that's the architecture in the quality of the gardens. I think it's a fabulous looking museum. I was less impressed with the collection but depend what they're showing at the time, but could be a beautiful, beautiful site again, a free museum. Yes, just gorgeous place to go. Even the parking is free. Not anymore. Oh, okay. It is fifteen. If you take public transportation, they took. They try to reward that you get into totally free do. But yeah, for the quality, I love the Getty. I love the Bill too, but yeah, if so, he weren't as much in Los Angeles County museum is not cheap at the end, it's least twenty dollars or so if you're taking a family and you're not that excited about art that could add up pretty quickly. Also recently discovered the Getty offer several free. Dosen't tours, which I've taken recently architecture, certain collections, the gardens. So the whole package plus free audio tours. So it's just an amazing wealth, free resources at the in the Norton, Simon museum in Pasadena whistle. When I was trying to come up with, there's also the Pasadena museum of California art, but it's the Norton Simon, that was the one that I was thinking. Okay. I'm glad to to make you pick when they're now you talk about taking public transportation. First of all, is that legal in LA. Becoming legal. It's becoming possible. Anytime I write about the city though I don't even bother writing about it. There's the city huge credit for working in this direction to build or public transportation. There's two problems, much of it doesn't connect yet the build like the other line, a huge artery. But until they build all of them unless you're going just along that one artery, it all of them. We're not talking about buses this point. We're talking about the the metro. The metro could have plans, maybe in my lifetime. It'll be complete and you can go anywhere. You can't come to Los Angeles and think you can take the metro like you do in New York or the Barton Barton, San Francisco's. Fabulous will it doesn't go very far in San Francisco, so, but there are truly lines and things like that. Yet the problem with Elliot's it is just so darn spread out that we tend to need a car. Not that I would say you will enjoy the of driving away during rush hours specially, but. Always traffic. If you can avoid driving in the eight hours a day, that rush hour, you'll enjoy LA more visitors. Would I recommend that something my husband and I do when we go take weekends, LA, take your car parked at the hotel. We're going to be and target sites kind of around that in either walk it or Uber those what we do. Because if you have to move your car, you're constantly pay for parking again and that's expensive. Plus it's a hassle because you thought it was gonna be two blocks down at takes half an hour to get there because it hits traffic jam. It's in. It's not an exaggeration, so close enough walk. It is a pretty flat city. That's beauty beauty of maize places. It's flat or Uber, but night when we've done downtown Los Angeles, we Uber between dinner and wanting to top bar. I wish. So the other problem with public transportation is not fully built out yet. Secondly, it's quite crowded because we've built it a century late. I've been waiting a century for us to build metros, and then they fill it up immediately hectically a century ago, Los Angeles head trolley cars. Rip them up in in burn them, but is basically they're getting back to what the had and the red line back before World War Two. There is some sadness there, but. Okay. Kind of a crime when you think it would have done to us in terms of traffic today, we're getting there but do not expect this public transportation of New York, San Francisco, Chicago. And then the other thing we've talked about a couple times is whether windy recommend we go to LA for the optimum LA weather. I don't know the answer to this. My preference in this is my preference for a lot of travel is fall or spring shoulder season. Yep. Yeah. Now you can do LA though in the winter. So if you have about -cation scheduled to travel more flexibly, my only recommendation is don't come here during the summer. This has been a particularly hot summer and I've been traveling around to write about number things in LA in been amazed how hot it's been this past summer. It's still not as humid as a lot of people who are listening for other parts of the US or used too little for the northern California, but but worm. Yeah. So if you have this summer, it's still greats it. There's a lot to offer, but if you do have a flexibly to travel anytime except June July in August, you're gonna have a little lower crowds. I'd say starting October. You should have more manageable October through may. Ish, I think would be deal for both a little bit of crowd and little more reasonable weather in. The nice thing is you could definitely come here in winter after winter might mean sixty five will in the one month year, most likely to get rain would be safe. February, yes, but we don't get a lot of rain. Yeah, we had a rainy season, but it's been very inconsistent in the last five to ten years. I wish he had Maureen rainy seasons actually, and we do have a fire season though, but yeah, which is added to the heat problem air-quality this summer, unfortunately. So again, if if you do have flexibility travel outside summer, I think you'll enjoy LA even more. Okay. We'll let me interrupted you. You were taking us to a museum right by the page museum. The went to the art museum. If venture thing you wanna pay for lack great art museum. Enjoy art. Otherwise down the street is on a museum more newly discovered by me, and it's the Petersen automotive museum. It opened. It's been around for quite a while, but in twenty fifteen, they opened in a new building on Fairfax and Wilshire. It's a cool looking Bill. This is what drew me in. I think this is very smart move on their part. It's a large red building with silver waves covering it. It's fascinating in. My also discovered it was one of the highest rated attractions on Tripadvisor in Los Angeles, which really surprised me considering how much to do here. So I'm like, okay, I have to go. So took my husband and my son the summer, very cool museum. It has three floors of exhibits included in need mission price. You can do in additional tour of something called the vault, which is in the basement, which I did not do. But the top floor is all cars and vehicles from movies, and television shows just so much to see. I loved the convertible from fell film ways. My husband -joyed there's of batmobile Anna bat cycle from one of the many, many different movies and Ahmet floors is loaded with great historic cars. They tend to rotating exhibits on the second floor as well. The great little kids area. So this is definitely museum. You could bring down school age children because they had a great little kids area as well as some really fun car exhibits. And then on the first floor is. An interesting combination of a large Porsche exhibit. Anna low writer exhibit reflecting the Los Angeles, low rider, culture community, the Hispanic culture that we have here in these beautiful low riders. These are there pieces of art. Do they show them in action if you don't see the hydraulics, it's really. So funny because I haven't lived here long enough. I've been in situations where all some UCLA low rider show up there. Fascinating. I know. So it kinda misses that piece which is unfortunate, that particular exhibit explores more the art of low riders and the messages of the arts, mellowed writer. So I was pleasantly surprised by this museum, so I would definitely recommend it. I can see why it's so highly rated. Excellent. Yeah, San craft and folk art museum on the same street. I have not been to that yet. So that will have to be a something to come for me in blossom look forward to seeing the movie museum when it opens next year because that look spectacular. And if you're in the area and you need to eat. 'cause you probably do by this point, you've seen day to three or four whatever day you can come to divide this up, you wanna go and how traffic flowing. You are very close to this point Koreatown or k town your hip. You call occa- town. This is the largest population of Koreans outside of Seoul. So this is a serious Koreatown and it's not. What we might imagine if you're visiting Chinatown intemperance Iskoe that it's very visually appealing in, you know, you're in Chinatown. It's rather sprawling, but if you joy, Korean food, I would highly recommend making a trip here. My husband is Karan. We visited Seoul Korea, many times and when we really want something Antic, this is where we go. Who's favorite restaurant this is. I know usually it's pretty rare that we both agree on the same one green foot, but I don't. I don't really do a lot of spicy food, but this it's called son. Non Don s. u. n. n. o. n. g. d. a. n. the famous dish there is called gal, Jim, and this is with kind of a red rich red broth with ribs as potatoes. Rice, cakes carrots, it's just a very savory rich stew. Annette's bills in and of itself. However, they have come up with their own American twist on it, and you can order it with mozzarella cheese on top. You can't find this encourage. And then to make it even more interesting, they bring out a blow torch to melt cheese on top for you. So many, many, many young Koreans, southern California have this on their Instagram thirty. Rain out the blow torch, the cheese. It's not a is ugly little strip mall when I was in college. This place was actually a subway, and there were no Asian restaurants. Nestle strip than there. Now all Asian restaurants under quite good in sung dams, tiny little place in there. You can wait thirty sixty minutes on weekend for table this place, but the food is excellent. If you're not into Korean food and you're hungry, it's point one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in all southern California is located in Crete town. Again, the lovely mergers of cultures in LA. It's actually a hocken restaurant from the, yes, it's called gala get and they do all kinds of Moley. They don't just do the Molay mcnicoll here. If you don't get seven kinds senior, really Walken you. Exactly. Just see the occasional non Mexican here. This is a very popular place for Mexican American families to come celebrate. Special occasions. Quite a large restaurant gets quite crowded and busy. So come prepared away. Just be patient, though the bar get a drink, and we recommend the they do excellent mullet chicken sampler with several different kinds of Malays. So if you're not familiar with all different kinds of great way to introduce yourself to all the variations on the only excellent will Emil the place that I would recommend just a little further north from the museum's wrath there in LA brea area is the original farmers market. Again, next my list we go. If you're going to go all the way to LA sometimes it's just good to squeeze in all your favorite places. 'cause getting around the city is not easy. Yeah. The original farmers market is great opened in nineteen thirty four. And originally like the Grand Central market originally was just meant to be a market, sell produce in meats and all that kinda great stuff. But over time has evolved into a food hall, it's a really popular place these days for food tours. I can see that. Yeah, there's so many little small food and restaurants. You walk in, you don't know what to get. It's a fun way to get to sample bunch of different places in here the history because there's some stalls in here that have been here really longtime. So this is a cool fun place. They have a place, the French crepe company that is very proper. I sell my sister. They have excellent Craig's. One of the little big replaces there that I think it's a Jewish bakery. I can get my Haman Tosh e even out of season. Very hard to find. So what's really fun to that? I love this and this is for me classic LA next door to the farmers market opened in nineteen thirty. Four is one of LA's trendy shopping malls, right? The this has all your most popular stores. Big, big name. Brand stores is the largest boutiques. It's also it's very population for filming episodes of modern family have seen that have been shop. Filmed here, action, multiple scenes. I am a big fan of that show. So I've seen multiple scenes filmed here at the grove. Sometimes when they do kind of fluff. New segments like Christmas show started Christmas shopping season will come film here and my daughter even got to see Justin Bieber here. This is also very popular celebrity spotting site. Many celebrities will shop here. I would recommend if you teenagers or even twenty somethings you're traveling with in you. Wanna be cool. The cool parents. I take him to the growth Ohka go enjoy the food tour at a farm. It's not my seen so much the grow, but there are some people that would totally make trip daily will not. You're seen. We're not gonna cover, obviously everything to do in LA because there's just as much to do, but we're also not gonna cover some things because you are skipping them intentionally. What are you skipping intentionally? I am not a big fan of going to the center of Hollywood per se. Thank of when they go to Los Angeles, and I know that it's got to be a hard thing to say. Someone may be coming out of the country. You're traveling from a long distance. How on earth would you come to Los Angeles and Nazi Hollywood? If you have to see that then go, see it lets you mean Grauman's Chinese walk of fame at whole center of Hollywood. It's cleaned up a little bit. You still get a lot of the random people dressed up, early ugly character costumes. Want to charge you for pictures. I find that dream if you wanna see the walk of fame, it's dental research is particular. Star, you wanna see, you could walk for a long ways and not recognize a single name, and that can be very disappointing. So if you have to see go spend a couple of hours if I am a movie buff instead of sending me their, what should I do? I like the paramount to haven't done the pissed tour. Yes, I would do studio. Yeah, I would agree with that. I haven't done one in years. Once you do, you may not go back and do it, but it's kind of cool to see as opposed to like the theme park Universal Studios in parks, that's kind of a fun way to go see both some studio side and some fancy Ryan's. But if you wanna see more old Hollywood, I like paramount because that is old Hollywood. I had previous job. I had a head to be on that lot several times separate from studio tours, so that is classic classical Hollywood. They still have the air on seal ball. He was married to, yeah, so there's some of the other studios do tours that I have not done, but I seen some good reviews of, but that gives you a little more sense of the true industry as opposed to just sink kinda grimy characters in costumes. Will in the paramount. One is closer to the area we're talking about versus the others that are up in Burbank or. Yeah, right point for reason that used to be the hard Combet. All the celebrities lived around there. And the one thing that people often think of the Hollywood sign. Yup, that's so icon IQ. I recently for the first time did the there's a couple of different hikes you could do. I did one of those hikes through Griffith park to get a good view of the sign. I enjoy hiking. So I thought that was super fun. You don't get really close, you'll get as close as people think you're gonna get what I love Griffith park. I parked at the place for the observatory had terrific hike. I thought it was really fun day your pictures, his closely. Hope you're gonna get Vesa downside to get really close to the Hollywood sign. You actually have to hike up the back and it's kind of a arduous height. You come to LA on your vacation, do a really uphill hike. You're not gonna be able to get that close to the sign. But if you had time and you really did seen, the sign was important to you? I think I would go to Griffith park as great park. Okay. In that is just north of Hollywood end up there in the hills. Griffith observatory. Been lots of that means. And other things up there as well, kind of urban park. I think the last time I was there was for Shakespeare in the park. Oh, wow. My last visit there. I forgot how many cool things in that park. So definitely worth the visit recall what else should we not skip? I think we mentioned it earlier the Getty museum's whether you have time for the the main getting museum or the villa, pretty spectacular. Places had Lamar west, Santa Monica's. Another great area did not cover that length here, but many people envision a beach for Los Angeles. So if you want to spend some time at the beach, I love Santa Monica area. I think that's got some great shopping. Great restaurants have got the pier. So leaving without Tina beach would disturb you then carve out a little time for Santa Monica or even a little further south to speech, both kind of conic areas that is just an amazing. With the Getty that you mentioned the other one that is not the main one is in Malibu and it is a medieval art. As I recall recent years they've done really McCullough refurbishment is the right word expansion. Epilepsies gets better and better on you. Do wanna be sure to have reservations for that parking is free, but you may need advance reservations double check the Getty villa website before going, but it is a limited space, eager to know other getting museum and Malibu's gorgeous. So I know that's a hard part with l. a. it's hard to to narrow it down because it is a spectacular, not only a city, it's almost more region because really Malibu's different city, Santa Monica, different city, Venice, different cities, so much more of a region and terms recommendations of places to stay. You were talking about downtown, you particular PO tells the recommend there. The. Omni Los Angeles St. that it's a great chain hotel very reliable on. But it's also right between the street where you have the broad and I'll theaters and on the other side of the hotels, angel slight in Grand Central market. So you put yourself in walking distance of several things, everything the new ace hotel looks like a lot of fun. If my brother, my thirty five year old brother was visiting book him at ace hotel. Jason Eric aren't quite so trendy, but it also has a theatre. These hotel ended has rooftop bar. So that's one of the kind of trendier places in downtown LA today. Okay. Weirdest thing to see. LA Hollywood. I, I don't think people are quite prepared for the grens theater with handprints footprints. The walk of fame, oddly dressed characters, and just the kind of craziness of tours from all over the world. Tons of cameras in tons of health is going on. So that is that is one of my craziest places to visit. As we go to wind this down, you're standing in the prettiest spot in LA where you standing and what he looking at downtown LA and a little odd. 'cause there's not a lot of nature in Los Angeles from the perch rooftop bar at night, seen all lights. There's specially closer to sunset and see all the lights start to come on in downtown LA, a beautiful beautiful site into Stanley's such a classic star building. One thing that makes you laugh and say, only LA LA you'll see a traffic jam in. You'll start to realize it's because of filming. 'cause they brought in all the trailers barrel do the food trailers in a celebrity trailers in the chairs in the lighting. Now I have to wait another hour. They have close to lanes, so then you kind of throw up your hands. We live in Los Angeles. And if you had to summarize Los Angeles in just three words, what three words would use, definitely diverse dynamic. The city is always changing and fascinating and never stopping interested in what the city has to offer. Excellent. And our guest again, has been windy Lee from the empty nesters hit the road dot com. They'll be linked to that is shown at cedar had to memorize that when if we wanted to send people to your best l. LA post on your website, which I won't say again where we're going to send them type a piece in there two days in LA, and that covers a lot of what I talked about in downtown. And from there I have links to some other options to go LA, but I think I'd start them they're excellent. Will will definitely linked to in the show. It's Wendy. Thanks so much for coming on the traveler. Insuring with this, your love for the city of angels. Thank you so much, Chris. Email a little while back from Dina who said, dear Chris, I discovered the metro traveler podcast few years ago and became an instant fan win. One episode week isn't enough for me. I go back and listen to old ones. Recently, I decided to go back to the very beginning. It wasn't easy to find them, but I've really been enjoying them. It's fun to note the changes at a developed over the years such as the debate about the theme song after you introduced it somewhere around episode fifty or something, I particularly enjoy the personal vignettes episodes about your own travels, which were more common at the beginning. I was listening to episode one twenty nine, which was from about ten years ago. And at the end of the episode, you read a letter from young woman from Israel named Tamar, as you're reading the letter, something started to sound familiar. She mentioned her blog in the letter, but you said that you'd put a link to it in the show notes. I went to the link and was both. Surprised and delighted to find a picture of my daughter. I didn't even think I knew what a blog was ten years ago, and I certainly didn't know that she had been writing one that letter gave me a good laugh and I've been chuckling about it for the past few days ten years later, and she's still listening every week. I'm pretty sure that hearing this litter read at the end of an episode would give her a good left to thanks again for the great podcast. Edina also from Israel. Thanks so much Dina and gave me a good laugh as well. We remember we've got the trip coming up in may of two thousand nine teen to Africa, South Africa butts wanna, and Victoria Falls so sign up for that. If you're interested, go to amateur traveling dot com, slash Africa, two thousand nineteen. And with that were ending this episode. If you have any questions for you want to sponsor the show, send me an Email to hosted, amateur, traveler dot com or better yet leave a comment on this to at immature, traveler dot com. And thanks so much for listening. See. The cats camp.

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Jazz 1959

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Jazz 1959

"Support for this episode comes from Dell taking binge-watching to the next level with their new totally remastered custard X. P. S. thirteen laptop with smoother streaming. You'll never have to wait to find out who breaks up makes up or takes. The throne. Stay tuned because later on in the show. I'll tell you what I'm binging on so learn more about the X. P. S. thirteen with Intel core processors and get ready to give your your next binge session a refresh call eight hundred buy Dell. Hello everyone a quick note before we dive into this episode. Vox is conducting an audience survey to better serve you. It takes no more than five minutes and it really helps out the show. Please check it out out here. WW DOT VOX MEDIA DOT COM slash pod survey thanks y'all breath. Welcome him to switched on pop. I'm musicologists Nate Sloan and with my erstwhile Co host Charlie harding out on paternity. Leave it means. There's no no one to stop me from indulging in some of my more pop eccentric sensibilities namely today Jazz Jazz might feel far from the center enter of popular culture but that wasn't always the case at one point in time jazz ruled popular culture and arguably the Zenith of of Jazz's popularity was sixty years ago year that takes on almost mythic proportions in the minds of many jazz lovers nineteen fifty-nine eighty nine journalist Natalie whiner coverage jazz and pop for Billboard Rolling Stone and other outlets and also sports for SB is being nation but she's been chronicling this important year with her nineteen fifty-nine project every day she posts on what happened happened on this day in jazz sixty years ago shining new light on famous musicians and putting some of jazz's forgotten greats back under the spotlight light and we're very pleased that she is here to join us to listen closely to some of the highlights from this pivotal year and then we'll turn the lens to twenty twenty nine thousand nine hundred and think about what role the jazz plays in culture today. Natalie welcome. Thank you so much for having me so so before we dig into some of these sounds. I'd love to hear what led you to start this one thousand nine hundred fifty nine project yeah. I mean the short version Asian is that I was at billboard one of the very few people there who cared at all about jazz and I have been sort of asked to come up with pitches that would allow us is to talk to older jazz musicians and so I thought you know nineteen fifty-nine kind of an obvious starting point not super original but I was like you know. It's definitely a good kind analyzed guiding light and the more research I did into it. I was just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music and news and Events and and everything that was happening then especially in New York City and like I live in New York so it's basically just my way of time traveling you know 'cause I wish I could have been alive then to to see all of it because it was just such exciting and fruitful time so I was like what about a time line where we had a thing for every day in my editors the way too much work and so I just kept thinking about it and thinking about it and then two thousand nineteen came around and I was like an anniversary year like I kinda have to just bite the bulletin do it since I've been thinking about it for so long and not expect to be able to keep it up for this long but here we are in August so yeah. It's it's an impressive have accomplishment. I also can very much relate if I could go back and be born in different decades definitely timing it to be like in my early twenties around nineteen. Fifty nine is a very appealing option. Yeah I mean fifty nine. It's just you know the sixties have the reputation right like Bohemian Hippie and whatever are you know. All this stuff was happening but ninety nine is Kinda when everything was starting to break open a little bit and there was just like so much creative energy you happening. I mean the beats Kinda get the majority of the credit but one of the reasons that I was interested in like looking more into this project is I feel like jazz needs to be the central ontrol artistic force that we consider when we look at that late fifties era as far as like driving American culture you know not like the beats in the abstract expressionist so you're not that they weren't important but their impact with so much more niche an insular you know whereas jazz really like reached touch so many different aspects of America so now let's talk about some of the blockbuster jazz albums from nineteen fifty nine and I feel like any discussion has to begin with the Miles Davis kind of blue record which today still sells five thousand copies every week and by any metric is like the best selling album of all time best selling jazz album so maybe we can listen to a little bit of Miles Davis's Trumpet Solo from the first cut of this record so what part now that Solo might be familiar millier to a lot of listeners but I'm curious if in revisiting this album as it was actually released in Nineteen fifty-nine if you discovered heard anything new about this really familiar cultural object. That's a really good question. I don't know if I can say that I did did but only because like it's one of those rare moments when the critical consensus in the popular consensus line you know you talk about how this album still sells so many copies like even today but for jazz heads all the same like if you are a jazz musician. You can't sing that Trumpet Solo. You know like you're not yeah like that's like that's like a right of passage just like going really deep on kind of blue and there's a great book by Ashley Kahn and it's just specifically about the making of kind of blue and he really gets in the weeds and listen to like all of the master tapes recorded every single word that was said you know you hear it and that's what people think. Jazz sounds like let's listen to one other kind of seismic album from nineteen fifty nine and then I wanna take that idea. You were just saying like this is the sound of jazz and see what that actually entails like. If we're getting our idea of jazz from Nineteen fifty-nine what is that idea area and I think the other blockbuster bestselling album from this year would be Dave Brubeck X. Timeout. Should we listen in to take five or Blue Rondo Alla Turkey up to eighty five again. It's just one of those records. That's like the thing uh-huh uh-huh doc it to me. This is another album that like you were saying just kind of screams jazz and if these two in classic albums from Nineteen fifty-nine the benchmark for a lot of casual listeners of what jazz sounds like what idea of jazz is being presented to them ver- sure I think it's one that's very refined very sophisticated. You know kind of music that isn't necessarily aggressive in any way you know like kind of blue and timeout or both records that really played on the west coast ideas of like cool you know and miles had already kind of gone into cool stuff with obviously the birth of the cool but like on kind of blue he was really combining that with modal improvisation and so so there's a fluidity and our freedom that comes without any sort of like really intense climaxes or D. Crescendo. Does you know it's kind of like back even Keel a little bit and that makes it play well for better or worse as background music. You know which is why you sort of see these albums sold or a place like starbucks. That's kind of where and like you know. Miles Davis is rolling over in his grave like that was never obviously intention Brubeck. I think you could argue did care about that. They were very different artists but it is interesting that they tapped into such a similar sound at the same time. Both of these records seem to have almost must've dual identity at the time there was something innovative radical pathbreaking about each of them miles Davis as you mentioned using these new food modal textures to explore different ways of improvising Dave Brubeck using in the case of take five that we just listened to very unusual unusual five four time signature today. What I'm hearing is that maybe some of the more radical aspects of that music have been stripped away and it's more the soundtrack of coffee shops and light and cocktail music. I guess I mean I think that's how a lot of people encounter them and I don't even know if the radical aspects have been stripped away necessarily just as much as they were so popular that they've become neutralized. You know like anything anything that one that one point sounds like new in crazy like eventually becomes normal you know if if it becomes widespread enough and so that's kind of what happened here here with other aspects of jazz that didn't necessarily happen as much so that's why some of it still sounds so like wild you know Yeah No. That's a great point. I want to move move now to another event from nineteen fifty nine that continues to hold a lot of mystique and and intrigue for Jazz listeners and that's what you chronicle in the nineteen fifty-nine project is the the gradual decline and eventual death of one of the most important American singers of all time Billie holiday yeah. Her death in that year was obviously a monumental event. I think maybe maybe what is hard to understand that she was like a massive star on the scale like any celebrity death that we would think of now you know like prints or something you know like that's the level at which it was covered and talked about and people knew you know she had been arrested before you know her story was pretty well known she had actually she already published her autobiography and so there was this whole mythology that fair Jasmine Griffin incredible book that I recommend to everyone but it just sorta talks about how holiday like constructed this whole mythology around herself and some of it's true and some of it's not and it's very difficult to disentangle the you know the drug use the prostitution this sort of like notorious promiscuity like Antarctic genius and all of these things that went into like cultivating her public public persona and you know and so that obviously came to a head when she died. I mean her. Last recordings have been controversial for a long time because you can hear that she's in poor health lake in her voice. It's tragic in a lot of ways to here but also you know she's still an artist like. She's still doing her thing. She's not like incapacitated to me. One of the most tragic parts about her death is that she didn't even have her cabaret card New York when she died. She hadn't performed in New York. I don't think at all in nineteen eighteen fifty nine because of her legal issues and it's just like to me that points to the kind of systemic racism and discrimination that was more than handicapping the caffeine for artists of that period you know because it's just like that's there's no reason why that should have been the case you know but yeah it's really interesting you point out in in your your posts on the topic that the way her death was reported was very different to depending on whether it was a more mainstream news outlet or a an outlet more focused on black readership like in some of the more mainstream accounts. It's very death is very sensationalized and in and and others as you say it's in the jet piece for instance it's much more focused on Billie holiday as as a victim of some of these more systemic forces that you're talking about right and the in fact that was recognized even at that time you know I think a lot of times we assume that like were only able to notice these things in hindsight you know but like there were people at the time saying like no. Billie holiday is a victim of the system you know which I think was and I mean black papers chronicle. Her death like I mean there was a three part series. The reason the Chicago defender like from the guy who co wrote her autobiography and he's kind of questionable you know but still the fact that they took a serialized account of her death. You know it's it's like this was it was a huge huge deal you know and I I duNNo. I posted this and I will just tell everyone to read it over and over and over again but James Baldwin commemorated commemorated her death like the month that happened in commentary and it's actually wrapped up in a review of Porgy and bess which was another massive jazz moment of Nineteen fifty-nine Intertwines Her story with the movie in this way. That's just like devastating unperfect as most things James Baldwin are but yeah. Let's listen to a bit of Billie holiday in her prime to get a sense of of why her her death was was such a big deal. let's listen to a a bit of a classic recording like her version of. Blue Moon the show me standing without a dream in Love Blue Moon. You knew just one long Mitch saying so so this clip has so much of the aspects of holiday style. Oh that would prove so influential the incredible rhythmic control kind of laying these phrases slightly behind the beat manipulating a Melody Lady from its original contour to fit her sort of artistic vision and then that Timbre that word start to feel like a what I was just thinking about is how like that sound like how distinctive she was it sort of defined an era. You know that late forties early fifties time and so her death along with the death of Lester young who was one of her frequent collaborators and also a legendary jazz musician he died a few months once before in New York inspired song goodbye pork by hat which is a famous Charles mingas tune their death sort of marked the end of an era in a way for jazz and that's another reason why nineteen fifty-nine is such an interesting turning point you know because you're seen not necessarily the first generation but one of the earlier generations kind of like move-on John Louis Armstrong was still active. You know and he's kind of like the grandfather of it. All you know which creates this interesting overlap but you're seeing some of the marquee figures pass you know and so then there's this question of like who is the torch going to you know whereas the music going etc etc so that's like another kind of interesting thing about billy's billy's death but I mean aesthetically. It's just like I mean she's one of the geniuses of American music period and you said it's just for her very intentional ability to channel like such strong storytelling into her music using an array of devices that traditionally instrumentalists us more than singers you know and so that was what kind of set her apart yes she. Her aim was to sound like the saxophone of Lester young who you just mentioned and you can turn on the radio dial today and you have a high probability of hearing someone influenced whether they I know it or not by Billie holiday but there are also I think a few contemporary singers who might owe a very specific debt and of the many tube food that really come to mind for me are amy wine house who in this recording will listen to his actually reinterpreting Billie holiday number. There is no greater love. Oh great you know sweetest saw It's kind of Uncanny to me to listen to that. recording decades after holidays death. I mean she's almost I mean it. You know it's like that close that you're like. You're towing the line a little. You Bet I'm kind of honestly I was a little surprised. You brought up amy wine house 'cause for me. The clearest billy accolade is actually eric abide you but you know I. I don't no no. That's like right. Here is now you read my mind. Our next clip is from Erica bye. Do this on on there you go Breath module keeps them. We are on the same wavelength. It's interesting because it's not you know sometimes and we'll talk about this tomorrow a little later but sometimes moments where I you know as a jazz fan. I'm like Oh very good very wistful like Oh. No you know no. No one listens to this music anymore it. It doesn't matter in our society but then you listen to someone like Erykah Badu and you know this this. Some of these sounds from nineteen. Fifty nine are still very much with us today with Erica. It's the idea of singing in a way that doesn't have to be pretty. I you know what I mean. It's really manipulating your voice in a way. That's like just having so much control that you can do that. You know it's like it's really really hard and also just resisting the temptation to be overly romantic or like. Yes Yeah Style Jack so earlier you mentioned Billie holiday's final recordings and for me one of the powerful parts of Oh you're nineteen fifty-nine project and revisiting. This pivotal year was listening to those recordings again. Let's listen first to a A recording of a tune called Billy's blues from earlier in Billie Holiday's career. It may laugh. I say I don't love. I love my may say Oh ask and now let's listen to a recording running of the same song this time from actually the last recording that Billie holiday made alive session at the Story Ville Club up in Boston and just as a warning the the audio quality here is is not great but it will give us a chance to compare these two versions of the same song. I love my I laugh I love my lab mm-hmm now. I'd always avoided listening to these last recordings you can hear her control of of Pitch Action and Vibrato isn't quite the same. It made me almost uncomfortable to listen to but I think you suggest like a different way. Okay to to hear some of these final recordings yeah I mean I just think it's like I don't know with age comes wisdom you know she was like it's not like thinks she wasn't with it until the very end and so I don't know I think you just hear something different. It's like the fact that it doesn't sound the same as actually good you know like. Would you want. I heard to be repeating the same thing that she did all the other times you know. I I don't know I gets her. Ability to adapt. Was a strength yeah. I find that very compelling because it's like you could listen to this in one way and say oh. This is her not at the peak of her powers. Why would I listen to this but then on the other hand. There's this kind of bravery and conviction that comes from someone at the very end of their life still up on stage singing their heart out that is now. I listened to and I'm like how it gives me chills in a way like it's there's something very powerful about it. In in the grand scheme you know existing out for a second like one of the reasons I WANNA do this. Project is because I think it's a year that gets so often canonized is. d- really straightforward ways like we're talking about like kind of Blue Time ow you know shape of jazz to come. Mingo saw like giant steps was recorded this this year's these are all like incredible jazz records that would change the course of what was to come like there's no no question about that but the thing that really fascinates me is just what what would have been like to be a part of the scene at that moment like what did you learn from like listening to more than just those records that have been deemed by whoever to be the best last and most important you know and I I'm not I'm far from the only person who thinks this but like those kinds of history is I think are actually kind of toxic you know and like yeah it can provide a listening listening guide for a beginner somebody just starting out but like what if we decided to retail the whole story from square one and go back and look at all the information we have available and say okay well what was actually happening. What's getting ignored and why who decided that this was good and this was the thing that we need to listen to you? Know absolutely yeah. Those are the kinds of questions. I haven't tried to ask and I love the your way of doing that. It's like okay well. Let's see every single day nineteen fifty-nine. Let's see what was actually happening opening and then we won't fall victim to that sort of looking back in hindsight is Myopia yeah one of the things that gets erased that comes comes through really powerfully in this nineteen fifty-nine project is the stories of the women in Jazz who have not unlike Billie holiday who who have not been favored by history and who have sort of been left on the margins of the story of Jazz like I'm someone who has a a degree in musicology in study jazz but there were a lot of female musicians especially instrumentalists which historically have not been treated as well by jazz historians vocalist. There were so many that I'd never heard of before and that just kind of blew my mind honestly I mean same name. I was hoping we could listen to a few of these forgotton artists and see whether it's something like you were saying like is this. We're we're. We're these artists rightly kind of left behind or is there something else at work here. Let's begin with the you incredible piano stylings of Muriel Roberts who only released one album called music for all times and seasons. This is the first track off that record right. I mean it's like Christmas anural. I think is an interesting case study just because it's like she can clearly play like it's a fun record. You know I'm not necessarily arguing that Muriel Rob Roberts is cannon. You know I I mean if you decide that there should be a cannon but like I think it's more like what was she capable of and what was she not allowed continue to. Do you know like the fact that there's only one record you know and like she was digging in New York. You know that's how I came across. Her name was because I was like looking at ads. It's from the time and it was like Muriel Roberts plane whatever place she was playing doing her thing and I was like okay who is this person and like you're saying that hasn't that's happened to me so so much like in the course of this project and to person who's read about jazz who's played jazz for a long time. Who's written about it. A Lot. You know and these names are new to me so it's like so what does that mean that this whole class of people was just determined like not to have mattered you know. Is it possible that all of them were insignificant and some people like Mary. Lou Williams obviously does get some you know recognition today but even that is like really minor compared to her male counterparts and people like surely Scott God I mean she was everywhere in this year and we talked a bit about Melba Liston who was trombone player. She was doing arrangements for all kinds of like mainstream artists and stuff. It's just you could go on and on and on and on and on and like that's the fact that in doing this project. I really haven't had to try to create gender parody so you know. I don't think that it's fifty fifty you know I think it's probably somewhere along the lines of thirty seventy but the fact that I really haven't had to go out of my way to do that. I've simply paid attention to the women who I've come across. You know like that to me says something pretty damning about how you know about the gatekeepers in jazz at that time and still today you know you're saying that if you just look at what was being reported in the news and who was actually playing in releasing records in nineteen fifty nine nine it would be something. I mean again not with any numbers but like something like thirty seven split in terms of women to men whereas if you look at like say a jazz a history of Jazz textbook today those numbers would probably be a lot smaller. Maybe like ten ninety or something right and the women are. We're all like footnotes. Contributions are deemed derivative and insignificant. You know because in jazz history like the emphasis is so often on originality and innovation and like who is deemed to have done the thing. I you know what I mean and it's just like I find that kind of tiring way to look at it overall anyway but like I just think like the the other issue with not reading. These women into jazz history is that it's meant every subsequent generation of women in Jazz has had to be like the women in Jazz. You know we're still at this point. Where women in Jazz can't just be jazz musicians here. They have to be the women jazz musicians like even in two thousand nineteen and a big reason for that is that they're viewed as new still because this history isn't written you know so and it's the thing you know. I write about sports too. It's it's the exact same problem in every other kind of music. It's the same thing when we don't have women written into the history. They will continue to have to reinvent the wheel every time they do the thing thing you point out on the liner notes of this Miracle Roberts album. There's the the author challenges listeners to do kind of a blindfold testu studio. I forgot about this play this mural roberts records for your friends and see if they can tell that it's a woman pianist. That actually feels like it still has a lot of relevance I almost WANNA play this next clip without identifying the artist and see if we just naturally have certain you know a Masculine Feminine Associations Listening to it Was this the okay so like so I mean I'm GonNa be. I'M GONNA be perfectly real like if you did a blindfold line food full tests with me and played this for me. I would be like this is some you know like seven foot tall and like backwoods. Ed's tenor sax player Male like Super Bowl and it's just got. I guess what I'm saying is this. It is not what you'd expect or what I would expect. This is an artist. I'd never heard of until coming across her. In your ninety nine project will lean Barton Barton just getting absolutely filthy on Tenor Sax and this Blues Number called Rice Pudding and the fact that she played with an all all woman band to which wasn't enormously unusual. It was like unusual enough that it would be like hey look these ladies playing music you know but but there were more than one if that makes sense but yeah it's like she's playing. Are you know on saxophone which really is not a thing we ever really associate with women even now and so just the fact that that was that that existed you know and that she wasn't the only one that many women participated in big bands and in bands all over you know and they just aren't noted and also it was just harder for women to do anything at that time just because of the expectations of getting married and having kids and all that kind of stuff so like the musicians like was not necessarily conducive to kind of the societal expectations for women like you really they had to buck the system just to be a musician in the first place via another striking quote from your project comes from from the aforementioned trombone EST Melba Liston who described the difficulties of keeping together her own all women band in the nineteen fifties. you know people she said she has. She said she had to disband her her. All women group because people had to keep dropping out to get married because they were pregnant because to join the workforce. It's realize yeah to be a decide to be of women. Jazz was not just a musical decision. It was like a whole lifestyle choice that meant you had to lie. Leave a lot of other things behind maybe right and that one that was more or less acceptable for men and like absolutely really unheard of for women. You know like if you wanted to do that. You know it's just like you're saying I can swear but you're like saying everyone else can unstuck basically you know and and most women aren't willing to to do that for a lot of reasons that make a lot of sense and so that makes the the achievements of the women who I have come across in this process like even more striking to me the fact that most of them did only make one record or one single or whatever but like they they did it anyway you know another name we haven't brought up as Dinah Washington who had a massive year in Nineteen fifty-nine and her and Ray Charles actually sort of operated in a similar space that I find super fascinating this like area where R&B and jazz were like overlapping intermingling. I mean you know but they both found enormous success. In this year they kind of had their their breakout singles. Actually both in Nineteen fifty-nine nine died in Washington had what a difference a day made Ray Charles had what I say in in one thousand nine hundred others run uh Dinah Washington also not really critically acclaimed among jazz heads necessarily what a difference friends a day may twenty four nettle our uh-huh and amy wine house was like a big big big Washington Fan. I WanNa take a quick break and then in return to this topic of how do we understand jazz today and what does listening back sixty years to the heyday. Make US think about the role of jazz today okay. It's time to talk binge binge watching brought to you by the Del X. P. S. thirteen laptop and today. We're talking about drum roll please. Mary beards meet the Romans Historical series about ancient Rome. That's right people I know. You're a nerd just face it and if you don't think you're you're a nerd sorry. If you're listening to the show you are a nerd. 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It's the Newport jazz festival and Natalie you were just at the twenty nineteen eighteen version of the Newport jazz festival so based on what you've learned about the festival nineteen fifty nine. How does it compare to what it's like. Today I mean it was definitely bigger. I think just as far as the number of people who went it was like a massive attraction in people drove from all over which they still do and I think in Nineteen fifty-nine it was seen as a harbinger of a larger Roger Trend because it was the first jazz festival but in Nineteen fifty-nine there were a number of other large jazz festivals. The first playboy Jazz Festival was at Chicago Stadium the anniversary that was just this past weekend so that's like a twenty thousand person capacity venue you know like filled with jazz fans and then like there was a Randall's the island jazz festival to that happen later in August so it was just like there was a huge appetite and I would say now. It's definitely a more niche. thing jazz doesn't have quite the same poll for the mass audience but I would say I think things are turning a little bit and have been maybe for for like the past decade because the Internet has made jazz so much more accessible to younger audience. You know like if you WANNA listen to on the Google it and there are so so many hip hop artists and electronic artists who like site jazz and use it in their work. Kendrick Lamar was kind of a huge catalyst for like a new wave have of jazz musicians out of California. You know there's now a lot of local scenes like Chicago and London that really like driven by young adults adults like thirty year olds and under approximately you know so that attracts audiences of the same age in honestly my only real criticism racism of this year's jazz festival was I feel like they're really need to get rid of some of the chairs you know 'cause there's like not enough to stand and watch the people at this point because there are so many young young people who want to be there and you know and be standing appreciating the music and don't bring lawn chairs you know which is kind of the Newport jazz festival a little way is to like bring Your Lawn Chair and plop down at the main stage and just sit there all day. Yeah yeah absolutely get on your feet. I mean that's that's encouraging to me. It makes makes me think of Kendrick. Lamar Omo says a ladder day miles. Davis like making jazz cool a gaming. I I wrote a story. The controversy had that exact title but it was about how you know Kendrick sort of served as a centerpiece for people like Kamasi Washington and thunder cat and terrace Martin who is now in Herbie Hancock's band and he produced Herbie's new album. I believe I could be wrong on that. Yeah that's right but Kendrick was the one who sort of performed the place for all of them to like hit the mainstream you know they were just like jamming in. La like thunder cat obviously his career before but Kendrick sort of brought them all in the room them together with him and his major label you know sort of heft really like skyrocketed them to a different tier and that's fascinating cleaning dinner to see how jazz has become a part of his work. You know I think there was a point in time. Recently where jazz had a reputation that was kind of the opposite of what it was in fifty nine and what you're describing today a moment perhaps in which what what we were talking about that the onset of this episode the way that these landmark records like kind of blue and time out established jazz is maybe sort of refined refined coffee shop kind of style. I've made a habit of anytime popular media like Mocks Jazz. I try to save save it so I wanted to just play one clip that I think captures the attitude that for a long time a lot of people had about jazz. This is from the British British comedy duo the mighty Bouche. Are you aware of the Music Jazz Jazz music the movement of Jazz. What'd you kick account dot jazz because it's the most important twentieth century no listens. The Jazz scientist teaches the mentally ill. That's all jazz back. You Electro ponts walk. You purchased take. I want me taking up. I'll be leaving it out there for all to say drink it back up. No I hate you hate jazz jazz. You you feel like of rules night lack of boundaries. It's offense at soft. What's happening. The shapes the chaos a US has to be simple. Stop these loyalty. Di Di di Di di shut your mouth against abstract. You mess your trousers. Want to your mommy I I I do too but I do think it captures this attitude attitude towards jazz of of being sort of serious into little dry so it gives me a lot of optimism that you think that jazz might be drifting back towards towards some relevance in popular culture and I'm wondering if someone you're you're someone who covers jazz but also the pop world and the the world you've profiled Arianna `Grande and Sheryl Crowe so I'm curious. If you have any thoughts about going from fifty nine to now l. like why jazz might have that relevance today again I think like the assumption sort of that are being played on in that clip like are real well and they're sort of specifically a product of this neoclassical era of jazz almost today era when some of the biggest figures and jazz were fighting really hard to make it part of America's institutions which is kind of a double edged sword. They wanted the music to be taken seriously and to get more resources uses but as a result that meant sort of making elitist you know like a symphony or something or inaccessible or somehow if you don't understand this. There's something wrong with you. You know it's not that there's something bad about the music that you just don't get it and sort of a lot of those kinds of walls were put up. I would save from I'm nineteen seventy-five till two thousand but the distinction has never been as big I think for musicians that has been for listeners many musicians of all stripes drapes like come through jazz or like have played it at some point or listen to it or whatever you know because it's just like music. I think genre often means a lot less to musicians than it does to to listeners listeners but like now that everybody has access to all that information and like Oh. Maybe it's not as scary once you actually listen to a time or two. You know what I I mean like those walls or sort of disintegrating 'cause like the barriers to entry are so low so that's just my take on it but I think even in Nineteen fifty-nine even though jazz was such an enormous part of TV soundtracks movie soundtracks these giant festivals it was like part of our. Mb that was making massive assistive chart moves and stuff like Ahmad Jamal's Poinciana. You know that was a hit you know that was a single that was in boxes so there was a mainstream jazz presence in the way that there isn't necessarily today but it was still associated with the beat. Knicks as this to cool lake stuff for like Weirdo so it was those dual forces at play like one of the reasons that it had such a big impact on TV and movies because people were like. Oh Oh this is code for something like sort of illicit and mysterious the movies that had jazz soundtracks were like anatomy of a murder. What do you think that's about this stuff. That's sort of meant meant to be code for like the dark side or whatever or something like something torrid like I dunno just stuff. That's that's. Let's not for everyone. You know that's not mainstream. That's not acceptable necessarily so it's sort of there were other forces at work there to Natalie thank you so much for for joining us and taking us through some of the discoveries rediscoveries you've come across in exploring the jazz jazz scene of Nineteen fifty-nine I've I've really enjoyed this conversation both because as a jazz headed kind of shines New Light on figures that are known to me and others that are unknown to me and because we fast forward to the president it makes me feel like jazz can still have a place in in popular music today and maybe we're actually inching towards that so without a mind I was hoping you might contribute a few songs to a a playlist that we can share with our listeners kind of a one thousand nine hundred fifty nine to two thousand nineteen plus featuring some of the artists you found from nineteen fifty nine nine some of the ones you're listening to today yeah sure definitely we will throw up link to Natalie's nineteen fifty fifty nine project as well as some of the key tax. She mentioned James Baldwin now. Lee Thank you so much for joining us. I hope we can have you back sometime. Definitely thank you again for having me. This episode of switched on pop was produced by Ma Woah Nate Sloan special. Thanks to Natalie Winer for joining US check our show notes for links to spotify playlist and some of the articles she was talking about switched on pop is edited an engineered by Brandon McFarland. Our production fellow is Meghan Lubin and our community manager is Sarah Terry executive producers are Nishat Kurla and Liz Nelson we are part of the vox media podcast network and you can find more shows anywhere you get podcasts spotify apple podcasts AP Radio Public Iheart radio at set tower Araya hit us up on twitter at switched on pop or email us contact at switched on pop dot com. We'll be back in another week with the fire the episode for you and until Ben thanks for listening okay one more thing before we go. We are conducting an audience survey to better serve. You takes no more than five minutes to fill out a really helps out the show. Please take our survey here W._W._w. Dot Vox media DOT COM SLASH PODCAST survey.

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Hour 1: Prescott's Performance

Get Up!

43:54 min | 1 year ago

Hour 1: Prescott's Performance

"If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then. Zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash. Get up morning it is time to get up with. What could have been a catastrophic night for the cowboys not odd perfect but plenty was Dallas on the NFC elite and how about the team they played last night? Danny keeps throwing his dimes. Two guys in the wrong jerseys. Is it time to get worried. And we're way past worry. In Cleveland. BROWNS are bad. The coach is on the hot seat. But should we really be blaming the quarterback answers to those. It's another question time to get up with us. Starting right now packed house ready to go huge day in sports find will be here shortly. Rj's got the basketball covered and swaggie swaggie. Were just sort of trying to keep him in. Check here it's LSU Alabama this week. He's so fired up. I can't take skewing the total safer table. The energy level all is as meanwhile cowboys giants last night. metlife Stadium Dak Prescott in the boys but get the ball first and then Orlovsky. This is not the way you draw it up. This is the cowboys. Very first. Play from scrimmage greedy. It's the right read. And it's the right throats better play by Antoine Buffet. Standing in between GAC in that slammed. Throw Fest Start for the giants team but it was a theme. The giants would only converted into a field goal so second boorda were tied at three giants on the third and fourteenth. How about this catch from Golden Tank? It's actually outstanding throw by Daniel Jones right on that back shoulder looking goldens leap and then somehow levitation and the one handed snag for a sick cats on the sideline and this time they would cash it in for six three plays later on third goal from the one. That's Jones to cody. Latimer really liked the design down on the goal. Line Man Command Coverage Latimer Ditz. In out wide open touchdown. They missed the extra point nine three giants and then came the cat. And I'm not kidding when I say say everything changed from the moment. This black cat ran out onto the field. Bad luck struck the home team at Metlife stadium just over minutes ago in the half cowboys this down. Twelve three not anymore. Well there's ten guys on Defense Plane Zone in one gone deepens plane man. Janoris Jenkins is not even on the screen and then he doesn't even turn his Co.. Blake Darwin good play by Darwin on a broken play for their off. Tim Talk Forty two yard touchdown. Well Ken now. Under forty seconds to go in the half giants giants going to try and get points instead. Daniel Jones is picked of coming back to the thirty nine yard. Line setting up the cowboys with good field position. They kick a field goal so they'd have the thirteen twelve halftime lead go to the fourth quarter. It's a one point. Eight Sixteen fifteen dollars on a third and three dakyns still do this. Fourth quarter deck. Does this really well. No one's open trustees leg fines a scene and picks up a really crucial first down crucial because on the very next play. Michael Gallup makes one of the prettiest plays the year this. Watch this on silent yet. But this isn't the leap. What leg in the fall into the end zone? I can't do this. I don't know about people in the world that can't it. Richard Jefferson thinks he can. But that's neither here nor there cowboys. Eight after giants field goal cowboys eight minutes to go third and twelve. And finally. There's Amari Cooper what are known. A play caller polling played for his best receiver when they need it the most absolute missile from dactyl Amari forty five yard touchdown now twenty three seconds seconds left. Jones has the ball knocked away. Jordan Lewis is going to scoop and score from sixty three yards so the cowboys scored twenty one points in the fourth quarter. Don't let the final score full. The thirty seven eighteen the cowboys owner. But this one was a lot closer than the score would indicate. Let's talk after it's done. If a black cat run is on damn foot feeling and on a Monday night football game a black cat like call quiz look terrible things. Things were good up to that point so let me get only could only get better from there So I I thought about that. Definitely thought about that. I guess I guess we'll start rolling out at the black cats come in for the giants right so who knows fun. I guess I've seen an animal round the field that I've been a point of all right. So what things did genuinely turn around. I don't know what more to say. I liked the fullest green. We did there but that Prescott Double News. QBR from the first quarter and a half to the post cat performance last night and the outscored the giants by I twenty five. He completed seventy one percent of his passes for the rest of the game. So I don't know how much analysis we need of the significance of the cat running onto the field but let's ask our resident cowboy. Wait here Marcus Spears and on a night where again. If all you're seeing is the final score it's not indicative of the way the game really wet last night. What did you make of the cowboys? Performance sloppy that's number one. I think that's one where you're going to attach to it. But also it lended itself to their identity as well because they got zeke Elliott going and when they get Zeke Elliott going so a better football team everything opens up. And I know it's cliche to say it and everybody's been talking about it for such a long time. But Ezekiel Elliott. When he's rolling in this offensive land is having their way because we talked about how bad the giants defense is? We talked about it all season long. They dominated from physicality standpoint. And that's who the cowboys is. That's who they're going to have to be to have success. What were you thinking watching the game? Well I think the things that the cowboys want to do well and you look at the addition of Michael Bill Bennett. WHO's a trade deadline acquisition during their? Bye Week you now have a team. That can get pressure with his front four and when you talk to people. They're one of the concerns over the past few weeks whereas the pass rush been it hasn't been inconsistent demarcus Lawrence. Obviously a monster he was he was much more of the bad luck for the giants and the cat was last night because he dominated but the addition of Bennett as an interior pass rusher Russia on passing. Downs was the reason they went and got him. Obviously the price was good but they really felt like that was a bit of an underrated pickup for them. It's GONNA pay dividends down the stretch. All this is just another win. Win against the bad football team is was done in an unconvincing fashion. And we talk. You mentioned the run game. Run game kept them in until Dak mating throw in the fourth quarter when they needed it. But if the giants are better in the Red Zone on offense twenty-one three football game luckily they're run game was so good that the giants giants were only getting field. Goals in Zeke was able to keep this offense at least moving a bit to get their own field goals and then like I mentioned deck makes a throw on third down when you need it in credit them for that. But that's an unconvincing win against the bad football commits voice. When you talk about the cowboys we got a lot? The base tired asked me tell you right now is it's wince do it. I want the same energy okay. So so the point. He's trying to make you an intimidating. Fashion is that for you and if we're much of the NFL every week is a referendum on just how good that is a good good was the last night. He was good when they needed him to be until then he was. He was average which took the black cat came playing bad football but I will credit them in the fourth with quarter on third down when they need a run he makes it. This is the touchdown. Pass the on the sidelines gala gala. Michael Gallup Great. Great play by Gallup and then this ball Mari listen the throat one. It's needed but there's a lot that's a pretty elementary football. Pass right there the Dan. How does that? How does that lend itself to? What's facing the cowboys? Because they are facing a golic take a quick look at their schedule right now and in terms of the NFC east pecking order. Because I believe you had the eagles over upcoming scheduled biking blinds patriots and even the bills in terms of their defense. Where you have them at? This is why matters Vikings Lot Vikings Patriots bills. There's all have top ten defense. The Dallas Cowboys had not beat anybody with the top twenty defense. They got five wins this year. Right for are those wins against two against the giants won against the Redskins won against the dolphins they beat the Eagles Eagles after twenty-three defense in the NFL so we're gonNA find out. I mean we think they're a the WHO two really good football team. We will find out in really more about this offense in the next month with those beliefs. Swaggie as you joke around all we want you you believe that when we list the best teams in the NFC we should be getting a Dallas quickly. You can get to that formula if they can stay with this formula with Zeke. They are that team like we look. Think about what we just saw with Baltimore. New England. Right big about how we raved about New England defense and we talked about how good they were and they can stop people and they can win on defense when when you can run the football you can win games in this league that that bought. That's the point. We look at the charges in Green Bay. Would we talk about what the charges the charged with. Austin and Melvin. Gordon ran all over Green Bay. Dallas has their form and they kinda was one of the forefront at doing that. We'll talk more about the cowboys as we go. How how? `Bout the team. They beat last night. It was another rough outing for the rookie quarterback Daniel Jones struggling to protect the ball fumbled the ball twice through a pick finishes twenty six of forty one hundred ten yards a touchdown three turnovers. He's now tied with Janus Winston for the League lead with sixteen turnovers. Pat Shurmur clearly has some concerns. Don't follow yeah. Just hold a tighter right. I mean the decision has scrambled to get the first down with the right. Thank thing and then you know we gotta you gotTa make good decisions and you gotta play well throughout the down and at the end of the down you've got to secure the ball. That's pretty simple all right so moving past the ridiculously condescending manner with which he chooses to safe things and does what he is. What he's saying making sense? I understand what I think. He's trying to say you can't can't fumble the football at the end of a play. We get anyone who's ever seen a football game understands that what what what. What should we be saying Daniel? I'm not over like totally concerned concerned about Daniel Jones in the fumbles a lot of people make a big deal about it. I was around Matthew Stafford when he was younger when he had some issues and he paid attention to it and rectified defied it. The interception is a weird to me because I such a smart player Daniel Jones's smart player that that was not a smart place trying to move a safety. He never goes there. Mark the the fumbles are going to be something that he's going to have to pay attention to the bigger thing for me. The in in in Dana Jones's play really since those first two games the the the buccaneers in Washington. The biggest issue is under pressure. He's struggling right now. He's not seeing things the ball's not coming out and it's leading turnovers. He's actually getting sick more than he's getting completions under pressure but the fumbles. Those are something that you can control the player. Grazziano has any of the giants optimism mizzou slash confidence in him wavered at all. It's been up and down stretch. I mean they're concerned about the turnovers. They need to get it fixed. But no I mean. They've seen enough good stuff and when they put him in. They knew who is going to be up and down as a rookie quarterback no matter. How high your pick your rookie quarterback there's going to be highs and lows? They've committed to this rebuilding process there at bottom right now. No team in the League because lost more games than giants have the last three seasons so they know who they are and they're starting from from this place and if he's GonNa make mistakes learn on the fly it's GonNa look ugly but they're they're going to be okay with it but the the point is to with highs and lows eventually because right now. The lows outweigh the highs for him. Yeah you gotta see a turn that the highs outweigh or over. Carry the lows. Let's talk about a guy who was last year's rookie sensation. Who is now hitting some lows and somebody is Baker? Mayfield his disappointing. Sophomore art season continued Sunday with a bad loss in Denver. The browns are chew and six and May feel this tied with James Winston for the NFL. Lead with interceptions with twelve. He's he's been worse in every meaningful quarterback statistic across the board this year is total. QBR's down completion percentage is down touchdown to interception ratio significantly down. Here's his coach Freddie kitchen addressing the media yesterday these first eight games do not matter. It's not where we want to be. But it's where we are and and that's who I record is so we have to own that we also have to recognize the fact that we've got a new week this week that we have to prepare or we're going to be answering and talking talking about the same things that we were talking about last week so we need to rectify our problems. And you're GonNa fix this week for this Sunday's game and have different results and I do feel like we've been talking about most of the same things with Cleveland all year long which is obviously a problem but swagger. You weren't here yesterday. So if the browns season did officially really get away from them last weekend which it probably did if you were to point the finger of blame at one person primarily. Who is it Freddie? Kids we have a discussion about Baker Grant. How he's playing and obviously he's contributed in some of these problems but Freddie Kitchens is putting a undisciplined football team? They're a team that he's not compensating for when you talk talk about like how many discussions about this offensive line. At what point do you say damn it. I'm going to protect those guys. Like we in the Ninth Week of the season and we still talk about out. They can't protect what do something about it. Give Baker some out and then to like. You should tell your quarterback I go into the fourth and four. You should tell your quarterback back. Look over there if there's one guy by number thirteen throwing the ball. I don't care what the situation is. These are simple things in football it that I've been around enough of offense to know that there are diseases that you need to make. It ought to help your guys and the Baker's not seeing it you just have to say hey firma guy out there that can dominate a one on one and get him the ball. Freddie Kitchens didn't hire himself so at some point you have to say it's systemic with the browns. Like how many coaches have to spit the bit. How many quarterback back so they have to try it out there under center before we look at a front office and say maybe? They're the ones to blame here. Dan Yeah. This is a massive with by John. Dorsey a huge with with the head. Coaching hire Freddie Kitchens in listen. I've talked about radio on this set in rightfully so but John Dorsey was the guy that after last season and the success they had at the end of the year said John. Dorsey was going to be the person to take this really talented football team in lead them. Because here's the reality this let's just be black and white and the NFL's talented teams in non talented teams with the non talented teams. When they're losing you have to ask as the coach doing enough to overcome that talent? The Cleveland Browns are not in that group. They are talented football team. So now the question becomes. Why are they losing whether losing? Because they're not coached with details tails. The coach that was put in that position was placed in that spot by John. Dorsey so yeah. It has to start with John Dorsey. Making that hiring and then trickle trickle down to forty kitchens but it's not just a Freddie kitchens thing anymore where does it go from here. John Graziano. Well it depends on how the rest of the season goes right if it gets uglier or stays as this ugly then. Obviously they have to reassess Freddie Kitchens and figure out if they need to make a change their watch. The quarterback of the quarterback continues to look like he's not developing or that he's regressing. That's when the front office will activate in a way that had been involved the program around him. I go back to last year. I was covering their game Pittsburgh the day before they fired. Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley. And there's a lot going on around that team that day and one of one member of the front office said to me. Look if it's bad for the quarterback we're going to get rid of it and I think that's still pertains because that's where they have the high draft pick and that drives me crazy though. I don't know we've set aside some time for this later. But they hire them because he's supposed to be good for the quarterback swag kid the one that you WanNa talk a little F- just these people getting paid to do this. Like I just don't understand and there there comes a point when you in a professional setting where you say you know what we missed. And we gotta make a change and US just having a conversation about John Dorsey but even with Freddie kitchens like if your quarterback ain't that do figure out how to make them that do enough today at least survive. What you right now in the Cleveland browns said hey man a good look? They still look like they're shocked by by what's happened to recover from all right. We have much more on the all night is a very big night in college football. Let's make Marcus Spears Challenge. Because we're going to get our First Official College Football playoff rankings released tonight. We'll see if the committee agrees with eight people which has LSU number one. We anticipate that it will be Tigers of two wins against FBI top fifteen opponents as many as the rest of the undefeated. ESPN's combined Bama number two in the poll clemson ties reached the playoffs each of its first five seasons but only beaten one FBI ti top twenty five opponent this season number three in the poll. Ohio state buckeyes dominated their opponents. This season outscoring teams by Fema Best Three hundred twenty three points points. The only team with a three hundred points differential and clemson round out the top four Tigers of seventy eight percent chance to win out the highest chance of any FBI team they won twenty four straight games the longest active streak in the country. Say Twenty four of those. Aren't that great. So the other sixteen in the top ten or ready to make their best case in College Football Playoff Committee over the next month especially should there be any sleep. Flip up in the top four which we've seen just about every single year. Penn State is alone undefeated team not ranked in the top. Four Florida are the only two loss team ranked in the top ten. Where's Georgia number? Six Paul Finebaum joins the show. Now we slow them right in just like that. Give us three things that you're looking out for is the rankings are released tonight. We'll this election night It so I don't WanNa be Chuck Todd here but I'm going to be to keep your eye on the West. I especially with organ does Oregon Land before George. I don't think they will but if they do that is good news for the PAC twelve which has been somewhere in the Pacific Ocean for the last couple of years number two. Where does the committee put? Clemson there's some of the forgotten team. They won twenty four in a row beating teams like wofford although they barely rarely got past North Carolina and a number one. Don't pay too much attention to this. Alabama LSU played this weekend as most of the free world knows and some people in the non so free world and the winner of this game will be number one but the most important thing to keep your eye on for Alabama and for everyone else. Alabama must win this game. Nick Saban even is the only coach in the last eight years to win the national championship without winning his vision. That dog is not going to hunt this time around. Make it clear why that is. This came as more important for Alabama than it is for. Lsu So glad you asked me that question because this game is at home in Alabama doesn't have a good win they other than Texas which is not not really a good win so of LSU goes to Alabama placed at nobody wins. They've lost three games in the last seven years. Then that issue losers it's still a really quality already lost if Alabama losers home forget about it. Wow Yeah I mean I think. That's a legit way to look at it as we start building up the hype for Lsu Alabama the game of the century entry to pause. Then you is the rest of the schedule right after you get one loss. We begin to look at okay. Who did they play after this? Just like when Georgia laws and I talk people off the Ledge. Because they got Florida they still had auburn and they still possibly had the SEC championship. Born they take care of business. That's enough strength to get you right right back in the conversation with Alabama you lose the Lsu foreseeably you're not going to the SEC championship and the only other team on your schedule is Auburn. They they take things into account though if two is banged up or hamper clearly affected we'll the committee. Take a book. They would have to do you boot. Well here's that's the question. I mean we'll see you mean to tell me that if Lsu goes into Tuscaloosa and wins by three good football game in two as ninety percent then Lsu goes in wins the SEC championship ship. That you don't think Bama would get right. Well I totally agree with it and then it comes down to are they one of the best teams I think they are. And you're GONNA get this tug of war most deserving which we go who every single year I think the answer to that is yes. I don't I don't see any way we're if two plays to not full shrink. which is what we believe it will be and they play in a good competitive football game? LSU beats them in a close game and then goes in wins the SEC championship. I don't see how you can keep whatever depending on other teams. I don't see we are. Yeah I WANNA go down the barrel. What happens if pence they'd beat so we got a Lotta pens? That happens Dick Sabin but sitting here campaigning. I have to go to breakthrough yelling at. I knew this would happen coming up on the jets getting worse by the week. But it's Sam darnold actually getting better. That's what he seems to think you'll hear from him and we'll see swag bags. And then it's water sean. mcvay in La but that may be about it. Why are save? Beware of the of the quarterback whisperer that more as we continue you get up on. Espn we are busy this morning on get up in five minutes Ed's Daniel Jones. Is it going in the right direction. Are The two stars in Houston Recipe for success and then swag interprets the words of people all across the National National Football League including that one on your screen. All that more as we continue you're watching get up on. ESPN prescription products required online physician consultation. Only available if the physician determines prescriptions appropriate website for full details. And the information. One of the scariest things that can happen to a guy is that first morning you wake up you look in the mirror and and you start to realize you're going thin up. Top to out of every three guys are going to start losing their hair by the age of thirty five thirty five. You're still young dude at that point. You'RE GONNA start losing your hair then think about it a year from now. It's all gone in. Everybody used to think as soon as you start losing your hair. That's it. It's genetics. It's father time and there's nothing you can do about it. Well guess what that's wrong for him. Dot Com is a one stop shop or hair loss skin care sexual wellness for men. Prescription solutions backed by science written by Dr Delivered. It to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional forums dot com slash. ESPN right now and get started for just five bucks while supplies last. This would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor Arora Pharmacy so go to four hymns dot com slash. ESPN THAT'S F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. ESPN BIEN BACK ON. Get up and if you missed it last night. Good game on Monday night. Football or at least close game one point game going into the fourth quarter cowboys up. Sixteen fifteen on the the giants and then Dak Prescott Michael Gallup. How about the athletic one? Credible play by Gallup on the sideline to stay inbounds leap over defender and get that left foot put in falling into the end. So that made a twenty three fifteen giants get the ball. I intended Daniel Jones say Kwan. Barg League Gulf should've gotten more taxes. Fox's the Saquon as many times as possible open field incredible vision sudden change in speed downfield get big play for the giants sixty five yard arcane but the theme of the night it leads to a field goal. The giants could not cash in for touchdowns and in the end that cost them the game. Eight minutes to plan a third and Twelfth Prescott Amari Cooper Cooper say goodnight Irene. That's a forty five yard touchdown. It's a thirty two eighteen game. The cowboys were tack on a late comparatively meaningless defensive touchdown and win win thirty seven eighteen again. The point to be made here the final score not indicative of the game itself and we spent some time talking about how underwhelming the cowboys were just is what it is at the end of the day. You win a football game. You don't frown on it. But a conversation. That sort of came up in our pre show meeting this morning that we wanted to bring to. You is about quarterback back development. So you look at Pat Shurmur and Daniel Jones is. He's is he the right guy to develop them long-term. Let me quickly ask you Dan to set up the conversation depending on how the giants season goes would you expect. Do you believe they expect that. Pat Shurmur will be their head coach next season. I think the key to that question is your first question. They have to say first of all. Is this the right guy to shepherd the development of this young quarterback that we pick number six overall. If the answer is no then you can see them making a change especially given the record record that gives them the opportunity to do it. The answer is yes then he gets to stay and continue to develop the quarter with perfectly sets up the topic because that is probably the the absolute wrong way to make this decision. If there's one thing we've seen in the NFL started hiring. These quarterback whisperers these quarterback gurus to to be their head coaches and almost without exception. It has been a dismal failure. See Cleveland see the jets see dirt cutter in Tampa Bay and and Matt Nagy Right now in Chicago. You hire these guys to just coach your quarterback and somehow the rest of the football team falls apart. Let me give you a scenario. And Look I remember going through this process would add odor on at LSU and everybody wanted. Tom Herman they wanted to hire rendezvous. They want a bunch of guys that hot names and I was able go to practice and see how players responded to add odor run and I said this is the head coach for Lsu now what he can go to a board and right out this elaborate display of XS and Os. I don't know that but I know every one of those players when he started talking and when he puts them they wanted to play for him. Look what's happening in Baltimore. That's the perfect example. They didn't go out and hire some new offensive grew to be their head coach because they wanted to put it in something creative for Lamar Jackson. They have an excellent head coach. They have have a guy who was just sitting in the quarterback room working with the quarterback all the time which Adam Jason Freddie Kitchens and Matt. Nagy don't have time to do. I think the thing that Baltimore and I would say Buffalo as well with Josh Allen like Josh. John's playing good consistent football for that team is they've got head coaches right and we often talk about leadership. Leadership is not just about leading. I think it's also about making everybody better and when you have just a singular head coach. He's the one that can make everyone better. And then you have position. Listen coaches are offensive coordinators that can solely focused on leading just that quarterback right. When you hire these coaches and listen? It has worked at times. But when you hire these coaches that have to lead the quarterback and have to lead the offense and lead the football team. They're incapable of of making everyone better and we're seeing that in the NFL. They hire six seven. Eight new head coaches every single year in the NFL. And what you've heard the last couple of years during that process assist people saying the pipeline drying up all these guys have been sort of over promoted quarterback coach head coach. He washes out in a year or two. Now you go down the line get you a head head coach. Get yourself a John Harbaugh. A Mike. Tomlin Sean mcvay is not a success in Los Angeles because he fixed. Jared Goff is success in Los Angeles because he runs the building. Everybody respects him and he has that ability. Everyone who ever worked for him is not automatically going to bring. That's the point is that we went through a phase there were anyone who had sean McVeigh's number in their contacts. I got a head coaching job in the League and swag not. Everyone is able to do what he's doing. Gee I mean it's ironic that a defensive coach has been dominating the NFL for the last ten the twelve years and bill belichick put delegate these guys and put them in situations that Great Roman in in Baltimore. Say Lamar I'm here with you every day. This what we do. What do you like to do you like to point? You can't do that as it goes. It's too many things going on and when you hired he's got a guy right nine Dallas who should be head coach Chris. Christie Shaw should be a head coach somewhere next year. Because every time I've seen players interact with Chris resort they want to run through a brick wall. But the guy that everyone was talking about was was the offensive words. Eight or powder who has rhetoric things real quickly. Because I was with Sean mcvay. When he came in as the quarterback guru he can talk football on both sides that immediately immediately gained respect from the defense? Because I think as a defender when you see this guru offensive guys get hired you automatically would think well. He only cares if the quarterback plays as well. And that's why the leadership of that role is so param. Listen this is a very important conversation and anyone who is watching Sam Darnold play right now understands why much more football as we go. Meanwhile Ella's L.. Let's go to the WHO. Yeah let's run the floor with Richard Jefferson and we're going to start with Kyrie Irving to draw thirty nine points for the nets. They beat the PELICANS. Can he turn this team solely into a contender. No no no he cannot. Hey Dan and Kevin durant him eventually. CHIARA's planes the best fastball of his career. He's doing everything he possibly can for this team. But he's not gonNA be alone. Earning them into a contender anytime soon. how the warriors who've got just their second win of the season. They beat the Blazers and they did it without draymond green and Diangelo Russel and of course there was no clay and there was no steph. Either is there for hope here. No no no. This is actually disappointing pointing. This is a game that you wanted to lose right because then you're going to be closer to a high level lottery take so even though this was great for morale their final goal and they are going to be a lottery. Tori seen this year That could be your goal. Took them a step away from being a higher bic. Speaking of morale-booster we had the sixers lose their first game of the season filled assigned ends Devon Booker put up. Forty is the headline here that the sixers have an issue or the sons are just bawling out. Knowing knowing the suns are bawling out. They started the season out on fire. They've beaten the clippers. They are playing very very good basketball. Devon Booker is making that jump that we wanted to see those numbers. Turn translate into wins. And they're starting starting to translate into wins right now. Wouldn't exactly accuse the rockets of balling out but James did had a big game for them last night. Put up forty four points and the Grizzlies one seven to one hundred Russell. Westbrook expat out with rest. What are your impressions early on on the rockets so far They're going to be fun to watch. They're going to have a lot of individual performances and then come April may be mid April. We'll be done talking about them until they play defense. That's going to be the one issue and we said this for year after year after year and they still haven't and they're still been in the sex I want to kind of I want to expound here a little bit rj on specifically what's facing the rockets because this was a duo that was among the best that we were going to see but there was a lot of questions as just. How does this work minus forty six for Russell Westbrook when they played the heat and it was? You could call it the Miami Fluor whatever you WANNA call it but it was bad and James Harden was better when he wasn't playing. It seems like they've got a bit of a split personality. They're two different teams depending on. WHO's dominating the floor like? What the key issue here? I think the key issue is just really really their overall play and you look at Russell Westbrook. Now he's had Kevin Durant and they had some success he had Paul. George never got out of the first round with the two years that having Paul George I I really just don't know if these players in the style of game that they want to play is conducive with winning at a high level ultimately. If you have these two players players the only thing you should be talking about his championship right you should be talking about championship. And they have talent around them but for some reason it's not going to. It's not translating. You know they gave up up. One hundred and fifty points to the wizards right and and one by one like these are things that are going to be. You know when you look at the end of the season. Is this team championship. Contender under the answer is no because you see these performances trying to win games at one hundred and fifty nine points. I would also say also concerning my Dantonio. Admitting that the efforts not there and six games into the season you WanNa talk about chemistry and scheming those things but effort already being an issue. That's a problem. Rj is never problem. And he's sticking around here on get out tomorrow night on. ESPN ARE NBA double header. We wilty hardened westbrook leading the rockets against the warriors followed by a superstar showdown in La y Leonard and the clippers hosting jaanus. And the bucks are coverage tips Stephen as the pre-game sportscenter at seven eastern on. ESPN has always ticket with you because it's on the ESPN APP. Coming up here on. Get up the jets are going nowhere fast. But their quarterback thinks thinks he's getting better under Adam gays. Excuse me we're going to talk about that straight ahead plus with Zion gone or the next speak stars in College Basketball Jay Abilities in the building. He'll discuss that when re returned. But first a little sneakier Hembo time and this one is marcus beer. centric you ready. LSU Bama Week Week who was the last Lsu quarterback to win an NFL game. We had to dig deep in the annals for this one and you'll have the answer coming up in a bit. There's been a lot of talk in the studio is. We're trying to get the answer. This question sneaky Hembo with the King of Lsu House today Marcus Spears. who was the last Lsu quarterbacks Raghu to win an NFL game? Zack Med Burger. It was fifty fifty. You went the wrong Guy Rosement. Flynn he was going back and forth between the two of them. The entire commercial break Matt. Flynn beat the cowboys in week. Fifteen twenty third widen member of the Green Bay packers. Why picking Hembo excited Swag Raggio? Let's go what does swag say. Gee You know what I say. I say Dan Jones gangster look at me today. Angie I'm already a Bee's beastie I call you bro. Yeah my bro You KRESA. This is not exactly how I meant for this to go. Take that and smoke it. It makes us laugh every single time. Okay you'll hear from people are GonNa hear what swaggers thinks they're really saying it starts with the browns. Freddie Kitchens asked yesterday about Odell not getting the ball on a critical fourth down play. Here's what the coach said. I'm not saying where the ball should of went. I just know we should have executed better all right. That's what he says. What is swagger? Say I ain't GonNa tell Baker Mayfield and talk to the best player on the field but to the best player on the Field Baker Mayfield. Ah for the sense of not long you under the bus. Thirteen is the best player on field. Freddie Kitchens I did it you didn't WanNA throw him at a bus but you need talk somebody else under the bus because right night looking good for you. Yeah I WANNA talk to you further about this. WHO's decision is that? But let me go to the next one here earl. Thomas who's won a lot of big football games in his life was asked about the fans chanting. MVP at Lamar Jackson Sunday night win over the Patriots is what Earl said. Yeah I'm I'm ready to with the crowd I mean like man the MVP I'm right behind him and Beckenham. He makes my job easier. That's what Charles said. What the Swag who say first of all mad little earl earl is saying the right thing by quarterback is the MVP but early? You Know Damn where you'll former quarterback is the MVP right right now. So shout out to him. I know you can't stand. See out not hawks. No-go hawks but you know us is the MVP. That's basically where I'm GonNa go with the crowd. 'cause I'm here in Baltimore but I have been paying attention to the guy play with. He's probably in the Russel's eight twenty two touchdowns in one pay plan for it muscle so far this season then we get to the jets after losing to the tanking. Dolphins coach Adam Gates was asked if he was embarrassed by his team's performance. Here's what what he said it's the NFL man and see NFL can't can't be embarrassed. That's what he said. What the swagger say Adam just say yes that's all I got to just say? Yes they should have been in bad. I was embarrassed me too and and I don't have anything to do with you. The world should have been embarrassed about the jets are exactly opposite of everything. That's it's not embarrassing. Okay Fair enough. I would like to extend that conversation. I'm GonNa WanNa bring the Dan's in. Because yesterday the quarterback visa I I was quite taken aback by myself but he's done a lot of things I can't believe anyway. Sam darnold himself was on the Michael. Kay Show on. Espn Radio New York yesterday. And this is what Darnold darnold set. The winds aren't coming. Everyone on our team is frankly pissed off about it for me personally really from Dallas Week to New England game to Jacksonville Accident Now You know I've gotten better. I've said before but when we get in a rhythm there's not a whole lot better play callers out there so We get to play in super fast. We'll play with a rhythm it's just. We get penalties and negative plays. It kills US okay so understanding that he's got to to be diplomatic and save the right thing he said the words. I think I'm getting better. The big concern of all jet fans is that he is regressing. What do you see? There's absolute regression Russian. But they're Gr- regression is in the results. I went back and watched that tape in the last three weeks. Right now Sam Darnold I want to double down or triple down on this kid. He is going to be a star. He's doing as good as he can right now with WHO. And what is around in the play calling right now stakes. The help and talent around this interception is completely a byproduct of a poor plan with protection a poor execution with their protection in a poor communication with their protection so yes there is regression. But it's not because Sam Darnold all Senate forgot how to play football ears and talented enough anymore there. You're I've said this to you. I'm legit concerned about the kids career and I am as high as I can on him as a player in it's directly tied to the person pleading he's telling tell me that Adam Gates will be fired by the end of the day. I do not think he'll be fired. How about I'll take the end of the week? I think what we said about. Cleveland applies right. Like how ugly does it get. And how do they finish. If Sam darnold finish the season the way he finished last season and it feels hopeful right and he feels like he's developing then I think Adam Gates who by the way move the GM out in the spring rang inputting GM. He's probably got better foundation down there than people want to believe Then I think he has a chance to save his job half a season still go so we'll see but he hasn't how's it. He has lost lost fan base to an extent look. I've lived my entire life this team. He's lost the fan base to an extent that it genuinely becomes a problem swagger. I'm looking at the look on your face. What are you thinking? I don't understand for the life of me. How how? How do you even say those words first of all? How does Adam gays? Utter would not embarrassed right. Here's the thing. Got Him guys. You're one in seven. You lost to the dolphins and your quarterback two weeks ago saying I'm seeing ghosts. Yeah that's not embarrassing and then to we Sam Darnold Sandy. Getting better I get it the kid he has to stay positive. 'cause he is standing in Doodoo. That's what I'm doing standing there right now trying to smell. Everything's sweet around him hoping that people continued positive. 'cause we are standing in Doodoo. Gee It's hard to get out. Here's the thing for the jets. They can't be scared about giving him a third play caller in three years for the fear of stunting growth and keeping case. That way. Like you've made a wrong decision decision. You GotTa make that wrong decision right by moving on and it has to happen soon. Grazziano give me how this thing plays out. I think I think he plays better the rest of the season and I think I think there's a case to be made by the time it's over that hey shown progress but it's it's fool's gold because that's where they were exactly a year ago and you still got to get the right guy in the game Sunday. There's four or five plays that he's got another hundred yards there that get called back because the procedural penalties which again comes down to coaching. I WANNA seven before. It's embarrassing. Yeah we had a lot more football as we go but guess what tonight is l.. Pick it up. Yeah the official kick off to College College basketball all eyes on the champions classic at MSG top four teams in action at seven thirty number three Kansas Jayhawk taking on the new look number four devils. There's no there's no. Rj better cameras. There is a holdover. We'll get into that in just a bit and then at nine thirty. It's the top two teams in all of College Basketball Tom. Izzo top-ranked Barton Barton stake in on Giancarlo Peris number two Kentucky wildcats catch Winstons. Jesus I Action Spartan senior many considered to be the top player in all of college basketball. Aw that's just conjecture. Let's bring in Jay Bilas. The Snowman is presumably Berkshire Snowman's in the building. All right so this is going to be a lot of people's first introduction into some of these teams in some of these players. I want you to give me some players to watch for from the Games that we're getting tonight and start with the early game the early game with Kansas and Duke. Well First Kansas ends US may very well be the best team in the country last year. They wound up losing in the sweet sixteen. They didn't win the big twelve for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth under bill self because because they had injuries suspensions guide. Gerald Vic left the team but they've got a sophomore point guard devan Dotson who grew up in Charlotte. North Carolina is just jet quick doc and a really talented player that led them in scoring. He's there leading returning this guy steals you name it. He does everything for them and he's GonNa have to lead them in scoring and then you don't as a book either either. Big Guy is back after only playing nine games last year. That gives them a ton of size. And it's going to be a real difficulty for Duke to have to guard him down low because dukes six got a new crop of freshmen. That are excellent but they're not lottery picks at least not yet. They don't have the same kind of go to star power they had with RJ Baron Zion Williamson Simpson even Cam Reddish. But they've got trade. Jones back may be the best on ball defender in the country. The question is where are they going to be able to shoot it from the perimeter. And who's going to be their leading scorer Trade Jones is going to have to be the best player. He doesn't necessarily have to be the leading scorer but he's got to be the best player I think they're leading score is going to be actually another freshman. Matthew hurt okay who is probably the best shooter on the team. He can operate off the elbow. Take a little guy down and post them off. Take a big guy out on the perimeter very versatile good player but they're not not going to be as explosive as they were last year. But they'd better be better defensively Michigan in Kentucky. Michigan State has the best point guard in the country caches Winston who showed out like crazy last year in the NCAA tournament was the best player on the floor. When Michigan State Duke in the elite eight to go to Tom Izzo eight final four? Winston is a senior. He's done it all he's got an outside. I chance to catch Bobby Hurley with the all time. Assist Record led the big ten and assist the last couple years and he's an outstanding player and he's going to be going up against a Kentucky Point Guard. National Hagen was a lot like trae Jones's ability dominated game on the defensive end in the best freshman. This thing is therese Maxi from from Kentucky who could very well be Kentucky's Leading Score Score Kentucky's got another great freshman class but they got players back that are legit more than usual experienced back Kentucky very quickly.

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Burn After Reading (2008)

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Burn After Reading (2008)

"Stuart i'm recording. Hello everybody welcome. Back to a bold move prestige podcast. Today we're talking about the two thousand and aids Political farce burn after reading written and directed by joel coen and ethan cohen. The brothers go on a stars. George clooney frances. Mcdormand john malkovich tilda swinton richard jenkins brad pitt fantastic cast. They all do a really good job. The film that looks like a million bucks What did you think of jim. This is my first time seeing it. It's one of those few coen movies. I haven't seen yet and yeah look into star power co. boy there's just there's more acting talent in this movie than any movie has a right to have some familiar stuff from cohen's riley he got the george clooney francis gorman's and so i was pretty excited. I went into it though knowing that you didn't particularly like this on your i watch way back when i was a little hesitant thinking okay. We'll see we'll see what to make of this. And i think there are definitely like some really funny moments in this movie. Yes and i was happy when those came along because for the most part i didn't like this movie very much Any kind of started right away. I think for me starting with this dinner party him getting fired and going right into this dinner party and the scene with his wife. We're talking about john malkovich's character cox None of that hit for me like all. These people are just like bad people. Like i would hate to be at that party. There's there's no redeeming quality there and so to start off with that. It kinda started on a sour note and then sort of continued with what i think is. Maybe you know intentional. But sporadic like heading here and there. It's like they're they're costly cutting back and forth between all these different characters because there are a ton of characters right and they all have their own piano vs and they'll have backstories that they're trying to get to And i just found like between the pacing of this thing taking a while to get into the stuff that i think of as like coen films and that editing style and it not being super funny most of the time or the humor being way more subtle than i was expecting from cohen brothers film. It just wasn't clicking for me. Yeah so this is. The i agree largely everything he said. This is the third time. I seen it ir. The first time. I saw a went to see the movie theater i was. You know this is very early on to my being free of my religious things. And i was really. I've i've always admired the coen brothers films. And i think it's the first opportunity for me to see one in theater and looked amazing. You know is a big fan of what brother where where art over there. Whereas thank you thank you i was trying to put trip and fargo so of and seeing george and francis back together and you know all these other characters i was very excited to the commercials trailers look very funny and i remember watching it in like three pretty good belly. Laugh so yeah in. It's like there's one in particular that is just just the setup and the juxtaposition of what you were expecting versus what you actually got really brings down the house but just left me really cold. Yeah and i think we know when i think of The other cohen screwball. Films like the big lebowski raising arizona raising arizona even fargo which is kind of in this kind of black comedy lane. There's always a person or two. That i am really pulling for you know that. They are very charismatic. they're innocent. they're not up to anything. they just. They have a very simple desire to get back with their family or to have a child or hill alone. Get the rug back. You know be left alone and get the damn rug back and go back to the you know enjoying the rest of their life stuff that like you naked root for and it's kind of like you know warm and fuzzy characters and this it's a very Always sunny sensibility and that everyone is kind of some version of a selfish oblivious aseholders elements of them that are sympathetic like i sympathize with you know seven going through a life and realizing that their bodies on the back half of where it used to be and you know. They're losing their desirability. They've put a lot of stock and data empathize with someone who feels lonely in a relationship and neglected and and board and and it goes. I kind of you know frustrations of someone who is smarter than he thinks. Everybody else in the crowd is and has never appreciated but like the goals that they all individually have and the way they're going about it is all like everyone in this is essentially You know The the the william h mesa character from fargo. Yeah they're all going about some petty crime and treason to get ultimately very vain glorious things to happen and you know there wasn't a i. Guess there is a cared. Richard jenkins the. The hard bodies manager is that guy but he's introduced so late in the film and he's such a a slip of a a wisp of performance that leg imagine if france mcdormand was that in fargo. Right right leg like she's like she's gene. She's the j. k. simmons parachutes in the end of the movie to kind of like. This is a student you know. She just gives a speech in the back in the squad car. Lovely day it is pointless and steve but it is no that she was the pillar of the movie the pillar of goodness that we wanted to see succeed. This movie doesn't have that. Except for richard jenkins. And he's he's subservient to the the vain arrogant selfish assholes of the movie. So i i think that's what it is like i. It's only recently that i've learned a like things like always sunny. And i guess i like them more. When they're hyper absurd like this is trying to be very. I mean it again. I studied this. Because it's one of those things where it's like. I'm out of step with a lot of the cohen fans. I love the coen measures Like this and hail. Caesar i just don't think are very funny. What they are like instances like that funny seedlings but they're not connected into a cohesive. Whole is a story that actually care about. And i wanna watch again. That's the thing about like the cohen's formula right because they do have a formula and it's all over this move you see it. You see the far issue. See the the fools like kind of sealing their own doom in certain ways like speeches that are right out of big lebowski like down lawyer. Who's advising tilda swinton. I don't surname. Misses her divorce is giving a speech. Freight out of big lebowski we with cadence and it's positive elements there. It's just remixed in a way. That doesn't quite work for me. This really brilliant dialogue like You know tilda swinton george. Clooney makes a crass joke and she goes. Are you know it makes kind of like a suggestive sexually. Suggestive remark to her and she sees like. Oh god you're so crass and she looks wash fuck. I'm late like one of those things. Where like someone will like. The pot will immediately call the kettle black. And that's the but it's a concept that i think should work for me like imagine tinker tailor soldier spy okay except for nothing matters. They're all delusional. And ultimately there is. There's no fate really to for for any of these guys that you've gotta care about and is going to be directed by cohen's going to storrow these megawatt very charming people can do comedy and are doing comedy. This thing like brad pitt is amazing. This film George clooney is as good as i've ever seen him in wages mugging for the camera and doing whatever the cohen brothers ask him. Princess storm is awesome. Yeah she's just playing a character that i don't like yeah and i'm not saying that you're a bad person if you've got this movie i'm just saying that you have different like i don't know what that sense of humor looks like i suspect. Here's what i suspect. I suspect that this is made for type of people who like. npr humor. That like if you think that You know wait wait. Don't tell me is like the funniest fucking thing on the radio. And you like that kind of more sly playful naughty sensibility in in your humor This is like a really really hilarious thing. And i just. I always struggle with that Because i was find people talking around adult issues rather than about them as kind of like you know. I don't know. Just something. I i guess i don't get And i always find like I listen to npr. Because it's it's good information. And i'm interested in topics like i often find the humor like distracting from that so like that doesn't mean you're you know it doesn't mean you know that's not funny. It just means that it's not my kind of funny and you know the people that like. That probably really hate some of the other stuff that i like. So but it's a bummer. Because i do. Every time. I watch it. I see a little bit more of the big. Repeat the bigger picture. And i do think the j. k. Simmons stuff is hilarious and some of the visual gags are very very funny. I just wish that george clooney was more of a hero. Maybe frances mcdormand was more of a hero in their own mind. Even i mean the more. I'm sitting here thinking about and going over the scenes my head like oh i remember when You know cleans it. That or mcdormand did that. All of those things are funny. It's just like as a whole. It doesn't quite come together for me. I want to talk to specific yet. But yeah i mean i. It's hilarious that you're like calling this. npr humor. Because i get where you're coming from with that. It's certainly does have that feel to it. Like sort of you know higher. Class less crass high-society You know that sort of thing but then also it has george clooney in some of the crudest most ridiculous scenes. I've seen him ever perform a serious to me. That's the humor that really clicks for me. Because i'm a child. And i'd i'd alone that that's fine yeah. This was like a series of youtube videos posted with like some of the scenes in it. Like i think it. I think it would be a work of art but like it's all the connecting stuff just doesn't really work for me and it takes a long time to really get to the plot of this baby They're doing a lot of setup and by the time that the plot really kicks off a plot by the time it really kicks into gear with the inciting incident that you think of in like a co and movie right where somebody is killed in dramatic fashion. That happens so late in this movie that it's kind of not the point. It's not kicking off the story. It's like a turning point in the story and it feels weird to me. Because i wasn't that's i don't think it's actually inciting incident inciting exactly normally win going the use that as an inciting it's fargo. You think of these other movies that they've done that would be the inciting incident in. This is an hour into an hour and a half film and it sorta just like starting to wrap things up bright and just off to me. Yeah yeah arabia. I have so many expectations coming in from colin film. About like what they do and in how they do it that the remix here is what is throwing me off. And i'm just not like i think francis mcdormand is the hero because she's the one that actually gets what she wants by the end of this but it's also weird because we never get her reaction to that like there's not the shot of her like not be with her new boobs like there. Is you know in like you. Know like like a shot that everything has returned back to status quo normal alike shifts into like this omniscient world. Where're you know. This stuff is literally a hill of beans that they just want to go away. Because we're talking to pre podcasts. Like j. k. Simmons plays the cia. Deputy director with like the intensity of a walmart manager who an employee is talked telling him about a toilet. Backed up like okay. Well let's just clean up the shit get to shooter flush and because this ain't making me money the you know so. Let's get back to them. You know the moneymaker and it is funny. But like it's not about him or that or anything brian. The point i s. But i mean that works. Like seinfeld is famously movie of a television show about nothing. And it's really funny because the characters like that's weird that's a weird zone because like they are kind of like the the antithesis of always sunny because like they're all terrible people doing shitty things but yet still kind of liked them. They're they're more likable. They're not nearly psychopathic as the always shirker oils take a quick break. We'll be right back. But yeah i dunno i. It's it's one of those things where it's like. I just got a little blind. I've got a little bit of color blindness. That this this thing this thing of humor. And i feel like it's something that Because all you say that the thing about the editing being stilted a jumping around here there and being like trying to be too too much. I do think they're really going for that. Kind of like ultra slick mature spy thriller. They're going for a tinker tailor soldier. Going for a frosty phoenix and going for that kind level of seriousness. To make the humor all that much. Funnier and i get that says this thing. I don't understand why don't like this more. Yeah i mean in spy thriller like you'd the plot is the entire point in this. I felt like. I wanted some characters that i could latch onto and they just never give us and this this jump the jumping around cutting between character so fast never gives me a moment to sit with these characters and really get in their heads. I'm more like being setup for characters that i should care about. Don't but that's just how i felt. I don't know a lot of people are going to be on the other side of the fence with this and say oh yeah identified with all these characters might even be because like the other movies like Raising arizona and The big lebowski have a layer of magical realism. they can escape to delight. Kinda walk it up. Yeah like as the plot is building to this intensity they can always have a dream sequence involving Satanic biker or you know bowling in heaven with let ingela viking late and that kind of stuff. They can always do that whereas this movie. I felt like needed kind of hijinks music around some of the swirling building action but then that runs against tinker tailor soldier staying that they're trying to do everything that the extremely blue washed color treatment. So that it's like you get. This is a cold a cold. War like ultra grady. Realistic does but it does work for a ton of people like again But that's the other thing i wondered. The people like this are. This is me Work both sides of the the the chessboard here. But i wonder if the people who really do appreciate this this is so criminally underappreciated as a movie of. I don't know what it feels like. that like. They have to build it up like multiple people saying this isn't a top five colorado's movie that's top three someone said on read it and i'm like really like fargo no country biggest battlefront seriously like and then you're talking. Oh brother you're talking Shit what is the other one. That's that's really funny raising your. I mean challenges. That i mentioned that one already but i don't think so. No no i feel like there's six or seven movies that are in this conversation before you get to this. This is just a you know. This isn't the worst coen brothers film i've ever seen Because this is like the one. What's the one that i yeah. Okay like all it simple Okay i thought it was good. The one is is my least favourite cohen film. That i've seen. I've only seen it once. I've seen the big lebowski dozens of times. I've seen fargo probably more than five times. So it's not a cohen film that i would choose to go back to i. I don't think it's awful. I think it just didn't work for me man. I'm thinking like true grits better than this. Sorry barton barton. Fink is better than this This they've made a lot of good. I like hudsucker proxy. Better than this Just in terms of kind of screwball comedies But this isn't screwball comedy. It's a black comedy. Yeah i said i. Everything on their on. Paper looks amazing. it just it just kind of left me a little cold Before we get into talk. Because i imagine a most of our conversation from here will probably be the bombs at the movie does connect with. Yeah big big. There are a couple of scenes. Have some big laughs so this movie. is about as much as about anything a cia analyst who gets professionally insulted because they want to transfer him from cia to the state department And who quits enraged and goes home and has is His wife immediately play by tilda swinton immediately. Instigates develops proceedings. The lawyer advises her to get a complete financial picture of him before he knows about the divorce. So burn all the information get from his computer about as fai everything. Get it all this cd. Then because of the lawyers secretary goes missing at a gym. I think. And he gets picked up by francis. Mcdermott who needs fifty thousand dollars to buy fake tits and some some some liposuction and some face fixing and she decides try to blackmail and extort this money and sell it to the russian government which brings in more cia involvement. Which somehow spirals into george clooney. Who's kind of a low level slash failing. Us marshall the whole gym crew gets involved. The it's this. Yeah like i said. I even as i'm telling you this. This seems like a very funny setup for a very very good black comedy And then that's it the that that those events spiral out of everyone's control to everyone's consternation including the highest levels of the cia. And that's the movie. I mean if you're a cohen fan. You probably already seen this movie. If you're not a coen fan is yeah like how much of a nocco and fan are you. not cohen. Fantasy haven't seen enough to be a fan or have seen abundance and didn't like any of arriving is like yeah all maybe you do because this is like to me so unlike what they normally make this also could be like the beginning of late cohen brothers that i don't really because like i don't like I don't like inside and davis. I don't like hail caesar. I did like the bus. The ballot buster scruggs How much. Yeah i did. True grit was before that Yeah so i guess. But they've had a lot more misses than hits in the the latter half of their career. But of course there are only like an early sixties to So yeah see it if you want to see We will tell you we're not going to talk about the idea. The funniest stuff in the movie or the things that work correctly Yeah the one of the things that really works for me is all the acting like i think across the board. Everybody is great in this movie. Oh yeah that's why the scenes are so funny. I mean clooney is is excellent either. He or frances. Mcdormand are the best in this movie. I don't know. Brad pitt is so fucking good to brad. Pitt is very funny. And john malkovich as the you know like incredulity dealing with the jackasses. Like that part where. He's in a sailboat. And he's doing poorly doing calisthenics while he's like trying to incorporate like pep talk and you know affirmations in with like you know i'm back you fuckers back is it only works because he john malkovich right do shit like that. Like his best human accent and he's close. He's close to human accent. He doesn't quite get there. I know what john malkovich israel accent is. He's done so many and he always has this way of speaking that kelvin. It's an accident or it's a cadence. Yeah there's something strange about the way he talks. And i love it yeah. He's he's kind of underrated Christopher walken type. He does a very distinct way of enunciating cadence to delivery. And all that. Yeah yeah for sure. But everybody's so good. I i mean brad pitt is a very annoying character. But he's also playing extremely. Well this this jim. Jim rat doofus kind of character. His name's chad right to know does this is did this. Start the meam. Chad's got to be known as like these kind of bubble headed but very good with women in faulk idiots because there is something hilarious about this. Fuck boy put on a suit and like gets into malkovich's car and like immediately of like he wants a serious face look like i just narrow my eyes like even phone. Call the first phone call. They make to malkovich and they're like trying to say. Hey we got your data and and money out of him. And and brad pitt's like i thought you might be concerned about the security of your shit. It's delivery so good just all this stuff like yeah when they're talking about well. We should leave a note in the ladies locker bell. What about like what if you lost your secrets. Shit laws your top secret. Cia shit yeah. The new like you know Shades of new should has come to light. He's he's very funny Even just like the Select his whole conversation with the malkovich and a car is very funny. Him hiding like his reaction to hiding from george clooney and like the look on his face right before he gets his brains blown out is also hilarious Good the shower to me was the probably the funniest thing because he's like okay. Dudes do get in the shower. Let me escape here. And it's like a three second shower. It's the fastest shower on earth which just cracked me up. He's off his undercarriage clearly. There and just like get the the twigs and berries rinsed. He's good to go I read because. I read a lot. Because i'm like what am i going to say about this film. I was really hoping because it's it's been about ten years since i've seen this movie. I was really hoping that. Like when i saw it. I'd be like oh of cour- yeah. I was just obey before and i was in a bad place my life and now i see it and is so clearly now with all we've been through as a country and all the stupid stuff in politics stuff is just going to hit me re. Nope still still didn't really hit me. But i i read. Someone said something. I thought was pretty amazing. And that it's brad pitt. Is a character actor. That was born in a leading man's body. Because yeah i feel like he does more work at doing like absurd weird and very particular characters in about any one of his good-looking caliber like leo. Kinda like leonardo di caprio and everything. He's amazing at and he's very good at certain things and stuff. But like i don't know brad pitt is a leading man who has chosen to be a character actor. 'cause it's all comes down to like the roles he picks right you think fight club you think this movie. Think the only thing. I've seen him be like a leading man i think as ocean's eleven or the ocean. He's been in a lot that he's done a lot of leading man work but but but yeah he does do like once upon a time in hollywood is i don't know is that a leading man role like he got it but you know he convincingly plays kind of like down on his luck stuntman which is a character. Actor roll He's but he's he's good because he's like I don't think brad pitt is a dummy. But he's playing just like the stupidest that the most moronic type of character Who's like not even like him. And frances mcdormand are like this particular taibbi idiot. That are like a smart enough that can go for such a crazy brass ring but not give any thought about the implications of like betraying your government to the russians going against the c. i. a. blackmailing a officer. Like none of these things. Like there's not even a conversation about like what would happen if you know they just arrest us like of it says like do you understand that you're committing a felony and that if you and and the funniest part is like if you go through with the leverage of the black male which is already felony. You are then giving away classified information which is like a super felony and like the look on brad. Pitt's faces dislike. No i'm good. I'm a good samaritan like not a single thought given to what if that ruse doesn't work you know and he's really funny. He's not at these not the he's not this he's not the character that you why build the movie around right you know. It's an element of something. That's working right And there are a lot of those a lot of elements of something. That's working here but the stew is not coming together for me. Because clooney is great and his character is really funny right. This kind of like as you said sort of sort of failing a marshall who like sleeps around constantly. he's he's cheating on his wife with two different people in this movie is also very happily married. That's the other thing that's interesting here. No because it isn't he okay. So this movie is very twisty. It has like a million different twists and a million different ways of characters are interacting in ways. You think they were before and those reveals and might be confused here. But i was under the impression that both couples in this are getting divorced right or are investigating each other with the prospect of divorce yet but clooney didn't know like obviously he thought he was happily married and he's on his wife all the time he doesn't want to leave her no she wants to leave him. She wants to leave him because of course she does because she knows about all the philandering and the fact that she's got her own boy toy that you know she's become rich and famous as a and he's just like excuse her okay another question because i can't recognize this man's face because it's a white wall of nothing the guy that she is hooking up with france france mcdormand dermott dermott mall rooney is that she's hooking up with because he's in the television like five times you're right he is But his face has nothing right. His face is like just setting one in a video game yet because at one point where the movie kind of freeze frames on him. And i like wait is did did did is justin throw in this movie. And i've i've never known it and it's like but yeah i couldn't pick this guy out of a lineup if you bet at roni and and mcdermott dumb. They'll mooney and justin throw on said gun gun to my head. Pick which of these three guys is in the movie. I on you'd have to blow my brains out the brad pitt. May but he yeah. He plays this kind of like he's twitchy for some reason he's neurotic because he claims to have all these like allergies but like i don't know that might just be kind of like a a neurotic thing He's a then this is. This is the movies about this too about people that have very impressive sounding jobs. I'm a us agent. Oh sounds like. But i've never had to shoot anybody and i've mostly done like court working really brag about private protection when i'm trying to make condom jokes. Do the mini women and. I'm dating just like john malkovich. He's a cia agent but he also doesn't matter like that sounds impressive. Oh you're analyst working at langley. Oh my god you must be james bond. He's not no he's he's the janitor right. Yeah and they another like the fact that Frances mcdormand a mcdormand is a physical fitness expert who hates her body and thinks she's flabby and and going Her body is Going over down the hill and all that stuff like there are doing this thing but like that's not what the movie's about just like they're doing a thing about like how The central intelligence is kind of organized. And don't know anything and kind of makes things worse all the time but like that's not what the movie is also about the closest thing to what the movie is about. I think it's thesis. That's a damn fine question. And i don't have an answer but that's kind of the thesis is like this movie is showing just how silly all of it is. It's hard to put your finger on. What is the point of this movie because it is such a farce in every aspect of it is a forest right. There is no like grounding element where you do this in fargo. The tv show to right like a lot of the casey mafia stuff that happens in like season to think is probably directly based on this stuff. Because they've got a lot of the mafia organisations just kind of nut necessarily being buffoons but seeing things play out and not doing too much about it. Because it's such a minor thing. Then they like in fargo. It's deadly important but the kansas city. It's just one region you know it's like get it. It's it's it's you care about as much as you know The as bitten arkansas world headquarters walmart cares about that. One backed up toilet. You know like yeah. It's like not. Yeah and the season of argo is not about that either right. It's just an element of it. And i feel like this has several different elements. None of which the movie is about right. Yeah this movie is also made in that weird kind of point of his time where we were still fooling ourselves with the history of into history like we're not a unipol our world and you know there's not going to you know when i say that because like this movie treats turning like since classified information or if the russians is like a joke wouldn't it be a joke in nineteen sixty nine shrike. Even this level of information being disclosed wouldn't be. it wouldn't be a joke today But in two thousand eight. It's a joke that you can take a dossier of information and give it to the russians and the cia is literally like just. Don't get in their way. just you know. Make sure this person gets away. Make sure his body gets buried. Make sure this because like whatever were. I think the movie is like what is the site. I actually even doing anymore. If america's running everything and there is no one on the world stage it could possibly challenging us and like what the hell what is the. What is the important thing that they're working on. You know that kind of like that's the thing to right like there are several elements in the movie like that. And if you're asking the question like what the hell is the important thing that the cia is working on. You're also asking the same question about george clooney building. Something in the basement in the movie then takes the heading direction that says hey there is nothing important that he's working on right. It's this sex chair right because the movie really builds it up. They want you to think oh man tilda swinton to get out of this relationship. He doesn't want to be a long term by his hardware. He's got the secret project. It's all gated off. His wife can't even see lake. Yeah behind lock and key literally and then the reveal is such a fars. It's so ridiculous pointless that like like they're comparing the two right but in is a real minutes like at least i remember when he's bring until the Went when he's bringing frances mcdormand down there and like you see this a steel chair. Like it's like she's gonna torture this lady right and then he rocks to chair and there's a there's a brief beat then wong. It's it's is hilarious. It like even like up until that point. I don't think i'd really cracked a smile in the movie. When i was i wanted to but that was like oh okay and it's not even the big buildup happens at like a one third of the way through the movie yeah But yeah they do that thing where it's like. Yeah he's like what the hell is he building. What is he working on. He's just frustrated. Cia us marshal. Who's in love with the cia offered his wife blah blah blah oils. Take a quick break and we'll be right back and shot shot. Shot shot shots for talk about the fun kind. We're talking about the needles. 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Helix is offering up to two hundred dollars off all mattress orders and two free pillows for our listeners. At helixsleep dot com slash prestige. Thanks helix also pre snowden like i do part of the joke was just a a are now like these kind of ridiculous mill middle managers on on the scene I don't but yeah i. It's a again didn't didn't land for me Tilda swinton is like probably the least us. i guess. If you wanna make richard jenkins he might be also but tilda swinton for her name and like what is expecting she is essentially a straight man for everyone else to be ridiculous in front of you know agreed. I i think there's one funny scene. They have with her. But yes i mean ninety nine percents. What is that. One that you're It's another reveal. They're they're really good with reveals in this movie and setting your sort of expectations because tilda went in. The whole movie is acting like malkovich's failure because he's no longer a operative she's very successful she's talking about. Oh you're going to live off of my pension my retirement stuff. Now you've lost your job and then it's revealed later that she's a pediatrician. And if if you have seen the movie up to this point this woman has no business being a pediatrician. And and that is revealed with her trying to jam this stick down this kid's mouth trying to get him to open his mouth and shouting at him. You're going to open your mouth right now. i swear to god. Go out the room. And i'm going to deal with you alone. Yes she's like. There is no parent on earth. Who would have this be their pediatrician. And that revealed to me was really funny but yeah she's pretty much straight straight person in this movie and there's a lot of like really funny dialogue like You know brad pitt's chad they're going over there dating profiles and she sees one dude with like a bad haircuts and and he's like what her ideal man is and then she opens up the profile. She sees this guy because this is all very probably too early to like internet. daily internet. Dating is almost like it's referred to as a service. Yeah you know But does she's like look like he has a sense of humor. And brad pitt says optometrist does. Because he's wearing these ridiculous like you know how ship windshield sunglasses or glasses. That was pretty funny Yeah i thought that was pretty funny all but all the like and also like how related everything was there is as well as multiple nested pathetic love triangles right Like it's a practical image of those pathetic nested love triangles throughout the whole movie. Only that works for me it just. It just didn't quite connect in the end. I think it's because i didn't like any of the characters that it's gotta be brad pitt also when malkovich's like your empty if You know i brought my whatever to bear on you. you're empty. Little head would be spinning faster than the wheels on your schwinn bicycle and fraz pit laughs like can think it's a schwinn is like punches. Have been defaced. Let's larry is like brad. Brad pitt is being threatened by well. Who we think's is a highly place. Cia agent And he he gets the wrong brandon bicycle and he gets hung up on it. Yeah that's funny. I mean it is. It is yeah. It just doesn't quite connect for me because there's a li- like in this movie. That is intricate like that. This movie is kind of a clockwork farce. And it should work a lot better for me. Just doesn't in some things. Like i can tell. The line is written to be clever. Clever like after. George clooney finds out. His wife is divorcing. Him and he's sitting there with francis. Mcdermott who's very bored and just wants them to flower and get out of there. He's like oh this. This whole thing came out of nowhere. You think you've been and she's like well. Isn't this been a long time coming. And he's like well. Yeah but still like. I think that's supposed to be funny but it came across me is like too much in the sad pathetic So it's like it. It didn't feel. I don't know it didn't feel like it. Set up to be funny but as written like it's funny. Yeah but as another really funny clooney. Moment that i liked He's sex obsessed obviously and he's got he goes to till the swings house he gets he brings his sex wedge with him. And then you know. Brad pitt goes inside whatever There's a point where like. Typically i think says something to him angers him and so he storms upstairs and he grabs the only thing he brought with him which is a sex wedge and he takes all the way down it puts in the trunk of his car and leaves and i just. I don't know why that's so funny but like this grown ass man pouting about being yelled at grabbing the thing of value which is sex wedge and then storming off is hilarious to me and that's the thing like The thing that keeps it from being a good movie. I think is all those berry. Funny things are just not connected in a way that right except for like i said if this movie be hysterical if this is a bad j. k. simmons as the frantic middle-management of cia trying to make sense of the crazy world that he found himself in his certainly could be and i cared like he had a whole like you know he's just trying to get to his daughter's birthday party or something because he's a stranger mike that's like feels like a cohen film that i could get behind iran sort of thing the as a as a guy who just comes in late in the movie to kind of like 'cause like also. I think this is a pretty short movie. It's not quite two hours by by a long shot. It's like an hour and forty minutes hour and thirty five minutes get liked the movie does abruptly stops and it's almost feels like a day of sex mac in a situation where like j. k. Simmons gets lowered out of the clouds behind a desk. And just like oh all these bodies and all that stuff. Well we'll burn. It will cover up. This will hide. That will ship him off to swail and boy. It wasn't this all just a waste of everyone's time which is the like if you have been catching everything on this. Movie's wave link and coming to the same conclusion. That's probably still very funny because j. k. Simmons is extremely funny extremely good at these kind of roles And all the people that we care about. John you know like if you cared about john malkovich him saying Our guy shot him good. is he dead. Lake george and these guys trying to go to the new zealand. But we don't know why because new zealand's got no extradition. Oh what should we do. We'll put him on the next flight. Venezuela mike shaky simmons born to say shit like that right. Yeah i don george clooney like these guys are all like either dead shot or you know i. It's it's i said. I'm fortunate position where like everyone agrees with. We will agree with me and everyone a dozen will be mad. So i will say that. I was kinda surprised to see this film much. Like hail caesar pulling an eighty five percent on rotten tomatoes Yeah with critics. I think critics were more in tune with it then. A lot of the public eye. I think it's got sixty something from the public. Which is it sounds about right. Because i think like that. Npr s quality. That you're talking about hits more with critics than it would with. Oh assured that the general movie going public does but the audience is sixty five percent. So it's still fresh in. I don't think anybody thinks this movie is terrible. And i don't think it's terrible. It just doesn't quite click with me in the with a lot of cohen films. Do even though it has. Its funny moments. Yeah roger he gives it three stars. Which i think is fair but it's not like the coens top. Three films are four star oscar winning films. Oh yeah. And that's where. I i guess i had the problem. And that's where i feel like maybe just maybe the people really liked this are You know feel like this movie doesn't get its do doesn't get as credit when it's like well. Maybe it's appropriately credited. It is eighty percent fresh on rotten tomatoes. It did get a three star review from roger. Ebert did this this. Did this make any discontinue awards wasn't nominated for any academy awards. It was nominated baptists and and stuff like that. But i do really well in the box office. Thirty seven million dollar budget one hundred sixty three million in the box office so over with wartime a lot of money five times its budget but i feel like that's also like that that that that speaks to the coen brothers respect that the cinema like they've had them in our powers and so much success and holy shit. See i mean brad pitt george. Clooney what this is like seven years after ocean's eleven so they were still like seen as this you know as the pinnacle of like leading men in hollywood movies and teaming backup to do this movie is it has to drive some of its successor right right. Yeah 'cause like even like. I was thinking oh brother only made seventy two. Millions is signaling. Maybe because i remember that being a real critical success and getting a lot of like oscars and whatnot But it wasn't near so maybe it was this like the moving going public like okay. We slept on. Oh brother now. We're going to go see. Burn after you know. There's no way we're going to ask so clooney in. Oh brother art. Thou is not like the the trailer. I don't give it gives you the impression that like you're gonna get clooney in this movie whereas i could see the trailer for this movie thinking okay. I'm going to get like clooney at full clini form right. Yeah that was such a weird turn for him even though he is charming in that movie. And it's like it. He is being very clooney in that movie. The setting of it. The owns the yeah. Yeah yeah yes. The quality of that movie are so different from what you think of in terms of clooney's movies. Yeah i like. I said i. I wish i liked this better. I don't i don't bury any ill will. And there are some science. Blending are some pretty pretty good gut busters here It just doesn't hang together. It feels more like a sketch. Comedy film didn't quite get all the sketches connected than it does like a cohesive cohesive Part of a all but again. I'm clearly in the minority on this. I'm not trying to talk anybody out of like in this if it's there if it is your top three cohen brothers Hey man that's cool. We have a away different top three. I mean that's the thing is like i do. Because i was really hoping that i would like i think yeah. I don't know why would ever watch this film again. Because i've given it a couple fair shakes And again i. I see what is going for. Just just maybe not for me much to go back to get another watch of big lebowski or a brother or raising arizona and that's just the funny shit you know if i wanted to go see the film. I'd much rather go and see again. You know no country or you know. Tra- true grit sure Miller's crossing which that's another that's that's a coen brothers film if we ever gonna gangster kick again we need to. We need to take that one but There you go there you go burn after reading a burn after listening. Hope you enjoyed this This this prestige podcast. We'll be back with another one next week until then i'm erin. Jim see everybody take a quick break. And we'll be right back.

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How Movies Move Us

The Pulse

49:07 min | 1 year ago

How Movies Move Us

"Major funding for the pulses provided by leadership gift from the Sutherland family, the Sutherland support whyy and its commitment to the production of programs that improve our quality of life. This is the pulse stories about the people and places at the heart of Health and science I might can Scott Today's episode is one. We produced earlier this year about science and movies. Let's say you're at the movie theater. You have your popcorn. The seed is comfortable, and the film is about to begin most aversive movie experience begins. Now. You've settling into the experience and soon you're hooked into the story. The audience may be mesmerized by the film, but James Cutting is mesmerized by the audiences is everyone looks at the same place like a cat following laser pointer? Even though there are so many things on the screen you could be looking at. It's really astonishing. It's called eye movement synchrony. Viewers, so if you've got thirty viewers with an eye tracker looking at the movie, almost all of them are looking at the exact same spot. James teaches psychology at Cornell. University and he studies film, structure and patterns in movies. He says filmmakers are directing our gays in a way. That holds our attention for example, if there is a person in the scene, our eyes tend to follow them so when a character moves slightly off, let's say to the left and there's a cut that comes. The new shot will begin with either another character or an object pretty much in the same location. Location that was in the last frame of the previous shot, so if Idris Elba just walked to the left. Whatever the audience is supposed to look at in the next shot will conveniently also be on the left. If they don't have to move, there is then you've already sucked them into. What's coming up? They don't have to seek it out. The synapses in the brain don't have to lie fallow for two hundred fifty milliseconds and so I think this is one of the ways that movies grab us is by not having downtime for viewers with respect to things to look at. James Studies these things because he's fascinated with a basic question about movies why everyone finds them so engrossing? We know it's not real. It's a movie, but still welden great actors deliver their lines. We believe them. Funny. How funny like I'm a clown may have you. Not Compare me to my father I. Didn't compare you said you were acting like him. When something bad happens, we cry I. Wish I knew how to quit you. But mostly I hate the way I told you not even close not even a little bit more. When we know something terrifying about to happen, we get freaked out. We might even get goosebumps. What creates these strong reactions within US what makes the illusion so compelling on today's show, we looked to science to explain how movie magic works out brains and plays out in our emotions. Very sub sound is a big part of the illusion that movies create that whoosh when a spaceship flies by the finality of Dungeon. Door, closing or the creepy. How of a wolf looking for prey report an army sappers? Dean takes us behind the scenes in Hollywood to meet some of the people who are creating those sounds Foley artists. Odds are when you hear a punch in a fight scene. Or footsteps in a chase scene. It's likely not the actual sound from the movie set. We basically just take all the little sounds that you don't think about. We fake them and make make it so they're present in the recording Edward Bridges is an expert in faking all the everyday sounds in a film that make up a movie soundscape when I meet up with Edward in the fully team roundabout studios in Los Angeles. They're working on a fight scene. The seniors. Start a fight, a studio engineer gives instructions from behind a glass panel as footage of the scene plays on a monitor to characters, tussling on the ground in the fully studio Edwards. Start scrapping props to wrap up this boxing. Love into this Jean Jacket here and then you can sorta like. Yeah I'll try and make a little less pooffy. Once Edward finds the right level of puffiness. He's ready to record. And the engineer approves. Sweet. Most of the sounds fully artists need to recreate are a little more pedestrian literally for example, walking makes up a big part of their day. As does eating. Achieving those sounds is pretty straightforward. Edward can walk in place and munch on a bag of chips, but when it comes to more gruesome moments like the sound of bones breaking. You might not have access to a cadaver and probably don't want to hurt anybody so instead fully artists will use celery the freeze them salary so that the water inside gets frozen and it's like. You know as they twist the salary that mixes in with like the sound of the dudes ribs, breaking her, whatever happens to be and for even gory or sounds if you're picturing saving private Ryan or something in leg your your intestines spilling out on the beach you know might. A wet rag will often do the trick. If you sort of feel a little uncomfortable as you're making the sound than he probably did it well, it isn't quite what's real, but it sounds real, and it tricks the brain basically into thinking. Yeah I guess that is what that sounds like. So how is it that a vegetable and a hand towel are able to pull one over on US sound as we hear, it is changes in pressure in the air. Those 'cause your eardrums drum to vibrate. Vibrate which make it into your brain, and you interpret. This is sand. That's Almaz suck a professor of physics at Pomona College there's a number of mean properties that define what something sounds like such as volume, IRT timber, but here what's important is pitch or frequency. That's how high or low it sounds that corresponds to how rapidly the air is moving so for salary to sound like breaking bones. The sound is imitating is a very short lived sound. And so that means that it has to involve high frequencies, and the high frequencies are responsible for the snapping sound. The way form looks kind of irregular. This graph is just basically a has peaks and valleys everywhere, but why celery tends to be long and skinny and lots of bones are long and skinny, and if you get it fresh, or if you freeze it, then it's pretty crisp, so it's stiff. The way bones are, but how do fully artists make sound film that don't exist in the Real World Art Foley's. You have to use your imagination. That's Gary Hecker. He is really famous. You could call him the Scorsese fully I do a lot of superhero films I do like Batman. Superman film, Justice League all the Spiderman films. In about twenty years ago on the First Spiderman movie gary invented an iconic sound. The superheroes web shooting out and hitting bad guys. To get that sound were webs attached to something. We cut these little thin, little leather strips like a pom Pom, maybe forty of them then I took audiotape, lay that on the surface of whatever it was whether glasser metal and in the strips when you hit the audiotape. It sounds just like. Spider Man's web unlike the fight scenes sounds isn't trying to match anything in reality without any physics to reference when it comes to spider man's web, there's just one way sound team decides if it quote unquote works because it's just so cool. Spider. Fees just I is. That story was reported by Ari Sapper Sacristy the famous Foley artist. He interviewed. Gary Hecker also created the sound for Quentin Tarantino's movie once upon a time in Hollywood. That movie won a single award at the Cannes film fest the Palm Dog. Award it went to so Yuri a pit bull who played Brad Pitt's dog in that movie in the film, she is both a fierce fighting and loyal friend. Earth Tarantino said when he was editing. Once upon a time, he started saying things in the jury's face and appreciating what a great quote! Emotional performance! She gave his she's. She's kind of a good actress. How could a dog actually be? An actor Steph yet looked into this in the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thousand five western clash of the wolves. There's a scene where the main character. The heroic wolf dog named. Lobo gets injured. He's the leader of his pack and he doesn't WanNa be awry ability because he knows that he will attract danger to his pack if he stays with them, and he's from the edge of the cliff that he's going to hurl himself off of. That's author. Susan Orlean. In twenty eleven. She wrote a biography about the German shepherd who starred in that movie. His name was Brinton ten. The scene on the cliff was one of Susan's favorites because in it Brinton. Brinton, Tim Looks Truly Sad. Maybe it's the look in his eyes or the way he holds his body either way you believe it and you watch him, and he looks really depressed and you feel silly afterwards. Singing Oh my God. It's a dog acting. Of course. Renton can't read the script, but he does make you feel moved the way a human actor would move you and you feel that he understands what the story is. He was really able to project motion and to appear vulnerable. What's going on when a dog like Rin Tin Tin seems to be conveying emotion deep emotion to the point of moving us. The first step is to understand the actual emotions. Dogs can feel. Animal behaviorist Mary Burge says we can't say for. How many feelings dogs experience, but in general think of them as having about the emotional range of a two year old human doll says many of the same basic emotions as humans do so they show us joy and fear, excitement depression anger. They can feel frustrated, surprised and relaxed. They feel love or attachment what they don't experience behaviorist, think are some of the more complex emotions like pride, shame or guilt. You might think your dog. Dog is feeling guilty when he's eating something from the garbage and his acting skittish, but Mary says that's likely just conditioning. Your dog is anticipating. Punishment and feeling scared not guilty. He's in the garbage screams and yells finally. He begins to look kind of fearful or guilty. What looks guilty humans when he's engaging those behaviors, so if dogs don't have the full deck of human emotions, how can you get them to pull off emotional scenes? DOGLOVERS lives here. Carol Rosen trains dogs in Showbiz, she lives in Maryland. Below. Carols worked on house of cards and several films. She says you can elicit the basic emotions that dogs do feel by tapping into a dog's natural instincts like hunting or herding. It's kind of like method acting for dogs loose. Because, makes it so much more fun. That works for things like excitement or aggression, but what if you want a dog to act out a more complex emotion like shame? Carroll says she would try to simulate how a human might act out shame. We're in behaviors for the dog puts his head down, and then puts a pall over his is carol shows knee with her German shepherd, just seeing shape it. We teach them command touch where the dog naturally recap. Touch your hand. From there, Carol can use her hand to direct Jesse's head down so jesse down. With a lot of patients, carol builds up from these basic movements step by step to create long chains of behaviors or stunt sequences. But while a trainer can teach a dog to put its head down and covers, is it's us in the audience filling in the rest and calling it shame or guilt? one thing that helps is that dogs spaces work somewhat similarly to ours. Leslie! Director of the animals in society program at the University of Colorado Boulder says Docs have co evolved alongside humans for thousands of years in many ways. We're cognitively hardwired to relate with and map our emotions onto dogs. There's been some research about interpreting dogs, facial expressions and expert dog trainer, sipping asked to interpret dogs facial expressions in a variety of settings, and they've been pretty. Much on target in terms of whether they're able to pick up. whether dogs are happy. Sad surprised, neutral disgusted Docs are happy. They often open their mouths and loosen their lips. When they're curious, they'll tilt their heads. A No sprinkle paired with might mean I'm annoyed. back-off Docs have even evolved. Facial muscle that wolves don't have the Lever Tor and you lie occupy Hollis it allows dogs to raise their eyebrows, which they can use to express surprise, interest and sadness, and it's thought this muscle moved because it enhances communication between dogs and humans. This hard wiring for human dog empathy gets at the last thing that makes the dog good actor. A super tight bond with its trainer remember written not only was he very athletic and very smart. He had an extraordinarily strong connection with his trainer. Lee Dunkin as a young soldier during World War One Lee came across written on a battlefield in France. Here's writer Susan Orlean again. He decided to keep the puppy and raised it in his barracks. During the war, the two formed an intense partnership. The connection was so deep when we all love our dogs for lead Dunkin, this was a really singular emotional connection, and they were never apart onset. It was always Lee who is behind the camera giving Tinton cues. Now, that I knew all these details I went back and watched that scene with Rin ten ten on the cliff that Susan had told me about. Renton is limping than crawling toward the cliff's edge at some points. He lies down like he's ready to give up. It's an impressive sequence of behaviors. No doubt Lee. Dunkin's behind the camera, giving him the cues they've practiced in training. But that deep vulnerability that sadness in his eyes that Susan I wondered about I realized the whole time. He's on that cliff. We never even get a super close look at Renton tense face. It turns out. There's a lot that makes a dog a good actor talent. Yes, a good trainer. Yes, also us our minds filling in what we want to see. That story was reported by Steph Yin. Will. This is the pulse. I Mike, and Scott were listening back to an episode produced earlier this year about movies. How movie magic works in our brains and plays on our emotions? Remember when Joaquin. Phoenix was on the Letterman show in two thousand nine. He had a big beard, and he was totally spaced out. It was really weird. A nice beard going and. I was at the beard. In me was a comfortable. Is it Itchy is? Are you pleased with it? I'm okay with making me feel weird about. I'm sorry, I'm making you feel weird about. There's only wrong. I can't be the first one to make you feel where. People were freaking out. Is this real? Is he acting? What is going on? It later turned out. That Joaquin Phoenix was acting and David. Letterman didn't know the line between real life and acting seems to get blurry some times. Reporter jets Lehman has more on the HBO show crashing. She was a friendly Frisbee player in Central Park. If you WANNA play. Okay thanks, we will and on Marvelous Mrs, Azel. She was an eager young resort worker. Susan. You can put your bag in the space under my better than what? What did you call it a diddy bag? What do you call it? You can also catch her in a skin-care commercial making the rounds so if you see A. Brunette, lady, who says when I had acne I made up a lot of excuses not to go out. That's me. That's me already. Why which is a writer, comedian and actress living in Los Angeles? She was home for a visit in Philly last year, and she was hiding something. I have this memory of being a little girl, and my my mom being like listen, you can pierce your ears as much as you want, but just please no piercings on your face and no tattoos. Piercings but Eddie broke that second prohibition she had been in Sweden Studying Theatre Improv and to commemorate the experience and give a nod to Philly sports. She decided on a small Tattoo I. Got Trust the process, but it says liter put process in which means trust the process in Swedish and I got it tattooed under my right Boob so very so easy to be hidden. She was home for the holidays having successfully hidden litter poop procession for two months at this point. Point not I'm not saying like we're a naked family and like a weird way, but like I've changed in front of my parents, especially in front of my mom, and my mom is laying on my bed, and we're having a conversation and I'm changing my clothes and then add to your members the Tattoo. She tries nonchalantly turning away from her mom to hide the ink and she stops what she's saying and she's like what's Hey, what's up? What what would you do? And I was like Oh what I'm just putting my shirt on. And she was like. Why'd you turn around like caught me immediately? She's a journalist. She is a crazy Hawkeye I forget all the time. She's a very smart lady. Mom Is Ronnie. Pollen Eski a journalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She wasn't thinking Tattoo, but she knew something was up and I thought did she had an injury? Did. Did she have a fault at someone hurt her. I mean I didn't know because it was so not like her for Eddie. It was showtime. MOM I. I feel really bad about my body right now and I just don't want anyone to look at it and I don't want you to look at it. I want you to see I. Don't WanNa. See You. See me looking at it because I just don't like my body right now. Don't look at it for your consideration Addyi rich as At the end of her rope I, did it so well that like I was crying and really believe it and mom, and then she was like I'm so sorry we can. Oh, my God I'm so sorry. Let's make sure you have a therapy worked. Her mom believed her performance. I one I got it. She did not. She did not look again. Maybe a little too well I. think she even managed to get herself to cry a little? She made me feel really guilty. Even asking or noticing and I thought you know she's a young woman and you know they get horrible messages about their bodies Ronnie even brought up the episode to her husband later. Like wow, she's really having a hard time about her body. Actors make us believe them. It's their job Marlon. Brando really is heartbroken yelling out for his wife. Jack Nicholson is actually furious screaming down the prosecution. You Want Answers I. Think I'm entitled. The truth, you can't handle the truth, but all that happens on screen. How often could actors use those skills in the real world? Gregory Donaldson used his acting training on a New York City subway to stay safe. He was writing about gangs in the late eighties I would have a bit of a sour look on my face and It's got to do with posture. If there were benasing teenagers on the train, he wanted them to think five. Oh, that's probably a cop. I would make eye contact with the kids and the look I had on my face was one of that I was somewhat board. A bit amused. These little changes in posture or facial expression actors call them adjustments little tweaks that make you into a different person these days. Gregory teaches a theater and criminal justice. Course at the John Jay College of criminal. Justice does little scenes with aspiring cops. Decades ago, he studied under the famous Sandy Meisner who developed a type of method acting known simply as Meisner, Jeff Goldblum Diane Keaton, and a bunch of other stars studied under him. Hallmark of the meisner method is repetition. You just keep saying and listening to the line over and over, and it begins become apparent to you as you're doing it that. The words are meaningless that it's the feeling beneath the words. He was in a scene in one class. Where wife comes home in the middle of the night, his line was where were you and on the third or fourth or fifth? Where were you the anger? Was I was Outta my chair and Ready to throw the table across the room. He also tries to tap into what he calls his emotional memory to that reservoir of your real feelings, real reactions, your emotions, so factors are good at tapping into their emotional memory can do it in everyday situations like for instance to lie. Even though he got away with his cop act on the subway, Gregory tells me acting is an art, not a deception that great actors used some kind of truth to make an imaginary situation convincing. I would argue that good liars are pretty good actors most of the, but that does not mean that good actors aren't necessarily. Good Liars Pamela. Meyer has written extensively about lie detection and runs calibrate a company that offers lie detection training. There's an overlap in the skills required to do both, but they are actually separate disciplines. The skill that most overlaps between liars actors is convincing an appropriate emotion. Remember how addy feigning insecurity got so emotional, she was actually crying. Bad Liars have what Pamela calls an emotional gap. Be another saying something really dramatic but they're not conveying an attitude that matches that or We. See this with in murder cases you'll see. Someone's talking about a horrific crime, but they're kind of devoid of emotions, or maybe they convey the wrong emotion. What they think people expect instead of what's real. We Associate surprised with the happy surprise party from when you had your sweet sixteen surprise party, but the average person does not like to be surprised. It's a very unpleasant experience. Notice that your next surprise party more often than not. It's horror that flashes across the birthday. Girls face for a quick moment before turning to smiles, but pulling off pitch. Perfect emotion is only one part of good live. Live when somebody's lying, oftentimes the cognitive load so high on them. They're trying to think what to say. I composed appear spontaneous. You know what they do. Is they leak these verbal and NONVERBAL INDICATORS OF DECEIT? The cognitive load is so great Pamela says because liars have to constantly self monitor the for instance that maybe they feel scared internally, but they have to convey sadness to their mark. They don't have a script to rely on. Lying is basically way more work than acting. You can be a good actor without necessarily being able to think quickly on your feet mentally. You know being being mentally agile. Good actor without necessarily having an amazing working memory that allows you to hold two or three different ideas in at the same time all this sounds a bit closer to Improv and acting to me, so I asked Pamela Improv artists the ones. We should really be worried about I would agree with that. I think that a good improv artist oftentimes bears more resemblance to a good liar. Then a good actor does I. Put all. All this to Addie the value of thinking on your feet, cognitive load, and it makes sense to her. She says even though on paper. She's made more money as an actor considers herself a comedian at heart, her theater Improv training in Sweden where she got the Forbidden Tattoo may have prepared her for the deception perfectly. There's no script just to scene, and then you go for example a scene where a patient is told. told, they'll be turned into a chicken in four months. I don't want to be a chicken and you're sobbing and you're crying and it's so funny applying real emotion to a given situation on the fly. It's impressive and pretty common offstage. Eddie tells me in her Improv comedy circle of friends. They have to make a rule about it. When we're just hanging out offstage offset no bits stop doing your act. We'll say no. No bits like or oil like bit block of being like you know BITs like don't like not joking around this time I. I actually feel this way. Some of her friends are maybe too good at it. Dude I can't tell if you're doing a bit right now. We're not should I be worried about you eventually. Addie dropped the insecure body image bit. She had done with her mom. She came clean, so she said. Remember that day when I was covering up my chest. And I said yes, and she said I was covering up a tattoo. And I said. You, lied I, said you made me feel so bad for even asking at first Ronnie was mad at I, said that that was really mean because I'm sorry, but also she was weirdly impressed unlike. You do that like Damn my daughter can act just. Objectively speaking. I was like she's good. She's really good. That was jets Lehman reporting? We're talking about movies. Think about your favorite love. Scene in a movie maybe felt so real that you saw. The couple was actually together. If two people pretend to be love on a movie said, does that lead to real chemistry real feelings? And why do we get so obsessed with those Romances Alan? You has more. Remember the twenty thousand nine hundred nine Oscars. Lady Gaga, in a stunning lack of trust and Bradley Cooper step onstage to perform shallow. The smash hit from a star is born. They look at each other the whole time. This model. In, the end grammy, Kuka sits down next to lady Gaga. Bench Their heads touch. Their eyes are closed. And then it looks like they're going to kiss the air around them fused electric. Oh. Audiences freaked out twitter exploded. It was all everybody could talk about. People get so invested in fictional pairings. It's real to the audience, but is it real for the actors? Does pretend love become real love? Talia. Goldstein used to be an actor now. She psychologist shows that on the one hand. American, acting theory relies on the idea that actors experience, or at least conjure up the emotions that they portray, and that's quite similar to how psychologists study emotion. Let's say psychologists wants to study how people in love make decisions. They might ask participants to think back to a time when they were in love. Many many researchers on emotion use this sort of fake portrayal of emotion as the stand in for the real emotion that people experience spontaneously and consider it to be relatively the same thing, so if that's true, then you would expect sort of this falling in love outcome to happen, which would mean that when actors play people in Love, they experienced love. On the other hand, a researcher asked access to get into character as Romeo or Juliette practice monologues from the play. Then they would talk in character in a brain scanner to see what was happening in their brains. When the actors talk in character, the brain patents looked similar to the actors talking about their own personal lives, but then this other part of the brain that's associated with attention control with kickin. It's that sort of reminder of like Oh. This is just pretend this is just imagination. Therefore, there's no sort of quote unquote real outcome from it. Sometimes acting like you love, a person can be a real challenge actress Jenny pay has a lot of experience playing people in love. Way Back in career. She added Coast Thumb, playing her love interest. Who was? Was not kind to her offstage. We were instructed to kiss passionately for very long periods of time, and he could see that my face was getting cut by his beard, which he insisted on keeping at a particular place, and I drew their attention to the fact that it was hurting me, but they didn't care and yet she has a kiss. This person onstage might after night and I have to say I did throw up time before going to the show, but but I did it. So yeah, it can be awful. It can be truly awful to make love scenes seem real. You have to make sure the actors few, safe and comfortable. Many factions now have intimacy directors who make sure the actors are okay with water, doing and know exactly a particular scene coast for which means love scenes involve a lot of work. What we think of as chemistry is actually really good acting. That's Colleen Hughes an actor and intimacy director in Philadelphia and the reality. Is that sometimes you might see to actors who are in actual relationship, and they don't seem to have any quote unquote chemistry on. On stage, that's not because they don't care about each other. You know in their realize it's because it's a very different thing. And as intimacy directors we work with the actors to create that fantastic sparkley tension between the two of them that the audience can read, and that's so different than just leaving it up to the actors call says actress to portray. That's spark the same way night after night for the entire run of a show. On a movie set, it might take shot after shot retake after retake. Because of that consistency to act performing S, people in love are not experiencing. Real love says and G Levy the artistic director of Emma Stage at Emerson, College. If the kiss lasts three seconds on opening night. That kiss should never last more than three seconds all the way till night, and again it protects the integrity of the story being told, and it protects both actors. Actors whether they are falling for each other or not so repetition and predictability the same kiss time and time again should actually make it unlikely that actors will really fall in love, but these at the Reta Jessica thebig says if a love scene is done well, it will still feel magical, even if you know the actors have it over and over for weeks, but if it's done well it well, because this is the thing, it's an intimate moment. I like the strangeness, and the I like the fact that it's false and real the kissing just a perfect example of that and I think we all just like being close to that mystery. We liked being close to that risk and that strangeness. That was Alan you reporting. Emotions can run high on the sets, and when they boil over, you need somebody to jump in. My role is to alleviate crisis on the set are in the production team. That's Barton. Goldsmith. He's a psychotherapist who specializes in therapy on movie sets for production crews. The days are long often at least twelve hours. There's a lot of money at stake. Everybody's stressed out. The crew spends a lot of time together. They get very close and Barton. Barton says fights are inevitable. There's no way you're not gonNA step on somebody else's toes or they're not GonNa step on yours and when that happens I, handle it like a family I handle it like family therapy. He says having a therapist on the set save time and money. People talk through their issues. Big Blowout fights avoided everything runs more smoothly bar, just adding another person to the crew that allows their cast and production crew to. Blow off some steam in a constructive way rather than a destructive way, another part of Barton's job is to help actors when they are transitioning between scenes, think of a performer who, in the morning has to get ready to play a very emotional seen a lot of crying. Maybe some hitting fighting, they have to bring up a lot of pain and personal experienced. Do It really really want? And then in the afternoon they have to completely switch roles and be funny and light. In the meantime, they've still got all the adrenaline cortisol from all of the anger, they had to manufacture in their brains and hearts. Cruising through their bodies, so they need some help switching gears. You can't push that stuff away. It it's going to keep staying inside of you until you process it out and that processing can be talking. It can be crying, being pillows with tennis rackets. There's a lot of different ways to go about doing it, but if you don't process it out, it's going to stick with you and that meltdowns. GonNa continue until you were able to get in. With feelings and release the pain. And I would think there's so much adrenaline involved, too in enacting is. Acting out. Stressful scenes, violence scenes, and that trouble in has to go somewhere. As does the Cortisol and it wipes out all of your serotonin and dopamine as well so yeah you, when you getting into a violent scene or a very very dramatic scene, adrenaline cortisol are coming into your system, and yes, it takes a while for that to go away and sometimes Barton helps actors create those deep emotions in the first place I'm wondering if you can give me an example, let's say I'm preparing for a scene in the afternoon where somebody dumped me and I'm heartbroken, and it's terrible and comes out of nowhere. How would you prepare for that emotionally? We go back to the last time you were dumped. And we would talk about that. And, how that made you feel? and you would get into that feeling. What you are still holding onto. What it is how it affects you. Did you use memories from your past? And then after the scene, you would come back to me and we would get you out of it. Not only does that help you get in touch with what it is. You want to do onset, but it also helps you get in touch with the feelings that you had so that you. You can drill down on those and get rid of them. Let them go after you have exploited them onstage. Use them gotten them out of your system, and then you can really get rid of them. It's actually kind of therapeutic. Yeah, I was thinking that it sounds empowering in a way it can be. Let me give you another example of someone who I worked with. This person had to do A scene where she was dying. cancer and she actually was dying of cancer. And it was a very very difficult day on sat. For everyone because no one knew up until this point. And we had to slowly walk through the entire process, and she had a lot of processing to do about her own fears. Her own loss of life and she loved life. Loved it one of the finest? Performers and performances I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing in my career. Barton, Goldsmith is a licensed psychotherapist who provides therapy on movie sets. Coming up when the corona virus pandemic I started to really hit the US in early March, lots of people were downloading the twenty eleven movie contagion. Anything like this before. And it's still changing. It's figuring us out faster than we're figuring it out, but doesn't have anything else to do. So we have a novel virus, or the Mortality Rate, and Look Twenty Snow Treatment Protocol and no vaccine at this time. We take a look at the connection between real-life Science and scary movies. That's next on the pumps. Support for the pulse comes from select Greater Philadelphia. With over thirty cell and gene therapy development companies Greater Philadelphia where field started and continues to thrive. More at discovery starts here DOT COM. This is the pulse I Mike and Scott we're listening back to an episode. We earlier this year about science and movies, scientific discoveries often serve as a creative spark for films, especially, really scary ones from Los Angeles obviously i. Reports at the beginning of the cult classic horror movie the creature from the Black Lagoon. A scientist discovers a fossil that looks kind of like a Web hand, and he brings it back to show his team. Will. Could possibly belong to a pleistocene man. The scientists think it may have belonged to link between fish and humans, and so they go out into the Amazon and try to recover more fossils or potentially even a living creature Sarah Crawford works at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County she says the concept for the human like sea monster comes from a real life story. The rediscovery of an ancient fish called the seal. Can't people thought it went? went extinct tens of millions of years ago. The fish also inspired the monsters webbed hand. Most fish have ravens which you know, they're not as muscular. They don't have as many bones as a sealer. Can't so when you look at the silicon thin, it looks kind fleshy. It has kind of it looks like a vestige, all kind of hand almost in the movie. The slimy web hand with sharp claws. Is what you I see emerging from the water. Soon a fish man creature wreaks murderers havoc on the scientists. There are so many horror movies inspired by science. That Sarah Crawford created a whole exhibition about it. It's called natural history of horror, and it looks at the science behind some of the most iconic movie monsters of our time, so Frankenstein Dracula creature from the black lagoon and the mummy. Are The movies scary at all I? Think they were scary at the time and and something I can certainly tell you is It's been really fun to watch visitors in the exhibition. We actually have projections with clips from all four horror films in the center of the Gallery and I've seen a lot of kids. Run Out of the gallery, screaming so. I think that the movies definitely hold up the connection between scientific discoveries and horror movies goes way back Creena. Wilson is a horror movie historian and she says it makes sense because they both explore the unknown science count very scary and unregulated science could lead to terrifying new developments and horror is a way of warning. People do not go here. Do you not trespass often? Horror movies explore fears about scientific discoveries or advances during the first world war mortar shells caused most of the disastrous injuries. Injuries but medical advances made it possible to save more soldiers, who often came back home completely changed in previous wools such as the American civil war, the wounded died in the first World War they were patch backup and sent home often with ruined faces, missing limbs as well as shattered minds, horror movies explore these experiences and the collective trauma. That's when you get the cabinet of Dr Category, choose made in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine in Germany, it's a silent movie about a sleepwalking word. And many people have suggested it represents St soldiers who came back from front, who were husks of their former selves? Unable to cope with even the simplist loud sound, they had shell shock. What we would now call Ptsd in the Nineteen Twenties and thirties. STARTED TO BE PORTRAYED AS villains there was a major debate over teaching evolution in schools. Religious leaders condemned it and major Hollywood studios were scared of government censorship, so they made their films more moral and made scientists. The bad guys, so that's why. Victor Frankenstein is seen as such a hubristic evil figure in many ways he's. He's not the hero of the movie. He's the one he sets a terrible thing. Into motion and has to deal with it. This movie came out in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, one and Victor Frankenstein famously animates a corpse using lightning. It explores man in the role of Creator, blurring the lines between life and death. The author Frankenstein got the idea from an actual science experiment here Sarah Crawford again from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Mary. Shelley was inspired in part by the work of Italian. Scientists called Luigi Galvani and his work in animal electricity. You took frog legs attached them to some wires. Put them outside and waited. Waited for them to get struck by lightning, which caused the frog legs to move over a decade later. He is a nephew actually who tours around Europe performing this experiment essentially in public, and he actually at one point does this with a corpse, and so he's electrocuting animals and dead bodies in front of audiences, and causing them to move, and people believe that they were seeing. You know the key to life. David? You'd like to be. After the Second World War and the dropping of the atomic bomb, it was the nuclear engineers that inspired a wave of horror movies. James Kendrick teaches horror film history at Baylor University, so you start getting movies like Tarantula or Godzilla. The beast from fifty thousand fathoms. These these movies about either. Normal animals or creatures, being mutated intern monsters via. Energy or prehistoric beasts, being awoken by atomic testing, so there are monsters created in a lab, or let loose by radiation, and then as we start to struggle with superbugs like Mersa. That's what we see in horror films viruses that spread through air, or by blood like outbreak contagion, and here in twenty eight days later. In the movie, a rage virus created in a spreads turning anyone infected into violent zombies, and it has the effect of making sort of everything terrifying, because if there's an infection spreading through a virus going around well any person around you might be carrying that virus, and so it it turns people on each other, and makes you fearful of everybody around you with every new breakthrough in technology. There's a horror movie delving into our fears about the science behind it as we keep pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence gene, editing, planetary exploration, and so on who knows what monsters we might create or uncover for the pulse I'm Amish Artsy. That's our show for this week. Pulses a production off whyy in Philadelphia. You can find US wherever you get your podcast. Our Health and science recorders are Alan. You List Tongue and chat lamotte Charlie Kyler. Is Our engineer Savvier? Lopez is our associate producer, Lindsay Lazar Ski is producer. I'm Mike and Scott thank you for listening. Behavioral Health. Reporting on the pulse is supported by the Thomas scattered, Good Behavioral Health Foundation, an organization that is committed to thinking doing and supporting innovative approaches in integrated. Healthcare whyy's health and science reporting is supported by generous grant from the Public Health Management Corporations Public Health Fund P. H.. M. C. Gladly supports whyy and its commitment to the production of services that improve our quality of life.

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