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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 164: Featuring Andy O'Brien

Spittin' Chiclets

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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 164: Featuring Andy O'Brien

"Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode one hundred sixty four of spitting chiklis, presented by new Amsterdam vodka come into you from a lovely hotel, suite hair in the back bay. Boston biz. Welcome to Boston pal. Redeye. Have you slammed a connection flight? So I flew in Atlanta. And then Atlanta Boston, but hey, Red Eye from Scottsdale to Boston. They don't have that. I apparently not, but you know, I- tough coyotes loss last night, we'll get into that and a little bit. But yeah, me and Mike traveled in and before I pass it over just a quick update on the Jimmy John's front with with the muster tax gate. So it went for me, not knowing why when just put the fucking mustard on the sandwich to Ben finding out it was because of our g reasons and people are tweeting nine because mustards a pretty high on the allergy scale similar to peanut butter. Well, then. More news Jimmy Johns getting touch with you know, but a former employee did any direct grunted. A former employer even at that. I'm knocking to give his identity, but he DMV via Instagram, and he wrote this. Hey, biz about the Jimmy John's muster policy, they disguised their cheapskate practices as allergy awareness. That's a bold statement. I worked for a JJ's franchise for years. The frugality is literally ingrained in the company. I remember reading in a policy manual to take the pen from the Bank when you're making a deposit because why by pens, they say, it's an allergy issue. But it's really just some bullshit. But wouldn't that be laziness as opposed to saving money like, oh, no, we be why are you saving money? If you're not putting like either way the guy hates Jimmy Johns. He had. DM back and say like what happened Jimmy dude, why get fired after your seven time employee of the month. And you're like actually love Jimmy Johns. Now you despise them. The host Ryan Whitney the with Doug. What's going on? This is such a pleasure. I told Grenell said I'm so fired up like this is old said I've in I used to go to Jim not doing anything. I did that today. And then I drive into our as you know, couple times you sleep, and I love throwing that in there. But most of the time we got on the couch and did this. And now we got busier Mikey travelers. It's a pleasure. How mad before we introduced my mad where you drove into Boston. And also, very this of every soul smell. But are as very apologetic. So I gotta just what else. What else? What else are you gonna do wants almost two hundred? It was just so funny. I remember the day. I'm like, I call Mike and Mike it's eleven fucking thirty. We'd whole record at sex fifty in the morning. Dave chappelle day right now. Nobody that till the afternoon Bach me. I couldn't couldn't hear that's the world. I couldn't hear fucking check. Now. We're in a suite. Yeah. This town. We're living up might say, our producer also how the travel in. Yeah. Took the train in it sucked. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Six AM train. There's some characters at Penn station six. It absolute characters, but do they let people sleep down? They can't like two in the morning a bum. Go down there and hangers bums everywhere. There's bums just like you go into that. I wonder if they tried to like shoe him away. But then they come back. I'm cute vulnerable men. I'm very very vulnerable. Like, someone will grab me. Swick reminds defend yourself hasn't had a meal and like three week Mikey's basketball. Diaries. Leonardo suck on the wings to get some borough. What's his name? I think we talked about that one day if that was a basketball movie or not I said, it was one of my favorite sports movies. And that is an executive doing swift swifty. What are you doing is at the Cote, and he was in a blow him? Yeah. He was all that was when he was not wanting to get blown later in the movie he wanted to he was blowing the guy for speaking born blown as load have have you seen the new joker trailer? I haven't watched the. I walked I'm Phoenix. I'm kind of fucking like joke it out a little bit, man. I'm like, I agree. And then obviously after he performance it's tough to ever. Consider anyone playing the joker. I watched trailer. I love walking Phoenix. He's one of my favorite actors was like this. I'm not even into the batmans that hard. I didn't even see the joker one in full. I've seen clips of it the heath leisure one. Oh, really what I will watch the Joaquin Phoenix one. I'm a big walking Phoenix fan as well. But like, I mean, I love batmans who grew up reading that ship. It's just saturated now is just. I agree. Open not into that stuff. I like the Christian bale batmans after that. Like these venture things. I saw the thing that people couldn't buy a ticket yesterday morning there there are there. It's like they're going to break records. I don't know. I just have. No, I've had no desire ever to get into that speaking. Speaking of our Batman, our last guest John him is supposedly going to be the next Batman. Maybe give them the chickens bump. Yeah. That's that's what I've been hearing. Maybe he needs a new Batman and Robin. He needs a new Batman Cup though. A arm coffin it that I could out actum live if we had them for some contracting. He would dummy you I I think he would flip a switch and you'd be like waters happening, right? I feel like this is like burning boiling his blood right now. The fact that you're saying that you Academy Award in your this guy didn't acting thing with you. He would like flip the switch and be dawn Draper, and he wouldn't ever smiled anything you're doing and you'd have no clue what just happened like oh twenty local. Michael, Scott him and pull out the gun. Great episode. Check keep putting the gun then I will say being on set that wasn't precipice hell say act, and that's real high. But to see like a guy go over and do the same lines. Like, he must've them twenty thirty times they got to cut it from different angles and shit. I don't think he flubbed. Why question I think that I'm not going to say, it's not hard. I'll describe as I bet you'd be exhausting. Yeah. Right. You're mentally. You got to be like on often. I it'd be like a wear you down. That's usually why on big productions like that. They only do a few scenes day method. You know? So then you stay in that the whole time. Okay. I want to ask you question. So when in between takes does nobody talked to him other than the director? I didn't because I already was. Okay. You wanna eggs with that this fryer still on? Polices. Disgusting legit roaches at that Bach behind that then will Jit roaches back there. But no, I just stayed out of his way. I don't I don't think he was that type of guy. But I knew he was in between scenes, but I saw people like directors and stuff talk him. I don't think he was. I don't think he's a method guy, basically. But Blake lively Saint thing. She was she was Acis to people right now are like is this lights camera Parslow flawed? Together. It just tell you start shooting shit happens. We got a very more familiarity going on here. And by the way, this I told granola when we checked in this hotel used to be Boston police department headquarters not so long ago. Also, they made the police department into this, and they made the old jail into the liberty. Yeah. Typical Boston having cops and robbers themes, even at the whole actually next time, you leave the Bill commend, you can still see the words in grade than the side of it. Speaking of robbed Connor mcdavid feels like he's been robbed off a full year of his career true prime. Yeah. Man. And we got some crazy games from Tuesday night. But I wanna mcdavid Mikey play the clip that sucks, obviously. It's not good enough. All your, you know, we streaks drag on that he'll times where we can find ways to get wins drag on you gotta find a way to to stop the the bleeding quick. It's a slim slim margin of error in this league. And. There's a lot of teams that are right there. You know, we we did our best to to stay in the fight too late. This baddest, man. It was was there for you almost. I mean, it's been it's been insane season coaching changed and change. Good times and bad times. It's been a roller coaster. It's been mostly challenging it's been. Hard mentally to to kind of keep keep on going. You know, but we were always kind of rate there, we we were close and find drift away and. Suekoesd frustration level probably fairly high this really high. It's it's really really high. It's frustrating. We wanna play on the playoffs as a team. I personally wanna play in the playoffs. It's not not happy about it. I mean, that's just frustration being disgusted and actually after having one of the greatest, you know, years in in not hockey history. But right, he's he's he's had three years where it's been outstanding incredible talk where we're saying like possibly guy could be the best player ever play hockey. Right. And I don't think he gives a shit right now about those personal numbers. And I don't like I'm not saying that I don't know him well enough to to say that. But it just strikes me as I wanna win. I see all these great players on good teams. And what is this worth? If I'm dominating everyone getting one hundred and twenty points, and we suck like, and you can just sense from his vibe. And and I don't blame the guy. Yeah. It's tough to watchman. Because I may because we got the we got to see he's a genuinely nice kid, and you a little more for those guys. But it looks like it's fucking dog ran over man as poppy got ran you could see the sadness in his face like, and he's frustrated, and I think the real frustrating pot, which is not a shitload like hope right beyond the horizon. It's like, well, we got this coming off these salaries are coming off the books, and this does not a lot of fucking great hope like right in the immediate future. So you got to say like Shipman is he wishing he fucked and waited out, and when our FA and maybe fucking didn't commit to such a long time. I mean, I know he's making great money. But I mean this fucking franchises in major disarray right now. And the signs pointing toy helps around the corner. It's like fuck, man. We we're still enough lacking. Lurch? They don't they just they don't have their GM or their coach next year. So I think part of it was. Yeah. Hopefully, they can hire someone like, you know, paraphrasing knows what he's doing. I mean, so yeah, it's a good point. I got a lotta shit member. When I said that the Ken hitch. Cox signing was a terrible signing got a ton of shit for that you guys remember that. And I think I was pretty. Good patch job. Because he I don't think he wants to keep coaching pass this year, he ES, and it was just you know, they they wanna see you can go in there and flip a switch. He is a two year deal. And I don't know if they know next year, I think he's going to be you know, in in hockey off somewhere and this year, he's a guy who in history had flip teams around. So I don't think it was a bad move. It didn't work. The team isn't good enough for he's lost some of his touch. I mean, you gotta say the team. They've had plenty of coaches couldn't get the team in the playoffs. So I don't think it was a terrible move. It just didn't work out. I do believe they would have been a lot closer. If you would have been coached a lot sooner. They wait a little too long. Maybe they start the year with him. And it's a whole different story. I mean, sometimes you get middle of the year you it's hard to switch. It's like that team who they are. Yeah. Exactly and coaching only a few more extra wins. I think the hundred point seasons are probably going to the luster is gonna wear off. You know, he he would probably sacrifice twenty those points to have a competitive team. Not not like he would need to because he'd be even better with better players around him. But there's just no light at the end of the tunnel right now, that's gotta be whether frustrations at and we don't need to keep ragging on Edmonton. But I mean, the the star player is getting a little sick way. Things have been ran around there. Yeah, it's tough. And you know, they're they're cap team too. It's not like they can just go out and fucking start spend the money. The money's just allocated in a piss pull away. So hopefully, they in turn around because we want to see this generational talent in the playoffs. Man playoffs. Busy better at mcdavid. And meanwhile, Tuesday night was fantastic drama in the NHL. We still have a couple of wild cod races going on especially in the east three games going on at once. I had the Boston Columbus game going on. You'll watch what Tampa Tampa marching. I watch Tampa Montreal most of that game. And then kind of watch the rest of the ads. Soil or so those those were and then our ma'am biz and all year, it was coyotes coyotes that last night, I mean, what happens there that? That's most. Most guys wanna talk about these games you wanna westie. So you wanna talk right now. I want to hear about what happened. First of all fuck you Jack Campbell. I actually texted him us night. I said I wrote fuck you. That's all I get a bonus. If this team gets in Jack, Jack, if you guys are listening that LA locker room you guys put that fine fund together. And you guys are going to pay me twenty g's for my playoff bonus that I missed out on because you decided to have a career night and healer Riverina. First off forty nine stops, congratulations. He's a great guy play with them actually on terra with the rain. And that's when he turned his career around. He came over from Dallas. Hi, high pick hypoc who's a first rounder and just I don't know whatever just didn't seem to do. Well, they're just I mean, they they also play a little bit more run and gun yet not anymore. That's why they're good. But yeah. Then in the minors. They were they win games like seven six, and he was getting hung out to dry came over to on -tario had an unbelievable year end up getting nominated to the all star game went there. And you know, the rest is history, but coyotes played numbly will gain limited them to twenty four shots on that they had fifty of their own on Tuesday. It was it was domination right for job. Eighteen shots. The first eighteen shots in the second the antelope having fourteen third. So I mean very consistent with their offense wrote the entire game. Do they they were up one nothing. They had the game and complete control. Tyler Foley, ends up getting a shitty past like, I don't know like two seconds left in the second period. Backbreaker, and he just kind of tease himself up does like a little spin around. Just gets it off not Tyler Foley shop, and he gets it off. And who else Kyle fuck and Clifford tips it in the net had a fight to earlier point two seconds three minutes into the third period. So now all of a sudden the cars are going to locker room like Faulk do even dominate these guys all night now were one one off off a cheap linked to left point to name of you it. Yes. All I- socks. Yeah. Anyway, that was devastating three minutes into the third period. Kyle Clifford goes in on the four check ups it loose puck pops out the Trevor Lewis he ends of going to the backhand scoring and after he scored he gets tangled up with the defenseman. His stick goes right into Darcy. Campers cat. I poked some right in the eye Darcy camper. I didn't know any of this game. I see okay. Hopefully is going to be okay believe so I mean, he's been there MVP especially in the second half the season. He might even get a consideration as a nominee for the Vezina. I mean to to win it might be tough. He doesn't have a big enough sample size. But now he's down Picard came in. And did it unbelievable job shut the door until they ended up scoring their empty netter? But just couldn't end up finding a goal over six on the PPO the p p kind of war war dry at the end of the season here for the odes. But I saw and then and then we start the pre-game. It was two nothing Menton on Colorado. So we're we're on top of the world. Fuck we're we're gonna win this one. And now we're going to be tied in points. Swings on a diamond Colorado six on answer. So the oats the yoed Spacey have to win out. And I don't think Colorado can get another point basically kings just to get the audience up to speed they beat the three one Tuesday. So Arizona, basically there four points back with two games to go. So they would. Win out in Colorado have too many. They're they're done. I was going to get to them in a little bit. Minnesota's Zona did make the wilds bed though. So they do a little consolation going on the season. Also, I saw just the the bottom line. I didn't realize how nuts that game was. But the bottom line this morning, all arson twenty minutes fifty seconds played eight shots on net. As like, this is just me calling him. I've been eating that since the games. He's played. Actually, he's him. And drew doughty are the only two defenseman have at least forty four points believe that was a number and and one hundred hundred forty four hits he plays physical too. Yeah. So he he's Bryant. Yes. He's a started funny. I've seen the responses to me saying that have kind of been sixty forty that. I was wrong. But there is a lot of people know, they go to the plus minus which I wasn't talking about just more out of sense of him as a player which. Disagree. Well, somebody actually sent the giveaways to. Somebody somebody wrote takeaways and giveaways, did you see that number and compared burns where Brent burns had like a hundred twenty or one hundred fifty giveaways this season, but he had like fifty takeaways whereas like all of her only have fifty giveaways, but like fifteen takeaways, let me tell you. Over a lot less than in your playing that type those type of minutes to me that just shows how consistent you are. For anyone listening pro hockey player minors college junior high school if you ever have stats taken of giveaways, and and we did in the NHL level. I would always read it, and I would see my name pretty high up on the giveaways list. And every time this is what I tell myself. So please I want to let you know, this what you can tell yourself people have the puck more going to have more giveaways hundred the puck more gonna have more give wish don't worry about that number getting too high. When you're maybe thirty forty above the the next guy in the league. That's when you start wearing right? You're you're talking about for instance, Eric Carlson where people like oh, yes. Like two or three giveaways game. I nobody he sets up ten guys back door like like the good is far superior to the bad. So quickly about that game, though, Clifford get the assist when he disrupted the four check and get the Gordie Howe because. Yes. A horse. Of course, Clark forgets the fucking Gordie Howe hatrick fucked, you Cliffe's trash to slash is that loss in crosses. Wait, Rangers crossers six four to twenty. Yeah. I nobody does. He fight guys. Toughest clifford. I'm saying, right. I was going to jump on that after I would consider him a light heavyweight just based on his fighting experience. Clifford has farm boy Strang he knows exactly what his doing his forest tying up clip. These type of guy. He's not he's never gonna give you a knockout us have nocco power. But he's giving you a scrap every time we were like, oh, like what is this a UFC may training around here? Like, give me a fuck and break cauliflower ear at the end of my flight with cliff and then cliff you'll go bell some hey after the penalty lost piggyback on that point. You would just make about giveaways it similar type when team gets out hit that doesn't mean you team a bunch of pussies night. It just means they had the puck lot mostly. They weren't eating. They weren't point talking getting out hit on wearing raise buzzing today. No in other another note on Jack Campbell man like you said busy at a career game forty nine saves. He made and you know, the kings the second worst team in the league right now, points wise, this these record ninth thirteen to one on his shit team. But most impressively two point two eight goals against an nine two seven percentage with two shots for the second worst team in the league. Those are some pretty impressive numbers. They could save to say this kid finally themself about before the guy's really like he's a quirky guy. He's like a weird sense of humor. But the boys really embrace it. And he's a good change of pace. I think he found he met a girl in LA too. So he's just on top of the world right now, I'm happy for Kabyle lobby jackal. And I just scheduled per the coyotes are at Vegas Thursday night than they host the jet Saturday, Colorado finishes at home versus the jets Thursday. And then they go to San Jose Saturday. So like, I said Vegas they need a lot of help to sneak in the playoffs. But back over the east with who was at the ten in new last night your game. I told you Montreal Tampa. This was a hockey game. Yeah. I have not have I not mentioned many times before about how cool it is. When the Canadians are in the playoffs because you have barn to that place was rocking last night. And it was a great game. It was a typical reminder of like how great carry prices. And it's funny. They're battling with Columbus. Their battle with Columbus. And Bob Ross he's been insane. I think he's foreign all last week was first stars league. Second star the month in his last twenty one games. Ross gives seven shutouts. That's that's insane leads the league with nine but carry price last night when Brodsky just sucked against the Bruins. You see Carey price who was insane and made some saves in the third period and a two game that were just mind numbing. If you're on the Tampa Bay Lightning. And now, they're playing hard. They're trying to break that record. I don't know him. Now, maybe they can't whatever the all time points record on either way, they're playing hard. It was a great game. Tampa Bay actually came out early. Got a real lucky goal shot it from like the corner almost hits domes knee in front and goes in. And you're just like FOX. That's the Coyote is one that trade. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So I mean, I'll I'll I'll say the rest of the night macho battled back they were playing fast. They were playing loose. And they ended up chose to going to price made some huge saves huge shaves. And then they go down and like Lekan gets a nice goal like that Victor meta who's nice player that kid moves out there. He's young. I think he's twenty or twenty one play where the London knights. Oh, I didn't know sided league was from junior. But yeah, moves around like a little water bug out there and he's making plays. You gotta talk to that Lek and in buries a rebound. So they go up three two and then Domi gets a breakaway chance or maybe not even breakway, but he ends up burying a beautiful shot to make it four two after having the shitty bounce off his knee earlier. So it's nice guys even that one up and the place was buzzing that song when they when they when they win. It's like I think of the song I can't think of it right now. But I'm gonna tell you we're gonna play it play it right now. No. That song buzzes. That's song his tell you. It's like in French. But it's like techno issue a little bit guys are loving. There's. Rocky stands guys are ripping cigarettes at still allowed Montreal in the arena. It was like I can't wait and they're probably gonna play the lightning. And now realistically do they have a chance because of Keri price will say, yeah, I'm still picking the lightning. And I still think Vegas will have minus two seventy. I don't think anything makes my dick harder than when you played at the bell centre. And they play the streets. Have no names before the game. Oh, it's not it's cold play. And it's. Well, they used to have the streets. Have no names by you to that was their old come out song. They'd had the flame laser light show. It was like circus allay on asset. I remember Noah Welch who played in Pittsburgh with me Harvard guy. He'll he'll remember this. Sure, they switch it up. But I know now it's it was fix you by Coldplay, which might not sound like get sick. But that place gets bausing and all of a sudden, I was skating around. And I looked at Noah so everybody, I think you're scratch that night. Goalie sitting much all and I just looked like dishes. Incredible. We just made is it could tell sick of it was greater in a plan. And and I think that that was an enormous win. I mean, they're playing Columbus at home. They get the bees, you know, they've been playing great. And they gotta have Tampa Bay coming in. So still still some games we play. But it was it was a fun game to watch I live. That's the second thing that makes my dick the hardest. Twenty milligram Cialis makes me a little bit harder, but chemicals. We don't care. What's up? What else is up and then inch L? Are they watch the game? Yeah. Talking about much. It's fine. Had I Pat on the iphone I had everything going three three big games at once. Just going back to watch. Thompson was the guy we mentioned that deadline. They saw junior faceoffs. He scored a huge goal for them. I mean, he's role play a veteran. He jumped any school a big old farm tied up tied up. I think it was in the first period. Still also was pretty cool. Tampa started twenty-eight-year-old Eddie Squatty. He was in full Louis. The man who's who's out heard only a second career? He comes in he plays. It's got to be awesome. Canadian kid playing Montreal for is very somewhat very first seconds careers thought. Forty one saves. You played a hell of a game that kid. I mean, he's not going to be stealing anybody's job. But just for him to kinda get spots thought. Like that. Did you see Louis domain doing the bouncer at the club from their home game biz when they got their sixtieth win. All boy. Do you want to get into? I thought it was hilarious. And yeah, that's just great morale did not let somebody was or some pitch and he's born. Born. He kind of had his own. What is it called storm surge? So they're calling Carolina storm fuck it's called he kind of had his own little one. But it was off the ice. And it was to get the morale up after games when I remember talking to a couple of guys from the team when they ended up winning the presidents trophy and guys were saying when they would come in the locker room. It was just like it was like they were expected to win. It wasn't very fun. You should celebrate everyone. Should celebrate every win. And it's nice to see the tap is like really enjoying embracing this year man, like what they've done is fucking insane. I know to now go on and win win the playoffs as well. Is like that's I mean the greatest talkie team ever, right? You could make an argument. Yes. She in today's NHL with the amount of parody going through this battle of playoff. Also are going to have to earn. It earn it. We'll talk about that more in the playoff preview that's coming up. But that they are going to have to earn it this year. So if you guys haven't seen the clip. I'm sure it's you can find it online outside the locker room. He had the black suit on with the black tie white shirt. Looks like a security earpiece like a security guard outside the nightclub and he was working the red velvet rope for the guys coming off the ice. There is a few funny ones, and then especially stamp courses reaction when he shows the inside of his wrist where the us the glow in the dark stamp is already been. But I was just having a dart I had to let a few girls. Yeah. He tweeted I said it was the sixty wind club private potty. So it was pretty clever. Pretty good stuff it that he came up with. It was Monday night that Tampa beat auto became just the third team in league history to win sixty games. The ninety six Red Wings. Of course, did it did not win the Cup the seventy seven Canadians also wants sixty games they did win the Cup. So they got a big battle ahead of them. Even if they tie with the amount of wins. And then go on to win the Stanley Cup considering it's the cap era. And this is this has to be done by making smart intelligent moves and staying up to date. That's why would be the greatest hockey season for Chelsea. I was just going to say and don't any Haughey storylines come at me for this one. But you know, how much easier it was for the seventy seven Canadians to win the Stanley Cup. Then it would be for the lightning to win. It this year. I mean, let's let's be sure. So if you're going to try to say that they're not a greater team in the seventy seven Canadians. You're crazy crazy. Oh and quickly before we move on to the Bruins. Game. You've mentioned the storm surge was that was called pow on. On. Episode. I had it written down my phone and each network in the states shows the sports net radio like at noon every day. It's noon to one it's Geoff Merrick David amber kinda host. It's like Brian. Berg Colby Armstrong marks yards on their kids. Pretty good for an hour. Everyday Burke's on Burke's on like it was the day that just William sent the tweet out that the stores. He's like started this show is like, I just don't know. How how go on now that I saw just tweet that the storm surges over like Burkey styles. The tide is so disgusted making it. So obvious. It is like I got no time for what I what I respect about him. And he doesn't give a shit right and cherry, obviously is that they know that it's gonna piss off a lot of people, and they know they're going to get tons of negative messages and people telling him to go fuck themselves, but they still do it. I remain on the like, oh, I see both sides because I don't want to deal with the bullshit. I don't. I don't wanna deal with. I mean, Grenell sees me on Instagram. If I get one comment, and I'm gonna bitter moon. I'm fucking going. I'm shedding the Mets every fucking Texan. The other day, dude. Let me defend my basis has pulled street mine hear me out here meal guys. I need you to hear me are on this. And also the listeners so I fucking travel in the midst of my NHL season to go to NYC to Bank, some interviews and fly on red eyes, and do whatever it takes in order to keep our listeners happy. This ain't about me. This is like a drug. I just wanna make you fuckers happy. That's all I want. We do an entire podcast of me trying to fix you on this. You know, you'll never make everyone half. Sure. I agree. I agree. Right. But but but that perfection is what drives me and what? It's in me. It's like a drug, and I need it. So anyway, so the first fucking comment, I read after Kerry Frazier interview between the way I was nervous for and I I don't do interviews on my own. You're getting good at them. And and it and it went well, and I was happy because our viewers and listeners we're going to get a good bit of content, and it would probably take them away from their daily routines. And maybe in some cases people's miserable lives. I comment. All carry was a good speaker. Maybe he could tell he could give RA and biz speech lessons. Oh, I didn't need one. And I'm like. I'm French Canadian. I'm I I've been punched in the face my entire career. The fact that I can even speak is a miracle. I just wanted to get some positive comments. But I'll say off to that. I feel like a lot of people knew where I was coming from. And I got a ton of positive messages for so for those who sent them I fucking love you because I needed it the flights and the travel and the two two draw biz. I will say I think that you. I think I respect that you being just like open and saying I need complement. Sometimes I actually really like. Who doesn't wanna cop at once eight Weil? Because when I'm you guys know when I finish a pot, and I'm bad on my fuck me. Boy, sorry like that one's on me. I was bad. And if people rag on me online, I know I gotta do better. Do you think that at the end of the Frazier interview you thought in your head? I'm not sure how I did there. So the first few comments will kind of tell on new I knocked it out of the park. Okay. So then then then what it was you'll work on you, not giving what some strange, and I think personally soy area. Let you go. I think personally that me being the complete whipping boy of every coach I've ever had has really trained me mentally and physically to be able to handle the online abuse that I receive because I think I'm finding like man I've been getting shit on for fuck. Thirty years now by coaches some random stranger named Ricky valley fourteen with an egg picture on Twitter. I don't give a fuck about in. Here's in my shoes. I've spent my whole life fighting so the minute you're challenged me. I'm saying fuck, and I spent cowering when people challenged me a lot. Bruins. Go ahead ours. It's good to get get some good good feedback on occasion. But I think sometimes you over emphasized the feedback get especially when it's negative you you can't let that bleed into you too much, man. It'll drive you create more. So part of me likes to have the last word, and I like being right? And when I write well online. Yep. So easy to get the last word on gotta get back to walk. You thought I'll bring the locker room back. Why are you dress like a nineteen fifty Jif teacher right now fit for the road trips? People always say like business Tino's. I'm like, yeah. They're expensive. And he looks great on work. Why wouldn't you wear everything right now? I don't give a shit. What I look like I care about comfort in. So you guys deserve. Ship blocks. Car. The locker room just pretty the locker room back. Yeah. You mentioned the Bruins biz do Columbus, man. Every game for them is big must win the previous game that the biggest must one of the but Brodsky gets fucking pulled gives up four goals. I I will say it wasn't really all his fault. But Columbus man, they just didn't match the attend city of team was already had a playoff spot for two weeks. I was expecting a better game out of them gives up four goals on twenty three shots did make some big saves was a couple of bad tips, whatever. But I think the FEC in Columbus that it's the bell, man. I just don't think the team collectively match the intensity of of the Bruins. Yeah. I I agree. I watched a decent amount. And I kind of seen how good Columbus playing leading up to that game. And I'll say this. I'm so bad at gambling and pick in. And I know if Reeves is listening wit, you suck you suck. Why do you even gamble? You lose every pick. I bet against the Bruins six times this year, they're five and one. And why haven't I learned my lesson? Like this team is costing me so much money. It's like I've never really believed in them. Even though I know how good they are just shows. How stupid I am. But they came out and they were up to nothing right away. Too. Brusque is flying around out there that kids are creature. I was told by the way, he only drinks coke or Gatorade. He literally never had a water. He's a complete savage. He's flying around out there. Okay. They're up to nothing. My boy wags who just won the seventeenth player award presented by Ness or seventy seventeenth. If you're wags, but I was happy for him. He's involved in another assist on a line that really kinda gets blood going a little Wagner oil to Ted Wagner and coil with you'll Hansen on the on the on the he's got some skill. So he wasn't up with. H E. They put that kid Carlson Kumon up. There looks good. But let me tell you something coils from Weymouth Wagner's from Walpole, right? Yeah. Wedner by the way will be I told him he'll be selling pictures of him present him getting the seventh pick. She seventh seventeenth player award. He'll be selling pictures of that at a bar in Walpole in twenty years playing Keno. I know that kid coiled sitting next to them to if they win a Cup this year, though, where they're coverings everywhere those two, but it was a fun game to watch. And they're just marshawn by the way, getting his point gets his hundredth point. He grabs the puck by on his own one alleged. Oh, I've never seen. Someone get a goal or an assist as a record or meaningful thing and get the puck themselves as I I'm I've ever seen it. That's incredible. And then he goes in their home. This hundred point puck first time in eight seventeen years. I think to since Thornton in two thousand three maybe they'll trade marshawn next year. So marshawn gets in these going in the pilot of you guys. I love you guys. The clip when a little viral. I retweeted it how much did that make you miss being in a goal pile. Like, those are like the everyone's just like I love you more than anything. I think I miss more. When I see the the clips of what biz was saying earlier with the lightning and key theon on the locker rooms, I think the locker room after you win with your wind song bumping is the best thing about guys are nice dish there, buddy. I just off turn it up. Tonight. Best is like, usually like, I would say like fuck. I wasn't very good tonight. Everyone's no, you're awesome. Busy while they know I was ship and everyone so happy because we wanted people walking around locked them. So he goes to maybe next Deepak body. So I left you hanging there in the first I know how to go. We've got the win. Plus, you might even get the day off tomorrow. You're just like that is what I miss everyone home. So I never got a chance to talk about. The Bruins are going to your bet. Ridiculous considering they'd got six three Detroit game before I thought for sure they were going to be like boys we need to fuck in. We need to figure this out before we're going into playoffs. Let's prove it against this other playoff team, which I would consider Columbus a playoff team based on the roster regarding Brad, Marsha are a if you have this written down he's the fifth player this season reach one hundred points. You wanna go you wanna take it all it's the first time in twelve years since two thousand six thousand seven five or more players have reached one hundred points. They got Nikita kucherov mcdavid Cain, dry Seidel. And now Marcia there's a few other guys at ninety seven that. I would imagine could potentially reach Johnny goo dro- and Nathan MacKinnon are right now sitting at ninety seven. With two games left. I'd imagine that that that hundred point plateaus important to them. Now, if Colorado does clinch I would probably sit mcdavid out the last game at our sorry, David. I met MacKinnon sorry about that. Well, I don't know if you said it before. But right, then you know. Yes. So I would if he gets it next game. I would imagine the they should sit him out in the last game for the simple fact that Lantis Gog was out there for a bit of a stretch. And so was rent and and him Tyson berry said pay hop on boys. The kenan's been on fire. And I mean, not easy when you're playing with two good linemates like that most of the year, and obviously everyone's like, oh, it's a sick line. And all of a sudden, you gotta do it on your own for the biggest time of the year where you're playing the most meaningful games or other teams for the most part are at their best so credit to McKinnon do that guy's a bee's and that goal onto she the goal of. He's he's ridiculous. So the wrong word there. But funny that when we were talking on not to completely shift over to Colorado, but Tyson berry just text me goes, thanks for the plug on chiklis brother who do I make the checkout to so Tyson berries going gonna have to write me, a nice one for forgetting them a minimum of seven point five Millon his next. He's like, yeah. Paul Bissonnette twenty grand, and you can actually text the guy in the king's because they might reimburse you, it's their fault. Like what said it was first time sixteen years the Bruins out one hundred point guy. I was surprised how few they had for a franchise that all the money. He joined he became the tenth guy. Pretty select company. It's a lot of points though. Do it is actually I would have guessed they had seven I'll wouldn't wanna play. How many can you name it that'll be bad radio? But Bob, you're joining stood. I mean, we did the Seattle teams. The walk ins the work. Or abusive Esbo Otzi Middleton, Ken Hodge, Barry Petersen, Joey Juno and Joe Thornton, Barry Petersen. And nobody knew that guy while he was nasty works in the Boston. We gotta get him on checklists, sir. Also, one of the note on my shine. He he took over the franchise league for short handed goals. You pass Rick Middleton. That's a pretty big feather in his cap is still got another what twenty years on his deal. He's playing as long as char socket? A lot of time left boys. We had mentioned yet. We are going to bring it on India Bryant he Sidney Crosby personal trainer biz you interviewed him on down to York last week that was another solo one. I did it's a whole for that. My buddy on Instagram doesn't hurt me about my speech impediment. Speaking of the penguins what they still haven't Neil Donald spot yet. They could potentially get squeezed out. They finish at home with two. They got the pesky redwing. So I said Sunday, they're great bet two cents. Then they got the wings Thursday and the Rangers Saturday if they lose those two games in Montreal or Columbus wins out penguins. Fucking won't be in the playoffs. We'll see with that. But the reason you're mentioning the Pittsburgh Penguins is Andy O'Brien is not only Sidney Crosby personal strength and conditioning. Coach does a lot more than just a workout diet everything. Mine coach Andy O'Brien also works with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He prior to that worked with a bunch of Olympia. I believe he still does. And then before that he was in Florida with the Panthers. So this guy this guy is extremely intelligent. He gets talking about a CB company that we've actually started together you're going to get an address about that. But he is so knowledgeable in every aspect of just coming the best athlete possible. Not just specific hockey training. Not just you know, anything skill related towards hockey. We're talking about movement. We're talking about you know, getting your mind prepared for season. We're talking about mobility. And there's a reason why. Crosby's able to do what he's done. It's not only because he's he's God's gift to hockey or one of them. But he's surrounded himself with the best of the best. And I hope you guys really like the interview it's very informative in for those Crosby haters, you may gain a newfound respect for said was he with the organization when you were same time. He was he was not no. His actually his first year, you're gonna learn this interview was the second Stanley Cup that Sidney Crosby at one after the the law there for a bit and keep in mind that first year that Andy O'Brien joined the Pittsburgh Penguins was the year where Crosby came out of the gate, and he was he was not city. Crosby. He for the first twenty games. I think he might have had ten points. And he just didn't look good. And everyone's like, dude sit done. And remember that was after all the concussion stuff. Right. Right. Yeah. So he he talks about the difficult times. And how I remember. He flipped the switch in January and the rest is history back the backup. So I don't want to spoil the view at all. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let's go right now and here it right from this interview is brought to you by Kenai brands. I mentioned to you guys recently that I started a new company with some friends of mine where we'd be introducing CD products for your overall wellness and being well, it's finally here you've heard what CBD can do now experience it for yourself. Can I branches rolling out a massive selection of CB wellness products this year in four unique experiences? Can I boost Sablan you'll CBD oils and oral sprays to boost focus and energy. Can I mend all natural CD bombs and creams for post, workout recovery and pain management, can I freshen nutrient packed CBD oral sprays for mental Claire. Eddie balance and immune support. 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You know, I was just saying time to introduce my our new guest to the podcast. I'm a little nervous because his professional style interview. Normally, I don't know if you listen to the poverty talk about some weird stuff on I'll keep it pretty class for you. Personally, you're working with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Even training NHL hockey players for over twenty years more. Notably guys like Sidney Crosby. Nathan MacKinnon couple named drops air watcher feet. But welcome to the spitting chiklis podcast, Andy O'Brien. Thank you. Thank you. Great to be here. Unbelievable show huge fan. This is cool for me. You listen to the show do. Yeah. Okay. So maybe we can get a little over producer about that. I don't know. What that it's definitely over my head. Get you fired. So you start training. Dispense group. All right. Could do a Andy O'Brien workout. I mean, imagine me if he could get me in India, Brian workout, I'd be ten just do risk girls for about six weeks. Those bitterest gone. Yeah. I need to get bigger risks. If you can help me get bigger than I'm soul, always miracle worker born and Charlottetown p I yeah. Yeah. I sit PI got. So you must crush beers. There was a point in my life where I did crush some beers. I don't think he could be from PI without without having that at some point. I'm so anyone I've met from that side can can slam back with you played a bunch of sports growing up. Yep. Yawkey hockey. Yeah. Plato is about twenty. So it just played like tier two junior hockey. And I mean that's Canadian kid. You know, it's hard to get away from that. And yeah, it was pretty serious into for while. I mean took me years junior realized that wasn't going to be forever. You know, wasn't gonna have much of a career and started a dabble in some other things into track and field competitive weightlifting that kind of stuff. So you always took your off. I seriously. Yeah. Yeah. It was just something that was always really interested in like, I was always interested in training as an athlete. So I love the training side of it. And when I branched out of hockey into some other sports like like, a sport like track, for example, you're doing a lot more training than competing, right? Whereas hockey playing games most of the time. So I think I remember I mean, it was different when I was growing up play AAA midget we had a twenty eight game schedule. I think we had one practice a week. Like, it just was it was a different type of of an era. So I was really into like the weightlifting sprinting and the training and stuff is just always interested in fuel yet to keep in shape. Practice once a week. Yeah. Exactly. Right. Yeah. You started your your career as a strength and conditioning coach at eighteen years old. Yeah. Yeah. The I wanna pretty young. So I did that as basically a summer job when I was going to university. So I think I was just out of point where I was interested in learning myself. I was still playing and you know, I was kinda reading writing to people whose it was a little bit pre internet the internet was just coming around. So you had to kind of like dig under rocks to find info, and you get like at NHL program manual from someone and it was like gold. You know, you'd have to save that stuff and pass it around. So yeah, I was just into that. And then as I started going to school and learning it, you know, I started training some other athletes, and basically just doing what I was doing myself and being from a small town. There wasn't anybody really doing that? So I worked with a couple of minor pro guys and some guys that were like sort of H L NHL back and. Fourth guys my first couple years, and he had this kind of worked my way out got some some interesting clients kept learning and the rest is history. When I used to come home from junior, you sad pamphlet all the junior guys would ask me. So they could photocopy these work back then it was like power back squats bench press four times six in. It was pretty basic and things, of course, come all very very long way. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's changed at ton. I mean, I actually I laugh because I've seen some of my old programs, and I I was like a maniac. I'm like how was I expecting anybody to ever do any of this stuff? But I think just like anybody you start. I mean, I I knew a fraction back then what I knew now. But if you just have a passion for it you enjoy it, you know, you can have some success with. Where'd you go to school the study for this? Or did you just take courses and I went to university western Ontario? So yeah, London Ontario, another place where you can have some good times. So the frosh week one way or ovoid my first ever called experience. Time. Yeah. I could imagine western would would treat you pretty well, it's tears in my eyes of the day. I graduated and had to leave that place. But definitely a lot of fun like tons of friends that are still my friends today. So like, great experiences at western and went. Yeah. Kind would just started training. People is doing a little bit of work for the Canadian sports center is working with some provincial team athletes and ended up after western I ended up in Toronto. And then I got my first job with Florida Panthers. And yeah, just kept kept working and kept growing. And and you know, now now I have a little combo the private business with the with team. I got a little more info on you used to exchange VS s VHS tapes with other trainers in order to learn said, there was no internet access back. Then we'll like to the point where it is. Now legu- to hasn't been created yet. Yeah. And used to have meetings with like training gurus. Yeah. Yeah. Hundred percent. Yeah. It was it was a different era back then. But honestly, it's I liked it in the sense that you had to think through stuff on your own. I mean, you just didn't have. Access to information. So the just I think that that helped me become a problem solver. And I think that's kind of where carved my knee shes. If somebody has a question that's not that easy to answer. I like that process of trying to figure it out whether it's an injury. Whether it's something we're just the run of the mill everyday stuff isn't working for them or they need some little more customized. That's a little tricky can't necessarily YouTube it, right? So so that's where that's where I really enjoy it. And I think having started early enough that there wasn't a lot of info around gonna Tommy to think that way. One other interviews. I was watching you said that watching rocky four was your first introduction to sports on the science side. And yet all go. It'd be getting shot up. Or? Yeah. Yeah. I'm in I fell in love with the training. Montage of that movie. I mean, I was pretty young. But just remember watching it over and over, and I would play it and then go work out and then come back and watch it again. And I mean, I'm sure everybody has a story like that when they're watching rocky. But a particularly rocky forward you had all the science side of it. I mean, I thought that process of thinking your opponent and discovering something that might give you that competitive advantage was pretty cool sort of equalled with the perseverance of rocky and being that underdog story that was pretty cool. I would definitely throw in a few push up here. Men's after watching. Gopher jog. You met said when you were you were helping train at a local hockey school was doing so there's a hockey school that I grew up going to p I pretty well known school called the Andrews hockey school or Anders hockey kademi Lada NHL players came through there. Anybody from the maritime certainly, and yeah, eventually became an instructor and got to know everybody. Really? Well, there was one summer where when I started taking the strength dishing side seriously. They thought maybe that'd be good to have me come in. And maybe just talk a little bit or do a couple of classes. And that's where I met said. Yeah, he kinda saw my approach and saw what I was doing. And I have been hearing about him. He was he was a guy people were talking a lot about as a thirteen year old playing with guys older and whatnot. And at that time, my passion was last in the hockey side. It was more in the training side. Right. So yeah, we we had a real, you know, we ended up connecting through just so happened. My brother was working the same offices, dad and. Sit was real interested in in meeting me, maybe doing a few more sessions, and we kinda got acquainted and realize there is a bit of chemistry there in terms of what he wanted to do and my style. So. Yeah. Then then we started working together. And I think that first summer that I worked with them fulltime. I had moved started my business PI, and I moved to health ax and health is kind of like the big city in the times, you know. So everybody goes there and end that for summer. He was my only client. So I honestly I think it's parents would drop them off at like eight in the morning, and and they would pick them up to. So we we just we ended up having a good friendship. We hung out a lot. We spent time together between our workouts and talked a lot about training go together and stuff like that. So I mean, it's a great way to train somebody because there's a real education process that goes with that as you know, that the first process just learning about everything learning about the muscles in the body while you're doing what you're doing gives a lot of time to dig into that stuff. Oh, yeah. And you're just constantly sharing information on how to tune up. It's like, it's it'd be like a car engineer. The ano- talking to the driver, you know. How do I fix this problem feeling a little bit sluggish on this side and Yanni more? Our and this glued. Yeah. Totally totally. Yeah. I remember when I first it was interesting when I first started training as a hockey player. I to me it was just about getting after it. You know, anything that was explosive or anything that was intense. I loved it. So I started out with a lot of Playa metrics Olympic lifts a lot of things that just seem to ballistic to me and my personality sir favored that a little bit. But honestly, I'd run into everybody every once in a while, and they'd be like dude slowed down like he looked terrible the way you move, you know, your by mechanics. Don't look sound. I sort of learned as an athlete myself. You know, there's the the movement officiency side of it's really important. And so when I started with said that that was in the front of my mind, I wanna make sure when he does things he does it properly. And I also didn't want him to get injured. He was a guy that that obviously was highly touted guy lot of a lot of attention. I didn't wanna be the guy that broke him down or injured them in. So balancing off that Embiid that he had to be a really good player with not breaking down and getting him injured it focused. It made me focus on like the tension to detail and we spend a lot of time coaching technique and making sure we did everything flawlessly. So it's a real cool journey for me. Because it it it made me better at my craft just being a situation like that. So and he's he he enjoys the land training more. So than the weights. Correct. You know, what a little bit early on? He definitely did. I think he's he's the kind of guy that I mean, you know, he's he's a big strong guy that can put on muscle pretty easily. So I think it's the change shoots the season. He's got huge legs. He's strength has never been really a an issue for him. I think he that part comes relatively naturally. I think you know, working on foot. Speed acceleration speed, endurance. That's a LeMoyne is wheelhouse. Need just response to it. So it's not that he doesn't necessarily like weight training. I think it's just more about what he feels. He needs a player, and he was always like real intelligent young player. No. I mean, how many thirteen or fourteen year olds can sit down and say, look this is the kind of player. I'm this my game. This is where I see myself going. Yeah, I need you know, my own burgers. Yeah. I know. Right. Like at that age. So yeah, I mean, he was just tipped to be able to have that kind of conversation with with a kid like that was really cool for me. So and then I think just you know, him understanding what he needs. But to be honest. Yeah, there's been times where we've gotten back to strength and strength is have been a little bit more at the forefront of what he's been trying to do the game has changed a lot so much as you know, it's it's been more of a speed game lately very much, so, but there's been pockets in his career where you know. Maybe he feels like when the playoffs are rolling around. And you know, guys are leaning on them or the way teams are playing. I'm like he needs a little bit more upper body strength there needs to play a little heavier. So there's just that constantly about opponents and matchups. Yeah. Constantly. I think just always reflect on the previous season constantly trying to make adjustments. And so the training program. Honestly, it changes every year, and it needs to and so yeah, I mean, it's it's it's it's a nice problem to have when you're at the top and you're constantly trying to get better. Right. But yeah, it's it's pretty cool. How long after you started working with him? Did you start getting that recognition where you were being more respected in your field? Because obviously, there's no you're the new guy on the block. And I'm sure some older guy who the fuck is this guy. Yeah. For sure I mean, honestly, it's I mean pretty good guy to build your business around. Not only is he a an unbelievable player, but known for his work ethic, classy guy, like he's you know, he's done the game. I think a lot of good. So I've been so grateful to be a part of his journey. But but to be honest as a strength coach, it's actually harder when you come in that way, because a lot of other established strength coaches think. Oh, well, here's somebody who probably doesn't know what they're doing. But they get all the accolades just by their association with somebody's really good. So, yeah, I, you know, I got knocked a little bit and the industry had some people that that may be felt that you know, any recognition I got or any compliments have were all on the basis of that association. So you know, I had to put myself out there talk a lot about my philosophy. You know, I would give some presentations, lectures, and Bill. Relationships with people and establish my credibility that way. And yeah, it it took awhile while you definitely get attention. But I think I've noticed from every good player they have their own process. Like most players that are at that level ready at the NHL their their their own thrown person. And they're smart enough to know that just because something's work for somebody else. Doesn't mean it's for them. And so, yeah, I think there's always a process of connecting with every athlete making sure it's good fit. There's a lot of good trainers out there. People may be worked better with me than other people or vice versa. So yeah, I think it's a lot about fit and less about you know, that kind of star star celebrity trainer thing. Is it gets old? Yeah. And then you started gaining more players coming in the off season. And you guys would be based at a Halifax at that time. Yeah. Was based at Halifax. And then we we spent about four I think full years there. And then I ended up getting the job in Florida. So as Lord in the winter Halifax in the summer, which is a cool gig who good weather all your own. Then I you know, I. I started taking on when I was working Halifax you had a handful of guys from the Toronto area. So kind of had a few guys in Toronto, and they had friends and other teams and started having a little bit of a presence in Toronto had a few. You know, chiropractors and therapists there that wanted to refer guys to me and eventually ended up working in Calgary. So after I was in Florida was based in Calgary for a little while. But I always had this presence in Toronto. And there's just so many players there. It just made sense. Eventually, I ended up moving there and opening a business work in there fulltime, and then you get the job in Florida, and your first general managers might Keane. Yeah. Mike, keane? And he was an interesting guy. I mean, I I I mean, obviously a young kid growing up in Canada. When you hear these big names, you know, Keenan junk Martin, it was a big deal. Keenan was a very interesting guy might I remember my first ever training camp. He ended up. I think there was a there was I think it was Nathan Horton. He had a grade. One MC also wasn't even a major grownup. Yeah. Yeah. So he would have been in your area. Right. So so I remember. Not knowing anything about the landscape, the culture nothing. I mean, I'm not coming from a minor league team. Right. So we played a little bit of hockey. But didn't really know anything about the way the locker room works in the culture, and the general managers. I remember him to see me in the hall. And he goes, hey, kid, you're going to be working with Horton. And I said, yeah. Yeah. I think I start with him tomorrow on site at all. Yeah. Gentleman's talk. It's me grabs me by the call pulls me in real close. And he goes he goes, you make sure he'd never wants to be injured again, you know, just make his life a living. Hell, right. And so I was like, oh, jeez. You know, this is this is a good start. Right. So, but I I mean in hindsight, I looked back. I mean, I understand actually it's it's not an Ocoee, Mike is Mike. I really like, Mike. I thought it actually he was like a he treated me, really. Well, great guy, and I had a good experience with them. But, but actually, you know, that culture like that I was coming in at a time where that was just shifting. But there was this old school culture of you know, you want you want people to feel a little bit on easy, right? You want people to be a little bit scared. And so you know that that immediate slump shin that okay somebody's injured. He's obviously faking it we want to get him back out there. We don't want to get comfortable, right? That was a little bit of a shock to my system to you know, get rattled like that around. And I got rattled a few times, man. This guy's. This guy's a fucking. What's this guy? Get outta here. Yeah. We had a prospect actually who was a goalie came in overweight one time. And I remember Keenan like literally the guy came in any weighed in and Keenan saw the weight, and and he started barking at me. He's like is. Is there a bike around here somewhere? Like, what can we get this kid? And so I said, yeah, I think we can get one. So it was a little bit five minutes after the way in we had him on the bike doing something trying to trim down. But there was an emphasis on the messaging around. You know, just be ready. Don't take any for granted. And that was that was pretty interesting for me to come in at a time like that. And then to see it change so much in the last fifteen years. I mean, it's just it's come full circle with the way players are treated now the way the culture is. But I actually that's culture's. Pretty interesting to me was cool that I had a little taste of that on the flip side of that Bill for was last season. Yeah. Yeah. At bell. For was a real interesting guy became a great friend of mine. And so I've got I've got some interesting Eddie stories for sure I mean, anybody that knows him knows him to be a great guy in lots of stories. So I heard. A story about him at least training cabinet. If it's true that it was her turn to do testing. And they went and grabbed them and they're either. Hey, it's time for your bike tests. And he looked at me goes there's no bike in my case and walked out. That's I don't know how much he took his Osei off ice. Here's what it's pretty interesting. The people that are close to add no that he actually was like really into it like so crazy prepared certainly at this stage of his career where where I met him really focused total fierce competitor, like just really. And I mean, I remember one day he came in and said, you know, my next a little bit stiff, and I was trying to figure out maybe it was a way of sleeping or what's causing snacking? Goes. I think it was because I was sharpening skates to clock last night. You know, so all USA sharp sharp in his own skates. And he I remember times he'd bring his pads in and you'll be looking at the pads and thinking about the colors, and creating deception to players is when they're looking at the pads and stuff like very detailed would never like if I told me at work out four hours a day. He would do it. If he believed in it. He was really into it. But one of the funny stories, I remember I used to text back and forth with matinee a little bit who had him in Toronto. And Matt was like our urine for a treat really really interesting guy but same as. Me Matt would speak very highly of Eddie. And you know, he came down. And I remember the one thing we had a conversation just about his posture and about as is the position of his spine. You know, when he's doing various lifts, and especially as goalie thought that was born and from that point on he he literally was shirtless in all this work because he wanted to see himself in the mirror to make sure you have the boss Boston or texting Matt and going. Hey, you know, Eddie Las training with no shirt, you know, and he goes on because that's actually a new thing. He goes I've never seen them for. But pretty pretty funny lot- lots of cool stories, but but a great guy we had that that year when I was in Florida we had the oldest team in the league three forty year olds. I think Gary Roberts. Joni Daikin bell for mardi Gina was there. Roberta Longo is there with some real interesting people. If if you folks see Eddie bell for at your local YMCA working with shirt on you can think Andy O'Brien for that one. But I wanted to shift that focus to Gary Roberts. Yeah. Because now like you he's become a guru in the I guess all athletes, but specifically hockey trainers. He's one of the names that comes up him Matt nickel yourself, and and there's a few others. I know I know Gallagher's old man Oton out in BC has a good job with a bunch of guys out there. But he was obviously crazy into fitness then because that was post neck surgery, and he'd made his comeback which is a remark. One of the most remarkable comebacks of all time and plan over twelve hundred games. Did you guys stylish a really good relationship when you played there? Yeah. We did. Honestly, I feel really lucky that I had Gary Player known him a little bit after you know, as a trainer with his business and whatnot. But having him as a player was a real treat. I think for couple of reasons one I was a young strength coach, and he came in and provided a lot of leadership to our team just the way carries himself, and he was like a second strength coach in the way that he mentored other players. And got them to buy in. And he supported me a lot. It was a young guy ensure old guys are stuck in their ways. Or like, you know, looking at you like I'm fucking doing that work on the wall. No question. And and some of the older players the toughest, but I had like these great veterans that were there, you know, robs Joanna. Joe new dyke one of the nicest people, you'll meet so, but but Gary was ultra serious. He he covered every detail. Whether it was his blood work is nutrition supplementation is recovery really dedicated. And and legitimately impressive with what he did late in his years. I mean, we he was a good player, you know, right into his forties and had suffered all kinds of injuries. And he was a type of player that that looked at, you know, paying money to have good experts in their lives as an investment, and, you know, probably one of the real pioneers that that had done it that way and and got other players thinking about the same thing. And so yeah, I know it was really great to have that experience the player. I I remember when I was in Florida Gary got traded. Pittsburgh. And I remember texting sid and being like all, you know, you're in for a treat like wittily, ac- sky and tax me after practice once and said he was doing jump squats in the hot tub today. I I've seen that it goes. I went to a hot bras into jump squad. So I just kept going. There was a point in time when people are doing jump squats or the pool race media. So maybe I think his Gary stood let wanna be warm, right? And that was the thing is like sometimes it's an older player you get cold. And so talking sat on the. Say on shift. Yeah. Exactly. Right. So yes, sometimes he would get in the tub and do like some some warm ups and some legs wings, and you know, all all just game face. You know, the whole time it'd be pretty funny. So there's a story that when Gary Roberts got there. He tried to get a lot of guys like on Tricia thing. Yeah. On a specific diet, and I guess he caught city in a piece of pizza at one road trip. And he he like texted the trainer the nutrition guy. Had to like deal at the backlash fact. Oh, yes Roberts was. Oh for sure. Yeah. You probably text me too and trying to get me on them. But picture a city in the P Razzi style. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. That sounds about. Right. So after Florida did you take some time off because you didn't transition right into the Pittsburgh job. Did you? Yeah. I took. So after Florida had this opportunity go to Calgary. And actually, I had I'd signed up sort of longer term contract with Florida, but the opportunity came up, and it was just the right opportunity for me. It was in Florida as a bunch of pro athletes in different sports has working with a relatively well known Olympic swimmer named dare tour should say relatively she's she's one of the more. Well, known female swimmers ever did some cool things. She swam in Beijing as a forty one year old she's like fifteen years older than the next oldest swimmer and the team won three medals and broke bunch records at your sheets and cool things in there was football athletes track and field baseball is down in Florida hub for a lot of athletes. So yeah, I just I kinda got taste of lake wanting to to break, you know, branch out a little bit. And do some other things great learning experience for me to start doing things outside of my comfort zone. So I was looking for an opportunity to do that in this particular Calgary to go work, a sports academy kinda Fordham me the flexibility to be there and oversee things, but then come and go whereas. At that time having an NHL job pretty restrictive like you kind of to be where the team and wherever they want you to be you gotta be there. So yet it was a so I was in Calgary for years after that. And then I think ended up in Toronto around twenty thirteen and not only that. So at that time. How many how many NHL said you is as far as your guys? Probably. Yeah. Probably about boat. I'd say a dozen to fifteen maybe at that time that I was working with so over the course of a season. Let's let's go back to Florida. So you you're training all the guys day to day. So you gotta worry about them. Then you got your guys calling. You who are this time all around the league looking for two ups in the midst of the season need your via tension. And then also you need to keep up on on updating your your knowledge every day. It's volving. Whether it's, you know, you're learning about yoga and recovery or strength here, you know, mobility here. So it's just like how much how much of free time. Do you have? I think there was one point in time. My career. I think I worked two and a half years without a day off. It was just, but it doesn't really feel. You know, I say that to people, and they sort of look at me cross eyed like why you know, like, what are you doing? But but it to me it's it's never felt like work. So I've never had a day in my life. And my career words feel felt like work. I enjoy it. And I think the best thing for like to your point the best thing I've ever done was I've worked with some high profile people that have a lot of pressure on them. So as a strength coach, you just you just have to get results. And you know that puts pressure on me. But it made me read those articles that made me talk to people. It made me make sure that my craft was was delivering on the the responsibilities. I had so that's a recommendation happen to any young strength. Coach put yourself in a situation where it's it's not easy. You know challenge yourself, and I was lucky I think that once you work with one or two high profile players, you know, they talked to others and people might want to try things. And so I just I I was Adami comfort zone. My whole career. Always always with. With somebody that that had some kind of an issue that was a problem or some kind of challenge that was new for me that had to make me better. And I'm sure you practice what you preach. And I'd probably helped you kind of stay in line and rail to to execute that two and a half years because I mean, there's I'm sure there's sometimes if you would have been partying around a little fun. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No parting are fun for me. I've got the you know, I my logo should be that fun with the circle in the line through it. That's that's you know, I think fun for me is my career, you know. But if I'm training somebody in the morning, I'm I'm better early mindful of, you know, being fresh and ready for that session. And that's just I mean, that's how I enjoy myself. I you know, I had had my phone when I was younger and career rolled around. And now is that's filling for me. So then you get the job in Pittsburgh. I wanna say your first year there you guys ended up winning the Stanley Cup. Yeah. We did. Yeah. Yeah. That's I mean, he's pretty cool. Yeah. It was pretty cool. I mean dot point I'd been working with said, you know, sixteen seventeen years, and that was just cool to kind of see that side of it. 'cause I've never worked with them in season. Four. So that was really neat. And he actually had a tough start to the season bring that up. Yes. I was I was I was worried about this guy's not the same player and then all star break hit. And then after that, he went on a insane tear. Yeah. It was really like I think right around Christmas. You know, he really went on a tear. And I mean, I think I think that's it's probably one of the best stories in his career. I think obviously, you know, he's overcome a lot of things can cussin'. You know? He's had a lot of people doubting him since today was really young. But I think I think that was a really cool one just because I saw the struggle a little bit. And I kinda saw, you know, full circle. What what that environments like I mean, I think most players when they when they come to pit. And and they're on that same team as as said the first impression is man like the stuffy deals with the media. The the stuff he's gotta deal with on a day-to-day basis the responsibilities. He has captain of that team. You know, trying to be compared all these other players and just there's a lot of haters, man. I mean, there is so many. People. There's people know pictures of and put them in urinals at flyers gates. It's insane. Yeah. It's it's ridiculous. So I think to have that and just to you know, seem work as way through and and get in his own a little bit and have some success. And I mean, I still believe he's got potentially some of his best years ahead of him. I think his all round game is as good this year as any other season. Maybe better he's Gamaa on this podcast. Said fast. Yeah, he's he's he's just been a real privilege to observe over the years. I mean, he's he's incredible athlete. I think the greatest athlete in in certainly that I've ever worked with a good human being to. And another reason I'm sure for this your success is last year's really the first year. He hasn't won any legal wards or or a championship. So I'm sure he took this this offseason pretty seriously. Oh, yeah. Like, he always does this one. I've heard through the grapevine that he was extra amped up to get after at this offseason yet. There's no question. You always is. I mean after it's pretty interesting the one summer that was he said a couple of real big summers where he just, you know, everything's clicked or gone while form, but the the the one summer was real interesting between the two Cup runs. And then you had the World Cup. It was it was neat because you know, he finished so late. It was almost in the World Cup was kinda starting early. It's like why not just like turn this into all one big season. Really? So it was. Almost a different type of summer. And I think I think he had like a real springboard coming off that one. But you know, it's a lot of hockey. I mean, we played as a team more games in any team in history in those two years in the guys that are at the World Cup ratting games on top of that. So so it is a lot of hockey. And so I think that following summer was it was a challenge trying to unload the body a little bit. And last year was it was good because we finished a little bit earlier. So it was actually a time to to take, you know, take that summer and just kinda really get after it and use the time that he had. So so he certainly did that I felt that last summer going into training camp. It was the best physical condition. I've seen him in probably the leanest. And I I would say probably the the best overall physical condition of his career last last year going into the season in my opinion. We we've talked a lot about sit and what he's accomplished through your help. But this is from Rick talk, by the way, you'll get your single. Biggest accomplishment was getting Phil kessel stay in Coca Cola, Pepsi, or whatever he drinks, man. I think. Listen is every bit as privileges. I have been to to work with guys like said, I mean, I being on a team that Phil castle is on that's a treat. That's a treat. I mean, that's you know, I wouldn't trade anything for that fills. I love fill the death AMIS an unbelievable guy entertaining as you can imagine wine and combined, but it's kind of shit too. Of course, I honestly, I really like, Phil. I think the I think it, you know, the end obviously Rick had a great relationship with Phil to. But but but honestly, you know, Phil has this reputation. But I think he's a little more dialed than people realize, you know, I I don't think he likes to advertise it or announce it has been a few incidences where it probably doesn't look great like the the hotdog situation. And yeah, exactly wrong time wrong place wrong time for Filkin. Yeah. For sure. Well, the the best Phil story about the coke was when we were. I mean, we we had tried as a staff we said, look, we just eliminate, you know, pop I mean, this is kind of this is what what we you know, this is our goal. And I think honestly it lasted like maybe one and a half games like maybe four periods. And then he's just like, I, you know, I don't I don't think I like this. And I think he literally you decided to have a pop and he scored on his neck shift. When he went out there. So we were done. But no, I think honestly, he's he's been pretty. Pretty mindful, man. I think he works with Gary Robertson the summer Garris. Gary's had a really good influence on them. And that's really helped us. And I think we have a good environment for him. Like, we have a lot of healthy options around and just just a great guys been really fun to work with. And actually, you know, I think he's done pretty well on the side of it. So I gotta go back a little bit you you're with Steve monitor in in Florida and ended up establishing a great relationship with him. You know difficult story, you know, passing you guys kind of created this summer camp in Vail. I want you to dig into that a little bit. Yeah. That so so the camp we've been doing for quite a while. Now, I think the first year we had nine nine players now, it's it's a good portion of my clients, but we get requests. And probably have a waiting list every year of elite guys. So it's it's been a really cool camp. It started actually the two guys that kind of got it going, the concept was mardi, Jalen and. Bill for actually in the whole idea was, you know, it's a bit of a shit show around the rink pre training camp like everybody's there. It's it gets a little water down the quality the skates aren't greats not overly organized families are getting back in school. So so just wanted to go away and just isolate yourself, and and and just focus get ready, mentally and physically for the season. So we decided to pick place high altitude to do that. And Steve was the kind of guy where if you're doing something he's in, you know, and that was a cool thing about Steve. And if if we needed times, you know, he's got them. And if we need extra guys he's easy knows we can bring and he's he's the glue guy. And he was yeah dinners. I mean stories at dinner like it just it was the perfect guy for a camp like that. He just made everything was fun when Steve was around and people gravitated to them. And I mean, he was a bright guy. Like, we would we went to visit one of Eddie's friends who is this like, you know, billionaire guy up at at the top of bachelors goal to really cool area up there and Steve is talking with them. And. You can you could rub elbows with anybody. Very charismatic guy. Very caring. And it it just that was kind of became with the camp was about, you know. So, you know, unfortunately, when when Steve passed, I think we've tried to honors legacy a little bit, you know, has really shifted camps. We have a trophy named after him and stuff now. And yeah it worked with Steve probably for about ten years superfit. I when you're in Vail, we had this. We'd we did a hike a few years, actually. And the one year we drove up to the top of the mountain and hike the flat part because we thought we thought it'd be a little easier, but we were hiking around a lake and hike got a little bit competitive few the guy started running, and actually, you know, kind of racing a little bit Steve was way up at the at the front and the only difference for them. He had this big backpack. And nobody else had a backpack and he was right at the front in. Then he had this this camera on any saw bear. And he actually went off the trail for a bit probably five minutes, you know, to try and get a picture this bear came back. And then he was at the back of the pack. In the next. You went back to the front and still one that that kind of hiking rates that we had. So there is a point in time. Where man I would put them right up there against anybody. In terms of the best condition player. Really? Yeah. For sure how many guys towards the end or or even now do you have twenty twenty five guys go, we can only have twenty four, and I think that works out, you know, to be perfect. We end up having twelve guys plus two goalies per team. And that just ends up being the right numbers. We've established like a rule book for the camp and its gets real competitive. And now it's just kind of ends up being that's our number. Now have you ever had to kick anyone out because they're not taking seriously as you guys had like usually the opposite. Usually we gotta try to calm people down because there's like legitimate players start painting each other at camp sometimes. So I've seen some one on one battles between marshawn and sid and they end up getting online or those taking the veil Cam. No, actually Marsh. He's never been there. Yeah. I don't work with marshy. But I know him really, well, he's he's in Halifax, and my brother coached him and stuff and. Obviously sit a Nate and those guys in Halifax gate within the summer. But but he's not not an athlete that I worked with we have done a camp in Halifax. We've done a couple of camps there. One of them was a World Cup kind of prep camp for the last World Cup. And Marsha was at that. We had some good players down there. So so it might have been at that camp that that was being gets elevated when marshy shows. Yeah. It does. I want to ask you who's been the most rewarding athlete you've had the opportunity to train where maybe you got. Hold them in your like, oh my God. This is this is a mess is like an old car. I got I got a soup up from scratch. Yeah. In terms of. In terms of that. I think honestly, you know, there's definitely like probably as I think any strengths coach will tell you that it's not necessarily most talented athletes that you enjoy working with the most. It's the ones that are just the best people the ones you form good relationships with. And if you can if somebody can be vulnerable with you. So that you can they can let you into their struggle a little bit and let you just be that role for them. I mean, that's that's kind of what it's all about. So honestly, man, it'd be hard to single one out. I've had many I think just a guy like Steve monitor stands out a bit. Because you know, he had some struggles, you know. And there was there was lock going on in life and hockey. And he, you know, he went through some things where he used his training to springboard healthy obsession, and he's training and his nutrition kind of became that thing that was his new kind of focus, and and that that helped them in different stages of his life, and he was real open about that. And so so, yeah, anytime you get form relationships with people that way, I think it I think it makes differ. Difference. But yeah, there's definitely some athletes. I've worked with that. Maybe a lot of names people probably wouldn't even know just weren't NHL players, but but great people and if their goal was to get a scholarship or their goal was just overcome something that they've had work with some athletes. Major major injuries that maybe nobody thought they would they would get back in the ended up getting back. So yeah, there there's a bunch of Santo, but mon- money's name. Probably goes the top. You you briefly touched on the period time and said was out with the concussions. The being that close to kind of maybe being even a little bit helpless. How difficult time was out for not only him but yourself? Yeah. I, you know, I think I was definitely I definitely felt forum. You know, definitely I wouldn't say necessarily hard on on myself. But I mean, I think the hardest thing for me was just knowing the hockey's disguise life. Right. And then he loves the game. And so you know that that and I don't think he ever felt this or certainly never said anything to me. But, but I think just being in that state where I mean, there's that injury is there's so much uncertainty around it. So I think anybody that goes through a concussion. I mean, you know, that's on your mind. And when you're not skating, and you're not training or you try to do that. And it's not going your way. I mean, that's it's a it's a heavy thing to go through. And actually when I went through with Sitta that was the first time I'd really gone through those are big educational process for me, a tr-. With him a bit and talk some different experts and learned a lot about just just neuroscience and brain health and concussions and how they work. But but then since then I think because I'd been through that with him at had different people reach out to me. And and just a, hey, I'm stock I've talked to everybody can you share with me your experience, and that's kind of become a little bit of a niche of mine just just talking to people and help them sort through the various experts that are available, and and maybe how they can take a few boxes to make sure that they're covering all their bases. So so that was an interesting process, the media's everywhere, so I mean, there was times where we, you know, would we went down to LA for awhile to train just to kind of get away get away, you know, so, but honestly, it I, you know, there there's some ser- remember this time. And and you know, I'm sure it doesn't love me telling stories, but, but this is one I think he would mind I remember there was a time when we were working together during his concussion and my sister's getting married, so we're in Halifax, and we had to go over piano and. I was you know, he just he didn't really wanna miss his workout to and he's got family and PIN sits Ogle over. We'll we'll do our workouts there while you're there for few days and saw good. So so we drove over and I remember staying at one of my buddies cottages. And we went did work on the beach. And then we're getting ready to drive back over to Halifax, and I had to like jump in the shower, and I had something to do and I came out, and he had cleaned the place that I was staying like had to tell like did all the dishes and got everything done. And I was just like man this guy's like about as humble as you can get you know, he's just about as regular alter and salt of the earth. Dude. He's just my friend at that point in time. Right. And and do a gesture like that I mean, so many it's so easy. I think in today's world with social media and things to to let things get to your head, and and to develop an ego, and I understand with lot of athletes. They have so much pressure themselves. They gotta worry about themselves. But I remember actually like as well as I knew him taking a step back and be like, Manny, I'm so grateful. For this guy's friendship. And you know, he's he's in the stage was battling through this concussion. He has the time to to think about other people, and and I remember being excited about my sister getting married and and thinking that was really cool and stuff. So so anyways. Yeah. I think the thing I noticed through that experience was I felt for them for sure. But I just it made me appreciate just the character, yeah's and quality person. Who was damn that's that's deep. Maybe maybe some of our flyer fans listeners sort of. Sort of booze lower just a little bit come around a little bit mad went to that door game this year, and they just they just want him, so bad vicious vicious. We talked about how you have to constantly, you know, add to your bag and learn about all these new advances CBD. Yeah. Is a new one that's on the scene. I got introduced to it probably about six months ago. And it's it's helped me at times. I've obviously suffered some concussions. I don't know. If you ever watch me play. Yeah. Not much to camping on just more punches. But just not only for the mental side of it. But I mean, I've had both my e CL's torn, and you know, I've been using it. And I guess we could take the time. Now, we've actually teamed up and you're going to launch a brand called Kenai brands, and it's going to be a CBD and THE company that that's basically implemented into products that can benefit your lifestyle. Whether it be sleep aids. Whether it be recovery products, we're going to go as far to. Develop recovery drinks, and and they'll sort of thing. So if you could just touch on what CBD does and where we're going to go with it. Yeah. For sure. Well, it's been it's been a little process for me. I think my my interest is always on the scientific, you know, the science behind stuff and why it's working for me the curiosity that has always gender stand things. So, you know, for me, it's like, okay, if something's working wise at working, you know, what what's going on? And so the process to understand that whether it's a piece of equipment that you have to look at whether it's training concept, or modality or supplement or nutraceutical product or something like CB is you know, you start by hearing certain things, and then you know, it's you won't have a a a read on on. Maybe the science the physiology behind it. You wanna talk to people who've used it. There's this whole process trying to learn that, and it's not always just about the research. That's a part of it. It's a big part of it is is honestly talking to people in their experiences. And I think as a strength coach over the year. Years y-, you have to have this really good intuition on how to sort through what is legitimate. And what isn't and when you start to hear multiple people talk about a product. You know, it it forces you to take a look at it. And so it just it came on my radar, and I am aware of what's going on in the industry. And and that a lot of really credible companies are are putting a lot of money into this. So they're doing their homework and their due diligence in then I start talking to people who are using it. And then I started using it myself and. And you know, then it's it's okay. We'll now, and you learn about the economic system and understand, you know, why it works and what of those theories, and then read the existing research that is there in then I got understand the sourcing. And then I got understand the dosing until it. Honestly, it's just it's deep dive right brick explode. It's it's kind of this one step after another. And so what I can say because I've had people ask me like what why this? What are you doing never -ffiliated myself with a with a product before in my twenty years, but I've been involved Lila supplements, and I loved, you know, product. And so probably the reason is as you start doing these deep dives, and you go into researching look at the Antic dodo side, and you start trying things honestly most products only get so far. Right. So so you will find some okay, we'll there's some research in theory. But honestly doesn't work or only works this dose, and that's not a real realistic dose or it only works for short period of time. You know, it was the first thing that just it it kind of passed. Every stage that I got to and the more people started to try it the less it was hype and the more it was legitimate. And so I just realized okay? This is something I need to understand and getting involved with a company like Kenai brands, not only is you know, it's fun to to adds some value. But it's also a great opportunity for me to learn because it gives me connected to product formulation and gets me connected to other experts and people who've been around the product. And so so right now, I mean, the typical thing that comes across my radar players will say, look, I wanna try this. You know, I've I've heard other people say it works from what I understand it safe. And so I just I wanna try, but like where do I get it which product do I buy and how do I dose it? Right. Because most players are like inflammation. Check sleep. Check energy. Check focus check I wanted. All right. But how do you dose it? The way you dose. It for focus might be different than the dose of inflammation. Or the will use it for sleep might be a little bit different in the things that you can buy it with might be a little different than than the way one person doses. It might be a little different than another. So so I think having all those conversations to really try to understand it and try it is kind of where we're at right now. But as far as it being an effective product. There's a there's a little bit of research out there. By the standards of a lot of nutraceutical products is actually a lot of research. But and there's a lot of information scientific level. But the research is is still mounting. But the anecdotal evidence is is through the roof on this product. I I've never really seen a supplement or nutraceutical product that quite compares to see in terms covers so many so many different old broad. I mean guys using Ambien to fall asleep after a long flight and different time zone change, or you know, maybe they're having a little anxiety, and they can't get the C because they've been playing great. And they they just got P wacked by the coach, right? Of course, that's us on the podcast black. I don't know. Up to two thousand nineteen standards. But you I I use it for sleep for a sleep aid. I was telling people on the podcast that I've been sleeping, so well, sometimes I even wet the bed, and when I wake up I'm like, well, I didn't even wake up halfway through the piss. I actually wet the bed classic sheet. So this stuff's actually costs money should we had that wedding to the list of side effects, or is that that's not a bad side effect. I mean, it's an expensive side effect. If you don't have plastic right? Right. Well, actually Grenell had the leak and his roof. So he actually needs plash sheiks as well. One thing I can chip in on the on on the CD oil. So let's just take sleep per gamble. That's that's a primary spy mean, obviously hockey players any hockey player. I'll tell you playing games at night stress. You have the stimulation your central nervous system night. It gets difficult to sleep. And there's a Cumulus effect of that in the more you wound up in the mortified your circadian rhythms. The worse it gets. But then honestly just talked to anybody not a hockey player. Just like a lot of people have issues. So the one study that had been done with CD and sleep. They they looked at a couple of different things quality of sleep and they looked at the sleep architecture. So the different basically stages that you're in and they they they looked at three different dosage doses. Forty milligrams eighty milligrams one hundred sixty milligrams and what they found was was in all three doses improve sleep, and they found that. As you increase it. It increases the magnitude of the of the effect on sleep. So that's called the dose dependency in. Then it also showed that it increases the amount of deep sleep that you have. So so when you have these stages of sleep you have light sleep in Rhames sleep. And when you deplete somebody of Rhames sleep a lot of people. So surprisingly, some asleep experts have found that that this doesn't do a whole lot. Like, it doesn't inhibit your cognition like it doesn't have as much profound impact. But when you hit it deep sleep, it's a big problem. So a lot of the sleep experts nowadays put a lot of emphasis on deep sleep. That's read a lot of your repair and regeneration. So that's where some of the positive stuff about about Canada brands. And then, of course, the fact that it it has been used as an adjunct or replacement from some of the traditional pain, meds, and meds and different things. You know, they're using it with people that have diagnosed illness, and they're finding maybe two it's a safer better tolerated thing, and and better sleep seems to be this source secondary consequence. But if you. Talk to you. I mean, my dad, you know, had had tried it and used and found that he slept through the night. I mean, it was five I think he'd he'd said usually wakes up a little bit more, but slipped through the night with it. I've had quite a few people that aren't athletes that have just shared like great experiences with it. So pretty pretty neat to sleep category. Got way, more than that inflammation. And I mean, the the end can Abbott on system probably the best way to explain this most either sup not all supplements. But most drugs they're gonna bind to her sceptre and do something very specific. That's mechanism. This is actually not binding to the receptors in the end cabinet system. It's it's actually facilitating influence so it the best way to explain it is it has the ability to assist your body. Do what it's trying to do. And so it it is is not going to necessarily knock you out and make you sleepy. But if your body's circadian rhythms are trying to wind down it can facilitate that. And that's that's how you're getting. That's how you're getting a product that helps with sleep and wakefulness rights if you take a during the day and enhance your energy. I find that it sometimes I don't even need to eat as much. Yeah. Is is I've been a common. Yeah. Well, I mean that Indo cabinet system. I think the scientists are. I mean, certainly, I don't tell myself as an expert this. How I explain it. But but a lot of people are still understanding that system, but it affects immune function sleep circadian rhythms, appetite all kinds of different things. So we know it's it's facilitating influence on that system and the effect seem to be really positive and safe. So I think we're going to learn a lot more in the next couple of years. I'm sure appetite suppressant is the word. I was looking for. Yeah. Outside of my my word range, all Mike. He's got a question. Yeah. Do so in regards to the recovery aspect of it. Do you think the that CBD is something we'll see in a shell locker rooms like heavily in the next five or so years, whether you see it in the locker rooms like right now, we have a mandate to use only NSF certified products in the NHL. That's that's how it works. So it's not something that we can supply players. So it's something that if players choose to want to use it, they can, but they use it at their own risk and the user indiscretion, I think that's why it's important for companies. Like can I branch to emerge that are credible? And. You know, what's in it? You know, where the source of coming from do you think the NHL will change that rule though, going forward? So they it's it's hard to say, you know, it's hard to say, I there's no question. I think the value is there for them to take a look at it. I think that right now because the NHL crosses so many different states. You know, there's, you know, I don't know who's making these decisions necessarily and behalf of the NHL, but they have a lot of things to consider. And so, you know in terms of all these decisions, but we know that CBD oil has been approved by water, so sort of the International Olympic level athletes are able to take CD it's been approved for use in sport. So when you get something that's sort of got the green light at that level. Typically, it does transcend into the team sports, and it kinda gets approval. So so CBD, you know, kind of exists in that side where it's it's getting looked at preferable in sports. And I do think the application is huge for hockey both from a porn standpoint from a player health standpoint. So we'll see where it goes while I think we can wrap things up. But I wanna thank you for stop. And by taking time out of your busy schedule. I know you guys just had a game in Dallas last night. That was a big win in the third pick up McCann at the deadline or close to the deadline. Great guy. Great player. Yeah. He's sees fitting in really well with us. He's been awesome. Great his goal. Last night was presec any any other funny stories about penguins guys, route the top your head talk at stories, all kinds of talk it stories, man. This guy's this guy's pretty interesting. I mean watching him on the ice giving players tricks on how to practically injure other other players and get away with it is, you know, he's like the master at that faceoffs like oh shamed. On you. On us to teach me these little tricks time just to get the guys focus away from the game. And that's all you need for. Sure. But honestly, the those little tricks of the trade that players had in his era like how tough would he have had to been to be the type of player that he is? I mean, it's it's crazy. That's why mentioned Gary Roberts. I mean before his injury used probably set to be the best power forward of all time. He had over two hundred minutes in penalties in over fifty goals. Exactly. We that pretty consistently. But yeah, back then it was it was it was a medieval times dinner tournament every game. It was a rough game. And though, so I have full respect for those guys that that played those roles. It was cool. How you got the experience both sides of it as you said when you came in, and it was still a little old school. And now you get the new school mentality. Yeah. Totally different game and the trainings become a big part of exercise so much skating in the game now, and there's so much parody on the physical side. So yeah, it's been it's been cool to see the differences are excited to be business partners with you can I brand is the company that we're starting. How long you think before able to actually launch these recovery drinks and stuff probably a good six months? I think that you know, from my understand the way the industry is going is, you know, everything's sooner the better because there's just so much demand there. But I think, you know, in in working with the people can't brands I've noticed they've been pretty careful. They wanna do it properly. Qualities of big is a big piece for them getting the right formulation getting the right product. So, but they've got such a wide variety of products. They cover everything if you want it in a bomb if you wanted in a spray. I mean, that's a big thing is not ever be likes to take a capsule, you know, some people like the tincture. So that I mean, there's so many different varieties. I like the way that they've they've, you know, they're launching a wide variety of ways in which he could use it different doses. So that's been one of the real strong points of the brand they'll be advertising on the podcast from here on out. And we'll make sure to let you guys know about all these awesome products that they launch we'll have Instagram page. They'll be able to answer all your questions on Twitter. And maybe we can see a few modelling shots from Andy. Of shirtless picks. I got bell four what? Yeah. I don't know, man. I model I'm not I'm I'm actually this is this is a cool show from me because everyone you still always telling me I have a face for radio. So I've been getting that since I started. That's awesome. All right. Awesome. Thank you for coming. And that's pretty much wraps things up. That interview was also brought you by stitch fix. I just put a my stitch fix or online. It was so simple to use. In case often, the stitch fixes is an online personal styling service. And if you've seen pictures of me online, you know, I could use the advice, they find into live close shoes inaccessible to fit your body budget and lifestyle and in this day and age, and everybody's so busy you need something like stitch stitch fixed. Take care of it all for you. Go to stitch fix dot com slash chick. Let's tell them you sizes. What styles you like? And how much you wanna spend on each item? 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Thank you very much to Andy O'Brien, what a guy I went out and train with them one year before camping LA, and they do these like, you know, really nice warm ups before their work to run on a football field against can Santa Monica. And I bought these new shoes for the work. Oh, like by the end of the worshi- sit down across Bjork off all these studs wrote their training. I'm sitting down watching him. So we didn't talk about this in the interview apparently, his his warm up routines are like forty five minutes to an hour long and guys who've never trained with Crosby who go like, for instance, like you go join them, and they're like, oh, yeah. In the warm up and by the time, the warm ups on they're like lying. No. You're like, great work, all boys. Nox NOx NOx said like we haven't start just loosened. Our so you said that was listen to. Yeah. You're not gonna make that teatime with all. Speaking of a loosened session fall. I went back to that mother. Fucking dealership, boys. I saw okay. I saw the tweets. I saw the responses to you about like how people do you got screwed? There was like fifteen zero you got fucked. You got. Oh. And then I was like, what's he gonna do obvious shit on your guns blazing back there? All right. So I'll take it from the top. So I had no plans waking up that morning that I was going to go to the dealership. Okay. I I was at peace with the fact that I knew I got fleece a little bit. But I wanted the peace of mind that my car was going to be exactly how I need it. Well, Grenell post the clip of it and all these people start making comments, and I'm Mike, you know, what I'm gonna tweet out the Bill because I want know, you know, what car people might think of this Bill. I post the Bill Whitten RA. People are sending me the memes of the guy throwing money into a furnace. Which is funny. That was actually a NASCAR driver that falls me. And and then all these people are like body like these people are making up terms. And then they started sending like other funny mean videos of them making up the Obama fluid. I'm having a good old laugh and someone commented like, but you legit send that into the Business Bureau, and and they would get fine. It was bad. So I said fuck this. I I tweet tweet update I'm heading the dealership, I wanna flip the place upside down. Oh, I obviously because I dropped that because of the comment. So I walk into the dealership I asked the guy said, where's the service manager? They bring me to his office. And I say, listen, I said, I'm honest podcast. The other day I came in here. I the told me I needed this thirty thousand mile package. I'd already gotten some stuff on it. I told him to take it off. And I would purchase the package. I came back some stuff that had already purchased back on there. He tried to pull fast one on me. I ended up getting upset, but I still pay the five hundred bucks. I mentioned on the podcast. Now, my followers who I love got my back, or you know, I love you guys, you know, that they they're sending me these messages. So I start showing yet it your so the six year old guy might Twitter following and I'm scrolling by all these messages, I say you see this emoji of this guy throwing money into a furnace. That doesn't look good for you. Now, this is what can happen. If you have a bunch of why do you have an iphone five? Why is there far graph on a Microsoft Word dog? Phone still anyway, Zack Morris phone time out. So I said we could do this one or two days. I said you can either refund the whole out or I can turn this into a very fun content. Peo- we go, and I will flip this place upside down, I said, your receptionist is going to have a very difficult few days. I'll come back with a cameraman. Yeah. Well, I mean the phone calls and just meet naming the dealerships. Oh, yeah. Okay. You're right. I would assume we they would get a thousand phone calls probably and it would ruin day of their business. So at first push back, and he said, I gotta look for my guys. And I said, you know, what, sir? I completely respect that. And I'm a team player to if it was my guys, I probably be sticking up for them. But you're the only guy who can fix this problem. And you know, this was a screw job. And you could tell by his reaction, he knew this was bad news. So he's all right refunded. The full mount. And then I I went back in the office after I said, sir. I appreciate you doing that. I'm gonna thank thank you on the podcast without naming the place. So I can't really think. Well, yeah. Thank them the guy. Like, then it's out that they were trying to rob you people behind you in line. Or did you ask to see the man it was in his office? I wouldn't have done that in line. I kept the classy. And and even when he said I had to look for my guys I understood the team mentality. But that's crazy. They said they were using stuff up like people respond to said that some of them were to overpay and people were like five hundred dollars thing, home and keep in mind. They charge me for the oil change in that they weasel the oil change in Tiro tation in there. I've already paid for it to it. I'm not trying to be a hero. But everytime minds like sixteen hundred imagine what they're giving me. Steelers shows man, like the webcam set up in your car and do a live never going to say to anyone I recommend getting a Range Rover. It looks like a sick car, but it sucks. Yeah. They're in the shop quite a bit same with the Mercedes g wagons. Yeah. I don't. Yeah. Comfortable to me. But either way either way I'm getting this is I opening it's opening to me that a legit place would like make stuff up. Oh, you don't. Oh, do you know what I forgot to mention on the last podcast to every time. I go in there. I give all of them free tickets to the coyotes games that I pay for bought eight season tickets to support the team I give these people tickets because if I know that I don't have any friends in town. I want these people who work everyday jobs that take their family of four to a game would cost them a week's pay. Yeah. In the lady inside the place. She was very apologetic about it. But she wasn't the one who tried to rip me off. And she's like, I'm so sorry. And she goes, you know, you give us tickets and stuff. I said I'm still bringing you in tickets. You've tried to fuck me. A I can't believe the to deal with that. I'm sorry. I just kind of interrupt you. I just had the best segue. Come into my mind. All right. So as we're speaking of cars, let's our make our way to the motor city. Where did you see this stat in Detroit last night about Tyler Tuesay? Unreal. The first redwing and history to have three or more points in four games in a row. And I was like one I couldn't believe that Federov never did that or is your when they played sharks. Sh you know, they got the sharks a couple other shitty. Teams back in the mid nineties Gordy yet Gordie Howe fuck, I I wasn't even actually thinking him. I was thinking of the offense of days, but that's incredible. And I asked a couple people apparently Tyler Tuesay's hockey. I q is off the charts. I guess that. He's just like one of the smartest players out on the ice. So the fact that he's like plays with an edge. But also is really smart out. There knows the game. I think that means that they got a real good one in Detroit and mantis had a great year. Mantis good. Anthony, thirty Anthony got I know you hear about like is there attitude issues. It's always been out there. He's got. First round. He's top ten town. Draft in the top ten to get towns. He's worth the price of admission. So when he's done this year's been great. And now I'll say to Detroit fans, it's cool that this is happening. But it's also terrible for you. And you're really ruining the tank job. Buffalo there tanking. They're going to make sure they do the best. They can to get the first overall pick to choice. You don't need to win these four games. One wanted the last couple of weeks here. It's like, I know it's probably actually I don't even want to say, I know it's cool for Detroit fans to watch your team win because I bet you every Detroit fan right now is like just get us. Check us and regarding that tank job comment in our I want to get your thoughts on this Shane dome at goad. Somebody's statement about how there should be a point system in place for teams that are bad that aren't purposely taking so based on the amount of wins. You get after you know, a certain amount of or of being statistically eliminated, or whatever it is. I don't know what. The formula that they would use his. But basically reward teams aren't purposely taking and I think that that's a great idea on because it keeps the integrity of the game. And and it's not other teams just like all it's just throw all h guys in the lineup. Having H L squad and get hammered. So we finished last place by fifteen points, and then their fan base house to watch on suffering hockey. Well, I don't understand though. So so it wouldn't hurt the teams that are like just losing because they're bad like that are playing all their guys and they're losing. And then all of a sudden a team that is winning would get favor over them. Well, I mean, they would reward. Listen, I don't know the exact formula and how be set up, but it might be after you're statistically eliminated. How well you do after that. But I think to keep the integrity of the game. I think it's something that they should definitely consider. It's a huge issue in that shit bag. Lead the National Basketball Association league. Yes. Sick leak. All right. What do you think? I mean, I think that's the lotteries there for you, you watch everything. Exactly. I mean, you already have them on an honest. Okay. You're not gonna fucking absolutely tank because it doesn't guarantee anything. It's not like when Pittsburgh like have might be the greatest tank tank job of all time for Mario. I mean, it was so bad. It was so obvious. They would it and it was worth it. I mean it saved the fuck team change history literally. But this now, it's, you know, the lotteries in place now, I don't know that you want to change the point system after shirt and point in the season would a new formula just seems way too convoluted. I mean, you just like said finishing the worst doesn't guarantee. I I mean and Detroit right now has I think nine NHL players in their lineup and they're winning. So I don't know. It's that's the thing. It's just sucks. If you're looking to really. Sure. Winning. Maybe they should be rewarded for that? I just kind of wanted to open up around table discussion because I very interesting. I definitely like your perspective on that RA where like, you know. That's why they have the lottery in place, and then also you to wit. What are you gonna do with teams that are just actually that shit? And I think to tanking in hockey is basically just playing minor-league guys who might not be topped NHL guys. But if they're still playing hot going high, they might win games. Like we saw with Detroit. I mean, I said it last week they've been actually one of the best bets in the NHL for the last few weeks. And that you know, that Berthus e lack mantha line has been fucking absolutely insane. And it's funny. I think it was about three months ago, we were talking about are they gonna fi Jeff blab Blazel. They announced yesterday they signed him to a two year contract. Very intelligent coach very very well liked by the players. I believe he was in Grand Rapids before he came up. Correct. I think it was Andy mealy had nothing, but wonderful things to say about them. I believe that mealy might even had him when he was at Miami of Ohio as well. I heard he's just a great guy that like someone said he cares about his players as much as any coach in the NFL. There you go so happy for the guy. So, you know, usually when we hear things like that through the grapevine turns out to be true. And then on the flip side of that. If you hear stories of coaches that might not be the best coaches, and you hear a lot of them. That's probably usually the case. Hey. It's just a number that jumped out, and it just shows you how much turnover there isn't a coaching ranks. He's currently in his fourth season as the head coach. He's the seventh longest tenured coach in the league. He's only been there for years. So a lot of turnover in that one. Hey, guys, I to chat with you for a second about body. I'm body, Emma. And Kate you've probably seen everyone drinking it down the office. It's the new official sponsor of the NCWA in the upcoming frozen. Four tournament going on buffalo Grenell. ICU schlep it on this stuff all day. How is this stuff? Tell the audience. Yeah. I'm not gonna lie body. Armor fruit punch might be my favorite drink of all time. It's I saw it in the office. I we have that body. I'm afraid. So I went up tried it. And honestly, so good. And it's unbelievable for a hangover as well. I mean, it completely refreshes you so body armor fruit punches might go to go. I don't miss the hangover days. I'll tell you that that means body sports drinks gonna be hydrate and the next generation of elite hockey players as they face off to determine who will be national champs shout out. Umass still hanging in there. And I'm like, Yep. The zoo, unlike some other outdated, sports drinks, we see you. G raid body on the contains natural flavors in Sweden isn't potassium packed electrolytes body. Armor is the more natural better, sports drinks. So don't be a pigeon out your local retailers today and grab a body. I'm I was saying to someone the other day that I hate talking on the phone biz. You know, a, hey tax. You don't talk on the phone. But you think I should start making phone calls and get some sources around the league. So we get some like sources for the podcast go should like put aside a day a week where I just make a bunch of calls. You think there's guys it'll give me some like scoops, occasionally, I think you should get buckled. And do it like commie. Does. I think that would be hilarious. You think just? That's just that's just like initiating an enormous drinking problem if I'm having to get blacked out to make sources calls. Yeah. I just thought of that. When you said when we're hearing things, we you know, me, and you're hearing things it usually comes out to be true. We could hear more things start making some calls podcast. I've heard it means somebody legitimately like on the fucking team has told me, okay. When I'm throwing them under the bus so chill out there. Oh, one thing that we have to do we have to think Mike Caruso, the Saint Louis blues. He's the one who got us, Jon Hamm. He's one goddess sought to get to choose. Oh before playoffs. Actually, by the way, I go back to that dealership story. The true story about it is I actually played the interview of to'sell, the, you know, part over and over and over and find the guy just gave me back my five hundred bucks put back to Caruso is. We wanna thank you forget the ham. And you're awesome. He's or the PR guy in Saint Louis. He's been there a little bit. I think he was there when me and wit were there. So love your crew. So thank you very much. He met him on white pulled the mail them. All the must've been what else we got before we wrap this the notes, we we actually didn't get Carolina Toronto that was the other the other game Tuesday night. Thank you are a parent. Carolina saves me there. They put on it, Mikey two hundred bucks. There we go to hundred backup seven grand now. It's two hundred somewhere units lowered a little bit. But here's what's crazy that that. He might went nuts betting on basketball. When I told him. I said you got that buffalo tickets start betting against the sabers. The sabers have not wanna game in regulation in the month of March. I would've won you a fucking gazillion dollars you'd be living at Scott Gomez one this year, you gave me the Leafs money line that leaves goal line that night and they won four two. And then the Boston pick. I knew they were going to fire back on Columbus basis. Low key a good gambler starts money down. Everyone's good till you start putting off there. So that all right. It's all right. No problem. You're Elliot's excited, and he's my haunt. I gave another winter out. I love these idiots. Do I give four picks out on the gambling corna Colorado lost in a fucking shootout wasn't a bad. Pick right away Instagram, those it's like fuck stick still got two more games to go. You're in game and corner. It's usually what you say based on the full body of work. Correct. Exactly. I give you four picks. Don't share me after the first one lose weight and see how not to jinx you. But how many times have you been below five hundred on on our as gambling corn? I had the losing one a couple of weeks back. But honestly, I'm around seven hundred. I think we've only had one losing like first social asset. I think you've only had since we started putting those only had one losing social so. Yeah. So if you guys want to complain about the gamma, you're just fucking not listening to his full body work. Yeah. A Mona Lisa. We should segue right into the coin away already halfway through it. This week's gambling corner is brought you by Robin Hood, Robin Hood is an investing app that let you buy and sell stocks ETF's options in cryptos all commission free. While other brokerages judge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't. Charge any commission fees. You can trade stocks and keep all your profits. Plus, there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started. She can start invest in yet any level. The simple intuitive design of robinhood makes invest in easy for newcomers and experts alike, you easy to understand shots and market data and place at trade and just four taps on your smartphone. You can also even stop collections such as the one hundred most popular and with Robin Hood, you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio. Discover new stock strategy favorite companies and get custom notifications for price move Bryce movements. So you never miss the right might right moment to invest talk much. I should probably invest in a tongue. Robinhood has given giving listeners of spitting chick free stock like apple for to a sprint help. Build your portfolio. Sign up at Schick, let's dot robinhood dot com that address again is chip that's dot Robin, Hood dot com. Yeah. Mondays up I went to to but I had a profit of about two units. Maybe one point seven five minutes dependent on what you've got for land that Carolina puck line game in this. Like, I said Grenell. He said he's doing Campbell says it's the last episode of the regular season. Of course, I gotta give these people a couple fucking mole win is before the season's over. So again, don't go fucking nuts because it is the end of the year. Now crazy things happen. Having said that Thursday night. Montreal at Washington must game win with Carey price in that. That's all I need to hit. Again. I'm assuming carry prices going. I can't imagine he won't start price in that in a must-win game. So I'm taking Montreal on the money line for unit jump all over that. And my second pick Columbus at the range's believe that's Friday night. This is as must win as you can get for the jackets because they laid such an egg verse Boston and the other night, they're gonna come around a much better effort, they still control their own fate. I'm expecting a big bounceback show. Let's see we're gonna go. Columbus money. Line for unit and puck line for a half unit over the ranges. This week's gambling. Cohen was also brought you by Dollar Shave Club. I love that Dollar Shave Club has everything I need to look feel smell my best. What I love even more is the fact that I never have to store that's because one Dollar Shave Club. The live is everything I need right to my door in two. They keep me. Fully stocked on what are you? So I don't run out. Here's how it works dollarshaveclub has everything you need to get ready. No matter what you getting ready for. 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So what are you waiting for gets a status it for just five dollars right now at dollarshaveclub dot com slash chick. Let's that's dollarshaveclub dot com slash chick. Let's here's a production for hot take of mine who's much. I believe that Columbus is gonna make playoffs. I don't want them to because I like being right more than I like them winning and getting into playoffs. I think that they're going to be New York, but I have a feeling that when they're going into auto or they play against the last game of the year on is going to want to play. Spoiler to do Shane. If that happens, it would be in criminal, could you imagine? And I'm sure that the boys will be a little fired up for to win that one. Incredible for them. Not. I the story line of the senators finally have something good happen to keep team out of the retort about their former point talked about the shift of the chug in the beer in the beers. All of a sudden brianca Chuck now the the youngest teenager goal score in the organization system. Do you see how this wave gets going a little snowball right now, it's like a puddle that's kind of leaking into a one of those storm drains. And then all of a sudden if it goes down below it starts rumbling bumble, and they not right by the sewer rat, Marsha. That's just a joke marks that. Yeah. And then all of a sudden they got the last game of the year against Columbus. The Flint Michigan mega ball. And who knows? No one. No, Columbus rains that's a Friday night game the pick. I just gave it and what's pretty wild to is. We could potentially have Montreal versus Toronto with playoff implications Saturday night. Because obviously, we let me give you the rest of the schedule. Columbus plays. The Rangers Friday then at Ottawa Saturday. Carolina is at jersey on Thursday at Phillies Saturday and the Canadians at Washington Thursday in at home verse Toronto Saturday, so depending on how those game shake out, it could potentially be Canadians versus Maple Leafs with the playoff spot that would be some fantastic fucking drama in a great way to end the regular season. I hope so reminds me of member flyers getting in on the shootout. Yeah. And then they they went to the finals a little bit of leaf drama when I say that is like their fan base turns any little thing into front page news. And here's a prime example. So Patrick Marlowe? You know, he's he's slowing down a little bit. He's not the same player used to be while there's three games left in the season. Maybe two now did they play last night? Yeah. They did. They lost the Carolina lost the Carolina. So he made a comment. Like, no, I wanna play the remaining games of the season because I wanna keep my iron street going and Leafs fans went some of them went crazy. They're like all like is this about as iron man streak about us winning a Stanley Cup. Because like this guy needs some rest before playoffs and like fans like he's played sixteen hundred of them. Maybe that he knows what he's doing. And he wants to win the Stanley Cup. We'll also keep an streak going even well, yeah. And maybe he's trying to ramp it up himself before playoffs where he might be getting some more prime minutes because other guys are getting rash. So maybe trying to get in game conditioning back. Didn't you say as a an H L player? You don't like to take games off with? No because you get out of rhythm. Right. It's just like all of a sudden like depending on the the playoff starts like for instance. There's going to be. Three or four day layover at his age. Maybe he doesn't want that. So that's just a prime example of the type of drama. That's gets created in big markets where maybe some guys don't end up signing and places like that. Because it's just every little decision. They make it gets blown out of proportion. That's especially in a market like Toronto couple teams. We had mentioned just Dallas officially in. I don't think we've mentioned that yet. Those apprise also Minnesota is officially out. They had made the playoffs five straight years. And they never got past the second round they lost in the first round the last three playoffs combined four and twelve record. No playoffs this year. It's franchise wits. I feel like we've beat up on him a lot. I don't feel too bad. Because when I talked to the fans they beat on beat up on 'em way worse than we do. It's very frustrated. Minnesota's fan base hard on their team. I think honestly like last night. I'm gonna check out wild Twitter, and they were almost indifferent. Like they were like we expected this. And that's the worst thing. I think you could have if you're for team the fans to be indifferent. Not even almost checkout wild Twitter, hashtag it. What wild or even just typing awhile with that means that you'd only see tweets that have a hashtag wild with them. Right. Right. That's the point. That's why they call it wild Twitter. But then. I know I'm just like everyone said if you're wild fan you tweeting out of classic wild at the end. Or national every tweet with the world wild. And. Okay. All right. That's what I was wondering. It's usually good jumping off point like you'll find one thing, and then that elites like another comtech other technologically moronic, but it's shown that work if you need to know about a team the team name and boom, you'll get some info. Here's my prediction. I don't think Bruce brutal gets fired. And I'll tell you why they own way too much money right now. I think they get one more chance I think he gets to come back next year. Now, saying he's taken some heat to whereas like man, they've made some moves there in signings that are going to check this team for for some time here like, you know, they got some guys making ten sheets twelve year deals twelve year deal. So that's still high based on the where the caps going like that wasn't like a cap friendly deal down the road in. That's schmaltz deal. We'll get into that later. But yeah. So the weight shouldn't. Fall on brew dro-. Thank you. Also, they got this cap or solve these over in the cage L he's sick. He's a young stud. And I think he's gonna be over there like two more seasons. I think I read that last year three more years or something. So that's a team that really could use a young talented like scoring forward. And they just they're stuck in a no-man's-land said, it's like a franchise Malays that they need to come out of got a couple maybe change the unions. Yeah. You don't like the United fan. I don't know if I'm in the minority or the. Form sock teams. I don't mind the name the wild. Christmas, callers, I don't know. I was just going back. We've beat that one. All right switches, by the way, Tyler Tuesay is not toddler Tuesday. Sunny thing we said, it'd be flooded. Every time this gets mentioned everyone fucking thinks. It's his kid. It's not just mentioned that Michael Kennedy who we've mentioned a couple of episodes ago, he got successful surgery on his left hand. But he's going to be four to six months. So big loss. He won't be with the capitals for their playoff run. And busy just alluded to Nick schmaltz, he signed his seventieth deal seventy contract extension with the coyotes where just a hair below forty one million Twenty-three-year-old was in the last year of his that she leveled deal it's gonna get almost the five million dollar raise. Not too shabby. He's gonna have a five point eight five million dollar cap hit India average annual value. He's been out since the end of December biz. But safe to say that team like like what they saw seventeen games. Yeah. You know when he came over. He was almost a point a game before he went down with that. Knee injury him and Keller had great chemistry. He really helped out the coyotes power play. Which is you know, we've seen down the stretch has really been lacking. And probably the run run reason they won't get in. If they don't, but. John chaika. He's he's really made some moves and ones that if they pant out. This organization's going to be set up where they're got guys on very complex. And what I mean by that is like this summer like they had divorced act who is who hurt his back, and who missed majority of the season ended up tearing his pack when he was coming back from the the I had a tough year basically missed almost the entire year while he signed him into summer to to a long term deal without knowing and seeing what he could do in his final full season of his entry level contract. But he keeps autumn that number where if if divorce at gets to where I think he's gonna get it's going to be a very fair deal. He did the exact same thing with Jacob chicken early doing early and keep in mind chicken had a couple of injuries. He hurt his shoulder coming out of juniors last year junior. He had a shoulder. So he was on himself. I mean, he's banking on him believing. These guys you're gonna turn into rights and chickens a freak of nature, he healed quickly and fine. And you know, he's got the all the flexibility in the world. And if you turned into one. Again, the player that Chaika, and we all think that he could be you got him at a fair number. And then he did it again with with with schmaltz. And who's yet one that I'm missing oh. And and then he gave and then he gave a very fair one to garland who's been incredible rookie this year. He got seven fifty so. I like this. Schmaltz steel base off of what I saw what's tough for me is maybe the precedent it sets with the other guys saying like, oh, if you just get one good year under your belt, you're gonna get a big ticket here where we don't necessarily know what we have because we haven't seen a big enough sample size of it. So if the risk pays off, he's a fucking genius. It's again again. Well, the injuries are a little scary. Both guys have have had pretty legit injury. Right. I mean that kind of scare some people off. But in that's one of the that's one thing that scared me. And it was like, wait. Let's see how they do when they come back from these. But once again, if these guys play to where they should get to kind of like, remember when I said, I see Strom as elite second line center will what is he now I said Simon Chicago. He was that. I said I said, I don't think he was being putting opportunities where he could succeed at what he's good at and look. We're dealing Strom did was Kogyo. So now saying that I hope it all pans out for the coyotes. I think it will. And once again, we're just going to be a wagon just like we were this year. And before we wrap this up. I just want to tell you. I check Twitter, and I got a little mention here from this guy. Mike Henschel what Mike haystack guy GIO Donald four shorthanded goals? This year should be mentioned. It's another reason he should win the Norris one more shorthanded goal. And he does something before Bobby your never did which would be five shorties for a defenseman in season. Four's already incredible. So that's pretty cool stat that I wasn't aware of. And I guess you should end it off with the Rangers devils fans joining harmony together with the we both suck Chen. Did. They the nice touch you guys. Both these things. That reminds reminds actually I'll get into that next one quick note. We didn't mention the last Lascaux because we talked about him so much in the lead up to fifty goals. But he did officially get his fiftieth goal. We sucked them off so much so much before. Then we forgot to mention it. We actually did it. So we're doing that. Now, we're just we're swallowing change. It's always great fucking episode. I love when we do it school me with start off like weighing in Goth. And now we're gonna fucking fucking sweet over in the back bay things have really skilled up as everybody have a great weekend. The next time we come back. We're gonna have some playoff previews for you just have to move to Boston three times a week. Over this out.

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