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"barry allen dizon" Discussed on Fandom Zone Podcast

"Yes so knows how. I'm feeling about this so after you know black lightning it gets brought in In Oh any. He's horrified to find out that his family has been wiped out by the anti matter wave and he's the sole survivor driver. He still steps up and that was very cool to see that the black lightning in what they're doing he he's there to take cout the Anti Monitor's antimatter cannon. And Flash fans no anti-matter cannons are not good for flashes. No no and no and this episode is certainly proof of that. I'm just so black. Lightning does his best to take. Check it out but Obviously needs a little bit more to to stop threat. And this is the moment where grant Guston's flash the earth one flash Thinks that okay. Well this might be his time to disappear during the crisis and in this very powerful sequence whence You know grants ready to sacrifice himself. Only have John Wesley. Ships Earth Ninety flash crash temporarily still his speed And take his place stating that The Anti Monitor may have said said that it flashed dies and crisis but he didn't say which one and in that I did not i. I'm sure you have the exact pope the idea I don't don't have to quote unquote though. Yeah the your superpower is making others around you better. Yes you know and I think obviously obviously Arrow maybe the the Father Steven. Mlb Be the father of the you know the aero verses we caught but I think grant as berries the heart yes and and so thank you. This is an Indian. Have this John Wesley Shipp who his played Berry's father he's done other cameos but to give him jake areas character his his character such an ending and to go back and take that clip from the original TV. Show if you were worried you about not enough tears. When Clark and Lois or flying out you know sending their child all right trust me? There were tears in this part of in in you know for the cast I think. And all the people the sea and it it just was a hero's death and what a great it way to use him a just absolutely beautiful. Yeah this was. This was an exit. I know I want to get to nick here in a minute but I you know this is. This was something that I had considered a possibility going in that. You know I knew that the moment I you know. We got confirmation that John Wesley ship was going to be appearing in crisis. Where while witness be a great opportunity to have him be the one who sacrifices isis his life and And and that way obviously great guston's flash can continue as the flash So I I in the back of my mind. I'm always I was thinking this would happen. And then I'm watching this scene and this scene this moment of Barry Allen sacrificing himself to stop that and I'm anti matter cannon is something that I've thought about hard since the reading the crisis on infinite earths number eight where Barry Allen Dizon that comic and that scene has stuck with me and here I am all these years later and and Finally able to see that yes in live action and it was just so overwhelming for me to see and assiette the Amazon. Jo- done justice wonderfully it. You know. John Wesley ships nine thousand nine hundred flashes. Obviously I was a a huge fan of that show as nick was and so to see that moment into C- John Leslie ship ship Given that chance to sacrifice and so ended and they go out in such a huge way saving lies. Diverting that anti-matter wave. This is what I've been running through all these years I'm from flash to vanish in crisis. I'm like Oh it was great. Yeah it yes. It was just amazing and You know in the fact that you know that there was a kind of patch passing of the torch moment. Yes between the two East you felt that connection because we'd seen it that bond with John. Wesley ships with Gusto playing other characters in it really came through and I I was just I was blown away simply and absolutely what about you. I know you've got some thoughts on this. Well I come to. You must be like Charles. Shut up I wanNA talk about this. Never never you know I mean as I said you are just wonderful orator I tell you you could you give speeches like there's no tomorrow seriously but that said I also wanted to add. Let's talk about the fact that when he's doing any disappears we we get that straight concentrate from the comics moments but the Danny Healthman theme that then plays from the TV series. I was like Oh my Lord. Yeah it we're just they're they're they're bitter soundtrack to this event there and you know you mentioned this in a couple of minutes. Blake neely the composer. You better be making a soundtrack right. I want this now. They weaved all these iconic the musical themes in all three episodes at the appropriate times. Sometimes you know where whether it's Danny Alvin the Batman theme the John Williams. You know superman the Robert Walls. Yeah Yeah it just it. It was all there and it was just so beautiful. And it's much more powerful when you get to hear that you know that that heroes theme yeah using that theme seen You know to to give them their moment and obviously you know in a very powerful moment to get that theme it was. It's just raised that intensity. Even I totally agree nick anymore. Thoughts about this. Oh yes well. What was going to lose their ideas that people people have a Lotta traditions over the holidays? One of my traditions over the holidays is is watching the the flash TV the series over the holidays. That's what I do. Because it's a show that meant so much to me growing up one of the very few shows myself and my sister would watch together religiously as kids and that we wouldn't fight over the remote for over the flash and it just meant so much to both of us so into able. And that's and that's what I do. And it coincided with my tradition of watching the flash TV series seeing John. Wesley Shipp come back and and do this. And then that throwback to the tool between him and Tina McGee was just like I was so I was in such a happy place and it's just it. It was remarkable. And I love the fact that gave that slashes an incarnation a full circle story and it was beautiful evaded that because the nineties flex. Td Shoes was sadly Shoots and I feel. This was some way of sailing colleagues. No right was cut short before its time. Exactly -actly yeah. They way of saying you know we recognize this and we want to give you a full story. Let you run the whole race as it were so so. I absolutely adored that and just like with Stephen Males passing the torch on to his daughter. I love this father son son relationship between the two. Barry's and this passing the torch. And then when you get to see the flash symbol on the ground what was such a powerful awful scene it could. It would look great. You know even as like wool paper on my TV on my computer screen. Everyone see if I can find that and put it up there. Because this Gorges Ages hit the print screen print screen and I agree with you on the Soundtrack House. They somebody does this like on spotify or something coming. In all over. That sounds really does a love recently soundtracks for the various shows so. I'm really hoping that any did want for crisis on earth acts so I'm hoping that they do crisis on infinite earths to and You know we haven't talked about it but I thought Jefferson Pierce Black. Lightning held his own. I thought he really was enough. Like Sierra Vans Real ooh Dude and you know and then the iconic you know his macho. Where's the future right? Yes yes life. Is this shit set limit by any means necessary and he kept by any focused a focus. I thought that was really well done Because the idea that gave him a his character moment. Yeah because you know. He's lost his family. He's lost his world and once once again he's putting it behind him and trying to doing a hero bet so I thought that was really well not. I'm so glad that black black lightning was included in this and that they got the little you know spin off like if they showed the little high in it was perfect. Yeah exactly Zac all right anything any other quick thoughts about Parts one two and three now I was just GonNa ask one question to users you guys. What were you thought? So when it came into the concept that we might be getting the third incarnation at the atom with Ryan Choi. I'm all for it. I remembered that I like I like. Yeah Yeah and I thought this was a guy you know. He was really good Playing Kevin in supernatural So Oh I think this would be Kinda Nice. Yeah I'm really good. I thought it was nice that they did a little Easter Egg By name his daughter Simone in in honor of Gail Simone the writer Co Created Ryan Choi So Thought that was nice We can always do with an extra atom. I reckon well they're supposed to be if I remember reading cleric Brandon routh is is ending as Rape Palmer on legends of tomorrow. So so maybe this will be another passing the torch getting another actor so so might WanNa keep an eye on Ray Palmer yeah during crisis in when it comes back in January yeah just saying just That potential is they're they're setting the table it seems because for him to take over all right so johnny quotes Fair quotes Jesse. I do who I only have the one but I loved the they've actually done a couple of inside jokes like in the second episode. I think where White carry says. I promised my team they'd never have to do another crossover but on this one. A route digby goes holy. All Star Squadron. Hi How are you Ralph Pygmy log man ready to help Kick Butt and killer frost. Ignore him it's his first crossover which was by Mike quotes. I love that man. It was his. This is the actors first crossover. Yes he has been perfect as long. Day Ma'am Yes yes yes nicoting could he quotes I don't have any quotes but what I will say is I just hope that the bigwigs at Warner take notice of how things are done when you do you were good crossover than you bring characters together and hopefully we get something better competitive. The Ju Justice need that we got shall we say on innocent matic world. That's I'm going to say. Okay well if you want more of that topic nick and I talked about that on present darkness free plug there all right. Yeah so I got a couple more quotes in addition to that that eat great elongated man killer frost quote Mardo Vu. The Monitor after Earth. Thirty thirty seven gets a radical. He says another earth is gone and Lois Lane. Replies there's only seven left in the multi-diverse verse it's Ironic. I'm watching the biggest event in history. The destruction of every earth and no one will ever read the story gasoline. The point quote and of course I've got to end it with The earth ninety flash talking to Barry Allen just right before he dies keep writing the lightning son. I know you'll make us all proud. Nice dear to your absolutely tissues Still gets me Absolutely Nick. What's.

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