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"barron county circuit judge" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"Have contracted the disease. Doctors say if you are not vaccinated you are at risk good. Our website eight fifty W F T L dot com for more on how you can you will contract. Appetite is a measles simulator shows how the disease could spread in Florida. The online tool was launched by the university of south Florida college of public health this week it uses census data to determine the state's population. Vaccination rates from the Florida Department of health and considers how people move and interact simulator shows how the measles could spread in a nine month period with starting with just one case, Barron county, Circuit Judge rejecting the lawsuit. A former barrack colony sheriff, Scott, Israel and ruled governor to Santa's was within his legal authority when he suspended in replace Israel by executive order in January with acting sheriff, Gregory, Tony Israel will take his challenge to Tallahassee next week students from across the state are making their voices heard on a Bill allowing teachers to be armed one hundred of them converged. On the capitol building, including Amy Sheehy who survived last year's shooting at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school. She says kids don't want their teachers packing heat the students time to their visit for the day. The house was supposed to take up the school safety plan, but Republican leaders decided at the last minute to postpone the Bill Lexi bear news talk, eight fifty W F T L. And congressman Tim Ryan is making a run for the White House. The Ohio democrat announcing yesterday that he is running for president. After the announcement. He talked about some of the issues he's focusing on policy in the United States to create jobs and innovate. We need to take care of healthcare costs, affordability and reform our education system. And lastly, we need to take care of our veterans the forty-five-year-old Representative joins a loan list. Democrats running for the White House in two thousand twenty virgin trains.

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