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"baronies ptolemy" Discussed on Parcast Presents

"After years of exile from Alexandria due to the interference of his daughter Baronies Ptolemy the twelfth and Cleopatra Returned Home in fifty five BC. But before we return with them. Let's backtrack a little further because to truly understand the story of Egypt's last Ptolemaic Pharaoh. It's best to understand the strange world of the PTOLEMAIC LINE in its entirety. It all began with Alexander the great the legendary Macedonian leader who conquered much of the known world by three hundred twenty three B C upon his first visit to Egypt. He founded the city of Alexandria as his promised. Land only to die soon afterward has his empire fractured at the seams. One of Alexander's greatest generals took charge of Alexandria Ptolemy the first seeing his chance and taking it. He defended Egypt from outside invaders and took up the mantle of the Egyptian Pharaoh. This was an interesting tactic. Although Ptolemy had no connection to the past pharaohs of Egypt in terms of bloodline by adopting the traditions and imagery of the role. He reclaimed it for himself. And the coming toll AMAC line. One of those traditions was in naming. Most men were called told me and most women took the name. Arsenault bear niece or Cleopatra over the years too key motifs developed. The told me family would marry their siblings and they would kill their siblings like Ptolemy. The Twelfth Taught Cleopatra Seventh. The PTOLEMAIC line was a crowded one. And if you wanted power you had to fight to make your voice heard well. Both kings and Queens were held in high esteem. Only few women were ever able to rule alone. Death or imprisonment quickly found them. Such was the story of our Cleopatra's. Older sister baroness the fourth. When told me the twelfth and Gabinia stormed into Alexandria? They ended her rule and executed. Her Cleopatra was baptized by fire. Into this tradition of family warfare. She became her father's Co regent and deputy at fourteen years old during a particularly rocky period and Ptolemaic history. Their rule was spread wide across seas Cyrus and Cyrus and the influence of the Roman republic. Spur discord as famine and floods wreaked havoc on Egyptian lands then in March fifty one B C Tola may the twelfth fell gravely. Ill can you still see me? Of course Little Isis my glory. I Will See you until the heavens collapse in on themselves. Father you must stay strong. Egypt is not done with you yet. Were your brothers your sister. They fear the state. You're in they cannot face you as you are. You're you stare me down as if I were twenty years younger. I know your soul remains a fire. You taught me the strength of the Ptolemaic Soul. You have great ability. Cleopatra a power of words and will it is the quiet power of women the Unseen Force Beneath Beauty Training. You always said and father. I have a request for you. Today told me the thirteenth. He readies himself to lead. Those should is your brother unruly yet. I am the one you have raised for the position. Am I not while not in my original plan? Yes Cleopatra you are my true air but in the eyes of Egypt. Your brother is necessity. I don't understand father. He's too rash. When Ptolemy the first founded our dynasty he founded it on the tradition of the gods before him to every horace there must be isis and for each isis. A Horse in turn this world in its current state. I believe too dangerous for you alone in your mind. Truly isn't the same as it once was how dare you. You're still my daughter and I obey as I always do father but I know that Egypt who one day be mine alone. This family is weaker by each generation. It is my blood that leads us into a true future. I will not mingle it with my brothers. Take this as my final lesson rise as far as you can daughter but keep your eyes from drifting to the sky for it leaves you expose low rest and rest assured my rain will be the last insecure one in the history of the world. I would bring our Egypt to the sky with me within days. Tola May. The twelfth passed away and Cleopatra and her Middle Brother Tola may the thirteenth were declared joint regions of the Egyptian Kingdom. Cleopatra was right about one thing. Generations of incestuous relationships did lead to health and mental problems in.

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