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"baron robert maxwell" Discussed on Woman's Hour

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"baron robert maxwell" Discussed on Woman's Hour

"Diminished and damaged by the abhorrent actions of Ghislaine Maxwell. I wonder what you think this verdict means for women being believed. Well, it's obviously really important that there's been an outcome and that these women have been believed. Of course, we've been here again and again and again in the last decade. We go back to the savile case. The max earth thing. You know, the recent conviction. There are a whole series of cases where women are now beginning to be believed in some of these high profile cases. That's incredibly important because, of course, for so long, powerful men in particular have relied on their power and their ability to continue to abuse because they can pay people off. They can defend themselves because of their power. And so the fact that there's some degree of crumbling of that ability to protect themselves and their power is very positive. But we must forget that we still facing a massive problem in terms of the day to today prosecution and convictions of sexual offenses and it's a huge problem. And there needs to be, you know, the sort of resources put into this case put into prosecuting all the other men who benefited from the trafficking that Maxwell provided that Epstein facilitated. And of course, just more generally to sexual violence cases. Ghislaine Maxwell was obviously very well known. She was already the daughter of a former press baron Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell moved in the highest circles of American celebrity. So this was always going to be a very high profile trial. Do you think the fact that she is a woman is important? Because it may be that there are people who feel that a woman is less likely to have committed these crimes and indeed, the girls themselves actually testified that one of the reasons they trusted her was because of her gender. Yeah. Well, this is a very common tactic of traffickers and abusers. If they can use a woman to lure in other women, then they will do. Precisely for that reason that women that young women may be more likely to trust a female, that doesn't make her crime more upon than the crime of the men that actually abuse and rate these young women. But certainly makes her very complicit in that. But the focus of her as a defendant because she's female and the way in which she's monstrous as a female. In some ways, disproportionate to the way in which male abusers are focused on. So that is not in any way to say her crimes are not very, very grave. But when a woman steps out of line and behaves in this way, she will she will be the focus of extreme media attention a monster rising..

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