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"baron corbin king corbin" Discussed on Busted Open

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12:15 min | 10 months ago

"baron corbin king corbin" Discussed on Busted Open

"I gotTa Tell You I've been saying this mark. Mark has been saying this bully has been saying this. Corbin is the man I have a wrestling company. I would invest every single thing I have in Barron Corbin. Thankfully the WWE. Has I feel he's gotten over that hump his and I'll tell you how great he is as well. I like the Guy Personally I had no emotional attachment to Chad gable able since his debut in the wwe. I thought he was a good worker. I enjoyed him in bobby rude. I did not feel sympathy for him. I just felt he was another one of those guys would be like he'll have a nice little run in the wwe since this feud with Baron Corbin Orbin and Kudos to Corbin because a great heel bad guy will make a person care about their opponent don't and has now made a great baby face into Chad Gable who is overcoming all odds sound familiar like Ramos Stereo. Yep and in these two matches that I have seen them. I have become the biggest Chad Gable Fan and the best part about Chad Gable is the people are now behind. Chad Gable and they WANNA see him beat King Corbin and the fact that after they have this amazing match and he's about to lose and and you know I talk about this show for wrestling fans but also because I know so many wrestlers listen to it. They do this amazing match look at Corbin's face every time time. You've got this guy down for a cover. The kid is kicking out again. Fabulous covers on everybody in WWe the Kid Gabel is kicking out and what does then Corbin look at the referees like. Are you kidding me. That's what makes a great he'll the fact that he's getting frustrated. Austrade and then what he does he takes his eye off the prize he goes run after Gable and what is able to move gives gable an opening and Randy Orton tweeted about it and then he had a retracted tweet. I don't understand what was going on. That Corbin gets it. Corbin gets it and for the amount of time he's been in this business. He is a top top act and man. I can't praise the guy enough even though he's beating me. I'm over to against Corbin but I WANNA keep unfiled. Get Him. I'll become the king king dreamer all hey. I would love to see that Tommy. I couldn't agree with you more. You're about Baron Corbin King Corbin. I've been saying it for years I had fights with former host here on the show about the abilities and the strengths of Baron Corbin and he's showing it and it wasn't that long ago Tommy that I had one of my grant meltdowns about the people oh hating go away he in turn turn off the T. v. when they saw Baron Corbin on Monday night raw. I think even those is most jaded. Haters are now coming around because that's how talented Barron Corbin is you are so right when when it came to Chad Gable he was just another guy he was vanilla. Yes he was just another guy and having him in the ring and the story that what they're building you actually have sympathy and emotions towards Chad Gable. You want the Chad Gable to win that match last night. Listen I love of Baron Corbin because I know he's talented but he gets me the buy in and I was rooting for Chad. Gable is actually yelling at my TV open. Jag Gable was going to win that at match last night and I got frustrated at the fact that he grabbed that sceptre and he used it to get disqualified. That's what a he'll is supposed to do there. There is nobody better than Darin Corbin right. Now yes and think about that. I'm about to lose. I'm about to lose every single thing that I have so what does Baron Darin Corbin do he cheats and there is no finish. She gets disqualified. He still the king he lays him out. You have more more sympathy on your baby. Face and people will pay money to see Chad Gable kick that kids ask and it should be on how shows it because their matches are off the the charts but or youth you sell it at the hell in a cell a stipulation all that stuff and but Chad Gable has stepped up his game and that's why having amazing matches at and the best part and when you do episodic television Corbin hit the same move that he won the king of the ring with and when he did that same sequence and gable flipped out of it and then our announcer even acknowledged this was the same thing the the people like Oh he's GonNa win and he didn't he came oh-so-close and how do you get behind that yeah and and now that's called wrestling psychology and again people are saying Oh. Why are we seeing this match again. Now you WANNA see another match between Baron Corbin and Chad Gable. That's the beauty of that right now. Listen you gotta give a lot of credit to gable. He's doing some of his best work in the wwe but that's the beauty of Baron Corbin yeah man he's. He is in top of his game. If there's anything the thing I would have loved to seeing he came out. I I'm not a fan of the Alpha. I understand why he has that outfit out of put like a nice little crown on his but old school oh I would go. Maybe a little purple throw a little purple in there. that's my only thing like. Pete and I just think if you're the king you're come out like you should come out a little bit more with some pomp and circumstance again Legris. You're reading my mind freak freak out as more of a darker type king you know and I think they're you know. A lot of people are saying. It's like H. B. O. The the game of thrones like a little bit of that type of feel to it Maybe that's true. I don't Know No. I've never seen the show but I think it's a little bit. Different doesn't really bother me that much. I'm going to watch I promised Alex I watched the next season of game of thrones so I'll start with next season and but I really do think that there's like that different feel. I think that's unique for Baron Corbin. I liked that the guys the guys pure money and I ah I was just talking about think of all the options debris has right now at their disposal because the war is on the horizon but Bray Wyatt the fiend Seth Seth Ron's Braun strowman Baron Corbin Randy Orton the list goes on and on Brock Listener Kofi Kingston what's going to happen. It is our job to sit. Here and speculate is the nation's nations job to sit here. Listen to us and be like Oh man. I'm in tune. We're all talking about and this is just one wrestling company. This is wait till eight e. W debuts way too. We announce our breaking news of what's going on with other than there's so much going on at this is just we're. We're Tuesday quarterbacking from Monday night. Raw this is this is awesome. I'm excited. Have I ever been this excited except for one being gabby got engaged. I mean come on that was today eight seven seven three four four eight nine three eight seven seven fight ninety-three mention the nation Tommy. Why don't we go to the busted open nation. Let's go out to Mike in Georgia. Mike what's going on guys how you doing doing what's up. Buddy really really enjoyed. The show. I'm calling from hometown. Ron Certain went to high school was wrong but I didn't know him. He's a couple of years ahead of My first son was bring back. MISSY HYATT AT NITRO UNDAY nightshirt show front row didn't go over real. Well Dell took her much. Aloni stupid yeah he was so he came over there pretty pretty quick and took that away at Tom. You show a couple of months back that were Mexican masked asked wrestler went over the top. Nobody was there and he broke his pelvis. Yes that was super. Calo NEC W Tara Okada couldn't remember that yes that show was in town. I was at that show and that move blew. Everybody's mind awful yeah br broke his hip. I've never seen him again and that mask is phenomenal phenomenal. I WANNA get that mass with hair where it all the time and Mike who really quick. Who did you go to high school with again? Simmons Okay Yeah Great Guy a much ahead of me but he was a he was a tough guy back in school right on the football team we had national championship football team and leaving it a couple of NFL players off that team later on shows my age but love the show you guys Iceland. These guys commissioned. I've never heard of them before. I heard it on your show and since then I've watched all those episodes that you guys are for two episodes. You know my If you can guess I will send you an old school. EC W. Fan as well. If you can guess the t shirt that I got for David Greco I will fly you up to either Philadelphia. WAUKESHA and I'll give of another clue because you're from Georgia the t shirt that I got the man wrestled in Georgia championship wrestling. It's you're staying. Can you guess the t shirt I got him and or the eight by I ten that guy wrestled in Georgia championship wrestling as well one was a heel was a baby face. Does we who who we lost man well you were so close that you've taken a phillies. He's not a chicken was never I never heard back. When can I reveal. One of them can feel the Pitcher I alex this. This is your car. We actually Alex haven't even tweeted wait a second. There's been people that I believe on at busted open radio guesses. Do you want to throw out what somebody guesses. Alex from apposite open radio can I can. I guess yes dave you can guess how Mike Jackson phenomenal but no one guest that I've seen a lot from multiple people is big. Cat Ernie ladd no and I just ordered a shirt from him about him. I was GONNA give it to mark Henry now. I can't you guys just took away a t shirt from Mark Henry. Wow I think he could still give it. Nike and he's supposed to get me Dallas cowboys tickets so until that happens teasing get the big cat t-shirt there and if any nation member wants to bring me to a football game I will fly myself there. You GotTa get me two tickets trying to get as many. NFL Games as okay. Can I just don't want to pay for tickets just because that's a wrestler as a guest for Hukou. There's a guest for let's see. God bless you. Somebody somebody guestbook roebling. Somebody gets Harley race nope. That's about it for the guesses okay. Will you're all wrong so no one's coming and how hardcore shows oh here's another gas hot stuff. Eddie Gilbert Fabulous and great that again my clue was he was a king so that means Ron Fuller. No not that great guests I love. I can't wait till like like the all the video banging on things. The video starts Eric because you will see the pure child-like antics that go on here ear and how excited at like he gets frustrated. He's a giant man baby. I'M GONNA throw one out. That probably know is wrong but I'm GonNa try it anyway because you said he he was a king and he wrestled in Georgia Championship Wrestling Dom Morocco. He wasn't a king there. He was a king in these territories brother always king in the territory us if you don't.

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